Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 27, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 27, 1845 Page 3
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To Dentists. IflONSTANT uppllcs of Stoctlon's Inlet styles L Molar! Bicuspid and Incisor Teclh foils, rues, Eeps, Onm Lancets, Pocket and common Teeth acting Instrument, extra Hook for same, Burrs, tvators, Scaling Instruments, filling do, Mouth liaises. Month Moulds. Denial Syringes, Blowpipes, tooth Power Boxes and Pols, A.C Sic. Ac. Dental complete. Operating Lhairaand SpH- loons furnished to order. PECK vJ m-i 4 Burlington, Vermont. Daguerreotype Chemicals. TROMINE. Mercury uisiuieu, Potasium, Cyanitret or, Iodide or, Soda Hypo-sulphate of, Bilver, Nitrate, Crystals, Daguerreotype plates all qualities Daguerreotype Cases. Jj " Prepared, Gold, Chloride ol, lo'dine, " Chloride of, Prepared rollen Stone, Tilpoli, Risr. s .(. fnpr.l.liA.1 tit nsder. '4 PECK ft. SPEAR, Burlington, Vermont. Mineral Waters: CONGRESS Water ri, rtttittng weekly for sale by Gross Doxen, or single bottle, at 4 PECK & SPEAR'S, Wholctalt Druggists. FRANKLIN house, AT THE MINERAL SPRINGS, m sr. biilibo formerly (if Port Henry, New York. RESPECTFULLY tnlorms hislriends and the public, that he has leased for another scar, the shove largeNand well Known csiaiiiisniueui, which ib furnished in a style second to mine in ihe count! V. Tiirt M.ui.ptitnd mpfltpni dualities of the water, and its healthful location make it a desirable n-sort for the invalid in search of health, and its delightful and ro mantic scenery renders it one ol the most pleasant retreats in this country for those in quest of amuse ment or agreeable relaxation. For the Letter accommodation ol visitors, the hon-v has been enlarged and the internal arrangement so altered as to make the rooms more spacious and con- Mn;&n, tt.tiioh InnPltlPP Will, fl IflrtTl addition of nCW and elegant lurniture makes the establishment one of the mo-t pleasant anu attractive. Prompt and attentive servant, will be in readiness to wait upon visitors, and his table will be supplied with all the luxuries otlife that can be procured. Two Pleasure Hosts, well manned -Carrla. f es, with well trained horses and careful drivers, will at all times be at the disposition of guests and visitors. Connected with the establishment is an ex cellent Alley IJoard, lor recreation and exercise. For Sportsmen, the adjacent grounds with their accommodations for fishing and fowling are unurpa-cd. A Covered Carriage will be kept on this route for wet weather, and no pains will bo spared to make this arrangement con venient and agreeable to the public. Passenger fnm the Stage in St. Albans village or any other place on the intermediate route, will be taken to Highgale Spring", or to Ihe Boat at St. Al linns Bay, for the most reasonable charges Al-o, passengers from Ihe Boat. Springs or Village will be taken by extra teams to any part of the country, by application to the Proprietors or Olivers of the line. By strict attention to the wants of cu-loniers, Mr. Cole is determined to merit, and hopes to receive a liberal patronage. Highgate Springs June, 1813, 4w3 Strayed. FROM the subscnlsrr alsxit the 10th in-t., a GREY HORSE, W IT i.i.m. Mane and Tail, with hla-k "s"""- 1 111 marks upon the (shoulders occa sioned by the wear ol his collar, and hind legs bow out. Whoever will give information respecting said horc will confer a great favor. E Refer to liur CatlIn. JOHN WHITE, lingion Kalis, June 23d, 1915. 4w3 James Gates' Estate. IT7E the suhscrilicr.. bavin? ien annointed bv the V Honorable the Probate Court for the Di-lrict of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, examine aim adjti-t the claims and demands of all persons against the estate of J AMES GATES, late ofF.s-cx. in said District, deceased, represented insolvent, and also all laim and demands exhibited in oll-ct thereto: and six months from the day of the date hereof, being allowed by ssid Court for that purpose, we do there tore hereby give nolicc, that we will attend to the bu-ine-s of our appointment, at ihe dwelling of Han nah Gates in Ecx. in said District, on the first Wednesdays of Septemler anil December next, al 10 o ciock, r. iu.. , n eai n in said u.iy-. Dated lhis31std.iv of May. A. D. 1315, 4w3 J. W, EMERY, S Commissioners. Royal tamlersdirs Estate WE (tie BuWnl cr, ti.viri2 been appointed hy the HonoraMe tin Pro'-afe Court for the Dis trict of Chittenden, C'innii-ifners to receive, exam inf ami ndmt the claim and ttemani of all nertoni' acain-l the estate of ROVAL SANDERSON, late, of Milton, in aia DiMnet, decease I, represented insolv ent, and alfo all claim and demand exliit-ited in otret thereto; and mx monihuf from the day of the date hereof, I fins allowed by i-nid Court for "that pur pose, we do therefore hereby give notice, that we will attend to the business of our appointment, at the dwelling of llie widow Mnlona San-leiont in Milton, in Mud Oistiicl, on the 26th Julv and on theltttlav of Deceniber. next, at 10 o'clock, A. M, on each of! Diled- thi 18th dav oi June, A. D. 1815. UK11A HOMIKOOK, 4w3 Win. V. IIEVNOLDS, CommiJioners. Dentists ! Dentists ! ! CHEVEMER'S celebrated TOOTH INSTRU MENTS, for sale by 4 II. J. IIEINEDeRG, &, Co. TO PHYSICIANS. Dr. Robert Thompson's Uteri Ab. douiiuni supporter and Abdom ido Pelvic Ilnndntie. WE have purchased the uxelusive right of mak ing and vending the above mentioned in.trir ments. wilhin the Counties ol Chittenden and Frank' lin,lin the Stt of Vermont and we now offer them to the public confident that tries' uru cpial in every respect, and in many partic ilars far superior to any tningoi me Kinu ever ouereo. i nev navv me un nialifiol annrobalion of the Medical Faculty in al most all parts if the country where ihev have been introniiced. B. J. IIEINr.llERG & Co. We have carefully examined Dr. It. Thompson's apparatus for the relief and cure of Prolapsui Uteri, cc., as well as the testimony and opinions of highly eminent members of Ihe Faculty, and are of the de cided opinion that they are worthy the attention of the public, and that they will take a high rank among iiivcduuiia nuw iieiure me mime lor ine cure oi me diseases for which they are