Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 23, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 23, 1845 Page 3
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Itciijnmln GrimiH To fttl nrrnna I J MINOR FFr ' ,1 . ''. wnhln nnd for tie! ic KIM ,my ( .May, ) J JUn,,late iif (IrnnJ III.-, (,, mill cs aie.niidfilc m said Court 111 ... II ." 'I"', "ie pcr-onabJ iii-iiim-icni to pay ? ",'P '" of ndml ii -.viu i e ncccs-nrv 1 1 .tea estnipnl ....... .". .1 ... - - . -- nncinic, .debts atrainsi he said estate nl j.".., iii'iprayimjMtftl Cf,rl , minfiraiorto cll iho whole i ... '".".""iTMonnry Intcrc-t agreeably to the statute in mi 'liik ,...,V llle ca" "IW ..... ..y u, JNr)e next. r.r ... .pud petition at the ! ' I , J , 1 H.1V district: nn. 'A.t.1' n newMini-rr inn' . .' iT'1'"" "ntv, the Ini.i1 rit . ' I'" '' mid Uin ,lnv1 mra r in,, iuhj al ()r..-i "'-"V, 1845. JAIUZLl I r e in I m Hoi EC I, IP ' received at the K.Vtit'i?''! Fair, the crcatcst ever hv( ' m the 1 .. 11l,nv Scntcmbcr 2.-!lh. 1SI2. Hid ; from a host of competitors, aiiu'tn! wl'l'l imported ones, will he located f"f 1 I ,.,- nf tltrt.A wtin I.) Illltinite l''l ' nnhlo animal, the horse, in the city of I XT. rM,r1i.a r.'nrrtl'g Until. 1 . Hiscilt (ti-ldings hue hei n soW hi ' 8200. 300. nnd 8100. one pair niatchil " stock proe uncommonly rT mom 1 t"... fnrllw r n.rltenl-rs Sep. hilts, I ' l',IAVhl DAVID VcrEennes, May 14, 1SI3. Travelling Map WAN PHD. milR StiWrilior wishes In on'jnsol I. Pile nf hi? Map--, a number of jnur.l or.'rictly moral ami business nanus. ,, A capital nf from 100 to $300 will he necessary, 'and a certain district of country wi'l he nt2ncd to l.each Aeenl. Unexceptionable testimonials ofcharac- 'ter tWll be required. S. AGU-TUS MIT'TIELL. A'. H. torntr cf Mirkrl and Seventh St., I'hitaihln'i'i. May 22, ISI5. M Graham's Mairazinc for June. Oi'lumbhn Maca?.ine, (todeyfl Lady's lloo'c, do do Arthur's MaL'aiine, do 'do Illn-iriied Shakefp.'are, o "l nnd 52, Harper'" Illuminated Hi1 If, No. '2fi. , liy A. l'DWAHDS. . May, 21. 51 DIGDSV OF lr till MONT IIF.POIITS. FTMIK ?nlicril'.cr Ins rn prrpantinn n DnrfPt of t' o . m. Rpporli f Pcciong of the Ruprrmc f onrt of Ihc Statn ot mnqni, from the tatjat pnUM.rri "cusps to tlie profifnt tunc, ini-iiiUinn' many manuscript caf8 not pnUtslml. The work hn hern in pirl prrpircd nnd will lie completed lij exnminin!: every cns nnd ilie opininns lof the cnurt will) full n-ffrenrrs to nil cnps in which Bthe Bime prinnplM nfhw have hecn uecidpn rt-rer-"encfis to overrulcil rnsc? nn IsttninU'S on winch decis ions hivo hrvn nnde; nlv full lcfcrencrs to Amcri , can and 1 iahh UprtK. Also in nprendix contain Jnij s jndirnl hutorv of the Mntc, vyiih biocrnplncnl notife. nf the pooricnl jmlurs and lawyers uit,h names and rr?idenccof the present atiorniesand counsellors in the stale. The work will he completed as eirlv n; prneticihlc Ufter the comi'h unii of ih Disit of r.nchh Cnr.irnon ,Ijiw Report now In press nnd .lu Isejlniivir's Ktli- -.tion nf llicnn'a Alirid.eniPiit in vtliicu he ha made (fnll rtMLcrs to all iho American Hrportsboth of which ii jf rxpccuu vi i uu uuiujncie nnu pnuiiMitti wirhin a yenr. The snnio will he adopted for publishing pp Mtif)irtory in publihjnjr the llevied Hlattites of thi ,Rlte., bv I'sini! virions r,mlilhs nf paper and I indiny, ,lhni nnkins the hook nt hi low a? price ns tu come within iho means nf all vMshins; il-rnnd fine copies will be sold at a lower price than njv Diffcjt f;rncr ican HeporN Ins been Mihli-lv d. A larjjr silei con .fidentty looked for, whti'h will ho neceesirv to defray the expend. CltAUXCKr GOUDHU'll. Burlington, April, IS 15. 51 ROB Ell TS OX 'CON VEYANO ES. rTWE siihfriher has in nres and will shortly PnV M. ih 4 Treatise on the Construction of the iitni. (, 13 KHz. c. 5. miff 27 fills c, 4. relating to Voluntary and Pratuhilent ConrtynvceSt and on the nature and force of ilhVtrent conihtcrntionft tn nun port dttd nnd other letrnl Instrument, in, the court 'qf (iip and flfuHy, by William IloLnnrs, ol Lin coins Inn, author oYn ircitie? on the sliluteof frauds ana a treatise nn the taw ot wsiis and cndicds. Third American Trom llieiasi hnslisn cmtion, wnh addition' al note. ; and reference i AnuTio-(n nn( later Kir glish decisions. ("HAUNGTjY GOODRICH. Btirlincton, Vt. April 1845. 51 B O OK-BIXD Ii II 1 V. ! A' TED. WANTED hy the nilicnbcr a jnnd journeyman iKKik-binder. A yonnifinan of cvid character wisnins empioyrneiu lor soin( preferred. SncJi nnnewnois masier pi nil trade may find steady C. GOODRICH I i. Bnrlinaton, April. 1853 f N EW (G ROCERY 'and Projlsion Store, npiIE sidcribcr hain; commenced the Grocery i - n.n'' Provision business, nt the stand knnwn ns the If lCKnlLr Kt,,PA nn -font smilh nf Mcra Ai II i H. poolnl,ej invites the nttcntion of purchasers to hi- iiG.ii oiioj circfu v s e ecKHl nssorlnunl of ti II O C E R I E S : eor"is'nsr'in part of superior Hyson Skin, Powchone tand OJ,on 'pert9 I.asuira, Java, nnd reryJJneOhi ..GoVefTnmon- l-M C,,tY. n.inlilA rpfintM Sitimrs. in lf'lve Mid Powder. S ewnrta CoflVe, Crpshed Sur-nr,' ,i orif,, n,c r)r( jv Orleans do., St. Croix Syrup, ""f nor to nny otner Jiuiases ; r p i it v : s -Crlnrt nnA nnrrrniind from itie Hone Mills and war- tfflted nure: Hvlti'n's best Honey Dew nnd Sweet L-eaf Tohaci-o. E. Rooms fine I'ul and Smokine do.,' knd Macobor Snuff, Of friiil helias M RnndSul- rtant llasins, Citron, Prunes, Eigs, Lemons, &c. also, . Hudson Hsi- Salmon, nnd Conneclicut River Shad .very fine, Pink, Elour, Codfish and Mackerel, hy the Jpound or barrel, Sperm Oil, Soap, Sperm nnd Mould Candies, Harrcl And fine sack Salt, &C.