Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 4 Nisan 1845, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 4 Nisan 1845 Page 2
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r- mm ipiamaai CHITTENDEN COUNTY AGRI CULTURAL SOOIETV. PUBMIU.MS Ol-THIIM) l'OH 1815. I'AltM. Vnr ll,n Im.l r ntl 1 1 nliwl V 1. hot let limn Ml acres. 810,00 ',1 host ilil m For tin; boat do. miller 50 acres, nut less than twenty, ttd best ilo. l'll'.l.l) liltOl'S. For two arm nf winter wheat, 2d best ! best (mo acre ul dt 21 best iln do . best two acres nf spring wheat, 2d best do best cue acre of do Sid do uo best olio acre of corn, 'J best do do best twoaeies of rye, i!d best do ' do best two acres of barley, lid best do -best Itt'o acres of oats, l!d best do best one arro of peas J.I hot do be?l half acre of beans, !.M best do bet one arrc of potatoes SJil best do borliuio-fnutth aero of carrots L'd best do best half acre of broom corn 'Jil best do itoit i innruin:. best five (.oris of l,iblo apples', not loin 10 of caeli Mirl, Ud hot do best three sorts of pears, not less than la of each Jd bcM do best four quarts of plums nf any dis tinct variety ; each' variety best ten bunches of gr.ipus greatest variety of cultivated grapes grown by l0 individual best four quarts ol peaches ad Iiim do Any other nre or superior fruit, not nbnn rnumerateit, will lie entitled to a premium in tho discretion or the committee. For best pock of table potatoes 2d do largest six heads of cabbage best six heads of H.iuiv do best siv beads of ('.nihil iwors best peel; of tomatoes best perl: of onions best peck of carrots best perk of 'nb!u beets best pork of parsnips best peck of tabiu turnips largest squash best variety for initio Uoo three best pumpkins largest do best twelve ears of seed corn fmost splendid Dower ad do most splendid bouquet best nursery of fruit trees, not less than one-fourth acre, one year old an I upwards ad do best seedling nursery nf fruit trees, not less than onc.fourlh aero 3d do best orchard of grafted fruit, consid ering Us extent and cultivation, w it It the varieties and goodness ot tho fruit 3d do greale-t number nfrnrl: nnpletrces, not less than 100, one inch or moro in diameter, w hirh shall be trans. it.iiiR-iI I his spring and bo ll in at tho time ol iho aJ do c ttm:. For ben bull three years ohl and upwards ai do best two years oh ad do best cine year old ad do lest bull calf ad do best cow three years old and uimards ai do best two years old heifer ai do best yearling heifer a I do best heifer calf aj do tin) cmv from which tho most butter is m ide in any twocoiieeeutiie weeks in June ad j,, the best piir of working oxen four vears old and upwards l 1 -J do best pair three yearr old steers a I do best two yi'ars old do a I" di do best one year old do a I do ,o 5.00 3,00 5,00 :uhi :i,oo a,oo 5 00 :i,oo :i,oo a,oo 5,00 :i.oo a.oo a,oo :i.ou a,oo :i,no a.(K a,oo 1,00 a,oo 1,0(1 5.00 :i,oo a oo 5,00 a.oo 1,00 ,30 1,00 Go 50 50 50 l.oo 50 .'1 no 2,on :i oo a, oo 3,00 3,00 5,00 3,00 0.00 4,00 5,00 3,00 4,00 3,00 a,on l.oo r,cn 3,00 3,00 2,1)0 2,110 1,01) -i,0() 1,00 3,00 a.oo 1,00 1,00 1,00 1,01) 1,00 9,00 3,00 3,00 1,00 50 50 no no no 1,00 1,00 r.,oo 4,00 3,0(1 2,00 5,00 3,00 a,oo 3,00 2,00 3,00 10,00 1,00 no best fitted ox four years old and up. wtrds 2J do best fatted cow four years old and tip. ward j ' 2d do bet fatted three year old steer or heifer boot , do two years old hoksi:. For tho best stallion 4 years old and up wards owned or kept in the County iho fcason before the lair 2d do best three years old stallion 2d do best two ycais old do i l'0 best brood in.iro 2d do best gelding or mare colt 3 years old 21 do best two years old do 21 do best sucking colt ad do best pair of matched geldings best do marcs hi ike p. ur the best Merino lluck 2d do best live ewes owned by one individual 24 do beat live fleeces of wool the clip of the present spring 2d do heaviest live weather do cwu SWIXB. For the best boar 8 months old and upward 2d do best breeding sow 8 months old or more Sd do I'OUI.TKY. For the best conp of dung hill fowls not Iris than fix 2d Jo best pair of ciprons largest drove of turkiesnonc lest than 3 months old l'AltM ImM.HJIKNTH. For the best borae power beat plough 2d do beat cultivator ( best roller best harrow .jbest threshing maehino best fanning mill best straw cutter , 5,00 3,00 4,00 3,00 3 oo 2,00 2.UII 1,00 best corn shrllcr best horse rake best corn planter best drill harrow beat grain crudhs best horse cart best ox cart best farm double waggon liest ox yoke best pair ox bows best line best pitchfork best ii xe best scythe beat cheese press brat churn llttlrsi;il()l.l AM) OTIII2H M.VMJ I'AtlllMlKM. , For the best 23 pounds or more of butler made previous to the 1st of July 2d do 3d do 4th do beat 100 pounds or more ofchcCBC 2,1 do 3d do best sample, not less than 3 pounds, of loaf sugar manufactured from ma ple sugar 2d do To the man who shall adopt the beat meth od of increasing the prnduct of honey, to be tested by its prncticul results To the lady ofthe County who will pre sent herself clothed in the beat silk dress, other own product and manufacture best one-loiirlh pound ol sewing silk 2d best do beat piir knit silk stockings 2d do best do do gloves 2d do best silk pocket handkerchief 2d do best peck of cocoons 2d do best pound or more of reeled silk 2d do best 10 vards or more of full cloth 2d do" best 10 yards or more of llannels 2d do best 10 yards or more of carpeting 2d do best rugg M do best table spread 2d do best woollen coverlet 2d do best 10 yards or more of broadcloth 2d do best 10 yds or more of linen diaper 2d do best 10 yards or more of linen cloth 2.1 best linen or cotton coverlet, 2d do best 10 yards or more of tow cloth 2d do be-t pound of linen thread 2d do best pair of woollen stockings, 2d do best pair woollen socks 2d do best