recommended. CIIAS. HALL, II. HATCH, T. CHAMBF.RLIN, . WM. AT WA TEH. The above instruments for sale at 4 II. 3. HKINEBERO & Co's, MESSRS, BRINBMAID WOULD call Ihe attention of I keir patrons and the public generally to a most rare and beau tilul assortment of goods, which ihev are nnw onm. ing and which they will sell at very low prices for cash. Among which may I found Crumb, Hearth and Window Brushe.) Work Baskets, covered do. i Bellows Bathing Tubs, for feel and children ; Egg Boilers, Toast Rs, Silver Cups, Jeat Pins, a beau- iiiui avivii i4.iiic.uwm ... uBLiiw. tunsisung Ol la- meos, Shell, Stone, and Lava, also, Agate and other Btone pin, ooia jpeciscie-, t-encits, and Thimbles, A most splendid assortment of Silver Butler Knives, and very cheap Sportsmen's FUsks, Fishing Tackle, of all kinds, Ridges and other knives. A spUndid lot of Britannia. Plated and German Silver Ware. Nursing Lamps. A very lieautiful assortment ol Wilten and Brussels Carpet Bags, with and without Iocks, at very reuueca prices, lyawpiiine uamps, classes and wicks. Mnhnvanvand Gilt Frame Lookinir Glasses, thb best assortment they have ever had the pleasure of ottering io inepumiu. uras, uruaunia, i-ihictj aim olaiMiJandlM Sticks. Au.. Finally, I hey would invite all lo call and view their establishment, as from the variety they keep, it Is lairiy entitled toine name oi curiosity tnop. Burlmglon, V., June 2Tih, 1845. 4 CASH! CASH!! CASH will be paid for 3,000 lbs. of the beat quali ty ol Cheese, il olfered soon, by June 20, (4J S. WH EATON & Co. LOUR and SALT at wholesale and retail by 1 JuneM. f4 J b". WI EATON & Co. GREAT ZOOLOGICAL EXHIBITION. ntsj v WILL visit BURLINGTON, on the 4th of July, about 9 o'clock, the Great four Elephant lenm, will --sssssssssssssssssssssssssssEljHsss -Atviia mtvu iiu itiniiuto itu u i it tv i a uj oviiiij uiaui'iui llurBCB. , II EUR DRIES BACH. The Greftttamer and Subdncr of wild Animals ia ajso luiuiiy, lonaung, caressing, magnetizing anu even unves mem in Harness. ftrile FANNY, The largest living ORANO OUTANO, or Wild Woman of the forest, ever imported to lliis country, is en gneed, and will be exhibited with the Mcnagetieon the 4th and 5 h. i ncrc is no suoject mat can oe named in so icw words, that embraces such an extent and variety of use ful and interesting inlormationaa the natural history of the savage creatures of the forest and decrt. It includes within the ranee of its various objects, every thing that can invite the attention, or reward the en quiries of tho natural philosopher, the student, or the casual wayfarer. It furnishes subjects for investiga tion, which have engaged the interests of tho most gifted minds, during a period of more than four thousand years. It leads Ihe mind back to the hour when the world was in it. infancy, and extends down to the dis coveries of the present dav. In this inoffensive exhibition, the whole animal kingdum, in all the multiplicity and variety of its objects, posses-ing sufficient interest, is brought to the actual view of the spectator, in a perfection and beauty not elsewhere found. Door open at 10 o'clock. Admission 25 cents. Open day and i-vrninc. Cnnva io Imld 5000 people. Hay Hakes &c. 1 OH "0Z- Hny KaVn, 20 Doz. IWe Hakes, 50 Boxes Cunninslim's celebrated scvlbe stones. by J. & J. H. I'KCK, Co. June 18, '45. 3 Adams Smith's BUItU MILL STO.NKS, ontant y on hand by J. J. II. PlICK, 4,Oo., AgenU. June 18, IS. 3 Window Sash. OF all suits and size- lor sale hy OL'O. PETERSON. Burlington, June 13, '45. 3 CLAPP & KENT, Wholesale Dealers 111 Domestic AND IMPORTERS Or FOREIGN STAPLE SS7000DS, Nos. 85 Cedar Street, nnd 128 Broadwat, NEW YORK. Clr T7" HAVING now permanently lo . IXs J.V. catcil tbems-clves asabove, I es to call the attention of buyers in thi vicinity, (particu larly those subject to a strong home competition) In their stock ot Foreign and Domestic Staple Dry Goods. Their sales will lie conducted upon a cash basis, their prices alwavs uniforii und their rpnrespntattnm candid. Doing a large trade with the retailers ol New Yoik, nnd its immediate neiohborhuod, their stock i necessarily large and complete at Jl seasons of the year. For this reason they re.peetlully ask vonr orders, pledging themselves to exetule them in such a man ner as will inspire confidence and induce a repetition. He-pectfullv, 3-4m CLAPP & KENT. II. W. GATLIN HAS jut received a carefully selected assortment of Dry Good, suited to the seas'm, which he o(ler at reduced pruss-, among which will bo found Dalznrincs Lawns Printed Muslins M d Lainea, Ginshams, Fancy rnmbric-, iti'. oce. American Prints, superior style. Ho-icry OIovcs nnd Mitts, Ladies Milk Cravat, and Fancy Hdkfs Pongee, Handana, Flag and white Silk lldkls India Kublier, Webb and Elastic Su-penders, llrown Holland Linen, Uruwn and white Linen Drill, Kus-ia Sheeting and llurlnp-, ilueualiick, llnssia and Scutch Diaper, Linen Damask for Table Spread", Linen Sheeting and Shirllnu', Maiuipleton, Stripod and Figured for childrcns wear, a large assortment ofllroad Cloths and Cassi meres. Fancy Ca.simeres and Ve-tin'r-. Parasoll. and Sun Shade-, very cheap, Alo, a large assortment of Florence and straw Bon nets, Leghorn Hats, Ac. dc. lliirlingiun June, 19th, 1845. 3 Joseph f.lllett's F.statc. STATE OF VEItMONT, 'PIIK Hon. the Pro District i f Cliii'ciidcn s. j L bate Court fur the l)i-trict ol Chittctvlen : To nil per-ins C"iicerneil in I ho estate of JONATHAN OII.I.EIT, l.itc i.fCbar lotlc in siiid district, dcccaed, testate. (iitcRTrNn. WHr.lllMS, Hiram Hmr.ird, cxccu'or of the last will and ti'stainrut of sud ill ceased, propnsts lo ren der an account ol hi ndiniirsiration, nnd presi-ni his account ngiiiist slid cstaic I ir c.xaiiiiimioii ami al lowance at a session of the Court of Probate, lo bo holdcn at the IlcL'istcr's otlice in tin' lin .'tnri, in said district, on the second Wednesday of July next. TiiEnr.KonE, jouare lierrhy notified to appear be fore said court at the time and place aforesaid, and show came, ifnny you have, why the account afore said should not be allowed. Given under mv hand at Uurlington, this 18th day of June, A. D. 1315. 