Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 19, 1845, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 19, 1845 Page 4
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New Fork Adv'ts. CLAIM' & KENT, Wholesale Dealer-. In Domestic and iMrrniTi-ns or ronmorj staples dkygoods, Noj. Si Cedar Stiikct, nnd I -23 IIiioaiivvat, NEW YORK. CP T- HAVING now permanently lo , (X LY. cited lliem-clvc .nbove,l eg lo rail ilm attention of I'ujcr- in llu vicinity, (pnrticu l.irlv ih o to a sluing home competition) to llii'tr htm k 1 1 I'oruliii amt II mitotic Staple Dry Goods. Their nli! will lo rim hrtil upon n cali bnsi, llii-ir price always unil'urii nnJ llioir icprcsenlatioiis candid. , , , 1'oiug a largo trade with llio retailor ol New Yoik, an 1 its immediate neighborhood, their stock i nece-smly Urge and euniplclo at ulHea-ou ol Iho i'o'r thi- ren-oii liny ro-peclliilly as'.- vo ir orders p'elt-'illg lliem-clvc 10 cxcttlic incui in such ni ner a will inpiie onnlitcncn nnd induce a repetition, lie-pci-tfi.llv, 3 j. CI.APP & K I .NT. T MF. Si l' lilt GUM) V, Commi'sion I'roilucc I JI.Tclnnl, 31 Water Slrcct. Lil cral cash advan CC9 tiimlo on ciinignmciit. Refers to Mens. P.. v. J. llcrri' k. 3 " Draper, Aldtidi i- Frink, New otk. l'nrw Caltin, E.q J Messrs. Phillips ii Cnylcr, All any. May I, -13. 3m6 Cliftt-liM'IION '1111! LUNGS, rpHR best moJU'ino known to man far incipient JL Consumption, Asthma of every siaso, Weeding of ilm r.iiiiirs. t'nuuh.. Colds. Liver Cumn'ainl, and nil diseases of the Pulmonary Organs, may be had of Agents named below. Nature' own Prescription, A compound llihunic prrpiratimi ofth Primus Virginiana ir 1 W.ld Chrrry linrl;,' combined uith llio "lUtracl of 7'ir, pn pared bv a new rhcniieal nrocrss. approved nnd recommendrd by iho most distingnishi d physicians, and unitcrsilly acknowkdg ed thu most Nam into medicine eter uicovcrcu. No lu.icl:cry 1 1 1 No Deception. 2-" All nnblMiril rtatcmonls of cures nctf.irined by this medicine are, in erery reaped, 'I HUE. lie careful nn I net llio genuine "Dr. WisTAn's Hal-am or Wild Cunanv as -punous uurations are ahroad. A Tiuly Wondctfiil t'lire, WATrnvit.l.r. Onriila Co. N. V.. Sent. 13. IS) Deir Sir 1 owe it lo ihunlllieted lo inform you llmt in January lasl I was ntlarkrd by a very ti'ilcnt cold, caused bv vtnrkiug in the vciter, which settled on my lunas. It was accompanied by a very sccro pain in my breast ami siles an.lnisia licmss nn cuugn. i bn-l in mtpn.l ince all the bet nit client aid in our til agei but alter cxhuisting all their skill lo no avail they pronounced my Hi-raso a cosririMnn coNseur Tins, nn I ihev oni- rind nil uare me up to die. Afte much persinl in 1 t."M the consent of mv nhysician to use. the It U.SAM 01' WILD CHERRY, prcparod bv Dr. Wistah. I puiclnscil of iho Ai'cnt in our phco one boillc, before nini! half of winch, I began lo mm "trengili, and it was ery evident my cough was much be'ier, and my symptoms in every way improved, I havo now used thieo bottles, nnd am restored to perfect Ural' i I nis result is nlnne nwui in ibn use of Dr. WISTAU'S HAt.SAM 01'' WII.I CIIKlUlVj and I take this mclliod rf jjivmrr you Ihe information, partly lo pay vou the debt of matitndc I owe. you and partly tint others similarly afflicted may know where lo apply fir relief. Very truly yours, JAMKS SAOl'. Mr. Pamirr, Driicaist, under dato of Watervillc. Septetnbcr'il, IB13. writes: The statement iven you by Mr. James Sa!;e is well known lo be true bv this whole community. It cerlninlv wis a most rennrkablo cure. The silo of the H.ilsani is ery good, and its sucecsin cures truly flattering. Vours rcsncctfullr, D. D. PALM nil. Orders from nnv Part of Ihe conntrv should bo ad dressed to SHTH W. FOWIX. No. 133 Washinston Sr., Uoston, general Acent for iho Proprietor. A G H N T S . Peck & Ppear, Hnrlinghn t Gcorrc Ayrcs, Milton : Hovnton tt Hurritt. Wneihurgh 1 I.andon & Can field, H'illiston. : William Ithoads, Hichmoml ; II. Ii. Camp, Slow: M. Wirre. Ccnhridut : Curlis el Dumber, St. Albms ; S. P. ltHneld, Mmtptlier ; Dickinson if-Noble, Chelsea; I', lluntinslon. IVr- VR. TAYLOR'S BALSMI OF LIVERWORT. Pmcr. IlEtii'cr.n t.arao Hollies l,SO Small, 81. Dlt. TAVI.OK'8 UAI,SAM OP I.IVPRWOHT, from 37.1 llowerv. N. Y., Icr the CHltF. of CON SUMPTION and I.lVKIl COMPLAINT, COUOIIS, COLDS, He. Head the followiiiR t Stokikqton. Dec. dtli. ISIt. Dear DocTont lVelinB" of crattude to vou. sir, n thu rnly nieuns, blel by Divine Provktcmc, in nerfecllv re-lorini! ni to healih bv tho u.u of Dlt. m . ....... Ii i n . tl III, I I T I'll lltlt, l.lllAilLn llil.a..u VI' L.1 t T.iVtf Ul I , Wllllll I p ircha.i'J aSoiit n year unec at your olliec, !. 375 IIOWP.UV, N. Y. and nUo tho hope ofl enelittins my Ifllow creatures, who, lil.e my-ilf, (at that I line) are .ulleru.irciihor from CONFIItMliD CONSUMP TION' nil COMPLAINT, are mv re.vons lor now tilnntn rilv lorwnrmin; n Minplu tieiau oi niv ease. inec.clv inmns that tins narrntue, iruc o urn plum, may iuhiko llio inouyniin' ui uuiei!1 nnhrlv n leeled, o nso the miuio mean", firmly be. ievniT ibev will I ii en inllv bleeil. nnd llnis 1 e lire- erved from a premature u Inch the jnwstil IU.llll.ltO lC.llll h.l linilllieiy cuil!.inni-ii nirmii ui in ,1iiii,..l,i i..l Miitno.ed Ihev hn.i on v Miabt coM. with a little congli. that would toon get well ofiisclf. About the of March, 1S12, 1 ea isbt a severe eiil.l. Ir.,,,, wltti'l, 1.1,'llrKV ,'noie.l. nil'l wns coulineil ..... 1 .. 1 DIM-I'VPC IIIVQ Vl.n.if ,l,.i I i;tli Innii in in V "e i a r, , , i i ..wut i..u i..- I wai able ti) vi-il New York, in que-t of lurlbcr ineil leal ail fur a vio'ent pain at intervals in my riant ide, -lio ilder and ehoulJer l laile t 1 remained in nil outMAlecn day- miner the rare oi an cmincui puy ii'i in. Mil l riveive, muiil" reiiei. nut no ui i noi re move the Inll.iniinntion Ironi tho Luns-, nnd in July the co lib became very violent, accompanied byex- pe.'tnratinir tarso quanniie. oi ru, or punuum iiuii ter, from which there was ninely any eesntlon or re.-t, except a few bonr repose in tne nigiit, pro-iuccii hv -tronij opiate; i va coninieu m my room 7th Nov. to the 20th April. Durum lho-e live month I was red col in llesli lo 103 pound-, some 40 pound le Ihan natural j I bad four ulcers for in and break, r..,iiti i..tili nl'vvhlfli 1 rni.t.l nbiiut a nuart of bloodv miller, t now commenced lakiiis diilercnt bind of Strnps, 1'ilh, llilsnms, hotengeaund Hxpeclorants heie follow thu name ol'Jayno'- Pxpee-loinnl, 30 Mnitin- , I iinirn..i I lvi'. ml'. ui i ui if iii nurnii-e: mv runali conliiuie d incessant, -o that l o I ween II and expee-loralhiR I wa not quiet five nun wo- at a time durins tbed.iv. In Oci. ol 1913 1 call od upon vou at vour oUce, 37 I10WI RY. nnd pur n.eil l-'til It lit t 1 l lil'iri 01 Hour lilt, ini LOIVS HM.SAM OF UrnftU'Oiri', bavin? Iioni.,1 iiimi.Ii i.l it. Vno lobl me if I would continue lo u-e it steadily, it wotdd certainly cure lue, and il l sol on n it lo scui at once tor more, l iuok h i un Kxtract or Lungwort. 