Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 23 Mayıs 1845, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 23 Mayıs 1845 Page 2
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Voice or tlio English l'ress. My Voice Is at lit Tor Peace. When tlio public mind begin!) to dwell upon the hostile alternative for a length of tlni", war loses lis horrors In tlio excitement Which such ii frame of'mlnd produce, and tlitia Is created a rretlcfp, morbid desire for the ' fray, In antici pation of tlio tortuous negntlitioiiH of diplomacy. By cucli moans mlintial antipathies arn engen cVrod, and the rrpnu of tlio great family rl na ttaim Is disturbed; first, by a bloody association of ideas, and licit by the actual conllict itself. Surely, a great responsibility rests tiimn the ''heads of those who, through a reckless In. discretion, or a ptssion for temporary popular ity, risk tint peace and happiness of nations. Whether wisely or not, English pride is always taking offence at what is regarded ai 'American bombast, and the pugnacious fcclifij thus grows, like jealousy, by what it feeds on. Americans are naturally and becomingly proud of their country, its'institiilruns, lis .greatness, and its amazing strides in prosperity. Thin praisewor thy feeling, becomingly entertained or judicious, iy enunciated, nould command, and ts entitled to respect. Hut when it is put forward nflon sively, as id ton often the case, with' We thrashed you when wo were three million?, tie can the more readily do so now that wo are nineteen millions' neither the boast nor thi inference is calculated to produce ery pacific retorts. As to the Oregon itself, that annears to be the last matter regarded in this con'rinnr- y. It is the manner, not the matter in dispute, that is ofl'onsiie, and sncersaro prntniieil neith er pleasant nor complimentary. Let ns hope that thestorm will Mow over: a hnstiio cnn'tlirl ueiween tnu countries would eloadlv in juries on both. England would, probably, sulliir most ; for, at Iho outset, her tniii'tifacliiring pop ulation would become paupers by the roltoo trade being cut of ; and the commerce of Amur icawolldhc literally swept from the ocean. Willmcr's European Times. My Voice Is still for Peace. Thnro is therefore every ground to believe that the peace of Uurnpo will ho long preserved. The political sky n a pacific aspect. We are enis'nlicn, indeed, if the days of Iliiropean war are not over. Apart from toero feeling on the subject, the nations are at length opening their eyes In the folly and miseries nf war. What was ever gained by it ! What niiropean country can be named that Ins ever been bene fited by hostilities with another country ! What country, on the contrary, ever engigi'd in war ithat was not a loser by it a loser in treasure s well as In the lives of its subjects 1 Kicn the victorious power is often all but ruined by its triumphs. Look at England. Wo van quished N ipolcnii but whit was the price at which our victories were ptifclnscd ! The an swer is to bo found in the present ovcr-tased condition of the people. Our triumphs were ipurchased at a high price. They cost us .$(1IX,- 000,000. We aro suffering lor our victories -,noiv. Nor will the pernicious consequences of our wars and our victories bo confined to our selves. They will outlive us for uianv a long year. Our descendants for ages to come wiM -have tn smut severely for the folly which we committed in embarking in an unjust and untie eessary war. LtmJun Advertiser. fc'cslcctcit Guaranties of Peace. "What are tl.e natural commercial relations of (Great Britain and America ? Wo cannot bet ter indicate these than by simply copying the 'figures of the occupation returns made bv the census commissioners of each country. They itand thus : 'Commerce, Trade, ,.. . Agriculture, and Manufactures. United Plate, 1840-3,719.9.11 POT IV! 'Great Britain, IB It 1,215,20 1 3,110,375 'Can any thing more pilpably show thu these 'two countries were made for one ano'her in ide such to be the complement of the ruber's exts tencc. Oranary and workshop ; plough and loom ; boundle.-s natural feriil ty, and boundless 'mechanical skill and invention; agriculture and 'manufactures, whoso respective powers of pro. 'tluction and capacity of consumption miy bo -said lobe practically infinite; was there ever, since the world began, surh a case of litnoi-s for mutual help, 'service and dcpenJcnco, such a .provision for perpetual amity and brotherhood 1 That war between two countries sn posiied ami felatcil, so deeply pledged, by the fundamental cond.tions of their respective modes of exis tence, to riOace nod frinn,,in aI,...I.I ....... l.- come so much as a possibility, is a burning dis. grace to that legislation which has done its ut termost to COnlnrt. a ril' nn.1 lni.nn... mutual dependence into mutual 'independence,' and isolation. Which country is right, and which wrong, in ino particular questions now at issue. W'o pain tint tn n.b -I'l.t nn. ....-I. questions should involve tho hideous possibility of a bloody issue, is our wrong. The trembling anxiety witn which wo now await every arrival of news from America, is the penalty Heaven gum ri ui! ino wtrt,i penally t o -our -slavish fnleranrn eif I.,...!. ...:.t. :. .... - ' .-.. .bpifini'iii Willi II Ci IV- age and stupid dogun of ' Independence of fur- III RAM I'd WE IIS, THE SCULPTOR. A gontleinin, says tho Boston Atlas, has nbown us a Inllnr frnn, tl.ia ,li..;.,....;t....l .:.. dated July, 1811, from which ho has kindly al- um ua . nmiw oil' loiiowing extract. It corns tho p-entloinin h:wl in ...A..; made friendly inquiries as to the living as well n uiu iimiuju biuiuios oi nut artist, filler 'iv. ing a very lively and playful account of his chil dren, ho proceeds to reply to tho other inquiry as follows ; "So much for the firing slalutes now for the marblo ones. They consist of two girl and a boy. Tho oldest rather an old girl by "the way they say she is very pretty, hut sho his such a propensity for stolen fruit that she broke an express roiiirn indment to gratify this singular desire, and in that manner she brou ght an eler nal disgraro upon the wlmlo liunnii family! I intend to turn her out of dmiri soon, and I ahonld'nt wonder if she should "slope" for America, and go from place to place evltibititi" herself for money. I intend tn publish her, and warn all people