Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 18, 1845, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 18, 1845 Page 2
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I "Tlic project of conncclina Montreal liy ttnilroiJ, w'wh llio ert -board , cither nt l'erllnnil r I'oslmi, n t tSlinslcnd, nppears to mo nnc of those wild schemes .. .....! r. .1 ,..,.! hill I iiitti mum-limes k.iiii i.tvur i"i uiu nhhm . From l!u? Itoslon Alias of the IO1I1. which, when examined, suddenly vanish into Ihinnir. RAH ROAD TO VF.RMONT AND CAN- Ih&VI'LA '.' . An A (Canada, residing nt Montreal from 1331 lo 1911, mm AUn, my bisiness led me fn optcnlly Into iho country. 1 l ,ln not It, heve that nil tho hu.ineg. nn Ihe road, dm- Although our citizens iiru nuking efforts , insf hu i winter month., would keep the track-clear nf . ,l , , ,. ,, , , ... ice nml snow, and, unring the tciniinucr ot me sea fur thoiconslrtiction of n Unil lload from tins i ,,, ,nf nrt t ,10 u roil) cinB ihrmigh the .'.i.. .t.'. i. r.. .......... r I-. ii v. .( French ctllcmcnt. though den-olv populated and ""US ' - "i " j ovt.r n ?1)0l mAt ,,,.rccoive little nr ri.. patronage appears lo US ilie great bail V of our , from ihe. inlialiiinnls along iho line. Tho Canndian . . , ft.... ,,., I French patronize nollilne but a cart nnd nonoy. 'I lie people nre not aumciunlly uwarc of tliu vast (rU,llth hat rol cnmiot Minv , ,iM j, importance of this measure lo tho liilsinnss Knslisli fond! lor tho Provin.iil Parliiincnt. hi 1 , , granting tho charier, ornilled In iruarnnlcc nny rttri- Mild prosperity of our CltV. i ho must nc- I dentls nn lis sloe1., nnd this Ins been considered an live and rfflciont measure, should ho adopted XZrlXili!? E nml with llio least possihlo delay, to carry In taking I's" stock-. Th ir uli-criplions, when mule, this grant work Into operation. Wc have been intending to nddrrss ourselves to llio public, on this momentous subject nnd to grcl thai wc havo not carried that intention into effect innsniticli ns the delay to do so has induced nn erroneous impression, nn tliu triiii of nl lenst ono of our friends, who writes to us from Bellows Falls, under nn impression that ivc-uiu Inutile lo tho project uf a Rail Rnnd fiom Filcllbtirg, through making n cnnlinnons lino from Lake Ontnrio to D... . .. .... . .. Inn iniayine if vou rio. the enormous extent of II Kcene, Hollows tails, nml burlington, lo business. The contt of such nn event fills Montreal. Wo cm ussiiru him, that hu is I ""!' ".hl' ninni;hinenl nnd onder. A eroat reyo , v , 1 lutnnisnl hmd, nnd prompts its tn take nn netitc, entirely nilstnken for this is the very route, zei'ou, mi 1 em rcelic part in liasUiiinj; lis glories to ..I,. I il .I.trl. .... .t.,...t,l ...t.. I ..... t consuiuniniwn." FOREIGN. LATKIl FROM ENGLAND. The p ichot sltip Queen of the West arri ved nt New York on Tuesd.iy, liavinq left Liverpool on llio 7th of March. Wo have London papers to tliu latest dates. Tlio most imporlnnt item of news is llio action of Par liament on tho TnrifT. After a desultory debatn in a thin House, Sir Hubert feel's income lax was nqrncil In u Committee of llio Whole! on tho evening of the 5lb. Several amendments designed to ruslrict tho action jf llio bill in one or an other tiarlicular. were rejected by l.irco dm jorities. Sir Robert Peel's statement lis lo Ameri can sui',irs, tho import nf which had air ly j,i ' reached us through the French papers, will interest. In a debate on tho that Low-in Kozore, onn uf Ihe old Chief of the Cherokee Nation, hail been murdered by imtnn of the Rim parly. Mr Urnrers ot into n 'f crane with a citizen of llio Nation, but no more there was nn murder. John Field", a sicnor of the 'Treaty of 1B33, .i tnm of dissipated Inbits nmlnf.i ritilont ilis. position, wa mtirilered nt A horse race, nn f'ooii skin Prairie, nn the SJ2.I nit. Five persons are charged with llio perpetration nf the I nirrler, fourof whom arc nniiacustody. Do-gnli-to-skce, a relative of JpiJti Is nmono; them. Tim Advocate,, .riming lo a law hoforn the Legislature r,f Missouri In securo tn married wo inenJjiQtfights lo property belonging to tliem liefnrn mnrrmte. boasts that the Chornkees have iieen runsiiierahle in advance nf many nf their white brethren in this respect, the rights of their w.-tnen having been amply socurcil almost ever I since they had written l.iws. A. 0. fic. lions and reasoning report strike us as deserving of attention. Wc have some per sonal ucqii.iiulanco with llio wiitcr, Mr. Weeks. Ho is n well road, philosophical, practical farmer, with whom theory and practice go hand in hand one who can give n good reason for nil ho docs, and whoso well cultivated farm, well-selected library, ex tensive rending, hospltulity, and general knowlcdgo of men nnd things, demonstrate that there is much reason in nil ho docs. ill bo Iho extension of tho Si Johns roi I to tho Province, line, lo conned with nnr road lo Boston. Tho route Irom Itiirhneton lo Camda preenls no obstacles, more difficult to nveri-oino, than iIip sunn di lanco r.-isl or South. Tho slateinuil, nf late o indnlrionly circulated, to llu i-onlrirv. wi the oil- soring of itrnornnrp or niitiee. nn I trims no ere with even the Canadians who favored llio Sianstcad )c .(,(.( with rouie. i presume measures will no uiKPn, ixumii . . , . . us, localises survey durina lliennpro.aihina sommcr. Oil, ."5ir Robert hid already announced tint .oTSS fix no later day than tho 14.1. uf Assembly, and it, to tin- Senate. when that roni n fnvomhle report has been made upon March for on which tho new sugar (In e. This will soon bernine n liw) nnd, , , , . . ti... .,,...:-.,.,, I is cninplei-d, manlier wilt cur Hos should lake efTect. 1 ho American sit- pnivo and which uu uiilenlly desire, ero long, to see carried into eflecl. As we have nut now the leisuio fully lo express our views on tins subject, we must content ourselves, for the piesent, wilh lay ing hefurc our lenders the following column nicalion, to which we would earnestly call their intention: Tor the Alias. Few nre aware of the miner il res mrces of that part of ViTiuo'it, win, h is on mil nt nr tho line of iho pro posed Railroad from liillows l-nlls, lliruiigli Hutiand, lo In Urnlion, nb nit nine miles from Hollows Tall-, nre ihe most extensive ipiarncs of soapsl'tno yet t'is-,-overi'd, nnd from which, fir many ycars'largo quan tities have been aiiuu.illy -ent to tnnrkel. Ilis of very superior cj ialily, an I easily nnd cheaply iptarned. The same mineral is nlso fouuJ in (jliesier, wilhin Iwo miles nnd m Windham, within six miles of the line of mid. In IWkinshnm there i nn abundance of roof i tie, ns ;oid ns is found m Iho United Stales In Cnesiernnd Cnven.hii, directly upon the survey. cJ line, arc inexhaustible ninnies "f ihe best kind of sibcious mien slate, for btulJiucor Ibi'cuu,', nul which can be worked wilh very liltlo cxpenso. In Wind ham, favendisli, nnd Ludlow nro liie most extensivo mountains of serpentine yet known, some of ihem nlniosi wilhin n ioni's ihrow of ihe proposed line of roaoj nnu in tj.avenmsn, wnereiiiis mm.