Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 16, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 16, 1845 Page 3
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PEARL STREET HOUSE BURLINGTON, Vt. TlMltS wrll known Establishment, the molt pleas- . M. ant and nntnmmlinn of iinv in fawn, ha nasscd Into the hands of the subscriber, who will spare nn pains to make It one m tne tost nouses in new iEnglanJ. , , (For1 the travellor, the business an n ml nil who With to spend a tew Jays or weeks in the most heal thy and pleasant town in Vermont, the subscriber flatters himself that this House will merit their appro hstion. aa in the internal arrangement cverv reiard has been paid to the comfort of all who may favor aim wnn tneir patronage. Mr. D, pledgee himself that hie table shall lie fur- nisned at all timet with the beat tne mantel nttoras, 50w3 A. E. DUItAND. N. B. Teamtiers will he accomodated on a rcas- enable terms as at ady House giving the same nc com nodiilons. SALE It AT US, IMPORTANT IMPROVEMENT. THE undersigned has obtained letters patent for a new and important process for converting Pearl -jin nnu ssaieratus. It Is well known that the manufacturing ofSalera ttia has alwavs lieen nml .1,11 i i-nnfinpd nlmnal clusively to the Rum Distilleries of New Votk and Boston. s.Dy the subscriber'a process any Pearl Aali makcr'or other person can ai once (and at a small expense.) convert his Pearl Ash into Saleratu of a superior quality, and thus not only be enabled to supply the country round him at a great saving of tran.porta tlon, &c., but also, successfully to compote with the manufacturer in AewYork and Uoston at their own uonrs. "Further information and riglrt.lo maaufarrture In Vermont or any other Stale can be obtained by ad dressing (post paid) EDWARD CIIAMBF.RLIN, 50w8 Josen, Matt. To Let. TNE Hou-c. situated on Church Street, nearly -- ... vciner wiin a gootl Barn, Shed, snd Wood-SKed. Attached to the hou-e is a goou wen ot water with a pump and a goodcUtern. alto . A good New House, ju-t lini-hcd, situated on the New '""o.. Kr.uisiSN UA IUH1-.I.UEK II irlington, May.0, 18)5. 50 Notice. klHF Comm'8'oneli flon-Commioioncd officers, tt. Infant rv CommirivoY n Militiyin Ihe 9ih Regiment, arc hcreliy HOIioVd lo mu .Mill. I T...I..... - 1 II' J . xmi v'liuiiMii-, ftnntano r.qiimlneT)l requir d bv law. at the Court H,,.i;..,. t',,. Jay, June 3d, 1815, al 9 o'clock A. M., lor the purpo-e if Military drill and In-peoiion, and there wait fur- incr urucrs. uy orucr III me Captain. ,. . T- W. LOVELL, Clerk. Burltnglon, May 13'h, 1815. 50w2 RAIL ROADH0TIOB. THE COMMISSIONERS appointed by the act cifthe Legislature incorporating he Chami'Lain- .. .mnRLtllfcUTJUHn HAIL IIOAD UOMPANV, lieiV- by give notice iliat IIikAs lor Mil script ion. to Iho "S'?' i ,ocl1uf aid company, will ,e opened on the Ipl h day of June next at ihe following: places : at Follett, Bradley ft Co'.. Store in Burlington : at Urn pit T. ffnitoAi in n...i..t. -. It. - JOWHS eV St. Son in Rrait P irirn' an,! .1 .1 TV town on andcnnlig tons to the line of the road. TiinntLir VnlUti John A. Conant, George T. Hodges, Lulher Daniels, Calvin Townsley, Samuel Barker, William Nash, Ambrn-e L. Brown, Henry N. Fidlcrton, William Henry. f Commissioners, AI,lllISTltATOHS SALE. W 'i1 be 'M un,cr I'ci-niic, fiotn ihe Probate . Court for the Histrici of Lamoille, on ihe prem ises, in the vtllaec of Johnson, on the sixth day of War, A. D. 1815, at pill Re Auction, the following de scribed real estate of Clurlea Keel, late of Johnson, ; deceased, m; About Iwoandn half acres of land and Tannery thereon, situated ui-on the Branch in thevill. age of Johnson. The Tan Works are neailv new and contain a Rolling Mill, Fullini .Mill and Bnrk Mill, with auffinent water power locarry the worksthrouzh 'the year, being the same premise occupied by Hie said Reed, at the time of his decease. . ..J.0,I'V MEIGS, Admfnurnifor. Johnson, April 15th, 1815. 50 The above sale is adjourned lo the 6h day of June next, same time and place. J. M. AdnOn. JAMES HOGAN, WOULD respectfully inform the eitiiens of Bur lington and vicinity, that he has commenced BOOK BINDING itn all its various branches, in the Building formrly occupied by S. S. Skinner as a Saddler's shop, three doors East of the Free Piess office, Collei-c St., Bur tington, Vt, where lie inienda ketpinj constantly on I.edirets. Day Books, dsli Books, Snles Books, Receipt Books, Lawyer's Briefing Paper, Journals, Invoice Honks, IRecord Books, Memorandum Books, coat raper, and N. B Banks, Public o lice., Ins irance Companies, olerchanis and others, furnished with Account Books made of the best paper, ruled and bound to nny pat tern desired, and eiecuti-d inaacood style as the laiest nmprnvementsin binding and experienced workmen can produre. Particular attcrHinn will be paid to the bindiug of Libraries, Periodicslis Music, Port. folios, Scrap M00U c, file. Manufactarer of Blue, Black, and Red Inka. Country orders executed on the most favorable terms nd at short notice. F.dges of Bonks marbled to any pattern to match, Comb or Spanish in the best style. Most kinds of School and Blank Booka on hand and tor ssle cheap Im CasV Paper Rags taken in ex change for Blank and School Books, Paper, if-c. Burlington, May15, 1845. 