Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 11, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 11, 1845 Page 3
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routa terminates at Burlington i and I appro heml the Legislature will never extend It north over the ground covered liy tho other vvhilo that oxists; bo that the reennhnismeo nf tlio epico between Hurlinglon and Cauaita line with that View, which you say Is about to bo inado by your citizens, can bo postponed for tho preont, mul the expense paved ; tlniugli the friends of the Montpolier route will join in the expense, and thank them too, to perform the service as soon as may be, for their benefit. With tho advantages enumoralcd, can there be any doubt that the Montpolier route would bo regarded with most favor by the lloston capital it? Indeed by any capitalists. Without mentioning other consideration!-, 1 will conclude this hasty communication by ask ing whether enough has not already been sug. gesled to satisfy your good citizens, that by joining tho friends of the Montpolier route in their efforts, they will bo nmro likely to effort a epeedy connection betvvoon ll'stonand Montre al by a rail through tho State, than by pur. Buine what aimears to lie their present bent. 1 intended to have stated reasons tending to Bhow that the business and prosperity ol Hurling ton would bo more promoted ti v the construe lion of a rail rod on the Montpolier th in on tho Kilt land route, supposing tlio feasibility ol tlio two to bo enual. Dot tins should bo a seruntl.i- ry consideration with your citizens, and I d.irr not further tax your patience nt this time. TIIOMAK 11KED. Montpelier, April 8th, 1315. Tor the b'rea Pre. "Ill Time of Peace Prepare for War." This paean maxim is tho only fjo-pel which has been admitted into the policy of Christian nations. Nearly three-fourths of nil I'jrir revenue hnvo been sacrificed to this heathenish precept. Christians have bowed down to it with a reverence which the last in junction ol Jesus Christ could not command at their hearts. The Christian nations of F.uropc, "Ultimo of peace," ate expendins 81,000,OOf,COO annually in preparing for war with each other) while all the Christians of the world, in the largest munificence of their philanthropy, have never given more than S3, 000,000 a year in preparing to preai-h the gospel of pence to the benighted reamns of tho earth. The op crations of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreien Missions arc attracting the notice of the rivi Itzed world, arc everywhere regarded us a magnificent enterprise of Christian benevolence. Almost every Christian church in the Union is laid under contribu tion to sustain and extend these operations. Still the annual cost of supporting a siojjle ship ot tho line, ven when anchored in one of our hiibors, cxcci1 in amount all that the Amencm Hoard can raise m a year to carry the bread and light ofl feto the regions of pagan darkness. Eighteen millions of dollars are annually expended by our government in preparing fur War in time of peace. Of this sum, six millions are paid, indueclly if you please, by professing ChriMi ins and those inn matcly associated with them, in sustaining the preaching ,he gospel a. home' and a- road , teUe ' limes ns much as they deoleto tl.e cause of I orcign Missions. Mnv up nut bore tint the moral penli. ' men! nf the civilized world will bo aroused against this vast immolation to War, which enjulphs the revenue of Christendom, ciushes its Inrd-toiliog mi1 lions in the dust, suppns?es eoinmi'rce, filters nnd corrupts the Christian religion ? I. el every man who loves his race, place upon tho open record of the pob licmind his le-limmiy against the sin-breeding cus tom of War, and this green world would soon be rescued from a b-iroing curse, whose progeny in beriiins all thenttrilnrcsof their pairni are Hairry, Anarchy, Piracy, Intemperance, Infidtluy, and the whole legion if lu-t. H. II. FLOOD ON THE Nl GAItA III VEIL Tli recent breaking tip of l ho winlor on Lxko Erie has been attuinlnl u ith dis islrous ri'sulls in tlio Niagara Kivcr, limning into L iku Ontario. A correspondent of the Rochester Demo crat thus writis from UuiT.lo to that psper on tlio 3d ittst : An oxtraordin try excitement lias prevailed at Quecnoton anil L"wis'nn for the last three day. The ice has disappe ired from here with great rapidity. Such hat. boon its movements over the Niagara Falls arenmp lined with a strong north wind, tint the Niagara river has been complete ly blocked up. The ice there ycMeiday, within a mile of the Tails, was foity feel Irgh ! In the rapid coorso of ihe ice, every tiiin.' on the wharfs at Queenstown anil Lewilon has been swept ofl', with the contents of the tnrc-houses. At Youuii-rstown, it has cleared off every house near the wh trfs, and the steam Hour null has gone with it, with some fell barrels of flour and a largo lot of potash in Horn thfre. The damage, all round, is not far fn in $1U0, 000. P. S. Tho mitts is confirmed by this morning's mail from West. Tlio height of ico und water is estimated at from 30 to 50 feel above low water murk. Ono letter stales that " the what Is anil warehouses nt Lnwisinn goes from the docks, anil wagons taken from the top of the hank. Voungers town is sharing the s inm fate, water still ris ing, April 4." Alb. Ada. DEATH Of riu: oloksp man IN VBILMONP. On tho "1st tilt Mr lJiMij.imiu Hush died at Greensboro', at thu e.vtraordin iry age 115) ears. He was a Swatu-ov. Mass. and formerly resided in ibis town. We have no ac count ol any person in Vermont attaining be yond lOll years of age, lljij. (Jook, of W.'iit tingham, tiled at III fl age, also .1rs Sprague of Clarendon, who died m IS.'I:) Watchman. For the Free Press. QUKSTIONS FOIl DISCUSSION IN LVCT.CMS. 1. Does the study of the ancient classics engender a tasle for peaceor wnr? 'I. Is Plato's Republic, in its leading principles, op posed to l ha maxims of modtrn unrfaru I 3. Do the moral codes of heathenism make any distinction between offensive and defensive war as a natter of nghl 1 4. Is t lie present prosperity oflhc Chinese Etnpiro owing mainly lo its abstinence from warl 5. Are there any signs of advancement in political philosophy which promise fewer national wars in the PUNC I UALITV, Or a match for the Pomfrtt Collector. Mr. Dasa Hicknell bisserved the town of Jericho in ibis Cauulv for 4 vearspatt. The amount ol taxes for ills 4 jtsrs wis 81743,33. Out of which he has asked an tbaieineril of only 49,20. of which 87,70 ac crued on non-teaidenls leaving SI, 50 as the abate ment on tle poor of Ihetown. Having levied war rant but once during the 4 years, and that in a case of absconding. In this town, on Sunday, the Cih instant, Helen Eliiaseth. only child of Ceo A. and Harriet Con nor, aged I year, 10 months, nd 23 days. Cease here longer lo detain me, Dearest mother, drowned in woe Now thy kind caresses pain me, Death approaches lit mogo. Now my cries will cease to grieve thee, Now my trembling heart finds resi Kinder arms than llone receive me, Softer pillow than thy breast. Weep not o'er these eyes that languish, Upwsrd turning toward their home, Kaptiired, they'd forget all anguish, While Ihey wail to see thee come. Mtntptlitr papcrt please noiM. At tltlleoue, Io'wa, on iho 20ih of March list Mrs. Chailotte M. Jennings, wife of Docl. Win. E. Jennings, and daughur of Mr Prosper Clackman, of this tillage, 8cd 22 years. Verily man corneth forth ns a flower and is cut down, he fleeth also as a shadow and conlinueth not. ( lover and Herds grass seed, fly J. & J. II. PIX'K & Co. Burlington, April I, 1615. 