Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 18, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 18, 1845 Page 3
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HAIL ROAD. Wo publish .1 number of articles on this subject from nhicli it will bu observed tlm tho thing is progressing. Wo publish another communication from our Montpclicr correspondent, and will on another occasion answer his queries. Wo have neither lime nor room this morning. The communication of Seldin, Inking n similar view of the subject shall appear next week. Wreck in the Paci.ic The Polyne sian, a Sandwich Island paper, contains a detailed account of the wreck of the whale ship Holder Bolden, dipt. I'rll, of Fall Riv- or, which sailed from that port on the 5th of April, 1844, with 800 brls. sperm and 700 blackfish oil. On (he morning of the 12th, she ran on a bank of sand, and swinging round, struck on a coral reef. By daylight there were four feet of wator in tho hold, and they were enabled to see that a low sandy island lay four or fivo miles from them, while close by was an extensive reef of bare rocks. About 1400 barrels of oil wore landed in safety, together with ncaily nil the piivatc property of the crew, and anchois, chains, &C, of the ship. The island was found to bo Drake's Is land, about three miles in circumference, and "lhe temperature excessively hot. It was surrounded by a coral reef, through which, however, lliero was a safe entrance. Soon after lauding tho crew laid the keel of a schooner, and with the scanty imple ments in their possession, they succeeded in building a vessel of a good model, painted, sheathed and copper fastened throughout.' She was named the Hone, and sailed lo tlic Sandwich Islands, having left eleven men to look after the properly left on Drake's Island, worth $30,000. New York Ciinri:ii Et.uuno.v. This election has resulted in the choice of Il.ive meycr (Loco) by about G,000 majority over Harper. The vote is estimated thus: Itavenievor.(f.oco; 2t,f00 Harper (Nil. Am.) lS.f 00 Seldcn (Whig) 7,(00 The Locos carried tho Aldermen and As- sistitnts in all the Wards but the 3d and 15th, I which are Whig. In the two Wards in which the Whigs have the Allermcn, II irper hid a majority. Muhnciioi.v. Tin; National Intelligen cer of the 17lh i list, relates the followinj melancholy circumstances. An aged female, named Muran, was round in a state of ox hnistioii and insunsihiliiy of the banks of llio Washington canal; sho was iniinedi.iti'ly re moved to her dwelling, and eveiy means ap plied In resuscitate her which humanity and fckill couhl suggi-st. In spin! of .ill these ex ertions, Mrs. M. died in the cooi'sn of fun hours after she was fiiand in the deplorable condition above dcwrilvil. It appeared on investigation thai Mrs. Morao, lining in feeble condition and about 70 years of age, was blown, by the violence of tha wind, into the canal, where there was but two feet dentil of water. In tint condition she probably 1 remained some limn before she was observed - - , , . by a boatman, who look her out of the canal and left her on tlie hank ina perishing state. I'rohahlu it is that if the man had taken the poor woman to her dwelling, or given notice if her pitiable situation to tlie family of Cap. E isby, closo by, her life might hdvo been sived. IIorhidlc DcraAviTV The Newark l'oil pjvee the details of a murder said to Ime been committed b 'a man named Hem y Green, upon hn wile. Crccn county. Anions I. iC( I idles ot ttus pirly was one to wnom i.reen una pant nip a(l'tlee4 helore he unr ncd. and ulld rriffO'il liitn. On tlua trio .hn t, berkelf so agrce.iblo to llio bridegroom I lint it was thought he n iuiprcf-i-d ivnli ihe Ulief thai if lie could iret ril of his new wife he could Fiicccid in hu former fiiit. Tnc daynfn r ihepany arrived nt IIuo naack, Greenes wife was sunewlrit indisposed, nnd lis gave her several pill, which made her quite sick. These pi'l, il is suipo-c I, conttined ptison, A phy eiiinuns called in, who presenb-d sinie powileis for her to lake. Thee Green threw away, an t cave lier inutp-iit snme mcd'cine of his own. Shortly af terwards his wife died, and he w.isarresiol on the charge of hiving poisoned her. Great etciioment was crca'ed upon the facts hein.r related The broth er of the deceued openly accus.'S (Srcen of inurder. JV. U. I'tc. TIIK 31AH.K13TS. I1RIGHIO.N .11 A ItKICT, April 7, 181?. At Market 510 lleef Cnltle, 2 pairs of working Oxen, 7C0 .Sheep, and 3150 Swine. I'nicEs lleef Callle Sales quick at nn advance. Kmra $G6,ri first quality 85,50 ff 5 7j ; second quality, $5,?-i tr 5.50; third qualuy 81,75 ' 5. Workini Onen Sales at SGv 72 yi. anil 81. Sheep-Salts from 8 ) to S3. A fe.v cosset Weath er a i $0,25. I Swine Lots to peddle nt 45c for Sows, nnd 5Jc for i Harrows; two lots or largo Harrows, 5i. Ohio Hogs 41 and 51c At retail j) and 6Jc. New York Maikct. The sales ol Cotton sre hut 350 'j lies. Thesalu of the Moutatik's caro of teas at llio I'hoMiix room wentofl" wilh great spirit ibis morn ing. The leas were iu geaernl of good quality and the prices tquat to llio best 6a1es of the sei-on. Flour is Willi. ul much change; Troy and Gciicssee, 81,75 asked, and a little less taken; some Southern fljiirnnlhe wharf has lieen said al SI 0!, ihe other parcels at S 1.G9, and 400 ll.iltiinore mud Hiandywine at 81,75. 250 hu-hels Du'cbrss Co wheal brought 101 ct-; 1500 bushels Hye 70 els. delivered: Corn 43 ft 49 els; Ilarley 50 54 els; a prime parctl brought 51 els. Northern Oals sold oMK & 33 els ; Southern al 72 els. " ' '' 500 bbls. old prime Pork sold at 89,02, and 89,50 is ouerea ior any quaoniy; xuj uois new primn at 411. i-tl Cl.toeu HI nt-ti. lot- auiiuiy Ol (.aiU IS small, nutter and Cheese steady. oi. , 11... r i-i. . I.. r T 1 Thcrp nrn nocrv cod in markctt the last cargo was sold at 42,73 oil. No change in mackerel. Sugar and Molasses remain quiet; prices aic rath er lower. P. S. Kvening. There is no thing further in rati, tlie market is in a very quid stale. The sugar sold liy nuclion by this morning brought full prices, tiie ceneral nniclude notwithstanding. Jour, of Cam., April 10. New York Cattle Market, April 7. At Market 700 Href Cattle, (all Southern) 120 Cows and Calves and 1000 hecp rnd Lambs. Psice Beff Cattle Wiro in better demand than for a long lime, nnd the market cleared at an ndvanco ot full fifty cents per cwt., and wo quote 35 to 87, as the rale of retailing. A drove of 70 head willicach the market on the 8ib. (lo-day ) Cows and Calves Wa continue to quole S15 lo 25 & 828. Sheep and Lambs All taken ot 81,73 1? 