Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 3, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 3, 1845 Page 3
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HAG All & AltTHUlt, ARK now receiving new supplies of SADDLERY, COACH AMD SltSt Hardware, in oil its virictics. Also, Vl uJl.Mu r I Mil life-1 '-.CUi-illlS, a ) PAINTS, OILS, VAR NISHES, fo Burlineton, Vt. Oct. 1, 1813. Farmers ,Remcmber, THAT L. if- C. K. LOM.ETT will pay you for your Butler, Cheese, Potatoes, drain, Sheep's Grsv Cloth, Flannel, Frocking, Feathers, Socks, nnd in fact tor every thing your firms produce, the hirheet market price in Goods at prices as low as can be found in h trungion , ib -..Corner of Main and Water Streets, October 2, 1815. IVAUBR'S AIRTIGHT COOK STOVE. "THIS Stove I o arranged a In req-ilre but til tie jl room, le-- man any oiner n.ivmir (tie -nme q' tity of iron. None will a irpa it lo workmaiiehfp ofcaptinfr, nml it will perform one ihirJ more work with fc" fuel than the ordinary cook in 7 niove. For Unrliiiglon, Oct. 1. 18(5. 19 13 LIAS IvYJIAN. INFORMS his customers that lio has received a lticli and Splendid assortment of jFnll .into caimttr C?ooao. this Store, on the corner of College nnd Church streets, which he offers at reduced prices for cash or approved credit; consisting in part of RichCashmcres. Alnaccn. both Silk & Cotton Warp. Fine Thibet cloth, and blnck Orleans cloth j M. de Laine, Cashmere de I.nine. Alepines, Ac; 1 larjc assortment or uaucoes ami uingnams. SHAWLS. A few verv superior Brncho Shawls, Silk do., Fine Cashmere, lticli col'd Damask, M. de Lainc, Rob Hoy, and common Phid Shawls. Gro de Swiss, Gro de Dcrlin and Italian Lustring BROAD CLOTIS, including T.t. Drab lor Coach Trimmings, anfl thin 'Black for Cabinet Makers use. Fancy Doe Skin, Steel ..Mixed, Black Doe Skin, and Plain Blue and soioreu v-nssimcres. Winter and Silk Vesting. A great assortment of Gimps nnd Cords. Shaded Spiral. Assorie I Ocean, Paris nnd Poiha Gimp.; lord and Rtnc't Silk Cords and Tassels. Zephyr Worsted nn vsnviiss. Black. Green nnd Crimson Moreen and Worsted Dims k. Two qualities Halting, Black and White waLting uaipet warp, Knitting and Tidy Cotton, -uininn i urn, kc. iv.c. Burlington, October 3, 1845. 19 Dissolution. IJIHE Cnpinnership heretofore existing between I). M Varnev and U. Zotlimn, under the firm of VAltNEV & ZOTTMVN, is this day dissolve I by mutual consent. The Books and Accounts arc in the hands of II. Zottman. D. M. VARNF.Y. Burlington, Oct. 1 , 1B15. II. ZOTTMAN. I'rintiiirr I nl. TVTEWS, l-ook nnd colored printing ink .of the best j. i nuaiuy, iur saic ax iiianutaniurer. price, tw II AGAR & ARTHUR, Burlington, Oct. 2, 1315. Farm For Sale. .fflL PERSUAN'T 10 a license, from the linn. I tie I'rnl ate Coin t for the Di-tnt't nf Lnittnillc. the sub-crilrer A I- m-iii ktrntnr nf I lie etAie nlM,,,lnh e'rei..h li'e df cainbrithre, in sail district, riecea-i. I. will sell at private -ale. or public a'letiou o" ilie 3lh day -ofOett-ber, A. I). 13l5,al hi. dwelling; ho ise, in slid Jiinhrril, lhc"Afin nf wlik-.h the ai,l Jodnh ilie I siezed, together with ihe reversion of the Widows 'Dowerm caul Farm. Theahove firm i silitatel in the So th part of said Town, nn I contains al out one hundred ami lifiy acres of land. . JUDVII G. FRENCH. Administrator. Cambridge, Sept. I3ih, 1815. 