Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 8, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 8, 1845 Page 1
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NOT THE GLORY OF OAlSAIl BUT TUB WELFARE OF ROME BY H. B. STACY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, AUGUST 8, 1845. VOL. XIX No. 10 CHITTENDEN COUNTY AGRICULTU RAL SOCIETY. PREMIUMS OFFERED FOR 1345. VAHMg. For the best cultivated Farm, not less than 50 acres, 10,00 2.1 best do 5,U0 For the best do. under 50 acres, not less thin twenty, 5,00 2d best do 3,00 FIELD CHOI'S. For best two acres of winter wheat, 5,00 2d best do 3,00 best one acte of do 3,00 2d best do 2,00 best two acres of spring wheat, 5,00 2J best do 3,00 best one acre of do 3,00 2d best do 2,00 best one acre of corn, 5,00 2d best do 3,00 best two acres of rvc. 3,00 2d best do 2,00 best two acres of barley, 3,00 2d best do 2.00 best two acres of oats, 3,00 2d best do 2,00 best ono acre of peas, 2,00 2d best do 1,00 best half acre of beans, 2,00 - 2d best do 1,00 best ono acre of potatoes 5,00 2d best do 3,00 best one-fourth acre of carrots 3,00 2d best do 2,00 best half acre of broom corn 5,00 2d best do 3,0t) lIORTICULrVIIE. best fire sorts of table atiplcs, not less than 10 of each sort 1,00 2d best do 50 best three sorts of nears, not less than 12 of each 1,00 2d best do 00 best four quarts of plums of any dis tinct variuty ; each variety GO best ten hunches of cranes 50 creates! variety of cultivated crapes crown by one individual 50 besl four quarts of peaches 1,00 2d best do 50 Any other rare or superior fruit, not above enumerated, will he entitled to a premium in the discretion nf the committee. For best peck of table potatoes 50 2d best do 25 largest six head of cabbigo 25 best six heads of Savoy do 25 best six heads of cauliflowers 23 best peck of tomatoes 25 best peck of onions 25 best peck of carrots 25 best peck of table beets 23 best pock of parsnips 25 best peck of table turnips 25 largest squash , 23 best variety fur table use 23 tl tie besl pumpkins 25 largos! do 23 beet twelve em nl send corn most splendid (lower 50 2d do 25 most splendid bouquet 50 best nursery of fruit trees not less than one. fourth aero, 1 tear old and upwards 3,00 2d do 2.00 best seedling nursery of fruit trees, not less than l-lili acie 3,00 2d do 2,00 best orchard nf grafted fruit, consid ering its extent and cultivation, with the variety and goodness uf the fruit 3,00 2J do 2,00 greatest number of rock maple trees, not less than 100, 1 inch or more in diameter, which shall be trans planted this spring, and bo flour ishing at the time of the fair 5,00 2J do 3,00 For best bull 3 years old and upwards 0,00 2d do 4.00 bcBl two vcars old, 5,00 2d do 3,00 best 1 year old 4,00 2d do 3,00 best hull calf " 2,00 2d do 1,00 best cow 3 years old and upwards 5,00 2d do 3,00 best two years old heifer 3,00 2d do 2,00 best yearling heifer 2,00 2d do 1,00 best heifer calf 2,00 2d do ltoo tlio cow Irom wlncli the most butter is made in any tno consecutive weeks in June 3,00 2d do . 2,00 (he best pair of working oxen four years old and upwards 5,00 2d do 3,00 best pair three years old steers 4,00 2d do 3,00 best two years old do 3,00 2d do do 2,00 best one year old do 2,00 2d do do 1,00 uei railed ox lour years old and up wards 500 1 do 3,00 best laueu cow lour years old and up wards 3,00 2d do 2,00 best lattcu three year old steer or heifer 3,00 best do two years old 2,00 HOItSKS. For the best stallion 4 years old and up wards owned or kept in the County the season beforo tho fair 6,00 2d do 0,00 best three years old stallion 3,00 2d do 2,00 best two years old do 2.00 2d do l,oo best brood maro g O 2d do 2 00 best gelding or mare colt 3 yoars old 3,00 2d do 2,00 best two years old do 2.00 !,00 2d do best sucking colt 2d do best pair of matched geldings best do mires SHRKP. For tho best Merino Duck 2d do 1,00 2,00 1,00 3,00 2,00 0,00 3,00 best five owes owned by ono individual 3,00 2d do 2,00 besl five fleeces of wool the clip of the present spring 2,00 . 2d do 1,00 heaviest live weather 2,00 do owe 2,00 SWINE. For the best boar 8 months old and upwards 5,00 2d do 3,00 best breeding sow a months old or more 3,00 2d do 2,00 1 pommy. For the best coop of dung hill fowls not less than six 2,00 2d do 1,00 best pair of raprnns 1,00 largest ilroveoftuikics, none less than 3 months old 2,00 FARM IMPLEMENTS. For the bct horse power 2,00 bet plough 3,00 2d do 2 00 best cultivator 2 00 best roller 2 00 besl harrow 2,00 best threshing machina 2.00 be-t fanning null 1,00 hct straw cutter 1,00 best corn shcllcr 1.00 best horse rako 1,00 best corn planter 1,00 best drill harrow 1,00 best crnin cradlo 1,00 best horse cart 2,00 best ox cart 3,00 best farm double wagon 3,00 best ox yrko 1,00 best pair ox bows 50 best lioo 50 best pitchfork BO be-l axe. 60 best seytho 50 best cheese press 1,00 best