Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 1, 1845, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 1, 1845 Page 2
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Qpmioa ipibib! tub convention 01' tub self-styled democracy. TIio assemblage was not so great m wo had been led to expert from llm pro J i i'ltis bust lo which had been tnado about it, and thecxul.lng tone whicli'tlio annexation loaders in this region have recently assutner1. SVo were credibly in formed by a gentleman who undo an actual count in the forenoon, lint one hundred and twenty rank and file wore at that time present to the' convention there were probably more In the afternoon. Of leaders, timing whom we observed several who have recently been per mitted to tai-to the ncrlar of office, there was certainly no lack. Uut their sleek condition, their flossy broadcloths, ami the complaisant manner in which tlioy sported tiioir goiuen ap pendages, proclaimed them anything than the lovers of the masses whom they pretended to represent. The organisation of the Convention resulted in the appointment i f I.ovi U. Vilas, of Chelsea, President, severel Vice Presidents, all of whose names we cam. ot ascertain. In the afternoon tho Humiliating committee reported in favor of tho last year's ticket. This nomination was approved by an unanimous vote. Tho next hu.-iness was tho discussion of tho resolutions reported by tho Committee raised for that purpose, which wore, of course, highly congratulatory for the triumph of locofoco pnn. ciples, in the election of Mr. Poll: the S! ivn. holder, the advocate J Slanry and annexation, Vie deadly fit to Protection, and as the means of exemplifying tlio great truth, that however tho Democracy had boon mislead into opposition to these sacral principles of their chief for a while, "their second sober thought is ncccr icronir, but ahram efficient." It was truly amusing lu vv it- ness the delightful relish and perfect unanimity with which this verp patriotic convention swal lowed down Texas annexation, a incisure which until the nomination of Polk, men of all parlies and creeds in Vermont had regarded with utter abhorrence, as avowedly intended to impirt strength to the instituti if slavery in the Slates, as an assault upon the compromises of the Constitution, as a means of overthrowing tho balance of power between the North and the South, and of perpetuating Slavery for end lei's generation throughout tin wlmlo Ameri can Continent. Hut too self-styled Democracy of Vermont will lind that thu base sub-emeu-cy to the s'avoc.raiir. power will doom thoni to u certain and speedy overthrow. Tho first re.-oliitiou which elicited discussion was one which chirred tho reduction in the price of vVool to tho Whig Tariff. It was cer tainly lamentable to see a in m of the capacity of VVyllys Lyman, so rcccirly from tho Whig ranks, placing at the door of the Whigs the di minutive doty on course wool in the tariff of 131--', which tho Whigs would have gladly rais ed, but against which, indeed against pro tection on wool of every description, the Lrtis waged an pxtcrminiting wi.r. Indeed, during the last session of Congress tho Tariff nearly CAPTAIN KIDD'S VESSEL. Our readers are perfectly awaro that for more than a year past a Company have been at work in making preparations to raise, a large vessel lying in tho fuel son, near Caldwtlft which Is supposed to Inyo been tho vessel sunk by the celebrated l'irnle kidil. A '.'ompany was organized, tho Slock sold at hunt pri ces, an old c.mnunodo inised from the sunken vessel, and then, as all commotion on tho subject ceased, we supposed tho bubblo hod burst. In this wo wero in error. We found ourseif at Caldwell's a few days since, and were greatly sur prised lo uen-eivo lhat a Coffer Oiin had been con slructel around tho sunken vessel, and that tho En sincerof tho work had lliat day commenced pumping out tho wnlcr. Wo nsceriaincd too. that all parties ii..,iil in this Kttmil.itiiiii havo the most unvvavcr ins lonfidniuc in this vessel being the identical ono sunk by Ki Id, and that it contains millions of dollars worm 01 treasure. There is no doubt of the fact lhat Kido did sink his shin aomevvhero in the Hudson, and that lie es caped with his crew to Boston, where ho was appro-!tfn!,-il. spnt In r.ntjlmd. tried and executed 111 1701. It is we suppose, equally cer-iin, that in boring throuuli tl Wit nf ihn vpsspl mink nt'i-.l 111? auger has brought up specimens of silver ! and thcro is no il.tnlo lini it,n v! Ivinff ihprp is n t.irye one. that she i embedded some 12 feet in the snnl, nnd that they have raised from her an old fashioned iron can nnt.nild. AH these ficts Invo doubtless Riven confidence to those ensaced in the enterprise) but it is curious that tho principal cause of confi Icnee, and that wherein parlici Have expended nearly tinny inousana uonars, la liytrrninnre I Alinnvl .-vcrv npp.snn in tho United Slates who pre tends to the clairvoyant under mesmeric sleep, has united in declaring that this identical vessel conlims an enormous amount of treasure in cold and silver bars, iewrlrv diamonds and other precious stones, on I siolddusti and they, ono and all, declare their willingness to have mesmerism stand or fall by this te.t II , . This is rerlainlv a vcrv cirious fact, and ono winch gives an interest to the work now rapidly proarcssing to completion at Catdiccll's. Wc certainly Invo no faith in tho onternrisol hut we are perfectly willinir to lake the mesineriscrs at their word, and if they Invo truly foretold Iho pi-tcnco of erent treasure in ibis vcs'el lo admit their al ilily to see invisible things. If, on the conlrarv, there is no such treasure there, then, bv its own admission, mesmerism is a humbug. ,Y. V. Cour. if- Ilnrj. Atrocious Mcsdf.b. Mr. Orrin Woodford, of west Avon in this State, who has heretofore been re garded as a respectable man, and a farmer of some property, on Tuesday last, tn tl.o most Inhuman man ner, butchered his wife. Ho had been in the habit of using ardent spirits pretty freely, though he was never reputed an intemperate man, one, on tnai any, naa been drinking immoderalily of cider. 