Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 11, 1845, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 11, 1845 Page 2
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warn ipmrnm Sl'UihN'lNG TIIC YOKIi. following letter from ono of llio most '-Jtroniiniiiil supported (if lion. Julin l. Il.ilc, mid ono wlm h is dared lo disregard llio tuun- il.itti of it despondi mill unprincipled purty, Ii wiutlij of bring placed on rc-.did nuiu example of luniL'st iidlierciico lo piineiplo nri-ly mi'i vviih in u Locu-Foeo : Tj the KJitartof lUe S. It Patriot! I nciimviuJxi! llio tempi nl the I ii ninubpr oT your t tptT, nnd hate perused ihe articles liy which voj Ii ivt attempted to dispose of n few more iiicuihci's ol Itie Oyuocrulic paily, nnil to pass lliem uit lu ihe t trimmo! s. I .nail nuliu a luiv plain at itomcnis in r-',ly u mr summary prtU'cethn.!9, nut hit'iiise 1 wish to evade ti 11 v prrtidu iff your u raih, meiily to t-xprrM my chiii.- npi if your deiiimrntions, nnd tiiv iiti s civcrin adherence hi llie cause nf fit-cdom iiii I Jusiie.. I n. n weil tjiifi. ij thu lull's, hulled U'l.tisl iiiM'H and others, vice nit h tlic nnin, in tended fur ii , but in.lur.i4 i uiitnms to thorn who. j ml HI ill. a l'ini irmI to witness sonic evliih.ti in of ' l.'.iriiii puwtT, 1 1 Hup .limn in llio tracts. When your Matter, llio I'll in in in of lliu .Stale Central Com iuitt. c,f r Ilia moment look oft" l.n clutches from dio il'voled lira I of vl r Hale, and wrote llio last detnpi lory nrtit le in lie I'mi it, lie knew thit lustilnm- had no ttrrorslor thou whom ho ntt.ichtd. lie knew t.ial, nliliiiiiiili hi' had never ha I ihe " iiiotnl o himso" In "dare to ib mure ill in may licconn; n mm " Ijr tie dtuuuer.U'i', when it hid hum nn le t) consist hull v in followui.: ihe jack o' hntprn f.iala.Mi s c f litllo lict; wi- yi I h ul coii-aji' sufucifttt to stind liv 1 1 1 e Iruih w.ih ml .'car, f nor, or Ii ipi' of reward. Wu are st irll.-d .is h'lio hi' your new-piper itinndir ns no an-ny llm harmless il ishe.s of licit hplitninr. WV Invo l.iiiit iit,t . rind in iliiiuuiii-h lienvieii I he 'hv.' I'muder' of Jupiter, and tlio-io ioipo cm ovplo- u un Hi il .in- ininii.'-ii'turcl , nnl-r If you ex I l.i in i'ie freemen repress 'In ir fret: hivi'ils nt v mr In I. Iiii,' -if yon expect to put a hn 'It in my nose 'and lead mou'iout, ii y ni rr i i!(i!, hick-track pohti.-al r.o iff, von Iriv.', fin one , imn.ikco your eon'so. "I wool I r.nliiT I ! n dint, and hay ti n moon, I'nn S'lohn Roman," 1 n it tliis a fro.; country, nn I lnll not mc.i spe.'i nut thi'tr scn'mienis, in s me nf the t'i i'iin f ji''f-coiiiiiiii'd fi'ii-.iri ? Who mile yo'ir piper a ruler ami a i'id;;e over in? And vmn pipir vour 1'itriu' i l)-m ir-an.-j lumal 1 ! Why, there is no 'yr inn y in P.nrope In'f s i 'ihsiihicai tint w-'nch o'ir masters (f if yo i nro mere toolo) nek to i stnhVi nvi r t!io pe.vd . Your Denioeraev p lilt" I i il of Ni loleo'i's Mir-'i 'I when ke aninnn'-C' I I'm neru Iree ptihrlh) free Snl ihal he w .1 I u ,t v.,. f,r VwMcon llonanarf first v ,r V. i nli i .'.I .... ct . tt... I. . t ..r : Kre.1 I, luntink'a f r" . f . V i.ato t o, r'w r rro-.. every part o i. ui eanec " r ' Y.i.i Inn S3-H firi'i your in''liv nrmn n eve: p irt of I'm "-I'l e. p ibMshin? the f '.'neliood that eveiy tuber part of ihe .1 He- wis un iniuiou in cuidem n nz Air. Hi' ''sc i .rs in C'oaures. and in aiprnvini tho innu.leni 1 1 of ilf! (Jhairiin'n of tho Slat (' iinuiitiei'i .vhil' at 'he s-uno tune, vi u lnvo I i-nMo I h'.o -in iaon, b't tin fns nf ih uisan-h in tlrt'-rent parts nf 'ho S'ato, who were bitrnui wiih inrliiinatioa at youi in-an ihservidiiee lo Sontii Cnr olini dem r;o"UCi, s "I'll I '.n 'W tieh olher's sen l ni . nis. and ri an I r n I, li'te Saninsm, the ureen v.ltll--! 'villi whi 'lr-J'OU vv re bin lllla Ihi'lll. 'I bt people have not so i mpo a scent fir the patron aje t,f tho I'reaiJcm thai i. and nl iho President llni i ti he, I'm ihev have cased ii ibiok and act for In) ns-lves. You liavu l uij been p i'iipere.1 by Ihe patronise of a ("lerois partv. unlil like .loshnrmn, von have "waxe I fat and kio'.ed." . r.,r,nt. ton lint yiiuiirolh'ii'rt'itii'osof ihopenpl,vvhom you rife ieaduii' in rapi I sucees-i in to llie I hie'; of poli'ieal ft 'cuiio.i. Ilewareo' ihefa is of lyranis ami csi'eeiallv r,f little tyrauia. all lb. world over. Ttto T ' .' 2, fii-'ivojr in ni!',.,l ,.m. . .Z " Hill, who has received lii'-iiMiiudoioeniorb,.,...,. ,.i Kin:, fm.n ...... - ..I ii' .r. u I wish lo know kiTwhai'. .I, v.... ii s'rre I'airiil ln iotr ulueeil n .iw.;,'r . I'li'o the Cfiine-ancereed ,.1 lha Graniia Sim., nnt.l T. oornev in Ve.. T rn. nDl.:rA :e Z lie : -, " ' " " '"e -'' o ,il 'n .. uuiti'III ,ir- ti u it'ini t 'iincraey in any ntner late J You say it .i In purify .he party' Stranrfo that so much euui .'nuld ba yel If ft ; and sirau.-e r Hill that any process nf cleans ti" sh ndtl leave any traces of the New Hampshire Patriot. Your paper Ins cjnlri'iu'ed in make nur Ileprese n titiv.s m duress pirti.ins ui-'eaj of pitiims. In. siea.1 of leadia'.' them io ih- hrino nl'iheir coimiry a ul their Go I. you have seduce I thm to the worship nt ; part? t an I hn nno of ih-tn Ins reenrnzed the ehi nn'l.u.iiin''v.aiid frmla 11 and ihe f'oiiMituiin'i, iis piiriunuin 10 ihe o'niois of paily, the Nevv llanip s'lire P itrii.l his bwl ill 1 In the infllin eilelii" of nitprmi'ii to oeenmplisli h'-t run Wnn in-iinic I'tnt'in hive met rpiily ta-eihor. in epress ihelion est eonve lions of ilieir conseience. nod n rovo lo a iila by the iruii,, "or per.s'i in me las' thteh," yon havo den in-el ih-ui as reno;ad 's an I traimr-v .vlKinja irado oi poliues, and'ivunrnn ihe tntrnnaoe ntt'ia dinimni ua-iv. yo i hive forouien ihat ihe Croat miss ofilien-oiiln are covrrned and "iii 'ed nn I' hv pnaeiiiio. Y.iu havo f.irsr.i'ten ihal you havo to deal vv.ih ihe son- of Hevnluiiiuary Patriots, who In'" do ntuitu tyranny even worsj lli lo forc.u,' con- I have no li-na or inelinilion to nltu le to a liili" of lha n'.j. eiiins which the freenun of ibis Si.iie hive in tin course pur.i,.d , your paper. Your I) raimy is priverhnl ev -rv ivbre. nqneiillu einco the decree ill it no man h i has a reverence for the C tllsiilii'i in. or who do-s ml adopl huuian servitude ii- a pari oi nn i inn, aii-t'i stand n Hn 13, ni-ioraiic ranks. Peaiiur thai ihe days nf noncord asccn I in cy are ninnhered, that h-realler llie ieoplo will de mini an orm pu'dik'-.e I in a purer nlmo-phere linn l ilt in which v i live, an I move, and Inve your In lr: y ui a'o making a desp"raie sirujLdo io stist in you 'ves and secuio tho Inchest favor tf a new ad nisuisi aiion. I am -orry lint some oilier 1'i-nnt rat it. p u'..r, nt im de-ervi i; than yours is not likely to o..iain the prrnnaac aomht after by Tho van c'y c.l misrepresentation", set on fool by office-hold-era and nfTioo-soker", at vonr insiija'ian, nre too nu pi'Tniistnriienitnii, and lo nbsurd loref' le. Ii i-snd thai wo arc atiolnionisio, ilni we are Whi, thai we areionesj that wj hivn our votes primed at Whitr pr ss's, (mil siannn ihal vveeoold not afe'v oet theiu d ine el-awhere) that we obtain Whhr assisi inee in orili iuno our vo es, lint we have invi cd Ihe co op ilion c full men. wiihout il.siuietiou of party. these i h aiii'insj iho i lie and f ilsa allemiiins sent out into every nook aad corner of the Siatn In answer in nil t.iesa seandils, I wnul.J s1y, that wo pi mi ourselves upin Ihe plnfonn of truth and iimveiail imnee nf tn nhiv anil a sacred remrd u the rishlsi f ,n in. nnd III ;t if Ihi- be treason, vveaik you lo nuke iho niosi orJ!' , AMOS TUCK. Kjctcr. Mirch 3, 1RI. MTiin from cimoi'i:. Tim nackei ship Louis Pliilippp, C.'islnlT, nrriynd at iW Yuri; on Alitniliiy frotii ll.i vrc, vvliuncn sin suilud on ihe 81I1 of M.ircli. Tim Now York Commercial rt'Ciivtd from Cipmiii Csloir, lluvro p ipers of tin S1I1, mid Paris pupurs uf tin fvcniog ()r,, 7,,t unii from p.ipi-r wcliilte lliu folljiving ejtlincis of I Im hows: Tho par'"'. dilcs to the C1I1 of March. C .plain iJasioirundo the run lo the Hanks iniiine.inilnhi.fday.