41 SELECT SCHOOL, ISS L. D. STACY will commence- her Spring Term on MONDAY, tho 0th of May, In cniilinue 12 weeks. Scholars are expected to enter at tho com. mencement of tho term. TUITION. English, 8U.00 French, 1,00 Drawing, !).()() School room one door west of room formerly occupied by Miss Hanney, up stairs. Jiurlington, April IU, '!.. 'lot t CASH CONTRACT. PROPOSALS will be received until the 15th May, fur a good nn I sufficient Stone Sliiccvvny of Oram, 130 fuel long, Willi a Well or'l'onnel'oii Ihctip- per Mile, tule plaeol 111 the llnvinc maiie I. vine l.ilo Kains oulheltoad leading liuiu ho Camp Ground to the uioiuli ol the It hit. t1 lie material to to of Iho Mud, ami the work to no uono tin icr ntw appro ved by nn vxperirni ed I'.ne;incer, and to the n inept, nnio ofiliG iinitorsiirtieal. tin I warranted or 10 vear-. 1 ai'menl to I c mauo one nan lam July 15in uctoi-er. 1-or n p.irtlcniur iiceripuon oi inuiii-inen-ion and form ol the vvurl., npplv to either of the Sdccliiion. IIMtltV illt.v. 1)1.1; V, Select- MI I'll JlOlWi:, J men. Unrlmzii'ii, April, Iblj. I.i PliOPOSAI.S will be received until ihc 15 h .May fr Ivi i ttJ in cr a Covered UlllliCJIi, aiver Onion Kit oral the Narrows near IMncy II. Poniiuiiaii's, uiirccnhle to n plan which will ,oun ho ready for in-spa-ciion at Jl. Hr.ullej'a Store. The payment to le mode when the Bridee u hilly completed to ihu ac ceptance of tho Utilising Committees for Coluhesier and Lturlitnrton. HARliV BRADLEY, i Selectmen lor SI-.' H MOIL-l, ( Bur melon. . LONKV II. 1'UNNIMA.N, ItiiilJnig LoiiiMiitle lur Uoictiotcr. riurliiiittcn, lflih April, 16 li. -13 V tibh Contract. rPlII'. Subscribers will receive prono-als until 13th X Jlay, for h good nnd sufficient Cedar Harrier to be built under the direction ol the Selectmen, at or near tho mouth of tho revmo north of the camp ground, the work to be 23 feet high and of good Green While Cedar limber Pol less than 12 inches in thick ness through the hewn sides, two sides only of the timber to he hewn. One half cneh the 13ih July, nnd onclinii i lie totli ol uctoucr. lorn mote particular description apply to cither i t ino bt'lectmeo. LVr1 Nt'A'iV",""' Selectmen. Ilutlington, Api'ii 60th; 1813. ' 43 If NORTH HR.N Tit A NS P OR. TATION LINE ASSOCIATION. r plII.S Association will uuniinuu tho Forwardin J. business on the Lhamplain ( nnnl, I.aKc Cham- aTsS p. JI and Troy daily nl 8 u'elork A. M. Two or mini, freight hoats will leave Troy and Albany for Whitehall daily, which will delner to and receive Freuhl Irom the Sicamboais and vessels on Lake Oliampiaiti : nlso, iwo or more Freight Hoats will leave Whitehall for Trov and Albany daily. In nildnioti to ihe above they have a Line of Lake and Itiver Honis, of the first class, with faithful and eoinpeieot C.ip.imi, who will receive Freight nl New Yor.. Troy or Albany, and deliver at any Purl on Lake Champlnin s nlso, Knight at Pons nn Lake Cliamrlatn nnd dthver ia Trov. Albany or N. York. All piojerty received for shipment liy this line will I e coneclly weighed I y iheir Auenls nl the tune of shipment ami will he insured. Also, two or mare boats wi!' leave the North Wharf, ,uiiiMiuiiuj-ii vvecu, lor vviuienaii, lioy, Aioaoy anu -vew , oik. j am us ii. nooicr.n, hwi- r.lAAX PATTCItSON and others, J cturs. Fot Freight apply to IM!iima,,tS'3Coentie-s Slip, N. Y. K'rca'il'mn!4"' River street, Troy. II. A Iloliimil), 1(11 Pur, Allnny. C. W. Kellogg, Comstock's Landing. .1.0 Pierre &. Son, c. iim, p W.l'iam Coote, Sl J"1"1S ' Levi llinliley, Hay. Oliver Hnrnmb, Whttrfnll. i:t.VVerCCj'l"- l-ilina'jl'o.h'" A. D. Lad I. P.'nitsbiirg'i. L. Cull in. Port Kent. Nathan Webb, Hoiifu's Point. J. II. Hooker, n Lone Wlinif. Rostnn. AUdrets-OLlVr.Il HASfOJI, Aqinl. Whitchtll. L. A. CAIil.CTON, Aacnl, Troy. J. S. WAIIE. Aacnl. Hurlinelon. All property entrusted to llie.r rare will be forward cd n dirt r 1c ti vvuh ilesnalch nod saf.'lv. y' liarlngo and Sioniio nt'reduced priecs, nnd the utmost care taken in hundhoganU stoiinz inerchand I7.e, produci ami nil Linda ofproperly cons'gned to my care, 4uillll wil.Hir, l-ooi ol .viain street. j. s. wahi;, ,-igelK. Il.irlinst.iti, Apil 2, 1615 45nifl SODA FOUNTAINS, A N D .11 1. Vi: It AT, WAT 13 It Al'l'AItATUP rIMII- Under. iirncd. hems nmnliel with the nbov 1- nrlielu-, are eiinhlel lo firm h iheni for either Mineral or Soda V, a'cr, nt Manufaetii'er pritu The facility with wlih-h these fountain- nio -itpp'ied, lo.'uihur with treir low pnee, will reuomtneinl ihein lo tho tr.i lu. Wo h ill al-o furnish tho lullowi-ig r.eue- of nips, I y meai-nre or I ottle : inner, I Pino mip'e, I Rtrawl erry, l.e non, ua-pirrrv, Ji ma. Orgeat, 1 Sarsap-ni la, I p f.l'k ct pp i:a It. Ii A olhcearie.-and Who'c-alc Drugi;i-ts Diiiicrrcotypii Clicmicals. Hromtne, Me ctrv. distired, Prepared. Pota-bium,Cyamir t of fi .1.1, Chloride of. I odin j. " Chloride cf. looiue o . Soda, IIvpo-.i ph -le of Milver, INiir u, Ciystal Al PF.CK & S PC A It'S'- an! Vhole?alo liruggists. UAI.I.Y'S TOIItCCO MVNIJ FACTORY, fpiIH subscriber nvails himself of this method o X communicating to ihe nubile ihat he has com ineueed ihu iiiniiiifneiiiro of Fine Cut arid Smoking TOUAJJCO CIliAUS AND S.NUFF, al 233 Itiver Street, next door to the Fulton Jlarkel. The fo ing may ot all limes be found al his Store and Fac lorv : Tho celebrated Virginia fancy fine cut extra Chew ing 1 obacco. Sweet irginia, manufactured Irom the leaf, American Smoking Tobacco, Spanish " 11 Turkish " ' Choice brands of Cavem'is'i and Plog constantly on hand i Oiley's ro'ebrated v irainia "lives wyatl unrivalled " ihirty-lwos"; Hell's do doi Lyle Davidson s Honey Dew. ill), tumps. SNUFFS. Une scente.1 No. 1 Marcoloy, American Ocntlc man, Lundy l oot, 1 retail luppee, and Ins Hindi rruird. Cigar Case", Tobacco and Snuff Itoxes, French uerman nnd American rines, of the latest styles. Tho subscriber is in the receipt of a large and ex tensive at.crtmcnl of Havana and Principe Cipiirs, o w-ell known I rands, ns follows; La Norms. Fpar irros. Itiondns. Do La Ciuzp. .M. Kendou. La Vuelta Hagera.Piiuelelns. Manilla Cheroois, halfSpHnish and Domestic lagars