1845. NORTIllillN TRANSPOR TATION LINE ASSOCIATION. Till! ONLY CUHP. FOR CONSUMPTION AND LIVER COMPLAINT. TT houlil be resorted to by nil who nre pr dispo-en I in r.nn. iimmmn. fir troubled with neouzh or cold, niirlt, Bivi.nia fiilimn. n.iin ill Ine side nnd chet. dilli- ullV ol brenlhina, tialiliie.-s nno orencs- ncro- me ehet, broncbili-, liver eomplnitils nnd all nlleetions ol the pniuionarv oranns. The follmoing needs no comment. ar,nrild. Snrntnirn Co. N. Y Mr. C.J. Itoo-evclt Denr Sir: Thu love oflife tirj:c mo to make Ibi-elort to obtain some of your melicine, a I believe it win cure me; i m ivo u nieinent ofmy i n-e. About lour or bvu nioiiih" nso I wa Inken with ii Imil eold, and wa very hoarse, in consequence ot working in water while building a -nw-mill, (I eing a mechanic) nnd was under the doe tor's care aboiu four week-, nnd pot to I e able to walk nboul, nnd trieil to do n lillle work, which bro mht on a sliuhl bleedin(r of the Ipnss. I return 1 home di-piriled nnd -ick. The next day while fit tins by the lire, n I lood vc-scl b ir-l in my lunjs, and e. mnienced I lecbua very fa-t. The doctor happened to be near, nnd bo did every ihinp in ln power lo -top the bleedinir, and finally succeeded nflcr lo-ing near n quart from my Inn?-, and more frcm my nrm. Hut tlii- did not la-l but a few hours, my Iiiiiets were the I oitlcs. and wa- relieved of thoeo isb, pain m the so spasmodic Ihe doctor could not control mem, ami side, cbe-t and hculder, nnd it caused me to expec- for live davs nn I nights eoniiniicd to bleed, until llieie torale very lieclyi 1 purciia-eii anomer noino nuom wa- mi ihoih. to ruoj hmch n-'iu n i-1 ". r Mie taill Alnrcll, WHICH 1 lOOK occa-ioiiiiny uir .1111- wciu i muni M;.nniy nnni.'-- w. t'e eoMSh, excepting which, at this lime, I was quite lonitime in one po-mon, until my lunas benlei.and renovated m health, letlin" -troni nnd hcartv, and I to gain a little MrcnRln. Hut nbout four wei.iluiii; 140 pound (yi ur tnUllille synipton ol weeks nRO n rclnp-c came on nnd I Med Injrnin at the THIS AssociatKuMF tinuo tho Korwnrdins business on theAmnntn Canal, Lake Chnm- plain nnd Hudson Itivcr, connected with the old Tow lfAH r ...u:t. I-...-, v v-...i. .t.:i.. -. r n'j,nlr iuiii liiiiu, nr,ii;ii iv.ivra ... ni unity nt u v urn.- P. M., nod Troy daily nt 8 o'clock A, M. Two or mote freight boats will leave Troy and Albany for .vmicnnii aniiy, wnicu will aeliver 10 ana reeeivu Preiiibt from tnn Stenmbnt nml vessels on Luke Champlnin t nlso, two or more Prcisht Boats will leave Whitehall Tor Troy and Albany dnily. In nddiiion to Ihonbo've they have n Lino of Lake, and River lloats, of thu first clnss, with faithful and competent Captains, who will receive Freight nt New lork-.iToy or AlUanv, nnd deliver ninny rouun I .nlte Chnmnlnln , nt.n ni.nivn li'miiilit nt Polls on i.aKe i.namriain nnd deliver in Troy, Aioany or pi. York. All property received for shipment by this lino will bo correctly weished by their Agents at Iho time oi suipmeni anil win no insiirca. Also, two or mnrf. Inula witllnnvnttin North Wharf, Burlinston. each week, for Whitehall, Ttoy, Albany and New York. JAMKS II. HOOKER, Propn- KLIAS PATTDKSON and others, S etors. For Freight, npply to PopeC;LJ.a,,CS''s S.ip.N.Y. L.,rCa,;ie!o;ker'il"Hi'.Tr' II. A Holcnmb, 101 Pier, Albany. C. W. Kclloug, Comslock's Landing. wr V"n t So"' I St. Jolm, 0- E. William Coote, S Levi llinkley, ,Misiquo "ay Oliver llnscoralfcfciVsssAeball. Rnrti'l'o.i Albans. A. D. Ladd, Plsitsbiiriih. I.. Colvin. Port Kent. Nathan Webb, Rouse's Point. J. II. Hooker, 13 t.nna Whaif, Ilnston. Address OLIVKR ItA.SCOM, Airent. Whitehall. L. A. CAltLLTON, Aifcnt, Troy. J. S. WARP., I?en, Burlinston. All nrnnrrlventriisied lo Iheir care will be forward- nl n ill!.-. Irrt i.'ill. .taanli-l, nml mnti'tv. Whnrlnae and Storace nt red iced prices, and the utmost care taken in hnndlinir and storing merchand ize, produce nnd nil tinds or properly ronsiancci in mv care, NORTH WHARF, Font ot Main Slrect. J S. WAUF., ircni. Burlington, April 2, 1SI3 43mG Annexation. SPAULDING & RUSSELL HAVINO taken the IILACKSMIT SHOP former ly oceupieil by tieo. A. Allen, nre prepared 10 accommodate the public as well ns any other K-tab-lnhmcn'. in this vicinity. Wo wnntall thooldcus tomers, and lots of new ones. it, i, r-i'Aui.iiiiw, S. II. ltUSSKLL, Burlmjton, June 2d, 1815. ImO A VALUABLE MEDICINE, DR. Brand reth's Vegetable Pills have proved them selves nn effectual a-sltnnt ol nature, havinif cured ill the United Slates ntlot.t one hundred thous and persons of disea-es which bad been pronounced Incuraiiie ny medical men ol the lirst ranK ana siana in ir. Tbcsfi Pills, from the noenllnr r.roncrlics ihev pos sess, arc calculated to cure tiscases, whatever be its name, an Having uic same origin, in nny person in whom is the "brca h oflife," who partakes of the "universal" "one blood," of which nre made all people who dwell upon thecnrlh, and who-e dis order nri.o. from ihe "universal root" of all disease-. nnniely,iuipurity orimperfect circulation of the blood. Tho-o who nre sirlerinc from a bad state of health, will do well to give tbeni a trial. Agents, S. K. Howard. II nr linn ton t K. B. Green. Rich mond i J. Tunic, Etsexi Geo. B. Oat-e, Jericho ; J. H. Tower. Underbill: Geo. Avres, Milton t R. Snnder.-on, West Milton I II. II. II inc. Watford i iviorlon ot. umrK, liilllslont Jiarcu linn, nines burgh i J. B. lsham. Slielburnt J. M. Staple, Charlotte. 3mG lUtablithmcnt, No. 177 Water -t. liclorei nail ii-mi mat Ihe lungs werenoivci iiireraieu.iiiiuuii u, them up. Julv I'oiind me Irce from nil cough, which recovery gone, until one of your pamphlets wci his not since" returned, and I ino-l fit inly I elieve thai en me de-enbing Dr. I.arbor's r.xtract ot Lull! ibrou-h the Provii'cnte of Oml, DR. TAYI.OIt'S .My neighbor oblnincd a boillo for ine, n n la-t , r - :..nin .....ii ..niii i ... mum i ill .1 .if. iiii. nn. i.niiiitiiini in coiilhi nun rnise inrce miiini ' iti.i.nnu .-- "s.. - ."r V. . " .... ..r. . ... .. i ;;.u.. when rrom cxpo-ure t toon a vioieni com. wnicnraii- ties oi oioouv mnier every iw, "i"".j fined me to my ho i-e three wtek. 1 nt once tent to ha-lcmng lo the grnve-. My fi lends nnd neighliors New Voik for mare BALSAM OP L1VP.IIWORT, bad given up nil hopes nnd told me I nui-t die. My n.. I ii..... i.i.H.nvl iii..,liri-M Iiii,l1nnl t'nnr W'hnletiillr. liliviii:n coiilil irivn lue HO eni'Ournzetlieilt CXCCOt l.itablWimcnl, -o. 177 water -i. iiciore i nan u-in inni ine lungs were noi yci uiccrunu, i i n mi in pv- ... jmuipincis wi 1 1 m v t resort. iitr siM nt." l.lvr.HWOItT DID AND H As but wnh verv linlo hones of Is doins mo nny good COJIPLKTLLY CUKPD MP' and I also I elieve I have now it about n week, nnd strange to it will cure nny one vvbo-e Lung- are n leeled, il they say, from the lir-t do-e 1 look of it, I began to mend will m'.e it acctrding to your directitnw: I do not nnd my health is loiter every way. My niglu menu for them to u-eonly one or two bottle., but Kmc, it- havcnearlyocu-cd, my Mrcnglh improves, my wool I most carnc-lly say tal.e it steadily, even il n rai-ings nre les-,niul liopui-ngain reviveui uui my sho ild reipuie lifiy I'ottlcs. " medicine i- nlmosl gone, nnd I wish you lo ,-end me In conclusion, Dear Sir, vou perceive 1 have i ecu iwo hotilc- immediately, and il 1 recover, 1 win oo nn -i-k some twenty-eight mouth-, ant none ot the puy- in my povvtr lo pread thu news that consumption -ict.ins ut homo or ul road, however skilled, wnh can Le cuied. 