Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 8, 1845, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 8, 1845 Page 4
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Dli. TAYLOR'S BALSAM OF LIVERWORT. Piticc REovtcti Large Mottles 61,50! Small, 81. Dlt. TAVI.OIl'S DALLAM CI' I.IVERWOHT, from 375 llovvcrv. N. V., Irr the. CUKE of CON SUMPTION and LlVl-.R COMPLAINT, COUGHS, COLDS, 1S.0. Read the following! , .Stonisoto., Pec.dth, I8II. Dran DncTont Keeling of gmt tiide lo you, sir, n the nil y mean, blced bv Divine Providence, in pcrfe'ctlv ic-toring l he'nhh t.v llie u-e (if 1)1!. TAYLOR'S BALSAM OK LIVERWORT, which I ptrch.i-ed nsmit a yeir nun ni your otlico, No. 375 HOWT.HV, N. V. an. I nl-u tho liojv of I oni iittfiis my Mlnw creature, who, like myself, (it thai iiini') nresufl'crmir cither from CONI'lli'UI.D CONSFMP TION Oli COV.pI.UNT, uio my reasons lor now voluntarily forwarding a simple tlctntl ol my ease, since. cly hoping tint I Ins narrative, into though plain, may induie' I Lo thousand ol others similarly n'lfacled, to nse rlio ..into moans lirnily lo-lievin'-ihcy will I o cn, rally bleed, mid thu I o pre served from a prcinat ire grate, to which ihcjaw ol in-aualo Death ha iin'imcly cun-igned tin rinds ol 0'ir moo, who ihonghllcs-U suppo-cd lliey hail only n slight cold, with a little cough, that would soon get well ol'ilself. About tho of Much, 1SU, I caught a severe c'ohh from vvhich pleun.y ciiuc I, nn I vvu confined to my be I SEVENTY I'VVS. About the I.ith June I w.n able to vi it New York, in quo-t of further ined leil all for a viuVnt pam at intervals in my right side, slid ilder and elm ilclcr blade ; I remained in all about -u'oen iliy on ler the ran of an eminent phy sician, an I received some relief, but ho (li I not re move the inlhut'iiatioii Iroin tho Lung., and in July the coigh beoanit vory violeat, nocompanii-d hycx pes'torating largo quanti'io- ol Ph., or purulent mat ter, from which there wa c"irecly any cessation or ret, except a few hour, repose in the night, tiro lured bv strong opiate-j I was con'lneil to my room Iroui Till Nov. lo the 2l)ili Ajiril. I) uia x Iho.o live month I was rel icel in lles'i to 103 pound-, some 10 pound, le than natural ; 1 hi I four ulcer form ami I teal., from each of which I rai-e 1 a' out a quart of bloody matter. I no'V 'ointnence 1 taking ilniorent kind ol Syrups, Pills, ll.iham', f.ozengesaud Expectorants here follow the uiino ol Javnu's Expcvtoinnt, 30 bottle. llilaiin. &e! A-c.1 but all to no purpu-e; my onuzli eoniinue I lnecs tut, so that lei tvvcon ti n ml expectorating I was not q titt five min ute at n time dining llie day. In O i. ( I 1313 I eall cd upon vm at vo ir oiliee, 37", BOWl 11V, an I pur-cha-cd I'OI'l IIOTTI.I'.S of imir 1)1!. TAV LOll'S IIAI.SAM OP I.lVI'.I'lWOIIT, having lir-urd mueh ol it. Von ti 1 1 me if 1 would eon'inue to u-u it s'eaddy, it woul I ooitauilv euro me, am) it I pot out o! it to send al once for more. 1 tool, up all the 1 olllcs, an I wn le'ieved ofthioo'igls, pam in ibe fide, client and shi-nMer, and it cat aid me to epee torae vcrv lieelyj 1 pureha-e.! another I utile alio it the I8lh Man b,vhieh 1 took oe.'asiuna'lv for a lit tle eo ish, excepting win di, at lbl time, I'wai quite rcnova'eil in be ilili, leilina trona and hcarlv, ami weishniir MO doiuiiJ (vi ur iiiUlliltii .vimuon ol cure). I remainel quite well mud the month of May, x ni-ii ironi expo-iue i too1; a vio'ent eel i. wtiieti con niltl lue to nty lio-i-e three wtei.-.. I nl om e -enl to New Voik lor more IIAI.SAM Ol' I.I Vl'dlWOIl T, and then roi.iired meihrru bottle-'nt your II kolrsnlc i.siaitiirimcnt, .mi. to water ft. t;eiore 1 Had iimi! them up. July found me Iree from all eoujb, wloch has not ine letiuned, and I movt tiimlv ! eheve that throuah the l'rovi.Vnu' of O. d, Mil.' TAVI.OIl'S I1ALSM OK I.IVIlltWOIlT HID AND HAS UU.Mfl.r.n I.V ClUtl.I) Mi:' audi nlsolelieve it will cure any one ho-e l.uiifr are a'ieeted, it they xvill tale it acrrrdinir to yonr .''re.'t'eas : I do not mean for them to ti-eo:-ly one r two bottle-, but would moat eatne-ily say tal.e it s-teadily, even if it ehoulj requite lifiy fott!e&. In eonclnsiou, Pear ir, you perceive 1 have I ccn nek fonie Hventyeisht month-, an I none ol Ihepby Meiau at home or a1 road, however .Ulled, woli whom I eon-nlte I, eould ive me anv permanent te lief) ne.iher did the l!AI. MS, (eveptin? your-,) Syrup, l.oense, l'owiler-, I'dl-, Kx)ei'itraiii, anil ill. lereut other liqui I preinraiii n-, of which I lowed about SLVLN'I V-KIVII HottU-9, five any better encouragement todecliuinir hope. Iliuini; thi' time, n near n 1 could calculate, I expee'orated full SIXTY OALI.O.VS OK PI'S, OR 1'UIIULKNT MATTKI!, and ino-t cheerfully consent to the pub lication of thi9 statement of la'ctc, wherever ill any way it may I enelil mi .'erni'j bum iniiy. (Signed) Ill.UUKN C. IIA.NCOX. W.M. P. CIII'IICII, beTIv.' duly sworn, ilepo-c-and ays thai he bus een intnn.itely acqnainte I with iltuboi C. Ilancox about ten ear-tand know biui to 1 e a resident of i-tonincic n, Conn., and that be is n man of mlcei-ity, on who-e word the nimo-t reliance can 1 e placed, and that the statements in the aboe certificate piu stiiicili tube, and the i-iznaturu af fixed is in lr ban I writing. (Signed) VM. I'. CiIL'R';lI. S-vorn Lcfr.,-.. m.. til. n.. ICH W. KA.MSA V, Oom. ol l'TOl-. Korsale by PCCIC &. SI'l.'Alt, A sent, for Bur lin'tnu; U'ni. liho.'e-, I'ii-hlnond ; J. II. 'Power ! Sou, Uu'ierhtll : A-a I'. Ooe, Kairfix t Geo. Aver A- . -I. c. i. ' W IMMslV,t . for liar A. (V CO., .Mllt( li j'ltfi HOSTON & M:V YOliK nnunihw iiAciiRLDon WOULD inform his friend- na I the tui! lie that be has returned from New Vorl; and Uoslon with the niost couiplclu assortment of jsoots aiw s nons. I-ndics' fi liter Hoots, all c lor-, " ll.lf(i.ii:crs do II L-I.II1-, do Welt do " do WalUini Shoe, " bVcncli Kid l!u.l;uis and Slip', 11 White satin shoe-, tlenllemen's Ca'l Sewed Iloou, 11 Kip peir-red dn " Seal do do " Cowllldo lltl 11 Hroan, " Ga.ter;, sow'd & pe'r, " Li.iiua. do Jlii-es Ilooteesand WalUinj? Shoe-, " ' lluskms, all colors, Iliys' 'llrogans, penned, all kinds, Youths' Kiji ItusWinn, " do Bootees, all colors, also That lie Ins brought from New York a prime lot r( French Calf klnsi and Oak Tantuil Sole I.eallier ol a s 'penor quality toany ever I eforo cf lereil in this nntket. I hive also u iirt rato Bopt Maker, and a u .antitv ol h. I nm lolly prepare! to unn if.icture nil kinds ol wor' lo i itn-r in Mien a manner us cannot jail totrtve lull sap l-factioii lo all who mav favi r lue with their patron, oae. They will be iM m the owe-t prices lor cah llurlmgtou, June '.7, 1815. Hiipprfinc Flour, V Iho most approved brands in barn Is and hilvts V for sale by L Water St., Juno 12. 