Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 25, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 25, 1845 Page 3
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East Bloornfield ought to shame the citizens there enough to mako them turn out at once " en masse"' and put it In order. Tho cat. tie havo free access to the graves, anil tho stones are falling or fillon. I do not liko to eco neglected grave yard. Tho "old Meeting House" and tho Academy at West Bloomfield are ultl, not venerable. They how either want of harmony or want of Inter est in their outward appearance, being dilapi dated and shabby. I wish this might meet the eyes of some of her spirited citizens, and set them all at work to render tho Houso where .heir fathers worshipped, and tho house where their children are instructed, attractive and lovely, worthy of tho beautiful land where they dwell. Much interest is manifest in the dis trict schools all through this part of the country. I do think that the minds of tho young are more awake and mora thoughtful, and that moro at tention Is given to an extended and thorough education, than at any former period, if not throughout nur land, at least in some " country f, 1- XT - 1 tt . S.T-... places in Vermont, anu western ixuw ium that I have visited. I will not express all that I think upon this and other subjects, lest I show myseil even moro "green" than 1 havo uouui less already appeared to some who have peru sed what I have written. I write upon tho same principlo that I do other things, believing it is better to write poorly than not to write at tl I leave for Buffalo, via Leroy, to-morrow VERMONT. West Bloomfield, N. Y., July 10. COMMERCIAL. BRIGHTON MARKET, July II, 1815. j At market, 450 Beef Calile, 1S00 Sheep, ami 700 Swine. ' Patces Beef Cattle. The prices generally obtain cd would be a reduction of a like quality. Wc quote extra, J5.B0 4 5,75; first quality, 83,23 i3 5,50 ; bcc ond quality, 85 Si 85.25. Sheep. Old Sheep from 81,75 & 82,75. Lambs from 81,75 to 82,75. Wool. We have no important change to notice in this article. Prime or Saxony fleeces, washed, lb. 40 n 52c, American full blood, do 37 a 3?, Do j do 35 a 36, Do do 32 a 33, J and common do 30 a 31. In this village, on tho 23d inst., very suddenly, Mrs. Elizaicth L. Dow, wife of Mr. Isaac Dow, aged 27 years. In Potsdam, N. V., on the 13th inst., Maria Dnnw, wife of Franklin A. Drew, aged 27 years, 1 month, and 4 days. Henry Field's Estate. STATU OP VERMONT, 1 A T n Pro'""0 Loilrl Ditrict or Chittenden, s. -t- held at Burlington, within and for said Distnct ol Chittenden, on the eleventh day of July. 1815, Present, the Hon. Charles Russell, Judge of said court, comes Laura 1- icld, ad minl.tralrix ot tho cslato of HENRY MRU?, Inle n. lA.:l.n I- .nt.l .li.i-mi. .tm.fii.rfl. nnd flics In Mild Court' her petit Ion, in writing, senilis forth that tho claims allowed against said c-talc, by the commi- klnmir- imimn in rCAA7.rr f Hint IllO llCrSUI Ul USlrtH, ol tho snid deceased, remaining in tho hands id raid administratrix on settlement of her administration ac- Miiinl in tniil court, nmntlnlftl tn 857.1.G0. of which 8353,49 ha smco Ien as-igncd by saul court to ine widow of tho said deceased, lor her own use tlmttho personal estate of the said decca-ed Is in.tiincieni ior tne pnymcnt oi ine ucois nuuwcii umusi onu u-iuiv. nun i in f-Ynrnr ni R( miiii.irn ion. nnu uiai u wu he ncee.-arvr to sell the Mlowini? dc-cribed real estate of tho said decen-e for that nurpo-e.vii t about nine acres of land, with the appuricnanres thcreol, situa led In said Jericho, which wa conveyed to tho said llcnrv Field hv Oliver and Lvman Stinip inn. hv their deed dated Mav -till. 18391 and praying said court to license her to self said real c-tate for that purpose. And the said adm nistralrix, on tho same eleventh dav of Jnlv. 1845. filed in said court her other petition, in writing, selling forth thai the said iicnry, in ni ineiime, contracted 10 sen io r.iuis Bnrtlelt, of said Jericho, the follow! ig described par cel nf land, siluatud in said Jericho, viz : lcginnins. at the northeast corner of land owned by the heirs of umy Dnrucii j tnenoe souin iu uejrrcc-, cii-i nine chains GH links, to a po-l j thenco south 44 degrees, west eight chains and 20 links, to a stnko in a line ol land owned by said Henrv and ald heirs thence north 40 degree., west eleven chains, to a slake and stones; thence norlh 4-1 degrees, cast nine cnaiiis, 29 links, to tho place of leginning, containing nboiit nine acre, of land 1 thai prcviou-ly to ihe death cl the said Henry, he received payment for snid parcel o( laud Iroin the sanl Klia Banlett, but died wilhoul having executed n deed thereof to the -aid Klia-, and was, at the timcol his death, under obligation to deed said land to the said Eliv, and praying snid Court to rrant 1 cr tc n - i - Vi 1 said land to the said Klia-, tuni'.ibly tu the sta.u.u in such cases made and pro vide li WiiEnnupoN, the court aforesaid dolh appoint the fourth Wolne-day in August, 1815, foMiearingand deciding on said petition, nt the otlico of the ltccis'or of said cnnrl in said Burlington, ut ten oMock in the forenoon, and doth order thai all per-ons. interested be notified thereof by publication ol thi. order, con taining the substance of said petitions, three week successively in the Huriiiiglon t rce Pres., a newspa per nrinted'in said Burlington, the la-t of which nub Mention, to be previous to the -aid fourth Wednesday in Ainru-t. 1815. Given under my hand at said Burlington, this 1 1 ill uay oi July, a. d. tsia. 8w3 WM. WESTON, Register. E A. .E DWARDS' CHEAP CASH BOOK S T O K No. 1 Peek's Buildings. A general assortment of School, Classical and Miscellaneous Books and Stationery at CITY PRICES. The Great National Work, PRICE: 82 A VOLUME. LEA & BLANCI1ARD, Philadelphia, have ju-t pub'ished The Narrative ol the United State- Exploring Ex pedition during the vcars 1833, 1939, 1810, 1311 nud 1842. Bv Charle. Wilke, U. S. N , Commander of the Expedition c. &c., in five volumes, wilh over three hiindred illu-tration on wood, and maps, and nearly twenty-six binlred pai:e-. Price82 each. Thik eliu'on of ihe iVarrative of the Exnlortni? r.x- Jiliou cnniain. p.e.i ely the 6atne type, page and rcaumg niouer a. me one m imperial 'i tie lilUrrence between ilieni i in thenualitv and size of the iianer the snh-titution of forlv-seven wothl cuin for that numler ol steel vignette the omis-ion of MXty-foir large s'cel plate-, and Ihe use of eleven out of tourteen map-, four ofthem o.i a reduce I scale. The numler of fine wood cut liberations in thi.