Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 25, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 25, 1845 Page 3
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over write a Idler or nn advertisement, without com mitting all aorta of offences against tho Kings or thography) But still ihe progress of improvement "is onward," slowly, perhaps, hut surely. Constant tiso is giadu ally wearing ofl'llio slurp corners, and Ihn pruning knife of Webster has not been used in vain. Who now would think of wriiing n history like thai of Cotton Mather's? The learned have found il to bejistas the author ofM'I'ingal said nhen ho to'd ihem "Go to the vulgar 'lis decreed, There you must ptoach and write or plead) Broach every curious Latin phrase From Tull J' down lo Lily's da J . All this your hearers havo no sharo in, Bate but their laughing and their slatting. Tliis popular contempt for Ihis display, this foppery of learning, has almost banished "every curious Lilin phrac," and in fact the writings of ihe best scholars arenow the clearest from all foreign phrases. And at it becomes a settled opinion that men of sense can express themselves fullv in plain English, doubts will increaso of the propriety of retaining many of the absurdities of our present sjflcm of orthography, which date their origin back to limes when educated Englishmen held their vernacular tonaue in such con tempt, that llicy plead law in French, and prayed in Latin. When we see with what tenacity tho public hold on to the present sl)le of spelling, ono might do pair of improvement, however palpable its necessity; but when we took at books n few hundred years old, we see ihcre has been a crcat chanirc effected some how, sml a little closer examination wi'l show that it is ts till going on. Not long ngo fife and fifer were rit ten phtph and phlpher, and the ph now hangs onto porno words fantom, fantusy, vial, for instance like the nack on Bunyan's nilgrim, half on, half off. The word chair nfTirds a good specimen of ihis changp, and, to my mind, shows conclusively the folly of attempting to preserve in the nr'honrnphy of words someihing that "will remind us of iheir origin, and ihe peculiarity of their utterance" Richardson says it is frcm the Anglo Saxon cyrnn. acyran, and ho irives the following varieties of spelling, from standard wri ters of different times i achaerc, chaieres, chaycre, chayrc, chaire, chare, chair. Hy llic-e extracts it ap pears that such old Fathers as Chaucer, Gloucester, Spencer, &c. -trove manfully, but vainly, to retain in the orihosrraphy of this word, evidence of ils original form and utterance. And they probably wept over its degeneracy, as letter nltet letter was struck out by the multitude who about that time, began to use chairs and to exert an influence on language. I cannot, therefore, admit that it is more desirable to havo the orthography of names we adopt from the Indians, Germans, French, and Spaniards, remind us of the peculiarity of their utterance, than of our own pronunciations. .MISSISCO. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY. Havinr; been commissioned hy his Excellen cy the Governor to make a Geological Survey of Vermont, I venture to ask the co-operation of my fellow citizens in a measure so intimate ly connected with their prosperity. In each town gentlemen can, w ith liltle effort, commu nicate information, which may prove valuable to their towns and to the public generally. In a few weeks I intend to commence tho field labor, as will also my assislanls, and we hope in the course of the summer to pass over most of the State, making; a general rcconnois. sance of the rock formation, preparatory to a more minute examiration in the following-year?. Any gentleman who will leave in charge of Ihe ' Post Masterof their town s)ocimns and descrip. tiona ol such objects as they may deem interest-1 ing or valuable, with directions for finding their localities, and also answers to the following in quiries, addressed over their names to the sub scriber, will confer a great favor. With nu ll gratuitous assi.-tance we shall be able to judge of the importance of an examination of tin; ore, marble, mineral, clay, or marl. Let no one in fer, however, if wo cannot find time the first year to v.sit the localities pointed out, that they will not be examined subsequently To direct attention to t lie most important points, wc add the following questions. 1. Do you know of any kind of ore in your town 1 2. Any rod or yello v ochre ! y. Any ledges or beds uf limestone or marble ! 4. Soapstoncor serpentine! 5. Any rocks good fur building stones, mill stones, whetstones, or lires'ones ! 0. Any good roofing slate ? 7. Any mUnnals for glass, for fine porcelain, or for common pottery! 8. Any materials useful for 11 ixcs .' 9. Any moulding sand 1 It). Soils remarkable for fertility, barrenness, or for bearing only certain crop ! 11. .4,ro thorn .my deposits of peat, marl, swamp mud, &.c. ! 12. Have any marls, peat, swamp mud, &c, been used on the land .' 13. Have any such substances benefitted or injured the soils ! 14. lias any po it been used for fuel ? 15. Is there a fine while substance beneath the peat or mud ! 10. Are there any clay stones in tho clay ! 17. Are there any remark ible ledges of rocks, or carverus! 19. Are there any large hose blncks of stone ! 10. Are there any other valuable or curious minerals ! 20. Are there (in the western towns) any curious netrifa 'tions in the rock.' Specimens of any of these sobslanecs will be very acceptable, and since it may be expected that sets of specimens will be furnished to sev eral literary institutions and to the medical col leges in the Slate, as well as to the State ilself, several of a sort are desired. Perhaps also the Legislature may deem itopedient to mike pro vision fur furnishing each County with speci mens illustrating its own Geology. I would es pecially request of Ihe proprietors of beds and veins ol ores, anu or marine, soapione, or 6or pentinc quarries, fair specimens of these sub stances, (eince they will enmo under Ihe nbser. vation of tho public generally, or at least one pood snecimen for the alatu collection I also request gentlemen to furnish me, in writing, with such statistics, as they may be willing vi inaKB puunc, oi wio amount ui iron, manganese, copperas, liuio, marble, soapstone, seronntine. &c, obtained during the last and rrovious years, of the expense, profit", imprnv cd modes of quarrying, or o'her valuable mudes of informalim, EMs are respectfully requested to give this address an insertion. C. D. ADAMS, Slate Geologist. -inorMmpn of common minerals, rocks, marbles &c. may be i"our inches lon, three inches wide, and ' .l-:-l. I lA.... -I.. .. I. a nunna. One or iwo IllltK, uiiicds a i-nyvi OtfcW tuny UU IHH. .... ii fair exhibition. The size and furmufru liable specimens must depend on tho character of the mineral, in all cases iney snouiu ue M-pi nee uuin l.,,.o. iln.l acrniehes. and carefully wronued in na pert with labels indicating their locality and ihe name of tneuonor. LITERARY NOTICES. Tim America Revikw: a Whiff Journal nf PnliJies. Literature. Art and cience, April. 