-6.C- III addition lo the above may be found STAPLE DRV GOODS, Snch as common Prims, Heavy Sheetincs, Tickinjrs, Tailor's Trimmings, Cniton Vam, Halts, Wtckine, -Black Cotton, Thread, Needles, Pins, &c, which will lie sold on the most favorable terms. , So much of the patronage of friends nnd the public a. may be mutually advantageous, ia resneeifnlly oliciifd. . A. S. DEWKV. Burlinston, May 231, 1S41. 61 Congrcgationalist S. S. Books'. jriONGrjEGATIONAL and other Sneieiies i KJ supplied with Sabbath Schiol Hooks froi i can be from ihn Mssi. S. S. Society, al Huston nnce.s. at STEVENS WOODS' Book-Mre. Burlington, May 2-2, 1815. 51 MISS MRAKHAM, MXIUNEIl, TTlASju-t returned from Nevv Vork wilh new J.1 la-llionsior liunm-i, mm j-i-b. niw, ruii- Vial Flowers, Silks, Ribbons MonrninR Collars, Kewlles Pins, Ac., wliicn v, unemiu encap. Tncans and Straw cleaned ami , repaired, Shon over Me-.r. Cole & Rub.non' .tore. College St. May 15,1815. 4vy50 tjLATF-S, very nice, various sues. lO SIia nenclls. (while,) auills, Ink, Steel Pens, , Toy Hooks, of all descriptions, Visilinir and Printing Cards, from 8 to 75 els per,.or,.-eDy STEVENS WOODS Caps and Shoes. J" UST rccc'ued Silk and Linen Oil Cloth Caps, ALSO, , - n-nTd nnd nalent Leather. Kin. Gap T.r not. French Kid -Sip', Buskin, and walkine lcceap"d, iz: Ahnni twonrid n Inlf acres of land nnd Tanner v thereon, simntid upon the II ranch in the ill nc of .loltnton. The T.hi Voiksare nentlv new nnd contain n Itollni!; Mill, I-'nllinir Mill nnd Hark Mill, with piifliiaeiit water power Jo carry the woiksthrouch the vear, hiina the same premise occupied by the said llecd, al the lime nf his decease. .lOIlX MHIGS, Wmfniraor. Johnson, April 15th, 1 S 15. 50 The nhnve sale 13 adjourned to the ? h dav,of June next, same time nnd place. J. M. Adm'n. JAMES HOG AN, WOULD respectfully inform the citizens of Hur hiiglup nnd vicinity, that he has commenced BOOK JUiXDLXG in nil i's various branches, in the II nldins formerly nccupied hy S. S. Skinnrran Sa Idler's op, three doors I'.ast of the Tri e l'ies olTu e, Co'Icl'O 5t., Hur linston, Vt., where lie intends keeping constantly on hand I.eilctP, JotirmN, Invoice ll ioks Record Uio, Mcmorandtnn Hooks, Day nook". rh lli'iko. Sales IIocKs, Heceipt Hook, I.awvcrs Ilricfing Paper, i,ost Taper, and II. Hank". Public nf!ce, Insurance Cunpanies, Merchant!! and others, furnished llh Account Hooks mailecf the best paper, ruled nnd bound to nnv pat tern desired, nnd executed in nood style na Iho lalesl improvements ill binding nnd experienced workmen enn produce. Particular attention will he paid lo iho hindlug ( f Libraries, Periodical-.. Music. Port-folios, Scrap Huo'is Ar,,iC. Manuficlurer of IJhic, lllaclt, nnd Red Inks. Country older" executed on lh- niot favorable lerms, nnd nl short nonce. Ivlges. of Honks manned lo nny pattern to match, Comb nr ftpnnih in the best style. Most kinds of School nnd.Illank Hooks on hand nnd lor sale cheap for Cali. Taper Hags taken in ex chnnpe for Hlnnk nn.l Schnol Hool-c, Paper, ,f.c. Iliirhntnti, .May 13, 1813. 50-ly New Books. HIiIIE Euhscribcr offers for sale the followintr Snh M I, nib School Unoksfrom llieM. E. Hook Rooms, N. Y. which will be fold on ns favorable terms ns can be ohlnmeilelFewhcre, viz ; The ilaml, i nc, The Tonijue, The Hir, The Seed, The fira-, The rioer, The I'ruit, The Ely, Tho Himcy Hce, Tho Am, The .'pider. , The Animalcule, The CS ill Insect, Tho Nesi, The Ear, The I-'calher, The Sons Hird, The Sea Star, The I-obster, The Coral Maker, The Kish, I.iule Ann. Mis'mnarv Hook for the vnunir, Jlay 15, '45. 50 STEVENS WOODS, 11 UR LING TON Female Seminary. THE SUMMER TERM in this Institution will commence oh Mopday tho 2ulh of May, nnd close on tlio bin ot .Uum. . . From 33 to 30 young I.adies can be nccommoda. ted wjih Hi.ard, d-c, nl Ihe Seminary, under tho iin. ,n.l,nt. ctir.'-nT the Teachers ! such will eni IV Pecu liar advantages. A few rrtore than nre now engaged can bo. accommodated for ihe next lerm. Tcrms half payable in ndvnncc. TUITION. English branches nnd Latin, Si.OO per rjuar. Piano Music, S.OO Insirunient for practice, 2,00 Drawing, 4,00 Krcncb. 3.50 Hoard, including fuel, lights, washing, nnd nil the convenionccs for study, in spacious nnd well furnish ed rooms, S.'.OO per weik, by iho Term; or $23,00 er sins-ie n inner oi u weens. Hurlinglon, May 12, 1843. B0w3 Jericho Academy. THE SUMMER TERM will commence on Wed J. ncsday, the 4th uf June next. TUITION. For the Elementary branches cf English, t2,00 Higher English branches, 3,00 Latin nnd Greek, -1,00 French nnd llnhan, (each extra,) 1,00 Mtzzotmtn and I hinese Panning ( 1,00 Linear nnd Perspective llrawiiiff. do. 1,00 Tlio Principal, whose lime is devoted exclusively lo the inlerestc of the Institution, will eparo no pains necessary to render it worlliv iho patronage or an en lightened community. In nil the insirucliun ihe oh iect wil bo to e licit Ihouglil. direct mind rather than carry it.. -Siudents, therefore, willing to labor aro sure of wi Icomo recepuon. Peculiar advnniaKcs will be afforded during Ihe summer lerm. for Iho practical study ol llotany l-at nr An. Svetem.Vand Mineialor-v. jjrawing aim i muiius, jro noiurt, is lauui a science. Hoard, and facilities for thoso who would board themselves, on Ihe most rensonauio terms. ALEXANDER MILLER, Principal. Jericho Centre, .May 14th, 1843. B0w2 Book Bindery; T UK subscriber is now receiving from New York a choice assortment nr a n il BLANK HOOK -MATERIALS, and is now prepared lo do nny kind of work in the lionK limdery or IllnnK lioul'. Jlaniuacluring bust ncss. I hnve in my bindery a workmen thai is ac nuaiuted wilh all the modern styles of binding, hav ing worked in the best esiablishmenls in Ine Union, ond will not lusuale in saune that all bindinz en trusted lo my hands shall be ictll executed, and in a manner not ueiore, er.uatied in this yic:ntiy. Corner Church and College Streets, , -STEVENS WOODS. Burlington, Vt., May 8, 1845. 