193 Notice. THE annual meeting of ihe members of the Ver ni 'nt M'ttual Insurance 'Company, will lie Iholdei! at the o fire nf -at. I company, in Mnntpelier, on the ISth day of OcIoIht next, nt 1 o'clock, I. M , for the purpo-e ci electing Director, for the coming year, amending the By-Law, aril tran-aeiing such other bu-ine-. a may budeenicJ necessary. By order of the Director-, J. Y. VAIL, Secretary. InurnncelOTire, Sept. 20, 1815. 18u-3 Si ray Steer. ESCAPED from the s-iWrilcr, on the plains, in e!t, al'O'it four weeU Mtire, a lijht red (at Sieer. A liberal compensation vfi1 be paiJ for the return of said titer, or information of hU whereshoula. , D. PITKIN. Burlington, 0-t. I, '45. I8tf Female Trusses. THIS rt Id nf lW Inunnllnn anJ ni.lntilnr'tnru rtrUi.1l -. '"'"'"i ui very MEoanuiorm. ana for III ttin nnritn..., I... ...I.:..U .1 I. . i" . - ... .... IU( ,i,i ,, jr are tlesisned. contaiiilv receiving at TECK A. SPEAR'S From the recommendation of our town Physicians i mi iiiiuncrv in una oiaic, as wen as the Medical Fdui.liies ( the citie of New Vark, wu'lu,li 'iii.ciiiiu, am ni'iunire, we cannot bit as ire thh.c j! the alHicie I clas of ihe happy effects tirriuh ITtatr l u.Up,.,.. I l, ! ....r.l ' i ' . j w ..j mv- u -c n mete insirnmeuM. In point of durdl ility, an J parlicularlv price, iheyare wilhm the rea-h ..fall 1 ' ' To Physician-and ln'?a:i-ta who p-irchme hy the down, Ihe Mau.iUcturtr' diseounl is made. !8if DENTISTRY. DR. M. NEWTON, 'DENTAL SVRGEON, XW linirtond vicinity, that he has located himself In iht. VlM.i. urltora l.u ....II h. I..nn.. .11 - -s'l ""t 'm v ii.tu'y, " "II (lilies, loattenJ lo nurcallsin his profession. Teeth exirnc. ted with Cheealier'a foicips wiih far less pain than n ger.eraljr experienced, and wiihoit injury to iKe cum and Aveolsr proces.. Teeth filled with gold exclu. sively, and upon a different princiule from ihat cener. Ilypracneedi it is a di-cunerir of one of the most celebrated of the profession. Tecih filfed in l his man nerare uiaaa ao nrm as to resist any external injury and lieenmn nnd in.l An.. r. i;r- All opera-Ions to cive satisfaction or ho chaioi will bo nude. Persons wishing for operations are reSDeelfulttf invliw.1 fnll nil u..n.:n. .1..... J vice gratis. Don. N, mny be found, at present, t Mr. Doane'i on (nllrce Street, a few doors from Church St. epi. 23,1815. Uif WWW e!D3 v C. I'. STANll'nttn jl. t-n. HAXEj".'U&"ei ltnm Nfiw Vork a heavy stock . nu or,u-,li OllV UJUU9 rtrnrrii.. f'rnplra... ri , ... ... ri ... . n ' . " v-nina tvare, b'- passed by any house in the Stale OurMnglon. Srpt.25, 1813. 7lr FOUND pn the road belween n,ulin,ion and Wd lulon, by Win. P. Smith, a Walln ,n,.i,. , considerable sum of money. Tho owner can have ww .am. uj .aunii iui ii ana accurately detenhinir ii Hurlimr.on.5ep,. 23, 1315. WM' P' Notice. THIS may certify ihat I have given to my brother Hiram Weaver the remainder of his time of mi. nority lo act and trade for himself, and shill not pay ny debts of lus contracting, nor claim any of his earnings after lbi dsio. - CIIADNCEY WEAVER. Altesl, MEXriKIAH Howe. Wesiford, Sept. ItfT 1813. if To Let. HOUSES. F.nquire at 17 n. j. UF.iNF.BEna &. co. To Kent. TENEMENT on"Nr Stret. Enqoira nf " " A. ATWATER. THE KING'S OIL, For all Woundt on Horsos, Cattle, SUCH as Cut, Brui-c-, liork, Galls, (eilbcr by Dm Sndille nr Itnriw.. t Sore Racks. Sore Breast. Sprains, Fistulas, oic. &C.