1 remain vours, &e., whom I cou-ulle'd, could cive inu any permanent re- CHAIJNCliY D. MKDIIERRY. lief; ne.iher did ihe IIAI5A.MS, (excepting yo ns,) For further proof tcemcdical book, in hnnd ofihe Farm for Sale. FOR ate, a firm in Chnrioiii; contain, lug about one hundred and twenty acre-, about one hundred acres of which is under cultivation the remainder is covered hv a mod llinftv growth of pine, hemic k and hard wood. On Ihe prcmiesorencon venietit duellinir bouse one nnd a half slorys high twcniy ix by thirty feet, n good bnrn thirty by forty fcet,cnrii.iBe bnn-e and wood shed wnh n good well of p ire water. Al-o, a voungorehaid ofal out -ixly trees nisi heirinninc In I ear. The above (.inn is sh oaled in the north pnrl of'otie and al out two and n half mile- souih Ironi Shelbiirn meeiing Imu-e, i- under n good rlali of cultivation ami s m ell fenceil. Al-o about twenty-five lon ol good hny all ol which Wlil oe -OKI lorn Mir rice nun pi-s-cmn mven nu ineiliatcly. Fort irlber particular, inquire of ir.wu inLivriiu. Sbelburn, Mart It 12, 1545. 41 Sviups, Lozenae-, Powder-, Pills, Kxpcctornnis, and ill Icrcnt other liqui l prcn iranon-, oi which i swuc lowelaloit SKVLNTY-HVI'. Bottles, give nny I ettcr cnconn cmcnt lo declining hope. 1 itn in a nn linn. a. niiir ns I could cnlcnlale. I extiee'or.lled fill SIXTY GALLONS OP PUS, OR PURULENT I e n resident of Stomnzlon. Conn man ofintegrity, on who-e word the iitmo-t reliante an le pncoii, nnd inai me Maiements m inu unut- eriifn ale are mrIcili TRtir.. and the signature nf- hxed is in hi- hand wrilnig. (Signed) WM. I . CllLR'.u. Sworn belore ine, this lib Dec. 1811. W. HA MSA Y. Com. of Deeds. -i, I.. I.,- I'CPk' Xr SIi:All. Anenls for Bur linotoni Win. Hhodc. Itichulond ; J. II. Tower it Son, Unnerhill Asa F. Gove, Fairlax ; Geo. Aver & Co., Milton. ou.u pennet; Dr. lltt"eil, .iluHiieour'j. Druggists and Agents generally. Sold alsn by ymo Health and Strength. DR. P.O. RICHARDSON'S coscF.NTnATi:n srinnnr wink hitters. lC3a'h:' nre llio unrivalled and eillcacioi s com tininui r.fii n."idar Phvs cinn andsr.iduate of the New llanip-blro Mnltcal Col cgc, who h is made the Mil ly ol nicilicine lilsproie--lon, nnu iiicyiirenr-'iiiy ri-i-uui uiiyofthe most ecle' r.nei rnvicnn- u mcniled bv 111.1 nvof the I ihe counlrv, n- doonledlv Ihe BRSr MDDIC'INi: KVPIt OITKUKD'IO TUP PUBLIC, for Dy-pcn-sii. Jaundice. Liver Coinidaiiits, lliunor.-, &e. nn I de rangement- i f ihe Stomach and Bowels. Fori-nlein Butlinston bv PP.CII fV SPK.Mt, whole snle Agents, who vv ill furni-h De.i'ers nt the gro-s . i . , .. sr. ii,,: it! .i. iwriilln once, itiao, oy .iit-s-i. i. ,..-.. i- ...... jiil)25,9.mC, (2. BACKUS, (Court II ousr. S i u a n u , ) DUItl.INC.TON, VT. 10 rlicep Racks. TUP. Subscriber is uimiifacturtng a superior nrti do of Slir.F.P RACKS, io which ho would re snecifiillv cill ihonttenti ui of ihe vvool cro win "com ill u nu y, ns they will find it muUi to lluir a Ivaninge to use this kind of Rack. II. P. DLWLV. Burlinglon Falls, Aug. I, 1313. 10if Coittpound Synip of Snrsnpnrilln QARSPA11ILL has taken n bich rank in the U .vlcui'"il vvurht, ns well in I.urope ns in Aincncn lis clliciency in nil Cutaneous, Scrofulous, Rheuinat ic nnd Syphilitica! diseases, &c. &:c., is known In cv cry Practitioner. There are various prcp.trniions in circulation, hut ihev full cither in not conneciini. iviib Sarsipatilia ns.isting medicine, nr in not containing the extract of IIonockas SAnsAi ahilla. l lira medi cal value of Iho above preparation is nlreody well knnwn to tho community. I nai recommenuea a tiir. It is mide out of the best Honduras Sursapartlta, ns-istcd by such other ingredients as conic nearest lue nirsip'iruia in ineir iiieuieai viiiut-s. This Ciinmnund is nrennred and sold bi ll r rrrivprteifP. a. r-n Burlington, July 23, 1815. 8 EDDY'S HOOK AND NUM'S l'RINT. ing Ink nl Factory Prices for cash, for sale by liurimgion, July J, '41. ti iii:a vvuuna. Cash Paid for Wool, AT SOUTH WHARF, bv Aug. 7, '43. FOLLP.TT & BRA DIXY. T1TAGIC IIONI IT J. fuir II nnd RAZOR STRAPS, good sided ores nt 2 j -is. each, lor h.iIo oy B1IINSMAID & BUOTHKRS, JIINESUUItttll AOADHMY. !rorge l.yniaii, A. .H., l'rluclpal. nilM Academical Yenroftbis Insiitution willconv 1 menen on Monday, Sept, 8th. It consists of two Him. nr01 uwt, pneh. Tuition. S3, 00 fur n wholoTerm, 81,00 for a half Term, nnd 50 cts. per wccK lor any lime not execea in? b wrens. i. i. uni. Aug. flih, 1845. IOwO Crackers. QODA, Pie Nic, Lemon, and Common, fi r vale ly k I., (V i;. i.. ruL.iir.i i, Corner ol Main and Water .tree-Is' 11 Sunar Honso Syrup. A SPLENDID aiticle for sale by L. &. C. K. FOLLI IT, Corner ol Main nnd Wntei streets. 11 Notice. JUST receivednnd for.nlenn Consignment, 100 Sides New York Sole Leather, 25 Cusc9 Thick Boots. FOl.LCTT & IIIIADLKV South Wharf, Aug. 20, 1815. n Vin'ognr. ON Con.lgnment, 20 I1I.I-. Nowurk Cider Vinegar, 10 do White Winu do For sale v. ry low by FOLLKTT & BRADLF.Y, S nib Wharf, An r. 20, lr)13. 12 azenis, containing certificate-, f-c. All persons de- iring the agency ol the will plca-e apply to ine pro prietor, C. .1., eis -state oi. Aiouny. AC! ft NTS, PF.CK it SPP.AR, Burlington, Vt. R. Lntidon if, Co., Willi-iou. . Rhode-, Jr., Richmond. Bnynton & Burrett, llinc-burgh. 21-1 V MAT rHII. and ino-t chcerlullv consent to iho put. LMtionof ibis statement of locls, wherever in any ay it mav benefit Mi'Icrunr hunnniiy. (Signed) RKUBKN C. 1IANCOX. WM. P. CHURCH, bema dulv sworn, depo-c- nml .nu. i lint In. Li.l ...hi till im:i till i- nr'H'inillle 1 will .. . J .. . i'i i : I , tt , rr, . , . . Kcubtn ti- .incoi-nuom un i-ar-,nn n iuwrnm lu aUUlO, XlarnCS?, anU 1 TUniC Ilia ., mid i nm ne h n ' - Removal. kins I have token the Shop n few rods Hast of the Court House, and near Skinner's Livery Stable, where ihe niibliccaii find nnv thins in mv line of business of as good quality and as cheap as can be procured in liurimgion. FOR SALIS, ono Double nnd three second hand Sinale Waggons. SAM'L S. SKINNKR. Iluilington, .May jti, isij. am . VW AllltAXGEMEXl. BURLINGTON & BUFFALO LINE. 18 -" U-rrr.ilC-- 45 Til K SPLKNDID PACKLT-UOAT Cunt. JTACkLEY, Jr., TTAS Icon lilted on in llie best pos-iblo manner, XjL sparing neiiber pains or expen-e, for Ihe purpose ol trnn-portmg rreiK'il and IM-senger. In and troin iiuiialo niui inii'rnieiiiaie pince-. I'ersonscmigraiinB Wesi wi-hing for comlort ami conveiiience,will find it on board i f the R. P. Heart. The Captain flatters hini-elf, Willi ihe crew he hu procured, who nre steady, attentive nnd obliiinff, Ihat be can gi-"e satis faction to nil who may favor him wilh their patron age. I hi- I'acuei is inrge ami