-rnl liileen .vorkud lo some cxicnl, iniith of it is of I hit lioatiliful vnnetv called verdanttcnt. In rlvmoui h anv o-imi lily of lime, as while nnd twiec ns piron as iho Thomaslon, can he made for less than tishl cents the I us'iel. rivmonili is remarknb e for Iho variety nnd uperior qiiahlyofitsironores j for, besides the swon dirvores, whicli nre so common upon oilier portions of the line, theronre extensive veins of rich niairnctio nnd micaceous ore, which nro casdy worked. The marble ol I'lvmoulh isnlrindini, of excellent quality. oiiu tins nui iieen exiensiveiy ipi.arrien, except lur in l king lime, siutph'on account of the expense of (,'eiiiit!! i! to market. In Danbttry, Ttninoinh, Clntendon, Rutland, Piltsford. Ilrnndun, Mildlebury, nnd ?Cew Haven, is found ibc'h si ninrhlc ycl known in ihe country, nnd in quantities beyond nny probable con sumption. Mnny of the quarriein these towns, par ticularly in Rutland nnd Middlcbury, arc extensively worked. Almust every year some new nnd beautiful variety of marble is discovered upon the ro.ue. In Tinmouth, W.allinclord, Rutland, l'utsfurd, llramlon, Monklon, nnd lltislol, are immense beds f excellent iron ore, most 0f them close lo the base of il.o main range of tho Green Mountains, in the immediate vi cinity of larne forests, mil" umonf ihem ten miles Irom the surveyed line. There are extensile non works in opetnlion in Plymouth, Put-ford, Brand in, Bristol, nn I Vercennes. In Snrew-sbtiri' larneo ,nn. imes m copperas nave oecn utanuiaciurc.t, nit'l lite su'phuret of iron, from which il is made, i. nnpartni- I, I. .JMI.II-IIWI-I HIV UNIT III lllilll- snnesesio annlly mined for export iiion, and the same mineral is plenty in I'lvmoinh nnd other town" nn anil near the route. T here H scarce a low n upon the line hill whal there is in it some vil mhle mineral. which would furnish nn important ilcm nf firnjlit, if n unuronu were niuii. m reover, a liailroad npnn this route would tap, nl Vtruennes and Rurlinaton, the whn'e iron country west nf Lake Champlain. Onnosile Vereennes. near Westnnrt. the F.-i!r. is less than Iwo miles wide, nnd tho winter rrnssing up in ihe ico neiier tnnn at ntinost nny oilier point i nnd opp.e site llurlmclon, where the Lake is widest, it is usual ly open lull ten months in the year, nnd it is believed main powiriui sieamnnat wouiii lurnish an milliter rnpjcu navieauon turourn ine winter. .Alanv vears t-nnnot pass btfore a Railroad will he built from Lake Champlain to Oi'densburah, anil this i the nearest and cheapest route by which Lake Ontario can b" reached from Biston. Wilh ihe Pitrlttinrjr road ex- lenoeu tnroitsn ixeenoanu iimiami lo llutlmt:ton, and a road built Irom O lens'.iirch lo Lake t'haninhin freight may be trnnsporttd In llotlnnfrom nny point on Uit great Lakes, itest nf Ihe Wetland Canal, ns cneap tin is carritu jiom the mine point lo .Ycu York. Inviewofn connection wilh Montreal, the Keeno and Rutland route has ndvnntaj-es possessed by no other. It is full twrniy miles Ihe nearest. It passes through n country incomnnr.alilv nvm. rlt, ;n cultural nnd mineral ri sources than nny other part of New England. The cost nf conslritclion, as shown uy iniumi Mirvcya, win oc tnoueratc qutlo as cheap, probably, ss upon any other route. The grades are irencrally favornble, none neee-isarily execcdins sixty feet to the mile- nntt, upon llmi pnrl nf it Wcst"oftho Green Mountains, tlicro will be as luile ob-truciion from snow as upon nny rnilrnnd in Mnssaehuselts. Thcro is. to the people of Boston, another imtiorlanl c- nsidernlion. This roule, beiua the most West rly ot nnv thal is direct anil feasible, ct; ofTfrom Trail nml ,ext York Ihe trade nf Western Vermont, anil Ihcinhnle roimlru tCatt nf il. An extension of iho Concord road, ihront'lt Plymouth Jf. II. nnd Iliver hill, lo fitanslead nnd Monlreal, civcs to iho nvr chants nf Boston no new customers, beyond n few from Canada. An extension nf iho I-'ilchl uri; road, llirnush Kcene nnd Itiilland, cives tn them all the Irate they would receive from Ihe Ilnveihdl rnnlr ! nnd, m n Idilion lo lhai, ihe business nf Wesirn nnd Central Vermont nnd Jforlheastern New York. The Haverhill route makes n road simply to Montreal, Tlie Rutland in Mill shorter read to Montreal i nnd with the exception of 120 miles, completes onolhcr tn the navinnlde wnlrs nf Lake Ontario. The Legislature of New York is nbnut crnntini' n charier for a rai'rnad from I'latlsiiure, ihrouch Ma lone and Potsdam, or Jforfo'k. lo O; li nliiirli. The different routes from Lake Champlain lo b olens biireh were surveyed in 19 JO, by Edward II. Brnd head,, under ihe d.recion nfC,iniiniss;nners np poinled by Ihe legislature of New Y ok. IVom his report il is nhvioits that the best nn I ebennfst mote is the one from Plnllsbur It Ihrouch Mnl no and Vnr folk, nnd wh'di is callrd Ihe Nnrtl-ern rnnle. This rassea almoslentir.-lylhrniiDh n well .ml nr. -vluctive eonutrv i iho tlistnnee -is Vit milr. Tl,r.r. nre no trades exceedins W feet lolhe mile, no curves nil, I a - .1 ... I. inn f ,.. icj Mini, i.ii u tret, nnd the lualiest rlc- yation nbnve lidewater 10-9 feet. beinr; P9 feel above Lake Chsmnlsua. nnd fe. t ntoveiho Si, Law. renceat Ojilensboreh. Mr. Brodhend's estimale for Kradinj and hridjes is I u $9-39 099 S7 8:n , h(1 mdc-nnr will any one, nrqumnted n-iih ihnt portion or ihe connlry, think it loo low. His .,., rr, insdo with prrnt cnte 1 1 ihe enrib reuulatly Jounded wch Ihe ancur to the drpih or l,e enA,' rr to ihe nckj nnd his .-stimnles for exenvntion nnd umlmnk. inent were nearly 50 per cent, hirjber ihnn was paid tor similar wots upon the I'm bburg mad. Tliu Keenu Senlinel slates that ihe sub scription to tho Chi'shiro llailroatl, rrom fitehbtirg lo Bellows Fulls, is progressing very successfully. In Keenn, alone, the subsciiplion is up lo S15S 000, and from in- fiirnrilion received from various qu liters, g.trs which had already arrived in Liveipnol, in reference to which tilts convcts-ition iirnse in tliu Hnuso of Commnns, were shipped from ibis country with the expectation that they would pay the fotuier duly. The Queen's first luveo was held on the 5th. The Indian news is of interest. Tliu ful ler statements which it gives til the renewed disorders in llio Puniauh, excites onco morn tho conjectures sn tiften haz irded as lo llio designs of llio Drilish Indian Government, i,.ir,. nnn nnn ,,Cii,,. c.r,nfi (inn -.,ni,.,i ' ... , . or its hones of obtaining possessions of these to commence, will bo secured in ihe country , ' . . b ' this wee " Thcro was a spirited mooting in Ch iileslown, on S itunl.iy, attended also by delegatus from Cl.ireuiont nnd other towns in Sullivan County, and Springfield, Windsor, Weathcr.sfit.'ld, &c.,'in Vermont. Tho meeting was addressed by Guv. Hub bard, of Cli irlestowu, Mr. FvJwardsof Ibis lown, Dr. Morse, of Walpole, Messrs. Rus sell and Richards, of CLiremonl, and Mr. Price, of Windsor. A very strong interest valuable disliicts. Tliu Continental news Iris been anticipa ted by the arrival of llio Louis Phillippt Tho news from China by the nvciland mail is lo the 19th of December only ; it is not so late as wc had received direct. JSos, Adv. FROM CHINA. Thii ship Natchez, dpt. Walerman, nr- Tint Maunctic Tr.tKnp.Ai'it a I'ot Orrtcr. Aor.ST. We slaled, a few tUy since, that the tnigiiotic telegraph hot ween 'Washington and this city wa now under (he exclusive control nf Ihe ( Post Office DepHlmcnt. The Hon. Cue Johnson, Post Master Ceneral, with characteristic eunrt'V. has matured the nercssa. ry arrangement!) t" enable the entire ciminiiin!