&.C., removing all sorencjs anu stuine-s, anu neniing up tne worji pussiuiv wounds, in from one lo live days lime. This CF.LF.BRATKD llKwIDY was prepared by order oflbc lale King Win, IV, of Ureal Urilnin, under I lie ilirt'elinn nf Mr. Yotintt. ibu celeliraltd r.n eirsh Farrier, nnd used by him in the Royal Stud of worsts only. . Sold by PECK it SPF.U1, llurlinirlon J. D. Kingi-lnnd & Co., Kee-evillc j X,. V. Cheney, Port Henry t Wright & Stiraguo, Whitehall i H. C Orid ley, Middleliury j 11. Murray, Vergenne. I4m0 JEWELL, HARRISON & CO., COMMISSION MUltCIIANTS, o. 3f Water itreet, N. Y.) TltANKFUL lo the Mcrchanla and others in Ver mont for the liberal patronage already received, respeclfully solicit a ronltnuanco of their favors, and n-siire lliein thnt nil irnmls cnttuslcd to our care shall be di-posed of lo ihe best advantage and with nil pos sible nispntch. , , Particular pains will be taken to keep our friends full v advised of the stale of our market. We would particularly call attention to the facili ties wc nfTer for Ihe sale of Borrea and Cheese, and all articles of Produce. Liberal advances made on Butler, Cheese, Wool, Hops, rot and I'enrl Ahrs. &c. iVc. Refer to Mesrs. Fullell ci Bradley, Messrs. J. Si J. II. Peck, & Co. 17yl Burlington, Wanted. A KMATIT. nelive botf of ntcadv hahlts. between A 16 nnd 17 years olJ, as an apprenlice to the macKsmiiiung uusmesi. II, WHITNEY Burlineton, Sept. 23, 1915. 17 NOTICE, WHF.RFAS my son, WILT.IAM WILSON, Jr., ha lefi my (fwellinir without anv provocation, therefore I forbid nil person' hirburing Or trusting him on my acconnt after this dale. WILLIAM WILSON. Milton, Sept. 20, 1815. 3wl7 CIKCASSIAN LYMPH, IS now tor the fiM time, oH'ered to the American Public, a a preparation farsirrpn-in?, any here tofore introduce 1 to their notice, for I'urini, nnd removing, alt cutaneou crnprion, nnd beautifying the complexion. It is wairan'ed to be pcrfirilc'trce from Alkali or Mercurv, as it ts compo-cd of PL'RF I,Y VF.GCTAIII.F. maieriaN which AKOMA'IIC ami HtJRIFVINO qnahtte. The fail that the "Circassian Ladie'1 u-e thi comnonml no a daily wa-h and the well knovn unrivntleil (mriy and iieatny oi tneir com;nextnns contaercu nvint pro ftritor, a fiilk'ietit rrtfo'nttieu latum to itwire it at eat a trial, l-ddie will lind it Irasrant nn I npree ahle an, wash, civina a hral'liy an I vo'ilhtul etlect to the sUn, le.ivm'j tt It, delica'e an I Invioratttl, an I a pee ly nnd certain cure Mr i'impie.( uiotche ChappeJ Han tnflimition of the eye , &,c. It nl- so ellei'lnally remote Tan, Krerkles, DandruK Sal. i . ti......( ..r.i. i.:.. . i uiwiics, iv"ii(fiiic'3 'i nit; Mni otr,, nitn i n vhiuu lileTo(ihwah, eiweiallviii case of morbid Inflima (ion at the Giiin, cleanses ihe inoulhatiJ retard tie caV of the teeth. ('ircas1an T.tmph i now offered much cheaper than ai)arli'lee'cr('omiOin lei, and cnN co little tint the iro:ine'or ihttern hini-elf that thp puMic will not da- it with thutho-iand uHum!iu" of the d.iv, I'tfot-etryins it.( Circainn L mph i put up in Cox hoi tie with ll e wonii "i ,trii mi i.viivih" i mine-tea in the glass. pi:r Bonrj:, J. W. SWVTKi AS., Proprietor. H. J. IIctNEQcau f C., only Agents for Uurling ton, vt. ir A. EDWARDS' CHEAP CASH BOOK STORE. No. 1 Peck's BnihUnes, A scnornl assort mont of School. Clni'al and Miscellaneous Hooks and Stationery at ui ri nwi.i&. HAUPKIIVS lllntnlimlctl IllMe, No. 39. G dey'a Lidies Hot k fjr Octal cr, Grnham's .Magazine. di Colnailii in, d- di Lidh's N Hi. mil. do " di 11 ihhles from the Itriinricn. hv Sir Francis ITrnd. R0 i ne Ainprrnn atifplieril, hy