40w3 WRAPPING PAPER Ke,n, Wrappinj Paper of .upcrvjr quality OU" For silo at the most reduced pricfs in ex change for goods. ijuuui(li-ii. May I5ih,M3, W EARL STREET HOUSE DUliTANGtON, Vt. fl$vrl known Ulnhliahmenl. the most uleas- lilt nnd foinhanJioil Ipf nllv fn Inwn. ha nnetl lo haiuN of the Mil.-criliiT. who will snare no to lualio it one uf the let lloitfe in New find. the traveller, the lniineM run nnd nil who Do enend n lew di s or wit'k in the mo-t lu'nl' Pnd i, reannt towu'in 'eriiiiiil. the ith-criher cr liiiii.tlftlint lhi Hoii-oMill merit their iippro on, in the internal urranueiiicnt rverv re-jiird llccn pail In the com fort of nil who may l.ior ' with their tintrrtwiue. Mr. I), pleilei-p Inm-oll that h! tnl.le shall I c fur- tbttt ol mi times with the lest Hi'1 n-niHet n-innij. BOw3 A. K. ) HAM). . rN. 11. Tcams'cr will he accomodated on nren Rn.ib'c termi at nt ,y House riviiis the snme nc pm tioitaiions. LIEAI' CASH HOOK STORE, At tlio Sl'ii of o-O o Lsuh'criher has iut retiiriien from New Vork, lis now recount! an c.xleiwve nssortmeni ol liukniid Stationery I Wink llouk or every In) Hililc", 'ivstameiits, Hymn lionHs, ninp- 1 Alliums, Toy Hooks, i'C. il'C., Wtl'.CII will Ian for Cash, ;I i o U, Iselei'lion nf Hooks from the M. K. Honk Y., .Such ns lli'des, Testaments, tlvinn 25 els. to Sl.'J7i. Dt-cin ine. Weslev's &c. &c.. nt the enrnrr store, Strona's STP.VC.NS WOODS. lon.Mav I5lli, 1S1V 50 litlil'l I fc J IUSi til TA XT IMP HO VRMENT. fcitvi ni (ria ii i prm't'? Mrconvcrtmi; rt'.irl Kak'ratu. til known 1 tic mm ifariurin:r of S,ilTi- ivvay- Urn nnd lill U uonlincil nlmost ex po "ihu liuin Dj-ii'lerit, cf Xew VurU nnd ?on ran nt wicu (.iivl nt a nmu exiH-niO fhi- lVarl jinn SaliTaini sup'-rmr Lnii1llrt not onlv m ciril If.l to Minn ilu 'round him nt it trreit nvirie nrtranpurm. iHit nlsn, V to r mru'ti' willi 1 fit hi-turiTA in jNewVorL nnd Huston at tlicir own further tn to runt inn- nnd ri2iitto nnnllr'ttll, in Vermont or any ntlicr Statu can I c olt.iinod by at' drLsinj (ptal imn!) j:dv.ui ciiAMimuuN, 50.vG Hasten, .Um. To ILct. Hon-e, sitnatcd nn Church Street, nearly toc-clher with a irnoil V ojiposito l.ane .Slnre, Ham, Shed, ll 1 nol-ri' Shed, ll I Wiml-rfi nl. Alliu lied In Mm i u gonl well ol water with a pump ami ngi.o,lciicrn. .?, A jrooilNcv" llnucjii-t nni-hist, siiunled nn the,ew i'.nd. ur.rimx iiaiciiiu.dkk. li.irlinitoii, May P, IBIS. j0 -N oticc. I "Iir, Cnmmi-sinnel, non-Ciiiiimi-.ioned ndiecrs. i tiiti-is .'iiif i-i; n. n . l'rivn p. nl I hi. lilt . -I. Iniantrv Liimaanv nt Hurlim-ino. ,ti ih,. 'nil..-,.. MlllllV 111 Ihe Crh lli'iimcnt. nre hcri-bv uniuhl In appoir with I'mtorm-, Armband I cpnpmcnw renuir. ci I by l.iw,nt thuCumt llnu-e in llurlinirti n, on 'I uo da v,' June 3d, 1 9 1 j, nt 0 o'clock A. JI., lor lliepurpo-i ( f .Military drill nn I In-nec-iiun, and there wait fur ther order. I'y or 'er nl'ilio (;.iiain. i- iv. i-uvki,!,, Uirli. Uurlinston, May 13th, 1315. 602 15th. NEW GOLD GOODS. flOLD Pens nnd Pencils. Wntchrs. Pins. HtniT! J I hams, Iicvs, llracf lets ive. now opening nt the vnncty store, uur nssoriiiieut will be superior nnd wdl be ofl'ered nt ihn'r Value, nr.d at pttces which will be satisfactory lo pood ludccs nf ,-nnd i,,m! , Ladies nnd Ccntltmrn fruni this and other towns arc invited to toon inroiigii nur slore, either for amuse inent or for purchasing, il is filled up nnd coods nr ranged for exlnbiiion. nnd nil who are shewing tluir friends nnd visitors the town nre invited lo include our store ntnongsi me Maces tor Witntmn. su iiiu.NSMAII) HIIOTI1ERS. -AOMhSTIC Shvery, by R. F,,cr, 0f South oarouna, r . itayiana ol mown Univernlv. Jiu l or site liy WOOL'S. READ ME TlUiOlGU! CHEAP CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, AND GENERAL CLOTHING STORE. TAMES MITCIir.1,1.. Ki-.ipei- anil Tailor I has relumed from New Vmk, with a good assort mcnt of lioods in Ills line, such ns French Coal Black Cloths and Cassunercs; American and English Blue Black do do American nnd Engli.h Tweeds ; Fancy Cassimens, variety of patterns i Black Satin nnd other Vesting j Trimmings of all kinds, best quality, The nbove Goods will be add, or mar'e lip to order tho rest mennrr. nt sue h nrnea ni cannot tall nre-cnt inducements to nnrchasers. J. M. has benn Inlionnir for mime few years to ex cel in Ihe line of his profession, and now feels ihat commence mat lie can conlintntiv ay inai u is onre. ly possible lor a cusiomer in leave til suop uiseausiieu Alko, uo imilil n flit'Iili uni I nil-ill ui READY MADE CLOTHING, Well made. Any known defect in a garment will be made known ot the lime of salo, as I am desirous of continuing the f.Mn, honorable and moil mikiiep manner in which 1 havo attempied lo conduct mv bustne-s. 1 he public ma) rest assurcil mat mere nojockyingnt my eslablishmenl. Culling done as uual. Liberal credit given. Burlington, May 9, 1815. J. M. The New Store JUST rivcived a larje supply of Slewarle' Van lla Cream Candy, -ALSO, " Lozenge-, ' Sll.k Cindy.. " Burnt Almon ls, IVpperniint Drops, " French Hoiibons, ". Snnp Dragonk. Al-o, Just receivM Sarduie, Verinicilli, l.lngli , . Irish Mo. ii excellent article . Fis, Prunes. Ciirou. . Also, a larsro and exitlfeni variety of OarJcn and Mower mink, 1500 hundred lbs. Soda Crackers, Pickeled Lobsters, , " Olive-, French MuMard, Ac. Ac. .ilao.k eleil'assonuenl of lVrfumery, Hair Oil Tooth Hrn-hes, Nail aud Hair, Fancy 8onp, Cat lions, uto no unse. yttso, a sptrnuui or liileof Cisare, among which nie Ihelollowliig clioic "Brand.." Regalia, Principe, ) ara, alnnni.t Amur... ' Also, Andersons Honey Dew Fine Cut Chewina Tobacco, aln, Sim King iiacco, Sliller'i do ANo, jut received a fruit supply of Camphune andi.neniieaiuu. 