3 w3 WM. WESTON, Recster. Blank Books "F all des riptions Maniifui tured bv the ,ubs, ri W her Iroin the best Linen Paper, and Ruled lo any Pattern on short notice nnd warranted equal to any in Ibis Country. Probnte Record-, Town Re cords from Roval Medium Demy and Can I'auer. Uanks Steam Boats. Iron Comimnic. and Merchant liiruishrd with nil the various Blank Book's on the most reasonable terms. STEVENS WOOD3, Strong't Building. 'uiijiiiuii, j i me io, id-jo. J NEW STORE. ""X7'OULD resnccifullv notify tho nublic iht ho Y.n y V opened a Store in the rooms lately occupied as ih ur.iijirtu oivivn wuere may do louna DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, . , . ud Crockery. A choice article of Teas, Sugar, Coffee, and Molasses; Flour, Salt, Pork, Salmon, Codfish, Mackerel, Butter, Cheese, Fruit and optces. Part Casri will be paid for a good article of Butler. College St., Burlington, June 18, 1845. 3 Second lot of New Goods for the Season. C. F. STANIFORD, & Co. HAVE returned from New York with tteir second ticrchases for this season, con.islincin nnrr nf Baraize Shawls and Scarfs, M. D. Lame Shawls Stradilla do Printed Lawns, Balzorinc, do Mourning, do do French Muslin Gingham., Si-otch. do Printed and Plain M. 1). Lames, Glove., Mitts, Cravats, Ladies Florence, Neopolitan, Straw and Lawn Monne's, Gent's. Leghorn Hat., " Cravats, Scarfs, Opera Tiea. Mocks, Bosoms. Collars, (Sc. if.c. June 19, IB45. Scythes and llav Forks. Crfk DOZ. Scylhes, "Blood's W 50" ''P.iwell,. 40 " "RixfonTs" 50 "HeddingtonV 60 " Hay Forks, Van Ornam's and Fair bank's by J. at J. II. PECK, it Co. June 18, '15. 3 Clapboards. ff nnfi M ood Clear stun" Pine CTsploard. for UvfLW rale by GEO, PETERSON. Burlington, June 18, '45. 3 On Consignment, a lot of Single and Double cut Stove pipe Stone, for tale by FOLLKTT if- BRADLEY. South Wharf, Burlington, June 17, '4i. 3 100 Boxes Herring, received and For sale by FOLLKTT tt BRADLEY. South Whaif, Burlington, June 17, '45. 3 T7EBSTER'S LAROK AND SMALL Din. TIONARY. Webster1. l-:l,mMl.rv .In Criuien's Concordant. Wood'. Boianv. Mr.. cola's Botany, Lee's Human Physiology, for tale by . . STEVENS WOODS. Burlington, June 18, 1845. for twodays-the whole retinue of wild living Ani- appear, drawing the Music, followed by some twenty attached to this Menagerie, with his Camiverous Book Jlijidery. rilUR mil ril er U n"v rm-ivi from New York a (.'iniue n-.ortnit.-nl f I AND BLANK BOOK MATERIALS and i now prepared lo do any kind ol work in the noon uinocry or uiani; hook Alaniiincturing imsi ness. I have In my Hindery a workman that is nc (j iainled with nil the modern styles of binding, hav ing worked in the be-t e-tnblishincnt. in the Union, and will not hesitate in -aying thai all binding en trusted to my hands sin II I e well executed, nnd in a manner not before equalled in this vicinity. turner oi v,nurcn ana . oueze street.. STEVENS WOODS. Ibirlington, May S. 1815 43tl Notice. Pmuilnr. nt It ... I. I rices ! ! ! TT1LL lie kept constantly on han VV celebrated Mills in ihe United d, Irom the most States, .lust Received 150 10 Kegs Powder, K. EK. F.EE. EEEE. do line Kentucky Rifle Powder. For sale bv KOLI KIT & BRADLEY. Sooth Wharf, Itiirlinzton, June 17, '45. WOOL! WOOL!! WANTED m exchange for Ilroadeloths, Cai meres. Urev Cloths. Satinet!.. An. nt mam,. facturers' prices, by S. WH EATON it Co. Figs. CTT DRUMS first nualuy, just received and for J"U sale by FOLLKTT & BRADLEY. booth Wharl, Uurlington, June 17, '43. 3 Notice, rWIRRANKS Celclratcl C. S. Hay Fork", 30 -s- uueii jus, rei cueu, itn-i nr .mp uiw, ny . hULI.KIT & BRADLEY. South Wharl, June 17, '45. 3 lilnncliard's Scythes. I)U. C. S. Scythes OKJ 50 co (I. S. do Received and for sale on consisnmcnt. bv . , POLLETT if- BRADLEY. South Wharf, June 17, 1815. 3 LARD. AS. DRWRY ha n su.iplv of good fresh . Lard nnd Tal le Butler. AUa. ln-1 reit'ii id. North Shore Salmon, by the pound or half Bbl. June iu, lo ia. -j QJAIJIIATII SCHOOL HOOK8, a large sup O ply for sa'e al Bostun piiiva. by SIEVIiNS WOODS. Burlington, June 8, 1345. 3 PLATT'S PREMIUM POIIT4III.13 GRIST MILL. For Grinding Wheat, Rye, Oats, Plas ter ana all kinds of Provender. HE Subscriler having pui-tha-el of Mr. JO. SIAII PLA'IT, of Weston, Connecticut, the right for Vermont, Mas. and New Hampshire, is now iiianufaciiirins, nt Burlington Fall", Mills oftlie itio-t lhorou7h and perfect construction, and i. prepared to sell Mil's nnd Rights for any town not already dis posed ol. The 7re.1t advantage of this over the cuiumnu Gri-t Mill, is obvious to nny one on inspec tion, as this .Mill cm lc it-cd by hor-c, steam or w.Her power, wiih half the power required to drive a connmin Grist .Mill. This mill took the first pre mium at the Fail in New-York City, nnd also at the Agricultural rairm Homester, in Sept. S13. None but tho very l.t FRENCH BURR STONES are put into ttic-o nuns. wo ine iinuersimieu ccniiy mat at nt, Aionns llay on lhe2J day of Novcml cr, 1813, in the Steam Saw Mill at that place there was Grnund in PLATT'S PORTABLE GRIST MILL, fitted up in that place, ten bushel Pea. nnd Oats, anil done in the best Manner, wilhin 30 minutes and welurther certify that we believe the said Mill capable of perlorming all the grinding ustiallydone in a Grist .Mill equal to any Mill in this state, by one run of stone. And we further stale that said mill ground eight bushelsanda half of Corn, (Rue meal) in an hour, without beinir in the least healed. D. S. PAYNE, Miller, Miller. RALPH LASKLL, JAMES I.AMSON U. A. IIUULHDT. NOBLE SQUIHK ifnestM. I the undcrshiiied certify that one ol Piatt's Porta hie Grist Mill. ha been title J up in Messrs While & Co s. CrM Mill at lergcnne. and I will frankly say 10 me put-tic mat 1 nave tutlv tried the null noin on flowering and provender anu have come to the full conclusion, that the above mill will compete witu any mill in the country both on flowering and pro- venoer. aha ii Altllliu IUS, -Wlffer. Vergenne., April 23, 1944. The Mill above named was in onoralion 111 the Vereennes Iron Company Grist Mill a numlerof day, and so far as we witnessed it performance in Grin ling Grain, we were well satisfied with it and believe it to I.' a good article. SAMUEL BARKER, President of WM. H. WHITE. FrrgennMJan. to certify that one ofPlatts Portable Grist Mills has been put in operation in the cri't mill at Middlcbury, by the side of seven run of B irr Stones, nnd I have siven it a thoruu th trial, both on flower and nrovinder, and I am frank to say to the public that I am satisfied the mill will do business equal to anyrun of stone in the county. .11. (juftoinuiiriM Maicr. MiddIeluirv.Jiilv20. 