ol all kinds, which aro ottered denlt-rs on the most favorable terms. The above nrncles are nil warranted to be made of the finest qinlil'es of leaf Tobacco, and by the most exnerienced workmill. I will sell ns chtap as the cheapest, and better than the vigar uai lor sate. 43ml JOHN DALLY OAK PANTRY. TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. WE the Sub-trtbers, intend carrying on the Carpenter' and Joiners' 1 uine the ensujng eaon, and reapM-ti illy soiiril, and hopewe may ineru nn.: reeeive a suaiu oi ine piano pairona in our line of b'i ine-M in this town. Enn iire at their dwtllings on White and North alni'i. CHAIiLHS W. PrTTES, JAME-i I). ADAMS. Iliulington, March 26, 1813 43 9w .1 UST li :ro R I VED AND FUH SALE. 100 QUAKI l,a"k ?nJ Uar "ooksj Journal', Day Boik-, llger an.) Hooks for Record., ol the I est paper and well made, llullions Latin Header, do do ureal; and Engli.h Grammar. MrirsfiV (jf(irrnrdiv. &r. iln c,.. u i, .. . N STEVENS WOODS, Burlinilon, Mdrcb ?nh. Strong's Ilulhlins. New York Adv'ts. AT WHOLESALE. n. it. wit. nt: it & co. 85 jliaittcit I.anc. "3 5 'pilt: subscribers call the attention of Merchants to their nnd well assorted stock ot HATS, CAPS, PAI,U 1,UA1 Lisa IIOU.S if- PANAMA, Which they ntc determined to sell at Lower 1'nttr.s linn anv other hon?o in their lino in tho citv. Please call no t examine, bul'oro pureh.ifni!! i-lu'whcre. 43 I'. ivn.iii.ait, k uo. New Voik, April 2J, IS 13. ru COUNTRY MERCHANTS. WHOLESALE IIOllSKS ,UW YOltK. 3 KINO provi.'ol Willi fill Sio"'; r.f Caocil. in o-tr ruspectlvo ilepuliueiit, the uii'lorsi.'iiol Mer- ban's. M in ificliiter-, no I Imlo-alu Dealers oflhc Cuv (if New Yuri., rc-pcclfiill. on He thu attention of luntrv iitcnlianls to an cxiniinaiion oi uieir 'eve- rnl ns.ortments. They lru-t lint their price, nnd terms win prove nitslactory, n ihey nro deteriuiocd to meet the nu on.ihlo especial ions of p-irvh i.or, on I with a view to roiiimiinicii'e ttire-tly with vo-t, have onii raced the Isciline. ol the New-paper Pros, of yo ir di-lnet, to nt.iie In nn invitation to you to call at our rejjKv live cs niiii-mnunif. Staph and Fancy Sill; Goods, Alfred r.duanls & Co., 122 Pearl diaries Hoi a-e U Co., I'JJ Pearl and 70 Heaver st, Geurce II. William-, laic of Williams, ll.inkin &. Penninian. 21 I.xcliantre Plat e, oppoitc the Ex chantre. 3 doors from Willi un -I. Win W. Piniieo & Co, 33 (Vdar M.. corner Wil liam. ills, Itihl.on., Mil inury Goods, French Fluwer, &u. Staph and Fancy Dry Goads. Ansell & Co , I" William street, 1 ctwicn Kxclnngc P nee and Heaver t. C. W. it J. T. Morre & Co., 207 Pearl si., 1 doors nl ovo .Mniden Lone. Mnllu'l., Mount 6. Hillings, 173 Pearl st., one door nl oe Pine si. Alwaler, Gotild it Co., 11 Wall ., biv.ween and Hro.i Kvii vay. .'Wlelt, O.T. fit J. lie 271 Pearl ft , 1 door- above I'ul- ton. llo-twick it Sherwood, 5S Lit erly -t., between Nas- sa.i ana iirnauwav. Importers and dealers in staph Dry Goods. Merrill, Llv oi Co., 50 and 52 Willtanl tl between Wall nndPinu. Print Warehouse. Dealers in Prints only. .Mnrrrll it Co., 1C3 Pearl, corner ofPuie. Importers and Dealers in Cloths, Cassi- mens, I esttngs, .Himiiti unnds, tai lor's 'I'rimminsf, ij-c. Wilson G. Hunt &. Co., 62 William .-t., corner Maid en Lane. Hosiery, Gloves, Suspenders, ifc. J.W.itT.H. drown, G7 Uillianin., cor. of Ce.Iar. Importers and Jobbers of Suspenders, Cra- tus. litotes, ricarji, I lattery, iyc. -intiii-facturers nf Caps, Stocks, Linens, O I ISilhs. t-c. if-e- 'iv. John M. Davio- &, Jone, ICO William -t, cor. John. Manufacturer and Dealer in Stocks, Scarfs, uraiais, r.inrn, nioies, suspenders, Oikd Silks, cf-c. C. H. Iln'ch, 07 William s. Importer if- Manufacturer nf Trimmings, Cora's and ia$sei. '-mrre, lumps, Jtmums, Zephyr Worsteds, if-c. D. A. Hor.ih, 100 William M. Lxlensice Manufacturer avi Importer of SaJdh ry, Harness and Lu-uti Ifjrdicarc, W. J. II al., 200 Pearl ft., 1 door-above Maiden Lane Manufacturers of Cut Suits, Brails and Hp kes. Jandons &. Ma-on, 213 Pearl t. Imnorttrsif Watches, Jew.ln; Silcerand Plated ware. Ball, Tompkins d Clad, (Jalo MarquanditCo.) 131 liroaaway. TJooIrs and Stationery. Iliinliitaton il Savage, 21 fi Pearl -I., between Maid en i.une ami nur intr csiii.. Siiiinel William Wood, 261 Pearl M. fame it II irgc--, I'ut li-liers il smithV Series of eliuol Ioo'.-, ill Joliu t., near vvilltam. Hooks, Periodicals, and Cheap Publications. jiqents lupp lieu ui j'ublunert' piiccs. William ll.Uiahani, 10J Nassau l. Tribune bud ings. Manufacturer of the Cehlrrtcd Magic Razor strops OJJour sides. L. Chapman, 102 William n, ?oldat Manlaeturer's priie.- Iiv nl the Hardware and 1 amy GuoJa I in. porlers. Manufacturers' Stnnh Store. Charles Sihenu1 . 132 W'oier st Simnlie. for Co,, ton, Wo. I, and Sill; -Manufaiturer.-, and the latest umns oi .uaeninery, Importers, Dealers, and Manufacturers of Dye Stujf., Dye- Woods, Acids, ,(-c. William Pann Ige Si Son, 27 CM fst. Commission Paper Warehouse. I'.. II. Clajlon it Sons, SI John ft. Manufacturer and Dealer in Morocco Leather. Charle-. W. Protler, 31 Ferry Ireet. nUo Dealer i Pulled Wool. Manufacturers nf Vndrcs'ed Mnrocco and lmpar ters of t'rench Calf Skin, III I; and Col'd Morono joinings, uaiouns, aaun l asa , i'ut. heati. if-c. Jleige, Brothers, 102 Cold st., i orner of Frankfort. Grocers and Commission .Merchants J. it A. Lower , 121 I ront ., 3 door-Fast ofWall On- fi; Co., id I-root si., co .i of Old Slip Itichs Jmprorcd Salamander Safes. Warranted Dry. A. S Marvin, 133 1-2 Wa.ur t., Agent for the .Man uiacmrer. Importer of Toys, Hwlish, Preneh and German l ancy uoous, ana neater in i trc Urackcra. J. W. Ilolherton, 73 Mai lun Lane. Manufacturer of l ire vv i rk for pu' Ho auJ pr va e exhilntun Manufacturer; Publishers, and Importers of Music and Musical intliumenls. Firth, Hall & l'on.l, 210 i. ay, sole agents lor Manufacturer and Importer of Musical Instruments. Edwaid llaauk, 6j Gold trcel, (afier Isl of 3Iay, 81 1 ultou, corner ul IjoI.I.) "lndou Shade Depot. Hanoi J; De Manny, Man ifaeliirur.-, 7 Spruce strei t. 1 uoors I'UIOW New VonK, Maroh 15, 1815. .15 CLOTH WAREHOUSE. r. s. wiNsSi'ON & co. No. 135 Pearl st., Sew York. AUK now receiving of their own Importation, on Comini8ion,and by piireh-iseai Aiioitoti, and other wise, a lull assornntiu of Woollen (Jood-, iiimriin American, Krjrlt h, Flench, llelsian, mi l Geiman Clul lis and Cits-unere-, bulb pUin and fancv. Abo, a larjje variety of 3-1 and 0-1 Tweed and Satinets. Vc-iiii- and Vatititliion Slu t. Dtroling all our time and attention exclusively lo Woollen Goods, which wo ohtam from the al ove Miuri-e-, w Oibevo vve exhlbii ihu largest and ino-t exien.ive atonmeul lo Le lound In the City or Coun. try. We invite Ihe attention of close and exlensirebuy. ir. lo our slock, iilcilgins o'irelvc ihat lliose wlio luvc- been in ihehalut uf liivins their Cloihsal Auc Iho exien.e nl in . i d lime and Irouhle, (often irellin; q inn I'te. unil iUalme. Ihey do nul want,) .hall uhtaiii llieiiiol'iisiii a verv amall advam-vfroin com, lor Cash, or oioa ghorl crulil, for approved notei. New Youk, April 81,1815. 