Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 26 Eylül 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 26 Eylül 1845 Page 3
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QUERNS COUNTY HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY. AT" Special Meeting of the (Iuekns Copntt .r. lIoRTicutTCBAL Society, heM on the 16th dav of Septin!r, 1845. Samuel Willstt, Esq., in tho Chair. The followirlg Preamble and Resolution were dopted. Whereat, Printed chects, purporting 1o he the " Flti9ltinr Journal." nd to contain reports of hxhi bitions of Fruits, Plowcls, &e., at meeting! or this Society, having lately been issued, the Society deems it epcdient to pronounce such reports both unofficial and false. Therefore . Resolved, That the conduct of William It. Prince, fat procurinir the airnu to bo published, Is highly cm' titrable, and that if repented by him, or practiced by iny other member, the Society will confer it just cause for such memUVs expulsion. On mniion, the foreeiinst preamble and resolution, were, ordered to If! published. . SAMUKL WILT.F.TT, Chairman. A. O. SiLtiMAH, llec. Sec. Queent Co. lorlicul tural Society. lGtvl To Kent. TENKMKNT on New Street .n Wauled. a. owirtu ,.,:. nf iiwiriv habits, between A. lis nnri IT old. as an apprentice to the (Blacks. mining business. H. WHITNEY. 17 Burlington, Sept. 23, 1945. NOTICE. WHEREAS my son, WILLIAM WILSON, Jr., has left my dwelling without any provocation , 'therefore I forbid all person, harboring or trusting him on my ..count afer .hi, daie wnS0Jf. Milton, Sept. 20, 1915. 3vl7 CIltCASSlAN LYMPH, IS now tor the first, offered to the American Public, as a preparation far nrpn-sing any here tofore Introduce J to llieir no'ice, for rnrin, and 'removing, all outaiipou eruption-, and beautifyin:! the complexion. It i tvairan'el In be perfectly tree from Alkali or Mercury, ns il is computed of PURF LY VF.GCTAHI.K mtteriats which pos-ess high AROUVIIC an I PURIFYING q labile-. The fad that the "Cirois-ian La lie-" u-e thi. compound a. a daily tva-h and the well knovii unrivalled purity an I Ueaityof their comnlexions, isci.ii'ideted by the Jiro- ririeior, a nidieient ru 'ouimeudation to in-ure it ai east a trial. Lidie. will tin I it frasrant nnl agree fable aa wash, giving a healthy and youthful e lect to the skin, leav ing it .-oil, delicate an I Invij-orated, and a spcely and certain cure Inr Pimple-, Blotches, Chappel Han I'.lnflainitiun nf the. eye, itc. Il al o erei-tnally remote Tan, FrcAles, Dandru i; Sal-'Iowne-s,R'iinhne-s "f the -kin, it ., and is a vilua-UeTooihtvt-h, e-peciallyin oases of morbid Inflima tion ol the Gum, clean-es the inoMh and rciard-de-cay of the leclh. CiacAS-IAN Ltmni i- now o.fcrcd much cheaper than any article ever coin;, mm 'el, and cu-ts o utile ihtt the Proprietor Halter him. elf that the p ihhe will not class it with tliiitha.i-and Humbug" of the ataa li.fnre tri'luT it. 'Circassian Ltinphis put up inOoz bottle with the worfls 'l-irras-tan l.yninh" unnre. ei in win aiu-s VKICKSi) CF..V i'S PKR HOT I LF., J. W. s.VWTKI.l.K, Proprietor. II. .1. llEiscacau if. Co., only Agents for U.irlm?. ton, Vl. 17 A. K DW A II I) S' CHEAP CASH BOOK 8 T O UE. No. 1 Peck's Buildings. A general assortment of School. Glassii-al and Miscellaneous lljoks and Stationery at CITY PRICES. HAnPl.KVS Illuminated lllhlc, No. 33. Guley's Ltdies Ho k for Oclo1 er, Graham's Magazine, do Columbian, do do Ladies National, do do , Hibbles fr.nn tin- IJn.nnrn. bv Sir Francis Head, GOc The Ain-ri..n Shepherd, by L. A. .Uorn.ll trim EnjrivinL'S, 1P0 Lyells Travels in North America, ith plains, 1.73 do Jo cheap edi'ion without Ihe plnlei, 75c The Bosom Friend.n ovel by the Author of the 'Gmniblcr's Wim'' i.o. 25c Heidley's Ldter-front Italy, Mothertvclls Poem, Also, A supply of new Mnsic at one fourth the u-ual price of sheet music. New Games, The Rireol' Improvement, by tho author of iheimproted irame of I-'r llu&by. Tho Strife of Genius, by a Lady, 37c IN'ew Arrivals. MF.SSRS Urin-mtid & Brother have jn-l return, ellro'n market wiih iho mo-l I i-'i mini stock of new and rich e;oods that Ihey have ha I the plea aire ofo'erinjrto tbeir customers thi sea-on. Amotig t them may l.e limn I almo-t every article in the jeweliy and 1-tncy jjnml lino wauti-I. A new Mippty (if sleel lead-, tun-al, und oiIrt w nnd 7nre irimntmi', e!.i"p nc. ol uuw ana ueMraMu iat,ern. A very nei-unui vanuj ii ;ci nnti oiner ino-irh.nlr pins and Mhtrrjet got'd rem Itirniiug ham, England, which came ly ihe la-l packet, tin surpassed in hwitv and variety by any before oflVr J. Jel nt?ck nnlsnard c-liam-, I j race let", combs, "hair pinsj Iuckct, &c. SILVia'PKMILS. The lt a"-or.ment 'of nw pencils, trte and small, silver tn -tine hcaJ-, oim; wiih cilendcr-t Mime with Idler balance, sumo vi:h )cn an I ci pattern-, ihe most de-'irallf, xipcrior to any lot le tore on hand. Tho-e who have not exnmined o ir a.oT:nieM and Triee lately, will by eailm? now o'cve nnd find a lielter and more exien-ive and richer -lock of good- at lower prices tlian they have ever ftuni I ihem in any part of ihe co in'rv. Kew Vnrl. oIo:l, Sara toga, and Canada A'O T KXCEP TED. V.MUKTV. A variely of -cmi-tone I, patent French Arcordiona at pricei very low, an I mMrmncn's very ffood, new hlyle bro(n tor I rushing clothe-, ne.v patterns ca-e. Iigtlera, tcrew vihiiu -eM8 ol motlo f-eal 40 lo iher-etl, ailt leel for en-lnuns, fly p.aper to fcill flic-, pou makers to make jk,'ii-at unee.ii Ictier made thin uiinl, lund mirror-, bag Ine';, br.ihe fur cleaning pUte and hntlamu, ?nm rina-fur bil drcn, euverei I oille-of le-t cologne for traveller-, Efll l. ickla-an I slides furvelvel, miniatire kmve-, p!en lid inUt-unJ- drawing pencil-, cards, bux 41am u itc. liOLD JKWELRV. A new and fp'endid variety of new pin., n'nt;-, lirooche-, brnceieis, loAet-, pn!d walc-he-, chains, pencil-. Mumble-, buckles, and s! de- of American and Ensli-h mantifacinre and a lew Pans ma le. Watch esan l other gooU aold fur CASH DOUW, a low a ean Ij liu'iht in the United Sta'e-, an 1 lower than in any part of ('ana U, which riiitomer ate de-lined lo ascertain by examining our pre.-cnt d frorimeai aud price--. IJMNSMAID& RltOTHt.RS. NEW TAILORING ESTABLISH MDNT. JAMES McKEAXD, TfTOuI.D re-pecil illy iiilorin the inhnliilant- of V Iturliusinn nnd vicinity ilitu he tin located himrlf in Ch irch Street, ovi-r Mr. tlurlLui's Slore, Willi Ihe iuteft'i m uf carrying mi Iho TAILOIlliVG UtJSI.NE.S in all i't! brinche. Afier hi Innqr exnerience in business, in tlie irirtcipal town in Scotland, Kncland and the Un'tcl Sia'cs, he feil confidence in piving good tatitfactian, and hojie, lv hirici aiieniion tt butincfs. of receiving a lilcral .hire of oaironaoe. All order lor Cutvinc, prompily allende! to, and rarraated to 111, in a'l cae, when (irniterly madeuji. Kall Fashions recciteil, and will Le received monthly, Ilurhngton, !Sepl. 18, 1643. Idu3 PALL GOODS. JUST received from market an extensive'varicly ol a-onable STAPI-E and KANCV DHV GOODS, Comprisini; one of the Ic-t uleciion of Slnu U and Dre-sGoo.1-, that ean he fo'tud, encludiiiif ihe newe-t lyle! of Prints Detain, Ilep, L'ainclcon llrocade, "f'hrrj vi'i"?'. '' ... . ' r... I.