pair of worsted stockings 2d do best pair worsted socks 2d do best pair of woollen mittens 2d do best s itin stock 2d do best stock of ether materials 2d do best six shirt collars 2d do best three shirt bosoms, 2d do best for hat, 2d do best straw or palm hat 2d do best pair calf hoots 2d do best pair calf shoes 2d do best two specimens oftailor-work 2d do best single plain harness best double do best side of sole leather, tipper leather, anil calf skin, each best specimen of cabinet-work 2d do host specimen of tin. ware, not less than ,r) or more than 10 pieces 2d do best specimen of whitesmith-work, not less three or over live pieces 2d do host specimen of blacksmith work 2d do best single pleaaure waggon, 2d do best single sleigh 2d do best sinirlc covered carriage 2d do" best double covered carrii"o 2d do Any superior specimens ofthe Mechanic Arts. not above eninoer.iti'd, may be presented for pre. mium, which will be allowed in the discretion of the committee. A ploughing match, both with linrsps and oxen, w ill he hail, for a purse of $.1,00 each to com mence at '.I o'clock, A. M. of the second day of the exhibition, the quantity ploughed to be nne eiihtli of an acre with each team. The decision of Iho committer will be governed by the short, est lime occupied in ploughing the given quan tity, and hy the quality of the work. It shall bo the duty nf said committees to make report In writing of tho premiums awarded by them respectively, detailing, as far as practica ble, tho particular Improvement, or distinguish ing property, of Iho products, animals, or arti cles, on which the premiums nre awarded. The Inhibition ami Fair will be held two days, to h, on uic-iin anu '.'jtii oi oopicniiicr ncxi,ai iiuriinginii. 1 lie lirst day will be set apart Tor the exami nation or all animals, products, and articles, ex hibited for premiums. 1 lie second day will be devoted to the blow ing match. Address before the Society, the awarding of premiums and in Iho afternoon thereof to the public sale of all sucll animals, products, and articles, as any person or persons may ileem proper to oiler for that purpose, for the use and benefit of Iho owners thereof. I he Committees will reserve the right to nward on second premiums Agricultural Honks and pub lications in lieu of money, in their cliecretioti. Inches In Iho last named gentleman. Iln is a native African, and a member of Iho Yornba tnb". When a boy ho was Ftolcn and with others freighted on board a idavcr. Tho vessel was recaptured, carried In Sierra t.cnuo, and Iho buy was tot free. Christianized, educated and sunt to Hiigl-iiul, called Into Iho ministry, nullified hy Iho llishop of London, and was returning In prcacn tho ' mollis trine. Ilo was accom jnmcil hy !Vnud two children. I no rclriKoi of the hr.-t of Dercniuor something ,ho itssVrth nf .Inly wasduly kept at Monrovia. Jl'hey' their 'orator nf Iho day,' pub'ic dinner, lie, minary savs : Dr.ATii of ."Ins N. 1'. Willis. llaroly ilncs It fall to tho nf tho chronicler of Death's UoingB among us, to record an event mi ro mel ancholy, in all its asperls, than this. When c hoard of it, it was amidst the loud cheers of rnicllnrs, nmidst music and mirth ; and llicu, within Iho hour, beneath tho same roof, Iho gen tle spirit of ap much beauty and worth as could die, jiarlcd from its earthly framo and sought the company of kindred souls above. What an epi tome of mail's life it was : hoiv full of solemn leaching, if read aright, drH Willis died, after hut a few days illness, at tho Astnr House, last eicnlmr. at half past I'ho cdilor of the till-1 ton o'clock. Mho was tho daughter of Mr. Slace, Iho (lovnrnor of Iho lloyal Arsenal at no 7,"t no 1,00 no no 2" 1,00 no 2,00 1,00 2,00 1,00 3,00 2,00 1,00 no 7." no 1,00 50 3,00 2,00 2,00 1,00 2,00 1 ,00 1,00 no 1,00 no no no 2.' no 2.1 no 2-1 no 1,00 no no c o m m i t t i: : s . O.v I'AnMs John N. I'omcrov, Truman Chit tendon, mid Charles McNiel. Oi I ici.ti Cnnrs Charles Adams, Col. fciuitli and V arren 1 ord, inii Ciif.ksk Andrew Thompson of Keeseville, bliakim Johnson, ol U nilehall, and Mr. Ilaehoo of llirnet, ()v llonst.s Austin Johnson of Middlrhury, S. V. Keyes ol" llighgale, and Mahlon Coltrill oi iHnmpclicr. On Catti 11. 11. Bimonds of Khnreham, Samuel Adams ol North Hero, John lloyiitou ol rialtsburgli. O.v Snt.t.p Charles I'alne of Norlhlleld, Chs Hirh of Swanlon, and Rowland T. Hobinson of Fcrrisburgli. O.s Henry S. Morse, Jonas Chitten den and Lemuel ll! l'lalt. Oi l'oiit.iiiv N. A. Tucker, William Noble, niio I.. j. t.oomis. Oi Mii'i.r. SuriAn ani Hr.ts C i. KaHoo, l.avnter White, and Orville Shaw. Oi lloiiTltci.irnt: Hev. J. K Uonvcrse, licv Mr. Hmglndi, and Hev. Joseph Torrey. Oi OeciiAiios, .Neusr.iur.s, ,v i iir.Ksr i nt'ts Chaiincev Goodrich, hdward Hronnell, and Llisha Harstow, imc Aiits fieorge 1'. .Marsh, John iN. I'omeroy, and Timothy Follett. Ilousi.iioi.n AlANui'ACTi'itrs 1. ft. iiaswen, Samuel Fletcher, and I'hilo Doolillle. FtiiM Iiii-l.f.Mt.MS Oeorge Whitney, Jotin Allen, and William II, Muuson, I'i.owimi .Match A. U. Inllemnrc, l eler I'.irrv lliini went nrrfiunlv. It is roinarka- Weolwich. llnftland. fwho died some 3 years lilo tint llioro arn but two Iclt ol Hie original since,; whore, (luring olio ol ins i-.urnpean lours, warriors eo.rnnn.l lo flint memorable battle, she formed Iho ncfiuaintanco of her rriflud bus. Thno t,n Ituv. P.. t,,l,ncnn. i.ow a travelling band. who. alter tbuir marriage, returned with minister in the M. !!. Church, and Mr. Charles her lo America, ivhoro (a largo portion of tho llr.iiiier. i.f rhiu t.uvn. A h iiulsoion col loci ion iimo in our own cltv) thev lialo ever silica re- was made un on Ilia occasion for the latter, as ruled. It was our good fortune lo number Mrs. 1 . , 111.111- - ..... nn.l ,,-n enil it a leslimony in ma eoiiniry s graininic. n nim hiouhk ihu il,u,i unu - Keicrnl fcIiooI