churn 1,00 HOUSEHOLD AND OTHER MANU FACTUHES. For Ihc bo9t 25 pounds or more of butter made previous lo the 1st ol July 5,00 2J du 4.C0 3J do 3.00 41h do 2,00 best 100 pounds or more of cheese 5,00 2d do 3,(10 3d do 2 00 best sample, not less than 8 pounds, of loaf susar manufactured from maple sugar 3,00 2d do 2,00 To the man who slnll adopt the best method of increasing I he product of honey, to bo tetcd by its practical results 3,00 To the Lady of the County who will present herself clothed in the I est silk dress, of her own proJuct and manufacture 10,00 be-l one-fourth pound of sewing silk 1,00 2d I est do 50 bct pnir knit silk stockings 75 2d do 50 best do do gloves' 75 2J do 50 best silk pocket handkerchief 1,U0 2d do 50 best peck of cocoons 50 2d do 25 best pound or more of reeled silk 1,00 2d iio CO best 10 yards or more of full cloth 2,00 21 i!o 1,00 besi 10 yards or more of flannels 2,00 2d do 1,00 best 10 yards or more of carpeting 3,08 2d do 2,00 best rugg 1,00 2d do 50 best table spread 75 2d do 50 best woollen coverlet 1,00 2d do r,0 best 10 yards or more of broadcloth 3.00 2d do 2,00 best 10 yds or more of linen diaper 2,00 2d do 1,00 best 1 0 yds or more of linen c loth 2,00 2 1 do 1,00 best linen or cotton coverlet. l.nn All till 4U best ten yards or more of tow cloth 1,00 2d do 50 best po ind of linen thread 50 21 do 2 best pair of woollen stockings 50 2d do bct piir woollen socks 50 2d do 25 best imr worsted stockings 50 2d do best pair worsted socks 50 2d do 21 best pair of woolen mittens 50 2J ilo 25 best sitiu stock I,0U 2d do 50 best stock of other materials 50 2d do 25 best six sh'rt collar 75 2d do 50 best three shirt bosoms 75 2d do 50 bet fur hat - 1,00 21 do 50 bct straw or palm hat 50 2,1 do 25 besl piir of calf boots 1,00 2J do 50 best pair calf shoes 50 2 I du 25 best i wo specimens of tailor-work 2,00 2J do 1,00 best single plain hnrne-s 3,00 . best doul.lo do 5,00 best side of sole leather, upper leather, and calf skin, eicli 1,00 best specimen of cabinet-work 5 00 21 do 300 besi specimen ff tin-ware, not less than 5 or more linn 10 pieces 2,00 2d t'o 1,00 best specimen of whitesmith-work, not less than three or over five pieces 2 00 2d do 1,00 best specimen of blacksmith work 2,00 liddo 1,00 besi singlo pleasure wagon 3 00 2J do 2,00 best single sleigh 2,00 in no ipo besl single covered carriage 3,00 . oo 2 00 best double covered carnage 5 00 2d do Vug Any superior specimens of the Mechanic Arts, not above enumerated, may bo present! d for picmium, which will be allowed in the dis cretion cf the committee. A ploughing match, both with horses and oxen will bo had, for a pursoof5,00 each to com mence at 9 o'clock, A. M. of tho second day of 1 ... 1. .1 , 1-1.., J ' mu cAuiuuiuii, uiu (juaniiiy piuugucu 10 00 one eighth nf nn aero with each team. Tlin doels ion of the committee will bo governed by the shortest time occupied in ploughing tho given quantity, and by tho quality of tho work. Tho premiums on Farms and Field Crops will bo awarded at the annual meeting of tho Socie ty on the first Wednesday of January next. Any person wishing lo exhibit his Farm for a premium, shall mako application in writing or otherwise, to one or inoro of the committee- on Farms, betweon tho first of May and tho first of July, for that purpose ; And it shall be tho duty of the committee at such time or times as they may deem most proper, to examine all Farms on which such applications aro made, and mako re. port at the annual meeting aforesaid, of the pre miums awarded ; giving in the mean timo a ronciso description of tho soil, culture, and man. agement nf the Farms, respectively, on which premium arc awarded. In oflbring tho above premium on Farms, it is hoped, that an honorablo compotion may bo excited, for exhibiting the best cultivated lands and it is believed if this be tho case, much valuable information, derived from the skill and experience of our best practical farmers, will bo obtained which being embodied in the roport of tho roviewir.g committee, will bo rendered availablo and highly useful to the farming com miinity, Tho evidonco necessary to cntitlo an appli cant on Fiold Crons. to a premium, will alto gether bo left to the judgment and discretion of 1 no committee, who in no caso will award a pro inium unless they aro furnished with undoubted proof of the correctness uf tlio measurement of tho lands and crops. Any livo stock owned and kent in tho county for tho three months next preceding tho Fair, may ; be entitled to a premium. iv I'ibiiiiuiii uiimm uw nnmucu Ull (lining 1111' ploments unless invented orimproved by the Wo premium shall be awarded on farm ng irn - claimant, or maiiiilaciured or kept for salo by hnn ; and possessing some distinguished proper ty, which shall rutider them proferablo toothers of I ho kind, in cnuunnii use. No nerson shall be entitled to a premium un