1840. Of tho general character of this work wo have already expressed our opinion of deri. dad approbation. There is no falling off in the present number from Ihe interest of ils prede cessors. The first article, entitled "Tho late Chief Executive." is a summary history of Mr Tyler's Presidential career, written with can. .Inr and vouched for bv some important docu moots, which we are glad In see thus on record. This is a It snouia ue. vioiem pinmpics unu ri.rativn nartv elan? should be left we had almost said to the ineaner.orgaiis of the respec tive parties : but we wouiu raiuer say uauien them entirely from the columns of all alike. Our political literature is aoything but credita. ble. There is too much ground for the censures which have of late been made upon our political nresses fjenerally by a distinguished critic across the water. Nor can wo retaliate with the or m,nlum ad hommern. Whatever may be said 1, n.i.i.i. riv uanors to their disadvantage. .v. irSualnted. they at least wear the carb of decency, and for the most part discover a far better acquaintance with the matters dis " ... La .I..- J can nrctend to. I hero may perhaps be causes for Ihis but these. w;e are not Sow Cdng to discuss. There is at all events norMsort why men who aspire to bo public teachers should not be decent, intelligent and gent emanly. There is such a thing as face S. without buffoonery, and there i.s no necessary connexion between severity and SrackSism. But it I. too true that the worse passei too currently for tho better amongst us, .. i.:.. a .,.. la ilm irrand desideratum. and .o the ambitious combatant sets about 'nail- in liea to the counter,' insinuates u.i across tho way would be in jail if he had not tor across tno way wum. j - Justice of her dues, and winds up by CnUavou rfu nn. -A.f1apu 11 nrr . otl'",u-!-. w"1"'- uul forco of a plentiful supply of typographical" win-1 dor, against tho wicked machinations of " this traitor to his country." Of coureo this is all rhetoric, and bad, vc'ry bad at that. Wo can only hope a reform by general consent, and wo are gratified to know that Midi consent is al ready yielded by sonio few of tho loading press cs of both parties. May their success in tho ox perimont encourage many to follow their ex ample. A continuation of the iblo analysis of "Thicr's Revolution." Is the second paper, fol lowed by a dozen moro which wo havo not had time to examine, saio that "About Birds, and Audubon," to the lifelike truthfulness of much of which c can positively and personal ly depose. liroicnsnn's Quarterly Itecicw, April, 1845. Mr. Brownson, after having been, as ho himself confesses, "every thing by turns and nolh'mg long," has at last arrived at, niul found admit tance into, the Church Catholic. Wo presume, however, ho is only Churchman pro tempore. In tho present number of his Journal redolent of Catholicism ho avows that ho has ever been in tho dark until last October, when light broke in upon him. .Up to that time, ho was as mili tant against tho Church as he is now for it. Of course, ho recants and disavows whatever he has written or said contrary. to tho faith of tho Catholic Church. Alas I for the major part uf his writings, so soon turned out upon tho world, fatherless, incapable of taking care of them selves, and sure to find nobody who will own them. Mr. Urownson's egotism has always been offensive, and it seems to be on tho in crease. Hut it is not so offensive as it might be, for ho talks of 'we,' 'ouiselves.' and 'us,' with so much freedom and apparent honesty, that wo arc half tempted to believe ho feels it a duty to advise tho world of his particular up risings and duwnfallings, his past experiences and future hopes, and to publish much that would lie absolutely unpardonable in moist other men. Nevertheless, Mr 13. writes with vig ir.and nobody will regret a few hours over his pages. His ' Review' appears to be a record of the thuughts which suggest themselves to a very active mind in tho course of study, and wo doubt not may be taken as an index of his quarterly reading. His hobby at present is Catholicism, and he dnics it hard. 'Tho Church against No.Churcb,' opens tho number, and is a strong article. The second paper is a translation of a clumsy satire upon Protestantism, entitled, 'Salve for the bile of tho Rlack Serpent." IVe have not looked farther. The North American Review for April, and Rlackuood for March, are also on our table. We shall notice them next wcclc. IJAi'.nixGToN, Agent. Tin: Pilot or the Swallow. Tho grand jury of tho U. S. Circuit Court yes- tcrtlriy brought in a Into hill against William BrneI !, ,,jot Qf tlt! Swallow, charging . . . . ' . .. charges that " tho s.iiil William Burnett did hy his misconduct, negligence or inattention, cause thu death, on tho night of tho 7ih of April last, hy drowning or suffocation," &c. Wu are ghid to find that thu grand jury havo 50 promptly done llieir duly. Their action will Invo moro influence on steamboat offi cers than any legislative report whatever. -V. V. Spectator. Connecticut. Tho majority for Bald win for Govornor is about 1500 over all. Of tho 21 Senators tltc Locns elect but 5. Of 161 members elected to the Houso the Whig have 101 and the Locos GO. Riiqoki.y.v. The Locos curry this city. Tho Mayor's votn is thus given. Loco 'J,S73i Whig 1.C33 ; Am. Repnb. 1109. The Locos li.ivo tho Common Council, carrying o wards ; the Wings -1, anil the Am. Republicans 1. 