Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 9, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 9, 1845 Page 3
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May 8th. LAMP WICKS AND GLASSES. FOX Campheno of Chemical Oil Lamps. Also, wicks for oil kinds of Lamps in use here, and Glasses for Astral, Liverpool, Itacon nnd souip oilier kinds of Lamps. Britannia, Jappanticd, P aled, UrassnnJ few class Eips .Candlesticks, Lard Lamps: snuffers and trays and a cencrnl as sortment or Plated nnd llriinnnii i Melnl Goods, Ger man Sdvct Goods, rucli as Fish kmvcs.T.iblorpuons, Tc, idi llnller Knives, Tobacco Boxes c.c. "Done Chemical or Camplicne La mps sue , a. arc , , . SIITKllfK'Cni'Wji Church is thrilled with these i lamps, .Messrs Peck A Spear, Hcincbcre & Co., I.yman, Hur burl, Orr, Stamford if-Co. and many others use the Lamps. Wo prefer Ihcm lo any others and consider them per fectly safe, more cconomicd and give a far better light than any other Lamp. SPECTACLES. Wcnrn openins the mot extensivo and beautiful assortment of Spectacles that wo have ever h id the pleasure ot ouVrm-.r to our customers, ronsislmi! ol several hundred pair convex, Concave, Mtscus, l'lict iscopic anil colored glasses to fit every sight as well as they can be fitted, and at as small expense as a similar quality can ho hat any where. Ohsses re fitted, and hows repaired and spectacles cvehanjjed nt afairprice. Connies, EyeGlasscs, Va-ci, Telescopes, Hvc Protectors d-c. on hand. . ' 49 IM1INSM.AID it BROTHERS. New Goods. PAi II. II. DOOI.lTTI.Ehavcjii.t received from New Vorl;, a larac and ireueinl iiorlincnl of (roods Muted 10 the Sprini! trade, vvhiih ihey ollir very low, i-on-i-tin-.' ol Black, Blue, Invisible Green, Drown an 1 Cadet mixed I loth-, Black .ind Fancy Cns-iuicrc-, Tweeds, Krniilin, Cottouade-, Franklin S ripe-, Wa-hin? u C-t-siinerc, while and I town Lii en Drill, I) rap d'Rtu nine, Bla-K, and Fancv Prims, Furniture Cilice, Do mestic, Uar'sion and Cele-tine Ginghams, brow n Ilollond-, Mnkccn, I'nniiec and Smtalhehl llilkl'-, Linen Cambric do, Cashmere anil mirage hi, awls, Ladies white, 1'iilili'nrbed, l.lack and colored ('niton Hose, black Spun ilk do, Gent, brown and o, hired Coltnn J llo e, Bird- Eve, Scotch and Russia Diaper, Napkin-, Cra-h, Iri-li Linen-, white and colored Cambric, Striped and Barred Muslin, Swi- and Book do, Ill-bop Lawn, Liubo-1' .nicy Points, Dimity Collar- and Cuff. I.n-mcts. Gents, l ink Il.alinu t'ra- vtls. black nn I fan-v Prone Ii Tio, Oil Sill., Cap Lace, Edi'iiz and Hobbin Trieiilinnir, llonnelt and Cap H1M0 1, u-ii-irinjr 110, ii.H7.oime unci rnntcd Lawn Hun lie t do. P.liasol and Umbrella-, olaiu and liem ed St in Vesting, fancy coloied do, Coat Trimming. of nil I.111 1- Ac. lYC. M-iv",lSi5. -inc Groceries. A t LIj s inplv of Dry urocenc" ol luc init- itr. fur a!e luw lv i , ix. ii 11 May 7, ISIj. DOOMTTl.K. rjrt-5 Hook Bindery. TUP. subscriber is now receiving from New York a choice as-mrlment of 11 d umnk: hook matkuials, ami is novv prt'tnn-H In dn nnv kind of woil; in the Bjnk U.ndiTy or Itlink wk Mnnufactiinng bu-t-urn. I Invt1 in my lii !oiy workmen tint nrt'ri' i unit ni w;ih nil the hidrrn tyk'S of binding. Imi worked 111 the l.t riatiihtiiriit9 trs tnt Union, anJ will nut litinio iti Fnymtr lint nil binding en trusied tn my hmds ?!nll ha tcell ext culJ, and in a mannir not before (quailed in this vicinity. Currier Church and Co'lesi1 Siims. STKVKNS WOODS. Ilurliiu'ton, Vt., May 8. 1915. ADw3 New Goods ! SM POPII is now openinj hi Sprint; Stncl, at New (Inn U, lo which he would invite tile ntli'iitinn of the public, conlninms n uencr-il assort ment ,,f Dry Gen I", (Jroccrles anil Hard Ware. Alsa, I'lnrelice ISrald iiiul Straw IJoiilicts. .Vutila, .Mule Skin nnd l,c;liurn Hats, which u ill be s-dd at the lowe-t j, rices. Waatcd, G )o 1 Iluttcr in exchange for Goods, by S. M. PUPK. Ilurlinston, May 0, ISIS. 40 .v 4 Look at Tins ! ANY MAX who a Coat, War, rr Pnntn. Inijii, two l Mi'i-oniiiKMl.ue I at I'ATMX'S It I In n'uh" at n lmvi'r pri't' nnd wiili alt-CiT arliWe (not fvivpiinir l!ofnn or Niw V ik slop made). U it not nm Ii titii-rforn man. who wains n Mii ofclitiln.', to an wln'ii ho can liafiiim nrn'o to order, get a lit i- rilit, nnd iri-t work n warranlel not to rip 1 If o, rail .il CathVs and you ran U awomnifid.iii.'il, no May8ili, M3. 49 B. J . HEIMEBERG & CO. Wliolrmtc and Retail Druggists. B.I. !ir,I Vnilllllt: harm!! re rmly return- e.t frooi Xe v Voik, o 'er a l.ire mid e-cteu-Me a ortmcnt of l)nij an 1 Me heme at the low est prices, he i- also i.iLpan'd In rec-civeau I cxivntc nil or.lcr-t'i any .imoimt at a nm' advimefrom New York prices. All order will I e nuclide I to by lit'ii (xT-ona'ty, , arifnlly p it up, packed and de' lirercd Jt any place ilomjititcd. - A L S () , -In conne-lioa with our S.ure we have Little put up an xteii-ivc .otin jpottiit.ii'it, anloi-r the Ur;!e-i and 'e-t variety of Syrup lo lx fo nid in the r-"tn-e, cotisitinu' of the fo'lowint; : S.'n.aiiarllla, Villi; Apple, Ijeinnti, Anliette, Clurry, r.Inger, t)rseat, hluuh, (Simple) Stiavhci ry. H.asiitici i y Crime lie N'oyan, " " Hcce, " " Cancllc, " I'Oraiige, While t:urrciits, Arjmatle. For llio ineo of Native Talent, wo an- happy to tale tint our eha-te and c'e.'nnt Kountam w. itcijned nm! uu.le by our n'lecuicd (Ulow cilt zens. VAKNLV 01 ZOTTMAV P. .S. Me would at-o slam for iho benefit of ,qhih nflbe Rood peo,i,e of liurliuinn it look our r ntnds. V. et o it aoout two weeu to invent and make our Fountain and wcwill warrant it qualnie MimTi'or I o llio e invented ill j vear-. I)r. llcmel itg ca I Lo eon j dud pruflsicllally a usuil. 49 I). J. Heinedeso, W. C. HAOnlsciTos. E. R. HARD, ATTORNEY AND COVSSKUA.ll AT LAW. jkhicho,'. April I, 1815. 43 ICplirlam Iriilllni;toii's Instate. STATF. OF VKItMONT, I ATi Prubate Court I.ainodle Di-tno, . i IV hidden at ihe Pio. dale Office iu Johnson, within and lor ihe di-tri'-t of LuiMille alore-id, on iheJldavofMay, A. D. 1815, PreM-nt lion. Salmon Wires, Judge. John J. Follington, adiiini-uaior the e-tale o' Ephriain Fulliiii?ioii, late of Caml n'dge, in raid di trlot, ik''t I, iHtenste, precni h mhuin etration aivnunl for utileJiicnt. Wiiebeopok, it i urderel lliat llie i 1 e refer r el to a e.ion nf aid court I" t e hohk'u nt iIr; Pro bate Offlcu in Johnson, on the 23.h day of. May, A. I). 