Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 1, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 1, 1845 Page 3
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$35,000 GRAND CONSOLIDATED LOTTERY OP DELA WAtlC AND GEORGIA. Class No. 54. To be drawn at Wilmington, Del.) Satur day, August 9, 1845. 1 Prize of 823,000 I 1 Prize o( too 1,000 ri " I " 876 1 6 " 1 7U0I 5 " ooo BOO 400 300 50 prizes of 3200, 56 of $100, &c. dec. 00 Numbers, 10 Drawn Ballots, 22 Tickets as a Package. Tickets $10, shares in proportion. P0K0M0KE RIVER LOTTERY, OV DELAWARE. Class 1G0. To be Drawn at Wilmington, Del., Tues day, August 12, 1845. 1 Prize of 830,000 I 1 Prize of 82. OOO 1 " 6,000 1 10 " 1,500 I 3UUU I 1U " 1,ITU JO Prizes each or S600, S100, S300, 8200. 110 ' S100, 100 of 830, etc. &c. IS Numbers, 13 Drawn Ilallota, 25 Tickets in a Package. TICKETS, 85 i ahares in proportion. Class 1G2. To be Drawn at Wilniincton, Del., Thurs day, August 14, 1845. Prize of 88,000 2000 Prlzo of 81,000 300 200 1,500 10 Prizes each of S173, $150, $123, $100, 300 of S30,&c 18 Numbers, 14 Drawn llallots, 26 Tickets in a Package. TICKETS, S2 1 shares in proportion. D. PAINE &. COT MANAGERS, (Successors to James Plialin & Co.) The undersigned (Managers of Lotteries authorized bylheSlaes of Delaware and Georgia,) have estabr lijhed an office in the city of Albany, for the purpos of supplying orders from the Northern Slates and the Canadas. Above is a memornnda nf Schemes foe next week, giving the price of Single Tickets and Packages, with the amount of the Capiial Prizes in the Schemes. To all those who order tickets, a full iieheme, giving the distril ution ol prizes, will be tent when icqiicstcd). And after the drawing, an official one will be sent to all purchasers. Those who wish tickets to sell again, can be supplied on advantageous terms, bv applying to the undersigned. Owing to thu huh ra'cs of postage, it has been cus tomary to sill certificates of Packaecs. for one half I he package price. Under tho new postage law of Congress, a letter conlaininga packageof tickctswdl not be charged over 10 cents. We will therefore issue certificates, as usual, or. if the purchaser prefers the Managers tick?!, wewill guarantee packages loelrnw at least one-half the amount of cost, (if purchased and redeemed at this olficc.) Orders, as heretofore, will receive the most prompt and confidential attention, by ad lrcsmc D. PAINE & CO., C Albany, N. V. THE following nrticb" nnv be found, Wholesale and Retail, al It. J. Hl.'INEliERG & Co's. Kxtract of Lilliglloit, sole agent for llic aLovc. Dawn's) Ualsamlc Elixir, sold as abuve. Itlchardscn's Sherry Wine Hitters. A I f o , Carter's Pulmonary ISalsani. Mother's Hi'llcl, and Brown's Sarsaparilla and Tomato Hitters. The above articles mid by II. J, II. it Co , me n'l warrantel Genu. ne, if not return and the money is refunded. 9 SMALL TOX! i rtF.SH SUPPLY of VACCINATING MAT TEll, at PECK & SPEARS', Jivr ni'.rjEivED, N Excellent article of COCO, bv U. J. HEI.NE11ERG &. Co. WINUOKKI SATTINIitr WORKS, OK a Superior qua'ily, for sale at the Mnnufactnrcrs price- by J. & J. II. PI CK &, Co. IO 11 tlll.DIIEV CUT I ISC. TEETH. OOOTHING SYRUPS for lender and inflamed O gums; Teething Kings and Ornaments of India Rubber; Papillary Oil lor sure Nipples, Hrenet Oint ment for sore llrcasts, excellent articles fur thepur poses; Nursing Hottlcs; Nipple Shells; UreastPipc; lxippic ait uids, etc. etc. 9 at PECK it SPEARS' Masks. 1 GROSS fine Makf, assorted faces, for sale by 0 HRI.VSMAID it IIROTHKRS. A SUPElliOR ARTICLE FOR COUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMA, AND AIX PULMONARY COMPLAINTS. PREPARED FROM VEGETABLES ONLY. THIS BaUain i o'lercd to the public generally, from u full conviction lhat it i .uierior to anv other medicine now in me, fur the cure ol various di- eaes ot tne cne-t. use lects were first tested in pri vate practice, and the medicine more exien-ively eir ulated at tlieearne-l t.olieitude ol many, who recciv ed the most isnal I enefit from it, In dieea.e at once distreiug and alirming. The preparer tifthis Hal aam ba- for .everal year paid particular ailention to pulmonary complaint", by watching the r progre-s, investigating their cau.e., and caielullv noticing the elects of the numerous and ninct approved renieliesp which have I een nre-enbed by nlivieiani of nil or ders, a well as of almo-t every patent inelieine ever onereu l' ine pjunc. iui, uu raium iriii, i i iniiy shown, that the Compound Pulmonary Balsam will not in the eoinpan-on vvtih any nf the HuUain Couili Droiis Pectoral, or Svruii- s I m ha-, in no merous ca-us. traineil thea-cendencv as a curative, m the lollowina complaint! ; Cin-unipiion, Asthnia or Phthisic, Whooping Cough. Measle-, Catarrhal a''ee tioni.of the lung, llydrothorax cr Dropsy ol the cheri, lufliienzi, Croup, Spittins; of blood, pain in the Side, Shomjci- of iTealn, and common cold. It regulates tne natural secretion ofthe eystein, pro cures a free exneuorat ion, and allay morbid irrila biluv. Heme its great utility, in all of I lie lungs. As the Compound Pulmonary HaUam ha thu far etatli.hed nn nnnvalle.1 reput,iion vvhere it has len u.e.1, it i. hoped lhat it will prove a Weeing 10 community, in prolonging life and adding lo it coirforl. from Dr. tt. Fairchlld, Milton, 17, For (hree years I nave ir. leaner ruunonary lialram in my practice, and am satisfied thai it i. a compound well adapted to lung complaints ami entitled tonmcl credit. I cunider it a safe medicine, nnd ooe thai I can conhally recommend. 1 would, however, adyi-e the afflicted to con-ull seine j idiciou- phrMcian as to a preparatory courre, or an u-ti-iant medication, a. I think the analivo inlluence ofibe remedy wo dd thus be more sure. i. r AlKUtllLU, ii. V Milton, Vu July 23, 1815. Thu mav cerlifv that la.t Mimmcr I was attacked wilhasevere cough, .pilling of Mool. and pain in the side, which reduce 1 tne rapidly; and, amy lather's family had died of the conumpiion I expecicd lo fol low unless I found telle! oon. I therefore employed the let phyncian. in these pari, who gave me no reliVr, and all apptarenics inuicaiea a peedv itio- lution. nut lununaieiy i-.iiiniici"."i itiHiii' m, -..tAri. Cnninound Pulmonary Hal-ain. and soon be- .. ... ,n ,..,.r. ami in a lew weeks rename I my usual health. We have u-e.1 in our l.imily conideral le of San ,ion Itee r Vegetable ru imonary, wnun gave but temporary relief. I would recommend Dr. Carter', as 'eiug .uperior to Ree-IV. or any other medicine I ever Iriel. for di-eases o( the lung", even for children. One of