against harboni'g or trustum her on any account her iiauio is Eu. TIim kocond is also a girl, w ho, on account of tho mis doings of Eve, was taken pnsonur by tho Turk? in Greece and carried to Constantinople, and exposed in chains, naked, for sale. I have wiih much difiicully and labor succeeded in "Cltni" her Immj again hut as she is immoveable in her determination still to bo a " (S reek .Slave " I have sold her as such tu an E'tglMi genlie man, who will take her homo with Inui novt Sep teinbor. Shn imposos upon nroplo so that they think her heaulilul, and really pity iCr, where as her heirl is as cold and hard as n stone. I hope you will not consider me personal in my last reinirk. Tho 'bird Is a boy of about 13 year-. Ho is fond of fishing, and lannea ho can tell what Iho weather will bo at se t by holding a conch shell to bis car in which ho hears the roaring of the distant waves. So strongly is ho impressed with this notion that vou never will seo him without his bhull In his'ear, and not and tiller in his other hand. 1 think of sending him away with with his sister Eic, for ho issosctin his way and slifT-necki'd. tint I cm do nothing better with them. People flitter mo that my m irblo chil. drcn are a great credit to mo but they little knew the number of blows I have been obliged to inflict upon them in order to mike II. cm ap pear respeclahlo and orderly before folks ! I find that I am near the end of my rope, and so I conclude with a promise to wr'to you a more intelligent letter next time. In the mean. tune, with my best regards to my old friend , whom I remember with much pleasure, I beg you to believe me always and truly yours, II. POWERS." Wolves. A Wisconsin editor ncknowl. rdgea tlio -receipt of Congressional ducu menu "in advance oflliu mail." in const, rjuoiice of a flock of wolves cliusing llm post liili-r acioss tlio pr.iirius. THE BRIGHT S1DK OP HUMAN NATUltK. In a letter published in tho Lynn (.Ms.) 1. oneer, giving a description or tho fire in Pitts burp, wo find tho following passage; " The big church below mo kept tho fluncs In check, and not until tho buildings beyond mo iiad 'dono their worst, did mv house take fire. I waa-alttlnc upon a trunk, "my wife beside tne, and Jessu behind us, in tho open cross ctrent a liltlo cast nf our house, when four or five of tho mass came to me and asked whero my house was. I pointed to it and accordingly they w cut to work, and cleared cverv room in that hous-, bringing out every thing, I believe, that it contained, the kitchen lurniture only e.ceptcd; they hrougbl out every bedstiad, every bureau; they hroufht my bp salve, my tooth brush, nil my books and papers, every straggling pimphlct mid newspa per ; and, finally, pulled my sign off tho win dow, shutter. Nor did they stop at this ; but they procured a dearbort. wagon, and never stopped till they had carried every article to a place of safety, takittg glasses and breakable aitiele In their hands. I donut know the name of one of them. Vwii black girU of fourteen or fifteen years of ago carried out a good furniture wagon load of articles, taking thorn up to tho new court house and watching them till they were finally removed, ami all refused not only 'compensation or wages, but they refused to accept present?. Toono miri 1 presented a mantel clork, he cause' I believed it could not be saved but hv being carried the country. He tool: it away. osli'rr. iy 1 eft mv oflicp.dnnr nn"n : anil, w hen j I came back, the clock was on the mantelpiece hicping ii no and exactly right., My goods worn carried to si or seven d'ltoront places upon tho lull ahutc the town; they have all been re turned to me I believe, and all that I have paid tor irouuio liiuen was two dollars to the wag oner. Vesterday a colored woman brought home our rirt waslulig of while clothes since the tire, and begged that wo Would accent the trifling faior from her, because wo had done so much for 'her kind of people.' Mrs. E. taw a bundle ol her chillies upon a can on the evening ot the lire, as she was go ing on the lull; shu look hold of it, and the carl went on, leaving the heavy bundle on the road with her. Two little ragamuffin boys, less than twelve years old, came to her assistance, and carried it a great way to the hoiifo of an ac. quaintance; when she lookout her purfc to ny litem, there was not a cent in it. It was a liiudsomo bead purse; she tillered it to them. ' No, indeed,' said one of them. ' we'd be asham ed to take any thing from you at such a tunc as this.' These were your regular alley black guards.' Josrrn DoN.irAr.TF, tho ymngcr, a Roman prince, by the title of Prince Musigrand, eldest grandson of Jofcph lionaparlp, called Count ol S II ,. .' ill . .. . .jui in. ui?, mi lunjr an inoanuaui ot tuts cilv and New Jersey, arrived three dtys ago anil took possession of the large mans'ion and do. main called Point Urvc.", near I)rdcnimvn, de vised to him by his grandfather. He came pas. seiignr from Italy on Imatd n Swedish ship, and arrived at New Vork aficr seventy. three days passage. This vouug gentleman was born in Philadelphia. lie is the oldest son of Charles Bonaparte, Roman priurc, by tho title of Prince of Cauino, inherited from his father, Lucien Bo naparte. Charles, the Prince of Cauino, mar r;ed Joseph's eldest daughter, Tcrraido, some time resident at Philadelphia, where their eld. est son wasborn.'who conies now, jurt twenty, one years of age, to take possesion of tlio pi lernal American homestead. The numerous friends of his rnuch-rcspectcd grandfather will wish that ho may succeed by similar deport ment to render himself as welcome whore we believe he means to reside. . . Gar. TUB AUTOMATON CHKSS PLAYER. There has ken some inquiry lately, in the newspapers, for the whereabouts of th"; autom aton chess. player, which once excited so much Wondering speculation in Europe. It v a gen erally remembered that alter the death of .Maul, zel the autoni iton was sold, with his other in genious pieces of mechanism ; and a rumor had got abroad tint the chess. player was lying, di lapidated and neglected, in some lumher.'ri'nin of Philadelphii or New York. This, however, appe us to ho an unfounded story. A commu. nit ation in tho Newark Daily Advertiser tells us that wlton M telzol leftlhts country fhe died at tea) he took the chess player to pieces and boxed up the parts in several cases, which were stored at Philadelphia. Recently Dr. S. K. Mttchtoll, of that city, after careful examination of these tlhjnla membra, discovered iho tecrcl ol tlieir construction, ami has succeeded in put ting them together, and the machine i-t now ex hibited at Pcalc's .Muteutn. But a more interesting disclosure has been made it seems, at Paris, by one .Monsieur Mini, ret. who was Alaclul's player in Europe. He reveals the secret of the manner in which the games were played. We quute from the Cou rier and Enquirer: The concealed player v.