1815, alien oMm k A. .M., lor exinrcution and al lowance; and that all concerned le nonhed lB-rcof, liy the pucVicJIioti ol iln order three wteU sum-M. ively a ffon n th lliirhngton I rie I'rcs-, printeil at Ilorlmglcav, that llxy may nppsar, if thiv ton cause, and oljecl llieretci. ittuej cofujK,,, LVNDIJr., ?Wr. Atte-I fonv ol Reconl 43w3 Atte-. C. I.YNDK, IfegMlr. Gilbert Ilarto's ICulate. STATE Oh' Vr.ttMOSV, ryy II K HON. the Uirtriet ol Ohitlcwlrii . ) J- Prol ate Courl for Ihe Di-lriot t CtuMeml-n : I'o all l-won. con cernedin the estate ofGilUrt Ilario,lale ol Hine burgh, in Kid di-lricl, deia-od. OkektIncj. Wnr.EEt, Susannah Halt", excculru of ihe la-l will ol Ihe nid ilec-aM-d, propn-c to leinler ae .OTintof her adinini-iraiion, and pre-eiil her account acaiu.t saide-la'o lor examination snd al owauce al a sei-ionof the Court of Probale, lo he ho den al I he Hegi-ter's othcM in llurlmgton, in Mid ditlricl, on the fourth Wolne-daj of May, 1815. Therefore, you areherol y notified to appear before Mid curl a he lime or.d place nfore.aid, and bevv raine.ifany vou have, why the account alore.-aid, 'hiulXrtd a. Burling,,, Ihis 3d day of May, A. U. ion 49w3 Win. WI5STON, NtgUttr. iUinDral Waters. TT'KKSH Consres Walej -by r' "I?j,2r,:,,s!e 1' ljttlt. at PKCK &. aPWIl S, 41 ' ' H'hul'ialt UruSgiti. Joseph Miner's I'slatc. STATU Ol' VIMMOXT, ryilK Prohotc District ol Chittenden, ". I L Court for the clMiict of Clditenileii t To llio heirs and nil oilier persons interested in the estate of Joseph Miner, lato of Milton, in saie district, deceased, (inr.r.TiNO. Whereas, II. iijiimn Miner, one nf the heirs to llio estate of Jo-eph .Miner, lilcorsaid Milton, deceased, has lllcd in said court his petition in writing, scttimj forth that he holds one undivided fourth part of said estate in common with t ho other heirs, and praying said court toordern division of said estate iimong the heirs Ihereof. WiiRaKCfov, the rourt nl"renid doth nppcunt the fourth Wcclne-ilur nt Mnv 181.", for hcan'112 ati'lde- I'iclini; nn ni l petition, at tin1 oilicc ol the Keui-lcr of -ni 1 f'oiiri in iiiiruncrion in aiu uitrie, nmiiioiti order that nil pcr-on. intere-ted 111 Miicl isjtnto be untitled tlieu-of by publication of tin order, conl.iiuin? the itb.nnco' cif-aid petition, three week .tn-ce-sively in I he llurliuirlnii 1'iee Pru-s, 11 new-paper printed in .-ni I Durlinstnn, thela.l nfwliioli piiMieations In I e previ-on-lo-aiil fourth Wuhii-d.iy in M ly, 1815. Given tin ler my hand at taid ll.irlington this 3d day of May, 1815. in. 1,9 i cj.N, Kcgishr. loseph iXIlnci's Hslnlc. ST A TH Of Vi:tMO.T, I 'p It F. Hon. the District nf Cliil!cndcii,s. 5 1 Pridine Court for the District nf Chilli 11 leu ! To all persons con cerned ii the estate of Jo-eph Miner, late of Miltun, in said Distnct, deceacdj Onr.RTlso. Wiicnns, Llisha tlernck nnd Sally Miner, admin istraibrs of the estate of said deceased, proposes to render nn account nf llieir ad ministration, and present ineir sain csiiic lor c imiiiaiioil nncl allowance nt n session of the Court of Probate, to be hidden at the Heci-lcr's otlieein nurlinulon, in said 1 district nn the fourth Wedne lay of May IS l". Therefore, Von are heri'liy notified to appear before saici court nt the time and place aforesaid, and shew I cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid B'inuii not tio allow eit. Given under mv band nt Uurlinjton, this third day ., y, .1, i, toi j. 4Qw3 W.M. WF.STO.V, Heavier. 1'Alract of Lungwort. i- "SitV . 'V ifF TIIK ONLY CL'iii: FOR CONSUMPTION AND LIVER COMPLAINT. T hould 1 o resorted to by all who are pr-di-ipo-cd m i.i.n-t.niii'ioii. ortroiil led w ith a coo .1, or mid nrsht sweats, a-thnu, pain m liietideandcdie-t.dnli- utiy oi I rc.iiiiiuir, luiinie s an i -cirenes- aero ihu hi'-l, hromhili-, romnlaii.ts and all nllucnon. ol'ihe pulmonary orirans. The following nectls no comment. (IntnJi'Uly Saratoga Co. X. V. Mr. C. J. Koo evell Dear Sir! Thu lovn r.f Hfi. nrses me to make ihieliirt tocibiain -omeofvour me heine, a- I I cheve il will cure me. I will rive a stalelnent uf my c u-e. About four or live inonlbs n I vva taken with a bad cold, an ) v.a verv hoarse, m eon-eiurni'c i t working in water wliile'buildinir a -aw-miii, (inuira meehanie) and ivj. un.Vr tbedo' torV care al on four week-, and mi to I u alio to walk ahoni, and tried to d,i a liltle work, winch I rough! on a s'nihl bloeduir i f ibe bines. 1 rituru ed home di-pirued and -iek. TlieneM day while -it-tins I v llio lire, a Mood ve-scl b ir-t in mv luni., nnd mnicnivd I U-e.lina vciv fa-t. Thedrjcior liamu-ncd tole near, an I lie did every linns m hi- power to -top Ibe bleedilif, and finally -uci , c led .n'lcr lo-nm near a rpiari 1'roiii my Inns-, and more frcm my arm' tin- did not la-t'l u. a few ho ir-. mv Inn, wen. m hpa-modii the do-'tor eonl 1 not eontri'l thcin, and lor Iivuimvs an I lllv'litsi'nniiuiii',1 lob oed. unll l here wa- no I looi! ro run: when it it h-h m,. .n wc.ik I icii.ll icanelv lrcaibo or i-t jr. 1 lay lor a loni time in one po-i ion, mild my pines hcalel, and i iifjn ni;-jin a nine Mreiiftn. Hit n I out lour wtv!. ami a re'an-o , umocui nivj I l,lil hl'iii m ibf hiiiL--, and ''outmucd loooiipli and raiM' I irjie quanli tie- of bloody to i'er evervd.iv, and wa- rapidly ba-leninir In tin" crave. Jly fni'iid- and neii;hlior. bud civeii up nil hope-and'iold me I inu-t the. .My ihy-i' could jjivo me no eiii-o-ir.irement evept th.ll I hi- lung- win-not yet tilii i nt it, nnd nil hope-of renin ry srone, until one of your p.iuidilet wen giv en me de-eribing Dr. I.nrhor'- I.Mrictol I.nugworl. .My nel'hbor ohiaincd a bonlefor me, a- u la-i rc-i rt, but wilb veiy Imlo liopcs of u doing mc liny good. I have now Inkiii it al nut a week, ami s r.iuge to f-av, from the lir-l c'll-e I look c f ll. I began lo mend ami my health i teller every way. .My nlghl wen- tin ve marly ic.i'e.i, my irengili improve-, my i.ii-mgs are le--, and hope i-. again revived; lint my mill. cine j alni' h! KOne, nnd 1 wish Vou lo lend inc ivvn bollle- inunchulelv, and it I recover. I will do all in mv power lo the news tint eoii-umptiou an lecuiej. i icni.iin vino-, iV-'., CII.U .Vfjf.V II. .MKDIir.UIlV. For forilier proc ficeinednal loc k- in hand- ofihe ngeui-, eiiiitaiiuug leiiificate-, ,f.e. All persons de uriig ibe ageni y of the wil1 p'e.i e ap dy lo the pro- pnetor, u. .1. i;ui)di; 1 1. 1 , SI! State St. All any. m: knts. Peck & Ppenr, lot- . v II. .1. HemeUm Jt- Co. "urlingloti, t. H. I.andon if- l'o., Wil'i-ton. , llhoi'e-, dr., Iiichmond. Iloynion it ISiirrctl, llii,e-l urgh. 21-ly FAL.RS' 3IKiSICIiVE. FAI.KS' Cathartic and Vegcialle Purgative I.ciz eugers, and the bcsl nnd I'eiideilh themo-t mm. nlar nrtie.'e, nut only Ibl'iidult- but for idnldreil of nil ci untrii'9 and I'limaie-, and 111 eviry eoudinun of life. They are Irn-lly vegeiable, Willi a la-te inexprerl ly ilehghllul i ihey eau-e no pain it, the operation bm on Ihe contrary lcolings 1,1' pleasure, clean. on-ihe loin ach an IhoweU mote perlwily than nn v other pura live. 1 ueir iii.iii: o,.e ooeraiioii orpnse me must eminent pujsieian-, anu iney are rapidly taking ihe p'aeecifall other purgn'ive compound-, Kverv trav el'er .hoiild carry them, every family should keep Ihcm, and every man, woman and child should lake I belli. FA I.KS' WOliM LOZKSfiKS Are a sure reined v. and 1 hildn n lve ibpn, lh....i leep, grating the Icelh, paleuv., uboiit iho moulh ana no-.