131j. & U. i:. I-OLLniT. Hay Ual.cs &c. i nn noz- ay P'a'-cs, LUU 20 Doz. lior.e ltnl,e, 50 lloxe Cunnmu'ton's cclebr.iie l scythe f,n,ne'' .n J & J- I'LCK.if. Co. Juno 18, MS. i NO TICK. Powder at Kcducotl Prices!!! WILLlc kept constantly mi hand.lroni Ihemost celebrated .Mill, m ,0 Unin-d States. Jliat Iteceiled 150 Kes: I'oudor, K. KK. V.V.K. VXAT.. ,10 da line Kcntuel.v llillo Powder. 1 l '"Y 'J, , ''OI.I.I.MT A llltDLi:V. isoulh Wharf, llurlinstou, June 17, '15. 3 LAW 1T0TIC3. II. It. & J. .1. iJlI.VItlisil.UY, W ILL hert.ilier kceponicesntSt. Albans, Kranl.. tin l,o., ami Johnson, Lamoil'c Co. . All ouiucrseniruicu loincir cure in l- ranklni, Lomoille, s., u .jwiinu wuiiiis-s, ,vnii u i nneiuaiiy attenced to. II. It. Bb.AItDSI.f.Y, S7. Albans, IV. J. J. BIUItDSLI V, Jvhnion. Vt, CP"Address either place. o Cnsh paid for Hemlock Hark. VyANTKI), Sit Cord, of gool hemlock bark, . . oir which .isn wiii ue paiu ii orawn wiiiini l jroayi.. j, HUIISK, urlinglon I'ulls, July 1 1 , Iff. o VALUAlil.U U11AL E STATU mm sai,b. Flllin Subscriber rIKrs for site the X following properly i Tho new lliitk IIouso and Lot, in Collrjje s( , now occu pteu oy lliu siitiscnbcr. 1'ossessinn given linmedia'cly if renuired bv Ibe nurclnspr. yllio, A llwillins Houxoai Winooski villaie, now cccupted tiy air. Wormwood, os n Boarding House. Aliclnbo 13 Whole Slips in the New Consreirailonn ( nurrh in this village, besides undivided pans of G oilier sups in me same s.uuivui. NOBLK LOVr.LY. Burlington, July IG, 1815. 7 JMineral Waters: CONGItr.SS Water fresh, receiving if (or sale by Gio. Dozen, or sinclo lotile, si I PKOK & SPKAIt'S, Wl.olctalc Ihuvgiitt, Mew York Ady'ts. rSwELr& on. oiossyT And Oilillmlmlc Surgconr. 2(11 llnoADWAV, Corner of Warren Street, NT.W YOItK. CIONITNK. Ihetr practice to utsr.Ar.9 or Titr. cvr:, ' Operation upon thatOrjrnn and it. appendages, and to all Imperfection ol Vision. Testimonial, from the most eminent medical men ofKuropo nnd America. I'efetenee to patient, have I ecu per. lectly cured ol Amaurosis Cataract, Op'ithamitc, Xcbutic, or Speck, on the Kye, Stritbisuuts, it Squinting, eie. AnTtlKIAI. to in-ertel without any pain or operation, that cannot n-distiniruished Ironi Ibe natiual. Srr.CT.vctr.s. Advice as In the kind of Ola-se. suitable to particular defect.. Per son. l.r.stDis'o at A rusTANCi: can rtreive advice and medicines by describing their taseunder tho lollovv ing heads. - . I -3 i ' j . a. 1 SsiJ; .. !; 7 3; i 2 c . ' - s i! : " ' sr?i73 1 s I h r. I f f V t- 4 " - . l Zlk B V fi i i 5 2 ? V t : i c j : t ? ! g r i s !. n ir . : S s e, GiuG CLAPP & KENT, Wholcsalo Dealers In Domestic AND IMPORTERS Or No-. 8j Ci:tiAn Stiu'.iit, nnd 123 BnovmvAV, NEW YORK. Cr Tr IIAVINO now permanently lo vy. c.iteil tlienische. a. al'ov-e, I etr to call the attention ol bujer. in Hit. vicinity, (particu larly tho-o subject to a strong home competition) to iut ir moi is oi foreign and Domestic Staple Dry noiils. Their sile.will bo con luctel Uion a cisli bast, their nriees alwavs unifor n and llieir icnresenlalion candid. Doiu? a Inrso trade with the. retailer, ol New Vol It, and ii si mmiedi.ite ueiahliorlmod, their stock j. nrce-sanly large and complete al Jl sea.'ons of the ycir. (Kor this rea-on lln y le-peellnlly as'c your order, 1' . .-mi; iiiviii-i i hi exeiuic nil ill ill Mien .1 iiiuii' ner ns wdl mpire eontidenec nnd nulcee a repetition Ile-pecifully, 3-ltu CLAPP &, KKNT. TAMSiS S. I'lllKiUSOS', Commission Produce J Merchant, 31 Water Street. iral cash advan ces made on cotunnmenis. lltlcrs to Jlissrs. K. A. J, llerrirk, p " Draper, Aldrieh it Krink VNcw York. Pope Catltn, I'sq ) Messrs". Phillips &, Cuylcr, All any. May I, -li. J9mfl n tr a T3i -rj's. o vTItONCS & Co., have received, and o.1ir an O extensive assortment ol Hard Waie, amongst w liieh may be found Joiner Tool. 1'tancs Jack, Kore, Smooth and Jointers with Mnirle an I double Irons. Astragals, Bead-, Ccnti r 1 elds, Dadoc., Kilbsters, flrecian Ovalos llolluvis and ro::nJ, Match planes. Ibib! ct do, S.i.h do, I'ltujh-, .Marl.mir and 'lillmj Guatros, I h sel nnd Auger ban lies, chalk-line Spool, Iron an I Brass plate 1 brace-, Braces and Bins in .-ett-, llevils, Try si-lure-, Common an I concave Augers, Spur Bills, Center do, Meta! and wood bead (Sim! Iits, Box woo I rules, Olue pot, Compas.o, Mt.i-unns'l'ape-, I rail awl, Scratch do, Sp !.o tinnl lets, Kind Paper, Kiml le and -inch; phut Iron-, drawing Knive-, Hand, panel, nppiuz, back, and ley holcs-'aws Kilcsan 1 Ka-ps, stttj and iron Squa'ics, Screw dr. vi r-, I'irincr mid mill wnght Chbcls, Socket Cht.cls, (Jouge-, lla.mucrs, Ilatche's, Hand and I'road Axe-, Adz, Spirit Levels, Uc, fie. Saddlrrv. Sadlle Tree, Ojg do, llauie,, Turrelt, Pad boo'., nnd -crew-, Swivil, Coikeye-, Hitvj-, lluckb-s ia irreal varieiy, Ornament', llo ette., rein and breast Strap-, Box wood and Ivory lltngi, Bag Iramcs and ft-tenm, Stirrup., Tiiink board nnd nail-, Trunk loci;, and rivets, Uo'ind ICnivo-, Puntdie-, nwl, patent Leather, .Juried Inir, India rubl (r Cic tb-, Wor-tel we! b, cotton do, Bleached and bf. bid., Yellow anJ green Thread, Sewing til k, ece. &e. Coach Hard Ware Sled spnmrs, Wml iron axles, Silver an I I rass phtol hub Band, Ccaeh Lamps, 1 road and uanow Lace, Tufis, Waggon mats, iinlhallo Iron casting, Wrenche-, l ias, mo ildin, Hollow Auger, Spoke Shave., &e. Cullcry. Table knives and Forks, u large assortment new ntil natlerils of '2 and 3 nronseil I'oiks, and de-erts lo maieh, in eti of 12 lo 51 pairs, Carving Knives and forks, Till lo and Butcher. Steel-, Butcher Knive-, Nut Picks, shoe knive, Pen an I tiocket kuivc-, Scis-on-, Shear, Ilazor-, &o. lie. Itras (ion.U, C irtia miss, Screw eye, Thread fciew, I'lii-h handle, Kh-h hot!-, Desk hinge.-, Butt-, Lamp bonks, Candle Mick., Sxsh fastners, Moriieo cranks, Side an lend crank-, Screw hooks, Hat pin, I'nuiet., nop Cocks, sim ler-, Curlain puis, I'a-te jigger., Screw hook and Kings, Pad, Trunk and box Lockr, Dinner and Tea Bell-, skimmers. Cupboard catcher, .ait Hod-, Ac. .Mlsccllaiinm. Sheen fbear-, skkle, Iron Candlestick", J.ii'd. Lamp, I tl do, Lanieni", Hoo,. an I hine. Beil cord. lioi... Iron wire cbuh, VVire Meve, rai and mouo traps, ...... .in . i nn i -ui,u, .uui.i-es gate, C ipl.oird catches, Buns borcis,Toa-iing Irons, Knanil'd. preserving ICettlis, Plate lockt, Pnllie, (inn I tone P.i Her-, Hat puis, Doorspruiss, '."upper wire, .Mincing knives, Round an 1 11 it no-eplycr, Tobacco boxes, (arden fork, BcImtuvs, Oun wormir.., Bullet moul l, screw Driver.. Trunk, ohe..,, box, and till Leek, I'ire Irons an I S ands, Bill spring and Maple, ...-.I-, piiv.-.iuii nun ii.iiiuuer iriini. naniiics, I ovvrr boll, ox bills, ban I Vices, Tweezer, Sou ler, Halter Irani nnd po. Chains Sparables. Aimer. IVe nan. sI.ti... r?.ll......t Wiregua.