-.I. ' 1 ' .Trice;:" PieVle call enL'lw'Zu;: Church St., Rurlington Vl., f-cpi. 10, '4. ICtC MRGK AUCTIOX S A OF HOUSEHOLD FUliNlTUIlE, BFCONGINO to the Esmte of the Ime Samuel Ileal, onSiturday, lho27lh of September, at the Auction li'inui lately nccupieil hy II Thomas, con. H!llrtrnrTABI.-S. CIlfiriKEllV. OLAS-i WARM, irst ratePIUTIIKIl HHDS, MATIIAS-F.S. HED. NG an I IIP.DSTP.ADS, STOVKS, FARMING ''TENSIIS.iStc.&c. 1G2 TIIST Received and for sile low J IS TiercesNn. I. Norlhern Salmon, 10 I Ublf put up expressly fir famlltf iisr. 10 i lib St. No. 2. Mnclteral, n ennd nrlicle for retail trade by KOl.LKTT & BRADLEY. Hurlinlon,t5ept. 18, 'ii. Houth Wharf. DIS. POWELL) M. D. OCULIST And Ophthalmic Surgeon. 2G1 Uroadwav, Corner of Warren Street, NEW YORK. CONFINES his practice to Mseaes op the eve, Oiicralinn imon Hint Ori-fti, and II- nimcnd.lKCS, and to all Imperfect ion til Vi-ion. Testimonial irom ine mot eminent mrtlicnl men ft i.un'iic nu America. Keferenco to patient that have I ten per. feclly cured ol maurotii Cataract. Opllhamut, Nebula, or Specl on tho Kyc, Slraittmut, or Sqiiititing, &c. Autificial Eves in-ertcl wi hunt any pain or operation, tint cannot I o dislingnt-lied Irom the natural. Spectacles Advice ns to Ihe Kind of Olae niinMc to pariiciilar defect. Peii son residing at A Distance can rec cit e ad fitc and medicines by describing their ia;e under the lollotv ng heads. ! - i 1 . I" - z 1 1 11 I II M ? ti i i -3 G'liG $5,000 GfiAND CONSOLIDATED LOTTERY OF DUli WVAKIJ AM GEORGIA. Class No. 01. To be drawn at Wii.minoto.v, Del., Satur. day, Scjt. 27th, 1845. I I'rlie 0f8S5,O0O20 Prizes ol SO.OOO 1 " 7,000 I -.'0 " 60U 1 ' 3,310 20 " 400 &c. &u. 0 Numbers, 1 1 Drawn Ilallofg, Wholes 810; Quarters S2,50 ; Eiglillis S1.25 A Ccttific ileof22 Wholes, 8110 s 22Quar(crsS27,50! 22 Eighths, SI3,75. POKO.MOKE RIVER LOTTERY, oi' di:i,awaiii:. Cl.iss Nd. 195. To be Drawn at Wilniinoidii, Del., 2'tics day, Sept. 30th, 1845. Prize of SSO.OOO 1 Prize of 83,000 5.000 3 0U0 1,500 " 1,170 S300-S200, &c. Ctc. 20 Prizes each of SCOO 8100- 75 Numbers, i:i Drntvn Ballots, Whole. 85 i Haltes, S2 50 s Oniners. S1.25. A Certilicnle n 25 Wholes, SCO 5 I (Vriiiica e of 23 Halves, JL I Lcrlih ate ul 5 Quarters, SI5. d. painh & co., M.i.wianns, (Successors to James I'lialin &. Co.) The undersijned (.Manners of Lotteries authorized by the Sln'es of Duda.iaic and Georgia.) hateetlali lnhed an jffieo 111 the cuy of, for the purpose of suppl)ing orders Irom ihe Northern Stile and Ihe C in Idas. Atnvo is a memoranda of Schemes for next tteitc, cunie Hie price or Sinule tickets and P.ielinccs, uiih the amount f iho Cnpiml I'rizes in ihe Schemes To till these tthu order ticket, a full s.'henic, aivins Iho dislril uiinn ol prizes, will be 111 (when riqnrsiiit). And alter the dr.i" 1112, no olll. nl one ttill be sent to nil uufcl""-'''!. 'I hoe t, lio wi&b ,u mmi nsiui, evi ,e nipplnil on adianlageous 0. inir 10 the hbh ra'cs of pni.aLre, it hi been cur- inmsry 10 sell crrnnr ales ol r 11 kaucs, for urn- half the paekni'e pnee. Undir Ihe new po'taire law nf Counss, n letter co.iiaunnj a packaL-eof liekc'iy will not he ehnrsnl oter 10 renliT We im'I iherefme issue cernficates as usual, or, il the piirctiastr prtfrr the .Mao tirers tit k's. wu ttill iruaranlee packairestodrnw at least one-half the amount of cost, (if purchased and redeemed at thi otlicc.) Order", a heretofore, ill receito the most prompt and confidential attention, by ml 'ressin I). PAINE .V CO, Albany, N, Y. A M E II I C A N Mtl Jnurn:il connini extensive triMes . pliovvuii' 1 lie len-jtli. coat, inrnme. div. i 3; itlcniln. f'C nf most of the American and Jliwlith Hail Roads uud Caval; also thn tuosx re cent ni'ciiiint of int itimmvcint'iiu m 1 in cun struction and mnimenipnt of Ilnil-Ilonds nnd Hiil Rnsid Macbinfrv. It will Le fmnd neful to final. veers. Directors and Stockholders ol Knil-Uindi. whn should nil le fimilnr, ns we'l with whit U pts-ins n broad ns Jt liome, in rclattun to this rapidly advanc ing ciue. The ItAtL-IlfiAn Journal i nublisbrd once a tf;t in quarto form, 1G paes, at 'Vkrct Dollars a year in advance. Advertisement 15. of RaU'Iioidn. Stenmhaats. nnd Rail'Haad Muhincry, Letting" f (,'ontncis on I'll. Ii" Works, Hotels, tf'C., will be inserted at reasonable iae. Volumes for vrcrious veirs mnv be Ind ifdcsire'l Fur 1911. 1S14, bound fir 31 nnd the presenl yenr, included for SfG. Letters will be prnmnilv altended to, if addrci-ieil lo u. h.. .HIAUIl. IG No. 2 ctiAs.nnns street, IVew Votk. Dagiiorcolypc Ioollls. MR. II. I). DOANK, T f AVI,"fJ Jest reiurnrd from tl e ntv ttiili nil the J-X recent improvements in ihe , reduction of Patent Colored Photographs, tvn dd respectfully inform the cirzciia of llurlinpton nnd vicinity, thai he has taKcn ronins over MtGsrs. I'.,'8Murc, tt.icrclie ttill be hapuy lu wmi nil mem ni nicir cutis. 1. S. Those ttishinir to cnna"e in iholmsiness. will find it an rxc lent oppoilunily. Slcclt and Apparatus cunsi-inny on ll.inu. luwj French Polish! 'TMIIS f.imoiis nrlic'e lor hlacMu; notes toccihcr 1 tviin iiri-ne-, tv iicr-proui, riieand t.irni I!IArling, Writimr ln',8, Wnlers, W.ue-, &i: 4c, IG Kirmluby l'l.CIC SPRAll. H UNA WAY BOY. WIIMIPAS, my iiu'en'td hoy, DAX If. SUCn. MAN, hiriin nway from me, nnd I hereby loriiu an per-ous iniuorinj or inniing Inm on iny a-0,,111 inii-r u,i uiiic. jusi.iii i'ui 1 i,i, Kex, Scii. 11, 1815. olu Lealln-r, Qfi f '''es So' Neither, cily inspcciion. for sale JJ lutvby KOI.LEIT&. IllUDI.nV. Hurlmgion, Sept, 18, M5 South Whail. v anada I Males. anada 200 floxcs C'lnada P'ltts 25 du Poiitpool, fir silc lotv hy I'OLIXTT iL llRADI.r.V. Soiiih Whirf. IG KEN TUCK Y JURISPR UD ENCE . A HISTOIIV OP TUB TI1IAI, OK MISS DELIA A. WEBSTER, At Lexington, Ky , Dcc'r 1721, IS13, hcfoio the Hun. IllCIIMID HfCliNEB, ON a charce of nidiua Slaves lo escaporom that Coniiunnitealth ttiib misci llaneous reuniltw, oyncrscij. I'or sale Ijy 81KVK.VS WOODS, JUST HF.Cr.lVRFhy ihe subscriber Ficiin- i-iciuiidi tiiiiue to ivnowiciiee. do do Won 'ers of the World, lldiln I ! 1 1 1 -1 rn 1 1,1 n n, lliblo Ihoimpht', Ilittorv of ihn Itilile. do do do do do do do do History of the American Revo union. uTin','1 'dT' Swell's Eng. Grammar, Siniih's do do flidlion's do do Williams' U.S. Ilisiorv. 