'A short lime befuro the murder, he had used some threatening Ion cuaeo towards his wife towhiih. when in that con dition, ho was much addicted and he had ollcn been cuthy of violence, ns well as insolence towards her. Their only chi'd, a boy of It years, was sent away by his father about 5 o'clock, 1'. M.lo attend to the cattle tho parents being the nniy person remaining in tho house, in his absence. On his return, about half an hour alter, ho met Ins rather at the sate, who requested him not to go into tho house, na he feared he had killed bis mother. The boy ran away in alarm and aroused Iho neighbors, who soon arrived and en tered Ino house, where they found tho body of Mrs Woodford, horribly maiiitled, I Vina in a pool ot ulnoil on the Hour. Her forehead over tho left eye was bea ten in, apparently by three blows with tho head of an axe, directly U,on ono place crushing and mang ling the head in the most ghastly manner. There was also a cut, as vvitii tho edge of on axo on tho sido of her bead, abovo the car. Also, a cut as with a sharp knife, from ihn corner of tier mouth down the cheek, an inch or two. Also a dreadful pash li her stomach, four and a half inches long, and so deep as to let out tho intesiine, evidently undo by a sharp knife. Sho was still iiasping when discovered, and continued to breathe lainlly for about fifteen minutes. An axo stained wiih blood was found near tho body. Mr. Woodford is a man of very violent temper, and at mis nino seems lo nave ctven way to fancied provo cation, under the influence nf unnatural Btimulus. Mrs. w, was a church member, and highly esteem el as a mild and pleasant woman and as an excel lent member of society and of her family. Woodford made no attempt lo escape but allowed himself to be bound by the neighbors, end the next uay no was examined ocloro Justice uay, and com milled for trial. He seemed, throush the whole ex nmiiiation. to be entirely unmoved, and his eve was not once seen to moisten, as Iho sickening details of too evidence were presented, and when he len, in custody ol the oilicer, fur prison, although! the trial was ai ins own nnnsp, ana tnc mangled corpso oi me wife wiih whom he had lived for fifteen vears. lav in tho next roam, he di I so. without rcnucstin!' to be al lowed lo look at the body. Mrs. W. was 47 years of age Mr w.oi auoui me same ago. llar(ura Lou anr. to go on and huntbt.he Green Mountain,wi;jSffi ft,. Boys with somo 'Smilio and Reform clamor, the kindness to write us at ihy earliest convenience ,, , ,, . . ,,, !!- what has been Iho condition of tho Whito Dogeurio and not bo compelled to expose Iho policy of vjf lieu Pcar in lho vicinily of Uurhngton, or as ot the L'olk administration, which is now thy know edgo extends, ror tho lavttlvo or ten years t , , . , , , .,. i Whether it has unifotmly borno sound ond perfect openly proclaimed to bo hostility to the pro- fru;t or otherwise. Pleaso also state Iho nature of lective system, n willing obcdlcnco to lho and whether there Mexico. In allusion to tho letter published a few davs ago in the American, from a gentle man in Vera Cruz, in which tho opinion was ex. pressed that Mexico would declare war against tlio United .States the Union of Friday says: " Wo should consider the chances as against war J and yet we are not at liberty to assign our reasons for thii opinion." Tlio interposition nf tho British Government, if its influence with Mexico should be used to prosorve peace, might bo effectual to tint end. But tho mingling of the war question with the domestic politics of Moviro, and lho use likely to be made of it by the aspirants lo the Presidency, for purposes of popularity, present porhapi the greatest difficulty in thn'way of a peaceful set tlement of affairs between that country and ours. A short time, however, must determine the thing ono way or another.-American. Correspondenn- of the Sprinefield (III.) no, i-'oit oiu:goni Journal. Fill DA V MORNING, AUGUST 1, 1845 PnxiaiE Wildehnhss. May 21, 1315. Our compa ct mwW H.r. ava,B sir,,!.,. .,f those ferocious "v consist, o. one uinu eu a, u i.iinyono wagons- .v... ... which are divided into tlireuuivisions, lo sun me Mil- enemies. 1 1,0 Union, tho w oil-accredited nr. fl,ren, j,crcfu,.f thoemigrantsas regards loose stock Can ot tlio present iiiimiiusir.ilion, lias ueciarun yye ,)s,, near one-uTii-emh or our slocll beforo wo that "a tariff for protection cannot .lie endured," cou'd pit organized sons lo protect it. Since wo and repeal, rei eal, is vociferated Iroin one end of havo had our mutual in regard to stock, vyo .1, ,.. ,,,i,r,r IVliir it, mi this bvno- I hive osl none. e In vo Ihe antt-stock jro-nitoti ii slavedoui to .ho other. by then this hypo-1 ,,,. ,,,.,, ceJ1,ccl , kave U5 ,flc fir8, , critical canting of Democracy aguiist a tarill j, t, ihiir turn to co before, and lho large stock whoso defects at any time silica its pisign they , rfirition expect, in that case, to ovcrtako ihcmiii lho have Ind it in t tic i r power lo remedy, but have mountains, where ihi-y may be glad of our assistance) Iho rather used overy possible means to crush it i tho small stock ditislcn and the iure stack dirt .... .. t .t... ,.r ... I sio;l. , , r as lliu pn i. pi, m o,k ... 0ur ,., nr0 improvin(!, The RrSi road on,J lives for tlio infamous annexation project lias been the overthrow of Iho protective tariff by the ascendancy of southern influence and south ern votes, which tlio continual multiplication of Slave States, carved out of Texas and Mexico, will yield them Middkbury Galaxy. FOR GOVERNOR, WILLIAM SLIDE FOR LIEUT. GOVERNOR, HORACE EATON. FOR TREASURER, JOHN SPALDING. FOR SENATOHS CHITTENDEN CO. II, VIC It Y nitADLCY, DAM CI. II. ONION. IIIKKATS AGAINST Till TARIFF. The Richmond Enquirer publishes Mr. Walk er' letter, in which ho declares tlut he has been much oocupied "with the; details of lho Tariff," and that it must be reduced to the rev enue standard.' This the Enquirer calls "good news for the South," and says it is "confirmato ry proof that the Administration intend to be true to Iho principles which carried them into power." Wo will not stop to inquire w hat sort of news this may be deemed for tlio North the more appropriate question would be, what ben efit will it be to the country at large! water arc fine. Our health is good, and our task easy since we divide I. We. have 3)0 h;ad of loose stock, twenty-seven wagons, and fifty-one men, besides wo men and children allwell provisioned and equipped. Many who havo no loose stock have preferred our division and company. We have an organized