43 u iiiDiirs SALAMANDER SAFIiS. WITH the recent impiovemen.B of S. C. Iferrin;, of 130 Water street (who posseisea the pa'ent liljbt of the nrticle for the tSiato of New York,) iheso Safes in iv be pronounced perlect. Of their al solute impenetrability by fire it if unnecessary lo speak ; r Iuol' serus uf successful experiments, clinched by iho leaull of Ihe ihirty-six hours' fiery onleal lo vyblcli one ot these Safes was exposed in ihe burning ruins nf itie Tribune buildmi!', have set that matter al lest forev er. Ilul by a recent improvement they ate now No dded as impervious lo damp as to file I nnd nolhinz placet) in nneol them can mould or mildi-vv. Cneh of these Safes Is furniched vvillioneofChubb'sdrtrctive locks, which cannot be picked. Thus the Salaman der Safes, manufactured by ihe subscriber, are al onco fire proof, damp proof, and ihief proof. Can security co finite. ? SILAS O. HKIIHINO, 139 Water street. New York. N II Karnnri band safes of sundry makers for sale at from a quarter to one half of first cost, they having been rtceived in furl psyinent for Wildcr's. Salamander. 5 New ItUrk Adv'ts. UENTIiliMKN'S C. II. HATCH, 07 WSt-S.EAiVjt ST., HCW YOIHK, XNV1TE3 the ancnllon of Merchants nnd others lo ins largo nnd cjelen-lve assortment ol Goods for Gentlemen' wear, eisunling fn part, o( Stocks, Opcrn Tics, Collars, llosonis, Shirts, Scat l's, Ct-avnts, Ollcil Mills, liloves . lljslcry, Stifycnders, Under (iitnncn's, Ac. i.-c. O. I. Il.V stick compriro ntl that is nricnnrir n'iiit in hi. lino, for CI fV Oil COUNTilV iriide. Ills to. k", -c., uro man ilaettirel un lur ln own Im uieih.ttetnsir2ion, an I are warranted n irooil, il not Miperior to any o lered in the Ntw York Market, and nt n. low New Vork, Apr.2l, 18-. 43 M KTA S O 'JrA E5 Ia KT. 'IIIS is the only iuvenlioii that comhines the I propeiliesol hone nn I sliopi its powers hnve been well proven bv lbs first cutlers of Europe, who have iie 1 and prefirred them tolhe common hone. The Tablet or 'lone part rtqatria m iiher oihnor wa ter lo h ive effect. This would nnkeil ofarcut value) hut wh-n added lj it the ti riistiina q.iihlies of the strop, simplicity or iiseanj cieitiiinrss, linking it nn the vvholo an nrticlo lint no senllennn's toilet ran he complete vvilhoul Tba following Irstiiu. mils, from the most srirnlifie n.rn, speak well in its favor i I'ro.n (Jen. James Tallmadgo. I'restdciit of the Institute. Siunder's Rni'r Strop, vvitli its four sides, rnmbinu ntlmiriihly nil tlio r qutsiics lo sloirpeti and set llazors with n fine and smooth edge. It u a real comfort to poe-s il. James Tallmadce. New York, Nov 1311. l''rom 31. Mllill'-ii, Cutler to the Ilojnl Nnvv. !() t Strain. The Metallic Tahlc". in its. use isiuip'e, having the same effect on a razor ns a hone, without using oil or water and in a truth part of tho tim. After five) ears trill, 1 can rccommmd it w.t'i petted continence. 1 1, ailLUKCN. Kftmi I'rofcssor Gliscini, and Dr. nleiillnc Molt. fienrza Saunders' Inueml Sinn. We can frerlv testily lo its value. Tho side which he calls the .Me tallic Tablet !-, as fir ns w e know, a ilnnu of his own introduction into this country i it aroears lo bean ex cellent, convenient substitute for n hone, nnd ( pernlcs on thesinin principle ns sieei nors upon n tanie-Knile. lull with far greater s.noolhiiess an. I certainly; il saves the unpleasant necessity of oil and water lo ns-ist it whetting. The other ihnc suits of the Strop nre exiremrlv will finished, tin, smooth, nod almost lastte. preserving ilia raiar irom tint roundness of edge which so soon dcstioys Its keenness. j. uniscoM, May lOih, 1927 VuEVTlsn Mott. Pii.-es S13, MO, M. nnd 31, per doz. G. SitmJurs, inventor, and sold hy G SAUNDKlIS .V fO.V, 163 Broadway. .Veto York. r'j-G. Saunders v Son. will remove on the 1st of Mav from 1C3 to 177 Broadway. -Sew 1 ork, April 2, lolj. U Entire JlXcw Stock BOOTS SHOES BY TllC PACKAGE Oil DOZEN. b. v. &, cTi'. now, 151 WATEIt STKEI.T, NEW YOP.K, T-l AVE on hand a' all litnea a superior stock ot 1 JL BOOISnnd SHOIA m utile lor Western nnd Southern maikei.-, which will le -ot.i a' ine i..wc-i ri fur en. h or not. roved nole-i. Merclnilti wll ' lire nun-hasingarereque-ied to uai and examine tint toil; I clore i uying ci-ownere. 'Jinn uesjamim w. now. cvlus r now 5 PER GENT STORE. NEW YORK. rnlirc Subsrriljcrs tikn method of cnllinu w L fitlpntio'i of Cash Merdinnt. tn tlior ndvnnta- Lffoti-i system of doinj l)ucint'!s, nnd in pt.liritinp lhi fmurt pi'ronnjie of iheir old customers. To CASH Dry Goo's .Mti hints vinnins IWw York, our ptan nn'tTs ihc I'reateM ind'ifenienis. The rost of each nr tide 13 market tn fiuuna upon it, nnd n t,ommision nfonly Tivu lcr Crni ndrlcdnt ihc foin of the bill. We ora i.siiy rrct ivinir ijivi uuupa oi nn (icfuni- lions, from AUCTION; intl to the Miner -we cf-ir-nnteo a sivint? uf fiom Ten 'tu ffUen Per Cent from the old credit system. MAUSHALJVS I,-!tfc:X THRKAD, tMPOnTCD ! OLT.ElVEt;, J always on hnnd, nt t reti'Jy rlA'-ca prices. A call is rcspectluliv sohfity by HUTClUNns, CASWKLL & SMITH, j IS Cra An Stceet, 14-1C S Doors frn-n IVrl tit., New York. NEW HjyjVARE. DENNISTi'UN ct OiSDROW So. G3 Pcail Slre.t, near llraid, AVu York. 1 HE pnp.ireil to ,e'.l their M'.W IIAIIOW AIII". nl verv low nriecs. M.i.b ofiheir POCKKT CC I- Ll-'.It V Im- been imported O.N C.IID. 'I licr Curded Cutlery li isaliv-uv- provel i-atidloctorv' to tl o-o vv lu liavo i.ii jtiii 11. i iiev irivc at-tj n -rrc-ii variciv 01 POCKET I'L'TLHtV fn m tin- iliieiory nl "T. Tl ltNElt .f- Co.," SIIEFHEl.n. EM:., i f cxtrn iiunliiv. Itievlinea fill s ock ofijL.M.IiAL aiu 1IEAVV IIAIIDWAHES, as Cm and Wnmclit Nails, SboveN, Kpade-, mil Hoes, Anvil-, Vices, Cb'iuis. ami Cordage, German and C.i-I steel Mid, mi l I ro- Ciiisavv, Si-i the-, of" lllood," " Il.irris" nnd " I!eardlt-j-" lainps, ite. . W.M. T. JKNMNHS & Co., miAPpJUS A I) 'J AILORS, iMpiiriTr.Rs or CLOTHS, r,ssi.M.HKS VESTINGS, FANCY DRESS ARTICLES. S,C. 231 uuoauw.w. a.mi:uu;an nuiEia, NEW YOUK.