-e-, horre Nails, woiKlsawsandframe's, ... i. .,.-, jicwier r.iucets, (irid iron-, sauce Pan-, Brad., .Shutter lift nn I s -rev-, boo Pincers JShoe lack, Thimble-, iivvl Hafts, Bed ley., Buiton- on plate, win.'ow pring, sad Iron, Tudon Iron., Trace Chains Steel Vards, Curry comb, hor,e tiar.l-, I Ves and lla-ps CofJeo mill, Bell pull-, door Knocker., I)u-t Bru-he. Kanev do. Tooth do. Whitewash do. Hairdo. Lather do, Paint and ..niiiaii ui.j i ior-e no, i;iotli oo, Tei and .Ma-lm Keltic, garden Trowels., Tea tray, Mill andcro-s out saw, Scale beam, Counter scale, iron Weight, Razor stron. Axes. Mnliomie knot,. Powder links, bni'aiiu Tea and Colli-e Pot, ( a.lor, I asing spoon. Kisli hooU and Line.. II In, Ii il I. . Om...., .. ' iij.unirrs, ilc. ipc, ALSO, 10(11) gross n-for: el Screws, 100 dozen Blale. Latcbe-. in ii , 'f li.l-nlelies.llosowon.l Knobs, tn . K"0'" w'1'1 1-nehe and links, 60 " Window bbn I Ka.teuings, on vviuiliivv 'prinzs, 55IJ " Cast an I wrot Iron, dror, table, back flap and window II bnd Bun.. A. ... rni i n nia"y eot"i" "0l '"cnlioncd, at June 10, '15. ' n M. G. ATIIBUN & CO, ill r i r fi .1 it t r.-iimm Hi , , , ,.' s ...S. S J, AM. returned from New Vork with n carefully c l s v'vmmm.'s. n7.m.'.t:!'1. J'f "POAD CI.O I IIS, ", l.o I lixiitf, nil. I TKIJIMlAliS, 1,,,,a,0,r,e'ar r'!"l,l, l! "'em. at price, wlocl cannot bul eonvince Uiyersit ia a saving of oxi.ensc a. well n. nun. nii.l Til l.. i ' . . ,. . , . i ivmih, iu iLivo mo mate i.u turn'.heJ, and garmenti made by tho-e who under stand Iho buslues. Also, Shin, l!o.omf, Collnr, Crarals &e. Ac. Moy, 2J15, . Window Sash. aTlF all norU and H7.a for .hIh In and sizo. lot HKO. I'l'Tifncinv lltirlingion, June IS, '15. Extract of Lungwort. TMi: ONLY njHK. FOR CONSUMPTION AND LIVER COMPLAINT. IT should 1 e resorted to by nil who are pr 'disposed to con-iitiiptiou, or troubled with ncouzh or cold, nishl sweats, a-thina, paiu in Hie side and,dilli citlty ol brenthintf, tiglilne-s nnd sorencs aero... Ike chest, bronchitis liver complaints and all alli.ctions of llie pulmonary omaus. The following needs no comment. (IreeiiielJ, Saratoga Co. N. Y. Mr. C. J. Hoo-evelt Dear Sir: The love ol life urge mu to make thi eil'ort lo obtain some of your medicine, a. I believe it will cure inc. I will give a statement of my ca-c. About lour or live month ncn 1 wn token with a I ad cold, and wa very house, in consequence ol working m water uhile lunldiug n saw-mill, (biingn mechanic) nnd wn. under the doe tor', cue nl oul four weeks, nnd cot lo I cable to walk nboiil, and tried lo do n little work, winch I rought on n altslil bleeding of tho liuigs. I n turn ed home dispirited and mc It, Tbu next day while it tinj by llie tire, a blood vc-sel bur-t in my lutiirs, and ci innu nceil blecihua very fn-t. The doctor happened to be near, and ho did evrry Ihing in hi power lo lop the bleedini', nnd finally mcccedeil after lo-tng near a quart from tny lung., and more frcm my arm. But tbi did not la.t'bui a few hour, my lung were so snmodic the doctor conlJ not conln 1 them, nnd an I nights continued lo bleed, until ibeie wa no blood H run ; when it cea-cd it left me to weak I could scarcely breathe or Hr. I lay lor n long lime in one po-ition, until my lunas hcale I, nnd I Icffuutngam n little Hienglli. But about four weeks ago a relapse came on and I hie .1 ngam at the lungs, n iut continued tocough and raise large quanti lie of bloody mater everyday, and wa rapidly hastening to the grave. My friend and neighbor bad given up nil hope nnd told me I must die. My physician could ?ivc me no cnconrnircinent except that the luttiis were not yel ulcerated, and all hope, of rccoviry cone, until one of your pamphlet weic giv en me ile-cribing Dr. I.nibor' I'.xliact ol Lnuiw.oil. My neighbor obtained a boillofor me, n a lai rcorl, but with very littlo hopes i f I doing me nny good. I have now taken it about a week, and strange to say, from llie lirl do-e I look c f it, I began lo mend ind my health I letter every way. My nighi sweats have nearly cea-cd, my strength improves, my ralsinss are les. and bopeisngain K-vivedj but my medicine i nbnost gone, and I wish vou lo send m'o two bottle- iinmediaielv, and if I recover, I will do all in my powirto spread the new that consumption can le cured. I remain voui, &c, CIIAIM'I.V D. Mr.Dlir.lill". 1 or further proof-cenicd teal I ooU in band ofihe agents contnuung ix-rtifiraiu, if-e. All peranna de unng the agency of the will plea-e apply to the pro prietor, C. .). HOOSHV'LLT, 8IJ State St. All any. AG K NTS. PHCK it SPK.AIt, Burlington, Vt. It. I.nndon if. Co., Willt-ton. W. Ithodes Jr.. Richmond. Boyutin it Burrctt, Hii,e;burgh 21-Iy Satltllc, Harness, and Trunk nia Ic i ni?- Thavo taken the Shop n few rods F.ast of the Court limine, and near Skinner's Livery Stable, where the public can find nny thing in my line of business ofns good quality and as cheap as can be procured in Burlington. KOIt SALII, one Doubln and three sreond hand Sinsle Waggons. SAM'L S. SK1NNF.II. Builmglon, Jlav 30, IS 13. Bjif raiiUin, (Jarrino iIakinr, &c. si'Ain.inNt: a itu-si:i,i; CONTINUH tho Painting husiiuss in all its vari ous btanebes. nn I solicit a continuance of tho public patronage. We have also commenced CVIllllAlii; .UiVkl.Mi, and arc prepared lo make loonier any kind of Car riages or Sleighs that may bo wanted, in a first ralo maimer, and cheap for cash. Itepiiring dono on short notice. Ail kinds of produce taken in exchange fur wmk Call and see fur voursclvcs. Shop on Shclbtirn St., opposite llie Amciican Hotel. Burlington. May, 1813. 50mG n. o. spACLntso, s. ti. hcssell. Sarsaparilla and '1 omato Bitters, 1 I'vr impurities if the lilonj, ClIirtONIG nnd Constitutional disease, such as ' Serol da or King Lvd, Ulceraiion nnd Corrn. hoii. ol, Nose, Cheek, Lips, L'ars, and other pari of the body; Pimples on the fice, Scaly Patches and other eruptions of the sktn ; Bile. Siur vyandoiher Seorbutie nlleeiions Itheiunatie niltc tnnsj While Swelling; Pain in tin. Bone, and Joints, IVver Sores, obtinvo. ol 1 sore, of .ill kind-, Scald Head, Salt Ilheum, Itingvvorm and other dis ease, nri-iug fioin nn impure date ol the Mont ; also, habitual Co-tivene-s Biles, Chronic affections of the Liver, Lungs, an I Che-i, Pain in tho Stomach, and Side, Nighl Sweat, c. 1S.0!-c, for Di-peii or ludige-tion. Costive-nes-, Jauuilice, lo-s if Appeli'e, Wcaknes. There In never bicn a medicine which ha given ui h general halisf.ietioii lo l'Jiy-icians and others that have used them. Sold Wholc-ale and Uetail by the General Agents for the Slate cf Vermont. 