government, both civil, mil itary and judicial. Without sii'-h a government, no company t an travel in these wild legious, and wiih one everv thins? is easy. We met last night, six wagons from Fort Larimer jOO miles distant. Their Captain has been with the Indians tiliccn years, lie gavo me ine tenoning oncdote, illustrative of Ihe little Knowledge Inn I m dians havo of the power and number of the whites, in any oilier variety of fruit vvc remain vcrv iruiy, Thy friends PARSONS &. Co. Will our neighbors take tlio trouble to communfeato lo us nny information thoy Communication. THE CHASM 6FtI1E AUSABLE. A description of this truly gland and beautiful work of Nature cannot fail to bo interesting to tho lovers of the sublime, tho awful, and lho majestic. It is form Texas clique of the South, and an open warfare on lho industrial interests of the North, and particularly of New England i Unt Whigs of Vermont, ato you willing, ani'd Iho Railroad excttemcnt, to permit mav iiave touching this matter. Tho sub these sleepless domagogitct toi-lako advan- :ect j, on0 f SOtr.o importance, and wo shall tago oi your political npallty, t.nicr your u0 very iiappy to aid in its investigation. camp, and drag your own mountain slato down into the depths of Locofoco degrada tion I Would you seo your Vermont placed by the sido of New Hampshire Aro you willing to givo up the Stale lo a New Hamp shire Governor and Legislature, that the spirit of cnlornriso that is now giving Dew cd by lho passage of Ihe Ausable, in its wandering i II.. l ! , ,1 t,UUIDt; IIUIII IliU SOS'l'l ll Ui.V.MIIV ui tnv nuuuuuui,n ouo.g, lu u,t your inuustria. nien-s., u lnounloin, ,0 ,ho wcslcrn shore of Lake Champlain, extending Railroads through vour mountain Liirouah a vast stratum of rock which at some period asses, may be driven back 1 Are you willing I of time seems to have been rent asunder by some to see your delegation in Congress your mighty convulsion of Nature, there formng the moro Sonalo.sand Representatives in close i-JThen, j. in tllis 8pot a beautiful combination of the ance Willi Ihe Empire and Jacobinical clubs .ubhmc, the rnajostie and lho lovely, which is not ex of NovvYork, and lho McDuffies and Ham- cecded, If even equalled, by tho far-famed Falls of Ni mondscs of the South, who, with open "f ;i'inasm commences at tne small v.iiaeo mouuis, irov.iuiiii uoconu-roo.istog i.u.u iu ffom c0!( , nor(h nnj nia ncnd,ns Jown a de. Now England, and Now England interests. I ctivity of 60 feet, over irregular and delving rocks, in Whin of Vermont, tvn niain usk vou. aro to the stupendous Chasm below, the spray rising in a ' ' o ' ' , j , . .. e ! .,.. rnA ,n .!,:. . .I,!. .I.nmolnl .lln r curling wreams nuu loting USUI m mo groves u. pirn; J -""J " ' nnil CC(i3r Wlic, j0ll fjank,, , ,)Cn passe!, on things I aro you willing to see tlio bright, jn deep and boiling, yet almost noi-eless current for clurious star, that lias so lone shonu over more than a tnilo throueh Ibis wonderful naturol you, and given joy lo the Whigs of lho whole P"Y!,,,ch i"w!dlllf f'om 30 10 50 ft1' "nJ 13 J u'htrh Inrnnsh lt,p w in i nr tin pnursn rtsps bkfi wn , . I. !C..I " union, go uown, anu your iturti.imu B.s.-c.i mighty walls perpendicularly from Ike bed of the riv hills blackened by a long night of Locofoco- cr, to the heighih of 130 feet. The access lo this rich isnii Wo leave you with this question, hop- ou suiume scene is ny a ruue siair-case, desccnumg t....,!U, nn. vw ".int, ,w iiic ,,iic u. ,nu viiu.iu, n.g iu suu .in u.isvver in youi mmv.-u.a.u ,..., . ,,.. ..... in .,. rk , - . , .... h lion, in a goneral and immediate rrilly to the eau3 10 irg0 au rock , ,10 jevc of ligh support of tlio interests of lho commonwealth. Here the scene breaks with all its majesty and gran Phoenix. Wo wish snmehodv would answer its two nues- timifl. VI7.; What IS n llemnrrnttc ccnuofiedn. alio what is a Democratic Wklv7 Renubhcan, Wbitr, Democrat, wo understand theso. If a Democratic Rcn-DLicsN is not a black hlaek-biid, and if a Demo cratic Wtuo is not a white black-bird, then how is ill Woodstock (, Vt.) Age. deur upon the enraptured beholder. The deep and rapid river, eddyinc and boiling in its onward course and the mighty wall which rises on cither side far above the astonished spectator, itere jutlini; in cragey grandeur over his head, and there descending perpen dicularly to ihe bottom, beautified by the approptialc drapery of Nature, ihe evergreens which have taken root in the crevices of flic rocks, the whole crowned by the majestic cedars which Interlock their branches fiom the opposite sides of the Chasm, almost cxclu within them, that can comprehend the beauty and sublimity which oppears in this tho work of their Crealorl Tho islands, towns, walks, ferry, stair-ca ses, Table rock, and Termination rock, and all the well-worn paths, should be trod, ond as long a time spent In looking al Niagara, as canpo4y be spared by the visitor. Every visit, every view will dcvclope new beauties. The rapids on tho American sido are the most in teresting! the view of Niagara is to be had from the Canada sido. It is interesting and beautiful when viewed from any quarter) but from Ihe boat as you cross, from tlio walks by tht side, or from tho bank of the river on the Canada side, views aro obtained which are grand ond beautiful beyond description. You may stand ond sit in silent contemplation or this glorious scene, until nature, excited by lho gran deur and sublimity of the vieSv, finally sinks pro3 trato and exhausted. Another and another view will bo taken, only to render you moro and moro unwd ling to leave tho spot) and when you must go, you turn and turn involuntarily again and again to tako a long and lingering look behind, l ou havo seen Ni ogara I how satisfying is tho reflection 1 how does it cast into the shade lho many 'beautiful falls and views which you have seen beforcl how it places scenes which were vivid in your remembrance, and ever present, far back in the dim distance of the past, seen now, through a class darkly 1 How should I rejoice to place Niagara where all could enjoy the views no other thing would gratify mo more. I passed under ond behind the nrcat fall ing sheet of water, to Termination rock, 230 feet be hind the great Horse-Shoe Fall, whero the view of lho Fall, os if pours over and far above your head its m'uhty volume of