4D B. J, IIEIlNEfll.riG &. Co. Alinnral Waters. THRESH Congress Water by Oro-s, Dozen or sins I1 lollies, at PKCK -V SPKAK'S, 41 SODA FOUNTAINS, ANjn MIMMtATi WATUIt Al'l'AUATUS. TIIU tlndcri-iirned, heina snpplicl with the nhove nrlnle are ciijMoJto f.irni-li them for eilhei Mmt.pnl nr .Sihln Waicr. al Manufacturer's, iiriees. The facility with which these, fountains are "implied, together with ll eir lo;v pru e, will recnminend llicin lolholrade. We can nlsofurnish thcfolluwiiig n nciy i.f ejnipsjiy measure iiruutiei r,en.dn, I IffpTTrr, ' Rullla. Otgent, I -S.ittsji.thJn, r ncic cc si'F.Ait. l Aliolheearie'niidWho'e-aleUriicil-l' REMOVED. K TAjll'" HAS rcinovdl to Church slreel, corner of Cherry strict, formcily occupied by Miss Spencer, Dress-Maker, w here he hopes to meet Ins old cus tomcrSiand would he ul-id to srcn U'ony new ines ns may favor him with thiir patrontiBC. Gar menu cleaned, and Cutting done On the shortest notice and warranted. -liiirlinglon, April 10, 1915. I3rietl Apples, A rRIMr. arliclo for cale loV, hy II. W, C ATI. IN. 00 May 15, 1315. Domestic (ioods, Al'OI.I, n'sorlment nf every style llrnwn nnd Hlenchel Shcelmir nnil SliirltnLV Tiekines, Drillinss, Carpet Warpa:id Cotton yarn, J.i-I reenv cd. by II. W. CAT1.1N. -nay is, ibij. G'rvqcries, 1 FULL asirttncnt Fnuiily Groceries, toi salons cheap ns the cheapest, by ll. W. CA'l I.IN. Mny is, leio. . . o crock nnv Sf'c C1 V. STAMKOllll it Co. haericcivcd prlalo arrival n iionil a f.ilnient of HfMlKKIlV. IOI1M.M. tll..DM..M HANOINC.Snnd C.HOCF.HIKS. In wlncli l ie at tention nf the purclin-ini! community is solicited. Iliitlinsiton, May rin i.i. -w T701lsilehy n'iit!t t fi linoTIIIMLt. 50 ISdc 'Acedia. Sabbiitli -School Depository, UST reicivcd an evJrnsivc assoriinenl of Saldntli School Hooks, for s-dn at Holon and New Vol It . H. llvtnn noons, w.iviu t iiurp, wr o. -ii-uuuia, acred JUIodus, for e.ile by.. , . , 1 au;ii.a uuis. Hurlinctnn, May 14, 1S15. BO ' AOV'S Coaet I.ihrarv, Wroniii of Vomen. A nls.i. a ureal variety of Hooks, for Vouilli (ten- lleinen and I.adics, lor sale cheap by BO , PII.OUIM L'rojrc'. I.ife of l.orciuo Dow, Hunynn'a Holy tTSit. for sale hy New Goods;. cj II. II DOOI.ITTI.r. havciii-i nwived finni , New Yor';, a I irac and .evueral .t.-Mirtmcnt .f ooiis Miittil tu the spring uoue, wniui uiey om-r very low, ti-iiinr id i . Iliac'., Blue, Invisible Oreen, Brown nn I C.v'et mixed I loih-, Black nod F.iii'TCasiincie-,Twcekl, vrunliii, Coit'.n.i les I rankliii Siri.e, a-hing'uri -;n..iriif'nN white and I rown Lieen Drills, Drapd'Eio' 111 in', Illn'-k, nn I l-'.incy Print, Furniture Cnlier, l)n- ttc, E.irlston and Cele-nne timnhiim-, brnw n llnlloii''-, ,Jcnl.cvii Pnniren nnd Spitalhcl.l lldkl., inen Cambric, do, Caliineri. and Barrage Sliawi, ,n lies white. Uiiblcaeliid, Mack nnd colored Cntlon llnse, l lnck "pun Mlk do, fienl. brown and e. Inrisl I 'hi Inn i llii-e, Bird- Eye, Scotch and Russia DiaiH'rs Napkin-', Oiab, !ri-'h Linsn-, ulnle and t-otoiisl .linliri'. siripeo nun n.irriM -uuciin, ,iw- nnu ink do, Ili-hup Lawn, Ladie Fancy l'mnts, Dimity ind Cull",, Cents..!. I n k llnhan Lra.- .its. .iiknniltanc 1 rencti I u. Oil Silk. C.m l.ace. illginc nnd tli.bhin Trhnmuiir, Boniu.'tt 'and I'n-i ltil.l nus. L'lt-iriug do. Bal?.nriito nnd Printed Lawn. Bouneit ili, IMrasnl ami Unlirclia., jiiam nun tv.-nr-e l Silin Vi sling, faiicy colored do, Coat Trimniiii),'" nl all kin I c-u. -vc. May ,7, 18 15. 40wG May 8th. LAMP WICKS AND CLASSES. 17011 Camphene or Chemical Oil Lamps. Also, 1. wicks for nil kinds of Lamps in use here, and fllases for Astral. Livcrnool. Bacon and some oilier kinds of Lamps. Itiitannio, Jappanneil, Plated, Hrissaud n few glass Lamps nn.l Candlesticks, Lard Lamps; snntlcrs nnd trays nnd a general as surtinenl uf Pla'ed and Hriiannn Metal Oonds. Oer man Sdvt-t (ionds,such ns Fish Knifes, TiUileSpi,oii8, Tea do, H.itier lTnivcs, Tobacco Boxes -Vc. ''Doric Chemical or .Camphene Lamps," such ns nre in use for lighting many of the stores tn tins town which nre tlio most hnlliantly lighted, Ihe new Itaptist Church is lighted with lliese lainpr, Messrs Peck "pear. Ileineherg iV. Co., Lyman, ilurlhurl, urr, Stamford if-Co, aud many others use the Lamps We nrcfrr them tn anv other, nnd consider them Per fectly eafe, more economical and cie afar better ;til than any oihcr i-amp. SPECTACLES. We nre opening the 111031 extensive and beautiful assirtment of Special Ice thai wc have ever had Ihc pleasure ol oflerinix to our customers, consisting of several hundred put convex. Concave, Mii-cus, Pher iscnpic and eoloied glasses 10 fit every sight as well s they enn be lilted, and at as small expense as nnu hr niiabtv can ti'iad nny where. Cilasseb re htted, nnd bows repaired and spectacles exchanged nl afairpnce. t.ogg'es, l.yeittasscs, La-cs, telescopes, I'-ye f roicciors ipc nn nnnn. i'J iuu..i.ii,iin ec linui iii-.hs PALES' MEDICINE, F ALES' C. than iv and Vcgvial.ii- Purgauve Loz enii-rs. and Ihe best and decidedly the mo-t noiv ubr arncle. not only for adults but for children id nil countries 11 nd climate-, nnd in every condition nf life. They aro tri''ll' vegetable, with a ta-teinexpreil ly iletlglul 11 iney cati-e nn pain 111 111c npcraiiuu uill on it,,, cnnirarv (-. 111 irs ol . leisure, clean. 111 ir ttie .lorn neb nn.l bowels more perfectly iban any othei nurca live. Their magie like operation Mirprise.thi moat eminent phjfii'ian-, and they nro rapidly lakir.3 ihe ,.'m.i- ot .111 11 icr n ru.i- vccoiii iuiii i-. r.vcrv rnv- ellcr pliould carry Ihem, every family should keep them, anil every man, woman anu emu stionid tain them- PALIS' WORM LOZE.NOI3 AVe a sura remedy, midihildrcn love them ,lnoyncl like a charm in remmii.g Ihe sy nptom-, starting in leep, ratine the Iceih, p.ilene about the mouih nnd no-e, .ukne.s ul .loiii-u-h, precarious appeli'e, swelleil low-el and general lever 1 Iheehild l.ili.iiiio a rpnel lecp, ihe worins ate -lupine I nnd expelled in eveiy instance, as far a heanl from ihu patient i en tirely cure'l. . 