- edi tion is nearly thiee h unlre-l. For sale by A. F.DWAUDS. L. Sc. B. have al-o tor sle the k-amilnl e.liiion in imperial octavo five TOlume-niid an alia-, containing G4 large and lini-hcd line enirraving-, embracing Scenery, P' rlrails, Manners, Cii-ioiik, c. &c.i forly seven exq li.ite steel vignette- worked among the letter pre.; ahotinwo hundred and fifty lir.elv exe cuted wto I cut illu-lrniion; lotirteen large'and small inapt an I tharls, and nearly twenty-six hundred tiaire. ol letter pre-s. Price 825. Order, for tne above left with A. EDWARDS, Burlington, wilt be supplied at short nonce. 8 Columbian Magazine for'Augu-t. Letters from Italy, by S. T. Hcadly, price 50c Charac crs of tthakspearc, by William Haz litt. price 50o The nreacli ol Promise, I y the author of "The Jilt" "Marrying aian, etc. aso DoTViilug's Cottage Itesldencc, $2,00. do Fruit ond Fruit Trees, 1,75 IMvcrmorc's Commentary, 3 vol. 3,00 (The third Volume sold separately.) Clark's Commentary on the New Testament- complete in one volume. White perforated paper, uuioreu uo oo Petition to sell Land. STATE OF ra.iro.T, ) AT a Probate lii-trict ol Cliittenden, s. J J.X. Court neui at llurbnzton wu hin anil fur said district of Chittenden. on Ihe eleventh dav of Jnlv. 1915. I're-cul. the Hon, PI...1... IS.. II t I uni v. il?l- l. juuv in Mi ll luiiii. vuiHC- usuiin Fielo, ol Jericho, in snid district, who i tiuardiau of her minor children, David 1.. Field, John 11. field, Kaclicl K. I' icM, und I.oui-a H. r n'l I, nil ol sanl .1 icho, and bled In said court her petition, in writing, selling forth that her said ward, nrc seized in their own right in fee, a. lenant. in coninioiij ol two undi vided third pans cf the following de-cnl cd parcel of land, lying in sni I Jericho, tegiiiniug at a -take and stone- in Ihe .outhea-t corner oflnndoivned I y Hen ry f ield, late of said Jerk ho, iVccased, at (lie time of his de.i lh, sa id s'uke standing m the original line I etween said field'- land and bind ol . Wright j thence north we-t 20 chains 50 link , thence north 44s, eat, 8 chain- 29 links) thciicenorlli 79a, east 2 chain- 14 links, to n butternut tree j thence norlh 40a, ea-t 20 cuiuis l9 litiKs, to a stane staiuling in a line lelvccn said FiildV and Wiiaht'- land; thenco south llQ, wesl 8 chain. 10 link-, tutlu place of beginning, containing 16J acre. ; that it woull bo I enrlichl to said wnrd- to have their intcre-t in -aid parCLl ol land s'Jld, and havo tin-procecl-of such sale inve-ted at inieresl or in other real estate; and praying said co-irt to grant her license to sell -aid ward.' intcre-t in sail paicel ofland, lor the purpo-e aforc-aid j WiiERKi-rov. Ihe court nfore-aid doth appoint ihe fourili Weihis-d iv in Aiigu-t, 1915, for hearing and deciding on s.ii I petition, at ihe oilice of t lie Register of -aid co irl, in said B irlinglon. nt leu o'clock in the forenoon, and doth order thatt all per-ons interested le notified thereof I y publication oi ihis order, con taiiiiug llie 8ub-tanco ol said petition, three weeks' iiuceessivcly in ihe llurlingiou V rce Pres, a newspa per printed ii sold Burlington, the last nf which publication- to be previou- to said Ib'irth Wcdnu-dny in Augu-t, 1B45. Ciiven under my hand al said Burlington, this 1 1 lit clay of July, 1813. Siv3 WM. WK5TON, KteUltr. Snrsaparilla and Tomato Bitters. 'TT'REDERICK IIROWN, n celebrated chemist of X llrisinn, lia snccccuoj v r mo nr-t lime m coin- liinlnir llin mpdiclnnl virlue. of tho SAR'APARlttA and Tomato. Apd the result ha met the most sanguine expectations of tho medical proles-Ion. The whole vegetable ktngnom ioe not iiirni-n two sun-inucu-so admirably adapteil to mrly, notin'sA and intio rate the human system. The-e Billet, have all the eUcctoftho mot powerful purgntives when u-cd in km l cient nunnntv. ana vet nro so inuo in ineir uiivia- tion that ibev mav be given to person- In thu most delicate health with perleet safety. They are very agrecalilc to the iate. The component ingreuient oi lnese imiei? io n secret. They are eotnpo-cd ora very strong prcpar nilnn nfibn rnleltrated extract of Snani-h Sarsana- rilla and the extract ol Tomatoes, with tho addition o( BOine of the most popular vegetable medicines the country allbrd.. lie irne inenn. oi I rc-crv nn ileal n anu oin-'iiuiii Is to purify the blood nud correct the unhealthy stale OI tllC I1UMCI-. 'l una 'uiiu-v liw n,n.i i.i ii-.- been found equal to the Sarsaparilla and Tomato ttiltprn. Thc-e excellent bitters will be lound a certain cure In nil on.n. nf itliliirp.linn ni ili' iaiindice. IlL- of appetite, general debility, faintne-s nnd sinking of tliu stoinacn, ion ncs. oi spirit", couvcino-, uvicimi nalion of blood to ihe head, nain in the limbs and side, diarrheas, weakness, iLzxinc".., rulnncous eruptions on the face nnd neck, hectic fever, night sweat., nerv on. nnd sick headache, acidity rf stomach, biliou. af fection., pile, costivene , and in nil di-case. can-cd by impnri'v ot'lhe blooil, tho debility of the system, or the unhealthy stale of the stomach nnd bowels. They are al-o exccehiifflv effii'ncicu. in rcloring constitutions broken down by sedentnry employment, and hnve been exten-ivcly mod lg Clergymen, Hh lor.. Printer. Clerk.. Seamsirese. nnu nuinerou. olher- who-e henltli had been injured by confinement nnd close application, w ith t'.e hnppict re-till. They re-torc t lionet ion oi the stomach, increaietuc quaiiiv of the blood, and imparl to the wan and emaciated sy-lcui ol llieinnlid the t Igor and glownftr le health. The-e Bitter nro warranted to 1 e n itnrclv Vegeta ble compound and mark tins, !t3lhey can never do ihe Ica-t itiiurv in nnv case w'i itover.-J it Tliey are kept' by pcr.on. as nKAMluV MEIH CIM'and have been given tot he touno est children on acco'int of Ihe luililnes. of their operation, wrh excellent elect. The following nre a few of Ihe many new rceom- menda'ion. which have been sent to the proprietor of lll(()Wi'S NAKSAI-AIJIUIjA and 'lUMATIU III i TKItS within a short lime. REMEMBI'.R. Always asK lor Drown s as mere arccountcrieiis. Mr. K. Brows, Dear Sir: Having te-fed the value of your Sar-aparilla andTomato Hitler-, I lake pleasure to give to you the facts of my ca-e for vour own snli-laction and ihe I enefit of o'thers. I have been .ullcring with Ihe Ery-ipelas humor in my sloe can-iiig mv hand nu I nrm to swell very much. nn to be very painful, ul liie-a.iietiineand for some time previou., have leen troubled with a weak stomach! ino.-t of my food ha- hurl me, nnd there ha- I ecu a Miinuiar l.niitne at ttie -touiacli. wiucli ha- oeen in- crc.i-iug, nnd caued me much difhVulty. Alter I commenced taking vour Hitler. I could' perceive n gradual nnd immediate rebel, and would recommend it wilh much confidence to tho-e who nre troubled with such complaint.. Yours, truly. W.U HA.Ulll'.l.L,. 1 8 4. 