flood, dealening in its roar and furi ous wiih its spray, beautiful with its rainbow, grand and awful in its s ihlimity s here man feels bis insig nificance, and sees a little of tho magnificence of the Creator's handywork. It is night a beautiful moonlight night) ogain 1 am wandering around Angara j and hall tho nteht thus freely spent gave me many splendid views of this Grand Calaract. Unwillingly did I leave, but tired nature must needs havo tepoe, which, ot the Cata ract House, amidst the roar of the mighty waters, was easily obtained. I would have spent week in stead of days, but could not, at .Niagara. A week, at least, is needed, to do it j tstice. Go, go to Niagara, all vvho can. No other view so well repays your time, expense an I trouble- No other view is worthy to be named wiih it no oilier can be o sat -fmg. VERMONT. In Schenectady, N. Y., on tho 15th inst., by Ber, 3. Williams, William Waue I'eck, of Burlington, tc Hannah HcNTfsoioN.daughterof thslotc Bcnjamm M. Munford, Esq. At Winooski Village, by Itev. 3. K. Converse, orr Wednesday Morninglast, Mr. James K. Kettsis, of Albany N. ) .. ond .Miss Jane McNiel. In this town, on the 20th inst., al the residence of Wm. Wadsworlh, Mr. Samuel Wells, of Ne.v York, aged !2 years. In Jericho, July 23lh, Francis H. Vai-ohan, the youngest son o( Francis ond Charity Vaughan, aged 1 year 2 months and 22 days. Pittsburgh paper are requested, tf-c. In Louisville, Ky., on tho 14th Inst., of ihe conges tive lever, Mr. Geohoe J. P.veed, of Lafayette Coun ty, Miss., in tho 18th year of his oge. Mr. Sneed passed the summer of 1S42 with his re lations in this village, accompanied by his mother, since deceased, and a brother now the only survivor ui ii unco luiu'y liuiHij. v nu mose wno lormcu an acquaintance with this younj man while hero, well remember lho sincerity of his friendship and the sim plicity and purity nf his bean. His attachments were strong and ardent, and when formed, seemed formed forever. His confiding and generous spirit, h i gentle and winning manners, and his honnrallo ond upright deportment, attached to him friends that will long cherish in memory tho name and the many virtues of the deceased, friends that deeply sympathise with the-urvtving brother and relatives here ond elsewhere for the loss of one so worthy as a brother, and so true ns a friend. Comm. VT. CEMUAL RAILROAD AN Asscs-ment of Five Dollars on each share in Iho Vermont Central Rail Road Company, has been ordered by tho Directors, payable on Ihe first lay of September next, ond applicable to all Stock- oireauy paio. upon cacn ol meir I shares to Iho Commissioners. 1'aymcnt may be made at the Dank of Montpeher, or Ihe Farmers Ai Mechanic- Hank at Burlington, or at tho Treasurer's O.lice. No. 1TJ Tremout Row. Uos- on. SAJIUKL, It. WAl.l.r.Y. JR.. July 23. 9w51 Treasurer. Wc will try to help our perplexed cotem porary. A Ucmocratic Kcpuulican in V ir- ding the light of the sun, forms a rich suljccl for Ihe ginia is one who framed anil sticks to a Con Lines written by W. G. Clark, after visiting the raiis. j Hcrespeoks the voice of God! Let man bo dumb, Nor with his vain o.pirinss hither come. That voico impels these hollow-sounding floods, .nu tine a presence mi- me uistani wnous. These groaning rocks Ihe Alinigh'y's finger piled. i ,,r ii;t, lid c in. ,iiii,i-u t-iitv na. aniii.-i, , Mocking ll c changes and the change of tune Kternal beautiful serene sublime 1 SELECT SCHOOL for Girls & Boys. AIK-A. A. lUUkF.R wul commence his Fall lL Term, on Monday the first of Seniemhsr nt Instructions given in all the branches usually taught in Academies, TUITION : For English Branches, $3,00 " Languages, 4,00 " Writing, 50 School Rooms over A. S. Dewey's Store west side Court bouse square. 9w4 CENTRAL RAIL-ROAD. Wo announced in our postcript edition of last week, the organization of tllis company Uoaid of Directors Ciiarlcs Paine, of Northfield, KOIICRT u. SHAW, Samuel S Ll-wis, of Boston, Jacob Fostcr, Daniel Baldwin, ) r i. JAMDS R. LANODOM,f M0n,P,0r John Peck, of Burlington At a subsequent meeting of the Board, Ciiaiiles Paine was chosen President, Samuel II. Walley jr. of Boston Treasurer, and E. P. Walton, jr. Secretary. The subscription exceeds two millions ono hun dred thousand dollars, and it will he observ ml fh.lf n r:,ll r,f fivn ffnllure ! Ill-trln. navullln ii. .. .I. ..t ,i.a,ni ei.;.r. nr ,1.. n,i,n ...... , , j whrr'fi ho was Inealcd.on seeini iboemiL-ralion of Iho On lllCjlst of Sept., willl a view lOlan in) l3on! Cou'rbnvsSmils'alongtime. ond have edUl8 "mmencemen. of lho work not siujht to so back. Vou will surely soy ond die THE RUTLAND ROUTE iilu na .i nnnttnt rrrv JvarL nrtw. All tll uhlln I men have gone lo tho west. You cannot now go Tlio books of this company were to be oacK.- ... i :.. it M..n.i... Tl. n.. l.nin tftl.l ,l,a .i-nrrt nM n l.nn.lrn.lll, nr, t UUUIIfU 111 UU51UII Ull 1'IUIIU.IV, I nw o" stilution which allows a rich man to voto in every County where lie has properly, and don't tillow a poor man to voto at all and insists thai Counties containing 3'8lhs of the Free Population shall govern lho whole pen of the nuthor and the crayon of the painter. Yet it is ns impossible for either to do justice lo the scene, as it is for the most skeptical to look upon it withe ut feelings of reverence and awe; and the stoutest heart here trembles and invokes the protection of a supreme power. Such a scene is certainly better worth 500 miles journey than tho magnificent scenery of the Hudson is worth a voyago across the Atlantic ; and Slato. In New Hampshire lie allows all although not extensively known, it is the favorite re .l.i, .nn ,n v,,tn f,. i.i. ,l,i.i H i l,n I !, s", during the sum met season, of Pic Nics and par , . . , , , i ! ties ol pleasure from many parts of Hasiern New and poor men shall not bo allowed to hold , Vol)(i onJ cvcn from Vermont. It has of late.become lho more responsible offices. In all the more responsible offices. South, he advocates openly tho absolute eternal subjection of half tin; Human Race as chattels to lho will and pleasure of the moro interesting from the melancholy associations connected with it in the fate of the Rev. l Dyer, of Whitehall, who, while on a visit to the Chasm, in al tempting to cross a narrow part, on a very precari ous support, was precipitated frm tho lev-el of high Oilier half, and denounces tho Whigs as hos- water and drowned. This interesting spot is situated tile lo llm institution.' In the North . he is n: on of '" 'oul" f'on P K to Kcescvillc, U.....JI,..U r ....r1 . and the traveller, as he passes through the vicinity, ,... u . ..... ........... ...... pauses m Ins journey to visit tho CAasino"a.t'jja oi nits uoincsuc- utistness. wc agree men, ue. c. with lho Age, that u 1 Democratic Rcpubli can is a black black-bird very black in deed.. THE TARIFF. We regret to record it, but it is our firm con viction, that if the friends of tho present Tarill do not rally strongly in defence of that judicious measure, that it will bo repealed at the ncM session of Congress. There can no longer be any doubt lint lho administration is oppn.