- ties nl both cities to avail themselves "i me m cilitios nlliirdetl by his liclitning.hkD express, The followiiiL' is the ulan adopleil: Agonls will be in attendance nt lite Post Offices of Washington ami Hiltonnm between the hours nfei'tlii nnd 1. 11 A. M.. ono tint! three, anil from live tn seven, P. M., every day except Sundays, for the reception and transmission nl any ties hi'r.hes which may be offered. These cominu nicitioiis will, of course, lia mane in luaoneiic ch traders', tun t,o reception nf the tlespalch the aoent wili ir.i-.T,e tliu cl11r.ic.lers, writo them no a sheet of paper, fold and it ns an ordinary Idler, direct it to the person for whom ills inli'h'b'd, anil bond it lo Mich porsuu im mediately bv a limnnv post. All eotntriunici- lions thus transmitted will he considered strict ly conlidi'iilial. and the characters relating there to insi.mtlv d.'s! roved. The compensation fixed al one-fourth of a cent for each magnetic clurac.ter 60 sent : in every case to be pro-pnu, The Inner carrier will receive the usual fen of two cents nn rath Idler. This arrangement w ill go into coinp'elc opcx ntirin so soon hs the lino of w ires call. bo exten ded In the Ililtim ire Post Office, which will bo commenced immediately. Wu are gratified to learn that Prof. Morse has been nnnoititcd suiierintetident of this invaltia bin branch of the "mail i-ervirc :" and tint Messrs. Vail and llnaers, so favorably know as tim efficient and obliging .agents from its coin inent enient. have received appointments to con titnio their iiiiortntit services 111 its lulu re ope ration. Hall, Sun. SUGAR. Lyman Ham,, Esq. of Shelburn has sent us n sample of some hundreds of pounds of maple sugar ho has manufactured this year, which wc should bo happy to have nil our rca dors cxaminn. It is u very beautiful article indeed; and what is most important, it i to result of no expensive, difficult, or ex trnordinary effort, beyond a rigid regnrd lo loantincss in securing and hailing the sap, With suclt examples of what is practicable at homo, the time cannot ho u. slant when ..He" ' " ..'Jianth nf .March w.a tho consumers ol foreign sugar 111 1 ermont ' frcoainl barbarous men all these clement of tnor- uernlceve, nf New 11rk, who ran I be 10 miles was manifested in llio Cheshire Railroad, as ' al New ork on Thursday, having tho first important link in tho great road from j made the shortest passage from Macao ever M issachusctts to Durlingtnn and Montreal. 1 known. She was bill 7S days frmn port to l lii! c!ulcgiites took books 10 open for sub-1 port, having lull Macao on llio 14th ol - '" Ci-.C: scription in their several towns ; and this was 1 nary. Our latest previous dates were to tho I'M I) A V .MO UN I Jf G, communced at Ch.irlestow n, the same eve- -7th ol Dcc-tnbcr. ning, by a sum of $10,000, from a few indi viiliinls. It was believed it would amount lo nl b-ast Sl'j.OOO in lown. Some $7,- 1 000 were taken bv two or three individuals in Lowell, as a good, a-id perhaps the best investment now offi-ied. Tim Committee will lose no linio in getting on the Engineer, preparatory for contracting for ihe grading, 11 great portion of which will be done this season, so that a large portion, at least, of the road may bo opened in the fall of 18-1G.' TUT. GIir.AT RAILROAD. Tho Natchez left New York on the 2lst of May last for Valparaiso, to which port she made the shortest passage known, being but 71 days. Fiom Callao lo China she was hut 55 1-2 days, and slit; lias circumnav igated llio woild therefore in liltlo more than ten months, including her detention in differ ent ports. Howl Kong, Jan. 8th. The captain of the Sp in sh vessel Mnrlinrstli Timlin reports tint, when (ishliing to llm eastward of the Kii f,on. don Shoal, in !.it. 8 57 N. and Ion. ll'J :!7 B. he discovered a chain leading from tin: reef, or shoal lo I lie water, upon following which the re. 111 tins of a vesol were discovered, in about three fathoms at high water ; put of the frame, with tin- stem and stern post, was all that hold together, the water washing through her. I'll II. 13, CONNECTICUT ELECTION 1BI Our accounts from uur sister Slate of Con necticut, aro of Il.o most cheering kind. Tin; good Whigs nf that Statu havo don their duty nobly. They h ive reprimanded in a voico of thunder, the recreants, Si-.ymour, Simons, and Stbwaut, for th votes in Congress, on tho infamous measure of Annexation. Old Connecticut is Whig again, throughout her Slate Government, nnd herdelegalion in tho House of Represent lives of Congress. Nobody but Nli.r.s now remains to disgrace her and she will only await the expiration of his term, lo place by tliu side of her Huntixotov, in the Nation ppodionitwasfounltohesiUor. Further search 1 "H Xtix"1 P"' gr-itifylng to all was made, anil money in Uoll.irs and syece was 1 gootl Whig throughout tho Union. All picked up to the amount of Sl.iO.OfM ; K j :,,;, ivin , ,onur ,0 ilw-ir brelh ii-ii of Connecticut, who have achieved Aro onr bustne-s men and canitalisis in Boston awnre of the irn-nt nse productiveness uf ihe route of the proposed llailroait through Keene, J. II. to Bur lintjton in Vermont? We ftar they nro not. So aJ to New York tin, llo-ton me -chants me in .lie J" If "", ,olV ,v'r,'7 ,l"'ir-ru'1 .nt I Senate, anotlit-r good and truu Whig liaiill 01 reiirilliiy ill ii "inn- .1 . 1 111 uu iininiMi, ill . , , , ', ., , iliiiuidi 1 be habits intl ass. icta lions of ihe people rial- I oral!) incline iheiniolbe Meiropo'tsof .N'ow-I jial ind nsa place of trade We have beird hundreds of Ver mont merchants say they tlioul I pnf.-i Mliadoin B ision, if there were nnvihimr like iboso means of coinmiuiieation which ixist h.-twecn that .Slate and lliccilyof Now-Y-irk. Bill iho natural harriers u sucli n undo Ibey do 1101 foil nble, siude banded, to overcome; and lh-y, llorifore, thou-jli rc'tietnnlly, turn their fic:s to New- York fir n market. This re mark npp'ies more pnrtieulaily to that poriion of Vermont which lies w-e-t of liierancoof Green .Moun tains, which is by far the most productive p rlion of New Knzland. The lacls contained in Mr. KIN worth's siaiisiicaljleporl may ns'onish those busi ness men in ibis eilv who have paid no nllen-ion to ibis subject. I t will tie sen that Iho Slate of Maine, thoiit-h contnininu four limes ns much Iciriiory, nrul more llian twice the pop dalion, h fir hibind Ver inonl in llio nsnres.ite of sunn of iho most important productions nf llio soil; nnd III. 11 titer other Jfcw England Smies nro siill furlhrr in the rear. The Re port referred to j-ncs llio following aggregate pro duciions t States. Tons Hay. Wheat. Oils. Maine, 1,2,1 TOO 0005 l,12.'