5 . ILAKD OHAIflPLAIN. ftf-NEW ARRANGEMENT. If Alt B THIlOUnil 82, MEALS EXTltA, TIIK Steamers Bl'itMNOTON and WIIITE 1IALI. will commence running on Monday, the mi oi juiy, h ioiiows. ine CAPT. H. W. SHt$IAN, Witt. Whttehatl, every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY, At O A. M. LEAVE S. .oniJs, every f TUKSIMY. THt'RMJAY,& f SA'I URDAY, I On the arrival of 9 o'clock ( train of Cars fr. Montreal. THE CAPT. O. LATIIItOP, Witt LEAVE Whitehall, every St. Johns, every TUESDAY. i C MONDAY. THURSDAY, &. i 1 WEDNESDAY, & SATURDAY, f FRIDAY, At O A. M. j On the arrival of 9 o'clock I train of Cars fr. Montreal. DINNER ON BOARD. The above Iloals will Uvran a daily line. (unJavs exi'p1ed,) connectinn with the Car. oflhe We-iern nnd tirei'nii isii Kail i(oaaai iroy, anu iiic i. orK morning lino of Steamer-, having Trov coing iNonh nt 7 o'clock., I", in., nv nan uoau nnu 1'nci.ct to Whitehall in lime for Ihe 9 " clock, A. JI., Boat.., at Whitehall, connecting with an line, ol singes leaving Snrati ga in tho morning, and the Lake George Steam lioal nt nconocrngn.-iarriving nt .iiomreai in is hour- from New York nnd Boston, connecting nlso ni Montreal with the Kingston, ISiagara fall-, and Buffalo line, of felcamer-. The Co, I cmg iiuembnr raxed bv .Mail contrail-, the-e boat, will not be de tained on lie ro no hv waiting lor conncctine: mail line-, and have made the al oyo arrangement for the sen-oil, licliev mg it to l e the iicstlint can l.u made, to -tut tho hu-inc-., a. well us the pleasure travel. Uiiriingtun, Jtuy j, isia. a BR1GV PATENT FENCE MACHINE. H. P. IIKWI3Y, WO"LD respectfully notify the public that ho has returned to Butlingtnn kails, nnd recommenced manufacturing tho PATENT FENCE. Ho is now ptcparcd to fulfil all contracts that were unfulfilled in conseouenco of ibo late fire, nnd will bo happy to serve old nnd new purchasers with some of his varie ties of Farm, Garden or Ornamental Fence. Owing to the advantages derived in the uso of tho nbovo improvement, he is enabled to nllord a neat and beautiful fence for yards and gardens, at much less expense thin tho snmo can be got up for in any other way, while for durability it is not excelled by any in common use. This valuable improvement was first brought out in Western New York, where it has gone into extensive use, nnd has received the ap probation of tho Mayor nf tho city ol Bulfalo, with many hundreds of the first agriculturists and others in that part of tho Slate, also of Gov, Hubbard, Doct. Jarvis, Judgo Churchill and many others in New llnmp.hiro. in lact wnercver II nas hern Introduced it has been highly approved. As a Farm Fcnco il coml ines more advantage, than nnv oilier ftnee ever used. Il enn be used without pats, and is tln-rcfore notnllcciru ny tne ircczingnnn ncavingoiitiegrouml. It tniips Ipsa lumber ihnn nnv other kind of fpnep. i. n certnin protection ngoinsl oil kimla of cattle, is not lia ble to get cut or repair, cannot ce btottn aown, iscaM ly sei up, lanen uown nnu rcioovcii, wiumm injury. ?VXo Farmer should be without at least a sufiV cient quantity to throw around his fields of grain ond sta'K yarns. i vvinoosHi city, June is, isu. Borunoton, July 5th, 1913. Mr. II. P. Dewet. Sir : As von have asked Inv opinion respecting the snita' lene.. of our Patent f esce 'or ornamental purpose-, i wotuii remark mat I nave u-cd some ol your nr.-t ipiaiity fence norm a collage, erected ine last vear. ond that 1 like it verv well. Hv casinrMe nests, nnd 0111111111 on n last. Vl'Oin licins fo-iuif- only nuoui 01,110 per imy 11 makes n neat und dnrnb e ornainenlal Feme, al about two-third, the cost of mo-t of the Oilier kinds of ornamental fence 111 common 11-e. JNO. K. CONVERSE. The undersigned bavins had some practical experi ence for the past ycarin thcu-o cf Doivey's Portable Meld f ence, con very cneeriuiiy bear testimony in us fnvor. I consider it admirably ndantcd Io Intervales, sul jeet to severe freshets, nnd find 11 very convenient 111 u viiiiLiy 111 i:st-9 tvncie 11 leiiipunuy icoieii nt-cu- cd. I used it the past winter to enclose n yard of young caliloand horse., ond much to my surprise, it suffered no injury whatever thoucli an unruly buil shook his htad at it, occasionally. I hac no hesita tion in saying that evcrv farmer should have more or less 01 It. UDiMiV II. l.UAlV. Colchester, July 8, '45. Seed Buckwheat, OR SALE b 9lh July, 1 $3. II. W. CATLIN. AUK'S CO.MMUNTAltY, Vols. at-011 s Iii-titutcs2 vol. Convir-otion- 1 vol. vol. Mo-helm'- Church History, 3 vi Wc-ley's Sermons 2 ' 2,00 Note Paper and Enveloro Mourning do do A new supply just received by July 21, MS. HAUPKK'S No. 32. EDWARDS. 8 IM.U.MIVATRD IIIIJI.E, Health and Strength. DR. S. O. ItK'II UtDSON'A OVCF.NTRATEP SHERRY WINE BITTERS. IO"fhev arc Ihe unrivalle.1 nnd e,Ticacioi; com pound of a regular Phys cian and graduate of the New Hamp-tnre Medical Col ege, who tin. made the slu ly of medicine hisprofe-sion, and they ore highly recom mended ny inanyoi tne most celebrate 1 I'hy-ician- in the country, a- decidedly the IIKST MEDICINE EVER OFFERED TO THE PUBLIC, for Dy-pcp-sn,Jaimdice, Liver Complaints, Humor.-, &c.and de rangements of the Stomach and Bowels. For sale in Ruilington by PECK & SPEAR, whole rale Agents, who will firni.h Dealer- al ihe gro-s price, also, by Me.-r.. H AGAR "if- ARTHUR, nnd li. J. HEINEBERQ, h Co. july9J,8.mO. ATO. I MACKEllIili, just received by IN A. S. DEWEY. July 10th. G WII,l,A;ti)'S United Mates History, " Uuiver-nl lli-tory, Allison's lli-torv of Europe, Web-ier1 large Dictioii-ry in 1 and 2 vol. For sale by STEVENS WOODS, Burlington, July 10, 1815. .Strayed or Stolen IRO.M ihe sub-criber, nboul tho . tirsl of June, n middling sized RED COW. The ends of the horns were sawed o'l. with hole. 111 them for a Ti e. Whoever will return said Cow, or give information where she may be found, at my residence in White St., shall on suimhlv rewarded, CHARLES W. PETTED Burlington, July lSlh, 1815. 7w3 VIRGIL V RICE'S NEW-YORK & MONTREAL EXPRESS New Arrangement. ON and after Friday tho lSlh inst., until further notice, will leavo Builington every Friday eve ning, at 5 P. M., for the South, and every Wednesday alternoon at 3 P. M. for the North. Specie, Bank Notes, Packnges, Parcels and Merchandise of all de scriptions forwardid to any part of the United Slates or Canada with the utmost despatch. Panic dar attention given to the collection of Drnlis, iNote-, and Hills, i'ackages, ivc. must bo left at tho Counting Room of Messrs. J. It J. II. Peck M L.O. 11th July, 1315. Hath. Me. May 27, 1815 Mr. F. Bnoiv.v. Deor Sir: I have some time pa. t sullcrel much front Jaundice and Dy-pen-ia at the Ston-ach i lo-s ofnppctile, and troul lean ! pain from the least -imnlc food, wilh train in the head an 1 sid" s n slight cough, general weaknes and debility of the sy-tem. Alter u-ing n nuinher ot medicines witnout nnv relief. 