Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 18, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 18, 1845 Page 1
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NOT TUB GX.ORV OP O S A R BUT THE WBX.FARB Of R O M B BY II. B. STACY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, JULY 18, 1845. VOL. XIX No. 7. Prom Barllett's Walks about Jerusalem. TUB POOL OP SILOAM. A little above the fountain of En Rogcl, which leads up the valley of Jehosaphat, there is a mulberry tree of unusual size, with a raised ter race, a favorite stopping place for wayfarers and shepherds, who repose under its ample shade, whilo their flocks are drinking from a channel filled with water, conducted from tho Pool of Siloam, which is a few paces above. It was not without emotion that wo descended tho stops of tho fountain, worn and polfshcd by ages, and seated ourselves under the cool moist arch, a delicious shelter from the burning noon-day beams of a July sun, reposing our weary limbs, listening to the gentle current of tho "waters of Siloam, that go softly," anil drinking, with tho palm of our hands, from tho refreshing and lim pid stream. As the Arab women of the valley came down to fill their pitchers, we remember ed that the daughters of Judah frequented it two thousand years ago: that kings and prophets have drank of its consecrated waters, and that porhaps Jesus and his disciples liavo often rcpos cd on these very steps, in tho course of his walks about the city. To describe tho view before us the path to the fountain is seen abovo tho edge of tho pool, on tho right, and figures are descending the stops under its arch, down to the water, which flows out by a small orifice in the snuare pool, and thence by a channel into the valley below, as before stated. The remains of nillars, at the side and in the basin, seem to indicate that at a former period it must have been wholly or partially covered ; and it has been supposed that this is also the 'IJcthosda,' with five porches, where at certain hours an an gel, according to popular tradition, troubled the waters, which were then supposed to have heal ing power. This receives some countenance from the fact, that there is a singular ebb and flow in the stream, noticed by many travellers, and lately witnessed by Dr. Hubinson, but bc yund this there is nothing to support tho con jcclure. It has been ascertained by the perse vering research of Dr. Robinson, that the water is brought to tho Pool from that of tho irgin higher up tho valley, by moans of a channel cut through tho rocky hill of Ophcl, a work of great and useless labor. Both fountains were within tho city. Its length, as measured by Inm, is 1700 feet. A BEAUTIFUL THOUGHT. How few men seem to have formed a concep tion of the original dignity of their creation. Regarding themselves only as a crcaturo of time, endowed incrclv with animal passior.s and intellectual faculties, their project, aims and ox poctations are circumscribed by the narrow out line of human life. They forgot that instability mid decay are written, as with a sunbeam, upon all earthly objects that this world, with all its nageantry, and pomp, and power, is crumblin. into dust that this lifo is scarcely doserving of a single thought, excepting as it forms the in (reduction to another, and that he alone acts prudent or rational part, who frames his plans with direct reference to that future and endless state of being. She has so blinded the under standing, and debased the affections, that men never fail to invest some temporal good with fancied perfection, and idly imagine that the at' lainment of it would satisfy the desires and fill the capacities of the immortal spirit! How liltio do thoy know themselves ! The soul is not of the earth, and they will strive in vain to chain it to the dust. Though Us native strength has been impaired, and its puritv tarnished, and its jjuiy ciiaiigtiu,' it will not always bo a pnsunor hero. Send itfurth.if you will, to range througl the whole material universe, and like tho dove dismissed from the ark, it will return without finding a singlo resting place for it has resting place but the bosom of God. Maffdl, The Soul. The soul of man is a buildingof God: He hath laid out the treasures of His wisdom, power, and goodness in this noble struc turo j He built it for a habitation for Himself to dwell in ; and indeed, such noble rooms as the understanding, will, and affections, aro too good 'for any other to inhabit. But sin hath set open tho gates of this hallowed temple, and let in the nbominatiou which makcth desolate. All tho doors of the soul aro barred and chained up against Christ, by ignorance and infidelity: He seeks admission into the soul which Ho made, but findoth none. A forcible entrance Ho will not make ; but expects when the will shall bring 4 1 ini the keys of tho soul, as to the rightful owner. Uov. iii. 20. Flavcl. From the Democratic Review. THE SHOT IN THE EYE. ATItUE STORY OK TIIXAS BORDER LIKE. 11 V c. Wlt.KINS EIMI. ( Concluded.) Ono Jay wo had all turned out for a deer- drive. This hunt, in which tho dogs aro used for driving tho gnmo out of tho timber, scatters tho hunters very much ; they nro stationed at tho different 'stands,' which nro sometimes miles apart to watch for tho deer passing out J for tins reason tno pariy sel dom gets together again until night. Wo divided in tlio morning, ana sKirtcu up op posite sides of n wide belt ot bottom titnucr, while the 'drivers' nnd dogs poncirateu u 10 rouso the deer, which ran out on cither sido by the stands, and wcro known to tho hun ters. Wo wcro unusually successful, and returned to a lalo dinner at our host s, the nlanlcr's house. IJv dusk all had come in except my friend, whoso namo was Henry, nd a man named atoncr, ono 01 me ncigu bors, who had joined our hunt. Dinner was ready, and wo sat down to it, supposing they would bo in, in a lew moments. 