60-1 y I'ociteis. CHE IP CASH BOOK STORE, At the Sign of THE RED LEDGER. THF. sukscrilier has just returned from New York, and is now Tereivini an cxlen-ive assortment of -School Rooks and Stationery; Blank Books of every description; Hibles, Testaments, HynmBooVs, Sing ing Booka, Alliums, Toy Books, if-e. f-c, which will be sol. I caesp for Cash, ALSO, A ehoire selection of Bonks from the M. E. Rook Rooms, N, V., Such as Bibles, Testaments. Hymn Books from 25 cts. to 81,371, Di-ciplines, Wesley's Sermons, Ac file, at the corner store. Strong's Buildings. STEVKNS WOODS. purnngion. way ism, IBf, 50 INew Hooks. THE subscriber offers for sale the following: Sab M liath School Bookafrom theM. E. Hoot Room. w N. Y. which will be old on aa favorable terms as Tcan oe ootsineo eisewDere, vtx ; The Hand, The Eye, , The Tongue, The Ear, I The Seed, The Oraw, y The Flower, The Fruit, The Fly. The Honey Bee, The Ant, The Spider. The Animalcule, 'Hie Hall Insect, The Nest. The Eitg, rThe Feather, The Song Bird, The Sea Star, The Lobster, f. The Coral Maker, The Fish, Little Ann. Missionary Book for the youns. May 15, 'it. 60 STEVENS WOODS, B URL1NG TON Female Seminary. THE SUMMER TERM in this Institution will commence on Mondsy the ZSth of May, and Close on ineoinui nugusi. From 15 to 30 young Ladies can be accommoda ted with Board, c, at the Seminary, under the im mediate care of the Teachers t such will enlov necu liar advantages. A few more than are now engaged can be sccommoasteo ior tne next term. Tgsns half psyshle in advance. TUITION, English branches and Lalm, 5,00 per nuar. Piano Music, 8,00 Instrument for practice, 2,00 Drawing, 4,60 French, 3,50 Boaso, including fuel, lights, washing, and all the ronvenionee for study, in spacioua and well furnish ed rooms, t2,00 per week, by Ihe Term 1 or 125,00 er single q usrlsr of II weeks. Burlington, May 12, 1815. 5Qw3 Sabbnth School Depository, JUST received an extensive assortment of Sabbath School Books, for sale at Uoston and Now York prices, Also, S. S. Hymn Books, David's Harp, for S. Schools, Sacred Melodies, fur sale by STEVENS WOODS. Burlington, May 14, 1815. 50 ADY'S Closset Library, Wrongs of Women, also, a great variety 01 hooks tor loungucn- tlemen and Ladies, lor sale cheap by DO S. WOODS. IILOKIMS Progress, Life of Lorcnxo Dow, Bunyan'a Holy Way, for sale by 50 STEVENS WOODS. Jericho Academy. THE SUMMER TERM will commoncc on Wed nesday, the 4th of Juno next. TUITION. For the Elementary branches of English, 2,00 Higher English branches, 3,00 Latin and Greek, 4,00 French and Italian, (each extra,) 1,00 Mczxotinto and Chinese Painting (each ex.) 1,00 Linear and Perspective Draulng, do. 1,00 The Principal, whose timo is devoted exclusively lo the interests of Ihe Institution, will spare no pains necessary lo render it worthy lliepatroiiace of an en lightened community. In oil ihe instruction ihe ob ject will be to elicit thought, direct mind raiber than carry it. Siudcnta, therefore, willing to labor are sure of welcome reception. Peculiar advantages will be afforded during the summer term, for the practical study of Botany (.Nat. or Art. System,) and Minetalogv. Drawing and Painting, from 'Xalure, is taught as a science. Bosrd, and facilities for those who would board themselves, on the most reasonable terms. ALEXANDER MILLER, Principal. Jericho Centre, May 14th, 1815. 502 WltAPPIKG PAPER. OO RMm" Wrappiiif Papctof superior quality. JJ' For sale at the most reduced pricrs in ex- cnauge lor gooos. u. UUUUKIUH. May 13th, '45 50 Wesley's Sermons, 10MP!.F.TF. in P. Nnml.t. M.,l,.l;., n;. :t: V elegant small voluniesi Daily Monitor, Frag ments for young people, Rules for Holy Living, ad vice to Classes, Bible hlcssincs an excellent worl., cainixciiia mm lyisuuiiTics, ior sue ny 50 STKVKNS WOODS, 1'npor, w R1TING Paper, Blue Laid do. Letter ' verv nici. Billet " a fine article, Tisue " Bri-lol Board, Drawing paper and Pnirts, for sale by 50 STEVENS WOODS. Dried Apples, A r RIME article fur sale low, by May 15. 1315. CATLIN. CO Uomcslic lioods. A Flll.f. nitnrf r.f .,.L 1, I 1f,.B,c,cncd Wheeling and Shining, Tickings, llrillmtvii. rTnrnnf Wnrnnn ln.i.n Cd. bV II. IV. ItlTI IM Miy 15, 1815. bo (trroceries, A niM. assortment Family Groceries, for salens T. ""-'voi, oy ii. tv. UATL1N May 15, 1815. 50 CROCK lilt V .t.. CF. STAMFORD & Co. have received prlale arrival a good a-eortment of ii'UY' 'OOKINO GLASSES, PAPER nnnuinut!,sna uituthlUKii, to which the at' FOR sale by BRI.NSMAID & BROTHERS. 5U s..i. MaFl5tL7 NEW GOLD GOODS. It .l ,.' Pencils, Watches, Pis, Ri. vTri,,. nr,V""T.l,,.c- opening al the n l ' a- j , :"",,mt, win ue superior nnd wi beoflered at value, and at pn'ces which will be satisfactory to onn.l e' " "7" Ladies and Cenllcmen from this nnd othi-r towns are invited III look I irmii, , ""isuii. mrai or foV X" tor amuse- . ..j "P"ni1 goods ar- "... oiiu an wno are s ie ins the r .ior. .mon., .h. '"7" . iV'.V '.',u mcluue-our V M'-nur TlNlBllOn. 50 URLNSMAID i Ilim-rur-no CKUDKlt'S Condensed Concordance oftiTe HoT ScriDtures. the heal r n..kli.l..j r... " ... . ' . . ru'i'"nj mi Mie oy . umviTstly S2 rursaleby S. Wnnf: READ ME THROUGUJi CHEAP CASH TAILORING ESTAlJLISIOlEiVT, AND GENERAL CLOTHING STORE, JAMES MIT( Ili;i,I,. Draper and Tailor, ' nas reiurnen irotn New 1 otk, wiih a good assort' mentoftioods in his line, such as- V rench Coal Black Cloths and Caasimeres j American and English Blue Black do do American and En2lih Tweeds; Fancy Cassimen s, variety of patterns Black Satin and other Vesnngs j Trimmings of all kinds, best quality. The above Gonds uotl tui n, m,tA i,n In nrrfar in the 6e( monner, at such prices as cannot fail to pre-ciu inoucemenis toparcnasers, J. M. haa heon laboring for some few years to ex cel in the line of hts nrn(Vsinn. sort nnu rl ihi connuence that he can confidentlv say that 11 is bare' y pussmie ior a customer to leave nts shop dissatisfied AI-o, on hand a cenerai assortment of READY MADE CLOTHING. Well made. Anv known defect in a irnrnient will be made known at the time of sale, as I am desirous 01 conttnuinz the faib, honorable and men mikded manner in which I have attempted to conduct my busine-s. The public may res' assured that there ia Cutting done ns usual, Liberal credit given. Burlington. May 9, 164 . J. M. The New Store, JUST received a large supply of Stewart.' Van Ua Criam Candy, -AliSU,- Lozenge. OIKK Candvs. Burnt Almonds, PVpcnnint Drops, r rrncn nonoons, " Snap Dragons. AIki, Just received Sardine., Vermicilli, Innglass, Irish Mo.s, n excellent article. 