1 wn ind ued to try your Sarsaparilla an I Tomato Bitter-. I received immcbatc relief Ironi the -e of one Boitle, nnd feel gratified for the great relief I have received, and would recommend it to nil who arcsuilcnng from similar di-onlcrs. 1 ours, truly, I-KI.UI-.IUH. 1). SUILI. UlicnTN. Y. Mav. 17. 1815. Mr. F. BnoWN. Dear Sir: I anvngainoutof vour sarsaparilla nnu t omato uilters. It 1. an article that I. much thought of: an o dladv from r rankforl. Her kimer County, says she ha- been confined to her ho:i-e lor seven year-, and lhi ha-enahled her to get out. Several in triscity say that it 1. (lie bc-t medicine they have ever taken. Plea-e send me a fresh sunnlv soon. n I have not a ooiue 111 me siorc. 1 our. wun rc-ntvi. J. E. WARNER, per. R. F. RAY Fnlmontli. Mav -20 1BI I. To Mr. Brown. Chemist, lio-ton. I certllv that inv wife ha. been nlllicled wilh n verv bad humor on her face, and al her stomach, for fifteen year pa-t. After u-ini? varimi. inedicinesi recoin- ineuded for her complaints with little or nolncfit, she commenccct using by tho advice of Mr. r-dward Ma son, Aiioinecary, your rsrBnparilia, nnu loinaio 1111- tcrs. and she is now in letter health, than she has 1 0. fore enioved lor ihe la-l filteen vears: and I would c.iecrfully recommend to all nnd every one who i. minimi wun mi) 01 ine cuiiii.llllis which nil. llietn- eine is re, onimendeJ for, to u-e it in preference to any in 11cm now 111 use, 1 ours rcsnccuuiit. J. B. LEACH. Pvrlland. Me. June 5. 1814 1 11 er Compiai.nt. can be cured without resorting to mercury, it you will only use Brown's sarsaparilla nud Tomato Bitters. To .Mr. r roderiei. Brown. Proprietor oflhe Sarsapa rilla and Tomato Bitters : Tin. certllie. that inv wife was -evcrclv nllhded w 111 tne uiver L.ouipiainr,nnd her hcaiin u as very se rioiisly iinderiiiinil. Having triol various prc-criii. lions without succe , she wa- loriiinately induced to try vour Sarsanardla and Tonialo Bitters: her health scon oegau 10 improve, nnd she 1- now mueii better in health, und woul ladvi-cany one 1;. ill health tu uso ttiem. 1 our.., re-peetiully, CHARLES CARLIi PECK & SPEAR, Uholcsale Aucnts, Burlington Vt. July, 1S15. 7yl Note. 1 Peck's rule ol Faith, Dixon's Mcthodi-m, Fletcher.- appeal, Beauties ol We.lcy, for satwthenti bv STEVENS WOODS. Burlington, July 10, 1845. G TJHOWN'S SARSAPARILLA AND TOMATO BITTERS! This medicine is lor sole by the ptuprictors, HVioruafa Agents PKCK & SPEAR, uuo win supply .Merchants and others at tho ongtna! ijiu&s price. 7 RIFLES. A SPLENDID assortment of the celebrated Wind sor Hides, just received at the Variety Store. BRINSMAID & BROTHERS. July 25th. 8 Dried A A FEW hundred lbs. Dn'e July 25th. )le. le, for sale at LOVELY & SEYMOUR'S. 8 Pplc, Apple Waggon Mats. A GOOD assortment nf Waggon Mats cheap for XV cash at JUST RECEIVED. TAIN EXTRACTORS, wholesale nnd retail. JL Comstock & Co's Sarsanarilln. R0 pin ner liollb. Hay s celebrated Liniment, for Piles. Also, a new and fresh supply of tho Celebrated Sarsaparilla and auuiaiu Diners 1 to inoso who would procure the genuine article be sure and call nt II. J. HEINE' Ul'.ItU Cfc UO.'S. Until Aatnla fur lh, Slnt nf Vrr. mont look at another column explaining its virtues, Sarsaparilla Mead, wholesale and retail, 1 1 'Ills Lelebrated Beverage warm weather J. for sale by B. J'. HEINCBERG ii Co. A Fresh s iddIv of Sols. Turnenliue. also n frpab supply 01 i.ampncne, warranted best in lie market. July 17, '45. 7 July 35th, LOVELY & SEYMOUR'S. 8 FLOUR! WESTERN Fiour oflhe most approved Brands, in BbU. Halve', and by the Pound, for sale by uiy , -a. A. s, Uf-vvr-Yi Compound Syrup of Sarsaparilla CARSAPAItlLI.A has taken a hish rank in the KJ Medical world, as well in Europo as in America. iib ciiinciiujr ni an uuitneous, acromions, uneumai' ic and Syphilitica! diseases. Slc. oic. is known to cv ery Practitioner. There ara various preparations in circulation, but they fail either in not connecting with Sarsspanlla assisting medicine, or in not containing, the eitract of Hondcbas Sarsafasilla. The medi csl vslue of the above preparation is already well Known 10 tne communuy. 11 hat recommended self. It Is made out of tho best Honduras airimmri'Ai as-isied by such other ingredients as come nearest the Hsrsapariut in tiuir medical virtues. This Compound is prepared and aold by II. J. HEINEBERQ & CO. Burlington, July 25, 1845. 8 TO PENSIONERS, PENSION AGENCY, ) Bank or Pooitnet, July 17, M5, TN pursusnce of an order from the Hon. J, L. Ed, I ...t. r'-rimmi.sioner of Pensions, notice is here. by given that pensioners re-iding in the Counties of Franklin and Chittenden will hereafter be paid by Thomas Reed, Esq., Agent at Mc ntpclier, and l'eij. tioners in the Coiiuly of Windham, by Merntt Clark, Agent .t routtney. j( WJ YATBlfT LEAD PIPE POR HYDRANTS. PUMPS, Ac., (From 3-8 Inch to 4 1-3 Inches iu diameter,) ITWIR above srticle U highly recommended for ao, I .nnul rahhrn and liniformitV OfthlckllC-S for Ihe perfsct polish ol Ihe interior mrUee. Ihe ab sence cf leaks and flaws, and its solidity and unusual strength. It is onered St tne mew r or nianumi m er prices, by J, J. il. riw. w Burlington, 81st July, 1815. 8 ELI AS LYMAN, TTAVINQ iust returned from New York, offers fl choice selection of GOODS for Ladies Urease for the warm weather of July and August. aiii9iin Uingjiain8, rnnted I. awns, llalzonnes, rrencn .Muslins, .pc. ivc.. opirat uord tu match, Also, Light and Dark Col'd Kid and Silk filoves, Lisle Thiead Gloves. Lislo Silk Edaing. &c. Iliac!.-. plain and figured Silk Lncc, for Veils, Plain and fancy Silk Parasols and Sun Shade-, Coiton do. Carpet Satchels, ith and without locks. A beau tiful assortment of Zephyr Worsted, Canvass and worsted iMeeJlei, Assirted colored uord and las. sals for windows. Silk Cord and Tassils assorted col orsfor Dres-es, Mcrrimac and other Ginghams, large and small plaid. 100 doz. Coats superior Cable 1 hread, six cord. Burlington, July 17, 1315. 7 LOST. BETWEEN tho Pearl St. Houso and tho Stone Church, a IIAIIt Hit ACF.LET. with a red slone in the clasp. The finder will confer a favor by leaving the same ot llitsollice, paying tin July 17, M5. rTMlE American Definition Spelling BuoU, on nn A Improved plan. Ily II. WcK. Ormsby, a splen did nook lor Schools, tall, by Burlington, June .'u, IBIj, For tale wbolesnle nnd re- STEVENS WOODS. 4 8 DR. TAYLOR'S BALSAM OF LIVERWORT. D' FIGS. ffn DRUMS hrst quality, lust received and for OU sale by FOI.LKTT& BltADLEV. South Whan, Hurling ion, June w, u. J Notice, FAIRBANKS Celebrnte.1 C. S. liny Fork., 30 dozen ju-t received, nnd for -nlo low, by 1 (1, 1.1; I I & lltAi'L.r.i. Soulh Whnrl, June 17, '15. 3 Hlanchard's Scythes. (Zf DOZ. C. S. Scythe., 0J B0 t.n O. S. do ltece sale on con-tgntnenl, hv 1'UL.I.f.TT if- BRADLEY. South Wharf, June 17, 1815. 