Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 5, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 5, 1845 Page 3
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- ass--- - . .. . . tt itintCIlt A. I I VI March Tcfm, IMS The Now York Courior and Enquirer of yesterday, tolls a story of a man who lost his pocket book, containing over S500 in a cab. The drivor found it and held it for tho owner, who came back very aoon, hoping that he had dropped his book in the cab and promis ing a handsome reward. The diiver caused him to identify the contents, and having dono o, hit property wns returned to him, where upon turning to tho honest cabman ho said, " I paid you your fat. did I noil" and walked o(T without bestowing anything upon the finder of his treasure. The same paper contains the following ttory in striking contrast to the meanness of the above : Many years ago, a gentleman coming from Brooklyn in one of the horse ferry boats, on reaching this side, missed his pocket book, and ho immediately returned to search for it. As soon as he landed in Brooklyn, he nccost cd every person he met, to know if they had found his pocket hook, but in every caso lie received a negative answer. At length ho met a little girl to whom ho directed the same enquiry, and she replied "yes sir," at the same time tendering to him his lost wallet. No, no, said the loser, if that is my pocket book, there are fourteen $1000 bills in it, and such and such papers, describing them. He led the finder into a storo, where after again describing tho contents, and being found as ho' stated, it was handed to him. He counted"over the money again, and se lecting one of) the thousand dollar bills, gave and a happier child for her sudden accession of wealth. A decision has been lately given by Judge Story which is of considerable interest to per sons' purchasing at auction. The plantilT pur chased some mills, &c, at auction for S4D,000, he supposing that tho auctioneer had fair bids against him. It turned out however that there had been no bid except his own beyond S'JO.OtK), the others being fictitious on the part of the auc tioneer. The original owners of the mills re ceived the 8 10,000, and action was instituted against them to recover back the purchase mon ey on the ground of fraud in the auctioneer ! Thn .ale took nlace in 183(5. and the piantifTdid not learn the deceit until 1840. Judge Ware of Maine, held that the plaintiff ought to recover, but Judtro Storv delivered an advorso opinion, chiefly on the ground that the fraud was not brought home to the iteienaaniB personally. -no case will co to the Supreme Court of the U.S. - X. Y. Cnur. $30,000 GRAND CONSOLIDATED LOTTERY OP DEIiAWAtirc ANI GEORGIA. Class No. 59. To be drawn at Wilmington, Del., Satur day, Sept. 13th, 1845. i irtza 1 Prlxo of 3.SOO 1 10.000 1 " 3,000 1 " 6,187,1 1 2,000 1 4,000 1 60 " 1.500 TS Numbers, 13 Drawn Itallots, Tickets $10, Quarters $2,50, Eighths S1.25 A Certificate of 25 Wholes, S130 25 Quarters S32,60 23 Eighths, SIblj. POKOMOKE RIVER LOTTERY, Ol'' DtiliAtVAIIG. Class No. 185. To be Drawn at Wilmington, Del., Tuts day, Sept. 1GA, 1845. 1 Prize of SitO.OOO I 1 1 " 4,000 1 1 1 " 3.0U0 I 5 Prize of 82,600 " 1,920 " 1,000 EVERY LADY HKIt OWN DltESS- MAKEIt. FOR ONLY 83. A A. TENTLER, would respectfully inform the Ladies of Burlington and .i.n,;i. ii,. kn hn limt nrtiveil from the cities of Now York' and Philadelphia, with hi; new t. . t.!-L r t A-ll?si nlll-.SSF.?. i mi in mum lur culling: ujiijii A , i Habits. Sleeves. Yokes. Capes. Collars, Cardinals, ect.ect.. of every description, size, fashion and style. This is entirely a new invention) it is not the mathe matical ineorcm nj laugnt uy persons percn-ioia, u., an Improvement on cverv thing of the kind that may hnl1. hpMl Iflilo 111 hr-fore. Ilv this svslem Mil ics are enabled, alter three hiurs instructions, to cut any of the above articles witn aespati-n, economy, mm u.u lilul fit. , , Ladies taught in classes of not less than three or more. A book or instructions, with chart, Riven era lis. Extra chaws for those who ore instructed at their own residences, and no pay is expected unless complete satisfaction is given. . Mr. T. will I e happy to explain the fundamental principles or hii system of Cutting, rrco of ennrge. Hours rrom 9 to 12 A. sr., and from 2 to S r. M. Great inducements offered to those who wish to purchao rights for Counties "nd Piatfs. Mnnp Mr. T. will remain for ONE WhEK WORK ONLY' at Mr. Donne's Boarding "ouw olicce si. Sept. 4, '43. A. A TENTLrK. 73 Numbers, 12 Drawn Itallots, TICKETS, S4 1 Halves, 82,00 1 Quarters, 81,00. A Certificate of 24 Wholes, SJ8 21 Halycs, 824,00, 25 Quarter?, 12,00. Class No. 187. To be Drawn at Wilmington, Del., Thurs day, Sept. 18, 1845. t Prize or ST.OOOI 1 Prizes of SI, 110 I 2.500 1 " 1,000 1 " 1.500 1 5 " 400 5 Prizes each ofS.'OO, 5 of S200, etc. &c. T3 Numbers, 12 Drawn Itallots. TICKETS, 82 1 Halves, SI j Quarters, BOc. A Certificate of 24 Wholes, 821; 24 Halves, 12 j 24 Quarters, 86,00. D. PAINE &. CO., MAXAGERS, (Successors to James Phalin & Co.) The undersigned (Managers of Lotteries authorized by the Stales of Delaw are and Georgia,) haveestabr hshed an office in the citv of Albnnv. for the nurnos- of supplying orders from tho Northern States and the Canadas. Above is a memoranda of Schemes roe next week, giving the price of Single Tickets and Packages, with the amount of tho Capital Prizes in the Hellenics. To all those who order tickets, a fiill scheme, civing the distribution ol nrizes. will be sent (when requested). And after the drawing, an official one will be sent to all purchasers. Those who wish tickets to sell again, can be supplied on advantageous terms, oy applying to the undersigned. O.iini? to the hi?h rates of Dostncc. it has been cus- tomary to sell certificates of Packages, for one half the packacu mice. Under the new nostni-e law or Jinf oit l.nn? Island. A. arise unuv OI r oi- uoncress. n etler con ammo a menace ol ticucts win ous persons assembled at Millvillc, about isixty not he charged over 10 cents. Wo will therefore issue miles from Brooklyn, last Friday night, and af- certificates as usual, or if the purchaser prefers the " ... Z- ,i ' ,i . "i 'i ,.,,, Managers tickets, we will guarantee packages to draw icr unviug n .Ynii.i.i.ii imuvwu-v... . al leMl one-hair the amount of cost, (if purchased and UP the track of the L. I. Railroad, which they redeemed at this office.) J'l Irt . I 'I'l..... .1 I. n,..n.l n-.l ., . -n ;-.L . . , . . . .. " ' , i n I'Aircp. v nn.. deep ravine. 