1,50 each. Hay No change from last week' rates. In Underbill, April 12, Amos W. B. son or Edwin Hard, Esq., ssed 6 years. In Kssex, on the I2th inst,, Mr. Joit-f Tesos, in lha COth year of his se. In Shclburne.on the Mill inst., Clabissa Abioah., only daushtcr of llev. II. L. Starks and Mrs. C, B. Starks, in the 21st year ofher age. Bhe endured a painful and protracted illness with Christian paiience and f. rtilude.. She engaged early in life in a preparation for the spirit world, and found V ..Yti..:. . .1.. nH snnnort when catt ed lo walk "ihrough the dark alley and shadow of death. In Enosbiirgli, on the 33th all-, Mrs. Pouv Ricr, Vifc ot Dca. Abijah Ilicc, sd 61 yc-am. NEW STORE! AT TIIU FOUNDRY IIUII.niNl!, l'not of Maine Street. Till'. iinilcmnnr.1 lias opened OKOCJKUY L AND l'HOVlHIDN HTOUE.nt I lie above plan;, where may lc found at nil time- an asor. mcnl Wei and Dry Ornccrie;. fur family CM AKI. KS E. KOLLKTT. Burlington, April 17, 1915. 40 Buckwheat Flour on consign ment. A CONSTANT supply always on hand, and for sale l.y Foi.t.ElT, (IKAULKY & Co. South Wharl, April 17, 1813. Agents. Fairbanks' llocs and Forks. A SUPPLY of 1'Virliank Cast Steel Hoes ami 1. 'Inv Fork iul reci-ned bv ' FOM.I'.TT, IIKAW.r.V & Co, Agtnls. S. utli Wharf, April 17, 18 lo. -10 llammorod Slioc Shape. W.III'. .iil.-criler have rr'iriied a sunnly of Ham. I moral Shoe Slinpu In which they would call the nitration nl tha irniit'. II is mnniiMiiiirin innu ihn I el nunlitv ol iron lire, anil I confi Icntlv lieliev c I to he -upcrior lo nny .lui- hnpe ever micro! in tin mart el. It i mteiMed to have a larjre -imply alwav on hnnd nnd will I e furnished lo merchant" on IhctnoM favorable lerm. An examinalioii ol the article is rcpivlfnllv rcquciel. At, SO. A Inrire and cnmplete assortment of njuare and flat hammered iron made from the same superior ore, is o'tereu at low rates t.v FOt.l.F.IT, HRUILEV it Co. South Whaif, April 17, 1315. 4G. LOST !! fXS the road frnm .ludze Meechu's to Burlington, V on Monlav, the I4ih inst., a LIGHT COLOR-F.t) SILK D11ESS, sai l dres wa taL-M apart for the p irpose ot color In?, nnd done up in paper, containing n nolo to Mr. D. Orvi-, (.fll'irlin-'imi. Tlie linder -hall lie auitally rewarded l.y leavnu it at tlie Free Pres Office. ' J. HOLM KS. Charlotte, April I t. '15. !0w3 War is Declared! MR. J. D. FIELDING WOULD inlorm the citizens of Burlington, that he ha remove I hi- POtlTKAlT PAINTING e-lnl lihmrnt, directly over Peek f- Spe.i's Drti? tore, where he iiilm I to lav hilt a hurt time, an I wo-ild Miy to tho-e w lio wih for n fic-simi'o of them-solve-, t'r.inslerred lo canvas, tliey will do well lo Iti've him a call immeli.ilely. Mr. T. believe liiui-elt couipe'ent, In finish hi" work in s u-h an eljborale minner, tint the way-firing nun tlioujli a John Tyler need not err thtrein. Price moderate. liiirliii-.-lon, April ISlh, 1S3j. 4Ga3 A I) M I N I ST It ATI IK'S SAI.I1. f ILL le? II, mi ler a lieen-e frnm ihu Prolate s v t;ourt lor ttie litnet ol I.amni I lie pn-nr-e, in the viHnre id .Jnhn"n, "ii the -ixih da of M iv, A. P. 1315, at puMic Anolitm, ihe I'nllinvmi de-cril ed roil estate of Charle IieeI. heiif J !m(in, tlmne1, viz: Alo-it lM and a h'llf aere nt land J andTaiunTv iheroTi,ilMntetl upon the llraneli in the I villa ire tf John-on. The TanVnik- are nearly neu anlcm'ain n Ko"in7 Mill, I'tillinir and Hark f Mill, with -mliricnl wa'er power aciny the work , tliro'ish the veir, heiir; lliu nine premi-ct ueeunied by the mi id ItteJ, al the time of hi dpcea-e. JOHN MUGS, Administrator. Johnson, A pill 15 h, 1SI5. 46w3 Mbenczcr Iiynn's I) state. STAVr. Of 'i:i!MOT, Al'a Probate Oisinet ol ('hiticn.len, , i V. Court lield lit il'irlincuui will, in and lor said ui-triei ofCliillenden, on the h One of April. 1S15, pre-cnt tlie lion, Clnrbs I!u il, .tudire ol -aid eourl. cime lohn Ly on, one i f the lieir-lo ihe e-tate ot nt,enezer Lyon, late of I'o'etic-tcr, in Mid di-trict, dei-ea-ed, an I liled in -ail court In- petition in wri'iujr, -eituii fonh that he hold, one ruh'h pari til ni I estate in lomnion with the other heir-, and prayins -aid court lo rrder i diet-Mui of mi i c.-tate anions liie icvcral pcr.-on-enlitlrd thereto ; Wiikufcpov, the court re aid doth a ipoinl the -eeon I weiine-i'av in .Mnv. Ibla. ter liearurr aii'lite- I culms on -nil petrion at the oil ec ol the Iteii-tcr of , 1 co-ui in anl It irlinsion, ami fioih order all per. out nrere-tel he tlotllie! thereof l.y publication ''l'" '"'!'.'r 'l,r -?iv'ly 'ihe Hiirlins- ion r ! i ie , i urw-ii;iirr )rune.i in -ni i i irniii?- 101', 'lie ia-i ol which pie iic.ukmimo i e previo-i-to sail 'conn t-iue-'ijy in .uay, iai. Given un ler my hind al ail lliirlinton lhi 15'li diy of April, 1315. -!Gw3 Win. WKSTON", lltgirtcr. Klisnrzer l.ymiN Estate. ST.wr. or vnnuoxv, t ii n Hon. the . I)itnet of Cluiicndcn, s. 5 I Protntt Court for tlie Diatri ol OiiHien !en : Tu nil persons coil' 'cernedin tho ct itn of Lhenf2er Lyon, lile of Col 1 cluster, in mid Distncl, decca-e I, Gheeting. t Wunncs, Lucv Lyon and John Lynn, nJminijtra lors. iih the will anncxeil of the eslate of .tii.l He ceased, prnpora lo render an account of their nilmin- for examinalioii nnd allowance nt a session of ihe laiurt oi iToiiate, to lie hot. ten al Hie llejri ter s olTicc in llurhnqlon, in said district on tho second Wednis- ilav of .May next. Therefore, Vou arc hereby nolified to nppcnr lipfore said court at llie time and place aforesaid, and shew e.iu., if nny you have, why the account aforesaid sliouM not bo allowed. Given linder my hand at l'utlington, this lolh day oi .