2 B. J. HFINKnFItfi &. Co. NEW STORE. WOULD respectfully notify the public that lio has nnenel n Store 111 the rooms lately occupied ns tho GICUMAN STOItK. where may bo found DRY GOODS, fi it o c n it 1 v. s , ami Crockery. A choice article of Tea), Sugar, Coffee, and Jlolasscs; Flour, Sail, Pork, Salmon, Codfish, Mackerel, llutler, Cheese, Fruit nnil Spices, Part CnsA will bo paid f ir n good article of nutter. College SI., Burlington, June IS, 1815. 3 James flogan, WOULD respectfully inform Ibe ciiizcns of Bur Imgton nnd vicinity, ihot he has commenced HOOK IIINDING in all iis various branches, in the Building formerly occupied by S. S. Skinner as a Saddler's r-hop, ihrce doors F.asl of llie Free 1'iess olliee, College Sl Ibir hngton, Vt., where ho intends keeping constantly on Ledgers, Journals, Invoice Books, Itecord Books, Memorandum Books, Day Books, Bauks, Sates Books, lleceipt Books, Law yer's Briefing Paper, lyost roper, and N. B Banks, Pulilico'Iiee, Insurance Companies, Mcrchnnis mid others, furnished w ith Account Books undo of iho best paper, ruled and bound lo nny pat. tern desired, and exeeuled ill Osgood sljloas llie latest improvements in binding nnd experienced vvoikmen con prnduee. Particular altrnlion will bo paid to the bindiug of Libraries, Periodical. Music, Porl.fohos, Scrap Books Ac, A;c. .MiiniificlurcrorBlue, Block, nnd Bed Inks. Conulty oiders executed on llie most favorable leruis, and ni short notice. IMgea of Books inarbltd lo any pattern lo inalrh, Comb or .Vpaniili in the best style. Most kinds of School and Blank Hooka on hand ami lor talo cheap for Cash. Paper Hags taken in cx chance for Blank nnd School Books, I'oner, if-c. Burlington, May 15, IB 13. 50-ly I'UCKCISi Travelling Alap Agents WANTED. fTIIll Suiiocriber wishes lo enjago in tlio -- alo of Ida Maps number of younir men ofBinctly innrnl nnd busincsa habila A capital of from 800 to 8J00 will bo necessary, ei ' . ! '"tna"M'M country will bo a.sigued .0 cai h Agent. Unexceptionable tcalimoniala of charuc ler will bo required. v S. AOUSTUS MITCHELL. A. I..orntrorA,tktt ttn,lsenth St., May 22, .8.5. W" ' 189:5. NORTHERN TRANSPOR TATION LINK ASSOCIATION. 'l'MIIS Aasnciaiioti will continue tho Forvvnrdins J. business on tho Cliimplaiu Canal, Lnlc Cham plain and 1 1 id son lliixr, connected with the old Tow Boat Line. wh.UJ"aves N. York daily nt B o'clock P. M..V11I T'oy dnny at 8 o'clock A. St. Two or inoy freiebt boats will lenvo Troy and Albany for Wtiiiclinii daily, which will deliver lo nnd receivo Freight Ironi 1I10 Slciinboat-i and vcsscli nn Lake. Chaiuplniiii nlso, to or moro Kreighl Boats will Icavo Whitehall for Troy nnd Albany daily. In addition lo llie above they have a Lino of Lako and Itivcr Boats, of Iho first chss, wiih faithful and competent Captain, who will receive Firiulit nl New Vork. Troy or Albany, nnd delinrntnny Port on Lake Champlnin j nlsii, tecrivo Freight nt Polls on Lake Chninrlain nnd deliver in Troy, Albany or N. York. All piopcrly received for shipment by thi? line will bo correctly weighed by their Aycnls nt the lime of shipment and will be insured. Also, tvvoor more boils wiilleavethcNorth Wharf, Burlington, each week, for Whitehall, Tioy, Albany nnd New York. JAM US II. IIOOKF.Il, .Propri F.LIAS PATTI'.ltSON nnd others, J dura. I' or Freight, npply i0 Poc'allinSCoenlie'a Slip, N. Y. L.AC.SCaI;itCr,i'"Kivcrs.ree.,Troy. II. A Iloleomb, 101 Pier, Albany. C. W. Kelloag, Comslock's Landing. J. C. Pieren ite Son, K, tl,na f V William Coute, ' 6' Jo,ins' 0 U Levi Ilinklcy, Mis-issqno Hay. Oliver Bascomb, Whitehall. J. &, .1 II. Peck &, Co., n ,.i:, J. S. Ware. j Burlington. Lawreneo I'rainard, ) ... ,,, L. It. llrainard ct Co. Albans. A. D. Lnd.l Plaltsburgli. L. (Jolvin, Uort Kent. Nntlnn WelmTitoiise's Point. J. II. Hooker. 13 Long Whiif, Boston. BASCOM, A;cnt, Whitehall. L. A. CAltl.LTON, ylg,r, Troy. J. S. WAltll, Ascnt, Burlington. All properivcntrusted to their care will bo forward ed ns dinetcil with dcpilcli and safety. Wharlagentid Storage at reduced prices, nnd the utmost core taken 111 handling and storing merchand ize, produce and nil kinds of properly consigned to mv care, NOHTII WIIAHK, Foot ol Main Slreet.' J. S. WAItF., Agent. Ilnrlinston, April 2, 1913 43mG Ur 1 I'll A XGHMEX'l. BURLINGTON & BUFFALO LINE. TIIK SPLLNDID PACKI.T-DOAT p. mmmT, dpi. J. ACKL.JY, Jr., E'AS I ecu lilted up in the best possible manner, - sparing neither pain.or cxpen-c, fur llie purpose of'traii.porling nnd Pa-senair In nnd from Biillnln and inicrniediate place- Person ciiiiiriting West wishing fur eonilorl nnd convenience, will (ind it onboard if ll.e It. P.JJvu't. The Captain llatters bim-clf, Willi the crew be h.i procured, who are lea ly, al'enlive and ol linns', that be can ui"esali Motion 10 nil who may favor bun with their patron age. Tin- Pa, ket il.irgeand commodious, 'iilicient toaceonunukile'cveniy-iivo or eighty person. On llie opening ol navigation she will leavens follow.: Burlington, April 23 J, Burlington, An?. Glh, May 1 Ph, " 27,, " Juno -Ith, " Sept. IT lit, ,", 23'h, Out. 7tli " JulylCth, "2Jih. -AGI'.XT.'. .Mc'trs. Kollett & Bradley, Ilnrlinston. Vt. "... Nichol., Buiton it Chiiicnden, St, Albans N. vvebb, House's Point. Com.1 L."'0haml erbn, ''Ml'burfh. Me-srs. Colvin .VTiemble, 1'ort Kent. " Vaushon it Itich, ( ., , ,, John Kinland, 1 j '"iiWiaH. Mes-rs. Joy ,f. Webster, llujTulo. Burlington, Vt. Match I.", 131 j. .I3tf 1 45. MERCHANTS' LINE. IiABtK HO ATS Fortlic Trnnsporlntloii of I'ropcrtv between LA Kli CUAMPLAIN. TllUY, ALIIAXY, MJW-YOIiK AND

rpiin'proprictors of. tin lino having increased their J. l.ieilities, I y tht addition of lirl rate iioai., are prepared to cive despatch lo all properly mlendeil 10 pas I ctxv tv n the place above named, Willi which they may le cntnis'nd. nnd hoi.,- bv prompt uncut urn to the lu'eresl of llieir emplojerslo receive u continuance of pullic patronage.. Their boat nre to I e towi.l by st,.aiu on tle llud-on Itivcr ana on' e iiainpr.uu when ncccs-nry, and coin p'e'e a perfect Lino to New Vork, as .1I-0, lo Troy and AP any. Lotsr.f good te kepi logetbernnd not Mibiooiod 10 injury by Iranshipments. Propirly lo or from Bosti 11 forwarded, via. Wes'em Hail Boa I or vcs-el n de-trcd. Contract, for fieight can be made with the Proprietors or their ngenis. l'roiiilctiiri.. Kollett .f' Bradley, llurlim-ton Vt. Nichols Burfoiiit Cluiteaden, St. Albans Vt. A, M. Clatli, Swanton Vt. A gent. L. A. Johnon, 0 t'lcnlie- Slip, .Veic York. C L. Ware, IG Long Wharf, Jloston. O. K. Blount, 111) li ver Slice', V'roy.. II. J. Oilman. 