1 he bridge was toil eo mat a train of cars might run on to it and he precipi tated into tho gulf below. The vigilance of the 01 Albany, N. Y. 500 An Original, Compiled and Corrected Account BUIIGOYNE'S CAMPAIGN, AND the memorable tattle of Dcmis's Heisht, Sept. 19, and Oetol er 7, 1777, from the mot au thentic source or informations including many inter estitig incidents connected Willi the same, and n Map of the Battle Ground. By Chaiuei NcitsoN, Esq. Also, Scnrs' Pictorial History or the Revolution. " lli.lorv ol the Hible. " Bihlc Illustrations. " Bible Uiographv. " WonJersof tho'World. STEVENS WOODS, Burlington, Aug. 28, 1845. JERICHO ACADEMY, FOR LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. THE PALL TERM ot this tn-ttliition will com mence on Wednesday, September 3d. A Teacher's Class will be formed at the com mnnnwicni nt iIih term. I:e fore which lectures will le delivered embracing the principles of early mental culture, and also an account 01 tne sysicina 01 eauca tion which ate adopted in other Slates. The atten tion Ol tne puidio i pariiouiiy nivnm iu inn mu ject. The Teachers will i nappy 'Q contnnuio an In their power lor uie "-IJJJBU "-""" "" School. . Juvenile Cla.s, , Higher Engli-h- Branches, 3 00 Classical Language, 4,00 EXTRA BRANCHES, French, Ital'an, and German, each S,00 Linear and Per-peclive Drawing, andChi- nesonnd Mczznliuto Puintins, each 1,50 Linear and Perspective Drawinir, together 2,00 Iii'trnnicntal Muic, wilh ue of Piano, 10,00 Hoard in irood families Irom SI. 00 10 31,25. On- ponunitier, ul-o, lor tho-e wlio wi-h to board themselves. Hocks' furni'heil al reduced prices. N. B. Il is rarnctlv requested that all stmlentsbe pent at the coinmcnivincnt if the term. AL,i;.,iUl.K .MIl.l.hK, I'rintipal. EDWARD O. S. MILLER, Ato. Principal. Jerit ho t'mtre, Aug. I lib, IS 15. 13w2 PROVENDElt ! "GROUND Provender by the ton or single bags, VJ kept rnn-tnntly lor sale uy August 23, 1815. A. S. DEWEY, Fans, Fans. A TlfJtlST 21th. Jusl onenine to-dav a new A mpply ol Ivory Fans, pretty and cheap, for the Milliliter, HI IIIKI WIIIIUI llliuci f IMIIll nc nink Chiiicd Pin. Gold Cross Pen'. Gold Vntchc and Chains, and lots New Goods ; Gold Pn 83 50. Fly Horse Nets. LINEN and Cotlon, cheaper than IIRINSMAID 4t BROTHERS. Printing Ink NEWS, Bool;, and Colored Priming Inks, or the best quality, fjr sale nt mnnufactiirer'a price.., by Burlington, 291 h Aug IIAGAR & ARTHUR. 1845. 13 Til IS I'.VEXINR. Dr. Thomas II. Palmer, of Brandon, will address the public at tho Court House, this evening, on the subject of COMMON SCHOOLS. CORDS of first nuality Beech and Maple uooj, tor saic uy GEO. PETERSON. Burlington, Sept. I, 1345. 14 Cash paid for live. CASH paid for any quantity of live, delivered at my store. GEO. PETERSON. Burlington, bept. isu. 1 1 Asaliet Whipple's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) rTtHE Hon. tho District of Chittenden, en. S Probato Court for the District or Chittenden ; To all persons con cernedinthc estate or Asahel Whipple, late or Bur linctnn in said District, deceased. GreetIno. WHEREAS, Win. II. Wilkina Jr. administrator oftho estate of said deceased, proposes to render an account of his administration, and present his account acainst said esiale ror examination ami allowance at a se.'sion or tho Coutt of Probate, to bo holdcn at the oniec ui I no Kegister ol .'nui Latin, in HuMingion, on I lira Ion r in Wednesday ot aepiemlicr next. TiiEnr.roBE. you are hereby notified lo annearbe. fore said court at the time and place aforesaid, and snow cause, n any you nave, why the account more said should not ho allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington, this 25th day nfA'ignst A. D. 1313. 13w3 WM. WESTON, Register. Notice. BROKE into tho enclosure or the subscriber, in the latter part or July, a small Brown, Line-Racked r.r.,1 nM. : .l..A...ul ... It m, I'.r.l .-.I 1 1IIVUI.IICI Hlldll UIIU 11,MIIV "III. i no uujc.ti oi i mis movcmeni is to elevate i,! reouisitions. W. SrOO.Kll. the character of our primary schools ; and a general attendance is earnestly desired, as important measures will be proposed for si multaneous action throughout tho State. Burlin;ion, Aug. 30, 1843. 14w3 Huclmn's Hungarian Ualsain, THE GRAND ENGLISH REMKDY for CON SUMPTION, ran be found, wholesale and retail, at B. J. HEINKBERG it CO.'S. CHITTENDEN CO. AGRICULTURAL SOCI ETV. The committee on Orchards, Nurseries, and Forest Trees, will attend to examinations of tho same in the county on Wednesday and Thurs day, 17th and 18lh insts. All having cither to offer for premiums at the next anniversary of the Society, arc requested to give notice to C. GOODRICH. Burlington, Sept. 4, 1S13. COMMERCIAL. BRIGHTON MARKET. Aug. 25, 184"). At market, 1300 Beef Catlle, 4000 Sheep, and 1650 CII1CKBUI NO'S SUO Il-COATKD VEGEI AI1I.K EXTRACT PILLS. The true and genuine can be obtained or the wholes-, le Agents, IS. .1. Ill.l.M-.lll'.lU" iV uu. H. it CO. hive alsj iust received a fresh sunnlv ol lint excellent nod vi'u-ilile itlciticme lor t ougn and Colds, I aylor s Italsam ot Liverwort. 14 Daguerreotype Depot. W IlOliliSAL Ii AGENCY. MISSUS. IlltlNSMAID if- BROTHERS defire to inform Artists that they have an Agen- y for supplying the u.o-t npproved Dairiierieotyiic Apparatus, Piatt'., Leu., Poh-bing Alalcrials, Uer inan and ui her Camer.t-, Ca-c., Chemicals, and rrry article used or wanted m the line, and are now sun ned wilh n'vcrul Gross ot Uae-, iuorocco, Gill, laled, und Gold ; Fiench and American Plate, line rotten hlonc, rouge, lamp I lack, 1 ripoli, iodine piicksltifl, bromine, chloride ol gold, color brushes mi colors, prepared euuoti, iroiu inters. smiis, late Boxes, and every tiling nci-essary for the sue-1 s?.,, .r-K.nii nil, i, i in: i 11-1 iiiitiii,3 111c di ii. cy lor one ofthebest manufacturers and dealers in this line, and intending to ie at all tunes supplied with the l'C-t articles in the line, selected by a prac tical nrtit. We think that we iall be able to sup- Iv Arti-ts on satist.ictorv term, and respectfully o- icit calls and an examination of the Goods nnd pri- 1IUIASJ1AID a: BIUM IIKKS. Aug. 27th, 1813. 31 Cash for Uye and Oats. rTMl!' subscribers ill pay Cash on delivery at the jl uiu n inn, nr 10,000 bushels Rye and 10,000 do Oats. KOLLETT ii BRADLEY. Sept. 4, IS 15. V THE KING'S OIL Swine. Scversl hundred Beef Cattle, and Sheep ond lor atl Wounds on llarsos, tattle, tyc, Swine unsold, Prices Beef Cattle. A few extra $175. First quality 31 50 A $4 62 ; second quality, SI 4? 81,23; third auihtv. S3 a 3.50. Sheep. Dull. Lambs from $0,75 to 1,62 j old sheep to WOOL.- both fleece and pulled Wool, and prices remain un ensngeo. Prime Saxony Fleeces, washed, lb. 37 Si 40 American full blood do 35 It 37 do 1 do 33 & 31 do i do 31 if3 32 do i and com. do 23 30 QUCH as Cni, llmi-es, Corks, Galls, (either by s mo o.iumeor u iriicssj aorc liacus, sore lreat iraln-, fistulas, ic. cce.ate., i-emovingall sorenes and stiihiC's, and healing up the wur-t posMbb wound in Ironi one tn hvc days tune. Tins CI-.LF.B11ATKD IIEhrDV was prepared iiv linn r i ill ! i.iii! iv in? in. i . ni i.pcnt iipunt,. There continues to bo a fair demand for under tho direction of Mr. Yo-iuit. ilm i Kn. n.l n. .li.i trAi n.l 1 i...i. i. i ... i i .. i . i I. ... , A tlii-iii i uini-r, uiki ii'Ci uy linn in un; lloyai OIUU ol Hursts uniy. omu ny ri-.Uh. k M'i-.Mt, nurlin -ion : J. D KingslandAi Co., Kee.eville ; L, P. Cheney, Port rienryi rigill 0. aprugue, vvnilelidll t It.u lriU- ley, Middlehury H. Murray. crgenne-. i lnC rilO ilie Honorabb ) X STATE OF VERMONT. ClIIITESDES CuUNTI. S-. 