my children wa lately taken with the croup, and was soon cured by taking Dr. Carter's Balsam. I think every family would do well to keep a supply, and me it freely when Jroub'ol wiih cough, or cold; even when taking a journey I eon alder it prudent lo put a bollle in my trunk, for fear I may need it. , EPHRAIM K. WEST. Newbury, April 15, 1P55. Whole-.aU and Retail Agents for the town of Bur UngtOD, 9 P. J. HE1NEBERG f Co. S. EARL HOWARD, THE PEOPLES'- AGENT, WHOSE AT BURLINGTON, VERMONT, rrs, Established Comprises one of llio most splendid and general Slocks In the State. All Goods bought mid sold strictly for Cash, and of course cheap. CONsUMl'TlOV OP THE LUNGS, THE best mcdieir.o known to man for incipient Consumptiim, Asthma of every stage. Bleeding of the Lungs. Couyh. Colds. Liver Comnlnmi. nnd all diseases of tho Pulmonary Organs, may be had of Agents nanico uciow. Nature's own Prescription. A compound Balsamic preparation of the Primus Yirginiana or ' W.ld Cherry llaik,' combined wiih the Extract of 'Par, pn pared bv a new chemical process, approved and recommended by the most distinguish.! d physicians, and universally ncknowlcd"- ea tne most vaiuaoic medicine ever discovered. No Uii.icl.cry 111 No Deception. T All pnbli'hrd stntcmonts of enrrs performed liv this nifdieinc nrc, in rr'ry rrsptct, 'I HUE. He c an ful and eel the genuine "Dr. WistAn's Balsam or Wiid lucanT, as spurious mirations are abroad. A Tmly Wonderful Cure, Watervrlc. Oneida Co. N. Y.. Pent. IS. IS 15. Dear Sir 1 oweit to theafriietc.l to inform vou tint in January lat I was attacked by n very intent culd, caused bv working in Ihe wntcrwhich'sctlled on my lunps. n was nccnmpanicu uy nvery severe pain in my breast and Fides, and also a distress nc cough. I had in attendance all the bct mrdical nid in our vil lage; but niter exhausting all their skill to no avail, they pronounced my eli'casc a confirmed coxscmi Tios. nnd they one rind all rare me up to die. After much persuainn I gnt thecnneril nf mv physician to use tho HAI.SAM OF WILD CIIE11I1Y, prcparnd bv Dr. Wistaii. I purchased nf the Aeent in our plnce one bottle, before using half of which, I liega to gain strength, nnd it was very evident my cough was much belirr, and my symptoms in every way improved. I have nnw used tlnee bottles, nnd nm restored to perfcU hral'h Thi' result is alone nwins to the use of Dr WISTAR'S HAI.SAM OK WILD CHEURV; and I take this method of giving jnu the information, partlv to pay you tho debt of platitude I nr. c you. ami partly tlialiilhcrssimilarlvofllicted may know where to apply for relief. try truly yours, JAMES Sj'AOE. Mr. Palmer. Druggist, under date of Wnir-nllU Sentember2l, IS 13. writes: The stateinenl given you by Mr. James Sne is well known lo be true by this whole community, li cerlninly was a most remarkable cure. The sale of the Ha I sun is very good, nnd its success in cures truly flattering. Yours lcsnectfullv. D D. PALMER. Orders from anv nan of llm onunire clmnl.t l, ml. Ires, e-d to SETH W. FOWLE. No. 131 Wnsliinnmn Sr., Uoston, general Agent for the Proprietor. AGENTS. Peck & Sncar. Hurline.'on : fienrpi. A vrra .1f:nw . Hovnlnn iV Hurriit. llintsburfih ; I.mdon & Can field. Ullll'lon' William Hhnnrio. IHrhmnml tl L. Camp, Sloir: M. Wirce. Cr-mhridqr ; Curtis & iiutener, .v(. Aloans ; a. V. Ke Ifield, Mmtnclicr ; Uickinon f. Motile. Chelsei ; F. Huntineton. Ver- ecnntis Dr. Kusecll, ahddltlurtj. Sold also by Dru;gisls and Agents generally. DmG Diamond Pointed Gold Pens. 1 LARGER assortment nf tho various makes and V tizs. natlems and orices. nrp nnnnint. nnd fnr sale by the dozen or single. Ladies' Gold Pens of neat, pretty pattern'. l iitti.s.ii.aii) ec HKOTIJEKS. 17AIRBANKS Cast Stcil Hoei, do Fork-s i' do Cast steel Shovels, do do Spades, Iron Shove's, Long handled do. Ilav Itnkes. Hronms. f.p. fcc. Also, Wooden Ware of all kinds, for sale hv L .t C. E. I'OLLETT. Water street, Juno 12, 1S13. 2 Health and Strength, DR. S. O. RICHARDSON'S rovtr.NTnATr.n SlfEItllY WINE BITTERS. tCTPHicv arethe unrivnllel ami i-HicK Iinnnd of a rei-ulnr Phvs cian and graduate ofthe .New liamp.liire Medii al Col ege, who ha- mule ihe uu ly of medicine lii-profe-ion, and ihey nrehizhly reeom" mended I y inanyol'ihomosl celebrate I l'liv-ii ian in the eounirv. a- ilecidiillv I lie BUS I' MEDICINE EVER OFFERED 'IO Till: 1'1'HF.II? fn n, .,.n. ni, Jaundke, l.iverConiiaiiits, Humor., ite.anddc-raiizenienl-of ihe Siomach nml lliiw..U Korsalein Huilmiton by PECK & SPEAR, whole ale Agents, who will fiirni-h Dealer- nl Ihe gro-s '." . 1 v "cs-r-. 1 1. unit .) .iiilli'll, and u. J, tll.lMillLKG.&Co. in i2S.S.infi. RIFLES. A SPLENDID assortment of the celebrated Wind sor Rifles not received al the Variety Store. BRI.NS.MAID it BROTHERS. July 25th. a Dried Apple. A FEW hundred lbs. Oriel Apple, f ir nle at V. LOVELY it SEYMOUR'S. July 25th. 8 Waggon Mats. A tjODU assorlincnt of Wauaron Mats hpun for J. i. ean at LOVELY & SEYMOUR'S. 8 July 23th, FLOUlt! WESTERN Fiour ofthe mo-t approved Brands, in III I-. Halve-, and by the Pound, for nl bv July 21, '45. A. S. DEWEY. Compound Syrup of Sarsaparilla. SARSAPARILLA has taken a high rank in the .Medical world, as well in Europe as in America, lis efficiency in all Cutaneous, Scrofulous, Rheumat ic and Syplnlilical diseases, &c. c, is known to ev ery Practitioner. There are various preparations in circulation, but ihey fail either in not conneciing with Sarsipaiill.1 assisting medi' ine, or in not containing the extract of IIondcras Sarsai aiiilla. 'I ho medi cal value of ihe above preparation is nlready well known to the community. It has recommended it self. It is made out of Ihe best Uindnras Sarsaparilla, as-isied by sucn other ingredients ns come nearest the Sarsaparilla in their rued, nil virtues. This Compound is prepared nnd -"Id lu ll. J IIE1NEBERG U CO. Burlington, July 25, 1913. 8 TO PENSIONERS, PENSION AGENCY, ) Hank of Pocltxet, July 17, 45. IN pursuance of an order from ihe Hon. J. L. Ed ward. Commissioner of Pension, ntitice is here by given lhat pensioners re-iding in tho Counties of L I i:.. 1 ..:n i ...- i... iuiii.1111 ituti iviiiiiciiil'ii iv ill iiiTCiiiii r I'V I'aiu ny Tliomn. Ren I, E-q., Agent at Mcntpelii'r, and Pen Honer in Ihe County of Windham, by Merrill Clark, Agent al Poultney. 8 M. CLARK, Pension Agent. PATENT LEAD PIPE I'OR HYDRANTS, I'UMP.S Ac., (Prom 3-N Inch to 1 1.3 Inches In diameter,) rpHE above article is highly reoommendi-d fur ac X. curacy of calibre and uniformity of lluckne-s ; or the perfect polish ol the interior siirlace, Ihe ab-stne-c of leaks and flaw, and it solidity and unusual strenglh. Il i odeied at the New York manufactu rer's pricr, by J. A J. II. PECK it CO. Burliiigion, 2lt July, 1815. 