'IS, Prunes, Citron. AIo, a large and excellent variety of Garden and Flower Seeds, 1500 hundred lbs. Soda Crackers, PicLeled Lobsters, " Olives, French MunarJ, Ac. oie. Also, a select annir,ent of Perfumery, Hair Oils, Tooth llru-hes, Nail and Hair Ilrurhes, Fncy Soap, Caehons, O1I0 de Rose. Also, a splendid ar ncle of Cigars, among which are the following choice "Brands." Regalia, Principe, Yarn, Manuel A more, Also, Andersons Honey Dew Fine Cut Chewing Tobacco, alo. Smoking 'Tobacco, Miller's do Akrv iiiul rwotvuJ l-...U . , r r. I . ". . JV". ."v.,v u iik.ii ,niirj ui wauiuiiwiiv and Chemical Oil. 49 B. J. IIEIMCUKHG 4, Co. Mineral Waters. FRESH Congreja Water bv Gross. Dozen or single lollies, at PECK 61 SPEAR'S, IVhitttaU Druggittt. B. J. HEINEBERG & CO. Wholesale anil Retail Druggists. B.T. HKINEIirciU; having retuntly return- cd from New York) o'ler n large andexten ive aortment of Drugs and Medicines at Ihe low est prices, he i also prepared lo receive and execute nil order to any amount nl a small ndvance from New York prices. All orders will be attended In by h i 111 personally, carefully put up, packed and de livered at any place desinznated. ALSO, In connexion with our Store webavo lately put up an extensive SoTjn jFountflfn, andnllcr the largest and lest variety of Syntpto l found in the Slate, consisting oflbe following: Snrsapnrltla, Strawberry, Pine Apple, Raspberry, Lemon, Crctnc dc Noyau, Anlzctte, " " Itosc, Cherry, " ' Candle, Ginger, " n'Oraiige, Orgeat, White Currents, Shrub, (Simple) Aromatic. For the encouragement of Native Talent, we are happy to state that our chatc mid elegant Fountain was designed and mado by nur fetremed fellow citi zens, VAHNEY & ZOTTMA.V P, S. He would alo slate for Ihe benefit ol some of the good people of Burlington tint it took our Friends, V. el Z. but about two week" to in est and mat.o our Fountain and wo will warrant its qualities superior to thoe invented in 15 year. Dr. Hemebcrg can be consulted professionally as usual. 40 II, J. Heihedebo, W. C. ItAnniNfiTON. For Sale. 0 NF. second hand CIG WAGOON, with one or two seats. A LSO aingto HARNESSES, for sale by STEVKNS WOODS. Burlington, May 8, M5. 4'J3 Grood Butter w ANTED, at the highet market price, by Mays, '45. It. W. UA I l.l.N. Book Bindery. rjlIIE subscriber ia now receiving from New York 1. n choice assortment oi BI1TDSE.7 rSTOSZ, and BLANK BOOK MATERIALS, and is now prepared to do ony kind of work in the Hook lltndery or lilanli liooK Iilanulaciuring bust ness. I have 111 my bindery workmen that are nc- ouainted with all the modern styles of btndinc. hav' inir worked in the best establishments in tne Union, and will not liesitate in saving that all binding en trusted 10 my hands shall be ucll executed, and in a manner not before equalled in this vicinity. Corner Church and College Streets. STKVK.NS WOODS. Burlington, Vt., May 9, 185. w3 JVew Goods. T) & II. II. DOOIJTTI.K have int rtttixcJ from i New York, n lameaiul penetal nM)rimenl of zoikU Milted lo ihe Spnni; trade, winch they oiler verv low, rtniMintr t" Blacl,. Blue, Invisililc Oreen, Brown an'I Ca'tet mixe'l L'loih-, Black ana I'inr Cashmere, T wceils, Kriinliii. Coiinna le-. Kranklin Sini.e, Wahiiii:ion Ca-n'nitrc, white ami Itowii Linen Drills, I)rat li'Ele nine, isiat-K, anur An(vrrini( Mjrnitnrc l alien, ! mesne, Kar'stnn and Ci'IeMinc (iinyhntns hrown Ilollond", Nanlevnt Poniec anil HpiialfivM lMkf., Linen Camoric do, Cashmere and Barrage Shawl?, Ladies while. Unbleached, black and colored Cotton Hose, black Spun Silk do.tienl. brown and colored t'oltnii J Ho-c, Mir1- Kve, Scotch and lttissia Diam-rs ixaphin-i, ura-n, irin unco, winie nna colored Cambric-!, Striped and Barred Muslin, Swi and Bonk do. Bi-bon Lawn. Ludie Fancv Pnint. Dimitv Collar and CntT, Lanpets, tients. bluck Italian Cra vats, black ami tanc Frent li Tie?, Oil Sitk, Cap Lace, Rd(;in? and Bobbin I rimming, Bonnett and Cap Ribl ons. Lnt-lrinc do. Balzorine nnd Printed Lawn. Bonnett do, ParasoUand Umbrella', plain and fimir- ed Satin Vestinfr, fancy colored do, Coat Trimming of nil Und &c. die. May 7, 1845. 49w6 May 8th. LAMP WICKt? AND GLASSES. FOB. Camphene or Chemical Oil Lamps. Also, wicks for ail kinds of I.atnns in use here, and Glasses for Astral, Liverpool, Bacon and some other kinds of Lamps. Biitannia, Jappanned, Plated, Brass and n few class Lamps and Candlesticks, Lard Lamps, snuffers nnd trays and n general as sortment of Plaied nnd Britannn Metal Goods, Ger man Sliver lioods, such nslMSh kmves.TableSnoons. Tea do, Botter Knives, Tobacco Boxes Ac. "Doric Chemical or Camphene Limps," such as are in use for lighting many of the Stores in this town which nre tho most brillianily lighted, the new Baptist Church is lighted with these lamps, Messrs I'eck 4i Hnear. tleinebcrir & Co.. Lvnian. Hurlburr. Orr. Siantford if. Co. and many others use the Lamps. We ortfer them to anv others nnd consider them per fectly safe, more economical and give a far better light than any other Lamp. SPECTACLES. We are opening the most extensive and beautiful assortment of Spcclades that we have ever had the pleasure ot offering to our customers, consisting of several hundred pair convex, Cuncave, Miscus, IMicr tscopic and coloied glasses to fit every sight as well as they can be fitted, nnd al aa small expense as a similar quality can be had any where. Glasses re fitted, and bows repaired and spectacles exchanged nt a fair price. Gogalcs, Eye Glasses, Cases, Telescopes, !yc Protectors uc. on hand. 49 BIIINSMA1D & BROTHERS. PAL.ES' MEDICINE. F ALES' Cathartic nnd Vegetable Purgative Lor eo iters, and I lie best and tkiidullv the 1110.1 ,.r,. ular article, not only for adults but fur children of all countries and climates, nnd in cverv condition of lif Tliey nre slriclly vegetable, with a taMe inexpressibly unifliium 1 iiiry ,,,, ,ni,i in me iiprroiiun lull Oil thec-ontrarv K-elinirs of i.leaaure. elean.inirihA ach and bowels more ierfily lhan any other purga eive. Their mafftc like operation mrnriae.