less he becomes a member of tlio Society at least ten days beforo the fair. When there is no competition on articles no premiums will bo awarded, unless tho articles arc highlv meritorious. In case of the funds of the society should prove insufficient, aficr defraying nlhcr necessa ry expenses of the society, to pay tho full amount of the premiums uflercd and awarded, such deficiency or sum wanting, shall be deduc ted by an equal ratio from all tho several awards, and tho payment uf tho balance on each shall cancel the award. Hut although tho Biard of .Managers deem it prudent to adopt such a proviso, It should be stated that any necessity for tho exorcise there of, cannot exist, if the liberality of tho farmers and tho friends of agriculture throughout the county, should in any degree correspond with tho importance of tho enterprise or with the in creasing interest therein which it is believed is gaming ground amongst us. I'rizo animals or imnlomenls at a previous exhibition, will bo allowed to compote for tho prizes ; but should tho Fame premium hereto- luro given to them bo awarded, tliov will re- coivo a certificate to lliat ellect instead ol mo prize. It shall bo tho duty of said committees to mako report in writing of tho premiums award ed by them respectively, detailing, as far as practicable, tho particular Improvement, or dis tinguishing property of the products, animals or articles on which tho premiums aro awarded. The Exhibition and Fair will be hold two days, to wit, on the 21lh and 2dth of boptcmbor next, at llurlington The first day wili bo sol apart for tho oxami- . . J , . 1 : , nation of all animals, products, and articles, ex hunted for promiums. Tlio second day will bo devoted to tho Plow, ing match, Address beforo the Society, tho awarding of premiums ; and in tho alternoon (hereof to tlio public sale of all such animals, products, and articles, as any person or persons imy deem proper lo oiler for that purpose, fur the use and benefit of tho owners thereof. Tho Committees will resorvo the right to award tin second premiums Agricultural Hooks ana publications in lieu ol money, in ineir uis. crction. COMMITTEES. On Farms John N. Pomcroy, Truman Chit tenden, and Charles McNiol. On Ftr.LD Cnors Charles Adams, Col. Smith, and Warren Ford. IlUTicr. and Cnr.Esn Andrew Thompson of Koesevtllc, Eliakim Johnson, of Whitehall, and Mr. llicliop of lli.rnct. On Houses Austin Johnson nf Middlehury, S. W. Kcycs of Highgatc, and Malilou Coltrili of Mnntpolier. On Cattle K. 11. nimonus nf blioreham, Samuel Adams of Nortli Hero, John Boyuton of I'lattsburgh. On SiiF.F.r Charles I'.iino of Norlhfiold, CI13. Rich of Suaiuon, and Rowland T. Robin son, id l'ornblir(;!i. On Swing Ilenrv S. Morse, Jonas Chitton. den and Lemuel II. l'latt. On Poultry N.A.Tucker, William Noble and E. C. Lnotms. On MAr:.n Suoau and Hens CD. Kasson, I.avatcr While, and Orville Shaw. On IIor.Ticuirur.r. Rev. J. K. Converse, Rev. Mr. liingham, and Rev. Joseph Torrey. On Orchards NuRsnntrs, & Forest Trees Chauncy Goodrich, Edward Urownoll, and Eltlia Ilitslow. Mechanic Arts George P. Marsh, John N Pumorov, and Timothy Follett. Household Manufactures N. B. Ilaswell, Sunuel 1' leteher, and Pirilo Doolittle Farm Implements George Whitney, John Allen, and William II. Munson. Plowino Match A. G. Whittomore, Peter Kccse of Peru, Samuel Adams of North Hero, and Daniel of Montpohcr A Gur.vr Unknown (says tho St. Louis Reveille) in nn exchungo paper relates, in very touching verse, tho opposite Cites of two early menus ; the little lalu lias u groat moral : One tnok a paper, and Ills lifo Was hippier 1I1 111 a king's, His childri'ii all could read and write, And talk of men and things. Tho other took no paper, and While slroling tlttoiigli llio wood, A tree fell down upon ins crown, And killed liini as it should. Had ho been reading of tho news, At home, liko neighor Jim, I'll hot n con! that accident Would not liavo happened him. SnNTiMRNT. "Heboid, my Flora, how Glorious Naturo looks in her bloom ! Tho trees arc filled with blossoms, tho wood dress cd in ils green livery, and tho plain is carpet cd with grass and flowers." "Yes, Charles, I was thinking of tho samo till nc These flowers aro dandelions, and wlion (hoy aro gathered und put into a pot, with a piece ot good la! porK, tnoy mako the hostest greens in tho world." 