101 Put, Albany. A. H. DOWJVS' V c c t a 1) 1 e Balsamic THE Gnr.vT Nonni f.rk Ur. medv lor Coughs, Cold-, Bleeding nt Iho Lungs, Bronchitis, Night Svve.ils, DiUieuliy of I reaihing, nnd nil nlber diseiues of llie Lungs, viluch nre the ineipienl stace of Con-iunption a disca-elbat h i-, beretofore proved fatal, baf fling nil uielical skill, and dragging ihi 11. hand to untimely grave. No oilier medicine yet discovered lias grappled with tin feli dcsirovcr ol human life with such 'i S? 2 r. jj The Vegetable BaLlju.ic I bxir has now been in general 11-0 for more than ten year., nnd Ihcusands, laughl its nicouiparable value by experi ence of it wonderf il curative properties, have accord, id In it a celebrity unparalleled in the whole wide range ol .Me-aicaUcicntem this or any other country. Since lln powerful medicine lirsl I eeame known, unmcu-o number, who believed ibcm-elvc in tho ia.t Mage ol n eonlirmedu id incurable consumption, nnd pronounced by the most t-killful physician in llie country a nasi ull hope of recovery, have bten re.-cueil miraculously from iho sra-p of Death by its u-e, and nre now I Icstcd with health and in'ngih. It is Nainrc'a own mnelo Ke-lorative a Healing Balm prepared by one who was brought to the very brink of the gravo by Consumption, nnd from plants celebrated for their great medicinal virtue. It 1 tho employment of natural means 10 overcome and coun terael lliu evil of Nliue healing llie lacerated Lungs of llie ullhctcd palicnl m llie worst po.sibloca. set. and lestonng lliu fuuetioua of the discaeil mem. ler lo tiron? and healthy action. It lias eilected cures where nil other medicine have tailed. In nil ca.e of Asthma, Whooping Cciigh, or the accumulation of Phlegm, s a destructive 10 Ibe health and life nl eh blren It I narticillarlv revununended a an unfailing cure, nnd no family in tho t'nlon, if lliey wi-ii 111 pre-i'rve ini'ir 1 linuren iroin suite-ring and death, should not be wiihout it. .Vlmust eounllcs le-tiiiioiiinl of its rcmaikabte cures, from every quarler ofllni l'uiont nnd from indi viilual. in every condition ol life, nre H bel ereiien-lial-, howing ill Ibe imi.t I'oneliisive manner lliut Ibis Pri'iiaruiinii i'Mn Juv human ty-iem in a manner little sbnit e, Tbe-em.iy belouiid In llie daily paper., and al.-o may beobluined in pain plilets and handbills cf ugent free ol co.-t. Tbi lo innlnine ia preparnlonly byN. II. Dow os, Troy Vl., tho original inventor and j. 10 iirietor. CUI1TIS it SMI I'll, SI. Allans, Vl. Only Wholesale Airenis, by whom Agents can be supplied in nil) part ol iho Union, upon Iho beat terms. Sold by Hppciiitiiicni, by PLCiK it SPKAlt, 1 V. J. HF.INKIIUKJ ,f. Co. i Bnilinglon, Vt. HAGAIl & AltTHIMI, f -vl S.M1TII it WILKtNS, j Superior patent Pumps for Wells nnu Cisterns. WIIOLKSALi: nndrelnilby II. CALinVF.LL, Hurlinglon, Vl. Thc.-o numn. bavu been thoroughly ictcd for IG yeni in the we.fern part of .c-,v iwii,, nun giroveu 10 iea nrt ralo nriieie. I'bcy nre nrnnounccd by nil people ocqunlnicd Willi them, the 1 et nnd mo.t durable pumps in the United Slate., Ihnt haseverlccn offered for sales They nro imple in their conlruclion nnd worked with ca-c, they nre warranted lo work fnlbfaciorv in nil ca-c and not In freeze in the winter. The working part nre of nil tnelal wtlh met vllte fit ; the pipe nre made of a duiabletiml er, and snlurnted with n composition which render it impervious to water, and prevent decay.. The above puini) will draw water the depth 01 0110 iiunurra icet n well n snorter instance.. All person vvf-hing to purcha-o pump, lor well or cis tern will do well lo call nnu examine Ihe.e pump, belorcthey purchn-o elsewhere. 1 hey will I c kept consinnny on niiiu nt tnu 1 iianki im iiotei., nn 1 nt ibe store of Stnoxfis it Co., 111 B irlmitl 11 by IL CALDWI LL. Ail order, n-nt 10 htm by mini will he 1 haul r illy received nnd promptly altcin'u I In. MnylG, 1GI3 ni3 Annexation. SPAUL!)IN(J 1 HUSSKLL HAVINtS laken the BLAOKSMIT SHOP former ly ocviipiol bytieo. A Allen, nre prepared lo nceonimod.ilethe public n. well a. nny other Lstab lishmcu' In tin vicinity. Wo want all tho old cus tomer, nnd lots of new one. It. (J. SPAUI.DINO, S. II. KL'sSI.I.L. nurlinpton, June 21, IS 15. ImG A VAIiUABLH JMEDICfNE. Dlt. Brandrelh' Vcgetnl lo Pill have proved llicm .elves nn cfieclual assistant ol nature', having cured in the United Slateatlotone hundred thous nnd persons tf diseases which had I een pronounced incurable by medical men of Iho lirsl rank and stand ing. Those Pills, fiom Iho peculiar properties they po c, nre calculated to cure 1 isease, whatever be its name, all having the amu origin, in nny per-on in whom is the tiniver-nl "brea h'oflife," who partakes oflbe "universal" "one blood," of which nre made all people who dwell upon the carlh, nnd who-e dis order nri-c from the "universal root" tf all disease, namely, impurity or imperfect circulation of the blood. Tho-o who aresu.lermg from a bad slate of health, will do well to give them a trial. Agents, S. I',. Howard. IJitrllngton; T.. B. Green. Hkh mondi J. Tullle, J.'ssex; Geo Ii. Oake, Jericho 1 J. II. Tower. Underbill! Gen. Acre. r;iln . 11 Sanderson, II 'est Milton ; II. B. Iline. Watford: aiorion cv. uinrfc, llillislon 1 Marcus Hull. Mines burgh 1 J. B. Isham, Shelburn ; J. M. Staple, Charlotte. 3mo Farm for Sale. TjlOU sneta f.irm in Char.'ntlc itmlam mm iS- nig nbiiut one hundred nnd twenty acre-, nboul one hundred acres of which a cove-red by n good thnfly growth of pine, hcinloi k and hard wooil. On the premise area con venient dwelling bouse one mil a half tnry high Iwenly-six ,y thirty feci, a g,, arn thiriy by forty fcel.carti.ini' hou-e nnd wood shed with a irood v,.tl ii 1 uiiuei riiiiiviiiiiui 1 rcma nncr 1 of pure water. .11-0, n vonngoreliaid ofnl out ixly trees jusl be.'innmg to I ear. The above firm is sit uated in the no rlh part of'oltc and til out two and n half mile south from Shelburn meeting hou-e, i under a rood -late if 1 ultiv.ition and i well fenced. Al-o nboul twenty-five Ion ol good hay all ol which wi'l be sold for a fair pri'i' nnd pi s-e--ioii given im mediately. inquirer.! , NIXiON NLWI LL. Shelburn, "March 12, 18 la. 41 FARM FOR SALE. ?lt SALK, n farm in Underbill, con PdTwt taming one hundriil nnd fony-six 3 J Jjcfl nerc, il oir one bundled ncre of "which JsATAiL. is under cultivation, the remainder is covered by a good crowih of hard wood. On the preini.euri'aeoiivenicnidHillms boii-e, I arn,shcd, eVe. and an orchard of thrilly li-armg mine trees. Ml tneient lor making some lillyor sixty barrel of ciocr. Ai-o, a lar.u ccninmmg one hundreil ncre-, Ivinga! oui one mile from lln-alove,al out sixty acres ol which isimdjr impriivement.nud bason it n capa cious ham, the remairdcr i well wooded, principally vvnh beach and maple. The above are situated near the centre olihe town nnd 11. the mam road, are well watered and well fenced, a considerable portion ol the lence Icing substantial stonewall, nn I tO"elh er compose one ol the be-t