.no0 lYew.Hnmpshire, fiS7,000 5-3 000 1 7 1.000 Vermont, I,2M,nOO 7iVi 000 3,?r,n.0n0 Massachusetts, TOri.OOO 210.000 I,G37,0o0 Conneciicut. 57JO00 101000 l.lOO.OfrO Rhode Island, 11,0)0 1000 123,000 In the product of Potatoes, the great crop of Mnine, Vermont is ahead in r roportion to her population j nnd vastly abend if nil other Slates except Maine. The total crop nf Mnino is put down nt 12,301000 bo-liels, nnd that of Vermont nt C.153 000. Of In. tlian Corn, the crop of the Iwo S'nies is nbout rqnal; but of ihe creat stnple of Wool. Vermont produces nearly ns much ns nil ihoniher New Knlnnd Slates put together 1 In ca'tlo, horses, bolter nn I cheese, ermont noes not tntj neninii nny 01 ine oilier .New I T.ngland State"; in fact, wo believe she is of thorn nil. In Minerals, loo. Vermani is rich hovond conipari-on with the other Statesof Xew I'.nsland. Whal n dowry of wealth is here opened to ihe en terprise of 1 istou merchaiils! Tile proposed route .for n Railroad tliroialt Kcene to Btirhndon lies I throuah ihe very heart of Vermont Ihrouah towns nvetncinrt- a popiiiauon 01 iouu eae-i nnd will com imnd iheeniitc trade nf tho taie, wilh ilie exeep ttoe, perhaps, nf n few towns in iho soutb-wesi ct ru cr. Jfo nuc nf llio llailron I projects offers such mu tual ndvania-es as ihi". To Vermont it opens n ready maikcl for nil her produce, nnd lo Boston n re id v sate for doines-ie nnd imported eoods. This Railroad. once coinple-ed, will double ibe inland commerce of Itoston m live years. Let uinse who nave tho pros perity of our cily nl heart, nr who, nre lookijia nbout them for ineans'of investing their spare capital, turn I heir attention to ibis great cnlci piise. tloiton Dai ly MM I Trom Iho Atlas, of ihe llih.) Wc look occasion, yesterday, in rail llin iittetilion of onr readers to lids subjert nnd llin more wn reflect upon il, tho mnro thor- (Highly do the nmcnitiido nnd importance of tlio work become impressed upon our minds. Tho great engrossing topic of this cnmniu nity, at llin present time, should be the com pletion of this road. Every man who re gards the welfaro and prosperity of New England nnd especially of llio capital of funw jiiElanil slmultl i-ngapn himself in this .work. The Railroad from Boston lo Mon treal must be built am the sooner it is com-.;im-nced, llio bettor it will bo for llio prnplo ' "of Ro'sion. On the subject of thn construclinn of this road, wo publish iho following extract of a ." letter from a "highly Tespprlahln genileninn . of 'Burlington, Vf., who ia .probuhly heller urijunmtcd wilh llio business of Canada than tin v other mail in New Kiinlujjd : A Ilt'Mfinnc" Argcmtnt AO VINST RsltnOADS There1 Atnnal slock bolder joite the followina nt. bis ren- so is foroppnunc railroads, -no saw wnai wouiii no lherfl'-cl of it tliat it would set the who! world n ci'ldine twenty miles an hour, sir! Why you will not be nble 10 keep nn apprentice hnvni his wotkt every Saturday ho will tako n trip to Ohio lo spend ihoSnbbaih wilh his switthenrt. Grave, pl.addnii citiz-ns will be lljins about hkn cornels. All local ntlnebmenl must be at an end, Il will ncoiiratre fliabtmessnf inlellect. Various people will turn into Iho most imnienntrcnble bars, nil llieir account will be rn!r!crnlfd by llieir inncnifieent notions of ths lance 'only a hundred utiles nT Tut, nonsense. I'll step across, madam, nnd brinu your fan M'rny, sir, wi'l you dnn wilh me to-dav, at Iny hllle box nn iho Alleghany 1" 'What, denied. 1 dont I shall he in lown until 12 well, I shall be llicre, but you mu't lei inn otl'in tin e for the the theatre.' And then, sir, there will be barrels of pork nnd cargoes cf Hour nnd chnldrons of coal, nnd tvrn lead and whis key nnd suth like sober ibings that havo nlwnys been list d to sr.btr travelling whisking nway like a set nf kv rotkels. It will unu t the ernvilv of llio nnlion. Ifncniiplenf ceiiileinen hate nn nd'air nf honor, il is only lo Henl ntT to ihe Rocky Mountains, and there no jurisiliciion enn touch llnni. And llicn, sir, Ihink cf flvmc for debt. A set of haddK mounted on bomb shells, would not nterlat.e nn absconding del lur only give him r.urslart. rpon Ihe whole sir, it 19 n tnpsey inrvey harem searem whirligig. Give 1110 llin old, solemn, slraicbl. forward DuK h cnnnl three mile" nn hour for npr-ses, nnd two for joir or trot j nirnevs wilh a yoke of oxen, lorn heavy load. I go for the bevt oflurdent it is more primitive nnd scriptural, and suns n iikirnl nnd reheioua people belter. None of your hop skip and jump whimsies for nic,' Prize Fioiit. A beastly affair took placo on Monday, at Willlainsbiirgli, between one nninial called Mike Ward, nf Now York, and another railed Tnm Crib Jr. of Ungland, for 8500. It lasted fiftysono tnlnutcs, and twenty-one rounds were fnugbt. Ward wns the vlctnr, bntli par. lies siilf.-ring severely. Crib, thn defeated one, N saitl I,, have lie-on left on the grcund, alone, rnvnlnprd ip a blankrl. t'annnt the law bn on forced aaintt thete Urtitcb ! .V, )', Impress, sticking between the timbers, a Chronometer ami Sextant. Ihe captain judging the money tn be English property, brought it hero and handed it over tn a mercantile house, until il can ho proved which of Ihe insurance coinpinies aro entitled to it. It is supposed that the wreck is that nf thn Christina, lost on tho r,it London shoils in 13li but Ihero l.s no further evidence nf ibis than the fiet of her having specie no hoard, and that which may be afi'irded by iden tified llin Chronometer and Sextant with those owned by the captain of the unforlumte Chris, tint. In the meantime, until tho question of own. nrship is settled, tho Agents for the Marine In surance Companies, h ive agreed In invest the money in Company' paper, lnsa fourth, which tbeygiio to tho finder, leaving open tho ques tion of a further claim tn salvage. Much disappointment is folt at tho non-arri val of the September and Odober mail", which havo been delayed beyond all precedent piece Ihe overland route was established. I.nndin dates are now five months old, nor from II no bly or Calcutta bivn wo later intelligence than to the 7l!i and U'li Oct. Since Ihe abovo was written, tho Calcutta portion nf the September mail has arrived. Jan. 1st. Wo publish officially a letter from II. M. Consul at Manila, announcing Ibe lutal loss of the ship Prenror, Caps, Drowning, from this port to II ill, and tint Ilie captain anil crew had been detained at Sooloo as slaves. From private sources, we learn tint six or seven of the lasers were ransomed by C.ipt. Wmdlmn, nf tho Velocipede, al 10(J each, and taken to Manila. That active officer, Captain Helcbor, was about sailing from Manila, with his ship Ihe Sarnnrang, in order lo obtain tliu freedom nf tho rest nflho crow nf tho unfortunate Premier, who otherwise havo before them a life of captivity. iV. 1'. Jour, of Cum. The Vestal was lo proceed to Whampoa, to receive another instalment of the indemnity money it was said 83,000,000. The pirates were still busy in their deprcda. linn". The arrival of the American whaler Poruvi. an, to refit, at Hong Kong, is noticed and Iho hopo ardently expressed that she will prove thn prccursnr of a fleet, seeking tho