Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 18, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 18, 1845 Page 3
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t- $30,000 GhAND CONSOLIDATED LOTTERY OP DELAWARE AND tititlRGIA. Class 52. To bcdraten at Wilmington, Del., Satur day, July '20, 1845. Prlte or 830.OOO ' 10,000 " G,197i Prize o( 3, SOU 3,000 2,(00 4,000 1,500 EO of (30050 of 8250-G3 of 8200, &c. itc, T Numbers, 13 Drawn Hallots, Tickets S10. Quarters S2,50, Eighths $1,25 Packages, do 8250, do 302,50 do 831,23 POKOMOKE IUVER LOTTERY, Of DELAWARE. Class 150. To be Drawn at Wilmington, Del., Tues day, July 29, 1845. i PiUe I 1 Prize of &2.1T3 5 " . 1,200 1 p 3,000 1 2,500 30 Priies each of 8250, 8 10 " BUU 20 " 400 75, 81,25, 120 of 8100 &c. tS Number. 12 Drawn nallSts, TICKETS, 5 1 Halves S2,50j Quarters 81,23. Packacss, do 8125; do 862,50) do 831,23. Class 152. To be Drawn at Wilmington, Del., Thurs day, July 31, 1845. Prize of 8T.00O 2,000 Prize of 81,2 O ,150 1,000 l.UH 30 Each of 8150, 80, 75, CO, 60, &c &c. 78 Numbers, 13 Drawn nallot., TICKETS, 82 1 Halves, 81) Quarters, S0,50. Packages do 832 i do 826 1 do 813. D. PAINE &. CO, MANAGERS, (Successors to James Phalin & Co.) The undersigned (Managers of Lotteries authorized h ih states of Delaware and Georein.i have estab lished an office in the city of Albany, for the purposo of supplying orders from the Northern Stales and the Canadas. Above is a memoranda of Schemes for next week, giving tho prico of Single Tickets and Packages, with the amount of the Capital Prizes in ihn Schemes. To all those who order tickets, a full scheme, giving the distribution ol prizes, will be sent (when requested). And after tho drawing, an official one will be sent to all purchasers. Those who wish tickets to sell again, can be supplied on advantageous terms, by applying to tho undersigned. Owing to tho high rales of postage, it lias been cus tomary to sell certificates of Packages, for one half the package price. Under the new postage law of Congress, a letter containing a picUagc of tickets will not be charged over 10 cents. We will thereforo issue certificates, as usual, or, if the purchaser prefers the Managers tickets, wcwill guarantee packages to draw at least one-half the amount of cost, (if purchased and redeemed at this ollice.) Orders, as heretofore, will receive, the most prompt and attention, by addressing D. PAINE V CO., 6 Albany, N. V. Strayed or Stolen F IKU the sub-cnlier, nliout tlie -L lirstorJunc. a iniddlina sized IHnr RED COW. 'lheends of the horns flfTw were sawed oil', wilh holes 111 them MBBiBMi for a Tec. Whoever will return said Cow, or give information where she may he found, nt my residence in White St., shall he suiiablv rewarded. CHARLES W. PCTTE. Burlington, July 18th, 1845. 7w3 VIRGIL Sf RICE'S NEW-YORK & MONTREAL EXPRESS New Arrangement. ON and alter Friday Ihe 18th inat., until further notice, will leave Builingtou every Friday eve ning, at 5 P. M., for the South, and every Wednesday nlleriioon at 3 P. M. fur the North. Specie, Bank Notes, Packages, Parcels nnd Merchandise of nil de scriptions forwarded to any part of the United States or Canada with the utmost despatch. Particular attention given to the collection of Drafts, Notes, and Bills. Packages, &c. must be left at the Counting Room of Messrs. J. J. II. Peck st t o. Uth July, 1815. TROW'S SARSAPARILLA AND TOMATO XJ BITTERS! This medicine is lor sale by Ihe proprietors, Wholesale Agents VY.CK & SPEAR, who will supply Merchants and 01 hers at the original gloss price. 7 JUST RECEIVED, PAIN EXTRACTORS, wholesale and retail. Comstock & Uo's Sarsanarilli, 50 cts per bottle, hay's celebrated Liniment, for Piles. Alto, a new and fresh supply of the Celebrated Sarsaparilla and "Tomalo Bitters " to those who would procure the genuine article bo sure and call at II. J. HEINE BERO&Co.'s, Only Azcnts for the Slate of Ver montlook at another column explaining its virtues. Sarsaparilla Mead, toholcsalc and retail THIS Ujleoratcd Beverage Tor warm weather for sale by 11. J". HEINEBERG cV Co, A Fresh supply of .'pis. Turpentine, also a fresh supply 01 uampnene, warranted oest in inc tnaiKet. July 17, '-15. 7 ELIAS LYMAN, TTAVING iusi returned from New Yoik. offers Jl choice selection of GOODS for Ladies Dnsscs, for ihe waruMvcather of July and August. Mnslin Guigliams, Primed Lawns, Balzoriues. . ISH.M ."U9III.7. Sf-S-. tJJIIIIII IU IllillUI). Also, Light and Dark Cul'd Kid and Silk (.loves, v mi 1 i-, t t.M,. ,.m t.iaic 1 iiivuu uiuvea. Ltisiu oils, i-ugill, ixc. UI3CI,, plain and figured Silk Lace, for Veils, Plain and fancy 011& ruiBBuis ana sun suaues L.ouon no. Carpet Satchels, wilh and without locks. A beau tiful assortment of Zephyr Worsted, Canvass and worsted wecnes, assorted colored Uord and las bib i"i wiiiuunB. our. vuru aim i assais assoricd col ors for Dres-es, Mcrrimac and other Ginghams, laree and small plaid. 100 dot. Coats superior Cable Thread, six cord. Burlington, July 17, 1845. 7 Lost. TJETWEEN the Pearl St. House and the Stone Church, a HAIR HUACULKT, with a red tone in Ihe clasp. Tlie finder will confer a favor by leaying the same at this office. July 17, 43. 7 STRAYED, jTT'ROM the sub-cr.ber, on -12 the 13ib inst. a small sized BLACK COW, with horns bowing in. Whoever will return said cow or give information res ' ocelinE her. shall be hand somely recompensed. WM. ANDERSON. Burlington, July 17, 1845 . 7 w3 VALUABLE REAL ESTATE FOR SALIC. L rilllE Subscriber offers for sale ihe fflPkB following properly i Tho new Brick ilSLlIou9e and 1 -o t, in College St., now occu Sflg pied by the subscriber. Possession given uninediaiely if retpiired by the purchaser. Also, A Dwelling House al Winooski village, now occupied by Mr. Wormwood, as a Boarding House. And also 13 Whole Slips in the New Congregational Church in this village, besides undivided parts ol C other slips in the same Church. NOBLE LOVELY. Burlington, July 1G, 1815. 