05 Can any one inform us why tho Sur vey of the Rutland route is not published? For llie 1'iee Press. .Ma Hditoiij The " Raker Family" havinspro- nosed to f nor vour townsmen with a musical enter' tiinnieiil, I deem it no more than justice to them and the communities which thev inav M-it. to d)c them a passing notice. They have favored llie denizens of the principal towns i ciween nosioii anu your place, much to the satisfaction uf all, so that the call his been universally (or the re-performing of their pieces. As singers llicy are nulsurpas-ed in compas. of oiec, or sweetness and elegance of harmony. To nil who wish Tor n rich treat,! would say po and li-len to the harmonious Mrains of ihe Rakers il is something rieli, racy and spicy noihina this side llie cily has ever appeared, which basailordcd the satisfaction lo all, thai these votaries of the .Muses havo given. Their overwlieliuin houses cince this, die silence of iheir auditors prove it, nnd the unbounded epplaucc which lollous the eecuiion ol l tit ir pieces, prove ouuglit out ihe ralilieation ni lln. sialemenl. (t Tho B.iknr Family will perform at Strongs' Hall this (Friday) evening. Mr. Hlbbard'a Address to his deceased daugh ter. Pamelia, Years had pass'd, Since thy fond .Mother spal.c of thee ; When fell disease, unknown, complex Thy fair, commanding person slew. Long had thy youthful heart desired to see, The ice-bound Lake ils winliy chains dissolve; That, in a Father's fond embrace, AUVciions tears and smiles might join. Rut He, w'.io Rules culh, air and sea, Hid Death his closing act perforin ; And now although bereft of ihec, And lo-s'd by life's tempestuous storm I calmly wait th' appointed time, When in a milder, heavenly clime, Our spirit- shall unite to sing Adoring anthems lo our King, Jlurlinglon, April 21, 1313. TUB MARKETS. 1IKIC.1I ION .M.VItKKT, April 14, 1845. At Market B20 Reef Calile, 20 pairs of workinir uieu, tu oneep, anu zio awinc. 7a Heel Little remain unsuiu. Prices Reef Cattle Last week's nrices wereful ly sustained. Kxtra 8fl.25 first quality 85.75 i sec ond quality, 85,50'f2 5,75 1 third quality 81,75 i 5,25. Workim Ojen Sales at SG2, 70, 75, 79, and 50. Pheep Sales from SI to 85. Swine Lots lo peddle at 4ofor Sows, andBJc for Harrows; Ohio I loci 1 a 41 for sons, 5 a 5jc for barrows. At retail 5J and 61c IIOSTON MAHK1CT April 15. BUTTKR. 8 a 17 per lb. OIlKKSi; new milk 71 a 8 do do KLOU1L Howaid st. 4 75 a 4 67, Western canal 4 87 a fl 25. WOOL The market remains in in the same Ian c,uid stale as previously reported sales havo been quite limited, without much variation in prices. Saxony, fleeces, 45 it 47 American Full Illood, 40 42 1 blood. 35 'li 33 Common 1 blood, 30 -V 32 Lamb's, 1st quality, 38 8 40 Bits dlj In Fssex, Vt., April lllh, of a disease ofthe Liver and of ihe Mucus Membrane of ihe stomach and bowels, Miss Mtnv Maria IIebbich, aged 25 years. In Jericho, Feb. 19lb, Sabah D. Obaves, youngest daushler of Graves, lornierly of Greenfield, Mass. ajed 24 years. After a lingering illness which the bora wilh chris tian patience and resignation, she sweetly tell asleep in Jesus without a struggle or a groan. Sho trusted in God and he did not forsake her in ihe last tryinz scene. Printers in Yeimonl tnd Mass. are requested to notice the above In West Plum River, Joe Pavies Co. 111., at the res idence of her son, on Ihe 25th of March, of ihe Lung Congestive Fever, after an illne-s of ihree days, Mrs. Hefhzibah Parkis, widow of Edmond Parker of Underbill Vl., in the 70th year of her age. i she died triumphing in ths Chnstim's hope, sssur In. Vt.r frirnH.. hhe WAR nmr hpr linme in - BOARDING HOUSE. ImIE subscriber having rented tho Oriswold J- llou-o, is now filling it up fur a boarding hoiic. Tho hou.o is the I ct location in the village, and it will lie furnished in all re-peeis so as to irake il one of the lM .talli-hnicdr. of thu kind in the village, Gentlemen wishing to procirc room, are rcrpolcd lo apply soon, as Ihcv can have iheni fur nished io suit then). J.VMF.S II. Pt.ATT. Burllngion, April 24, 18J5. 47w3 Nova Scotn Plaster. " IIK sulicriber are now grinding, and are pre paired to deliver, Prrali Ground Piaster, at the Iron Foundry, fcioi of Main Sirect. FOLLEIT, IlllAOLKY & Co. April 221, 1815. 47 Cash paid for good Horses. Wm. O. BARKER, WILL pay Ca-h fbr good saleable Horses till the lir-t of Seplcmlfr nexl. Charlotte, Vt.. April 20, '-la. 47w3 it iaw SPRING GOODS, TIIE FIRST ol the kind In Maikct, jut received and receiving from New York, s.mie of the very lale-t sljlcs ol Spring Good", comprising, for Ladies' Drce-. MU.SI.tN', I LAWN, BALZOHINE, I OROANDP FRENCH PRINTED MUSLIN'S, Ao.&e! Plenernll and examine for yourselvo-, as 1 have a good assortment lo select from. DANIEL KERN. Two doors South ol Howard's, Ch.irch street. April 31, ISM. 47 Notice. riIIfJ Mib-criluTs hae entered Into partnership, I under tho firm cf OAKE3 & PECK. They will do hu-incss in the .-lure, heretoloreocnipicd by lieo. II., al Jericho Corners, mid will keep i'ontnnlly on hand Dry Goods, Groceries, and Hardware, of eveny variety, and sell lit the nio-l reasonable pru-is. ino. II. OAKKS, April 1SI5. (I7w31 GEO. II. PECK. John Tubb's Instate. WE llio suli-enl er, having ln appointed by Ihe Honorable ihe Ptobale Court for the Din J rift of Chittenden, coninii ioner to receive, exam ine and adjust the claim-niul demand- ofail person- uaaiu-t ihe eiaiu ol JOHN" Tl'UIIS, lale of Ks-ox, in said Di-iricl, tlccei-cil, rcpre-eii'ud in-olveu', and al-o nil claims nn 1 deinind. exhil ited in i.fT-ei I here to; nn I mx months Irom the day oftlrj date hereol, lens allow c I by -aid Court fur ihat purpo-c,ve do therefore hereby give notice, that wc will ntieml to llie Lii-ines uf our appointment, nt the tUvelliu ol Ihe late disca-ed, in Es-ex, in said District, on the third Tue-davs ol May and Sepicml er next, at 10 o' clock, A. M-, on each ol -aid days. Dale J, this 15 li day ol April, v I). 1813. il. G." STANTON, ) Cominis. 47w3 J El). TITTLE. t-ominn- ALI1EIIT STEVEN'S. """"s. IMlH linproi-niore, . I'loreiKu De l,aev: or the Coniicll, The Gambler's Wile, Wild Love: A Itomancc frotr ihe German, Veronica : orthc Free Court ol A ARAN, Eoihern: or Trace of Travel in the Ka-t, Mutated Shakc-neare. NTo. 47.4. 12)u 25 25 25 25 121 2i it lly A. KDWARDS. Magazines lor May. CUMJViniAX Jlaeazine, Go. lev's Lady'. Hook, 25u 25 19 25 :i)WAUUS. Ladies' Nanonal Mag Graham's Magazine. 