'Pete. I waists to ax vou a circumstance, " Whv is 11 mailer's head like a United Slates' Omnibus ? Docs you guv hint up?" "Causo (ley carry passengers outside, "Niggar, dis will 'morlalizo you." 1: A newsnancr and bible in every house. good school in every district, all studied and npprcci.ited as thoy merit, aro tho principal sutinortcrs of virtue morality, und civil liberty. A trrccn roso was plucked a few days ago from u plant owned by a lady of Columbij, S, C, and sent lo tho editors of tho Chailes ton Morcurv. "Tho plant has homo llowiirs several times this season, and it invariably produced iloublo roses of a uniform deep green color iiku mai ui uiu u, John, who was tlio wisest manV ' Don't know, sir.' Yes von do know too. Tell mo.' 1 Wall, I guess it was undo Zok ; for father says Iio was so cunning that Ho got every body to trust him, and wan't fool enough to pay nouoity.' Tlio besl way to euro hard limes ii to cheat iho doctor by being tnmperato i tlio l.iwver bv keeping out of debt: the donia- gogue by voting for honest men ; und pov ",.f. i.,.,ri. . i,,,, na il.n nVm.'mado another donation of S1000 to the Bos i - , --".h. r',"-' ' . . . ter if you wish lo bo Happy, THE DEATH OF'I'IIE CHRISTIAN AND THE SOLDIER. Christian clnrity is ono of tho, brighlest and strongest links in thrt chain which connects mankind : it is the child of love and pity ; and powerfully it invites all thnso kindly niTbctinns and sympathies which adorn tho heart of mm . It is tho " cement of souls," proceeding from compassion, and causing gratitude. Wo need not, therefore, wonder at tho numerous praise of this virtue which wo find in the Gonial ; for Christianity is a system of clnrity, and it came from ono who loved and pitied our race. Our Saviour thiu addresses us : " Give In him that asljolh thee, and. from Jiitn that would burrow of thee turn not thre..rvay." " Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, whero moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal ; but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven." ''Sell that ye have, and give alms." Fail has devoted a whole chapter to this subject, and treats it with a force of language and powerful strain of eulogy that are uupiraU Iclcd. He shows us that charity is something moro linn a more assistance to poverty ; that it is a disinterested a'jd sincere desiro for tlio happiness of man j a forgiving compassion for their blindnes- and vices; a love, true and uni-. vorsal, for our brethren. " Charitv Bufiereth

long, and is kind; charily cnvieth n it; charily vatinteth not itself, is not pulled up, doth not boliavo itself unseemly, seokelh not her own, is not provoked, tliiuketh no evil ; rojoiccth not iniquity, but rejaiccth in tho truth ; boaroth !ti .1.; t.i! ... ,t it.' t .1. -it all tilings, bolicveth all things, hopoth all things, enduroth all things." Such clnrity as this, oMcns'ive';' dijTjjcd among tho human race, would promote their welfare, would elevate every praiseworthy and beneficial sentiment, would establish peace ! Tho importance of this virtue cannot bo expressed in stronger terms than thoso used by thu tamo apostle : "and now abidoth faith, hope, and charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity." Had ho not then good reason to exhort us to "put on aboc all tilings, charity, which is tho bond of perfectness ;" and again, "Let all your things bo done with charity." In his advice to a young Christian, he observes, " Bo thou an example, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity;" and in tho words of another apostle: "Above all thiugi have fer vent charity among yourselves, for charity shall cover a multitude of sins," The mission of Jesus was one of charity and beneficence. lie not only bore salvation to tlio soul, but oven condescended to heal corporal infirmities. " Himself took our infirmities, and hare our slcunosbes." To tho miserable leper entreating for assistance, ho answered, " Bo thou clean;" and at his word the palsied man received strength and igor. When tho wo man, 6Ullcring with disease, touched his gar ment, he said " Daughter ho of good cheer, thy faith hath mado thee whole." The blind he otifo moro permitted to sco tlio fair tilings of carih ; the sick he healed ; and tlio insane he restored to reason. Wh3n the weeping father besought him to recall his only diughtor to life, he immediately entered llio houso of wee and consoled the afflicted throng with tho words, "Weep not; sho is not dead but slcepoth ;" and haling taken Iho young lifeless form by tho hand, he exclaimed, " Maid arise," and " her spirit came again." Behold ing a people oppressed in every man nor, slaves to suparstition and ignorance, his heart was filled with emotion, lie was moved with compaesiun on them, because thoy fainted ind were scattered jibroai ce hhcop hiving no hcpiierd. Does he pronounce a woe on Clio razin and Uelln-aida ! it is only a warning to thus: towns, to leuo them to reflection and amendment ; to cause them to repent and de plore their unhappy condition. And when ho speaks of llio righteous judgment about to over take Jerusalem and tho Jewish people, when ho tells of their obstinate enmity and opposition to him, and his exertions for their salvation, he exclaims with cordial i-cni!orncs', " O Jerusa lem, Jerusalem, how often would I have gath ered thy children together, even as a hen gath crelh her chickens under