-, ,inc- i Mwwn, precarious aniieine, we lowel- and genera levert ihn, lt,i e.iL .... ' a rjuiet leep, the worm- nre tupilied and expelled in eveiy o,-,.t ,.iu,u ,ruui inc pauclil is en lirciy i-iti". KAI.r.S' COUGH LOZHNGF.S, For coughs, ci Id, bronchitis, incipient contuinp. lion, whooping cough a nil croup, the lno-t happy e Icet isohtaineil in Blew moment-, I be jiiijmonis disappear and ihe uisease 1- at onee broken up. A single trial i sufficient lo ati-ly ihu lnii-1 skeptical. FAl.l'.S' DVSFNTKIIV I OZF.NnF.S Core dvscn'ery.diarrhiEcarul all bowrleoiuplainis of ndulls or children. Pay particular ailciiiion to the direction which nccimipaiiv each box and they are not known to fail. Price 25 cents. FAI.KS' CA.MPIIOIl l.OZr.NOF.S, For luinmon and iek headaihe j also, mania, epi-lep-y, melancholy, hyueria, St, Vim-Dance and all other cases ol languor and npnrc-Mon of iho vital powers, 'hey ore perfectly safe for women orclnldrcn in alt condition-. FAI.KS' CYPIUAN HAIR TONIC, I now o extensively known that comment i use less. We can ny, however, anions thou-aii U who have purchased 11 111 thu and other eounirtes, none have complained, but on the contrary cxpre-scd their wonder aud admiration on beholding it-cllect. CLKAU OUT VOl'H K.VIS. Tin! Rnawi-'s an lanlic ol the-e destructive crea lures cjn 1 1 bauisheu forever in ) our hou-es and torc if you will pritciiri- a Ui.x of the geiiiiimj iMadacascar ltut i:xlciniltiator, and mc it according tuilireeiiuus. You cannot ik'jiend upon llieahovemediein'-suule-s obtained of ihe proprietor, J, J. Kale, fltjCumuiercial street, lloston; to aviid countericits the agent ha a certificate with the written ignaiure ol J. J. Fales, M, I). .Meml er Mass. .Med. So. and llosion Med. Ass. Dr. Fates' ineduiue ate sedd vv hulesale add mail al No. HO Commercial St., Hu-lon. Hurlinglon, II. J, lleinel eriili Si, Co., Druggists, Wholesale and Iteiailers for the above uie.liVuie. Vtrgtnnet, Win. II. Ihihv, Druggist; Siw llattn Mills, II. ltidert Hrlstol, Geo. W. I'armeliei New II tun, A. P. Ito-coej Ftrritburph Ctnltr, Amo Wciherby; Shelbuin,J. H. IshaniiZinetdurgA, Mar cur Hull; U'ittiiton, Morion 4- Clark 1 Jericho Cor. ner, Oake if- Peek l Cambridge, Marlin Wire! Ilakersfitld, Armingloii if- Poineroy; Wist l'.noi burgh. Jame M. Dean) Sheldon, A, Kenh ci, Co, j 'u(rIW,Hurrtt Fanworth t'airfaz, S, W. Ilrush tX. Ul'. 4U Dried Peaches 17011 sale by , & 11. 11. DooLirn.E. 40-6 May 7, 1815. Houso Paper. lOnO (m,every rich patlem-) Housi-Pa-yuv' per, received nd liir alo nt luaniifaelu- rer s prices. - t ,so, itw (iicces Itl lill JiICJ, ery elunp, ly II. W. CATLlf Mny8lh, 1815. II. 4'J CO VP Ell, S II HUT IRON AND TIN WAllU FACTORY, 1 ? i w'0"i' respectfully Inform the in k habilnnls of lliiilmulun and vicinity, that ho is oow opemni.' a simp rr Ihu .Mnnuraclnrinir of all Muds ofarticles in his line ofbn-ines., nil kinds nfont door wink, a ich as Hoofim:, V.n Trouihs, Ciiniluc tors, ilnnc on short no, ice and 111 ihu best workman I ke manner. ,. , ALSO, nil kinds of Ilepairinz done. Simp next door to C. F. nlnniford At Cn's. store, Church Street. Iliitluiflou, Vl April 30, '43. -)3m3 MHS. E. J. IIIBBARD, TNFOaMS her customers nnd friends lhal she has 1- cninmenced her business, nnd is ready to receive Leghorn, ! lorenco and Slrnvv Ibmncts fur eleaninn ami iiiaktim tu fashion. Sill; IIal, Ores. Caps, Mourning I aps. and Collars, kept on hand. Mrs II., from Inni! i vpeiiencc. Is confident she can pive Central satisfaction, and solicits a shate of pi.blie pat ronage. .Church street, first door north of the County Hou c, sign ofiho liandbox, Hurlinglon, May I, ISI. 43 TAMIW S. I'r.IlU-.()V,Cnnimission Produce l Merchant, 31 Water Strcei.-UUral cash advan ces made on consignments, llcfers lo Messrs. H. ,. J, HerrHi, p " Draper, Aldrii h , I'linli New York. Pope Callm, Iq ) . Missrs. Phillips & Cuvlcr, Allony. 'ny I, i. 43nG Nr.riHvr(Tj,?!,j mm KTiVIII. sub-crdier ba for salo three two-horse Jk wagons, vviih iron a e-, made of the best white oak. 4 ai.ij, Kivoorsii Concord Waggons. Thenbuve wagons will be nld cheap for rash, good paper, or will nc exeiiangeil lor goo i voung liorMi4, IIF.MIV WIIITNF.V. llutlincton.Mny 1st, 1313. 43G Nfi!V"ST0RE ! at tiik rorxniiv mni.DiMj, I'mil of .llaluc Micet. TIIK iinder-lgnel has opened a CiUOCnitY AM) IltOVIll)V STOIUCnt the above pl.l"e, where may be lo-ui I at all time an as-orl-luent c f Wet and Dry tnwi rie- for famdv u-e (ill iii.i:s i:. foij.ktt. Rnrlinclon, April 17, ISIj. .10 Cliarlnllc S. IMalfs INIntc. STATU OF VKIIMONT, ) MMIi: Hon. ibe r0. Di-lrii-c of Cliiilenden, --. j I bate Court lor Ibe Dit-tiiri c I Cbiilendcn ! T" all per-on-enneerned in tlie estate of Chn-lot e S. Plait, late -aid District, decea-ed, (Inrrnvo, W'iu'.i.ea-, Lemuel II. Piatt and Oeorue IC. Pl.ut. eMc itor- id the l.i-1 will of -aid decease I, prooo.e- to render nn avo mt of ihcir aduiini-tratron, nnd prc--ent ihe r account ngain-t -aid iMatc fore.xanirnation and allowaii"e. at a c ion ol ibe Courl of Probate to i,e hidden a! the Kcgi-ier'sn'liee in llcrliugion, m said di-lriet on ibe -e-ond Webi .-tkav of .lune next. Theief.lri', on are henby nr.tified to nppenrlefore aid co til at I lie lime and p nee afore mil, and hew c.iii'c, if any ym have, w by thu accouni afuie ai I houtd not I e allow c I. (liven under uiv hand at II irlir.gton. tin.. 23. h dav of April, A. D. IS13. 4i.vS WM. WK-iTOX, Hegi-'rr MRS. MERRITT, (KOIt.MIMil.V .MISS I!ANNi:v,) WOULD respectfully inform the citizens of P.ur litlglon nnil vicimre. lb:,t f,h b., in.r rrr.,.l,.r from New York, her SPRING A SS OR TMUNT GOODS AND NEW FASHIONS. Coneisnng in part f a good nsortmcnt nf Sllka. Itlbhoii'i, l.nees, straw ltnnnoN. I'loiince, lllrdseye, and v.inuii-descriplionsiof Fancy Hun nets. She will keen conslnnl'v nn hand readv inndi.SHI.- Hnilliets. nnd a sunerior Llvle of Itibboiinnri Clmii Hats, which arc very n.uc(i ad.ouid. ALSO, Caps, Artificials, liorders, and Doucics, She would nlsn inform ihcm that she has new pat terns for I IS ISI, which she will make lo or der, and many olhci orticlis wanted in her line of bu-iu''.i. STlt.VM S hleaihcd and altered oyer in the latest styles. .Mrs. .M. would respectfully tender her Ih.inks to ihe nulilie fur ihu hbi rnl pntionage ihey have hitherto confernd on liir, and tulicita a conlinuanieof the same. JUay I, 1813. 