47 HyA. Garden Seeds ! F1F.I.D, Flower and Garden Seeds in all their va rieties, for sale l y l.irie iiuuuiiiies, at , . riiUrv oi SfKAR'S, March, '45. Udblikgton Vt. Mineral Waters. IJMtESH (Jonsrets Water brGro-, Dozen or sinsle lottle, at PLCK .t SPKlH'S, 'r IfTitletite Prus-citlt. U37f T A ILOKI1TG- ES TA ULISHMENT. 'IHR siih-cribfr would n'-pivtfiilly inform ihe taken n -hoi. nn , p..- .,,nrn , i,.n'.' ..... ... .t... Howard Hou,e, where he will execute all orders in In- line wilh nealne-s nn I de-naleh. Cuninirdone on the shortest notice nnd warranted lo fit, if properly made nn. a. UAl'KUS. Hutlinsion, May 1, 1815. 47if Itocer lllios's Instate. ATK OF VF.UMONT I 'IMIF. Hon. theProbate Orlean District, b. t Conn for ilu-Di.irlri nl : To all per-ons concerned in llio e-iale of Hojer l-.nos, Esq., late of Iraairgh, dcrea-ed, intes tate. Greeting. Wiikrea, Ira II. Allen, ndinini-lralor uf -aid de tlccacd, ha liled in b.iuI Court hi admini-lration account for settlement nnd allowance. Therefore, you nre hereby noiuied that you may appear before s.iid Court, at a tc-sion ihereof, to I held nt ihe Prubaie Otlice at Ira-bursh, on Ihe2t-t day i f May next, and I e heard in the matter of said account, then to ic enminl nnd decided. And lln order sli.ill I e pidili.heil ihree weeks mcces-ivelv in ihe llurlinjrton Free Pre, a newspaper primed at Burliniilun, in Ihi State, as soon a mav lie. 47w3 (iFO. NVK, Judge. Probate Office, Ira-burRh, April 12, 1815. Bonnets. A VLRY laryeiorlmcnt, (new shape) Florence Ilraid, hue Neapoluon. Straw, an I Fancy llon nets, just received, at uuu-ually low price-, hv II. W. CATLIN. ALSO, A larfe ns-orlment of Millinery Good., Lawn. Prim, nalzonne-, Shawl, Cravaits, Glove, and Hdkf., which ran 1 bousht exlrcinely low, al April 25:h, 1845. 47 CATI.IN'S. LYMAN $ COLE, HLRKHY live notice to their Debtor all de-mind-both Hook aernunt unH Nnl..u,l,,k am riot paid previoiu. to Ihe 1st day ul July next, will be wm, iiurney ior coiieeiion. ' ne nooks and papers may be fouud ai K. Lyman's Siore. F.LIAS LYMAN, ,. . , MORTON COLK. Burlington, April 23, 1845. 47 The People's Money HAS been again u-ed in celebralins the23lanni versary in a way hiiherloapparenlly sati-facio-ry, and should il now meet iheir view it may a. usual le expie-sed in a bearly good taking ol ju.t such ff.icl, a-they may mo,t desire by leaving llie Usual Cliean Cash Store Token on the counter. Ihat all may be fairly reciprocal both with ihem and llieir Agent, P Th . , HOWARD. " S. The new spring goods have ju.t come and no", uruuilltlliy lly and cheap. April 22 1, 1815. 47 Hats, Caps, Hoots, and Shoes, 1 UT received ai CATLIN'S. A LSD rarewenj Gaiters and Half Gaiters, Slips and Wnl L'lntr Shr.d. ' 1 New York do Apnl 25ih, 1615. do do do 47 A I.AUG h assortment of Cloths. (!..;,,. Twe&l, Sallinett. Ye-linir. As ll... openco, ai prices curre.ionuing Wlin Iheltiuirs. bv . , CATLINi ' SirongsUuiMmg. April 25, 1845. 47 EL1AS LYMAN HAS received two boxes very superior Garden Seeds. AT COST UNTIL TIIE 5th MAY, THK entire remaining Stock of M. O-lheim, ran ki.llnor llirh llrnelin iiilii an. I ll.i:n ai....l. U.I zonne. Uoinbaiines, Illue Hlack Silk Cravaits, luius, 1 nreau, rniging, c;c. oxc. A LSO, Tw;o very superior Dlack Italian Silk Shawls. Uurlingtou, April 25, 1845. 47 For Sale OR TO-RKNT, a good Two Story lirick House and Hani, with about two acres Land. The buildings are undergoing a thorough repair, and aie aooui 1 01 a mue aoutn 01 ineuourt House squire. Appiy 10 1 . uoKPlhK. Burlington, Apnl 2tth, 151 J. I7iv3 NEW GOODS. GOLD PENS, of various price. 1 a large a.'ort ment or Silver Spectacle, and Thimble, j Oohl, Cameo, and Slono Rings, l'm, Pimps) Ve., together wl h other Good. ndanieJ lo ihe wants ofoustotier., are rowing and will I c relived, making our eUxk one uf Ihe best ever nflertgl Ly us. A VIHl lo nnd nn examination ol tbca-sorimeiit in both our lower and upper room', isinvite.l,froitho-e who wl-h lo gratify their eurio-iiy or buy tome of 'be C!ond. To all Hie Invitation li freely cxlendol, and to all who with to ce tliein, Goodt will be freely shown. Come nnd see, nnd fetch vour friends. HIIINSMAIU & UKUiUKKJI. April 21, int.). 47 CoinmissioimrsUjlicc. THE meelinaofiho COUNTV COMMISSION ERS stnmls ndiiiurned lo Hiursdav. the 1-1 day of May next, at 10 o'clock. A. M., at which lime said Comini. sinners will rcccio applications for Licenses at (lie County Clerk's Olllce, in llucliiitun. ny orueri E. A. STANSI1UI1V, Clrrk. April 23d, 1813. 471 ZJuady Made Clothing. THE ml srilierha.uii hand a erv liriru a-sorl-mcni ol rcidy made Clothini ufbl- own man nfn'.inri. Cnnsi-liuu of Coals. Pantaloons nod Vel, wbkh nre olfered for ca-h t !-3J what lias been na ul heretofore lor Ihe f ainc arlic'e. H. W. CATI.IN Anril 2-.tb, 1312. 47 lWllUSGTON IHOW POTJ1TDH7. 'pilIS Establi-hnicnt Is now lilted up in good order ior CASTINC.S. such a. Mill Ccering, Sleigh Shoe, Wngaon Axc and Hnxc-.. Caldron and Pota-h Kettles, kept constantly on hand. All ihepaternB formerly u-ed and owned by Mer. Oay iV liwards nre here' ready for use. I have taken hold ofihi conccrn.-for Ihe pnrpn.e of doinjr Ihe o of work, nnd I am ronti3rfil I ,'iM .ir-tli by-i-ring the bel oftock. Ca-tinff. made on low term., fur ready pay. All orders addre.-ed lo E. II. l'nosAK, iliirling ton, Vt , hall I e prompllv nfcndtd lo. Ilurlinglon, Vl.Fel,'y.'12,'45. 37m6 Clover Sued. A SUPERIOR nriicle of Clem Feed by tho Mil. or hundred, ju-t icceived and for sle at a very lyw price, by II. W. CATLIN. -ALSO, A few Bn-lic!s early Seed Peas uf a fU;eriorr(ualily. April 85ih. 131-i." 17 Hoes ami Forks. A SUPPLY of F.iirbauk-' C.isi Sieel Hoe and Hay Fork iu-l receive I lv ' FOI.LI-.TT, IIRADLLV t C", Agents. South Wharf, April 17, 13-15. 46 War is Declared! MIL J. D. FIELDING OUI.D inform the ciliz.'iis of Il.irlinglon, ihat he lias remove 1 hi PORTRAIT PAINTING ctallMimcnt, directly over Peek if. Spear'Dnr lore, where he mien f- to -Iny but a i-lmrt tune, an I would Pnv lo llio ewho wi-lity a acinii'e uf them selves irauslerre.l lo iMina-, Ihey will do well lo give bun u call imnieliatu'v. Mr. F. believe- him-ell compelenl, tnfini-h hi- work in s leh an el.ib'irale m inner, I hat the way-faring mm Ihouuli a John Tyler need not err tiurcin. Price- moderate. Ilurlinzton, April ISlli, 1313. 