her wings, and ye would not !" When Herod had beheaded John tho.Baptist, Jesus at once depaited from the scene of peril, and boing followed by a multitude, instead of feeling anger and revenge at Iho iniquity of man, ho "was moved with compassion towards them, and hoaled thuir sick." Ho would not sudor tho adulterous woman to be a victim to lawless violence, but tenderly exclaimed : "Go, and sin no more." BjMlim was hiztrui res tored to tho arms of his sorrowing sisters; and all men who came within his sphere, received the benefits for which they cntroatcd. The disciples learned how to exorcise the Christian attribulo of charity in its most evten sivo form, and also in lliat branch of it which relates to tho relieving of poverty ; for "all that believed were together, and had all things com mon ; and sold their possessions and goods, and parted them lo all mom, as every man had need." "Neither was there any among them that lack ed ; for as many as wero possessors ol lands or houses 6old them, and brought tho prico of the things that wero sold, and laid them down at the apostles' feet, and distribution was mado unto every man according as ho had need." The puro charity taught by Josus, is no barren theo. ry, that does not produce good fruit, but it flour ihes with strength and vigor within Iho heart, and dispenses benefits around ; it enters into every opinion and every action. Macnamaiu. tt7Tho Boston ladies aro holding lemon ade pirllos. A largo punch bowl of water is provided, which issweelened by iho young 1 1. 1, , ., ..! !!... .I. I..!... I.tutes Ull placing tuuir lips iu uiu mini, iiu old maids then look into it, und llio lemon udo is "done did." lion, Samuel Applolnn nf Boston has it her donation ol muuu to llio tic lnn Konl, .vlm. makinu S3000 in all. ion Female Asylum, making S3000 in all HOW A TAILOR COLLECTED A DEBT. A TIIUH STORY. Near tlin closo of tho last century, n Qua ker knight of tho shears and thimble, who exercised his avocation in Philadelphia, was imposed upon by an adroit scoundrel, who contrived to get n suit of clothes on credit, and aflcrwards sloped without paying for thoni. Tho Quaker was loo poor In loso tho debt, hut liko too many others of his cloth, ho had apparently no oilier iilteruativo. The account was placed on his book and soon for gotten. Some yoars aflcrwards ho was ex amining Ids old records of debt and credit, profit and loss, when his attention was at tracted in this account, and nil tho clrcvim stances attending it canto fresh to his mind. Suddenly an odd thought suggested itself. I'll try an experiment,' said he to him self J 'perhaps I may succeed in catching the roguo and getting my pay.' Iio immediately prepared an advertise ment, in substance as folio vs, which he had inserted in tho Philadelphia Gazelle: 'If J C , who was in Philadelphia about tho month of , in tho year 1795, 'will send his addresses to tho Editor of this paper,.ho will, hear of something to ndvan-', Iiwtp. Printers in llin nniiTlilinrinrr Sl.itii nrr ! requcsled to copy.' Tho hitter clause was insorled from a vnguo suspicion that tho roguo had taken up his nhodo in Nuw York. I Haying instructed the Editor not 1.. dis- closo his name to tho roguo if ho should call, tint to request tho latter to leave his nd.lress, tlin flM-it'Of r,,it,t!t, nii'-i ill, ,1 it, n r.t.M I , . . ...v, ,,....,, ..... . o,,,,. experiment. In a short timojio was inform- e.l t.y a no o Irom l ie printer Unit tlio .mil-! alluded to in the advertisutuenl, having arrived irom iNow lorK, migiit uo lountl at a given plnro in tho city. I lie tailor loM no time in preparing n tran script of his account, not forgetting lo clungo interest from the timo lliat tho debt was in curred. Taking a constable witli him, who horoa legal process suited lo tho occasion, ho soon arrived at the lodgings of thu swiu Her. Tho constablo was instructed lo stand off nt a little distance till n signal should in dicate tho lime for him to approach. I ho Quaker now rang Iho bell, when tho servant appeared, requested linn to inform the golillcniiin of whom ho was in search, l tat a menu wished lo spcaK witli linn at tlio "Pnr lie man oueycci inn summons, anu soon both debtor and creditor were looking each Other III tllO f.lCC. 'How does limit do?' kindly inquired tho Quaker. ' Perhaps thou dost not know tun. I believe I havo not had llio pleasure of your acquaintance.' politely answered our ncro. ' Dost thou remember purchasing a suit of clothes several years ngo ol a poor tailor and forgetting lo nay for them ?' asked tho Qua ker. ' O, no,' said tho gentleman, blushing slightly ; ' you must hu mistaken in tho per son. It cannot bo mo that you wished lo find.' ' Ah ! John ! I know thco very well. Thou art the very man I wished lo see. Thou hast on at this moment tho very waist coat that I made for thee. Tlioii must ac knowledge it was of good stuff and well made, or it could not have lasted theo so long.' 