1 X the sll'irellii' rnnr I next to le lm den al liur hnii"ii, wnbm l,,r h,h Count v of Cliitieuden. on the Moiiibiv nrcctsl n-il. Iir-t I ne-nay in January, A. l. ISJU ; iiuuiuy niewi'in your neiiuoner. r.n iro in Urn, ley, ol Burlington, in Cliitteni'eu county ufore-ni.l that at lliirluigton nlortsaid, hereiifore. on ibo lsi ilayof .Sepifin' i-r, A. I). 1838, was duly joined in HARDWARE FOR FALL TRADE. NEW IMPORTED GOODS. THE Subscriliers would inform their friends hud the public that tliev continue tl.e busine-i oflui- noriingand Jobbinc Hardware. Culleri- &c at tbi-ip old s'.and, 229 Pearl street, where they would invite sit trnage lo .Mary K. Drew, til llurlinzion, by .lame the country trade uenerally to call anil eiannm. ibmr Caughve. a Meiliudil clergyman, then re. i, lent ii large i,toi4i, of guodr, which has I wn newly iuipuned sanl llnrlingion, nn I from lint tune in the 20 h day and purchased from manufacturers direct, nnd .i-l,,-i. ot Aiigu-t. 1941. he lived with I lie s.ii I M.irc k' m ed wuh great care and at the lowest price., fur cash, thcstncl ob-ervance of all the dunes required' by the They arede:erinincdlooirergooJ.atama(i atiraiue, marriage covenant, when she was guilty of the prelering mall prolils and quick returns. They are crime ol adultery. confident they can oiler great iuduccinenrs to pur- And your petitioner further thowcth that the said cnasers. I .'iy rs., iw un um sum u.iv in August, Ib-JJ a'hM. ntit. id In!!.,.. tt.aii,...l..a In r.l. Wllfllll l lUerted t 111! lllllKl. nn.l I nl t.t l.v.l UUJ.',.- . ........... ...b..- ( .u lu... 1 . - . w UUI .l-IIIUI- Syslcn as strictly as possible, and will find 'r, and lias ever since lived kvparate and nparl irom mat we main a nacral discount Irom me usual creiiil "'" I"11"""! "ue mr to uoing mo nrices of other houses. Call and examine ibn bumU ving from your petitioner. and prices lfore buying elsewhere. It will cost Your petitioner therefore humbly pray, this Hon tensive ailu t unil'iu .'ti'ili mai ,tic u.,u u, niairiinuiiy c nothing to do ro. Our a-.-orlnienl is extensive, and you can generally find all the articles on your mem orandum without going I'l-ewln-rc lo look for them. U. II. I1AI.S I'M) Co.. UitO Peart St. near John St. New York, Aug. 18, 1815. 14-lm WILLISTON HIGH SCHOOL AND FEMALE SEMINAUY. THE FALL TERM ofthis flourishing Institution, will commence on Wednesday, Sept. 10th, un der the charge of J. Lyman, A. M., by whose thor nuzh and efficient supervision it has been successful ly sustained the past year. He will be aided in the Ladies Department by an experienced r emalo Teach er. Present prospects indicalo a large school the coming term. The Principal possesses a largo and verv perfect Herschclittn Ttetescope. with other excel lent apparatus, which lie will use for the benefit of he students. i.eciures win ue given in tne various branches, whenever I hey nro deemed neie-siry. Special attention will be gittn to those preparing to teach.. Board can be obtained al the commodious boarding house, or in private families, at from $1,25 to $1,50 per week, including washing, lurl iVc. TUITION. In Primary branches. 3,00 For the higher " 4,00 For the laneuaccs. 4.50 N. II. It is very desirable that those who become students, should do so at tho commencement of the term. 14 "1 TARl'ER'S XX Do A. EDWARDS' CHEAP CASH BOOK STORE. No. 1 Peck's Buildings. A general assortment ot School, Glassiest and Miscellaneous mail ana stationery at CITY PRICES. Illuminated nihle, No. 36. Shasspearc, NV 63and64. Lihrnrv ol Chonu ItcadhirtTTVu. IS: The Crock of Gold, 37 ct. Do. do. No. 20. The Indicator and Companion, by Leigh llunl, Pari 21, price 50 cts. The Lone Star; a Tale oITeTa, 25 Marriage t a novel by the author of Des tiny.' 25 Paid'Hcddlng, Tale ol the Brandywinc, 25 Hi-torv of the Consulate and Eiupireun derNupoleon. My M. A.Thiers. No. 4, 25 Cosmos : A survey of the General Phys ical Hi-lory of the Universe. By Al exander Von Humboldt. Part 1. 12J Colnml in n Magazine lor Peptcmlcr. Ladies National Magazine, fur do. Arthur's Maeazine, do. Godey's Lady's Book, do. Will be received to-morrow. By A. EDWARDS. Aug. 31, '45. 13 N OTICE. THE umler-uncd intend- going We-t in about two or three weeks, and will visit the northern uait oi unto, .iiicnigan, auu inoiaua, and go to uinca in nonius. He wi 1 le happy to execute anv commissions, in the way of collecting debts, obtaining testimony, or doing any other liiisine-s on the line ol his route, lor a rea-unablu compensation. E. A. SlAN-nunr, E-q., at the Clerk's office, will receive onu ueiivcr to me any papers or letters in re lation lo business intended tor me. ELI STKAR.NS. Burlington, Aug. 18, 1915. 12w2 TO THE TRAVELLING PUBLIC. SELKCT SCHOOL. MISS I,. II. STACY will commence her Fall Tlhm on .Moudav. the 8th oreutiinber. to con tinue I2weeks. S-holars are expected lo enter at the commencement of the term. Tuition : Engli-h, 33,00 French, 1,00 Drawing, 3,00 School room one door west of Mrs. Langworlhy's hop, up stairs. Uurlington, rtiig. z, isu. u 7"EAR after year, the Company which has mo- i nopoli-ol the Steam Nawoaiiom on Lake Ciiamplain. were appealed lo, to M derate their rare. and give the Public a Day; lica-onahlo as tne-e appeals were, iliey were not merely disregard ed, but treated wilb-.,;in.nTSTr-" Indignant nt llieir exorbitant extortions, the public oeniaii'iea n .ew unu iiiuepcnoent isoat. 1 tie FRANCIS SALTUS WAS PUT UPON THE WATERS. Tlieold mononolv. clnimin'r still exclusive dominion oyer the waters winch it has so long appropriated to iistn, lias iiM-u every iiieans, suggested ny priiii; nuu nvnrice,t to uphold ' its arrogant pretensions, and to re-acquire the power of imposing an exorbitant lari'l upon Northern Travel. Exacting but lately a FA HE ofl-'OTflt DOLLARS, which was then called IIEASONA11LE i it lias now ICeiiuceii it to J well IV live Cents! Its Apenls and Ri'Mhts. nnnovinc Travellers by their importunities, fill every Avenue .fT-..l --.I :.. .1...' i '. ..r I .e..: si jia,U ,iuu ill mi? win! mines musiim ineir ves-cls rival in speed, the FBANCIS SALTUS, it lias adopted the usual expedient ol iism? resinous substame for Fuel thus endangering, ns may be apprenenueu, tne lives ol ras-enger, more, tioasiing its wealth and chcrishim; from ambilion no less than avarice, the (rand design of grasping the exclusive navigation of nn entire region, ilie company never theless is not loo proud lo ilexvnd lo Ibo paltry de ceit of advertising one ot their cwn ,oats a rt bout ol "Opposition " Proprietors vorth a million, by an arni1ier1o ;! tt we a w ,4r.'