3 for L A It D . AH. DEWHY ha. a supply of good frc-h Lard and TilMc Butler. Alsn. iiut rivpit. Norlh Shore Salmon, by Ihe pound or half lib). June m, IB 10. 3 OAI1IIATII SCIIOOI, HOOKS, a largo up O ly lor sa'o at Bo-ton prices. I v STEVENS WOODS. Burllnaton, June 8, 1943. 3 Adams Smith's nUHR MILL STONES, con.tant y on band by l) J. ,. J. II. PECK, &, Co., Agents. June 19, Uj. ' 3 CA It PAW FOR WOOL!! THE snb-crilcr will pay Cash for clean fleece WOOL, delivered at lii- -li re. HARRY IIRtDLEY. B.iibnglon,2flth June, 1315. 1 wG ICE CREAM. THE subscriber would inform the citizen, of Bur lington that he keeps ICECREAM crn-lanily on hand, nt hi. Confeciionary, on Ch irch St, where he will I e happy to wait upon those who may lavor 1 wlh a call. A KEIU.SKS. Burlington, June 26, '45. 4 Daguerreotype Chemicals. PniCE Redcced Large Bottles 81,50 i Small, SI lit. tav Loics Balaam of livi:rwokt, trout 37a Howery. I. v.. Icr the i.uu K ot uu.- SUMPTION and LIVER COMPLAINT, COUGHS, CUL.H5, c-c. Head the lollowing : Stoninoton. Dee. 4th. 1811. Dr.An Doctor : Feeling, of tude to vo:i, sir. a. the rny means, bles-ed by Divine Providence, in neriectiv re-toring me to neaiili nv me 11-e 01 int. TAYLOR'S BALSAM OF LIVERWORT, which imicha-ed nl-oiit a vear siniv at vour othec. o. 3 BOWERY, N. Y.j and nl-o tho hope of 1 enefilting my lelhnv creatures, who, liko my-elf, (at that tunc) nre mi eringeiihcr rom uu,r nui,u i-n.onjit"- TION OU LIVER COMPLAINT, are my rca-ons lor now voluntarily lorwarmng a simple tieian 01 my case, since, cly 'hoping that this narrative, true though plain, may induce the thousand,, ot others similarly atlcewl, to use Ihe wilne meant, (irmly be lieving they will be equally blessed, and thu-1 e pre served from a premature grate, to which the juwsol in-aliate Death has untimely con-igued mvriudp of our race, who lhoughlles-U suppn-cd they bad only n'slight cold, with a little cough, that would soon get well of itself. About the 10'h of March. ISI2. 1 caught a severe cold, from which plcun-y cn-ueJ, and wn conlincil to my bed SEVENTY DAYS. About the Iolh June I was able to vi-it New York, inque-t of further meil icnl aid for a violent pain at intervals in my right side, shoulder nnd shoulder blade ; I remained in all about sixteen day- iinderthecareof an eminent phy sician, nnd received some relief, I ut he did not re move I lie inflammation Irom the Lung-, and 111 July the cough became very violent, accompanied by ex pectorating largo quaniitie- of P11-, or purulent mat ter, from which there was scarcely any cessation or re-l, except a few hour- repose 111 the night, produced ny strong opiate. ! 1 was confined to my room irum 7ih Nqv. Io ihe 20ih April. During the-el'ncmonih-I was reduce J in llesh to 103 poinds, some 40 pound less than natural ; I had four ulcers form am) break, from eaJb of which I rai-ed al out n ouart of bloody matter. I now commenced taking niiierent i-tnu 01 Syrups, Pills, llalsams, Loicngcsund Lxpectorants here follow the name, of JjyncV Expectoiant, 30 bottles Hungarian Balsam, &c. &e. but all to no purpo.cj my cough continued incessant, so that I e tween it and expecloriiting I was not quiet live min ute., nt a tune during the day. In Oct. ot ISU I call ed upon von at your oilice, 37? IlOWtRY, nnd pur-eha-ed t'OUll HOTThrS byour mi. TAY- LOU'S I1M.SAHI OF LIl'Eltn OHT. having heanl much ol it. You told mo if I would combine to u-e it steaddv. it would certainly cure ine. and it I got out of it to tend at once for more. I took up all the bottles, and was relieved oflhe cough, pain in the side, che-t and shoulder, and 11 causcu me to expec torate very freely ; I purcha-ed another bottle about the I8lh March, which I took oeca-ionally for a lit tle cough, excepting which, at this time, I was quite renovated in lieaitn, leeiiug strung anu nearly, nnu weighing 140 pound (your inlalltllo sympion ol cure). I remained quite well until the month ol Alay, when Irom expo-ore J toou a violent coin, wnien con fined me 10 ny hou-e three week-. I at once sent to New Yoik lor more IIALSASI OF LIVERWORT, ten procured me three boltlesntyour Wholesale Establishment, No. 177 Water st. Before I had 11-id lliem iii. July found ine Iree from all cough, which has not since relurned, and 1 1110-t dimly lelieve that through the Providence of God, DR. TAYIIU'S BALSAM .OF LIVERWOItT l'll AND HAS COMPLETELY CURED ME! audi also believe 11 will cure nnv one who-e Lung, are atlected, it they will take it according to your direction : I do not mean for ilieni to one or two bottle-, but would most earnestly say tale it steadily, even if it should require tifly hollies. In eonclu-ion. Dear Sir, you perceive 1 have 1 een siek mine lucmyt'ight month-, nnd none ol thephy sieians at home or abroad, however skilled, wilh whom 1 consulted, could give ine pny permanent re lief: nenher did ihu HAUJA MS, (excepting yotii,) Si. I ...... .nn- t......l..J D.ll. I.' iwl l,T II P. I 11 llH Rebuilt, or Specks on Ihu Eye, Strabismus, or direrent other liquid preparation-, of which 1 swal- Squinting, etc. Artificial Eves in-ened without lowed about SEVENTY-FIVE Bottles, give any any pain or operation, that cannot I e distinguished better cnconra"eineni to declining hope. During this roni the natural. Spectacles Advice u to the a. near i r0,,j calculate. I exnecorated full Uind of tila.-se. suitable to particular defects. Per- kivtv nif invs nv PUS. nil PURULENT .".i-nLiiuiBu ai- a uiBTAsv-b enn nix-ive uuviciiiiu MA'i'I I'.It. and mo-l cheer lully consent to 1110 nuu- T1ROM1NE. Jj " Prepared, tiold, Chloride ol, Iodine, " Chloride of, Prepared ronen Stone, " Tripoli, Rouge. Annratus fund. hod ta onlcr. 4 PECK & SPEAR, Burlington, Vermont, Mercurv Distllh'd, Potn-sium, Cvaii'iret of, " Iodide of, Soda Hvpo-ttlphate of, Silver. Nitrate. Crvslal-. Daguericotvtie plates all 'lualitic.. Daguerreotype Case.. MISS MARKHAM, MESijLjINJBIB. HAS removal her shop to Mr. Doane's build ing, in Catliu's Lane, ntlhe sign or tho Band Box. Cans. Collar... Bonlpr- i L-l,. o.ti , r ' riuwrrs oiik unu i.awi 'Bonnets, for sale . Country prndiitv taken in "navment lor work. Burlington, July 10, 18 15. Cw3 BOSTON & NEW YORK REUBEN HA CIIELDOR TT7'OL'Il inform lir (ricn-U the mil lie that lie ha reurntl frum Saw Vnrlc and Uoaton with the mot complete a-soriment of BOOTS AND SHOES. Ladies' Gailer Boots, all color-, " llilffl.ilrr. lb, l( Ituskin-, do " Well d.i " do Walking Shoe., " French Kid Bu-kin- and Slip., " White satin -hoe-, Oenilemen's Ca'f Sewed Boots, " Kip peggc.1 do " Seal do do " Cowhide do 11 Brogan. " foatkin (latter-, sow'd & peg'd " I. a. nng. do Mis-es Booli'es and Walking Shoe-, M Buskins, nil color-, Boy-' Brogans, pegged, all kinds, Youths.' Kip Bu-kins, " do Bootes, all color-, ALSO That he has brought from New York a prime lot of French Calf S-klus and Oak Tanned Sole Leather of a superior quality lo any ever before of Icrcd in this maiket. I have also a tir-t rate Boot Muker. and a nuantitv of fashionable La-t-. nnd am fully prepared to manufacture all kinds ot work to oriier in such a manner n- cannot Inn to give lu'l sat 1-l.ictioii lo all who inn v tavor me with their palroii' age. They wilt be sold n' the lou e,t prices for cash uuriingion, June 7, is la. Superfine Flour, TkF the most aiiproved brands in born Is and halves VJ for sale by L. & C, Water St., June 12. IS 15. E. FOLLETT. 