TO tbnje vailinz llie fity i f.Nevv York, rennirin V. Girment-, a renewed solieuatinn i- o'lenil tor tliem to mil nml eaaunn-f our Stock- if Now nnd ra-bional'to (Juod- of Spring and Summer vtir, compri.iuj an as-oritnetil Ln-urpas.eil in nebiiess nnd variciv, and which will be umilo up lo onlcr in a style seennJ to no hivi-e in the Trade, nt price vvliicb in.i-t olTer a u-b inJin-cmenl to tho Cab p-trchatcr us cannt'l till to I e appreciated. 'l.mj Ileitis (-irsiss a nd Clover Seed. OV S iperlnr inlity, by STliONUS &. CO. Feb. 20, MS. 38 100 U liolr and Hall Bhls. SUPr.HKINE I'lour, for sale bv G, PI.TEHSOX. Ilurlinston, Kcb. ISth 1313. 33 TFAiNTEJ) ! CJOr Uj. Krffot or Spurred nye, t. for Caul, or in exchange 1MTK & 5PKAU. 31 Unotesate Drugptsts GinSs, Ortflrt Itoxes Jiurlington Kitrn, Hurliiigton, aWM Vermoni, K- ..x and jke. J. 3. II. I'F.Ov & Co. Aeents. Dec. -lib, Ml 2 (..anion aS'ucds, O" l.t feaon en wh, bv j. & j. ii. rn: llurlinrtoii, Atinl Lldli. X V Co. 41 CiiJ-li pnitl lor Wool AT all times at Ilurlinelon Mill Co's Fnctory. 3G SIDNEY IIAI1I.OW, Accnt. :i() Tons Aoviiscoiiii I'liistnr IJOIl sale by lliirliniiloi G. 1'UTKllSON. 33 Hiirlimilon, Feb. ISih IB 13. (iniss Soud. 1 Of. HL'Slinl.S Herdillrats Seed, rabed nponl X JJ new laud in the north p in ofrhis Sis u, and ennreiy iree irom io u seea. ami .i lew b -liel lied Tup Grass Seed, for aleby die subscriber. 0 HUSIIFLS SUmtlOJl SPUING WHEAT, wti vveijhl Gl lbs. to the Uuhcl, raised upon &he. burn pciut, fjr salu by & II. II. DOOLITTI.K. 413 Anril 1, 1615. Stoves. 7VtHY .uper or COOK STOVES of various Sues, ALSO. a first rate Culler lor sale in exchange lor vv ouu or (train CKOHGE I'ETFKsCN. Hurliuyton Dec. HI. 18H 2 FOIl SALE. Of IH nUSIIKLS of English lied Chart Bald OUU Sl'IUNG WHEAT, a superior .nicl. for , seed, by OEfJ. KDGCUMBE Builinaton Falls, Msrch 13, '15.- II bw Mi I'ullllou to sell land. STATE OP t'fiMONV, I A T n Pc-sion of District of Chittenden, si. J I the Pi obnte Court he'd at Burlington, within and fir said ihsltlcl of Chilteni'ennn tho eighth dny nf April, 1845, comes Joseph A. Hall, guardian of Willnui 3. Bennett James Hennott nnd Selli H-nnett, minor clul Iren of Thomas Benin II, lata of llollon, in said district, de ceased, and files in snul court his pemiun in writing, c. . ...ti; iui to i on i in miiu wnru, 'ire ci.o 111 iii riuht in fee as tennnts m common of fot tv ninonnd 8V100 acres of land lying in said Million, being parls of lots No. one and tieo. nnd b?in2 Iho same laud scl out to said wards, hy the commissioners appointed by snio pronato court lo rnaKn partition of the c-tateot tno sain 1 nomas llcnnett, decea'rd, ns their shiro ol the estate of the said decci pd! lint il would he ben eficial to said wards to l.avcsnd lind sib! and have the proceeds or such a ilo put at inlerut, and prnjing raid cou"t toprant him license lo sell said land aaree- ii'ilv to the statute in such eao made and provided. i.biti . ru.,, iii i-uiiri ni'irc5nio uoill nppouii nit- .10th day or April, 191', for hearing ami deciding on slid petition nt Iho office of Iho ll.'nister ol siid court to slid Hurlinglon, and doth order thai all persons interested ba notified thereof by publication of this or- oer, eoiiniiiitig nio s lUManco oi pain tiriinon. uiree weeks successively in the Hurhnslnn FreoPns!, n neivepnper pruned in mid Iltirhngion. the list nf which pu1 lieaiions tule previous to said 30ih day of lf'MI, 1311. Given under my hand this 8th div of April, 181.". 4iw-3 Win. WESTON, llegist'.r. TO RENT Oil FOR SALE, A NCW MUCK HOUSH ONE stnrv nnd a half high, nnd lot connected with it suitable for a irood garden, eituatid on Shcl- bum street, n few rods l.elow the villngc. For further particulars empire of the subscriber. DAV1U IKIStl. Hiirlingtnn. April 8, HI . d'iw-3 SEEDLING STItA WIlERIl Y. lgHHE subscriber has on Ii and a few hundred plants J.3J of tho abova valuable 5trawbtrrv, tut rec-ived bv express frtsh fiom the garden of Plnlelus Phillips, 'J . "I , HI l. IIOVEV'S SEI DI.ING was rai-ed bv nriifi.-l-il iiiinreialniiun in IS3). Iti said to be the ',,.. handsomest, bestjlatored, and most proilttctire variety yet known." This jtrawbcrrv is rendered more valu able from tbo eirriim-tnnce (which is not the case Willi other kinds.) ilml every fbwer is perfect, pro ducing a duo proportion nf stamens and pisiij., nnd every blossom which expands is followed bv a fruit w liicn arrives nt maturity. A pamphlet vvitu direc tions for cultivating uiven gratis. Persot.s wishing to ohtnin a supply of plant of this delicious fruit can have them ns cnrlv as the l!iih Inst hy leaving their names nl the AMERICAN HOTEL in Burlington. D. fi. GOODALE, Arent. Chimney Pont, t. .lpnl 4, '43. 45w3 TO LET. K NEW and convcoi"nt House, a gaiden, and iiSi out huildbv.-s, 011 New Street, in Burlinclon about seven minutes wnlk from the Courthouse; possession given on iho 1st of Mnv next. , , ISAAC WARNER. April 3J, 1813. 44if :fTi!CS5. .1. & J. II. IM'.l li aT CO.. T.T WE tl,i ilayn-.K-idtel wilh them, EDWARD vi. ri,i k. iiiu.uieoi llielirm will he con- Ili.u.-J as hiieloloif. .1. . J. II, t'ECK it Co. B irl.usrion, Apnl 1, 1?I5. 44 Hops nnd Tiny Forks. A '-";W and superior D'Hilc, inanufaetured by Fut1 auks, lor aIo hv J. & J. II. PECK & Co. II irlingtnn, April I, IS 15. -11 Aiacliiiic Curtis, (TE Sprimrlield Vermont, and Springfield Masa i-li'L-etis manutaeture, by J. st J. II. PECK &. Co. Hurliiigton, April 1 1345. 41 A LAItCE .13 -on morit cti ilie 1110. t np imved pal la-rri-. bv J. &. J. II. PECK &. ft.,. II irlimrmn, April 1, 1915. 4i Sliinrcs. 1 (f Prune Spruce Shiniles, far -nli' by 1 vMJ J. st J. II. PECK it Co. Il'irlingtnn, April 1. HH, .11 For Safe. A MUST rnfe p'ar-e for Ii-i-mc" in llie centre of l k oii.irlotie, on ho Mane road, known iht1 Itarne pUee i. o'li-nnl fur a U coii'aiiiuiir al-oui hhll Jred-H'-rs t:f 1,1 nd nn W hiefi t)i-rn i- n limi.o ami ttble lor a 'I'avern, i hiore, tUrp liou-f, three Hani- Mien-' an'i ninr ' ini.iiiisih . in 1m ti-u nu rfcomm ndaiion to tho-e k .mvinjr the lofa'ion. r or teitnj enquire of the p'lh-.crl' it vn the premt-ed, Ann! 1. AUH eStjaUfuo autj i5i'ittjiit3 WHITI'HALL. T IIAItni-ON, vvoull resinvfollv inform hi J friends nn.1 pitronsthat-noiwith-inii limr si Ions season nl iuld, -now, hail, ram and seven' hird tune-, ln pasf-a-d since lieha. had ihcp'e.i-uro of .-leetinj havtn'.', brti-huij. shcariiiL', and i.eif.iiinnir lu nu titerou- northern fuen I- und cii-tiiint-r-that l.o i-still in vv tii'cliall, at.d lias nr thuconvcnio ce mid coin fort of lilsi-nsli mer- nndthi-lrnia 111" nut lie. reinan- oil his Sim vinvr Saloon to I'arla's'si.lend d Itru-k liniimn? iwoooiirsotuii ol tiieiJiiiiton House v-hf I he ha tilled up in n stylo second to untie in the virtu My, and has ivied with hi- Hulnnn n larirenn' iiaiuin i.sia' loiiiiient, iv,th eoid, warm ind shower Ih'lis and ceiiilemen need sien but lio n one romn in me nitier when Ifiey vvul lin I hem -elves shaved, iheurcl, vv.ishe.1, LriisheJ, per l linen, ami ctiinnieiciv rcnuva eil. N. II. .1. 