7 STATU OF VKHMONT,) AT a Probate Lamoille District, a-, j t. Court bolden at the Probate Oificu in Johnson, within nnd lor said district, on the Ul day of July, A. D. 1815, Present, the Hon. Salmos Wires1 Judge, An Insltument, purporting to Iw the last will and testament of OATliAMNE MOUSE, late of John, son, in said district, clevcasel, U'lng prc-cnted to the Court here by Cornelius Lynde, the fcxecutor therein named, for probate! Il is ordered by si. id Court that all persons concerned therein benoiitled to appear at a session ol said Court to be holdcn at the Probate Office in Johnson, on Ihe Clh day of August, A. D. 1845, at ten o'clock; in inciorenouu, niuwiv,ur, if any they may have, against the Probate of said will, for which purpo-c it is further ordered, that a copy ol the record ol this order lo published Unco weeks successively in the Burlington rree Prcs-, a weekly newspaper printed nt Burlington, in tills binle, as soon as may be, thelaslof which publieiilions to be prior lo said 6lh day of August, 1815. ' A true record. Attest, 6w3) Attest, WILLIAM W. WHITE, Hegtsttr. A iimh innvof rccoril. WILLIAM W. WHITE, fleg'r. STEAiMUOAT STOCK. I C SHARE!) OI.I1 LINK for sole. Apply lo 10 July 9, '45. G II. W. CAT.IN. Sarsaparilla and Tomato Bitters. TMtKDEIUCK BROWN, a celebrated chemist of JL Boston, has succeeded for tho first time In com bining the medicinal virtues of tho SAnAfAntLLA find Tnttl.n. An.l tl.nri.tilt hils Itiet I 111" IltOSt SallgUIUO expectations of tho medical prutos.ion. 1 lie wnoiu vcseiniue kingdom noes not iiiriusn nvu mi 'Ma w .r, nrtmlmKit, n.laniihl tnnnrlfti. nourish nnd tnriiro- rais the human system. Those Millers liae all the c(Icctofllio most poworlnl purgatives when Used In sufficient quantity, mm yctaro somuuin uicir uptia tion that they may lie given to person., in the most delicnle healih with perlect sofcty. Tlicy are very agreenblo to the toMc. The component ingredient of these Hitlers Is no secret. They nre composed of a very strong prepar ation ofttio celebrated extract of Spanl'h Sarsapa rilla and the extract ol Tomatoes, Willi Ihoaddilion l some of the most popular vegetable medicines the Ctq''T.n nl ..roM-rVMlft llrnlllllUld StrCllglll is to purify the blood and correct the unhealthy state of the Bowels. For this purpose no Medicine has been found equal to the Sursnparilla and Tomato lllll..r. Thee excellent lultcrs will be found a certain cure in nil in. ps i,f inftifTtinn or dvsnensia. iaiindico. loss of Rppclite, general debility, faintness and sinking of the stomach, louness of spirit', co-livencs-, detcrmi- nation ot hlocxi to inc ueau, pain in meionus mm siue, diarrlirca, weakness, dizziness, culnncoiis eruptions on the face and nock, hectic fever, night sweats, nerv ous and sick headache, acidity of stomach, bilious af fections, piles, costivenes", and in all di-eascs cau-cd by impurity ofthe Mood, the debility of the system, or the unhealthy state of the stomach and bowels. They nre also exceedingly efficacious) in restoring constitutions broken down by sedentary employment, and have been extensively used by Clergymen, Edi tors, Printers, Clerks, Seamstress", nnd numerous others whose health had been injured by confinement and close application, with the happiest re-ults. They retore the action of the stomach, increase the quality of the blood, and imparl to the wan nnd emaciated system ol the invalid the vigor and glow of true health. Tlie-e Billers are warranted to I e n nurelv Vescln- ble compound and mark tins. SCF'thcy can never do I lie lea .1 iniuryin any case ivhalcvcr.,jrii They are kept by persons as n FAMILY MEDU uinc-ano nave Dcen given to me tou.noest children on account of the mildness of their operation, with excellent eiiect. The followinsr nre a few ofthu manv new reconv menda'ion which have been sent to the proprietor of IHCUWivs BAlliAl'AKIt-.UA anil Tuvt.vriu mi. TKRS within n short lime. REMEMDKR. Alwnyi ask for Brown's as there arccottnterlcits. Mn. F. Bnows., Pear Sin Having tested the value of your Sarsapnrilln undTomato Hitter", i take pleasure to give to you the facts of my oae for your own snli-faction ond ihe benelit of others. I have been ullt-ring' with the Ersipulas humor in my slue. causing in v nanu nnu arm to swell very union, ami lobe very painful, ntlhe time and for some time previous, have I ecu troubled with a weak stomach ; most of my food has hurt me, Hiid there has been a singular fainlne-sat the stomach, which has I wen in creasing, and citii-ed me much difficulty. Alter I commenced taking your Hitters I could perceive n gradual nnd immediate rebel, and w ould recommend it wilii much confidence to those who are troubled with such complaints. lours, truly. WM DAMRELL. Hath. Me. May 27, 1813. Ma. F. r.noiv.f, Dear Sir: I have some time past suiierel much from Jaundice and Dy-pepsia at the Slotrnch; los nfuppciite, and trouble and pain from 1 he le.isi sinihle fuo I. with n.iin in tho head and sid t r slight ciiuih, general weakness and debility of the system. Alter using a nuinlcr of medicines without anv relief, 1 was hidmcd to try your Sarsnparilla and Tomalo Hiltcrs. I received inline hate rtln f Irulll the use of one Bottle, and firl gratifiol for the great relief 1 have receiwM, and would recommend 11 to nil who are s Menus Iroin similar ilsonicr. 1 ours, iruv, FREDERICK B. SUA ID. Utioa. N. Y. May, 17. 1615. Mn. F. Hnow.N, Dear Sir : I am again out of your vVirsaparUM and Tomato timers It is nn article mat 1- lunch thought of: an oh ,nlv rom r rnnl. tort. Her kimer Counlv, savs she has been conlinetl to her ho t.e lor seven vears. and this ha enabled her to get out. several in tins city say that it 1- the best incuimiclliey have ever taken. Plca-e send me a fresh sunnlv soon, ns 1 have not a Dome 111 111c siorc. lours wun respect, J. K. WARNER, per. R. F.RAY. Falmoiilb. M.iv 29 1811. in.iir. urown, titieimst. lio-ton, I ccrtilv that mv wife h,t. I ecu afllictel with a verv l.n.l humnr re, ..I , i, .m.n-l, f. nn., .' . . . I years pat. Alier using various meiiieme.s iceoni- iiicnncu lur l.erconiniainls Willi Utile or no) enclit, sue commenced using bv ihe adviee of Mr. Klward Ma- sou, :i ooiiiccarv. vour rarsinarii a. nnu loiuaio nil- trrs, nnd she is now in ls;tier healih, than she has be fore enioved lor ibo last tiltceii cars: and I would cieerfully recommend to all nnd every one who is muicn-i! wun anv 01 inu com uainis wim-n tins iiicui- cine is rcfoiuincudcd for, to use it in preference to any ariicie now in use. l ours t i respccllulh. j. u. li;.uii. i'vnhuJ. !Ie. June 5, IS14. I.Itr.n Complaint, can be