eoiiimis-ious, ts-iiijcient to nccommcilale seventv-fivc oreigbiy persons. On ihe opening id navbnuon the will leavens follows: Liurimgion, Aprirjj, uiiningion, An;, oili, " May Mih, " " 27tb, " June -Mi, " Sept. 17th, " 25ih, " Oct.7lh, " JulylBth, " "29lh. AOHNTS. Messrs. Follett i Bradley, Uurtington. VI. " Nichol-, Burlon & Chittenden, St. Albans N. Webb, House' t Point. ComrLCbamlcrlin,!'''6"' Mors. Colvin & Tiemble, Port Kent. " Vnushon & Kick, 1 ..., John Kinland, i 7'''A". (lift" HOSTON & NEW YOUK intiiiirrvt iii IKS. RKUIIKN BAClIELnOR I'aintins, Carnage IMakiiiK, &,c. SI'AULDINC. Sc RUsSEI.Ii inN-TIN'IIF. the Pnintins business in all its vari .. . .... - . ..,. v ous uranencs, nn suucii a eoiiiiuuniiL-u ui me nubl c patronngc. we nave .nso commcnccu ( . iiivi ii.jr. ,i iviii vj. and arc prepared lo make to order any kind of Car iriTOIT.D inform hi- friends the public that he r,ogcs or Sleighs that moy be wanted, in a first rale V has reiurniil Irum New York and Boston with I manner, and chenp for cash. Repairing done on ino-i cnninlcti. a-sornnent of HOOTS AND SHOES. Ladies' (Sailer Boots, all ci lor-, " III IfO.ii'.ers do " llu-kin-, do " Welt do " do Walking Shoe.. " Fiench Kid ll i-liius nnd Slip " White ,atin shoe-, Gentlemen's Ca'f Sewed Hoots, o Kip pegireil do M do do " Cowhide do " Brosan. " (Smt-kin Oaiter-, sovv'd & peg'o " La-tines uo Mis-cs Bootees nnd Wnlking Shoe, 11 lluskins, all color-, Boys' Brogans, pegged, all kinds, Ynulhs' Ki,i lluskins, 1( do Bootees, nil e-olors, also That he has 1 rouu'bt fruui New York a prime lot -hort notice. All kinds of produce taken in exchange for work fsnt nnd sen Tor Yourselves. Shop on Sbelburn at., opposite tne American Hotel. Burlington, May, 1815. oumu n. O. SFAl'LOIMO, B. II. Sl'SSELL. AMERICAN HOTEL. AND GENERA L S TA GE HO USE, ltY S. TAYLOR. Covbt House Square. Bcblisoton, Vt. 20t James Hogan, tTTOULD respectfully inform the citizens oritur- Y T liuglon and vicinity, that bo has commenced HOOK BINDING in nil its various branches, ill the Building formerly occupied by s. . nkinncr as a bauoier a Miop, mroe Moors iinst oi ine r ree i-icssoii ce. ueueee oi.. nur- of I'l cneli Calf Skins and (Ink Tanneil Sole lington, vt., wncro lie intcnus Keeping consianny on Leather ol a s iDcrior uualilv lo any ever belore of- nanu fen d in ibis market. I have nlso n lir-t rato Bool Maker nn I a rjuantity ol hishionaHe l.a-ts, anu am lullv creinrcd to in iii'ifaciure nil kinds ol work to i n'er in nub n manner n lonnot foil in give fulUnt- f.iciion to nil who iit.iv favor me with their natron- ye. They will be sold ai the lowest prices lor cash. i irungion, June a, 131.). Ledgers, Journals. Invoice Books, Record Books, Alcmornndum Books, Cost Taper, nnu Day Books, Crfsb Books, Sales Books, Receint Books. Lawyer's Briefing Paper, Uockets, N. B Banks. Publirolliees, Ins irnnee Companies, Merchants and others, furnished with Account Books made of the best paper, ruled and bound to nny pat tern desired, nnd executed in nsgood style ns the latest improvements in binding and experienced workmen rnn nrnunre. Particular attention will be paid lo the bindiug of T70"LD respectfully notify the public that be has Libraries, Periodicals. Jlusie, rort-loiios, scrap iiooi, t llRlGliS1 PATENT FENCE MACHINE. III'. W BY, ii. r returned lo Uuil.t!L''oii pal's, and recummenced manufacturing the PATP.NT FI'.NCK. Ho is now otenarcd to fulfil nil contracts that were unfu fi led Ul consequence of ihe lulu fire, and will bo happy to serve old nnu new purcunsers wiiu some ot ins vane. lies ot h arm, llaruen or urnnmcniai l ence, c. &c. Manufacturer of Blue. Blnek. and Red Inks, Country oiders executed on the mosi favorable terms, anil nt snort nonce, i-.ogcs oi hooks tunruieu io any pattern lo inaleh, Comb ur Spanish in the best style. Most kinds of School nnd Blank Books on hand and for solo chenp fur Cash. Paper Rags taken in ex Owing lo Iho advantages derived in tho use of ihe chnnce for Blank and School Books, Paper, if-c, above improvement, he is enabled to uffoid n neat and beauliful fence for yards and gardens, at much less expenso llinu llie snuiti eun uu i;ui up iur in any other way, while for durability it is not excelled by nny in common use. This valuable improvement svua hriUlirouiililoiillu ivoiern .new i orn, wnere tl has none into exlcnsivo use. and liaa received the np probation of thu Mayor of Ihe city ot llulfiilo. with many hundreds t.flho first ngriculturists nnd others in Uiat part or Hie hlnlc, nlso ol liov. Ilulil mril, Doct. Jnrvis, Judge Churchill and many others in New llampshiro, In fact wherever it has been introduced il hns been highly approved. As a Farm Fenco it conn mes more advnntarcs than nny oilier lence ever Burlington, May 15, 1915. 50-1 y NEW BOOK I1INDIIRY. rilHE subsi ril er n now receiving from New ork X n choice ns.orlmenl cl used. Iicnn be used uWiout voils, w is therefore J ffj) BLANK BOOK MATERIALS not nflccted bv llio frceiru' and hen. 1117 of llie around It takes less lumber linn nnv oilier kind of fence, is a certain protection ncninsl all kinds or cattle, is not ia bio to gel cut of repair, oinnot be bloxen aoxcnt iseasi ly rft up, tnUcndown and removed, without injury. tTVXo Parmer should Le irithout nt least a suffi cient nitintiiy to throw around hisficlds of grit in and Bin- it yarns. 1 Vtnooki City, Juno 12, 1315. Htn ling ton. Julv Ctli. 1815. Mr. II. P. Dewet, Sjri As ou have asked my opinion resprclin tin) MiilaMenes of onr 1atknt IV.sce 'or (irnainenial pnrpOre-, 1 would remark llmt I have ued mine of vour lirt nualitv Ktnce about a eotiae, t reelttl the last year, and that I like it very well. 11 y cluing the pestt, and pulling on a Vase, (lolh ilem eomic tmly ubuut 81,50 per tul,) it melius a neat and d 11 ruble urnamentnl Kenee. at about twO'tlnnU the cost i f mol of the o.hcr kind of ornamental I'etu-e. in coinmou ne. JNO. K. CONVEUSR and U now prepared to do any kind oi work in the Hook, lltntfcry or iiianic uodb Ainnuiqciuring iiii ness. 1 li!v in my Uindery a workman that 1 nc n'iniiiied with all the Modern sivlefl ofbiiidius. hav I U Jjr WOTkt'U 111 llio viuiiii3iiiii(.-iiin ii iiitr uiiiuii and will not hesilale in uiua that nil I indiiia en- trusted to my hands hill be tcctl exeeutetl, and in a manner not before ctpialleil in this vicinity. (Jorner ol Win run ana 1. om-se atrr eu, STKVENS WOODS, Ihirlinston, May 8.1815 4UU FARM FOR SALE. r?Ult 8AM?. n Mrin in Uiulerhill, eon J. tainmix one hundred nnd lortyix acres 1 011 one hundred acre of which i'b under cnltivalion. llie remainder covered by n coikI jirowih of hard wuod. On ihe pa'iiii-cnrea rtuivenienldwellms h(tuc, I am, "liedi, iie. nnd nn orchard of ihnftv learins aim e trees. r-uih'cient for niakiu"-some fidyor ixiy barreU of cider. Al-o. a I'ar.ii ecntahiino one hundreil aere lyins about one mile from lheahove,ahout sixty acre of which ! tinder imnrnvement. and has on it n enna cion barn, the reniair.der U well wowUil, principally wilh bench and maple. The above are f itnaled near the centre ot the town and ot the main road,-are well watered and well fenced, a considerable portion of the fence I ein Mtb-iamial Mone wall, and toelh er compose one of ihe het dairy farm in the town. The above prenn-ie will le so'd to cove a concern fur much es than thwir real value, anil poe"ion jriveu on llie of April next. For further p-uticu-larenqiireol A. KOOTR. Ilurlinmon, Feb. 22. 