8 NO. 1 MACKEREL, just received by , , A. S. DEWEY. July 10th. G WILLARD'S United States History, M Universal History, Allison's History of Europe, Webster's large Dictionsry in I and 2 vol. For ale by STEVENS WOODS, Burlington, July 10, 1615. 6 6 In 1899. Notice. rTHIIS may certify that 1 have this day given my I son, LUTHER C. LEE, a minor, Ins tunc, and I will not claim nnv of his wages or pay nny debts of his contracting, aflcr tl'i?J'';n-n t , rP Si. n.Ar,ro. r.dv M. 1BI5. ' 93 A. lillWAKDS' CHEAP CASH BOOK STOKE. Nn. 1 Peck's nuildinss. A general assortment ol School, Classical and Miscellaneous Books and Stationery at CITY PRICES. TAliK .-rlii S from the Get man of Ilclttrlch choklic, by Parke Goodwin. 50o Louisa Mililmny, by the Author of two old mens Tales. " lllaikwnod's Magazine for July 2j I, allien National Magazine (or August, 10 At Hull 's do do do 19 PATENT POCKET I.'llcr Balance, expressly adapted for the American Postaae, 04c HARPER'S Illuminated Illblr. No.33. do Sltahc-spcaie, 69 and 60. The Great National Work, PRICE R2 A VOLUME. T EA & HLANCIlARD, Philadelphia, have ju-t J-J puhlislud 'I he Narrative ot the United Slain- Exploring Ex ivihtion durine the 1S13. 1939. 1910, ISI1 and 812. Hv Clrule- Wilkc-. U. S. N., Conmiander of I he Expedition Ac. &c, in live volumes, with over li rev. Ii uldie.l ll u-irn ion- on woou, nmi maps, ami nearly twenty-. ix hundred page-. Pri'c82 each. Tin- olilion oftho Narralivf of the Exploring Ex pcditiou contain' pieei-ely the same type, page nnd reading matter a the one in imperial oelavo. The di leient'e between lhemiin the nualitv nnd ize ol ihe oanur llio ulMilu!lm of forlv-seven wood cu's fir that nuinler o( sieel vignette the omi ion of -ixty-f.'iir large s eel plate-, and the use of eleven out of lo'irteen imp-, four of them or. n reduced cale. The iiuuil er of line wood e n illustration in Ihisedi lion i nearly llnee hunc'rcd. For snle l.v A. EDWARDS. L. it B. have nl.-o tor sale the leaniilul eJinon in imperial octavo five relumes nnd nn alia-, containing Ol lurjll .'11 I iim-nrii intvj nuiy-, vuiiuuitis Scene re. Pi n rails. Manners. Cn-tom. e. ite.i forty -even extpiiMtu .-teel vignette- worked among the letiir pie J about two hundred and filly tincly exe cuted woo lent illustration; fourteen lame and small map nnl charis, and nearly twenty-six hundred puize-ot letter pre . j'rice ao. urjtr- lor tne uiiove leu wuii A. i.i'vv.vmo Biirlin!lon, will I cupplie I at short nonce. 8 Columbian Magazine for Atmi-t. Letters from Italy, by S. T. lleadlv, price 50i of hhaki-iicarc, by William Haz- litt. price oO The Ilrcncli of Promise, l y the author of "Thu Jill " " .alnrryintr .linn," c. Downing' Collage Residence, $2,00 do Print and I'ruit Trees, 1,75 Llverninre's Cninmcntarv. 3 vol". 3.00 (The third Vohiine sold n'parately.) Clark's Commentary on the New Testament- complete in one volume. 2,00 White perforated paper, Colored do do Note Paper and Enveloic, Mourning do du A new s ipplv jut received by A. EDWARD3. July St, M3. 8 T)ltvrs'. SARSAPARILLA AND TOMATO JJ BITTERS! This medicine is lor sale bv the nf. nnetors, HViotsalf Agents PECK & SPEAR. who will supply .Merchants and oihersat the original gloss price. JUST RECEIVED, "PAIN EXTRACTORS, wholesale and retail. X Comstock oo l-o s barsapanlla, 50 cts per bottle, Hay's celebrated Liniment, for Piles. Also, a new and fresh supply of Ihe Celebrated Sarsaptlrilla and "Tomato Bitters;" to those who would procure Ihe gcniiino article lie sure nnd call nt II. J. UMiMv BEIIG it Co.'s, Onlu Aacnls.for the State of Ver mont look al another column explaining its virtues. Sarsaparilla Mead, wholesale and retail, rpills feb-brated Revenge fur warm weather is X for sale bv 11. J. HEINF.HERG e Co, A Fresa sipply of Spts. Turpentine, also a fresh supply ol uimpiicne, warranted best in me marnei. July 17, '13. 7 Henry I'lcld's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, I A T a Probate Court Di-lricl of Chinend.-n. s. I he d at Burlington wiihin und fur ail Disinct ol Chittenden, on the elevenili day ol July, 181a, rre-ent, the lion. Charles Rusm'II. Jiidire ef ail e-ourl. einnes Laura Field, ad- inini-lralrix ol the estate of HENRY FIELD, late ot .icrictio, m aiu inri-l, aecea-td, and Hies in said Court her petiiiun, in writjn, i-etting forth lhat the iilauns allowed aaiu-t said e-tuie, hy tnecotuinis 1 sioncr. nniotint to 817,55 ; lhat ihe personal e-Mt 1 ol the -nid defea-ed, remaininir in the hands ol said administratrix on settlement of her administration ac count in said co irt. amounted to S573.G0. of which 3353,49 ha since I een nn:niil hy said court lo the widow ot ihe aid iceea-eit, tor her own me; inatllie personal e-tate ol tne said decca-ed is inutlicienl lor ihe payment ofthe debt allowed airainst said estate, and Ihe expenses of administration, and thai it will be ne-e-e arv to -ell tl-e following de-cribel reale-tate ofthe said decease for lhat purpo-e,viz : about nine acre ol lauti, with Hie appurtenances thereol, situa ted in said Jericho, which wa ceaiveved lo the said Henry ! icld by Oliver Whitinarh and Lyman Stmip. son. bv their died dated Mav 1 h. IS33s and pravin! siidcoiutlo license her lo sell said real c-tate for that tinrpo-c. And the aul ndm msiratrix. on I same elevenili day of July. IS 15. filed in said court her other petition, m writing, selling forth lhat the said Henry, in his lifetime, contracted lo sell to Lhas isartien, ol said Jerictio, ttie loltovving described par cel of land, situated ill said Jericho, vi ! Ip7innim nt ihe northeast corner of land owned liv the. heira of Billy Baflleti ; ilience oulh 40 degree-, ea.t nine ciiain ui links, iu a poi ; uience couth 44 degrees wc-l eight chain and 29 links, to a flake in a line ol i owned uy sail Henry and aid heirsi theni-i north 4o ilegrres, west eleven chains, to a Hake and tones: thi-nce norlh 41 elegrecs. east nine chains. -JO link, to the placo of I cainning, containing alout nine acre of land; that previously lo l lie deal Ii ol the said Henry, he received paymeni for at I parcel ot land Iroui the said Mm- lluriletl, but died withoui having exeeu ed a deed thereof lo ihe aid Elia, and was, at the (line ol hi, death, onde-rol Itgntion lodeed said laud lo the said J. hi., and prayiiigsai-l Conrl to gram hit iiccii-c tooeeii sniu lauu mihesail i.nn agreeably to the i-lo:ulc in such caes made and pro lui-1 , Whereupon, the court aforesaid doth annoinl lb fourth Wednesday in. Augut, 1815, for hearing and lee'ii'ing on .aid oelilion. nl the oilie-eof lite HpinST of said c.Miri in aid Burlington, nt ten u'e look in the toreno' n, mm iioih order thai all peron intere-teil oe iionneu uiereoi ny iiuuiie-aiioii ol litis order, eon nulling tnu suusiance oi .am petitions, inree week Miive-sivelv in I he llnrtinu-ton I- re-i l'res. n newsna, per printed in raid Burlington, the la-t of which pub. Iieation, lo be previous lo the .aid fourth Wednesday in August. 