anniversaries have been hold bear a rheorful tribute to her many excellences ilu e,loeiil with oreat snirit. I ho of c in-actcr. her sweetness ol temper, tier enn rJiiniUy sclio i'l inslifutions seem to bo favorites lioness, intellectual superiority and genuine Willi iho OKimti, V. V. Cum. AdC. ''OndllCSS. Hut Iho event Is too recent, TUB I HON DIsriUCT. -and the pen of I tic eulogist must bo relinguisiicd, until tho tear of grief has fallen A'. Y. Express. The iron distrirf, which spreads through ISow lersev. I'einisvlvaioa. Marviaifd. and Western Virginia, Iraic'rses regions exuberant with coal, and abounding in water power; and, (raiding further West, in; lind in Ohio, Kunlucky, and njrfip.uiarlv in Missouri, immense btorcs cf me- laliferous iicnllli, adjiront In the most fertile FUI (yA y MORNING, APRIL 4, 1913. agricultural dis'ricts. II is to ronnsyivania now. over, we innst chicllv direct our attention, w here two. fifths f ftI t!io nn in the United Slatos is mule. Tho Uoilod .States contain 0,01)0 square ol roil, which Is about si.vcen times as great as the Coal moa-tires of huiopo. these gigantic masses runs from (.. A I ,1 1 ninlinci' sn lire mile's. Out of fifty routines of i'onusyl- ono or both tho Lino Boats will bu out the vania, no less than .hirty I. no coal and iron l first of llio nee Z i,''do . m ZeXes r,.,e-. The dissolving snow from the Mountain, 1 n f inii nul,. ,,r coal and iron : while all (Jroat east of us. has nourcd down upon us, n copi llrilam and Ireland have only 2,000 so that oils flood for the past week. Tlio Winooski l-ouusylvan, , alone has an area coal and iron luo times as great as (treat llrilaiu. I ic quail , ,. , THE SEASON The Luko U clour of ico from this up to A single ono of Chimnrv Point, and through to St. Johns. mi I'ennsy innia, " . . , , ice, itself, 5lM)0o Hie terry is now on her regular trips, and ri.owiso .hatch A. it. iiiueionrc, i eier 11 u iiiiiu.Ti- no - -- . coin mi i i , . I,.,, l;,,l.. Keese of I'eru, Samuel Adams of North Hero, ly of the or iron is as rich as that of (.real of .10. Tliero Ins been, however, but little and Daniel H.ildwin of Montpclier. no Til no 1,00 no no 2.1 1,00 no no 2.1 2,00 1,00 3,00 5,01) 1,00 5,110 3,0(1 2,00 1,00 2,00 1,00 2,00 1,00 3,0(1 2,00 2,00 1,00 3,(,0 2,00 .1,1111 3,00 FnoM Wasiii.noton. Mr. Louis Inn rn- signed tliu second Comptrollcrsliip of the Treasury, nnil been succeeded by McCalla ofKy. Mr. Brinley, chief clerk in llio of fice of Solicitor of tlio Treasury, is succeed ed by Mr. Vooiliies, lately Mr. Pulk's law partner ; and Messrs. Robinson, Age, and Addison, clerks in the P. O. Department, nro also dismissed. Mr. Ritchie, of llio Richmond Enquirer, is at Washington. Tlio Globo announces tho appointment of Dr. Miller as third assistant P. M. General, vice. J. S. Skinner, removed. Setli Harlon, of New Orleans, appointed Solicitor of tlio Treasury, vico Mr. Penrose, a friend of Mr. Tyler. C. K. (Jardner, appointed Postmaster at Washington, In place of Dr. Jones. Win, Medill, of Ohio, appointed second assistant P. M. General, in placo of Dr. Mil Icr, removed. Isaac II, Wright has been appointed Na vy Agent at Uoston, from April 1, vico J. Vincent Ilrovvnu, removed Pr..NNsvi,vANl LnoisLATuniLTlio Gen eral Appropriation Hill, making provision for llio payment of llie August interest, $355, 000, lias passed llie House of Representa tives, and gone to the Senate. An amend nionl was added, which provides that in case of a deficiency lo pay tho interest In foil, oil sums of $50 and under be paid in full, and the remainder pro rain, and drafts upon the Treasury for llie balance, which drafts nro to bo paid in the order of their presentation, ns fust as money shall come into ilia Treasury. This amendment secuies tlio payment of the August interest, it is expected lliese drafts will be nl a very trilling discount, and will bo paid as fast us presented. Tliu bill also appropriates to llio payment of the expense I'ro'n llio Richmond Whig, Jan, 23. Till: WHIG .SPIRIT OF VKR.MO.VT I Wo insert with L'reat oleasoro. tlm letter, received a few days since, by Mrs, Har bour nor can wo suffer tho occasion to pass, without paying the trihulo It so well tnorils Coming from Vermont, it indicates thitnoblo spirit which has over undo bur Iho bright cxom pier of tho Union.. In her children are united lhat love of law and order, and that annrcriallon of virtue and patriotism in vlkers, winch const! stnto thm the Iruo friends of their country, and miKo mem ino constant and unwavering .sup

porters o' the conservative Whig caliso. i.oi ino narrinv-nearieii, who buhevn, or pro. lend to bolieve, liberty of soul is only to be found South of Mason's and Dixon's Lino, read this loiter, exhibiting in its Iruo light, the ster ling emracter of our Northern brethren, who are only Industrious that thuy may he kind, and economical mat nicy may bo generous! llnnt.ixGToi, Vl'omont, Jan. th, 1813. -1r lAitu llarbnnn Dear .Midim I nolieo in iho Washington pipers, that Iho Lidies of Virginia, propose to erect a Slaluo to Henry (.'lay. l'lripit my family and myself, to contribute llio following sums, in aid of your most praiseworthy un derlnkiniM ' Mrs Ilradlrv Mrs. John II. Peck Miss Harriet liradloy Myself S21 00 21.00 j 21.00 j 2100 Daughters, Ar.TinciAL Arms. At a late session of the French Academy of Sciences. M. Magctidio made a report on a new invention of artificial arms destined to serio those who bain been do. prived of their natural ones. The Academy wore deeply interested in tins report, and the details of Iho simple and ingenious mechanism which restores lo cripples Iho principal Uses of Iho hands and arms, and at Iho trial undo of this invenlivn hy an invalid soldier who was de prived of both his arin. Tins old soldier sud denly found himself in possession of ll.e two pre cious members which lie lost in tho wars of the Umpire, and