2"'' F"" Kukliaiii's E Grammar, llulhon f Greek do do I.aiin do do I.aiin Reader, 1 uruueirs tiiicordmcc, Ca nn na Sacra, a Bunion colltclion of Cburcli Music, The O Icon, Fullani'a Prac, Lcssan, An iretv s ,io it.) Definition Spclhns llo' k, Wt't.sier' Klenicntary Dictionary, The Vocal School or Pcslntonlm Melhnd nf in siriiciion in iho F.ilemeiita of Vocal Mu ic, hy II. W. Diy, (ouciher ttithn irnncl slnc'i ol School Hooka and Staiiunery. For Bile cheap fir, by STEVENS WOODS. Burlington, Sept. 18, 1845. C1ANAL, Rail lloady, Atlantic Sicnimrs, and ihe MnsMienc Tclet'ruph hive nil sprung into exit lenco since the up and ilnincq'iic!. and theap for cash and non imprisonment for debt system was stalled at Howards in 1822. Who io keep in advanceor with improvements, has for iho fourth lime rcp'enished his Block of Gnods i-ince Spring, Sept. 18, 1815. Unsh for live and Oats. THE subscribers will pay Cash on delivery at Hie Old Wharf, for 10 000 bushels Rye and 10,000 do Oals. F0LLIJTT tt DRADLF.Y. Sept. 4, 1B45. !' D.anlcl Iloblii's Batntc. STATE OP VEllMONT, ft II E Probate District of Chittenden, ss. J l Conrl for the District of Chittenden nforfFHid 1 To nil persons concerned in tho estalo of DANIEL ROBINS Into of Richmond in tnid District of Lbillcnden. de ceased lntelate, GnEETlNO. WHEREAS Alfied Crane, ndminislrntor of tho estate of said deceased, proposrs to render an ac count or his noininiatration, and present his account nirainsl said cs nte for nllowanco at the Probate Court to ho holdcnnl Iheotneoof iheRpuisterof -nul l ourt, in Builinalon, in said district on Iho second Wednes day in October 10 o'clock, A H,, tounro hereby notified to appear be fore satd court at iho 1'mo and place aforesaid, to show cause, if nnv vou have, tthv the said account should not he allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington, the 15th day of September, A. D. 1915. I6w3 CHS. RUSSELL. Judge. Daniel Robin's Rstntc. STATU OF I'firt.lO.VV, A T ') A T a Probate District of Chittenden, ss. 5 TV Court, holdcn at Biirlinitlon in said District on tho 13 h nay of September, A. 1). 1815, upon applicafon 111 writing of Alfred t rane, nnl Pliena Crane, wifo of sii I Alfred, scttine forth Ihat Ihe said Phena Crane one of Ihn heirs nl law of the rslnlo of Daniel Robin- late of Rtcliinoud in saiil Ditiict deceased, intestate, and that the said Alfied and Plicnn in tight of satd Phe na ale entitled to. and hold one fourth pari of said estate jointly with iho oilier luirs thereof, and pray ing for n partition of nid estalo among iho persons icL'nlly entitled thereto. t ( WiiEnEcroN the Court nfiiresnid doth assign the 2d Wednesday of Ojioher A. D. 1813, at 10 o'clock in tho forcniion, nt the office ol the reuiter of said court in l)urhni!tin nforeaid fir henrnm and deciding in the premises, and doth further order and decree thai all persons tntercstto or concerned 111 said estate be notified to appear nt the time and place itfoicnid 10 nialin ohieetiiios 10 sue 1 Pulsion, if thev see cause. 1 hv publislnna Iho substance of said application to- 1 eollur with Ih s oulcr tlneo wte'.s suecessiti ly in the , Free Press, a newspaper, printed nt llinlineton afore-1 snul, the Inst of which publications chall bebtforcthe lime set for lie iruiir. j Dated al llurlmston in the District of Chittenden this 13lh dav of Scntcuihrr. A D 13 15. C1IS. RUSSELL. Judge. SARSAPAHILLA. COMSTOCK if- CO S COMPOUND FLUID CXTt.iCT OF SA USA PA HILL A, FOll tiic cum: of Scrofti'o, Chronic Uhcumati-m, ( Debilily, Cutaneous. Di;ea-e.-, Scaly eruption- ol the tktu, Pimples on tho ace, t Tellers, Mercurial uud Sijihiloid di-e.i e-, Hile- Iiotn impure tial.,1- tf the I ody, Ulceraiion of the lhron', Livtr A.iections, Pain- and .-welhnir ol the hones, and .ill disea-is ari-111? Irom an impire state of the l.lood, exposure and imprudence of h'e, oxce site 11-e of mercury, tVc. Tie Sarjapnrilla can I u depended upon by every one as bcin a- uoo I a nny oilier 111 thi-co intry or Knropc. People an Html ihein-eltcs ornotjii-l a they please in nsinj: S.irs.ipariila. 'I hi-P'u-ceKir.ict is p-il up in a- large or lurer hot! e- a& nnv s. 1 1 for one ittiltar, at ihe iiripreccdente I low pri -e of 50 ole. per hotile. Sold by Ooin-inek & Ito--, 19 Tremonl Row, Boston ; 11. J. 1IE1.M.BEUG t CO. only agents for Burlington. m,l2SlNG Til M MiID. CONN ELL'S MAGICAL PAIN DiXT II ACTOR. ' Tliisgrcil lleiilmii 1. iieLmwl'li!l ly all u ho hate used -il, to ho Iho mo-l w i.n-'i rt d nrliee ever kuuwit. It expel nil injuries by lire, extracis all p.1111, ini'l preveul-inoriiiu-a'Kiii lu fiery ct c lilnld, a nephew ol a fiiend nfiiiiiie, - i-p.iol 'lllo tc-el ol Imiliii'i water, no I -c.tlded nslces i u lo ihe It'icc, ttheu Cuiiucl' Ilxtr.t -lor fu in INtiii ticUV ttn applul, tt hit h alinoi ihstnn'ly ate re lief to the liltle Miflcicr, uud conn finitely i urcd il. Als", a thldof my otvu Uirued it bniid eteitly, nnd 1 nel thi Salve, tth ih cavein-laiil relief, itiid c ue I it eipirely. nnd I for one could not tti induced io I e tviiho it il. I iliinU etery fanii'y rliculd kcip it on hanJ lo ic in cac id Mich acri-h on. H. AUAMS,Pttor of Trinity Church, Suiicerlie-, -N. V. Sold bv Coins'ocl; if- Ito s, No. 19 Trcinoiit How, Ho-iiui: 11. J. HI.IM.IIEIW & CO. only agent. bi ll.ulingion. wiiiuH, avoioi.. nsi. KOLMSTOCK'S VERMIFUGE. Thi remeilv lor wcrm is one of the tiKM extra ordinary ever used. It c lecliiully eradicate tt onus ol nil ,un irom ciiiureii aim n-iiui 1 hou-and pen-h by worms tviiboui ibe real cau-e lein? l,uown, S line oibcr ica-on i assigned llr their kne-a until loo la'e lo cure the tri ecau e. W hat immense re-noiiMl i bit- then reN unon ihe parent who dues not know,,iud i he dot tor who ik e no uiii'cr-tand the cLiii,il.tuit which is des:iojinj thosst prcciou- llmtcr- of lilcV children. tt lull liotiu l e done I 'I he aii-tvir i nluin. (iivcllii Verinimrc, which tt ill I e s ire to do e,ooJ, if they have no tt orm, and if they have, it will destroy and cia bc.iic with a ctr taimy and precision tally u:oni. lung". It caiiuoi liar.ii ibeiu.illest infint or the stronircs adult. There i in) mercury or mineral in il. Mer-' - irt l. ihelasi of inosi worm re iicdic : anl ilia rimcdy I ronieiimc wor-e than Ihedi-ciM. Su ictt r use i, xeunes ; uut rely upon llu. 1. very per on wi.l I e coiivinted on one trial thai itiis the mo-l pcifci-ucurc etcr iuvciiled. tte can on an gu.ti en zens lo inal,e known the eflci'is of this tvoiii'erlul lenndy. Price 25 ccil!. Sold I v Com-lci-l. tt Ho. No. ID Tieuionl Ituw, Ilovion j 11. J. HUNnHiltu i: CO. nly agent; Mr u rlingiun. run,i:s ii vm nvn. Forhonie unnccounlable reason, for ibe lat one, or two year-, many youns people, belli male nnd female, bad the mi-forluite to hate their hinr turn permanent ly gray. We have Ireniemly been applied to for souicthin? to turn the hair lack lo it natural color, which has mdtiied u to yo io muth troul le and cx-iicn-e in older to furnin our cii-tumcrs and the pub. lie peneially tvnh a new and itnproted Hair Dte one lhal i marly edeciual, imd not the lea.t iniunoiis lo 1 lie iieau or ji.ur lor Hie inoiicrale price ol 50 cents per I o:i!e. Wu hate hiicci eded I eyotid our expectation-. Thi article we o Icr to the oublic with ureal coufilcnce. Wo have bad it thoroughly tes'ed, lime niter nine, befoie tte co-dd oik-r it lor sale. The price i such thnt all car a'lord to use it and il- qu.tluy tie I elieve to bo superior to nnv I elore made. Sold I y Coniitock & Ro.-, No. 19 Trcmont How, liurtnnt tt. -I. IIEI.NEU1.IIU 6; CO. oul aKcnls icr Bur lington. IIAT.M OF CIILU.1IHIA. I.adie and (Icnilcmcn, ttill you be wit bout lb jren uiiic Oidrnle'-llatm of Cobiml la lor your hair ? Vo i may depend upon it, it l- the only nilicle thnt i Mire to prcreiil I ntdiie-s, nnil keep- the head free Irom daudriill'. We hate knuwu it lo ru-lore bair on ibe I aid hca U of per. on , evenly ear- of nge Cni-ioek ami l!o-s cive iclcrcnce lo any wih, to those who have I ceil perlecily bald fur yeari- ami have had their hair rcsli lid ttnliin the la-l Ittu muiitli. He sure and sei the penuine, wuh the .in nature of Com-loci.