L. A. .uorrdl mli KnjrnviiiLM. i rn Lyella Travels in North Aiicrirt, wiih pi itfft, 1.75 il'i dn chrlo eiti ion U'itliniit ihe nlnlM lie i ne nosoiu r nn,i, n ovei by the AuttioroMho Fleidley's Lpner-from Italy, Moilierwells PoinB, Also, A popply of new Music at ono fontth the uirn pneo oi H'icri iijujiiu. New Oames The Race of Improvement, by tho auihor of ihfMinnrovcd snme of L'r Hush v. The Sinfc of Qenid, by a l.ady, 37c New Arrivals. MESSRS llrin'maid S- Brother, have jti.t return, e.l Iroin inarLet wiih Ihe most I eauiilul stool; of new and rich iroods ihat fhev have had the nlej. sire of o Term? to their cnvioiner ihi. &ea-on. Amoiiff-t them nnv be Innnl nbno-t cvt-rv nrnrlp in Ihe jewelry and lancy good, lion wanted. A tiev supply nf steel Iwad-, tas-al, and oiher has and pur-u inmiHinss et.i.p. sc. o1 new and desirahle pattern., A very beautiful varie'v of jet nnd other inoiirnins pins and mhi-r jet eond. Irum llirinuis ham, Kunland, which came by the la-t pncKei. 'in. surpassed in bea ny and var.ety by any belore oArr ed. Jet neck nnil suard ibaia-, bracelet's combs, hair pins, lockcu, &c. SILVEMPKNLILS. The be-t a.-orlment of niter pencils, large ittd small, stiver and Mnne bead-, lome wiih calender.. some wiih letter balance-, somo with pen. and of paurrn-ine mosi uerirauie, superior to any lot lie fore on hand. Tho-e who have not examined our a.onment and priie. lately, will by calling now obreive and find a nener anu more exten-ive anil richer locK or good al lower pneea than they have ever found ifcem ii any part of Ihe country. NewYorl, PcHon, ara' toga, and Canada NO T GXCEP TED. VAIUCTV. A variety of emi-tonel, patent French Accordions at price verv low. an I in.irumen'a verv iruod. nmw Myle broom- lor brushing clothe-, new patterns ciar t.iva, i-,f;.ii iigiucis, crew c l-lllnn-, M.UI8 OI niotlQ eal 40 to ihei-elt. eilt liel for c i-bions. flv r.i,i. In till rlie-, pen linkers lo make pen- at one em I etler iiia.le linn U.llll. tun I mirror-, hair Inc .-.. for cleaniii; plate auj hritiaiiic. gum riaz-for i hil- aren, coverel loiile- ol I e-t cologne for travel er-. I I....I.I . . I c. I.... . 1 S" i-MB-nini Biiucs i"r veivi'l-, niiiiiai ire hllive-, splendid inliand-, drawing pencils, cards, box iami utc 001. D )EWKI.RV. A new nnd p'endid variety of new pin, ring., brooche-, liMceie'a,, go'd wan-he., chains, pencil-,, buckles, and side, of American and'u iii.iriiai-iurc aui a lew rnris niaue. wnteh cs ai I oilier fo U sold f,,r CASH DO IIW, a. low a can Iw hoizhtio ihe Ilniieit ri.hh.. nnj in.uu. than in any pin off'unala, which i-uiiiimer. are uc-iiucu iu u.ri.-,ioin uy examining our present a. horunenl and price. OftlNSMAID & BROTIIF.ns. NEW TAILORING EST ABLISHM SNT. JAMtS McKEWn, IfOULD re.paethilly inform ihe inhabitant, of " uurlington anu vicinity that lie ha. located him-ell in Church Street, over Mr. Ilurlbui'a Store, wiiu mo iuti:iri mi i'i e.irrying on inc TAILOHINO iH'SINiro in all its branche. Afier hi. ioni cxnerience ii busino., iu the principal town, in S'-othnd, Kncland and Ihe Un'f.l Sia es, he fe-. e-unlblcnce in giving good sni-ficiion, and hoin-, by Uriel alleiuinu t" business, of rei-eiving a liberal rhare of uatronaee. All order, lor t'ornNO, prompily ntlendel lo, and warranted to fit, in a'l on-e-, when properly made up. Fall Fasiiio.ii received, And will be received monthly. Uurlington, Sept. 18, 1845, IBm3 3tTB7f PAL GOODS. TUST receded from market an extensive variety of STAPLE and FANCY DRY GOODS. Comprising one of Ihe I e-t -eecliuin of Shawl- and Dre-.Oiiin--hai can bo found, enclndiug ihe newet iytes oi l-ruiK, I'Cl.aln-, Hep, L-amcieon llrocaile-Satln-. &e.. in ihe market. ('loth.. Cussimere-. Velvets and Ve-tintr.. will, n gooil as.ornneiu ol Trimmings for gentlemen and ladies' wenr, nil of which will bo niM al the lnvte-t inartet price!!. Pieae call and eximine for vimr elves. DANll.r. k'KltlV. Church St., Uurlington Vl., Spt, 1C, '43. 