40.v3 Kbrnczer Lynn's Kstate. STATU OP 'i:!MO.T, T a Probate Disiriel ol f'hillenlen, s-. t IV Coin held ut Ilurlinstou within and lor fai l oi-lru'l of Chittenden, on thu l.i li ilay uf April. ISI5, pre-ent the lion. Charles Miicl, Judie ol nfd court, ranie lohn Ly nn, one of the heir tolhee-tate ol r.'ienezer Lynn, late of Co!ehe-lcr, in -aid fli-triet, deoea-ed, nnd lile.1 in fnid co-irl hi- petition in wn'ing, -etlinir forih that lie hold-one eiirhth part ol sailesinte in ionim()ii wilh Ihe uiher heir, and praying mid court lo order a divi-ion onil cate Hiiiong tiie peons entitled thereto I WuEnECPos, the court nl re aid doth appoint the ecnuJ Wedne-ilav in llav. 1815. for hearinu andile- ct'dtn on aid petrdon at the othrc of Ihe Kesi-ler of alll t'ouri in am u irnnirioii, auu o nn nr.ier uiai nu per.on intcre.te.1 be uoiiliel thereof by 11 ihlicatiou of hi order three week- sii.i-e-siyely in the Hurling ton Free Pres. a ntw-naner nrintel in -ai 1 llurline:- ton, ihela-t uf which p-tht (cation to Leprcvioulu said e'olll weuneMiay in .iay, lalo. Given under mv hand at sail-Burlington this 15:b day uf Anril, 1815. 4Bw3 Win. Wr"STON, llegitler. Kbcuczer I.ynu's Instate. STATU OP VEIIMOST, rP II I Hon. the District of Chittenden, ss. S t'rubale Court for the District of Chillen Jen ! To all persons con ccrned in the estate of F-benezer Lyon, lale of Cob Chester, in said District, deceased. Greeting. Wkeress, Lticv Lyon and John Lyon, administra tors, with tho will annexed of Ihe estate of saiu de- I ceased, nronoses to render an account of Iheir admin

! istraiiun, and preienl their accouni a;ainst said estate li ir eAiiiiiiiiiiiiuu unu uiiunniiwc ui u si-asiini ui ,uc Court nf Probate, lo be holden at the Rrgi-ter's otlice in Ilurlinstou, in said district on the second Wednes day of May next. Therefore. 1 011 nre hereby notified to appear before said conn at the time and place oforesaid, and shew cause, if any yon have, why the account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under my band at llurhngton, this 15th day of April, A. I). 1845. 4Uw3 vv.11. vvi-.n 1 itegisitr. NEW STORE! AT THE FOUNUItY HUILDING, Foot of Maine Street. THK under-ignel has opened a GROCERY AMI) PROVISIOX Iheal ovr place, where may be found at all lime an us-ori ment of Wet and DryGroreritffi'r family 11-e CIIAItLF.SE. FOLLKTT. Burlington, April 17, 1845. 4G Buckwheat Flour on consign ment. CONSTANT supply always on hand, and for sale bv FuLLE lT, DRADLKY & Co A S0111I1 Wharf, April 17, 1S45. Agents. Ilitmineretl hoe Shane. f1Hh -nb-cril-rr have received a supply uf Ham. J. niere.1 Shoe Shane to which thev wouhl rail the attention of ihe trade. It is niauulactiired from the Ir-t quality ul iron ore, und 1- confi lemly believ til to be siiperioMo any sIiik; shape ever oilcred in ihi market. It is inlerded 10 have a large suuply always on hand and will f e firnishel 10 merchant on ihemo-l lavoralJe term. Aaexainiiialioo of the article is respectfully requeslol. aLso,- A large and complete assortment of square nnd flat hammered iron inatle from the same superior ore, is ottered at low rate, by FOLLETT, BRU1LEY & Co. South Wharf, April 17, 1815. 46. IiOST!! ON the road Irom Judge Mecche's to Hurling ton, on Mon lay, the 14th '"" r" t LIGHT COLORKI) SILK PIIESS, said dres was taken apart for Ihe purpo-e of color ing, and done up in paper, communis a note 10 .Mr. D. Orvi, of lliirhngloii. The Under shall be suiiably rewardeJ by leaving it at the Free Prcs- Oflice. J. HOLMKS. Charlotte, April 14, '15. 40w3 TIIE PERU IRON C03IPANY, LONG and favorably known a manufacturers uf IROM and NAILS, now advise ihe public that having made exten-tve addition 10 and improve ments in their e-talilishmem, are prrpaml 10 lurni-h dealers in and ronumersof Iron anl nils, with all de-irable sizes thereof, of a quality hanlly equalled in thi cniinirv. Thev iiiaiiufaciure In wit : Wagson and Cart Tire, ol all ihe various sizes wanted. Horse Shoe Iron, Irom scraps, various sizes, of verv superior quality. Hand Iron, from 1 inch In 5 inche. wide. llame and Scroll Iron, 5 810 I inch. Hound and Square Iron, 3 8 inch 10 3 Inches. Cut Nails, from 3 d lo to GO d. do Kplkcs, from 4 to C inche-. do Floor Nails. 12 ), 20 d, 24 d. do Kinlslilns Nails, Cd, 8d, lOd. This Company flatter themselve that their facili ties for manufacturing in perfection, are 11n.11rpa.s id, lhal all good, offered by, Iturra m market will give entire satislacnon to the consumers, and that Iheir terms for goods are and will continue to be as liberal as Ihe terms of others. SThONOS ft CO., Agents, Uurliugton, Vt. April IS, '45. 48 CAUTION. THE public ere cautioned against making any bar gain or controct wilh LOYAL PHILIPS, as all bargains.or contracts so nisde, are and have been tor more than two years utterly void in law and will be regarded accordingly. nmoiIAM C. WRIGHT, Guardian. Milton, April I ?th, 1845. I6w3 To Rent. A SMALL Ichement on Cailin's Lane, riiitable for a small family. Pos-e.-iun i?iven linmnli- ately. I). K. PANOIIORN. April 17, 15. 40 Wood! Of lH C011D3 of Hard Wood, for fnle by Oi:o. PB-IKHdON. April 1G 1815. . 4C,f R. PATTBRSOF, TAII.OIt, HAS removed to Church street, corner of Cherry street, formerly occupied by Miss Spencer, Dress-Maker, where ho bupes to meet his old cus tomers, and would be gUiHo seo as many new ones asmav favor him with iheir liatronaiie. Garments cleaned, nnd Cutting done on the shortest notire und warranted. UurliiiElon, April 10, 1313. -1G SELECT SCHOOL, M ISS I.. H. STACY will commence her iTX Snriivf Term on MONDAY, the Glh of May, to continue 12 weeks. Scholars are expected to enter at the coin nicnccmcnt of the term. TUITION: English, 83.00 French, 1,110 Draw in j, !t.00 School room ono door west of room formerly occupied by AUss Kinney, up stairs, ft I A I 111 !-. iiuriniioii, npru in, 'lo. 43l f CASH CONTUACT. PROPOSALS will be received until the lSili May, X lor n rood nnu s.uiicieui stone aiim-ewa e Drain. 130 Icet lone, with a Well orl'unnel'nu llieun per pide, tule plaee.1 in llie Rnvine made fv the late ltatiis onlhuRodd leading Irom he Camp Ground to the mouth id the liner. 'Ihe material to Le of the tn-st l.lud. and (he work to be done tin Icr uud umiru ved by an experienced Knjrineer, ami lo the neeepl anee ofthe undersiirned, und warranted for 10 year-. Payment to I e nude unu hall 45ib July nnJone-lulf l&iti r or a parlieiilur ue?eriilio.i ul tliedi-men-ion and form ofthe work, upply to either ofthe Scli-ctnicii. IKIII1V IlKADUl. ) , ) Select ME I'll MOIMK, S men. Ilurlinston, 10 h April, 1815. 