1 no meal was nearly ovcr.when Henry, who was a gay voluble fellow, camo hustling into tho room, and with a slightly flurried manner addressed our host 'Squire, this is a strango country of yours! Do you let crazy pcoplo range it with cutis in their hands f Not when wo know it. Why I What bout crazy poopto 1 You look excited.' ' Well, I think I've had enough to mako mo feel a liltio curious.' What is it t What is it?' exclaimed ovn ry body coccrly. ' Why, I have met with cither the old liar ry himself a ghost or a madman ; and which it is I am confoundedly puzzled to tell.' 'Where? How?' lie threw himself into a chair, wined the perspiration from his forehead, and continu ed : 'You know, Sloncr and myself when wo parted from you all tins morning, took p the ri" lit hand sidoofthc bottom timber. Well, Sloncr accompanied mo to my 'stand,' where wo parted ; ho to go on to his ; and I havo seen nothing of liim since. Soon after he left me, a deer passed out I shot it wounded it and jumped on my horso to pursuo it. The deer had staggered at my fire, but was not so badly wounded as I sup posed, and led mo off, until it suddenly oc curred to mc that 1 might get lost, and I reigned up ; but I soon found that this sober second thought had come too late, and that 1 was already out of my latitude. I wan dered about nearly all day, though taking care not to go very far in any ono direction, beloro I camo across anything which prom ised to set mo right again. 1 .'it last came unou a wacon trail, and felt revived, for I and rivitcd out thcro; yon might have fol lowed it for hours and not been moro than a milo or so from tho placo you started from. That ghost of yours by tho way, may bo somo crazy fellow, who has wandored off in to these parts with mischiof in him ! DM you hear no gun V 1 1 thought I did -about an hour after parting with tho man, or devil, or whatever ! H . , .... . i .li no was nut I lie sounu was so mini, uuu ins tant, that, for fear 1 might ho mistaken, 1 did not go to it ; and the road had turned so fre quently, I could not tell whether it was in tho direction ho went oil' or not.' Hero thu driver interposed, saying that he had heard a rifle about that time on the right, but supposing it tn ho Stoner or Hen ry, ho thought nothing of it. And a half laughing discussion followed as to tho pro bable character of tho wood ghost Henry had reported of some asserting that lie was quiz zing us for these men wcro too much ac customed to tho exigencies of a hunter's lifo to ho for moro than a moment seriously .af fected by tho circumstances of Stnncr's non- arrival. In the midst of this, a horso's feet were heard galloping up to tho door, and a loud Hilloa!' followed. tho squire roso hasti ly and went out. In a moment after ho en tered looking palo and excited. ' Tom Dix (ono of Stoncr's noighbors) says that his horso has come homo without a rider, the reins upon its neck, nnd a clot of blood upon the pummel of tho saddle ! Dnys, he's hern shot ! Just as I suspected from tho first !' ' Tho crazy man !' ejaculated several. 'Strange ! Very mysterious business !' said others. ' I tell you what,' said the Squire after a nause, lias struck mo from tho first. It is that this strango looking fellow Henry saw, mistook him for Stoner, until ho looked into his face, for Henry's horso and general nil penrance nro not unlike his, and when ho found that ho was wrong, got out of the way nnd went on till he mot Stoncr himself, nnd has shot 1 1 i in I' 'No doubt of it!' said several. 'But it's a very mysterious afiair,'continucd lie, 'I know of no such looking man in this region us Henry described ; but at any rate he will ho hunted down to-morrow, for Slon cr was one of tho Regulators, and Hindi is a perfect blood hound ! Ho can hardly es cape him crazy or not crazy !' This seemed to ho tho most satisfactory solution of the difficulty, and as it was loo dark for us to do any thing that night, were thoy found his flcshlcss bones scattered on ovcry sido. Thoy were appalled. Tho reddest-bloated cheek among them blanched! It was terrible ! They seemed to bo doom ed 1 Thrco of their number dead and torn maniac or not, such n vengeance, and tho daring conduct of tho whole affair, wcro very imposing to their associations nnd prepos sessions, and thoy sympathized heartily with him. It was only whilo the general unccr- to pieces within ten days ; and yet not tho . taiuty left every man in doubt whether his slightest clue to tho relentless and invisible foe, but that ghostly story of Henry's, and tho tracks which only sctvo to tantalize them ! It must be somo dread supernatural visitation of llimr hideous crimes ! They shivered, while the great drops started from their foreheads, and without thinking of looking for nny trail, or gathering up tho bones, they started hack at full speed, spread ing tho alarm everywhere. I ho excitement now oceanic univorsju nnd trcmontious. Nearly tho whole country