168 TU,S,T, .deceived and for sale low n liercesNo. 1, Northern Snlmon, forfnmilvL. BWl pnlupexprc. . I . . Bbls. No. 2. M-ir-keral, a good article Uurlington, Sept. 18, '43. Bo!VhWhari; Solo Lea I her. Sides Sole Leather, city inspection, for M low hv L'nr.l.flillA omnl nu 200 Uurlington, rfept. IS," ' simh Wh.ri: 1K. POWKlili, M. D. iip OCDUSV And Ophthalmic Surgeon. tSl DnomivAv, Corner of Warren Street, NF.W YORK. C0NFINF.S his practice to cisr.Ats or the eve, Operation, upon that Organ and it. nppenduges, and to nil Imperfection, nl VMun. Testimonial, from the mot eminent nirdicnl men ofF.urupo and America. Reference to patient. Ihat have I een per. lecily eared ol Amaarotit Cataract. OpVhamltc, Nebula, or Sped,, on the Kyc, Strabitmue, or Srj'tintinir. 8te. ArtiMciai. F.ves inserted wiihont niiypninor operation, that cannot I c ilittin?iil-hcd trom tlifc natural, Spectacles Advice n to the kind of "tillable to particular defect.. Ptn siin. nr.srDiNO at a distance can rei-eivu ndvu-eand inediVines by deicribing their tateundcr the lollow- n neau j . I , el , .S I 5 i if IHlMHll XI CmG $50,000 GfiAND CONSOLIDATED LOTTERY OV DKI.AU'AIti: AXI) GEOIIGlA. Class No. G2. To be drawn at Wilmington, Del., Salur day, Oct. 4th, 1845. 1 Prize of 850,000 i 100 Prizes ol 8 1,000 5 " IO.OCO 1 50 " 600 S ' B.OUO I GO " 600 3 " 3.12G I 130 ' 300 150 " of S300, and 123 eni h ..f S200 -SI 50 S 100 3S0 etc. aw. 18 Numbers, 11 Drawn Ballots, Tickets S20; Q.inrlerj $5, Eislillis 82,50, A Ccriificitc of a Paikngc of 26 tickets will bo sent tor 9w, ami tharts in proportion. PQKOJ10KE RIv"kR LOTTERY, Ol-' DIvUAWAItU. Clnss Nn. 200. To be Drawn at Wiliiiitiotnn, Del., Tttes day, Oct. 7th, 1845. 1 Prize of 820,000 1 " 5,000 I " 3 0U0 1 Prize of 83,000 I " 1,615 10 prizes of 1,500 10 " 1,000 10 prizes of 1 250 10 of 8200-20 of S150- .inn jj ol SIUU, &e. ic, T5 Number, 12 Drawn Hallots, Tickets 85: Halves, SJ50: Qutriers. S1.23. A Certificate of a paclage ol 25 tickets will be sent lor ibj, anu snares tn proportion. Cl-iss Nn. 202. To be Drawn al Wilmington, Del., !TW. day, Oct. Oth, 1815. 1 Prlio of SO.OfM) I 1 Prize of 81,200 1 " 2 CCO 1 " ,nu 1 " I DUO I 10 prizis of 200 lOPrizttj cacli of M00-CS0 SC0-J30, 4C0ol 825, cue. ie, 18 Numbcrq. IS Jrnwn n.illoU. T.ikptS2: Halves. SI i Onntteis. SO - A Certifituie of a packa."- of 20 lii-luts ui, be sent lor sail, mid slinrea in portion. D. PAINT. & CO? MANAGERS, (Succcssois to James Phalin & Co.) Poslase on letters enclosin;; five dollars end up wards will be paid by the siilmi'iibi-rs, nnd outers n heretoloic, will reicive prompt and confidential attention. D. P.MNF. .V CO, Alliiuy, N. Y. A JI E R I C A N R AI -It. O AT J O X3JELN AT.. . ri journal contuns extensive tallies "1 1 -- showing Ihe lenirth. cost, inroinc. div. 