hy the aid of his artificial hands ho was able lo lake a glass of water from Iho ta ble, carry il lo his mouth, put it back in its placo, pick un a pen from the Hour, take a sheet of pa per, in lino perform Iho principal exorcises to which is applied tint wonderlul and complicated mechanism of Iho h mil, lhat mancllous instru ment, which a philosopher ol a somewhat too material cast considers as llio principal cautc ofthe superiority of mm over the animals. The Academy was moved at the disappoint merit of Iho poor cripple, when, aficr hiving found again the arms, the use of which he had enjoyed so much alter thirty years' privation, he was ohl ged lo gno tlicin up and puinnit to tins ampuiation, less painful than the IWt, but still very ions, lie hid not. at his a sum sullicieut lo piy for thuin. tho Acad, emy egreed unanimously mi the proposal of M. Arago to send to their financial committee an order to furnish with a pair of mechanical arms, tho old mutilated servant of his country, who had been employed lo show the operation of M. Van Petersons' new artificial ami". This no.pir.ilti has but ono inconvenience, it is a little !er, bill lis prire wiil 'prollaldy no lower, atid the inventor odors to furnish it at half price lo soldiers ai.d cripples who hue not means to piy fur it. It presents all the advan tages of liglitue-d and simplicity af tnism. M. Van Petersen' artificnl arms are fastened on Iho slump and breast by aid of a corset, they aro cut not of hollow wood, and are composed of an arm and a fore arm, Lending at the olbow l.l.e natural arms-. Tho hand is formed of five lingers, ailiculatcil and kept bout by springs op posite the tin: tub in such a way lhat certain motions of tlio stump and shoulder stretch llie arm one way and open the hand tho other. In this position, iho object to be taken is seized while in drawing Ihu arm from Iho body, the fingers clo'o ol iheni'-olves by iho action of iho springs. With a little exercise the principal and nercssaiy motions of the hand aro attained. The inienlioti will he out) of great importance lo those dimmed of fheir arms. Tho Academv gave Mr. Van Petersons every encouragement, and adopted M. Magend.e's report. Journal liritain, and thev Inio Iho advantage of lying f0aiing ico, and wo are happy to learn thai I of llie present session of (ho Legislature, near the water level ; while lh' "J ttcr d (, Uns l)ccn sll5,11inofl,l.XCcpl 1 $35,000, mid 820,000 to pay for llio public eoonlre arn somntnoos llioro than OII0 IIIOUS.IIIU o ... ' l . . ' 1 ' ' ' . . . . . l.i. -I. fnot he mi I in sin are. a nu are cxcav.uuo ioh'ii-h subterranean Passages. Hani s Merchant s JWfftllC. the loss of a boom or two, and n lew logs. Tlio extensive interval tract north or the town, lias been under water for two or thrco d.iys prosi'iiting the aspect of an extensive printing, Ihu whole amount appropriated by the bill is above 2,000,000. BQU.I.Y ti.mi:s run Orrici: holm eus. The signs of the times llius far, ns in- speaking of our village mo do not include, of Miami " I uicneu ny rresidcnt Folk's course, appear course, tho inmates ofthe Vermont Asylum for habitation lifting itself above the waters, lo () )onufu,. ominous for llio Tylei Locolo- tho Insane, either pation a "r attendants. I ne . ,. , , ls , (n.S()atc, '1 he water T ,, , .....Ml., cnltetdintr. 1111(1 W llO- . ,. . . . . . , centionf roiTiiTa"gc. 'Iho present huikling is is now, nuur., ........... ! iiieni ns poilltcai traitors, anil lliongli Ho loves a main iiuimiug, mreu sooios o'gn, uesiuco a llV(r casis ins ,:yo mo, u.u - - ln0r ti so 11 , anu uniovs Us bum-fits, vel d this broad fiehl in May or June, win renu.o that ibis rWtalion lias not been in vain. Willi us, March lias been a genial month, and not n few of our f.irniots am uusy .11 work, ploughing ami sowing. The weather continues fine for labor, and every indication is that of an eaily sprinf. Mote sugar has rohalily been niadelhau in pioviousseasons, for a lung while ; and now let us nave 11 10 s.iv next October uilh tho blessing of Ilunv- ihat moru whoat has been grown 111 surrounding country reap tho chief benefit in the Vernionl, (ban ever before, since llio inem roady ii.ifket lhat lb utr.tded for their cominodl. r vnr;nrl. ,.f aSt two years, is full of promise tit him who "ploughs in iho cold"; and, surely, ull others 0151 to "beg in the harvest," as iho good hook leclares they will. Therefore wo say il is Vixjiont Asylum ron the iNsAjc.-in .,-,,., , ... ,,, ,,,, ..,. noislanc 11 for The Asylum stands about ha I a mite norm troin me , t,sl,l!,-. nnd who- stones high hii'h basement, and ul) Icet long. I hero aro iwn winos. each !)() feot ill length, and Iwo sto. rios high, and an ull projecting from the West wine .15 teet Iodl'. This reason, nu ell d."t feet in length is to bo ad led lo the Ihst wing, and another wing 72 feel in length is to bo extended from thai all iwo stories high, besides a high hisemont. m.ikimr tho entire length of the build. mg- 3'Jd feet. The present number of patient. oxeeeds2(IO. and is constantly increasing. When the new additions are complete, more th in 300 indents can be coniciiicullv accommodated. The OMiendiuires nccesmrily connected with such an establishment, Ins its ellect upon our village and us ininni ss, 11111 mu larmem 111 ine . , c, 6100.00 M the Staloo profrrcse.s, and y.,u need funds, please notify inc. and 1 will send you a draft on Xqw 1 ork, for Iho amount. Respectfully, yours, HARRY DRADLnY. The Whig of thu 18tli inst. contains tho following ainuhtr announcement I ' TO Till', WHIG LADIIIS OF VIRGINIA. It is with pleasure we place before you Iho following loiter from Mississippi, and from a na tive of Virginia, known and esteeined In the eastern division of the Stale. Permit us tosay, fair countrywomen, that ibis enterprise, so eve ry way laudable, so noble, and so productive as its