11. Would retine.l hi. frirm nnt to be ntcetrtttor ueeoyea i y ine sli ipttl poles ami itispiay au.ii m.iy i v ma c .11 ins inu sit ii i, as ne pusntv eiy is ni'i mere ; i in al lu- spien ttu sainon iwo iluor- ouili ol the Umti'ii, vvhero he polircly mviles all In irienu-10 can. Whitehall, March 20, 1915. -II Tlmiitliv Itllss's Instate. STATE OF VKltMON I", ) ritHI-; lion, the Pro oisTR'CT of. Chittenden. s. i 1 liale Court fjr the District of Chi'lenden, lo all person! i-aincerned in the c-toto of Timothy I)lt-. late of Jericho in said district aleceaseil. (InrKTivc. Whereas, tbtiin B'i. Adniini-tr.nor ol the estate ul sail doa-iM-cd, proposes 10 renter nu oc I'ouiit ol Ins ndimnis'ration, antl pre-ciu nia account aiun-l said e-lalc for exunuiatitin and iillnwinco ni a session ol the iwourt ol 1'roi ate, to le holdcn at ihe llefft-ler's ciince in llurlinzton, in truu district, on the lunr b NVftlnts'av ufAnril na-xt. Therefore, you are bereliy nonile.1 to nnpear I cfore said i-O'irl at llie liuieand place afore aid, and sha-w cau-e, if any yo.i have, why the account aforesaid sno-na noi i.e aiiow en. (iiven under my hand al Ilurlin-I on , this 3l,t dav oi .viareii, A 1). 1815. 4lvv3 WM, WESTON, llegister. Andrew i'lialtlcld's Instate STATE OK V r.KMONT, 1 Till-: lion, the Pro I'i.trici of Chittenden, ss. j L bate Courl lor the Otsliici lit shitienden 1 To all person-concerned m llie i stale ot Aiiurcw v hallielJ, lalo ol lluniinsion in said nisirict, oecea-eii, Whereas. Heman Oillcll. administrator i f the en ta'e of -aid dei-ease I, propo-es to render an aeco nit of hi- nd nn nf-l rat Ion, an I pre-enl hi at count a?afn-t said e-tnte lur exam inaiioii and allnwaute at a session ol ihe Uo irl ol l'rolaie, to te liolden at the Eatib Hull in Willi mo, lu said district on the third Mon duv of Anril next. 'I heiclbie, Yi'ii are hereby notified to appear before said co irl at the lime an I plate afore-aid, and shew cause, if any yon have, why Ihe account aline aid suouiu not leanovvei. Given under my hand al Burlington, Ibis 31, t day oi .vinren, ,. it. 1013. 41vv3 'V .WESTON. IteAiler. I'cllllon tn sell l.aud. STATE OF VERMONT, T a session of ihe District of Cbiiieuden, ss. x Probate Court held nl llurllOL'Inn vvitlim and for said district of Lhuten ilen, on the 29ih day nf March, I8I5, comes Samuel Fletcher, gnsrdinn olOran Ishnmof Sielhuin, in tud district, and files in said court his peiiiion in iv rutin!, selling forth that his said ward is wizfil in his nwn riht 111 lee of ono undivided filih p.111 of the fo'lowini,' oescrihed tract or pnrcel 01 111m lung in sam .-nei-burn, viz; all Ihe lands and buildings ileviid by Joshua Ishim. late nf slid Shelbiirn. deceased, 10 Mirilia l.hnm. Ino of said Shelhurn, alecrasrd, while she lemnined bis widow, lcing nil the land liinu south of ilia cast and west road passing Ihe Into dwelling house of the slid Joihun, deceased, nml east of the road Iculiou soulheily from the school house to Nathan Lake's, bounded southerly bv Jal ez Kin nav'a Ian i nnd easterly bv ihe river La Plan nnd mill pond at hiirhwnler inatk; llinl il would he conducive In the best interest of said ward lo have all his inter est In said land sold an I have the proceeds of such sale pul al interest or invested in oilier real estate, and praying said court in license llie said guard an to sell .1 nr....l .u.p.l1. iniAra-al !n Inn, I Whessufosi, llie court aforessid doth appoint ihc swond Wednesday of Mav, IR45, for hearing and do riding on said peiiiion al the office of the Prqisicr of lid court in soil Burlington al ten o'clock in Ihe forenoon, nnd dolh order install person tnleresied therein be notified thereof hy pubticstion of this order, containing Ihe substance of slid petiti 11, three weeks ucceisivelv in Ihe Hurlinglon Free Press, a newspn- fier printed in said Hurlinalon, the last of which pub ications lo Le previous to said second Wednesday of M.v. 1R14. uivsn unasr my ninn inia nuinaavoi narcn, itH9. M WM. WESTO, Rsgisttr. 10 itlotl tO SOll lalltlt. .STATE OF VERMONT, A I' n Prolate Court D'strict of Chilteo len, i. t l. hold nt Hurlinalon within nnd for rmd n.strtc.', mi the I I day of April. 1815, pre-ent the lion. Chttrle- Kii.-e'lluil'-'eitl.aid o irt,oouiu. David A. Muir.ty, guar li m ol Frederick Lee nad Nancy Ann Lie, f oth of Willistoti til .-ato di-tricl, intnor chiblrcn of Leonard I.a-e, lalo of aid Willl-ton,deeerpaed, nn I fi'es tn -aid court hi- petttton in writing, setting forth that bis -aid wards nre -uz-e,l in their own null in fee of onu on hvuled hall ol tie folloivin dts 'ril e I pnrcls of land, situated in nid Willi-ton, viz t iboit ,fxtv aere of mud lying on the ca-t side of the hitrhway leading from the Winon-ki Turnpike, in said Willl-ton, to Htneburgh. paising tho alwelling hnn-ea of Lewi- Marshall and lcxati'l"r Lee, I eluded imnh y Oti Wlmncy'f land) so tih ly Ian I ofR i'u Wal-ton i eatbyrrinh Livj'a land and west by hai l highway j and another parcel of I ana Ivutg on 'he vve. t dde oTsnil liiahf.-aVa c in'atninz nl out thirtv five acre oflatul, I ound.-d nnrth by Oti Whiincj's land; m th by the Widow INIfliow larm; easl ny sail nuiiway nnd wo I py Simeon Lec'- land, whi'-h lands pre ml i.rt tn the right of dower of Phdtln Lee, widow ot Le natd Lee, deceased, that n .a'eofsud wnrV ttitere-t in said l.i n I would Condon' n tlt-tr I c-t in'crcl I y l uv Ing Hie proeteiis ot -nt li sraj put at mere t.nnii praying -aid cot-rt tr Itren-o -01.1 ir nr. tin to e!l tin whole f -n-d ward-1 in'i-re.1 111 .;itI .un t, for'lie pur-po-e iifore-111 1, n ret a! ly lo the statute 111 cuch tase iiia-'o an I provure , Wiir.REt'Fo.v. the ccurt an re mil iTolh apnouit tl.e third Mo'i lay of April, I8I1, for heating and de.-ii'itte on said petition, at the Fnlo 11 ill 111 Wilhftoti alt rp- net at ten o'eloe; in too ton-noon, nnd colli truer hat all n"r-nn Invrcs'ed Ih' not fie I herei 1 1 v 11 ib lira'ion ol' I ln- order. conintnin"itie -ttli.ianceiit nul petition, three weeks -tttvc- ive v in the Hur hng'oii I rce I're, 11 new-paper prtn-ed hi Ptrlititrioii m-atd Ii-tnet, the last nf which poM. canon- to ie previou to -aid tier I .Monday in Ann'. 1815. (iivcn under mv hanJ nl .tll norlinaa'on Ih's hr?l ay of April, IU15. nwj vvvi, wiJSIliA, Ittgislcr. Amos I'aiiirlnrn'M !iate. STATC or VmtMOXT. 'I1 ll E Hon. th Dlstni't of Chittenden, fs. L Proba'6 Conn ir tho nJBr,'t 0r Chlltr.i.'i'l . To si l.ironn con crned in the estate of Amos Panoborn. lite of Hur IniL'ton, in snid Distitct, diccaml, GreeiIko vv iiei.cvs, lirori'e II. Shaw. admimtrnior of the slate 01 ud deceased, proposes to render an accouni of his ndmini'lration.aud present his account n2a nt said cstntu lor ex iiiim-ilion nnd nllowanreat a session f Die Court of I'robate. to be bub en nl the Iteni ter's otlieo in Hurlinglon, on tho second Wedncslay of aiav nexi. Thcref 're. You aroherebv notified lo nnncar before aid court nt llie tunc an I place atoresaid, and shew .itise, if nny you have, why tho account aforesaid hould not be allowed. Given under mv hand at Uurhneton. this 2nd dav or April, A, D, 1S45. 41vv3 VM WESTO?f, Ileehlir. I'.hniicz:!- Hunliek'.s Sstntc. STATK OP VKllMONT. ) T n IVol.ate Court Dilrir-t ofChiltt-ndeu. ss. ul held ut HiiilinTion. within nnd for tid district of (', on the fir-t div of April. 