1 - F ALES' COUGH LOZENGES, For cougbr, ci Id-, br"3"Jiitis, incipient con.ump lion, whooping rough andcroup, the mo-t hapiiy elect isobt.iuuvl in a tew iiioment,-, Ihu ymptoiii disappear and the disease 1 al once broken up. A single trial is sutficiciil 10 .ati-ly ihc uin.t skeptical. FALES' DVSENTERV.I OZK-N'fiES Cure ill sentery.diarrhaie and all bowel complaints of adults or children. Pay particular attention to the directions which accompany each link and they nre not known t' Price 2 J cents: FALLS' CAMPHOR. LOZENGES, For common and sick headache; also, mama, epi-lep-y, melancholy, hyslen.i, Si, Vilu Unnet and all oilier case, nl languor mitt oppreion cf iho vital powers, 'hey are perfectly safe for women or children 111 all condition-. t t FALES CYPRIAN HAIR TONIC, Is now so extensively known ihatoouiiiicnt is use-e-. We can .ay, however, among thou-nnd who have porcha-cd it m Iht and mher cuuntries, none have complained, but on ihe cnnlr.iryexpreaed llieir wonder and adnnraliolt on beholding it elleel. C1.F.AR OUT VOI'li RA'IS. The gnnV.'g and amies ol thc-c de.iructiie creature-can I tibani-hed forever in your hqusc and Horcs if you will procure tt box of ihe geivupq Madagascar Itat Fxtcrmlialor, and use it according lotlireciion.. Vim cannot depend upon iheabqve rr d icine mile. oblaine-lof ihe proprlcHsr, J. J. Filo, MConnnercial .treet, Uoatont loavpul i-ounterfeiiathe agent ha a oerliiicato with iho wrliten-signaluro of J. J, Foles, M. I). Mcii.Ur Mass. Mrd. So.and Boston Med. Ass. Dr. Fait-' inedicines aie ki.)' whulemb add retail nl No. 08 Coinipercial St., Hj.ioo. Jlurlintan, H, J. Heinelergh tt Co., Droggit, Wholeale and Retailer-for ihe above luedicine. I'ersennt; Win. R. Buby, Druggili A'w Ihttn Villi, II. Ilider! Urtstol. Geo. W. Panmlee j'AVir lltren, A. P. Uo-coet FcrritburtK Cenltr, Amos Welheiby.-Sacliurn, J. II. Ishaint llintsburgh. Mar cur If til I f lVIUton, Morton -f- Clark 1 Jericho Cor nert, Oakes if- Petjt j Cambridge, Manln Wires) llakertflcld, Arminfilon if- Pojneroy ; IIV-I Knot bumh, Jamos M. Dean) Sheldon, A. Keith cV Co, 1 rairjleld, IHtrr l Fnnsworth 'airor, S, W. Brush -t Co. 49 Dried Peaches lyi, P. & H. II. POOLIXTIJ:. 1 -May 7, IBIS. w6 SELECT SCHOOL, MIS3 I.. H. Sl'ACV will cotnmonro Iter Spring Ji'crtil mi MOMDAV, the Gtti of May, In cnntlnue M ucoks. . Scholars nru expected tu enter at iho com. mcnccmenl uf (he lerm., TUtTION: IJ.H2IISII, li'Vciirli, i p.. 8H.00 :'1,(I0 m.ihi Sclinnl room nnd door west of room lotmony octupicil liy Miss Rintinv, up Flairs. " lltirlincluii, April 10, '15. 43'. f Cnsli Contnlct. nAlir. Snhscrihcrs will receive piopo.nls until 15lh JL May, Tor cuod ruid wilTicient Cednr Harrier lo bo built under the direction ol Iho Selectmen, Bt or near llln mouth of ihu revino tlorili of tho'.cnmp proitnd.tlic work (cilia 25 If ct lusjli nnd of eonil Green White. Cedar timber not IcsMlinn 12 inches in thick ness throned the hewn sides, two sides only of the timber to be hewn. Onu half enli the 15lh July, nnd onehalftho 13th of October, l-'or n more particular iicscription npplj toriilwr i.f the Selectmen. rWArviivAm.Di.i:Y.( achrlmtn. SRTIt MOIlftK 1 Hutti instnn, Aptil sum. iau. ( 45 tr Wood ! 200 CORDS of Hard Wool, lor -nle.l v 01)0. PRTEllSON. April 10 1313. f LYMAN COLE, H I'.IIKBV sivenntic-In their Debtor thai nlrile iinii.Nhoth Hnok ai'i.iniuls and imiwsw iwen aro not paid prctioiKin tbcl-tdaynl luIV,' will n lelt wilh no Attnrnev for col'ection. The I.iioas nnd paper may lo found at E. Lyman's Sinre. . -, m.irio.s coi. I-:. Hurlingtnn, April 21, 1313. 47 Daguerreotype Chemicals. Ilri'inirte, I Mercury, distil'od. " Prepared. I Potaiuin, t'yanuret of Odd, Chloride ol". " Iishdeof. Iodine. SikIo, llvpo-ii'phale of t blonde ( I. I Niivcr, iitr e,i;rys-ai At Is El'K &. SPF.A ICS, Apolheca' and Vhole.ile l)ruggiti. ELI AS LY3IA3S HAS received t.vo boxes very superior uarueii ScoJs. r ' ' 1. . , UNTIL THE r,th MA)', fi'irr ..,!. r.-miinini Sine1; of.M. O-lheim, con -tiln"ef'Jluli Hrm-ha.Silk and llcrl'ji Sh.iwle, Bniill a7ines, Blue Black Silk Cravalls, Mitts, Thread, Ijjaing, ivc. Ri'.. Ttvo very iinermr Blai k Italian Silk Shawl Burlinglon, April 2o, 1813. 17 Wesley's Sermons,, C10MPLI. I E in 8 -Mimticrst .neinonisi nisciiiune, 1. cteeant -sinall Vnlomet Daily -Monitor. Frag- ....,.-.-1, ,un.r n.-nnle. ltuli- Holy Living, nd- ;M , rl , 11,1,1k blessines an excellent work, T.slnmenlsand D.scphnes. Paper, AT7RIT1NG Paper, V Leiter Bluo Laid do. .very nino, .. Billet " Tisuo 1 . '' a fine article, liri-tol Beard, " ' Drawing paper and PoirtS,'for snlehr1 50 STEVENS WOODS. For 8 ale. O NF. second hand CIO WAGGON, with one or two seats. ' ' -AI.SO- two single HARNESSES, fur sale hy Burlington, May 9, '13. 