harbor tor sim ilar purposes. Klaboralo arguments aro urged to show that Hnng Kong is a far belter harbor for American chips lo refit, than tho Sandwich Islands. Elliirls have been mado to raise mnney on Ihe credit of the Ciovcriimeiil, In repair Iho dikes Tho Emperor Ins commuted tho punihment nf death, whicli General I,e, Shoo and ntliors, in curred by flying before tho English, lotranspor. talioti lo Orotimsli- I)i"liirbancesnfa snmewhat serious character have broked nut in several parts nf the Empire, especially in Kwcicboo and in Fokeen. The Ciiekokee Nation. Yesterday',! mail brought us tho Cherokee Advocate of iho 27ih ult. and (ith inst. It is a paper which wo always read with great intercot. lis morally conceived and i-ensiuio written editorials give proof dial llin mind nf thn rod man is not naturally imper vious In Ihe rays of civilitlion. We inako the following digest from its columns Herein intelligence has been received in Iho Nation that George Guess, tho invonlor of 1 lie Cherokee alphabet, is not dead, as has bee 1 son. posed, but is now wilh some of bis countrymen, who arc loratcu near Aiatamorn!', Mexico.- Somo Cherokees are expected to leave llio Na tion, in tho course nl a short time, for Matiino. ros, rnrllie purpose of restoring him to his coun. try, if still alive. A letter tn Ihe editor dated al Fort Gibson, February Ulllh, gives a flat cnntrnihe lion In iho stories of wars and ruinnrs of wars bctu-eon tlio Crocks and the Pawneo Mahas, Tho story of 300 Ctccka being killed originated In tho fright of their women, who became alarmed at Iho ap proach of seme twenty-five or thirty Osagcp, who camo to trade for corn. The editor ot Ihe Advocate rnnlradb-1. tl.r. tlery in the St. Luuis Republican, selling forth' signal and glorious a triumph. Tlte of tliu 12lh inst. says : Vbo election nf Monday is full of cheering considetations to every friend of the national honor. The Whigs of Connecticut send greet nig to their Whig brethren, tint they are true to the best interests of the country. The Whig have "lined a victory over Ihe regencies of ly coforoism, ami given them a perfect Waterloo defeat. We have met iho enemy and they arc ours. Horse, tool, ur.igoon, aro all overthrown and the idols of the party are beatun lo tho Uus' 7'iioro is something, ton, cheering, 111 the fact that il lias been tlonn, by Ilie Whig", standii up manfully for their principles, and moolin I.ncnfocount quoitly, but determinedly, at the polls. 1 here Ins been bill utile outward ti ll he show of party activity: but the people have taken into calm cnnWderattnn the real interests involved in tho contest, and came upto tho nollr-, and renewed lbcirjlU?gijiico to the constitution, mado a bold and energetic protest against tlio frauds and abumin.itions which anucxalio-i schemers have tonight to fasten upon the peace and happiness n' the country. Locofocnism will find that scheme introducing the confusion of U.ibel among its discnmlilted ranks. Connecti cut has shown her opinion of tha project, and asks her Wing brethren throughout the Union to go and du likewise. To slaves may not be dumb 1 J'or lhi, the honest Yankee's son Is into prison thrown ) And, if no friendly hand redeems, A slave ho lives, olone. Then, Massachusetts, gird the up 1 Thy cause is Freedom, Right Thy noble heart will never shrink I rom this tho moral fight. Send forih thy voico from shore to shore, Let Freedom's clarion ring, 'Till all Iho Ktco shall speed thco on, And ro-ind thy binders chngl And Carolina, bow thy head, Thine is the cup nf shame . And Slav'ry is Ihe Upas tree That blasts our eister's fame. KM MELIJfR. A WOrITto OtJlt HOYS ABOUT WAR Saturday livening, Apiil 5. novs of America, von nnd llio boys of (Irenl Bri tain will deicrmino Ibe character nnd condition nf mankind, twenty-five years from Ihis evening. Tho world is looking forward wilh cirncst expeclatims and hope to the nine when Ibe cocrnincnt shall be on your shoulders. All tho wealth of cicncc nnd Iho prngrt"s nf ngesi inventions, snrpa-sing nil that havo yet originated in the mind of man, nnd which shi'l bring, ns il were, the ends of Ihe earth tngcthcr, and make ono's life nnd thoughts ubiquitous nml im morlnl j railroad chariots, riming "like the light nings" through tho ecntrnl regions of Asia and Ifncn, unit- bnrdiy explored commerce Willi nnttoiis nnd senports now senrcely known by name to thenvihz I T EM S . ' Aiicnn CvUmhat'mn. The I Inn. lhn'l Wal do, of Worcester, Ms., has paid 81000 towards the purchase nf territory in or near Liberia, and thn Misses Waldo, of tho aamo place, 81000. Mr. Hatch, who has been on trial at New Or leans, for the murder nf Mr. Jackson, in a ball rcottt, has been acquitted. Tho Legislature nf New Jersey adjourned, sine die, on Saturday, April 5, after a session of eleven weeks and four days. There are 1000 eggs used every' day at tlio Astor House. Ono hundred and sixty-four degrees nf Doc tor of Medicine were conferred upon as many graduates of tho Medical University of Pennsyl vania, Saturday, April 0. Large Cargo. The ship Rappahannock, Capt Druinntont!, cleared from Ibe port of .Mobile, oil the liSih till., with an immense cargo. Her manifest footed up 4,'J0l bales, weighing 2,002, SG'i poiinds,.and valued at 8103,20 10. Votmg licice. Andrew J. McLiin, presented before the County Court at WiMiainspnrt, ,ld., for votmg twice at Ihe same e'ection, in Otto- ber last, was sentenced, on Tuesday last, to pay S20 fine ami undergo 10 days' imprisonment in ed : world; enterprises ol Chn- benevolence, of tliu county jail. w-iuo-rcaciung pnuaninropy, towntc. 1110 present are T,, .., ,,, . a, Vo. n . , as wun by John Oil- mere dew-drops Ina river; tho moral power ofmind acting wun Ihe a ill bu confined lo that unfortunate class of1 ''".a.1""'1 ,'?r"' ,n,'?,:uli W "I"".y s'"1" persons who labor tinder thn conviction that the havo not yet got their "peck of dirt." For one, wo bolt. Tho process of skimming cup of coffen is no longer endurable, nnd for this time forward wo bar all sticks, straws, tic, and other unmentionables with which foreign sugar uhoiinds. Air. Hall will there fore please lo ri servo 100 lbs for us. l-'rom tho Boston Atlas. Wkli. Our readers will re member tho spirited lines, signed Enimelinc, from the United Slates Gazelle, which wo published somo two nr three weeks sinre, untitled "And whal will Massachusetts do?" beginning with thn lines, 'And shall her -nns unworthy prove, Of llieir ureal fathers' namo7 Shall M iss if husctts I nw the bead, And ill ink llio cup of.