-f. Co. on ll, or pel none. Sold by Oo...stock nnd llo-.. No. 10 Tremoni Row, llos ion) U.J. II1.1.NI.U1.HG & tO. only ogenls for Burlington. I'nENCH l)i:i'll,ATOIlY. Thiarlicle, used for taking oT S'iperflnon hair from llielaieand neck i ol I at 50 cenl per Ion le by Com. lock iV Ros, No. lOTreinunl How, llo-iuu j II. I. lll.IN' it CO. only agents lor llur 'inglon. lOnG Now (Joods. aIUS div received a lari'c and eeneral assnrttnent ol FALL ond WINTIR GOODS, ttiih n fi.ll nssnrimeiit of iho hii FA.M1LV fiROllERIES, tthich have been bousbt al the lowest prices for Cash, and til l be sold al a tcrvsuinll advance hy P. U II. II. DOOLITTLR. Sept. IS, 1343, IGttG Jonathan Waltitt light's Estate. WElheMihMrilcr-, hews appointed by tho Pro hale Co in for ihu Hi-lru t of .VId-on, connnis sionrrs, lo rci cue, examine iinilndiu.i all claim und demand ol'nll per. on-, nirainsl ibeeslaieof JO.NA TH,N WAINWRllillT, la'e of.Middlcb try. in taut di lrtct, I'eien.eil, rrprrsentnl iu-olteni, and abo all tlniin-aiid deinaud. exhihiitl in o'l'-et thereto: and six inonili from the 12 h dav of Senleml er. 1845. beimr allotted I y saul Court lor lhal purpoe, we do Iheretore here! y pile notice lhal wo will attend to the liu-iiie- oi our .nid sptioinlinent, nt the oiliie of V.. D. Ibirle'. in Mid llebnrv. on thelirst Mnli'lnv- of Octoler, Jnnunry anl larch next, liom 9oVlotk- A, ai, until i ir. i, e. :n ,nt eai h ol tai l nays, HORXTIO SI VMOUU. ) NrtllU.M PaIIKKK. Commintontri JAMES MeliONAI.O. Da't'd ni Middle! ury this I3;h tlay of September, n. u, lou. lU'VJ Siifcly Fiisn for Blaslinjr. mills article i of recent invenlion, nnd hn thu 1. it 'vantnpenf combining infeiy and economy, aud i iirtnl in pitference loevery oilier mode for priming, wherever it i known, Diret lions (or using will bafurni-hed topuichaser. for talc hy J. A J. II, PKCK & Co, AUCTION AND COM3IISSnN STOItB rjMlK Sul-snrl'er liaremoted to the Am lien Store 1 nl V. It. Itnatvell. E-a, on the We-t side ol Ihe Court lli'ii-e Square, where ho will nliend to the Sale of iilty-uids of Property nt Atlclion and on Colillniioo. UtCflI.Ueen con ttanllynn hind llou-chold FurniTii ol ino-l kinds, ...1..-1. 1... ...:it 1,.. ,.i. HA AC SIinRWDOl). Bnrlingloii, September 9, 1811. lsif MM FOCAL Neither the French Menitcus, nor Wo'ias ton's English Periscope. TII13 AMERICAN GLASSES, Superior to anv other in use, constructed in nccfd ance with tho Philosophy of Nature, in the pcc Inr form of a CONCAVO-CONVEX F.LI.1P5IS. AS nature cannot ha improtcd upon, but mcrel nssi-ted where she is deficient, and onlv in lb re-pect so far as she is faithlully imiinlcil, it follow thai whero the ti-ion is imperfert sich nid alnnr should be uiven ns will produce olijeos to our siiihi in thctr naiiirnl size) therefore, in selettiiii; Specla. lies for one's own tie. those of an immcnt ui.acni. fyiui; power should bo avoided, howver pleasing lo our vision lor uie 1 line iieiu iney may seem, lor al Ihojmh in s, nie few inst luces Iho will .a lapt it- sell 10 a siiuni y nisiiier mnirnitunu oiver than is 111 fact netded, let in most cafe snfvrin" is sure to tt s ill rrom the experiment. In Gerernl, iho-e ulais are best soiled to iho snrht wbieh tnabl tho wi anr to read print to the best adv.anl.aasal lb; distance of about 11 nidus from the face. lftioboAor piper I 0 he-Id nearer than ibis, 11 indicates a & iss of loo P"aL " power j njarmer, men oneoi looiccak or loo ti unjn power. Spectacles should at oicc ho laid nside if found to bo unsuitable. Too friqienlly the looivioiini in senrcn oi c;ases innisinoeyc lor a ptoper selecli 11, by slraiiim;ii in cNiieri.neiiing with such ns nro obviously unsuitable. The ejts cannot be too nicily filled, and in iii:iUit-t the lriii,tle nc cesiiy'nf preserving ihcr full diicrnninaiiiiapotver, niiit be nppnrent to every one Althoijiih when moderate Pains he taken, the P,nfocol Gl.issb nro by no means dilTbult to ndiptto the sight, yeifrom the greater contcrginevuf I15IH, wlere an inipriper seleciton has been made, llid'r iinfitticss is moru np pirent. To all, ihercfoio who aredi-posed to mvc these glasses n fair lc-1, tie ioiporlatia- of attending 10 ioi- iioove SU'ige-linra 1- , i-j,uei 1110 iirgeo. . N. 11. n infen.jrimiiaii'inariirl.t being iho Fn-, ST VTF. OF VIIRMONT, I rno the Honoralle glis'i Periscopic, n I' rench . Menkens, originally Ciiittcvdev OoUntt, s-. 1 I tlicu.ireineeoiirt spherical, but croind at the sides Ii) an ellipsis, hav- next In Ic Imlden r.l Ihirlinglnn, within ami fi r lin ing been sold asiht Penf.ieili lo avjtd ncli nnposi- (;o.inty c.fCbiiieni'en, on the Monday preced ngilie lion, ihe pnb'e arc reipn-sted lo alk for tho Ameri-1 lir-i 'I'oe-dsy of January, A. 1). 1SIG : can Gluts, rnd to purrluse of noiju but authorized! Humbly sheweth your petitioner. Kphraim Brad- Agents. . . . . All nersins not sjtisfinl with thhe Glasses, after rnaKipj! mil of them., are pariicul.ily requesttd to havt Ihem changed until stilled." Perifocal Ulas-es put into oilier apcclaclo ! ramcs. Messrs llrinsmaiil it flro'lierstiavo ihe agene) for ihe nbove taluable spectai Us, and Ii 1 vi- j,ti rectiveil a full nssjrimeni 10 Oold aid Silvrr Frames, or Hows and Glasao for setting in oilier bows. Also, ten ii.atc had linden beautiful lot ol Gold llotvod Spectacles with I'onvex, Colicavi and Peneo'ifi Glasses, bate also ri celted from Hiriningharu, Eng Ian I, soul'? mi tre of lhose bcaiililul spring s'rvl hotv cd rvccls, and have on h uid nil C'tuimoo nnil cheat) Spec, such ns German Sdter. Plated. Steel, itc (!olomers cm rely up in obtaining from 11. each kind asl'iwas nnv one ttillsll do,.,, nn.t ,.in ,.,.1 jst ihe nrlicle a-ke'd for, and the Clt.,' ean iilwa'vs lo cxeuanyeil wllctl Ihey 11,1 nut lit. u iggles, t'er s leciitc, Teleseops, f'y,. Uli-se. C.ises ond etery nrlicle in the lino nl ihe bnve-l uric,.. llRINSMAtl) tt llROTIinRS. i33.sHPTEHM5K 8, IS45.0 ARE now reci-ivin',' the (arpd ,iortmni ol Dav CooDtihcy have ever ollc-lrtl to the public; eun-fri-tiirr m nariofn trre.ti varic of AMF.'lll'AN Pid.NTi, 'TlfiCINOS, SHI El'ING, IHill.l.S, Al PACA-i, PLAIDS, COLOIIEI) CAMUUlL'S. 1 lj.VF.n'AS. SI'-Vf'IAS, . , . -tt".v.,jj ' P HIDING, 3 TIIliK.M), PIN-!, INHEIiLKi BUI TONS. fCOM IN, HOOKS & r.VKR, . ' hOAPS, aula Kri at variety of other srifd. All of o ir onml. are bo iht wiih ca'h tlotcn, ail hene loth ml ad rantazc. They will bo soil pon favorable term-, and all o thus ! of br nig- are le.peclfully soli.'ite.lioeill. II irliiigton, Sep:. 8, 1SI3, 15 NO'S'BCK. THE S i'i-cril er hivinz cvuplete I their arransc-iiH-ni by th,i con-tr iciioa of line an1 coinuio-dioil-lufis in their new tore.p.iW oft-ril,..,r -.- ua to the public as OENRUAI, AtTUNTS & COMMISSION M n IIC HA NTS. For thutn'o of etery tlc.-cr'fiiion of uronerlv. They pie lite I hem -elve tt. u-o every exertion fur Ihe inicresi oiiiio-ewho iniyl ein luiel lo he-tow thtir iaironae, and by e .'e tnij -iee ly anl nrofii.ib'e alu-un I nrnltipl relum-. unon the lilo.r rea-on;,l If. It'rni, ihey o ler in iu eincnts if consigners worthy of ..