cured wiihout resortini? to mercury, if you will only use Urown's sarsaparilla nnu i oiiiato iiuicis. To .Mr. I leJerict. Brown. Pronrielor of ihe Sar-aua rill. and Tomato Hitlers : This certifies mv w-ife was severely afflicted v Hi the Liver Complaint, and her heilib was very se riouslv unJeriniiiisL Having tned various proserin lions without siicce-s, fc,t. .vas fortnna'ely induced lo try your Sarsaparilla and Tomato Hitlers; her health scon uegau to improve, and she i- now mi,cii octter in healih, and woul ladvi-eany one m ill hcallh lu use mem. lour-, re-peciiuny, CI1ARLIM CARLr. PECK & SPEAR, Wholesale Asents, Burlington Vi .inly, lotj. 7yl MISS MARKIIAM, MKlLlLlIEnSIB, HAS removed her shon to Air Donne's builil'. ; :., n, ,i;... i L".X... sign of the Band Box. Cape. Collars. Borders Flowers, Silk and Lawt Bonnets, for sale clienn. I'ouniry produce taken in payment lor wort. Burlington, July 10, 1815 gw3 DR. POWELL & DR. DIOSSY, OCULISTS And Ophthalmic Surgeonr. 2G1 BnoADWAv, Corner of Wurrcn Sircct, NEW YORK. iu.'-i.m, their practice lo diseases or the eye V Operations upon tliat Organ and its appendages, and to all Imperfections ol Vision. Testimonials Irom the most eminent medical men of Europe nnd America. Reference to patients that have been per. leclly cured ol Amaurosis Cataract. Ophlhamia; .eouite, or spcci. ou Ihe, sraoumus, or S'piintmg, &c. Artificial Eves inserted wiihout any pain or operation, that caunot I a distinguished Irom tho natural. Spectacles. Advice as to the Uitid ot Ulasses suitable to particular defects. Per sons resioinq at a distance can receive advice and medicines by describing their case under the lollow ing heads. T3 t. si o a '-' o C t CinG Cash paid for Hemlock Hark. WANTED, .10 Cords ofgool hemlock bark, for w hich Cash will be p.ud il drawn within h vfil.iv J. MOItdE. lliurlinglon Falls, July H,'45. II. II. & J. J. IlEAKD'sIiEY, VV '" hcreaher kei-n ollice-at St. Albans, Frouk. v llll Co.. ami Jlihn-n.i f nn,n',ll nn V All business entrusted lo their care in Franklin, Lomodlc, - j a vs-,, wniiv rtiiieiiiaiiy uuenucu io. II. It. Iir..l(ll.t-.Y, St. Albant, Vt. J, lir.AIVI'SLir.Y, Johnson, Vt. CpAdilress eiiher place, 0 Strayed. FROM the Subscnler ou the 2 lib nil, a Red and While Cow, with a alar in the forehead, and horns raiher inclined in, nbout six years old and in moierate orueri minever win return or giveinlor inaliou resiectiug said cow will l handsomely rO' muncrateii. .uuuit lu ssr.i.i.. July 1, 1815. 5w-3 EDWARDS' CHEAP CASH BOOK STORE. No. 1 Peck's Buildings. A general assortment of School, Classical nnd Miscellaneous Books and Stationery at C1TV PRICES. UAnPEIPS IM.UMINATED niniiis, JUL No. 32. Elvlna, a novel by Mi. Durncy, 25 cts. T I.lbcry of choice reading, Vcl. 14 The Indicators By Leigh Hunt part 1. 50 els. WANDERING JEW, Harper'. Ed. r,'a 14. . ' S.T.. ' St IJ l.-.l O uo isevv iiuriuiw.""'n ARTHUR'S MAGAZINE for July, 25 cts bAUIliS' JvAilUIMilL, do 110 19 John Itougc, Tho Holy Coat of Treves, and tho New German Catholic Church, Itarncs' Notes Thessnlonian, Timothy, Titus, and Philemon, 1 vol. price 75 cts. July 4th. By A. EDWARDS. T11H Age of Ellzabdtli, by William Harlitt, price 50 cts. Tales, by Edgar A. Poc, 50 Journal of an American Cruiser, E hied by I. linwtnorne, ou cis. Letters from Italy, by I.T.Hcndley, 50 " Satanatoc, or The liUlepageman'iscrlplt, by J C euntuiore Uoopcr. S vols, 75" Eveline Neville, by n Lady of the South. l'rice 3 cts. Tokcah; or the White Rose. An Indian 'l oir, oy ScaMield. 2o cts. Tho Temptation, or tho Watch Tower ol Koat- ven. uy I'.i pene sjuc. ib cts. Hashes at lilfc, with a free pencil, by N. P. W,lli. 50 cts. Who shall be Heir t By Mi-s Pickering. 25 et. The Monk; a Romance. 25 cts. The Arts anil Miseries of CJambllng. 50 cts. The Robber of the Rhine. By Leigh Ritchie. 25 el p. July 4. 5 By A. EDWARDS. TTtlACKliRUl,, just received by A. S. DEWEY. July 10th. 6 WIMjARU'S United states History, " Universal History. Allison's Historv of Europe, Webster's lorirc Dictionsrv in 1 nnd 2 vol. Korsalcby STEVENS WOODS, iiuriington, July IU, ISI5. li Seed Buckwheat, 170R SALE by J 9th July, 1815. II. W. CATLI.N. 6 CLARK'S COMMENTARY, O Vols. Watson's Inslilules 2 vol. " Conversations vol, Mosheim's Chu'ch History, 3 vol. Wesley's Sermons 2 " " Notes 1 " Peck's rule of b'.u'lli, Dixon's Methodism, Fletchers 11ppe.1l, Beauties ol Wesley, for sale cheap bv STEVENS WOODS. Burlington, July 10, 1815. 6 THE American Definition Spelling Book, on an improved idan. Bv H. McK. Ormebv. a snlen- did Book lor Schools. For sale wdiolcsale and re- tall, by STEVENS WOODS. Burlington, June 20, 1845. 4 wB DR. TAYLOR'S BALSAM OF LIVERWORT. Poice Reduced Large Bottles 81,50; Small, 81. DR. TAYLOR'S BALSAM OF LIVERWORT, from 375 llowerv. N. Y.. for the CURE of CON- SUMPTION and LIVER COMPLAINT, COUUHS, UULUS, aic. Read the loitowing : Stonisoton, Dee.4th, 1811. Deah Doctor :F'liilffs of trratitiide to vou. sir. a the only means, blessed by Divine Providence, in ncrfcctlv re-torini? me to hcallh bv the u-e of DR. TAYLOR'S BALSAM OF LIVERWORT, which I piircha-iM about a year since at your olhce, No. 375 BOWERY, N. Y.i end aUo tho hope of Umefitting 'elmw creatures, who, like niysell ; (al : that Umc) a re siiiTcnug eillier from CONrllLMr.!) uuNMiail'- rntnv rl I Ivri.',, nnUDt a ? VP n ..... n.n..a f , ? 1 ' i ' 's""" ,ur synuiinrii) i .iii, p....,..-- ..a,i s,. my case, since. ely hoping that this narrative, true though plain, may indiuc the thousands of others similarly auceici, iu use ine saniu means, nrimy iie lievinz ihev will 1 e eaua'dv blessed, and thus 1 pre served from a nremalurc crave, tu which the jaws ol in-atiate Death has untimely consigned myriads ol our race, who tiioiiglillcs'lc suppo-eo tney nau only a'slight cold, with a little cough, that would soon get wel ol itscll. About the lOlh of March, 1812. 