-ipru, ,i, ii, isij. 4Gw3 VM. WT.STON, lleislir. J.ibiz Pciiiilnnirs I,-tatc. STAT!': Ol-' VtlllMOST, ! rp'IK Hon. Ihe Di-lnct c I C hiltemlcii, s. i L Probate Court ror the tli-lriet o( Chiiienden : To all person ennct rn- el in the r-ia c ul Jiltz Penuiuian, tale ofl olebe ter, iu -ai I ililriel, dei'e.tft-l. GhketIso. Wur.UEAS, Char et P. Allen and Jo-euh W. Allen. nlniini lralor id the estate of Allen, lale of ri. I irjiiumon, iic'ci-tit, wtio wat aumim-irator wi'h the will annexed (d Ihee-tale ofJalez Penni man, late of said Colche-ter, detva-c I, propo-e lo renuer an account oi ine-ni i iieunir- a'lmims'ralion ol Ih- e-ta'e.ol the -r irl Jul eat rennimau. nt a -es-ion of said court lo ! held al the ltcri.ier's oificu in said Hurl nglon on theecnn I Wtdne-d.iy in .May. 1S45 i Tin refore, yo i are hereby noti'icil to ajipear N fore .aid rourt at thetimo and place afore-aid, and .lio'v i cau-e wny me aceo.ini aiore-an stiouia not le al lowed. , Given un ler my hand al U irlir.gton, this 13th day Ol ,V"I', 101 J. 4uw3 Win. WF.STON, Heeler. Dan Day's Kstatc. STATE Of rUtlMOW, rP II K HON. the l)i-trl"l ol Cliitlen.tea n. I L Prol.ntc Con. I'orlhe I)i-lri -t of Chinen leu i To all per-on con cernei in inoesuue oi ijii i.iy, laieoi liurhngtnn, aiddi-lrici. deii't-cd. rin'Tivn Wur.nms Charles P. Allen and Jo.eoli W. Allen admini-ir.itort ot Ihe e-late of Heman Allen, la'e ol ald it irling'on, decease I, wdio wa'- a Imiui-tralor of Ihe e-late ol ihe at ifan layt tiecea-eJ, propo.elo reuuer itu ut count .'i iiiu tiiiuni-ir.tuou tu lie aiU lleoian. a-ndinini-lratiou ofiho-aitl Dan llnvt. late, for examination anil allowance at a tession of nut coin lo lie nei i at ine Kem-ter n ollico in -ni.: Unrlington, on the second Wedne-daj in .May, 1845. i iit-ri-ioie, ) o-i nrc oeiui y noiioi-l Hi nppear i elore rait eourl at ine nine anu place alore-aiu, and show iHiise wny me acco nil aiore.-ai.i, should not be al ... , , , ... I ei,'ve" mY lm"J 01 ""rlington, (hit 1 5lh day lowt-i. ' "r-", .-' 40. v3 Win. WKSTO.V, HtgUttr, Tin: PERU IRON COMPANY T ONG anl favorably known a manufacturers ii x-l lliiir anu iAII.S,now utlvire llie jintsliu tliat ll.iv ux lliaue exieo- ve n.i, itiont In nn. ,,.,.n..u. , ....-in. hi itivn uiauiisiiiiiciii, ure prtpareii tu luroi dealers in and eon umersof Iron nn I .Vnt. u ,ti, le ant- Ihereof, ofa nualny liardly ttpialletl iu thi-country. They inanufaeiiire lo wit t Watson aim tail lire, ol all ihe various sie w unieti, Horse Mtoe Iron, Irom scroti, various iie, i i B'iit:i on i, miy Hand Iron, from I inch lo 5 incliet wide, llamo and scroll Iron, 6-8 to inch. iiuuoti nun r-ijuiiru 11011, j a inch lo 3 Inches, mi nans, troin .1 u to to tiu u. do Spikes, from 4 lo C inches, do I'loor Nalli, I2d,20d,24d. do t'liilslilut; Nails, Cd.Bd, lOd. This Company flatter llieni-elves that their lacili lies fui luanufat lurins in pfrfciion. am iin-iirias. id, that all good tillered by them in market will eivu entire satisfaction to tho con-uinera. and ih.ii their terms for ijoods are and will continue lo be as liberal as Ihe terms or others. STliONGS & CO., Agenls, llurliugton, Vt. April 16, MS. 46 CA UTION. T'llIC public are cautioned aminst inakins anv hai X pain or contract with I.OV.I. PHILIPS, as all bargains or coatracts so made, are and have hsen lor more lhan two years utterly void in law and will be regarded accordingly. niilUHAM O. WRIGHT, (Tuarrfian. .Milton, April, iHij. towj To Rent. A SMALL tenement on Cntlm's, (tillable XX lor a .mall l.iiiiily. i'ou.sinu given niimedi nteiy. K. I'AMJUOIIN. April 17, 45. 4li Wood ! Oi"ii"l CORDS of Hard Wood, lor sale l.y April 16 1815. 40 I REMOVED. R. PATTERSON, TAII.OII, HAS removed (b Cliurch street, corner of Chetry street, formerly ucenpn-d by Miss Spencer, Uress-.Makcr. where lie huuis lo meet his old cus tomer, and would he glad to see as many new i nes as may favor him with lliiir patronage. liar tnents cienncu, nnu uniting nunc on me mui u-oi notiee and warranted. Uutlington, April 10, 191.'. -IS SELECT SCHOOL, M ISS L. 11. Sl'AUV will rontinonce her SpriiiL' Term mi .MONDAY, the Utli of May, to continue 1! ueoks. Scholars are expected tu enter at the com mencement of the term. TUITION : KiiL'licli, $3.00 Krottch, 1,00 Dunlin,-, il,00 School room one il.ior west of room formerly occupied by Miss Kinni'y, up stairs. Durlingion, April 10, 15. 43tf CASH OONTliACT. T)KOPOSAt.S will iKTCioivi-J unlit llie 15. ti May, X for a poou antl (.iihcit'nt oli'iiti aiujccwa tu Dram. 1.10 iVei lonu. Willi rt Well orTimiiernii iliciin her flue, to I- pi arc I in llio llavint1 ina lu l.y lliu Itite Hams uiii1il Kuail IcaJmi irum he Cmuii ttruuntlto .1 .1. . i .i... i - .,-....-... i t... r it,.. 1IIU llllMllll HI UV unili i I iv- iiiaioiiai iu iri- vi itn; iMist Utiidt ntid tlie woru lo be cUme tm V?r mi J appro veil l y an ejeneiKed Knyriiitvr, and In tlie hivlI nnco nl'tlic iiinU'ryiined. mid wnrr.uiled ior 10 vear- Payment (u I e made urn liall laih July and one half 15tli Oeiol'vr For n itarlieular ile-frtDliuii ot'tlie th- int'ii.-iun" and fuiiu ul the uorK, upply l eiilu-r of ihe Kl'H MOItK, J men. Unrlington, 10. It April, la 15. 45 DUOPOSALS will be reedved until ihe 15ili Mnv JT fur bnldius u (7uered UllIliCilC. over Onion Rner at the Narrow near Udney II. l,eiitiinun,.-1 nLrree'.ihle lo a plan winch will foou be ready for in--peeuon at II. Hr.idlej's Siore. The payment lule m.ide when the lndi:e is lullv iHUnnleled lo the ac ceptance of the B.illdinjr Committee-, for Coleliesler and Hurliuirloii. II.UlllY I1I1ADI.KV, . Selectmen lor SII II MOlKi:, I llurlinilon. UUAT.V II. I'LNNI 'lAN, Hull hug omuiute ior uoiciicjtcr. 1!urlingli.ii, 10 li April, 1313. -H iasli Coiitruut. rT,IIK Suh?crilicr9 will receive nrono-a!s until ITitli -L tlav. for a irood and suinciuil Cedar Harrier to he built under the directum ut ihe electitieii, at, or near the mouth of the levitic norlh of Ihe ca'mp eround,the Mori, to he i3 lect ht";h and of rood Green While limber not les than li luclies in thick' ncss tlirouub the hewn ndis, two sided only of I tic timber lo he hewn. One hull cash the loll: Julv. and ouehalfilio l.ilh ofOciobcr. Kor a tuoro particular description apply lo uiIiit of tlie Stlectiticn. ll lltlil nit viji. i.i i , , lliulington, Apiil SOih, IS 15. 43 if NORTHERN TRAN.SP OR- T ATI ON LINE ASSOCIATION. tmo .ltsociaiiou win coiiiiuuu ine i-orwaruinsi . business on ihe Clnniidaui Canal. Lal.e Cham- plain and Hudson liner, cuuuectid wu i the old Tow noat Line, wiiicn kaies 1 1 rk uailv at 5 o'clock . .ti., mm i ruy tiiiuy in o o t ocit itiu or mine ireiijni uuais will leave l roynna Alb in y l ir . Whiichall daily, which will dehier lo ami reeeiie eiiihl troin tliu oteamlioats ami vessels on Lake Champlain: also, two or more Freight Boats will lenie Miucliall tor '1 my and Albany daily. In addition to theabo'ie they line n Line of Lake and lliver Boats, of the first class, wiih fdilhful and oumeicnt Capinint, who wi receive l iciuhl nt New Vorlc. Troy or Albany, and duhicr nt any Port on .alio iuanipiaiui also, leeeive Krujjht at l'utls on .alio Cliainrhun and deliicr in Troy. Albany or N. Vork. All pioperly received for shipiiicnt by this line will be cuneelly weighed I y their aijculs at the lime ul shipment ami will he insured. Also, two or inure bolts will leaie Ihe North wharf. Burliuuton. each weik, for Wlutihall. Tiov. Albany and New Vork. JAMI.s II. II'JOKPll, Propri KLIAS P.vrrUKSON and others, J ctors. Por Preibt, apply to liulCocnlie's Slip, N. V. A. cirii.1" UWcr -trccl. Troy. " II A Holconib, 101 Pier, Albany. C. W. Kelloe!.', Comslock's Landing. Wulia'M1' J"""8-C-K-Levi Hinkley, .Mis-iss'ue Bay. Olincr llascomb, Whitehall. j:JWa&CU,(-'in.on. Lawrence Brainard, ? ... ,., L. It. Brainard it Co. st- A. I). Lidtl, Plattsburuh. L. Colvin, Port Kent, Nntban Webb, House's Point. J. II. Hooker. i Lonn Whiitf. Boston. Address-OLIVP.II HAhCOJl, Agent, Whitehall. I. A. UAi(l.l.tu., Agent, lioy. J. S. WAHP, At;ent, Burlington. All properly entrusted to Iheir care will be forward cd as dirtcttd with desnalch and safetv. Whartaee and Storaee al reduced prices, and the inmost care taken iu hnndhngnnd storing merchand ize, p.