-ed to it, and will throw tho whnlj of its influence against it. Tho addition of four new senators, two from Florida and two from Tevas will give tho anil-Tariff men a strong preponder ance in that body a prcpondemnce sufficient,

wo fear, to overthrow a measure which is rap idly placing our country iu a position it was in previous lo the great lunation of tlio currency, by the measures ol Lien. Jackson. I ho bitter mills of the election of James K. Folk, and tho annexation of Tevas, have vet to bo reaped by the American people. Cincinnati Alias. Cot Churchill. Tho Washington Union accounts as follows for the dismissal of Col. Churchill from the office of Inspector General of lho Army, a circumstance exhibiting a hard course towards a gallant officer, who had so long, so faithfully and so honorably served his coun try. We hone tho President will not be 'un mindful of Ins claims to consideration.': No one at all acquainted with Col. Churchill, doubts his merits : and all who know the rir cumstances of his case, admit that it is a hard one. Uut if any one. from tho above remarks should infer that tho administration is censura ble for discharging him, they do it great injus tice. Tho legislation of Congress required the discharge of ono of Iho two Inspectors General, Cols. Crnghni and Churchill both gallant offi cers both highly meritorious on account of having rendered their country signal service, ofa number lint could be missed from among the I scriptiun in tho country amounts to about "The white men are thicker than the grass of the nine hundred and fifty thousand dollars, and prairie." There is no women in our csmpany that sleeps the less iroui iearoi iiiu iiiiiiius. In treat haste, yours, W. I). IDE. An Antique. Tho original bill of ladin, from which tho annexed is put in type, says tho Ilroolilyn Laglo, was handed to us by a friend, Our readers arc particularly desired lo notice tho rcliL'iotts feeling which it exhibits " SHIPPED by tho grace of God, in good otder, and well condtiiuned, by Pomeroy's and Slreelficld in and upon the eood shin, called the John Gal lev. whereofts master, under God, fortius present voyage, Andrew Knox, and now riding at anchor in thepon of Bristol and by God's eracc bound for Boston in New England to soy, four bale, one chest and one runic merchandize, being marked and numbered in tho M.UL'in. and arc to be delivered in the like cood order, ond well conditioned, at iheaforesai-l port of our advices from tho city speak with un doubting confidence of its being immediately filled up. Uut a few days will terminate all speculation ou the subject. OGDENSBUROH. The hooks aro about to be opened along tho line of this road, and a very general and liberal subscription is anticipated. That Boston will take this enterprizu in hand at once, and supply the necessary means, ad mits of no doubt , and wo now regard the immediato prosecution of tho work as a mat ler of cntiro certainly. Lcnuv, (Genesee Co.) N. V Lcroy is a very pretty, pleasant town, seven miles from Avon Rnrlnm. ll ht man. vrv r,1n cniiflv A Wma, on lho otlicrhand, IS a foe of located private residences, with fine, deep yards ond . .. , . , , . , .... I r HI arunrary, ucspouc, irruspousiu.o power i, ; "u .uru. uery urounu, .onion? iaJ (iften vi3ilcil)i The others called after him and a Democratic Whig is, in perfect con- "'tanum, sn.-.y reirca.s ounng ,.,s warm weainer. ,nd loM ,,,, of )lis errnr heil ,,e IimieJ ab011t i.innrw with ibis, a Too oftho swav of one ? . . . . . " went to the well and tilled Ins pul, and began ' ' were so in every lovvni: tue snaue trees in ine ironi Mi, m , ; nr,i,,. ,,n, ,i . .-.I I e n.. ..... . u. ...., ...i... man, ana an uuvocaie oi uie ruiu oi ine i eu- yard-, and outsido of ihem, were so arranged as to f,lsier, and Gradually iticreaein" his sneed until nle. ' Democratic Jlemibliean' is lanloloc- "hade the walk through the village for about a milei ,0 passed his companions on a full run, which n,l nn,!lplv vprhotn ! ' Dpmncratic U was a luxury very desirable and agtceable to been- ,,rew faster and faster until it seemed lo far Whig IS a legitimate anu lorciuio pnrase, Sabbath lhat I spent there, and at other limes, walk in which no letter is superfluous or untnean- ine through the village. I need not stato that this walk is much frequented by day and by night. ... . Therfi Is n fine I'V'ninlt, Seminari' here, which has . , .. ..ii . ,. k I. . i i. . . Anu now will mo ;igo uo Koou enuugn iu . oni.rntion for Icn or lwcve j, was ... tell us what is lis notion ofa Democratic Re- tablished ond is still conducted by several si-tcrs, the lloslou. (lho Dancer of the seas only executed! unto 1 Col. Grohan was the oldest In-pector General, I Messrs. Green and lioylstnn, Merchants, or to their and his relent on rendered the dihchariro of Co I. t as-tens, no or iney pavmi freight lor sain goods, in- 'toll ' IM j,, lui.iigu unu u Churchill indispensably necessary by the act Congress. Wo are quite certain that the exe cutive highly appreciates his character, and will not be unmindful of his claims to consideration. WAbiitxmox, July 13, 1813. The President is very much worn down with business, and informed me, yesterday, that his health is such that he shall be obliged to retire for a wlnlo from Washington, probably to O.d Point Comfort. Ho is overwhelmed with ap plications for office. Tho papers sent to bun daily are so numerous and voluminous, from office seekers, that if ho wore to employ all his whole tiino in reading them, he could not get through with more than ono tenth ; and one day this week there were so many sent in, tint it would take seven days to examine them with out reading. They are referred to the Depart ments. Cor. jV. Y. Express. From the N. V. Courier and inquirer, July 21. CAN SALTPETRE PRODUCE AN EX. PLOSION ! This question has been put In me by nuincr. ous friends, and an evening journal of Saturday WHIGS OF VERMONT, AWAKE I Could tho Whigs of this state ho made to believe that they were in danger that in aver- 020 accustomed. In witness whereof tho master or pun-er of the said ship hath affirmed to two billa of lauinir, all ot this tenor anuuate; Ilia one ol which iwn uuis otni" Hccoinuii-iieu, ine inner ono la s auai ., , ,. i c-. . void. And so God send ihc.