dairy farm, in the town. The will le sod to close n concern lor much less than real value', nnd po.e- ion ;-'iv en on ibe I-t or April next. For further purlieu lar enquire 0! ,. FOO I F.. Burlington, I edi. 2-J. 19)4 3n,r For Salo Cheap. rpiir. subscriber wishing 10 leave town - 1 Here for sale iho iwn Hou-ea and 101 wiin an excellent well ol wa'er, ideas. a 111 I V situaie.l nut herreSl. nevf t..i ol U 111. esion isp For lennen.uire of ibe sub scrileron the premises. JAMES MARTIN. N. B. Ilou-X! 10 let. dllf BURLINGTON IE01T FZXJSfDTi?. THIS Establishment is now filled up in good order for making CASTINGS, such n Mill Gcering, Sleigh Shoes, Waggon Axe and Boxc Cnldron and Potash ICeliles, kepi constantly on hand. All llicpalcrns formerly ucd and owned by Mei-rs. (!av it Edwards are here readv for use. 1 h.iveiaken bold oflhi. ci ncern, for llie purpose of doing 1I10 of work, nnd 1 nincoiilidenl I can do it, by ii-ing tho be-t of stock. Cn.ting in.uleoii law term, for ready pay. All order nddrc-.eil 10 E. K. ( 'no-sMAK, Il irling ton, Vl , shall I e promptly nl ended to. Burlington, Vl. Kcl.'y."2, ' 15. 37oiG E. It. HARD, ATTOIJNKY ASD AT LAW. JERICHO, VERMONT. April I, 1815. 43 B. J. HEINEBERG & CO. Wholesale and Retail Druggists. 13 J. Ili:il".lti:lt(; having recently return J cd from New Vork, o ler a largo nnd exten sive assortment of Drug nnd .Medicine at iheluvv est prices, he 1 also prcpaied to receive nnd execute ull nrder to any amoiuit nt a small ndvanco from New Vork prices. All orders will I e attended to by him personally, a. id carefully put up, packed and de livered al any place dcsmgnated. AL S O , -In connection with our 6'ioro wc have latelv put up an jxteusive -Sotta jFoum.Kit, nnd oiler the largest and lest variety of Syrup lo be found in iho State', consisting of the followm" : Sai's.-.p.iillla, Strawberry, l'lne Apple, Itaspbcrry. Lemon, Crcme Ic Noyau, Anlzette, " Uoe, fliciiy, ' ' Cancllr, Olnser, " D'Orange, Orgeat, White Currents, hlniib, (Simple) Aromntle. For lliu encouragement of Native Tale-nt, wo nre happy 10 slate thai our iba.te and e'egant I'oniii.iin w.i uesigiis-ii .1110 iii.iue uy our 'Cieemeu lellOW Clll zens. Dr. Heincbyrg can le consulted professionally as II. . Heinebebo, W. C. IlABnisGTosr, TO PHYSICIANS. Ir. ltolteit Thompson's Ulcii iloniiiitii !iii)iort('i' anil AImIoiii" hlo lN-lvic IC:niil:t:. A"7"E have IMireh.iM'd the uxeln.ive right of malt lug nnd vending the nbovn nienliontxl Instru ment, within llie Co nine, ol Olimend, mi .111 I Frank- ltn,,in Ihe Spite of Vermont j and wo uuw ofl'er lliem m&EL .out ; and wo uuw oiler lliem .l(,te-ale, on the same lerms with llie proprietor in hat nicy are equal 111 cv.-ry -YW Vork, Win. II. Curlts, Henrv Hvde it Co, rlie liars lar anperior to any (;,.0. IVieraon, N. W.Gage, Harry lltadley, and i Ti -i 1'u;Vl'a,v,',,.'el'';'I-"''r Arlhnr. iu me iuiiiei'iiuii,'eni ttia re-peel, nnd m many parli. Ihiiig of the kind cut n ! qualified appiobalion of tho Medical Faculty in al niusi an pan ti me country wlieie lliey have I een iiilrluie.l. B. J. JlHNKUKllG & Co. Wehavocirefiilly exaintnul Dr. It. Thompson, apparatus lor ihe rcliel and 01110 of Prolapsus Cleri, etc., as well n the testimony nnd opinion, of highly eminent mender, or,,0 Kacliy ani nte 0f ihe de ended opinion that they are worthy the attention of Iho public, ond that they will loke u high rani among intentions now I efore the Pul,,0 for the euro ol the ehseascs lar which they nre revoinmend,l. . CIIAS. II,LL, II. HATCH, T. CIIAMIILRLIN, ,r. . V.'M. ATVVA I'F.Il. rnc above lilslriliiu nt. ler sale al t II. J. HEINKBEHG et Co's. FALiES' MEDICINE. J BALLS' Cnlhnrlle nnd Vegetable Purgaltve Los . engers, nnd the best nnd decidedly the most pop. nlar article', not only for ndull but for children of nil countries nnd climate, nnd In every condition of life. They arostriclly vegetable, with a taste incxprcily delightful I lliey cauc no pain in the opcrotinn bul on Iho contrary feelings of pleasure, cleaningthc idem ach and bowela mere perfectly than any other purga live. Their magic like operation surprise the most eminent phjaicians, and they nro rapidly taking the placeofall other purgative compound. Fvervirnv oiler should carry them, every family should keep tbcin, and every man, woman and child should tnku them. FA LIS' WOftM LOZKNGIIS Aro a Miro remedy, nnd children lovelhem, they net like n clinrm In reinovtug the v lintoin. starlini? 111 sleep, grating the teeth, palene nboul iho mouth nnd no-e, nkne nt stomach, precarious appeli'e, .welled I nwel nnd general lever! Ibe child fall into a quiet tcep, Ibe worm nre -tupilicd nnd expelled in cveiy instance us far as heard from llie patient i. en tirely cured. FAT.nS' COUGH LOZF-NGl'S, For coughs, c' Id, bronchiti, incipient consump tion, whooping cough nnd croup, the most happy e 'ect isobinmel 111 n lew uioinenls, the symptom, ilisippenr nnd tlie' on e breken'up. A single trial Is sufficient lo siiti-ly tho ino-t skeptical. FALF.S' DYSLNTFltV IOZKNOF.S Cure dvsen'ery,diarrluEennd nil bowel compluinfs of adult or children. Pay oarlicular attention to tho direction which accompany each box and they arc not known to fad. Price 25 cents. FALLS' CAMPHOR LOZF.NGFS, For common nnd ick head.uhe! nlso. mama, eni- lep.y, melancholy, hysteria, St. Vitus Dance nnd nil older rases of languor nnd oppression cf Iho vital powers, 'bey are perfectly safe for women or children in all condition. KALES' CVPItlAN HAIR TONIC, I now so extensively known that comment i iipc- Ics. Wo can say, however, among thousand who have purchased it in thi and other e'nuntrie, none have complained, bul on the contrary expressed their wonder nnd admiration on beholding 11. effect. CLKAIl OUT YOl'It HATS. The etinwi"g ntllnnlic. ol these destrurlive itm. tnreian I e banished forever in your homes and tlorcs 11 jou win Muc-iiie u iiox 01 1 11c genuine Madagascar ltat Exterminator. and mo it according lodtreetiou. You cannot depend unon Ihcabnve medicine, nnle.. obtained of tho proprietor, J. j. Fale, OG Commercial sireel. Boston : to avoid counterfeit ibe nTfii! I,., n eerlificate with the written signature of J. J. Kales, .vi. u. .iiemi cr .viass. .vied. So. and Boston .Med. Ass. Dr. Kale's' medicine ate nld vvhole.alo ndd m No. !)G Commercial Si., Ilo-ton. llurhncrton. II. J. Heine! crch it Co.. n.i,.i.i. Whole-nle anl Itetnilers for llie above inedlcMie Fercnnca, Win. II. Bixbv, Druggi-tj Sew I lav en Mills, II. liider i llristol, Geo. W. Parniclco; A'cie llaren, A. P. Ilo-coej I'crrisburph Center, Amo. Weiherbyi Shelburn,. B. 1-haiii i llincsburzh, Mar cur Hid1 j Wiilislon, Morion .f- Clark 1 Jericho Cor ners, Oake if' Peck Cambridge, Martin Wire: Ilakersjicld, Armingiou if. Pomeroy ; West f2nos- uiwi,-M jiui.i;. .11, wean ; o'iciuon, ,. rveitll et t o, J Iiirjield, Burr &Kanworth Fairax, S. W. Brush & Co. -.j AjMEIUCAN II DTHL. AND GENERAL S TAGE HOUSE, .