-aa coated immediately un der iho automaton's rhess bonrd, and may bo "up posed lobe looling up toils undir surface. lie there ores n reprefcniiuionoi mat board, square pain ted to corn-pond with ihc square above, thennlv dillerence beina that, while on the automaton's boan'l sumo uf the iq. tares ore oTiipud by chess men and others are empty, evert one of the muues beneath is numbered and furnished wiih a small iron knob suspenueu ny a snoit tiireid. I.vcry chess man on the nuio'im. hi's board contained a small mnirnei. .Now, Mipposc the samo about tnbtgm; thirty-two i-Ki aim-u u.u mi inu niuouiiion s iHiaru j ot course, each one having a magnet, tho thirty-two iron knobs bencaili are drawn up iho bonrd. A9 soon as one of tne cnesimen rs taken up, (lie knob, hems released fruni the attraction, drops, and the concealed player knows nt nnco whieh square is viealed. As soon n it is placed upon another square the knob licnenh is drawn up, and thus indicates the play that has been made. Tlio concen'ed plajcr repeals lhee moveson a small board of bis own, and then seisin motion, bv strings, the arm of the automaton ; and thus the game goes on. Maelzcl's player in this country, wc have been told, was a German named Siniuberger ; and ho too died, we believe, some tlireo or?our years ago. Now that tho present condition nf Maelzcl's chess player is known, wo should tko to hear xomcthing of Iho duplicate whicl.vvas construc ted by an ingenious son of New England. For it in a characteristic fact tint tho secret winch had baffled the ingenuity of all Europe for Inlf a century, was hen) detected and applied in th" labr.c ol a second automtlou, before .Maelzel had been a year in the country. The Yankee midline was played, we believe, bv Henri- Co! einaii, since deceased a son of William Cnlennn, the onre celebrated editor of the Eve. Pot. It was exhibited in opposition to Maelzcl's at Iho corner of Reado or Duano street and Broadway, wherr we saw it and played wiih it. Maelzel bought it out of Iho way, ns wc were told; and if so he probably destroyed it. A Gr.FAT Financier. A nerson who has passed ill this cilv hv the name of Tilden. mid. die. sized, abnot forty. five or fifty years of age, nun wiidt aro popularly described ns pepper and salt hair and whitkers," who seems to bavo Ira v. elled a great deal, and talks readily 011 anv sub. ject, is one of the successful speculators of whom 11 ins ijceiu our loriune 10 hear. JIo lias been recently boarding at the same house up town with .Mr. Asi Whitney, the nroiector e.fthn I'a. -l lie railroad, and very hindsntnoly ",jit" ill it gentleman out of 23. Mr. Whitney who scarcely know the man, having onlv casually observed him at tho table, was seated ono day in Ins room, writing. The door was suildcdly opened, md in ramo this Tilden, nppirently in a great hurry, holding snmn papers lonsly in In hand. " Have you got 8115 with you !" taid ho coining rather fainiliar'y up to the table. Wr. Whitney, with an otT-lnnd generosity, or perhaps in an ab-trartioo about his great undertaking, answered calmly that ho believed ho had. Draw ing nut his pocket book he count, ed out 8'Si, and without tillering it In tho intru der, said that was all bo had. " Very well," answered the other, "that will do;" and in the coolest manner possible ho picked tho money up and went out, leaving Mr. Whitney in a stale ot considerable surprise at the rapidity of tho ope ration. Ho soon furgot the mailer, however, and in scarcely occurred to hiin until the next day ho received through tho despatch tlio ful. lowing note s Mr. Tildon rcsneclfullv informs Mr. Whitney, that ho has been compelled to leavu town this morning for a few days on business of impor. lance. And from tho' fact of being required to leave at a moment's warning, winch necessarily pre vents him from seeing .Mr. Whitney previous to his departure. Mr T. assures Mr V., that should Ills stay bo Protracted Inntrnr lh:m l.o (Intiriiuln.. Ihal In such case lie villi nddre Mi, U'liH- ne, which shall bo satisfactory, die. ji riaay Mormng. Uirnn innuirv. Mr WhiWr found that tins speculative philosopher had left that morning, annmincing'an intention of going; to C'anada.-- iiiitff. THE FLORIDA WAR. Fell- nebllle arn nw-nrn nf the nrlrttn nf tl,n Florida w nr. A Ivan Stew-art gives the following account nf if: "The Florida war, which has spilt so much human blood, caused so much human sufl'ering, and wasted so innrli human life, had its origin hr.iat cry. A female slave, at some former time, escaped from Georgia into F'loridi, arid w is married hy an Indian. In process of time the diiighlcr of this pair became thr wife of OSEOLA. 'I ho proprietorial Iho fugitive, after her death, ascertained that the wife Oscola was her daughter ; in person, or by provy, seised her in an unguarded moment, dragged her into Georgia, and made her a slave. The great and greatly injured son ofth" forest resolved on re venge, and pursuing the ki'dnapper, availed him self of an opportunity to shoot him through the heart." It was in thia circumstariCB that the war originated. It was prosecuted with inhuman barbarity for years, and rost the people of this nation lotty millions of dollars. Its cnsl tbev have already borne without repining, hut itsgioi rests in a heavy load upon them. They can atone for tho many atrocilics perpetrated, for tho many butchered women and children, and for the many Lours of weary sufioring tho war caused the innocent people it was waged against only by abolishing the hideous system of op pression and w inng, that could lea'd In the kid napping of a m mV wife from his bosom, and then plunge tlio nation into a war because the injured hnshintl avenged himself of his tormen tors'. trniit'iiL'son I'atritit. Tun Railroad Conitntion at Rim.Ar.