184-1 33if A SUPERIOR ARTICLE FOR COUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMA, AND Atili PULMONARY COMPIjAINTS. PUEPAUED FROM VKOmBLES ONLY. THIS Balnm i oTcrcd to the public generally, from a full conviction that it i upenor to nny oiher medicine now in ne, for the cure of varies di caes o the che-t. Its ellectswere first les id in pri vate practice, and the medicine more exlet mely cjr eulatpi! at ihe earnest tolicitiide ol manv. who receiv ed the most M'snal I enefit from it, In diaeae nl once (hstreooins nnd nhrmmc. The preiiartr of ihi lial sam ba fur feeraj year paid particular attention to pulmonary complaint, by walehinn llie r prorep, mveslizatmg their cau-e, and catefully noliurn llie eierisoi ine numerous anu in. 11 npproveti rcmeuic-4, whit-h haveleen ore-enbed bv iihvician of all or der. n well ni of ntmo-t every palent me-heme ever -.. t. .1 it:.. 11... . r..i Olicreu U' (lie pili'liu, mif, un mmm tiini, 1 1 iiimv hlinwn. that the Compound Piilmonarv Balsam will not fail in the comparison wilh any of the HaUam, CoUi?h Orop, Pectoral?, or Syrup ; iutna in nu menu 1 ft cae. iraineil iheK-ccu Vnrv ns a enrahve- in ihe lullowina complaint t Uonumpiinn. Asthma or Pbibisic. WhuouiniT Conzh. Meis'e. Cniarrhal aUec- iiontcit ihe inner-, iivuroinorax rr uronsv 01 l ie cbe.-l, Infli cnzi, Croup, Spitting of blood, pain in the oiae, uonnc 01 1 renin, auu commun coiu. ji resnlnles ihe natural ccreiiom of ihe system, pro cures a free exoectorntion. nnd nllnv morbid irriln- bihty. llen(c ns jrrrai tuuiiv, m an uca.c ol llio htnsri. As ihe C'-mpnund Ptilmunnry Halnin ha thu far O't ibli'bed an unrivalled reputation where it ha 1 ecn ned. it i hoped lhat it will move a b'eMU2 to communiiy, in prolonging life and adding to it? cotrfiirt-. From Dr. If. Fairchild, Milton, 17. hor three year I have ued Pr. Carter- Puimnnary Halsam in mvpra-lice, an-lam r-atishcii nut it 1 a compound uell adantl lolnncomplaiulsand eninle.1 to mutl credit. 1 clnlde it a sale medicine, nnd one thnl can cordially recommend. I would, however, advi the afflicte-1 10 consult j micioii- piivician h t a nreitaratorv course, or an H'sitnnt medication, n tlniiK llie hanative in menee oi me remeuv wo u j inu be more U. FAIUUHILD, M. D Milton, Vt. July 23, 1315. Messrs. Jov d" Webster. fJufTalo. Hurlinzton, Vt. March 15, 1845. 43tf 145. MERCHANTS' LINE. LAKE HO ATS I'orllic TrniiirliJlon nf Property between LAKE CHA MPLA IN. TROY, ALBANY, MiW-YORK AND UUNTUX. E. R. If AK D, ATTORNEY AXD COUNSELLOR AT LAW JKRICIIO, VERMONT. April I, 1845. 43 Tlii mny tcrlify ilm In-t summer I win nllar-Lcd Willi n evere rough, -pilling oiMikhI. ami iam in Hi -Me. wlncli reiliiicl ine rntiidlv : and. a-mv lallier1 Cimilv hail ilird ofllie ron-uniiiuon. I expected lo ful low unless I fuuntl teliel soon. I l!if refure employeil llielc-l pliy-ii'ians in lliese part-, who pave me no reiifi, anil all nppearenees tnuicaieii a -peeui in Intion. Hut ortun.ilelv 1 t'oimnenceii tatiin? i'r, nnripris CYiiniionnd ru inonarv Hal-am. and .oon be- 10 rei-nver. ami in a lew weeks renaiim mv u-ua liealih. We liaveu-eil in O'tr l.imtly con-iileral le ol San .,-on Keel's veseinine I'll nionnrv u.ii-nm,wiiu ii uaie lint lemiiorarv rilief. I wonl I recommend Or. Carter'-, as i einir superior to Heel's, or any other meilii'iiie I ever trial, lor ill-eases ol Ihe lun;-, even fur children. One of my children wa. lately taken wiih thecroim. and was soon rured bv tal.itijr I'r Carter's ll.ils.mi. I thin!; every family wo ild do well to Uc. a supply, and u-e it freely when troub'ed with inii.'h- oreold-: eien win n likinc a lonrnev I eon slder il iirnJent to pula bnlllem mvininl;, forfearl m. i,i.i EPlin AIM IC. U'I4T. Newbury, April 15, 1E35. VIll,leale and Retail Aient. for the town ofllnr limrti n, 0 U. J. IIEINKiiEKG if- Co. FALiBS' MEDICINE. FALES Cathartic and Vecctatile Purgative Lot enjers, and the best and decidedly the mo-liop-ular anicle, not only fur adult but for children of all countries and climate., nnd in every condition oflife. They aro.lriilly vegetable, with tatteinexpretniLly delightful ihey can-e no pain in theoprratinn but on the contrary feelings of pleasure, cleansing llie .torn, ach and bowels Ricie perfectly than any oiher pnrga live. Their magic like operation surprise, the most eminent physician", and they nro rapidly taking the place of all oiher purgative compounds. Kverv trav eller should carry them, every family should Veep them, and every man, woman anu cnnu auoniu in no llicm. KALIS' WOUJl lAJi.t.!"Jtit Are a mire remedv. and children love therti, they et like a charm in removing the syjiptom", starting in tleep, grating the Icelh, palenex about the mouth nnd no.e, icknes nt stomal h, precarious nppetiie, swelled I owel. and general lever s iiiecnim laii. inio a quiet sleep, the worms are stupilied and expelled in evciy instance ns lar a heard from llie patient is eo lirciy rural. KALF.S' COUGH LOZENGES. For coughs, cr ld. bronchitis, incipient consump tion, whooping rough nnd croup, the mosi happy eifect isoblaineil in a lew moment., I he symptoms disappear and Ihe Disease I. at once broken tip. A single trial Is siiflicicnt lo -nti-ly the mo-i skeptical. KALES' DYsKNTEltY I OZKMIES Cure, dvsen'erv, diarriioce and all bowel complaint. ofadull.or children. Pay panieular attemion totha direction which accompany each box and they ar. not known tn Mil. rnce 'io cents. KALKS' CA", P IOR M5ZENGK.S, Kor common nnd ick lead.iche: nlso, mania, epf lensv. melanchoK. luciria. St. Vitus Dance and .11 other cases ol languor nnd opnreion of lha vital powers, 'hey are perfectly safe for women or children in all conditions. KALES' CYPITIAN HAIR TONIC. I now ,o exicnsiielv known that comment i use less. Wccati -ay. however, among thou-ands who hate purchased it in this and oiher countries, non have complained, but on the contrary expre-sed their wonder and admiration on beholding it- eTect. CLEAK OUT YOl'It HA'I S. The annwi-g an I amies ol Ihe-e de-lructive cre- lures can I ebanihed forever in your houses and store. l yuu win priieure a oox oi ine genuine Madagascar Itat llxtcrmliiator. and me it according to direct ions. 1 on caniioiuepeiKi upon I he above men icincunies ol'tainetlof ihe proprietor, J, J. Kale, DGCommercia! street, llosioni to avoid ramterfeii. llie acent has. ceriificzle wnh ihe written signature of J. J. Falet, M. I). Mem1 er Mass. Med. So. nn I Iloslon Med. Am. Dr. Kale' inelicines are old wholesale add retail .t No. BG Couiincrcial fjt lio-lon. Ilurlinaton. II. J. Heinel erah it Co.. DruccrisU. Whole-ale mil Ile'ailers for the above inedk-ines. I eri?enncs, tVm. tl. Hixbe, Druggist; Aeurfarsrs Mills. II. Ituler j Urislol. Gen. V. P.irtnelee i Ntv Ifaren, A. P. llo-ccr; Ferrisburph Center, Amos Weiheiby, Sbelburn,. ILIsbami Ifinesburch, Mar cur lluM; Williston, Morton f. Clark ; Jericho'Cor ners, O.iKe. i. 1'eik j Cambridge, Martin Wires; lldkersncld. Armincion f- I'omerov : If est Enos- burvh Janie- M. Dean; Shetdon, A. Keiih iV Co. s 'airiedi.Uurrtiranswortlii Fairfax, S.W.Rrush &. Ci 3 TO PHYSICIANS. THITprrprietors of thi-linc having increaeil their facilities, bvtht addition of several lirst rate boat- are prepared lo cite ile-palch to all property intended to pnss Iclwccn t lie places ubove iKimed, wnh which they may le entrusted, and hope by prompt iiiieulion to the interests of their employers to receive a continuance oi puciie patronage, j neir boats nre to I e lowed by -team on the ilud.