.t?t to ue language annronrialo to express its eliaractcr. deenving an un wary traveller from the vessel of his, for the cou-ideration ol Twfntv-five Cents!!! In such a light do the proud Proprietors of ilie Monopoly ex hibit themselves before thai public whose patronage tnev solicit. The FRANCIS SAI.TIIS was nn experiment. has been thus far sui-ccssful. On the public il de pends, whether it shall continue sc or whether lad ing, pul lie patriinagc mii-t I e again Lett owed on a corporation wliiih so illy deserves it. THK FRANCIS SALTUS FARE WILL BE 0113 DOLLAR THROUGH THE LAKE. TOUCHING AT ALL THE INTERMEDIATE LANDINGS I I ! I 3-Leaving WHITEHALL, I And St, JOHNS, Tuesdays, Mondays, Tliur-days, & I Wednesdays, ii Saturdays, Friday, At S o'clcsk, A. M. 12 SahceL II, Clark, ) HostA Rt.MtMOTorr, ) WHEREAS, at this term of this Court, Samuel H. Clark, of New Lebanon. New York, hath filed his bill of complaint against Ilo-ea Iteminaton, ol Ilineshtirgh, Chitiendcn County, Vermont, seiting forth among other thing that slid Remington, on the 19th day ot May. 1812, being indebted to raid Clark in the sum of tlx hundred dollars, specified in six promissory note, of one hundred dollars each, all dated April ll, 1342, and payable respectively on the first day of January. 1843, 1844, 1815, IS 16, 1847, and 1813, on the said 19th day of May, 134-2, execu ted to said Clark a Mortgage deed of the lollo.ving described premi es, situated in said " Ilineshtirgh, in the county ol Chittenden, in the Stale ol Vermont, in the second division thereof, containing one hun dred acres more or less, and i known in said divis ion by the name of lot No. 100, whereorDayid Fer ris is original grantee, nnd is tho same land deeded by the orator to said Husea Remington, 31st dav of March, 1842 1" which said Mortgage Deed waa condi tioned tor the ha v men I of tiro said six promissory notes according lo the tenor thereof, and in case of the payment thereof according lo ihe lenor thereof, then the said Mortgage deed was to le void, but oth. erwl-e of rotcc. And admitting the payment of Ihe two orthesaid promissory note, first due, but fur ther selling forth that the residue and remainder ol thesaid sum of muney, as specified in the said four promissory notes last due and payable, nor any part thereof, bad not leenpaid lo the orator at Ihe tune therein set for Ihe payment thereof, nor at any oilier time; and prnyingllie said Court tint the said Ho sea might I e foreclosed ol nnd from all equity of re demption in and to the premises nforesnid, and thti oralor hold tho same to himself und his heirs forever. Which said lull was du v entered t)V the Clerk of snic uuuri. And whereas, it appears to the Court heie that Ihe said Rosea resides out of this Stale at present, and has not had pemonal notice or the tiling orthesaid inn I TncncroRE. it is ordered bv the Court here thai the said cau-e be continued lo the next term of this court, nnd that the said Rosea be nohlicd of Ihe pendency ihurculhy publication in the Free Press, anew-paper printed at llurlinirton in thisconntv.threeweel.ssuc- sively, the last publication to be not less than twenty uays previous hi me next session oi tins uouri. Dated at Unrlinsrtiin, Aiiuust IS. 1SI). EDWARD A. STANSbURY, Clerk. He.nrt Leavenworth, Solicitor. nira ti, HnU'i Uflir-f. a medicine which soothes tho disagreeable sensation of females about to become mothers, ond insures a safe delivery in an cases where malformation or some unnamral cir cumstances doe. not prevent. 1 he reputation ortht article, though silent, has become so extended a. to produce an immense demand. A pamphlet, intended only for the eye of thco directly interested and their physician', is prtpared fur graluilous distribution where the Relief Is fof sole. As we are thus obliged to como before the public, we take Ihe occasion lo sav, that 'One increase ot Ihe call for the Mother's Relief, wherever known, be any guide to a direct opinion to be formed of the esti mation In which It t held, we have Ihe satisfaction oriielievtng that it lias been the means ol allevia ting an infinite amount ol su.lering, nnd of rasing manv valuable lives. Wherever it has been u-ed daring the above period, I'ecp rooted prejudices havo given way lo candid and thankful expressions of gratitude, and a wish to extend on their patl, ns far as possible, ils benefits. .Medical men ol high standing have had the candor to aeknowledac lor once, that their prejudices must be abandoned, and hmchfvn advocates fur its use. All tho-e who wi.h, are inviled to call on some ol our Agents and procure a pamphlet wntiouicnarge. O. A. IIAK.TIIOI.IU i. u. Ilichestcr. N. Y. For sale b PECK & SPEAK, the authorired Agents for this place nnd vicinity, who can also i sup ply Druggists nt the Proprietor's wholesale prices. S. S. JACKSON & CO., NO. 22 I.tINO WHARF, IIOSTON, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Toil THE SALE OF ALL KINDS OF PRODUCE, flour, Mutter, Cltccsc, Lard, Seed, llcans, die fi" Cash odvanccs mode on consignments. From the well known reputation ol S. S. Jackson (formerly Jackson & Ilaves.t and thectlmaivo nc- rptaintance of his partner, Hcnjamiri TophrT, who for twenty years or more was the joint conductor onu proprietor of the Uoslon Merchants Rcaduu Room, they flatter themselves that by strict personal atten tion lo business, to givegptiernl satisfictinn (o all who may please to favor ineiii witn their commands. i(cicrciicc. linrlineton Messrs. Fellett & llradlrv. J. & J, II. Peck & Co., Geo. Peterson, and II. W. Catlin. i-.rsex Ljorm Tyler. i't. Albann Nichols, Hurton Chitiendcn. .Veu? York Citti S. F. (loo'hidoe tt Co.. Snmnel Perry, It. Phniiiiicr, Win. II, Davenport, II. Carter, and Abby &. Freeman. Albany. N. Y.C. T. Smith, Schoolcraft ci Jo'. n son, nnd John llloom. Their Store is very central, with a tight, cool cel lar, where Hotter and Cheese can be kept in fino or der) and their customers are numerous. llin2 1.000 Blood Sheep for Sale. JOHN THOMAS of Orwell, (owing to the short ness of his crnn or HavV offers lor sale 100 head of first rate SHEEP, to be sold in lots from 50 to 1000, lo suit purchasers. To be suld low ror good endorcd paper, on 12 or 19 months credit with in'cr- csl. Rererence can bo made lo II. Thomas. Burlington. Among the above Sheep is a lot of vcrv superior Uuclts. wool from the llutk on liana to ue seen. 12w4 Clocks for $2.00. TT trav not I e known to di-tant cu-tomer. but it X is n fact, that good wooden Clocks are .elimg for 82 and 82,50, and good trass Clocks lor 33,00 nnd 73,50, winch we warrant 10 hee i good ti mi. ; anu by the dozen we sell ibcm so iliat purchasers can make a cood profit. Many of ihe Cloi-k Makers in Connictieiil have tailed, and we are selling now nt lower prices linn we expect lo have to pay by nnd by. All who intend to set a clock cheap will do well tocall immcdiamly. One of our linn ,s now among Ihe Clockmakers, taking Clucks, and f.ulli he will buy Ihem unJ sell them loo come and see. IlKI.Nd-MAID & IIROTHERS Just received and for sale low, T30UNDCa-tSce!3 4. 7-8. 1. U. 1J. and 2 niche J.V Kound. 50 Kitts No. 1, Mackerall, 20 Hbls. No. 1, Salmon, 13 Tierces No. I, do 100 Quintals fresh Ctxlli-h. FOLLETT .f- URADLEY South Wharf, Aug. 20. 1815. 12 CF. STANIFORH, it Co. will pay Ibo highest inarl.i-t puce lor limier. Burlington, Aug.21, IS 15. 12 Notice to Pensioners. THE order of the Commi-sioner of Pen-ion, hcreiofore publi-hcd, rcnuiring lhal Pen-ioners residing ituhe Counties ol franklin nnd Chittenden,

