Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 8, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 8, 1845 Page 3
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M1DDLEBURY BAND. Wo nppluud tlio good tasto of tho gracilis atinrj class in procuring llio services of this Very respectable association. It embraces some of tlio finest musical talent in the coun try, and we hardly recollect of a more ac ceptable performance on a similar occasion. Mr. Daiistow, tho leader, is ono of tho most accomplished buglo players we ever heard ; and if Mr. Kendall is in fact his superior, wo re quito sure he must enjoy that distinction alone. Our friend lUnnis, too, in addition to his fino musical talent, has so much music iu his composition that his presence is al ways welcome. Out distinctions aro invidi ous, whero all do well j nnd wo will conclude by inviting our neighbors to visit us again, on a fitting occasion. GREAT YIELD OF HAY. Mr. H. P. Hickok of this place, gathered in from two and ono half acres of meadow, list week, thirteen great loads of hay in good order. The Hay was herds grass with a prinkling of red clover and red lop, and the loads aro estimated by tho hands in the field at one ton each. This meadow was cleared of pine stumps, and heavily manured somo tweniy-fivo years ago. Sinco then it has invariably produced large crops, mostly of -hai-and with very little manure of any de scription. We present it as a fine specimen of Vermont soil, and with a view to recom mend to our farmers to manure heavily what land they do manure, with tho assurance of immediate and permanent benefit. Five tons of the best hay to the acre, is something for the most fertile district of country to tell of. CHAMPLALN RAILROAD NEW SURVEY. Mr. Gilbert has just completed his survey between this place nnJ Burlington. Tlio results show an astonishing improvement over that made under tho direction of Mr. Fellon. The distance- is increased about one mile, making something more than 117 miles from Bellows Falls to Burlington. Between Rutland and Uurlinsion. his lino is half a mile shorter than Fellon's, but ho increases the distance is crossing t tin moun tain nearly a mile and a half, thereby saving a great amount of excavation and embank ment. Tliern will be no pr.trlo exceeding 60 (set tu tlio mile, nnd but 22 miles of tint. Four-fiflhs of the embankment at Jewell's Brook will be saved, and one-half of llie cut upon tlio summit of tho mountain, Mr. Gil bert funis that there aio no curves of les than 1G00 feet radius. Tim averago ox " pense of grading and bridging ill not bu 5310,000 the mile. This survev shows con clusively that tho cost of tlio road from hero to Rutland will be much less tho milu than the Cheshire will cest between this place und Winch'-ndon ; nnd from Rutland to Ilur lington, the line, as now run, is upon the least expensive ruiiln vet surveyed in New Falls Gaz. COMMERCIAL? 11RK.U . O V MA ItKKT, July S3, 1643. At market. GI0 llirf Cnlile, 2700 Sheep, anJ 200 JSnine. 40 Href Cattle unsold, i Prices Beef Cattle. A small advance was effect ed, and vc quntca fow extra, S3 7: first quihly, 85.25 '9 5 50 second quality, S3 4? 35,23 ; third quality. 81.23 8 SI 73. Sheep Limbs from $1,23 to S2 ; old Sheep from 81,00 to S2 50. Sine 01 1 Hcg at IJo for Sowc, 5 far Barrow's Shoats 4b 5S, At recall from 5 lo CJc. Bo-tov. Arc. 4. Hoof. There bci'n to 1 e sime movemtnt in fleece Wool, but no litgi files hue been made, and pnYca are not scitlol, .nlc of dif ferent grades have been undo nt Iro n 23 to 33c per lb. on tho 1131.1I credit of 0 nio. Tlio new clip is lomins in freely. Pulled spIIs wiih'n t'lo ranee of our quotations. Sale- 200 and 300ba'esSjuth. Amer ican at 13 lo 14c per lb. C mos. Prime ""axony Fleeces, 33(3 40 American full blood, 34?37 3 blood, 3 1 S 35 1 blood, 31 33 Common 1 blool 2? ft 30 Smyrna Sheep, wnshe 1, 20 ft 22 do unwished, 10 15 Benaasi do G St 12 Buenos Ayres, unpicked, 7 '& 10 do picked, 10 9 14 Super. Xorih'n pulled lamb, 3G 39 No. 1 do 31? 35 2 da 23 W 23 3 do 14 & 19 Courier. Hair if S di , In Randolph, on llie 3d insl., Doct. J. Y. Dewey, of Montpelicr, to Mrs. Scsas L. Tarbox. At New-Cast!e,Pn.,onThursJay, the 21th ull., by the Ilov. Wells Hushnell, Mr. A. J. IIaiix, of Pitts b jrjjh, lo Miss Martha G, daughter of Joseph flges Jr., hsq., of ihe foimcr place, formerly ol Dudlcyi tnglanu. B tl fl, In this village, on Monday evening, the 23th nil Mm. Sarah W., wife of Mr. William Hurlbul, in Iho 66th year of her age. In ihe death of Mrs. Hurlbul, her family, the wide circle of her acquaintances, nnd the church, have sus. tamed no ordinary loss. We saw in her a slron mind, and sound judgment, combined vvilh a benevo lent and amiable temper; a winning gentleness blen ded with firm decision. Although aha had rcsiJed among ua but a few years, nnd during these few years, was too feeble to mingle much in society, these and o'her qualities of mind and heart secured for her tha affection and confidence of all who made her ac juainiance. Mrs. H. united with iho Congregational Church in 1822. She adorned her profession by a steady and conseientiaus discharge of its dutie". Her sri w Mnasmpilnn, eomljinH wllh alronu neuralgic symptoms. She was a great sufferer for many months, but bore her aiifTerings with cheerful aubmission to the will of God, till being attacked with fresh hemmorageef ihe lungs,sjie fell asleep in Chriei on Monday evening at 10 o'clock. Messed art the dead who die in the Lord. In Vergennes, on Ihe24ih of July, Thomas Been. y, Bq- aged 78 years. BURLINGTON THE FALL TF.IIM of ibis Institution will com menco on Monday, the 8th of September, and eonlinua two quailers.or 22 weeU. The several Deparltnenla of Instruction are all filled with experi enced and thorough Teachers. While iho sol d branches, which train young Ladies to habits nf cor rect thinking and make them thoughtful nnd womanly-minded and deeply conscious of obligation, are mado most prominent in our course of .tudy, pecu liar advantages arc furnished for acquiring a correct knowledge of Music, Drawing, Painting and Iho r rencn L-anguago. The whole establishment, both in the department of instruction and the bnarding-hatue.will hereafirr be uider Iho care of the Rev. Mr. Converse who will seek to give to it lh uoiiy. and kindly influence of a well regulated christian family. Term a: Half payable in advance. Tuition, in English and Lalln Branch es, per quarter 6 00 Piano Music, B00 Inelturneiil for Practice, .... 200 Drawing ond Panning, . . . . . 4 00 French, 3.50 Board including rooms, fuel, thrills and furniture $22 per quarter of II weeks, or 825 including wash ing. No admissions for less than ono rjoarler, and no deduction made (or absence except in cases of protracted illness. JAS. W. HICKOK, See. Burlington, August 6, 181V 10 $30,000 CAPITAL PRIZE. GRAND CONSOLIDATED LOTTERY OP UHIjAWAUU AND GI201U3IA. Class No. 55, To bcilrawn at Wilmington, Del., Satur day, August 15, 1815. 