'fviVr idends, if-c. of mos( of the American and Enelieh IIail-IIoads nnd Canalsi also the most re. cent account of important imptovement. in the con struction and manasernent nt Itrul-lionds and Kail Road Machinery. It will bo fuund u.eful to Flnei. neers, Directors and Stockholders at ltail-Koads, win, should all I e fimiliir, ns we'l with whit i. pushing abroad as at home, in relation to this rapidly advanc ing CilU-fC. The Rxn.-Ron Jouns-AL i no b i.bed one n irrrh ! in rpiAitu form, 16 pages, at Three Dollars a year in arfron. ATjvertIsi-men-t, of Rail'Ixoath. Steamboats, nnd Rait.lioad Machinery, Letting, of ('ontrncis on IV -In- Woiks, lloltls, if-c, will bo inserted ct reasonable rales. Volumes for nrrriout years mav he had if desired. For 1S13, 1B14. bound for SI. nnd the present year, included for SO. Ltltcra will be prmnmlv attended lo, ii auareseu lo u, k. .MI.MJIl, 16 No. 23 chambers Street, New York. French Polish! THIS famous article lor blacking Move., together wiih Uri-he-, WAier-pruof, Pisieand V'arni-h Blacking., Writing Inl.s, Waters, Wine-, ore. &c. tt L. ..11... t1l.-r.L- a. onr . .. RUNAWAY BOY. WIIFRKAS, my iintenicd boy, DAN II. SHnrt MAN, ha- run nway from lire, and I hereby forbid all iipr-oni, barborini- nr iniUin. Inm n i,,.. account atn-r tin- dale. JOSIAlfPOITEH. E.-ex, Sept. 11, 1815. B0-16w3 KEN TUCK Y JUR1 SPR UD KNCE. a malum uk -nn; TltlAI. OF MISS DELIA A. WEBSTER, At Lexington, Ky , Dec'r 17 VI. 1343, befote the Hon. ItlCIIARD HCCKNEB. f f, rlinrrrf. nTniitltlu Mlnto. tn uonnn. t. ... . U- ' ....... ... . , III), I, ,1 I Commoniieallh with llaneous rpmnrli. mciiinin!; ner new. on aiticrn-an .-ainvi-ry. Written by herself. For sale by STKVENS 'WOODS, JUST HECEIVF.D by ihe suh.cnbcr ' Pictorial Culdc to Knowledge, do Wnniors of the World, do IM'lo Illu-trations, do Milde llioitrnphv, do llislory of the Hil.le, do Histoiy of Ihe American Revo- Scars do do do do do 1 L Also, Woods' Runny, lUIH'll. Swell's Eng. Grammar, airs, uinei'in a no Williams' U.S. llislory, Allison's llist'ry Europe, Greek Testamenl-, Shal.speare. in 6 vols. Criiden's Concordance, Carm na Sacra, a Bo. ton collection of Church Music, The Odeon, Fullam's Pf,ac. Lesson.. nniiiirfl do do Ibilliori's do do KiiUhani's E. Grammar million s urcek do do I.nlin . do tin r..lin Tld.iia. An Irew's do do ' Dftinilinn, r, Un..t, Wehster'. Klementarv "iviiuuary. The Vocal Srbool or Peslnlnjzian Method of in slriipliiin in ilia I.':la,i,.ni. nr I i ... . . ... .... . , ..,,:, Uy U( tV( Day, together wiih n good stne'e of School Hooks and Si n lli in or is. I,1..,, c ,1., r.. l hhuiiviii . vi ouio iiiimji iur litf n r . o .n .,.STEVE'fs WOODS. Rurlington, Sept, 18, 1813. CANAL, Had Roads, Allanlie Stenmrrs, nnd liie Magneiio TiU-gruph have all sprung into exis tence since Ihe up and lining, quick and iheap for cash andnon inipri.nninenl for npbi system Was started al Howardsin ISTi. Who in keep in advancenr with imr'.,i.ui. nn. ir i in. luurm uinerep enishedh stock of Goods mice Spring. Sept. 18, 1815, CULLEN'S ANODYNE FOK TOOTjZ-ACHB. SPKCIKIC fonhis moM in . ' mllerollo pain ha. been tongtii iur notrnly I y IheApoihe eory, bul by the n-ieniitiu Demi., w I'" yinr-, and ibu proprietor. iff n 1 lt''"nl",l'nd.ltioii ol inn). pf linn's, feil u aired ino'cring ilii, , '." "v "' ipe oi one 1 1 rutr hifi.l lhv I'.nln.. lint i.nlt. I... n ai-be, tiui lor Inflamed O un.. r-li"niiii!; inin. ol ihe Fai-e, anil Soreiien. of So ind Trrih, D vayeil lee'li hat are lender, are tn nlieved by an or c.iK'onal use nl thi. iHpdipinp. that lln-v inn v I . 