turned out for tho purposo of unravelling this alarming myste ry ; and tho superstitious frenzy was in no small degreo heightened by the report, that this man had been shot in tho samo way as tho others in the back of the head! The incidents wcro nil so unaccountable, that I own 1 felt no litllo sympathy willi tho popular association of a supernatural agency in tluir perpetration. Henry laughed at all this, but insisted that it was a maniac; nnd to account for the peculiar dexterity of his es capes and wholo manogement, related many anecdotes proverbial of tho cunning of mad men. The wildest, most absurd, and incred ible slorics now afloat among tho pcoplo concerning this deadly and subtle foe of the Regulators; for it was now universally be licvcd nnd remarked, that it was against them alone that Irs enmity was directed The slory of Henry was greatly improved upon and added to ; nnd, as somo reports had il, the Madman, as others, tho Bearded Ci host, was seen in half a dozen places nt tho samo time ; nowTuToot, stalking with enormous strides across somo open gludc from thicket to thicket passing out of sight again before the observer could recover from his surpiiso then mounted, ho was seen (ly ing like tho shadow of a summer cloud over the prairics,Jor beneath the gloom of fuicsis, always haggard and lean, dressed in skins with tho hair on, nnd that long, terrible, heavy rillo on his shoulder ! I noticed that there was only onu class of men who ven tured to assert that they had actually seen with their own oyns, these wonderful sights, and that was cnnslituted of those who cither had suffered, or from their characters and pursuit;, were most likely to suffer persecu tion from tho Ileculutors tho class ofliun- terio. in 'rants. These men wcro mo:t in Jus suincd our seats to discuss over and over I trious in embellishing nil tho circumstances Promises I' ulfilled As tho herbs and flowers which sleep all winter in roots under ground when tho tirno of spring approachoth, presently they etart forth of their bods, whoro they had lain so long unperccived ; thus will tho promise in its season do. Ho delays who patsclh the time appointed: but ho only stays that waits for tho appointed time and then comes, Lvcry promise is datcd but with a mysterious character; and for want of skill in God's cliro. nology, wo arc prone to think that God forgets us, when indeed wo forget ourselves in being eo bold to set God a timo of our own, and in being angry that ho comes not just then to us, u urnatt. hake uory of the Holy Scmi-iures. At a sale last week of a portion of a nobleman's library, at Hotelier's Rooms, Piccadilly, an cdi lion of the Holy Scriptures of exceeding rarity was eoiu. n is thus described in the catalogue : "Holy Bible, In which is contayncd tho Olde and JNcwo 1 estamcnt, truly and purely trans. latcd into English by Thomas Malthow, black letter, morocco extra gilt edges, by Clarko loJj, I he real namo of tho translator was John Rogors, who was the first Martyr in Queen Mary's reign. Tho present copy is perfect, with the excoption of the following defects : a letter or two cut off at the bottom of the first title, tho title to tho Prophets is impaired' at tho bottom, two leaves in tho table and tho imprint aro in lac simile by Harris, the rorucr of Goo 13 torn off, and a few leaves repaired. knew it must luko mo to some point where I could get information. T ho trail was nar row, leading through scrubby thickets; and I was riding along slowly, looking down, in the bono of nieetihe tho tracks of somo of your horses, when tho violent shying of my horso caused mo to raise my eyes. And, by George ! it was enough to have 'stampe ded' a regiment of horo ! On the left of tho trail stood a very tall skclcton-liko figure, dressed in skins : one foot advanced, as if he had stopped in the act of stepping across it, and a long heavy gun, ust swinging down to tho level, bearing on inc. Ol course, my heart leaped into my throat, and my flesh shrank and crept. Before I could think of raising my gun, my eyes met thoso ol this strango figuro ; and such eyes ! Surprise at their cold, unnatural expression, suspended my action ; burning with a chill, singular brilliancy, in deop.sur.kon sockets, thoy look ed as if they never winked. Dwelling stead ily upon my faco for a moment, they seem ed to be satisfied, and tho gun was slowly ttirnwn linrL- tinnn l.le . t.l,.ft- ing at n long grisly board, witlran impatient gesture of his bony hands, the ficuro made a strido across thu trail, and without speaking a word ploungcd into tho thicket. I was so confounded by this curious dumb-show, that ho was nearly concealed in the brush before i lound my tongue to shout to him to stop but be kept on, not cvon turning his head 1 was provoked nnd sntirrni! mv Imrsn ir after him, as fir as I could penetrate, but ho Pi on, aim i tost sight of him in a moment ana whether ho can talk at all. is more than i can lull I ' Did you look at his feet Honrv V inmr. - 1 r ,i . . " iuui.u uuu m uiu puny, i expect it was old IVcvcr mind what you oxpect hoar mo out, lie continued. ' I followed the trail wlucli wound about, il seemed to mo. to wards all tho points of tho compass, for an iiour or moro ; when at last it led mo out in to a prairie, which I thoufrlil I roco-mlpd I slopped, and was looking around to mako out tho landmarks, when it horso with a sad- dlo on hurst from tho woods behind mo, and tore on ncross tho if he had soon tho devil.' What color was hoi' exclaimed half dozen voices in a breath. Ho was too far off for mo to distinguish moro than tint ho was a dark horse' say about as much so as inino. I could distin guish the pommel of tho saddlo and the stir rups flying !' ' Siouor's horso was a dark bay.' was buzzed around tho table, in low tones, every ono looking seriously in his neighbor's face. Yos !' said the Squiro, rising nnd slop ping to tho window, 'Stoiier's hoiso was u good deal like yours j ho must havo got away from him, and that is what detains him. But then tho nag was a very kind crcaturo and II . ! .. . ... wcu iruiiieu. i wonucr il should liavo bo haved so !' ' Don't believe 'hay' would havo dono it, Squiro,' said ono of tho men. 