should In paid at Montpelicr, and those in the coun iv ol Windham nt Poiihney. will mil take e.'ect un lit .March next, it having lira found impractical le in obtain correct .'uformaliun as m the nre-ent tdace f llit-ir nbisle, and to liuuisli the Agents with li-ts fur that purpo-e. rensuiners re-niipg in tne coun ties of ISennuiglon, Kiiiiaud, Addi-oii. uinilenuen, Franklin, and Grand l-le, will le paid on the 4th Sepleniler next, by MERRITT CLARK, Acent at Poiillney, and iho-e residing in the other counties in the Slate, at Monlpclier. M. CLARK, Agent. Poiillney, Augu-t, 1S45. I3 41 COUHTI.AND STREET, NEW YORK. M ti.iAxn ,iiuimir.D. Terms. -81,23 per day, 87 per wccli mHF. Ilrsls. Rooms. and Hou-eareciEA.v. ihe Pro I r,n,.ior nnd -ervants obliirimr ami attentive, and in masv particular it i a much more inviting place in klmi al. 1 tan some, inucn niuro ex pen sue nouses. ii - fi,iiliiri-ed me to snv that all inv Vermont l.-r,'i,Uvvliiiu'er(.iiilliienceuiocaii ov n si-aru aoove iiihlisbcd or by ilicinlormanon I gavecoiiix-riiing ins louse, should be laKcn good cure oi. 1 1-IIlu J.1D, I. Ilill.-. Hrtli'. rl f 1 Macketel (New) iusl received hv llUi JL Aug 21-t. A. S. DEWEY. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE P0R SAL3. C FEVTHER lieds and llcddimr. 1 Rnrcau iblk & Walnut Iront,) I Work Table, 1 Wash Stand Kuers and llai-iiis. 1 Larpcl, 1 Looking ttlass, l Itocking Chair, I pr Foot Stools, Dining andTeu sells of CnK-kery Ware, I Double Stoic, shovel and tongs. Al-o, a Iji of Kitchen Furniture. The above articles aie u,l nearly new, and will be sold low. l-ainoirc or U. II. JIUUIlli, Pearl St., Uurlington, Aug. 20, 13)5. 122 matrimonv lietween iilin and the said -Mary K. may las ili-suived, ami n I ill of divorce granieu iiim, anu mat he lie re-toicJ lo all things which he has o. by gad cuvenant. Ilaled at ll irlinjtou, in Chittenden i-ountv. this 4th day of March, A. D. 1815. John Simons' Estate. STATE Of VERMONT, 1 T N Probate Lamoille Di-trict. s. 1 X Court holdcn at Johnson, in said district, on Ih Oth day of Au- ii. I. A. I). Ibli. William Simons, adminislrator of the estate of JOHN SIMONS, late ol Johnson, in said district, deceased, ptoposcs lo render an account ol bin ad ministration, and present Ins account, ns administra tor as amrcsaid, for examination and allowance! w licreupon, it is orcered that Hie same do relerretl to the 24th day of September. A. D. 1815, at ten o' clock in the forenoon, at the Probate Oflice, Johnson, for examination and allowance, and thai all concern ed be notified hereof, by the publication of this order in (ito uurungion rrce rress, a newspaper printed nt tiuriinsion, vi., inrce weeus sucessiveiy, on ol which tube before the limoof hearing that they may appear at said lime and place, if they see cause, and object thereto. Hv order of Court, Attest, WILLIAM W. WHITE, Register. 13w3 Notice. JUST received and for sole on Consignment, 100 Sides New York Sole lather, 25 Cases Thick Hoots. I 01.L1HT Si BRADLEY. Soulh Wharf, Aug. 20, 1815. 12 (XS Consignment, J 20 111 I, Vinegar. Newark Cider Vinegar, 10 do While Wine no For sale very low by KOLLETT & BRADLEY. South Wharf, Aug. 20, 1815. 12 STATE OF VnKMONT, ClIITTESoUN COUNTV, SS. riiate. J X Constable in Ihe Greeting. BY the authority oflhe State of Vermont, you arc hereby commanded to summon Mary K. Hrnd lev, thepeiiiioncein I he above petition, to appear lie fore he Supreme Court next lu be hobieii al Hurling ton, within nnd for the county oT Chittenden, on the Mondav next preceding nc nrsl Tuesday in Jnnuarv. A, D. I84G, to answer unto ilie pennon aforesaid or l-.phraim iirauiey, niu snow cau-e, it any she have, why a bill of divorce should not be granted upon said petition, nnd abide tho order ol Court uiinnihe same. Fail not, but make service and return according to law. Dated at Uurlington, in the county of Chittenden, this 4th day of March, A. I). 1815. Ilefoto me, E. A. STANSUURV, Dep. Clerk. CHITTENDEN COUNTY. SS. AinihlfEAs, it is made lo appear lo me that the V t uroresaid petitionee, innry K. liradley, is witn out this Slate, Therefore, il is orderul lhal ihe lore going petitioner, Fiihraim llrad'cy, give nut ice to the said petitionee f f I tie pendency of said petition, by causing the snme ond ll e sub-tance of said citation to I o published four weeks mciessivelv in ihe Itur lutirioii Frt-e Press, a newspaper published at Bur lington, in Ihe county of Chittenden, logeiher with Hits order, the last ol which snail lo ut It-a-i six Catharine Morse's Estate. WE ibo sub-cnU'rs, having lieen appointed by the Honorable l ho Probate Court for the Dis trict of Lamoille, commissioners lo receive, exam ine and adjust all claims and demands of all persons agaiii-t ihe estate ol UA I HAKINr. MOItSK, late ol John-on, in said Di-lrict, deceased, represented in- oivcni. nni uie term or six montns Irom tne oiti lay of August A. D. 1845. is ollime.1 bv the Court to the creditors of said deceased to txhiln't and prove their respective claims before us, Du give notice that we will at lend tu the duties of our appointment, at the iiweinug nou-e oi John aieigs, in Johnson, in sam District, on the last .Mondays of Scptemlr ard Oc ler next, at one o'clock ollernoon nn each of said days. THOMAS WATERMAN, j Cimm's- Anuiir.vv ijuw, ! sioncri. Johnson, Aug. 5lh, 1815. I3w3 MAIlfHJANY! ! IM,r. .,,,. , . .L...U r weeks previous to Ihe Term of said Court to which H AVE rec-enily taken an Agency for the solo of ,d , . j ,. ,,. rclrnai,le. Mahogany from a New ) ork firm, and am new 0 ' , , , , , HuHisiixioii. in the county 1. k,in is,! ,.,iih n siiiaII slrii-u nfernte i and sha- .... . . V . . '. -. ' .j. .. ... - t r ..... I i ol i; il enden, nils n III uay hi Augu-i, a. ij. ion. deil veneers, such as are adapted lo this market. Ad- ' MII.O L. IIEN.NE1T, ihlions will from time to time be made, as ihey are railed lor by the demand, so as lo keep up a fair as sortment. Wood, in any foim, not on hand, will I furnished al the shortest notice. The prices will be tow, and Ihe terms cash, D. K. PANGUORN. Burlington, Ut Sept., 1815. Htf For Sale at a Bargain, A Good new CONCORD PLEASURE WAfJ- V .Will be laken in exchanaa any kind of sjisin, vroou, or uimbcr. GEO. PETERSON. Uuilinaton, Sept. 1, 1943. 14 14wl Judge of the Sup. Court, Gold I'cns. TMAMOriD Pointed Gold Pens in Ca'es. with J J pencil and nlai-e for leads, lor 03.50. Gold Watches, very low, and all Goods, Gold Chains, uraceieis. ote. as mw as posmnie. nr "aie oy IlltlNSMAID & BROTHERS. Mclodeons. QOME splendid toned ones, of various .!, iust tsj received, UJtjna.iiAtu ot Burlington llish School. boston comraissioN HOUSE. 