2 1 1 ay Uakes &c. 1 HO "0Z- ""V Hakes, Ljvr ZU IJoz. tloi DR. POWELL & DR. DIOSSY, m OCUI.ESTS And Ophthalmic Surgeon', 2G1 Bkoadivav, Corner nf Warren Street, NEW YORK. tTU.riii.. tlieir practice to diseases of the eve, J 0icraiion upon that Organ nnd its appendages, una to nil linperlecnon. oi viion Testimonial., from the most eminent medical men of Europe mid America. Reference to patients ihat have I ceil per. fectly cuiod ol Amaurosis Cataract. Opalhauiia:, 20 Doz. Ilor.-e Ital.c 5UUOXC- CunningtonN celebrated scythe stone.. Ly J. & J. II. PKCK.if. Co. Juno IB, '4o. J Window Sash. OF all sorts and sizes for sale by UEO. PETERSON. Burlington, June IS, '45. 3 medicines by duscribu mg iicaug. tlieir tare under the follow- X3 it j V' . I -a t a ; . St i . I E 5 - 1 . 2 -Sd jt it i'st ? V fc -It A & ts .t I .1 g! i CmC VALUABLE REAL ESTATE FOK SALE, rill IE Subscriber ofllrs fur sale the JL following property i Tho new Brick Houso and lot, in College si., now occu pied by tho subscriber. Possession given immediaielv if renuired bv the purchaser. Also, A Dwelling House at Winooski village, now occupied by Mr. Wormwood, as a Boarding House. And also 13 Whole Slips in the New Congregational Church in this village, besides undivided pans of 6 other slips in the same Church. NOBLE LOVELY. Burlington, July 1C, 1815. 7 IM ineral Waters: CONGRESS Waierrri'i, receiving weekly for sale by Gross, Dozen, or jingle boitle, at 4 PECK & SPEAR'S, Wholesale, Pruggists. APPENTICES WANTED. AN apprentice to the Printing, also lo the Book Binding businesi wanted. Boys about IB ycar old from Ihe country preferred. Burlinglon, June 22. (tj C. GOODRICH. Cash pai for Hemlock Hark. WANTED, SO Cords of goo I hemlock bark, for which Cash will he paid il drown withiu h Vi'davs Biurlington Falls, July 1I.M5. MOUSE. C LA7f WOTIGSS. II. H. & J. J. IIEAIHKI.RY, VlILL hercilur keep oilice-at Si. Albans, Frank. I T Ini Co., and Johnson, Lamoille Co. t, All business entrusted to iheircarem Franklin, Lomoille, or oujoiiiuig couniies, win ue i unctuaiiy attended lo, II. R. BEARDSLf.Y, St. Albans, Vt. I I iiI'a irnoi i.-v lieationof this statement of facts, wherever in any way it may lnelit sullcriug hum t nil)'. f.n ' a. nl tn., it UIVCOV vaigneu) ivr.uuci .-. W.M. P. CHURCH, being duly sworn, deno-e. and says that he has I een intimately acquainted with teuben C. ll.mcox ubuul ten 5 cars, and know htm tu be a resident of Sionington, Conn., and that he is a man of integrity, on who-e word the utmost reliance can le placed, nnd that the statements in Ihe above , certificate are stiictli true, and the signature af- hxed 1. in hi baud writing. ,,,, (Signed) WM. r. v-tLivv-. Sworn bcloro ine, lhi 4lh Dee. IS 14. W. RAMSAY, Com. 01 Deed-. For sale bv PECK & SPEAR. Agents for Bur- liimlnn. Win Itlmilp.. Richmond 1 J. II. Tu'A'Cr & Sou, Underbill Asa F. Uove, Fairfax Geo. Ayer 6c Co., Milion. ' ouiu ISlUY' HOOK 'AND N HIV8 I'HINT. -J ing Ink at Factory Prices for cash, for salo by uuinngion, juiy j, 41. oit.uw Dentists! Dentism!! nilEVELIER'S celebrated TOOTH 1NSTRU- MENTS, for salo by 4 B. J. HEINEIliRO, it Co ICPAddress either place. Johnson, VI. Strayed. I FAIRBANKS Cast Steel Hoes, do do Forks Cast steel Shovels, do do Spades, Iron Shovels, Lomr handled do. Hay Rakes, Brooms, if-c. be. Water street, June 12, 1343. ,.,.. 0 , ., . , . , . . Also, Wooden Ware of all kinds, for sslobv ROM Ihe Siibscril er on the Z4th nil , a lied and ' L. & O. E. FOLLETT. .a. nunc vjuw, will! u B'ur 111 ine lurcuran, uihi horns rdiheriuclincd in, about six years old and in moderate order, whoever will return or giveinior mation respecting laid cow will le handsomely re munerated. , .iiuutv iicoor.i.i'. July 2, 1B15. 5w3 Hams nnd Lard, for sale by L. f- C. E. FOLLETT. June 12, 2815. 2 TO DENTISTS. CONSTANT snpplie. of Stocilon's. latest styles Molar, llicu-pid and Inci-or Tteih ; Foils, File-, Forceps, (iuui l.nnceis, Poeket and common Teelh Extracting In-tninieni., extra Hooks for same, Burrs, Excavator, .Scaling Instrument., Filling do, Mouth Glas-es, Mouth .Mould-, Dental Syr.ngrs.uiovvpipes, Tooth power noxe- ami Pol.-, c. e-c. etc. Dental Cac-complete, Operating Chairs and spit toon lutnijhcd to otuer. c. at'i.Ait, 4 Uurlington, Vermont. STF.AiM ItOAT STOCK, SHAKES Ol July 9, M5. I e SHAKES OLD LINE for sale. Apply to IO July 0, MS. CI II. W. CATLIN. TJULLION'S Latin Reader. J3 do do Grammar, do Juno 26 Greek Grammar, for sale I y 4 STEVENS WOODS. BLANK BOUKS. OF all des Tiptions Manufactured bv the sub-cn her Irom the best Linen Paper, and Ruled ti any Patient on short notice and warranted, final to any in till. country, rrunate tiecora-, lowiiue cords from Rovnl Medium Demy and Cnp Paper, Hanks. S lea in itont, Iron uompaine- and Jiercuani lunii-lnil wilh all the various blank Books on 1 1, nio-l r.' terms. S TEVENS WOODS, Strang's Uuildlnq, llurlingtoii. June In, lela. J Paints and Oil. nTltnXOS &, Co.. oiler purchaser- White Lead O Dry nnd gronnl in Oil, "Pure," "Extra," nnd ".Vo 1." Fnglisli Ven. Red, French Yellow, Verdigris, v iiroiue virecii, icu L,ei,, nm u.(ii m'"' ALSO, 1000 cs. pure Lint Seed Oil, BOO " " spirits Turpentine, June 10, M5. 2 STATE OF t'EKMOST,) A Tn Probate Lamoille 1'isthict, s. ( XX Court holden at the Probate Odice in Johnson, within and lor said ihslnct, on tho 1st day ol July, A. u. loia, rreseui i..llr... Kkudu Wun. Judge. n In'stlumeiit, purporting in be the last will and ,.,.,n.Minri!ATUMNF. MORSE, late of John- 80n, iu said district, deceased, being; pre-cuted to I be Court Here Oy l.orueilll uyuur, mo ..