1 caught a severe cold, Irom which pleurisv cnsueil, and wasconfincil to my bed SEVENTY DAYS. About the I5th June I was able to vi-ii New ork. in uiiest of furllicr med leal aid for n violent pain at intervals in iny right side, shoulder and shoulder hiauc i l remained in an abuul sixteen days under the care of an eminent phy. sieian.nnd received some relief, but ho did not re move the inflammation from the Lungs, nnd in July the co'sgli became very violent, accompanied hyex nectornting large ouantities of Pus, or purulent mat ter, from winch there was scarcely any cessation or rest, except a lew hours repose in Hie nigiit, proiiueeii hv strong opiate-: I wti- conlintsd lo rny room irom 7lh Nov. lo ihe 20ih Ahril. During thec live month I was rcdnccJ in llesli to Hid pound-, some 4U pounds less than natural ; I had lour ulcers lorm ana itcuk, from each of which I rai-ed about a ouart of bloodv matter. I now l oinmenccd taking diilercnt kinds of i!rups, Pills, llalsatr.t, Lozingesand Expectorants here follow the name- ol'Jaync's Expectorant, 30 ooiiics Hungarian liaisain, Csc. cvc.j lint an to no purpose; in v cough continued incessant, so mat ic tween il and cxncciorntinf? I w-as not nuict five min "les at a tune during tlie day. In Oct. ol IB11I call ed upon yount your ollice, 375 BOW1 RY, and pup chased FOUIl BOTTLES of vour 1)11. TAY hcanl much ol il, You told mo if I would continue to use it stcaddv. it would certainlv cure me. and it I gut out ol it to send at once for more. I took up all the l ollies, and was relieved of ihe cough, paut in the side, chet and shoulder, and it caused me to cxpec- lorato very Irccly ; I purchased another home nbout tue it-in iunrcn, vviiicu I ioui. occasionally ior a ni' tie cough, excentii'c whi'di. at this time, l'was nuiti renovaicu in neaiin, icciing strong ami neuny, aim weighing 110 pounds (your inbllll lo symplon ol cure). I remained quite well until tne montnui .nay, when rom exnosuro I took a violent cold, which con. fined me lo my liou-e Ihrce week-. I at once sent to New York lor more BALSAM OF LIVERWORT and then procured mclhrcu Lollies nl your Wholesale t.sianusnment, no. 177 tvaier st. uciorei nad u-ca them mi. Julv found inc free from all cough, which has not since relumed, and I most firmly lebeve that through the Providence of God. DR. TAYLOR'S IULSAM OF LIVERWORT DID AND HAS COMPLETELY CURED ME and I a so heliev it will cure any one whose Lungs are allit tnl, il Ihey will take it according to vour directions I 1 do not mean for them lo use only one or two bottles, but would most earnestly say take it steadily, even if it should require lifiy bottles. In conclusion, Dear Sir, you perceive 1 have 1 ecu sink some twenty-eight months, and none ol 1 be phy sicians at home or abroad, however skilled, Willi wnoin I consulted, could give me any permanent re lief l neither did the BALSAMS, (excenline vours. Syrups, Lozenges, Powders, Pills, Expectorants, and uiucrc,,. uuict iKliilil iirviarBiiuii, ui which I swal lowed about SEVENTY-FIVE Bottles, give any better encouragement lo declining hope. During ibis time, as near ns I could calculale. 1 exnectoraled full SIXTY GALLONS OK PUS, OR PURULENT MATTER, and most checrlully consent to Ihe pub lication of this statement of lacts, wherever in any wy u may oeuciii suueriiig iiuiiianiiy. (SigneJ) 1U.UBEN C. IIANCOX WM. P. CHURCH, beimr dulv sworn, deposes and says that he has been iulimutelv amuainiedwith ifeuocn i" iiancox about leu years, nnu Know nun to be a resident of Sionington, Conn., and that he is u man of inteeriiv. on who-c word ihe utmost reliance can le placed, nnd that ihe statements in the above cenincaie are stbIctlv true, and the signature at- nxeu is iii ins uanu writing, (Signed) WM. P. CHURCH. sworn bclore inc, IbU 4lh Dec. 1814. W. RAMSAY, Com. of Deeds, For sale bv PECK & SPEAR. Acents for Bur lingtoni Win. Rhodes, Richmond; J. II. Tower A Son, Underbill I Asa F. Oove, Fairfax I Geo. Aycrs at I.O., niiiion, auib EDDY'S HOOK AND NI1W8 PRINT, ing Ink at Factory Piiees forcash, for sale by nuilingion, juiy i, 41. arcvfca nuuira. Dentists ! Dentists ! ! -IIIEVELIER'S celebrated TOOTH 1NSTRU J MENTS, for sale by 4 ' B. J. HEINEBtRO, & Co FAIRBANKS Cast Steel Hoes, do do Forks Cast steel Shovels, do do Spades, Iron Shovels, Long hsndled do. Hsv Rakes. Brooms, if-c. lie. AUo. Wooden Ware of all kinds, for alo hv L. & 0. B. FOLLETT. Water street, June 12. 1845. 1 1 amis nnd I.nrfl. for sale bv I.. O. E. FOLLETT. June 12,7915. A. 18 4 5. LAKE OHAMPLAIN. Q3NEW ARRANGEMENT. VXnii THROUGH 82, MEALS EXTRA, rpilK Steamers nUKLINaiOiN on -rrVwITE-n Monday, the X HALL will commence runnin; on 7lh of July, as follows. Tho APT. It. W. SHERMAN, Wilt Whitehall, every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, & FRIDAY, At O A. M. LEAVE St. Johns, every ) (J TUESDAY, THURSDAY, & ) ( SATURDAY, j On ihoorrivalof 9 o'clock train of Cars fr. Montreal. THE CAPT. G. IiATIIROP, WILL LEAVE Whitehall, every St. Johns, every ( MONDAY, WKDNESDAY, & ( FRIDAY, TUESDAY. THURSDAV. SATURDAY, At O A. M. I On the arrival of 9 o'clock t train of Cars fr. Montreal. DINNER ON BOARD. The above Boats will form a dailv line. (Sundays excepted,) connection with the Cars of the Western and urecnousii nail noaas at 1 roy, nnu uie i. 1 ork morning line 01 simmers. Having 1 roy going nortn at 7 o'clock, P. M., by Rail Ifond and Packet to Whitehall in lime for the 9 o'clock, A. M., Boat-, at Whifehall.connecling with nil lines ol Slages leaving Saratoga in the morning, nnd the Lake George Steam Boat at Ticonderotra. Arriving at Montreal in 48 hours from New York and Boston, connecting also at Montreal wilh the Kingston, Niagara Falls, nnd Buffalo lines of Steamers. The Co. being unemhor ras,ed by Mail contracts, ihc-e boats will not be de tained on tho route by waiting for connecting mail lme, and have made the above arrangement for the Senson, believing it to lie the best that can be made, to suit the business, as well ns the pleaurc travil. Burlington, July 3, 1815. 5 RRIGC& PATENT FENCE MACHINE. H. P. DEWEY, WO"LI) respectfully notify the public that lie has returned to Buil.ngion Palls, and recommenced monufucliirinB tho PATENT FENCE. Ho is now ptcparcd to fulfil all contracts that were unfulfilled ' ' r.l.-i-.-r. .-.I ...:i, U I HI cuuseiucnee ol inc iuic oie, uin yiii uu ,,u,yiu serve old and new purchasers wun some oi ins varie ties of Farm. Garden or Ornamental Fence. Owing lo the advantages derived in the use of the abovo improvement, he is enabled to afford a neat and beautiful fence for yards and gardens, at much ess expense than the same can be col up for in anv other way, whilofor durability it is not excelled by any in common use. This valuable improvement was first orougnioui in western rsow torn, wncro n has gone into extensive use, and has received the ap probation of the Mayor of Ihecitvot Buffalo, wilh many hundreds oi tne nrst agriculturists and otners in that pari ol Hie stale, also ol uov. nuui aril, unci. Jnrvis, Judge Churchill and many others in New llamosmro. in lact wncrever it lias iieen imrouuceu it has been highly approved. Asa Farm Fence i I coml incs more advantages than any other fence ever used. It can be used without poits, and is therefore not aiiccico oy ine ireezme nnu uca-mi; ui uiegrouuu. It lakes less lumber than anv other kind offence, is a certain protection against all kinds of cattle, is not lia- oie 10 gel oih oi repair, cannot ce uioicit uuicn, is east ly seiup, laKenaown ann rcmovco, wiiuoui injury. rVXo Farmed should be wiihout least a sum cicnt quantity to throw around his fields of grain and