1 8 4 5. IiAKB CH AMPL AIN. Q3-NEW ARRANGEMENT. FARE THROUOIt 02, MEALS KXTKA, THE Steamers BURLINGTON onJ WHITE HALL will commence running on Monday, lbs 7th of July, as fulfows. The CA1T. H. W. SHERMAN. WILL Whitehall, every MONDAY. WEDNESDAY FRIDAY, Y,& LEAVE .S7. Jnhns, over f TUESDAY. JTHttR.-)DAY,& C HA I UKUAY) At l A. M. I On the arrival of 9 o'clock), ( tram or Cars fr. Montreal. THE CAPT. G. liATIIROP, WILL Whitehall, every TUESDAY' THURSDAY SATURDAY At U A. M tV, ct I VY, S LEAVE St. Juhnt,erctf C MONDAY, WKDNESDAY, dt ( FRIDAY, On ihe arrival of 9 o'clock train of Cars fr. Montreal. DINNER ON BOARD. The nhove Boats will rorm a diily line, (unJayt) cxcepicrl,) enmiertmc wilh the Cars of the We-tcrn and (irecnbusli Ra 1 Bonds at Troy, anJ the N. York mornimr line of Sicamers, havmz Troy going .North nt 7 oVImk, I. M., by Hail Road nnd Packet to Whitehall in lime for the 0 o'clock, A. M., Boats, at Vtii!eh.tll,cnnnec1ing with alt line- ot Stages leaving; Sarau ga in the morning, and the Lake George Sieam Ileal nt Ticonderoia, Arriving at Montreal in 4S hours finiii New York nnd Boston, connecting also al Montreal with the Kingston, Niatrarn Falls, anil Buffalo lines or Steamers, " The Co. Iiemir unembar rassed bv Mail contracts, the-e boats will not be de tained on tho route by wniting for connecting mail line-, and have made the al oyc arrangement for 111 Sea-oii, believing it to be the best that can be made, to -nit the business, as well as the pleasure travU. Burlington, July 3, 1315. 5 'IT i utsTiiicT of lamoille, ss. S J. Pp bate i-oitrt within nnd for tliedi-tnct ofl.amoil'e. To the Heirs nnd all concerned in the estate of JUDAH FRENCH, late of Cambridge, in i-aiddi-trict, deceased, intestate, MReF.TING. WHEREAS, it appear bv the record nnd tile of this Court, that the ptrsonal etnle ol said deceased is not sufficient lo pay ihe ju-t debts nnd expenses of administration, bv the -vim of 81,-112 C3; and whereas, Jud.ih U. French, administrator on said es tate, has made application to this Court for licen-e to sell so much of the real estate of said decea-ed as will raise said sum j Whereupon, il ls ordered that the same 1 c referred to a ses-ion of said court to be holdeu ut the Probate office in .lohiisiin, in nnd for -aid district, on the 3d day of September, A. D. 1845, nt 10 of the clock, A. At., lor hearing an i occi-iou, un i mat an conccrne.i le notified thereof bv punishing tho substance ol said application and order tlicieou, three weeks aue- cessively in ihe llitrlmztou rive t'ress, printed nt Burlington, in the atate ol Vermont, an oi wnicn shall 1 e before said time of bearing mid decision, that they may appear at -aid lime and pttv-e, it they see cause, and give londs for the payment of the debts and cha-ges due from said e.taie, as the statute pro vides, or otherwise -now cause way said nccnso should not be grunted. Dated ut Johnson, this day ol Austi't. A. D. 1845. fill SALMON WIltES Judge, TJROMINE. AJ " Prepared, lold, Chloride of, Iodine, " Chloride of Prepared rotten Stone, " Tripolta RoiiLro. Anaralus fumi-hed to onler, 4 PECK & SPEAR, Burlington, Vermont, Crackers. SODA, Pic Nic, Lemon, nnd Common, for sale by L. &. C. E. FOLLEIT. Corner ol .Main anl Wa'er -Ireets 11 Oil Cloth Table l overs. Q OME splendid patterns and for sale very low. by U 11 l (t t. IS. fUU,MT, Sugar House Syrup. ASPLKNDID ankle Tor sale bv i .JD. U. rOLtlTT, Corner ol Maiu and Waiei strix-ts. 11 Daniel Itanium's Estate. IT7F! the snbscrilrs. bnvinis teen annointed bvthc Honorable the Probato Court for the District of Chittenden, commissioners lo receive, examine and adjust ihcclaimsand demands of all persons, against .,' i,s..i.-r ii iiivimi l....n-ni.:nlu lliecaiaieoi I'.s.sir.i, n.iu..u'i laic w, uniu vn,. 111 Ilie Slate ol Ohio, in said district, iieceaseii, repre sented insolient.and also all claims anJ demands ex InbiteJ in o-l'-ct thereto: and six inonlhs from ilie day of the date hereof, being nllowed by said Court lor mat purpo-e, weuo incrciorc ncreiiy uivo iiuuei that we will attend to the biisine-s ul our aiipoinl meat, at the dwelling of Andrew Hurrilt, in limes- biirsh, in said District, on the last Saturdays c Ocloler and January next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., oi cat h of said days. Dated Ibis 31st day of July, A. D. 1815. tl I. I'l tvie.v , ) Daguerreotype Chemicals. Mercury Distilled, Potnsium, Cyanuret of, " Iodide of, Soda Hvpo-ulphate of, r-ilver, Nitrate, Crjstal. Daguerreotype plates all q-jalitie. DagLerreotype Cases. of Ilw3 WELLEIt. rrHF FALL QUARTER of this Institution w JL i-ommenee Seinemlier 1st. In addition to tl usual aiinbes of the School, instruction will be giver. French by an experienced leactier ; also, aurvey. iiv mtii iiooK-Kee im. w in practice. Lici-it res uu ".- ; a . "" i .. . , i, i i nun nil! u anpr. uuaru al 11 ivuuiiib i-uii we uiiiini.u on ihe most reasonable terms, by applying tu the Principal. It is of the utmost imiiortupeu lhat I no vulm t.rniuise io attend should befrin with the nuarler, as classes will then le funned. -The building, with Ilie groun) aliout it, i undergoing such repairs and improvements, us the object lor which it was i recte I, nnd ll sltualirn pi uie pieasanirsi village in iu-n England, demand. i UIIIOll. Common English lirancbes, St, 50 Languages and Higher Engli-h branches, 5.50 French, (extra) 3,00 None will be taken for le than half a o-iarier, and no deductions made for absence, unless occsion- cd by illness. C1IAS. O., Principal. uurlington, Aug. ly. isio. VT. CEMltAL IIA1LUOAD A tVssessuient or Five Dollars on each share in ihoYirmont Central Rail Road Company, has been ordered bv tho Directors, navablc on Ihe first day of September next, and applicable tn all Stock holders who hate not already paid upon each of their snares to tne uoinunssioners. Payment may bo made at the Hank of Monlpclier, r the Farmers ii Mechanics Bank at Burlington, or al the Trcasutu'nO .lice, No. 174 Tremont Row, Bos ton. SAMUEL H. WALI.EY, JR., July 23. 9w5 VVriuurer. G. BACKUS, 1YIDRCHANT TAILOR. (Court-House S quark,) liUKI.INr.TON, VT. 110 GROCERIES. rilHE subscriber has on hand an assortment of m. urocenes sucn as COO. BRANDY, HOLLAND GIN, S. C. RUM, JAM. RUM, and NEW RUM, which he will warrant or the best quality. lis has also, ihe 2d quality ol Spirits of all kinds. MOLASSES, SUCiARS, TEAS, COFFEE, PEPPER, SPICE, NUTMEGS, CINNAMON, GINfiER. and other articles in the Ginnery 'inc. All or which he will set on the lowest and best l-rim lor Ihe pur chaser. Tavern Keepers in particular will find it for their inteicst to can ana examinm-ir temseives. ISAAC WARNER, Butlingion, Aug. 21, 1815. 