1815. Given iinde-r my hand at said Burlington, this 11 lb uay oi JUiy, A. u. 1813. 8w3 WM. WESTON, Itegtster, VIRGIL RICE'S NEW-YORK & MONTREAL EXPRESS New Arrangement. ON nnd alter Friday the IBth ins!., until further notice, will leave Builingion every Friday eve ning, at 5 P. M.. for the South, and every Wednesday alternoon at 3 P. M. for the Norlh. Specie, Bank Notes, Packages, Parcels und Merchandise of all de scriptions forwarded to any part of the United Slates or Canada with tho utmost despatch. Particular attention givin to ihe collection of Drafts. Notes, and Bills. Packages, eve. must b left at the Counting Room of Messrs. J, 1 J. II. Peck U Co. llih July, 1345. 17DDVS HOOK AND NE.V8 PRINT lit inc Ink at Factory Prices forcash. for sale hv iiurnngion, juiy j, -ii. nuuiia, Dentists! Dentists!! rWEVELIER'S celebrated TOOTH INSTRU MI.NTS, for sale bv I B. J, llEINEfURCi, & Co. 1 8 4. 5 . LAKE OHAMPLiHN. KfNEW ARHANGEM ENT.Q FARE TIIIIOUGII 82, MEALS EXTRA, Till? Steamer-. Bl'ltLESGTON and WHITE HALL will common running on Monday, the ih of July, a follows. I no CAPT. n. W. sJIUtMAW, Witt LEAVE S7. .Vms every (TUHSDAY. 5TllllRfDAY,& t SA'I URDAY, Whitehall, every 1 j MONDAY. WEDNESDAY FRIDAY, At O A. M. I On tho arrival of 0 o'clock ( train of Cars fr. Montreal. THE CAPT. G. WILL LATIIHOl, L n A V,E St. Johns, every ( MONDAY". J. Wl DNESDAY', & FRIDAY, Whitehall, every TUESDAY. Y. i 'AY, S THURSDAY SATURDAY Al O A. M. ( On ihe arrival of 9 o'clock I train of Cars fr. Montreal. DINNER ON BOARD. Thu above Boat will form a daily line. (5un.!.u s exivpted,) conneetinc with the Cars of the We-tern and ircctiD'i9!i unti icnnu- at iroy, nn-J trio . ion. morinii'' line of Sieamcr-. living Iroy coins .Norih nt 7 o'clrmt, I". .11., i.y Kail uoa.i nnu racket to Whitehall in time for Hie 9 im luck, A. M., Boats, nt Whitehall. conneetinir with all line-ot Siarze leavinir Saraf ga in the morning, and the Lake George S'cnin Boat at I iconi'eroia. Arriving nt .Montreal in ia hour- from NcvvYoik and Bo-ton, connecting also at Montreal Willi tho Mugsinn, .iair.ira t ails, and Bidialo lint" of Steamer-. The to. I cing unembur' ra-ted bv Mail contract", the-e boats will nolbei'c Inined on tho 10 no bv waning lor connecting nuiil ine-, and liave made tne a' ovc arramieuient lor inc Seann, Iclievingil lo I e Ihe licst tint can be made, to -nit the Pii-inc-H, a- well us me p'cauro travti. I! irlington, July 3, ISIj. J Daguerreotype Chemicals. TMIOMINE. Mcreury Distilled, AJ " Piepared, Puta-bium, Cvairirct of, " lodi'eof, Soda tlvpo-ulphaie of, Silver. Nitrate-. Crvstal-, Gold, Chloride ol. Iodine, " Chloride of, Prepared loiten Stone, " Tiipoli, U01I2C. Dazurrreotvpe plate ull u lahtic. Diguerrcotype Cases. Apai-atus furtii-hcd to order. 1 PECK it SPEAR, Burlington, Vermont, Sarsaparilla and Tomato Hitters. L llnston, ha- su" cele.1 f r the lir-t unic in com binins llic intvlu-inal irlnc uf the i?Ati"Al'AittLLA and Iomato. Apil the re-iil t hn met ihu moat -anyriine Miwinlmns of the tncJical urciffs.ioti. I hew holt vi'Sftnlife kinplom doc- not lurni-h two buli-tancc o atlntiraulv ndantel lovnrtfi, nounsfi nw innco rate the M'-tem. The-e Hillcr- Inte nil Ihe c'lect of the nio-t ioerlul purgative- when ued in MiilK-ientnuaiilitv. nnu vet nre soimMtn ifieir oiu-ra tion that thry nny I e ciyimi to oer-on- in the mo-t delicate health with perfect afely. They are very airn-cahlc to the ia-le. The ecmnonent ingredient ff these Iiitter is no ecrel. I hev are c(nni)0etl ot n vcrtrons nre iar- nlion ofthe celebrated extract of Snani-h Snrstim' riUa and the extrat t oi Tomaioes, with ihe addition f some of the most popular vegetaUe medicines the co'intrv a lord. i ne true meani w nrcerv n? iie-i i nnn Mrenai 1 fs to purify t he blood and correct the unhealtliy Male of the UimcN. For this purpose no Metheme ha been found epial to the Sarsaparilla nnd Tomato Hitters. The-e excellent bitters will be lonnd a certain curt in nil eae ol mdisection or dvsnen-ia. jaundice. lo-. of appetite, general dcbiliiy, f.iiiitne nnd MiiUinff of inu Momat n, iowni'8 oi Hurti-. cti-iivL'iiL-at ucicrmi nntion if blood to ihu head, nain in the limbs nnd side, ui.irrticci, weauness, oizzine?, cutaneotM eruption on Ihe lace and nerii, heclie fovvr, nisnt wcal-. nerv ou nnJ sick headache, acidity of stonnch, hiliou af- feci ion. l'le-, cosliveae . and in alt ttieae f.nitd by impnri'V ofihe blood, the debility ofthe ytcin(or the tmhenlthy state of tlio -tomacli nnd bowel?. They are nUo exceelin?ly tflTicaehu- in re-toring constitutions bro!,en down by tMenlnry employment, nnu nave ueen exten-iveiy n-eii ny lerpymcn, rn (or-. Printer-, Clerk. fcjcamsire-e-, and niinu-rou other who-e health hid been injured by confinement and close application, with tl e happie-t rs-nll. They re-tore itm action oi ttie tomacli, incre-T'eiiie Tmntv .1. . !.! 1 I ! . .. .1 - ' . . 1 .'J ui l lie uiuihj, uiki inii;iri iu Hie w.lll unu cm it'iiiicu by-tcm o) ihe invalid the vigor and glowof true health The-e Hitter arc warranted to 'e a nnrely Veaein- ble compound an I mark !ih. ICTihey can do Uiclct inpiry in any cae wU!Pver.-TII iticv are icni uyner.-on as nrAwiui CINK,and have been uiveinoiheToi'NocsTCiiiLDncN on account (f the imblncsi of their operation, wi.h excellent e te -t. T he following are a few ofthe many new recom men la'ion- which have been fent loihe proprietor of TKKS wi-hin n -hort time. UEMRMHKR. Alway; ii lor urown s a mere arucounierteit-. 3Ir. K. Unowx. Pear Sir: ilavinir te-led the valu.i ofyonr Sar-aparila andTomato Hitter-, I lake pleaure to piie lo you ihe facts of my cac our own hnti-iaction nnl ihe lenetit ol oilier, l liavt been -tricnni: with ihe Hry-ipelns htinior in mv ide call-ins mv hand nt.dnrm in swell very much, nn to he very painful, m the time and for unne time predion-, nave i een irouiiicd wnu a wea stoinacn inot of rnv food ha hurt me. und there ha been (insular famine--at thu tiomach. whi -h has It en in crea-iu?, nnd caueil me much difli-ulty. Alter I commenced takins your Hitter I eouhl perceive a gradual nmhinmeihate rebel, and won M recommen I it with much confidence to tho-e who are troubled with such complaint". 1 ours1, truly, HaTh. Mf. May 27. 1843. Mr. K. Hroivw. fear Sir; I have some lime nal Mitlereil much from Jaundice and l)ypen-ia at ihe aioiradi ; io- ot appcltle, and trout lean I pa'n irom the least implc food, with pain in the bead an I nd f