1 Prize of 330,000 I 1 Prize at 3,000 1 " 15 000 1 " 2.391 I " 7,500 i 100 " 1,000 I ' ir,,wo loo " 200 20 prizes each of S730, 8300, $100, 83,00 &c. &o. 78 Numbers, 13 Drawn llallots, 26 Tickets in a Package. Tickets S12, shares in proportion. POKO.MOKE RIVER LOTTERY, OK DKIjAWAUU. Class 1G5. To be Drawn at Wilmington, Del., 2cs day, August ID, 1845. 1 Prize of Slu.OOO 1 Prize of 81,123 1 " 6,000 1 1 " 1,200 1 " 3 000 1 1 " 1,101) 1 " 2,000 1 10 1,000 10 Prizes each of $100, $300, $200, 20 of S1S0, &c. tS Numbers, 13 Drawn llallots, 26 Tickets in n Package. TICKF.TS, SI shares in proportion. Class 1C7. To be Drawn at Wilminston, Del,, Thurs day, August 21, 1845. Prize of 80,000 2 000 Prize of 81.200 1,108 200 1,500 10 Prizes each of S100, $30, SCO, $30, 400 of S!3,tc. 78 Numbers, 1.1 Drawn Ilallots 2G Tickets in u Package. TICKETS, $2 1 shares in proportion. D. PAINE & COT MAXAGERS, (Successors to James Phalin & Co.) The imdersijned (Managers nf Lotteries authorized by 1 lie Sln'c of Delaware and t.corjia,) have cttibr lulled nu office in Iho city of A I Iran), for llio pttrpns of supplying orders from the Northern Elites and the tCmadas. Above is n memoranda of Schemes foo next week, civinj the price of Sinslo 'rickes and Packages, wiih I he nmount of the Capiial Prizes in the Schemes. To all those wh" order tickets, a full scheme, civinc llio distril uiion ol prizes, will be pent (when requested). And nfter the drnwtnz, an oin ;iil one will be sent to all purchasers. Thno who wish tickets to sell attain, cm bo supplied on advantageous terms, by applying to llio nndvrsijnid. n. I.. ... tl... nr.a nf lumlniTli. It llflq biPtl PUS tounrylo sell certificates of Puknaes for one hilf the package ntice. Umler the new po'tnue law of ' f'onirriss, a letter containing a package of tickets will not be charged over 10 cents. We will therefore issue ecrlificitos, ns usual, or, il llio purchaser prefers tho Man icers tickH, we v,ill iimrauteo pacl.iucs to draw at least one-half the amount of cost, (if purchased nnd redeemed nl ihis office.) Order", as heretofore, ill receive the most prompt nnd attention, by ad Iressins D. PA INK .V CO., C Albany, N. Y. G. BACK ifW, SICSCZ-SirJT TAILOR. (Court House Squarc,) UUKl.INr.TON, VT. 10 M'CIIESiEV & 3100RE, No. 108 IIHIOKWAN ST., STKW YOItlf, U'JiE DIIA IV EJIS AND MASlTACTlTiEnS ( F rirass, Copper nml Iron Wire Clolli, Steves, Safes, Coal ami Sand Screens. Wire Window l!lind, Ilrusli Wire, Locomotive and sininer wire. ZT CUVCIJED AT SHOnT NOTICE. A'o;. 1-', IS43. 10G Dissolnl ion. rTHlF. Copartner bin heretofore existing underthe J. Ilrlll l.l 1,.IIU. iV l.A.M'll 1,1), 1 lti il.iv io1veJ bv in eou-eut. 'I homa H. Cnnfitld. hivinr p rr.-li.i ed ihe entiio lock nnd intere-t of llahih Landon in the nbovo coiu'eru, will coniiiiue lhu b'luiC's in h s own n.i'ne, at the. old M.ind for merly CKvupi'l ly them. All per-ous having ne- founis wiih the lae lirm ol I!. Lan Ion & Co. nnd Landon & Caufield. may .eitle'he f.imo vvilh Thom as 11. C.iiiiiclJ. KAI.I'U HNI'O.N, TUOi. II. CANF1IXD. Willislon, Aug. 1, 1613. Till t Sill STiber wool I re-peetfolly inlorm the pu' li ! lhal be will,) constanilv on hand at all limes a large a-sortmcnl of GoikIs. I hone by strict attention in I ii-me-s to nurit iImI liberal patron.ipe anu ('oniueiiee wiiicn ltic laio rirm tia. liereiotore eniovtd. TI10S. II. UAXFIII.D. Willi.ton. Aug. I, IS 15. 'I0.v3 Jcdcdiall 1. I.add's Uslalc. WK the sub-cnl er-, having I een appointed by the Honorable llio Prt bale Court for the l)i- Irtct of Grand 1-le, eominisioners to receive, exam ine, mil nJjn-t the tlaiuis nml cVmniil- of all person, anam-l ihe i.l JKDKDIAII I'. LAUD, la'o of ."soitli I'ero in sam i;i-trict, i'ccei.cit, and also nil claims and ileinan Is exhil ileil iu offn-t thereto; do bere'.v give ir lice I lint said e-iate is iopreeoiol in snlyeu', nnJ the term of .' inonlhs Irom the 21th day of Juno A. D. 1815 is allouol bv id Court to the creJilors of saiddeeea-ed Iu and prove their respective claims before us and that we will aliend In ihe lu-incs- of appointment, nl llie dwelling hou-ool widow Rel e.-ca l.adJ in North lie rr,iiKsaid Di-tiict. on the 17ih days ol Novtmber nud Deeemler A. D. 1815, fromDuYltxk, in the loie noon till 4 oVIotk in the tilleruoou on each of aid days. OalcJ al North Hero this 1st day of August A. I). 1813. r.l.l.lAH HAV.N'KS, 1 JOi:t, AI.I.KN, Coininistionera. r.MUU PARKS ) 103 SCHOOL. TIIF. nixtlcrm cfMIsS FLEMING'S S hool f ir young l.adie-, will commence Sept. 2J. A few vacaiiec yet remain to complete iho limited numlcr of pupil. , which in twelve. Augii-t 5. 0w3 BED HUG POISON. FEUC1ITWANGF.RS celebrated Bed Bug Poison, for sale at 11. J, III INl'.lllCKG &, Cu's. , I'.lliaiion H-. Austin's Katatc. BY virtue of an order of Snle mado by the Hon. ! Sulinun Wires, .ludae of Probate for the di. Irtct ttt Lamoille, oulltorminfT inn In sell so much or the' real es aio vvtiereoi ihe said Austin dud seized, aa will be sufficient In rniso llioa nn ol e'J9 30, I shall, on llie 1st day of September, 1615. al 9 o'clock, A M., so'l nl public miction, at thu Inn of Uranus Meech, in Cambridge, iherquity of redemption belonging lo sail estate in tliegrisi and saw null, and privilege nnnexed therein, and Uwclling-houre near Cambridge Borough. 10w3 E. P. STEARNS. IIINESBUKGH ACADEMY. Rcnrgc I.jman, A. .11., Principal. rpllH Academical Yearof this Institution wtllcom- I inence on Monday, Stpl. 8th. It consists of Iho terms of 22 weiks each, Tulllon. S3,00for n whole Term, 81,00 for n half Term, and SO cts. per uctk for nny lime not exceed ing 0 weeks. T. W. G1BB. Aug. Clh, 1843. lOvvG Sliccp Hacks. Till, Subscriber is mnmifacluring a superior arti cleof SIIKIU RAtKS, io which he would re spectfully call Ihealienii' ii of llie wool growing com munity, as they will lind it much to their advantage to use this kind ol Rick. II. P. OKWKY. Ilurlinglon Falls, Aug. 1, 1813. lOtf i ; LOCKS. BRASS CLOCKS, AT HKDUCUD PRICF.S. Ve desire to inform farmers and oihers, dial we will sell In litem the best kind that there is mado of brass Clocks, and wooden ones also, al lower prices, and warrant ibeni, than ihcy cun buy ihe common cheap ones told by P.dlarS. To those who with lo purchase by the quantity, Ihey will be oM much lower than usual, at near New York prices. We would particularly request those wishing to buy lo call and look for themselves, and not rely upon the misrepresenlatians of others. Aug. I1RINSMAID& BROTHER'S. Cash I'nirl Tor Wool. AT SOUTH WHARF, by Aug. 7, '45. FOLIETT A BRADLEY. VT. CENTRAL RAILROAD AN Aesmenl of Five Dollars on each share in Iho Vermont Ccnlral Hail Road Company, has been ordered by the Directors, payable on the first ,ay of September next, and applicable to nil Stock holders who have not already paid upon each of ihcir shares to Iho Commissioners. Payment liny be made nt the Dank of Montpclier, or the Farmers & Mechanic- Hank nt Burlington, or nt Iho Treasurer's O.lice, No. 17J Tremont Row, Bos- "J"-. HAHUI.t. II. WAI.I.KY, JR., July 29. OwT, Treasurer. SELECT SCHOOL Tor (Jirls & Boys. MR. A. A. PAHKIUt wiil commenco his Fall Term, on Monday the first nf Seutember next. Instriic-iiuiis tilvcn in all tho branches usually taught in vcaucmics. TUITION : For F.nulisli Branches, $3,00 " l.iniriingrjs, 4,00 " Writinrj, 60 School Knums over A. S. Dcncy's Store west side Court house square. Sn l 'l.'iphoards. 