'O yes,' sail tho gonllemm, appearing suddenly lo recollect himself; ' I tin remem ber nuw tho circumstances lo which you al lude. Yes, yes I had intended lo call and settle that little bill beforo leaving Philadel phia, and you may depend on my doing so. I h ive come hero to tako possession of a 1 largo amount of properly which has fallen In 1110 bv will. See I hero is tho advertise- nient which has apprised 111c of my good fortune.' Hero ho handed lo llio Quaker a Newhilo tho people, imitating his example, in York paper containing a copy of llio ndver- ttsement wlioso history wo have given above. Tho Quaker looked at It with iniperturbablu gravity and continued ' Yes, I sea thou nit in luck, hut nt my demand is a small 0110, I think I must insit on piynient hoforu lliou comes in possession o f thy largo estates.' Tho proper signal hero brought tho con stablo into tho presence of llio patties, Tho swindler was particularly astonished at the appearance of this functionary, who imme diately began to execute his part of tho drama. ' What !' exclaimed tho roguo in an angry lone; 'you surely havo'nt sued mot' ' Yes, I have,' replied llio Quaker ; ' and thou shouldst bo thankful that nothing worse has happened to thee.' ' Como in, then, said the debtor, finding himself fairly caught ; ' como in, and I will pay you if I must.' Tho three went into the housn Ingelhei, and the slippery gentleman having ascer tained tho amount of Iho hill, paid tt in full. Tho tailor having signed llio receipt, placed it in tho hands nf his lalu creditor, with feel ings such as may ho readily imagined, Tho swindler took it and for llio first lime glanc ed at the. various items of which il was com posed. Ho said nothing till ho came lo the last charge, which was 'for advertising,' wlion ho hioku forth ' Halloo! tidiat's litis 7 ' For advertising!' That's an odd charge in a tailor's bill. Y'ou'ro cheating 1110 !' ' O no,' coolly replied tho Quaker; that is all right. I havo charged theo llio cost ol publishing the advertisement which thou just showed mo.' Hero tlin swindler uttered a horrid oath, as ho demanded, 1 do you mean to say that you caused the publication of that advertise ment V 1 Truly I did,' replied tho Quaker with mnsl provoking coolness. You tuld a ho in it,' quickly retorted llio roguo, ' Conviuco mo of lliat,' said the Quaker, ' and thou will find 1110 ready 10 confess tho fault.' ' Yeu said I should hear something to my advantage, if I would como here.' 1 Thou art inistitkon,' iuiuiodiatuly res ponded tlio Quaker ; 1 1 -111 only promised lliat ., -l l.l-. 1 r, .1.:. -.1 iiiuii suuuieisi iivui 01 aumeiiiiug 10 auvan (ago ;' and is it not lo tho advantage of n poor tailor to collect an old debtt' ' If I can catch you in tho street,' said thu swindler with nn oath und in tho deepest rage, ' I'll givo you such a cowhiding as will not lenvo Ilia urcatli in your hod v. ' Nonsense, now, said thu Quaker; ' If thou really intends, lo do nny thing of that soil, wo had better step out into thu back yard and finish tho business at once.' Tho roguo was completely uon-jilutsed by the coolness of the Quaker, and stood speech less and almost petrified. Now,' s iid tlio tailor good-naturedly, 'let mo givo thco a piece of advice. When next thou lust occasion to get a suit of dollies, I thou had bettor not iittempl lo diou tho pooi tailor, hut pay him honestly, for then ill ihv conscience not disturb thee and thy sleep will bo sweet and refreshing. Farewell !' There is no doubt of tho literal truth of this story, as wo received it sumo time since from llio lips of the Quaker himself. FESTIVAL OF THE ASS. Certain persons in France, who have tust read onough nf tho IJihlo to abuso it, have noticed tho New Testament fact, tint Joseph ,''"!,K,"y "!.c,,llrn sk-'"-'011- ' "u lormalioi. and Mary, uitli the infant Jesus, fled into , ?' ,llu llt''"'ls ,lll!-v remarkable, and some Egxpt; and thev believed that the mother i ,nlP(,l":'l1" discoveries are mado by compar and the child both rodo on mi n, though 'P 'he head of n young ono with that of I n. id. i to nni e-.M i tl.., , !.-,. !'.,,. iiit. "Id one. It has claws liKci I ti o lion and till! llssum(JJ f.Ct ,Cy mndo n relii-ious festival n 10l)l)r 0f ,10 ilsS) .iic, was ,.,'icked bu'r-, csqll0 0f rch"iiin. Tlio following ac- cnnm of ,his ft.sijva is ,.,;cl, from cjg,lr's ., . . a variations: Tho friends of this ceremo.iv had. bv ,leir SU,criui. discernment, discovered that nn ilss .as 10 conveyance of Joseph and Mary, when they llqd for an asylum from Herod in Egypt. An institution, therefore, was appointed for the commemoration of the flight and deliverance, and the solemnity was a pattern of taste, rationality and devotion. li.inusomo girl, richly attired, renrescn te(i lMlirV) w)0 rrom smn fl,;orlng'p0r. traits of her ladyship, was accounted a Jew ish beauty. Tho girl, bedi.uned u ith finery, was placed on nn ass coveicd with a cloth ol gold, and richly cap.irisuned. The ass, accompanied by u vast concourse ol clergy and laiiv. was led to tho cathedral of the , pillisIl, ;n10 cir, who represented the molh- , cr nf G(,d, sealed on thu ass, was conducted into I ho sanctuarv itself, anil into Iho sanctuary itself, a id placed, with J . . ,,10 Gospels, near llio Altar. High Mass ,,,,., . ilMll ,,, tl!,Si ,, VVis a jL,V011t wor. I l,.,,or nn llio ni-railun -. t,, ., e i ! juy. bmIn,) 0 !.,,, .' curta u.,liIo a i.