45 nitOPOSALS will be reerivl until the 13ih May -L fir buildins a Covered 1IUIIIGU. over Oinnn River nt the Narrow near IMucy II. PeniiiiiMiiV, agreeable lo a plun which will foon be ready fur in spection at II. flr.idlej's Store. The payment lo to made when the Uridie is fully completed to the ac ceptance uf tho UuilJiiig Committee!, fur Colchester and uiirlinzlun. HARRY IIUADLF.V, i Selectmen lor sr.itl .iiuiur., ) uurlinL'lon. L'DMJV IL, PLXNMA.N, li.nKtini: uuiuiuie lur uuicne-ter. Burlington, 10 h April, 1815. -I vasli Contract. TMIF. Subscribers will receive nrono-nls umil 15th JL May. for a eood nnd sulTieient Cedar Harrier to be built under the direction oi Ihe Selectmen, at or near the mould of ihu reviue north uf the camp ground,the vvorl. to be 25 leethigh and of good Green White Cedar timber not less than 12 inches in thick ness through the hewn sides, tvvosidesonly of the limber lu be hewn. One half cash the 15ll: July, and onehalfihe 15th of October. For a mure particular oescripuon apply loeuner ui ine scieciinen. hu-tii mi i ii, I.- Selectmen rtutlington, Apiil BOih, IB 13. 45 tf 1845. NORTlIlillN TRANSPOR TATION LINE ASSOCIATION, 'Mills Association will continue the Forwarding I business on the Chamnlain Canal. La!.e Cliam- phiin und Hudson River, connected hiiIi Ihe old Tuw Ileal Line, which leaves .. York daily at 5 o'clock I P. JL, and Troy daily at 8 o'clock A.'M. Two or ' inuie freight boats will leave Troy and Albany for 1 Whitehall daily, which will deliver lo and receive Freight from the Steamboat ami vt.cU on l.nUw Chauiplaiii : also, luo or more Friiuht Hauls will, leave Whitehall for Troy and Albany daily. In addition to the above Ihey have a Lino of Lake I and River Hosts, of Ihe first class, wilh faithful and , competent Captains, who will receive Ficighl at New ' ior. iroy or Aiuany, anu deliver at any t'orlon Lake Chouiplain ; also, recti ve Knight nt Pons 011 uaue Miamriam anu deliver n Troy, Albany or York. All piuperly received fur shipment by this line will be correctly weighed by their Aleuts ai the lime of shipment and will be insured. Also, two or more boats will leave the North Wharf, llurlinglon. cach week, for Whitehall, Tioy, Albany and New York. JAMES H. HOOKER, I Propri- ELIAS PATTERSON and others, ctors. For Knight, apply lo PoeCMlin,3ntS'i33Cocntie's Slip, N. Y. LTci,:;i!!Cr' I River street, Troy. II A HoUiiuib, 1U1 Pier, Albany. C. W. ICellogg, Comstock's Landing. wir'M4'1- J"hna'-,:- Levi II ink toy, Misnsstiue Hay. Uiiver Unsiouil). Mntfliaii. J. &1 II. Peck it Co., j Hurlington. J. s. Ware, I.UWIL-lllC IHUUIUIU, ... , ,, L. It. Ilroinard & Co. j Sl- Mh3nt A. I). Ladd, Plaitsburgh. L. Colvin, Port Keat. Nathan Webb, Rouse's Point. J. H. Honker, 1J Long Whaif, Boston. Address-OLIVER IIASCOM, Agent. Whitehall. L. A. CAltLETON, Agent, Troy. J. S. WARE, Agent, Hurlington. All properly entrusted to llieir core will be forward ed as dirtcteu with ilesnaleh nml safety. Wharlago and Storage at reduced prices, and the utmost care talicn in liamlling anu storing mircnanu ize, produce and all kinds uf property consigned lo my care. NORTH WHARF, Fool ol Mom Street J. S. WAKE, Agvnt. B irlinclon, Apiil 2, 1815 JjinG SODA FOUNTAINS, AND MINK RAT, WATEIl API' IHATUsJ. THE Un lersigncd, being uppliel with ihe above article, aru enabled 10 furni-h ilieui for either annerai or Soda vv a'cr, at .aian uaciui-er s price.. The facility Willi which these fountain ure mpp'ied, lo.-cilicr wilh lleirlow price, will recoininend ihem 10 the trade. We can al-ufurnish tlielollowiiig va riety of rups,by measure or bottle : tlimrer. Pineapple, I Slrawlerry, erry. Vanilla. Sarsapari la, I Leuioii, Orgcai, P EL'K tt SPKAR, . Apolhecarit'sand Who'e-ale Druggi-ts Dagucrreoty Ilr online, " Prepared. Gobi, Chluride of. Iodine. " Chloride of. 10 Chemicals. Mercury. disliPeJ. Poia-sium, Cyanurcl of " iixiitieoi. Soda, llvpo-11 phaie of Silver, Nilr'e, Crjstal. At PKtJK & S PEA R'S, Apoiheca' and Wholesale Druggists. DAI1I1VS TOIIACCO MANUFACTORY TIIE subscriber avails himself of this method of JL. CUIIIIIIUIIIluil.i(i 1 lw w,- ninrr,l 1)10 manufiiciure of lino Cut and Smokimr TOBACCO C1UARS AND S.NUKK, al 233 River Street, next door lo iho Kulton Market. The follow ing may at nu nines uo iuuuu u, ,,,9 u,ui. auu , ut. (orv : The celebrated Virginia fancy fine cut extra Chew. ing Tobacco. Sweet Virginia, nianuinviuicu iiuui 1110 ivai, American Smokins Tobacco, Spanish " " Turkish " ' ,. , Choice brands ol Cavendish and Plug constantly oiilnndOi!ey'sc'ebra!ed Virginia l,fiis"i Wyalt's unrivalled " thirty. twos"; Bell's do do Lyle q" Davidson's Honey Dew. llb. lumpj. SNUKI S. Rosaseentel No. 1 Maccoljy, American Cientle man, Lundy Foot, French lloppee, and Irish Black. BUCigir Cases, Tobacco and SnufI Buxes, French, German snd American ripcs, ot llie latest styles. The subscriber is in Hie receipt 01 a targe anu ex tensive assorlmenl of Havana and Principe Cigars, of well known brands, as follows; La Norma, Espar. leros, Riondas, le La Ciuie, M. Ren.ton, La Vuclta Bagera, Panelrlos, Manilla Cheroots, half Spanish and rinmr.ilc cisara of all kinds, which oro offered lo dealers on ihe most favorable terms. The abovo articles are an warrantee, to ue maae 01 the finest anilities of leaf Tobacco, and by ihe most experienced workmen. I will sell as cheap as ina cicaptsi, ana oeuer man the but. Cigar leaf for sale. JOHN DALLY. Tro-K .tApril.SiS! A" t5m I New York Adv'ts. AT WHOLESALE. IV. II. Wll.ltKIt A Co. - d Z n fr a- 85 v. Z r, Illnldcii Lnnc THK subscribers call ihe allcntion of Merchants lo their complete nnd well assorted stock of HATS, CAPS, PAI..M I.KAP, I.nailOllS f- PANAMA, Which they ate delcruiincd lo sell at Lovvr.a I'niccs than anv other hourc ill their line in the cilv. Please call an I examine, before purchasing ilwwhere. 43 N. U. WILIir.R U Co. New York, April 2d, 1815. DOLE & CO., WHOLESALE (illOCEItS AM) COM MISSION MP.n vii a A'vw. 49 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. TfcOLi: 61 CO. invne llie aitenlion nf Merchant JL vi.ilinpNKW YORK, to their larjre and well scleclel stock, eoinpn-lnirn lull a sorlinent ol IIvson, Ynuso IIi.