-r. Vt On Tuesday the fill', a largo number of gentlemen interested in the proposed Railroad from Bellows Falls to Burli igtnit, via. West Hollcy, met in coniontion at Rutland. John A. Ctmant, Esq., was chosen President ; Nalh'l Fullerlnn and Gen. T. Hoelges, I-sqrs., Vice Presidents, and three other geiitlemont, Socre laries. Tho CnmnvKsinnors of tho Slate, who are alone nutlinrizvd, if they see fit, (aflcr twenly days public notice,) to open the stock books, were present during tlio day, and about 10(1 other gentlemen from various towns on tho line of tho road between Bellows F'.tllsand Burling, ton, also look part in the proceeding. Addresses were made by Messrs. Ormsby, of Rutland; Chapm.inof Gre'cnfiuhl. Mass; Cooke of Keene; Judge rolletl, of Burlington ; lion. Mr. Finite, of Rutland ; and others. Commit tecs worn appointed, and tho reports of the pur. icy from Bellows Falls to Burlington, as undo by Messrs. Tracy and Chase, and the report of Mr. Folton as ch ef Engineer, were read by Judge Brnwn of Rutland. The Convention adjourned to await the action of the State ( to give twenty days notice of the opening of the i-euuK uwuks, anil II was II tillers ood hat Ihn notice would bo accordingly giien and the hooks npcnru at mi proper tune at various towns along tho lino of the road. An excellent spirit (says the Bunker Hill Aurora, from Vlhieh u-n glean the above) prevalent at the Convention, and the gentleman seemed to feel a strong con viction of Iho necessity of immediate action to secure to tho Slate that high elegreo Of prosper ity to whtclr her reCiurecs nnd moans ohiu'r her. Incidents or the Racc The racoon Tues. day was quite a windfill to the paragraphists on Long land. Tho Brooklyn Advertiser re cords the follow ing ; Two miniature casks of liquor walked over hoard at the South Ferry, in tho afternoun, car rying each the body of a'man with them. Tbev were fished out in good spirits. A couple of fiery linr-c, about 0 o'clock, ran away w ilb a carriage, containing two ladies, who bad been to the races. The carriage came in contact with a dirt cut, toro away the hind wheels and deposited the ladies on the slicet. Six cents worth of binelling salts set the ladies all right. A carriage containing a Southern lady, (Cre nle.) was shattered by coming in contact with another vehicle. "Never mind that," said tho l.ii!y as sho gathered herself up, "I hate come from Mobile? to bo present at the races I have won 82U00, and can afford to meet with an ac. cident." A posse of gentlemen on borseTiack, came down Fulton street, having their pocket books tied to their whip stocks, empty. A token they were An..tber posse followed with hands full of loo.c Bank notes. They were winners. A voumr man. w-hn had Mmd n l,n.n,n .A tho Union course, ye.-lerdtv, rede tho animal so nar.l mat ho lei ,vn in Pacific street, from pure exhaustion. After an hour's delay, he was bircly in a condition to be led to the stable About every tenth man that returned from the races, by the way of Fulton street, after 4 o'-1 clork, was intoxicated, and half tho rem.ilndor fuddled. . . It is rumored that one man, in Now York, bet on Fashion to the amount of 600,000, A company of Southerners came down Fubon street, about 7 o'clock, performing cavalry ex. ercise at tho command of one of their number. They were winners, anj of course appeared" highly elated. ' Any quantity of wrecks of carriages, and led duHneaf ery .lung in the Pr,,i- I dent's inauguiiil, which was so ofli-nsivo to Tun Thentv-Nintii Coscccts. Tho election in!''10 1 ' i lit public. Tito Union sais the Vireinta brines un ilieiiuintier ,,f ,,,, t...,. t. r... -i .. , , . ihonextCWirc..,.. I I .nn. nn.lOV-i. ' " ........ ....... niiimninj, t nero arc 53 nioie iiaiioii utiu rescuing iu inrcu in ue present members ,10 beelected, in .Maryland, Nonh Carolina . r ir 1 -ri it- -Indiana, Kentucky, Tennetee, Alabama, .Missis,",, ,,' I'ostliro of nffalis, 1 ho Union goes on 111 a ;"sote of edi.orial to examine hislo- shire. 1 " Jonathan Worth is tho Whig candidate) for Con sress, in iho till District orNorlh Carolina, (lain Cien Ueberrv's) which gives 5,000 Whig majority, Hon. Thomas Smith has been nominated forrc elecitun to Cungrcas, by the Locus of iho 3d Duiricl The Washinston Union expresses Its belief that ' meie is no lounuiitioti lor Ihe rumor that l,, Polk contemplates ll.e of John C. Ca"! 1 noun ns npeciai .imnassador to Unyland, will, a view to the adjustment of Iho Oieuon nnrstln., nml tl.n estabbuliuieni iif a commercial Treaty on the basis of ibcordinary .Mission tu Kngland, and declined it. , Alabama, Col. Nat. Terry, of l.imettono cuuntv-, has been rejularlv noinimiie'el na llie Polk candidate for Governor of .Mat, aim, by a Convention nt Tus caloosa. Col. J. W, SIcClung was a candidate-, but hia friends withdrew bis name, mid Col. Terry ob tained a lort'omaj.irily. He has Iwen for some years, in Iho Slate. Senate, nnd is objected to aa a tieary debtor 10 tho Slate Hank, and in favor ofexlendini; the nine, for winding up its nlHiis. Samuel I'. liter, of ralodeei.haa been nouiinatcil fur Congress, by Ihe I.oeoa t.ribeTih Disinci, lately rrprr-eiitrd by Felix C. .McC nnell Wo have heard that Felix threatened to run slump, but we cannot believe he will get many voles, let him run as he may. Indictment or J. ft. IIens-ett.-TIio PuiTaloCom. mercial Advertiser or the 14th inf. says, "We under stand that the Omnd Jury of ihe Kecmder'. Courr, novv,ii ,,.(l,in, hajro indicted J. O. liennell. edito of the New 1 eirk Herald, for a libel upon T. K. J'ur- n'hn mJ'i." bch 'nt ha. been iisued 10 bnnff 3Ir liennell before Ihe Court.' The Union, in an article roneernine appointments. dry,rtK?i:,l,a,Mr-rulk A PriACTicAt. Man.