a slishl eotiih, general weakness and debility of the vMein. A tier u-inc" n nmnl er of me hcines wiihoul any rebef. 1 wa- in l icel in try your S;un;.irill-i and Tomato Hitter. I received immehate relief roin the u-e of one Holtle, nnd fiel trrattfie! for the greal relief have recciveil, and would rccomniend il to all who aresii.lcrmg from similar li-nniers. i our-, inly, tTiitTT. Y. Mav. 17. IBI5. Ma. P. Hnowv. Dear Sir: I am nzam out of vour Sarfapardla und Tomato Hntersf It - an article that i mtich thought of; nn old lady from KranUfori, Her kimer County, my he hay been confined to her Iioum; for seven year-, tuxl thi ha i-na! led her to sel ul. aeverai in iricny tay that U 1 the Lett medicine lliey have ever taken. Pleae send men fresh mpply iont a I have not a botllu in the blore. Vo ir with rtntrt, J. C WAIINKU, per. It. F. UAV. P.ibnnmh. Mav 29 131 1. To Mr. nrown, Chemist, Hum on. i ceriny mat my wiieiidleen aUncte.1 wiih a very bad humor on her face, ami at her tomach, forfifieen yearfi pa-t, Afier lining anons medicine lecom iiiended for coinnlaints uiih lmleor nol eneht. she commenced using by tho ndwee of Mr. Wward Ma- on, Apotnecary, ymir .arBapariU.i, ami lomalo Hit lers, and sho is now in 1 etter health, than the has I e. fore enjoyed for ihe lat filteen ears; and I would encerfully recommend to all ami eeryhone who is alllicied with an) of the complaint wli'co thi mcdi cine is rei oiumeuded for. to use n in prefer nee to any article now in ut-e. Yours rtsi rctiulU, J. H. LEACH. Pyrlland, Mb. June 5, I3U. 1-lvr.n Complaint, can becurcsl williout rorlinp to mercury, if you will only Use Urowns Sarsaparilla and Tomato Hitters. To Mr. Frederic Hrown, Proprietor ofthe Sar.-apa-rilbi and Tomato Hitters I Thi fertility that my wife wn severely affliclcl with the Liver Complaint.nnd her health uaery i-e-riously undermined. Having tiied various precnp. lions without succe?, ho wax forlunately induced to try your Sarsaparilla and Tomato Hitlers; her health scon began lo improve, and fhe i now mLch better rn health, and would ndvic any one i; ill hcalllitune them. Vouri, repectfullr, CIlAULl'S CAULE. AH orders for the above Medici no addressed to lite Prnpiieior, P. HKOVVX, C3 Washington Hoilon, Ttn iiicch nnu punctual aiienuun PECK A yPKAH. WholesaloAcfnlsfornurlinff ton and vicinity. For sale also by Oeoree Aycra, Milloni Hoynton & Hiuritt, Hinesburcbt ltindon& Canfield; Williston William Rhodes Jr., Rlcbmond Martin Wires, Cambridge t II. L. Camp, Mowoj John H. Hownisn. Veruenncs; William R, Russell. Mid dlebury t P. lied field, Monlpelier. Sold also by pruBS'ta and Agents generally, 1 per bottle, or u wuuiea lur yii July, I61S. Jyl BRIOU81 PATENT FENCE MACHINE. It. P. DlitTBY, VTO"LD respectfully notify the public that ho has V returned to Burlington Polls, and recommenced manufacturing tho PATENT FENCE. Ho is now prepared to fulfil all contracts that were unfulfilled r i r.i i ...:n i. .. ... in consequence ui ine laic lire, uiiu iui uu Miifjuy iu serve old and new purchasers with some of his varie ties of Farm. Garden or Ornnmentil Fence. Owing to the advantages derived in tho use cf the abovo improvement, ho is enabled lo afford a neat nnd beautiful fenco fur yards and gardens, nl much less expense than the same can lie got up for in nny oilier way, while for durability it is not excelled hy any in common use. This valuable improvement was first brought out in Western New Y'ork, where it hns goneinto extensive use, nnd has recciveil the np probation of tho Mavorof the citv ol Buffalo, wiih many hundreds oflho first agriculturists and others In thnt part of the Stale, nlso of Got. Hubl ard, Duct, Jarvis, Judge Churchill and many others in New Hampshire. In facl wherever it has I crn introduced it has been highly approved. As a Farm Fence it coml ines more advantage- than nny other fince cvci used. Il can be used without potts, and is therefore notntiecieu ny tuc ireczing nnu iteming oi nicgroun i. Il lakes less lumber ihan any other kind of fence, is a certain protection ngninsl all kinds of cattle, is not lia ble to get rail nl repair, cannot cc oroifit oovn, is easi ly set up, Inkcndown and removed, vvithoulinjury. iQ'No I- ABMEncAsufa tie lririoiir at icasi n suni cient quantity to throw around his fields of grain and stai-K yams. i vtinoo-Ki city, June n, isij. llCRtlNCTCN, July fllh, 1913. Mr. II. P. Devi et. Sir! As vou have asked my opinion tcspcclimr Ihe i-ru' lene-. of vour Patent 1- r.NCE 'or ornamental purpeue-, I woui i reman, mat 1 have u-cd some of your lir-t 'piality ! nco a hi til n cottngc. elected ilelast vear.nndthat I likeil very well. Bv casing We psts, and putting on a base. (loth item co-ting only nbemt Sl,50 per mil,) it inikcsn ncit and durah'u ornniiientnl Feiu-e, at about two-third the cost ef mo-t of the u.her kind of oriiamcntnl Felice in conunnn u-e. J NO. K. CONVERSE. The undersigned having had some practical experi nee fur tho nasi vear in tlicu-o of Devvev'a Portable Eield Fence, can very cheerfully bear testimony in its favor. 1 consider it admirably adapted to Inlcrvnles, Fill jeel to pevcrc freshet, and find it very convenient in a varictv of cases where a tcinnornrv feurcis need ed. I iied il the past winter to enclose a yard of young catllcantl nores, ana murli lo my surprise, it puU'ered no iuiurv vvhaicvcr IIioiil'Ii an unrulv bull shook his head at it, occasionally. 1 have no hesita tion in saving that everv farmer should have more or less ul it. i.u.M.l ll. l' Colchesicr. July 8, '-lj. Adams Smith's TJUIIR .MILL STONES, ron.lanty on haul by J J. if. J. ii. 1M.CK, iVUo., .lgciin, June 18. M.". 3 CASH PAID FOR WOOL!! rrtl'. 