1 fl Ann FI'KT clear stuff pinnOl.ipbnnrils, lUjlUU Ju'y 31. STRONG'S & Co. Lnnon Sqitfczrrs, 17011 Hotels ornnv plieo where lemonade is mido, 1 sold by BUINSMAII) if' llltOTHElW. MESSRS, BRINSMAID & BROTHERS v KIJ rcct-iin n more hcnuiiful nsorlinL'iil of Goods for I ho mi miner nnd fill trade limn they have before liod the ulcasuro uf cifUrin2 to their cus tomers. Amongst thu trooiN arc a jjreat variety of uoia i-nam. tvairiiea. rencim, otuo.. new style L.a men, Knanielod, nnd Stone Pins. lVe have received a few more nf thoc splendid nnghsh Pins nnd Kin?:", a beautiful nsstuimcnt uf Inkstands, f-'mclitpe!, Fnn cy Uillet, Note, and Letter Riper, Cnrdo, Tissue Pa-pt-r, Letter Weighers. Hjcrituires, Tulie, Ptirnp and other pnclut nml debk InkMand, Mnynard if Nojts1 nnd other rood Inks, iiheirield and other cood Calu Hasktts, and Spoons; TortPK Its, J'xir Boilers, Hunters Dunking Insli. Nut Picks; iSenlts, Dim dcrs, PrntraclorSj nnd other inathcmnticnl instru ment! fine pen nnd pocket Knives. Olazur's dta iiiondit mil files nnd brushes, tecl elillcltoo, pocket cork screws, tweezers, crumb brushes, fine Fan., soft tooih brushes, Fly Hooks, Kin glasses. I'nrpet lias, Daguerreotype Lockets, Cases, Ac. Silver Forks, Hotter knives. Fruit knives, ife. j bill and pallor ij'impsf a splcnutd lot ot Horse Acts; cut and ina hoi'nny fumed LouKins Glasses. Work boxes. Parlor hearth' nnd bellows, nice willow work nnd tmelhiii ttnKPts, stone etiiua Putter di he, wnli cov ers and place for ice; ice crcim fieezer. beautiful hair brushes, cood calf nnd ruset Wnllets. nnd a more extensive variety nf new nnd rich coods than is ustntiv to no tounu in me country. Wc have iiist rccfivcd nn invoice of Dunlcx nnd Lev- cr Watches of Alonis Tolling, London inade; also of oilier reputable makers, John Harrison, K. &. U Hce-lev. Jns. Johnson, nnd oihers. Also, fine Geneva nnde Levers nnd Lfpincs, of our own imporntion, of now nnd Fplendid pntlerns, some ri-ady-cnsrd in fold nnd silver, and movements will tie c.iioti in rtruer oi any style or pattern win ted. In the Gobi Waich nnd Chnin Depirtnient wohavesuch nrransetuenis now pufectcd ihnt will cnnble us to pive lniKnius equal to nny my house uhiclt tells eond genuine wntehes nnd chains. An examination of our new nnd extensive nssort tncul of our prices nnd Ihe quality of our Goods, j. respectfully solicited We have made nnd nic ninkinir arrangements which will enable us to aliend with promptness lo nil who call I'pon or send lo for Goo-la, nnd lo innke Spoons, Forks, nud nil silver goods, 1 1' the plain, threaded Victoria or nnv other patiern nf silver ware, in nny quantity, nt thelowest prices that good work can be obtained nl nny where. All the members nf the firm are " nt home," who, with other help, will give their constant nllcnlion In customers nnd their work. Watches, flocks, nnd Jewelrv, and nil articles in the line, cleaned or repair cd in the best manner. liHINSMAID & BROTHERS. Aug. 1st, 1613. 9 L. 4' C. E. FOLLETT, BKO Icavo to rill the "nltcntion of the public to iht ir stock of GOODS, now ready for inspection nt thefrNtw Store, Corner of Maine nnd Water sts., comprising n larce nnd roiuplele as-oilment of Scuionaule and Jmttiohiibtc i ;m atvimiH iiiiv rood , in every variety of quality and price. Particular at tentiun is inviied lo their stock of v Ready Made Clothing, selected with especial relen nco lo the wants of the pii'Hic nud ofTerirm nn opportunity lor setcc ing nny variety of shnpe, colour or quality nt low prices. llroailclo.lio, 'aiicy fntslnurcs. Vostlliss, &e. Tlio nbove loarlbcr with a larc elnck of Moots nnd Sliocs. Indicsnnil 'istes Slips, G liicrs, tf-c. i f every descripiiou.iiiiil a very penernl nssiniuieut of t'rmk irv nud Ulass Wirc, in which are some bean'ifiil sets of Cii'na ware, nfTirds tho mist complete assortment in maikct. The flection of OROO K It I F.S basbecn made wini ureal c.i re, nno latuiiies in want ol supplies nre invited loetamine Ihe sIolk, which coutpri-i snlmost evrry niiiclem ihejine of die viry chotcfst iles-itp- t ion, nu oi which will ueinucl ujion inc most lav or able terms. Ilurlingtoti, July 31, 1313. 9lf Sally Slincr's lislalc. STATF. OF T.IOIO.T. ) TIIF. Prnba'e Court in lli-lrn t f Cbiticn.'eu s. ) 1 nnd f ir the Di-tiict of Chtiien 'en nforesaul: lonll persons interested or con cerned in tlierstnioif SAM.) JII.M:i(, latcofjer sey County, in llie Slate of Illinois, decea-ed, GnEETrxn. WHF.llKAS, S. Ion B. Bagley, of Millon. tn said district, hath filed in nid Court his nnnlicalion. in writing, representing that he is one of ihe heirs of said ciatc,that he holds Ibree fourth parts of ibereal estate of said estate, nnd one fourth part of ihe per sonal esiale of said deceased, ioinilv with the other heirs i hereof, n nd that he is desirous of lioldms the sime in severally ; nnd prnvinsr said court lo order and deerrua division of said esiale nmonz the heirs nnd persons legally entitled thereto, agreeable to their n-Mirs nu imert'si! iiicicill ; Whereupon, the court aforesaid bath and herrby doth nppomi tho ldh day of Auuusl, A. D lata, nl len o c or i in I he loteooon. nt the otlicn 1 1 i in llpi. is er ofsaid court, in lliirhnston, in said District, for hearing nnd dteiding in llio premises, nnd doih fur ther order that notice thereof bo given lo nil persons interested or ronccrnrd in the esiatn nfurrsaiJ. bv puhli-hing l Ins order, inuetlier uiih Ihe substance of saul nppncsiion, in the Tree I res., a newspaper prin led al Burlington, in said district, ibree wecl a tuc. ifssively, lite last of ivhich publications shall be pre vious to ihe lime set or bearing. Dalrd at llurhnt'lon, the 30ih dav nfjulv. A. D, 1313. 