-suiee ihal tune there have been I13I1I winds from the West The ini!zta bct.fii ii Co mi Mole m l M. Ouijot was renew ej in iho Ch.iuilr uf P,,fs ..u llieSili, ihe tnbji-el of d sein-ioii being fra., 8er,l(. liut lh. int.-reit nf(li, ir dei.nlo fi it urtaily s'.on ofihii' eneiled oil llie mxl day, when Cn ral fiiluercs, f,,r. mer Mimsiir t fWur, made a sh ir.ioiiiek 1111 ihe Mm i.tiy, winch t-iiciled from Marshal Soult a virv se vere reply. ' Tho Mvs'ial charcsd theOanetal jt iih hypocrisy vvuh prores.ioini.fdevutioii to the Ministi v. put forth in ihehipennl for ihe sake of nhtainin" office and will, net-liireiico. to say the least, in his ndiiiiii Hlralion of llm War Department. T1)U rejoin ler nf aibiercs is reprrscnled to have been verl' s uriied and rfTciives ami Messrs. limzot nnd Duehalfl are said 10 have bn much disturbed bolh by it and by ihe remarks tif Marthal Soult. This was i uiuIiiipy followel by 11 eonfl ct be tween ihe Mot('iu De lioissv and Oencial Colbert The lai'er interrupted Da II ojtsy in Ins speech, and was shandy ordered to hold his loiinuoi In which he reiortrd by calhnir the Marqu an ilbbied fellow. Do ll.issyihrcvvouta him iir itisfiction 1 Uevi'liera. and scene of i;rest ronfusinn ensued. There wero criejnf "turn him oult" llie Chamber clirtrtctf llie IVes'dont to call De llmtsy to order, and Ihoopualion ron'inur I until ihe ndjourniiient. No vole was l.ikcn un tho secret service bill. ' After thu s ljiiirnm 'nl, the President sent or Mes. sieurs De H ussy. Oollirtnnd General Couriraud who hi I I ten involvolin the nffiir between Ihe oiher two mid riquinil ihem tn mikn such explanations and i.ledi'a us would prevent a dut I. In llio l .lauiber of Dep itio ihera was noiliin of . in'errsi except inn rcatiing of a proposition fir llm conversion nf iho five per rents , In the pro , -entaticnof whiehall ihohnreaux (nreniiiuiiiifcsjliatl 'ssijitcl. The C'h unbrr had not taken it up for de bit.! Tfio Paris Press m s that ihn Minister of llio Ma. rine Is prcpsnn to briu" j,, a f n llt.w orsnj. .aiinti of the transatlantic steam pacUis. Tim'1 Ilviin da Paris as lint a invit re-iuforcc-'.fill. will lie s-iil iimnrdiaii ly In the I'linTt and a lilt lh,at it vvi'l bt'n-onip.iniijl by a seiemiflc cool. ir i j , c'h. ' il vy.ih iiiui'ite rtJiuiiiiiiau of ih,. nrUs, rcersnnj oilier dnngcts nniona (lie I'olynctian Uhiids. The Minister of I'inanco ami the Kinc arc f aid lo nppoe the project for the contcriMnii of the five per cen la. The nrnicea nt the Clnircli i f Si, Roch, on the 3 1 of March, were tnidilcnly inlerrnplril hy Iho explosion ofn pttard, which some pemon had ntiaclml In one of the door", so thai when the ilnjr was opened II dlioiild lie discharged. I'oilunalcly no person was scrioiily injured, A storm fn hrokon mil in llie National Assoniblv of Siycden, which may have fcriouq eonseipiences. In this. ssenihly four slates or classes of llio people are represented the peasants, llio hnrpesses. llio Hor sy and Ihnnohles. 'Iho first three nf thco stales liao nased a law. dividing Iho nronerlv of n ttecaed pctsin equally nnioni! his children, but the nobles uppo-c ii, Willi llm royal sinction however, the bill tiny I c vi me a law. nolwnhstandiiig ils rejection bv the no bles 'ind liieso have iln-n ftirepeli'i.ined the Kinc not lo sicn llie bill. The vote in favor of the pclilion was 1711 In 72. The malt. t Ins cxciied dtep and nncry fe."!mjr tliriiiiL'hout ihe rouutry. In Iho l!tiiih IIoiiif Ciinnnon', on the Bill, Sir llnbett Peel declared tint United Stales Sucnr would uj admiited under ihe sum adviniiires of tin; recip rocity ironies a the sucarnf.lin 1 and Mnniln. 'I In I. ind n Tunes of March l'h oives on account of a destructive fitu ' n ihe preiniises uf lliiilclby and llriHlar, topo tpakcra an I Smi'li .-t'a uiottliani", ntar ureenw ten. t no main rat-tor y, a lare iiuuiimour bokino llie Tliainr... was desltoved. uilli llieetceti' l in nf llie bii e walls, which (til down duriii!! tho day by the force nf the wind. In this liinMina wns n I irc.0 deposit of manufacture I roods. 'Ihe (iriirin of the fire in unknown. The total Ios is suppost J lobe from 10.(110 lo COO. lulo llio insurance doc not exceed Cti 0C0. Two hundred and Hltv workuieu are thrown cm of emplovuvnl bv the ealaui'ly Acnt'lTTVt. of llev. Jov rtncniLii. Tho Conn met at half past eiuht Saiurday inoriiino, mid Jii.Il'c W ishliutn jiroecc led to iharcc t lit. til at a icry great ieii"in. Tho J irv retired at 20 minutes before eleven, and afier a tlcliber'v:iiiiv,of 7i lioiu, hey eaine m Willi a enlii't tif " vol euili " lltfoltill was aull.uinceil, the Shtrurrcn, ttsted llio audieneo to cxpr''" neitlitr approhiiion ii e the rt vei-so at llie re nit, but whtn Ihe loreuian respoudftl "Not (Julllv. 1 In llio usual ipieslio't iut by the Clerk, iheie w.u an uuli ursl of .iiii.iue win n rouiii not no rtsiiauieii. The ft asun w liy the Jury wero out si lone; ua, tint. bef. re I ikinj; anv vole, they went into a syMe on lie e.x nn ma I ion of ihe enure body of evidence' and discussed every uriteii il point wh ch nroe under it Hsvnis; ihorouehly peiforitied ilu preliminary tluiy, a u nun vvm-s taiten, anil il wa nearly urnmuioUH t r acq'iiiinl. A sceotnl b.illoi was mini 'diait lv had, the voie was uuanimoii', ntnl a verdut via- agreed tu nc cordinulv. As soon as tho commotion created bv the nil- j nonneem-nt of tins result hid subsjd, .Mr. Par- I ? " T.?"' ." '" V." ,nlv .n'!" l'"l"s,ve, yet u-rp. ."' U f" rr l...n0rI,ns tron n-H,..:,,l 0, , rclllnl ml ,,.,., lhe ,.,., ,,, . lcmMi nc"n'- "ll,!cr a '"'"''I"" "' mvsrlfan 1 llio adviej nl'ennnstl. I tleiertmned lo reiinn to iho old Ha v St lie, to ibis eood ciiv of II isMii. to in v lormer nc- qiiiiinlances and friends, amont'st vv hum I bad Inbo rn! for ftlteeu years in the iospel iiiiinslry and who had been vvun.'sses tif my t nly life and e mvers'iii m I (tt7 rctuin anil ihouh tmtitr l!ie condemnation of an eiMesiisuenl council, I found a host of fritnds lo cheer and eoniioi I me. I havo aii'un He 1 myscll'lo Ihe laws as a nood ei'i.n should tlo, and the result is before von. I'lirma ihe I rial mv niuiitli has bren closed , but I now teclare vvuh nil solemnity, r.3 in toe presence oi my ti'tKornnu jutlge. urn l am innn cent of Ilu ermi.t ehariied upon inc. .My eneuiirs and porsei mors I lot jive, an I coniniond lliem tu llie fur civmii mercy of Almiehlv fod. The nains. tbeaiio- nies. vviieh ihey have caused me to endure, no lonitue cti tell, 'l'lifv Inve br iuht ma and minealuiosi lo noveitv : nit I wi I trust in the Lord and ft-nr no evil Aeeordinir to the doerea of the late eiuac 1 at Hx-ler, i aumovv resiorcu io mil ministry, in vvmeii I nnv endenvored lo labor vviih all niehly for thiriv yen? "ein'i rcslrd to my oniee, I meal y tej net ' " "P" 1 ! ,"'n''7''n" impnrin'iiy in wo tii.eiiai!:e of your tiuty i as i in -t . i man . me coitniv atiornev lor us cnor. tesv. and ihejiiry for their jui nod riahieoiisveri'iei." "n ' 'airchil.l and lus wife ciinotuit of the I ci!"r1.' h01"0. .'','' w"c icceived by shout nfitr ahout UI eniuusiasiie cueerF. H.'flides beinir nut of business for a v. ar. .Mr. r'.iir. child has I cen subjected loan expense of about SJOOfl, on account of tho chirse vvlneh has been broui'hl nminst hi'ii, nnd he i3 now a noor man t lint is. if n man can be oiled po ir who possesses Mirh a noble, bi.'h-spiriicd, and irn.ieirted wife at .Mrs. I', has shown herself to be by her devotion to her throughout ihe fearful ordeal which he has passed. Ituu.uil i nsi. IlfcVOLBTIONARV ANLCDiTB. A veiicralilc Ainoriean Jud):t; reUles llio fnll.iwiii.r mvtilu tonary aroctlolo :-l'ho moruitinr fnllowini.' lln liaitlo nt Ynrl'.lown, I had tin curiosity to till! iircssioj; oi 1110 U..111UIC,; ; nnil amont; nth ors vvlioiso limbs vverti m much injuruil its tore ipiirt nnipiiiaiinii, vv is a iiiumi-mii, vvlui l:a,l re ceived .1 tmi'-koi bill in iho lirinc. As iimi.i1 111 uteli ca-tos, pri'par.ilioiH vvert imk iii; In lash liini ilmvn lo lln-t.ib'o to prevent tlio pn.ssibility nflii.s miirinof. ') ivs ih" siidornr, ' Now, tl.,c lnr, vvliat vvniild you bo at !" " My lad. I'iii;ii into take nl'.' and 'us necessary you shnu'il bo lasht'il do.v 11," " I'll con-ipnt in nn such iliin-r. Vim may pluck the heart from my b "sum, but vnii'll not t tiiiliiio in". Is there a (i Idle in tli" tent ! If hi, brmr ,1 n mo t violin was furntoltoil, nnd after Inning it ho paid, ' Nn.vil irliir, lieiriii;" and lie rfutiuu.-d In il.iy until the tivraliiin, vv Inch look about forty 111111'. utos, was coiii 'lolet1, vvillioul in (.siiijj a ti'ule, or muvuiir a muscle WAIl AND COM.MI II P.. r.iak at the I iss occisioncd in llie single depart ment of commerce. 'I his main s uirc of wealth war lines up, and exposes to caplnre an incalculable amount of proneriy on the ocean. Our exports an I imports now (19.30) exceed Iwi hundred millions of dollars every year; nnd 0110 half of nil this, besi 'es n mat variety of products interchanged nlnni; nur coast, would 1 e lii'de in wir 1 1 bosened bv the enemy. The imports in the 'imilo riiv of .nw V.ul.- n nmi tluriuo ono quarter of 13"), tn llnrty-six millions of ui'iiiiit, auj 1 war s ijjemy occuriini vvtiulil proba bly have found all 1 it on IIij ocean nnro than mice thai amount di si.ned tothosimoport, andonenr two hundred uu'luns Ii InnuinB to the whole union Tl, I'liinnii sioners appomied to n 'jusi the demands nf I'.nll.h ,l,nr..l..lal... n.. .. J.. ... . I .. C I. ................ ....... , ,i yi, ,,y I'eillllllK nlonn tlurini! thit IbIc wars of I'urnpe, received claims to tho amount ofaboir iweniy-flve hundred millions ofd ill ire! Such estimates as these vvnu'd prove lint the dirtct expenses of war, ihouph iuiuien-e, area mere fraction, rarely more than . 1 fourth part, of the sum toinl which il wattes. The Sufferers and the Sinwrs in War. On whom do llm evils of war fall J Arc its (fuilly abettors llie men that pay its expends, bear its liard-liips, ami ctifll'r ils ciiiiutless woes? No ; tliOi.n riuiio upon (ho people. It is tlieir earn ings that are vynstrd, their blood that is poured out like water, tiieir dwellings aro burnt to ashes, their fathers and brothers, husbands and sou, tint nte driven away liko cattle to be bulrliere.l liy d ; wliilt iho aitlhnrs of all these evilf, sittme; aloof from the elorni upon tlieir snfis of oifo and luxury, read vvilliout a sigli of the niM-nes tl.ey liavrt'llieiu.elves ticca, si'inoil. il'i'V-inti-- wrll-lhe petii!o bear fUch co!u'-blo(,t!i'il oppression ! A Tact koii the ('ukiuvs A V. Palmer, nf Cheaiii, in Surry, Hm-Und, tried a striliitif; experiiiiPiil rpr.pcrini"' Ihe f rmliirimn of ivlieaf. Ill July, IS 11. hu put ono tram of wheat into a common r irtlan pot; in August liediiiileil it into four plan's, and in tliren vveoki tlivuled these into twelvB plants; in Keplember, these iwelvo wero Uiv Ued into tliiriy.lvvo, uliicli 111 Novenilinr were divided into filly; and I10 then placed (hetn in the oien "r.iiitiil, In July 01 18l'J. tivelvo of Ihoni Ind fjiled, but tho reuiain ilerof lliem oro healthy. On tho 19 Ii day of August lliey wero rut down, and counte.! I!)7'J lutii. vvuh no averaan .IO o rains to the stetn aivin-; thus the increase of 07,000 "rains, .11'. Parmer. " Aecmn.'iTs on tiib llenso-j Hivcn Tlin t'oluin I h was run into on Simdav iimrnimt fit.. L. r.,L... thecity, on herpas ni tlomi ftoiii All.anv, by the Coliiinbus, of PieWkill, tho Inter boat lieini on her way up. A douse for, which cow led me river at the 111110 prcvenie.i uie ivvo noais irum ilisnivenni! each 0 her till too lite to prevent tho inciiiiut; The.N'urlh America was nt ready In take the ulare nr ilm I'n. Iiiniliia, This boat met vvuh a still worse and more daiiffcrons ncct cnl at Hauipion, where her shaft brtike close no 10 the nillarbloek. which was follow. el by the breakinj,' of the crank, when the whole of 1 io inaeiunery come now n witn a louu t rain, spread' iil'i llie litinosi consternalion allium the tiassenirem Most fertima'ely and almost miiactdously no ore was miurrti. 1 no llie rvnriii America wetn irsnsierretl to llie sienmtinat Mpicnuitl, and reiehed Atlany at Ilvofclock, yesterday tnoruint;. Tliedinneo to the N. A. is very heavy, probably overfOOO. ' Arcnrilini; to llm Ciiiciniuti Mirror, a man vvli 1 vas lately hitiijeil in .1 iiplglihririiig Slate, fur bur.'iiry mid niunler, roofessed under llio irillnvvi. thai liis cir.'er of rriui" ber-au hi stoju iiHf a 11 'it: j a jit r 11 i hout 'nfw 'for if. 1NSANK POOK. m Wo learn that In inanv of llio towns there exists some doubt relativo to tho aetiou lin es snry to secure tho lienclils of tho Into "Act for the boneltt of the Ini-niio Poor. Wu vvoiiril briefly s.iv, tint it Is not now ne cessary for llio Solertineit, or Overseer of tin Poor, or pnvalo individuals lo make previous application tu any ono lufnro reniovin,' the in satin to the Asylum. But at any time, aii'in sane pauper can bo liroti jjlit directly to tho Asy lum, provided ho is nrcimipuiicd b a certificate from at least two nf the Selectmen of tho town 111 which said Insane person is a pauper and clian:eabli tn said town. When tho friends of indigent Insane persons who nro not supported by anv town, wish to avail themselves of tho provisions of said act. they must brina a cerlificito from a .uJic of si mo Court in tin State, certifying tint silcli In sane persons : an; destitute of properly, and ru tirely dependent on relatives not bound by law to support tlicm. II V order nf Iho board nf Trustees. W. II. UOCKU'ni.U Huverintewhnl. FRIDAY MORNING, APRIMI, Till: RAIL ROAD. 1SI5 This subject is llie engrossing topic of tin limes, nnd vv ill' doubtless prove 11 fruitful llieniB fur di'ciissiiin until llio question is settled llV Iho cilllstrTiclmli tif t ro.itl. One it'tn i. I c r ....... I- l,..r . 