- the must eminent physicians and they are rapidly tal.tug the place of all other purjia'ivecompotiniJ-. Kverv Irav eller should carry them, every family idionld Leep (hem, aim every man, woman and child should take them. FA LI -5 WUKM LOZKNtlKS Are a mre reined . and children love them, me vrt like a charm in removin; the y nptonu, tartmj in slcen. irratmi? the teeth. ialene about ihn mnn and noe. Mckne at tlomacli. nrecartnu nnntif ....JUI I a.i.uL ami rranueal Lu. ll,o..l. .1 I 1 1 . fvriivu suna.ii- aim Bmv..n ivivi , t uc VIII U 10(1 IOIO a nuietieen. ne wormn are iiiniiie and emi it in evety inlance as far a heard from the patient l en tirely citre 1, MLhO' uuuuii L.UKiGKS, For COllirhs, C Id-, bronchitis. tnciniPnt rnmnmn, tion, whooping cough and croup, ihe mo happy e.Iect is obtained in a lew momenta lheavmi)iumiili and the oiaease 1 al once broken up. A single trial 8 siunciem 10 miii-iv idb 0101 Bi.epncai. falks dvskntkhv lozknoes Cnre dvenrTi'.diarriia!eand all bowtl ruinL.i ofadull or children. Pav nanleidar aiteiilion In directions which accoinpanv each box and thev are nr., 1 ...., ... fill n.; 9. ' r A LKS' CAMPtlOll LOZENGI-N For mininun and rkli headachel also. mam. -;. lep.y, melancholy, hysteria, St. Vitus Dance and all uiurniiiK-s in iniigiior ana nppresMon of the vita powers, 'hey ate perfectly safe for women or children ta ail conoinoos. -TALKS' UVPKIAN HAin TONIC, Is now so extensively known thai',,n.i. t. ..... le.s. V can .ay, hovyever, among thoti-anJi who have piireliased it in lhi and other countries, none have complained, but on the contrary expressed their wonder aud admiration on beholding its effect. i-r.ii uu 1 mult JtAIS. Tbe snawi-c an I amies ol im.u ilp.inii;... lores can le baiu.hed forever in your houses and stores jvu wi, Mw.,c m i,i ,i me genuine Madaeaaear Hat Ktmiii,ii, and use it according loilireeiions. ' You cannot denend noon tliiiahovHnip,l,',.,'nJ obtatiiedof the proprietor, J. J. Kales, 88 Commercial street, Boston to avoid oounterfeiis Ihe agelit has a certilicale with the written signature of J. 1, Fales v, niriinicr maas. niea. ao. ami uoslou Med. Ass Dr. hale.' medicines aie sold u-boloala add wad al No. 96 Commercial Si., Ho. ton. ..u.'li''st'"'.l: J. Heinelrgh & Co.. Dmggi.l., Whole-ale and llelailers for the aliove inedieiiies. . crgcriuc., iv. loxov, i'ruirgisi i new listen .IK. II. Itiderl Urittol. Ceo. W. Pannelee AVui farm, A, I, llo-eoei Fcrritburfh Ctnlcr, Amos Welheibvt Shclburu. J. 11. 1.hami rur Hull i II illulon, Morton 4 Clark Jericho Cor ner;, Oakes f- Peckj Cambridge, Mariin Wires t Jlalcerteld, Armingtun d I meroy i Wert Knot. burgh. James M, Uenni Sheldon, A. Keuh & Co.f 'airfeWjUurrt Kon.worthi Fairax, S, W, Brush 49 Dried Peaches I?OR sale by 1 Miy 7, 1845. & II. II. DOOLITTLE. 496 New Goods ! SM. POPE is now opening his Spring Slock of Hew Roods, to which ho would invite the attention of tho public, containing a general assort ment of Dry Good, Groceries) ami Hard Ware. Also, Florence nralil and straw llonneta. Nutrln, Mole Skin and 1cgliorn Hats, which will be sold aj the lovet prices. Wanted, Hood Bittlcr In cxcjterfelor Onods, by f . M. I'OPK. Bnrlmglon, MayD, 1815. f 494 Look atPhis ! ANY MAN who want, a Coal, Vest, or Pnnta. loons, enn be aecominwlaled nl IJATIiIN'S "for the readv" nl a lower price and with a lietter article (not e'xcepltnir Bosion or New York slop made). I ft not niui-li belter for a man who wants a siti' of clothe., to go where lie can have them made to order, pel a lit (lint . right, and get work that is warranted not to rip 1 Ifso.eall .it Cntlin's and yon can I accommodated, no nil-lake. May 8th, MS. 49 MRS. E. B. 1IIBBARD, INFORMS her enstomera and fiiendslhat she lias commenced her business, and is ready to receive Leghorn, Florence and Straw Bonnets for cleaning ant? making lo fashion. Silk Hals, Dress Caps, Mourning dtps, and CuTlars, "kept on liand. Mrs II., from long rxperiencc. is confident site can eive general satisfaction, and solicits a shatc of public pat ronage. Church street, first door north of iheC'ounlyllou-e, sign of the Bandbox. Burlington, May 1, 1845. 48 TAMES S. PrcilGUSOtf.Conimission Produce Merchant, 31 water street. i-iocraicasn aovan ecs made on consignments. Refers to Messrs. !'.. & J. derrick, " Draper, Atdrish & Frink New York. IVpo CallinjJ-rfu ) Messrs. Phillips (TTer, All any. May I, . 49mfi Epltrlnm Ftillliitoii'n K state. STATK OF VKHMONT, A T a Pro! ate Court t.ninmlli. ni.tnci. ss. t f i. bo den nt the I'to bate Office in Jolinson, within nnd tor the di-trn t of Lamoille nlore-atil, on ihesiuav of may, A. u. isi.i, Pre.ent Hon. Salmon Wires Jodtre. John J. Follmgton, ndmini-tiator of the c-tatc o' Eiihriam rullinginn, mtc oi cainiiiiiigr, in saiu ui trlct. ileeeased, intestate, pretent h s adiuinis ration no'iinitl Tnr ,1'ttleulHnl. WitEnEoros, it i orderel that the nmc be referr al to n .,.,vion r.r.nid court to t'C hidden at tbe Pn bate Oillcu in jolinson, on theSSihilay of May, A. I. SIS, at ten ii iiotK A .11., ior e.aoi:naiton anu al lowance; and that all concerned I e not died hereof, liv ihe nohliention of ibi order Ihrec week, success- iiely, ns soon n. mnylt'.in the Burlington Free Pres., pruueil at iinrlingtiin, mat tney may appear, II llie i raose, ano oi reel tnereio. CORNF.I.IOS I.YNDK, Jr., Register. Attel copy o IUvonL 40w3 Atlc-t, C. LY.N'DK, Regitttr. Charlotte S. Piatt's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT. TMIF. lion, the Pro- Di-triei of Chittenden, s. j 1. bate Court for the Uistrict ot 1 Mtieudcn; Toati person-contvrnvd in Ihe eslateof Charlot.e S. Piatt, late of Mi.lon, in -.aid District, decea-ed, Cnr.ETING. Whereas, l.ein.icl B. Piatt and George K. Plan, em colors ot'ilie la-t will of afd decease I, propo-v. to render an acoiwnTiHrWia'irihini-trationi-and pre- scnl their account agjiu-l saidi'-iate for examination anu allowance, nt a cion ol Hie t-onri oi I'rooate, to oe liolden nt the Itegi-ler'sotnce in llurlinuton, in said di-trict on the xvond Weihii'Mlay of June next. Tbeiefore, You nre hereby notified to appear Ivfure i.aid eoorl nt the tune and lilace afore-nid. nnd shew cau-e, if any you bale, why the account afoie-aid snouio not icniiowoi. (iven under my hand at Burlington, this 23. Ii day of April, A. D. 1845. 48v3 W.M.WF.STON, Register. MRS. MERR1TT, (PORMKHIiV MISS IIANNF.Y,) ITTOUI.D resnectfullv inform the citizens of Bur- v V lington and vicinity, that she lias just received irotn ixew l oru, ncr SPRING ASSORTMENT OF GOODS AND NEW FASHIONS, Consisnne in ran of a cood assortment of Silks, Ribbons, Laces, straw Iloiuioti, I'lorctire, lllrdscye, aud vanoti-dcscrtjmonsi jf Fancy Hon nets. She will keep constantly on hand ready madeSllk Ilonuets, and a superior style of Itlbbouand Gimp lata, wnicli arc very much admired. -'itlBO,- Caps, Artificials, Borders, and Douches, She would also inform them that she has new pat' terns for DltUSS l!S. which h, will mL. iV.. dcr, and many other articles wanted in her line of otistness. STRAWS bleached snd altered oyer in the latest styles. Mrs. M. would respectfully tender her thanks to the public for the liberal palionage they have hitherto confeired on her, and solicits a continuance of the same. May I, 1B45. 