-oUucaiut all linos ol properly consigned to in v ....... ivnu'pu ivilml.1 n l.Tn u.... IC M1101ll II ...l.llll , .-Mill Ul ...Ulll J. s. WAItlv, Agvnt. Iliirlinsrton, April 2, 1845 45iuU SODA FOUNTAINS, A NO 'illIVCKAti lY AT 1311 AP1AKATUS. rPUP. Un ler-iinetl. beuiKsiuiiiliel villi llio above X armies, nre enabled lo furiii-h them for cither .Mineral or Sud.i Water, al Mitiiulaeliner's price.-. The facility with which ihese founiams nre supplied, toiether wiih ileir low price, will recommend them lo ine, wo sti.ui also iiirnisti I lie louowin rielie- of byrnps, by measure or bollle : Cinder, I'i', Lemon, I Ba-pbcrry., Sarsapau la, Sirawl e-rry, Yanilla. 1 U OK it S P P A It . 15 Apothecariesanil Wholesale Drugi-ts Dagucrrootype Chemicals. Hrouiine. I Mercury, distil ed. Prepared. roia.-uiui, i-yanurei oi tiold, Chloride of. Iodine. " Chloride of, loiiiaeol. Soda. Ilvno-ii of S Ivcr, Nnr'e, Ciystals At PKCK it SPF.AK'S. Apoiht-ca't and Wholesale UriisTls'ists, DAI.IiY'S TOIl ACCO M A N V FA CT UIY. rpHK subscriber avails himself of this method uf X communicating tu the public, that Ho has com menccd the inanulucture of Fine Cut and Smoking TUUAHCO CKlAltS AND S.NUFF. at 283 Itivc-r Sireel, next door to ihe Fullon Market. The follow- lug limy ui uu nines ue iouiiu at ins uiutu .iim int lory : The celebrated Virginia fancy fine cut extra Chew ing Tobacco. Sweil Virginia, manufactured Irom the leaf, American K'mokiiig Tobacco, Spanish ' " Tutkish " Choice brands of Cavendish and Plug constantly on hand Oiley's ce'ebratod Virginia ''fiias"i Wyntt'a unrivalled ' thirty-twos"; Bill's do dot Lylc if Davidson's Honey Dew, lb. lumps. S.NUFFS. Hose scented No. 1 Maccohoy, American Gentle man, Lundy Foot, French lloppee, and Irish Black guard. Cigar Cases, Tobacco and Snufl Boxes, French, German end American Pipes, of the latest styles. The subscriber is in the receipt of a large and ex tensive assortment of Havana and Principe Cigars, uf well known brands, ns follows; La Norma, P.spar. leros, lliondas, Do La Ctuze, M, Uendon, La Vuclia Bagera, Panelelas, Manilla Cherools, half Spanish and Dumesiic Cigars of all kinds, which are oficred to dealers on lbs most favorable terms. The above articles are all warranted to be made of llie finest qualities of leaf Tobacco, and by the most experienced workmen. I will sell as cheap as the cheapest, and better lhan Ihe best, Cigar leaf lor sale. JOHN DALLY. 'I icy N. Y. April, 1815. I5ni New York Adv'ts. KATS, GAPS, & PURS, AT WHOLESALE. In. u. wiliieu to. ! - d 85 is il r. fffniilcn lane bbbVs TI1H subscribers call the attention or Merchants to their complete nnd well usturled slock ir HATS, (!AIS, I'Al.M l,KAP,v, LEOIIOUS if- M.V.I.1M, Which they nie determined In srll al Lowra Pniccs il..n .n.. ,ith..r Ihuiih ill ihtir line in tho citv. Please call hii I examine, before pnicbnsini elsewhere. 45 i. i). a t,o. New Vmk, April 2d, 1315. TO COUNTUY MEHCIIANTS." WIIOLKSAI.B IIOltSKS M1W VOItK. ;NG provide I with Slockt nfOnoU in our respective department-, the undersiyntil Mer is. Si in ificliuert, an I Whole-ale Dealeis uf the City of New York, ro-pectfulli invite l lie intention of Country Menhanti to an examinalioii ol'lheir seve ral ns-orlmenls. They liu-i thai thnr price- nnd term-will prom atistaclory, a- they are determine I to meet the rca nnu hie exneetatunit of n ircha-er-. an I with .1 iew lo coiiimunicate dirc-ily with vo i, liave cm' raced the Iccilitiet ol the Newspaper Pie-, if your di-lriet, ti unite in an invitation to )ou to call at our re-pec-tive es'nl'li-hnieuts. Staph and Fancy Silk Guoth, Alfied Kdward- Ac Co., 122 Pearl -I. Charlu- lliirleu & Co.. 123 Pearl nnd 70 Heaver -I. Ileorao IL William-, late of Wi'luins, llankin & Penuiuian, 21 Ltclnnyi'jt a, p'po-ite the Kt(. chanL-i'. 3 doors from Willi im -t. Win W, Piuiieo cV Co, 30 Cedar -I.. corner Wil liam. "ill.9, lti'ibon-, Mil incry Goods, Krcn'di l-'lower-, ecc. Staple anil Fancy Dry Goods. Ansell it Co., 17 William street, I etween Rx'-liinge Placennd Ite.ner -t. C. W. it J. T. Mot re dc Co., 207 Pearl -t., 4 doors ill tivu. Mn.'t'en I nne. Ila'loek, Mount Hill'ii-'s, I"3 Pearl st., one door nboie Pine -1. Atwaler, (iinild it Co., 1 1 Wall si., between Nnati and Itroadwny. O. T. & J. Hewlett, 271 Pearl -t , I door- above Pul tun. Ilo-twick it. Sherwood, 5S Lil erty t., between Nas sau and llroidway. Importers and dealers in staph Dry Goods. Merrill, Ply it Co., 50 and 52 William si., between Wall nnd Pine. Print Warehouse Dealers in Prints only. Morrell it Co., 103 Pearl, corner of Pine. Importers and Dialers in Cloths, Cassi mcrcs, Verting?, Siimmv Goods, Tai lor's Trimmings, ij-c. Wilson G. Hunt &. Co., S2 William st., corner Maid en Lane. Hosiery, Gloves, Suspenders, tye. J. W. &.T. II. Drown, bj ""i!"..iii -t., t or. nfCiilar. Importers and Jobbers of Suspenders, Cra vats, lilmes, Hntf, II .skry, -c. .VrtKK. faelurers nf Cups, Slitchs, Linens, () I Sill;, i-c. f-c. ej'-c. John M. Davie- it Jonet, 0fl Wipiam -i, cor. John. Manufacturer and Dealer in Stocks, Scarfs, Gnrt7., liinen", (lime, riwpemlt'rs, Oiled Silks, ij'-c. C. li. Ha t h, 97 William st. Importer it- Manufacturer rf Trimming; Curds and J'asself, Vince, (limps, llindiags, y.cphyr Worsteds, tf'C. I). A. Mouth, 100 William -t. Ilxleiniie Mmvifi-tnrcr and Importer of Haddh ry, ILlrnns and Coach IfardiCare, W. J. Hut k, 200 Pearl st., I door- above M.iuh'ii Lane Manufacturers f Cut .Yi7, IJrads and Sp Us, T .f. IT...... n c? li., ,.t . . , , , . ... lmvnrlersof II alches, Jncelru, hihcrand I'lated 1 H at r. Hall, lonipinif- lilacl,, (late .Ylariiu.uul&Co.) 131 i uroaiwav. Hanks and Stationery, Huntington it Sav.iqe, 21 fi Pearl st., between Maid en l..ine nnd Pur iiu Slip. Samuel r-. it William Wood, 2G1 Pearl -t. Paine ei II irjre--, Pill li-hcrs of Smith's Scries ol f-t'hool ttool.