-on, HisosSkis and IIlackTras. in every variety of q nliiy nnd paekasrea. Nkiv Orleans, 1 OllTO KICO, oT. V ROIX,Rnu HAVANA ni'flAR-t I.OAl', I.CHP,aml Crushed ho. aiolassrs in linns., Tier. if.s. am IIarrels. Iobacco, ut all una ine- lor fee, l'Errr.a, Hrlcr., cVc. ite. All which Ihcv u'ler at a small advance, on liderai. terms, 4tui3 METALLIC TABLKT. HIS is the only invention that combines the properties ol hone unu sttopj its powers have been well proven by Ihe first cutlers ol Europe, who nave 11 sou anu preicrrca mem 10111c common nonc Tie Tablet or tlone part rrriuirca neither oil nor wa ter to have effect. This alone would make it uf (Teat value) but when added to it the finishing qualities of the strop, simplicity 01 useana cieiuiincs, making it on Ihe whole an arliclu that no gentleman's toilet can bo complete without. The following testimonials, from the most scientine men, speak vvtll in its favor : From Ccu. James Tallmadgc, President of Institute. Saun Icr's Razor Sirup, with its four sides, rombinc adnnrnbly all the requisites to sharpen and set Razors witli a tine anu suiouili edge. It is a real comfort lo pose-s it. James Tallmadgc New York. Nov. 1811. Krmii M. Mllllkcu, Cutler lo the Ilojal Navy, .'lot sHr.uid. The Metallic Tablet, in its use is simple, having the same effect on a raz r as a hone, without uing ud or water and in a tenth part uf the time After five years Iri il, I can recommend it with perfect confi lence. M. .MlLLIKCK. I'"iom Professor Grlocom, and Dr. Valentine Molt. George. Saunders' Iinpetial Strop. We can fredy testily to its value. The side which he calls the .Me tallic Tabid i . af.irns we know, a tiling' of his own introduction into this country; it appears lo bean ex cellent, convenient substitute for a hour, and operates on the Bame principle as steel does upon a nble-knife, but with far greater smoothness mid cerininly; it sjves the unpleasant necessity of oil and water lo asit il whe'ting. The oilier ihree sides of Ihe Strop nre extremely will finished, Hal, suuyoth, nnd almost elastic, preserving the razor Irom that ruundness of edge winch so soon destroys its keenness. J. Griscom, Mav IO1I1. IS27 Valentine Mott. Prices 313, 810, S3, Sli, nnd 31. per doz. G. Saun fcrs. inventor, and sold bv G. SAUNDnitS A- SON, 1G3 liroadvvay, .Vrts York. Jj-G. Svind'irs V Son, will remove on the 1st of Mav from IG3 to 1771 Hroadway. New York, April 2, 1313. 45 Entire Veto Stoch BOOTS - SHOES BY THE PACKAGE OR DOZEN. b. w. & cTf. now, 131 WATER STRELT, NEW YORK', T1 AVE nn hand a' nil limes a superior stuck nf ; m ji. uuuin unu Ml 111.-, -iiunuie lor western anu Southern innrkeis, winch will le sold at ihelowe-t , priie forc.i-h nr approved note. Merchant who ! nre purchasing are reiUe-ied to call md examine llu stmk 1 rlore I uying el-ewbere. 44inl I lil.NJtMl.N wl IHMV. CALVIN T. HOW, 5 PER GENT STORE. NEW YORK'. m IIP. Snlijcribcrs tnke this method of call ins the m , nlifinion of Cnh Merthants ot thnr ndvnnia-it'oii- system of doing business, nnd in soli cm ne thf future patronnyc of their old customers. To CASH Dry Goo's Men-hnnts viitinrj IVpw Vnrkt our plan ntft-rs ihi! iirraicft indui'cmcnts. Tlio cosl of each ar ticle is market in fijurea upon it, nnd a commission nf only Kive Icr Cent oddft) ai the foul of ihe Ml. We are di-ily recrivintr DUV GOOD.S of nil descrip tions, front AUCTION; nnd to the Htiver ueeuar nnlee a savins of from Ten to Fifteen Per Cent. from the old credit system. MARSHALL'S LtXKN THREAD, I.MPOnTCD DV OUnSELVES, J al-iys on Innd, at i really rt"dii'T( prices. fj A rail is r'Spcelfullv sulu-ity hy HUTC1UNOS, CASWKLL & SMITH, IG Cedr Street, 14-46 8 Doors from Vvat St., New Voik. WM. T. JENNINGS fc Co., UKAPKItS AM) TAILORS. lMpoaTr.Ba ir CLOTHS, TASSIMKIIKS. VESTINGS, FANCY DRESS ARTICLES, &C. 231 IJIIOADWAY, A.MKU1CAN IK) TEL. NEW YORK. thofe V'ttinz the Citv iT New York, reiriirinj; Garmentti, a renewed rolii'italion i oierf-l lor ihem in ial and cianim-) our fttoek- if Iew and Ka-hion.vl le liuod. of Spring and Summer wear, an aortmc'iit 1 nnrpaed in nebne.i and variety, nnd which will be made up to order in a .yle . ewn'J lo no bnu-e in llie Trade, at priev which 111 M offer dnch inducements 10 the Cah a l annul fail 10 l e appreciated. 4.'nij Herds Grass am! Clovor Seed. OP S iperior Q lality, by I 'eb. '20, M3. STUO.NGS & CO. SS 100 Wliolo and Hall Bbts. SUl'EUFINK Flour, for Bale bv G Uurlinrjion, Feb. ISih 1815. PLTF.KSOX. 33 IFAiSTED! efr Lb.. Kruot or Siinrreil live. OUU 500 " Bids' Wax. for Cah or in exebanje PKCK & SPHKll. 31 Wholesale Pruggitts. Glass, 2000 lloxra Ibirhnslon Kxtrn, Hurlington, Vrmi'ni. r.n.t ni Ijike. J. 3. II. PKCK i Co. Agents 4ih, ML 3 Dee. G anion .Sfecds, OK la-l M-a-on growth, by J. & J. II. PF.CK &. Co. llnrlinslon, April 1. 1815. 41 ('ash paitl for Wool A Tall limes at Durlinctnn Mill Cn'a Fnclorf. 36 SID.Vl'.Y HARLOW, Agent. :io I'ons tN'ovascolia I'lnslor IOIl alo by llurlingion, Feb G. PF.TKUSOX. lEih 1545. 33 Grass Seed. 1 HO l)l'slll:LS IlerdaGrasa Seed, raided uponl 1 VvJ new land in Ihu north lurt of ihi. State, and entirely tree from lonl Mvd. Alo a lew bushels 0 Keil Top uwss oevu, ior me ny ine auujcnocr. -ALSO. i)X HUSI1F.LS SUPERIOlt SPfilNG WHEAT, CO ueiuhl Gl lbs. to I lie Uushil, raised upon Shel burn pi'inl. for talo by P. Is. II. II. DOOLITTLK. April LIS 15. 44w3 Stoves. 7VKRY .uper'nr COOK STOYES of varioo Size. ALSO, a tlrst rate Cniier lor alo in rxehsnge ior ood or grain. GI'ORGE I'RTKKSON. llurliiiL'ion Div. IB.h 1844. 29 FOR SALE. OflA BUSHELS nf Knglish ited Bald OUU SPRING WHEAT, a superh r arliclo. for GEO. KUGCUMBK. Buthniion Tails, March 13, Mi. 11 6 Jabcx t'ciinlman's Uslutc. STATU OP VP.I1MOST, t T II H Hon. tb-Di-lri -t of Chitlenclen. ss. I 1- Probate Court for the di-tnet of Chittenden ! To all pnrson.ronccm- e-l In Ihe e'n c of Jill I'onniniaii, Wv nl t.nlelie ter. In aid di-tnei, dei ra-ed. Csrr.TlMi., Charle P. Allen snd Jo eph W. Allen, ndinini tratur olthe rsta'e c,r lleinan Allen, lale of said ll'irlinstou, tlei-ea-l, who wa n liuini-tralnr Willi the will nn exrd itihee-tatc ol Ja' i i Ptniil man, late iT said Co'ehe-ter, dcota-el, prnpo.e to render an aernunt ol'lhe-nld lleinan' nJiniiiis rntioi. of ihe e-la'eBC'fthe aid Jul ez Penniuian, at a ,esinti of said court to be held nt the Register's ulliee (n sai.l llurlmgion on Iho-ecnml Wedne-day in .May, 1815! Therefore, J o I are hereby nnti'ied to njincir U futo said court nl Ihe time and nlaiv afore-ahl. and show iaue why Ihe account aiore-aid should not be al lowed. Given under mv hind al H irhr.atou, th s 13th d.iy ol Ap'il, 1815. 