39 tf NEW SPRING STYXES OF STAPLE AND FANCY DhY GOODS. C. P. STANIPORD, $ CO. WV. now openingat their old atand. a new, elegant and very extensive stock of Staple and "FANCY DRY GOODS," in all the latent varieties of Sprins Styles, comprising the most desirable and fashionable articles of Dress Goods, Fancy Silks,- Ribbons, &c, to which they in vite the attention of all customers and buyers general Burlington, May 1st, 1845. 33 If LEATHER AND FINDING STORE. E. G. LOOM IS. HAS just received from New York a large and cenerai assortment of Leather, Morocco, Kids, and Finding of every description, among which are, Sole. Harness. Bridle. (Oak and Hemlock inn..i i Skiiling, Band, Top. Lace, and Patent Leather, Oak ami Hemlock tanned Calfand Hog Skins. ,1.. t-: 1 I I. i - r. . .ui,jti-a, jvius, uniuu iiiiui!-., uoai, aneep, and Deer Bindimrs. Boot Morocco. French Hvpd ,.rr. Alum Skivers, Orecn, Pink, Yellow and Black Roans, Alum Linines. Jaoan Muslin, and Sciirli Ra.ii. r.n excellent article lor Collars) and Isrge Russet Sheep skins for Saddlers, Seal Skins, and rihamois. AUSU, Shoe and Filling Thread, Patent Peg and Sewing Awls, Knives, Rasps, Kit Files, Cord, Boot Webbing, Galloon, Pincers, Silk snd Steel Tacks, Punches, Heel Ball, Peus all sixes. Sixo Slicks. Shoa Hummer. Compasses, Sand Stones. Sholder and Long Sticks, Colls, Jiggers, Stamps, F.rench Wheels, Cork Soles iur unuica onoes, reg means, onoe Urushes, Gum Ar.bac and Trag., Bulloni Blushes, Blacking and Senunne Brushes, Sieel Slickers, Scouring Stones, Glass Slickers, Patend Peg and Scwinff Awl Hafts, Bottle, Box and Miller's Water Proof Blacking, Sand I.IIfF.WfSP. Men's Thick Boots. HI Mlnflmpnlnl K. .ti1.,n.l1a Lasts and Boot Tus&jud Tanneis Oil by ih Ubk ui ..inuil. ALU Articles in his line will be sold cheaper than can be boo n tit in Uuiltngton, for Cash or good paper, Call ana satisiy yourselves. CASH and ihe highest maiket piice, paid at all times for iioea anu l&llSKins. Pesrl Street, .May 1st, 1345. 48lf WM. I. KN0WLES, HAS OPENED AN OFFICE IN Potsdam, St, Larvrcuce Co. New York, HE will give promo attention to any collecting, or oilier business thai may be entrusted to bim. wu icierenees given ii required. Potsdam, April 24th, 1845. 48wll NEW GOODS. GOLD PENS, of various prices) a large anort ment of Sdvrr Siw-liifly. n.i.l Tl.iml.l.. . n.l.l Cameo, and Sinne Rings. Pins, Snaps Ac., together wi b other Goods adapted lo ihe wants of customers, " "j"viB "no win ne recriveu,inauiaz our slock one of Ihe best ever offered by us. A Visit to anJ an ..tfiiiliinilmn nf l both our lower and upper rooms, i. invited, from those who wihto gratify their curioshy or buy some of the it i " ,he invi",,ion "ely extended, and ... .i nnu wi.n in ,r mem, uoous win ne rreeiy .li.iu... r..,,.. -n j . r... . i. e i:. ' Come and w, and finch voor friends. BRTWJHATO Sl BKOTIIRKS. 47 pril 24, 1845. Ready Made Clothing. THE subscriber has on hand a very large assort, meal Ol readv made Ctolhlnir nfhi. am mn. ufacture, Consisting of Coats, Pantaloons and Verts, which are ( HVred fur cash at S 3d. what ha h n paid heretofore for the kame artide. , , , . W. CATLIN. April 35lh, 1913. 47 A. H. DOWNS' Vegetable Balsamic ELIXIR. THE OariAT Noath fcnN Rrmkov for Voiigh., Cold., Illraimg HI flic T.ung., Bronehitis. Nrgflt Sweats.Diirieiiliyrif breathing, and ft'll m'her i.f ihe I.ungs, whici sire the incipient stages of Consumption a dtsea-ethatria., heretofore proved faial, bat Hing atlniiMk-alakill.anddraggingllinii-Kands to uninnely grave.. Su utltcr medicine yet discovered 4iaa grappled with this fell destroyer o human lite with -ncli ej 8 s n ? 1 r a The Vegetable llalatnlc Klixir ha now been In genersl iw for more than leu year, and Ibousand", taug'ht its incomparable valira by experi ence of it. wonderful curative proiertic, have accord ed lo it a celebrity unparalleled In the whole wide range ol Meatcal science inhis or any other country. Since thi powerful medicine first became known, immense nniiilier, who believed thcm-elve. in the Inst slatre. of a conlirtnivla tiHncurableci'niiWpiton, and pronounced by ihe most skillrul physicians in ihe country as nal all hope of recoveryhave been re-cued iiMrneulotisly from the cra.p of Deaih by its u-e, ami nre now ble-sed wi'h heallh and srrentrlh. Ii is Nature's own simple ltetorative a Healing Balm prepared by one who wa brought to the very brink of the grave by Consumption, and from plants cclcbrnpcd for ihcir great medicinal Virtue.. It is ihe employ ment otnattirat nrcan. tooi-ercome and coun teract the evil, of Nuture healing the lanraled l.tinga of ihv afflicted patient intheu-oTsI possible ca se, and restoring tbe funriram of lire iksearol mem lr lo tronir ami healiViy action. It has elected Cures where all miter rnedVme. bac tailed. In all rii-e. of A-thmn, Whonpintr Ci.ugh, or tbe itccumulalion of Phlegm, o de.lroctiVe to tbe health and life of children it l nartieulnrlv recommeniinl a. an unlading lure, nnd no family in the Union, if incy vvi-ii in pre-ervcineiriniiaren irom .u.ienngand iicntii, mioiiiu not oe wnnotii u. Abno.t countless te-timoniaU of its remarkable cires, Irotn every quarter of Ihe I'nton, and Iroin indi. viilnal" in every'rondiiion nl life, nre H bel creden tial", showing' in the ino-t eoncbi.ive manner that tlli. Preoaralion als nonn ihe hnmnn sv.lein in a manner linle sliorl id miraculous. The-e may be found In the daily paper-, aim al-o may be obtained in pain' phlvis and handbill, of ngents tree ot co-t. Tbi. ineointiaral le mwlicitre is prepared only by N. H. Downs, Troy Vl., the originut inventor and "pro prietor. CUKTB & SMI I'll. St. All an.. Vi. Onlv Wholesale Airents. bv whom Asenl. can be