1,1'n I k.. .1... i . . titl, rendering them ainio-l o. n.un 1 u Lefore, j For sale by u ) ,0 ( Uurlington j PECK & SPEAR, CATLIN & SPEAR, HAGAR & ARTHUR, FRANCIS Li. CLAIR. aMHaaaoaMi Cash for Ryo riTuI Oats. THE subscribers will nay Cash on delivery at llic Old Wharf, Tor 10 000 bushels Ryn and 10,000 do Oats. F0LI.ETT it tirtADLEY. Sept. 4, 1815. V Daniel Robin's Kitntc. STATE OP VERMONT, ) fl II E Probate District of Chiticnilen, si. J- l Court fur the District of Chittenden nfrtrrid- To all person concerned in llic estate of DAN'EL KOMNr ale of llicbinnndin said cM-'lultemlen, de- cea.ed intestate. ! OsEETINO. WHEltEAS; Alfred O-arjsjpJJBP.nistrator uf the- estato or snid nect-iiM'd, JSP7jsrio render nn ni' count of Ins administration, nnd-present his account ngainstaaid cs-nle lor nilowance at tne L'rotiaic ouri to bo bolden al tlienffleenrtheReBistrrofMiil Court, in HiPlinston, in said district otMhe second VVcdnea dav inOctobcr 1845, nt 10 o'clock, A. M. TnfcnirriinE. vou are henbv nulifiu.l to nPtiMT be fore said court nt the time and place aforesaid, to show entisc, if any you have; why the aaid account should nut he allowed. Grvrn under my hand nt Burlington, the lath day of September, A. D. 1815. I6w3 CHS. RUSSELL. Judge. Daniel Itobln". Ililntc. STATE OF VERMONT, I A T approbate Dutriet of Chittenden, ss. t X. Court, bolden nt lliirbiiiiion in said District on t lie 1 3 h nay of September, ... ti. Ibij, upon application in wruing of Alfred t rare, nnl Phena Crnm, wife nf sal I Alfred, .etiinu forth llint the said Plienn-A3rnne i- one of Ihe heirs ut law nl 1 lie estate of Daniel Robin, late of Richmond in snul Di-lttcl derenspd, intpsiate, nnd that the -snid Allied nod Phpna in rtahl of stud Phe ua ore entitled to. nnd bold one fourth pari of said estate jointly with the other hrrrVthereof. nndnrnv- ing for n partition of raid estato among ihe persons icirniv iii ii no iiiL-rrio. VV'iiEBEi-roN the Court I doth nsign ilie"2d Wi'dnesdivof October A. D. IBIj. nt 0 o'c oct i Ihe foreiu'on, nt the office ol the rezi.ter of snid court in llurluiiton aforesaid for hearing nnd deciding in the, mid dolh further onb-r nnd decree ihat all persons intpre.teil or curiwl in saidestnte be nolifird to npppnr al thetiiiu nud iilnce nfoies.aid to make oluVclmns to sucli divi.ion. if tbev see cause, hv piibli-blng the siibslancp nf snid npplic.alton lo pctber wiih this older tluce ueeW siipcp.sivcly in the Krpc Pre... n newspaper, prituedtt Hiiibngton nforc snid, ihe Int of which publications shall be before the time set for hoiring. Dated al Uurlington in the D!iriet of Chittenden this 13lh day of tKuitcinbrr. A. I). 181. CHS. Rb'SSIXL. Judge. SARSAFAIULLA. COMSTOCK tf- CO S COVPOb'XD PLVin EXTRACT OF AM USA PA HLfuAt FOR VllC cuu: OP ScrofiiKl, Cltrixiio Kht'iitniifm, It-ncraI Debility, Cutanvotis Ditea-e- Scaly cr iptiuiix of l he Um, I'tniptes mi tli iu c, Teller, and Sijihilnid deca c, Hilu (Mtm iinjmrc it- f ilie Ulrera'innt of (he iluort Ijiver A .ections, IMin- nitil wellm al llic Intimj, and all tli-rn-t-8 nrnifr Iroin ait im;vire fif the I tood, fXpUB ire utid iinpr n'eni'eof life, oxcc-Mve ti-e of mercury, iVe. Tic Sar-apartlla can I e i!e,.fm.Ifil upon by every cine as beinj a- nn.l a any Mll.fp m llii t-o'intry ur Kt trope. 'People can avail ilirituhes or nui jum a they p1eae in nsinic tiara.tpari'la. 