1 .1 . 1 me in 112 01 n'lier, tusl, vtiu retart the construe- H'tn.iiks ol week before l.iil Imvo been ex-, tionofilieielurbui sV.hlly. Huh r uteswill tenively copied, and vvliile our e.xtil.inations ""'I'1'', P'tro'nje to fuppoit will a roa I, and when , . .. .. I Hnl s'nll bo deinonsirnlcil to the satisficiiou t f capi- nnil siigi.'islitins lnvo been well received nl lahsis, iho tuoansofeonsiriietimi will beforiliconioic. linslun nnil tuber iioinls nn ilm cnnit.nml iiiwl ' wh'" s1'9 ll,c ''ri0 l'"'s7 Tlie fiiends or Iho Pas 0 ""Lr l"""ls "" tllR r0lll't')l'' sumpMcrnuluarennt llio enemies nr nnv tuber route route, limy li.ivu nlso been subjected lo st' 1 "''neb' to bo advanccil bv honorable and fur means; . . , ,1 they make war only upon the caininon nnd soiihis vere tiuiinadVL'rsion 111 oilier quarters ; nnd uies of ihe .1 lvoe up of Hu Portland rouio-but not llio two roniiiiiinicalinns we publish will servo 1 "I'0" lllt! -ntcri.uso itsilf. Cacrfunlan. as n snniplu of missives, direct or in- tociprocito the kind feclincs rx- dircct, havo reached us vvilhtn a few pressed by the, mid most bee to d.iys. Tho writers of bulb nrliclts are sniind ' "-'''im any intended hostility lu the Pns pr.ifticnl men, whose opinions nro emitted I sunipsic route, or to nnv fair mentis resorted to consideiiition, mid who discuss llio sub- I ,0 10 promote ils iiiletests. But wo could not ject wiili cotiinicndablo enndor nnd fairness. ' But Mr. Iteed senilis lo labor under a mis apprehension as to distance. The survey shows the southern routo twenty-two miles shorter lli in either nf llie olheis, making n difTeienco oi half u million in tho cost of tho wink; nnd this, wo imagine, would bo re garded by capitalists as 11 pretty important difference. The suggestion that llie business of this road might be diveited from Boston, by a side-cut at Ilull.ind, il seems to us is not well founded. It does not follow that because Boston has successfully taped a iS'uvv York thoioughf.ire, that Now York could with like success peifur.ite the "juglar" of llio IJoMoni.ius. Why does western produce go over tho toad from Albany, instead of passing down thu river and following a nat ural vv.itet course, at half tltc crpaisc? For the reason that "limu is money" thai tics patch and certainty are the controling influ ences with this high-pressure generation. But why does this produce and business go to Bosloti at all, instead of dropping down to i. Y01 k, at one quarter llie expense ? Bu cause Boston being a manufacturing, a con suming resinn, is the best matket for pro duce, and for domestic goods, and conse quently tho point tlie coouliy meicbnnt seeks. Tor these, nnd numerous oilier rea sons, it is, that ibe Northern Canal and tho Norlli River can never successfully compete I witli a roil road to Boston, across tho coun lry. W ere wo a stockholder in a toad from this to Boston, and tho question was submit led, whether Whitehall should bo allowed to lap 11 at Rutland, wo should have no hesila lion in yielding a ready assent, under the conviction tint it would increase, rather than diminish ils business. The sulTering frum ibis connection mid tho juxtaposition of llio mail nnd water courses, would, bo on llie part of lake and canal navigation, and tho trade of Northern New Yotk diverted to Boston. Tho Bostoniuns, then instead of hazarding any thing hy tho southern route, w ould gain in distance, and sectiro tho addi tional business tliat n more southerly sweep will encircle. Tho advantages claimed by our corres pondont for tho charter of tho central road, do not amount to much. Tim legislature. when it granted thu central charter did not intend lo lorecluse itself against even 11 par allel grant, whenever tho public interest re quired il ; and wo are quite sure ihnt a south ern road will never ho required to terminate at Burlington, merely because another char ter conveys a right tn conned wilh Canada at some undefined point between Lakes Champlain and Memphremagog ! There's an extensive country noith. Lei us not ho understood its hostilo lo tin eastern road. We are for the road, south or east. But, we must confess,, looking at all lliu elements involved in tho questinn llio dislnncp.lbo feasibility of tho routes, tho the inducements capiialisls will have to in vest, and tho chances fur an immediate result our convictions lead us south. Wo aro emphatically ol and fur this generation; and wu hopit nnd expect lo see it make a spoon or spoil a horn. A "TUCK" UNDER THE FIFTH RIB. We publish in another column a spicy let ter addressed by onti Amos Tuck, n Nevv. Hampshire Democrat, to tho editor of Iho Concord Patriot, touching the policy of the parly toward Mr. H.t.n, in reference to his Texas vote. Wo agreo wilh lliu Now York Cornier, that, fur "bitter, scathing denun ciation, wu havo no whero seen it excelled. It is absolutely withering, and if tho Lucofo co epidermis bo not as haul in New Hump, shire as ils own granite, the "democracy" will walk I.11110 intliat Slate, fur at least n twelvemonth. Mr. Tuck lavs about him ns lustily as his namesake, llie holy friar ; and Ins blows tell wilh a seventy equal to those dispensed by thu stalwart clerk of Copman burst. Speaking of the cditur and his clique of dictatorial demagogues, ho says : " Your " Democracy is liko that of Napoleon's Mar " thai, when he announced that opinions " w ero free perfectly free but that ho who " did not voto for Napoleon Bonaparte, First " Consul of France, should bo shot at tho " licnd of llio inglntenl. Dut you nro lyrants " without llio power of llio French marshal, " mid tlMtik God foi il. You nro of "sort of despots wlioso po or consists in ' souiitl nnd fury, signifying notliing.' " TI10 voice of freedom wliich lias reiiclied " your (errified ohm, from every part of llie " Stnle, you liiivtijjimo striving lu stifle or " belie, in ils intern '1.'' KIIMNT., lliHxAli-T'AND HulrMNO-rON RAIL, llOAD. Prcparaiians aro in progress lo push ibis vvotk ahead with all posoble despatch, mid great zcol is in.inilesttd all aloiia in Us favor. Thai such a road would bo well paltonistd there can bo no doubt, for it would pass throui-li 0 rcuion of country adiirdiut! abundnul business to yield a satisfactory return for Iheciipilal iuvestid. A toad is now oprnid to Pilch bumli, Ms. and the s ink stands at par, to beam with. II is proposed lo conii-welhis inKeene. N II.. thence across Iho Conneciicut 10 Rutland anil lliirhncton. At he-ne, Ilrnltlebore', Ac. we nolicii lint Ihe sub scripiio'isarelilicial, as lhy douhllcs will be nlorie; thovvholuc.xlentt.f the route, nnd even larec, at Uur