stiptilietl in any partol the Union, upon Ihebeil term. Sold bv eiei'ial appoiutmcnt, by PKCK & SPEAR. ) HAtiAU h ARTHtin, Burlington, Vt. SMITH & WILKINS, ) 43 yl Kdward Farrlnglon's Estate. STATE OFIVFR.MONT. TIIK Hon. ihe Pro. district of Chittenden ss. j X late Coon for the District of Chittenden loall persons concerned in the e.tnle nfj-yard Firrington late of Burlington in said di-trict ilecea-ed. Grectinq. Wiiercas, David K Pansborn, Admini-lralor ol the eMnle ol said decea-ed, propo-e. lo renoer an account of his administration, and pre-cnt his ac count srain-t said e-tate for examination and allow nice at a se-skin of the Court of Probate, to be hid den at I belief iler' rufice in Burlington, in said dis trict, on ihcfburih Weilni slav of Mar. 1943. Therefore, you nre hereby notified tii appear liefore said court at ihe tunc and place afore-aid, and shew can-e, if any you have, why the account aforcaid should not be allowed. Riven tinder mv hand at Burlington, this 1st day ol May, A. II. laio. 43w3 WM. WESTON, Regitter. Nova Scotia Plaster. THF. S'i!i.-rriber are now grinding, and are pre pairel lo deliver, Fresh Ground Piaster, at the Iron Foundry, Toot ot Main street. Follett, uradley & Co. April 22 1, 1345. 47 Joseph Miner's ristate. STATE OP VF.RMOST, rpHK Probate uisinci ui niuenuen, s.. . uoitrt lor the ni-trict of Chittenden : To ihe heirs and nil other persona interested in Ihe estate of Joseph Miner, lale oi .union, in saw district, deceased, uaiETIMO. Whereas, Binjatnin Miner, one of Ihe heirs lo the estate of Joseph Miner, late of said Milton, deceased, has filed in said court his petition in wriunr, selling forth that he holds one undivided fourth part of said estate in common with the oilier nebs, YnJ praying said court tu order a division of said estate among the heirs thereof. Whircotom, the court aforesaid dolh appoint Ihe fo'trth Wedne-dav ot Mar. 184S. for hearimr nnd de ciding nn said pei'iiion. at (he oiliee ol ihe Ilegister of sum roun in iiuriington in sain m-iriei, andiioin order that all per-ons intereteil in said estate be notified thereof hy publication of this order, containing the sun.tance or .aid petition, ttiree weeKs Sucee-sively in the llurlinjrton Free Pres, a newspaper printeil in said Biirlinginn, the last of which publications to l previ oii. to said ronrth Weilueilay in May, 1845. Given under my hand at saiJ Burlington this 3d day of May, 1845. 49w3 Win. WESTON, Regitter. Joseph Mlner'a Estate. STATE OF VERMONT1, jrpHK Hon. the District of ) X Probate Court for the District of Chittenden t To all persons con cerned in the estate of Jo-cph Miner, lale of Milton, in said District, deceased, GreetIko. Whereas. Elisha Herrick and SallvMinvr. .rlmin. istratorsof the estate of said deceased, proposes lo rcnucr nu accuuni oi metr auminisiratton, nnd present their account against said estate for examination n.l allowance at a session or ihe Court of Probate, to be hidden at the Reej-ter'a office in Mnrlincinn In uiH district on the fourth Wednesday of May 1815. Therefore, You are hereby notified to appear before dm wu, a, me nine aim nita aiuresaio, and anew cause, if any you have, why the ai-count aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under mv hand at Burlington, this third day of .May, A. D. 1645. 49wJ WM. WESTON, Register. Garden Seeds! FIELD, Flower and Garden Seeds in all their vs rieties, for sale by lane quantities, at a. a PEAK a, March, '45. Bubiihotoic Vt. IT 37" TAILOEsIlTO- ESTABLISHMENT. 'iHF. stioscrihrr would re.pecifnlly Inform the al alliens of Burlington nnd viVinitv. that he ha. taken a .hop on ihe square, Iwo doors east of the Howard Hod.i, where he will execute all orders in hi. line with neatne.s and ile.patch. Cutting done on the shortest notice and warranted to til, if properly made up. G. BACKUS. Builingion, May I, 1845. 47tf Fnirhnnks' Hoes and Forks. A SUPPLY of Fairbanks' Cast Steel Hoe. and May Forks ju.t receiveil hy FOLLETT, UKADLfcY at Co, Agtntt. South Wharf, April 17, 1845. 46 Notice. fTlHE sub-riber have entered into partnership, unucr 1110 nnu oi OAKES A. They will do business in the store, beretolore occupied by Geo. H. Oakes, at Jericho Corners, aud will keep i-oii.inniiy on nana Dry Goods. Groceries, and Hardware, of rveny variety, and sell at the most reasonable pr-ces. iir.u, 11. tiAivr.a, April 1845. (47w3) GEO. II. PECK. NOTICE. THIS Is lo certify lhat I bare gisen my son JOHN his time, and relinquish all claim, and will pay no debts of his contracting after this dale. CHARLES CHATKS. Htnesjnqgh, Msrch 20, 1845. 43w3 House Paper. 1 rAf Pa. (some Very rich patterns) House Pa- JJJ ntt, received and fur sale at inanulaetu- rer'a prk-es,- A lew pieces CAHPIiTINO, verv cheap, by CATLIN. 49 May 8lh, 1845. COPPER, SHEET IRON AND TIN WARE FACTORY, HOV Htilff wouid respectfully inform the in nabllinla of Builineton and vlcinitr. thai ha ia now opening a shop for Ihe Mannfacloiing of all kinds of articles inhislineofbu.iness. all Linda nfoui door work, auch as Roofing, Eve Troughs, Conduc tors, done on abort notice and in the best workman like manner. ALSO all kinds of Repairing done. 8hop next door lo C. P. tttsniford ft Co's. store. Church Street. Burlington, VI., April 30, '45. 48m Extract of Lungwort. THE ONLY CUBE FOR CONSUMPTION AND LIVER COMPLAINT. IT should l resorted to by all who are pr "disposed to cufufctnption, or troubled wiiji a cough or cold, niglit sweats, asthma, pain in tne side and chest, ditli t'uliy ul breathing. lightne.-a and sorenes aero., tbe chest, brimchiiK liver cumplait'.ts and all affection of the pulmonary organs. 2Vie following needs no comment, Greenfield, Saraiosa Co. N. Y. Mr. C.J. Roo-evelt Dear Sir: Tlte love of life urge, me to make this eOort to obtain some of your irrob'Hnc, a 1 lielieveil will core irre. I will give a statement of my ca-e. About four or live month, ago I wa with a bad cold, and was very hoarse, in conequenoe ol working in water whire'biiilding a saw-mill, (being a mechanic) and wa under the doc tor's care about four week, and got lo be aide to walk about, and tried to do a little work, which brought on a sliohl bleeding of the lungs. 