1814. Me.-r. Folic tt A. Bradley have been runninz one or these mills since the nrst 01 may, upon piaster, nnd I atnanthonzed to rclcr 10 them us to it. perfor mance. PIIE-sSOV CROFUT, Proprietor of the abotepatent. Burlington, June 20, 1845. 3tf Jedcdlah Hyde's Estate. WE Ihe suhscnlier., having been appointed by the Honorable the Probate Court for the Dis trict of Grand Lie, commissioners lo receive, exam ine and adjust the claims and demand, of all nersons against ihe estate of JEDEDIAII HYDE, late of uranu isie, iu sum uisirict, ueceaseu, represenieti in- ..l-.. .lun oil l 1 1 .1 ' .1! u:i ut.iii. Hi.u aBv u .I.,,., auu uvmaiiu CSIII1 ICI III offset thereto 1 and six months from the day ofth-j date hertsnt, i:ng allowoJ by said Courl for that pur pose, we do therefore hereby give notice, that we will attend to the l-usineas of our appointment, nt the dwelling house ot widow Marah Hyde, in Ornnd Isle, in said District, on the 5'h day ot November next. Hated, llns 17ih day ol Mav, . D. 1615. -SAMUEL ADAMS. ) Comints 3w3 NATHAN Wr.TIIEREI.I,. sioners. STOCKS, COLLARS, BOSOMS, CRAVATS, Btiilners, Suspvnder., and new style VEST SPRINOS, a nico article to wear on Ihe back of vests, ery pleasant aiutci-y for the wearer, linen collars for 121 els., all goo Is m-ich cheaper than usual. t UHISAIA1U & UltUTIiKKS, Purses and Purso Trimmings. TJURSE Mounts, han, rings, lauels, 4c., and - ana tina caner uurses, lor saie oy June 12th. BRINSMAID A BROTHERS, HARDWARE, STRONGS St Co., have rax.-ivcd, and ofTer an extensive assortment ol Hard Ware, amongst which may be found Jolliers Tools. Plan u Jacks, KerecSmooth and Jointers with single and diiublepns Astragals, Bead., Centsttw1 Dndoe.. Fillisters. Grecian Ovalos Hollows and rounds, Match planes. Rabbet do. Sash do, Plough., Marking and slitting Gnage., Chisel ami Auger handles, chalk-line Spool", Iron and Brass plated braces, Braces and Bills in sells, Devils, Try squares. Common and conenve Augers, Spur Bit's, Center do, Metal and wood head Giinhlcts, Box wood rules, Glue nols, Compasse-, Measuring Tape., brad awls, Scratch do, Spike UimUet", sand Paper, Double and single plain Iron, drawing Knives, Hand, pand, ripping, back, and key hole Saws, , Files nnd Hap, steel nnd iron Squares, Screw drivers, Firmer and null wnght Chisels, Socket Chi-els. tloogc-, Hammers, Hatchets, Hand and broad Axes, Ads, Spirit Levels, be. be. Saddlery. Saddle Tree, Oigdo, Ha me-. Bill", Tnrrctt Pad hooks and screws SwiviU, Cockeyes, Ring., Buckle, in great variety, Ornament", Ro-cites, rein and breast Straps, Box wood nnd Ivory Rings, Bag frames and fasteninir. Stirrups Trunk Im.lrd and nails, Trunk locks and rivets, Round Knivo, Punches awls, patent Leather, Curled bnir. India rubls-r Cloth.. Worsted webb, cotton do, Bleached and hf. bid., Yellow nnd green 1 nrend, Kcwing rilK, clc, Coach Hard Ware. Steel springs, Wrol iron axles; Silver nnd bras, plated hub Band", Ccaeh Lamps, broad and narrow Lace, Tuft", Waggon mat", malliable Iron castings, Wrenches bra moulding, Hollow Augers, Spoke Shave., ttc. Ctltlerv. Table knives nnd Forks, a larrc assortment new nnd de-irable patterns of 2 and 3 pronged Forks, nnd dc-erts to match, in setts of 12 to 51 pairs. Carving Knives and forks, Table and Butchers atcei, Butchers Knives Nut Picks, shoe knives, Pen nnd pocket knire. Scissors, Shears, Razors, &c. &c. Itrass Goods. Curtin rings, Screw eye, Thread .crew, Flush handle", Flush bolls Desk hinges, Butts, Lamp honks, Candle sticks, Stab fastucrs, Mortice crank's, Side and cud crank", Screw hook", Hat pins, Faucet", stop tlocke, snuiler, Curtain p ns, I'a.te jigger., Screw hooks and Kings, Pad, Trunk and box Lock", Dinner nnd Tea Bell., skimmers, Cupboard catche-, stall RisU, ifcc. Miscellaneous. Sheen shears, sickle", Iron Candlestick., .l.ip'd. Lamp", led do. Lantern., Hoo. an I hinges Bed cord. Rone, .ash Cord. iron wire ch-ilt,' Wire sieves, rat and mousetraps, iron anu iiruianta spoon., Molasses gate", Cupboard catches, Bung borers, Toa.tlng Iron Enaml'd. preserving Kettlts, Plate locks, Pullies, Grind stone Rollers Hat pins, Doorsprins", Copper wire, Mincing knives, Round and flat no-e pi yers, Tobacco boxes, Garden fork", Bed screws Gun wormers, Bullet moulds, screw Drivers, Trunk, rhest, cupboard, box, and till Locks Fire Irons and Stands, Bell springs and staple", ..ens, mm: ,uu nan uammers trunii Handles, Tower lnlt, ox balls, hand Vices, Tweezers, Snu'lers Halter trace and post Chains Sparables. Auaers Fry nan., state.. PnlbnMr.. ire guage-, hnr.-e Nail", woislsaws and frames. ... ' I ' s, fc,yh- 1-rtUCCIS, Grid iron-, sauce Pan", Brads Sh it'er lifts an I a;rew, hoe Pincers &boe tack., Thimble-, awl Hafts, Bed key., Buttons on plate., window spring", sad Irons, Tailors Irons, Trace Chain-, Steel Yards, Curry comb., hor-c Card., Files and Ra-ps, Coflee mdls, Bell pull", door Knocker, Dust Brushes Fancy do, Tooth do. Whitewash do. Hairdo. Lather do, Paint and ..iiiiisii ui, nurse uo, uintn 00, Tea and Ma-lin Kettle., gurJen Trowels, Tea tray., Mill andcro.s cut saw., Scale beam, Counter scale", iron Weights, Razor strop., Axe-, Mahosanv knobs. Powder llasks, brifania Tea and Colfee Pots Castor., Basting spoon., Fish hooks and Lines, "lv r.-ii 1 1 ii 3 AtU'Illlier! if Cm UCa -ALSO, 1000 gross nsortcd Screws, 100 dozen Blake" Latches. 30 " ' Esc'h.Uti'hes.Ro-ewood Knobs, SO " Mineral Knob" with Latches and lucks. ou " Window blind I'astcntngs, CO " Wimluw sttrincs 550 " Cast an I wrol Iron, dror, table, back flip and window Blind Butts, &e. Vc. Toseiher with many goods not mentioned, at rcasonaMe price", June 10, '45. 2 Taylor's MEDICAL JURISPRUDENCE. WITH NOTES and additions, by Dr. Griileth New edition, for sale bv June 10, '45. JAS. I. CUTLER. A TREATISE on Dental Surirery, by F. Manry Dentist from the French with notes and nu merous plaies nnd illustration., for sale by 2 JAS. I. CUTLER, Strongt Buildings, TVUNGLISON Dictionary ol Medical Science new edition, for sale by May 10. 2 JAS. t. CUTLER THE Anatomy and Surgical Treatment of Alslom inal Hernia with numerous Plate- ',y Sir Astley Cooper, for tale by JAS. I. CUTLER. 2 A FEW sets of Chillys Blackrtone. for sale cheap oy -i jas. 1. uuii.r.11.