-ood shinto her desired two months hsnco, tho sterling whig blale port in safety. Amen. Dated in Bristol, 10 March, 0f Vermont, which alone of all lho slates of the Union, has never, since tlio golden days of John Quiiicy Adams' administration 17J5. Sides ond contents unknown to Andrew Knox. NtNETV Years Ago. The followins adver tisoment is copied from the Pennsylvania Ga zettc, published in Philadelphia, July 11, 1775 Gesehal Po-t Office. ,! Philadelphia, I'ebruary 14, 1755'. 1 "It having been found very inconvenient lo persons ronct'tned in trade, that lho mail from s'hiladelpiiia . ... , i . .!.... .. c ., ihe winter season i this is to aire notice, that the New thai the gallant Whigs of lho Green IVIoun .nun nu i nun wm nv.icei.i, i n K., we u wic n o yen ,H ... u 0 j urouso t ionise ves lo vigorous and savo lho stale from lho dange swerved from iho true filth, would Ull into lho hands of the Loco Focos that the star that never yet has set, would soon go down and our own beautiful hills bo shrouded the darkness of Locofocoism, we are certain round i whereby correspondence mav bo carried on. and onswcrsnblatnetltolelters betwten Philadelphia action, Rkmakkadlc Case. An Irishman employed on the poets lurtliu Magnetic Telegraph, which aro to bo planted through the city, and are now being prepared on the Jersey sido of the nver, died on 1 uesday under tlio most extraordinary cirruniftance. lleing renue-led to tret some- water to drink, he tool; the pail and started off in lho direction opposite tn the we I, (which he Chipboard-;. in finn FKKT clear stulTpine Clapboards, IUjUUU July 31. STUONU'S St. Co. Lrmon Squeezers. FOI! Hotels or any place where 'emnnadeis made, sold by UIU.NSMAID .f- BUOTHEKS. surpass the utmost conceivable power of the hu man Iratnc. Uue ot the men mounted a horso btanding near, and purMied at tho lop of his speed, but without overtaking the fugitive. Af ter nearly a mile, the man suddenly fell : and when the horseman came un with him ho was stone dead, sltll grasping the p ail in his hand publican champion of clcrnal Slavery 1 Is he a whito black-bird or a black white-bird t Let us hear Tribune. Mr. Stacv: A very painful and contagious diseae. is raaintr with unabated fury in the tuwn of Starkhboro: anil the physicians in at tendance, havo como to tho unanimous conclu sion that it is the small 1'ox. It lias already in t Ad cases proved fatal ; and there are others in is beautifully situated Misses Ingham : .Miss Umily K. Ingham, Principal ; Miss Lucy A. Seymour, Asso. Principal ; Miss Caro line Whiivvell, Music Teacher i Mi-s-cs Tracy, War ner, and Lord, Ass't Tiacliers. This Seminary en joys a good reputation, and is will sustained; the number of pupils is over 200 oi present. The Butld me, which is a very fine one, built of brick ,nnd the grounds around, several acres in extent, with beauti ful shaded yards, an extensive garden, and a green house, arc owned by one of the Misses Ingham, ll A ftrc'iln passes within a few Tliis is ihe most extraordinary catv of coup de soieu wo navo over nearu nr. .. x . itibune. which recovery is looked upon as very doubt- rods oftho Seminary, and tho view in every direc ful. The village of that placo whicli contains t tion i, VCry (-alisfying. The Houseis beautifully fur thirty or tony uwciuugs, is ono cm uiun uui nished j the walls are hung with well-executed paint house, and there is scarcely a aniuy, vvnicn ine ingS( some (p0r,rails) uy Mr Suillon) s0,ne (Lnnd disease nas noi airuauy vis, eu. . ..iu ,e moel, , b teJcll onJ n T ieri.uin.-u mat ...v ,..,.......- . - -j ... p3imingSi not dauot.-Amongsi ihe Pianos, I saw ' : ";. ,. ! 7b " of Uilberl's, with Coleman's justly celebrated At r ll!-.l.,,,l,. flrnat efforts r.ortainlv tachtnent, a beautiful instrumcpt. nnd in a case made .i i.i i, in n,,r,n ihn dnsnaun will, its m05t excellent taste, the Prettiest lhat 1 have seen nrcsent limits. It has already caused a great Messrs. Nunns it Clark, in Now York, very jinonnt nf BiifrnrniT. anxiety and distress, anl showed me Ihe work of one of these instruments, ex unless the most vmilant exertions aro made, plained ihcir operation and edict, and salUfied me GRAND ISLE COUNTY. The Wiiigs of Grand Isle County aro hereby respectfully requested to meet in Convention at the Court Iloute in North Hero, on the lOili day of August next, at 11 o'clock, A. M., to noni inatoi candidate for Senator, to bo elected by the Whigs of said County at the ensuing Septem ber election. Hy order of the Committee, HARRY HILL, Chairman. MESSRS. BRINSMAID & BROTHERS v II IJ rcceivins a moro beautiful assortment of Goods for the stiiiimiraud fall Irade than thev have before had tho pleasure of nllering to their cus tomers. Amongst the irood. aro a great variety of Guld ('hams. Watches. Pcnci's, Studs, new style Ca meo, nnatneled, and Stone Pins. t'e have received a few more of those splendid Knglish Pins and Rings, a beautiful assortment of Inkstands. (Envelopes, fan cy Uillet, Note, and Letter Paper, Cards, Tissue Pa per, Letter weighers, l-.scrttotres, lube, rump and utlur pocket and desk Inkstands, Maynard if Nnyes and other ?ood Inks, .Sheffield on J other eood Cats llasl.tls, and Spoons; Toast. rniks, r.;g Boilers, Hunter's Dunking Flask . Nut I'icksj Scales, Divi ders, Protractors, and other mathematical instru ments; fine pen and pocket Knives, Glazier's dia monds, nail files and bri.shes, Mecl stitletlo-s, pocket cork screws, iwrezers, crumb brushes, fine Ton, soft tooth brushes, Hy Iluoks. -un classes, Cart ct hags, Daguerreotype Lockets, Cases, .V-c. Silver Forks, liuiier knives, Trim knives, if-f. ; hall nnd pallor Limps; a splendillot ofHursoNets; liill and ins hngany framed