12-lf Smoked lierf. A FRESH supply just received by Aug. 2Jih. 12 A. S. DEWEY, UED HUG POISON. FF.UCHTWANGER3 celebrated Bed Bug Poison, for sals at JJ. J. lltlNEUERC-it Cg's. TIIjE blood. TN THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE! is the lan X euaee of Ditine Scrivturetl How luiporlani thercture is it lo understand ii nature, and how to keen it in a proper condition in render lite free from many ortbe maladies which befall thou-and of the i r i.. l .1 ... i, an laiiiny it .uu. ureal rPs-.r--wir w, ins. lipnri. it... , conveyeu i,,iO Ihe vein and orle nes. and by their inliniii naailu-ci-t branoltes is dif. fu-ed tliroushoui every part ol the bodv. imnartina heat, action and nourishment lo the system. Il finds its way lo return to the heart, and through Ihe me dium of Ihe Secretory organs i, renew ol, and the pure moosi ngam passes t acu through uie veins, i vigorating lile, and giving growth and strength Ihe animal economy, lake a running stream,- " Like livinir water." ihe blood purifies itself bv its circulation. A long as it continues thus uniformly and uninterruptedly lo perlorni iu salutary oilier, sickness cannot attack the lsjdy. But it seems to lie so desiuneJ bv Providence that there should I innumerable causes to interrupt ihe general order ol nature. Allien expo-ure. suaaen oi perspira tion, bad cold-, unwholesome food or drink, smklen chances of weather, mercurial medicine-, cc. &c..att tend to render Ibu blood morbific, and derange its circulation, thus disqualifying it to work its own pu rification. Nature, therefore, must be assisted to per. form her work, by some healihlul stimulating ege- . i-1 ,.. . . . t .. .L . r.., L . - lauie reiueuv, (nut ny me iwnsu iiicrcuriui or uncer tain preparations ol the day). To purify the blood is lo strike at the very root ol disease, and perhaps the only means by which health can be icstoreu when this fluid lecomes perfectly pure (as in its prinnlive stale,! a I, oi however longstanding, must abandon ihe sysieui and health be reinsiaied. It is in the PIlltllTUATION OF THE BLOOD lhal tho SUGAR COATED MAGIC LIFE PILLS developo their inorvellous powers. They cure by their RENOVATING qualities. 1 he following are some ofthediseases which have their ongin from thi one common cause, CORltl'PT uiajuu anu iinequiuiiriiun tn lis circulation t Bile, Ringworm, Rheumatism, Foul Complexion Headache, Giddiness, Jaundice, Scrofula, and all complaints of a scrofulous nature, 4c. tie. The idea lhal some ol these diseases are almost iiicurah e. in se from the iueillciency ot the miserable medicines in general use; but the peculiar searching ironrrlieol Ihe Magic Life Pills in renovating the Blood, renders these as welt as many other ointmate complaints nuite under their control. A trial of ihem nrss i.rlv according lo the directions which accompany the box, will lullv establish the truth of l heir extraordinary curative properties, and place ihein pre-eminent in ine estimation oi every intelligent and candid inn vidual. For sale by PECK & SPEAR, Agents for Bur. tingtou. ana. vicinity, at no en. per pox. ;i WIUX3 CLOTH U SXQVBS. M'CIIESNEY & MOOKE, No. 108 HF.KKMAN ST., NEW YORK, WIRE DRAWERS AND MAMCFACTVaCBS OF Urass, Copper niitt Iron Wlrn :ir.n, ! Safes, Coal and Band Screens. Wire Window Blinds, Brush Wire, Locomotive and Strainer vttre. ClLINOCnS COVERED AT SHORT NOTICE. Aug. 1st, 1815. IOwC BURLINGTON mill-: PAl.r. Ti:i(l of this Instilutioti will com 1 mptirn nn Mnndav. the Stli of September, and continue two quitters, or weeks. Tho several Dr-natiinenia of Insirucnon are all tilled with expert e need and thorough Teachers. hue the sol d branches, which IrBin young Ladies lo hapits ot cor reel thinking nnd make Ihem thoughtful and woman Ivmmded ond deep v conscious ol obligation, are mnrln innflt nraminent in our i-ourse of study, pecu Aitv.intnues are furnished for acquiring a correct knowledge! of Music, Drawing, Painting and the French Language. . The whole establishment, both in the department r,r intriiisiion nnd the hoardinc-hausc.w til hei carter hi under tho careot ihe Rev. Mr. Converse who will seek to gite lo il the unity and Kindly innuence oi a well regulated christian lamiiy. Terms. Half payable in advance. Tuition, in English and Latin Branch es, per quarter BOO Pisuo Music, ......800 Instrument for Practice, .... 200 Drawing and Painting, 4.00 French 3.50 ll.mrd iiieliidinir looms, fuel, lizhis and furniture t2l per quarter of II weeks, or J13 including wasti ng, rno aumissiops mr less Ulan una ipianei, aim no deduction made for absence excep t in cases of protracted illness. ' J. W. 1IICKOK, See. Butlingion, August C, 1815. 10 Clapboards. 1 ( nnfl FEET clear stud" pine Clapboards, IU.UUU July 31. STRONG'S it Co. Sarsaparilla unci Tomato Bitters. FREDERICK BROWN, a celebrated chemist ol Bosion. ha snccecded for the lir-t time in com bining the medicinal virtues oflhe Sar-afarilla and Iomato. And the rc-iilt ha met the most sainruine expectations of the medical profession. The whole vezctat'ie Kingdom uocs not turnisn two sunsranccs so admirably adapted lupurify, nourish and invigo rale the human system. The-e Bitters have all ihe e.Iect of the most powerlul purgatives when u-ed in suificient quantity, nnd yet are so mild in their opera lion that Ihey may be given to persons in the most delicate health with perfect safety. They are very agreeahle to the taste. The component increment ci these timers la no seciet. They are composed of a verystrone prepar ation oflhe celebrated extract of Spani-h Sarsapa rilla and the extract ot Tomatoes, with the addition of some of the most popular vegetable medicines tho country a'lords. I lie true means in preserving ticann ana oircngia is to purify I he blood and correct the unhealthy statu of the BoweN. For this purpose no Medicine has been round equal lo Ilie sarsaparilla and 'loniato Hitters. These exrellent Litters will be lound a certain cnr in all i-a-i's ot indigestion or dyspepsia, jaundice, loss of appetite, general debility, faintness and sinking ol ihe siouiaih, lowness of spirits, costivencs-, determi nation of blood to ihe head, pain in the limbs and sd, uttiirmea, sinking, c.itnnco'i eruptions on the faceand neck, hectic fever, nightswrat, nerv ous and sick headache, acidity of stomach, bilious af-ft-s-lious, piles, costiveuess, and m all disease, caused by impitruy otlhe blood, the debility oflhe system, os the unhealthy stale of the stomach'and bowels. They are also exceeihncly ciri'-acnu in restoring constilulions broken down by sedentary employment, and have been extensively used by Clergymen, Edi tors, Primer-, Clerks, Seamstresses, and numerous othtrs hoe health had been injured by confinement and close a, plication, with the hapt.iet re-ulls. They restore ihe action of the stomach, lucres, ethe quality of the blood, and imparl to the wan and emaciated, lysiem of the invalid the vigor and glow of true health. The-e Billers are warranted to I ea purely Vegeta ble compound and mark this, iLjihey can never .If. ,h,.,.