stacK yarns. - rvinoo.-kt city, June i -', isto. Bcrlis'Gtok, July 5th, 1813. Mr. II. P. Dewet. Sir: As vou have asked mv opinion respecting the suitableness of vour Patent I have u-cd some of your first 'piatity Fence about n otiage, elected Ihe last year, nnd that 1 like it very ill. Bv ca.t'nirie posts, nnd nutting on a base. (lolh items co-ting only about SI, 50 per iul,) il mukes a neat and durable ornamental Fence, at about two-thirds the roRt of ino-t of the o,tier kinds of ornamental rence In cummon use. JNO. K..CU-VVEUS1-; The undersigned having had some practical experi ence for the past vcarin ihcu-e of Dewev's Portabh r leiu r eoce, call very ciieeiiuuy ueni lesiuiiuny 111 iib favor. I consider it admirably adapted to Intervales, sul jeet to severe freshets, and find it very convenient in a varielv of cases where a temporary fence is need ed. I used it the past winter to enclose a yard of young cattle and horses, and much to my surprise, it suffered no injury whatever thouah an unruly bull shook his head at il, occasionally. 1 have no hesita tion in saying that every farmer should have more or less of it. UDNEY II. PENSIMAN. Colchester. July B, '4j. Adams Smith's BUIlIt MILL STONES, constant y on hand by J. J. II. PECK, & Co., Agents. June 18, '45. 3 CASH PAH) FOR WOUL ! THE sub-criler will pay Cash for clean fleece WOOL, delivered at his store. HARRY BRADLEY. Builington,2Glh June, 1SI5. 4 vC ICE CREAM. THKt-ul'Scribcr wotilil inform tin cilizonof Hur that 1, keens ICE CRL'AM innsianlly on hand, at bis Confectionary, on Ciurth Sl where lie will leliappy to wait upon tnoso wnuiiid) nvi him with n call. A RF.BANKS. Burlington, Juno 5G, '45. 4 Daguerreotype Chemicals. TJROMINE. Mercury Distilled, Potassium, Cyanuret of, Iodklo of, Soda llvno-ulphaie of, Silicr, Nilrute, CryataN, Daguerreotype plates all nintitte.s. JD " Prepare.), Gold, Chloride ol, Iodine, " Chloride of, Prepared rotten Stone, " Tiipoli, Rouge. Daguerreotype Cases. A..rnl,is rurlii.he.l tn order, '4 PECK it SPEAR, Burlington, Vermont, BOSTON & NEW YORK "VT70ULD inform his friends and ihe public that he VV has returned from New York and Boston with the most complete assortment of BOOTS AND SHOES. Lndie.' Gaiter Boots, all C'lor,-, " III If Gaiters do " Biukins, da Welt do " do Walking Shoes. " French Kid Bu-kiiu and Slip", " Whito satin hoe, (icnilenien's Calf Sewed Boots, " Kip pegged do " Seal do do " Cowhide do " Brogans, " Goatskin Gaiters, sow'd & peg'd " La. lings Jo Misses Bootees and Walking Shoes, " Buskins, all colors, Boy.' Brogans, pegged, all kinds, Youth.' Kip Buskins, " do Bootees, all colors, - ALIO That he has brought from New York a prime ln ol l'rcncli Calf Skins nnd Oak Tanned Hole Leather ol a superior .mailt v 10 any ever licforo of. fercd in ibis market. I have also a first rate Bool Maker, and a nuanlitv ol fashionable Lusts, und am billy prepared 10 manufacture all kinds ol work to oruer in such a manner as cannot iau 10 give iuii sat isfaction lo all who may favor me with their patron. age. They will be sold at the lowest prices forcash. Iiuriington, June n, 1313. Wholesale and RETAIL., THE Subscribers wishing to close iheir copartner , ship business, oiler their stock of GOODS con sis ling of FANCY AND STAPLE DRY GOODS, Carpeting, Paper Hangings, Looking Glasses, Crock arv and Glass W.ra at reduced prices. Persons wishing to purchase any goods which we hare on hand are assured that they can obtain better bargains st this establishment, than at any other ill n, 1, .., 1 nvi't.v dr. sP.VMnitR. June 12, I815. Superfine Flour, OF the most approved htands in barrels and halves fot sale by L. & U. E. FOLLETT. water June r. lb la. Hay Hakes &c. 1 Hi". "0?-. Hay Rakes, I I II I on n,. il.... ' 60 Boxes Cunnington's cebirnteil scythe stones. by J. . J. II. rr.uiv,rt io. June IB, MS. Window Sash. fV allsottsand sizes lor sale by UKO. PETERSON. Burlington, June IS, M5, CLAPP & KENT, Wholesale Dealers In Domestic AND IMPORTERS OP FORBION STAPLE DRYQOODS, Nos. 85 Ceoaii Street, and-123 Broadway, NEW YORK. rt c T7 HAVING now nermnnently lo- j. OU 1V rated themselves as above, I eg to coll ihe attention of buyers in this vicinity, (particu larly thoso subject to a strong home conipelilion) to their stock ol Foreign nnd Domestic Staple Dry Goods. Their sales will be conducted upon n cash basis, their prices always uniforn and their representations Doing a large trade with the retailers ol New Yoik, and its immediate neighborhood, their slock is necessarily large nnd completo at M seasons of the year. For thl reason they re-pecllully ask- vour orders, pledging thcmclvcs to exctute them in such a man ner as will inspire confidence and induce a repetition. Respectfully, .. 3-lm CLAPP & KENT. To Dentists. CONSTANT supplies of Stockton's lnlet styles Molar, Bicuspid nnd Inei.-or Tcclh j Foils, File-, Fnrrms. tfiim Lancets. Pocket nnd common Teeth Extracting In-lruinenls, extra Hooks for same, Burrs, Excavators, Scaling Instruments, Filling do, Mouth Glasses, Mouth Moulds, Denial Syringes, lllow-pipes, Tooth Power Boxes nnd Puts, Ac. &c. &c. Dental Uases complete, Upernlms; v.iiairs nnu spit on liitnl.slied to older. PEiJK & SPEAR, toons 4 lliirlingtun, Vermont. Mineral Waters i aTsONGRESS Water fresh, rccciring weekly lor J sale by Gross, Doxcn, or single boiile, at 4 i'i'.i;iv m'k,i( s, Wholesale Druggists. ULL10NS Lntin Reader, fin rlo Gr.immnr. An firpL-le Grammar, fop snlc 1 v JtinL2Ti 4 STKVKNS WOODS. Blank Books F all des-riptions Manufactured bv the subsr ri l,r irmn tint best Linen Paper, and Ruled to any Pattern on short nolice and warranted c-,n to any ill this Countrv. Probnte Record-, Tow-n Re cords from Roval Mcilium Demy nnd t nj Paper, Banks, Sleam Boat-, Iron uompanies nnu .iicrcii.inis lurnishcd with nil the various Blank Hooks on the most reasonable terms. " STl.VKNS vvuuu?, strong s uuuumg. Burlington, June 18, 1815. 