Loo'-inj Glasses, VVotk boxes, Parlor hearth-brushes and bcllow-s, nice willow work and travelling baskets, stone china butter dishes, wi'h cov ers ond place for ice; ice cream fteezers, beautiful hair brushes, good calf and russet Wallets, ami 1 more extensive variety of new ond rich goods than is usnsuv 10 do toiinu tn ine country. Wc have just received an invoice of Duplex and I ev er Watches of Morris Tobias, Loudon made; also of other reputable makers, jonn Harrison, It. ot. U. let'icy, jas. Jonnson, ouu others. Also, tine Geneva made Levers ond Leoines. of our own importation, of new and splendid patterns, some rrauy -rosea in gom and siivrr, ond movements will be cased to order of anv style or pattern wanted. In the Gold Watch and Chain Depat fluent we have such arrangements now perfected lhat will enable us to give uatgains equal to any city house winch sells eood genuine watches ond chains. An examination of our new and extensive assort ment of our prices and the quality of our Goods, is respectfully solicited We have made and are making arrancemenis which vvtlj enable us to atltnd with prcinpliK-.-s lo nil vvho call upon or send to its for Goods, and to make Spoons, Folks, ond oil silver joous, u ine plain, threaded Victoria or onv oilier pattern of silver ware, in any cmnniv. al the lowejt pliers lhat good work can be obtained at any where. vu ine incomers oi i tie iirm are at home, ' wno, with other help, will eive their constant attention to cu-lomcrs ond their work. Watches, ('lucks, and! Jewelry, and all articles in the line, cleaned or repair ed in the best manner. UKINSMAID & BROTHERS. Aug. 1st, 1815. 9 much more may reasonably bo expected. July ao, l4o. Wo learn also lhat two cases havo occur red in liinesburgh j hut wo presume tho in telligent citizens of thai flourishing town are not so behind the times as lo havo any con. that no reasonable objection could bo brought against them. The parts are entirely independent of cacli other. The Piano can just os well be useJ without ihe Attachment being heard. Tho Attachments hen sounded alone, is a nico Parlor Organ or Seraphinc. When heard together and played by one who can play, os Ibis was ployed by Miss Whitwell, the cITect is very delightful. Hearing such an instrument thus and lloiton in three weeks, which used in lho winter season to require i.r weeks. ' Uy command of the Postmaster General, "WM. FRANKLIN, Comptroller. I.tni:iuL IlEquESTs. Tho contents of the late Daniel Waldo's Will havo not yet been made public: but we learn lhat the following maintains that saltpetre cannot produco an ex- sums havu been given for public purposes , Hn.l I i.A.. 1 ... .... . .... ., . i t. i. . : n i Q.nnnn iiiuaiuu, aim I wcl: iu4vt, .nviuiuie, iu biaio Klal I u mm, iciin i.udiu ut rut, ...lasiuna, w .0 vw saltpetre is decomposed at red heat by charcoal, its great excess of oxygen gas combines wit It the caJbop, and fo-nn carbonic acid and carbon ic oxid, lho resulting gases of the explosion, Although saltpetre itself may bo explosive, yet in the pretent case, where the saltpetre was put up in bags, tlio great heat fused the saltpetre, consumed tho bags, forming charcoal, and from the increased heat, tho explosion was inevitable. It is tliereforo absurd to think that tho explo sion could not havo taken place from the t-alt-pctrc ; it is well known that gunpowder is three fourths saltpetre aril lho other fourth is char coal and sulphur, ami the v iolence nf tho explo sion is caused by the production of gases ; such as carbonic oxide, carbonic acid, nitrogen, sul phurous acid gas and an old recipe fur nnkinj instantly a ftilminali". .McLean Asylum, ot Cliarleitonn, 40,000 Colonization Society. IS 000 Homo .Missions, 10,000 American llihle Society, 10 000 Seaman's Aid Society, in Boston, 6.000 Do. do. in New York, fi 000 Hyeond Har Infirmary. Boston. 6 000 Leicester Academy, 6.000 Worcester County .Medical Society, G.OOO Worcester Horticultural Society, 3,000 81)9 00 ll oreester Palladium. ADJUSTMENT OF J. HOI.COMU'S CLAIM. At a meeiina oftho Kxcciilivr Commit in of the Ver. mnnt Ami Slavery Society, held at Middle! ury. July 10. loia ; ou insicuon i nultLO wiih Jcitedtah ll which now threatens it. In soiuu parls of lho state, we are Iiappy to witness a good disposition to rally, but as a general thing, a spirit of great iudilTurenco porvadei our ranks. The inlenso excitement on the sub ject of Railroads, has to a great extent pro duced this state of things. Our adversaries aro fully awaro of lite condition to which we aro exposed, and will without doubt tnako tlio most of it. They would bo falso (o their natural instinct if lliey did not.- They havo already com menccd a system of organization und tactics, which do moro credit lo their heads than to their hearts. In iheir conventions and newspaper organs, lliay havo shown an in lention lo avoid national politics, nnd adopt Slderable amount ol material lor this loallie- played, loads all to believe in "attachments." I un- disease lo pray upon. Wu deeply derstand ihaicach resiJcnt pnpd has a ..pot of ground . .., ., ni-.. i c...i. I'" "w'iiw, "inn garuen, unuer ner own care sympathize w.lh the afflicted of our Starke nmi rullivation, , ,ko . nnmam. ,vhv boro' fiiends, and if there is any aid within should they not 7 as well as each a room or .pot in our novver. it should uo iiromnttv renucrcu. " '" i"simc rate m. - ' I 'i' i . .. .:. t I . . ,. . , , .., But wo will not omit lho present occasion lo , ' "'" "" .. .. ... .irj " " " i"""" -i'"!"". " say mat mo oniisiou iu ihuii uhb B call ogreeable lo visitors. I had ihe pleasure of tok. family from Iho ravages of this disease, is a ling Tea with a largo number of fine, healthy oppeor. mlnnhlr m-nlnct of dutv. It is a dutv wllicll inS Yaml Ladie' 01 " Seminary, and was pleased ' la observe on abseneo or I iai siiIT. riiII. r,,lA.I,L every man owes lo himsolf, to Ins children, slrnillt ullder which boarding-school meals are, 1 be. his neighbors, the worlu ; and ll lor no oilier neve, too oiien partokeli. Jt oppeared li!,o a social i : i.l,.: ,l,.