-liame?" A reverend .mil venerable so far as years can make htm apologist fur f.ilc-imprison inent and slavery "Itev. Thomas Frcan,' Surveyor General uf Smith Carolina, pub lishcil in tint South Carolinian, a few ti t s since, the following reply: A PARODY OJf jnisAciiiKiirri r south caro I. I.N A." "And what wi'l M isaclniselts do? Is licaid on every hand, Siv! what will M.issachnsi its do? Helloed Irom sirand to sirnnil," We answer, to her own pour slaves Let her dirc-l her cares, An I hid her hypocrites and knaves To mind llieir own all"iirs. Knr if she look at hnir.e she II sec, In couu'ry an I in lown, Distrc", nnd want, nnd misery, Press tens of thousands down, And many nn omc.ast seeking where To ro-l his wenry head, Atari many a bcrmr, w-iih a prayer For raiment and for bread. She'll see lite haunts of vice nbound, In nlmost every street; And sinful meshes spread amend To catch unwary feel ; Reh.non, which nil should profess, She'll hear proclaimed a jest, And man nssured that rfe-p excess, Is lut the road to rest. Now. bovs of America, would von be lirst nnd fore most nmnnc these men 7 Would you stand biforc Ihe whole race is Ihe captains of I lie Ir salvnlion from sy-teni of despotism thiil hnvc crushed Ihe.n in Ihe dust? Then let Iho first net of your administration be, 10 abolish an old pagan cu-tom that has beggared too woiiu .aim imcu ii won ignoinucc, misery nnu vice. I moan the whole War-system, especially tho preparniious for war in tioio of yence. And let your charity beuin at home. Look into the bdgcr of the United States, nnd sec how this wnr-breeding system has nw-.aiiowet'i ip the revenue nt 111c country since ibe Revolution, rrom 1791 to 1332, lire nggrccateof our expenditure", wilh less ihan three vears nl nctoal wariarc. wassju. i.ii-.BJi 1 ana uuji.tjn o his siun were worse than ihlown away in compliance with that old henlficnish maxim, ' lit time of peace prrpire Jor llnr ( all swlllowed up ny llio Army nml iXavv. which, tlurini; Hint whole ncnou. (tut not save a lif-, or nldlan incli to the territory or a cent to the wealth, or Ibe shihtesf lota lo Ihe Into honor, elorvnnd happiness of the Union. Just think of 11 for a monicnl tlnrinr. a period ufn' out 40 years, nil Iheothcrs expenses tn carrying on this (overninent nmoiinteil in the whule lo nnlv 37,153.017. while 9-05.03 J.S 1 1 wcrtthroicn into Ihe holtamlcet gulf of tf tr'prepamltons in time nj pcaeell' l.auo your slates and see how y it could have disposul of litis vast sunt of money, wienclied from the hands tf poor labontic people tn this and olhet countries. I he grcnl I.riov anal, extending Irom Alliany 10 Bilfilo, a distance nf DO'S utiles, cost ori.'itnlly S7, 141 7.30. It was considered almost the wonder of the ngo when it was opened. Tho whole country held a kini ol tuiiilce nt iiscomnleiiou 1 nnu ci'-e satin towns grew up as 111 n smi-lo tihht, where a few yens be 111 fjO minutes and oO seeund.". There were but four entries for tho race Gildcrslecve. Archer of New Orleans, Thomas Elworth of Bosle n. and an unknown person in a nnk, who gave nut at the end of the first mile. The purse was 8500. H read ful Steam lixvhismn. I he steamer West Point, bound up the Wabash, find.) 18th nil., burst her cylinder head near Evansville. biglil persons scalded : among whom was a fe mile and her child, deck passengers ; tho engi neer, anil live ntliors, deck pissengers, some nf lliotn very severely. The child died, and Ihe mother was m a very critical situa iun, having Inhaled the gas of steam. Aain-f. The Norfolk Beacon of the frit inst., say's the squadron Ii nut at that station for the, cnn-isting of the Princeton steamer, tho sloops of war St. Mary's and Sara toga, and brig Porpois-c, have received counter manding orders, and it was rumored that they will bo ordered to the Gulfnf Mexico. Tim said ships aro ready for sea, and Ibe Princeton was to leivo Norfolk 011 Sunday for Philadel phia, to take in her "big gun," when she will rejoin the squadron, and the whole will then pro coed to their destination. The V. S. steamer Po-n-cH, Cap'ain Swains, from Norfolk, arrived al New Voik on Tuesday morning, tilli inst. The Legislature of Michigan passed an act fore was noilntii? but nn uncultivated wilderness. 1 nt its late session, lur u'l.irli ilm,..,!.,. ..r Now how many of such public works ns tin, might ' tovvri at i,cir anual meeting, are to vote 'yea hive been constructed for llio sum which the United , ,, ,l ., ,, ., , " ,. , ' . Stales , xp. n led upon war-prcparniion. in 40 v.nis ! ', or ' "' "" the Tles!'!".' of granting licenses to Mr. Whitney, who petitioned Cnncrcs for pernns. !C1 anient spirits within such town during tho ion in build n railroad from Lake Michigan to the ! succeeding year. By a supplementary act, this Pacific en-con, ntl'iriiied Mint ihe magnificent wmk ,w is mado to take immediate ellect. wo -Id nil cost over S'O 000 000. How mnnv of "neb . ,,,,, rnlroa.ts ,,,,..1,! our Government have built, find it .!e-1 'ie.s '"'V'"" V'10 Pr's"ners at the Black voted to tlx ir construction what it lias appropriated j wol 8 island (N. .) prison is so good, that the 10 ihe prospective destruction of human bein-s? Grand Jury report that some of them have lobe One more problem in connection wiih this subject, "driven off" when their time expires. One nnd I have .lone rrom ISM to 1913, ,,e ""vern- s, ,h , j fa ,. , f men expenden nn Ihe Jv.ivnl Lsablihnitnt 4., SC9,- ,. . 1 .. .1 1 . " .-,13 nearly nine million, nioreiban for tho whole civil ' oars' and "ould ot 8 J a"7 account, list for forty Mars! Now, boys, will nn not tell , Tho Frederick Examiner tays there is not in those who cab ibeins lie" men, how tunny merchant ! tlt, j,,) f that county any one confined, citlur ships, of 500 tons, would 11 tn' e 10 earn this sum. nl 15 ... ,),, v,-m,st tbr. I ,.v nf tl,n i ,1.. r nOUOa jear net profits for each ship II. R. a l. """"'' an.",st ".,0 ' As, " ' '" ,"r ' ... 'ho Corporation. Plus is the lirst lime it has Itall-Kotd Coi-i-esptiiduncc. been an open house for the last thirty years. , , , , Appointments. The Concord Courier states Mn.STACv,-I Ihink you lor your comment, upon JMn!Mn i.,ercc ia, Ilecn p.,ml)fcj my Ill-it eommumcilion in jo ir Inst paper. Of inc.. . ., , ... , , , ... " ',, various f.icis nnd eons dcrntp ns silted by me lo show 1 United btates I) Uriel Mlnrney for New- I lamp, why ihe Bosion and .Montreal Railroad -bnulil lake , shire, III place of Joel Listnun, the present Mi llie M.iiitpeher milter thnn the Kutlnud route. 11 is , curnhent. L-til.)log.o percei.e. yen .... iim . ......... ... nt. SlnlOsnian nnnntlnrr..- ,,ll,,;. Ill reeanl to 0110 of these you say, " .Mr. I'eed seems I FIRE AT IMTTSHUUGH. I'ltlsbtirgh, l.i,, was scourged on tho 11th inst. wnli one ol Iboso visitations nt lire which, sooner or later, wu doubt not, will lay waste llio must valuable portion of our own heaiiliful village. The number of build ings destroyed is staled al 1000, and Iho loss at $10,000,000 ! This may bo exaggerated a liltlt- ; but il may well bo conceived that tho loss is immense, when it is stated thai al most the entire business portion of that im portant city is destroyed. Tho firo com menced arii'tWi, antnistcd till 5 p. in. Il appears that tho firo engines were nl baud in sufficient season to have checked iho Il lines at llieir outbreak, but from a defici ency of water. There seems to be no doubt, that tho loss of property from this single ca l.iuiily, is sovcral limes greater than tho cosl at whicli thn most complctu system of water works, for tho abundant supply of tho whole lown could have been fiiriiiahi'd,iu n iii iniu-r which would havo rendered such n conflagra tion nlmust impossible. Such an event should