33 if OK STAPLE AND FANCY DhY GOODS. C. 1 STANIPORD, $ CO. I Hi: nuw openiujat tluirold "land, a new, ilcsant . j, and very 1 xiuisivo stock of Siiple and "I'ANCV DUV OOODS," in all the latest varieties of Spring .Styles, comprising the most desirable and r,iliionnhlc ntlicles of Dress lioods, Fancy Silk, Itibbons, etc., to which they in vito ihe intention of all ciistomersand buyers central- ly- Hurlinglon, May Ul, 1313. 33 tf ANU FINDING STCRIi. E. C, ro"OMIS, HAS just received from .New Yoik a large nnd general nssoitmtnt of Leather, Morocco, Kids, and Finding of every description, among which are, Sole, Harness, llridle. (Oak and Hemlock tanned ) Minting, Hand, Top. I.ace, and Patent Leather, Oak and llciuloili lanncd Cilfand llo; Skins. lloioccos, Kids, Lamb lining-, Goat, Sheep, nnd Deer llindings, Hoot .Morocco, Fiench dyed .Morocco Alum !-kiver.-, (irccn, Pink, Ytllowand lllack lloans, Alum Linings. Japan Muslin, and Scotch Uasils, (an excellent nrlicle tor Collars) and largo Itusset Sheep skins for Saddlers, Seal fkin, and shamois. ALSO Shoe and Fitting Thread, Patent Peg and Sewing Awl-, Knives, Hasps, h'n Files, Cord, Hoot Webbing Galloon, Pincers, s-ilk nnd SteelTncks, Punches, Heel Ikill, Pegs all sizes, Sizo Sticks, Shoo Hammers, Compasses Sand Siones. Sholder nnd Lomr Sticks. Colls, Jiggers, Stamps, French Wheels, Cork Soles for Ladies Shoes, Peg Hrcnks, Shoo llrushes, Gum arauac ami 1 rag., iiottom lliushcs, Blocking nnd Scouring Itrushes, Siccl Slickers, Scouring Siones Glass Slickers, Patend Peg and Sewing Awl Ilnfn lloitlc, Hot nnd Miller's Waur Proof Ulackin", Sand Paper, &c. -LIKF.WISK,-Men sThick Doot-, a new BBaorlmentof Fashionable Lasts and Hoot Tries, and Tanners Oil by the Ubl or Oallon. ALL Articles in his line will be sold cheaper than can be bought in lluihngton, for Cash or good paper. Coll and satisfy yourtelvcs. , -CASII,- ihdesand Z'Z" pM " " f" Pearl Street, .May 1st, 1313. tf war. L. kxowles, AT2I?0SH2Y Al? E AW, HAS OPF.NKD AN OFFICK IN l'otsdain, St. Lawrence Co. New York. HE will givepromi) otienlion 10 any collecting, or other business iliac may ,e cntrusttd to him . ...,. ,.i.ui,. uiven 11 rinuirea, Potsdam, April 21th, BI5. 43wl2 NKW CIOODvS. GOLD I'KNS of various price. ; n large ntsorl mentor &i le ,,,..1 'n,.,i o. . .i 1 Jr?!."!,.1!"'-!5'';"" J'"'"'! '',n.'' '"""P"! '''Sellief - " wants 01 customers, nre receiving nnd will I e roceivwl, making our .tixk one ofthe best ever ollcreil by u. A vi-it to anJ an exaniinaiiou ol the assortment in belli our lower and uoncr room.. ,.-1 c... . .. vv-ho wishio gralify their curiosiiy or buy ome of f ha . ,.,.u, ,reeiy exiendeil, und to nil who lo see llie'n, Uood will be Ireelv eliovvn. Come nnd ee, and feich vonr friends . llHINsMAID & BROTHERS. April 21, IBI5. 47 A'cady iMailo Clotliing. Tin: siil scrilerhasnn hand a very large assort--su mcni ol ready made Clothing uriiia own man ufaetuie, I'omisiing of Coats, Panlaloons and Vest, which are c llenil for ca-h at 2-3d what has bevi! paid heretofore lor the same article. . 1 ... v. ic, "' W- CATI.IN. April 25th, 1313. .17 BOSTON Wholesale Houses M1IIF. t'ndersigned luiporteri, Jother. Mannfac L tnrcr.s, nnd Coiuinission llon-e, in the City or "join, .i,e prepare iwuu lull sloe ls ot Uooils In w'cir re-peciivo 1 lanciie", 1111,1 embrace llio oppnrtU' mty n Ic-rikd bv the nevv-nnner P,,... in t,,ubeCo,i liy Merchant who arc nbuut m purchase Spring uiioiier supplies, 10 viu m.0 imsien AiarUel, tiiiMeAiuii iicineir scvcry-orncnis. The vnrieiv,chenpneJJBccllcnivof our man ooKiure.oi uoiron, wcniien. and other llond", in ini vicmiiy our rinrnteirniitcd seam ciotnmunicn iron Willi all Foreign Port nnd Ihe interior of our own eoiintrv, enable rr. tu o'er 111 luocnicnl lopur-cb.i-or- of Foreign nnd l)oine-t,e (!ood, equal nt 1101 superrurroaiiyoriicr vinrHei) anJ Uoun try Meribiin.,to whom ihi. inviintion is rc-peeif i. ly n, lrecd, are a s ire.) that it I our determination to plen-e, if po-s hie, loth o'd and new custonnrs who tuny l.ivor u vvnh n call. Importers and Dealers in Foreign and Do tnestic Hardware and Cutlery. William T. Ku.ri oV Co. 3 Lil erty Sipinre. Jl. Newell, 83 State street. Importers of Hardware ff Saddlery Goods I'.itrlnnks, Luring .V Co. cor. 1 f Milk and Krlhv st Importers and Johbrrs of Foreign and Do mestic JJru Goods. M.iekintiro & Co. 1 1 Milk ',, (f.nwrencu illoek.i Importers and Jobbers of Dni Goods, and jscuicrs in simmctin Jianujaclitrcs. I.anglev A. Abbott. S."i Kill.v 1. Thai, her it Fearing, 27 nnil 21) Water s!. i. o. L,incoln Clc Uo. 31 Water, cor. I'nngre- st. Sdcs, Ribbons, Milliner;) Goods, French i lowers. A'c. Huston, Itobbin- el Co. I llowdurn Hlo-k. Mi k t. Hosiery, Threads, Yame, $c, and Dry 1 toons L'cnerallii. Shorey it Co. loi Wii.huigi.,n st. Dealers in Straw Goods, lmnnrlrrs nf Zephyr Wtirtlah, Cmnats, Patterns, Millinery lioods, eve. Harrington, llo'brook cV Co. Kilbv.cor. Milk st. Dealers in French and English Goods; Imported and Amcrknni Straw and Liirn Itonnels, yc. Town-end it Smith, 33 and 10 W.ner -t. Importers of Fine Cutlery, Fancy Goods, Combs, Iliads, Perfumery, llrui-hes, ij-c. I. II. Spring, 52 Kilbv -t. II. W. 'I knver & Co. (late.Me.MT it Co ) 203 Wash- ingion -1. Elishs Jacob- ,f. Co. 1 and 3 Ki by st. Dealers in Foreign and Domestic Station ery, Mcrctmldc Mink W,s, Fancy (iimts, Cutlery, and ihe schwt lmJis in use in New Fnsland. John T. Prince & Co. 12 Iv'ilby, cor. ol Doano st. Manufacturer nf Account Hooks, Writing amljfrcssing l'aes,nml Dealer in Domes tic Mtilwnrry, School Hooks, Wriliiv Disks, .tv. John Mar-h, T7 Wa-hmgion -t. (Jov' HuilJing.l ISool.scllir and Stationer. Benjamin II. JIu-ey, 2a O rnhill and 30 llrattlu -t. Bibles, School and Juvenile Pool:s, Hng gliili, French, and Atniriean Stationtru. S C. Simpkin-, 21 Trenunt How. Dealers in American and Forcian Ncwsim- pers, Magazines and Cheap Publications. Redding Co. 8 Stale t. Aircnr, snnnll, ,! .,1 Iishcr-' price-. Quincy Hall one price Clothing Establish ment, oier Quincti Market, hi J. Simmon- it Co. Fancuil Hall Clothes Warehouse. Bab-mi, Deacon. & Titcomh. S .s,,r ,,. t;i,,, it Sloioinb,) Dealer in Broadcloths, csting-, ta--mieres, and lleady-Mnde Clothing, 1, 5, C, nnd 7, Fane nl Hall Building. Dealers in Feathers, Matrasses and Curled llair.aiul Hedding of all kinds. Manning, tilover U Ci.irkj nl-o, dealers in Dome. licrny i.oou-, 1 r.lneiu! Hull Htii'ding, nnd I und 'J Marker S.i mm James II. II.ile, 10 nud 17 Dock Square. mportcrsand Dealers in Drugs, Medicines, Due StufTs. A-e. F.lward Hrinley A Co. 3 aud 1 Market Souare.soiiih -ideifF.iiiMiil Hull. 1 Culler, ll.ivi; C i, 1 India, corf Slaw -- 00. the sV. L .stotn 1 1 oil e Dealers in Dic Stuffs, Oils, Soaps, Chem icals, ami Jianujacturcrs' Articles. 1. S. Denny & Co. 90 Milk si. Manufacturers and Dealers in Sperm and ylale Oil, Sperm Candles and Soap. Stiiriev.iut, Edward- ,f. Co. 20 Broad it. Importer and Dealer in China, Crockery, and Glass Ware. S lomon Hopkins, 37 Broad, t or. ot Water st. Manufacturer and Dealer in Hoots, Shoes, Leather and Findings, for Cash. Lev i F. Il't-sell, C Blaekstone si., up stair., onno-itc the ?vew England Collee Ilou.e. 7'7o. Lead Pipe and Sheet Lead. Willi im I). Sawvcr, 127 Stale si. Agenl ofthe New I .n iory, Charlesiown j at-n, Importer and Deal, ir in K 1 in, 1'ngli-h, and Coitori Duck, Twine, Hemp, Bag- an J HaggmJIV, Pump-, 4c.