'Something's think I Was tho bridle down, nrrnin llieso details: while thn Snniro sent off a messenger summoning Ilmcli and the Regulators to bo on tho ground eaily in tho morning 1 lefore siiikkc in the morning, -11 inch ar rived with six men. I was waked by Ins loud blustering and swearing. He was rav ing, as I afterwards understood, about Hen ry ; calling Ins story about tho meeting with tho remarkable personage all humbug and asserting his belie! thai il a murder had been commuted, Henry was its author. Our host quieted him in some way, nnd when wo camo out to join them ho greeted us with a snarl ing sort of civility. Ho was a thick-set, broad shouldered, burly-looking wretch, with blood shot eves, nnd faco bearing all tho marks of riotous debauchery. Our search was for several hours entirely unsuccessful, until Henry by accident found tho placo whoro ho had encountered the Bearded Ghost ns somo ono christened him. Hero ono of of character, feats, und relentless hatred to the Regulators, ns highly as tho evcilcd cie- dulity of tho public would boar. Thoy nev er saw lum except in tho vicinity oftlio homes ofsumonu oTlifcSL4iiuteil tyrants! In their versions, this lining was lorevor hover ing around thcni.wailing themnment to strike whilo they wcro alone and far from any help. Thoy carried this thing so far as to atlract atjontion to it, and nrouso m tho cunning mind of II inch tho samo suspicion which had occurred to Henry and myself, namely, that all this was the result of a profoundly acute and thoroughly organized scheme of this class, headed by somo man of peculiar per sonalities and consummate skill, with tho ob ject ot exterminating or driving off tho Regu lators. It seemed impossible that, without collusion with many others, tho murderer should havo been njilu to so bafllo all pur suit. Hindi and his band had been thor- n,.....t 1 I . I , ..,,,,,,, lum-u iuu iiwuu , uui i no moment own person might not bo next tho objoct of this murderous aim, that tho public wcro.dis posod to back tho Rancors in whatever vio lent measures thoy might choose to resort to, to drag tho secret to light, nnd tho actor to punishment; but that it was apparent his whole hato was levelled against the Rangers, nnu nit mat uncertainty was confined to them, ho he devil, ghost, madman, or Jack Long, tho public had no intention of inter fering again. It was n personal issue be tween him and them they might settle it uciwccn inomseivcs 1 Indeed, men felt in their inmost hearts that every man nfihn ten engaged in the lynching of Jack 'Long de served a dozen times over to bo shot ; and now nicy iookcu on coolly, rather enjoying the thing, and earnestly hoping that Jack might havo tho best of it. And of this there seemed to ho a strong probability ; for the Regulators made only ono moro nttcmpt to get together; but an .i r !.:- . 1 ,.. i -it unit, ui im.ii 11UI111H.T ueillg KIIICU, Oil IllS way to tho rendezvous, his body bcarlmr ihnt well known and fearlul signature of skill, the remaining five, perfectly unnerved nnd overwhelmed with terror, retreated to their houses, and scarcely dared for several weeks to nut their heads outside of their own doors. The class to which Jack had belonged, at least thoso of them who had manaccd to keen a footing during the relentless proscription of uio iieguiuiors, now ucgan to look up, and hinted that they had known of Jack's return fiom tho lime of Stoncr's murder, and had aided and abetted his purposes in every way in their power; furnishing him with fresh horses, when the noblo animal ho lode hack from tho States became fatigued; assisting his (light nnd concealment, nnd furnishing him with information, as well as sprcadin tho I'xnggcrntcd stories about him. One blufl old fellow remarked : 'You are fools to talk about Jack's being crazy ! Ho's as calm and cold as a frosly morning up in old Kentuck ; and his head