-,t ;. family meal. Il was Saturday, and many wero ab ', . , , , i i . .i Pc8slldy they may toimoio by rule on other once which lias so auruiy ici uuuiwj iu days, when school keeps, destroying pestilence. How many other From "'remarks" in the Catalogue I make ihefol- towns are thcro, in this neighborhood, or in w"8 extract fin the depths oi ihe heart, we be , , heve, lie tho secret springs, ot whoso touch tho deep iiiuoiaie, wueru uiiiiy, uuy.ui '"""-" fuun,ajn,uf mfiuence ore unsealed, and streams are aru exposed t too many, wo fear. To you, sent forth to purify ond gladden, or to corrupt and desolate the earth." I will only add, that I shall re member with plcasute my visit to this Seminary. VERMONT. NOTICE, The Commencement of tho University of ermont will bo holden on U cdnesday, Aug.O, The Discourse before the Society of "Roll gious Inquiry" will be on Monday evening pre vinus, by Dr. CARnUTiitrcs, of Montreal. The discourse before the Literary Socities, and before the Alumni, will be on Tuc.-d.iy af ternoon, by Rev. Mr. Shebu of Hrandon, and Rev. J. DouiiiiCETV of Milton. Tho Exhibition of tlio Junior Class will bo in tho evening Students wishing to enter the University are requested to present themselves on Tuesday morning, at 0 o'clock. J. WHEELER. University of Vert. July 30ih, 1S13. NOTICE. The anniversary of the Society for Religious Inquiry of lho University of Vermont, will bo held at tho Congregational Church in Hurling ton, on Monday the Ith of August next. The services will commence at a quarter before eight o'clock I'. M. It is expected llir.t the Rev. Dr. Carruthcrs of Montreal will address lho Society. Dy order, J. M. CLARK, Cor. Sec. L. vS- C. E. FOLUiTT, BHG leave to call the allention of Ihe public to their stock of GOODS, now r-adv for inspection at then-New Store, Corner of Maine and Water in., coinprisim; o lirce and complete usioitincnt of Reasonable ana i-ashionabte FANCY &STAPM2 I)KY GOODS, in every variety of quality and price. Particular at tention is tnviu-d to their stock of Ready Made Clothing', selected with especial reference In ihe wants of the pui'lhc and ollerir," an opportunity for selecmg any variety or shape, colour or quality at low prices. Ilroadclo.hs, Fancy Catslmcres. Vest In gs,tbc. Tho above together with a large slock of Boots and shoes. Ladies ond .vlisscs Slips, bailers, u-c. il every description, and a very general assortment of ('rock ery and Glass Ware, in which are some beautiful sett of China ware, alTurds the mcst complete assortment in matket, The selection of filtOCKRIES ha been imit with (.-real care, and families in want of supplies ara inv tied lo examine ihe stock, which coinpri-es almost every article in the line of ihe very clioictst desrrrp t ton, all of which will be cfilred upon themosi favor able terms. Uurhngton, July 31, 1815. 9tf then, individually, we put the question ; il with your family 1 Uovv is it with ki may not, perhaps, see Je is in dan' NIAGARA. Ljirength, admiie lug " lho Imy op. I Its and key to IiUlim-There and l-itors pot- bad to lale a snd Winy Cr.LF.BKATION. Joint Celebration of the Anniversaries of ihe Phi stigma Nu and University Institute Sock-lies, will be held al the New Brick Church, oo Tuesday, Aug. 5, at 1) P. M. Oiolor. Rev. Mr. Sheed, Brandon. Jo. A joint meeting to elect Orator and Poet for the next celebration, immedianlv after. A.B.SWIFT. J secretaries C. II. HAVDEN, J fcecrc'"'" COMMERCIAL. ItRinilTON MAUKET, July 21, 1845. At market, 623 Beef Callle, 2C0O Sheep, and COO Swine. 100 Beef Cattle unsold. PalCEs Beef Callle. We quolea few extro, 85.50 first oua in v. s iir6.jj eecunu nuaiilv. l.ij Ji Sat I third quality, 84,23 4? $1,73. I Sheep. I)ul. Old Sheep from 81,33 82,15.- Lambs from 81,25 lo 82. I S Ine Old Ili'Es at 4Io for Sows, 41c for liar. 1 rows i Shoals 4 k U, 5 if 5Jc. At retail from 8 to be. llOSTOX M ,ltKi:T-July 33, 1815. Buticr-8lTnerlh. Cheese, new milk 71 S 8 do do F'our Howard st. 81,75 & 85,00 1 Western canal at &5.25. Wool The newclioisnow cominain pretty freely, but we hear of no sales of importance, ond quotations niusi ue ueemeo quite nominal. Sally Miner's Relate. STATE OK, rPHK Probate Court in Di-lrn l i f Chiticnden s. X and for the Di-llict of Chttlen 'en aforesaid: To all persons interested or con cerned in the estate i f SALLV Ml.N'KIl, late cf Jer sey County, in the State of Illinois, deceo-cd, Grletixc. WHEIlKAS, S. Ion B. fiaeley, of Milton, in said district, hatli filed in .aid f'ourl his application, in wntmi!, representor thai hs is one of iris hrtrsnf said estate, that be holds three fourth parts of there! estate of said estate, and one fourth part of ihe per sonal eslale of said deceased, jointly with the other heirs i hereof, and that he is desirous of holding the same in seveialtyr and praving said court lo order and decree a division of said estate among tho heirs ond persons lerjally entitled thereto, agreeable to their rcspesuve interests therein t- Whereupon, ihe coun aforpsoid hath and hereby doth appoint the ICih day of Auausl, A. D. 1645, at ten o ciock in ine lorcnoon, al the office n the Reg mer of said court m Burlington, in said District, for hearing and deciding in ihe premises, and doth fur ther order lhai notice thereof be given lo all psrsont interested or concerned in the estate aforesaid, br publishing this order, lostether with Ihe subslancs of in, m me r ree rres.s a newspaper pnn ledot Burlington, in said district, three weels suc cessively, the last of which publication, shall be pre- t t . . i", iicBiinit, "'I" "utunirrnn. Ihe 30ih day of July. A. D. !9I. 9J CHARLF.S RUSSELL, udgt. Saxony Fleeces. American full blood, ) blood, Common 1 bloo 40 42 37i 39 J2 ft 31 o'O f 31 SallV Miner's Instate. sr.rr. or vkiimo.w.i riMir, Hon. ih District of Chittenden, s. $ 1 Probate Court for Ihe District of Chittenden i To nil persons con cerned m iho estute of SALLY M IN Kit, laic of Ju icy County, in the State of Illinois, deceased, OlttTlNO. WHEREAS, Solon B, Bailey, administrator of lha estate of said deceased,, proposes to render an account ol his adoiinistraiion, and present his sccounl against said estate fir examination and allowance si a ses sion of the Court of Probate, to be holden at the office oftho Register nf said Conn, in BuOington. in said district, on the 16th day of Augut,A D. 1845, at ten o'clock in the forenoon. TucBErOBE, you are hereby notified to appear b- fnre. .ii,l en , r , , ,.a tin. a .nl I . . i show cause, if any vou have, why Ihe account sfors- said should not be allowed. I Riven under mv hand at Burlington, this SOth day nf July, ,D. 1SI5. 1 ?w3 i iiAiu,r.s nvssr.lL, .w5.. 1 soul