servo ns an admonition to tho inhabitants of cities and towns who feel ihat llieir properly is not protected by any adequate supply of wnler, against u calamity 11s doslruclivo as Ihis. Ono life only is reported to havo been lost ; though fears nro entertained that the suffering in this respect will provo to bo so rious. IrtJTTEIl. Wo intended to have called tho attention of farmers to the report of llio Addison County Agricultural Society on the subjocl of llulicr, published in tho Free Press of last week ; and wo avail ourselves of iho present occasion to invito thoso whu havo not ulrcady dono sn. to bestow upon it a liltlo consideru tion. Tho subject is ono of vast importance to the intercsls ul" Vermont, and the sugges How diltl-reiit is our "ervani's lot, With fot.l and rnim-nt b'esi, And eoiton patch anil whlie-w.astictl cot, Which no one dare molest ; An.l poultry which wph horcst prilo, She Momma calls her own, To sell tlte coining Chri-tuias-udc, And buy h silken (own. And -ee lite happy servants met, Their d idy Ish'tr" n'er, And with the jest nnd song they set Tho kitchen 111 n; Or each one takes el on lass Beneath the friendly moon, An I font it s.aily on lite grass, And dtneo to old Zip Coon. "Anil what w-iil Massachusetts do 7 Is heard on every hand, S.av, what w-ill Massachttsetle do? K-hoes pom sirand to strand," W, answer, lhat nor happy staves Jf.-o not her anxious cares, And only ask her nrratit knaves To iniiid their own a lairs. Cou-MBit, S. C. CAROLAN. Tho following noblu response of "Eninie lino," lo llio above-, wo cut from tho U. S. Gazelle, of Wednesday. Tho reverend li beller of Massachusetts will find bis fair an tagonist niiro th 111 n much for linn for. apirt from her ability and talenls, she wields the omnipotent wcjpDns uf truth and jus tice. M ti SOUTH C.VUO I, I N A. TO Till: RCV. TIIOMVS FBEAN, S. C. Yes ! lei her mm I her ow n affairs, An I guard each honest son, Fur whom, on Bunker Hill she fought, f l-'or w bom she I tiirels won. Yes ! let her nnn I her own all'tirs, Nor i . 1 1 sit and sleep, WlnU Southern prisons hold her sin-, Who.ii slav'rv dares 10 keep. Yes! let her mind her own ali'tirs, Nor think her action rash, When she would save her roving child From slav'ry and the lash. And shall that slate, thai dares rebel Against Britannia's pjvv'r For three pence, on a pound often, Shrink now, when despots loiv'r I Shall flic submit 10 insult, wrong, While yet Ihe circling blood Dilates her veins, and shames her ch;ek, Where freedom's martyrs stood? Yes 1 she icitl mind her own nfTairs, Her sword is in ils sheath t The Christian wields no bayonet, She seeks no gory wreath, Hcrfilho.s thouahl "blood call'd for blood j" But Massachusetts, now, Reads thai lite Christian law of love Will no revenge allow. Ilcr clergy will 110 wrong defend, Her law no color knows ; But recognizes .Win a .Win, An.l justice only shows. Her free and hospital shore llicb .Southern son will greet ; An.l hands, evlen led but in luvc, Will Carolina meet Tito Southern Priest may dare protect, With hit reliqiom mifht, A codeof wrong oppression' laws And call that wrong a right ; I Mav dare, wilh voice and pen, defend, Willi Scripture lexis, hii view; While Jesus says, '-Do that, to all, Yo would they should to you ;" May tell how- poor, degra led souls, Jliy danco henealh tho moon; And hido their prison'.! wretchexlness, By laughing at Zip Coon; Bill does bo tell how e ft the lath Awakes ihe negro dance? Or doe ho give, of terer'U lice, O.ic short, decriptivo glance? And whon ho speaks nf "whito-waih'd cat," And "cotton patch,"! ween Ho holJs not up ihe peck of corn, Which ofl i only seen. And when he speaks of "happy slaves," Condemns he not tho plan, ilv sayinii, .Win con happy Ie, When he is lets than Man? Deprived of lights which naliire gave, 7'ii shows iho briited mind, When Man can live in slavery, And hear his fate resigned, But, if thus happy is Iho slave, In mILch gown a gay, Why need ihe lavy reslricl the feet 77iaf irauld not run away I Why need int-attico seize llio men From oilier Slntrs that come; Hut, that they fear that freedom's voice lively, lint Tnomis W. Iltrtley has been ap pointed Diflriet Attorney for Ohio, and D. A. Robertson, Marshal of Oiiin. To make rnt-ui for Mr. Knbertson, the leading Tylenlo of Olun, (Col. J. Mollvaine,) was turned out. Su go the Tylonte". 2. William U'bito hi" boon appointed to I il.or under n misapprehension a. to distance. Tiie survey shows ihe Sonihern route 'l nu'es short er Ibau enlter nf the others." Jfo-.v sir, there was no misapprehension on my part on this point. I slated I lhat o route existed for n Railroad between Bosion and Montreal equally short wilh tlio Ru-land, nnd more fe fiMe., This is Mticilv Irue. Bill llo. roule I does not run by Fitchburch or lvterie, or imteh nt I lljilinuton. IIioiibIi 11 dn.s pis through Monlre-I ... ., i,.i,,, r- , a ;n; i. ,r -i-i her. "I his ,. not t tne I asked your cozens lo in- ! ' , ' f (V f,' ,in," 1,1 ' 6 "1 1 """ courage. 7Vtu runs thiniig', .ill ihe pi ice" hero 1 ' fccoU- resigned, after holding theuffi:e twen. 11 tmed ; an I I proposed it as n compromise route, tyyeirs. and ns ono thai would ncc .nimod He a larger nnd The Charleston Courier mentions the death richer extent 1 f coun'ry and lepiirotnzed hy more r . .,,, i, .,,, 1 c, . .. 1 , business, freight and travel than any oiher. ' And 1 f ,? ,"up 1 ' "V" 1 ('rc-""7 u,;h, suggested that it would ensure more support nnd aid, I'layuiL'. fell into the well of a public frum Boston capitih-ts for ihe ad Inionaal reason, pumn, and was drowned. 'He was an only son, that all the business done upon it woii'd cen-cr in ih-ir an.! bis mither was a widow.' city, ana never le Inulo to h-- tlireetetl from 11, ns it , would bo sure 10 he on the Rutland to .to, by n si le cut running lo n rival onv. I I. new litis would extend the distance some '.'0 miles. Itut lhi is no obi. clion whether it cost SoOO.OOO or S1.000 000 provides! II be n paying ihstnnce, as rnil-road men call it. And most snrcfv . ich would le tho case, in Ihis instance, if in any, lying ns it docs 111 the rich valley of the Connect- cut. In re-ard to the other noml controverted bv von. 1 ynu admit, what I stated, that, if ihe Holland route . should be adopted for the roa a side cut would be ' con'lructed Ita.ling nil to Whitehill, nnd thence to New York. But you maintain thai lliis would he no Tub Ckoi-s I be Wilhamsport (Md.) Bin. tier says : 1 lie grain crops ol WaUiingion conn, ty have never, within our recollection pre-enteii as beautiful and 11 turifbitig an appearance as at this limn. They bid fa.r to yield ihe farmer a plentiful harvest. I Tlio Kent Now." says : Tho weather con 1 tinuos dry, and wheat and clover are much in I need of rain. ' Tho Washington cnr-espmidctit of the New Y...I. P . ...... . .at. n r. ...... i.i r., B , ,,ir iMucrnii. Aocreinrr ui.j-ci. .0 iiosionians ns 11 would nring utisiness l llm .Vtvy, lias jti.