3 NEW STORE. 5T, !B, WOULD respectfully notify .he public that be has opened a Store in ilie rooms lately oi cupied as the GERMAN STORK where may ue lounu DRY GOODS, GKOCERIBS, and Crockery. A choice article of Teas, Sugar, Coffee, and Molasses; Flour, Salt, Pork, Salmon, Codjish, Mackerel, Butler, Cheese, Fruit and Spices. Part Cash will be paid fur a good article of flutter. College St., Burlington, June IS, 1815. 3 Second lot of New Cloods for the -Season. C. F. STANJFORD, & Co. HAVE re'urned from New York with Heir second purchases for litis sea-on, consisting in part of llaraize Shawls mid Scarfs, M. D. Lame Shawl-, Stradilla do Printed Lawn-, llnlzorfne, do ULiurning, do do Irench Mii-lin Ginghams, JScolch, do Printed and Plain M. i'.. Lninc, (iloves, Milt, Cravnls, Ladies Klorence, Neopoliiau, Sirawand Lawn Bonne's, Gent's. Leghorn Hal-, " Cravats, Scarfs, Opera Tiis. Stocks, Bo.ntus, Collars, &c. tf.c. June 19, 1815. Clapboards. ?rir" M. "ood Clear stuTPhie Clapboards for UUVJU sale bv GEO. Pl.TEItSON. Hiirliuglon, June 18, '43. 3 MESSRS. BRINSMAID WOULD call the nlleniicn of their palrons and tho ii'iblicfrcnernllv to n ino-t rare and beau tiful assorlineut of goisls, which they are now open ing and whiehthey will sell at v'erylow prices for cash. Among which may be found Crumb, Hearth and Window Bru.hes Work Baskets, covered do, j Hellows; Ballung luh", for reel ami children ; Boilers, Toa-t Rack-, Silver '"up-, Jcat Pins, a l.-au-liful set ol Ididie-Gold Hrciichcs, eonsi-ting of Ca ineos, Shell, Sionc, and Lava, also, Agate and other Stone pins, Gold Spectacle-, Peni'd-, nnd Thimbles. A most snieinitd assoriineni 01 Oliver r.iuicr anive-, mid verv cheap Sportsmen's Flasks, Fi-hing Tackle, of till kmds, Ridge- nnd oilier knives. A splendid lot of Britannia, Plated nnd German Silver Ware, Nursing Lamp-. A very beautiful asornnent ol Wilicnand Brussels Carpet Hags, with and wiihout locks, nl very reduced price.-, Camphiuo Lamps, glasses and witks. Mahogany and Gill Flame Looking Glasses, the lest assortment they have ever had the olcn-ure of o'lering to the public. Brass, Britaunii, Plated and glass Candle Sticks, cVc, Finally, Ihey would invito nil to cull nnd view their establishment, as Irom the variety they keep, tt is lairly entitled tonic r.nmu 01 'curiosity snop. Burlington, Vt., June 27lh, 1815. 4 APPENTICES WANTED. A Bimb'nc business wanted. Boys alout 13 years old Irom iho country preferred, Burlington, June 22. IJ C. GOODRICH. "A GUIDE TO Lake George, Lake Champl.tin, Montreal and OnelrfH. with Mans, and Tables of Routes and Distances from Albany, Burlington, Montreal, &c. Hv .. Thompson, Aulhor 01 History nnd uazeltecr ot Vermont." Just published byC, Goodrich. Fot sale by the Publisher, also, by A. r dwartls, James I, Culler and James Hogan. Burbnglon, June 37. 4 James Gates' Estate. WE Ihe subscrilers, having teen appointed by the Honorable the Probate Court for the Di-tnct of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, examine and adjust theclaimsand demands of nil ersOus, against Iho estate of JAMES GATES late of F.s-tx. iu said District, decea-ed, represented insolvent, and ah-o all claim and demands exhibited in oH'-el thereto ; and six months from tho day of Ihe dale hcrcol, being allowed by said Court for that purpose, we do there lore hereby give notice, that we will otlcnd 10 the bii-inesN ol our appointment, at Ihe dwelling ot Han nah Gales in Essex, iu said District, on the first WisJnesdays of September and Dccen o'clock. P. M.. on cadi of said da vs. December next, at 10 Doted this 31st day of May. A. D. 1815. 4w3 J. w" EMERY. ( Commissioner,. BULLION'S English Grammar, do Practical l.e-sOn in English Gruin ma . Swill's English Grammar, Kerknm'a do. Siniih's do., lor sale by STEVENS WOODS. June 26. 4 Heavy Hardware. ANVILS, Vises, Shovels, Spades, Hoes, Forks, Cro Bars, Log Chains, Ulaekstniih'. Bellow,, Brass Kettles. Waggon and Carl Hoses, Sheet Zinc, Sheet Lead, Caldron Kettles, Stove Hollow Wurc, Siric. SIRONGS & Co. June 10, '45. 2 Paints and Oil. STRONGS cV Co., oiler purchasers! While Lead, Dry and ground in Oil, "Pure." "Extra," and "A'o 1, English Veil. Red, French rllow, Veidigris, Chrome i.reeu, ilea issau, rU"- ALSO, 1 000 p.. pure Lint Suil Oil, 500 " " spirits Tuiptnl'iio, Jnue 10, '15. Fiirs. If. DRUMS iirst qnaliiy, just riyoivc,! and for 'U'sleby FOI.LinT & BRADLEY. South Wharf, Burlington, June 17, M5. 3 Notice, TAtnnANKS Celebrated C. S. Ilav Fork-, 30 J. dozen jusl received, ami for nle low, by FOU.ETT & BUADLKV. South Whnrl, June 17, '45. 3 Blanchard's Scythes. Cf DOZ. C. S. Scvthc. OKJ 50 00 (1. S. do Rtvciv'd for sale on consignment, by FOLLETT .f. BRADLEY. South Wharf, June 17, 1815. 3 L A It D . A S. DEWKY has a supply of good fresh i.ard ami Inl.le llutlcr. Also. iut rweiveii, North Shore Salmon, by the'pound or half libl. June 41), 1840. J OAHHATII SCIIOOI, HOOK8, a large sup O ply for sale at Boston piiees. by STEVENS WOODS. Burlington, June S, 1815. 