-' Ha'. ",1Cr0 WB 'nuJ minister's text jesterday afternoon J' 'Ob, I don't recollect tho place, hut the wnrds were 'Sleep on now and lake your rest." ' What did he make oif. of that, Hal 1 ' Don't know, faith but -he was continually telling lis that tho truth l.i always practical; so, thinks 1 to myself, I'll take f3ti at your word once, and 1 may be shot if I waked up till tlio Allien.' David M. N'Aaixr.rq., a respectable adopted cili Xen, hastwcnicr'faRetdirl of 8500 nsainsl I.rii D. Sloinm, t'Jitu.'sK M4.N. Y. I'iebenn, for an an ctavnledtliniler)hiisiElitdin that paper duties the late Preridcnlid jjnipoin. CocNTcnrntT Coin. Counterfeit Inlf dollars bavo been recently put in circulation in Baltimore. Nunc of tbem purport to have been coined in 1832. They arc represented ns being well executed, and calcula ted to elcee-iie, ' allium iwmdtnmmHiBmmmmmtamm. uliiwn n "wb-wssi 0 in vUmio'nT) PRtDAY MORNING, M a'Y 23, 15)3. MEXICO. News one day Inter from Mexico lias been received nt New Orleans, by tho steamer Creole, which arrived on tlio Gilt, from Vera Cruz, having sailed llte22d tilt. TW Intell igence from the Capitol is to the 17lli. Tlio government had not declared war against tlio United States., but tlio unanimous repre sentation of the passengers was, that the war feeling was Very strong, ,ind the prevailing impression nt WraCrti; was that War would bu derl.ircd ns soon ns the Government should find itself in n sittint'ton to do so viilli effect. Thu four American vessels of war wcro still nt Sacriftcios. Nothing is said of Mr. SitAN- NOX. A proposition has been introduced into tlio Chamber orDi'pinies thai Santa Anna, nlizo mid tho four ex-Ministers who took p-nt in issuing the decren of the 29lh of November, closing the session of Congress, may avoid a trial upon Iho condition of ex patriating themselves for the term of ten years. At the same time another proposi

tion was submitted, to the effect that an nb. solute amnesty should bo granted to till those Generals nnd other officers comprehended in tho circular of the Clh of January, depriv ing them ol their commands, Sec, even though tli.-.y had been nlieady sentenced. No action had bren-U upon these proposi tions, though their passage was thought to be extremely probable. IVoni tho .Mexican press, the policy of tho Government seems to bu to conciliate all parties in order more eiTocttially to resist llie consummation of Tex an nnnexation. The discussions upon'lho relations (if'Me'x ico and tho U. Stales are carried on in secret session. On the 15lh ult., Scnor Roves read n severe protest ng.iinst the Report of the Foreign Minister, Cucv.ts ; but when the vole was taken, ho found liimsoff 1 nnn. ''l's s'"'s lliut the Administration lias the ll cnnfii i-nr nf , , I Papers from Zacatocas announce the ex plosion of a powder mill situated on the roatl from that city to Gtiadeitipe. The proprie tor or superinlenilant and several workmen were instantaneously killed, nnd a number of others severely wouo.J t Be wtsn is time. Tho now organ of the adnilni-.tration, the Union, has begun a reg ular attack upon the Tin iff of 1842. Mr Ktlcliio is very noxious to make lite whole United Slates as poor as old slave-breeding Virginia is, where his policy has so long been in the ascendant. It is too much to say Ik will never succeed in this. Look at the Vir ;.,:.. r i ..i ... r . . S v"j;"v33iiiii.ii luwiuns. liOoK at the anti-larilT votes which me to be brought into Congress by now Soiillnvcstcrn Stales, the representatives of Southern property nnd Southern Slate sovereignities. Look at tin half dozen or more new Slates, each with two Senators in Congress, and one repre sentative, though, liko Florida, with half the population of a single Congressional district in lilts old Slates. Let ll not be said we will riot ndinit Slates with lyj linn seventy two thousand inhabitants. What Lncofoco votei against Florida last Winter, wiih a cons',ilu tiun which protects slavery hy provisions in direct violaiioii of the constitution of the U. I otates Not one. Shall wo expect men of , this patlv to oppose the admitMon ofTaui- t- "ni -i i i-, c. i , , ' Chihuahua, Durango, Smaloa, Call- ' 'lJr'1''' n',( Mcmco, with tho same sparse population, after no have obtained I ,i. : i... .i c , iiiusw ii, in mils ii tne- s.iuio lueiicss ui swiou ling nnd robbery by which wo are now ac quiring Texas t Certainly not. Tun Oitccn.N Disputi:. The Washing ton " Union," thu new organ of tho admin istration, holds very different languagu from that of the Globo in relation to Oregon, riesment lias no men ot auanuoning ticgo- .!..! I ........ ... 1. rically tho respective tights of the two conn tries to territory on the Northwest Coast, be ing in the form of a reply to tho speech of Lord John Russell in the llrilisli Parliament, iv ho had argued in favor of Rrilish claims. f'l'ort of that speech has been pub- 1: t 1 , . e .1 l-''1 '" '"" ftw P"!11'" 111 1,115 country Tho positions of this speech aru criticised nnd controverted in thu " Union." anna- full ol Mr. Grrrnhon's facts and modo of argument to have bi'en written by nny body but liini, aided perhaps by Mr. (Lit. ciofl. OyTlio " Independent Democrat " is the lillo of a nuw paper ivhich has Just been es tablished nt Manchester,""'. IL, chiefly for tho purpose of advocating the election of John 1. Halo as member of tho next Con gress. Tho first number contains n sketch of his spcecli lately delivered at Exeter, in which ho introduced documentary evidence to prove that instead of Texas begging to bo admitted to our Union, ice liavo been suitors, and that Texas has been wooed into our fin er aces by tho cunning artifices of designing politicians, itock-jobbcrs- and .pectilatols, opuraiing through John Tyler and his Cab inet Ministers. Mr. II. rend from letters nnd instructions of John C. Calhoun, who hon estly avowed tho Iruo objocls of the annexa tion scheme, in nil their horror nnd enormi ty, acknowledging that ils titdin designs weto to extend nnd perpetuate Inltiian'tl.ivery. 'Against adopting llie sin of tralTicin human flesh, Mr. Halo said ho was unalterably and forever pledged. Citr.sttiitr. Uaiuioaii. A vety full nnd spirited meeting ol tho Stockholders of the Cheshire Knilrond Company, the object of which is the construction of 11 Knilrond in ex tension of tho Fitchburg Railroad, through Kcenc, N. IL, to Bellows Fulls, Vt. was held nt Keenc, on Thursday last. Messrs. T. M. LiiwAitns, II. F. Adams, and Salma II M.n, of'Kc'cne ; Gr.onor. IIuntinoton, of Walpolo ; nnd Nathan Htcn, Anr.t, PncLrs, and IIu.Nnv Timmin., of Boston, were cho sen Directors ofthe Corporation. It was ns- certaineei that Slock to the amount of SI,- 080,000 had been subscribed for which is $80,000 mom than tho amount required. Wo understand that tho most active meas uies will ho adopted to Vul ilils important ivorh in immediate operation, Lati:k rno.u Buk.nos Avnr.s We have received by the barque Chancellor, dpt. Beauvars, which arrived yesteitlay, news from Buenos Ayrt's, to the 8lh of March, 24 days later than that which sonic time since reached