1815. nrt"t-nt lliP Hon. Chirlrs IIupsi II. Jndp ofsiid Court, conies Henjaniin V Mt Farlnnd, aummttiioior ot the estate ol i'Ui::7AAl IJUJI DICIC, late of Westfiml. in sai-l distncl. deceased. nnd Mips tn aid court his pennon, in urtnn, setuns forth that 'he f-Tid i" hen ztr died seized ofonundii- tied firih pirt of nbiVii sixty nnd one hnlf arres of hit .Vo. 59. in the third illusion of lands in nid WV-iifurd. eins1 the (same tand the se'Z'irc and nosspsa.on nl which theand adtninistraior Ins recovered m actions of tia'tment. hr-'tialu in ChntenJeii Cmintv Cmin. one npainst S'in,)ni Stone t one nymnst Juiue's Swan; one against .inhn 5wan, anil ono nymn! Charles Lnr n.ird : - iliac m ritrsonil esiate of the said drci-nspil ever fame to iho !tnnw!edie or posmesniun of saiI a. I tmntrator, nncl iliat n sale nt ail the interest of sai f tnte in pud lundrf s necessary for the navmenl of the exnensrs of recovennir llie posses-sinn of nn landi?, anj of administennw aaid esntr, nnd prnyina s-iiil court for license to sell the whole of the interest ol inii rra in said lands, tlie purpose afuresaid, aureeihly ty the statute in such casea made and pro vided Whereupon, the court nforenid dcth appoint the fourth Wednesday of Ann!. l?tV f,r hpnrirm nnA ! cid n;: t n &atd petition nt the Office of the Hezistcr of nisi court in s.ta iinrhnBinn, nt len o'clock m i lie forenoon, nnd doth otder that all persons interested be notified thereof bv nunliL-ation of this order, con- t.itnma me suosrancc oi Bin netition. three weeUs surcessivelv in Iho Iliirhnt'lcri I rco rrews. a ne.epa nor tinnier! in sat 1 Iturhnnton. the ht of which uub lications to be previo is to said fourth Wedncslay of April, IS 15 ; nnd the said administrator also propo ses to.renner nn arcnuni oi his administration tnsaid court, nnd present his account flninst sn j o late fur examination rind allowance, nt a ssion of sift court to bo holden at the uec.a.rr s nuire in scud Itnriinj ton, on ihi diy and vpnr l-isi aforeiidj THEREroBn the court nfiresaid dolh order ihat n-njce thereof ba uiven lo all person' lutcrrsled by publication of this .ii.. i : i .,. .. ...i. s...s.;. :., n,.. 'IIIUIIKJIIH UlUt i iniiw iiitnai',! ii-ihi iiui linctnn Tree Pre9,. protons to said fourth Wedncs hv in Anril. ISIS, that thev mav ihen nnd iheienp' pc ir nml snow cause wi;.- aivl nccoun: snoulJ nol oe alio wid. Given under my hind ot said Burlington this firs! day of Apnl, 1815. 4-10 W.M. WESTON, llegister. Calvin Ilnv'ti Kaitatc. VJTi' tha .i!cr.t ei--, Imins; I esn nppoin'el by 're iii'tumiine tue rrol ate l ourl lor the ills- tii'-l of Clnttcii.len, ('oti.iiii-s:oner-tn roi-eive, exam ine and a-ijn-i the c a'lits and ita-tnnnds of all person: acam-l the c-tate of Calvin Itav. late nl Huns biirch, in aid dt-tru-t, dei ea-eal, rc,ire.en'eil in-olveti and also all rtatuis and da mam's i-thi' itul 111 itfe theret, nn I -tx monilis from the dav of the date lereof. I euisT allowed I v -aid conn for that n trm vvedo Ihereloic here' y jrivo ntlne, ihat we will u - len-1 tolhe lu-ine-s of our at the late tlvvetliiiif-iiuuse 01 ine lain iieeenicu, in tlinestjurcn, in saul l)i-irit, "11 the first Wcdnas.'ais of July and September next, nt 10 o'cloik, A. JL, on each ot said lav-. Dated this lflih alav of March, A. 1). 1845. JO-r.PH .MMtSII. ) DAMEL PATltlt'K, ) Coninu-siorcr-a. JOHN S. PVntICK, S 41vv3 Petition to lI1 l.aiul. bTATi: Or VKttMONT, t A T a Probate Co li"lrict ot Clnltciiden, s. i V held at liurli.iL' wiihin nnd for (he dis'rict of ChitlciKien. on the third rtavt'f April, A. 1). 1515. prtsent the Hon. Churl, s (uaidi;ui of (icopirc IZ, IlaiTinzloii. n nnnur son uf ueorce i . Hnirinclnn, la c of b.nd liuiUislon, do ce.ised, nnd bhow a to saiu Luitrt tint tits .i.u wari is seized in his own ti 'hi in Ice of the follouiiiL' deserr btd parcel ol 'and. Fiiuita in f.-ud HurluiL'ton. viz, about ibrreacrestoflanJ lymyun the wefet eide of the road leidinj? from the Cnurt IIoue Sguare in Hur lui2'on, to iShrlburne. h'Mntf piru uf fnencro iot Su. 90 and 01, bounded northerly by a Une leailinj from ild rciul innnnlai f.ake ( h nnplain ; c-islt'rlv by snui roiid, and oulht'fIy and easierly Dy Snuuel HicKok's land; tint a sile of md pircel of bind would con duce lo the best interest f eaut ward, by having the proceed.? of Mich ai!e put Ml inieret; audprain aid court U liceue the snid Guardian to sell caid land Whereupon, the court nforcMid dolh appoint llie 30lh dny of Apnl, 1845. for beariny nml dechlniL' on taid pe'ilion, nt (hcoiIU'eof the Ueuler of TOtd court, in said Bnrlinijtun at teiuclockin the foienoon.nnd doth order that nil pen-on jntere ted be noiitietl I hereof by piitdiriitnn of tho imhr, conlnunns llie puostauceof siid petition, three weeks rucceitsiveh in ihe Hiirlinuinfi Vrt v Pre"" a 'fiewpp.ipi r punted in oaid lltirlinyion, ihn it of whi-h pu licahuns lo be previous lo gTid 30rh day f April, IS 15. (iivcn under my hmd ihn 3 1 dav of April, 184."). -IJ.-tf WM WISTO.W HevUhr. N KY A H It A N Ci KM U S V. BURLINGTON & BUFFALO LINE. 18 FiH-M--U-.r TH K SPI.K.NDID PAl'KI T-IIOAT P.. BSKJAStS, Capi. J. ACKLGY, Jr., HAS I t-cn fined op in Ihe lesi poil lo manner, spariu? neiilur puiiisorexpen e, fur Ilia pnrna-se ol irnu-ioriti; Frcizhl nnd P.i rentiers to anal from ll'i al-. an I lii'erinc ha'al plao'-. Pa-rsanisei'.'tlr.l'iiij Wfst vv.hiu?f"ra-oinloii tunl C'liveiuctn-eAvill titul it on bonril i f the H. P. Heart. Ine Captain flatters hun-elf, vviih the i-ievv he bn prwnreil, who are slea'lv, dlienlive nntl ''lisin, ihai he can cia'esatjs. taction lo all who may luvor hun vvuh their pa'ron a.'e. Tin- Pai-kei is large am) ivinnin'ico-, suilieimt tu iiccouiina'.i'e -evenly-live or eitjhiy persons. On theopenin; a I navijalion she will leave in follows! UurlmiTloii, April 23l, Uiirluiulon, A'nr. Gili, .May M'b, " " 27ih, " June -lib, " Sept. 17lh, " " 25ih, " Oct. 7ih, " July lOlh, " "23,b. AOHXTS, .Vers. Follell & lira lley, Uurlinglon. 17. Nichol-, Hiiitnn U 1,'biitcusteii, St. Albans. IS'. Webb, House's Point. Comru'Chaiulcrlin.!''''" Colvin aV TieniMe, Port Kent. " Vaiuhun at ltieh, I ,in,..,i,, John KTilnnJ. t Whitehall. flei-ra. Joy if- Webster, llufala. Iliirbntiton, Vi., March IS, IS15. 43lf Cant's. ANEW and reauiiful us-rnment cf Silver nnd Ivory heailtd Csne., a'so, Croi'ks und other t'ano-, the best Rssorl mt nl srd al lower price- than ever. BHI.NSMAIB UHOIIUUS. Mneh. I15 -II 50 Tons ol liny OF Ihe best quality, for sale al s,00 per Ton, dr liverod any whero in iho villsje al the above pii. Burlmston, Feb. (8th 1815. tl, PCTIRSON. 33 C.VSIl paid for any quanli vol llvoilaiveiflnt my . Gl.d.'Pi.TI'.ltSON. i iirhngton, flar.-h 21, IS45. 43 I E. II. HARD, ATTORNEY ASD COUSSVLLCll AT LAW. JKIIICHO, VErt.MO.ST. April I, 1815. ss HA-j slorenel rme Htd. ol ...perio. qnslity Pcnoricn byrtiii intd 'o cthle lever 1 rmiilat into theoo tntrv. Al-o nn hin ' a few hundr.-l Ih.. 