execution would prove in exciting high and generous emotions in tho hearts of your sons, ought lo be pursued with energy and uncon. quorablc spirit. Tho possibility of a failure should not bo admitted : the determination to succeed should .'1111111 ilo Iho snirit and nerve tho esortion of oiory Whig I.idy. And what is easier linn to succeed ! What ! Fifty thou sand Whig Lulies, fa.l m raising the sum of 515,000, when sustained by fathers, husbands, sous, brothers, liners ! and contributions from other States. The very idea is a reflection on the Whig Ladies, on Uieir patriotism, on the po tency of their charms and their just and proper mllueiico with the other sex. We respectful ly exhort Ihem to iorrea-ed activity, not that wo at all fear a failure, but lint they and we and all Wings ardently desire to see tho wjr!f sw menced. Tlio winter is "one: Annl and Mav are before us, the nnnlhs when the heirts of The premium on Farms and Field Croos will be awarded al Iho annual meeting of the Socie ty on the limt Wednesday of January next. Any person wishing to exhibit his Farm fur a premium, shall make application in writing or otherwise, to one or more of the committee on farms, between the first of May and llie first of July, for lint purpose ; And il'ehall be the duty of Ihe conimillee at such time or limes as they may deem most proper, to examine all Farms on which such applications are made, and make re port at the annual meeting aforesaid, of tho pre miums awarded; giving in the mean lime a con cise description of the soil, culture, and man agement of the Farms, respectively, on which premiums arc awarded. In oncring the above premium on Farms, it is hoped lhat an honorable compelion may be ex cited, for exhibiting the best cultivated lands and it is believed if this be the case, much val. liable information, derived from the skill and ex perience of our best practical farmers, will l. obtained which being embodied in the report nf ,!., ...1.. .. ... :,, ...: 1. , , ..,. ,,,i, coiiiuim,.,., win uo renuereu available and highly useful to the farming com munity, Tim evidence necessary to entitle an applicant 011 Field Crops, to a premium, will altogether be left to the judgment and discretion of the com mittee. Who in OO r.nsnw'ill iw,,il H nr.mlnm - 1,00 less Ihey nre furnished with undoubted iimnf r i"i me correctness ot the measurement oi llie lands and crops. Any live stock owned and kept in Ihe county, for the three mouths next preceding the Fair, may ue eiiiiueii 10 a premium. ,o premium shall be awarded on farming im plements unless invented or itnoroved hv iho !..: 1-..-. 1 i . I 00 ' m r mmiumcioreo or Kepi ior sale ny erly, which shall render them preferable to oth n() er of llie kind, in common use, V.. 1 1 No person shall be entitled to a nitminm un t o le,s ,lu becomes a member of tho Society at least "" j ten days before the fair. 'iuu When there is no competition on articles no I premiums will be awarded, unless the articles 5,00 . are highly meritorious. 3,00 I In case the funds of tho society should prove insufficient, after defravinir other necessary ex- 3,00 pensfsoftlie society, lo pay the full amount of .',uu 1110 pro m hi on altered and awarded, inch dc- liciency or sum wuntinir. shall bo deducted bv an equal ratio from all the several awards, and the payment of the balance on each shall cancel the award, Hut although the Hoard of Managers deem it prudent to admit such a nroviso. il should be o on slated that any necessity for the exercise thereof, ' Mnnn, nvt.t IT , 1... I.l 1 1, .. C ... C. . I o the friends of agriculture throughout the county, ' ,00 should in any degree correspond with the impor- I .1,00 tmcc ofthe enterprise or wilh the increasinir in- r terril therein which it is believed is gaining I ground amongst us, j Prize animals or implements at a previous ex hibition, will be allowed In compete for thu pri ze); uul sliould llie same premium nerelol given incut, De awarded tuey will receive tificale lo that elfect instead cf the prue 5 00 3.00 3,00 S.00 3.00 a,oo 8,00 5,00 3,0(1 2.01) -,00 1,00 3,00 2,1)0 3.0U '-'.00 2,00 1,00 3,00 2,00 .1,00 3,00 2,00 1,00 . 1,00 2,00 2,00 2,00 2,00 2,00 1,00 1,00 Of the Asy'iim it is unncccFs.irv for us In speak in tonus ol coininendation. Without hav. nig any iruiu eis foiiiuico hi us uuiian, n mis made itself known bv its good deeds. Few in stitutions bale been more successful in " minis termg to iho mind diseased thin this, and none ,,,r f1)( yL. rinonl lo plough than to beg are iimiT a lienor coniroi. ino .iipui,iouu spises the traitors. Though most of these men, sincu Mr. Ty lei's withdrawal from ihe Presidential contest, have sung political ho saunas fur " Poll; and Dallas," to llio veiy top ol their voices, and lino scraped lliett lungs so as lo nriko llieniselves hoarse in their praise, still, for all this teivice, Mr. Polk can sec but one motive, and Unit a pure ly base nnd selfish one. lie prefers bestow ing his f.ivots upon those who have been uni form and consistent Lucofocns. As Whigs wo think he judges correctly, and as we h ive no sympathy with cither tliu ono or llie oth er, can loot, on wilh prifect indifference, and enjoy llie sport. dajit dovoles JiUjJst'lf with -a "-".'"I -l"-1 Jh mi.iliy and mi iTelligoni, iiiscriuunauug, uim rin" assiduity In Ihe welfare of his patients, lie rules the subjects of his hulo kingdom with tho sceptre of love, ana their rh-erlul obedience gives llio strongest evidence 01 us an conquer ing power over tho human in:nd, whether shrou aycn.of the "west." OGDUNSBURGII IIOAD. Wo are pleased to loam thai a new char ter has been granted bv thu oow 1 ork Logis- ded in the mists of insanity or lathing in the .tl,ro fr Hj Road from Ogdensburgh lo Lake Champl.iin; nnd iho belief is confi- I t I t .1.... r...,.l f.rt Ii,. fntll. fbis ve.cran patriot and "enll) nxitresscn iii.u 11.0 ..... .... l lio Irientls 01 mo on- sun-light of icason. I'hxnix. Mn. Hmv at Tin: run. statesman, as e learn from llie Alabama Monitor, is munik.d to build il a".im praciisiu!: mo proiession oi ine law. ,11 inc ... - , , . a55of03, Mr.L'hy returns to tho l!ir wilh all the lorpriso 11 ivu t.iUen hold of llio subject wilh ligor and buoyancy of a man i fforiy-five. binccthu ...i. ..! am I'rcsiJenliil eledion, his heilihand ehcerlulnesshaie ,llllc" xe,u' manifest a fixed determina- crcafly impruvol. His neigbbors remark lint ihey lion lo carrv It Ihroiigh. success 10 nieir Imo not eenliini look so well in many years. While .. j j , j s(imu,,in, n,nru in pubhe life, ora9 a eiudidite, he w is conscious ih it ('lions , ,inu i. in vreat respnnsiliiliiy re-led on him as n political lead- s,S(anlial to pledge them, linn good will. n relieved from a ureal hurihcn. As a, heal- Utlt th II IS good, as far US II goes feci no ni'litl-rciiec lo public nlljirs. un mo eon ir.,r,v l,p i.ikes a deeo interLSl ill them, and lu lasl emoti on of Ins luarl will be fur the wiilare ol his beloved country. ... ll ms ml lhat .il r. (;iay usirs ins omce uaiiy ArrnnAoiiiNO Ci.cctioxs. Rhode Is- land. TUe election m Hits stalu occurs on A Passing I'iiquciit. Our cilv h is rcconl. ly been shocked by the occurrence of a remar. liable accident the explosion of a bomb in tho Hands ol Air Uuvall, killing three men and wounding one or two others, shattering w indoivs and spreading destruction and alarm on everv ide. i ho loss of mott valued eituens. the nir- onics of the suddenly bereaved w iies and chil dren, the alami and horror excited hy tho ci-u-ahly thenj haiu been enough to sicken if not to appal the slimiest lie.nt. Hut how m my ot us aro considering what this thing called a bomb was madt1 lot ! Do wo lu lled thai the c.xpiess and only object of its pro duction is to produce just such tragedies as we have hid enacted in our midot ! and that we, with every Christian people, piy thousands an. nually for tli'j manufacture of jui such dispen sers of death as t Ii is ! Do we consider lhat this was no failure no excess or deficiency of any. thing intended by llie bomb-maker it was not intended lhat this missile should explode at just that lima and place, but it was mado lo explode and destroy human life, and for nothing elce. Wo mourn Ihal it has fulfilled its destiny. Yes, we mourn for our friends Duvalli Price, and Ilrodenck ; we .syinpatlu.o wilh their ago. nized rojatiiesj hut do we tall; of stopping Iho infernal business from which this calamity arose! Do no recoil from iho thought of throwing such devilish engines, by Ihourands, into tliu cities ol Sinta Fe, of Matamoras, of Vera Cruz and Mexico, to shatter Iho limbs nnd spatter the brains of innocent women and childien in thousand-,! One bomb bursting among us causes a general shudder ; shall wu not hesitate before we engage in an undertaking which is likely to pollute Heaven's atmosphere with thousands of such projectiles, and thence redden rivers with torrents of human blood ! ' National Honor !' ' lie-Annexing !' 1 K. tending tho area of Freedom!' such aro llie swindling phrases by which aspiring villains hue, in all tunes, induced fools to become mur derers and the victims of butchery. Shall ihore never bo an end of this.' .V. 1'. Tribune. Lexington, and applies hunsilf w'uh the a-siduiiv of . OJ 0f Anril. James Fetiiier, tho present a young man to the dunes of his proiession. Hi -J ul 'M"" " i i pr.ieiicuis of cniir.p extensive! for scarcely will an incumbent, is llio law nnd order candidate unpuilanl ca-e be 'ried wnlniit his services bring en- .. v ppc,,. for Ton. .aid by oei of the imriies. I-'oriunaiely, Mr. v'lay for Governor, Henry 1. Lrnnslon, lor con- . . -- .-.... liT . ...T.. It,, .w... n nrf ls . .... 1- I rlt..l. no , . 1 ' , " ,', , ; r cress, rom t to iasiern (iisirui, mm un ,., rctmns t lie lire of vouth. L oquence til'ial to Lis ai iho Hirer ihe Senile, has never been heard 111 t'us , Potter, from iho Western. 1 liny nro H"i ,n.' !!',lt!:.I.!."."J 7v! , ' llio 01 esent tneinbers. There is no doubt of IlieSO IWll VMllll, l, nuna u, ,. k .......... . , . , 1 riSLMiibl.iiice, not less in splendor orthur talents, linn (u sllCceS5 of iho Whig, or, III other words, Ihe cireu nslancesoi loriuno in meir u u aije. -nor . , ..i.,.,-..,, devotui'iiiany yeosot Ins lite to tho servico of lit of llio 1 IW' and order prl , Hy J U'SJO "la eountrv, l'uriik H-ury found liimsell poor, nnd . .. .n..ii,.,l in iml ni un, Ilir for Ihe sunnort of his Jul "J fiinilv and the paynieiu of his debts. I hough Mr. Connecticut. Election April . lb. Roger fhv hasa bo id p-" icnv, yd h' u inv hed lo soino . ' . . extern on account of oilnrs. His liberal hospitably S. Ilaldwtn, thu present incumbent, is Iho has also been a drain lo his purse. This draio ho .... . ...,,,1;,..,, fur Governor, and Isaac will never sl"i. Ainu nines, ms coumrymto woo o - may uu Ashhn I will find a generous welcome. Toucy, of Hartford, tho Locofoco cindid Ho, "ZSu W'" "l",SU," '" Four members of Congress aro lo bo chosen. The Whigs have nominated three of their Mn. PnEtcoTT, tiik lli'TOniAs. We have much candidates, vi. : James Dixon for Hartford pleasure in annmtneim! lhat, on ihu 1st cf Kcbrtnry . e......l n lli,l,l,rl Mr i.r..v,..i...n..i,eie,lnmrr.c)iIiHe'Kiem(fi-o- and Tolland district: hamuel U. Iliibuard .. Instituted nance, , under tlio ilm-ion of no , . N ,, . JVIi.ldloscx ; and Jolm Acadimy of Monl and Political Science, and in Ihe lllr "L" ' ' section of General His'oiy, The honor is certainly A. Rockwell for New London and W lll'l- ono m"'?".?. 