-v..i.. mnnu named, lor probate: It u ordered by shid Court that all it.rinn, rnncerned therein 1 notified to appear al a session ol said Court to bo holdeo ut the Probate Oifice in Johnson, on the utn uay oi Aiigusi, a.i. 1815, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, and show cause, ,ran iiv mav hate.airam-1 the Probate of said will. for which purpose it is further ordered, that a ropy ol the record ol this order I publi-hed three weeU siicce-iively in the llurlineton Free Pres., a weekly n..ic.i,.ii,fr nrinicd at Burlington, in lhi Slate, a- soon as may be, lliehst of which puldiealions to be prior to said 8ih day of dugut, 1315. A true record. Attest, WILLHM W. WHITE, lisgisltr, A Hue copyot record, 6iv31 Atie.t, WILLIAM W, WHITE, Kez'r, PLATT'S PREMIUM roiiTAiii.i: GRIST MILL. For Grinding Wheat, Rue, Oats, Plas ter and all kinds of Provender. mill: Sub-eriler havini' nurcha-eil of Mr. JO. JL SIAII PLAIT, of Weston, Connectici t. the right for Vermont, Mas., nnd New Hampshire, i now maniilactiiriiia, nt Burlington Fall-, Mills oflhe mo-t thorough nnd perfect con-truction, and i. prepared to sell Mil's nnd Rights fur nny lown nol nlrt-ady dis posed ol. The great olvantage of this over die common tlri-t Mill, is obviou- to any one on in-pec-lion, a-thi-Mill can lo u-e.1 by bore, -team or water power, with half tho power mpiiroJ to drive a common nri-i .mil. i ni. mill toon the nr-t pre mium ot the Fail in New-York City, nn I also at the Agricultural Fnirtn Rochc-ter, in Sept. 1811. None but tho very let FRENCH BURR STONES nre put into the-e Mill-. We the niiiler-igned certify thai nl Si. All nn Bay onthe2ldayofNovcmbcr, 1813, in the Sttatn S.ivv Jim al that p ace inere was uroun i in I't.A rl'S PORTABLE CRIST MILL, lilted ; in that place, ten hii-hcl Pea- nnd Oal, and done in the best Manner, within 30 minutes j mil welcrthcr certify that we believe the said Mill capable of perlormiug all tho grinding u-nallydone in n Gri-t Mill equal to ly anil iu nu- si.iic, ny unu run oi -lone-. And we further lnlo that -ai I mill ground eight biishclsand a half of Corn, (fine meal) tu nn hour, ithout being in the Ical hcate I. it. rs. t'. i i., .inner. RM.PII LASI'LI., 1 .1 VMF.S I..1MSON, ! 11. A. IIIJIII.IIIT, I " " NOBLE ndUIRK. I tho undersinnel certify Ihnono ol Pl.xt t- Porta- blellri-t Mill- haibccn litlel up in Mc-r- While & Co'.. Gri-t Mill at VcrECiinc. und I will frankly say to lliepuhlie 1 nave luitv triol thu null until on ilowering and provender and have come to the full eonclu-ion, Ihat the above null will compete with any mill iu the country bullion Ilowering an I pro- . j. . Cl t 1) IlllllVC'llflV Tf.ll veuuer. n,i u.iiuvnuiiu.., ..unci. Vergcnnc, April 23, IS II. Tin. Alill above named wn. in operation in the Vergeunes Iron Company Ori-t tMill a niuul er pt day-, nn I -o fir a- we witne.-cd it. performance in Grin ling Grain, wu weru well snti-lied with it ,aud believe it lo be a good nrticle. SVMUI.I. HAltMvll, I fresiaeni or WM. II. WHITE. I'rrirerinefflon. Tin. i. to certify that one of Piatt-Pottable firi-t Mills ha- been put in operation in the gri-l mill at Mi.ldlcb'irv. by Ihe-iJeol seven run nt liurr Mone-, ami I hnvi! given il n thoruii ih trial. both on flower and provinder, and I am frank to say In the public that I am sili-hcd the hull will do l.iisiuc-s equal lo anyrun id stone in the county. .nvvlvfiiiiM If.'ll.- .l, lil.- I.-, .1lllCf . M iddlebiirv. July SO. 1811. Me--r-. FiillctlAi Bradley have been running one flhc-emil . since tho hr-t of JIav. upon pl.t-ter. nnd 1 am.inthonzfj to rcler io them ns to it. pcrlor- jnce. i'ni; ckui-ui, Proprietor of the abotepatevt. Burlington, June20, 1815. 3tf 1TOHK--. COLLARS. BO.VOMS. CRAVATS. n I hit-. Su-nendcr-. nnd new style l.t r Sl'lil.NtiS, a nice article to wear on the I aek of ve-t.. verv nlci-aut andea-v for tho wearer, linen ollar- for 121 ct., all goofs iniicli cheaper than usual. 2 BRINSMAID & BROTHERS, Purses and Purse Trimmings. T3UR.SE Mount-, lars, rings, la-sel-, Sic, and X silk nnd other piire-, lor sale by Jiuiel2 h. BRINSMAID & BROTIIP.RS. Wheel Heads OF ihe very best uual ly an 1 fini-li, for sa'e 'n 2 IIIHNSMAII) &. 111! ITHERS, Gotnl Spinning Whce'- f irnishel to order. HORSE NETS. MESSRS. Brin.-naid & Brother- have received a lot of beautiful linen and cotieu NKl'S for HOR'-E'n ear, or neck an 1 ear pieces f olJ sepe rate nr wi h tl i hodv ns s a. mav le wauled: we nave blue, brown, red and vvhi'e net', the mot exten-ive a orlmuni that we have ever had the pica-ure oi offering to customers. Also, Hor-e llrudies. 2 IIKINSMAID & UROTllhKS. HARD WARE. STItOMOS & Co., have teceivcd, and o!Tcr atl exten-ive n-sortinent ol Hani Ware, among t which may be found Joiners Teols. Planes Jacks, Fore, Smooth and Jointers with single and double Iron.. A-trngals, Bead., Center 1 ead. Dadoe.. Filli-tcrs. Grecian Ovalni Hollows awl roundrs Match planes. Rabbet do, Sash do, Plough', Marking and slitting G iazc-, Ch'sel nnd Auger handles, chalk-line Spool., Iron nnd Bras plated brace-, Braces and Bins in sett, Bevils, Try square.. Common and concave Augers. Spur Bills, Center do, Meta! and wood head' Gimblet", Box wood rules, Glue pot, Co-mpa..e, Vca-uringfape., brad awl, Sentlchdo, Spike Oiinblet., sand Paper, Double and sincjc plain Iron., drawing Knive-, Hand, panel, ripping, back, and key hole Savvv, Files nnd Ila-p., steel and iron Squares, Screw driver., Firmer and null Wiighl ChL-els, So. ket Chi-els, Gouge-, Hammers, Haichets, Hand nnd broad Axe-, Adz, Spirit Levels, Jtc. Itc. Saddlery. ' Saddle Tree, Gig do, Hainc-. Bitt., Turrelts, Pad honk, nnd screws, Swivii, Cockeye-, King-, Buckle- In ureal variety, Ornament., Ro-ctie., rem nnd breast Straps, Box wbod and Ivory Rings, Bag frame, and fa-tening, Stirrup., Trunk board and nails, Trunk lock, and rivets Round Kuive-, Punche., awls, patent Leather, Curled hair, India rubber Cloth., Wor.led webb, cotton do. Bleached and hf. bid , Yellow and green Thread, Sewing silk, etc etc. Coach Hard Ware. Steel springs, Wrot iron axles, Silver and bra plated hub Rand., Ctnch Lamps, broad and narrow Lace, Tufts, Waggon mats, malliablc Iron casting., Wrenche", brn-. moulding, Hollow Auger., Spoke Shave-, &c. Cutlery. Table knives and Forks, a large assortment new and de-irable pattern, of 2 and 3 prnnm-l Forks, and deserts lo match, in setts of 12 lis 51 pairs, Carving Knives nnd fotkr, Table and Butcher Steel-, Butcher. Knive., Nut Picks, shoo knive, Pen nnJ pocket kuive-, Seis-or, Shears, Razors, &e. cVc. Itrass Goods. Curtm ring, Screw eye-, Thread screw., Fltt-h ban lie, Flu-h hntl-, De-k hinges, Mutt-, Lamp hooks, Candlesticks, i'lsh faslners, Moriice crank., Sale and end crank-, Screw hooks, If at pins, Faucet, slop Cocks, snuder, Curtain pins, Pa-P! jigger-, Screw hook- and Ring., Pad, Trunk and box Lock-,. Dinner nnd Tea BelU, skimmers, Cupboard catches, stait Rod.,&e. Miscellaneous. ., Xheep .hear-, sickle-, Iron Candlesticks, .lap'd. Lainii-, led do, Lantern, lloo'ii- and hinge, Bed cord, Rope, ash CorJ," Iron wire cloth, Wire -ieve-, rat and mousetraps. Iron nn 1 Bnttania -poon-, Mola-ses gale-. Cup! oard eat'dies, Bung borers, Toa-iing irons, Enaml'd. preserving Kettles, Plate locks, Pidlic, Grind stone Roller-, Hat pins, Door spring-, Copper wire, Mincing knives, Round and Hat noe pi ycr-, Tobacco boxes, Garden fork., Bol screw-, Gun wormers, Bullet mould-, -crew Driver-, Trunk, ehe-i,cupboarl, box, and lilt locks Fire Irons and Stands, Bell -pring. and staples, Bell., shou aud nail Hammer., trunk Handles, Tower bolts, ox balls, hand Vices, Tweezers, Siiulers Halter trace und po-t Chains Sparables, Auger-, Frypan, -late., Calbiers, Wire gtiage-, hor-e Nail-, vvoikI saw andframes, Trowel-, pick-A xcs, pewter Faucels, Grid iron-, sauce Pan, Brad-, Slriller lift, and screw-, shoe Pincer-, Shoe tack, Thimble-, awl Haft., Bed key., Button- on plate-, window spring, sad Irons, Tailors Iron, Trace Chain. Steel Yards, Curry comb-, hor-e Card-, Files and Rasps, Coffee mills, Bell pull-, door Knocker, Di-t Bra-he., Fancy do, Tooth do, White wa-h do. Hairdo. Lather do, Paint and Varnish do Hor-e do, Cloth do, Tea and Ma-ltn Kettle, garden Trowels, Tea tray, Mill and cro-s cm .