Manufacturer of Platform Scales, and Weighing Apparatus af ill descriptions, Tin Ware, f-c. Lyman Locke, 7 Market Sij iare, south side Faneiil HUH, Manufacturers rf Improieil Salamander Safes, Patent Vault and Store Poor l.ocka, the best articleJor safety anducurity noxeinuic.) Edvvarl-iind Ililman, cor. ef Wuler aud Congress licets. Manufacturers if Engini llosf. Fire Duckets, ajuaies, Harnesses, lrunkt, Valises, Carpet Hagt, Satchels, if-c. Shillon it Cheever, 7 Wa-hinglon ond 53 Brattle Street-. Deahr in Isinglass, or Mica, for Sioie doors, Lanterns, Compass Cards, if-c, Mineral Specimens, Safetxi Lanterns, il-c. Ceorge II. Iluggk-. 23 Union st. Manufacturer aud Dealer in allkinds of Brushes. John J. Adam., Warehouse, 72 Vt'nshiiigunst.i Fac tory, William. Court. Dealers in Foreign J'ruits. Jluller, Cheese, Scant, Dried Apple; Gra-t aud llird Seeds, Fire Crack ers, Palm Leaf, and Palm Leaf lalr, if-c. Reed vt Kentiey. IGand 21 .Merchants' How. Grocers ami Commission Merchants. Thomas 11. Dix A. Georje A. Freeman. 3 Long Wharf, Choice Teas, Cigars, Spires, Pure Sperm Oil, if-c Importers and Dealers in Watches, Si'ier unci 'atcf Ware, Lamp Clock,, Tea Troys.Com munion Ware, Tabli Cutlery, ifilitary Good, Oe. Harris, Stanwood ct Co., 29 Trcnront Itow. Jhlion Piano Forte Manufacturers. T. Gilbert & Co. dOC Waslimjion st., are the sole Pro- priciorn ami aianulaciurer. of Coleiuan'i. Paienl Altaehment lor this seeinui of country. Piano Forte and Music Store. Geo. P. Reed. 17Tremoni Row. SI Dealer in Sheet Mu-ie, Musical Instrument of every tiereription, ami .Musical merchandise gen erally. Milimry Bauds furnished, and every In. slriiment warranted. Importers and Manufacturers of Paper Hang ings. Samuel M. Ilurll en, 25 Court at., near Wathington, J, lluiiitlivd it Son, 113 Wa-lunglon st, Ualh Apparatus Hslablishment. L. V. Badges, 43 Congress st., manufacturer of Date Patent sliding Top Chamlrr Shower llaih", HaJgcl'. Vapor Bath Apparatus, Bathing Tubs, Ac. Manufacturers of Shirts, Ilosoms, Collars, Keck Slocks and Ties, Importers and Dealers in Glares, Handkerchiefs, Scarfs, Craratt, Hosiery, Under Shirts and draveis. Satins, Linens, llomba tines, if-c. Bale ct Jones, 79 Washington t. (Joy's Building.) .1unirucfurtrs onii Dealers qf Heady-made Cloth ing of etery grade. Gove, Locke if- Co., at the Commercial Arcade, 60 cuommcrcrat 1. Paper Dealers ; Printing, Writing, and Wrapping i-aptr oj an Kinas. newspapers suppuea. fa per Maker's Goods oj all descriptions. Grant, Darnell if-Co., 9 l'n "i si, Wilkin., Carter if- Co., 16 Wa tr t. Agricultural Harehcaist and Seed Store. Buggies Noiirse it Mason. South Marker si., nvrr Fnneml Hall Market. Also Manufacturers of rnsigns, implements anu Machines, at Worie-ter Huvcy it Co. 7 Merchant. Row ; Garden, Orss., and r lower Seeds, Fruit and OriiainenltlTrces, Dah lias, Shrub., Grape Vines, &c., supplied from ,u..r rxirnsive ntirsrriei. ai v.ainnricixv, Boston, April, 1815. J. II. DOWNS' Vcretublo Balsnmic ELIXIR. THE GllBVT NcHTII- krn Ilr.ncDT (or l-ough', Cold', lllccdin nt the Ltin-r-, Bronchm-. Night Sweats, Di Jiculivnri renifring, an'tl nil other disea-es i.rthc Lung, which nre the incipient stages orCon-uinptinn a di-en-ethnthn-, heretofore proved fatal, hall fliiicnllnKilicalskill.nndilrnggingthi.u. sniids to untimely grave. Nu oilier medicine yet ih-covcrcd hns grapple I with tin. fell des'royer o human lile wi'h -licit ss n 5 The Vei e able llal-nmic Klixlr hi. no,,. I ... in general u-e for more than ten year-, and Ihi iisanil-, Inuglil it incoiu parable value .. cnir of it wciuilerfnl euralivepropertle, havenceord. ct tn 11 a ceiei niy nnparalleicil in the w hole wide i.ingc 01 .' .-eienee in irtt or any oilier ei.intry, Since tin powerful medicine lirst I etnine known linmen-e numl er, vvho believed thein-clvc in the lu-i i,ii;e- 01 11 euioirioi.i 11 iu iiicttraoie ci,n-iiinption nnd pronounced by the ino-t -killlul phvstcian-in thee try n a-l nil hope of recoveryhave been re-cucd from ihe grn-p ol Denlh by Its tt-c. and arc now I le-sed with be.iltt, nn,l tr..,,,.,!. Il is Nature's own iinple I'e-torniive a Healing niin ore 'lireil ov one w no wa- ,rou,r , to I vnrv brink ofthe grave by Cons miptrctn, nnd from plains coV, ruled for llieir great me virtue. It 1 the einpioytiieni 01 naiurai in overcome nnd coun teract the evil or N itore heajing the lacerated 01 inv Hitu'-ieu piii'tii in 1 ne ,eorsl possible en e anu ietormg me lunctions ol flits ilisea-cd inern ler lo -troni an I healthy action. It ha elected cures where all other inet'rine have tniled. In all en-es of A-lhma, Whooping Cuigh, or the ,11'Ciiuiulntion of Phlegm, -o dcirnetiv.. 0. ,i... i...nt,i. and life nf children 11 i particularly recommended a-nrr uniaiiing 1 lire, nn.l no Tarndy in the Union, if "icy w o prc-.Tvcinciri ni ctreu trom -u leringand iiaiu, suouici nor oe wiiuo'il it. Almo-I eounlles le-timonial of ft remark!,!.. c :re, Irnm every q inner ol the Union, and trom indi. vi.' in every eondilion ol life, arc it. hc-l ereilcn-tint-, -bowing in Ihe imi-t c-onclu-ive manner that ihi Preparation als upon the h tnun sv-lein in n m inner link-short ol miraculous. Thc-cmavhelound in 1h.ed.11lv paper-, and abo iiiavheohtaiiied 111 pain phleis and handhill. oragents tree ol co-t. 'I hi- iiieniiiiiaral le innlieine is prep.ircloulybvN, H. Dowos, Troy Vl., the original inventor u'uJ ntu- prictor. CURTIS ct SMI I'll, St. Allan, Vt. Onlv Whole-nlc Agent, v vvbom A"i ni ran ho supplii-lm any pan ol ibe Union, upon tliebet tennj. "wi " , oiiiiicut, oy Pf CK it .-'PEAR. 1 HAli.Mi ft AIITIIUR, jBiitliuglon, Vt. SMI HI it WILKINS.S 43-yl William Itav's IM.alr. STATE OF VERMONT, A T a Probate Court Di.trit nrr-i.ti,AM,i..n r H t,..t.i 11...1: in sard district of Chittenden, on the 30th dav of April A. D. IS 15. comes John Ray, one ot the heirs lo the estate of WILLIAM KAY, late of llinesburgh, in siid district, decensed, mil files in said Court Ins pc tiiiun in vv riling, setting furlh that he holds one undi vided ninth part of said estate, in common with the oilier heirs to said esintc. and nravin fur a divi.inn of said eslale among the sevcial persons entitled thereto ! W llERKCPON. the Court nforesaid dnlh nnnninl rho 911,1, ,U ,.r VI.h I r , - f... t 1 .1 ' : , l , ' '., .'