8'ih-criler will pay la h for clean tleecc I. WOOL, delivered al In ti re. IIARRV BIUDLEY. B iilingtnn,2GJi June, IS 15. d G ICE CREAM. mill', ml senber vould inform the citizen of llur 1 lin-riem that be becos ICE CREAM innlantly on haml, at hi Coufeclioinry, on I'll irch St, vvlicre wi'l I u nappy to watt upon incsu i i;.ni him vvuli a call. REItANKS. Burlinirton, June 2G, 15. -1 l'ctilloll to sell Laud. STATU OI' 'i:ilMO.T, AT a Probate District ol ( hillcndcn, s. V rv lout heM nt Hurlimrlon wiihin an I lur sail district of ChilteU'Vu, on the eleventh day nf July, IS 15, I're-ent, the linn t'hnrle llu-scll, IiuL-e of laid couit, rouie- L.icat I'lELD. ol Jericho, iu said district, who i (iiiaruian el her minor children, David L. 1'ielil, John IL Field, Rachel E. Field, und Lo ii-a ti. Fid I, all of said J'-r-olio, and tiled in s.nd cuurt her eiition, in wri'iua, selling I'orlh that her said ward are seiz.'d in ihwr own right in fee, as tenant in common, ol two itndi- videJ third parts e.r the lullowuig ile-cn' el parcel oi land, lying in sail Jericho, beginning nl n -take un 1 -tone- iu ihesniitlie.i-te-orneroflanilo.vned l y Hen ry ! ield, laieol s it I Jcri ho, i'cci-aeil, al ihelimeof his li'ath,saids'akcsianJing in the original linelelween said Field' 1 nnd bind id . Wright i then-e norlh 4G-, west SO chains 50 linl. i thence north lla,cat, 8 chains 2i) link; tlieiuunonh 79Ji ea,t 2 chain 11 links, to n u.ittcrnut Ircci thene-e ncrih 10J, ea-t 20 chains GD links, to a tal.c tandmg in a line 1 o.vvcen said IVIil' and Wii'ht' laud; thence siuih IIs. west 8 chain-10 link-, to lb olacc of beginning, containing ISi acre; that it would be leneliciil to sail ward- lo have their interest III tni.l parcel ol lam. a"i I, nnd have Ihe proccelsof such sale inve-te.l at inicre-t or iu oilier real estate; nuJ praying mil co irl lo grant her license to nil sakl ward-' iu'ere.-t iu ai I paiccl of laud, for the purpo.e nf.-re-ai 1 ; WitciiiATox, the e-eiurl afon-aid doth appoint ihu fourih We liis-diy in August, 1315, fur hearing an I deciding on -ai I petiiion, nt the o.lie-e ef the llegis'er of said court, in said B irhn ', at ten ech'ck in the forenoon, and duih orJer that ull perons iniereste-d I e iiiuilied thereof I y pul lication oi thi order, con tainiuir llio sub-taiici' ol said petition, llnee week Micccssivelv in the Hurlinion I- rce Pics-, a new-spa- pel printe'd i i sal I Burlington, the last of wh'ch pub lie'a'un to I c pruvlou to mid fourth Wednesday in August, 1815. Uiven under my hand al said Burlington, this lllh Jay ol July, IS 13. 8vv3 W.M. WE-)TON, llegister. BOSTON & NEW YOItK REUBEN BACHELDOR TT7"Ol'Ll fnform hi- fneud nad the public lhat he ba-reiurneil from New Vorl; and Hoslou with tho most complete a-suriment of ROOTS AND SHOES. ladies.' fiaiter Boots, all ci lors, " ILIfOaiers du " Buskin-, do " Well do " do Walking Shoe. " Eren -h Kid Hu-kuia and Slip,, " While satin shoes, Oentlemen' Calf Sewed Ibiots, " Ktppeggi-J do " Seal do do 11 Cowhide do " Brcgan, " Onatkin Caller-, sow'd it pej " La. ting do Mis-es Boolet-s an I Walking Shoe,, " Buskins, nil color, Boy' Brogaus, pegged, nil kinds, Viailli' Kii ltu-kim, " do Boote-e-s, all color-, - L s o That lie lias brought from New York a prime lot of 1'rcncli Calf !KIn anl Oak Tanned Sole Leather ol a s iperior n ialilv lo anv ever More of. lend in Ibis maikct. lhive nlso a tiri rale Boot .Maker and a o lantilv of I'othional le I,i... an I am lully prepared to in in if id ire all kinds ot work to ti ruerin sucn a manner ntannni ran toiriveiuiisai isfnciiou to all who may lav'nr ine with their patron age. They will be sold at the luu e.t prices tor rash Burlington, June 27, 1815. Stipprfine Flour, OF the most approved brands in barrels and halves fur sale hy L. it C, E. I-'OLLETT. water St., June li. 113. Hay Kitkcs &c. 1 AH ,)07- I'nv Rakes, 20 Duz. Horse ltak 60 Boxes CunniutrlonV cclcbratetl scythe tone. I.y J. .X J. 11. i"i.Cr.,if- Co. June 19, MS. 3 Window Sash. OF all BOrts and size ior sale ty oi:o. Burlington, June 18, M5. PETERSON. 3 TO DENTISTS. CONSTANT supplie of .-!oi'.;loii' latest styles Molar, Bicuspid and Incisor Tecih ; Foil, File., Furcep, Ouni Ijyicois, Pex-kei nnd ivuninon Teelh Exlractiug Instrument, extra Hook fi r same, Burrs, l-.xcavalur, ivnling Instrument, i iiiingiio, aiouii, Mouth. Mould-, Dental Sr.'nges, Blowpipes, Tooth rower lioxe- nnu rui, ie. ai', etc. Dental Casecoirplcie, Operating Chairsand Spit tooiiiuiiii.hcd lo otder. PEi.K e. SPEAR, 4 B irlington, Vermonl. STLCA.M UO AT STOCK, I fT SIHI1ES OLD LINE for ,n'e. Apply lo 1 O July 0, M5. G II. W. CATI.IN. II LANK BOOKS. F all des -notions Mannfaclunl bv the subcrt- V ber Irom the best Linen Paper, an I Ruled lo any Pat e'rn on ,hort notiie and warranted c,i to nny in Ihi Countrv. Prol ale Itewril, Town Re cords irom Roval Medium Demy and Can Paper, Bank. Steam Boat, Iron Companie and Merchant iiiruished wnh nil ihe various Blank Books on the inot reasonable lerms. STEVENS WOOD3, Strong's UuilJing. Burlington, June IR, 1615. 3 Paints and Oil. STRONGS it Co., oiler While l-cad, Drv and gro in I in Od, "Purs," "Est, a," and ".Vo I," English Veil. Re.1, French Yellow, Verdigris, Chroma lircen, Red Lead, Whiting, Gum Copal, Putty, etc. ' s-ALSO.-1000 gs. pure Lint Seed Oil, 500 " " 9,-irm Turpentine, June 10, 'li. 2 PIGS. Tf DRUMS lirst qualiiy, just received and for flj falchy KOI.LhlT & BKAHLEV. aonlll vvniin, iiiirnng ton, June k, -u- 3 Notice, PAIRBANKS Celebraleel . H. Hay Fork-, 30 a. uozen just received, nnu lor snie invv, oy FOI.I.F.IT &. IlltAULEV. South Wharl, Juno 17, 43. 3 Jilaiichard'.H Scythes. Cfl DOZ, C. H. Scythe, 0J B0 lo (I. K. do It I sale on consignment, bv I'OLLETT t- BRADLEY. South Wharf, June 17, 1SI5. 3 L A It D A S. 11 DEWEY ha n supply of good fre-h i Lard nnl Table ll-it'cr. Also, ju-l ru-civeJ, .oriu nnore .-i.iiniun, uy ine pounu or nail mil. June SO, 1813. 3 OAltllATII SCHOOL llUDKS,alarS0Mii O ply lor ,a'e al l!u-tiili prii-ci. I v STEVENS WOODS. Burli'ngloii, June 8, 1315. PLATT'S PREMIUM I'OHTVl'.lii: GRIST MILL. For Grinding Wheat, Rif, Outs, Plat tcr and all hinds nf Provtndcr. fJ,yV. Subscriler having purclia-cl of Mr. JO X. SIAII PL.VIT, of W.-slon, Conne-lici t, the right for ermont, IVias. nnu Nu-.v llaiup-lure, i now man I'acturtns, et II irliugton 1 all-, ilills of th- ino-l thnroiigh and perfii'l ioiitru lion, ami l prepared lo se I .Mil s nnu llighls lor any town nol nlrcailv 011 posed nl. The t-'reit a Ivnutntru of this over Ihe common Oris! Mill, 19 o' viuu-111 nnv nno em m-pee lion, n Him alill can lo 11-0 1 by Iinr-e, sleain or w-.iicr novvcr. Willi half the in.viT reo-urcfto ilnv u common Ori-I .Mill. Tin mill tools the first pre mium at t lie can in vew 1 01 k i;ny, an 1 also at the Aenculiuial Pair In ltochcier, in Sept. I8B None Inillbc veryle.t I RKNCH HUllll STONLi' are- put into the e Mill-. Wo ihe unite r-ieneu eemiy mat nl M. AH an Hay nn tbe'2 1 ilav of November. ISII.iii the Steam Saw Mill at that p'aie iheie wa I iu PLATI'S PORTAltLi'- "HIST .nii.i., niie-il up in that nluc leiilusbel Pea nnl Oat", and done in the best Manner, within 30 Inilllllcsi an we ll-rllit-c i cilifi- l da I un belli-ve the Slid Mill e-anabte of herlonnino ail Ihe irriuding iisiinllyilono in u Orist .Mill eiU.ii to any mil in nn- -nue-, i y nie run oi su.iie.. And we lurlher si-in. lhat I mill uro ind ec-ht liu-helsand a half of Corn, (line meal) in uu huur, williout lieliig in ineii-.i-i ui-u-ui. I), iuy.m;, .Mill UM.PH LASCLL. 