linelon. Too Hutlin2ton peoiilonro nlo lumintj their alien tiou lu an 1 xt'omiunof thosamo in vi J .lies to ino,'t the I rack ahead v eousliiieliilfioiii lln nee to Ai.nil tc'i i nnd they Hunk they can piss from Miss isquoi llav, 3G miles from the former place, nnd then slriku the Provincial Line. From tho lliy lo St. Johns lliodi--laiiects recl.oiieil al about '26 miles. They nre conn dent there vvillbe no tn-iiimoimiablo obstacles on this rn no, thouith ihe npinun Ins prevailed lint -uch was not precisely Ihe tine. They arc an enterprising pen pie, we cheerfully ncknowlcdee, and if tin re nro seri ous obstacles they will overcome them, if any body can. We arc sorry to see that the Ihtrlinuuin Free I rcss speaks of the IrTndsnf tho Passumpsic route as onciniL'snf iho lliuhniilon mule. Nut so. Ifyoocan niitdons by fair-mean-, do 14. Theoneneed tint inter- lere with rieolher. Ilolh" i'l Im IViilll ere loin;, ond E" 'l'tiolly by and permit our eastern neigh- bors tu rear up rocky promontories, scoop out deep bays ami yiiwnieg gulfs for us, and represent tip counlry between this and the lino as absolutely impracliciililo for 11 load, without ontn taming a uispiciui, that, if not thu "enemies," they were, al least, equivo cil fiiends of iho "Bulington route;" nnd, in wilh -ihe fact, notifying the

public that no such obstacles exist in nature But we nro quiln ready to I elievo that our Si. Julinsbtiry friends aro not responsible fur this policy. Wo agree vviih llio C.iledoui in that there is scope enough for two roads, and that ultimately there may ho business enough to warrant their construction. But, at present, we niiisl, fiom llio naluro of the case, adopt th it route which is shortest, can be built llio clitapest, thai traverses llie rich est section ofcminlry, nnd will give to Bos ton the L'ruatesl increase nf business for wo must rely upon her fur a large portion of the capital and, at the same time, be most ea sily and Miicly kept open as u winter road. This last consideration we regard as ono of very oreal importance, and one which must have nn important bearing in tlit'selllemeiii of the present question. llm west side of t e mountain odeis snpeiior ndt antages in this respect, fidin'is of no doubt, and equally sure are tinny well informed men, thai, wl"'l,ll'r ro'" "'''d' "s hv way ofRuilund or tMoiilpoher, ami whether the I'.i.ssumpsic and Portland roads bo built or not, it will be extended to llio line, and, frym tho very no ressitics of tlie case, bo the only practicable winter communication wilh Canada. DREADFUL DISASTER. By llio passengers on Wednesday evening, wo havo tidings of a terrible calamity on the North River. The Swallow is reported to Imvo run upon a icefon Monday nigl.l, near Hudson, broke in two, and gone down imme dialely with hll od board. About one hun dred only wero iiscettaincd lo havo been saved, 11 nil sixteen dead bodies had been recovered when tho upward boat left tho scene of desol ilion, in llm night, Tho pre sumption is, that a majority of the four hun dred on hoard have perished ! THE LAKE. Lako Ch impl.iiii is now clear of in, and llie boats havo taken their place on tho line. Tho Saranac had to force her way ihtotigli a field of ice at Chimney Point on Tuesday, but the heavy blow during tho afternoon and evening of that day, swept all clear. Tho lino will be run for tho present by the Whitehall and Saranac. Thu Bur lington is undergoing a thorough ovci haul ing, and will bo out in duo time, prepared for any emergency. Agriculture, of Vermont and Massachu setts. -The Boston Mercantile Journal slates that tho annual amuiint of noricnlluro in Massachusetts iivet-ajjed, in 1811, nt tho rate of about $38 fur each of thu inhabitants, be ing less than any other St ile in tho Union ; while tho agricultural productions of Ver mont averaged SM8 per head, being greater than 111 any oilier Statu !n tho Union. Tho amount of llio productions of Massachusetts, with 11 population of 737.G9D, was S28,809,100, while thoso of Vermont, vviiha population of only 291,918, was equal to S13,'J27,000. Correspondence of the Albiny Daily Advertiser. Saiutica Sritixas, Saturday Evening. Coleman h ueah! The tidings will break upon the world like the startling untes of bis I la bad just brought In perfection Ins yRolian Attachment, with which to fiil tho world wilh sweet harmonies, when ho was stiiiiinonei! away from earth to join in llm nobler anthems i.f heaven. Ilu had just re turned from Rurope where ho had received tho applauses of thu first musicians of the age, and a tnuntficei't reward for his ingenuity, when he was culled away to sluro in tho richer trea sures nf the skies, Oish) ,M. Coleman departed this life at Sa ratoga Springs, on Hjlurcay the filli i 11 st. at l-'i past (1, P. M., alter an illness of 0110 week, leav. ing .1 large circle uf rcla'ivcs and friends In iiuiiirn thu lofs of a dutiful son, an eilocliouile brother, and a warm hearted friend. Ho was a consistent member of the Presbyterian church, and died expressing his confidence in Jesus Christ, tho sinner's only Saviour. His last mo ments wero peaceful, and his breath died away as gently as Ihe faint murmurs of the .l.olian lyre, NOT BAD. j Tho editor of tho Now York Plobei in, who is peifoctly insane in Ids rago for tho spoils, earnestly exhorts tho omco-seekors to stand hnck nnd ho quiet for tho present. The editor of tho Washington Constitution unites with great pathos in tho exhortation. Wu find, in ono of our exchange papers, an anocdoto which, wo think, will servo as un admirable illustration of tho virltio of these fellows. Hero it is -.Louis. Jour. " w?s,.on Sumlny morninc-and a rouah look itu. but full congngaliuii Ind assembled to listen lo Ihtir pastors eloquent dissertation upon piety nnl "equal mills." In tho midst of the sermon, a deni zen of the town rushed breathlessly Into their, wilh thp intillmence that 0 vessel had stranded on a beach near hy, and was fast coin? lo pieces. 'I he audience (who wero known lo a man as " wreckers") ruhed to the tloor an! the s'rtiiL-l "Hull! my rri.nds," .hunted llie pirsnn-as ho quietly sciiid his bat. " hold-be paiient-bo ealm "no moment, nnd listen lo tho words 1 f advice." Observe' (and the reverend eenllpinin still urccd his way towards the door) "bo quiet one moment , ',. 1 - .'onirol v our passions I" and hivuii reached Ihe door, lie noi.Tcn ahead -vviih the final exclama tion "now let's ihvf. a r.vln staiit!" ameimcanTi EVIEW . The thiid number of litis promising work has just nindo its appearance, witli richly stored pages. This publication is devoted to politics, literature, ait and science; and probably has enlisted in it a better tirray of talent ifmn lias ever been brought together fur n similar object. As u literary publica tion it occupies a high rank, nnd is destined toexeita wholesome influunco in favor of conservative principles and sound political policy. It ought lo bo in llm hands of every individual who aspires lo think and act tin derstandingly in referenco to tho leading topics of thu day. Our repiescnlalive, Mr. M.vnsu, it will bo observed is a contributor lo the pn sent number, as ho will be, doubt less, to many futuro ones. Co:)tcits. Too TwcnlvlVuh Congress Win- Itr, by Alfred II. Street. .Mr. Hmcrson and Trans oemleiilnlism. A Praamem. Old iS'orihcrn Litera ture, hy lion. (ten. P. .Marsh. .Simrlc-.Spcoch Poets. American Ormiholooy, by Charles Winlcrfield. 