-, iyl Join) si,, near Vt llll.ltn. lluols, 1'cri'nlicaU, and Cheap Publications. .i?em inppiica ai I'uuiuiien' in ices. William II. lirihain, IG) si. Tribjucbul - Manufacturer if the Cchlrited Magic Razor blrops ojjour sails. I.. Chapman, 102 William -t. -oldat Manraeturei's price- I: v a l the anil haucyUoods lui porters. Manufacturers' Supply Store. Charles Schenck, 132 Waler st S ipplie. f. r Cot i.jii, iiiki out, iu.iiiui.ui riTs,iiiiu ineiaie Uini's of .Machinery, Importers, Dealers, nnd Manufacturers of Dye "l".i-i "yc- it vutiir, itiutf, ti'c. William Partridge & Sun, 27 Clifit. Vvinmiss'wn Paper Warehouse. P. II. Cl.ijton & Suns, 61 John si. Manufacturer and Dealer in Morocco Leather. Charles V . Trotter, 31 Perry -ireel. also Dealer iu 1'IIIIl'U -IOOI, Manufacturers of Undressed Morocco and Imnar- ters or h'rcncK Calfskin, lll'k and Col'd Moroceo Linings, eaoaj.,vcOjl-tiuv-, I'al. Leath. .f-c. Meigc, Brothers, 102 (!oI st., corner of Frankfurt. Grocers and Commission .Mercian's J. &, A. Low cry, 121 Front st., 3.loor- Kaslol Wall Ulit & un., 7o front St., corner ol UIu Slip. Hichs Improved Salamander Safes. Warranted Uiy. A. S Marvin, 133 1-2 Wa er st., Agent for the Man ulaelurer. Importer of Toys, Encllsh, freneh and German l awy (toons, ami ncaicrin t ire Urackers. J. W. Ilodierton, 75 Mai len Lane. Manufacturer ol rire i i rks for put lie anJ prua'e exhibition. .Ifjrititicurrrj, Publishers, and Importers of Music and .Musical Instruments. Pirih, llnll it Pond, 239 Broadway, sole agents lor umcKerinir- i lano rone-. Manufacturer and Importer if Musical Instruments K I ward B.iaek, 5') Gold -Ireei, (afier 1st of May, SI .-..I..... ......... ..m. .i.i i ' Ifiitcfou? Shade Depot. Barlol J: De Manny, Man ilaeturer-, 7 Spruce street, 1 iiuuia i.i'iow ...i-a.iu. New YoaK, .March 15, 1813. CLOTH WAREHOUSE V. S. WINSTON & CO. A'ja.1S4'irr.'.s., .Yew 1'ori. AHE now receiving of their own Importation, on ivoiuiiii'situi, nnu uy purciotseui Ailelioil, unit u:her wise-, a nut nssoruucnini iooucn iioiHi.'nuiprising American, Pnglidi, Picncli, Belgian, and Geiman Cltillis anil, both pltin anil fnncy. Also, a large variety cu ami o-i I wretls ami Satintl Ve-iing. ami Pantaloon Studs. IJrrotint? all our lime unit attention exclusively lo Woollen Goods, w Inch we iibiain Ironi thealove. source-, we tielit ve we e.Miltm llie lareesi mi l ino. extensive assurlmeiil lo I c tnuiid in the Cilu or Coun try. We invite the attention a( close and extensive buy. ers to our slock, hlrilgin ourselves that those who nave been in llieha'utol I iiyinx llieir Cloihsnl Auc tion, at the vxpen.e ul much lime and nimble, (often gelling ipiamitiu-and qualilic- they do not want,) shall cl lam them ol'usnt a very small ndiiinivfruiu cusi, ior, or on.a soon cnnit, tor approveil note. Ol." I llltK, tl'lll . I, lOil. lviLuiDirs SA LA MA DEIl SA FliS. WITH ihe recent improvement of S. C. Herring, of 139 Water street (who MSSrs tile pa'cnl nent of llie stucle for ihatJinio of New Vork,) iliesu Snfes nny lie prqnounceJ petlect. Of their nl'solute inipcnelrnbility by lire it is unnecessary to spenk J r lonj; serns of succesiful enpennieius cllneked by lliu result of the thirty sis hours' fiery or.leal u which one ol iliesu Safe, wss-jspo-wl in llie burning ruins of tho 1 ribune building., hne set that mailer al rest fore, er. Hut by a recent improvement they ate now rm dered as luipervious to damp as lo fiiu and nolhins placed in niieol them can mould or mild.'w I'ach of Ihese Ssfes ls furuiehed ithoneofChubb'ile'teciive locks, which cannot be ti eked. Ti,,,. ,k. si.i der Sales, msniifaclured by ihe subscriber, are al onco Mro proof, damp proofoml thief proof. Can security go fattber 1 SILAS C. HKllIllNa. X 139 Waler slreei. N.u, M, N. D. Second hand eafes of undry innker. for littl tinm iniirt.i Ihah. L.lf .t ii . h..i;i h..n n V. h"f of fi,,, co"' lhcV : :. .".""u'7 miner iur hiving been received in pin psyincnl fur Wilrttr's, 15 ievv York Adv'ts. GENTLEMEN'S C. 11. HATCH, 07 WILLIAM ST., NiiW YOHK. INVITES the attention of Merchants and others lo his large and extensive atsortmeni et Goods lor Uciltcmcn's wear, euusitling in part, of Stocks, Opera Ties, Collars, Bosoms, Hlilrts, tcarls, Cravats, Oiled Mlks, (iloves llaslcry. iispeiulcrs. Under (iai'inciiiH, itc. itc. C. II. Il.'s stick comprise all that is nrir anddi tlrable in his linv,.ur CI TV Oil C0tJ.TH,V irau'e. Hi- stock t, tVe., are man iftcturcd iiuler hif own im media tettis,ie;i inn, autl nre win i anted at trood, Il not supeiiur to any u.,ered iu the Ntw )'ork Market, auU al iii low price-. New UrU, Apnl at, 1813. -tg xlHTAJLLilC TACIjET. rilllS is the only intention that combines llie t- properties ol bone nn I slinpt it powers haie been well proven by the first cutlers ol Kurope, who hue used and prelitred tbein to the common hunc. -Tl.e Tablet m Hone pill nquirts uiilhcr oil nor wa ter to have ill'ect. Tills nloiie would inake it value t but when aided to it the finishing qualities ol Ihu strop, simplicity ol use and cleanliness, iiiakiui! II un the n hole an article lint no gentleman's lodel ton bo complete without The follow inu testimonials, from the most scientific nun, speak well in its f.ivor From Gc'i. .Inmci 'l'allin:idi;i'. President of lite Ainci'Kau Institute Snunlrr's llatjt Sirop, with its four sides, combine admirably all the requts, Its to shtrpciiaud sel llizurs with a fine and sinuolh edge. Il Is a real comfort lo posc9 it. James Tallmadgk. New York, Nov. IS II. I'toniM. Sllllllicn, Cutler to the Itayal Navv. ail I Sti-.ltld. The Metallic T.iblei. in its ue is simple, havina the same elfeet on a ruator as a hone, wiihout utmi; oil or water and in a tculh pnrt of Ihe time After fivo years trill, I can recommend it with perfect conn lence. .11. .o 1LLIKLN roni 1'rofcssof Gilscom, anil Or. Ynicutluc aioii. Gcor?a Saunders' Impeitnl Strop. We can freely tetiitv to tit value. 