3 PLATT'S PREMIUM POnTAItt,E GRIST MILL. For Grinding Wheat, Rye, Oats, Plas ter and all kinds of rrovender. THE Subscriber having purchased of Mr. JO SIAII PLAIT, of Weston, Connecticut, the right for Vermont, Mass, nnd New Hampshire, is now luatiiiiaciiiriua, ut ijtiriingiun v nn-, ... ins oi me inu-i llmrongh nnd perfect construction, and is prepared lo sell Mills and Rights for any town nut already dis posed ol. The great n Ivnnlnge of this over the common Ori-t Mill, is obvious lo nny one on inspec tion, as this Mill can l used by horse, steam or water power, wilh half the power required to ilrive a common Ori-t Mill. This mill took Ihe fir-t pre mium at the Fail in New-York City, and also nl the Agricultural Fairin Ilo'dic-trr. in Sept. 1913. None but the wry I est FRENCH BUHR STONES are put into tlie-e .iiui-. vc llie iiiiuers,iiv-u tinny linn m i. vtn uns iny nnthe2 1 day ofNovcmbcr, 1813, in the Steam Saw Mill !l i hat place there was Ground In PLATT'S PORTABLE CRIST MILL, fitted up in thai place, ten bushels Peas and Oat-, and done in Ihe best Manner, within 30 minutes; nnd we further certify that we believe Ihe said Mill capable of performing nil the grinding usuallydoue in a Grit Mill e.ual to any Mill in this state, by one run of -tone-. And we further -inie that said mill ground eight bitshelsand n half of Corn, (fine meal) in an hour, without being in the loa-l bca'cl. D. S. PAYNE, Miller. RALPH LASr.LI., JASIES LAMSON, R. A. HURLBIT, NOBLE NQU1KK. II linages. Iihn iindersicncdccrlifv llnlono ot Plait's Porta ble Ori-t Mill-has been lilted up in Me.srs While & Go's. Gri-t Mill nt Vergcnncs nnd I will frankly say to the puhm that I hue fully IneJ thu null both on (lowering and provender and have come to the full cunclii-ion, that the ibove null will compete witn any null in the country Imthnn llowi-nng nnd pro vender. AS HAnillSCTO.S, Miller. Vergenncs, April 23, 1814. 'I be Mill above named was in operation in the Vergennes Iron Company Ori-tMilla numlerol ,lnv-. nnd -n fir as we wunos-od its performance in Grin ling Grain, we were well snli-lied with it, and believe it lo I e a good article. SAMUEL BARKER, ? President of WM. II. WHITE. S Vergennes Dank. 'fhisisto certify that one of Platts Portable Grist Mills has been put in operation in the gril mill at Middlebiiry, by the -ide of seven run of 11 irr Sloucs, nnd I have given il a tjiorouili trial, both on flower and nrovinder, mid I am frank lo saytoihe public that I am sati-bcd the mill will do businc-s equal to anyrun of stone in Ihecountv. M. CUNNINGHAM, .ViH.r. M iddleburv. July 20. 18 W. Mers. Folletlit Bradley have been running one oflhe-emills since the first of May, upon plaster, and 1 nmanthorizeJ tu reler in them as to its perfor mance. PI!i:SON CROFUr, Proprietor or the aborc patent. Burlington, June 20, 1845. " 3if rjTOCKrJ COLLARS, BOSOMS, CRAVATS, O St i biers, r-iispfniier-. nnd new stvie tai i SPRINGS, n nice article to wear on the l ock of vests, very pleasant aiuiea-y lorine wearer, imen collars fcf 12V cts., all gools much cheaper than usual. 2 BRINSMAID & BROTH I'.HS. Purses and Purse Trimmings. TJURSE. Mounts, lars, rings, tassels, &e, and X s-lk and oiber pur-es, lor sale by June tain. iim.' aid ot. uuui iu.ita. Wheel Heads fV the very Ivst ipial tv and finish, (or sale bv V.J 2 HlilSM.ID & BROTHERS. GooJ -spinning Whee's fiirnishcd lu order. HORSE NETS. HTF.SSRS. Hnn-niaid &. Brothers have received a 111. lot of Icaiitiful linen nnd eolten NETS fur HORSES, ear. or neck and cir nieces -ol I scoe rale or wilh the body mis as may I e wanted ; we have blue, brown, red and while net-, Ihe mo-t exten-ive assortment that we haveeer had the pleasure of offering to our cuslotners. Also, 2 BRINSMAID & l!ROTHi:HS. Notice. Powder at Reduced Prices ! ! ! TT7ILL 1 0 kept constantly on hand, Irom the most 1 T ccleiralcd .mils 111 the united oiaies. Just Received 150 Kegs Powder, E. EK. F.Ki:. EEKK. 10 do line Kentucky Rule Powder. For sab-by FOLLETT & BltADLEY. S0111I1 Wharf, Hurlm-iou, June 17, '45. 3 WOOL! WOOL!! T7"ANTED in exchange for Ilroadclolhs, Ca-si- v v mere-, urey uoth-, sanneti", otc. at manu fncturer-' prico-, by S. WHEATON vt Co. N EW Book Bindery. flHE subsiriler is now receiving from New York JL a choice assortment 1 1 BIITDBUT ISTCSZ, AND BLANK BOOK MATERIALS and is now prepared lodo any kind ol work 111 the Hook Huidcry or manu 11001; .iianuiaciunng ousi ncss. I have in my Bindery a workman that is nc q lainlt-d with all the ."0 lern styles ofliinding. hav ing worke.1 iu the be-t establisluncuts in the Union and will not hcsilale in saying that all bindiu trusted lo my hands shall 1 well executed, and iu a inaiiner noi oeiore niuaueu 111 uns vicinity. Corner of Church and College Streets, STEVENS WOODS. Burlington, May 6. 1313 4iM On Consignment, a lot of Single and Double cut move pipe stone, lor sale oy FOLLETT. if- BRADLEY. South Wharf, Burlington, Juno 17, '45. 3 100 Boxes llerrinsr, received nnd Fur sale by FOLLCTT BRADLEY. Sonlh Whaif, Burbnglon, June 17, '45. 3 YIT-KDSTEirS LARGE AND SMALL DIC V V TION'.UIV. Wcbsler's Elemeillaiv do Criiden'a Concordance. Wood's Botany. Mrs. Lin coin'. Boinny, Ud". Human Phy-mhy. lor ... o I y Iiuriington, June 18, 1815. Scythes and Hay Forks. DOZ. Scythes, 'llloo.l's 50 S l.. Ill 40 " " "Rixford's," p.n (( tl il,.Ll.i:..,.,... I' ill M III I". CO " Hay Forks, Van Ornim's ,iud Fair' bank'. by J. & J. 11. PhUK, vV Co. June 18, '15. S. EARL HOWARD," the peoples' Aai:.T, vr 11 o s u (DH1SA? ASH SOJSIS, AT BURLINGTON, VT, Comprises 0110 of tlio most splendid and general blocks 111 llio Mule, All Goods bought and sold strictly for Cash, and of course Cheap. 2 I'aving Stone. WE invito the attention of those in want of ihe above article to a liandsoino lol lust received and for sale cheap by 1.. u. 1,. ic'i.i.r. 1 1. Watel .1., June 1.', 16 1 j. '2 HARD WAREI STRONOfl ti Co., have tireircd, and oTetarf extensive assortment ol Hard Wair, oinougtl Which may be round tolncrs Tool.. Plants Jacks, Forr, Smooth and Jointers with single and double Irons. ( A-tragnls, Beatl-, Center bend-, Dadoe-. Filllslers. Grecian Ovalos Hollows nnd round. Match planes, Rabbet do, Sash do, Ploughs, Marking and slitting Quages, Lh'sel and Auger handles, chalk-line Spool( Iron nnd Brn plated brace-, Braces nnd Bills in setts, Devils, Try squares, Common and concave Augers, Spur Bills, Center do, Metal ond wood head Gimblet', Box wood rules, Glue poi, Compasic, Mcnsiirini Tapes, I rnd nwls, ScratLh do, Sp ketliinblet-, sand Pape, , Double nnd single plain Irons drawing kmve, Hand, panel, ripping, bsck, nnd key hole Saws, Files ami Ra-ps, steel and iron Squares, Screw driver.-, ! irmcr nnd mill w ight Cht-els, SoeRet Clissels, tionge-, Hammers, Hatchets, Hand nnd broad Axes, Ads, Spirit Levels, ftc. &e. Saddlery. Saddle Trees, Gig do, Hame, Bills, Turretts Pad books nnd screw-, SwiviN, Cockeye-, Ring-, Buckles in great variety, Ornament', Ho-cites, rein nnd breast Straps, Box wood and Ivory Rings, ling frames and fastening, Plirrups. Trunk lonrd and nails, Trunk locks nnd rivets, Round Knivc', Punches, nwls, patent Leather, Curled hair, India rublier Cloths, Worsted webb, colton do, Bleached nnd bf. hld.