-. a ....... ' If. .l.lljll, CornT lloesc SacAcc. HenLiNOTO.v, Vt. 2Gt CASII PAID FOR LUMBER. ( I V II K siibscri ers will pay ca-h on delivery at their thop for 10000 It. I inch clear pine Lumber, G000 do 1J do do do 5CO0 do 1J do do do 6000 do 2 do do do 2000 do I d 1 do do 000 do 2 do Butternut. J. & II. P. HF.ItlllCK, & Co. Burlington Jan. 10th, 1S43. 3211; INSUElAsVCE. THF. nl sent erha acted a Igent lur the .Etna lusiiiance Coninanv ol'Ilrn-ir.nilt'n,,, r,,r more thin tvveniy years pa. t, and continue, to in-iire again-t losses, by tin', and all kind, of buildings nnd personal pr.ipeny, and will revive npplicalinn al bisoliicein Burlington, nnd immediately i-sue Polices for 1l1.1t purpose 01 a low rate of pri'muuu, as nny private coinpanvcnn ad'ord. The undoubied re-pon--il iliiyoflhis Company, insures saleij to ll.ciii-ii-re.1, nnd their prompt, honori' le, aid III oral eour-e in the adjustment and payment of lo , will I e at tested by all vvnh whom they have had ncc.uion to do business. W.M. A. GUIS WOLD. Acent. Burlington, March 1, 1811. . 41) if There is no excuse Jor the Headache tchen ynu can obtain the ("'en M.vitsii m.i.s Aiuimtio Cat.miiiii am Hi:ah aciii: S.surr ! ! TMIIS .nnlT i. a certain and pern it cure for lie - c.iiairn, aim common coi.i m the Head and the Head iche and is nn excellent article for sore nnd weak eye. Il opcnand purge out all obstructions, strengthen ihe glan and give a healthy action 10 the' purl atlecti'd. llexcarc of Counterfeits ; All lhoo wishing 10 purchase the genuine article of Mnr-hah' Sniui; should purcha-o Ihnt ol winch II. C. Gndley, Jliddlebiirv Vt., is ihe proprie tor, "anl no other," n. I manuficiure personally, Ihe inull'sold by said Gridlcy. , , , , Dli. MARSHALL. I cerlify tli.H tho above ankle wa. executed 111 my present e and that his signature thereto i genuine. ' ,i-, e. I'RASTUS WOOsTLR, Judge. Middlebiirv, Jan. 1 1, g5. N. 11. Tlienameiil II. c. Gridlev propricor will be found upon every bonle of ihe genuine Mar-hall's improved hnuli. Si Id wholesale nnd ietail I v II. C. Gri ley, M.d.'leburv Vt. PECK et f-PE.Ut Wholesale and Helail Drucgisls, Bnilinglon, Vt. An I by Druggists generally in the Unifed A'tntes and Cnua la. 35-ly INDIAN VEGETABLE niacl "Mnster. THIS Piaster i mrivjlel for curing serofulu swelling-, -curv),e j. . , ' at'., b iru-, pains In the sides hip or tmb., nnd seldom fad to gee rebel 111 ea-es of local rheumatism. Ifapplied to the side, it will ure many ofiho common liver com plaints, nnd it t found to le equal if not superior 10 any com plaster, lor corn on the feel, It immcdi alt'ly, applied to a fresh wound it will prevent sore ne, mi l cause it quickly to heal. Kami ie in the b.iLit of u.inz this piaster, find it better thin any thing else fi r all purpose for which n plaster or salve 1 wanted. It. virtues have I ecu witnessed 1 y thon-nnd o'rcspcctul lo individuals in varto i pans ofihe I'niied Stale, who have tested its ellicaey. PUICi; 2.VI. per box. ' JtyMany certificate, may be had, showing it extraordinary effect. Ileicare of Counterfeits : All tllOsI' Wist, uirr lo liireli;is,. lli tr.ntttn. article of. Marshall' Pliisier should nurcliaso that 01 which II. C. iirullcy, Middlebury, Vt., 1 the General Agent nm no other a I manufaciuru personally the Plaster sold by said Gridlcy. .. , Dlt. MARSHALL. 1 certity lhat iho above article wa. executed m me prc-ence by Dr. Marshall and that his signature itiereio is genuine. DOItASTAS WOOSTKIt, Judge. .Middle! ury, Jan. 1 1, 1615. Sold whole-ale and retail bv II. C. Gndlce. psn. eral Agent, -Middlebury Vi. I'l.v r ip M'liVK, 'Jllmnti u.i.,,uir..r, norfinginn, Yt. And bv Drug-iMs generallv in the ttnited States nnd Canada. ' 3j-ly Allohasi's iMcdicincs. rT-!!!-! above Medicine have I ecome so po)iidar where llie'y nro knowui thai, to ink-t the ... demand, the proine'tor has adopted llie plan cf multiplying Ike Agencies, furnishing each Agent Willi a neH chest, coiraiuing TIII2 III.ACK (ir Allrbasl's,) HAT.VE, Ai.i,i:n is lir.Ai.iii l'li.i.s, AI.LEIIASI'S TOOI II-AC I1U UltOl, AND AMiRUASI'S I'OOIl JIAN-H I-MSTHR. A number of Ageneie nre now e-tal li-hod in this village', bullish, il as nl ovc, together wiih pamphlets for general dl-tribulion, selling forth tho virtue of the Medicines, and containing certificates from highly re-peclnl le persons, of mine of tho many cure they have clTected. Families and individuals nreiutited to send nnd gel a pamphlet, and read, nnd if they hate oooai"n, try tbe.Mcdn inc., which are warrant ed 10 do nil that is chinned lor them. The Agent, for Hurlinglon aro PECK e.SPEAR, Apolheearicaand Druggists, genera I whole-ale and re tail Agents, who will supply Country dealers nt lliirlington, Aug. vutli, Iti l I. LVMA.N W. GILF.EItT, Proprietor, 13-4w,lv SI I Fulton Street, New Vork; For Sale. A FIRST rate place for business in the centre ol Charlotte, on the singe road, known a the Barnes place U otlered for sale', containing about two hundred acres of land on winch there I a house ami able lor n Tavern, a Store, store houe, llirev Barns shed and other budding. The place nerd no recomm nidation to tho-e knowiug the looalion. For terms enquire ol the aubscrilcr on ihe premises. , , SAMUEL II. BAltNKS. Ap'HUlr3l5. Il-ll f Jit HAT ENGLISH REMEDY. Wit ASTHMA, AND Tim Gil FAT AND ONLY RF.MF.DY for Colds, l oughs. A.lhmn, and CONSUMPTION, i ihe IIc'NGA t AN IIAI.SAM til.' I.H.'!.' .i,.,..J.' 11.Z lheex.lebrnte.1 Dr. Buchan. of I .om nn. I!ni.lnn.l .n.l introduced into 1 lie United States tinder the Immediate sujienn'cnd.inee of tho inventor. I lie extraordinary .iiccess of this medicine, in the cured Pulmonary dt-ca-e, warranls the American Aecnt m soliciting for treatment llie WORST POS SIBLF. CASLS that can le found in the commuuity that eek relief in vain from any of the com mon remedies nl the day. ond have been given up bv Ihe mot distinguished Physicians a CONFIRMED. . AND INCUKABLF. The Hungarian Balsam has cured and will cute the most desperate of cases. It i no ouack no-truni, but n stnndard Engli-h med icine, cf known and c-taMudied ellicaey. livery family in the United Stntc should he sup plied with Biichan' Hungnnan Balsnin of Life, not only to counteract the conumptive tendencies ol Ihe c.mate. but to he mains a preventive medicine In all ca-e of Colds, Cough, Spitting of Blood, Pain in Ihe side and Uicsl, Irritation nnd orenc of the Lung, Bronchitis, Difficulty of Breathing, Hectic Fe ver, Night Sweat", Emaciation and General Debility, Asthma, Influenza, Hooping Cough, and Croup. iCr" Sold, in large bottles, nt SI per bottle, willr full direction, for the restoration or Health. Pamphlet, containing n mas ol Englih and Amer ican certificates, nnd oilier evidence, sliowinglheiin eqnallcd merits of tin, Great English Remedy, may Le obtained of the Agents gratuii'ouIy. DAVID F. BRADLKK, sole Agent lor theUniled Slates 11!) Court street, Boston. AGENTS. BURLINGTON, PECK & SPEAR, Apoihocone and Druggist; Monlptdier, Clark et Collins i Braltleboro, Billion ot Clark; Bellows Falls N. Harris) Rutland, Darnell & Veil Woodstock, S. J. Allen) nnd by the Druggists generally. 