1 J II 1.8 L.IMSON, ! R. A. Ill lll.ltl T, llllntists. NOBLE fUUIIiE. I Ilia undcrigne Iccrlifv tlnloue ol P.'nlt'- Perm- ble Ori-i .Mi'l- h.i.been litlul up in Me-sr vVhi'e A- Ce. (Iri-I Mill ul Vuigennus and I will fr.tnklv sav in ihe piblic that 1 hue filly I no J ihe null boh oil dowering an 1 proveii-'er nn 1 hive come to the fill coui-lii-ion, that ihe above mill will compe-le wim any mill in the country li"t!i on Umvering on-l pro vender. I1.11UL1.S.U1U.., .imicr. Vorffcnno-, April 21, 1311. 'I he -Mill above tiiiiielvva in operation m th Vcmt-ii lies Iron Company Ori-l Mill a nunil cr ot 'ai--. nn t so far we wilne.-ijit it perfornnti (Inn hug Oram, we were we'l sa-.i-iied with it and believe ll to I e a enod nrllr-le. SAMIT.L IIARHER. ) President of WM. II. WHITE. I'crgennM O.mA'. Tliisi lo i-eriifv lhat one of Plan Portable Uri-I MilK ha been put in operation in tin- eri-l null al Mi.l.lle-b-irv. bv ihe side of seven run of II irr Slnno. audi have liven il a lhonii(h trial, loth on flower and provinJer, nnd I inn frank to sarin the public that I am sail-hid the mill will d j biisinc-s equal to anyrun of stone in tliee-o-intv. "I. IJL.N.M.MillA.U, .Miller, M iddlcbnrv. .lull 10. 181 J. Me'--r'. I'ullitl it lira l!cv have I een running one nf these mills Min-o the lir.-t t f Mav, upon piaster, and 1 ainanthonzeJ to re-Ier 'n ttieiii a, to Us p.-riur- nianee. PKL-.SO.N CKOl Ur, Proprietor ofthe aboccvatent. Burlington, June 20, 15-15. 3 f O'lOCK-- COI.LUIS, UO.S'OMS, CRAVAT. 5 Hn iner.s, fcu-Peniicr-. an.t new stvie v i.b I SPRINliS, a nice ertt -le lo wear on the l a"k of vesis, very plea-am ande'isv lurllio wearer, linen ei'llars for 121 cts., nil troola in -ch cIum'iit than usual. 2 HRI.VSMAID it HUO I'll Kit. S. Wheel Heads fV th'" verv I ea' n-ial Iv an I llni-h. for 'ale bv KJ 2 HUISSM.MI) & Bit ITHERS. uoo.i ,unmng lice . f irnislioJ to oroer. HORSE NETS. UTESSRS. Hrui'Miatd & Hrother have receUedn llM. lot of linen nnd cot ten N171 S lor IIOItMv. car. or neclc nn I ear n ecei -o I s -nf rale or with the body neth a- may I e wanted ;c have blue, brown, red and white net, the iiius-i c.venive a orliuwnt that we hive ever had the plea-ure ol otl'erinu to cus'omer.s. AUo, Ilnr-e llni'he?. 2 HlilNdMAIU &. lIROTIirRS. NOTICE. at K educed Powder rices i 1 1 'T7'ILL he kept cons'anlly en hand.lroin the most v e-clel rated .Mill iu the Lulled --latcs. lusl Received 150 Keg- Po'vi'er, E. EE. ELF. I'EEE. 10 do line Kentucky llillu Powder. For .ale bv FOLLlJlT & BUADLEV. Sonlh Wharf, Bnilin-'lou, June 17, '15. 3 LAW ITOTIC3. ii. it. & j. .i. iu:aki)ii:v. WT ILL he-reilte-r kce,i oibccnl St All ana. Frank- v Im Co . and Johnson. Lamoil'c Co. t. All business entrusted to tbeircare in 1 ranklin, Lomoille, or adjoining couniies, will I o i luic-tuallv ancmieJ to. 11. R. BI.AUI SLI.V, cir. .-iioans, 1 1. J. J. BEARDSLLV, Johnson. Vt. ICTAddresg either pi ice. G Cash paitl (or Hemlock ISnrk. UfA.M'l' 1), CO Cords ofgool hemlock hark, lur winch 1.1311 will Lie 11.1 iu it rawu within vldav J. MOItsE. nrliugion Falls, July H,M5. G Hams and Lard, for sale hy L. .f C. E. FOLLETT. June 12, 23-15. 2 IILIAS LYMAN, HA VINO just returned from New York, offers .1 choice selection of GOODS fur Ladies Dresses, for the warm weather of July and A 'gust. -Muslin Ginghams, Pruned Lawns, Balzvrines, French .Muslins, ipc. e.c. Spiral Cord In much. Also, Light and Park Col'd Kid nnd Silk Gloves, Lisle Thirnd Gloves. Lisle Silk Edging, .c. Blacl., plain nnd figured Silk Lace, fcr Veils, Plain and fancy Silk Parasols nnd Sun Shade-, Co 11 on du. a Carpel Satchels, Willi and williout locks. A beau tiful assortment of .e.diyi Worsted, Canvass nnd Wursled Nee lies, Assirted colored Cord and Tas. sals for window. Silk Cord and Tnssils assorted col ors for Dre-e', Merriimc and other Ginghams, large and small plud. 100 doz. Coats buperior Cuble Thread, six coid. Burlington, July 17, IS15. 7 , o s f. BETWEEN' tho Pearl Si. House and the Stone Church, a 1IAIII lilt Ci:LF.I will, a red stone in the clasp. The finder will confer u favor by leaving the same at this office. JulyJ7,M3. 7 V ALU A RLE REAL ESTATE VOU SAL 15. f Ull. Subscriber 1 fl'crs for silo the X follow mg properly i The new Brick House and Iflt. 10 College si , now occu. prd by the s ib.cnber. Possc-nion given nnmedia ely if required bv the nun-loner. Also, A Dwelling House ni Wuiooski village, now occupied by Sir. Worinwo.i"lf as a Boarding House, And also 13 Whole Slips in the New Congregational Church in this village, besides undivided parts o( G other s'.ys 111 ihe same Church. NOBLE LOVELY. Burlington. July lb, 1S43 7 iM moral Waters: CONGRESS Water frci'i, receirlns tfreVy (or talc by Gross, Dozen, or singlo . milt' ai I PECK" ;V .-Pl-nii'S, Wholesale Drtifaists, APPENTICES WANTED. AN apprentice 10 ihe Printing, ulso to the Book Binding h tsines vvanitl Bojs .tl our 15 ear-t.dlronitheconiirv nrelcrred. Iliiluigion, Jmm j. ft) C. GOODRICH. Strayed or Stolen jtlMlsj-M 7Is''' I '"' sub'criher, aboui ihe APkWQi s! n,r..Jui"'' a noddling s.ize-1 tKHn ItKI) C0W' I ho end, ofiho horn. Kf IT were awtl tl, wnh- hole iu Jheni foraT.e. Whwerwill r.iurnsaid Cow, or givo infnrinalion vvhere she may br found, at my residence in Whitest., shall ba suimblv rewarded. CIHRLES W. PKTTF.s. Biitlmston, July l:th, 1815. 73 HARD WARE. STHONOS A Co., have receivedand oilernu cxtcniw n.sorluicm ol Ilurd Wire, nmong f which may be found .miner, i ooti. Planes Jack, Fore, Smooth ai,ll Jointers va it's single an I ilniime Iron. Astragals, Held, Center lead-, Dadeie.. Fillisters, fireenn Ovalo Hollows and round-. Match plain s. l!ab' el do, Hj.h do, Plouirh, .Marliing and slitnni Ounge, llrsel nnd Auger ban I'cs, chalk-line Spools, Iron nnd Urn plated braee-, ' Brace's and Bit's in sell, lleviti, Try S'l'tares, t;ummon an-1 coiie-avo Angers, Spur Hills, Center do, .Mela! and wood heail Oiiublet, Box woo I rules, Oluc mil', Coinpne-, Vensuring t'npo-, l.ral nwl, S-rati-h do, Sp'kelJunblels, -und P.iei'i Double and Munlo plain Irun, drawing Kuive., Hand, panel, ripping, ba k, an I key hole -jaw , l-'ile mi l lla-p, slee-l and iron So, inie-s, Screw driver-, Firmer and null w ight Cluel, Socket Chl-cls, (longo-, I la ninirs, Hatchets, Hand nnd I road Axe, Adz, Spirit Level', tec. kc. Middli'iy. SiddleTiee, G g do, Il iioe-, lli'tl",, Pad hook and sfrev.