9J CIIARI.F.S RUSSF.l.L. Judge. Sally Mlncr-i Itslntc. STATE OF VUllMDST, ) rpilF. Hon. tho Distiicl of Chittenden, ss. 1 Probate Court for the District of Chittenden: To nil petsons ion lerinil in tho estate of SAI LY MINI' II. bale of Jcr acy County, in Hie Stale of Illinois, deceased, Grertino WHEREAS, Solon II. Bailey,ndmiuistratorofihe estate ol said deceased, proposes to render nn nccounl ol his nuiumisiration, nml present Ins nccounl ngnins1 said esiale fir exainini'i.iu and allowance at u ses tin n of tho Couit of Probate, to bo boblen nl the nllirc oi me ucgisttr oi .m.l l ourt, in llu'linelnn Hi said district, ,011 the 1 Gils day of Augu.l,A. D. 1845, al leu o'clock- in llie lorennon, TiirRtropc, jounro bcirby notified lo appear be fore said court nt the '.nno ond place nforesaid, nnd ehow nof, if nny vnu bnve, why iho account nfore said should not be allowed. Given under mv band ul Burlington, this 30th day r,r a r 10, 1 ' .'I ...MJ, ... .J. 93 CHARLES RUSSELL, Judge. fMlK follouing ailiela may be fni.n I 1 and Retail, al II. J. III INEIIERI Wholcsilo 110 ct Co's. Rxtract of Lungwort, solo agent for ibe alove. Down's llalsainlc r.llxlr, sold as above. ItichanUoii's Micrry Wine Killers. Also, Carter's Pulmonary llalsam. SlollieiN llilltl, nnd Itiown's Sarhapaiilla ami Tomato Hitters. Tho above articles sold by II. J. H. it Co , aio a1! warranted Genuine, if not leturn and Iho money is refunded. 9 SMALL I'OX! AFRESH SUPPLY of VACCINATING MAT TER, at PECK vt SPEARS'. - Jiwr ni'CKivp.n, A im j'.xccucni arncioor t;i)C(). by 11. J. IIEINEI1F.RG it Co. WINOOSKI HATTIXIJTT vVOUKS, Fa Superior qualily, for sale at the Manufnctnrcrs 0 puce, uy j. ec j. 11, rr.uiv Cc Co. 1'Olt CIIII.Illll.N CUTIINC. TI'.ETII. SOOTHING SYRUPS for lender and inflamed fi.inni Teelhins Rings and Ornaments of India Rubber) Papillary Oil lor aore Nipples, Breast Oint ment fur soro Breasia, excellent aniclcs for the pur poses NuisingBoiilesNippIeShcls Bicasi Pipes) Nipple Shields, etc, elc. v PECK Sc. SPEARS' Masks. 1 GROSS fine Maskr, assorted faces, for sale by 9 BRINSMAIDA BROTHERS. S. EARL HOWARD, THE PEOPLES' AGENT, WHOSE CHEAP CASH 8 1-OR; AT BURLINGTON, VERMONT, Establlslicd Comprises one of Iho most splendid ami general Stocks in the State. All Goods bought and sold Bttictly for Cash, and of courBo cheap. CMSi-LJiri ION 01' TIIU I.UNGS, Tlin liest meilitir.c knoun In mnn for incipient Consumption, Astlimn cf every stnire. Ilk'edirit? of llie I.UH29. CouhIi-, Colds, I.uer Coinnlnint. and all clifeaees of the Pulmonary Organs, may be had of agents nami'it ticiow. Nature's o'.vu I'icsci tjrtet. A compound llilim!c prrpiraiion oflh Prunui Virgininna ir 'Wild Clicrrv Ihrl;,' combined ith llio Extract of Tar, pnpired bv n new chemical process, npprovei nnd recommended by ihe most disiinguislud physicians, nnd univeisilly ncknortledg ed tho most valuable medicine ever discovered. No (timelier)- 111 No Deception. All pnbliheil l.iiemonl. of cure, peiformrd by tin medicine nre, in etny rrspect, 'lltUK. lie careful nnd cet llie ccr.uino "Dr. Wisi-An's Haliam or Wild OiiLimr, 03 punous mirations nre anroid. A Truly Wnndcrfut Cure, Watervili.e, Oneida Co. IV. Y., Prpl. 13, 1S-1 . Dear Sir 1 nweit to ilienlllicteil lo inform vnu lint in Jnniiary lal I una nltackrd by a very violent cold, eaiised hv worltinir in llie water.'whicli Bctllcl on niv Iuii29. It wa accompanied by n lery severe pain in my breast and side and also distressing eouah. I hnd in nttendance all the bct nudicnl niii in our vil lasej but niter exhniistinz nil ibeir skill to nn avail, thev pronriunced mv disease a confirmed coneumi tiov. nnd ihev one nnd nil pure me up to tile. After i much persin.inn I ent ihe tit of mv nliysiehn to I .... ili.intsiM nu vvir m iifpnv n. nv lit. vvisTAn. i pnrcnaseii m me Acent in our place one boiile, before n i n r half of winch. I bena lo cam sireii!!lh. nnd it was very rv'ident mv enunh wn much betier, and my symptoms in every way improvrd. I bnve now iiscl tluee bottler, nnd am restored to perfal hrnt'h This resnlt is nlone owinu to Ihe iiso ol l)r VVIKTK'N IIAI.SAJI OK WILD Olir.'tllYi nml 1 lake this m-Vl . f rriving von the information, partly to pay you thcMeM of .'rntitndc I owe you nnd partly lint oilier similarly nlllicted may unovv vvnere in nppiy inr rtlltl. vrrv truly yours, JAAU.S SGI . Mr. Paimbr. Drugsist, under dalo of Wntervillc September 21, 1SH. writes; The statement mve n you by Mr. James Sae is well known to he true I y this vltote vommunilu. It rerlainlv was a, most remarkable cure. Thes'leof Ihe Halsam is vety gooil. nnd n nrn' in cures truly flaltering. Yours renecifully. I) D. PAT.Mr.R. Orders frn-n nny ran nf tho roun'ry should be nd- Irens'd In SKT1I W. KOWI.E. No 133 Washington St., Boston, general Ancnt for the Proprietor. AORN'TS, Prc't A Ppear, Tltirlin'ton i Genrep Av res, AWton I Boynton Biiriiit. Ifinnhweh I t.mdnn A- Can field, mtli'ton ; William ltlliads, llichmnnd ; II. I.. Camp, Soir : M. Wiree. frmbridpf : Curtis tv Dutrh-r, SiMhinit S. P. Helfild, Mmtn-li'r ; Dickinson if- Noble. Chetfet ; F. Huntington. I rr- cranes Dr. Hnssc'l, Midrilebury. Sold also hy Druggists nnd Acvnts generally. DmG Diamond Pointed Gold Pens. LARGER assortment of ih vniions makes nnd sizns. natlerns nnd l.rices. nre nncninfrnnd for sain bv the dozen or sincle. Ladice' Gold Pens of neat, nrelly patterns. uj mti.-vsr.i.Mi) iv, iiiiij I'llKIts, FAIRBANKS C4st Steel Hoes, do do Forks Cast steel Sh vels, do do Spades, Iron Shove's, Long handhd do. Hay Ilaki s. Brooms, f-c. &c. 1so, Wooden Ware of all binds, for sale hv I. it C. E. FOLLETT. Waterslrect, June 12, 1313. 2 Health nnd Strength, nn. h. o. iiTriiAnnsON-.s COVCF.NTUVTEn SHERRY WINE BITTERS. !ti7'I bey nre tho onrivallel nnd Cilicacioi . com- pound of a regular Pbvs cian nndgradua'e of the New llamp.lilro Medical Col ego, who b 1. 111 1 te the nil ly of medicine hi prole-, ion. and iheynrchuhly recom inence.! iv nianyoi the most eelei. rale I rnv.ji lan. in the eoMiilrv. n. iVvnlnllv- the BUS I' .MEDICINE EVER OFIT.IIF.D'IO THE PUBLIC, fur Dv.oen- n, Jaundice, Liver Complaints, Humor., vte.nnJde rangeineiitsiifth,. Siomjch nnd Bowels. l'ornletn Builiuglon by PECK vV SPEA II, whole sale Agents, who will firni-h Dealer, nt the gro-s price, alo, by Me.-r.-. Il.Vi:AR..p ARTIH'R. . Ji l)25,S.u,0. RIFLES.