-ikt iniurv in anv case wh.ilever I It Tliey are kept by persons as ar.i-uiui ClNK,and have been given totlifTOVNOESTCiULDastc on account of the mildness of their operation, with excellent eilevt. The lollowing are a few oflhe many new recom- men la'ions which have been sent to the proprietor of HKOW.VS SARSAPARILLA and TOMATTO BIT- TEHS wilhin a short lime. REMEMBER. Always ask for Brown s a there arecounlcrie,u. Mb. F. Rnow-r. Dear Sin tlavinc tested tho value of your Sarsaparilla undTomato Bitters, I take pleasure to give to you the facia of my ia-e for your own satisfaction and the Icnelit of others. I naysj been snilermg with the Erysipelas humor in my fide, causing my hand and arm lo swelf s.,t .mich, and to he very painful, ul the lime and for some time previoti-, nave ict-n irouoiea wun a wcas. aiuuiaeui most of my food has hurt me, and there has been a singular famines, at the stomach, which has been in creasing, and cau-cd me mm h difticnlty. After I commenced taking j our Bitters I could perceive a gradual nnd immediate rebel, and would recommend it wilh much conhi'enceto Iho-e who ore troubled with such complaints. lours, DAMRKLL. L. tf C. E. FOLLETT, TJF.O leave to call Ihe attention of Ihe public to JL their stock of GOODS, now ready for inspection ntthcfrNt-w Store. Corner of Mnine nnd Walcr sis.. comprising a large and complete asiottmcnt of seasonable and I asnionable FANCY A STAl'I.U DI1V ROOD?, in every variety of quality and price. Particular at tention is united to llieir fiock ni Ready Mado Clothtnjr. selected with especial reference to ihe wonts of the pul-liic and offering an opportunity tor seiccitngany variety ol shape, colour or quality ai low pricis. Ilroadclojis, Vaucy Casslmcrcs. Veslliigs,.t.c. The above together with a large stock of Boots and Mioes, L.adiesond .Misses Mips, wiuer. .i". 1 1 every desrripiion.atid a vary general ossortmenl of I'rotk n y and tilass Ware, in' which are some beautiful sets or China ware, alKirds llu most complete assortment in maiKci. The selection of GROC EHI ES has been msde wilh great care, and families in want ul supplies are lumen iui-ji inniin ino sioctv, .vnirii eiioipusi it niiuiisi every atliclcin llieline oflhe very choicest descrip tion, all or which will bci tfercd upon the most favor- able terms. Burlington, July 31, 1915. Dif NOTICK ! ! HH Cotarlncrli litTfiofxro fxistin? leiween the miUitiI era miJer tht linn if II, Hv'c A Co., is thisd;t' tlifPolveJltytnutiial t't nt'iits All .frt(im.- haunz unsetilfl nifouni, are rrnutsitt) tu call and i i w r t'.ll :.. : asituM uiu Biliuc wiui to in i it u' iiiiMii iitiiticujjaiviF 11. ilVDE, K. SMITH. Wm.ll. WILKINS.Jr. Uurlington, July il, loin. THE imdersigncd having formeil a Copartnership, u i I c, milium business at the l.UASS KAL I UK V STOItE under the name of RALPH LAN DON & CO. where will tie kept an extensive nssorlmenl of DRY GOODS, OROCEltll-.S, Ac. Ac, whii h will le sold low for Cash. orexchaii"ed for inrsi kinds of Country Prodiu-c, such a IVrk, BuJJier, t'bie.e, Oats, Corn, Rye, Wheal, Potatoes, Diicd Apple, Honey, Wood, Orey Cloih, Flannell, I umber Ac. 4 c. All persons wishing toexchnnrteunv of Ihe.-e arncle. fur (ioods. will find it for llieir advanlago lo call, where Ihey enn irrnne mine i est assuriniciiis o- lioods in town, at the ttfass f actory Store. RALPH LANDON, I-. S.Mllll. Win. II. WH.KINS. Jr, uurlington, August I, 1815. Il-lf NOTICE Is hereby given lhat ihe I'hainplain and Conm-cik ut River Rail Road Company will petition tbs Legislature of Vermont, al llieir next se-sion, to be hulden on ihe second Thursday of Oc loler, 1815, lo pass an net granting to them the right lo extend their Road tiom Bnrlmcion lo Cana da line. SAM'L SWIFT, Clerk. Middlebury, 8th August, 1915. IIINESBUKGH ACADEMY. Ccorgc Lee I.yman, A. M., Prtuclpal- mlin Academical Yearofihis Institution will com 1 mence on Monday, Srpt.6th. Il consistsof two terms nf 2? u-n ti srb. Tttltlon. 83,00 for a whole Term, 84,00 for a half Term, and BO cts. per week for any lime not exrcea lllgDVtrtKB. ,t. wi"." Aug. 6th, 1545. 104 Baih, Me. May 27, 1845. Ma, F. Bboivs, Dear Sir: 1 have some lime past suHerisI much from Jaundice and Dyspepsia al the Slou acb ; loss iTniipetile, and troul leand pain from the least simple food, with pain in the head and sid-1 slight cough, gentral weakness and iiehility pi ino system. Alter u-ing a nnmieroi me-ticmes wrnous anv relief 1 w-a- md icisl lo try your Sarrnparilla and Toma'o Hitlers. 1 received immediate rt I it f nmihei i-eof one lloiile, nnd del craiihed lorthe great repel 1 liavereieivisl.and would recommend it to all who ares i.lcring from similar i'ionler. Ytrnrs, truly, L-mstsr-isff L- U Ul All, i lll.Sl.lSts... . usn."- i;tiN. Y. May, 17, ISM5. M. I.' llnrnvKDt-nr Sir : I nm nsain outol your Sarsaparilla and Tomato Billets s It i nn ankle ihl isiniichihoiisht if: nn nldlady from Frankfort, Her kimer l.'iHinty, .av she lias beencontinedtoherhoustf lor seven years, and thi hastnallesl her to gel out. .several in u ist-u jr say mat n is tne rest meiicinc incjr bae ever laken. Ple-a.-e send mea fresh simply soon, as 1 have Dot a lotlle in ihe store. Yours wuh respet-i, J. K. WARNER, per. R. i, RAY. Falmouth. May 29. 1544. To Mr. Brown, Chemist, Boston. I certilv thai niv wile has I een aflVlcd with a venr bad humor on her face, and at her stomach, fi r fifteen vear pa-t. After using various medicines recom iiifnded ror her complaints wuh little or not enehl. sh commenced using by the advice tf Mr, Fxtward Ma son, Apolbtvary, your Sarsaparilla, and Tomato Bil lers, and she is now in letter hcallh, than she has re. lore rniojeil tor the l.)-t fillcen vearsj and I would caicrfully recommend to all snf everybone who is all! cied with an) oflhe complaints wlpco this medi-i-ine is re ommeiided for, to use n in preftr nee loan ariule now in use, i ours resrectiuih. J, U. LEACH. PyrilarsJ, Me. June 5, IB-44. lurn CoMrtAtsT. can be cured without rcsorlin to piercuiy. if you will ruly use Brown's Sarsspardia and Timiaio Bitters. To Mr. rtedcric Hrown, l'roprietor ol ins sarssps- rdla and Tomato Bitters ! This crrlihi-s lhat my wife wa severely antictM w th the LmrCouip.aint.and her health v. I. very se riously undermined. Having tried various prescrip tions without surer, she wss (ortucia'rly irRluced 10 try your Sarsaparilla and lomato timers; ser nrstin scon began to improve, and she is now much better in healih, and would advise any one ir. ill health to user Ihem. ours, res piviiuuy, CHARLES CARte. All orders for the above Medicine addressed to Ih. Proprietor, F. HHOWN, 03 Washington su, Boston,, will meet wilh punctual attsimoa. PECK Si SPEAR, Wholesale Agentsfor Bils lon and vicinity. For sals also by Ocorie AyitK Milton i Boynton Jr, Burrilt, Hmesburghi Unaoaft Csnfield, Williskvn t William Rhodes Jr. Richmond I Martin Wires. Cambridgs (ILL Camp, Sioe i John H. Bowman, Vercennes William R. Rtisssll. Mid dlebury S. P. Redfhld, Montr-slier. Sold also by Druggists and Agents (tnerslly. ! pcrbVl 0 bottles for mi. July, taiiu tf