-! ..uu-Kiiaii ,, L. ft C. E FOLI.ETT. Corner of .Maine an I Waier St'-. I Burlington, SeieniVr, 1513. j 15 rPHE Memler of the Vermont Xunal .Vu i ance Company nre hereby ibat the fol lowing a C--IHCIII- hive t ecu madoby the Directi rs on ui i, i-- oi n,rcu on loimwinir, lo-tvit : SKlTKMIlElt -2, Ull, of one per cent, SEPTUM I1FR 12, ' J ' NOVEMIIKIt 13, 1 1 ' l)ICI..MHEIt 5, ' J ' DECEMBER 20, ' i ' JANIHRV 31, 1815 1 M AI1CI1 10. j .IPSE 7. JI'NE ll Jb'I.V 11 JI'LV 19. i ' 1 tier cent. J of one tier cent. in. ur,' j percent, for tlie yeir. s ti l percentage io i e ca-i on ino on:inal amount ol premium note tttnio it reitrcnie to hoc eiuloicmeni, lo le pan lo tK-ic... .. . i.. . .ii ... t, 'i:.. . in j !. ,iivi,,ii oi.oioLt, in -.iin'paj;n;r, Oil OT OC- forc ihe fifteenth day of O.-toher, I8i, being the day of ihe Ann nl meeting of aid coni'iinv. A-u-ital, a li-l of nersna iu-urel in iho several towns, with Ibeumouut ol n-e-.uieiit due from eich rcspei'lively, will be foitvardel io the Itepie-en unite eieci io me l.e t-iaiitre, uy wlioni niontycin I e ,ent, Aleiiil vr of the Company hint ild recoiled Ihi opport'intiy. as ii nllord lo all a cheap, i-afe and convenient way by which money for their in-urunco can i e irnt.suiuie i; nn I it icj, leciej that each Ait-ui-ber ol the coitl!iuuy, from tt Itiyii .ie-.nienl- areilue, will improte llie oiiortiinby rim ofTerel. 'Cur as- .c-.mests arp. pun is Ocrooi-.n, an I, in order to meet the liauiluie of the company, inii-t lo pail in prompily. Such ,i neglect In forward their money when d ie, are referred lo re: 8th, nl net of iiic.nrpor.i lion, (which will he f,iun I ntlachcjl to llieir policies.) lor Iho con-equences of.tich neglect. The Trea-urcr is in-lrucio I by the Director in all ca-es, tthere it lecomes iicc-nry lor the l obeciion ot se-kiieut to bring Mir!, to enforce ibe collection of iho it hole note, agreeable o tho provi-ions of the net above cued. There have 1 een allowed the pal year one hun dred and nine lo.-tes, iimoiiutiu7 lo S 12,930 88. 15 J.T. TIIL'RSION, Tiea.iirer. In.-urance Olice, Alon'pelier, August 13,1815. CULLEN'S ANODYNE, rou TOOTH-ACHE. I HPi:c'IFIC for this most in. m'feralle pain ha been (Ought for not r nly I y the Apothe cary, hnl by llie M ieiiiilio llenti.i &. lor )rar, mm ihe proprietor, UfTv 'r0miberccominend.iiioiiol inul iff lllnda. ft I u s ired in o lering thi. remedv. Irom Ihe rcrine nf nn, . f our mot eminent Phy-tcmn-, not only fur Tooih. io he, lint lor Inflame! G ini-, Slioonnir pain ol the Face, ami Sorene of SiXHt.l Terth. Dc.iyia lee'll that nre leniler, nre o relieved by nn oicasionul u Bi ol thi medicine, lhal ihey may le fi lie I bv the Den- iim, rcoucriug ineiii auuo-i o. .oun 1 as before. ( Tor tale I y in jo C liirioig-on J IT.I K -PnAlt. IlAGAIt & AI1IIIUI1, (ATI-IN & SPKn, I1U.NCIS LE. CLAIR. Ch i r. k k ii i no's son iii-coti:i) Vr.GF.I AIII.l-; KXTHACT PII.I,S.The true and cciiuiiiu can beobtaineil of ibe Imlrtile Accnir 11. J. IIEINRIIUlO 4 CO. II. & CO. have also jut received a fresh supply of that exct llfni and valuabla Medicine for Cough, nd Colds, Taylor's Blsmof Liverwort. 14 BOSTON COMMISSION BOUSB. S. S. JACKSON & CO., NO. 22 LONG WIIAnF, IIOSTON, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Mil THE SALK OF ALL KINDS OF PRODUCE, flour, Duller, Cliccsc, I.ard.Sccd, Beans, &c ITS" Cash advances mode on consignments. From the well known reputation of 3. S. Jackson, (formerly Jackson A llnye,) and the cttPnsivo ac quaintance of his partner, Benjamin ToiibfT. who for twenty years or more was the joint conductor and proprietor of tho Boston Merchants Readtiu Room, they flatter themselves that bv strict personal atten tion to business, to cive general satisfaction to nil who may please to favor them with their commands. Ilcferenccst Burtinvton Messrs. K,nt oi ilradlev, J. tt J. H. Peck & Co., Geo. Peterson, nnd II. W. Calhn. lUsex Lorin Tyler. 'V. Alhans Ni 'hoi, Burton tV Chittenden. New York CitijS. V. Cinoltidm) t Co., Samuel Perry, H. Pluminer, Win. II. Davenport, II. Carter, and Ahby & Freeman. Albany. N. Y.C. T. Smith, Schoolcraft tt Jo' n son. and John llloom. Their Store is terv central, with a liaht, cool cel lar, where Butter nnd Cheese can be kept in fine or der) and their customers are numerous. lloi2 C1 ASH paid for old casl Iron, delivered at the Steam t Iron Foundry near the lale by E. R. CliOSSMAN. Burlington, S,pt. 17, '-15. 1G IVTOTHEIt'S HKI.IRK. TO MA 1(1111)11 H 1.VJL DIES. The Mii''- Ifehof, 0 111c heme which soothes the dinirrei-ab!e sen-nliou of female al o it to become inoiher, and m-iire a -ale deli 1 cry in nil eae where malformation or nunc luitiaiiir'nl cir cumstance tine, riot pi event. 'I be rc,ritntion ofll.i article, Iho th -ilent, ha becomo -o ex'eude I a 10 pro be e an iiniiicn-c 'aMiand. A pamphle', inteude I 1 nly lr the eye nfiho-o directly intere-tul and their pliys'ieian-, is prepare I for graluitou disiribuiiou where t lie Hclief i lor safe. As ue are ihu ol.hsed to come I cfore ihe public, '-to lake the ovi-a-nm to 'nf thut if ihe tucrea-e of ihe call for Ihe .Mnthei'- Relief, win-ret er known, 1 c any g 11' 'e lo a dirc t opinion to I h furnie I i.flhc edi 1n.1ti1.11 In which ii I held, we have the -.iii ftei on ol luliering lint it lit- I ceil Ilia means nl allevia ting an lulini'e amointol -ulerini, nnd of -an 11 l many v.ihnble lives. Wherever 11 his ln.n 1 during the abote pcriol, I'ec i roo'ed nn-iu bee ln siven way lo I' nnd ihaultful expre.-ion- ol craliudc, and n wish to extend on ll.iir pnti, nr a po 1' le, it I enelil-. Medical 11 en ol Minding have had ihe candor to aeknowledse for onee. that their preiiehce- must Le abandoned, nnd lute I een advocate for its use. All tho-e who wish, nro incited locall on omcof our Agents and procure a p im ihlei without rharne O. . 11AI11IIOUC to, l!n,.,..Ql..r IV V t cr sale by l'Wllv & SPEAK, the authorized Auents for tins pi t-e and vicinity, whocan al-o sun ply Druggi-ts al t Ihe proprietor's wholesale price. II116 Ieyi 01 iiurnngton, In Uliittencen county nfore-at.l lli'at at llnrlinclnn iilorcs.aid. hcreii fore, on ih,.'l.,' dayol Rep'e.n1 er, A. I),, was rlulvjoinel in luuns.i J1Ti if Drew. 1 1 Hurliii"'nri.l v Inma. uanaiiye, a ,ue noui-i cicrgvin.m, then icllent In sari 11 iiliiiB'on. nn l iron urn, ot Auxu-t, Idll, be lite I with the , Lary iv in Ihe-ttict iib.-ervauce olull ihedu'ic to , ',,, l',v't. luirriace covenant, tthen she was guu'y ur d,,. crime ol ai'ullery. And your pc'llluner f irthcr howcth that ibe Mary K-, lo wit, on the 2G,h dav of Auuu-i. Ian wilf illv dc-crlel tho liou.e anJ I ed of vuur nciilioni er, and lit ever Mtico lived s--p.ira'e an I npnrt irom voir petitioner, without any eau-e lur o doing ino vimr from yo ir pcii'ioni-r. Your peii ione thereloro h inibly prays thi Hon le (-ii irt h it ihe bunds of inalrimony I etwecn him and Ihu -aid Mary K. le ili-sjiteiL und u ol'ibton-e prnnled linn, niid tint he be re-toreJ lo ill IIHU2S winch lie Ins o-t by taiJ covenant. I) iled al II irltn-'toii, in Chniendcn couiilv. ibis lib diy of March, A. D. I8IV . " EPIltlAIM 11RADLEV. STATE OF VERMONT, ClIlTTENDUS C'OUNTV, SS. TO any Sheri.rtr Constable in ihe tlpr.r.TiNfi. r a'e BV Ihoaut'tirily of iho State of Vermont, ytu ale hereby com'tunde.l lo su'iimon Marv K. lira I- tcv, the pent niiicc in Ihe abot e pet p inn, lo appear I e. fore Ihe Snnretne Court ii.'