. iuij, iui iiuoiiig inni otciiiiiig on said pi'iitinn, nt Ihe olHce of thu Register ol said court, in said Burlinglun. nnd doih order that nil persons in terested he notified thereof by publica'ion nf thi or der containing the iihsianeo nf said petition, three wieks successively in the Burlinjinn Free Press, a newspaper printed in snd Burlington, Ihe last of which publications tu he previous to said 20th day of Mav, lr345. 1 Given under mv hand, ntsaid Burlington, this 30lh day ol April, 1313. 4Sw3 W.M WESTON, llcs-hler. Oliver Howard's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT,) A T n ses.ion of tlie District of Chittenden, ss. 1A. Probate Court held at Burlington, within and fur said district of Chitten den, on tho29ih day of April, 1845, comes William Howard, one ofthe heirs 10 the e-tate of Oliver How. ard, late of Milton, in sai l district, decensed, testate, and filed iu said court hi. petition in wriiing. setting forth that he hulds one individed if nth pari nfihe fol lowing described parcel of land, situated in said Mil ton, vizi seventv-scven acres nnd 131 rods of land heretofore set out to Tahiti Howard, widow of said which she held a life estatcfS-in common with others, and praying fur a division tliercofauiong the persons legally entitled thereto. WiiRBEi-pov, the court aforesaid doth appoint the 20rh clay of May, 1315, fur hearing nud deciding on said pciirion nt the office of the Register of said court in said II irlina'on. nnd doih order that all persons in terested be notified ihereof by publication of this or der, containing the sul stance of said petition, three weeks successively in ihe Burlington Free Press, a news laper printed in said Burlington, the last of which publications to be previous to said 20(h day of May, IS!'.. Given under my hand at said B irhngton, this 29th day of April, IS 15. 433 W.M. WESTON, Register. r'.dvvard I'.ariltiijtoii's Instate. STATE OFrjVF.RMO.ST, ) rpiIE Hon. the Pro-ni-TniCT of cnlTTr."DEN. ss. j X I ate Court for the District of Chiilendcn To all persons concerned in Ihe e-inie or F.lward Firrington lale or Burlington in said di-trict decea-ed. Greeting. Whereas, David IC Pangborn, Administrator ol the e-late of said decea-ed, propo-e to render an account of his administration, and pre-eut his ac count again-1 said e-tate ror examination and allow ance at a sf-sion ofthe Court of Probate, to be hoi den al IbeRegi-ler's oibce in Btirliiizion, in said dis trict, on ihekiurili Wclneslay of May, 1815. Therefore, you are hereby notilied to appear before aid courl at Ihe tune aud place nfore-aid, and shew cau-e, if any yo,i have, why the account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under mv band at Burlington, this I -t day May, A. D. IS 15. d3w3 WM. WESTON, Register. ier.uor. uriuer an orucr sm said t'roliaie Court. BOARDING HOUSE. IHE sub-criber having reined the Griswold M. Hnu-e, is now filling it up for a boarding; hotr-e. The hou-e is the I e-t location in t lie village, nnd it will !e rumi-hed in all re-pects so a 10 rrnke it one or the be-t c-ial li-hmedr. orthe k'nd in the village. Gentlemen wishing to procure room are retpic-tcd to apply soon, a thevcau have ihcm rur nishcliiiBiiiiihein. JAMES II. PLATT. Burlington, April 21, 1345. 47w3 Novu Scotia Plaster. aHE sirbscnbers are now grinding, and are pre pared to deliver, I'resli Ground Plaster, al the Iron Foundry, root 01' Main Street. FOLLKTT, BRADLEV & Co. April 221, 1815 47 XT 121 T SPRING GOODS, THE FIRST ol Ihe kind in Market, just received aud receiving from New York, some of ihe very laie.-t styles ol Spring Goods, comprising, for Ladies' Dresses, MUSLIN, I LtWN, IIALZORINE, I ORt.'AMUFS, FRENCH PRINTED MUSLINS, dc.cVc. Plcnso call and examine for yourselves, as 1 have a good aorineut lo select frorrr. DANIEL KFR.V. Two doors South ol Howard's, Church street. April 21, IS15. 47 Cash paid for good Horses. Wm. (h BARKER, WILL pay Ca-h for good saleable Horses till Ihe first of Sepieml er next. Charlotte, Vt.. April 20, '45. 47w3 Notice. THE sub-enbrr. have entered into partnership, under Ihe firm of OAK ES & PECK. They will do business in the store, herelolore occupied by deo. II. Oakrs, ut Jericho Corners, and will keep constantly on hand Dry Goods, Groceries, and Hardware, or eveny variety, und sell at Ihe must reasonable prices. GEO. It. OAK MS, April 1815. (47w3I GEO. II. PECK. A LARGE assortment of Cloths, Catsimerc., Tvvecil, Sattinelts, Vrstiugs, &e. etc. Just opened, at prices eorre-pondmi; with the times, by CATLIN, in Strongs Budding. April 25, 1645. 47 Petition tu sell I, ami. STATE OF VERMONT, ) A T a Probata Coutt 'unci 01 i,niiieriuen, ss. ) J. 1. In 1,1 at Hurlinglon wltHirt nnd for said district of Chittenden, on the 3d dny of April, 1SI5, present the Hon. tlnilcs Russill, Judge of said court, comes F.lmer Beecher, Runrdmn ofSidney C. Kay, Harmon A. tl.iv. Spencer D. Ray, Oeorge II. Itay, Wm. W. Ray, n'ud lloyl P. Ray, mtnnf r!, .Irftn t.r r-.l.i. 1... I... ..rn... i ,. ! ' . , ,. . , Iv,i i-iie,,, iioiL'su,iri,ii. in said district deceased, rind nt 1,1 .n,! f,,,,,t I,,. ,;. lion in wnliiig, selling forth' that his said wards 01c seneo in ineir own ngnt 111 fccor one undivided ninth nail of the In Tnwtnn rl.rlt,n.t f.A...T nn.H tl ., , --...,. ,,,,,,,u, , ihu III Ji"tV"lnJ. ,Ur?h ,u,,l fiirrni M called, nf ..iiiiain imy larcni said iitnestuirgh, deceased, be ing tho farm on which the said William lived previ-ously-lo and nl the time nf his death, a porfion of it 1 ., "ecu 5cioui 10 tno willow 01 tlie said William Hay as her dower in his real cstatcf and that Said Ward. nri nl.n mt,U,1 .n ,l.n.. .11.. feoni fiveiindiudcd ninth parts nf a cedar lot in Monktrm, in the county or Addison, contnining two f crw.n,'.'"n'll w'l!c'' "'''"' '"' wns o ned lif common by William Ray nnd Calyirr Kay, previously lo and at Ibe time of lb,j death of the ii.l U'.li; l,,, .', would he for Iho Interest of said vtnrds lo have nil their interest In sairl l,A,n r.r il... t, ti.. .a .L . . , ... . ' . " " eo on ivuv, vexcepi that nart thereof which has hnr,n ,i n'l o. I.,. as her dower,) nnd also their intere-t in said cedar lot sold, and have tho nroccedsnf such it n,,r nt lnt.. est and praying said court to grant him licenso to lusen incinicresioi sain wards in sod land., (exerp the and set nlTtil Ihn widnu. i t umi;,, l)n i . .. dower) for the urnose flforemd agreeably to the alnli, In , n . nl. 1. ' -......v .,. a,,,.,, uu (iKuiu nn, i pnivioru ; WllEncL'POV. the rnnrt nr.trn.ql.l ,1ml. nr.nn:nt ,I.H 20)h day of May, 1815, for hearing and deciding on said petition ot the office of the Register of said court in Said Rnrlinrrlnn nl Isn nVlnl, ln l. r...Annn H.l doth order ihnt all person interesiid he notified there of by publication oft his nrdcr, containing thesuhsinnce of said petition, three weeks successively in Ihe Bur- mgton tree Press, n newspaper printed in said Bur lington, Ihn last of w hicli publications to 1 c previous to said 20ih dav nf May, 1P45. tjiven under mvhand at Burlington aforesaid, this 3d dav of April, 1815. 