1 return ed home di'piriled snd sick. Thu next day while sit ting by tVe tire, a Hood ve-sel buM in my lungs, and commenced bleeding very fa-!. Tile donor happened to le near, and he did every thing m hi. power 10 stun Ihe bleeding, nnd finally uccctoled after lo.tng near a q tarl from my lung., anil more freni my arm. But tbi- did not lat but n few bo tr., my lungs were so spasmodic the doctor could not control them, and for live dais and nighlscontinned lubleed, until there was no Mom! to run j when it cen-ed it left me so weak I coulJ rcarcely breathe or stir. I lay lor a Ion; lime in one po-Won, until my Inni's bealel, and I I egan to gain a little strength. Hut nboot four weeks ago a rclapecaineon and I bled again at the lung., and continued tocough nnd raise largv qtunti tre- of Mondr mater everyday, and v rapidly ba.teinng lo the grave. My friends and neighbor, bad given up all hope, and told me I iiui'l die. My phyrician eimld give me no encouragement except lhat the lungs were net yet ulcerated, nnd all hope, of recovery gone, until one of your pamphlet, were civ en mecfe-cribing Dr. l.nrborV Extract of Lungwort. My neighbor obtained n bottle for ntc, a a last resort, but with very little hopes of ts doing me any good. I have now taken it aboul a week, nnd e'range to say, from tbe lir-t do-e 1 took of it, I began to mend and my health 1 letter every way. My night sweat, have nearly cc.vcd, my strength improve., my rai-ings are le.-, and hope i-again revived) but my medicine U almost gone, and 1 wish you to cnd me two hotile. immediately, and il I recover, 1 will do all in my power lo spread Ihe news that con-umption can le cured. I remain vonr., Ar., CHAUNCf-.V I). MEDHEItRV. For further proof see medical book, in band" oftbe agent-, containing eertifieate., if-c. All persons de siring Ihe agency of the Mil' apoly In the pro prietor, V. J. UOOSEVELT, 611 State St. All any. AG K NTS, B"" He& Co. !"f'.ng.on,V,. II. Landon if. Co., Willi. ion. W, Rhode., Jr., liichmond. Boynlon St Bnrrett, lliiie.bnrgh. 21-ly st Jaw SPRING GOODS, THE FIRST ol the kind in Maiket, jut receiveil and receiving from New York, some of the verv latest styles ol Spring Cood., comprising, for Ladies' Dres-e.. MUSLIN, I btWN, BAl.'.OKINF.. I OniiANDIS, FRENCH PRINTED MUSLINS, etc. etc. Please call and examine for yourselves ns I hare a gooJ a-sorlineot to select from. DANIEL KEIIN. Two doors South ol Howard's, Church street. Ann! 21. 1645. . 47 r"aPHK Imnrori. store. 12, c 25 23 25 25 121 21 X Florence De Laer t or the Coqueit, The Gambler's Wife, Wild Loves A Romance Iron the German, Veronica: or the Free Court of AaraN, Eolhern: or Traces of Travel in the East, Illustrated Shakespeare, Nos.47.43, 47 By A. EDWARDS. Mngazincs for May. COLUMBIAN MasaJine, 25e Gcxlev's Lady'. Hook, 25 Ladie-' National Magazine, 19 Graham's Magazine, 25 47 By A. EDWARDS. Daniel G. Sawyer's Estate. WE Ihe sub-cril er- having been appointed by the Hon. the Probate Court, for Ihe Di-trtct of Grand I-Ie, cotnmi-Moners to reecirr, examine, and ndju-t the cltiims ami of ,il per-ons nnin-t the estate ol Daniel G. Suwrr, hue of South Hero, in said district, dece.i-eJ, repre-ented in-Dlvcnt, nnd also all claim, and demands exlul iled in oT-ei thereto; and six months from the day of the hereof, leing allowed by .rod Cpnri,for ihal purnosi-, wedn there fote hereby give notice, lhat c will attend 10 the I u-i-nes. of our apiiointineui, at the dwelling ho i.r of the widow Irene Sawyer, in South Hero, in said Di-trtct on the last Moniav in Julv next, at 1U u'cIol'L a m of .aid day. Dated tbi. Jl dav ol March. A. D. 1345. WILLIAM CHAMBERLAIN. 1 Commis-ioners. David coitiiiN. , 48,3 Bonnets. AVERY shape) Florence Braid, White Neapoliton. Straw, an I Fancy Bon nets, just receiveJ, at unusually low price., bv , , II. W. CATLIN. ALSO, A larffe assortment of Millinrn- Gon. f .u. Prints, Baltonne., Shawl., Cravatts, Oloves, and Hdkfs., which can he bonirht extremely low, at ....tion.!. IQIE m. . . -.-. o(in .n, ,a,j. LYMAN 4- COLti, HEREBY five notice to their Debtors that all de minds both Book accounts and Notes whuh are not paid previous to the 1st day ol iulv next, will l,e left with an Attorney fur collection. The liooks and papers may be found at E, Lyman's 3 lore. r.Mt I.TiVlAW, MUKTO.N COLE. Burlington, April 23, 1841 47 lints, Caps, Hoots, nnd Shoes JUST rei-eiveJ at CATLlN'S. Farewells Gaiters and Half O titers, Slps and tt,-n ... 1 ' 1 ,, ihhiiik oiiut-s. New York do du do do Ainl 25' Ii, IB45. 47 EL1AS LYMAN HAS rei-eivcd tvo boits very superior Garden JLT COST UNTIL THE 5th MAY, "THE entire remaining Stuck of.M. U-lhcim, con sisting of Rich Dnicha, Silk and Berlin Shawls. Hal. Sonne.. Iloml.alincs, lllue lllack Silk CraTalli ...IIIS, SIIICBU, Mellj,, .v.. .... A LSO, Two very superior Black Italian Silk Shawls. Burlington, April 25, 1815. 47 For Sale OR TO REN r, a good Two Story Brick House and Barn, with about two acres I .and. The IxltldlllCs are lunk-rcuinir a lhirm.l, rnni. an.l about i of a mile South oftbe Court House square. ,. . ., Apply to T. CONN EH. Burlington, April 24lh, 1845. 47w3 HAS jnsl opeiusd one Hhd. ot superior qmliiy Portoiico Svrun.nidlo lolhelc.irvr l,i,-,h. into the country. AUo on hand a few hundred lbs. of Maple Susarforsale low. Also Brown Earthen Milk. Pans, slower Puis, Cake Pans otc. WiekwgreBuildinir.. Corner Culleiru and f!h.,rh St. ".J Bonnets. A LARGE lot of Tu.i-.n anil Riruw BoniHns. for tale cheap by P. ft H. II. DOOLITTLE. May 7, 1845. flwfj William ny'a KsUte. STATU OF VERMONT, A T a Probate & District of Chittenden, s. H held at Burbnt . in said district or Chitienfleinj on the 30th day of Ap; il A. D. 1815. comes John Hay, 6ne or Ihe heirs lo the eststc of WILLIAM RAY. lale of Hinwburgh, m said district, deceased, snd files in said Coert his 1 lition in writing, selling forth lhat he holds one un- 1 vided ninth part of said estate, in cominoti with t' other heirs to said estate, and praying fdraditri-i 11 of said estate among the sevetal persons thereto t WhcsbW6, Ihe CoBrt aforesaid doth appoint ibr 20lh day of May, 1845, fot hearing and deciding nn said petition, at the office 6fhe Register nl said con 1. in said Harnngtoh. and doth order that all persons 11 lerestcd be notified thereof by publication of this m der, containing Ihe snbslance oT said pelirioh, liir- weeks successively In ho Burlington Free Press, i newspaper printed In said Burlington, the lr - r which mibhcations to he pteviotrs to said Mill day ot 'r.'8l5. . .. Given under rtv Mid Burlington, this 30 .t day ol April, 1015. 