'if Mania Suearlnr rile lo v. Ale" Hroivu Cirthrrr Mili.-Hnh, Flower Pot-, Ca'.o Pan. ic. W niivaie II ttldiii;-. fjji uer Coli-je and Ch.irrlf 43 St SP l! tSO A fi Tl 1 VA L A T 7 II U NEW YORK & BOSTON SHOE STORE- Ot t.U minim the iitizui ol IlMilinvtsin and1 vii'inity, thai he I, a. inst rexiveil his -ll:i.MJ i-TOCK OF HOOTS AN SIIOKS of every des-rip ion, which lie ha 1 ouyln iheap anj ho is do ennmeil to sell cheaper and a le'ter aril lo' 'Inn any other per-on this "ide of New York. Hi-' large Stoi-I; cnnM in pnrt tf tlw followinw, vvlniH he will sell low for ea-h : Fretieh foil l!or.t i Gent's. I '.-.oil nailers', with bee's j Geul's. (lint Gaiter-, do Oo. 1-adiiV It i-kiris ; 11 ItnoNes, " Slippers; (h hlreit'.s Shoes, of all descriptions (lent s. Pmupj. j Mr. II. wo-ilil improve the pre-ent npporlnnity cl return hi- m knowlleineiitm hislnends whl'havs hpherio le-tovved upon hun a liberal piiironaite, and solicit h contiiitianeo of thaj .nme, which he will en leivnr to merit, I y strict npplnnnon to hnsine-, nnd 111 bavin; all c iti.m wnr'. dime at hi sho.i un le in be let maimer, and ofthe le-t -n ck, at the lowest a a- h prii'c. Pie iec ca'l and examine in) stuel, before pur -ha my elsfwliaTc. C'h in h Street, li irlincrton, March 21, ISI5. il SPhING For FASHIONS 1 Si5. CICADl.ns A. SHYJIOUn, HAS ri-eeivtl Irum New Yort, the spnnir pat'errf for Hits, an 1 1- now rea ! lo f i-iri-h i-nilemrn with hats ofsiipi-nor qiiiliTy, an I olufIe equal to anv manitlaetnred In iho ciiic. Merch-int" in this vieinitv vv Im purchase bats I v theca c, are c-pacially reque-lcd to call and exnimu'c ti 1- stock, on I tl -ati-lie I tint ihey i-an p ireha u as well near hotna an 11 n ro 1 1, lie hope- thev vvi'l, upon the principle of protection, prefer tl.e home marl.e', save the expen-e 01 iian-p'jrtaliun, and icavethci-a h where II right fiilly belong-. And be a-suris iheptil licibat no man ill the Ul.l ed States . hall .pit h-its ol annual n'lnlitv. torca-h, nl a le-s p,i"c. 4-JG Burlimrinn, Peail Sirtel, March 221. 1345. l''ni(! (itild liuadf. It'l.L finer q' ali'y of Gold than any eastern male IIiaJ can I c n1 nttie I ol isitixsM aid & nnoTiir.ns. A fine lot lost (iniV.l, Man-h 1S43. 41 IBtuils SIwk'r tinil Itulihcrs OF oil sorts and descriptions, for sale very low by GEOtlGE PETEIISON. Burlington, Feb. 13th lS-ia. 33 Spriiifi Sct'ds : IlF.LD, Tlovver and Gardm Seeds in all their va rieties constantly for sale. Jl-ireh, '-15. BcaLlNGTON Yt. "EDWTXnOANGEROyS I" POItTK.MT iJALN'lMi, wilo resiecit.ill inform llie cinzt'tiv oi IJ'iriin'nn oml vu mi v, tin I ha lia liken Itooin in ihc Kranklm Ilou-e, wht-re h-i will rnoani (ml few iUvs onlv : .no 1 iho-c wi-hins to i b'ain a po l Ih cue-- w-iuld do well o a; ail lIitMim'lu' llie jirf-fni ppiortimiiy Specimen' l,l ln Pdioi'iius can l'Minpecicd at hs lionin in ihe IVauMin Huue, whfch have Ux-n esu- j-iteil while in icmvii. - n.irlmguin, Man h 20 li, IS45. 42 1KHISCOPIC, ConravL, and Convex SpeotaHe, .L ii Uru'e u-sOriiu.Mil pit nenl, bea'i'ilul fiml.ej oiip. UHINSMAli &, UllOl'lURS. Maicb. lc!5. 41 1 E Oi' i MERCHANTS' LINE. I'or tlio Traiiinortntloii of I'l-epcrty between LAKB CHAM PL A IN, TIIUY, ALUASY, iWW-YOliK a: 110STOS. w f 1 P' tea. rPIIIJ prrprictors of thi- line hav ng increa-ed their -L l.ii-alitics, I y tl. aildilioo tf icveral firsi ratal boat-, are prepaied to nivo I'e-patch lo all property intended to pass hcivveen ihe places a' ove naniajj, with vvhit-h they may le e-i-rnsie'l, and hope by prompt aitentu n to llie interests of their t-mploverslo leceive a continuance cf In patronage. 'Their nre to I e towed by steam on the Hi.d-on River and on La'-e t h unpliin when neces-arv, and com p'e'e a peifecl Line to New Vorl., ns al-o, to Troy and Al' any. Lol3 ol'sncd- are kept together and not stib ected to injury by transhipments. Pioperty to or frmn Uosn n lorvvanlc.l, via. Western Itail Hoad or vessel a- d-'-ired. Coitiracis for freight ean to made wi.h ihc Propriticr-i or their astnts. I'loprletois. I'lillctt J Ilradlev, Uurlinslon Vt. Nil-hill-. Ilnrion Cintte.iden, St. Allans Vt. A, 31. Olaik, Sicanton VI. A.-ents. la. A. John-on, 9 1'urntif- flip, .V York. C. I.. War,-, 10 bi'iiv Whjrl, lloston. O. T. HUi nu, 1 W Itiver Slrcc, Troy. II. J., 101 Put, Albany. 43 DS..3. -T. H2JIi,i S33K.O-. ON C K M OltE A T II O .M E . H.W'INO become convalescent 1 beg to offer my rerwees to ihe cmuinniutv nt larpe, my heatin slid licny pricntious will not allort ine lo euur into' iheirduiu d tics of a public practice, I have there fore (with a deienmniiion nf esiahluhing' upon n pound has i) a DHL fi STOHC undtr tho nppt-datton of 11. J. UKJ.NnilF.ltG & Co , io uhah I have attached a Consulting OlTice, where all persons wuhina roavad theniseUcs of my profea ional advice may consul! ine beivuen the hours of 9 and 12 A. Al and and 9 i M, My h edical career i too well known in tlurliOiiloti. A.r.t lo rq me iontMeh(. The felLChonK of ihe minierntis hru, LheiuicsU, Iniruinenip. (Sc., hare been made hy mvvlf from the firtt oud most eminent houses in New-York j my purchases buot! i niirtly for ca b we fhnll be enabled tu otfrr to the rut lie fiorxla that cannot be unrpsf etl m nuahly, and nt such pricen ns f nnnot fad to pltafe (living rneai-d ihe osnsinnc'e of a penthman a hiccntiale ot the Ilonoiabte Company of Apoiheca nes. London, Knglnnd, I'll) S'cian prescriptions and TninHv Hecipes wi.l be dispeu-nJ with neatness and ae uraey. II. J. Uein.bere A Co. most prdi'tely incite the Lad es to inspect I lu ir valuable nnd cho ce eli tlons of Peifuinery obiaiued from the first Parisian hote Their u(iorlintnt ot Hair, Tooth, and Nail Uruthes are of superior manufacture. Medical Wines and Spini of truperidr quality and rhoice varietf. THU.SKS, jrale and Female on the most hnprot ed principles remarkably low priced A varieiyof theinost valuable I'otent medicines. Cheutical preparations of all kinds warranted gen nine. A felection of Dm-estic Wants, ucn as MnrcionI, Vermicelli, Salad Oil, Sardines, Olives, Prune. French and American Chocolate, Cocoa, IN fined Isinglass, Ketchup of various kinds, PicUed Lob kters, Irish .Moss, French Murlard, Kverv attention wilt Le nariiculatlv raid to ensura the Band crares of he puhbe. n. J. Heineberir & Co invite the Public to makr art early rnli and view their rstablUhment. nsntt-d; up vfitncui revaru to Fpitnaour, it copramt the most superior quality of goods to be obtnAcd in tho. market. The store is accessable at all hours of ninhmnrf) Df:.t. R. J. lleintbfr takes this opionunitv to return his sincete (hanks to the inhsUtantt of Bur lingmn and viiiriiy for the numerous favors conftrrrd upon him, and h ie not nowtob forcolien by his old friends. K. IL The Store is situate! next to Meri Brim inai I it Rroiher Variety Store. Church St., vbtrt the Doctor can bd consulted daily. llurlineron. Dec. 4th, lRiL 2T i B. J, HriNCBCitft, W. C. lUsn.KCtOfT