493 Crood Butter WSTJTED, nt the liijt'ot markeJ price., I V Mayo! '43. II. W- UATI-IN. B. J. HEINEBIR G. & CO. Whghiah ahd Retail DniggHls. I-) -f. HIM VlillHItr. having rc-inily return J ed from New Vork, o ler a large and exten -ivn n nrtment of Druir and Mehcine at the low 1 si prices, he 1 aUo prcpaivd to receive and execute all order Hi any mini nit ai a ni;iii niiv.tnce iroui New Vork prices. All orders will l c ntiendeJ to by him per-onally, a.ul carefully put up, packed and tie livercu at any place oe-ingnaieu. A L S O , Li. conHe .lion wilh our Store we have lalclv put up r.n ienMve - n - s oik jFotmt.if.t, and oTer the jr-?ei anJ 1 el variety of Svrllii be found in the State, consi-ting ol ihu follgwnj: Xarsaparllla, Strawberry, Pine Apple, Itaspberry. l.cinnii, Crcme lie Noan, Anlzcttc, " " lc, Cherry, " " Candle, Glnpji-r, " n'Orangr, ri;eat ( , lVlillc Currents, Mini!), (Simple) Aromatic. For ihe encouragement of Native Tulerit, we are happy to stale our cha-te and c'ugnnt l ouiitam was iieslgne 1 ant' in vie ny nur -crrciucu it now rut .ens. VAli.NEV &. ZOTTMAW P, d. I Id wo ild alo state for the benefit ol some oftho good' perpie of Burliiiirton that, it, jook our Friends, V. it .. b it al ont two week to Invest and irakc our I nuntaiu and we will warrant its quatine iiii-Tinr tn ll.n-i- invented in 15 veil. - i. Dr. HeineU-rg t an l c consulted profc3ior.aily as usual. in 11. J. IlriNEaEno, W. C. IlAnnts-riiosj, MRS. MPRITT, (FOKMKIU.Y MISS ItANSKY,) WOULD rcspeclfully inform the cituens of Bur lington nnd vicinity, that she has just received from New Vork, her ' SPRING ASSORTMENT i Ol' GOODS AND NEW.. FASHIONS, Consisting in part of a good 'assortment of Wllksi Ulbbotis, I .ac. Straw Hoiincts. I'lorcnre lllrrtseyc, and vanoudescripiionsiof Fancy Hon nets, i , fihe vn keen constantly on inj ready madeMlk ltonicls, and a superior style of Itlbbon and Gluip inns, wiucii are very luucn auiuireu. ALSO, .,( , . Caps, Artificials, Borders, aiuf Douches, She would nlso inform ihem that she ha. new. pat terns for IIIIIJSSUX. which she will make, to ort ilt r, nnd many othei articles wanted in her of business. ' STRAWS bleached and altered oyer in ihe latest styles. . Mrs. M. would rcspeclfully lender her thank, lo Ihe public for ihc liberal patlpnaee ihcy have hitherto confeircdon her, nnd .ollcils a continuance of the same. May 1, 1815. 33 tf NEW SPRING STYLES , - , - OF - - - i STAPLE AND FANCY DhY GOODS: C. F. S TAN I FORD, tf CO. UEnowop8niiigat their old rtnndj a new, elegant and very extensive slock of Staple and "FANCY DRY GOODS," in all Ihe latest varieties nf Spring Styles, comprising the most desirable. and fashionable n i tides of Drcts (ioods, Fancy Silks, Ribbons, etc., tn which thein vile ihe attention of all customers and buyers central ly. ' ! . Huilington, May 1st, 1645. 33 tf new goods; GOLD PKN', of variou. price! a large assort ment of Silver Spoclarle and TVl'mbles j Gold, Cameo, ajid'Svoiie. Rings. Pint, Snaps; Ac, together wi h other Good adapted lo llic wants of customer., are receiving and will I e received, making our ttotk one of lii'-jiesl eier tP'ered by u. A vi-tt lo and an examination of the assortment in both our lower and upper room, it invited, froiniho-e who wi.hio gralify llifir curio.iiy or buy tome ofihe Good. To a'f Hi inwtitlion is freely extended, and to all who wlh to see Ihem, Goods will be freely showd, Come nnd see, and felrh vour friends. DUINSMAID A BROTH F.ItS. April 21, 1813. 47 Tieady iMado Clotliing. THE (iil'scriber has on hand a very large atsorb meat already made Cloihtng of his own man. ufaclurr, Con.i.ting of Coat., Pantaloon, and Vels, which are rdlerfl for ca-h al 2-3d what hat been paid heretofore for Ih. same article. II. W. CATLIN April 23th,' 151-!. 47 WM. Ii. KNWLKS, AW 3LAW HAS OPENED AN OIJFtCK KV l'nfsdnmi St. Intvrcurc Vm New York. HE will givr nr-cntiif nllcnlion to r.ny rcllccllnii, or other business that may be entrusted Id him. Good nferenccs gitcn if n'.uireJ. Potsdam, April 3lth, ISIj. 4312 .MRS. E. II. II I HIl AM), I',ilpPi!t-,V,S.j!ler,..cnstnmers nnd fijends that she has Leghorn, Florence nnd Sifaw 'n.'nnitsWtninWii; I nnd making to fashion. 'Silk Hats, Dress Caps, Mourning t'op, null Collars, kept on hand. Mrs II., from lrrti epcr;encc. is cnnfidenl checan give general satisfiict',t!.i, and soliiits a shale of public pat ronage. ' Church street, f.rst duor nstlh of tho County Huti c, sign of tho Haiulhox. Ilitrllnston, Mny 1, 1813. 3 JAMU5 I'ttltfJU'-OV, Cnnmil'sinii Produce Merchant, 31 Water Sltcei.-Li' iral cash advan ces made on consignment.. Refers in Messrs. F-. iV J, Herri' k, . . , i 11 Draper, Aldrieh X I'rink -New ork. I'npe Clthn, Esq ) , Mrs-irs. Phillips & Cujler, Al! any. May I, 43. 49mfl New Cwoods ! O M. POl'R is now opening hi Spvllit! Slncli O. nf New C.nnri, to wlnrli ha would invite the atlcnlionnf the public, cirnlnlning n general norl mcnl of Dry :tml,(.rotci les nnd Hard Ware. Also, Florence Itrfild am! Mr;'ii,v IJaiine.ts. Nutria. Slolc Skin and l.cshorn Hals, which will !,. Rnt.l nf the tim-e-t nrices. Wanted, t.oo I Iliiller in exchange lor i..vw. oy S. M, POIT. , Burlington, May 0, 1313. 431 L v at r7 A NV MAN who want n Cnal, vest, nr I'nntn l. lnnn. '-an I (' nivotutlimlntcd ill C'ATI-IN'S lor the reinh" nt n loui-r irice and with 11 teller art" lc (not excepting liovnn or New Vmk slop inaite.. I It not linn 1 Lclli-r lor n man who wains a "iif" fifblothi-, to aowbeic he i nn have Ihcoi nu lc to order, ret a I'll llMt i rich', -lltd L'et work tint I warrants I ii"t lo rip I 1Iko,ivi .it v-utttiis anu yim can I e aoeointtindaloii, no iiii-u.u-.. ' May 8. h, MS. '' lloiisc Fapcr. fVV Ps (-nine very rich pnt'ern-) HoufPa IL'.V per, rcieivtil ami for .ilo at ui.iiiul.ietu rur'a prue.. t-LSO. A ww piece UAIU'liTlMi, very cheip, i v II. W. CATLIN. Mny 8th, 1S1. 4" COPPER, SHEET IRON AND TIN WAllE FACTORY, I. OY lll-IN wotul respccifullv inform the tn habitants of Huilington nnd vicinity, lhai he is now opening a shop Tor ttie -iianulacloiing ol all kinds of articles in his lino of bu-inesa, all kinds of out door work, such ns Roofing;, Evo Troughs, Conduc tors, done on short no'ict and in tho best workman like manner. ' - ALSO, -all kinds of Repairing done. Shop next door to C. F. Stamford A Co s. store, iliurcii atreet. Burlington, VI., April 3V. 4a. -tint Nova Scotia Plaster. rIIIE rnb.criberare itnw grindim;, nivlnre pre X "nair-ll In deliver. FreMi Oronnil Piaster, at the Iron Foundry, f mt of Main Street. ' IOLLLI T, HltAULI-.Y CO. April 24 1, 1813. 