.i ,n I luil.l..i, ii ..l, ton, within nn 1 fur the coun'y of t hiMcnden. on lfie Mon Jay neM prcce-l ni; tbehr-t Tocsjty in January, law. Divd nt II irlinlon, fu iho cointvof CluticiuVn, nils qui uiy ! jirt'ii, a, i'. lai j. lieloio inf. 11. A.rirASUUtV, Dep. Clerk. cniTTnxDrN cor.viv, ss. '"VIIKKKaS, il i' HMdeto apiica t nft-rt-Mid pptiiiont-f, Mnry IC. I npitcar t me ihit llie V IC. Ilndlev. i'. witli- t-'il lln- Slim. TJK'U'fore, it i onlfitd lhal the .oru- po'ilnincr, Knhr.uin lira I'ey, ive ii"ti e to ihe -uid nctifiouce if I he tien.Vney ot aid petrion. lv I'auM'inf the -anie and il e "uh-tancu tit ald t-natiun to 1 e p it Iii'ir week die e-Mvelv in the Hnr Imsrton Vrve PrC'S, a nru"-i.nur pnlltliel at It ir Ihuinn, in iho co'iniy of C'lnitendeii, loetht-p wiih thi-order, the la-t of which i-h ill lo at Ieal -tx woeL-t pieuou-. lo the Term of sud Cotirl to hi h -.ifi1 pt'tiiion and eiiation miilf retnrmt le. Given nn ler my hand, at H irlmnioii, in the m-mtv of ChttieiiJeii, tin.- 17lh day of A'.t, .. I). 18 I'S. MiLO I,. iu:m;tt, 1 lv4) Jud'je of the Sup. Court. .nr-ticin forth million : SEA VEll'S JOINT AND Nil It YE LI rOR Ihe cure of Ilbe imalism. Gout, Sprains llrul-e-. Spelling-, Cr-liici. .N'nitibncs. Lame- lies ol nil kind-, Pain in llie h'c, lack or bun, ngu, hca lachc,Vti I net kttug!iofiti-ccis,chilbbiiiia, Ire-h wound.-, ''tiru-, freeze-, and nil case.-of external inj'iry. There In never appeared a melicino which po-te-es the penetr.itiiigan I hcilttig potter in ,o great a degree, while nl the .anie lime it cannot I y any no-ibltv prml n-o miunou- e leel. lit- it ncnoii ou the skin il cxciic- u healthy circulation of the bloo I, and remote- all ob-lnn-lion to the insensible perspiration, which f the cause if.o nui -h h nnan Mi.Ieriuj, It ha-complete! onlrol over fire, and may leu ed with perfect nlfely in the tvor-tc.ise-ol burn-. T be price p it tipo.i it heniir lar below other ineli nie of the l.tnd, mos: e finally remote every ol -tacfc to it univcr-al u-e. Why will yon .uffer pain when a ,ilc, eilieaciuiia nnd cheip me.'icine I- twthiu toar reach I IMPORTANT TO IIORSI'.MKM Thi l.inimenl I- not only lentlicial to tho hiininn ft'iiicui, bid i the I est nrlicle that can lie u-ed for Ilor-e- i h it hate been .praincl, hruteJ or g.illel, and for many o hcr di-easc leq iiring an external reineilv. 'Ihe hoili character ol Ihe iren.lcnien ign iug Ibe following teriiictu will rcin'er it of inteie-l toatl tvho inav have iicca-ion to ue n inediciiie of the kind. The 'in leraiinel having ma. le u-c of ?eiver'n l.ini menl, f r hor-oi, an I lliidin? il lo be .1 val i.tble re u- edy tor Ininene.-, pall-, -prams, I rube- ttf., would recommend it lo our friend- and the public generally, I elievmg lhal lhoe who may have occa-ion lo ie a renie lv forauy tit ibe disea-e for which it j. recom mended, tvillnol I eili-iippoiired in I'.selleci. I.OVh'l.l. KAIIIl. llrmilelairn'Vi. 1 Ol'IS II MIDWKI.I., W.ilpole, N. II. I Slsge .T.ort':i-: iil'.nti.ngio.n " . PUI.I.IIMI AKM.-TI10.NG, " " Proprietors. GhO. DICKINSON. (Jiaremonl N. II. j I'l'icc ,? .iiitl SO cenU pel llotllc. Prepare I onlv b'T. SKAVKIt it SON, Druegi-t, Walpole N. II.. Heed, Wing 4" Culler, 51 Chatham St, lb ston, Whole-ale Agent. Obscrre lit cry boitle of ihe genuine will have the ig n,i lure ol !'. Scaler ip J"on, on ihoiuide wrapper For sale by Pei-k tt Spear, 11 irlmirioii ; O. Shole-, Kerria1 urgh j J. M. Staples, Cbarlolle , F, Iluutin;. ion, Verseune-1 Morion & Clark, Willi-ton, E. U. Orten, Hichmoud ; S, K. Collin-, .Motitptlier, mid he Druggists und Merchants generally throughout the S ate. Scpiemler 8, ISK. 15m6 HARDWARE FOR FALL TRADE. ncw iMiin,Ti;n csodix. 'TIIK Sid's Vi' era would inform their friend hnd 1 the ntihlio thatlhevronlinuuihebiisineMof Ini poningrnn Uptdina Uarlwnie, Cul'ery at iheir old d and, 229 Pearl Hreet, where they would invite iho count ry imjepent'iaiiv in t un ana examine ttioir larce texk of hu I een newly imporcd and p neh.sed from min iI'a tnrer- direct, an- e'e't ed wiih trreat eare and ( ihe I owes I pr-ee, for eah. They areilo ermined io ofl r roo U at a small adc ttuct prelcriiri Miiall profit anl tywk returns 'I hey are w)nlideut ihey can o.Ter grtMi inducvinenr tu pur eh a s era. Their dyed t to confine them-tlve. to 1I10 Cash Sytrn aitrieivn! pnible, aud pnix-haer-. will hnd ili jt wu niat.e a liberal discount from ihe tunal creiht prices of other houes. t Cull and examine the 3 norl and pnee lefjro luiyinx ebewhere. It wi'l cot iioihin? lo do i-n. Our Roriiiienl is extemUe, and you ean generally tin i an ine itrin le- on niem oraodum without gnin? e r whvre 10 look for them. Ii. II. UALSTKD Hi Co., 820 Pearl ?t. tiar John St. New York, Aug. 18, 1845. IMm i-.piiritini or., rt r, ,r 1.. A i'L 'U.J ..' , ...!. lb'"1 pi 'nt Ins win- a bill of.hvorce -ho ild not I e granlel uoo " - "" 1 V r" .' I riV"? ""- -." '." OHli'non. and iblllelbo order ol tl. url ,t, tl,,. .... . '" ue ntn o ,-iouaie, to he llo ' P,l , nf I nt make .erv, :,inl r r,,' '"'S'?''l . 'hlc III IHrllllglnii, III (ald til, " 5 1 III 31 MfllllV-lli TO THE TRAVELLING PUBLIC. YEAH after year, the Company wlinn tias'mo nopoli-cj the SrcAtt NaVioaiio.s cm Lake Ciiamflain, were appealed lo, lo Moderate llieir Fnre, and give Ihe Public a Day float; le as llte-u appeal were, they were not merely disregard ed, but treated with contempt. Indicnnt at their exorl iiaut cxt'"rticii", Ihe pullie Jem nn lu i a New and Independent Uoji. The FRANCIS SALTUS WAS PUT UPON Tlin WATKUfJ. Tho old monopoly, claiming still eX"luive dominion pver the writer t iiich 11 has soIohr appropriite I to ltelf, ha n-ed every means, stigcc-tel by pride nii.1 nvari(v( to uphold ' it arrogaiit'prcten-ions, and to rcaconire the oowi r of iiupo ing an ex' r' itnnl 1.1 ri I upon Nnrllirni Trawl. I'xactinir but lately a FARE ofl'OTJK DOI, I, A US, which was then cal ed llr.AsoNAliLr.) it has now Reduced il 10 Twenty Ave t'cntsl II- Audits and Ifi l.hi r-, enroj 11 y Trivellers by llieir iniiior unit vi, ft'l every Avenue i'f Tratel, und in Ihe tttn hopes M ma' ing their ycs-cl-rival In -peel, t lie FRANCIS SALTDS, it In- adop'ed Ihe usual expedient of u-ing le-tnou-tib-tama: for Foci Ihu endaiigermir, n may he apprehended,- the lite-of j more, loas'tng 11 wealth nnl eheri-hlng from nmlution no lc than avari'f, the 'rand dc. ign of ar.i-ping the exclusive navigation of nn entire legion, ihe company never tlie'rs. I not too proud to t'lsccnd lo the paltiy de eil of iidyi-rli-iiig one ol their own le at a- n boat ol "Opposition 1" Proprietors worth a iiii'lion, ly an arlifi -u so low that we area-h.une I to 11-e language approprit'e lo exore it- character, decoying an un wary traveller from the teel of hi choice, fir the con iteration ol Tivr.NTV-rlix Cr.vTs!!! lit iieh n light do the proud Proprietor. of Ihe Monopoly ex lul'it Ihemselve I cfore Ihalputlij whose patronage thev oli"it. 'I lie FIMNl'IS SALTUS wa an experiment. Il ha I een Ih 1 far seie-fil. On Ihe pi! It it de pend, whether it shall contiin c ( or whether tail me, pullie p.i'ronace mit lengaui le.-toweJou a corporation whii-h so illy desert e it. Tim rilAN'CIS SALTUS TAUK WILL I1H 01T3 DOLLAR. TltnOL'OII "I tl 15 LAKE, TilUCIIINQ AT ALL TIIC INTERMKntATB LA MIINC'S ! ! ! ! SS-U-avins; WlllTi:ilAI.L, And St, JOHNS, Tucslny-, Mi.n lav, Thur-d.tfs, & W.