us by way of Baltimore nnd was tho latest prdvioitsly received, dipt. B. informs us that tliero was a report quito current the day ho sailed that tho French had ackuowl edged t.10 blockade af Montevideo. The British Packet says that Mr. Gore Ouslcy, the now British Minister to Buenos Ayres was to sail in the Firebrand fioni Plymouth. There were at Buenos Ayres on the 21st March, 105 foreign vessels, of which 3" were British, 10 American, 11 French, and 10 Brazilian. Tho British Packet of tho IS1I1, says ; The National schooner of war l;kral, Capt. l.iias. Kobcrtf, captured on the 3d insl., off Cape ot. .nary s alter a ctiaso ot ten liourr, the Ki verista, privateer boat Ychiz, comininilcd hy a Frenchman named Hirietaud. The crew, con. sifIiii" ofl7 men, of whom 15 aro Trench and - Italians, have volunteered for tho Argentine service. The llritish bri" Mnrv Ann. 200 tons. Tjen jitnin Brown. nuMer, from Cadiz, !)J January, to Messrs, Santauiiria, Llambi, and Cambarcres nf Ilueiios Acres, was wrecked on the Ortiz Hank, on the IO1I1 at .1 P. M. Thi. raptain and crew were taken from the wreck on the mnrninjr nf the 12th hy the pilot boat "Hare," and con veyed to this port. Tho ,Mnr Ann had been notified off .Monte video ofthe decree of the 13lh tilt, prohibiting entry in intenos Ayres to vessels touching at Montevideo, and having proceeded direct uptlie riier had no pilot. Spectator. Fiiom Il.wn. Wo are indebted to Cap tain B-irtlett, of thu schooner Fawn, from J a cm el, whence ho sailed on the 22ud of April, fur a note of the state of affiirs when ho loft. Tito election of Pierrot to tl.e T-rt'siurncy 110 itiitiKs not liki-l v to insure trnnrjuijity, ns it v.,s ih,. w-orl, oCtho Council of Stnto exclusively, nnd the people at large had no part 111 it. It 'was not known at Jactnel, when tho Fawn left, whether Pierrot had arrived or not at Port Republican, from Cape Ilaytien, where ho was stationed when Gurrier died. Ex-President Ilerard, after hovering about tho coast for some days nnd making several attempts to land, succeeded at last in getting on shore nt a small village called 1 Grand Gosier,' near Jacnicl, where lie remained when the Fawn left, his schooner being an chored off tho village. Ilis idea was ihal thu people of Jacmel and of tlio neighboring country would flock to his standaid ; but for ces were marching against him nnd it was tlio opinion that ho would bo captured if ho did not save himself by a timely flight. Spectator. Tho Mammoth Telescope of the Earl of Ross, is likely, wo judgu from the account-, civcti of it in thu English papers, to modifv essentially some of tho bold speculations of recent years, concerning llieslellas universe. It will bo remembered that ho finished in 1810, a twenty-six feet telescope, which proved to ho far superior 10 all other instru ments up to that timo constructed. In a pa per transmitted to the Royal Society nboul n year since, Lord Ross gave sketches Of sonio of thu nebular in Sir John llerscliell's cata logue, which proved to bo clusters of stars and which hy no means possessed that sym metry of form before ascribed to them and on which had been founded tho hypothesis of thu gradual condensation nebulous matter into suits and planets, so much discussed of late and so confidently introduced, as an es tablished truth, into the ingenious book enti tled Vestiges of Creation. But that telescope, magnificent as it was, far froiti satisfying tlio ambition of ils maker, was only the avant courier of the one of still morn collossal dimensions, which has just been completed. Tho speculum has six feet of clear aperture ami weighs nearly four tons , llie focal letifjlli is filtththrc'c feet. Its casting was a nutter of great difficulty, and very ingenious means ucro devised lo L'ffect it. Tho tube of tho insliliment is ibotit 40 feel lohg and eight feet diiuni'tei in thu middle. The Dean of Ely walked through the tube with an umbrella up! 1 he discoveries which may bo anticipated from this immense instrument, will bo look ed for With the greatest interest. Fiiom Sourn Amwuca. The Courier lias advices from Buenos Ayres to tho 2Slh of Maich nearly 11 mnnlh latere It gives, however, but a small modicum of news lit tlu moru than 11 n-port that tho French ad miral had consented to acknowledge tho blockado of Motile Video. Ono of tlio Argcntio war schooners htid captured a Montu Vidcnn privateer boat, the crew of which, French and Italians, 17 in number, agreed to enter (ho Argentine ser vice, Tho British brig Mary Ann, from Cadiz, was wrecked March 10, on thu Oritz bank Captain and crew taken off by a pilot boat, From the Huston Advcrti-cr. r r i val of the Ii r i Inn n in. i-OUllTr.EN DAYS LATHR 1'RO.M LONDON. Tho steam packet Britannia, Capt. Hew itt, nrrivtd nt Boston on Monday morning, 19ili insl., at 5 o'clock, from Liverpool, af ter n passago of 1-1 1-3 days. Wo have by her our files of London papers to Gat'irday. thc Od instant, and tho European Times of tho day of her sailing. The Britannia brings 15 passengers from Liverpool, 13 front Hal ifax, having left 22 there. Tliero was no tmportnnl chatigo in tho statu of affairs in Grout Britain, cither polit ical or commercial. Tlio acrimony of the Miiynootli controversy however, with the re maining excitement in regard lo llie Oregon question, had evidently produced apprehen sions both 'fur the stability of tho ministry, and for that of Iho peace of tho boutitry. There was therefore, probably from these causes, n grcntur depression in iho British funds than has existed for some time past. Three per cent, cunsols, for money let off May 2, nt 98 1-2 to 5 8 ; nnd for account 98 5-8 to 3-1 ; Reduced, 97 1-2 to 5-8 J Bank Stock, 209 1-2 to 210 1-2. Tho amount of Notes issued of tlio Bank of England in tho week ending April 2Cth, was 29,259,915. Gold bullion, $13,180, 872. Silver, efc.c. .2,073,273. The Queen liehl 11 drawing room tit St. James's Palace on thn 2d, nt which there weie, ol course, n brilliant attendance. Thu diplomatic circle was numerously rcpresen toil, ami niiiong others by llm American Minister and Mrs. Everett and Miss Everett. In llm Coltun 111 ;i 1 ki t there was a slicjit advance of prices, amounting in somrs de scriptions to near .1 farthing in a nohnd, This was attributed lo iho apprehension of hostilities which might deprive Great Brit ain nf supplies from tho United Sides. Tlio Maynooth College endowment hill had been discussed in cotnmitteee, nnd tho third reading was postponed to tho 19th inst. Tliero was no apparent change in the posi tion to the bill. iews hv the Overland Mail frohl India ' At .Market 325 Herf Caille, 10 pairs or Woikbr reached London A pril 21 , n .ll, advices from I f"'"0 nTC 1 9,-?.f unet, Calcut.a .0 March 8. There is no nous ot ' JZIT "ve o"le 7,;"' 7:?,: importance. I fecond quihiy, $3,23 p 83,50; third quality 84,30 id Tho state of affairs in Switzoilund had be- , JworkinI 0,en-SahEn, EC.i. 872, and 33. come morn pacific. A treaty hud been en- ' Mieep-Dull. Sales from 51,50 10 S3; a lot fine lered into for !ho ransom of tlio prisoners ta- j Wethers uriso'd. ken a, Lucerne. The indemnity .0 bo paid 1 lofe lor their release is stipulated at 350,000 from 3 to 3'c. 0 1S a,m 3e- At retail francs. - The news from Spiin is not important. 