YI7" ASH BURNS Piirest of Vl. KeMrta. for sale by v v June 111. J A3. 1. uuiumi. A NTOMICAL ATLAS. Illustrative of th Structure ot the huiran body, (just published,) by Drs. Smith and Horner, Profesfors of Anatomy in the t'liitaueipuia mejicai iuuec, lor sale uy Burlington, June 10, 1015. 2 fc JAS. I. CUTLER. Strongs BuUdines, College St Wheel Heads OF the very lst quality and finish, for sale hv 2 BRINSMAID & BROTHERS. Good Spinning Whee'a furnished to order. HORSE NETS. UTESSRS. Brintmaid &. Brother, have received 111 tut of lieautiful linen and col ten NETS fu HOUSES, ear, or neck and car pieces sold sepe rate nr with the hodv nets as mav 1 wanted : we nnve n oe, itowii, m, auu wnue nei", in ntw-v cAirusive a.sorim-tnt that we have ever had the pleasure offering to our customers. Also, Horse Kru.hes, 2 Itltl.VSMAID CC ntlUTlir.KS, Horse Nets. nRINSMAII) 4. BROTHERS have received a lot JO of fine, blue, red, brown aftd white linen and cotton horse J bis, ALSO. Neck and Ear nets for horses, the finest assortment ever opened by-us. 12 B. w B. NOTICE TS hereby iven that 1 have I hi" day given mv so CHARLES HUTCHINSON KIMBALL, his lime uiiring the remainder ot Ills minority and shall there- lore claim none 01 nia earnings, nor pay any ucois 01 his contractings alter tnis uaie. r.LauAit u. m.uuii.l,. June 5, 1845. 2w3 ItRIGCS' PATENT FENCE MACHINE. II. P. DEWEY, WOI'LD respectfully notify the public that he has returned to Builington Palls, and recommenced manufacturing- the PATENT FENCE. He ia sow piepared lo fulfil all contracts that were unfulfilled in consequence of the late fire, and will be happy to serve 01a ana new purcnasers wnn soma 01 nis vane ties of Farm. Garden or Ornamental Fence. Owing lo the advantages derived in the use of the above improvement, he is enabled 10 afford a neat anu oeauiuul fence lor yards and gardens, si much less expense than ihe same can be cot ud for in an other way, while for durability it is not excelled kv i rr-;. . ! an j in vuiiiiiiuii use. 1 ins suiunuie improvement was nisi urouuni out in tvestern neif, i ork. where has gone into extensive use. and has received lha ai probation of the Mayor of Ihe city ol Buffsla wiih many hundreds of ihe first agriculturists and others in that part of the Slate, also of Gov. Hublrd, Docl. Jarvis, Judge Churchill and many others in New Hampshire. In fact wherever it has len introduced it has been highly approved. As a Farm Fence it combines more advantages thananv other femvn vr used. It can be used teifAon posfr, and is therefore not anccted oy tne rreexing aod ntattng of the ground, Il lakes less lumber than any other kind of fence, ia 1 certain protection against all kinds of cattle, is not lia ble to get cut of repair, cannot bs Mom aWn, iseeei ly set up, taken down and removed, without injury. rVNo Faaxia sktuld bs tolUumt ml l.i cient quantity to throw around his fields of grain and Winooski City, Juni 12, 1S15. a BROWN'S t Sarsapanlla and lomato Bitters, For impurities nf Ihe Itlooi. CHRONIC and Constitutional diseases, such as Scrofula or King. Evil, Ulcerations and Corm- ions 01 ine'i nroai, nose, uhceus, inn', I'.ars, ann iner parts 01 inu nouy fiinptea on tnc lace, aeniy atches and oilier vtunlions of the skin I Biles Si-ur- vy and other Scorbutic mictions ) Rheumatic auec lions t While Swcllinc-st Pains in the Hones and Joints Fever Sore., obstinate old sores of all kind., Scald Head, Salt Rheum, Ringworm and other dis eases arising from an impure (tale ol the blood ; also, habitual Co-tivcnos, Biles, Chronic affections of Ihe lavcr, uungs, and unci, rain In the Sloinacn anu Side, Night Sweats, &c. &c. Likewise, lot ta or ind.gction, uo.tive 'Ss Jaunditsa. loss lf Annetile. Wpskn4.. There has never been a medicine which has given such general satisfaction to Physicians and others that uavu 1 sea mm. Sold Whole.nle and Rtstail bv tbn nnerftl Aircnts or uie oiaie oi Vermont. 2 B. J. IlKlNKBEItO It Co. Heavy Hardware. NVILS, Vises, Shovels, Spades, Hoes Forks, - uro uar Iro Bars, Log Chains, Blacksmith's Bellows, Kettle", Waggon ami Cart Boxc, Sheet Zinc, Lead, Caldron Kettles, Stove Hollow Ware, c STRONGS & Co. ras Sheet c. dR June 1045. 2 Paints and Oil. STRONGS St Co., otTer purchasers While Lead, Drv and ground in Oil, "Pure," "Extra," and ",Vo I, English Ven. Red, French Yellow, Verdigris, Chrome Green, Red Lead, Whiting, Gum Copal, ruiij, use A I.SU, 1000 gs. pure Lint Seed Oil, 500 " " spirits Turpentine, June 10, '45. 8 jElias Lyman "T AS just received a few pieces Black Moreens, JJ. Drab do for Ladio'a wear. June 12, 1845. 2 CE CREAM FREEZERS lor sale by 2 BRINSMAID & BROTHERS. Siiccr Spectacles. t I7T. are prepared to sup ly dealers at wholesale. 1 v Concave, uonvex, eriseonlc. and Mirri.t-u. Spectacles, vve nnve a t-eller aortinenl and more them than we have often found in any one vonil wholesale house in New Yoik or Boston. Our pri ces snail lie low. At retail our customers can be fitted m a few min utcs and at low uniform prices. Sitcctuclcs alwav. exchangel if they do not suit: cvciy person shall nave mem at q low a price a. any per-nn willo'ler them. Glasses' refilled, bows repaired, and all work n Ihe line promptly attended to. Gold Sneetac cs also for sale. BRINSMAID & BROTHERS. June 12, ISI5. 2 Clocks and Looking Glasses. 1TTE have, bv the ca'C or sincle. a fine lot nf Ma VV hoconv easel Clocks nnd Look-inn nia.e. i-hich will lie sold 10 Pedlers and other, at low whole- ole price. Any number ot Clocks wanted can usu illy I e found ready on band, and are selling at whole sale lower than ever. U1UN3MAID &. BROTHERS. June 12th, '45. 8 Wholesale and .RETAIL. THE Subscribers wishing to close their copartner ship business, offer their stock of GOODS con sisting of FANCY AND STAPLE DRY GOODS. Carpeting, Paper Hangings, Looking Glasses, Crock arv and Gla-s Ware at reduced prices. rersuns wisntng 10 purcnase nny goods witicn we iavc on hand are nssured lhat they can obtain better arirains at ints esiaousnmcnr. man ai nnv otner 11 Burlington. LOVELY & SEYMOUR. June VI, lBlo. 2 S. EARL HOWARD, -THE PEOPLES' AGENT, WHOSE (02HIEAIP (DAOHI OTOISE, AT BURLINGTON, TT., Comprises one nf tho most splendid and general blocks 111 Ihe Stuto, All Goods bouffbt nnd wld slriclly for Cash, and of course Cheap. 