1 he side which be calls the .Me tallic. T.iblet i. as far us we know, a thine of his own introduction into thu country I it nnpearsto benu ex cellent, eoiivi'iiieni suo-iiiuie i ir n none, nun operates on the s line pliueiple ns sli el ihns upon a tjble-knife. hut Willi tar ureater suiootliiiess ami certainty ( saves the unpleasant necetsily oT oil and water to ns-il it who'ttnit.'Plie other ilirtesiilesof the Strop nm fxirt'tiielv well fuiithcd. (lit. smooth, and almost clastic, pnservuu llie razor Irom mat rounjucss ul eile which so soon uesiruya us Keenness. J. Gr.iscoM, May lOih, I3J7 YlextIsr Mott. Piices SI3, 810, SO, 8B, nnd SI, per doz. O. Saunders, inventor, and "old by G. SA1JNDP.US .t FON, lfil Broadway. .Vcio York. T"VG. Sa mders V Son. will reiuuvc on llie 1st of M iy from 1GJ to 177J Broadway. .vcw York, April i, I31J. ' Entire JWew Stock. BOOTS SHOES BY THE PACKAOK Oil DOZF.N. b. w. &, (Tf. now, lui WATPI! STItr.hT, NP.W YOltK, T.l WK on band a- all nines a superior slock ol A I too s and MltOt. -iiiabie lor esiern ami Southern markets, which will le sold at the lowc-l nri e- for ea-h or approved nolo-. Meroli.intt wb. nre pnrehasin?arcreuesied lot-jtland examine tin in, k c ure u in:r ottcwiicrc. nun 11KSJAM1N W. 1IOIV. t'AI.MS r, now. 5 PER CENT STORE. iEVV0RK. rptin Subscribers tnke this meihotl or ciUinu llie L attention of Ca-h Merchants lo lb ir ndvania tri-nii. KVMitMii of doin? bitsmifo. nnd in Foliriiini! the fiitnrt' pTirunme of their old cuMonicr. To t-'ASH I'rv Uoo s iMeri-n. nn viciuiiJi ew nun,mii i'itm il.u irn-.ili.t initiMTiiirntta. Tin- rosi of each ar- ii c I e is nnrlte-t ii tUmmi upon it, and a roiutnUsiun f only l ive Ter Cent mined nt Un- root ot the lull. i L tt u rio;te, oti me "mire roao, kiuwii u un W.i ni.. ilnilv ree.iMmj DRY GOODS of nil dtscrin-1 Harm- place N n'lered for -ale, cotratnin? aloit two tinuo. from .AUCTION ! nml lo llie I'nii-r uccunr . lITf'TlMV. ,. ilm llmur u.intinr. aiiuu n s.nini! of from Ten lo fifteen Per Cent. Irom llie old credit syncm. MARSHALL'S 1,1X0 TIIllCAD, im i'ortfo ny oci.iclvcs, iliuys on bniiil, nt ircallv tcibi en pricis. V'v A call i icprctfullv folicilv by HUTCIII.NriS, CASWI'.l.l. it SMITH, IG Ci:nn Stsket, 14-18 8 Dnors from IV.irl Si., New oik. NEW "HARDWARE. DENNISTrUN & DISBROW .Vu. G3 Peail Strcit, near Uroad, .Vtte York, i HKprip.invltoM-ll llieir MiW IIAKIJWAKK nt ii-rvlowntii-es. Miicbolilii'irPOCIvl'.TCt'f- Li:i!V In-1 iim imported ON CAKf)-. Tbeir C.irilcd Cuilcri bus nlw.ivs tiroi'cd Miti.tiictori' to tboe wbo li lie boii'jbt it. Thev have nl-o a 'rciit variclv ol POL'Kr.T CLTI.KKV troin tin- luanntaciory ol "T. TUItNi:i! if- L'o.," .-.IIEKHIH.I), F.NI5., of eMni uualin. I bev line n full Sio.'t. of IjI.NI-.KAL anil IIBAVV IIAPiDWAUF.S, a. t ut und i r uplil Nnils, SIiom'U, Spade, mil Hoc, Anvil-, Vices, Chains, nnd t'onlaie, Clernian nnd Cu-t-.U't'l .Mi'l, nnd t'ro Cutsaiv, So; the-, uf " Hloo.1," "H.iui"nnd " liennlsley" M.liups, occ, 4 V M. T. J E NNTngS it Ci).7 DIlAPmiS AM) TAILORS, IMPOnTKns OF cmrns. cAssiMi:ui:s. vnsriNGs. FANCY DRESS ARTICLES, &C. m UltOAUWAV, AMKKICAN UUlKU NEW YORK. TO those Veiling ihe City t f New York, re.piirfns Garment-, n ren"veij o!icjtatlon i o'fered lor I hem to eatl nnd exnmm- our Stock if New and Fashionable tiutHi-. of Sprins nod Summer wear, rtmpriin an aorimuiit i u-iirpned in nehne-t nnd variety, and which will be made up to order in n tvle i-eeond to no hou-e in Ihe Trade, nt nrlees which uiti-l oflvr 6 ich inducement' to ihe Ca-h p'lrcha-er airiiniini i.iu io ie apprecutieu, i.mj I lords (Jrass and Clovc.r Srod. OP S iperior(J lality, by STliONGS it CO. Feb. 20, M5. 38 100 Wholi! nnd Hull Bbls. SUPKltFINK Flour, for sale bv Hurlinston, Feb. IBih 1315. 3S 1KANTEI) ! !.'. Kroi or Spurred Ityr, 500 ' Uee' Wax. for lali or in exchange PI CK & SPKAlt. l7iOf'cjae Druggists. 500 31 Glass, OAnn it llntes II irtinmon V.'.rn, UJtS nnd Lake. 1, iVj. II. 1T.CK & Co. Agents. Dec. 4ili, 'It. 3? (Junleii iS'ul'ds, OK lat reasons "rovvtlt, by ' j. it j. ii. rrtciv & Co. Unrlington, April 1, 1815. 41 Cash paiil lor Wool AT oil lime at llurliiiBlon Mill Cn's. I'nclnry, 30 SID.NKV lUUI.OW, Agent. IM) Tons Aovascotm I'lasFur " IrOIl snlo by ( ' llurlinutun, I'eb. IBih 1BI5. fl. PKTEKSON. 31 CrasM Seed. 1 HO D1'1"'1-3 lienlsGrass Seed, rai-cd iiponj 1VV7 new land in lliu north part of ihu. Stan., inul enlircly tree frnm Ii) il n-ed. Al-n ,i lew bii-beN o lied Top (Im-. Seed, for l by llie subscriber. -AI. SO. OX IIUSIIKI.S SUI'KllUm Sl'HI.Nfl WIIHAT, fO iieiaht til lbs. to tho Uuthil, raised upon Slit I- & II. II. DOOI.ITI I.K. ii :i Stoves. 7VF41V -uner or COOK STOVES of varioii". Sire-. ALSO, a fir-l rale Cutler lor .ale in ejii'liani'ti for Wood or (train. CKOROF. i'ETKRSON. Ilurlmcion Dec. IBih 1814. i9 IP I TSi I FOR SALE. Bald . fnr W SI'RING WHF.AT; a superior arliele, ji ii i iiudolii oi tnensn itea reed, by GF.O, mrSd'AIRE. Buthnjton r.ills, Maich 13, Mi, II 6 1 uuill pi'llll.iur saiu uy April 1.1815. CARPENTRY. TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCEHN. WKtheSubtiribers. intend carrying on the Ca reenters' and Joineis' hu-iue-t the eesiilnir season, and resptctlnlly solicit, nnd hope we may merit and receive a abate of the pnbliu patronage in our line of bu-inett in ibis town. . . Enquire at their dwillings on White and r-ortn Slreett, CIIAIILF.3 W. PFTTKS, JAMBS B. ADAMS. Burlington, March 26, 1315 43 -9w .1UST II KC RIVED AND FOR SALE. 1 OO QUAKro "la"ay' u" Uut'k',' JonrniiN, Day Book-, Lelgert and Huukt fot ltecord-, til the I es' iaper and well na If. I!ii!iiui- Latin Render, do do Oieek nnd Kiiitli-h ttrnmmar, .Mot si's Geography, c-c. c. chea 1 for ca-h by STKVH.SS WHOPS, Burlin'on, March 27 b. .SVrune's Ituildinrs, ( lover ami I lords yrnss seed, By .t. & J. II. 1T.CK c. Co. Bur' niton, April I, 1545. 44 TO HUNT Oil FOR SALE, A NEW BKICK HOUSE ONP. stnrv and a half hijh, and lot connected with it suitable for a eood earden. ituated on She. burn street, a few rods below the village. For further particulars enquire of the subscriber. u.wiu iitiaii. Burlington. April 8, 1115. 4j3 S li EDL IN Ci S Til A WB Ell It Y. TOTiin-. aubeoriber lin nri InnJ n few luinrJrpd plnnt. tat of Ihe nb'ive vnlmble Sfrfiw brrrv, 'list rrr-ird by expn-'i' frepli from the garden of Plultlus I'lnllijif, I.-q . of Npw Vork. HOVnV'd sni'.DIilNG was rnWe.i by nrtificinl nnrpuhTliitn tn 1833. Il n to be llie ''largest. handsomest. brit,flnToredt nndmostprottuctirtraritty ytih-noieii. 1 1.19 ?uavuerry is rt-iuierru more aiu- ihie IrtHii iie rirrumlnnre which la not the cipi with other k.txlO that every fi wit i H' rfef t. nro duciiiE n due Droporijon ofRiamens and ruMiit. nnd every blonom which expands h fulluwtd by n frm'i wtnch arrived at maturity. A punphlet wile duto lion for ctilnvTlina yiven L'rati. IVrio.. wisiunir to obtain n supnly of plant of thi (lelicioiia fruil can Imp them aserlv ns tbi I5ih inil by; their names al the AMKIUPAN MOTKL in llnrlinoton. 