4B3 Win. vi i;s ru, Ht'ltltr. Dan l)av' Estate. STATU OP VP.IIMOST, 1 T II K HON. the. I)i!ncl nl Ohillen.len s. I L Prul ate Court lor the l)i-tri"t uf Chillen lent To nil per-on cuti cernelin the estate n''l).iu Day, lateol Iturlinirtnn, m saiddi-lricl, deoea-cd. Onur.Tlsn., Charles V. Allen ami Jo-epli W. Allen, ndmini-lr.itiir nt the c-tnle of llenian Allen, la c uf said II irhugion, deei'ae.l, wdio wa- a hn ui-lra'c-r of 1110 e-ia'e 01 me sniu nan nay, iie'-ca eu, propo e 10 reivler an a iiiunt nf the ndmini-tra inn or lie -aid llenian, a-admini-tratiun of the -aid Dan Pcy'ses late, for examination and nllnwance nl a -essiun of said court lo be held al lh- Keai-ter' olfico in -aid fl irlington, no Ihe second Wclne-da in May, 1815. Therelore, you are here' y mitiliil tii appear I eforo said ruurl at the limu an I place nforeai I, and show raue why the uccounl afore-aid, should nut be allow-1. Uiven under my hand at Rurlinglon, thi- 15 h day of April, 1313. 40 v3 Wm. WESTON, HcgUttr. ADMINISTRATOR'S NAI.I3. WILL les I.I, under a lieen-u (ruin the Pro! nn Court for the Hl-triet of Lamoille, on llm prenpe.. in Ihe village nl Juhnon, un ihe six'h day nf May, A. I'. 1915, at public Auclion, the Mlowui de-rrifeil real eiatenf Charle Reel, h'eofji hnun, ilecta-e', viz) A'oit two nnd a lnlf acre nt land nndTannerv tliereon, -ilua'cil upon the Uraneh in tht villagocf Jnh'i-on. The Tan VVnrk. are nearly new nnd cin'niu a Rollins' Mill, Fulling Mill and Hark Mill, wnh siuhVient wa'rr power 10 carry ihe work through the year, being ihe same preini-e occupied by the said Heed, nl the lime of his deren e. JOHN MKIGS, Mminitfrnror. Jubnon, April 15 h, 1815. 4Gw3 CARMTNA SACRA, )lt, the llosion Collection of Ch'ircn Mu:c. David's Harp 5 or Uo-ton Sal.lath School Dool, 1 Toucher wilh n irood aonment nf Boo' s and Stationery, B'ank Iluoks., &c, lur sn'e by the siib-cn- tier. Hook- nf any variety of pattern, and ufthe le-t Paner. made lo urder. Old lluo'. ri lio uiil, Papers, Painph'et-, nnd Peii odic.ils buund in a neat slvle. nn shori nonce. ' STEVENS WOODS, Strongs' HuiMin?. Ilmlinston, V IV..20, 1SI5. 33 1 845. MERCHANTS' LINE. IiAKE HO ATS for the Transportation of Property between LAKE CHAM PL A IN, TIIOY, ALBANY, A E W-YOHK AND BOSTON. 41 E proprietors of thi line bavin? their . lacilities, I v tin. addition cf mvcral lirt ra'o boat., are prepared to cive t'e.patch to all property intended 10 pa letween the placed ul ove named, with which thev tnnv le eniriisieil. and bone by prompt uitention to the interest of iheir einploerslo reccue a contiiriance 01 put lit; patronaire. 1 neir boat? nre to I e lowed by steam on ihe Hudson River and on Lal.e Cbainplaiii when neces?arv, and eoni' p'e'u a perfect Line 10 Xew Yor!., ns nii, to Troy and AT any. Lots of good? are kepi together and not Mib.ccicd to ininrv bv tran.liinmenl. Piom-rly to or from Boi n lofwnrdeil, via. Wes'ern Rail Road or ves-il n de-ire i, uoutracl lor lieignt (.aa le inaaw wilh the Proprietor- or iheir ag,nts. I'roprictors. Kutlett 4 llrndlev, Unrtinnton Vt. .M'hol', llnrlon & (Jhitie.i'den, St. AlDans Yt. A. JL Clatk, Su-anton Vt. Agents. I. . A. John-on, 3 L'umtie- Slip, .Veto York. C. I.. Ware, 10 Lonjj Whirl, Boston. (1. F. Blount, 11)3 R.uer Slnv, Troy. II. J. Uilinan, 101 Pier, Albany. AS OA IIP ENTRY. TO ALL WHOM IT MAY :0.CEHN. WE the Sub-i ribers, intend earryins on thf Carpenters and Joiners' I u.ine- the ens'iing reason, and rcapcll.illy solicit, and may merit and re iite a sliate of the publici patronage in onr line of b i-ine- in this tnun. Enrjureat their dwellings 011 White and North Street-. CHARLES W. PfTTES, JAMES 1). ADAMS. B.irlington, March 26, 1315 43-9w JUST H EC EI VED AND FOR SALE. 1 OO QUAl!T0 '","k ?"J Booki Journals, Day Hoi k-, ldger and Hoots foi Record-, ol the I est paper and well maJe. Bullions Latin Reader, do do tireel; and Eiiitli-h Grammar, Morse's Geography, tVc. .c, chean for cah by STEVENS WOODS, Burlington, March 27th. Strong' lluildings. I lover and Herds grass seed, By J. & J. II. PECK &. Co. Burlington, April 1, 1545. 41 TO RENT OR FOR SALE,' A NEW BRICK HOUSE ONE story and a half high, and lit connected wilh it suitable for a good garden, situated on Shel burn street, a few rods below the tillage. For furiher particulars enquire ofthe subscriber. DAVID IRISH. Burlington. April S. 1515. 45w3 SEEDLING STRAWBERRY. Til E subscriber hns on hand a few hundred plant of Ihe above valuable .Strawberry, just received by express fresh fioni 1 lie garden of Phdetus Phillips, Esn . of New York. HOVEY'S SEEDLING was raised by artificial impreghaiiun in 1833. It i said to be the 'largest, handsomest, bestjtarored. andmost productive variety yctknoirn." This strawberry is rendered more valu able trniii ibe cireum-lauce (which is not iht cas with other kinds,) lhal every tlawer is perfect, pro ducius a due proportion of stamens and pistils, and every blossom which expands is followed bv a fruit which arrives at maturity. A pamphlet wile direc tions for cultivating given gratis. Persons wishing to obtain a supply of plant of this delicious fruit ran have them asearlv as Ine 15th insi. by leawng iheir name al the AMERICAN HOTEL, in Ilurlinstou. D. C. GOODALE, Agent. Chimney PoinU'Vl. April 4, M3. 45w i TO LET. ANEW and convenient House, a garden, and out buildlmrs, on New Street, in Hurlington about seven minutes walk from Ihe Courthouse) possession giten on the Isl of May m il. ISAAC WARNER. April 3J, IS15. 44if NOTICE. J. Si J. II. PECK ii CO., HAVE thi- day associated wnh them, EDWARD W. PECK. The tl le of the linn w ill be eon- liuued as hereiotore. J. d J. II. PECK & Co. Hurhnirion, April 1, 1845. 44 I Iocs and llav Forks. ANEW and superior article, manufactured by Fairbanks, for talo bv J. & . II. PECK Co. Burlington, April I, 1815. 44 Machine Cards, OF Springlicld Vermont, and Springfield chutelti inanulactiirc, by J. ix J. II. PECK & Co. Biirlington, April 1, 1845. 44 Ploughs. A LARGE assortment ot lbe mnt nnnrovnl pat 1 terns, bv J. & J. H. PECK & Cm B irlinirion, April 1 1P45. 44 Shingles. 1 fI M. Prime Spruce 5-hmcles, for ial' hy IUU J. (t J. II. i'EL'K ft J Burliogtori, April I, 1615. 41

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