48w3 WM. WESTON, RegUtet. Daguerreotype Chemicals. Bromine, Merfinry, dislil'rd. " Pn-parcd. Pota..iino,Cyantire1 1 Gotd, Chloride of. " Iislnleol. Iodine. Sola, Hvpn.iilphatf ' " Chloride of. S.lvcr, Nnr'e.Crys .i! At PKCK A. SPEAR'S, Apnthecn'. and Wholcalc Driiggi-'s. SODA FOUNTAINS, AND MINERAL- WATER APPARATUS. VIIE Undersigned, being suppliel with the ab"' ' articles, are entlded 10 forni-lt them for cit I Mineral or Soda Water, at Manufacturer's prl -The facility with which these fountains are iipp'i- 1 togetlier with II cir low price, will recommend lb'" lo Ihe trade. Wc can also furnish the folluwina 1 a rtety of Sjrup,by measure or bottle : Ginger, Ptvc-apple, j Strawlcrryi Lemon, I Rasplieny, I Vanilla, Orgeat, I Sarsaparfla, PF.CK 4. SPEAR, 45 ApotliecariesandWhole ale Drugin RElUO VED. R. PATTBRS01T, TAILOR, HAS removed lo Church slrcel, cornet of Chrrrf street, formerly occupied by Miss Spenur, Dress-Maker, where he hopes 10 meet his old eu tomers, and would he clxd to see ss many new 1 in s as may favor him with their patronage. Garments cleaned, and Cutting done on the shorn st notice nnd warranted. Burlington, April 10, 1345. 4G SELECT SCHOOL, MISS L. B. STACY will commence IW Spring Term on MONDAY, the Olli nt" May, to continue 12 weeks. Scholars arc expected tu enter at the com. mencetnent of the term. TUITION: English, $3.00 French, 1,00 Draw in;, U.U0 School room one door west of room formerly occupied by Miss Rannny, up stairs. Unrlinjj,tun, April 10, '45. 45tf To Rent A SMALL tehement on Callin's Lane, ruilab c lor a small tainiiy, ately. April 1745. Pose.-Mon given ininieili I). K. I'A.MiBUK. 4C Wood! Onn CORDS of Hard Wood, for sale by sUU OEO. PETERSON. April lit 1815. 46 f Cash Contract. VI IF. Subscribers will receive proposals until 15m May, for a good and sufficient Cedar Barrier u be bnill under the direction ol the Selectmen, at or near the mouth of the revihe norlh of the camp ground,! he work to be 95 (eet high nod of good Gret-11 Wlitie Cedar limber not less than 12 inches in thick ness through the hewn sides, two sides only of the timber to be hewn. One half cash the I5tb July, and onehalfihe 15th of October. Koranute particular description apply 10 either urine selectmen. HARRY BRADLKV ( . SETH MOI1.1K I aa Selectmen 1 Butlington, April 60th. IS 13. 45 If O lover Suet). Superior ankle .1 CUi 9vti w ihe hi I. t or hundred, just receiveil and for sle at a very lyw price, by II. W. CATLIN. ' -ALSO, A few Bu-hels early Seed Peas of a superior quality, April 33th, 1815. 47 Groceries. FA1L. i-ipply of Dry Groceries ol the Lesi qunl 11 Iiy. iur Blc iuw 117 ' P. ft II. H. DO0I.1TTLE. 495 May 7, 1815. For Sale. 1 YOKE CATTLE, five years old, 1 ALSO, Pasturage for 200 head Cattle, good and cheap. 43 H. W. C TLIJI. Buckwheat Flour on consign ment. A CO?, STA.NT supply alwavs on band, and fi r jm saieoy r oUI.K IT. BRADLEY ft Co sate bv : Co. South Wharf, April 17, 1845. Agents. Hammered Shoo Shape. Nlth uhcrilr. have receivil a supply of Ham. niere.1 Shoe Slupe to whtcli they would call the attention oflhe IrnJe. Il is manufactured rrom Ihe lt quality ol iron ore, and is confidently believ ed to be superior to any shoe shape ever offered in tin market. It is interded In have a large snpply alwavs on hand and will Le furnished to merchant, on the most lavnrable terms. An examination of the article is respectfully requested. ALSO, A large and complete assortment of square and flat hammered iron made front the same superior ore, is odered at low rales, by FOLLETT, BRADLEY ft Co. Soulh Wharf, April 1 7, 1345. 46. PROPOSALS will be received until the 5th Mar for b idding a Covered BRIDGE, over Onion River at the Narrows near Udney H. Pennlman'., agreeable to a plan which will soon be ready for in spection at H. Bradley's Store. The payment to I r made When Ihe Bridge is fully completed lo the ac ceptance of the Building Committees for Colchester and Burlington. IIARRY BRADLEY, i Selectmen lot SKTH MOUSE, Burlington. UDNEY H. PENNLMAN, Building ,, , , Couimitie for Colchester. Burlington, 10:h April, 1845. 45 E. R. HARD, ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW. JERICHO, VERMONT. Aped I, 1845. 4 Maple Sugar, A FEW Cakes and Tubs of new Haple Sugar for sale at the Vaiicly Store. ALSO,-. A Windsor Rifle for sale by 49 BRINSMAfP ft BROTHERS. The Peopfo'a Money HAS been again n.ed rn celebrating tneJJdanni versary in a way hitherto apparently rati. facto ry, and ahould it now meet their views it may as usual be eipie.aed irr a hearty good taking ol just such eocl, a. they may most de.ire I y lea tine ihe tvual Chean Ca.h Store Tolen on the counter, lhat all may lw fairly miprocalfcoih with them and iheir Agent, t , HOWARD. P. S. The new spring goods bare just cume taj open, most beautifully and cheap. April W, 1845 47 Gilbert Barto'a EtUte. STATE OF VERMONT, t rr H E HON. the Di.trict ol Cbitlemlen, as. X Prolate Court Ibr Ihe Dislrid nf Chiiierslen t To all er.on. con cerneil in the estate of Gilbert Uarto, Isle ol Hinea. burah, ih sakl disiriei, deceaied, GaiKTlas. WHtacit, So.annah Uano, execntrii vt lb. last will ol the said aecea.e.1, propose, to reniier an ac count of her admlnhurathia, and promt her account against said e.taie tor examination and allowance at a session of the Court of Probate, 10 ! hulrfen at the Regi.ter'a oillce ia Burlington, in said district, on the fourth Wednenla) of May, 1846. Therefore, you are hereby notified to appear before aid court at the lime and place aforesaid, and sbrtr cause, H'env vol hare, why the account a lore. a nf, should not be allowed. Given onder my hand tt ftufllngtoti, JJ May, A. P. 181$, ' Win. WESTO.V, UtzMti

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