-t relnrneil to the city, and 0.1 10 Ihe read ! An I what business, pray, would it lis firA or,,,M frillII t)l0 .rejen. j, ,9 ?, I ring on to the roan f ir Boston or Bos-oiiiatis -; Any ,,,, , ,.. .1 , ,, ., " ' " 18 "; other ihan wh.11 would come on nt Burlington from "'t ol our smell (internment vessels, iho rnunlrv nbnut the I nke. were lltere no side cm? i "'0 1 rinceloii among the ii'im'ter. shall be fined No busine.. soullt ..r iMinehall would lake lhat di-, oul at nnro lor Iho Gull of Mexie-n. Orders rection surely. All this would take the We-tern Rail have gone lo New York, II ston anil Norfolk Road, a. it does now. But I can see that it would or ,,,s purp0sa. No information has been re tiring other business nit to ihe rnnd, but not for Bos' ;.. 1 f,, , .... , "" " ottn re. ton nor liom Boston. It would briigon 10 n scciion C0IU;'1 ,!r0"1 -"OMC" lo 'cause any alarm since of it gooJs from laigl.and via New York for .Montreal, , llie ailJ mrnnient of Lonores", bu' as the beat nnJ thus enable Jve.y 1 orkcrs to compete successful, way to prevent Ins Iieen thought the ly with 1I10 ll.ntoinans hy Ihe aid ofl'ieiroicn road, wisest plan to mike preparations to meet it if it for the C.anndi trade, under the drawback law. And conic".' il would bring on, too. Montreal passenger., to run oll'on Iho side cut to New York, instead t.f following . I ho now factory of the Liwrenre Corpira. down Ihe line 10 tiosion. And any tote e-an no an- tton,ai l.ovvell, will be ready to commence i-pe-oihcr result tint w-ou'd fol ow iho business lints rations in a month nr two. ' It will contain CO irfrom .ortt , V f 129 .pi.i.Me- each, for .he And now' leaving every one 10 form his lwn epin- elU"ung ol wnrp. It will contain 21 mules, of ion front this view of tiio n-aiter, how Boston ctpi- -Jl'3 fpniule each, for Ilie spinning nf filling. tnlists will bo hk. Iv tn regard the conceded certainty of this s-do cut front tho Rutland route tn Now York, 1 will conclude by a-kmg your bnsi.iee. nn n and cit izens generally, whether it woii'd not be-ih.irintirtsl lo have the entires transhipment of iho business of the Lake coist wilh the roid, dono nt Burlington, ns it ho'e number of spindle?, in,4H2. It will also contain Ool) loom", and give employment to -100 bauds. Success lo the shutlle and tho loom. The Globe S'eim ALUs Cnmmne-. nf Ww. will bo if the road lakes the Monipelier route, raiber burvi.ort, havo determined upon the plan ol their than 10 share the I clients of it with Whitehall and f,,,ur pi10 .,.,,1 , hfl it,", f..i I,,,,.,. ml Vergennes, as wi t be tlte case ir the other route is ,,.,,.',, f-, . ,. , ... njoptpj? THOMAS KRRD. calculated for lO.tHH) spindle.", and looms. Monipelier, April 15, 1S45. j We are informed by tho Midisonian ef Moil- P. S. Ishoull le pleased 10 havo von explain diy, that the public arc, herealler, lo be depriv. more definitely than you have how a rail road, eon- cd of the lucubrations nf Ihe cclebraled John Ii. leriiiinous wiih mvigiblo witers, can compete sue- Jones! lie retires from the concern, bavin" sold cessfiilly with ihem for freight, nt double the charges, out ,10 .1()e establishment to Jesse ETd.hv ns you siy it can. Dots speew.-ivc it such nn ndvan- . . .... i,.,,,,,.. , r sv ij. ,. .ago? And do you imagine lint .ho marble, and amJ, I heoplulus 1 iske. Tlip new paper is to be inie. nnd iron ore. on 1110 l.iRo coasi. so iniicii in men ...w u..M.,k,nuuM, ,,,lu ,,111 00 -Jellerftci of, ns furnishing freight for the Rutland route, would man and "Jacktonian" in its principles. lake t'e railroad instead nf tho canal, for a general market, or even for a Boston market, if the expense would bo increased 50 per cent, or even 5 per cent.? , IIeavv RoDntnr. Severr.l packages of man. Of what importance , sncli articles, or the like, is cy containing j a, from ,wonty.H?e lo thirty speed? Nothing; bin expense is every thing. How ,, .,,,,1 ,1 ,,r .. ' , , ,'"J "' ,u "tty is it wilh the Western Railroad? It has .0 convey ' UU'J . lc" from the tow.boat ibellnir, Ac, il transports from Allnny Ibroujh 10 I'liulnn, (1 I oughkeepme, on Monday, either Bosion, at less than cosi, Iiclnrjes Ic-s for carry- while lying at ihe w harf in New Vork, or on her in- it clear thtnugh, thin it does 10 Springfield, half way up the river. There were five packages way 1 Ih'.s hiving to overcharge way-freight, tn cov-. containing r512a00nf the par.,.. j m... er the loss on Iho freight through. And Ihis has lo f,',"'" ",- " n n?r and Manu- be dono on account of iho water communication lhat ai:,,.lrcr "'l f ughlcepie and one con- exils letween the tertnini, lhat doe. 1101 belwecn lmnC Oll'.OUO of Ibe Mcrrhanls' Exchange eilher end and intermediate points on the road. 1 Hank, in llin city of New Vtirk ; and also, as in T. R. 1 supposed, 0,0no of Iho nf P., nr.). (.pennies. " In adJilinn lo Ibis, tlicro was about 8G0O lying Qy5" Among llio various means of attain .-ans ot attain-'. 6(1 in ,n t." '", r'" ,. k 'V ,r ... ' 'S ing sudden wealth in this country, tho (lis- ws stolen, and in this sum wa included four covcry of a popular "patent" medicine has 8100 hills upon the Merchants' Dank, in the ofiet. proved singularly successful. A let- piLtkn.'i'n V' C"hiCn' I)" IW ' 1 I nuglikeepsie Hanks ofTer a reward of 1.10 from New 1 ork, published in tho Charleston tii usand dollars, for the recovery of the whole Courier, cites various examples in point : 1 nf l'lC stolen money, and a proportionate reward Bnxs-nittrit, with his pills, has risen from a poor ,or ,art oril '"""lal. man to bo a 111111 ofcxlensive fortune. Ho has now I - - - - nleSie'iLfAloei'nre 'XtittX'lS ' , TE 'WTEM-.Mr sSo.xrancc now a tnem. whole cargoes of the nill are despalcheel 10 every ""in ( oitgn-ss, says of Gen. Cameron, just pari of Ihe Union, nnd conn every body's ihroai. elected U. S. Senator from Pennsylvania, lhat He has expended thirlv-Jire thousand dollars in ' something more than tw enty years ago he work sinplo year for adveriisinB. Comstock began with ed bv his side, as a journeyman, in Galea & Sea. noihiug but by crowding bis pitciii niedicinc; has , .; pri,,,!,,,, utficc. st Wasbin.Mon, and board. ttccn ouio iu imte.iuffnono 01 tno nrsi nu'.,e in einton . ;. . !.... Place, nn I cives maattificoni soirees, suppers, fc-' cJ al ,he sam0 hou'0 w"h '"'n' .iiofi at, aiuimp i.nters 1,1 ton., nns run up a nann- 1 - some fortune nf neatly 4300,000. Shesman, taking! EQUAL KlOIITs! At the last election in the lozenger line, Ins e merged from his liulo shop m Canads, Iho political excitement ran so hieh Nissan street, intoa hujcr of lots an.l houses by tho t.r,i rlnri.vmcn ini.! il,,...l. r . j wholesale, fmed not mention Swaim, of Pl.ilr.etcl-, ,hll,"V"? ' , . V ?JS!" plus, who, by pouting his panaceas into people's ;P they wore subi-ded a fil;0 , Ji000i stomachs, can atl'onl in buy a single pearl head-band ' l.'glttcon ot them have been indicted for Ihe for his daughter woilb S?0,000 10 prove that we aro , nllc-nre, ami have petitioned Pnrlianienl to remit, a pill eating and bitter drinking people. Your blew ,0 fine. Hut it is Mated that there ia noVos- IV 111 -U 1H Ol I HI III liaiiri. IIIIV '! I'l'l I r,A,. ,, l.nir nn 1 1 i.tha It-is- J kcr will cimrgc from bis gaud into a -.lare. f" " "' t

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