-on Iliver and on Lake Uh.implain when neces-ary, and com plete a perfect Line lo New Vork, as al-o, to Troy and All any. Luis of goods are kept together and not mbiected to injury by transhipment. Properly lo or from Hoslon lorwnrdrtjtvia. Western Kail lload or tcs-cl a deired.Smflsl for freight can Le made with the Proprietors or (heir agtuts. rropriciurs. Kolleit if- llradlev, lurlington VI. Nichols, llurlon d. Chittenden, St. Albans VI. A, M. Claik, Sidinlon Vt. Agents. L. A. John-on, 9 CcenlicH Slip, .Yew YorA. C. L. Ware, 10 Long Wharf, Iioslon. O. K. llloiini, PJ3 Uucr Slreel, Troj. II. J. liilman, 101 Pier, Albany. 43 Dr. Itobcrt Tlionipson's Uteri Ab. fioiiiiiiui Hiipporicr aim aduoui iiln I'clvip. Itiiiiiliiiri-. "I'r 7"K have p ircha.ed Ihe exclusive right of inak- VT lllg and tending llie above inenlioneil in-irn inent-. vfithin the Co nines ol Chilienden and Krank. lin,.in tho Sl'ile of Yermont : andwonowoflerihem lo ihe public confident that uiey are equal in eviry re-pect, anu in many parliciinrs lar superior io any Ihingof ihe kind ever oiercd. Thev have llie un- qualificd apptobnlion of llie K.iculty in al most all parls tl lha country where lliev nave oceii inirouuccd. II. J. IILINLHIUIC & Co. We have carefully examined Dr. 11. Thompson' apparatu, for the reliel and cure iif Prolapsus Uteri, t&e., as well a. the testimony and opinions of highly eminent nieml ers of llie Kaculty, and are of the de cided opinion that they are worthy the attention of ihe public, and that they will taken high rank among inventions now before the Public for the cure of the diseases for which they are recommended. CMAS. II.4LL, II. HATCH, T. CIIAMHK.UMN, WM. AT IV A TEH. The above instruments for .ale at 4 II. J. IIi:iNi:i!KIIG &. Co'. I IVSITR A X CE. rnllK mil sent erha ncleit a ilrent lortheiEtnn 1 iriMiiance Cotupany orilartfiirdConncfticut for more than twenty years n, nml continue- to in-ure ?nuit ios9(r8 ny nre, ana an kino oi iunnn anu peri-onai property, ami win receive npuiranon a til-office in Hiiriiiifftoii.anil imuieJuilelv iMie Police- for that purpose at n low rate- of premium, as nny private t'ornpauvcan a ioru. i ue unautu-it-u re-pon rihiliiv of tin domoauv. insures nielv to theiuit red, and I heir prompt, honorahle, aid Ithcral eour-e in the adju-iment and paymrnlcf loe, will I e at-le-ied hy all with whom they hnve had negation to dol.u.ine. WM. A. OUISWOLD, A?ent. Ilurlinaton, March 1, 1811. 40 tf K". If. DOWNS' "V o R o t a b I o Balsamic ELIXIR. TUE Gbeit Nohtii f.rn Kg Med v for Con sli-, Ct'Id, lileedinfj at the I.un?, UroiK'hmi. Night Sweats, Uiiiieulty of I reathing, and all oilier didcaH' of the Luiifi, whieh art? the ineipienl flape of ConMinpiim a dieae that hat liereiofure proved fatal, bat ilingalmtxlicalsUilI,anddracgiiigiliiJU. taud to uniimely prae. Mo other niuduine yet discovered has srspp'ed with tin fell d'-jjoyjf ol human 5 M. G. R ATHB UN & CO. i e i c Ij n n t C a 1 1 o r a , HAVE relumed from New Vork tilth a carefully ,eleiled aa-irtmenl of IIUOAll CLOTHS, CASAMIUiKS, VESTING, nnd TIIIM MINGS, and are prepared tnfurui-htiarmentsat priee- whieh caunoi but convim-e buyers il is a avillg of expen-e a. well as tune and trouble, lo have llio mate iaN furm.lieil, nnd garmenti made by tho-e who under ,tnnd the bti-iues-. Also, Sbirln, l!o-om.-, Collars, Craval, &i Ac. M. G. IUthoun, C. P. Ward. May, 22,' lj, up VALUABLE REAL ESTATE FOIl SALE. 'Illi: Subscriber olTers for sale the -- follouin; properly i The new linck Houso and 1)1, in College si., now occu pied hf llie sub-criber. Possession given lnimediairlv if renuired bv the purchaser. Also, A Dwelling House at Winooski village, now occupied by Mr. Wormwood, as a II. lirding House, And al-o 13 Whole Slips in Ihe New Congregational (nurcli in ibis village, besides unditided pans ul C other slips in ihe same Church. ... ' NOBLE LOVELY. Burlington, July 1C, 1815. 7 am WIM.AUU'rl Unltcil stales History, ' lli.tory, Allison' llmiorv ol r.urope, Veltcr' large Uietiun.rv in I and 3 vol. for ,ale by SjTEVE.NS WOODS, liurimgion, juiy iu, idij. u LAW WOTICfB. II. It. Jt J. J. IIUAItliTUY. I AAA.... T4..M nn to Thn ,m,l.;..l b,ln bad omn nraelli al cmer - wDS.U,U,ajrmi0.y jjj tiiaUlUaSvBUJiWiraa CSiO. enre fir the nasi tear in ihcii-e of Dowey's Portable I V17ILL Si. Albans. Krank. Kield Fence, con very cheeifully bear testimony in us I in Co., and Johnson, Lamoille Co. t. All favor. I consider il admirably adapted to Intervales, business enlrnned lo their care in Franklin, Lomoille, sui jeet io severe iresncis, anu uuu ii very uuiiinntui i ur aiijuunus tuuiiiiii, win ru t uueiiiniiy anenueu io in a vorieiy of cases wbeie a temporary fence is need. II, tt. IIKAHDSLLV, cd, I used it tne past wiuicr io euciusu u yiuuui young cattle and horses, and much to my surprise, it .nit'-mil nn ininrv whatever ttioucli an unruly bull shook his head at il, occasionally. I liato no hesita tion in sat ins that evcrv farmer should have more or cssofit. UDNEV II. PENMMAN. Colchester, July 8, 43. Galvnnic Finger Rincs. TJ'OR the euro of Ilheumalism, pains or Cramps in the inurer, arm., &c The ui of these rinns is leroming very general, and ihe benefit derived dei-i-dedly gnoil, eomnioii ones V5 el,., gold 31,00. Sold while-ale and retail bv II WUNSMAID &. IlROTIIEIta St. Alhnni. Vt. J. J. UKAHDSLKV, Johnson, Vt. ICTAdJress either place. 0 PATENT IBAD PIPE I'Olt 1IYHUANTH. I'UMPH, Ac, (From 3-8 Inch to I l.'i Inches Iti diameter,) THE above arliele is highly recommended fjr ao. curacy of calibre and miiforiniiy of thickness or llie perfect poli-li ot the interior .urlure. ihe ab. St m e i f leaks anu naws, ami it . aonuiiy and unusual strength. It i oilcred at the New Vork manufariu- rer's price, oy , J. j, ii, ri,t,n. w t;u. Burlington, Slit July, 1515. B The Vegetable llal-amic Flixir has now been in general u-e for more than ten year-, and thousand-, taught it. value by experi ence tniruliiepropertic-, have accord ed to it a celebrity unparalleled in Ihe whole wide range ol Mimical n'lciu-ein I his or any oiher ct.inirv. Since this powerful medicine firsl I eeame known, immen-e number-, who believed lliem-elve in llie fn.t .lage- ot n cuniiruieda id iiieiiraliiect.n-uinpnon, and pronounced by llie mo-t killlul phyMciau. in ihe counlrv as pai-l all hope of recovery, have been rc.