1 1 no negotiations with tho I'opo were still coins: on, nnd tho slate of these was tiro - noitiiced satisfactory iioiinciti saiuiaciorv. rm.NCR. Tin; most important piece of inlolli-i'iici- from France is lb it M fini-oi ill 111.1 net. re 111 1 ranee, is 11. t M. Utiiaot, till! 1 rime Minister, was so ill that the duties of his department were Icinpoiarily dis- charged by tho MiniMnr of tho Interior, M. Uucliatel, anil it was apprehended that such would bu the duration of his illness that bu wonlu not return to ollice. I liere was smile dcclinu in tliu funds in consequence of this appiuhi'iision. Five per cents in Paris, May 1, were done at 119 fr. 75c. 3 per cents on the pre ceding day closed al 85f oOc. A Paris nailer "ives thu followinrr infnr- illation in retard to llm h. iilili of ,M. Ciui.ut, tend of bis tirono.i'il iiiov...ii,.ts. ,l n.. l!iirdln thu ptoposed visit of Queen Victo , , . . . . ria to fans. "The nnliJy of M. Cluizot, which consists to a chronic alpciion of ihe liver, demands creat cate, and n 1 11c11l.11 iy rcpos.. lie s lorbiddcn not only to oc eupy himself wiih business, but to s'udy in any vviy, Kven ri-athn ts prohibited. Hoftel a monih's repose bis ftate is not improve I, he 111 lends eoinij 10 Vieby ; but thejoyrnev will be so atrattL-ed lint be miv be hick in Paris for the month of duly, for it is-positively Mated that ihc Queen of I'n'and will then viit I'ari?. Tnisj'iurnej is probable, but not ceriam, for llieClurcn is ar-atu in an irittreitiniz ruination, as the l.nglish term it, and ll is do duful that she could sup purl the fatigue of the Inp." A FORTHCOMING UKVELOPE MENT. Many of our leaders aro nivaro that Mr. Coltun, tho ilisliiini-lii-d author of tho "Ju nius tracts," lias been rnciced for some lime- past in writing nil elaborate biography of Henry Clay. A Now Yoik coircspondonl of tlit; Cincinnati Gazelle, who has had a full conversation with Mi. Coltou upon the subject, writes as follows, under dnlu ofthe 1 st inst. t, , , ... . . t , 110 lias nasscei ino w inier wit 11 .nr. vinv, 1 . and obtained all tlio documents necess try for a complete life, while no man is more ablo to put them into shape and order than 1 . 1 1 1 . .1 si A, 1 he. Added to tins, Mr. Clay has Ktven up all the papers telativo to the gieat " bargain and sale" tpicslion. Tbev alono form a , , , 1 r " ., . hundred pages nf notes proving the stale- menls Iliado in iho text. Theso dociinients, Sir. Colton tells me, , 1 , . .1 . c 1 mako eluvflopcments that aro perfectly as- toundinc, and go to show conclusively that all tho bargaining was on tho side of Jack- ,,r , . 1 , ., son nnd bis melius. It is proved by them that Dnclianan canio to Sir. Clav from Gen- oral Jackson with a diiect oiler and that trai jachsoti wiih .1 ""eel oner, aim I"'" Houston also went to tloann null another tlirert offer. Tlio snarl into which it gets liiichinan, Jackson, Eaton, iVc, is peifeclly l.itlguaiiie. jai'Ksuii, 111 ins aiier .'iiit'iuprs 111 get out of tho dilemma) when he found that Clay was too noblo 10 bo bought, annihilates lluchauan, aud Iliichanan, in endeavoring to throw the burden from his shoulder, di ives llm General to the wall, while General Ea ton cats them both ui) Thu disclosures exhibit the Jackson men uf that period who surrounded their favorite candidate, in a most ludicrous light, while il fastens a blot on Buchanan's fun-head ho will find it impossible) to wipoout. Hitherlo Sir. Clay h is refrained from making these dis closures out of regard fur iliichanan. Hut now, as his life is lo be written fur posterity, and ho is to tako his Iruo position in the con stellation of git-al aud good men ami his own life is drawing to a close, Iho call for every thin" that is needed to clear his character from tho aspersions mado against it is loo loud and imperious to be unregarded. Ills vcrv forbearance shows how well his ene mies know him. They fell they could trust to his inagnamimity while they allowed a charge to rest against him lie could at any timo destroy. Tho solemn appeal of John Quincy Ad" :1111s to thn final judgment for thu falsity of the accusation, ami tho unspotted integrity ol Clav's whole political life, were not suffic ient" to kill the slander; and now, as Henry oiay turns to ... '"" ". '"' """ ' 1 . 1.:. ..!......,. . 1. ii... I ond of Ids murlal life, ho says: "Out of 1 your own mouths will I cotldonin you." Ill ' till,.,, IS saiu "Timo makes all thincs cvenj" and wo rejoico to find it is to provo true In tins enso; aud when tho ptesent busy nclors on tlio political slago shall have disappeared, nnd other times, and other narties.and oth- tr men shall cuniu up to' looit un the past, tlio diameter so long assailed, and tho tpirit so grievously tried, will be found pure nnd spoMess, while thoso why were honored in their meanness shall receive tho contempt they merit. The work is to be published in tho fall, and will mako two largo octavo volumes. Fnojt Mexico. Tlio Now drlcans pa pers have advices ono day later froin Vera Cruz. The U. S. squadron had arrived, hwl made n considerable sensation. From tho interior it was reported that tho earthquake shocks continued, but no particulars aro giv er.. The Beo says: With respect to Texas, the Mexican Gov ernment appear disposed to rercyriize her in dependence, and is wilhiir to solecfFrance and Lngland as umpires. Such is the Itnor of our information. A proposition was before tlio Congrc'si.'lb discontinue proceedings ngainsl Santa Anna