( Yellow and green Thread, Sewing silk, cic. cVc. Coach Hard Ware. Slrcl springs, Wrot iron axles, Silver and brass plated hub Band-. Ccneh Lamps, broad and narrow Lace, Tuft", Woggon mats, malliablu Iron castings, Wrenchc-, bra-s moulding, Hollow Augers, Spoke Shave-, &c. r nllcry. Table knives nnd Forks, a large assortment new nnd desirable patterns of 2 and 3 pronged Forks, nnd deserts to match, in setts of 12 lo Bl pairs, Cnrvmg Knives nnd forks, Table and Butcher Steel", Butchers Knivc, Nut Picks, shoe knives, Pen nnd pocket knives, Scissors, Shears, Razors, &c. cic. 1 trass f.ood. Curtin ring", Screw eyes, Thread screws, Flush handle-, Flush boils, Desk hinges, Ibitts, Lamp hooks, Candle sticks, Sish laslners, Mortice cranks, Side and end cranks, Screw honk-, llat pin, Faucets, slop Cocks, suulcr-, Curiam p ns, Pd-ie jigger-, Screw hooks and Ring-, Pad, Trunk nnd box Locks, Dinner and Tea Bell-, skimmers, Cupboard catche-, sloit Rods, Su: Miscellaneous. ,s7beep shears, Mklc, Iron Candlesticks, Jap'd. I .amp-, led do, Lanterns, lloo'.'s an I hinge", Bcil cord, Rope, sash Cord, Iron wireebiihi Wire sieve-, rat and mousetraps, Iron and Britlania spoons, Molasses gale-. Cupboard catches, Hung borers, Toasting Irons, Enainl'd. preserving Kettles, Plate locks, Pollies, Grind stone Roller-, Hnt pins, Door spring-, Copper wire, Mincing knives, Hound and flat no-eplyers, Tobacco boxes, Garden forks, Bed screws, Gun wormcr, Bullet mould-, screw Rrivers, Trunk, chesi, cupboard, box. and I ill Ucks, Fire Irons nnd S'.nnds, Bell springs and staples, Bells, shocaud nail Hammers, trunk Handles, Tower bolts, ox balls, hand Vices, Tweezers, Snu'Ier", Halier trace and post Chains Sjiarahlcs, Auger-, Fry pan", slate-, Calliper-, ire gtiagc-, hor-e Nails, wood -aws andfraincs, Trowel-, pick Axes, pewter Faucets, Grid iron-, sauce Pan-, Brad-, i Shutter litis an 1 screw-, shoe Pincers, Shoe tacks, Thimble, awl llafl, Bed key., Buttons on plate-, window springs, sad Irous, Tailor Irons, Trace Chain", Sleel Yards, Curry combs, hor?c Card-, riles and Rasps, Uotlee mill", lien pull', door Knocker", Dust Brushes, Fancy do, Tooth do, While wash do, Hairdo. Lather do, Paint and Varnish do, Horse do, Cloih do, Tea ond Mnslin Kettle-, garden Trowels, Tea trays, Mill and cross cut saws, Scale beam-, Counter scale", iron Weight", Razor strops, Axe-, Mahogany knob", Powder flasks, britiania Tea and Collee Pots, Ca-tors, Basting spoons, Fish hooks and Lines, Blacksmiths Hammer-, if-c. ifc, -ALSO, 1000 gross assorted Screws, 100 dozen Blake- Laiche-, 30 " " Esc'h. Latches,Ro-e wool Knobs, 50 ' Jlineral Knobs wilh Lalches and lock", 50 " Window blind Fastenings, 60 " Window spring", 550 " Cast nnd wrot Iron, dror, table, back flap and window Blind Butts, &c.'dtc. Together with many goods not mentioned, at reasonable prices, June 1U, X CLIFFORD vV FERNALD'S. INDIAN VUG ETA HIjE BITTERS. THESE Hitlers are extractel entirely Irora Vr.o etaules. They are decidclly the best spsino medicine now in ir-ct they purify the blood, and in vigorate the whole frame, creating as aptetite, 1, ml curing the JAUNDICE, DISi'EPSIA, Ac. Sold Wholesale and lieinil hy the siihscrilsers, B. J. HEINEBERG f- Co., Apothecaries and Druggists, Church Si., Burlington Vt. 2 Travelling A up Agents WANTED. TUB Subscriber wishes to engage in tlie sale of his Map--, a number of younz men of s'ricily moral and business habits. A capital of from 3100 to $300 will be necessary, and a certain district of country will be assigned la each Agent. Unexceptionable testimonials of charac ter wrl be required. a. .vuciiua iiuinftLU -V. E. corner or Market and Seventh St., Philadelphia. May 22, 1815. 51 M. G. RATHBUN & CO. IttrrcDaut CaUoco, HAvE returned from New York wilh a carefully selected assortment of BROAD CLOTHS. CASAMEHF.S, VF.STINGS, and TRIMMINGS, and are prepared to furubh Uarmcnts at priivs which cannot but convince ouycrs 11 is h saving 01 expense, as well as time and trouble, to hare Ihe mate lals. lurn'.heJ, and garments made uy lUOse wuo under stand the business. Also, Shirts, Booni, Collars, Cravats, &e. Ac. M. G. Rathbc.v, C. F. Waiid. lay, 22, '45, Klias Lymau HAS received a caicfully selecicil and extensive; assortment of DRY GOODS suited tu ihe sea son, u hich he offers at reduced prices. Among which will be found Ralzorines, Lawns, Primed Muslins, M de I.aincs, F.lsion Gingham, Fancy Cambrics, cVc &e. Amerieen Prints superior style. Hosiery Gloves and Mitts. Ladies Silk Cravats and Fancy Hdkfs. Pongee, Bandans, Flag and While silk Hdkfs. India Rubber, Webb, Knit, and Elastic susiieuder Brown Holland, Jacket Linen, Brown and While, Linen Drill, Russia sheeting, Burlaps, Huckabuck, Russia and Scotch Diaper, Linen Damask for Table spreada, Fine Damask spreads, Linen Sheeting and Shirting, Hamilton Stuped and Figured fot thsl- drens Wear. A large assortment of Broad Cloths and Casai- meres, Fancy Cassimrres and Veslings, Parasols and Sun shades, very cheap. Cotton Sheeting and Shirting Irom 3-4 lo 10-4 wide, Ticking, Wndding, Witling, Hailing, Colton yarn and Ciri t Warp. Family Groceries. Tea including some extra quality Black Tea. Sugar, Spices, Citron, Pepper Sauce, Mustard, Superior preserved Ginger, Maccarom, Boston Hard Crackers, ground Rice, Chocolate, Shells, Coffee, Box and Keg Raisins, Currants, esc. cVc. The highest Market price paid for Butter and Cheese. Wickware Building, corner Church and Collee at. May 28. 1815. 62 NEW BOOKS. THE Subscriber has purchased the entire Slock of BOOKS & STATIONERY belonging 10 V. HARRINGTON, and is now receiving in connection thereto a good assortment of l,awr, Medical, Mlsccllanroas and Theological BOOKS, together with a good assortment of Htatlauery, which is dieted to the public al prices lo suil lh limes. RAGS received in cxclianee. JAMES I. CUTLER, Strongs' Imtding, College si. May 27, 1815. 52 CASH! CASH!! CASH will be paid for 3,000 lbs. of ihe bost quali ty ol Cheese, it ofcred oon, I v June 26, tj S. WHEATON A C. 17 LOUR and SAl.Tnt wholesale and retail b Jun26. 11 b. WHEATON it Co.

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