A SPLENDID awiiiment of ihertlel rated Wind. xx fc.or uiiif., ju.t reenvelat the variety Store. BRINS.M.V.1D &. UROI'llLRS. 8 Julv 3:th. Dried Apple, A FEW hundred U s. Driel A'e. f'r snte at I - I.'JVUUV July 35ili. &, SEYMOUR'S. 8 WaKon .Mats A GOOD auorlinent of Waggon Mat cheap fur X 1. eab at LOVELY & SEYMOUR'S. July 25lh, 8 FLOUR! WESTERN Fi'oar of Ibe mo-l npprnycl Brand-, in I!1 Is. Halves, and by ihe Po ind, Inr .ale by July 21, MS. A. S. DEWEY. Compound Syrup of Sarsaparilla. SARSAPA1IILLA has taken a high rank in the .Medical world, ns well in Europe ns in America, lis efficiency in all CutMieous, Scrofulous, Rheumat ic nnd Syphilitica! diseases, &c. e.c., is known to ev ery Practitioner. There nro various preparntions in ciiculalion, but Ihey fail cilherm not conneciing wnh Sarsipniilla assisting inediunc. or to not inutainmg Ihe extract of HovneaAs As.srAuiLLA. 'I be medi cal value of llio above preparndun is already well known to llie community. It has recommended it self. It is made out of the best Ifindur.ii Sirtoparilla, nsdsied by sucn other ingredients as come ncaribt the Sarsaparilla in their medical virlitcs. This Compound is prepared and sold h II. J IIEINEIIEUG & CO. Burlington, July 23, 1313. 8 TO PENSIONERS. VEXSION AGENCY. ) Hank ok PoetTNcr, July 17, '15. S IN pursuance cf an order Irom iho ll( 11. J. I.. IM ward-, Comnii.sioner of PtfV.ion.. notico Is here- by given ibal pensioners re i.bng in llie Couatie!, of franklin nnd I'huien len will herealler lo paid l-v Thonu, Ree l, E-q., Asenl nt Mtntpelier, an I Pen sioners in tho County of Windbam, by Merrill Clark, Agent nt Poullney, 8 M. CLARK, Pension Agent. PATENT IDAD PIPS FOIt II VI) It ANTS, U.1US, c, (From 3-8 Inch to -ft inc lies lu diameter,) PIIII above art nle it highly recommended fr ac. J. curacy nf calihro and uniformity of ilutkne- or the perfect poluh tt Ihe Interior mrface. the nb-Si-n(C t-f leaUn and flaw-., amjl tt aoliditv nnd utni-nal treiifftb, li i o.leted nt ibe iew York iiiitnufnciu ur price-, l y J, JkJ. II. PKCK & CO. UurlMijtoi), 2Ut July, 1845. 8 N IK 1 MACKlMUHi, jut rccritrd by July lOlli. WII.I.AKD'H Uuilrd Males llUtory. ' Uiiiver-sl lli.tory, Allison'. Ilisicrv ofKuropr, Webner", Urge Dic(ionrv in I and S vol. Korjaloby STEVENS WOODS, U'irlington, Jul)- 10, 1815. c In 1839. Noiicu. 'pilIS inayeertlfy llinl I have this day piven my I son, LUI'lir.ll C. I.EK, a minor, his lime, nnd I will nol claim nny of his wnijes or pay any debts uf his contracting, after till" date. TUKODOIU5 L. I.F.K. Si. Georse. Julv 23. 1813. 03 A. HIIWAIIDS' CHEAP CASH D O O EC STOKE. No. 1 1'cck's lMldines. A ccnoral assort inetit ol School, Cliial ami Miscellaneous Books and Stationery nl CITY l-IUCKS. TAT.t'.H from llie Herman of llcliirlcli ycliolilte. by Parke Ooodin. TjOc T.oul'-a Mlldmay, by tho Author oflwo old mens Tales. 12u Mlaiknood's .tlncnzlnc for July 2j I,ailie National Mnsnzlnc for August, 19 Artlim's do do do 19 l'ATHNT POCKCT roller lialance, cxprely adapted for the Atnericin I'oslaae, j2c HAltl'l.lfS lllumliinlcil IJlblc No.33. do Miakcspcaie, 59 nnd 60. The Great National Work. lMtlCtt S3 A VOMfMIJ. I' HA & lir.ANUll.UlD, 1'lnl.idelphia, have jiM J p ih'islitd 'I be Narrative c.l the United Siaio F.xiilorins Ex pedition during Ihe ears IBiS, 1S39, 1910, IS 1 1 and IS 12. Hv Charl: Vill.e, U. S. Commander i.f Ihe ll-epedituiii Ac. &c, in live volumes, vvilh over three b mdreJ illii-lriilion on woud, and niapi, nnd nearly tHfiitysiv lion Ired pase". t'rii i'SJ eai b. Tln elilinn nfllie Narrative l.f llie Rxiilorllli' P.x- noittion eontaint mei elv the same type, pace and "ntter a- the one in nelnvn. I ne ui !nwe lu'ivm-n them ism ilieoialitv nml .ze nl bo paper Ihe Mib-litution of foriy-.even woo.l cu's I ir lint nuini er 01 sieei vigneiie iue m mn 01 Httyf nr I iroe s eel plate-, nnd llie use i.filcven out i.floirtecu imp., four of them n.-, n rudiK'el hcalc. The numl er of line wool cm illu-liatioiu 111 tin. edi tion nearly tlueo h 'iic'reo. l-or nie ty ,. i.uuauuo.t L. & B. haveal.o lor s lie ihe Ua'Hil il edition in nnocrinl oelavo five yel nine, nnd an all.l., containing CI large nnl lini.he.1 lipo cimaving-, einbraung Scenery, I rt rat's, .Manners, u ins, .e. cv.e.j lurty even exq UMlo steel vigntlte. worked among ihe lettirpie.s; ribouitwo h uidied mil fifty iniely cxe e iicd woo lout illustrations 1 b iirlcn large and small mips nnl char's, and nearly Iwenlv-six bundled pane, ol lo ler pre.... Price 323. OHirs for lite above lelt with A. I'.BWARDS, B irlui'.'ton. will I e mi ip'ie I at short nonce. 8 I'ohim'iliii .Magazine for Aii-'ti-l. I.fltriK fi'oni S. T. Ileadlv, price 50.' Cluiac cis of Slialispcare, by Wpliani Haz tit'. price 50- The nrcacli ol rromlsc. I y the author cf "Tl u Ji t" "Marrying Man," ir, " 2is llouiiitiff'n Cottage Ucslilcncc, S'2,00 do I'i'iiii ami Fruit Trees, 1,75 I.ivcininr'i's (inimciitat y, 3 vols. 3,00 (The third Vol nno .obi -cparaiely.) Clark's Commentary on ibe Nevy-Te.lamenl comidele in on- volume. 2,00 While pel fili ated paper, Colored do do Note Paper and Enveloj c, Mourning do do A neiv's-tpplv just received ly July 21, '15. A. EDWARDS 8 T5lt, SAUSAPAHILLA AND TO.MATO XJ BITI'ICRS! This ii.cdicino is lor 6ale bv the proprietors, Whole.ale. .lgcns PECK fi SPEAR, who will supply .Merchants and oihers at the original giosi price. 7 JUST RECEIVED, PAIN r.XTRACTORS, wholesale and retail. X Conistock oi L'o's Sarsapanlla, 50 cts tier bottle. Hay's celebrated Liniment, for Piles. .1so. a new nud fresh supply of the Celcbrnted Sarsapaiilla and "Tomato Hitlers:" to tbos'who would procure the jgenuinc nrtido be sure nnd call at 11. J HEINE- HF.dG.t Co.'s, Only Avintifor the Stole of Yev mont lotk at atiotlui column evplaming its virtues. Sarsaparilla Mead, wholesale and retail, rPIIIti Celebrated Beverage fir warm weather id 1 for sale hy B. J. IIEINEIIEUG .V Co. A Fresi s ipply of Spts. Turpentine, ntso n Ireih supply of Ciuiphene, warranted best in the market, July 17, '43. 7 Iletirv Field'-i r.slale. STATE OF XF.It.MONT, ) A T a Pio'ale Court IJHrtct of Chilteud.-ii, ... A held al Burlmglnn, w'lilun an 1 for .ail Dis'iict ot Cluttcnden, on the eleveethday of Inly, 1615, Pre-enl, the lion. Charles ltu. -ell, Judge if .nil eourl, comes Laara I'ield, ad-mini-tranx ol Ibe estate of HENRY l'IF.1.1), laic ,'f.lercho, iu ,ai J di-trict. de 'ca,d, an I fi'ca in aid Court her petition, in wrttui-, re'lmg forth that tho claims allowed ngaui-l sail e-ia'e, by the cninnii. .loners, nuio ml 10 S 317,55 ; thai ibe ptr-onal e-ia'c ol the -aid deiei-cl, rcni.uning iu Ihe bands t .aid 'idiiimi-tratrix 011 settlement of her a.lmiiii.tratiun ne- co,nliunid co irt, amounted to S573 GO, of which o.l,J,ly hasnnce 'ten a..igae,tity b.n.t court to ttie widow of ihe .aid decca.u-1, lor her own ue; thaljho per.onal e-tatenflhe said decea-ed is in.iidicienl for llie payment of the debt, allowed ngauist said c-tate, and Ihe expenses 1 f aduiiui.iralioii, an I that tt will be nce.-nrv 10 -ell tl e following I'e-cril el real e-iale ofllie i-aid ileiea-c foribal p'irpo.e,vizl about nine acre, i f land, wnh the n;p irtenances tbereol, situa ted in nd Jericho, wlneli wa.eonveiel tn the .aid Henry Field by Oliver Wliinnar-h and Lyman Sump, son, by their Jled dated May -1 b, IE39i an I pravma said court lu licciire her lo ell ald real c-a'e for purpo-e. And ihe .aid ndm nistrntrix, on Iho .nine clevenih day of July, I a 15, filed In ntl eourl her other petition 111 writing, .cuing f .rih that ihe rail Henry, 111 hi. lifetime, comrade I to toll 10 Eliaa B irt ell, ol .aid Jericho, the following de.cribed par cel of lan I. Htualc-1 In .aid Jericho, viz I leginnin. al Ibe norlhea.t vomer of land owned by the heirs of limy nnnien ; inence .ou'ti -tu I'ereo-, ea-i nine chain. 