-cued miraculously front ihe zra.p ol Deaihby lis u.e, and are now bleed with heallh and slrengih. ll is ftniure s own siiniuo iic.iorauve a iieaimg Balm prepared by one who wa brought to the very brink of the grave by Consumption, and from phi ills celebrated fur t hf i r great medicinal virtues. Il is the employment ol natural means to overcome and coun teract the evil, of Mature healing the lacerated Lungs of llie a libeled palient in ihe word po.siblecn ses and restoring Ihe functions of the mem. Iier lo strong and litalihy anion. It has ellected cures where all other medicines have lailed. In all iiue, of A-ihwa, Whooping Cugh, or the accumulation of I'Ueui o destructive to the heallh and lile of children tt i, nariicularlv recommended a. an unlading cure, and no family in Ihe Union, if iiirv wi-u lit oiu-rrvu I ueir I niiureu irum .Miiertnir uuu j death, should not be ttiihoul II. Almo-l counlleis le.iimonials or Its remarKabie cures. Ironi every quarlcr of the I'nion, and (rom indi viduals in every condnion of life, are us best crcden lials, showing III the most conelusire manner that this Preparatinn nets upon the human system in a manner little abort ol miraculous. Thee may be found in ihe daily pnper. and also may be obtained in pam phlets and handbill, of tree ul cost. This ineoinparal le medicine is prepured only by N. II. Downs, Troy Vt., the original inventor and pto priclor. CUKTIS & SMITH, St. Albans, Vt. Only Wholesale Agcnis, by whom Agents can be supplied in any pari ol lha Union, upon Ihe best terms. Sold bv especial appointment, by PFCK ,t SPEAU, 1 HAtiAK U AHTIIIJH, Butliugton, Vt. SMITH & W1LKINS. J sS-vl BltOWN'S Sarsaparilla antl 'J'omato Bitters, For impurities of the BIooJ. ellRONIC and Constitutional disease-, such as Scrnlnla or King. Evil, rieerniioiis and Corro. sion.ol thu Throat, Nose, Cheeks, Lip., Ear-, and other parts oflhe body j Pimples on the face, Scaly Patches and other eruption-of llie slin j Biles Scur vy and ii'lir Seorbune atlcriious; Hliei.mitii a lie In ns; Whi'c Kwelling.; Pains in llie Hone, and Joinl-, Fever Sore-, ob-iinaie old sore, of all kin I., Scald Sail Khcum. Kingworm and oilier di ea-e- ari-inir fiom an imiiure tiireol ihe bio id : also. habitual Co-livene-s. Itites, Chronic nllei-nons of the I.iver, Lulls-, and Che-t, i'ain in ihe Stomaih and Side, Nubl Sweats, a.c. &u Liken i.e. tor Ilipe,-i4 or Indige-lion, Co-live-nes', Jaundice, loss of Appetite, Wenkne , There ha. neier bten a medicine which ha. giien such general saii-l.iction lo Physicians and others that have used I hem. Sold Whole-ale and Retail by the General Agents for the Stale of Vermont. 2 II. J. it Co. There is no excuse Jor the Headache when you can obtain Ihe Gem ini: iM.tiisn.ti.i.s Aromatic Cat.uuiii IIk.H' aciie Snufi ! ! THIS smifT i- aceriaui and perfejt cure for lie catarrh, and common cottK in the Head and the Headache and is an excellent article for sore and weak eves. It onensand nurses oui all ob-tructions. strengthen the gUn and give, a healthy action to the part aiiccieu. Iteirnm nf Counterfeits i All'thoso wi-lung to purchase tho genuine article or .Mar-liali's bnu'i, should purchne tliitt aoi which H. C Gridley, Mid.llcburv Vt.. i3 the pronrie- tor, "ard no oiher," a- I manufacture personally, the i null Obi oy saw i.riuiey. mi. Marshall. I certify lhat llie above article wa- executed in my penie auu inai in-sicnaiure inereio i genuine. DOHASTUS WOOaTLK, Judge. Mid.llehiirv. Jan. II. I S 15. N. II The name ol II. C. Gridlev nrorrieior will be found upon every bottle of the genuine Marshall's Improved SnufT. Stld wholesale and rciail bv II. U. Gri.lley, MiiMleburv Vt. PECK & SPEAK Wholesale and lUtail Drueeisls. Burlinslon. Vt. And by Druggists generally in the United Siales and Canada, 43-1 y SAND'S SARSAPARILLA, FOR THE REMOVAL AND PARMA J.ENT CURB OF ALL HI-EASES AKISIM. FROM AN IMPURE STATE OF 'IHE ISLOOD, OR HABIT OF THE M'STrM. IF wc read ihe hi-lory of disorders weareaton-i-hed that men live; if of cures, we are still more uisc.ic iiauu ci'iiiiiiuii ur'cui. vii in iucutkh il. phenomena. It is Ihe eculiar characteri-lic of ?aiui s sarsaparilla, t pains, can Ring operai). in reacn cs IheCAfsEsoldi-ea-e, and the cure- n perforin, ire therefore radical and thorough. Hie health of the human svMcm depends ahno-t entirely upon the -tale of Vie blood. II ihe vitalizing fluid which per vndeevcry u-sue, etery inembrane, fibre, filameat, gland, or oiher organ primary or subsidiary j if Ihe body 1 e charged tiilh iheeiemcnls of doease, sick ne-. mu-1 I e Ihe con-eq ence, and until the CAtrsEe of di-ea-c extslins in iliellooj, are eradicated, no permanent relief can I c expected. Il i here that tho power ful health, re-tor in? properties of Snnds'Sarsa paril'a areni inil'e-leil i and lor (his rea-rn, in scro. fula.Sall Sheum, and all eruptive diseases, ns well asm all derantrcmculs of the secreting organ-, it is con-iileerd infalld le. Tho f llotiing inlerc-iing caeis prcsen'ed, and ihe remler invited lo it. tarcful pertiial. Comment on tucil eviueuceisuilliiTe an . Nnw-VoRK, July 23, 1844. Me rs. Sand: Genb 1 con-iderit but en act ol lustice to ton to stale Ihe fol.'owins lad. in reference to ihe rfreat I enefil 1 bate received in the cure of in oli-UnateUA-iCEROcs ULCca on niyorea-t. I wanttenilctl eignitn month, by a regular ana -kilful plijsician, a i-tcd by the advice and ci unsel of one of our most nke and experienced surgeons. willioul the lea-t I enefit whaleter. All the various nieiliodsollrealiugcancer were re-oried loj for live week- in s nre ion my breast wa- lurneil ti ith cans tie ihrco limes a day, nnd for six it wa- daily syringed Willi a wcaa soiuiion ci miric aciu, ana inecavuy ur internal ulcer was so larire that it held over art ounce ofihesolulion. The llocior proled the ulcer and fxanunii! ihe bone, and said Ihe di?ea-e was ad- vancing rapnily lo Ihe lungs, anil il l did not gel peedv relief by medicine or an operation, the re-ult would be fatal. I wa- advi-ed to have the breast laid open and the bone, examined, but finding no relief Irom what bad I ecu done, and feeling 1 wa-rapidly settimr wor-c, 1 almo-t ile-paired tf reiovery, con -idercd my ca-e nearly hopele-.. Seeing varioii-iesiiuioiual- and lertificate of cure by ihcii-e of" Sands' SarsaparIila," in cases sim ilar to my own, 1 concluded to try a few bottle.