1J. t;. uOODALK, Aecnl. C'Jumuey I'oint, t. Jpnl 4, Mj. .KW and convenient Houte, a cardm. and out buildings, on IVew Street, in Burlinetun about seven minutes walk from the Courthouse; possession lpvcu on llie 1st ut uay next. ISAAC WAllNKIl. April 3J, 1 313. 44tf IVOTICR. J. . .1. li, I'lirii co. TT VH thi- day ns.ix-i.ite I with them, KDWAHU 1 J. . I'l.lK. lliesijteol tnelirin will tieei.n liuned us hereloloie. .1. .( J. II. PKCK & Co. Burliiiginn. April 1. 1315. Al Hoes and I In v I'orks. A NKW nnd superior arliile, iiMiiufactured by rj.ri'auks, ior sate l.y .1. it J. II. PECK & Co. B irlington, April 1,1515. 44 Aliicliiiio Curds, Ol" Pprinifie'd Vermont, and Springfield Ma-sa ch i-etts uianulaeture, by .!.& J. II. PKCK it Co. Ilurtiuglrn, April 1, 1845. -11 I'lolll'llS. A L.MlfiK as-oriment ol llie mo-t approval pat tern-, by J. it J. II. I'l.l K it Co. B irlinj'on, April 1, IP15. dl Shingles. 1 ftft M. Prine SpriceShinilcs, for -ale by 1 .1. it J. II. PKCK & Co. Burlington, April 1, 1913. -1 1 For 8alc. FIItST ra'e p!a.- for IfiWnc in the eenlre of I Imnrlrttl ntTHft Clf I il 111) 1111 U 11 It'll tllCri l n llOtl-e fell 1 1 able (or n T.TMrn, .1 S'ort;', 'tore hoQe, three Uarn bed and otlifr buildin?. The id ice need recninm Midation tn tho e kr.owinir the loealiou Kor ieiin enquire of the s ib-"ri' er on ihe piemi-es a..lUl.L. 11. iiAIUM.W. April 1, 'SI.'. i3 wiiiti:iiai.l. J. HAltUI'-ON, uauH respectfully inform hi frienils un.1 palfnn-that notwilh-ianduiir n Ion t-eas-ou ol cold, miow, lull), ram and -eveie hird lirnc ha pa-sed since helm-, had the p!eaurc ot't:reeiin ithavinir. bni-lrn?. hean'mr. nn I i.cif unin? hU ir meiou northern friend-, nnd Ci..-miner thai he ilill in W hrehall, and ha- for the convenie .ee nn 1 cjom fort (-flu- eustoiner. and the (raw II mi? nu' lie. remov el Iu- Slmvmsr Saloon lo Park'-, sidend.d RrK-k IJ iildinir two door-iuuth of the Clinton House, which he ha- fitted up in a alvlc i-ecoiul tn tionem the vnm- ity, and ha runnectel wiih hi- taloon a lame and eomniodiou lialliinj; Ksial IMimeut, w.tb co'd, warm and shower liaiu-1 ami centlemen need fiep but horn one ronin to ihe oilier when thev will find them e!ea -duvet), he.lreJ, washed, 1 rushed, per fitineil. and euiimletelv renovated. X, It. J. H. would reue-t hi friend not to be deceived or decoyed I y the stt iped poles and display UJ.u may in- iikiuc hi hi o.u pi a ii i, a- ne pouiveij i-not mere j nu at ui spienmu aionu two uoor o it h ol the Clinton, where he pulhcly invite- nil hi friend- in call. Whitehall, March CO, 1313. 11 Timniliy IUlss's Rstatc. STATP.OK VKIIMO.NT, 1 mill. Hon. ihePro dimhict of chIttfsden, $. i J. bflteCourt for ill Di-ttru t of Chillcndcn. 'l'o all nersons enneernpd u the e-ia:c of Timothy IIlis. late of Jericho m taid di-tnet uecea-eii. (Int.F.Tivrj WimiteAs, ebina n'is, Admiuiirator ot the c-tateof Ssiid deceased, propose- lo ien!er an nc count of Ins administration, and pre-eui lnsaccouni n'jrain-t nam e.taie tor cxammaiion atmailowimv i a t-iion of tlie Court of Probate, to l-e hidden nt ill Hci-terV othce in Hnrlinzion, in siid di-trict, on lb fonrdt Wolmshiy of April mxi. Therefore, you are hereby nnnhVd io nppear I efore said co irt nt the time nnd place nfoie aidt and liew cau-ei if any ou hae, why the account nfuroaid mio nu not i.eniiowett. (iiven under Tity haml at Uurhnlon, thic 31-t d ot .Mari'ii, , U tola. 44w3 VM. WKSTO.V, Itegnter. Andrew t lialdelil-s IMate. STATF. OK F.It.MO.T, I 'IMli: Hon. llie I'ro I'l-lrlei f Clilllenden,.. ) s. bale Court lor ill District il Lhinenden : To all neron concerned the i stale of Andrew flmliebl, lale of Uuii'iustt in .Hid llihtnci. iVrea ed. tinrrTrxn. WiiF.nEAs. Hi ui. iu lidlell. adniini-lrator of ihees tire ot .ud decease I, prupo.-e. to render an mvii'int ol In dnuui-lraiion, un I ore.enl hi- m-counl ai-aiu r,' for exiiniuriiiou and iilluuan.'cul a ti,tion ol Ihu Conrl ot Pro! a'e, to to liolden at lire Kattle IU1I iu YViin-liui, in Ul-lni't on tlie trurC .Mon d.iv of Annl next. 'rlieiel'ore, Vou nre hereby notified to np-nr before aul co in at llie lime anu piuve iort'.-ain, nml iiew iMu-e, if tiny yiHi hate, why iho account afoie.aid .luilil not U- nllowL tiiven under nv band at Uurlinlon, lh 31.1 dav of.Mari-li, A. I. IB15. 4lw3 VM.VF.STO., 1,'egitter. Petition In .ell Land. STATF. OF VERMONT, ) A T n scioion of ibe Districl of Chittenden, . ) A 1'iobiie Court held nt IliirSint'ton uilhin nnd for said disliict of Chinen den, on the 39ih day of March, 1813, conies Samuel Fletcher, gunrthnn ol'Oran Is'iamuf lielburn, in said disliict, and files in said court Ins petition in wrtlins, selling forth that bis slid ward 1 .tiled in his own riht iu livofoncundiridetl fifth pntt oflhe lo lowing described tract or parcel nf land lying in said Hid burn, vizi all the lands nnd buildings devised by Joihui Islnm, late of said Slielburn. deveased, iii Martha 1. ham, late ol said slielburn, decensed, whilt the remained bis widuw, leing all the land Iuiil' .'null of the east nnd west road pas. 1112 the Isle dwelling house of the slid Jnthua, deceased, nnd east of the road lending southerly from the school house to .Nathan Lake's, bounded southerly bv Jal ez Kin nev's land nnd easterly by the river I.n I'latt nnd mill pond at btgh waler niaik; that it would be coudutive lo ihe best interest ol said ward to bate nil his inter est in said land sntd an I have Ihs proceeds of such sale put at interest Or invested iuoilur real estate, and ptsiing said court to license the said pund an to sell the whole ofsnd ward's interest in said laud, Whcbeupov, the court aforesaid dnih appoint the second Wednesday of May, IB45, for hearing and de ciding on said pelilKin al the office of the Kroner ol said court in said Unrlington al ten o'clock in the forenoon, nnd dolh order that all person interested therein be notified ihereof by publication nflhis order, containing the substance of slid pe'iti it, three weiks successively in Ihe Hurlington Free Press, a newspa- f ii-r printed in said llurlinjlnn, llie last nf which pub icaiiuns 10 he previous lo said seven I Wednesday of May, IS45. Given under my hind this ?9ih dav ol March, 1615. iM W.n; WnSTO.N, nesistv. Farm for Sale. FOR sale, n farm In Charlotte umlaut nig about one hundred .iiidlwi-n y acres, alioul one hunJied nercf of wliu is under cultivation the remainder I covered l-v a uood Ihiifiv irow hofpllo. hemiu. k and hard wood. O.I the pieuu-c-Breoyoii-lenient dwelling house one and a halt storys hi.'h tweoiy-six by thiny feet, a good barn thirty by folly feet,cailiagc hou-e auJ wood shed with a good wt 1 of p ire water. Al-o, a voung ordiald ofalout sit, ; trees just beginning to Lear. The dbtive larin it si uated in the north pert ol Charlotte and altiut tw and a half mile, south Irom .SlielbiiM meeting luai 1, is under a (rood slate of cultivation and Is well ttnec . Also about twenty Ave tout ol got d hay all nlwlutli wi I I e sold for a lair lice anJ p s e-sion given im mediately. Fur further patliJ lar- ino, ire id Slielbum.Mir.b 12, 1313. 