4CIWJ WM. WESTON, Register. ''I-'IIE Improvi-ntore, X Florence Do l.acv : or llie Cnn-icii. 12u The Gambler's Wile, Wild Love: A Romance frorc the German, Veronica: orthe Free Court ol AARAN, Ivithern! or Trace of Travel in the l.a-1, Illu-tratcd Shako-pcarc, No. 47 11. 25 25 I2J 2) 47 Hy A. EDWARDS. Mnfrnzincs for May. COLUMBIAN Mnaaztnc, 25c Godev' l.a ly'. Book, 25 inii,e' matronal Majizme, ID Ora ham' Magazine, 2j 4 liy A. EDWARDS. Pctltlm, lo sell "Land. STATE OF VERMONT, ATA Prol ate Court District ol Chittenden, ss. 1Y held nt t!ri;n, within nnd for said district nt Chilian, un ,i.:..i dav of April. 1815. nresent ihn II on. fhnr!r ll,, Judge of said court, comes Philo Ray, of Hincsbiirgh,' 11 , "i i uisinci, guaroian 01 wnnani Itay or said Hineshiirch, nre insane person, and files in said conn his petition in wriiing. settinc forth ihni Id. an!, I u r is se-zed in his own right in feeofonc undivided ninth part of the rollovvuig described pared c.rinnd. viz; me norne nrm, so cancit, 01 VMiinm Kav, late or said Hinesburgh.dcceasfd. Ivingin said Hrne.bnrrrh. br.ln the rami on which ihe said deceased lived previous'v toniid nt the lime of his death, a portion of which farm has been set to the widow of the said decease,! h.,r dower in his rcalcstatos and that his said ward is also acizeu 01 one onuiviiicil cignti rnth part of a cedar lot in 3Ionkton, in ihe county of Addison, containing two acres of hud, which cedar lot was owned in common by William Ray, deceased, and Calvin Ray. previous ly to nnd nl Ihe lime ofthe death ofthe snid William; that it would be for tho interest of said ward to have lusinlerest in said lands sold, except that part thereof which has been set out to the widow of the said de ceased as her dower, and that n sale ihereof is neo ccssary Tor Ins maintenance nnd support ; nnd prav ing said coutt to grant him license 10 scllall hi. ward's inleresl in said land-, (except the land set 1 ITto the widow of William Ray, deceased, ns her dower) for the putposo nToresaid. agreeably to the statute in such case made and provided. Wiir.nEceos, the court aforesaid doth hereby ap point the20ih day nf May, 1845. for hearing nnd de ciding on said petition, at the office of the Register of said court, in said Burhngli n nt 10 o'clock in ihe forenoon, nnd doih order that all persons inieres'ed be notified thereor by publication nf this order, con taining Ihesuhslancenf said Petition, three weeks suc cessively in Ihe Burlington Free Pre. , a newspaper printed m said Biirhnginn. the at of which publica tions to be previous to said 20th diy of May, 1815. Given under mv hand at Burlington aforesaid, this 3d dav of April, 1815. 49w3 Wm. WESTON, Register. Martin lVlierloctl'R Hstiitc. STATE OF VERMONT, A T n Pro! nte Court District ol Lamoille, ss. j holden nt the Reg. istcr's nffico in Johnson, wi'hin and for the district nforesaid, on lbs 23d clay or April, A. D. 1315. Martin N. Wheelork nnd Win.low Wheeloc k. ad ministrators nn thecsiate orMartin Wheelock, lale or snid district, decensed, present their adminis tration account ror settlement. Wiiracrrov, il i ordered ihnt the same he referred lo a session nf said Probate Court, 10 be holden nt lite Probate office in Johnson, oforesaid, on the 2Sih dai of May, A. D. 184 . at 10 of the cio, k A. M. Tor exam ination nnd allowance, and that all concerned be noti fied Iheieof by the publication of ibis order in I e Hurlinglon Fret- Press, printed nt Burlington in this Slate, three weeks successively prior to Ihe -nid 23ih day or May, that they mav appear nt said time and place, if ihey sec cause and object thereto. 43w3 SALMON WIRE Judre. Daniel G. Sawyer's Estate. w E the siib-cril er bavin-- been nnnointed bv tl,e Hon. Ihe Prol ate Cunrr. for ihu l),,-i ,r cram: l-lc, commi-Honcr- to recvive, examine, and adjii-l thoclniins and demand- of all per-ons ngain-t Ihe e-tate ol D.vnhl G. Sawyer, late if South Hero, in said district, dccea-el, rcjire-en'cl in-3'rent, and al-o all claim- and ite.lin o l-ei there'o; and -ix nionihs from the day of the dale hercol, I eing allowed by said Court, Tor puroos.', wc do there ruicherebygivenotiic, thai we vvtliatiendiotbetu.r-nes- of our appi intment, 111 the dwelling huue of ibe widow Irene Sawjer, in Soulh Hero, in said Di-trict on ihe last .M011 Jay in July next, at 10 o'clock A. M. of said dav'. Dated Ihi- 31 dav ol March. A. D. 1815. Wild IA.M I'll AMBLItLAI.N, ) Coiuiiiis.ioners. DAVID CORB1N. 1 4S3 Bonnets. A VERV larjre x-sorlment, (new hin1 F!orenc-e V Braid, While Nrapolnon. Mraw, nn I Fancy Bon. nets, just receivel, at unu-tially low price-, lu ll. W. CATLIN. ALSO, A larjre as-ortnicnt of Millinery Good, Lawn. Print, Halionne., Shawl-, Cravat Is, Olovc, and Hdkr., which can I c boniht extremely low, at April 25 h, 1845. 47 CATLLS'S. LYMAN COLE, HEREBY give notice to their Debtor that all de mand both Book aitounls and Note vv huh aie not paid previou. to the 1st day ot Julv next, will I e lelt wilh ati Attorney furcollection. The books and papers may be found at E. Lyman's Store. EI.IAS LYMAN, MUUIO.N COLE. Burlinston, April 23, 1815. 47 I lilts, Caps, Hoots, a lie) Shoes, JUST roi-eiveJ at CATI.IN'S. ALSO, Farewells (..liter and Half Gaiters. Slins am! It'-ll ..... ci,lu.. ' New York do d'. do do Apnl 25il, 1845. 17 EL1AS LYMAN JTjV.S' received two boxes very supe 101 Garden JLT COST UNTIL THU olh MA Y, THE entire remaining Stock of M. 0-ihcim, con si'nimof Rich llriK-ha, Silk and Berlin Shawls, lorine. Bomlnziiies, Blue Black Silk Cravalts, Milts, Thread, Edin?, etc. Ac. A I, S (), Two very superior lll.iek Italian Silk ShavvN. Burlinston, April 25, 1815. 47 For Sale OR TO RENT, a eoodTwo Story Brick lln-i-e nnd Barn, with nboot two ucres Ijind. The lanldtnss areundcrcuiiiir a the rouj-h repair, and aie about j ofa mile Soulh of the Coutt House square. Apply to T. CONNER. Burlington, April 34th, 1845. 47w3 ELIAS HAS just opened one Ilhd. ol superior quality Purtoiico Syrunsaidto Ipthrlcsieverbmuirht Into the country. Also on hand a few hundred lb. ofManle Sinrarlor sale low. Also Brown Earthen M'lk.Pans. Flower Puts. Cake Pan. A.c. Wickware Ujilding, Corner College and Church ai. 43 NOTICE. THlIIS is to ceilifv that 1 have eiven mv son JOHN his tunet and relinrjiiish all claim, and win pay no ucuis u ills contracting aner nils uaie. CHAIILES CHATES. limeiburgh, Mitch 20, 1315. 48 3 Cloth Warehouse, V. S. WINSI'ON &. CO. Nn. 1113 Pearl iVeio York. ARli ndw receivm'g of their own Importation, on Lnmm!-aion,and by pure base nl Auction, and oilier wise, n. lull n.