0r Country. .My firsl'tliy wilh llio llaus-prs. Im itations from floelhc Tho Hindoos, by J unes I). H'be'pley. Thiers' Consulate and F.iupiio Out faulii-lloiiso S) stein Critical Notices. I'orenn .Muc.'ll.iny. 3 Il.itringlon 'a the Ascnt. Anti-Rcnt in l) Couxrv, N. Y. A letter in llie Albany Atlas fiom Delhi, dated at 11 o'clock of Saiurday night, the 29lh till., says that an express reached tho village at 9 I'. M., staling ahout 30 ' 1 11 di ins' were seen lurking about Harpersfield ; and that it was feared that their puiposo was lo rescue the prisoners in llio jail sit Delhi. At the same lime somo of ilu; scouts came in from down the river, wilh a report tliat a lirgo number of anti-renters had congrega ted 11 tho Liitlo Delaware road; and the people were out and had posted themselves on advantageous positiuns lo give them 11 welcome. Guns," says thu letter, "nro firing at this moment on tho hill the whole people aro under arms bells tinging women cry ing. God knows when il vv ill all end ! If they do come, wo nro good fur twenty-five scalps. But I do nut believe they d.irii 'ap proach the village, Tho last limo wu went out, wo brought in ten pri oners, who wero identified as Indians presenl, armed, at the late riot 111 Roxbury." Eighteen persons are now confined in the jail; many more Imvo been arrested. In no instance has thu resistance tn tho laws been against the execution of piocess for rent, or in any way connected with rent. Tho insurrection N against tho law and pow er of the Stale, and the purpose seems to be to persist in nrmed insurrections against the Stato till tiio demands of the tenants aie ac quiesced in. Ti:..i:ssEc. Tho Tennessee Whig Con vention assembled at Nasbvillo on tho 20lh inst. Tho B inner says that in point of num bers, position, iiitluenco and character, it has not been surpassed by any similar body on any previous occasion. Hun, L. M, Bram lelt presided. A Cnmmiitcu representing all llio Congressional Districts was appoint ed to iiiiiiiin ite a candidal fer Governur. Letters vveio lead from Msjnr IIkniiv and Gen. Null. S. Banvv.v, declaring their deter mination not to bu candidates. Tho Coni miiteo then retired, and in a short lima re ported a resolution unanimously nominating as iho Whig Candidate for Governor, Hon. Ei-ite.AiM H. Fosreit, of Dividsnti Count v. Tho report was unanimousU and hy accla mation adopted by tho Convention. Mr. l'oster accepted llio nomination, and subse quently addressed tho Convention with great ability and eloquence. Onto. The Legislature adjourned on the Rilh inst., uf a session of 101 days, dur ing which time 61 general laws, 403 local acis, and 7o resolutions were matured and adopted. AmoiiL' the most imoorlant results of llio session may bo named the bank law, tho ro-orgatiizitinn of tho board of public wurks, tho reeislrv law. nnd the act anieiul. iilory of thu act fur districting lliu Statu fur members ol Congress, Gov. Barlly has issued his proclamation callinc a mcetuie of tho bank commissioners. - 1 appointed under tho now law, at Columbus. Tho board will organize, act tinon the an. plications from banks funned under tho law, aiiu take tlio initiatory steps to put Ilium into opciution. Greeley fc McElrath, of the New York Tiibune, havo published in an octavo pam phlet, of about a hundred pages, the Popular lectures on Astronomy of M. Arneo, wilh additions and correction by Dionysius Lard tier. This is an excellent publication, ami oucl l to bo extensively read hy tho young. I'ricu 25 cents. For sale nt Harrington's. C?- Tho Whigs of iNnuNA nro prepar ing for tho Congressional and Legislative contest in August. A Senator in Congress is lo bo elected at Iho next session, and, as the Whigs wero cheated out of tho election of their candiduto at tho last session, they will go into haltto with u'dctcrniinuiion to overthrow tlieir enemies. Tor tho Free Press, ANNEXATION. Tho sudden and astounding decision of Consrcss in regard to annexation seems to havo thrown many minus into a stale of perplexity 09 to Ihe course which should, henceforth, ba pursued by the opponents of that measure. Soma aro for consulting their case and quiet, and giving ihe matter up submitting to annex ation as a thing tint cannot bo avoided. 'Ihcydo not see that any thing can bo dono to effect, atiort of an actual severance of tho Union, which Ihey deem im practicable. Now there nro practicable points, at which the op ponents of annexation should aim, nnd upon which thoy should immediately rally, and iip' ii which there should, nt once, be nn agitation that shall shake the entire north. In Ihe first place, Texas is not yet annexed. Tlie act is not consummated. Tlienniicxalion resolutions, taken in cither nf tho alternatives contained in tl.m, amount only to a proposition to Texas for annexa tion, nnd contemplate as necessary, tho future action of Congress or the Senate. .More than chilli months will elapse bef ire the meelinj nf the next Congress. Lot the opponents of the consummation of the great hiiquiiv bestir themselves, doting lint time, and in all 'hi public discussions, and in nil their elections rally their strength, ond rally upon tins-question, namely, I) - Tip ..e of Anntrnllon, and will wo support Iho party which has gono for it, and done all it could to send us over tho precipice 7 Several Slate elec tions will take phco before Decern! cr. Win I report shall they make at Washington of public opinion in retard to the consummation of tho nefarious scheme 7 What languajte shall Vermont utter 7 Will the Green Mountain boy say, ncit September, that they nn- prors what has bernjonc, ond wish to so it carried out ny the next Congress 1 Tho leading Ucns arc maUii! thcnm-Ives hoarse with the cry "Great is of thu I'phcsians," though, one year ago, there wassearcoa man among tho whole of ihem who would not have been oflondcd by an insinuation that he would ever bo in favor of nnnesalion. The more ober and candid of lint parly, however, cannot svval In v iho dose lint the lenders are putting to their bps, nnd will, if the subject is properly Hgitated, finally thrust il from Ihoni with loathing. The annexation ists of the next Congress ought to ho ma lo very un easy by ihe voico of the people, uttered within the next cuht months. The course I have suggested will have ihetfllct rif carrying the discussion of the ques tion of annexation brfore the people in nil Ihrir pri miry assemblies, where may bo sxnmined the con stitutional question, the que-lion of slavery connec ted with tho measure, and iho im.ans resorted to at Washington to rccure a majority in the Senate Means, in my opinion, more corrupt an I nboininabio than ony lint ever disgraced the annals of American legislature. While llitse coirupt means are enough to rouse lo madness the whole people, the constitu tional question is, after