47 loscpli .lliner' I'istntc. STATU O-' VntlMO.XT, ) Til II Probate Di'tnct ol Chittenden, . 1 -I. Court tor tlio nf.trici of Cbitleni'en ! Tn ihc heirs and nil other persons interested in the esialo of Joseph Miner, late of Milinu. in siit- district, lieceascd. Whereas, 11 ujiniin Miner, one nf the lit irs In the estate ol JO-epll .tuner, ine ni sai.i .union, ni-rci-cn, has filed in said co-irt his petition nt wr.hiig, felting forth that he holds one miditided fourth part of said estate in common witli Ihe oilier heirs, and praying said court toor'era duision t.f said estate anions the nens inerrni. tt;, the entirt dotn the fourth Wcdnc-dr.y ol May, IS 15, fi r licarin; and de- idingnn said pe'iuon. at the ntbect.l lheKegiter of .aid court in Burlington in -aid di-tricl, ami doth order thai all iier.on inieie-tcl in -aid estate be notified thereof by publication nl tut ower, coni.iuimg ttie sub-tan't' nf-ni-l tie'i'fon, threo week su'' e-sively in Ihe Burlinzton Free Pre-s, a nt w-paperprin't-diu.aid Hniliurton, thelai ofw hicll pnl.licaiiotis.lo I e previ-oii-losaitl fourili Wttue-dr,y ,n -May, 1655. linen iin.'er my luml ai -at i i irungiun inn JJ day nf -Mnv, 1815. 49w3 ' Wm. WF.STON, Hesisler. , ,Tnsep'l Jllucr". Hstale. Sl'WTh Of IEff.UO.V7',: 'p It E Hon. the District of Chittenden, ss. S - Probate- Court for the Distri 't of Chiliendeti : To all perron, con cerned in ihe estate of Jo-cpli Miner, laie nf Milton, in said District, dtccn-ed, (iiiLE-riNo: WiiEnr.eS, Klisha Herrick nnd Sally Miner, admin istrators of the estate of said deceased, proposes tn render an account of their administration, and present their account against said estate for ex-iminttein and allowance at a session of tho Court or Probate, lo be hidden al the Regi-ter's office in Burlington", in said district nn Ihe fourth Wrdncs lay nf May ISlo. Therefore, Vnu arc hereby notified Mmnpenr before said court at the time nnd place cforesa.d, and shew cause; if arty you have, why Iho account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under'mv hand at H.trlington, this third day of Mnv, A, D. IS 13. . . 49w3 WM. WESTON, lleglsltr. . i Garden Seeds ! IJMELD, Flower and Garden Setds in nil llieir va rieties, for sale t-y large uuauiities, nl ', PECK it SPIMRW, March, '45. Busloto:! Vt. ES TA Is L I S II MEN J . 'I 'HE suhcrihr yinld n'-pivifilly inform the citizen ol uiiriington nnu vicinity, ne nn taken a .hot' on -ihe ..qware, two door t-i-l td ihe HowAnn lldu.t, where l.e w die xecuiv all ordcr In lini- u-ith ntMlne-s and de-tiatllt. - CUtiincdonc on tho shone:! no-ae aml warrsnie-J lo fn, of proper v mniie up. U, UAIM s, Butlinglon, May I, 1813. 47 I" i'Virlianks' (Iocs and Forks. A Sl'PPLY of I'.iitbanks' C.isi Steel Hoe and xV flay Fork U- rem t is I bv . FOLLKTT, BRA DLLT& Co, Affrnt. Sm'lh Wharf, April 17, 1813. 40 SPRING GOODS, milE FIRST ot the kind in .Mniket, jut received 1 and rectiving Trom .New ork-, some oriiiavcrv lattvt .lylcs ol Spring Good, comprising, for Ladies' Dresses'. MUSLIN, LUt'N, BM.ZORINE. I OIK!AM)Il.S, FRENCH PRINTED -MCSLINS, tU-.Ac. Pleatecnll and examine Cir yourselve, as I have a good a-sortintnt lo teleit 'r","nAN1Ftj KK1jx Twoiloor South ol Howard'., Church stieci. AprilSll,JSJ5:J JJ BolllH't.-". AVERV large vcrlment, (new .bane) Florence Braid, White -Neapotiton, Nr iw, an I Fancy Bon net, just received, at iiuu.iialh low '"Ji'. ALSO, ' "' A large m-orlnienr of Millinery Goods, Ijiwn-, Print", HaUorine, Shawl, Crnvatls, Glove, aud Ildkfi-.. whi' ll fan I bought extremely low, at April 25th, 1845 47 CATHN'S, Hats, Caps, Hoots, aild Sliocs; J UST received at CATLIN'S, ALSO, . ' and Half Gaiters, Blips, and Farewell, waiter Walking" Shoes. New York do Apnl 25th, 1BI5. do tin do 47 - BLIAS liTMAlT TTAS i.isi nnened one Hhd. ot uperior nunlity ITi. Pnnoiico SyrtiHsaid to I t-lhele-iever broinrht into thecotintry. Aloon hand a few hyndicd .jbs. of Maple Sucar lor tale low. Also Brown Earthen ,n. niu-,T 1'i.t-. Cake Pans e-c. WickwaroB Hiding, Corner Collego and Church St. Bonnets. A i sale cheap by May 7, P, & 11, lI.HOOLITri.U. 4Dw6 New York Adv'ts. SA LA MA ND ER S. I FES. WITH the recent improvements of S. C. Ilerrinb of 139 Water street (who possesses the pawn right of the article for the stain of New Vork,) the. Sfes may he pronounced perlect. Of their al soltn lirpenclrnbilily hy fire it is unnecessary -tli 'speak! r lorn cries of successful experiments, ii-.Af by ill. rcsnll of Ihc thirty six bouts' fiery ordeal to which olo ol theso Sr.fys was exposeil in the' ),... ...;--- er. But hy a recent improvement they nic now riri dcred as impervious to damp ns lo fitet and nolhirfi placed in oncol Ihem can mould or mildew. Each " Iheso Snfesls fiirniehed wilh one. nf Chubb' dctcctit' locks, which cannot l c' f ' ked. Thus the Salamnil der 'Safes, manufactured by ihe subscriber, arc at oner rirr-prnofjdairp proof, nrtl (bit f proof. Can s.cunty aafaitherl - SILAS C. IIEU1UNO, 155 Walt -"rTfet, New nrk.' N. B. Second hand sifeA i.f -uriilry makers M sale at from a rj-iartcr to 01c Inlf of 'f.tst en'. tliA having been received in put payment for Wtldcrt Salamander- ; 43 Cloth Warehouse, T. K. WINS TOiN & CO. ' An. 1!J3 Pearl ft., Xnd Yurie. AHHnnw nm'fiV)iiy df thru own Ihiotfrta'ioii, ih Coinmlion, nml by jt-ircli istct Am-ltatt, nnd nlhfl wit, n .i-(rinuni t oiiiifn iJifHi-, f'ini)rtini. Anifrifnti, Ki'irli-Ii, Ktrm-Ii, U-k'tni , hI Gi'iutft) OIi'llis aiifl ('nsntntTt'-, both iiUtn ami i.incy. AUu a I.irflt vi.r"iv-of 3-1 nnd 6 1 Twevdri nnd 5!li't'lk Viiiiff rn'M'f.n'nli'fin -.SiiJtr. ( " tZftrroHniT aU ctr ttitie And attention exctusiteh I U'uoftcn Goods, wtfti'lf v " nlitmn fn-m ll.e nliu .