01 links., to a po.t ; thence .011th 41 degrees, we.t eight cliinn. mi, 1 '.'J ijul.s, 10 .1 .iHhc ill a line ol lan I owned by sai I Henry and .aid luirs; thence north -10 degree-, wcsl eleven chains, to a .lake and Moiie. ; Ihenee north dt degrees, ea.t nine chains, '10 links, toihe place (.riegiiinui, coniaining about nine acre, of land; thai to the death ot ibe .aid Henry, he received payment fi r .al I parciJ. ol laud Irom the .aid Elias llartlctl, but die.! witboiu bavins executed a de,l thereof lo the .aid Eha-, nnd was, nl the time ol lus de ith, under ol ligation to deed said land to the sal 1 1 ha, and praying .aid Court 10 gram her licen-o 10 deed .aid laud'lo the rai 1 Eha-, agneably 10 the .la'u.e in Mich ca-e$ made nnJ pro vide I j Wiierefpon, llie court aforesaid doth appoint the fourth in August, 1813, fot hearing and deciding 011 .aid peiinon, nl Ibe oiliccof Ihe llesls'er of said conn in .aid Ilurlinglon, ul len oMoot; in the forenu u,anddoili order thai all per.on. intere-tevl be notified therecf by publication ol this order, con laining iho subs'nme of .aid petitions, Ibree week. .uuv-Hively in llio Burlington I'm' Pres., u per printed iu .aid Ilurlinglon, ibe la-t of which pub. liculioiis iult. prcvium to the .old fu.irlh Wedue.-d.iy in Angu.t, 1813. Given under my ban I nt said Burlington, thU llth day uf July, A. D. 1813. 8w3 WJI. WESTON, llesister. VIRGIL .V JtlCE'S NEW-YORK & MONTREAL EXPRESS Now Arrangement. ON and afltr Friday llio 18th insi., until futilin noiici'. wilt lcne Uuilinttin every Kriil.iypte iiinf, nl 5 I'. M.. for llmSiiulh, nnd evciy WVdnrsdav nllernunn nl 3 1". SI. fur tho North, i'pcrir. Hank .Villi's, I'sikases, l'nrcels and Merchandise of all de scriptions forwarded to any tmrl i f the United States nr Canada with Ihe lit most ilcfiiilch. Panic lar aliention uivrn tu ths collection cf IJriills, ISolcs, anil Hills, farkapca, .Vc. must he left at ihaCuunlini' llooutof Mc'ire. J. J. II. Peck U Cu. llih July, ISIS. -?UDY' IIODK AMI NIUVS I'll INI". 111 lJ in a Ink al Factory I'licca far rath, for sale hy lluthnaton, July 3, '4 1. STEYKS WOODS. Donlisls! Dentisis ! ! n".?.1?'8 "Itb"lt) TOOTH 1NSTBU- I B. J. HEINEBcRO, & Co 18 4 5. LAKH CHMPLAIN. KJ-NEW MlllANGEiinNT.tSi I'AHB TllltOOClU 82, MEAI.S KXTltA, TilM Steamer. HUltl.lNGTON nnd WIIITF. llAI.I. wilt commence running n londay, the Jlh of July, n follow. Tho CAl'T. It. W. SIIIJHMAN, WILL LEAVE Whitehall, every S. John, every MONDAV, ) CTtTI'SDW. V l.l'.M.SU.U .0.' TlirilD.Y,& I'ltlDAY, ) f HA'I UtlDAY At O A. M. I On llio arrival .)f 3 o'clock I of Cars fr. .Montreal. Tin: CA1T. G. rjATIIUOl', WILL L E A V n Whitehall, every S7. Johns, ovory TUHSDAY. MONDAY, TIlUIl-'DAV I DM'.SDAY, & SATURDAY RIDAY, Al O A. M j On llio nrrivnl of) o clock I train of Cars fr. Montreal. DINNER ON HOARD. The above Boats will form a daily line, (ann lays excepted,) connecltnn Willi llie uars 01 1110 vve-iwn and tireenb'isb Bail Itoad nt Troy, and Ibe N. Yor! inorniti" linecf Steamer., buvins Trov comi .North nt 7 o'clock, P. M., by Had Roal nnd Packet 10 Whitehall in lime for Ilia 9 o'clock. A. M.. Boau, al Whi'rlmll, connecting with nil lmo ol K'nges leaving Saraf tr.i in the morning, nnd ihe I.nke George S tain lloal at 'I icon.'erogn, Arriving nt Montreal in 43 hour, from New York and Bo.u.n. conr.ectins nls 1 al Montreal with the Kingston, Niagara FalN, and Bull. ilo lines ol icamor. l lie wo. being iineml nr- ras.e. bv Mat contracts, then boats u not bei'e tnine.1 011 ihe rooto by waiting for connecting mail line-, and have made the a' ove arranseinent for the Sea sun, I eliding it to I e Ihe best that enn 1 e ma le, to ij it the Im. ine.s, us well as the p ct.ure Iravtl. Birlinglon, July 3, 1813. 5 Daguerreotype Clicmicals T) ROM INF. Merenrv Dislilb-.l, Jj " Prepare.', Col I, Chloride ol, Iodine, " Chloride of, Prepared rotten Stone, " Tripoli, II once., Cv.itr ret of, " Indi.'e of, Soda Ilvpo-ulplnte ot, Silver. Niir.ite. Crvslnl.. Dagucrreotvpo pla'.e. all n nblie.. D-iguerreuiype Cases. Anaralus furni heJ to order. t PECK it SPEAR, Burlington, Vermont. Sarsaparilla and Tomato Billcrp. TIti:nnni('i; imOW.N, a celebrmrd cli-miM r,f lioamn, li I- sucrea!tI f"r lliu lirt tunc i" com- binin? llie miMicmnl virtue ofiho u-AfARiLt nnd Tomato. AdI tlio rc-tilt In met the muii -auiuine oxjitvialions of tlie melitMl pruft'S'iun. The whole xesfalJe kinc'ii'iii uet not t'irni-li two'' mi admirahly lopitrify, noitrUh nivl invito rate lliu hitman fytem. The-e Hitter- hau nil the e'erloftho mo-t puwertil p irgniivc when ii-tl in .nifinent qtiiintity, nnd yn nre pi mild in iheir open tion tint they may lepiren lo peion in the mu-t .'elicive health wnh purluct i-afety. They aro very nprepal le to the iatt The nnn.ioiient rnirj-eJifnt ff these llilters it no nviet. They nre composed ofn very -Irons prewar ntinn fiftlie celetiraicd exiract ofSpini-h iSnrs.ipa rilia and the extract ol Tomaioi. wnh theaddmon f f smite of the mol popular vegelaUu mejicines the co mtrv a 'ord. The 'true nl nre.ervins TTciMi and Ptrensth to p-irify the blood and correct the unhealthy Mate ol the Uowel-. For this purpose n Medii'inu hn litMfii foetid fii'siil to the tsarsiparilU anJ Tum.iio fl liters. The-e cxfellent hitters will be found a eeriain fare in all ea-e of in-hne-tion or dv?ie.)-u, lanndiee, lo- nf a;pe:ite, peneral itebdity, f.iinine-"- an 1 i-hiIJiik of the, Unvne- of pinl'1 co-livenes-, de enni ' mtin f hool to ihe h-i I, pain in the Inn) nan 1 side. harrhcei, we.i'.ness, dizzme--, eu!.in?o i- ernptioii on the lace and net-It, hectie fever, wzhl xweat-. nerv o-h an I sick l.ei J.ifhe, aridity of stoimeh, bdiou- af fections, ode-', . an I in all th-eae-1 an-ed l y imp-in v u f tho blood, tho dehdiiy of the sy-!em,cr lite iiiincriiiny Bi.ue i,t i'it; ioniacii ami oovei. Thfi are alo excee hnsle tlTliMeitu. in reitorin eoii'.titiiuonshroVen down fiy Mtlentaryeinpfojmenf, mm mve it en exien-iveiy ien i.y v icri'vinen, un tor-, Primer, Olerl.-, iSe.inistre--e, and unnii-rru other who-e health had been in) ucd by et nlinement nn leloieappli'-at-on, wall ll e happiet rs-ult-. Thev ietore tho niiji of the Mouiieh, mereie the q'lablv oftheblool, and impart to the wan and emieiated tyj-tein of theiuyalid ibe vtror and sb'Aoftrne healih, The-e Hitler- nro warranted to 1 e a n'lrelv Veetn blu eompo-ind an 1 mar', tin, iLjhey cm ncir uo 'lie lei-l iiiiiiry in any t-a-e w'i Thev are I en: by )er-uii'. as a K.M1LV MKIU CIM",and have been dveutotheToUNaE-iTCUILDnEN on aero nit of ibe md-hiest of their oeMiiun, h ex''tien e :e.