all, emphatically the greit question. The crmmity of this vio'ation must be fully tiioniht out i and if it i, it will be clearly -rcn, that the (iovernor of this State was correct in tua:n- taming, as he did in his mes-nse ("ce the Journals of the lis! legislature) that ihe act of annexing a foreign naiion to ihe confedeiacy would be, of itself, s t'itso lulion of tho Unijn, an I would present t lie question whether Vermo and ollur Stales outraged by the net should come into iho neic Union treating a re fusal to come in, not as adissihiiionof tho Union, but ns a reftml to submit lo its dissolution. I see the "Sentinel & I) 'iiocrat" treats this sentiment as q lite treasonable, nnl would lnvo the Governor ban ished from iho Sine for im rhv ii - b it the p:op!e will have a voice in that nattier. As to hit assertion lint it would h Ihe duty of this snte.upon (he consum mation nf the threatened measure, to thcbire her de termination 1 1 have 110 connexion wi h the n-ic Un ion, attempted In be firmed vviihou' her emsent, and against her wdl, he, of course, inlcnde.I it only as a strong assertion of her rtenr, 10 be carried out by her, ill her own tliscielion, having referenco to the practi cal ilily of connectm,' it vvuh n general movement, which slnnld bring the usurpcrsof pawernnd thede siroyers of the constitution lo their senses. And if all who were opposed to nnncxa'i jn nn 1 deemed the act of cn-ummati igit, a brea'.ing up of the constitution al compact, had cojio out in a Ivancc, as deoidedlv as he thd, it vvoull lifve prevented ilu. perpetration of ibis treason to the Consulu im. which vvs have just witnessed. Toe G jv ru ir has long had his eye upon this. I remem'jcr he vi as o iei f the twnty niembi rs of Congress (Mr. AJanis, G iv. Mattotks and others being his associates) wh) sjnnded an alarm on ibis subject, two years ago, in an a ldrcs to the people o" the United Slates; and I reniem' cr how incred ilous tho great mass of the people of the north were, ns to the al'eged dinger. The I.ocos parliculatly scouted the idea of danger, ond treated tins f lithful sentinels as false alarmists, unworthy of confilenc. Hut n"vv ihe nir is lent wilh their hurras for Tex is, end the sentinels are denounced, who warned us of the dan ger. Hut to return from ibis digression. The constitu tional question must be thoroughly dis -iiss.-l b f i-e llio people nnd with the enormity of the violation of that sicred instrument, must, as I have suggested, be shown the base anJ abominable act of using tho exec utive patronage of nn incoming Piesidcnt to purchase votes for the measure, as it is now well known was done in the case of, at least ono New York Senator, who is rleett'tl express' v .. .. onti annexationist.! anu yet was brought in (undoubtedly with the appro- ballon of G iv. Wrij'it, who was elected upon the ground of his avowed opposition to annexation; vviih tho di thai, iber. by, a cabinet appoint ment was to ba given to a member of iho parly in Nevv York! Gov. Wnjht nnd his New York parti 7.1ns giving up their hos i'ily lo cuc a measure, forn cabinet appointment, and Jamo3 K, Poll, ca .abb of thut abusing the patronage of his high office an of fice actually conferred on him by the vole- of men de cidedly opposed tu Ihe measure! What a disgraceful exhibition of corruption and veniliiyis this. The time was, when it would have roused the honest old Fathers of tho Kcpublie; but now, alas for the de generacy of the ir sons! The trap has been sprung at Washington, but how much has it caujht 7 It is for the people yet to say how much, for il is yet 10 be decided whether Texas shall tiring wilh it the curse of slavery to hang vviih mountain weight upon the Union. The mature ii not yd consnmmiled ; onlby the timely a'Mion of the peoplo may ba rendered comparatively harmless Let not the Whigs be deterred from taking strong ground upon ibis que-lion, from a fear, which I have thought nb-ervablo in sonic quarters, lint it will help third partyism. Tho way to help thatparty is fjr the Whigs lohi'IJ back in tlieir hosiiliiy 10 ibis measure. As certain ns they do, so certain will the third parly wax stronger. Itdoes not fjllovv that because there may be a ne cessity of submitting .if' mea.ure dial is, ufnot resisting,!! by f ihi reforc we must give up, nnd let slavery ride over us, rough shod forever. The urtcii Mountain Poys are not the boys for that. I f iney aro, 1 uon l Know mem. it is just liko them lo siy we don't yiild the punt yei. Wo will oppose it, to ihe last moment that opposition can have any prospeLt of success j and then, when tho measure is fastened on us, we will turn upon the party ihal has done it, ond say you shall never have our confidence You havebeiroyed tho north, and brought upon the counlry one of the greaiest curses tint can 0 til ct i 1, and you deserve the everlasting execrations if ihe vvoild. You have bowed the kneo lo slave holders, and you may roto slave holders for support. Otiis you shall never have. Such will be the language, to the end of the chapter, of, nt least one GIIUKN .MOUNTAIN HOY. I.001C. The followinj "(iuestiuns In Logic" may interest somo of our readers. No matter where they como from, if they are only Hiund? Teacher What do you understand by "Pen. ny vviso and pound foolish 1" I'upd Tho omission to pay a small rum in order tn secure a great benelit. 'readier Can such a thing he, and how 1 Pupil It can the cause may bo cither po. nuriousness or neglect. 'IVachor-riiin no ninnnln r.r ........... .... , . V", --'!.- I'tiiliJ VI800tn and pound foolishness. rupn lionising or neglecting tu pay 15o for a Wildor'a S'a jatnnintor S f., .... ; ........ . . ,, ujy, ani losing books and papers worth 10,000 by liro Teacher -.Willi ti. ...... 1 . ,, , . 11 a miai call lv'ic ! Itall-IIor 1 Correspondence. C1.Anr.ND0s Srr.tNos, iMahcii .list, 191,-,, To the I'.dkor if the Free Press :J ' Sin, Major Hodges has just handed mo vour papor of Trul-iy last, (March 23th) in which I norcoive two loading and excellent articles fn re lation to ail Heads, The "Onod Move," j, very just, and ns you observe, both ends of the I! islon, llurhnotoii and Montreal Hail Roa,, are now in successful o oration from Boston tO I' llcllllUr-t flD rtlllotf. nnil (rt. it Mn.,l-nn1 ... u. Jnhns ti.1 miles. r rem the t it lu nf your paper the "Free Press" I take it for granted it is open and free to dis seminate any information touching the improve inent, progress, prosperity, and ha nniness of country with th.s vinvv I am induced to ad dress you became within tho last few day I have hoard it said at Rutland, if the people in this vmiui'y were certain lint the ILsitm and llurliiigton Rnl Road would mine I' rii'igh to O-niioLtlful River, either tn Ilellmvs Falls or Charleston, the people in this vicinity would tako hold or tho Vermont Rmd, or the" llurhngton and Connecticut River road v gorously. Now sir, I beg '0.IV0 to slate that there is no Inn-rora Joull upon this subject. That Iho Fitehhiir-r roid, met by the "Cheshire rail road company," will be extended throu-rh to Hollows Falls and Clnrlestown, is certain ! I have no more doubt of it, than of