11 E. R. HARD, A ITOHMiY A.D AT LAW. .11 imiio, r.1iM0.NT. April I, 1815. ii A"sj si opened one llbd. ol ! perinr itiai Poimiico Sirup -mil 'o I i-lhf I e-l ever I rtiiiybl Into thucointrv. Al-oiuiband a lew hundred lb-, of Maple S isra'r lor sale low. Also Brown Earth' 11 .Ylilk-l'iins, I- lower Puts, t;nl,e rant ee. WukwareB aiding, Comer College and Oliur. li NOW IS Y02JR TIME. SPMKG MtTtiVAL AT 'IUE NEW YORK & BOSTON SHOE STORE. W 011.0 mil. no ihe cmrni H II irluigum h i I i'mitv that It h jnt teccivl hi Sriil.NO S'lOCIC Or IICOTS AND SHOES of every desrip ion, wluVh he ha I ought cheap no-l lie is du prnnntM to tvii ineapir aim u ivivr ariiiti lhan any other person tin Mile ol New YofL. large Stucl. cuiui'is 111 part of the lolluwiii. whhh he will ell low for .ah : I reiteh Cull Loot f Hciii'm tixvt Gaiiers wilh hee's; Geni'-. oat (taller-, du du. L11 Jit'' IJit-Kin ; 11 siippt-rs ; ( hit lreo' Shot-s, of all deeriplions ; Clt nl's. I'uiiij'S. ; would imiroe the ore-ent opportumtr l return Id acknovvleilireineiit-to hi friends who havif hitherio letowecl upon him a liberal patronage, aii'l licit a eofitmuanee ot the mm, wiwn tie win rt nvitr tu nii'ril. bv strict a:i:lKrition tn lnisine. Mid in havmtr nil c Mom wort, done at hi nhop made in ihele-t ui.niner, nnd oflhe I et ti (kt nt the timet mh prue-.. IMea?e call anil exauiuie my Muck before purcha-ina cl-e where. vhnreh sneer, is irniiion, -nareii nt ton is FASHIONS 1 845. rilAltlsK A. SEYMOUIt, HA.V n rcned Iruin New Vork the princ pattern for J fats, nu-l i ihav ready to furni-h aenlleiin-ii with hat of Miperior qinluy, and of a l le eipial n anv nnnnfaetured in ihe eme. Jiercinnt in lin vieiiittv who purch.i-e ba by lhecae, are e-ptciallj requlel to call and examine hi stock, and it ati liel lint ibey cn p ireba e a well near hump a abrout, he hope they will, upon the principle of rotation, prtlertbe home market, ae the exijen-e- 01 iran-porintion, and leave ine ea u w litre 11 ntrm lully befoul-. AuJ ho a-surts the put liciiiai no mnfi in the Tni'tii .Sta'e fhall hat of equal quality. for ea-h, at a le. p.ur. A'2-G Ihirlimrton, Pearl Street, March 22dt 1SI5. l''iiio Ciiolii I load-;. 17I'1''' J finer q mli-y ol Gold than any rartern niaW L Head can I c ol.tune I ol Ulll.NSMAID it RKOTIIKKS. A fine lot just linisheil, Mareh 1R45. 41 Boots Sliocs and UuIiImts OF all sons and descriptions, fot snip very low by or.OlKiK 1'F.TEItSON. Burlington, Feb. ISlli 1S15. 39 ISpr iiijj "(!fds : IIF.LD, Flower and Gaitlcn Seeds in till llieir sa riencs constantly for sale. .viarcti, 43. IHSUXOTQN II, Spectacles. I3EIII3COPIC, Uoucave, ond Convex Specie?!, a large n-ollllent lu-t opened, beauiitul liiiuhtl one. lll(I.S..II) it HIIOI HI.RS. Jlnrch, 1SI.5. 41 1 845. MERC HANTS' LINE. l'orllto Ti aiispoi lallon of Property between LAKE CHAMPLAIN. 77401', ALIiAXY, MIW-YUHK AXD nosrox. Till", pn prieiors ot thi line bavin? increa-eil iheir l.inlilies, lytbt uddiliou i f icveial lir.t rata boat, are prepaied io tiie de.paleh lo nil properly inlende.1 to pa-, letween the place. (rl ne nuneil, wiih winch tbey may le euirusird, and hipe by prompt ulieulioii lo ihe inieiesi of I heir rinplo)t-l rei-eive a coniniuani-e of pul in paironace. Tbeir hint nre lo le lowed l y teain on the Hi.don River and on LuUe tJti.iuipltiin ivbeu neees-ftrv, Hniliom p e e a perfect I. ine Iu .ew Vurl, hs ul-o, to Troy and Al any. Injlsof yood dre kept logeihermid nol Mibjei'iiil io injury by irnn-hiinieni-. Proierly ti or Irom Uosi. n lorwardi-d, via, Wea'ern llrfil ltol or ves-il n deire I. Conirnei tur freight van le madv wi:h the I'roprielor- or their aptnts. l'roprlt-tors. Follen .f- llradlev, Ilarlinnlon VI. ii hoi-, lliirluuit Chinru'deii, SI. Albans Vt. A. M. Claik, Siranton Vt. A scuts. I. . A, John-on, 9 1'ieuiie Slip, York. C. I.. Waie, 16 Look Whirl, Volon. O. F. Dion it, UJ Iliver Slree', Troy. II. J. Gilinan, 101 1'ier, .lloony. 4 SKIT .IIHA.NCiHMIJXT. BURLINGTON & BUFFALO LINE. 18 TI1K SPUKMIID PACKKT-UOAT R. P. HEART, dpt. J. ACKLEY, Jr., T.TAS li-en fiiteil op in the l-ent w-thlA msnner, ol'traii-portini; Freight nnd I'a.senser. to and Irom lliiilalo nnd inienuciliaie place. Person ennrratinr; W,-si wl-hins; for eomlorl and ci.nTenieni-e,wil find II on board 1 f ibe It. P. Henri. The Capiarn flatter, biui-ilf, with the ciew Ik- hit pri.'urvi, wbo ar -tea ly, .ittrntive and oMiiriu-.-, that he can ri"e-ii--laoiiou to nil wlm may furor him wiih their pairon ae. Thi F.ti kci I l.rrge and eoinuus'iou, suilicient tu nci oininnlaio .euiii-live or eighty persons. On throptninc 1 f navicnlion hf will leave a. follow.: llurlingion, April S3 1, llurliugton, An?. 6th. " .May ll'b, " " j;,), ' " June lib, " Sent. IMi, " SSth. " Oct. 7ih. " Jul) ICth. ' "ih. .Mc-ri. Folleit it llradlev, llurlinclon. Vt. " Nu hol-, II 11 ton & L'lii,ienJeii, St. Albans. ?-, House's I'oint. h'om L.''cirani.cilin, ! P'o'l'turh. Mr.r. Colvin it Tieinl.le, Port Kent. niunon iv tin-n, ( ..... , I.n K nlan.1. t imtthalt. itles-ra, Joy if. Wt bsler, llug'alo. 11 1 .. .. t. 1 i.iiiioiion, ii,,iinrcii 10, nta, Canes. NEW and leau'iful as-frtm'nt of Silver and Ivory headed I'ane. also. Cror.k. and mbrr A Cano-, the bel assnnnirnl and at lower price, ihsn ev--r. BKINaMAID if- KntriHrRS. March, 1845. 41 50 Tons oF (ivy OF the best quality, for sale at ia 00 per Ton. tie livered any where in the Ylllaee at the ahnv. oner. G. PKTtlWN. Hurlington, Fih.lSih 1FI5. TABLE BUTTER. A FEW hundred pounds. . m jan. JJ, -fa. STRONGS st To. I M.coorl Pincand Spruir SlmiBlf", Ir.rTi-le 1 UU bv m o. pnrMiso.N, M.r.h 4, ISIS. W 8PKIf.G mS For IfpSp I

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