11-ly SAND'S SARSAPARILL FOR THE REMOVAL AND PARMANF.NT CUKE OK ALL DISEASES ARISING FROM AN IMPFRE STATE OF THE BLOOD, OR HABIT OK THE SVSTLM. IK we read llie hi. lory of disorders we ore aston ished that men live) if of cuata, we nre still more nsioni.he-l that lliey die. And yel in fact nearly all dieac. ha-ea common or'gin, viz: in the organs which prepaie and modify the Idood, with a remedy, directed I" the sent of di-ease, will remove a ho-l of 11 phenomena. It is ihe peculiar characteristic of Sand's Sarsaparilla, I hat it scare lung opera! ion reach es thecAc'ar., ofdi-ea-e, nnd ihe cure it perform are therefore radical nnd thorough. T he health of the human system depends alino-t entirely upon Ihe state of .tie blood. II the vitalizing fluid which per vadeevery ii-.iie, every membrane, fibre, filament, gland, or eiilier organ primary or subsidiary ) if ihe body 1 e charged with ihe elements of di-ease, siek nesinusi I e the consequence, and until the causes of di-ca-e existing in t lie 1 loo. I, nre eradicated, no permanent relief can I e expected. Il i here lhat the powerful he"alth-re-toring properlieof Sand.' Snrsa pnril'a nrem iiiifc.-lcd j nnd for this reason, in tcro. fula, Salt Shcum, nnd all eruptive diseau-a, as well asm all derangements of the secreting organ-, it 11 con-ideerd infalld le. The f Bowing intere-ting cae is presented, and llie reader invited to it careful perusal. Comment on such eviclentoisiinneoessarv. New-Vork, July 25, IS 14. Me-srs. Sas'd : Genl- 1 con-iiler il but nn act ol justice lo you totnte ihe following facl m reference lotlie great lenelit I have receive.! in the cure of an obsiinnteUANCEsors UtcEn on mybreat. 1 waatieudel eighteen mouth by a regular and skilful physician, n.siste'd by the ndvice and ceunscl ofonuof our most nb.e and experienced surgecn., without the lea. t lenelit whatever. All the various tnethodsoiircatmgoancer were re-ortitl to; forhvu week, in smi'e.ion my I reast wa. 1 urned vv ithcaus lie ihrcetinies a day, and for six il wn.dnily syringed with a weak solution tf nitne neid, and lliecavny or iniernnl ubcrwas so lorge that it held over an ounce of ihe solution. The Doctor pro! cd the ulcer nnd examined Ihe bone, nnd said the di-ea.e was ad vancing rapidly to the lungs, and if I did not gel speedy relief I y medicine or an operation, the result wou'dbe faial. I wa advi-ed loliave 1 lit breast laid open nnd the bone' examined, but finding no relief Ironi what had I een done, nnd feeling 1 wa rnpidly gelling worse, I almo-t de-patred of recovery, con sidered my case nearly hopeless. Siring variou. testimonial and certificate of cure by ihou-e of'StNtis' Sarsaparilla," in ca-ea sim ilar tu my own, I concluded 10 try a lew botile-, sev eral of which were ii-cd, bul from llie lung deep seat eilch trader ofmy ihfa-e, produced no very decided change; cnniden'ng Ibis a the onlvprolabic cure lor my ca-e', I persevered, until the disease wa en lire I) i nreil. It is now over eleven month since the cure wa completed ; there is not ihe li"hi.i nn. pearaneeofa return. I, therefore, pronounce myself w ell, a nil ihe cure entirely ejected by " Sa nds' Sar sArAnlLLA," ns took no other medicine of any kind during the lime lu-as usinv it, nor hare llakenany since. Plca.eexeuselhis longdeferredaeknowledge meni, which I think il my duty In make. Vnurval ual le Sar-nparill.i cureil me, with the ble-siuge.f Di vine Providence, when nothing else could, nnd I feel my.cifiinder lasting ol ligation. 10 you. 1 enn say many thing. I cannoi write, and I do mo-i rispeci fully invite la 'ic- alllieieiln 1 have been locall upon me and 1 will sali-ly ihem fullyofiheiratha Mated above, and many oiherihincs in reference tn the case. NANCY J., SIB Sullivan n. The following is nn exiraet Ironi a letter recently received. Gallatin, Tenn. Feb. 27lh, 1S44. .Vr-srs. A. n. if. ). 5a no's.' Gextli mev I bate tu..t receiveil a letter from my frllier in llu-selvfle, Ky., who wishes 10 purchase some of your Sarsaparilla. I have no doubt he can I 0 Ibe means ol selling a great deal, as it has per formed a wonderful cure in his family. Last De cent 1 er I wa. sent for to seemy si-ter telore she died, she having been in poor health for some two or ihrce jenrs and at Ihe lime I wenl over to see her, she was nt tho point ol death, Willi llie scarlet fever, and a cancerous aHecion of ihe bowels, from which h physician thought she could not possibly recover. .1 earned over with men bnllle of your Sar-apnrill. ond vvnh llie consent of her physician sheeooimencext Inking 11 lhat night. 1 remained with her ihrce days, nnd left her rnpidly improving. Her husl and seni a I oy home vvnh me for 11101s of the Sarsaparilla. 1 sent ont dozen l-oille which I believe will eject an enineicure. My father writes me to that etlect, and wishes through me 10 procure an ocemey for telling your valuable medicine to lhat 1 eighborhood. Respectfully, J. 51. OWENS. For further particular nnd conclusive evident ol its siincrior value ond clTicncv. sec ramufcji. wlssvi. may I coMntnca of ncc'iit-, grails. Prepared anil solil, wholesale ond retail, li-A. B.cfc D. Sand-, Druggisls nnd Chemists. 70 Fulton at.. Nevv-VorL. I'lH'K & SrCAIt. Al CtbecariesnndDruceisi.. nnd Geo. Peterson. Acenta bir Hurlinglon : Clark a. -ojlins, Monlpelier. Spld also by Druggists genes. im.-ii-iivn . iv-i wibii.sH a live 91 I'tr JJrTho public nre re-pecilully requetedlo rcmem ber lhat it is Sand's Sarsaparilla that has and is con slantly nelnevins such reinarknl.lecurc. of the most dnlioultcla ofdi-eacs to which the human frame is subject ) therefore ask lor Sands' Sarsaparilla, and takenooihcr uiiuii' t i u. Hiv ti'r VJi PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. THIS articleia too well known to nrcdcommrn ilal'ton and the experience of ten yeara has demonstrated to Ihe commercial community, that for accuracy, convenience and durability, they sre unntnlled. Cool yord scales to weigh from 3 to 6 tons. Dormant Warehouse do, to weigh from lb. to Portable do. to weigh from i oz.to200lba. PortableCounterdo. loweigh from os.tolOlbs. J. et J. H. Pick &, Co. Agents. Burlington, Dec. i, IBU. 28tf HKNRV HALE, ATTOItXEV A COUNSELLOR AT LAlV OHWKLl., VKItMONV