-t. The foll'jwtnr are a few ofihe nnnv nc.v re; men la inn wlneh hae been tvni to thu proprie'or i f HIIOWVS SIMAIAI1IUL nnl TOUT10 H1T TKlt.S within a hort time. UKMnMHKlt. Alway. a-K I T isrown tf a-incre arccojiiierieit. Mn. I'. Hnnws, I'ear Sir: tlavin? tc-lcd tl vnliif of vimr Sar-nnanll.i an ITonuto Hitler-. I al. pleisiiri? lo ffiu to yon ihe facts of my a e f r oor own .ati-Mction anil llio lont-'it ol ottirrs. 1 iiavt het'ii .ii !ltiii2 with iIk- ry.ijjL-tns humor iu my muV caii-ini mv hiul nnlnrnl lo swell verv miii'li. nn to lie very painful, at the. a. lie time and fur .oine tunc l.revio i., nave i een trounkil wild a we.iK sioiuaen; ino-t .'f niv food ha. hurt ine. nml there has I een n .iniiular f.ntrno.. ai the .loni.ti'h, win -h h.i. I ten in creain, and ca'i-el me inn -h dull -nlty. Attrr I cnmiienied takiu? your Hitter. I could peri-eive u trr.v'ual Hudimmilia!e relief, and would reconuneu I it wnh much eonlit'cnv'eto tho-e who arc troubled with sJth co'iiplaints, Vour., tru'y, w. i).vMiti:r.i.. liaili, Me. May 27, 1313. Ma. P. Ilamv.-j, Dear Sir: 1 have some l.n.epa-t sii'Vrel nun li from Jaundiee nnd ly pep.ia at the Sion a"h ; lo-. of appetite, and Ironl lean I from the least .imple foo I, with pain iu the head an 1 Mil" ; n shunt eoujii, general weakne-s anil iiei.iuty ol the .y.tetn. u-ins a numl er of mola-ines wiihout nnv relief. 1 wa in I li e I m try your Sar-ap trill.i an ' Toma'o Hitler.. 1 rei-eived linine hate relief romihe u-oof one Uotlte, and ft el sr-infied for the tfreat relief I have rei-eied, and would recnmimnd it lo all who are s i.I'eriug from similar f'i-onlers. Your., Ir dv, iKr.or.uu k a. si..ui. LtiN. V. May, 17, IS 15. Ma. F. llr.ow'N, Sir: I am nyamtmiof yo r Sarsapardla and Tomato Diners; It i. an or'i le that i. much tho'idil if) an oldl.idy from 1'iaul.fori, Uer. kimcr County, .ays .lie ha. been eontined lo her hou-e forseen year., and this ha i nal led her to uet t ui. Several in tl is city tay that it i the LoI incdi. ine ihey hae ever taken. lle.i-e tend ine a fresh .upply .mn, a. I have not a lotlle in Ihe More. Yo in with re.peet, J. I'.'. W.Ul.Mrtt, II. I". HAY. Falmouth, May 29. I3ll. To Mr. rirown. Chemist, llo.ton. I eerttty that my wile ha. I een aflhi'led with a very I al h imor on her face, nud at her stomach, forlit'een yinrs pa.t. Af'er u.iur; arious inevlieinei itvom lueiide I for complaints w nil Imleor nol enclit. sh,. i-oiuineiii'iil nmiis by the auviie f Mr. Inward Jla .on, Apoilieeary, your S'ar.apirilla. and Tomato tin lirs, nnd she is no vin Ivtter health, than .he has le. fote enioyed f..r the la.t filtecn jearsi and I would cn'crfutly recommend to all nn.) everylioue who i. allhcied with an) of the complaint. w eo tin. inedi elite i re. ominended for, In u.e it in prefer nco to nn arluie now in inc. Yo ir respecuulli, J. H. U'.ACII. I'yriland, Me. June 5, 1811. I Itrrt Co.MrLAt.NT, can heeunsl without rcoriini; to iiiereiiiy, if you will only me Ilrown's Sarsaparilla and Hitlers. To Mr. fiedene. llrown, Proprietor of the Sar.apa rdla and Tomato Hitlers i This eerlihe. that my wife was .cverc-ly afflicted wtu llie i.ivcruouiplaint.niiil her lieilih a.ety .e. rlnusly mii'ernuiml. Ilavinrr lnl variom nre.rnn. Hons without success, .he wa. forlnna ely induced lo try your t-arsiparilla nnd Tomato Huiersi herhei-lth scon ln'an 10 iinnrove. nuil .lio is nnv ini'li hno. in health, and woul ladvi.cony one t ill health lou.e lueiii. i our., re-pee'luilv, CIlAULrS CAULI All orders fur the above Medicine addressed to Proprietor, F. I1IIOVVN, 69 Washington Ik, Oosi Iho lioston, itit-.i no), puucium niieiiiiou, PF.CIC A sipKAH. Wholr.ntn .1 fnr nnrllnT. inn ond vicinity. Vat sale nlso hy Oeorce Ayers.l .Miltnnt Itnvnton & llurritt, llinesburahi Undonit Canfii'ld, Wilhston ( William Uhn,lfsJr Klchtnond 1 1 Martin Wires. Cambridge) II. I.. Camp, Mowej John ii. unwman. v eriiennes t VYi tnm tv. iusstn, .iiia dleburyi S. P, Redfield, Montpelier. Sold also hy . Drucststs and Ajents jsnerolly. II per home, or 6 bottles for 83, July, ISIJ. 'yl ' MIIGVS' PATENT FENCE MACHINE. II. 1'. DUvVHY, WO-,LI respectfully tiolify .iho public that bo ha' rrtiimcl lo tlml.ngton alln. nnd recomtnencMl mntiiiriicluritiB Iho PATENT FENCE. Ilo is no pieparcd lo fulfil all conlrncts that were tinfulfillnl in conteqtttnce of tho Into fire, nnd will bo happy I serve old nnd new purchasers with some of bis vim tie uf Farm, Oitden nr Ornamcntil I'enee. Owinj to the advantages derived in the uo of lb.' above improvement, he is enahhd lo afford n nent nnd beautiful fence for yards and gar'en, at inuctt less expense ihnn llie same can bo got up for in ni.v oilier way, while for durability It is nol excelled bv nny in common use. This valuable improvement was first brought nut in Western New Votk, where .1 has gone into cxlcnsivcuse, and lias reciived the nj -probation of lim Mayor of the city nl Buffalo, wiii many hundreds of the first ngricu!tiirin nnd mini 4 in that part of the Stale, nso of Gov. Hublorit, Doc Jams, Judge Churchill and many others In Nei. Hampshire In (act wherever il has I een introdiici.l il has bun highly approved. A. n Farm Fence ' cum' in8 inoro advantage tlian nny oiner unco evir used. It enn boused without pottt. nnd is llifreforc nntnfTectcd by Ilia freezing nnd henvingnrihegroun" Il Inkes less lumber than anv other kind 1 f fence, Is certain protection ngairi3l nil kin 'a of cattle, j not Iit hie 10 gel out of repair, cuinof ie btou-n rotcn, isenfi' ly set up, laKcnoown nnu reinoveu, wiiiinni injury. j"No Farmer thould be icilltoul nl least 1, suffi cient quantity to throw around Ins fields of grain ai.d sta.'k yards. 2 Winoo Kt uny, June I.', ISIj. Bi'rit.is0TCN, July 5lh, 1315 iMr. II. P. Dewet, Sir 1 As ion have nsW-d no opipion respecting Ibe suital teness ol oor I'atJtnt 1 fnck or r.rnaioen'ni purpn-e, 1 worn 1 remari. inui 1 have nseilsonio of yo ir lir.l quality IVnco a!a n a 1 oltagi'. netted lie last Mar.nn.ltbal 1 like it yen" well. Bv Vie nes, nnd putting on a ban. (loih item, eo-ttng only about s.1,50 per lod,) -I mikes a neat and duranle riiatnenfnl Fence, nt about two-thirds the enst 1 f rnrj.i cf the o,htr !.ind of ornamental Ftuee in common 0-0. JNO. K. CONVERSE. The nndfrsianrd having had some practical expt"'" nice for the past year in thcu-u of Dewey's I'ortab. Fuld Fence, can very cheerfully bear lealimnny in !'. favor. 