as clear as :i hell ! He's just got his Indian fightiii' nnd Tory-haling blood waked up in Inm, uy them stripes. 1 hut s blood you know that's more dangerous than a cata mount, when it onco gets riz !' Jack was now frequently seen, hut it was known that his work was only half done, and that he meant to finish it, nnd ho was regarded wiili great curiosity and awe. Tho five wretched men wcro entirely unstrun" God of Ilonven ! and tho sharp agony would spanclo keen points of burning light through his brain, ns if tho ball wcro.ulrcidy bursting through a socket ! ' I too must be shot through tho cyot' It was worso than ten thousand deaths, nnd ho died them in lingering tortures told over day by day. irom thu tunc ol Uces's death ho looked n changed and stricken man. In n few weeks he had lost n great deal of flesh, and become pitcously haggard Ins eyes nnd gait nnd voice wcro nil humble. His turbulent nnd fierco nnimality faded before the harrowing suspense of this four. The bully nnd the murderous ruffian trembled at the rustling of a leal, ins own imagination became les hell and hungry remorse grew stronger and stronger with feasting at his heart ! Iln never left his house for weeks, until tho es cape of Williams nnd Davis inspired him with some hope. He procured nfino horse, nnd set off ono dark night for tho Red River I livery body regretted his escape for men bad looked on in quiet expectation upon the progress of this affair, and in stronir faith that tho senso of wild border justice, ould be gratified in seeing this stern, righteous and unparalleled vengeance consummated by tho fall of Hindi thu monster, instiga tor, and chief actor in all the grievous outra ges which had aroused tho simple-hearted Long into a demon excculioncr of doom. Hindi reached the bank ol the Red River sprang Irom Ins loaming and exhausted horse, alter looking cnuiiously around threw himself upon the grass to wait for a steamboat. In two hours ho heard ono nut- I TEM S. What the Noktii doks ron the South. The Augusta (Georgia) Chronicle makes the following amusing summary of the means which tho North furnishes to the South : They build our houses, they adorn them with every comfort anu convenience ol which we havo eicr conjee, turcd. Thoy educate our children, and cover our nakedness from bead to foot, with Ii3ts and shoes', coals and shirts; wo cat their Hour, cheese, butter, apples, codfish, potatoes, pickle.", pork and onions wo feed our cattle with their hay, drivo their horses in their harnesses and carriages with their whips wo walk with their sticks, ride on their saddles, wrilo on tlicir pa per, wash with their siap, Ecrub with their brushes, sweep with their brooms, milk in their pate?, cook in their po!f, strike with their ham mors, blow with their bolnws, cut with their aes, sow with their seed, reap with their linnkn, pull with their leather, whitewash with their kmc, paint with their paint,march by their tunes, read by their lights, drink their congress water and rum, smoke their cigars, and last and best of all thoFO blessing?, wo marry their pretty girls, who mako the best of wives. Dakino Attempt at Ror.F.r.r. The safe in tho counting-room of the Locks &. Canals Com pany was partly broken open this morning be tween throe and four o'clock, by means of gun powder. The outside door of the safe being a single one was blown open with a small charge in the lock. The inner door was made of two sheets of iron rivitcd together, leaving about half an inch space, and tho lock on this door was loaded very heavy. The outeretiect was thrown open, hut the inner one, with the look on, was lott unopened. Tho robber or robbers probably fearinj that another report would raise an alarm, left the premises. '1 ho ust report was vcrv loud and fingdown tho stream, and saw tho white was hoard somo distance, but it being near diy-light, nothing was thought of it. Tho counting-room was entered through the front id life onco ninio snrnm. ilirmml, l,U window, by a pbnk being placed on the bridge rivcllnd veins in !,! tin. ll c!,f.,.ll,i I railing!. The tooking-slasscs, windows, and wreaths of steam curling up behind the trees, How his heart bounded ! Freedom, hope, ami t n I'niuiit t'mr.e in,, tn I.. I kuhu Him u till IIII. IIU3II!1II:(J . . . ,i, . .i ,1 i H'0 furniture in the room, were very much shat the vessel : she rounrlnd In nnil liiirrirml ln.r I . ..... ... . J , .,' 7 . lorcii. wo uo not understand that there was yawl. His pulso bounded high, and ho ga- Inuc, lnonoy jn ,i10 s,lfc. Tl!s is ono of tho zed with absorbing eagerness at the crew as I most daring attempts at robbery that has been ihey pulled lustily towards the shore. A I made in this city. Lmcell Courier. click-behind him! Ho turned, with nshud-j Lamentable Occurrence Mr. George ilni-!ttwlf'i,r-nr,tr-t.-.ol T ..t LnH m . .1 . 0 ., ......... uui mug iuu j iviicncy, a rcspcciauic mechanic ot tins place, was hearing straight upon him those cold who has been confined to his house, sick, for eyes dwelt steadily on him for a moment some days past, persuaded his brother, about and crash! and nil was forever blackness t,1,co o'clock in the morning, (who was sitting the " " raliiaMMrrM PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPH IpllllllllllllH iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiKl ."UIIIIIUIU. W IIC I lilt to II inch tho Regulator! The men who witnessed tho singular scene landed, and found him shut through the eve : and saw then the murderer galloping over the plain stretching out from the top of the bank I And so the vengeance was consummated, and tho stern hunter had wiped oul with much blood tho stain of stripes on his free tip, lor tho purpose of waiting on him,) to ho di wn.and r. s' h m'df.aslic felt cry comfortable. Tho watch, thinking all right, laid down; and on waking, about 4 o'clock, observed that hia brother had left his bed, ant! no trace of him could bo found, about the promises. The town crier was called out: and, after about three ll-u' lA3-.ll It.