--, Swivil-, Cotkcye, King-, Buckles in great variety, Ornaiiient', lio-etle-, rein and lirea-t Strap, Box woisl and Ivory Ring., Bag frame an I fj-temir-'. Stirrup, Trunk board and nad, Trunk lock and rive'ts, Uu-ind Knives, Puiu-he-i, awls, patent Leather, C irle I hair, India rub! cr C oth. Worste'd wel h, critton do, Blenched and hf. hi I . Yellow end green Thread, Sowing silk, etc. Cnnrli Hard AVarc. Steel springs, Wrnl iron ar'c, Silver and l ra- ph'ed hub Band, (?i a di Lamps, I road and uanow Lace, T'ifi, Vngqon ma', inalhatle Iron easting, Wrcncbe, 1 ra moulding, Hollo,v Auger, Spoku Shave-, il". C uttery. Table knives nnd Fork, a Inrge anrlmenl nsw nnl de-irable pattern nf 2 and 3 pronsc.1 Forks, nnd de. erts to match, in sett of 12 Ur 51 pairs, Carving Knives and furl., Table and Butcher Steel, Butcher Kniv-e. Nut Picks, shoe knive, Pen nnd luukcl kuive-, Scisseir, Sheurs, Razor.-, -te-. ie-. Hrnss (loo Is. Curtm ring, Scicw eye-, 'I bread screw, Flii-h Iran-He-, I'l i-h luitl', De-k hinse. Butts, Lamp honks, Candle slic-lr-, .S'lah fastners, Moriice crank-, S de and end crank, Screw honk, Hat pins, Faucet, stop Cocks, sun lei--, Curiam p n9, Paste jiggers, Screw hooks and Ring-, Pad, Trim1. mid box Lock-, I). oner mid Tci Bells, skimmer?, Cupboard catches, smu Rul-, oc. Jll'ccllancous. .S'liecp - hears, sickle-, Iron Candlestiik', .l.ip'd. L imps, I ed do, Lantern, Ilooe an 1 lunge-. Bed cord, Rope, ash Cord, Iron win1 el-ah, Wire sieve-, nl nndino se traps, Iron nnd Brillani i spocm-, yb ies gite-, t'upboird catches, Bung borers, To-i-ung Iron, l'uaml'd. preserving Ketiles, I'la'e locks, Pullie, Oicil tonc Rollers, Hat pins, Dior springs, '."oppcrwire, Mincing knives, Uonn J and llat no-e plyers, Tobacco boxes, Harden forks, Hc-I serc.v, Gun v.-ornicr-, tttillet iioriU-, -crew Driver-, Trunk, elio-t,c ipboar I, box, and till Lock, Fire Iron and S nnl, Bell spring and staple-, Bed, hee au J nail Hammers trunk Hand'es, Tow, r I olt, ox balls, hand Vi'-e-i, Tweezers, Snu IT', linker trace and po-t Chains Sparnl-li-!, Auger-, Fry pan-, slate-, Cat'iper", Wiicguage-, hor-e Nail, woo I -aw an J frames. Trowel-, pi'-k Am, pewter Faucets, ttrid iron-, same Pan-, Brad-, Sh'it'er lift- nn I s tow, shoo Piae-cr--, Mine lack, Thimbles, awl Hafts, Bed key, P. uton- on plnic-, window springs, sad Iron, Tndors Iron-, Trace Cham', Steel Vnrds, Curry coin'is, hor-e- CanU, Fi'esand Rasps, Cofli-c nidi', 15-:i pulls, door Knockers, D i-l llri-he-, Fancy du, Tooth do, White vv.i-h do, Il.iinki. Lather do, Paint and Varnish du, Hor-e do, Cloth do, Tea and Mn-lin Keltic, garden Trowel, Tea tray-, Mill an lcro-s cut saw-, S m'c beam-, Co in'cr scale, iron Weight, Razor s'rop-, A.xe-, Mahogany knobs, Powder llik-, I nraiii.i Tea and Co Ice Pots, Castor, B.iting spoon-, Fish hooks nn.l Line-, Bla -It-tnilh- Hammer-, ,f-c. .J-e, ALSO, 1000 gro n-'orlej S tow-, 100 dozen Blake- Luetic, 30 " " Esc'Ji. l.atelies,Ro-ewoo-I Knob-, 50 " Mineral ICnolis wiih Laicbe and loi-k, 50 Woulow bbn 1 F-istenings, 00 " Wiiiduvv spring, 550 " Cast an I wrot Iron, dror, table, back llap and window Blind Bulls, etc. Sic. Togeiher with many goods nol mentioned, at rca-onable price, J ine 10, '15. 2 Travelling Map Agents WAN TED. TXlIin Subscriber widies Id cu2..Re in tlio X silc nf liis Maps n number of vouns men of s riellv moral anil biines habits. A capital of from S100 lo S300 will be necessary, and a i-ertaiu distiict of country will be assigned lis eai-h Agent. Unexceptionable leslimonials of charac ter wt I be reqiiriu. S. VGU-VTUS MITCHELL. -Y. K. corner of Mirktl and Seventh St., Philadelphia. May 22. 1315. 51 M. G. RATHBUN"& CO. m c 1 c ti n n t c a u 0 v 0 . H.WE remrneil trom New Vork wilha carefully selccel as-irtlneul of ll!!OAI CI.OTIIS. CASAMKIiES, ESTINGS, and TRIMMINGS, and are prepared to furnish llarmenis at pri.-e whii-li cannoi bilT eonvim-e buyer 11 is a saving of expense a-well o time and tri ulle, 10 have the mate ul furnishet, and garmenu inadcby tho-e who under- stun I the liii-ine-. ALo, Shiris, Bosom, Collars, Cravat-, &e. Ac. M. G. Ratiici-n, C. F. Wino. May, 2.', '-15, ELI AS LYMAN, HA3 received a ruefully sclecied and extensive assortment of DRY GOODS suited lo ihe sea son, which he olll-rs nl rcduccJ prk-cs. .vuiong vvmcii will pe loun 1 llalzorines. Lawns, Prin'cd Muslins, M de La'tnes, F.l.ton Gingham, Fancy Cambtics, etc. itc. Americcn Prints superior style. Hosiery Gloves and Mitts, Ladies Mlk Cravats and Fancy Hdhfs. Pongee. Bandani, I'lag and White silk Hdkfs. India R'i'-bcr, Wt-hb, Knit;aud Elastic suspenders Blown Holland, Jac et Incn, Brown and Whit Linen Drill, Riis-1.1 sheeting, Burlaps, lluckahnck, Russia and Se tch Diaper, l.mcu Damask for Table spreads, Fine Diina-I; spreads, Linen .-heeling nnd Shirting, Hamilton Stri cd and Figured for chil- drens Wear, A large assortment of Broad Cloths and t'assi t im-re-. Fancy Cas-imeres and Vesting?. Parasols-and Sun shades, very cheap, Cullon Shelling and binning Irom 3.4 to 10.1 wide, Ticking, Wadding, Wickmg, Batting, Cotton yarrr and Carpet Warp. Family Groceries. Tea including some exira quality Black Tea. Sugar, f-pices, Cnron. Pepper Sauce, Mustard, Snpenur preserved O'.ngcr, Maccaroni, Buslnn Hard Crackers, ground Rice, Chocohic, She'ls, Coffi-e, Box and Keg Raisins, Curranls, ilc. Ac. The highest Market prrce paid for Butter and Cheese. iv icKware 1 wilding, corner Church and College u MayM. 1613. 52 NEW BOOKS. THE Subscriber ha purchased the entire Stock of BOOKS vt STATIONERY Wlonaing lo V. HARRINGTON, and is now receiving m connection thereto a good assortment of Law, .Helical, .Miscellaneous anil Theological ROOKS. together with n good assortment of Stationery, which is offered 10 the public at prices lotuit the times. R.Ui'i rccclvod In exchange. JAME I. CUTLER. Strongs' I inlding. College tt. May 27, IS 13. " 62 ( lanhonrds finnfl Jl- n,10d L"'r .turPmenant oarH. for JJJJ snlelv GEO. PL1EHSO.N. Bnrlmgton, Jur.e i, M5. Iil'LLION'S Eng'ish Grammar, i do Pra lical l-on in rnali-h Gram, ma , Swttt' English Grammar, KVrkani's do. Sim I.'. do., tai sale by STEVENS WOODS. June 26. 4 Strayed, FROMlheSiibscri'eronthe 24thult, a Red nnd White Cow, with a a'ar in llm forehead, and horn, raiherini lined in, about six year, ildand in moderate ureter. Whoever will return or gi'vi iafor inaltoii re-pectins ta'd cow will In handsomely re muncrated. MOOH RUSSELL. July 3, 1615.

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