2 SILVER SPOONS. TTE are prepared to simiilv dealer, and other IV Silver. Tea. TV lc. Desert. Mustard fV..nn, Salt and other Silver Spoons nt wholesale at 11. mv prices a. any 01 tier e.tat-lishment.and we would mono customers lar an-l near. Ihit t icvpan nl.mln me 1 est km, 1 01 silver spoons 01 iis al eipially low pnivs, as nicy would nave to pay f.irllii) "tra-hy ";uu '"Mi wnn wiiicii iiieeotiniry t iioi.jcd, we in vito nnd challenge comparison of trtignf nnd i-uan HKINSMAID & BRSTHEHS Clocks in anv. WE would respectfully inform customers ht ami near that wo shall nm nnw nnr,lv.. in I,. undersold! Ihev can at all times find a beautiful va riety lo select from, at the very lowest prices. All clocks will be set tunning clean and welloilcd. nnd yorraiiicu lor one year, ricasc call and examine iiienew patterns. uitiM-i'i in ,f. ititnTitPtisi Good Wood Clocks 83. Brass as low in nmnnttinn aiiciun, wwer hi wuoicsaie. :i 1 ... r Gold Goods. TJLAIN and enamelled Gold Pencil.. Gnld ftnrls JL deS and somn bpanlifnl ninlc nnn vfWnu. Tnn, luby and other stone Rinss nnd Pins just received. June 12. 2 HlU.S.nAlD i- BROTHERS Pavinc Stone. 1 17E invite the attention of thosa in want nf ib VV aboie article to a bandamn lt in., rAAtun,! auu iu, sate cucsp uy L. dc C. E. FC'LLETT. Water at., June 12, IB15. 3 Superfine Flour. OF the most approved brands in barrels snd halves for sale bv L. & C. E. Pnt.l.ETT. Waters!., June 12. 1S15. 2 Hams and Lard, for sale by . ,. L- c- E- FOLLETT. June 12, 2SI5. 2 FAIRBANKS Cast Steel Hoes, do do Forks Casl steel Shovels, do do Spades, Iron Shovels, Lone handled do. Hay Rakes. Brooms, if-c. lie. Also, Wooden Ware of all kind, for sale by I.. C. E. FOLLETT. Water street, June 12, 1845. 2 Butter Knives. CJILVER German Silver, d Plated Butter Knives, sr lorsaieoy 1!III.-s,jiaiii , KROTIIERS. It is said that " Variety i ihe spice of lite. Which gives it all its flavor." A Greater ouintitv of ibi. SPtt:!-! fAlt lli-ittf lss iuuiiu ui 1 ne VARIETY STORE, than has heretofore been ottered, and addiuons con slantly arriving of rich, rare, and fancy and staple Goods, in the Gold and Silver and other lines, which win oe soia at low prices. UKLSMAID fc BROTHERS. June I2ih, 1845. 2 Smoked Beef. AS. DEWEY has this day received a few bun drcd lbs. Smoked Beef of excellent quality, ALSO. Enaliih Currtnts. Secdlcia Ruiaens. Fin. Prunes. f : . cr. DL.ii.j At i- - aiune ivin, id-is. y Tin Plates, &c, 1 iVTk Boxes Tin nlata 1-3 X and extra sixes 1 vA 20 B'dls. Eng. Am. and Russia aheet Iron 500 thr. sheet Conner. 60 b'dls. aisoried Iron Wire, Sheet Zinc, sheet reao, wire teitum, iinneu, uiacv and copper Iviv cts anu, etc. etc. ny siuoaus cic lo, June 10, '45. 3 f ISSUE Paper, Cards, perforatrsl canl paper, .IL iisiung ana ousofscarus ana uaroes, jens. Pencils, brushes, paints tie sold hy BRINSMAID cV BROTHERS, Hanging Paper, rUHE Urges! stock in Vermont, for aala bv X C. GOODRICH. ryMaichinti supplnd at City rticM, adding frsight ooiy. A. EOVVARDsS' CHEAP CASH BOOK STORE. Ab. 1 Peck's Buildings. A general assortment of School, Classical and Miscellaneous Books and Stationery at CITY PRICES. WOOD'S Class nook or Hotany, hy A, EDWARDS. Plain against the Athlcsl's, or, the tenth Book of the Dialogue on Laws, with ctitical Notes and Dissertations, by Taylcr Lewis 81,50 Haliett'a Table Talk, part 1,9, each 371 Headlong Hall, and Night-Mare Abby 37, 37 The French lit Algiers, by Lady Duff Gordon. Ancient Moral Tale, from the Oesta nomanorum. 371 Sybil or the two Nations, by B. Disraeli. 25 RvellllC Vrlllf r X Sinir,', l Woman too." 25 25 25 Nan Darcllc' or the Gipscy Mother, by Miss Pickering. The Vlllaec ripJIa t hv t tin Author nf The Flirt." The Prime Minister, or the Fortunes of a Peasant snd a Peer. Rattle for a Wife, by T. L. Nichols By A. EDWARDS. Boots and Shoes. TEN'S Fine Seal and coarse-fine Boots, nnd Kip LVJL Bros-11s 1 Ladies Kid Slips and Walking shoes, good and cheap, by A. S. DEWEY. June ii'n, luia. 2 To sportsmen. AS. DEWEY has Powder, Shot, and Pcrcus sion Caps of best quality. June I2th, 1SI5. 2 Sugar and Molasses. fl Hhds. St. Croix and P. R. Suears J 10 Bills, double refined pow'd. und crushd. do, 6 do do do loaf do 5 do White Havantm do 10 Hhds. P. R. Molasses STRONGS & Co. June 10, '45. 2 Flour. superfine Flour, 1 fr Bi.t lJJ 50 hf. do uo do STRONGS &. Co. 2 'une 10, '45, Jelly Moulds. HETTY pittern. of Jelly Moulds fr sale by llll. .1.IIJ K',. CLIFFORD FERNALD'S INDIAN Vfcr.ETAHT.E BITTERS. TIII-KE Hitters nre exlracteJ entiro'y from Veo They are decidedly (he "best sprisu medicine now in use: Ihev ntirifv ihe blnul. and in- viirora e ine wno e irame. ciiratiko av appptitt Hid curing the JAUNDICE, DISPEI'SIA, 4c. oou ivnoic.-aie and itetan tiy the siihscnlers, B. J. HEINEBERG if- Co., Apothecaries and Druggists, Church St., Burlington Vl. 2 Itusacll Cramer's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, I ATa session of I'lstrict or Chittenden, as. tn 1 he Prolate uourl neld nt Burlington, within nnd for said Dis tnct ol Chittenden, on the fifih dav of June. ISi.i. comes Orrin Sholes, adninittrator of the estate of "u-seti i-ramer, late of Charlotte, in said district, and tiled in said court his petition in writing, nravinc s.iid court to extend the time appointed by snid court lor eitnng said estate and paving Ihe debts due there Irom one vear from the eicfub dav nf Mav. lflj., Hereupon, ine ivoiirt aiurcsaia 00111 appoint the second Wednesday in July. IRJ5. fnr hi-Hrin-r nndile. SS-'l " 7 J . . . ciding 011 said petition, at the office of the Heni-ter of said court, in said Burlington, at ten o'eloik in the forenoon, nn I doth order that nil persons interested i3 iiuuiiL-u iiiereoi oy tne puiuicauon 01 tni. oriier three weeks successively iu the Burlington Free Press, a newspaper printed in said Burlington, the latof which publict tion. to be previous to "the said ecomi vcoiiesuay in July, tola. unen umier my nanu at sa 11 uurlington, tins 5th day 01 June. 1845. w3 WM. WESTON. Register. Kllianan