- e-mn fn, ...l-A I their services, the selectmen called a mcolinc in and panic-stricken. They mado no attempt u'fo in the eyes, and receive her form again ut retaliation, but nil their hope seemed to! to rest upon his breast. Iicin tho ofVurt to gW out of his reach. That It was an awful deed. In view of all its long and heavy rillo haunted ihem dav nnd circumstances, the provocation, tho charac 'P!... .1.., . r i .i.- .1 ., limbs; and could now do, what I was told I Concord squarc-and, win le deliberating on tho l.n .,, d ,i. r .!.... ! m5t efleciual efforts to make, to find the miss. u .. u-b. uuilb OIUVI, UIU lllll, U, fatal and 'fatally expiated stripes look his thu keen-eyed hunters found tho truces of a this idea occurred to him, tho reaction of largo moccasincd foot. 1 heso wcro puisucd . their base fears was savago exultation. Hero for several milos and lost, but on spreading was something tangible j their open and uni our lino and continuing tho same general ted force could easily exterminate an oncniv coursn for somo distance further, wo at last who had acknowledged their weakness in found indeed the body of Sloncr! It had resorting lo secret combinations and nssassi- bcen so much mutilated by tho wolves and , nation fiom 'the livslf!' Thoy forthwith ravens that littlo examination was made of, proclaimed' ' war lo tho knifo.' with tho 'nolo class ; and during tin next week sov- ai outrages, so revolting that I will nnt do il them, wero perpetrated upon these men dillereut parts of tho country : and iho ct that, during this general tumult, nothing oro was seen or heard of tho mysterious illeman, encouraged them with tho belief thoy had succeeded in getting rid of him irough tho intimidation of his confederates. 1 hey had now been Tor noarly a fortnight tho saddle had glutted themselves with ngcancc, and, as thoy conceived, broken wn this dangerous conspiracy aiainst their iwcr ; and if thoy had not succeeded in de cline and punishing, had at least frichtcned If their singular foe. They now concluded icy might safely disband. That day, ufter oy separated, one ol thoir number, named cos almost as bad and savaeo a man as inch himself was riding iiast n thicket, in gl't of his own house, when ho was shot out it. His ncgroxs ImAnl tho gun, and ccing his horso galloping up to tho houso ri- erlcss nnd snorting wildly, thoy ran down, nd found him stretched in tho road dead. 7c teas shot in the cue, and the hall nass- d out ut the hack of his head. When Hindi heard this, ho turned per ctly livid, his knees smoto together, und ith a horrid oath ho exclaimed, ' It's Jack ong with n vengeance !' It was now per- ivcd, lor tho first timo, that all tho men gone wrong, I Mr. Honrv V 'It was too far off for mo to tell. lowcu m tho d rod nn .l.n I fol Inn' and soon found mysolf here, and expected to lind it hero too 1' night. They saw its dark muzzle benrino on them from every bush, and through the chinks of their own cabins! Ono of them, named White, was an in vctcruto toper, with all his terror, could not resist his inclination for liquor, and after a confinement of nearly thrco weeks, deter mined to risk all and go to the store and buy him n barrel. He went in a covered wag gon, driven by a negro, while lie lay stretch ed on the bottom in the straw. Tho barrel of liquor w.isoblaincd ho got into the wag gon lay down beside it, and started for homo. All the way ho never raised his head until, near tho mouth of his l ine, n log had been placed on tho sido of the road, which lilted up tho wuugon in passing over it so ns lo roll the barrel on him. He forgot his cau tion, nnd sprang up with his head out of the cover to curse the boy for his caielessness, and that moment u rille was discharged. He fell back dead shot through the tye ! The boy said that his master suddenly cut short his oath and exclaimed, 'There he is!' at tho moment tho gun fired. He saw a tall man with a beard hanging down on his breast, and dressed in skins, walking of! through tho brush with his rillo on his shoul der. Tho next man, named Garnet, about two weeks after this, got up ono morning about sun-riso, and in his shirt-sleeves stepped to his door and throw it open lo breathe the fresh nir. He was rubbing his eyes, being about half asleep; and when ho got them fairly open thcro stood tho gaunt avenger be side i treo in tho yard the fatal rille level led, and waiting till his victim should see him distinctly. Ho did sou him but it was his last look 1 Tho bullet wont crashing thro' his bruin too ! Long is said in have told ono of his frionds that ho novor in a single instance shot ono of tho men till ho was cer tain tho man saw and recognized him fully. All wero now gone but Hindi nnd tho two youngest men of the party, Williams and Da vis. Tho two latter wcro permitted to es cape. Whother it was from relenting on tho part of tho dread avenger, or that ho had observed somo trilling thing in their demean or on tho occasion of tho outrago he was punishing, which recommended thorn to mer cy now that his resentment had so deeply drank of tho hitter delight of atonement, or that in his anxiety to sccuro Hindi, ho con fined his efforts and watchfulness to him ter of Long, the deranging influence of the outrage upon his brain, though no other in dication appeared nf impaired sanity, the mmu is lost in uncertainly as to thu judg ment which should bo passed upon it. Ik did not remain in Shelby county; but in uliat direction ho had intended to go after returning to Arkansas for his wifu and chil dren, I could never hear. He is probably living now his quiet good-naliircd