- nin, no loss rntiona nn intervals, I :.. 1.;. mi 1. 1 1 . n sunt; in ins iiKinLi 1 iiu nuiy iiyuill. 1... 1 1... i-.. n .. i 1 ,y,Io6,eo nod devotion. Tim follou ,g 'V 'r'tfshil'on ofour stanzas of tho sacred ode, tn the M.I onian stylo ; though no ver- sioncan equal tho sublimity, sense, and pi - IL'UUitii-u n u vtmi;uf is u iiiuuui inrufnil - Tlio As did come from I'astern clinic;, I1l', inv nsy. He's fiir and fit for the pack at nil times. Sum, Pallicr As, and you flnll yet grass, And straw ard liaj too in plenty." Tlio Ass is slow and lazy too; lli'ijleho, my 03sv, lint tlio whip and Fjiur will make hint cn. him.', I'atlicr Ass, and you slnll havegras-, And straw and bay too in plenty. Tlio Ass va horn anj bred with long cars; lUuIelio, my assy, And yet, he ihe Lord of Asses appears, tirin, father Afs, mid you hill eat M!s, And Mtaw and Iny too in plenty. The ass excels ilie hind at a leap, Ileiglflio, my assv, And f.isicr linn liuuud or hare can trat. Dray, father Ass, and ymi slnll have grass, And draw and bay teo in pleniy. Tho worship concluded with a braving match between tho clergy and laity, in honor 1 of iho ass. ' Tho oflici iling priest turned in the people, and in a fine treble voice, und 1 with great devotion, brayed three limes like inn ass, whoso fair lepresentativo ho was j thanking God, brayed three times in con cert.' Small Bums Giii:t IIi.cssingi. Wo wish our intelligent farmers could bo awa kened lo the importanco of preserving robins and oilier small hiids, as a means of aiding in llioir work. Tho inhumanity which suf fers every I.17.V lubber of a boy, who can re sist tin old king's arm over a stone w kill or frighten every poor linnet that sings in the fields, and every robin red-breast tint dates cat an uniipo cherry, und save n child from tho dysentery, is a short-sighted piece of selfishness. I lieso harmless birds live upon grubs and other worms and insects, and thu slight inroads mado upon llio farmer's crops 11 ru repaid a bundled (old by llio pro tection they nlTord ugainst a thousand des troyets. These birds, if mil frightened, It ill hecomo so tamo as lo perch 011 llio hand, or light on llio plough as il turns over tho fur row. No gued fanner should fail to leach his boys lo spare and cherish llieso harmless anil often tuneful visiters lo his fields urn! orchards. The crows, loo, nature's living Hiuiise-traps, instead of benign tame, almost domestic bird, as in sumo other countries, tvl.ero farmers havu bien latighl thuir value by lung experience, have been frightened into mean pilferers of unwed corn-hills! A good crow is worth a bushel of wheal or oili er grain to llio ncro, and sometimes ten ! A knowledge of ornithology, and not penal laws, is what ourfirmois and llieir sons need to induce lliein to regaid their true interests in this mailer. A cunning wag, day before yesterday car tied about a basket of lltermoinetcrs neatly packed in ice, crying his watts as hu went, with most provoking coolness. ' Hero's your nice, fresh thermometers! all freezy ! Warranted not lo go above freezing point here they go !' N. Y. Tribune. 1 Intentions of marriages' aro mado known in Nantucket, through thu nowspapeis. A good idea. In this tvay every body may know who is going In be married, and much timo will bu saved, which ii now lost in gos siping llio hows uhnut. UNnEn-SKtr.Ts. Tho Now Mirror siys the Uuies now wear-from six lo nine, and some- " . Kill IIIU lllll.l l,l . ,IM .... ... 1,1. ir,,r,n,i;,, 11,, i,i , i,n mton f,,t limAa ,rwf,. I !. (I. a n,l,ln, .inn'l (nil liiIl' lift I . .. looking up such matters. Tin: M.ut.uio.v. It is settler among nat uralists und scientific men, that llio bones f immensely sized animals found in sever i parts of our country, aro the antediluvian remains of tho iWustadon and not thu Kli pliant, us many suppose, though evidently.!' tho samo family. Tho Newark Englo says, that tho most perfect skeleton of tho Ion muco extinct animal to which thu name nl Aliistadou has been given that has ever hem discovered, is ono of the five found about t n years since, in Warren county, in that Slati. Willi great labor and care, Iho different pan of this skeleton have now been brought to gether, so as lo mako a perfect frame stand ing erect on its feet. It has boon put up under the direction of a gentleman of city, and is to ho taken to New York ihc presenl week, nhero il will be ready for ex hibition in a few days. Il is about 23 feet long from the horns to the end of the tail, and ihnut 11 foot high. It is one of the most stupendous animal fiatnes ever beheld. Tho remains of four smaller ones were found with it, supposed to ho ils oflVpring. These weie. not so perfect, llio' their heads and a large portion of their bones aro presorted and ac- 'Ef r,nnd must havo lived on animal food, ".V1'" '"'? 