Y. Austin' r:t.ite. STA TE OF VERMONT, ; TN Prolate Coiut, hoi District of Lalllo. lie. ... C JL en nt iIih Prn' nip Oilli-e, in John-on, within and A-r the di-trici nfore aid, on the 5th day ol June, A. D. 1815, Present, Hun. Salmun Wires, Judge, r-if UA ' sieaii.., Adininisirntor on the estate rf Kllianan W. Ati-lin, latcof Rochester, in the County of Monroe, and Stale of New York, deceased, pre sent- hl administration account lor settlement! hercupun, it 1. ordered that the same le referred in session of said court to be holden al the I'ml nm (Idler, in Johnson, wilhin nnd for the district afore said on the sixth day of Auzust, A. I. 1S43, for ex- iiniiii-diiun nnu allowance; and that nil concerned le nolilici". hereof by the publication of this order in the Burlington Free Pre-s, printed nt Burlington, three weeks successively, as soon as may be, that they may appear at said time anJ place, nnd object there to, if they see cau-e. By order of court, WILLIAM W. WHITE, Register. WHOLESALE & RETAIL GltOCliltY & PROVISION STOR yl the Foundry Building, font of Main st, liUHliiniilU.H, IT, THE undersigned have a-socialel ihem-elve" loce.her for the ntirnose of transacting a Getteral Mercantile Business, at the store in the building, nt 1110 loot 01 .Main street, Known as tnc FoandrVi unoer ine nnn 01 u. cv. j. 1-.. ruLUhl 1. Tbev offer to llio public a clum e and well selected ..nrtment ol Groceries and l'rovlslons. on the most faiornble teams tor Ca-h, or appioeJ shon reHii.nrror most Kinu. 01 country tTouuce. Particular care and attention will le taken in the selection of articles lor family use, and being deter mined not to be undersold, they hone to receive a share 01 public patronage. lAjui-i rin.i.i-ii r CHAS. E. FOLLETT. N. B. A full and general nssortmcnt of Siaole Dry Good", crockery, Heaiiy .tiai'e Uollung, if-c. willbe reauy i.rinspeciion in a iuw unvs. u. ct u. i-.. r truLic. 1 1, Burlington, June I, 1345. 1 urOTHERS' RELIEF. TO MARRIED LA ill DIES. The Mothers Relief, a medicine which soothes the disagreeable sensation ol females about to become mothers, and insures a safe delivery in all cases wnere maiiormaiion or soincunnaiurai circum stances does not prevent. The reputation of this ar ticle, though silent, has become so extended as to pro duce an immense demand. A nauiDhlet intended on- v for Ihe eve of those directly interested and ihrir pnysicians, is prepaieu lur gratuitous uisiriuunun where 1 he llcuei is lor sa e. As we are thus obliged to come before the public, we take the occasion to say, thai if the increase of the can lur uie moincr a ivcuei, wuerever kiiuwii, ueHiiy euide to a direct opinion lo be formed of the estima tion in which it is held, we have the s.tisfaclion of believing that It has been Uie means or alleviating an infinite amount of suffering, ami wf saimr tnanv val uable lives Wherever it has been used during the above period, deep rooted prejudices have given way to candid anu tlianklul exnrcssions 01 cratitude. and a wish to extend on their parts, as far as possible, its bene fits. Medical men of hich et.inding have had the candor to acknowledge fur once, that their prejudices must be aoanuoned, and nave uren advocates tor its use. All those who wish, are invited to call on somo of our agents and procure a pamphlet without charge, Q. A. BARTHOLIC & Co. Rochester, N. 1, For sale bv PECK & SPEAR, the authorized Agents for this place and vicinity, who can also sup- pty I'tuggists at ine rroptieiur a noiesaie prices. Superior patent Pumps for Wells and Cisterns. IT 7 HOLES ALE and retail by II. CALDWELL, v V Burhnalon. t. These numns have been thoroughly tested or 16 vcai. in the we.-lern part of new jort, ana proved to ianrtraie article. Thev are pronounced bv all people aconaialed with mem, ine iest and most durante pumps 111 the united State., that has ever been offered for sale. They are simple in their construition and worked with ea-e. tney are warranted to work satisfactory in nil ca,es and not to freexe in tbe winter. Tne workinir narts are of all metal with metallic fits: the nines are made Of a duiable timber, andsaturattd with a composition which renders it impervious to water, and prevents decays. The above pump will draw w ater the depth 01 one nunurea leet as wett as snorter distances. All persons wishing to purvle pumps fur wells or cis tern, will do well to call and examine these numn before they purchate elsewhere. They will he kept constantly on nana at tne r ranklim iiotcl, ana at the store ot Sthomgs cV Co.. in B11rlin2t.u1 by 11. CALDWELL. All order sent to him by mail will be thankfully received and promptly attended to. May It, 1645. Im3 Cash! Cash!! JT J,-1 CUTLER, Sire-nga Building. Builmgion, May, 1515. 52 Dried Peaches AND ORANGES A fic-lv supply, Jd.t receiver ALSO," Connecticut River Shad, of this year s in-pcctinn. A. S. DEWEY. A VALUAlilsli iMEDIUIlSKs DU. Ilraiiilrcili'. Vegetal lc Pills Imve proved them selves an effectual nssi.iaiit ol nature, having cured in the United Slate, nt lout une hundred thous- nnd persons of diseases which had been pronoum.vj incuriible l-y medical men oflhciicsl rank and stands These Pills, from the pc nliar properties they po-se-, nre calculateil to cure t, whatever be its name, all Having tnc same origin, in any perwn n, whom is the iiimcr-nl "brt-a Ii of life," who partakes oftlie "universal" "one Mood," of which ore made all people who dwell upon the enrlh, and who-u di ordcr nn-C" from the "utiivirsal root ' of all disease- name v. tiniiitritv or imperfect circulation ol tlietilund. Those who nre autlering from a bad slate ol health will do well to give them R trial. A g cn t s , S. E. Howard. Burlington f E. R. Oreon. Rich inonrf; J, Tuiile, Essex Ge,i B. Oake, Jerkhat J. 11. Tower. Undt'hilli Geo. Ayres, Milton 1 IL isaiider-on, ll'erf M lton ; II. R. I line, IFtsforuIr Morton At Clark, IVillitton ; Marcu Hull. Ilines bnrgh t J. B. Ishain, Hhelburn ; J. M. Staple, Charlotte. 