lifo in the ing man, his body was hooked up from the re servoir in tho fequare. This is the third in sti nee of death by drowning, which has trans pired in this ton u within six days the latter occurring on Wednesday morning of this week. Concord (A. 7.) Democrat. The Trenton State Gazette says that a strife began in sport on Tuesday, between a young man, Aaron Palmer, and William Clayton a half-witted man, some 40 or 50 years old. At length Clayton throw a large stone at Aaron and struck him on the hip Aaron then, with his fit, struck Clayton on the head, above the rim of his hat ; ho then walked towards t'ie pump, to wash his Manila. looking back he saw Clay tun coming towards him with a drawn knife, in a violent passion, throatcniu; to kill him, but heart of tho wilderness; and it is as like- I Jl,fl ucf,,r0 reaching him. C. fell down. He was Iv as not that ono of those two chubbf bovs 1 !a,!on .,in".so a!ld bathed, but a physician who rolled with him about the floor of the "V '"""O "!'"'" " a"-1 A coro . , . ., . , r i - i ncr's jury having been held, rendered a verdict log-cabi. on that memorable night of which ; of death, in consequence of the blow, the fall, I liavo above simply related tho encnts nnd , ,,i . inlnt nas.lon nf thn iWn.isp.1. i... ,i .-.i , i uiu Luiiscquenccs, win somo ol lliese uays como to Washington from Congressional dis tricts Beyond tlio Kocky Mountains. ad been shot through tho eye, instead of in1 alone I do not know. Thoy made a forced : hero too !' ' No Stoncr's S( UIIO. Thai iv..nA., -..:. 1 It was purchased by i, ,, I ,h " "T.b" ' '70U wore lurti- Mr. Thnrnn f.,r III.-, lnaa I ' . .. . U roaU I II.IU linrrimn ntilmitn11tr lotaclicd. Ho said ho had observed it in ilJ ilaco a mile back that l0 would return to jjot it, and join them at tho storo, by tho limo thoy should bo ready to commonce tho Jpreo lliey had dotorminod on going into that light. Ho loft them, and never returned. ,j'hey soon gol drunk, and did not particu larly nolico his absence until somo timo tho cxt day, when his family, alarmed by tho eluruofhis horso. with an empty saddlo, cut lo inquire after him. This sort of in. uirics had como lo bo so significant of laic, ,iat they wcro instantly sobered, and mount- ig, rodo back on their trail. Very soon u warm ol buzzards and wolves, near a lino if thickets ahead, designatum the wherc.i opened to a number of boatd Uccs wo cut' rfouts u"l object ofihoir soaich j und there tho 110 bark of tho head, where tho ball had only sscu out, alter entering at tho socket. liu other heads had been too unpleasantly utilatcd for examination, and this had not eon licluro ouscrved. UI course, every was satisfied now, that this terrible bo- was in ono way or other identified with hong: lor tho notoriety ol his luvorito mark and his matchless skill instantly occur cd to all, as accounting fur much that was unaccountable in thoso occurrences. 1 Ins produced a great chango in public feeling. 1 ho better son ucgan tu cousiuor mat inny understood tho whole matter. Tlio lynch iiiL' Jack had received was fiesh in thoir and secret salo of their piopcrty, and clear ed out during the night. Rut it was fur Hindi ho had with passionless calculation reserved tho most inconceivuhlo torture. He had passed him by (.11 this timo, whilu one after tho other ho struck down tho tools and companions of his crimes. Ho doomed him to xeo them falling around him with thu cer tain knowledgo that the avenging hato which slow them hurnod with ten-fold intensity for his lifo that it must and would havo it ! Hut when would tho claim bo made? Should ho bo tho next ono 1 No I tho next ono i No ! Hut then each succeeding death, so suro lo take ono ol their number, drove away memories, and thoy supposed lis severity every sophism of hope, and realized to linn had shaken Ins mental uulanco and make . , . , .,.,.. in unro nnu stern uorror mat ins own mic was ns fixed us theirs. As cadi onu fell awuy tho circlo of doom narrowed slowly, stoadily closing in about him. Soon there would bo no ono left hut him ! How could MILKING COWS. Tho owners of cows thould pay particular at tention to milking. Children should not be trusted with this business, and there are many grown peoplo who never milk well, though they have been brought up to the business. If you would obtain all the milk from the cow, you must treat her with the utmost gentleness ; sho must not stand trembling under your blows nor under your threats. Soon after the bag has been brushed by your hind, and tho ends nftho teats havo been moistened a little with milk, it (lows hi rapidity, and all the veins or ducts near the teats aro completely tilled. Then it must be drawn oul immediately, or you will not gel the whole. You must not eit and talk you must not delay one moment, if you would have all the cow is then ready tu yield. The udder should be moved in ovcry direction at the close of milking, and the hands may beat it a little, in imitation of the beating which the calf gives it when sucking. An expert milker vvi 11 mike tho cow give ono quarter more in but tor, than a majority of grown milKcrs will. Ono season, says an experienced writer wo kept four cows in the home lot ; there was but littlo dilll-rence in the quantity of milk given by eioh. Wo had a rety slcndy hired mm, nf forty years of age ; ho had carried on a farm in New Hampshire, and had always been used to milk, ing ; but ho was