if lie would go idto voluntary banishmcrit'fdr Ion years. Graham's Magazine. The June num ber of this decidedly popular monthly has been received. It contains threo splendid engravings, Ii view of llock Mountain in Georgia the Masquerade, nod a 'Porttait of lllft llr... II. I T-r- r tl- Griswold. Thn tablo of contents exhibits nil array ol talent of thn first order, nnd tho Editor promises still further improvement iii Itis next volumes, to commence in July. For sale by EuwAitos, together nilh Godey's Lady's Book and Arthur's Magazine, &c. DEDICATION. Tht 10 Methodist rrolettant Ilnlem S'A-vntu Meeting House, in Ka-t Shelbume, will bo ded icated to the Lord, on Saturday, June 7. Ser vices at half p:st ten o'clock. The sublic gctf. crally aro respectfully invited to altera!. Sheiburne, May 0, lSlo. "Illfi'l lll'V MA ICKCT, May 12, 1813. cw torn Catl!o Market-May 12. At marker, 1030ll,ff Catile(00 from the South i I "on a and Calies. and tnnn Shn n.i r -,.,1,. 30 l"ow a and Call c. and 1000 SheeD ! - ""'ces Heef Untile Considerable spirit prevailed I ln ""'.n'"" ,a" "c.l,' cmud' h lnK"r-. by the unusually larac number winch arrived from ll.eSouth 5",no 1 fv"nicli weio sent on to lioston and 1 oyer's 1 "cr m"re a1' Ilv.; 'ban for several w eeks past, nil kt , ,,e mirkel hav;n5 been taken. Holders, however, 'n'ed 10 ol laimng'any advance on the oioialions of ',1sl "Teh' "bxh wererume, vii'; J3 (t sj, according I 'iwsand C.rtw-819 .0 f23. a W, we quote as 'he extremes of the mirkei all sold. , , sl ,""p.?n.'i '"""!! ?!P ? 2,73 to 81,501 Lauibs 81.30 to 2.73 .Ml -old. "lIST0Jf MAItKKT May 10. OOL Tbere has been a steady demand fo'r de-cces and pulled Wool, without any cs.en'ial varia tion 111 rnce-s. The time f.,r sheann'r; U neiii at hanel and llie re will be a much larcer clip thin ln eer before been taken oil' to tins couniry. Very lirgc sales i f fiiremh roarse m nlo be.m made, rui'T''!''" 300 -100 000 lbs. South Aiiu-ru-m uncM vuthiX ' T'.'.".'1. '"'." ,3tMJUU I1"- Oniony lbw,-, 4 it iiAI. . (i luc; iivi j-t .J.jUei, 33 ft 37c Ibi' -uu - uu enies ot otner tleser; eleseripnons nt'm-ntiuns. rmne Sixi nv ll.eres. wnsbi.l. th. American I'ull lllou'l, eto do J do do J do do and corn, do Smyrna, elo washed, do, llueoos Ai res, unpicked, do elo picked, Super Ni rlhern p'dled larnh, 7o t do do do 2 do do do 3 elo do do 42 tt 43 33 Ht 40 3 V 37 32 31 30 G 3J 20 H 22 10 15 7 (? 10 10 1 1 37 V 3S 31 tr 25 23 ffl 25 14 W 16 In this Villa;?, rn the 17th inst., at Ihe ri-sidence tit his brother, Mr. Setii Tavloh, of Picalcnac, III. aged 33 years. I'npersin N. V., Ohio, III. aud Ind. will pleafce copy. In r.sset, .tlay Uth, Mis. Cstiicr M. Wabdes, age I about 3d. She has left a hits' and to mourn her loss, and four children, loo young to fee I the loss Ihey have sustain ed. Her disease naa llie pulmonary consumption under which she lingered for about wo veers. Du ring mutt of Ihis tune, lierMiualion wis peculiarly lr)tnL', jet she manifested an uncommon spirit of pa Hence and u-siuation to the divine will. She was never heard lo inter a murmuring word, or complain III. nl l.-r I..I t..a .1.. ..r..n " . ' : ". 'rime 01 ene peioa. , i.w-- ... uuu .u 1. a, vi ihc Kiiiane-3 OI Irienels and ho richly she was provided for. ", ano Mrs. W. etubriccd a hope of aecepunce with God; 1 ronh Jps-j9 CI11M111 a very early life. This hope I she elienshcd Tor a I nle; but made no public, nrofes. , of her ftiih. ai rfn-;ib, lost ,,, B g,'Ji wA: j sure her enjovmenlin relUion, anelhoicof nrrtpiance i ' c: ; inV,V;fwnrd'''0vSl'n lonm,td ,ex"P' won rnort mtervalsof revival) nil her ast si. kness Kovv her conscience could no lonm si .ruber, Kor several moniha sb'c did not obtain satisfactory en- 1 fc'":' f!i?i J"T""r?a'kV? ns!et v''0'l 1 tier niinu, she was at Irnmh brousht into i-ht nnd liberty, and continued !u lids slate during the last ' r,.2llt iiionihsof her life. Her mmJ was rrturh extr- , ZTLon ! 'C,'L1f '"1" s, " Pu,',c "'"" (": lil'lin. It stemeil not lo be convenient, am! 11 was defered from time to time till within about four weeks! i ?' h" dt'"m- She was now confined 10 her bed, and V V Vrc"e s! dJ' J'Pcciinsi she would be , taken from idem, but she felt thai .he could not leave I wiihout first uniimp with ihe church dedicating her children 10 Ood in biptism, nnd receiiing the lTorJ. appo.ed nt her house, nktended by 'the- rHmiw,'tbI deacon ofthe church together with a few brtthrenapd sisters, wnen anu wncre she wis reci-neil into ths church her children ba Used and the L'ord's' supper administered. Thouch she was extremely weak, ei, so soothine was this lo her fiellnjs, that ihe cjfrcise, thnucS protracted to three fourths of an hour, in-tcs'd ofex hatniinir, seemed to refresh her, not only for the lime beinu, but long afterwards. Having performed this" duly she se-emi'd lo wait with sreat composure ana serenity of mine!, nil her chance stunild come. Prath wasdisirmed of all its terror, nnd he-r urealcst f,-nrs were lhat she should be loo anxious to depart. Sho was faithful 10 council all who visited her and were' without hope, to seek an interest in f hrijl. She was especially anxious that those whose kindness she had shared, ilhoulj not be found on the left hand of fiod' Death found her pieparcd her end was peace, Notice. TfJl'lS FOI.t.F.TT havins retired from the Mer J cnniilc concern of Pollen, lirndley & Co. hv niutuil censenl . he business ,l f hereafter con- drCi-fd,i',l,."ltC .J'1 ',l,m, So,llh Wha,f. !n 'be name of I ollctt lliadlcy. T. r-'oi.t.FrTT. JOIIV lUt.iDI.KV. n ,. ... LOUIS KOI.LKTT. fluilinston, May 31, 1S13, 51 Flower Pots; VARIOUS Sites! inmnion Flower Pols by the doien or single, at PKCK & Sl'KAU'S. CJcortre TIIIetou' estate, STATU OF VMKMO.NT. ) 'IMIK : rro roba'te Co u'rf Imtrii't of I.niiejtllr ter L. of said To all persons concerned in the- r.ia.eof Oeorie Til uistrii't 01 ivunoilte, rtr - of said District : lostnn. late of IkMdere. in said Disrricr. deceased. Wheiibas, fCbenezerlillotsonjadmtnisirniorcn tho estate of slid deceased, 10 render an account of his nefininistration on said esrale.nt a Probate Court to' bf- holden ot the Probate office in Johnson, withit nml.f:,r.1, .'t'llk' ,.rr"l,id' on thc l6,h 1 ihrrefore, you are hereby notified to appear before "id Court, at Ihc lime and place aforesaid, and con-' 50.". ".rAL"lL"!?.l',."0V.,P Jlw3 COU.NTLIUS LYNDF, Jr.; Rltttr. '