1 consider il admirably adapted lo Iniertalt v siil ject lo severe freshet., and find 11 very cnnven.ei : in n variety of enscs where n temporary fenccis neei'-t ed, I used it the past winter 10 enclose a yard 01' young cattle nnd hotses.nnd much to my surprise, it sullercd no injury whatevr though nn unruly In 11 shook his head at it, occasionally. I bavc no besit . tion in saving lliat every fanner should hnve more nf lessofit.' UDNEY II. PtNMMAN. Colchester. July B, '43. IV'titlon lo sell Land. STATn OP milMOXTt) r a Prnlmw Di-tnei of Chnteiiden, . ) . Co-irt held h' Ihtrlincton within an I for -aid district of Chillenden, on iheelcenih day of July, 1313, Preent, tho Hon hnrlo-. Iti--ell, lude of nld eouit, eonie Laum, PiELt). ol Jerii-ho, in Mini rli-' rift . who n tinanhan 1 1' her minor rhildien, David l r eld, John II. Field, Uaehel I?. I'-eld, and I-oui-a S. Kiel I, nil of said .Jpr t dio, an I hied in -aid eourl her pennon, in u ruins? , -et'ins furli that her said ward nre eizcd in their own r slit in fee, a- tenant, tn common, ot two undi vuled third parts f f the follow inj; de-en' evl pircel of land, lyms ia ni I .leru b". heffmnnt at a -take anJ -tune- in the uih'.tt corner nf land o.vnedl y Hen ry I' ield, lateol said Jen ho, dect-aaed, a' ihetinleol ht de-.uh, saidg'akehtani'inj tn thenri-jmal I me I Ciween -nnl Field'-. land and hind of . Wriirht : thence nordi 4fl?, we-t SOehaina-'fJIink.-: tlifm-e imnh lls,ea-t. 9 chnn- 23 Imk-j theii'enonb 79a, ca-jt 2 bain- 14 lml,9, to a b-.itterniit lite thence north A03 ei-t 20 chitn CU link", to a Mil e -tan bna in a Ime I ft ween ai I ii-l T nnd W ruhr land : then e n uth di3, west S chain-10 link-, to th-j place of heirninmc, containnii lcj acre ; that it would be I eneiicnl tu a n I ward-, lo have their inlere-t in -aid parcel ol land a 11, and hue the proceeJ-of mi di -ale inve-te.l nt iti'ere-t or in other real t-sta'e; nnJ pravmg a d coin lo uraiil her license tu n-11 ?aid usirdV in'ere.-t in ni 1 paiccl ofland. for the purpo-e nf. rc-ai I ; U HKnhiri'OV, the court aforeaid doth anromt the fourth We Ind iv in Au?u-i, 1315, for hearmiranl dtutdnt on -ai I petition, at the odiee of the HeiNier of -ni I co rt, i l -aid H irtinsTtcn. at ten ovh ek in Un lorenoon, nnd doth nr.'cr thai nil per-i ns la'erestta temttihed tlurcofiy pul heatiun or llu order, con tainiu? the sj,-taiueot said neutron, thiee wctk . lecfissiveiv in the HurnnjrtDn 1 rce Pies-, a new-pa et nrmled i i tail Ilurlinglon, the last of which pub icaiiun. to I e prtntuu-to ?aid fourth WeJne.-day in Au i-t, 15 13. (Jiven under my hanJ al said Ilurlinglon, Ihts Ilia day of July, 1S13. 8w3 WH. WKSTON, KezhUr. llatns and Lard, for salo hy u. r- c. u. polLett. June 12, 2315. 2 niJAS LYMAN, HA VINT! just relumed from New Vrtk, afllrs choice seleciiun of GOODS for LnJici Dresses, for (he warm weither of Julv -Mid Ansust. .Mnsbn (.Jtnzhains, Primed Lawns, UUorine?, French Hushns, tpc. &ct .Spiral Conl to milch. Also, I.iqht nnu Uotk CalM Kjd nud Silk ! loves, Lisle Tlncnd Gloves. LhIo Silk 1 dj.ntr, Vc. Ulacl., plain nnJ fi.'ured Silk Lace, fi r Vt lis, I'hin and fancy Silk larasi)U ond Sun Shade-, C-'llnn do. Car.joi Silchels, with nrd without locks. A beau-, fifut asaortnitnt of '.eilijt Worsted, Canvass nnd Worried NeeJIiii, Aisr'ii cloredCord and Tas si I f r windows. Silk L'ord and Tamils aSt)rted col ors for DrtM-e, Murrumc and other Gumbaiu, hirco and F'lt ill phid. 10J tioz. Coat 3 s.ipcnur CubU Thread s.x cord, , llurliuiitnn, July 17, 1315. 7 a superior Ait nn.R run (jol'gms, .VXD AI.I. l'UI.MONAUV COMI'liAIXTS. PP.l.P.UtL'D I'ltOM hliCTAULL3 ON I.Y, HIIIS llal-ant is o'er.-d to the public generally, .L Irom ;i full convicton tin' it i. superior to any other inoihetne now- in u-e, for the eureol various dis eases ot the clit'-t. lis e e.-is were lirsi tcs'ed tu prt- va'e rai-'u'c, nnd the mislictne niiire ex'en-ivelyrir-eulated at the e.irue-l .olu-itude ol many, who receiv ed the most .itrnal lenefit from it, tn J.sea e. at onco dtstre.-ins and al irininj. The prconrer of ill's Hal sant 1 n t r -everal year, pant pnrtK-iiar a-teu'ion tn oulmonary cotnplaini-, ly win-lnncr tho r progre., iuvesiuaiinrr their cau-o., nud eaict illy uo'iiun z the e'ei-is of tho numerous an I in ..t approval renie'ies wlinh have I ten preenhed hy phvi uaiis of nil or der, a well a. il alnio-t ivery pa'ent med.eme ever o'ered lo Ihe p iMie. Dm, oii'iauf il tiril, p is f illy .liuwii, tint tho Compoim I 1'ilmonar" lla'sim will not in the eompari.on wt h any of llie ItaKams, Con jh Dro.i-,, or Jiyrup. ; I u ha . in nu niero' 8 ea e-, Kainc! ihea-ivui'e.t y ns a c ira'ive, in the lollovviius couiplaini. ; C n-umptiiui, Asthma or Pluhistc, Wlioopin Ooiiali, Meiii'e-, (Catarrhal 11 'ec tion. of the luna-, Hydrothorox ir Dropsy ot th clic.t, luQi enza, Croup, Sputinir tf I lood, pain in iho S'de, Shnriiie.s of lrentti, and common eold... It re.'ulatcs Ihe natural nvreiioii. of llio system, pro cues a free ex(.ei torotion, and o'lay. niorl id irrita bility. Heme its great rtiTtv, ill nil ili-reses of iha I'liiss, As the C"inKiund P-ilninnry Hal-atn ha lliu. lar e t iblisbed nil unnvallcd re..uiaiinii where it has 1 een mod, ii i. l.o.'ivl lint p will prove a h'e.inrj in eomniunity, in prolont'ins life anl u.ldinj lo in eon-foil.. ' I'rom Dr. II. Vuirchild. Mlltoa, IV.-For ihree year. I hive mod Pr. Car cr'. Putim nary Ua'fam in mv pm 'iii-e, nnl am .auHei tha' it i a e mpinnul wilt adapted to lun? comphini, am' cnlule.1 lo tiiui V relit 1 eon.tder n a .ile tnehiine. and one that I can cor hally rcoommeii 1. I wou'd, In wcvtv, a Ivi.e 'he n(lh el to con-ull si me j tdicioit- phv.teinn us tn a preparatory cour-e, or an u-n.iant ineil earn n. as J i In,. k the .aiiauve m.lucn e of 'l.e ren cly wo Id thus lemmu sure. II. KaIUCIUI I), II, O. Milton, Yl. July 23, 1313. Tins may eer'ify tint la-l .ummer I was n'ta' cd vvilh a severe eo'iph, -pilling nf Hoc', andpamin the .ide, which rtslneel me rapil)y; and, a. my lather' fam ly haJ dial ol the eon umpiion, I epecel to fol low itu'cs-1 found lel.el .oon. I therefore emplejeJ llie I o t phy-teisn. in these part-, who jtnve me no relict, anil all appearemes indn'uted a .p.-edv di..o. I lion, B it forlunittlv I innimimiisl In' inn Dr. Cartir's Conipi und I'ultnonary llal-am, and -oon be san in recover, and hi a lew weeks rc.-aitio I my u.ual health. We have u el in n ir lamily con.i.'eral le of San p-on lice l' Ycge'ah'e Pulmonary lliham, vvl h h nave hut temporary nli'f. I vvoi.ll looniuunl Or. Carter'., as iein? .upenor to ItcelV or nuy other mcdii'tnel ever triol. for di-taies ol theluni?-, rvra for children. One of my children w as lately taken wnh Ihecroup, mid was am tl curiM oy tavtni; iir. CanerMlaUaiii. I think every family would do well lo Uepa mpply, nnl u-e it freely when trouh'cl with roushs er cold-; even vvlitn takini ajo irney I cor. aider il prndcntlo puta bottle in my irun't, farfear I - . may ueea u. ... ...s... n.. Newbury, April IS, 1555. Wholesale anl Retail Ajents for the town of Bar linglnn, 0 P; J. IIEINIUIERO Qr.