3in0 Annexation. SPAULDI iG & RUSSELL HAVING taken the I1LACKS.MIT SHOP former ly occupied by Gto. A. Allen, arc prej a ed t-J ai-rnininodate the public a. well a. anv other in this vicinity. We want ail the old cus tomers, and lots of new ones. R. G. Pl'AUI.PINO, S. II. RUSSELL, Burlington, June 21, 1345. I"'C 111 lias Lyman HAS received n carefully selected and extensive assortment of DRY GOODS suited lo the sea son, which he offers at reduced prices. Among wtucn wilt oc lotted Balzorincs, Lawns, Primed Muslins,, Elston Gingham, Fancy Cambrics, &c. eke. Americen Prints superior style. Ilo.icry Gloves an-l Mitts, Ladies Silk Cravats and Fancv Hdkfs. Pongee, Bandana, Flag and White silk Hdkfs. India Rubber, Webb, Knit, and Elastic su.pender Blown Holland, Jacket Linen, llrown and While, Linen Drill, Russia sheeting, Burlap., Iluckabuck, Russh and Scotch Diaper, Linen Damask for Table spreads, Fino Dimask spreads, Linen fchecting and Shirting, Hamilton Strij-cd and Figured Tot chil- drens Wear. A large assortment of Broad Cloths and Cassi- meres, Fancy Cassimcrcs nnd Vcstings, Parasols and Sun shades, very cheap, Cotion Sheeting nnd Shirting Irom 3-4 to 10-4 wide, Ticking, Wadding, Wicking, Batting, Cotton yarn and Carpet Warp. Family Groceries. Tea including some extra quality Black Tta, Sugar, Spices, Citron, Pepper Sauce, Mustard, Superior preserved Ginger, M.tcc.ironi, Boston Hard Crackers ground Rice, Chocolate, Shells, Co Toe, Box and Keg Raisins, Currants, &c. &c. The highest Market price paid for Butter and Cheese. Wickwaro Building, corner Church and College st. May 23, 1B13. 52 NEW BOOKS. THE Subscriber ha. purchased the entire Stoc'; of BOOKS & STATIONERY belonging to.V. HARRINGTON, and is now receiving in connection thereto a good assortment of Law, Medical, Miscellaneous and Theological BOOKUm together with a good assortment of Stationery, which is offen d 10 the public at prices to suit the times. KAU-s nccivcu 111 exchange. JAMES I. CUTLER, Strongs' building, College st. May 27, 1S13. 52 Travelling Map Agents WANTED. THE Subscriber wishes to encago in the fhIo of his Mati, a nutnler of voun? men of S'rictly moral and business hibits. A capital oriruin -Tlt-M to ?wv will be necessary, in! a certain di.tnct of country will bo assigned to each Agent. Unexceptionable testimonials of charac- er wi 1 bo requirid. . u.s, .1111 UIIKUL. .V. E. corner of Mtrktt and Seventh St., Philadelphia. May 22, 1B43. 51 Ellianaii Y. Austin's Estate, TATE OF VERMOT,T H E Hon. the District ol Lamoille, s. 1 L Probate Court fir the ihstrict of Lamoille, To the heirs und all con - rued in the estate ol Kltianin . Au-tin. late uf bochcster, in Ihe County of Mor.roe, nnd Stale of ,ew 1 ork, uci-e-iMM, ubceting. lilIIEltl-'AS, it np ears by the report of the com- V inissioners nnd records nnd files of tin- court. tat tie ptrsonal estate of the -aid deceased in this Itate, i. not suificient to pay the just de'-ts and the xpen-c- 01 Hit- sttlletlicnt 01 tnc e-tate, by (tie sum t Sill. 36: and wherca-. Elias P. Stearns, adminis- ratcr on the said estate in tlii. State, has made ap- ilication to tin? Court for license to sell so much of ihe real estate of said decca-ed, in this State, as will u-e said sum : Therefore, you nre hereby cited to appear I efore sai-1 Co .rt, at a ,cs-iiui thereuf to be holdcn at. the Probate Oifiif, 111 Johnson, .in said district, on the lb Ii dav 01 July, A. 11. ISli, at IU ociock-, A. .11., , nnd gue bond-, a the law requires, for the payment oftlie 111-1 debts of thedeccased, and the expenses of he ctt enicnt ol the e-tate. or otherwise show cause why liccn-e shculd not I e gran'td ; and it nre not'gtveii agrccai-ly 10 law, and if no good came be shown to the contrary, Itceu-e will be gran. id 10 the Admini-traior of said estate, to tell so much of the rea, csta e if sail deceased ns will rai-e the suui afuresdiJ, with the co-s nticudiiig the same. lly order 01 the uourl, 23 WILLIAM VV. WHITr , Register. Daguerreotype PICTURES. H. WILCOX RESPECTFULLY informs theiinhabitants of Bur-lin-'tun and vicinity that he has taken the rooms over Peck Speai'a Drug store, (lately occupied by Mr. t-telding, Portrait Painter,) where be is prepared to take Likenesses by Ihe Daguerreotype process, col lorcd or not. Ill a st) le unsurpas-ed, cither as regards tne distinctness, uurauuity or ttntsii nt tnc I'icture. Havin2 been exclusively encaged in the business be tween two and three veats.durin2 which time he has operated 111 New York and other cities, and having tne best 01 apparatus, neiccts connuent ot being nn-e to nlease all who may favor him with their patronage. Objections arc sometimes made lhat these pictures win taue, nut no dnguerreot)pe mat nas oren colored was ever known to fade, the chemical process lefore a picture can be collortd prcparsit to resist the action of Ihe air, imparts to it brilliancy, nnJ rcnJers it im possible lor it to taue ot cnangc. Ladies and rcntlcmrn nre invited to call and ex amine the specimens whether they contemplato sitting lor i rictute or not. Mtters win be u attained a dis tinct picture and correct likeness or no charge will be made. Pictures can be taken as well in cloudy as in clear weather. Portrait and other paintings copied with great accuracy. Complete instructions given in the ait on moderate terms, and apparatus furnished if wished. Prices or Miniatures. Single PUtute, in case or frame, medium sixe, 63,50. Duplicates, 1,50 Tvvo persons on one plate in case, 3,50. Small size Pictures, in esses, 1,75. Pictures tilted into i.ocKtts 11 wistirn. A fair deduction will be made where several pictures are taken iu the same family. Bulling tun, 1345. b t M. 6. RATHBUN & CO. ; rr c uniit Catlorn, HW E returned from New Vork with a carefully selected as-ortment of IIKOAU CLOTHS. CASAMF.KES, VESTINOS, and TRIMMINGS, and are prepared to furnish Garments at prices which cannot but convince buyers it is a saving of expense a. well as time anu troui te, to nave tne mate mis furnished, and garments made by those who under stand the business Also, Shirts, Bosoms, Collars, Cravats, etc. etc. M. G.Rathdcn, C. F. Waan. .May,22,'45, Removal. Saddle, Harness, and Trunk ma king. I have taken the Shop a few rods East of the Court House, and near Skinner'a Livery Stable, whera the public can find any thing in my line of bunneaa nf as good quality and as cheap at can be procured tn Burlington. . ... FOR MALE, one Doubhi and three second jnd 1 Sinel" WK- ,0 ,B1f I Builmaton, May 30, 1M5, -SAC. I" c-jv,.,.s -. SX'J