1,or"s projecting forward from the sl cs ' lts mouth would prevent lis eating grass. Nr.W AND IMPORTANT INVENTION A .Magnetic J'rinting Telegraph. Tho ap plication of tills liiclJen jmil mysterious pow er, lo ihu purposes of the rapid transmission of intelligence is yet in its infancy. There, is now in this city, n Telegraph moved by power of electro magnetism, which perforin' that which, in our boyish days, we would not havo believed if wo had road it in the Arabi an Nighls. Wo have seen a specimen of printing done witli the usual letters of tho alphabet, and as legiblo to a child as th" clearest type, which was executed atone end of a magnetic wire, through a direction given at the other. It is true, as incredible as the statement may seem, that a man might, if thu wires were laid, now' sit at Now York and, with moro rapidity than our best com- .,.:,.. ...... c . v... .. , .. i .1 .1 i- 1 .. . lL'ltnr or llesnnlr 1 in Inn nrilinnrv letters nl , our language. In a few days this invention will he made moro generally known, when uo shall he at liberty to sneak of it more. fully. At piesent arrangements aro making 1 1 Tv Pv!US'if,)r lUo perfection of lln patents hcio and in r rtit rm t 1 f l . . tJ, . . I 'yir'J! ' , lu(iolls, . fron, ,, B'llt s fif M our lnqlllljM,e0t xh(:rc U no rcaso ,0 j0llbl , 1 rp.,r.S(.nla,;,)ns ,,,,,, ,laV() leun made to us Iu.l .Itt.-jl,.., 1 M,,V4 119 IIIU III1LIIVUUIJ U the thing itself, now thai il has been discov I ered, carries no improbability upon tho face I of it, il need not hu questioned. The effect nn it,; cl,i,;n . i .,. ,1.,. ..,...: .i,;k,,. l of lhi invention can hardly be anticipated. The substitution of the usual Alphabet for the hieroglyphics of Morse's telegraph, is an import nit and valuable improvement upon 0110 0 1 l lie most wonderful discoveries uf thu age. Cvc. Post. Links. 1 Honest industry Iris brought that m ill to the scaffold,' said a wag, as hu observed a carpenter upon the stage. Speaking of wags what is moro waggish than a dog's tail when hu is well pleased ? Speaking of tales wo always like thosn that end well. Ilosg's for instance. Speaking of hogs we saw one ol these , animals lying in the gutter the other day, and , in the opposito onu a well dressed man ; the first had u ring in his nose, the btlcr had a 1 ring on his finger. Tlio man was drunk; tho hog as sober. ' A hog is known by llio romp my ho keeps,' thought we. So thought Mr. Porker, and off he went. Speaking of going off puts us in mind of a gut! wo once owned. It went off one night, and wo hav'nt seen it since. Cvindeh in tiiu Wor.i.n. Thcro was cast at thu works of the West Point I'oundrv, on llio 12th till., a blast Cvl- !inder 1-G inches in diameter, and 11 feel in length, weighing 10 Ions. 1 1 is intended for the Ml. Savago Iron Company, nt Comber land, Md , and is lo blow four blast furnaces uf tho largest class, making 400 tons of iron per week. Tho lime occupied in running llio iron from the furnaces to the mould was G3 seconds. V. 1". Courier. lIvDuoi'nonr A horse belonging 10 Mr. Ilumy Dielrilch, in Greenwich township, Pa., was seized willi hydrophobia last week, and exhibited the most horrible symptoms of this fearful malady. Ho lore the flesh froitl his hones witli his teeth, and died in raving fury. Ho had been bitten by a mad dog !i9 days before. Two oilier horses uf Mr. Die tritch ttern also hitlcn, and it is said that two childien of Mr. Quinn, in thu same township, had been bitten by a rabid dog. E.Tnonni.viiv Mon.T.U.!TV. It will no scon, by tho inspector's lelurn, that tho mini, her of deaths last week was feat fully large no less than d"d. As was In be supposed, llio increase is by diseases incident to the ex treme hot weather. Eighty died of 'cholera infantum, fifty-fiva of apoplexy, fiflylno of convulsions, und sixty-seven of local inflama tions. Tho deaths by consumption weie forty-five; by ihopsy in the head Iwetily, and by dysentery fourteen. IV. Y. Com -l Household Establishment, A wife three children a good firo in a cold diy n rocking chair and a uettspape. jV, Y. Express, We lliink it would bo an improvement lo lake away one uf llio children, und add another newspaper. Mail. A poor stripling once asked an old genllo 111 a 11 which was the right road lo llio Stats prison. 'Tho one you travel everyday, replied the latter. A man i. known by the cctnpany hi keeps.