eo blow tho cows had no pa. ticncc with him. Wo milked two of tho cows, and ho tho other two, and wo wcro but littlo moro than half as long as ho in milking, though wo got the largest mess by about one quart. On our remonstrating that he did not draw out all the milk, he said bis cows would not yield so much as thote milked by us. wo then mado an cxclnnge; he milk ed our two, and wo milked hi. In thrco weeks timo tho caso was reversed ; our mess exceeded his by nearly ono quart. Ho neier failed to atrip his cows to thn last drop ; but his inlohrti. Uf moileralUm prevented his obtaining what an active milker would have done. Young learners may practice on cows tint are toon to bo dried oil: They bhould bo taught, nl first, how lo take hold of thu tcatf, and Ihey will remember it ; but how common it is to lot each child chonso his own modo of milking. learners should know that the hand should be kept very near tho extremity of Iho teat, if they should milk with ease. Tho left aim should always press gently against tho leg of the cow ; fur then if she is inclined to kirk. t.lio cannot. with any lorco ; tlio cjnnot strike an object that loans against her ; but if sho raises up her foot, as she often will when her teats aru Mire, ihe milker will bo ready to ward offand keen it from the pail, much better than w lieu ho sits far off irom the row. 1 f In ifcra arc mado tamo and contlcby fro que nl handling when young, they aro not apt to him a monomaniac, and that thu disoaso had endow cd hi in with tho marvellous cunning tho staunch, murderous hate and tho un natural appearance, which had created such sensation. Thoy could not understand how a being so simple-hearted and sluggish as ho ivna rixililml lilll.lVl! IlHi1 II . Clllllil ll.ll'tl boilll in. ..i,uv.. . , . . . . , , ,,,,,, muni , ni.- uni;i, ai iiuiit' IMII lldUHP, ,1IH , roused to such deeds by Iho ineio dcplh and'sliong men had gnno down heroic that fearful are not broken of them through life. L'm" power of his tuttirul passions. Hut mono- i ilia every oncflhcm shot through the eit! paiiCt Hand feel. i... ...n -., i.r I. to n.u.. i '!, ,n,.i,ii, c.l ' kick tho milker. Hut it thev aro Millereil In run IIU lull Ull III1"! linumi I ll livil .uuiuuu 1W,I ,,., r. , , . ... 1 ...... ...i i i.. i i...i i...i...i ., wild till after they havo calu-d. thev cannot bo saiui iiidiii'ii'iiiwuuiiuiy imu umueu iiieiu ,.vlu),lol , i, ,llill i, ,;. , Ono, two, thrco, four, five, six, seven I ' k ,,c... . ,i.ev .. 'iri ..,, all! Nr..v SrrxniEN or Croikeuv Ware. On the 8th lilt., a box labelled " V his side up tcith care," marked to "J. Ilennott, Louisville, K," and in another place. " Crockery Ware," waa brought up tn the wharf boat, a strange noiso was heard within, and upon its being opened a live nczro was taken from it. lie had almost suPueatcd in his confinement ; hence the alarm. It sccins that this negro, who was a slave be longing to a gentleman in the vicinity of Mem phis, had paid J. Ilennott, a free negro, fifteen dollars to transport him to a free stale, and ho bad according to contract, boxed him up, and would have set him at liberty had ho been sue cc'sful. ISennctt was seized and sent to jail, and tho ebony "crockery ware" was restored to its original owner. When the Prince Bishop of Leigo was riding to ballle nt the head of a fino body of troops, ho was asked by n spectator 'How ho a in i n titer of religion, could cngago in tho iniquities of war V 'I wago war,' replied, the prelate, 'in my character of prince, and not of archbishop. ' 'And pray,' continued tho interrogator, 'when the devil carries off the prince, what will becomo of the archbishop?' Tnc London Linf. of Packets. It is stated that tho London lino of pickets of .Messrs. Lirinncll, Itlinturn cc (Jo., nnd Mr. liNswold s lino, aro to sail weekly be tween this port ami London, tour new ships aro to bo added to tho lines immedi ately. 1 hoy aro to Icavo tho respectivo ports on the lst,sth, loth and 1th ol every month. i. J , Spectator. They have steamboats in Arkansas intended to run in very shallow water. Tho Little Rock Intelligencer, speaking ol the I.ucy Long, says it ran run any where the ground is a Utile lamp " A Mormon Kin'n Caught. Charles Chris. nun, a .Mormon elder, was caught in Hancock county, (Illinois,) a few days airo, in tho act of carrying off railrotd iron which he had stolen from tho railroad ueiween Jacksonville and Mercdoia. Ho had taken three loads befnn-. amounting to moro than two tons. l.ouisiillc Journal 2(li. An Iron Hinnnr Tho 1'uttsvillo and I'hila. lolphia Railroad Ciuiiiianr hao constructed an Iron Ilridgo at their depot at Pottetown, on tho truss principle. Tho weight of Iho bridge h 0 tons 1 rut. It is taid to be the lint iron bridgo over constructed in this country cost about iSl.GUl). More Manufacti'rf.. Wo are infiirmeil that a company Willi a of lJUOO.tKKl con. template Iho erection ol works, in tins city fur the manufarturo of iron with anthracite coal. Tho oro will bo obtained from Northern New Vork, the coal from Pennsylvania by the Dela. ware and Hudson canal. Tray U'Aig. Shoes r.v Msciunekv. Tho Journal do Pa ris s.iys that an operative in Ihe Rues des Vicllcs . '.... . 1. . . : .... .1 :.. . . . . Auuneuct in luveiiiuu n iiiaciiinu lo inaKO sines, by meaiw nf which any pormn poMossing sufficient Itonglh to turn a wheel, can, in lbs course of a day linhli fifty pairs of cxcellen of ciciy mze-