the continued risino and sellui" of the sun. Tho feeling that is now prevalent in Cheshire county forbids the staying nf ih s work, any more than turmnir the etirroni .,rii, r. sippi up stream. The nubscription bonks aro barely opened in the villages nflCnene, Walpolu and liellovvs Falls the farmers nut of the villa! ges have not yet (nil an opportunity nf subscrib in'f. and yet I Iny just s-en at Jliillaod, .Messrs. Ilirdvvell and Iluiitinijtiin of Walpule, two nf the Cheshire rail road commissioners who left VVal- poieiiu oaiuruayaitcrimnn, Ihev inform me that vv hen they lefi 100,000 had been -uh.eribed at, Keono, 4l),(fj() al Walpolc. and 2o.OOO r.t DoL lows Falls mi I have 11.1 .1 doubt ere vou have perused th.aleiler tint 8 100,000 will Inve been subscribed in Che-lure Count v, nor have I reason to dnuh' before the lst'day of May, the. w bole 13000,000 requited by charter to be subscribed belnre Ibe work commences, will al so have been sub-bribetl in that ennntv. Still I 11 "n tlesir.iblo that we should receive an t earnest of the in erest and jiood wishes of the poople nf ormi.'it (those w ho know that tho I Keeno, Bellou- Folls,Ch irl..stovvn, 11 ack River ! and Oi'or Creek ro Hp is the nearest and best j route from Uo.sion tn .Monti eat.) matufesied hv .sub.tcript.ous to the Cheshire Hail, that thus the people m Vermont in lurn should havo a claim on the Cheshire rail road o'vners, to I n P" a'Jo in tho Connecticut River and Bnr I luiijitin rail ri ad. f'eif interest will induce I mo'itod men to furnish all the means necessary , on this almost unequalled mule. Look sir, at tho position of the I'ltclibiir;: rail road stock hoi. ' dors. On the 1st of Feb. ihev received 0 per I Ot it.lnrn.l .... .I.-I- .l- t ' .. - ".1-.-I...II iiiuir siock irom mo periods of piyui.'in inata'tnmts to that tum, or the com pletion nf the road. It is now 111 full operation, and without predicting what the dividend will bo tho first six months after llio opcninc ol the on tire road, I will merely stato that the stock is now at per ct.prem. in Boston, and who sir, that has given the subject attention can doubt that stock in the rail road from Fitcliliurj to Connecticut River beside paying interest on the money till tho rnad is in operation, will on the completion of the Road bring 10 per rent, prem. The certainty of ihe complct'on of the Road from Boston to Connecticut R.ver, must stimulate the Cinad ans to extend their road frum .St. Johns to the Vornmnt Line, and Bur Jington lam sure will that the rema niti; :I0 miles to that beai.tiful town is completed. If the.-e fads and vieas hutily thrown together would tend to insure cmifi leneo in a good cause, the wishes will be .ii.svvered of a cit"zin nf ClIKMItlir. Cou.ntv N. II. N. I!. At list accojiito Bulks had nut been opened at Cliarlt'stmv n, (; ireiniuit and many other points wheie subscriptions aru ready to be made. In the Pamphlet report of J. Adams Kngincor, published at Keeno, with a imp of ihe" routo from Boston to Burlington, there is I think a erro- nn ihe last pig, it should b fi'J nn'es, instead nr 72 from Fitrhburg to Cliarleotnwn, IStif winch will answer for both Connecticut River and Boston and Burlim-tun rail roid. " For tho Tree Ptess. Mr.. Stacv, A friend has loaned mo the pe rusal of your paper of tho !Hth ult. couinmu,. several articles on Ihe subject of the various projected rail roads front B n'oii to .Montreal. 1 wis amused at the vvo tuned ridicule and sarcasm of th- aitielo taken from the Boston Courier, showing up Ju.lgo Preble's deim-s and speeches 111 .Montreal, and particularly the ab surdity of his assuram-es to the Canul.ans, that Boston capital-Ms vvuuiil aid in the construction of bis project 1 ( ,1 road from Portland through tho wilderness, regardless of Ihe certainty of receiving no dividends on their outlay, and v'ritli no prospect of benefit, only to a rival city ! ! IUt, sir, is it not equally absurd to expert that Boston capitalist will b.nld a road, to connect their owncitv with .Montreal, Invinj. to run more than half its length in direct competition for freight anil pas-enger with navigable waters, when another routo exists cquilly short, more feasible, nnd through a te riturv of bro.der ex tent and free for all time fn tinny possible com petition I .Ind is it not st.ll more absurd to ex. pect they will do this, when uuclt road, if built, would bo sure tn be tapped in d.vvy, and the business and benefiis aimed at by Ihem, direc. ted to a rival city 1 And yet you, in i,ntf nf vour ed.tiirial.--. 111 tho very paper containing Ihe'ridi. cule oil Judge Preble's pretences, eucouraaoe Ftifh an evpeetat'uii. Do nut you, equally with Judge P. mistake the characier of Bostnnimis ! tt lit not the eagacty which directed thein'-'to puncture the jugular of the Diibhr works of Nevv York lo enrich their city,' direct them not to expose their own tu the bodkin of their rival ! With this Introduction, I take the liberty of seriously enquiring of you and the cilizens of Burlington, w holder you ilu not misJake vour own interests, and the general good of the State, in deciding as you apparently have, to farorlhe Rutland instead of the .Montpelier route, lur the Boston and .M011lre.1l rail-road I I take it you all desire tlie road s'lould be con strucled. I believe too, you will agree with me. that to eirect the . hject is no eisj talk ; and tfiat the means for the purpose, if raised at all, must come mainly from tde capitalists of Boston If so, then most surely, wisdom dictates, that 'tliat route should be selected for their patmnsgo which will ensure the greatest amount of trade to tlieir city and tho largest iucomo on their out lay. And can there bo any doubt in the mind ol anyone, which of the routes, this is Tha one by Mntpher. should it run to connect with tjje I 1 tchburgb, tdrough Keeneor Brattle, boro . would take to Boston tde whole trade and wh'-f, ti'iTT, rU"ly in,,ho S,a,c- what the northern canal would necearilv command, lei ;tl,e road go which way ,t .,Vld. And hv tnuehm.r m 11, ..I, .... ,. ' " ... ' ( would draw Y r "7r " I''8 b'!"e!f r.l.ern New - ' i' cniiiu enntrn , should U rut on tho margin of the lake ,ls entire length and all . s wi.hnu, any risk, through a 'fm ire tin e.o luvmg ,,e business of ihe ..ilerfe- ,.i'' , w iiiscni I he business and ravel of one halfof t,0 s,ate evcr .... .. ... ,.u or 00 acciimmnilatrd by it, while at the lime, no additiiinnl gans 'um New ork or elsewhere would bo acquired to com. pens-ate the loss. And the whole business of Iho road would be liable at any time to be diverted from Boston to a rival city, by a short conned, ing link of 'Jo miles or lees, wilh the Whitehall and Saratoga road. But Iho Alontpelier road has another aihsn tago over tho Rutland. Its charter exempts. Ihn road, and llm slnm. I.. it r...... .... ......... , ,lu, i,taiUn ,or, ever : whno tho other is subject in all ways to the imposition of taxes. ' . ., 1;. , JiaKe ,0 Inv chosen pom on Connecticut Hiver.thus requir h.g no add.t.o-nl grant to connect it with the inks ivt either enu to complete tho chai , f, , Boston to .Mo,!. Tiie cj)ilrlcr , , 'p