-hie'sday, & Saturdiy, Friday, At o'clock, A. M. IJ GROCERIES. ffHE siihscribcr has on hand an ass irtmenl of i- Groceries urh :u COG. HHANDV, HOLLAND GIN, S. C. RUM, JAM. RUM, nnd NEW RUM, tthich he will warrant nf the best quality. lie ha9 also, ihe 2.1 q inhly ol Spiri a of nll.Unds. , MOLASSES, SUGARS, TIMS, COFFEE, PF.PPEH, SP1CF. NUTMEGS, CINNAMON, GINOfR, ind nlhor arliclrs in the Grocery 'inc. All nf which he ttill sell on the lowest and best trms Inr the pur chaser. Tavern Keepers, in pirtic ilar will find n for ilmir iiittrott lo call and ex inline fir Icns-lvs n i- . . , ISAAC WARNER. Burlington, Auj. 21, ISIS. l.f ii couitTi.vNn sritnnr, NEW YORK. HtVIM.i.vniluiJIKHnAD. rntllM.T''? ,,SS 'laJ'' 81 ,,Cr "rcel' inv oarl.c.'ar. ' , ' m'cniite, an I . .. .. ! '., '' i a "1 tell mote llit-ltinf tilaeu to Mr. M. nuibun-ed ine' TJV ,b ,ip V,. VZ,i ncni tvho tvcreitilljenccd lo.-.ll ,y hl.eard ab.iv, JAS. E. B11IN3.MAID. 1oh:i Divcrcaux's nslate. STATK OF Xr KM. T, np K IIf n Ir. PfnU(C of JOHN UFA FAll il a, la-cof Hiclnnon 1, in aul DiPTiei. ihottl, (;np.r.TiNo. U !, .mho- ll Conner, nJimnMritor of ihe a i Cua'iJ ot i-a'tl de..- nro.nj-e to reader nil account (iiriJier necount ('ntniiTHl I lea .it ilk I net. on the iv of vA-tol er next. lir.nt.FOitn. Vo i fie litfehv lint CeA in mmenr I h. lore s.i id eo in at hv lime anl p'i e a'ore-.ud, anJ shew eane, if any yoi Inve, why the a ceo nil afore sii I hoIlJ not I e niloved. diven nn 'er inv Inn 'i n II irlma'.on. thi lenlh lay of Pen'cmLer. A. I). 3Vi. Win. iitj., fcisur. Casli pa'ul lor Uye. CASH paid for any quantiiv of live, di-litcrcd ol my more. OV.O. IT.TUllb'J.N. Ilurhtigtnn, Sept. 2, 1SI5. 11 Oil Clotli Tahlo overs. Q0MR uplen Ii I pattern an I for 'ale verv Kr. hy On l. &, c. r.. KoLi.r.Tr. TBI K TN Till.' III.OOI) IS TIIK I IFK! is the tan- X g. "unire of Divine Scrintttrel! How iuin.raui thercloie i it to uu ler-t ind in nature, anl how to keep it in a proper eon lit 1011 10 icn.'er li'e free trom many of llie n.ahdie. whteh lefall ihou-oinU ot Ihe fannly!! Kioiu 1 lie crent re-ervoir ol the harl, the Um W convejed imo iht vcin. an 1 arte ries, nn I ly their infini e number of I raucbe i dif foisl lhron Imwii perv rail ot the I odu ini.Mrttni; heal, neiioii and uo'iri-hment lo the M'-'em. Il fin Is if wav to relum to ihe lie irt. an I through ihe ine. duim of ibe decretory oran-1- renewed, and tlie pure moot 1 airain p i-ses 1 aek thrnuijli the vein-, in vigoraim he, and ?tvinir gruwlh and tren?lb 10 the nnnnil ee,ono.nv. Like a rmnini; i-treitn, " (ike living water," Ihe blood p inlies itself by ii-. eireul iliou. A- long a- it continue Ih 1? uniformly and uninterruptedly to perform ii- f-alirary' o'liee, iul;nts. cannot ntiact; thu lolv. It it it n-ctu. to lew ile.ignol by Proilence thit there huiKI le iniriinerable can-is to mlerrupt ihe generat order ol nature. M kIi expo-nre. Midden rherU of peri-pira-tion, lad coll-, unwhole-oine food or ilrmlM Midden eh in'sie- of weather, mere'irial meiietne,i"e. &c.,al to render ihe I lood nmrbitlc, an i t'eraniie it eireulaiion, thu-i ili-qmbfvin? it to work ' own p t ri iea Don. Sat nre, therefore, must be assisted to iter- firm her wort , by tome heHlthtul Mini lining eae- lau'o remedy, w ly llie loolii mere irnl n nncer lam preparation", ol ihe day). To purify lite I loo I i to tril.o at the icry root o I tlmei-e, an I perhaps ihe only mean hy which health cm be retorei ; when int t. nd luooiiie- perfectly pure (as in tt pHniilive tdle.) a I dbea-c-., of however lonr tauJinir, musl abanJon (he ypni and beal'bbe rcinia'ed. tt 1 in ihe lUIIMK.i'A'llOX OF THK Hl.OOl) that the SUQAIt rOVTKD MAtilU I.IFK PII.I.S developeibeir nnrveloupower.s They cure by ihtir U1..NOVATIXO quiluii-s. 1 ho following are ome of ibetli-ipa-es wh'eh have llieir orrym from thi one common ca'ie, COItltl'PT Ut.OOD unl nneq uid ri im in it cnvu.'aiion : liile, iUitiiworni", Uhe imaii-m, Konl Cianplexton, Headache, (iidduie , Jj'indiee, Serofnla, an I all complainis of a mt. uloanaiure, &c. &e. 1 he idea thai some of ihee di-e39 nre almot in-nrable. ori e from ibe i ie Ueien y ot (he micrab'e medicine!, in setter.! I uej I ut the peculiar n-archin? prop.Ttie of the Mntii Life PilU in renovatinsr the liloal, renders lhee a well as many other ol attna'e comj lamu qniu under their control. Atrial of them precielv aei'ordinj tothedirectiona which accompany ihe box, ill billy eia'itr ihe iruih of their ex'ranrdmary nirativo propeiiiea, nnd place ihem pre-eminent in the cMimaiiuu of every auJ candid in Ii uhial. For sale by PECK & SPRAIt, Aaent for H-rr-Imgion ami viciniiv, at '23 cts, per lox, 12 I OTIC 10 ! ! rTMIK Coiianncr.hip heretofore cxljn'nsr I el ween J. ibe ubcril crs under the firm ' f II, Hyde & Co., is ihisdayib.snlveilbyuiutnal ccn'tuii. All persnn hatin? unseltled atv-ouai., are requested lo call and udju the saino with Smith if. Vib in- immediately. II. ilYDP, R rSMITII, Win. II. WILKIN'S, Jr. Burlington, July 31, 1615. TIIK i.ndcr.igncd having furmnl a Coparlnershin, tvi I enniiiiue b i.iness at ihe GLAS.-i I'AUTOnV S rOHM under the name of ItAU'll I.AM10 CO. where will be kept nn exten.ivu nsonment of IHIV COOOS, RKOL'r.KU.S, &v. ito., tt Inch will I c .old lotv for Cah, or exchanged for nioni Kind, of Country Produce, mch a I'ork, ll.uier, Chee-e, Oal., Corn, Rye, Wheal. I'otntoe., lined Apple, Hom y, Wool, lirey Cloih, Flannell, t.uuibcr tin; tSt'. All pcr-on tviafitna in exchanse any of lhec artie'e fortlt'ods, will tind it fur iheir ndvaniase to call, tthere they cm .eeone of ihe I est as-ortinenW o'Grod. in town, at the llati Factory Store. KAI.I'H LANDON, F. SMITH. , Wm. H. WII.KI.N'S, Jr I'jrlmjtcn, August 1, 1815. U-lf 18 4 5. LAKD CHftMPLAXK. &NEW ARRANOEMENt' ' FAIIU THROUGH 82, MEALS EXTtU, T'l'f. ,silln'"" Ul'IIMNOTON and WIIITi: m , i , Wlli .V;11"""" funning cu Monday, ll.t, "i or July, asfulldtv.. The cait. n. w. siieioian; tvllL Whitehall, every M0.NDAV, WEI)M.:SDAV,& Fit I DAV, At 9 A. M. L E A.V 5 St. Johni, every 3 (TUFSDAV, f T!!t'RDAY,& i t'sAIURDAV, I On the arrival of 9 n'clo'K ( train of Cars fr. Montrcs , THE CAPT. G. LATH It OI', WILL Whitehall, every LEAVE St. Johrit, every C MONDAY. WEDNESDAY, & ( FRIDAY, ( On the nrritnl of? o'cltik ( train of Cars fr. Montres ; TUESDAY THUR-sDAV STURDAV AY AY, S At O A. M DINNER ON BOARD. The above Boat, will form a daily line, t'unJai ex ep'ed,) eoniiecttns wph the C,irofthu We-ittu and (Ireenh ish Hail Ili ad- nl Troy, an l the S. Voi mornuiir lino of S'cauier, b avinil roy uoing Nor t at 7 o'clnik, P. M., by Hail HcaJ and Paclei .,) Wbitcliall in time fur tho 9 o'.-l.ick, A. M , Boat., i,i Whi'ebjll.connci'iing with all lute- ol Singe leavin ." faraii e.i in Ihe morning, and the Lake George Sicai , Hi nt nt Ticont'iroL-a, Airiviug at Montreal in 41 hour, from New Yoik nnd Bo-u n, connecting n's. j al Montreal wiih the Kings'iut, .Niagara Full;, nnl lliifi'jlo line ofSicaiuer-. The Co. Icing uiieml in ra-ied by .Mail contract-, thi'-e boats ttill not be , e laiucd on the ro He I y wiiilmi; for conncctiii;; it e line-, an I have made ihe al ove arranuement lor llua Sca-on, lebetiuuil to I e the hestthat can I e ma in; lo -nit 1 Lis bii-ine, a well a the p'eature travt.1,' B irlmglun, July 3, 1845. i MAIl()(JAiY!! T HAVE rcccnt't tal,cn nn Acency for the a'e u( X Mahogany from a New York firm, nndnm ne.