-ofrmtni of Woollen tloo,l,,i-,mprising American, Engli h. Ffeneh, Belgian, nud German Cloths and Cus-unuc, roih pTslit and fancy. Alio, n large variety i.r 3.4 arid C-4 Tvveids and Satinets. Vc-ting. and Panialonu Stu l. IJftotlnir all ajr time and aittnticn exclusively la noallen Goods, which we obtain frorii Iho above source, we believe wa exhibit the Inrursl nnd mft.t exdeil.-iOe assortment to le lound in Ihe City or Ceiin' AVc invite (be attention of close nnd extensiteluy. ers to 6rr Mot-lc, pledging ourselves that those who have been in tl.'u hrf!,,! of I living iheir Cloths at Auc tion, at the expen-e ol tune and trouble, (often gelling t tnntitie. nnd iUalilf6 thev do not want,) shall obtain themcfu.nt a verv smrill advaniefrom eosl, lor C.i-h, or 0111a short, for approvdl note..- ..r.,. 1 Qua, ytprii z 1, lau nn . Dagticrreotyj Bromine, I I'renaied. ic Clicinicalsi Mercury, disttl'cll. . Pota.-iuin, Cynnuret 6f Cold. Chloride of. I 11 li.lidenf. Ii'dine. Snda.llvpo-ti'phate of " Chloride of. Silver, Nitr'e, Crystals Al PECK it SPEA R'S, Apolheca' nnd Whole-ale Druggists SOM FOUNTAINS, AND MlNBItAti WAT 13 It APPARATUS). VI IU Unler igned, being .itppbcl vet ill the nbove article., nre eunblel lo furni-h them ror either Mineral or Soda W.aicr, at .Manufacturer's prne-. The facility with whn h lltese founiaiii. are -upp le , together with tl err low price, will rcioinineml llieut lotboirnrle. We can also furnish the follow lug va riety of Sjrum,by measure or bottle : Ginger, I Pine npplo, I Str.twl irrr, ', I Ka-pt.crry, I Vanilla. Orgea', Sarsapanla, PECK it SPEAR,, 45) Apothecaries and Whie-ale Drugnj-lg REMOVED. TAII.OH, HAS removed to Church street, corner of Cherry street, formerly occup:ed by Miss Spencer, Drcss-.Maker, where he hopes 10 meet tiis old cus tomers, and wouM be gl.d to see as many new inea a3 may lavor him with lliiir patronage. Garments cleaned, nnd Cutting done on titc shortest notice and warranted. Burlington, April 10, 1315. 46 SELECT SCHOOL, MISS L. B. STACV will coinmonce her Sprint; Term on MONDAV, llie 0th of May, to continue l'-J weelis. Scholars are expected to enter at the com. munccinuiit of the term. TUITION: Ktiilish, 83,00 French, 1,00 Drawing, a,00 School room one door west of room forrnerp occupied by .Miss Rintiny, up stairs. Hurlinglon, April 10, Mo. 43tf ToJieiit. A SMALL tenement on C.illin's Lane, ruitab'sj ior a smau lamiiy. ately. April 17, 15. I o-e ion given immcdi D. K. PA.MIIiOR.N. 4G C)nr CORDS or Hard Wool, lor ale by Z)J GEO. PETERS PETERSON. Apri 10 1815. 46 r . asli Contract. T7'Iir. Subscribers will receive propo-als until 15th May, fur a gooi nnd sufficient Cedar Barrier to be built under the direction ol ihe Selectmen, at or near ihe mouth of llio revine north of the cah.p eround,tbe work tube 25 eel high and or good Green White Cedar limber nol less than 12 inches in thick ness through the hewn sides, two sides only ol tlie timber 10 he hewn. One half cnh ihe 1 5 1 1: July, and onehalfihe 15th ofOciobcr. Porn mire particular inscription apply to cither of the Selectmen. 11 aivivi'ur:.! SIVI'H MOltsE Burlington, April EOih, ls?l5. Selectmen. 45 If Clover Scud. A SUPERIOR nrtiele of Clover Seed bv the HI I. I or h in IrcJ, ju-t received and for at a very lyw price-, by g 11. W. CATLIN. A few Bii-hels early Seed Pea ofa superior unalitv. April 25ih, 1-315. '47 ' Fitirlmnks' I loos and Forks. AS SUPPLY or Kiubank-' Cast Sieel Hoes nnd ay Fork tu-t recervcil hv rui.i.r.1 1, uiv.-viii.r.t u Uo, Agents. South Wharf, April 17, ISIj. 6 46 For Sale. I YOKE CATTLE five years old, I ALSO, Pa-turai-e for 200 head Cattle, pood and cheap. 43 il. W. CvTI.I.V. Buckwlicat Flour on consign mntu. A CONSTANT s'ippiv always on hand, and for sale by Fol.LE'lT, fill A DLEY & Co. Soulh Wharf, April 17, 1315. Agents'. Hammered .hoc Shape. iV"k nWnl'cr have received n supply of Ham. 1 1 mered Sbo- Shane In w hich thev won!,! eall the at-ention of the trade. It is manufactured from Iho I c-l quality ol iron ore, and 1- confi lenilv believ ed to be superior lo any shoe shape ever oJered in tin market. It t inierdcd to have a larire suuply alvvav" on hand and will I e (liriitslie-l to merchants on iliemo-t tt-nn. Anexamiuanon ol the article U re-pecifully req testcJ. .V u s u , A larire and complete assortment of square und Hat hammered iron made from the same superior ore, is odercd at low ru-e-, I v rOLLETT, BRMII.EV - Co. South Wharf, April 17, 1315. 4G iT0 SICCUS PROPOSALS will be received until ihe 5ih May for biildin? a Covered KRIIIGK. orr n Itiv at Ihe Narrow near Udney H. Peniiiinin's. agreeable 10 a plan which will soon be readv ror in s cctiou at II. Bradlej's Siofe. The payment 10 I e made when the IlniL-e is fully completed 10 the ac ceptance of the Building Committee:, for Colchester and Kurlington. HARRY BUADLEV, 1 Selectmen lor SKTH MORSE, j Burlinston. I'DNEV H. PENN1M AN, Building . .. Coinmiite for Colchester. Burlinjficn, IQih April, 1815. 45 Garden Cecils ! IIELD, Flower snd Garden Seeds in all their ya rietics, for sale Ly larse quannties. at PECK & SPEAR'S. larch, 45. Bl-SLISiTON Vt. H3W TAILORING- ES TAHLISIIMENT. 'Pill, sio-crihrr would re-pix-ifully inform the nlrxcn 1 r Burltnitoii and vicinity, thai he has taken a shop on ihe square, two dou'r east ol the Howard lloe-c, where he will execute all orders in In- line with ne.iiue-s and ile-patch. Cutiiiiciloneon ihe shortest notice nnd worranied' to lit, if pioper'v made up. G. BACKUS. Iliiiluigloii, May 1, 1S15. 47lf Itovrcr ICnos's Instate. STATE OF VEU.MONT. 'I'll F. Hon. the Probate District, s. i 1 Court for Ihe District . nl Orle-in : To all persons concerned in the dale of Roer Enos, F.sq , late of Irasburgbjdeit-a-ed, intes tate, Greetinq. Wiiebca., Ira II. Allen, administrator of said de decased, has tdeil in said Court his administration ai-i-ouut for settlement and allowance. Tbererore, you ore hereby notilied that you may appear before said Court, at a e-sion thereof, to lie held at ihe Probate Odiie at Intslursh, on Ihe 21st day 1 f May next, und I c heard in the matter of sanT account, then to Ic examined and decided And thi orilershatl le publi-ked three utk successively lit Ihe Hiirlmgion Free Pies, a newspaper printeil al Burlinirinu, in Ihi State, as soon as mav le. 47w3 11 FO. NVE, Judge. Prolate Office, lia-bursh, April 12, 1845. Tlio People's Money HAS beennijain u-evl m eelebrntintr ibe2Jl anni-' ersary in a way hitherto apparently satisfacto ry, and should it now meet their view, it may as usual le expie-sed in a hearty pood taking ol jn; sucti,Lathey may most desire I y leaTtmr the tt-uat Chenn t'a.h'Siore Token on thecounier. thalall may le fairly re.iprocul both wi h them and Iheir A cent, HOWARD. P, S. The new soring goods have just com aasl open, most beautifully and cheap. April 32 1, 1815. il