1'? " !,,. Tho Locofocos have nominaled John neiuve, conierrcu oo an) iiuve ii i.e.. i.'iaiuuu, , eipi Franklin; but ihero aro two rircuiiisiances at- j Stewart, the presenl member from tho New I CllUing It, I I 1110 present losmuue, 111.1 I, iiiuiu ,.i, --.., n. ilnn commonly "raiif, mg. Haven nnd Middlesex district, tor re-clec One of llicu ijiiat lliou di tho placo of a corrcs- . T , j m.lliuers ar0 Locofocos. poodini'incuib.rot tlic Institute is often or nlvvays olul"" ,.l,..,i.,l na taeitieies occur, bl (lisllll Jill.-lied forelsm- ir: ;-, I.-ei!ni. Anril 17lh. for niom. crs, and souielinies sohciud vny camesily, wiihoul , , coiiiproinising thiirdieniiy. il was civcii to Mr. Pre- bers of llio Legislaluro and fifteen members Z irioqiiellTMcxieo.' nro,"o,I!y ZZ his of Congress. Upon the Legislature, now to intervention or thai of his friends, but without Iheir bo chosen, will devolvo the election of ll ",l7ZXZZ mKK; United States Senator to succeed Mr. Rives, succeed Don -Martin t'ernandcz de i Navarcttc, Set-re. Qf. , t . Senators whoso term expires pinisli.tcaileiny oi uisiory, a vcoernuic. lonnn, who diol last year at Madrid ai this spring, only two are W lugs, and lliey will 'ST& doubtless be re-elected. The Richmond Whig thinks two ol three ot the l.ocoloco Senators will be succeeded by Whigs. Tho nominations for Congress are as yet incomplete. The liepudiating War, i.l Delaware Co. N. Y. assumes rather a serious aspect, and dangerous re-ults serin i lev A letter i'roni Delhi slates ' 1 irge assemblies of dis guised persons had been discovert d in squid within a few miles nil ige. Tin-whole village was on duty, pomly iniiii-d, including ns many others from thu adjoining lowtis as the Sheriff had been alio to collect, in all Ladies, upon whom this task is devolved, most freely expinu to Kind feelings and warm emo tions. Wo entreat Ihe Whig Lidies lo avail llieuiselies of Ihe propitious season, and recruit nig an escort of beaux to aid them, now to set srrmiiaiv to work to accomplish their patriutic underlnkiiig. 'I'ho letter from Mississippi follows : STTUF. TO Hr.NIlV CLAY! Mississippi miiics with Vermont in dons Honor lo llie Ureal -titranim of the Wtsi. The 'n 3 of Vir ginia should lock 10 r, or ihey will finu lluirovvn work 00110 byother hauls! ' H IVM1.M1, Mississippi Mrs. I.ccv IianDoer. : Madam, I he feim'c msmliers of ,v f,,in ly s, cit ih - honor of piriu-ipiun,' itli tho Wing Lidies of Virguiii in iheir noble enterprise ofercctmir a s'laluo I o 'k-nrv Ciay af tho Capital of his native State. They sub-er 09 ns follow s : Mrs. Dabocv, g?0 (diss Sarah bilmey '20 Miss Susan Dihoey, SO Miai S ,p!ua 0 ilmey, 20 Min liiiielino Dal my, 20 8IC0 A mil of r.clinj." 01 New York for the nbovo s 0.1 is e alo. d, pav.itile 10 v. ur order ; and lrusiing Ihni your tiulv eoinin '111' able wor't unv hitcn loan oiiij, 1 a-u, nio-l 11 - -tfu'lv TUOS s. , APXKY. t'tMItlO?.ICATI,).. Thonipso.i's Ci.i7..-iteer gin s ninrttcn litl" rent spcl- nnn ..I,., i. ic c i i i i ii ms oi inc nami; oi ino iinriiiern uay oi i.aao v nsiii- , . ' , " " , , " ! pH.n, all . f wliTeh ho sijs are copi d from pnn'cd wlulo Iho others were (hilling wilh pitchforks! , looks or criodicals i aud on Ihe authority of iho Tree I'ross of list wee'. I add the (ictriic.i, and wish to know which is rilit. A Lugo collection of Indiins were seen in Molina another collection of nhoui ,100 in Korliight. In (mother ueigboihoud in tho western partof llie town them was gieiilcom inolion, and persons were k-.iv ingiheir homes tal'.ing small bundles with them. The Depu ty his l.ursc sl.ol from under him. Tliu Delhi CJ.i'.elle s is : Those among us who have heretofore felr se euro no.v feel that every effirt must be mads lo put a-i end to this Scarcely a man ins been seen unirinod for several diys, and wo are oblig.;d to sleep Willi weapons of do- lence every nvm. Li.ery thing luat cm bo Missisfjiie, Missisrpici, Allssi-qil, Allssisco, Missisqui, Missiscoui, Missisqiny, Miuisroc, -Missi-q loi, Missiski. Missiskn-i, Missiskay, Jlis-iskoy, 31issi-k ) i 3lissis'ioiu Ma'iska, Miclu-i-oiil, Viclnscouie, Miehisqui, Jl-ssisquoe. Air. Tjioinitsuii adopu Mithteeo. for the reas.m that it conforms very nenly wilh iho or.-inil, mini, much, and friscoo, waterfowl, an I wilh iho usual pronunciation. Vou useil Mlsiisywc. Abh .iijh tho dirtl-ienco may be as unimportant ns that twixt tweedlr-dttin an.d tMcedledcc, I do hope if ihe au thority of Mr. Thompson i3 not suffiei nl to settle ihe orthography cf iho wo-d, that whin it shall be i't termined lis waters are to red ct ihL Imi.i, nf ihn used as a wea,-ou of de'e.i'-e is in demaii 1, even ."iron orso, soniohyh pn.siol etymology. ill give 1 1 hot wator and p tchforss j the water is k"p! 1 final christening. -Ml.SSIsCO. by iho l.idie, to ilelei.d themselves, as the.r Tho final c was a misprint. We lUfUUiUSi II(li; Ul) UUCII UIU HLIl cui. uur 1 adopt .1 . . .1 . . . church, academy, an I couit-house. are turned i rmison mat il best accords into birracks, to accommodaie cilizjns soldiers, i and a cmnpiuv his been form.-d called the' "pitchfork couipiny," for want nf arm. Our clergyman who was warned out, is now silling havo something in tho orthography at least. All business has been suspended that will remind us of their oiiin, and the pc ys. and nothing is thought of but culiarity of their original utle'rance. Fnovi Westehn Afkica. We havo received a file of Africa's Luminary, hy tho banpio I'.il esline. The intelligence is not so laiu as that published hy us on thu lllh inst., but thcro are some items not mentioned in tho lie us of lhat dale. Among llie passengers in Iho Palestine- were the Hev, John Soys, superintendent of iho .Mcllioditt missions in I.'uena, Uapt. I.. II, John son, late ofthe brig Alalanla, of Nuw York, sold and gone into the slave trade, Mr, N. F. Divis, Ins lirst ollicer, and live seiineii. At iho close of Iho year a number nf fix ssion aries and meclriuirs, sent nut hy the bunion Mifsionary Society, arrived at tho Methodist Hpisropal mission, nt Monrovia, and passed Iwo days mere, on uieir way io csiatiiisii a mission at