- I e ng supplied with a nn ill -loci; ofcrotcb and -h.l-daM veneer-, such a arc adapltd to Ihi-market. Ad- uiion win ir.iin tune lo tune ue made, a Ihey are ailed b,r by the ileiiiand, mi a to keep up n fair a-- rlllleni. Wood, in ant furln. nnl on ham 1 aL-ill I.. furnbhel nt the -hortesl notice. The price will lo low, nnd the term cash. , D. K. PA.NGBORN. Burlington, lt Sept., IS45. 14tf Sarsapariila and Tomato IJitie'rF. FIinnr.RICIC r.nOW.N, n celebraled ehtmfst ct Una nn. ha sn -i-ceJeJ f r llie rir-i time in con . timing ibe inelnrial virtue of iho Ait-Ai'-tmi-LA and Tomato. Ad I iho re-nil ba met the most aiigiiii,u expectations of the proles-ion. Thetthoi,' veaclal'le Hinylolll one noi lurm-ii iwo suo-i.iuce. mi admirably adapted wpurlfy, naurhh nnd l'nnVu. i-nre the hutnin -y-icm. The-e Iltiler hate nil lie e.'cct oftlw mo-l powenul purgative-when u-ed m ilit'itriil qaiaimty, and yet nrc so mild in ihe.r opera tion that ihey may I e giren to peron in the ino-1 'clicite. health with perfect ofety. 'Ihey are very agrecal le to tlie la-te. The component ingredient a f these Hilicr in nt (ect-:. They are compoed of n tcrylroni prepar ation nf the cele! rated extract of Spani'b Sireapa rilla and ihe extract olTomaioi-s, with liic addition f aoine of the mo,i popular vegetable medicine tL couniry albrd. The in e mean- ol pre-erviug Health and .clrcngtl, is to pmify lie blo,3d and eorreel the unhealthy ttfttu of Ibe Uowel. Tor tbi purpo-e nn Mca'ii'ine ha- been foil a--inl to the S.irsanuri'la and Toniata' The-e excellent I liter- will be lound a cerlain cure in nil en-fa of indctc.-i on or dyspep-ia, jaundice, lo of appttite, general debility, faintne- and Milking 1 1 the -lomn h, lowncsi. of -pint-, co-tivenca, tle'ermi n uion of blood to ihe head, pain in theliml a and side. iiarrrcni, weai-ness, iiizzire--, tutnnemi-eruption- on ihe Caccan I mvk, hectic fever, ni(, nerW tiu nn I wcli bcadachc, nci lity of stomach, l.iln u ui ; fiflioiH, p'e, cnstucies-. nnl in all th-ea-e. t-aii-ctl I v inip'tri v -it ihe I.IikkI. the tlel.ilry of the y.jcm, cr" tho mihcnllht sinle nft'tc toinach and bowels. 'I hey nre olt excceibusly kffii'acit lis in resturinir constitutii nn brtAcii ili.tvn by Milenlart-employirienl,' nnd bit;' bun ly Clersryineii, Kali-' ttr, Piin'er', Clct!,-rt Sc ainstrcs-e, and uuniertu tithcr ttlio-e l.e.iltb h,il been injured I y confinement an I closo application, vi-itb ll e happiest rs-lill,-. They restore llionrtlon of llie.toniatb, increaae llie quablV of llie blon I, and impartto the ttan anil e'uacialed t-y-icm ol the in nlid the t isor and slotvol Tbt-e Hitter- arc tvnrran'r.l to I e a purely Vegeta ble cunipo iik1 and mark ilim, (L'they can neter do the Ici-t tn;ury in any en to wii.,icter.p They arc l-ejn" by pcrnus us al'AJIllTV MKD1 CIM',au,l hate been si ven lot be toungei-t children on acco nil of the m lduts of tber operalion, with a M-elleii a- 'C.'l. The lo'lowinir arc a few of ihe munv new rcccni- ni'ii 'a ion- tt lui h have been tenl In the proprietor i f IIUUW.N'S r-.UKU'Allll.LA anl lOVITO UIT TI'.HS tti bin a -lion lime. I! EM KM 11 KII. Altvay. a.-li fir Uruwn's as there are M. K. IIrown, Pear Sir: Havinr: le-ied tit. valurt of your !.1r-aparll!.i anil 'I oniato Hitler-, I lake ph-a-ure'to site to you tbcfactb ofmyca efi r vom own Miti-I.iclion and the lenelit of others. I have Inen sii lerinrr wtlh the Kry-ipejas Inui'or in my M'dt, cau-ins my hind nu I arm lo swell verv much, am! to be very painful, at ihe -a. i e nine and for rome tin e previo i,' hive lecn iroublcd tcnh a weak stomach ; ino-lof my foifl ba- hurt me, and ihere ha- I ten a unnular faininc-satihc lolnalh, uhidi has leen in-cren-in?, and cau-cil me mil h d.lfi -ulty. Alter I cninnienceil your H'ltcrs 1 coubl terteive n gradual anilininiciha'e rebel, and wo dd recomnicivl it Willi much eonlh'enie lo tho-e tt ho are troubled wr.h such complaftit. Vour, truly, W.M DAMliKLU Hah, Me. May 27, 1815. Ma. K. Drown, Pear Sir: 1 bntct.'oinei.iiiepal MC'eied ninth from Jaundice and Pypep-ia nl lh Sioirach; lo of appetite, and troul le and pa'n from the leasl iuiple fuo I, wiih pjin in ihe head and nd i a fcl'irhl ei utrh, peinral weakne-s nnd tlehilny of the -yMciii. At" er u-ins a nttinl er of medicines tvi.hout nnv relief. I ttn-induel to irv four Sar-niiarilla and "Totualo littler-. 1 rtccitcd liuincbate rchtf rt-ni tin u-e of one Ilnllle, and lie! uMllfled lor Ihu Kreat rebel 1 have reiviteil, and would recommend il to all who arestt.lcrins from sun, lur a'i-onlers. Vo-ir, trulv, PHP.DF.HICK II. SLAlJ. l'liN. V. .May, 17, IE45. Ma. P. IIrown, Pear Sir : I am a cam out of your Sar-apartlln and Tomato lliners; It i. an article ihai i-much thotttiht of j an old lady Irom Frankfort, Her kimer Coiuiiy, uyn .he ha been continedtohcr hoti-e for setcn year-, an I thi- ha- enal led her io eel i ut. Several in ll i-ciiy toy that il i- the be.t mei'itine they hate ever taken. -ss Plca-e semi ice a fresh supply -oou, at-1 have not lot'.lein the .tore. Your, with re.pect. J. K. WAIINHI, per. 11. F. RAT. Kalnioinh, May 29, ISit. To Mr. IIrown, Chemist, Uo.-tcn, I cernly lhal my wife has I een aUhcled with a very l ad humor on her face, and al her stomach, for fifteen year pa-t, Afler u.iitg tdrtou mealtcinei. lecom mended fur l.creomplninls with litileor no I erclii, she comnifnccil using by the nilvu e i f Mr. Pa' ward Ma. .on, Apo-heeary, yi ur Sarsapariila, and '1 nmatn Uit it rs, and she is now in I ctia r hcal h, than the has 1 r. lore emoted lor ihe la.t fiiiitn tears; aid I would cneerfnlly ncoinnieiul to ntl and everylu ne who is alllcied tvnh an) of the complaint, ttloco thi. medi cine is re oinuiendctl for, lo u.c il in prefer nee to any arliile now in tuc, Your, rifci eciiidlt, J. D. LP.ACII, Pynhii'l, Me. June 5, IM4. . I. urn CoMrtAisT, canbecitrctl wiitiout rfsortfnf lo icerciiiy, if yt u will only me Uruwn's Sarstptriba and Ti'lnalo Hitlers. To Mr. Fredtric IIrown, Proprietor ofll e Sar-Bpa. rilla and Tomalo Hitters ; Thi crliiic. that my wife was severely afflicted tv th the I. iur Complaint, and her hcilih tta.very re riously iiiiiVrminiHl. Having Hied various pre-crtp lions without succe-a, .he wa. fortuna'tly indui'ed in try your Snrsap.irilla and Toinain Hitters ; herherlili scon bciran to improve, and rhe i now mucb better in healiji, and tvoul ladvi-eanyone i . ill health to use Ihem. Your, respceifullv, CHARLES CARLE.' All ordeis for the shnte Medicine addressed to lh' Proprietor, P. IIROWN, 63 Wasl.lnt;lvn St,, Uoslon, ttill meet with punctual attention. I'P.CK & SPKAR, Wholesale Aacnts for Burling ion and vicinity. For sale also by Ocorce Ayers, Milton i Hovnirn & flnrrili, Hincsbiirchi landontfc Canfield, Willisioni William Hhodi s Jr.. Kichmnnd t, Jlnrnn Wires. Cainhridjre t H. I.. C'omp, lottei John 11. Ilotvnian, Vertr.nnes) William R. Russell, Mid dleburyi S. P. RelfiVId, Montpefler. Sold also bv. Oruaeisu and Agents cencrallv, I per bottle, or 6botllssfor8a, . . July, 181. iff v.

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