-, sev eral of w'luch tiere u-ed, but from the long deep seat. iil cha racier ofmy disea-e, produced no tery iljded change; eon-idering ibis a- the only prol abre cure lor my case, I per-evcrcd, until the ai,ra-eA:ra tircly cured. Il is nowotcr eleven monit- 8inl.e jhe cure wa- completed; ihere is not thc" mct, .p. DR. MARSHALL B IiXDIAN VEGETABLE Ulnck Plaster. mlllS Plaster is unrivalel for eunnr serofidu X sweilmfru, hdirvy, sore-, lame I at-I;, huru,painit in the idet hip- or linihn, and seldom faiU to g'.ve relief in caei of local rheumatism, Ifapplied to the fiiti it will ure many of the eommun liver com plaint, and it found to I e equnl if not ituperior to any corn tiaier, tor eorn on tne ieet. it imineiii at eh anittietl to a fresh wound it will prevent tore ncs ami caue it quieMy to heal. Kami ie in the habit of uing thiV planter, find it better than nny tiling else fr all purpose for whieh a pljti'r or alve i warned. Ill virtues have I een witnefeil I y thori.and ofrepei'tal le individnaUin varto i parts of the Ifnite.1 State, s ho have tested it eilkacy. PKII'i:, 25Ms per box. in7ai)y eertnicates may le had, fhowtng iti exir.iordinarv efleet-.. Harare of Counterfeitt All tho-e wi-hing to purchase the genuine articlo of MarlmllV Planter hould purdnse that ot whieh H. (J. (in-lley, Midtllfbury, Vi., i-. the Oeneral Asent andno other n I manufaeture peronolly the Plaster told by said Gridley. Dlt. MARSHALL. I cerlify ll.l lh nbovortu.l n'.. -J j pre-ence by Dr. Marshall and that his signature thereto is genuine. DOIMSTAS WOOSTEK, Judge. Middlelury, Jan. 14, 1815. Sold whole-ale ami re'ml by II. C. Gridley, gen eral Agent, Middlebury Vt. ' ' PF.t'K if- FPEAR, Who'esaleand liclail Drusnitts, llurlnigton, Vt. And by Pruggi-ts generally in the Unued Slnles and Canada, Jj-ly L, tf C. E. FOLLETT, BEG leave to call the attention of the public to Iheir slock of GOODS, now ready for inspection al lliefr New Suite, Corner of Maine and Water sis., comprising a large and complete assortment of Seasonable and Fashionable I'AN'C'V & STAIMiIJ DRV GOODS, in every variety of quality and price. Particular at tention is invited lo llu ir stock of Ready Made Clothinri selected wilh especial reference In iho wants of tho pul Hie and offering an opportunity furseleciingany voriely of shape, colour er quality al low prices., I'uucy Caislmeres. Vetlii(s,.bc. The above togeiher wiih a large slock of llools and Shoes. Ladies and Misses Slips, Gaiters, if-c. tf every descripiiiin,and a very general assortment of '.'rock ery and filasa Ware, in which are some beauliful seta of China ware, olfjrda the most complete assortment in mnikrl. The stlcciton of GROC ERI E S has been made wilh great cue, and families in uanl ol supplies are invited loexanunn uie biuck, wuicn coiupri-csaimosi every anicle in ihe line of ihe tery choicest deaciip. ion, oil of which ill bo i litre J upon Ihe most favor tble terms. liurimgion, July 31, 1815. Olf ('lnboarls. 1 1 Ann FEET clear slufrpineClspboards. 1U,UUU July 31. STRONG'S & Co. Allclinsi's Medicines. THE above Meilicine- bate leoomo so popular where ihey are known, that, lo meet the l. .nn, i ihe nronrietor has adipied the plan of multiplying the Agencie-, furnishing each Agent wilh a neat chest, con aining THIS III.Alilw t r .llieuasi , c-n,..,, AI.I.KHA l'K IIHAl.Tll IMl.I.S, AIiLUHASI'S TOOTII-AC II U UltOl', AND AM.EIsASl'S POlin JIIAN8 PLASTER. A number of Agencie. are now esta li.bcd in tins uiiin furnislinl a. above, toirellier tiiili nainnblets for general ih-lribution, selling forth the virtues nf the .tieiiicincs, ami couioiuiiih ii iiuiiiivsituiii niiiiiiy re-peeial le person-, of some of llio many cures Ihey ImveclTectcd. Families and individuals areintiied lo send and gel a iiamphlet, and read, and if Ihey haie o.'ca-iou, try iiieiea" inc., wmcu are warrant ...I m do all lhat it claimed lor them. The Agents for liurlingtouare PEt.'K cVSPEAR, Anoiheeariesand llrtmirisis. per.eral wholesale a ml re tail Agents, who will supply t'ouniry dealers nt whole-ale, on the same terms with the proprietor in New Vork. Win. H. Curlis, Henrv llvde ct Co. tieo. Peierson, N, W. Uage, Harry Bradley, and liagar ol arinur. li.irlingtun, Au?. SGih, 1814. LYMAN W. GlLEEItT. Proprietor, 13-4wMf SI I Fulton Slreel. New York. CASH PAW FOR LUMBER. ti HE suhscri ers will pay cash nn delivery at their ihop for imiiHj ii. i men clear pine Lumber. 6000 do 1 1 io do do 5000 do M do do do SOOO do 2 do do do 2000 do i do do do 000 do 2 do Ilulicrnui. J. & II. Co. Burlington Jan. lOlh, 1845. 3. If, sa pa nlLLA," a- 1 took no other tfy. .cfavkid during the time J teas usin f II h j lakn aty since. Plea-eexcu-elhis IongUeeri),inowt(!gt. menl, which I ihink il my lo make. Your val uable Sarsaparilla cured ne, wiih Ihe I le-sinff of Di vine Providence, when n.iihmg else could, anil I feel my-elf under lasting obligations to you. 1 can say many ihinz I cannp; wine, and I do mo-l respect fully'inviie ladie eiflicleda- 1 have been locallupon me and I will smi-fy Ihem fully of ihe I ruth a. staled abote.andinapv oiherthinir- in referemetoihecase. NANCY J. JIILLEH, 218 Sullivan st. Thefollowiiij,is an extract Irom a letter recently received. GtLLATiN, Tenn. Feb. 27lh, 1844. Messrs. A. Ii. if-U. Sands: Gentlemen' I have lust recciveil a Idler from my fatherin Ituelv lc, Ky., who wi-heslo purehas sonieot yourSar-aiiarill. I h-ve no diMilthecan I e the mean-ol selling a grcnt deal, as it has per formed a wond-rfitl cure in his familv. Last Ie cemi er I wa sen for lo see my siier letoreshedied. lie ha vin 7 1 een in n or heallh for some two ur three vcar-.andal Iho ime I wenl oter to ee her. she was at the point ot ibalh, with the scarlet feter, and a enneerou- affeenm of the bowel-, from which hr iilu'-ician thoiurh she could not ro-siblv reiwer. I carneil over wilh mea bottle of your Sarsaparil'k nnd with ihe content of her phy-ician shecommencec) tnkinu it that nis it. I reinamcii wnn ner inrceuays. and left her rapidy improving. Her hus! and sent lmy home with ine lor more oi me oarsapariua. i sent out dozen lonle- which 1 iciieteww elect an enure cure. ay rattier wrnnn lo lhat rt, n4 wishe. throiiz'i ineio procure un acent ey for leilin-; )Our valuable medicine lo lhat i eigltlioihnoil. nespec'itniy, j. ji. unr-as. For further nartictihr- and conclus't'e evidence ot its superior value and tflVacy, see pamphlets, which mat icohiamcilol aireuis, grans. l'renared and sold, ttholesaleami retail, nr.1. ts.c D. Sand-, Druggists and Chemi-ts, 79 lultonst., New-York. I'KCK & SPEAII, Al rtliecsriesaniluriiggiHe, and Geo. Peier-on, Agents inr liurimgion ; Clark ot Collins, Montpchcr. Sob' al-n by Urmigists gene rally thrivii-hont ihe I i.iteil States. Price ft per botilc; i hi ine- 101 co. r-pTlu. mil liearc re-necitullf rrnuc-lcdto remem ber that it is Sand's Sarsaparilla that ha. and is con slantlv achieving such rcmarlnblecure. of the most dulieiihcla ofdi-eases to which the human frame is stibjeit; therefore asu: tor sands' sarsspanns, sou takenooiher PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. THIS articlcls too well known to need eommea dalion and tho eiperwnre of ten yeare hoe demonstrated to the commercial community, that for accuracy, contcnience ond durability, they unrivalled. , . , , . . Coal yard scales to weigh from 3 to 6 tone. Dormant Warehouse do, to weigh from J lb. to Portable do. to weigh from oi. to2001bs. PortablcCounterdo. toweigh from ) o. to 40 lbs. J. & J. II. Pac-c & Co. Agsntt.-i, Burlington, Dec. 4, 1844, 2i" Pockut Hat Hooks. A VERY convenient lillle article for'every-horl (XV to carry with them, to hang their hat up With, prii-e IS cts., for sale hv II UKLNSMAID & UP TI1ERS. N

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