Abbcokuta, or IJndorstntie, in the Vnrnba in Ihe basement of Ibi church, shouldering tiic pitchfork, in company Willi tinny others. An express was sent ypsteidiy to tho (lev rnor, for men and arms, to protect iho village and iniiu tiin Iho l,i un. 7'ivo piecus of cannon aro pla ned in front of ll,u public square, ono pointing up ai d the other down llio inun street, both lieavilv loaded with spikes lor want ol i-Miister or grapo shot fur several dav war and personal safety Tho Iluffilo Daily Advertiser complains that on I'i id. iv last Mr. Henry II. icon, whoso storn of goods, uninsured, was consumed ear ly last month was arrested in the street, on a charge of obtaining goods under falso pre tences, and, without allowing him lo take a change of clothing, or lo sec his family, or even to send them a message, ho was thrust into a cab taken to the cars, then on the point of starting, and hurried off lo New York with iho bronl deep prouunci ilinn of ihe red man. Thu Indian accent was upon the lasl syllable, and pronounced with open mouth; while modem improvement has trans furred tho accent to the second syllable, and drawn up iho mouth in strange contrast with the broad horizontal opening in an Indian's face, If wo preserve Indian names, let us tarv of tho rtpinish Academy of History ami adiuiraiiio a veiv advunei r..i,n .. ill, n,i ennil Heuarili-I, men lure, niiin '" only New Kngtainlcr who ever before filled a digni fied place, or as ono comim: num me mi uu ui. ed .-panish historian, it is a succession of which Mr. Present! and his tounliymcn may well be proud. Hot. Ad. Nfav IlAMrsitiRn. The Geological survey of Dr. Jackson has disclosed an unexampled a . .-...n1il, In tlm f!rnnitn State.' II1II11U! Ul ,.',., - jn Iho town of Harlletl, an iron mmo has been discovered, possessing ore of excellent quality, aud of inexhaustible aiiininnt. The locality was formerly worthless, it has recently boon sold fr 81(),(HK). In Baton a vein of zinc oro was dip. rove'red. more-abundant than that of jJrilol, Un". The mine will furnish zinc for all rvew I'.imland. At Warren, copper oro was found, nf Mich character and in such quantity, as to warrant mining. In Jacuson, a vein oi uu on was discovered. 'Jrcn"'i,e larer' A SiNoet.. MovEJir.NT.-The hcenso Comniis .,,.... i rerom v icensed three incr chains in Bprinsneldto ll liquors, whercupoi l o . , , , i ' T.:.. . ...I ,.nl n cntiitllltl.e to nvile country, about ono hundred miles in thu inleri. ladu-s held a iiuiiag onu f?'" " I ., ' ,,V- ' T or, and eighty miles North Kjht of l!..d.iL'rv. ' ''" to giveup llio I ta lie. ;?'''';", ;tmro TI' ulm Uuded were Iho Key. C. A and . ZZT '' a ccr. Airs, ttolluier ; licv. A, and Mrs. I uwiiacud, and ass.ti t untnuitr when the licenses were dehvcitd Kev. -Mr. Croulhcr. Cjiisiderable iulcrest at-' up ond burned iu the presence of die inutins. Massachusi-.tts U. S. Senator. The Legislaluro of Massachusetts, on tho 21th inst., mado choico of John Davis, of Wor cester, to fill tho vacancy in the U. S. Sen- utu occasioned by tlio death of Hon. IhvAo C. Hatks. In llio Senate, Gov. D ivis re ceived 2G out of 30 votes cast, nnd in tho Houso of Representatives 149 votes, nnd all others M. Massachusetts could not havo selected a belter representative, or tin abler iidvocalo, ot iIiosm principles and measures lo which sho clings with such steadfast faith. Webster and Davis from thu Old Hay Slale, Corwin from Ohio, and R. Johnson from Maryland ! such aro tho Whig add! lions to llio now Senate. AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. Tlio reader's attention is directed to tho list of premiums and arrangements proposed tor tho current vnar. It uill l,n , ... lhat ihu scope of tho Society's opoiions is considerably extended, from lasl year; and wo aro happy to add, that tho indications aro highly flittering. Nuw York Municiui, Election. Four tf hero ho will probably bo immured in a jail i parlies are in ihe field with their candidates until his trial takes place. for Mayoralty Mr. Dudley Selden, nomi- The Advertiser consideis this to bo a great nated with great unanimity by iho Whins oulrage, n rid intimates that there is a set of Mr. Mayor Harper by the Nalivo Ameri sharhing houses in New York who, when a cms, Mr. Win. F. H.ivemever bv the Lo- mcrchaut from iho country wishes lo obtain co Focos, and Mr. Arthur Tappan hy tho a credit, ho is invited lo n confidential con- j Abolitionists. An animated strurmlo Is ami. CO ' vcrsalion in u back put of the store, and there, by a series of artfully put questions, llio full hearing of which, in law, not one man in ten is nvvaro of. These answers aro taken down in writing by a concealed clerk and then if, any misfortune incident to trade",' overwhelms the customer, bo is mado the victim of this charge of false pretences. It is hinted that Mr. ll icon has been victimized in this manner. Spectator. cipaled. Trial or Mit. FAinciiii.u. For the de fence, on Wednesday, eleven witnesses wcro examined ; and their evidence certainly mado a fearful breach in Miss DjviJson's standing us a credible witness. Some of them wcro neighbors of her family in Maine, and gavo conversations wilh her in which sho made confessions terribly destructive of her character fur truth ns well as chastity. CHESHIRE ROAD. Some very awkward discrepancies between l.- Cure ;i,,il tlnil elm l,r,e fnl.l C. Wo learn that iho subicription to (his ' "-v V . , T- I ... . rti-r.isinos worn nlsii clicno.!. Mr I 11.,.. ..,, . '1,1- child's star appears to ho in (he ascendant. stock is making good headway, Keonc has uliuady subset ibed over an hundred and thir ty thousand dollars, and will add some twen ty thousand more. It is confidently boliuved the work will confiuenco tho ptcsont season. licv. J. If. Fairchild has been tried for aduliery befoio llie Municipal Court in Hos,. ton, and found Nut Guiltv. gjum m mttttMEKIBEM