(Miri-.'. we bt'bi'Vf we cXblbit tln',lnrir'i nnd nmM ok'nive aurtmcm It 1 e loniul in the City or Coun try. We invite Iin nttrniton tifche and tAttvsittlvir crs tn nur to--k. ii'cdintf ouriU'tve tttnt tli('?e win Imi'u bwn tn llniha'-it nf I uvmi i heir Cloths at Atit tinn.nt the exiim-i u iime ni,d Ironhle, (oflir acitin qmn'nc-nnd inhtie they dtH nut uanilj .lull nl mm them (.fn nt n very xnif ndvnncefron , f.iiMJ ih, tir tiiin. ptinrl tiiiJit, for approved nttte New Vcait, April 21,1315 15, CASH CONTIiAGT. . , PROPOSALS will be received mini lite 15'hMav for a sond an I .itltc",nt Sline Shucewa i.t Drain, 130 feel long, with a Well orToniiel'on the up per Mite, title ph'vl in the Ravti e iiia'te by the Inf, Wains onlheRoil lea-hnt' Irom he Cninp f.rniindf, tlie inoutlr nl tl e Rivr. The material In U- of tin U,st kind, nnd ihe-VMlrk tn be done on er and apprO ved by nn exoerieiiced ishitit'cr. and in Ihn accept hnce ofihe iini,crisn?'l, nn I w nrrnntod for 10 year-. r.iyiueiii to i e mane i.i.e naii lo n.iniy anu one-nan loth O-'tnl er. Ft,r a de-cripliun of ihe di- men-ion and form of the work, npp!y to ruber of tits Sel-L-inicn. H UlltV BIIADLEV, ) Seleci- .-F.l'll MORSE, J mm. Ilurlin-tun, April, 1313. 45 ffXUn st.jcri!)i'r h for fnlc three two-!ioric wagons, with iron nx r-, ninde of ihe best white nnk. , Af.O, Five or su Cnncord Wiiaoin. The above wnuoni will be sold chrnp for ensh. coou paper, or will be exclnnged for trnod vnon? hrrxe. Hr.NIlV'WIIlTNF.V. Burlington, May 1st, 131"). 43w6 NEW vSTORE! AT THE FOl'N'DHV-r.UlLDLNO, i IAiot of .llalnc ! treat. k THE iindr)gnod has opcn.d a GIlOCnitY AN1 lMtOVISIflM STOISR.ot Iheabnv, pln'-e, where may I e l"nm-l at nil time nn as-orl-ment of Wet and Dry (IrpiTrie- for faiiuly ue CHAIILES E. FOLLKTT. Burlington, April 17, IS 15. 40 A LARGE fV Tweed-. n-snrltnenl nf Cloihs, Cassimete, Salttneit-, t-ting, ite. eve jum opened, at price cnrri-i;oiidiii' wilh Ihe time, by . C-U'LlN, in Sinnii Huddins- April SjIsIo. 47 ""Toleut." SMALI tehenietit nn Culm' Lane, fiutab'e iriven nnmeill t- lor a -mall family. ruJi--ion aitlv. 15 April 1743. Iv. I'A.NGHORX. 46 . CKCDCR'S Can It ilfct'd- tjottrordaoce'nl the IloU Scripiuref, ihe best ever publi-hViVrVr a'c hy 5C 0. WOODS. Clover Seed. ,, A SUPERIOR article of Clever Seed bv the HIT. or h in bed, ju.l received and for stle at a very vw price, by IL W. CATLIN. 1 -ALSO, few Bu-ht'!s early Seed Pea of a rtiperior quality. April Silli, Hio. 47 Grrocerics. A 1FAI.L s ipply of Dry Groceries r.l il.s Ism qual- XX lty, lor .a'e tosv ny P. tt II. II, BOOI.ITTI.E. 49w5 May 7, If 13. For mahi VOK"E CATTLE, five year old, A L S 0 1 Pasturage for 200 head Cattle, good lind chl'-ap. . 43 il. w. u .1 BucUwheat Flour on consign- nicnt. CONSTANT -irpph nlways on haiid, and for sale hy FnELE IT. flRAlLI-.Yt Co A South Wh.irl, April 17, 1315. A?,:ntt. Uammorod Slioo Shnpo; TIIK Kuli-cnltT)- hnve rei-Civi".! a inpply of Hartjl mered Sh(e Sl.npe tn whirh li.ey would caK ihtMicenttnn of tliU'lraiV, It is maniitarliiml fruin l tic I pt qimlity m irtih tirc.ard t" fconRVntlv belief eil to be Mipcnor l( any h(e i-litrpe evtr o iered ih tht marl-t'l. Il i iniert'ed i have a larfre t-uitjily ahvav i bind ami will ts furnished to nu'rchnnV on tbeni(t lavoral If ttnn-. An exaininaiion ol the artMe i resttvifiilfv reqrpi!i-l. . - - -"i.LSO,- ' A larce .r(d:'ftptet asortnifnt ofMiunreand flfi h.iimiicrt'd iron iiiadt from the hame stipi'rtor ore, is otVrtd at low ra.e". I v KOIitKTT, WR DLCY & t.o. Po ith Whiif, An'Jl SI 3. 4C. .'ixjowibw i- . PROPOSALS will 1)b reccivtsl until iheJSlh Maf for huddifig li Covered BRIIIGE, over Onion litter nt the Narrow near l'dn-7 H- PeiinimanV, agreeable lo a plan which will .don be ready for in sptMion at II. Br.idley'a Sitirn. The pa nieiil to he made, w hen Ihe Hndire is fully completed to Ihe act cepiance uf the Building Cui.uniitec for Colchester and Borlinfto HARRY BRADLEY, EW.imen tor SKTH MORSE, 'l Burlington.1 L'DNEV H. PENNPIA.S, Huildinc Coiimiiitt- lor Colche-ter. Hurlin;tr.n, 10: Ii April, 1345. 45 E. Ii. HARD: - - ATTOKNEY " AXD COUNSIiUiOU AT LAW. Jericho, Vermont. April 1, 1815. 4i IMapIe Sugar. tt A PEW Cakes and Tubs of new .Maple Sugar for sale 6t lb? Variety Slore. A LSO. . . A Windcor Rifle for .ale by 49 PJ'.INSMAID & BROTHERS. The People's INIonoy TTAS been aeain iim-iI m ee!el ratine thc23d anni- 171 er-ary in a way hilherlo apparently .atUl'acio ry, and should it now meet their view's it may as le exp'ie-std in a hearty 'rood lakinz ol iot usual tuih stood a Ihev niay 'mn-.t ds.ire I v le.iriiiir ihe u.uaf Cheap t'a.h Siolo Token on ihe counter. Hiatal) ma'y be fairly ret jprocul both wi Ii ihem and their A cent, P. S. The new spri'mr roods have iu.i conio and open, nuM beautifully and cheap, t April tixi, lta. 47 Cilbcrt llarto'i Kstate. v statu or vnn.voxT, n-iic ho.v. the Dmriet ol Chttleuden, s. t X Pnibale Court lor the DNlrieJ of Chittenden I To all pcrton con cetntsl in iho pslnte of Gil erl Barlo, late 'ol Iliner burch, in said district, decca-e'd, GhcV.Tixd. ' t iiFRE.t, su.nnnan Hani., ewuirix ni me iai will ol the taid iinea.etl, propoe 6 rentier an ie,' count of her administration, nnd pre-enl her areolinl against .aid etaie tpr exa'imiaiion and allowance V a se-Mon of iheCourt tl'ro1'te, lo le hidden, .I'tk Reailer ofllce in Burluif wn.ln taid di.lrici, 01 th. foitrth Wedn(ilaj oP May, IMS. Therefore, yhu are here'l y notified lo appear hefera taid eoftrl ai the1 lime nnd place aforesaid, and thew cute, il anv you have, why the account alorenid, hrmld ilnl be allnwnl. t Given un 'er my hand at Burlington, thi- 3d day of May, A. i. Wm. WESTON,' AVjiVrr hocSbr H.W.UATUW.

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