-aw, Scale beam-, Coun'cr scale-, iron Weights, Razor strop-, Axe-, Mahogany knob, Powder tlasks, bnttania Tea and Coilee Pot, Ci-lor, Ha-ling spoon-, Fish hooks aud Lines, Bla-'k-mith, Hammer-, .f-c. it-c. ALSO, 1000 grog n-sorted Screw., 100 dozen Blake. Latche, 30 " " Eac'h. Latches,Ro-evvood Knobr 50 " Mineral Knob with Latches and lock", 50 " Window blind Fa-tenings, (J) ' Window spring, 550 " Cast an I wrot Iron, door, table, back flap and window Blind Bull, &c. &c. Togc'her wilh many goods not incnlioned, at rea-onable price-, June 10, Ma. 8 Travelling Map Agents WANTED. Powder NOTICE. at deduced I'rices ! ! ! WILL be kept constantly on band, Irom the most celebrated Mill iu Ihe United States. Just Received 150 Keg Powder, E. EE. EKE. EEEE. 10 do line Kentuckv Rille Pouder. For -ale by FOLLI.IT & BRADLEY. Soulh Wharf, Burlington, June 17, 43. 3 1NEW BOOK BINDKRY. T IHE snbtril er U now reccivittR frotii New York . a I'hoii'u a tm en I cf BINDERY STOCK, iND BLANK BOOK MA TERIALS and i- now prepared lodo nny kind ol work in the hook Hinder)- or mam; hook .Manntacturing lazi ness. I have in my Bindery a workman ihat is ac quainted wilh all the .ro leni slvlcs oftimdinc. hav ing worwed in ine tie-t e-ianiisiiincnj in tue union, and will nut hesitate in saying ihat nil binding, en-iru-ted lo my hinds shtll le well executed, and in a manner nol before equalled in tin- Vicinity. Corner ot murcii ana vonge nircet-. STEVENS WOODS. Bprlington, May 8. 1815 Wit Till. Subscriber wishes tn engage in the s-ile of his Map?, a number of young men of s ricily moral and business habits. A capital of from 8100 to 8300 will bo necessary, and a certain district of country will be assigned to each Agent. Unexceptionable testimonials of charac ter vvii be required. s. Atiusius aini.nn.LL. -Y. E. comer of Market and Seventh St., Philadelphia. May 22. 1815. 51 M. G. RATHBUN & CO. mcvcliaiit Caflocfl, HA E returned from New York wilh a carefully selected as-orlinent of BROAD CLOTHS, CASAMERES, VESIINGS, and TRIMMINGS, and are prepared tofurni-h Garment-at prk'es which cannot but convince buyer it is a saving of expense a well as tune and ircut'ie, io nave the mate lais fiirni.licl, and garment., made by tho-e who under stand ihe bii-mes-. Also, Shirt,, Collars, Cravat, cle. 46c. M. G. Rathscs, C. F. ,Ward. May, 22, '45, On Consiminient. a lotol'Sinsle and Doable cut Stove pipe Hlone, lor saia ny ruvjit i ! im.UL.r.i. South Wharf, llurhngton, June 17, '45. 3 100 Boxes Ilcrrinir, received and For sale hv FOLLETT it BRADLEY. South vMiaif, Burlington, June 17, 45. J WEBSTER'S LARGE AM) SMALL DIC TIONARY. Wtb-lerV Elementary do Cruuen's Concord.iniv. Wooil Botany. Mrs. Lin coin's Bolany, Leo's Human Phviolocv, t"r sale I y Burlington, June 18, 1845. cytlies and Hay Forks. CZI DOZ. Scvthes, "llloo.l's." tfJ 50 " " "FarwellV," 40 " "lllxfonl's," 50 " "lie IdiiiBion's," 60 " Hay Fork, Van Ornam' and Fair bank's by J. & J. 11. PECK, o; Co. June IB, '15. 3 S. EMU HOWARD, -THE PEOPLES' AG EST, iv it o s i: CHEAP CASH STORE, AT BURLINGTON, VT., Comprises one of tlio most splendid and general slocks in Ihe stale. All Goods bouclil and sold strictly for Cash. and of course. Cheap. 2 .l'avina Stone. WE invite tho attention of those in want of the above article to a handsome lot just received and lor sale cheap uy L. A C. E. FOLLETT. Water St., Juno 12, 1815. 3 Boots and vioe.v. MEN'S Fine Seal and coarse-fine Boots, and Kip Brogans Ladies Kid Slips and Walking shncs, good and cheap, ny ,. a, Ubvvi.v Jane Uih, 1015. 2 To sportsmen. A S. DEWEY has Powder, Shot, and Percus. ii. sion caps ot eest quality. June 12th, 1515. 2 ELI AS LYMAN, HAS received a carefully sclecicd and extensive assortment nf DRY GOODS suited to the set son, which he offers al reduced prices. Among which will Da tound llalzonnes. Lawns. Primed Muslins, M de Lames, Elston Gingham, Fancy Cambrics, &c. Ac. Imcriceti Prints superior style. Hosiery Gloves and Mitts, Ladies Silk Cravats and Fancy lldkfs. Pongee, Bandana, Flag and U hile silk Hdkfs. India Rubber, Webb, Knit, and Elastic suspenders Biown Holland, Jacket Linen, Brown and White, Linen Drill, Russia sheeting, Burlaps, lluckabuck, Russii and Scotch Diaper, Linen Damask for Table spreads, Fino Damask spreads, Linen Sheeting and Shining, Hamilton Striped and Figured for chil dren Wear. A large assortment of Broad Cloths and Cassi-mere-, Fancy Cassimeres and Ycstings. Parasols and Sun shades, very cheap, Coiton Sheeting and Shirting Irom 3-1 to 10-4 wide, Ticking, Woddine;,Wicking, Batting, Cotton yarn and Carpet Warp. Family Groceries. Tea including some extra quality Black Tea, Sugar, Spices, Citron. Pepper Sauce, Mustard, Superior preserved Gincer, , Maccaroni, Boston Hard Crackers cround Rice, Chocolate, Shei, Colfre, Box and Keg Raisins, rTurranls. Ar.. ,fr. The highest Market price paid for Butter and Cheese. vt icKware tiuitding, corner cnurcn onu uuhckb May 28, 1815. 52 NEW BOOKS. THE Subscriber lit- purchased the entire Stoclc of BOOKS Jt STATIONERY beloncing to V. HARRINGTON, and is now receiving in connection thereto a cood assortment of Law, Medical, Ml-ccllancons and Theological BOOKS. together wilh a s"od assortment of Stationery, w hich is olU rcd lo the public at prices to suit Ihe times. ll.Ui-j received in exenanse. JAMES I. CU ITER, Strongs' building, College sU May 27, 1843. 62 Clapboards. IifirI M. Good Clear stud'Pine Claplioardsfor OUUW sale by OEO. PETERSON. Burlington, June 18, '45. 3 "A GUIDE TO Lake George, Lake Champlain, Montrnrf ami Quel cc, with Maps, and Tables of Routes and Distances from All any, Burlington, Montreal, Ac. By 'I. Thompson, Auihor of History and Gaaetleer ot Vermoiu." Just published brC. Goodrich. For sale by ihe Publisher, also; he, towards, James I. Culler and James Hogap Borlmglon, June 2J B a,-,. rraaicii l-moh. in r.i)2iin uranw rriB . v r."bnu wiaiinmr, nwt uvj. SroiiV-o.,or sa! by

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