'I vp ire extract i put up m a lnrjre ot hn "''rilsjt'arit' S"M for one dollar, at ihe imprw-eilenT'l loTpri e til" 50 els. perbotile. bold by CoinHH'k &. Ho, 13 Tremi-nt Kow, Hostoii; It. J. HKINUJEHG & tO. unly ntrenti fur Ujr'inslun. Hl.niSIXn TO MANKIND. COXXfiLUS MAGICAL PAIN KXTIIACT-tHi. This great Healing nvu m ncLnowlclwed 1 y all who have used if, to he tho mo-l woihUtIhI nrtn-'e ever known. It expel- all inj'ines by fire, extracts all pain, and prevent-inor'ilieaiicn in everv ci, A child, a nephew of a friend of mine, c'rpped into a vfc'l uf boding water, an I -cafi!eJ its legs rp lo ihe knee, when Connel' Pain Mxtrnrior frt in Uom t.e, wn npltet, which aliiiot nistnntlv cave re. lief to the link: nflerer, nnd nxm entirely cured it, .iibn.a tnnu oi my own iurne.i ii" nnn.i eerelyt nnd I uel thi- Salve, which jinvehwant relief, aiid ciiieil il finitely, and 1 for onecouht not l-e induced to I e without it. 1 in i ilk every lamtiy i-liould keep it ou HatiJ to ue in cae ol Mith accidmis II. At)AMd,PJtor of Trinity Church, Sanprrlie, M. V. Sold liv Cotns'ock (f. l(os( No. 19 Tretnont How. Ho-ion? H. J. liLirvLUEUU & CO. only ajjents fo H irlington. . WORMS. WOUJIIJa. KOLMS TO CICS VEllMIFUGE. Thi ri-nrcily tor worm- is one of ihe nio-t extra ordinary ever used. It u Itcluaily eradicato worms of.all hurls lioiu chil Iren mul adult-. I Inu-and- litii-h bv woriils u-llhout the real ran.e Icing I.UOWI1. Soiiiu oilier rea-on i- as-u-ncd for Iheir Mikne-s until loola'o In i-urc ihelri.uc.iu-e. What iiuniense re-pon-il ilitv lhen ru-1 iition ihe. parent ho does nut knuw,nnd tlieilni-tor who due. no iinilerMiind the i'Oiu;il.tuit which is dcslioying those prci-inu- llower. ol lite'- children. ' v MionlJ I e done 1 The au-wir i oluiil. Ciiclhi. Wrmifnire. wlnVN will lu sire todu aool, If ilrey have no worm-, and il Ibey have, it will destroy and t-ra I cute with a cer laimy nnd precision utily avonMiing, Il i-nnnnl harm ihe mii illest infjnt,or the s-lronees adult. There i no ineri-nry or mineral in it. ,Mer-' c-'iry is thelusi- uf most worm rviiedie-j and Ilie remedy i. toiueiime. wor-c than ihe di-et-e. So nevir use n ri'ii'.'es j tun rely npmi thi-. Every per--co wi.l I C ciinviiu-ed on one trial I lint iili. tin. mn.i perfei t cure eier invented. We call mi nil go d oil zens to make known the eflei-ts of ibis woiitlert'ul receiij. , . Price 35 rem-. Sold hv fi ill i IT 1 1 i . No. 19 Trenionl How, llo-ton ; Ii; J. flMNtUEItii at CO. only agents for Burlington. THE NAPLES HAIR ttVE. For some unaccoiinlalile reason, for the la-t one or two year-, many vounir neoule. bmh male and female. had the Mit-fortuue to have ihfir hair turn permanent ly gray. Wc havo fn-ipienily been applied lo for something to lorn the hair I nek to in natural color, which bus indiit-iil u lo go lo much trouble and ex-pen-e in ordt-r to furni-li our cu-toiners and the pub. lie generally with a new and improved llnir Dye one i- in arly eileoiua1, nnd not the rva-t injurious lothe bead or hair lor the moderate price ol 50 rents l'i;i iwiur. e imi l- Miccrcucu I ryonii uur expecia-ti"ti-. Thi- iirlu-l we o ier lo the nnblio with urt-nt cooli'cncH. We have had il iboroiigbly tes ed, time alter lime, before we eo I'd olferil lor ale. The price i s ion i line nil eac a 'oru lo use n anil ll. quality we I elteve to be a iperior to nnv lelcte nisde. Sold I y Couieiuck & Ilu-, No. 10 TrejiHuii Kuv, Uo.-lon; H. .1. lll'.IMilll.Rli 6iCO. unly agents lor Bur luiSton, n.I,M OF COI.UJIHIA. I.ailie- nn I fienileuien, will joobewitlioiii ibtren ume O.drii'st-V IJalui uf Ciduuil tur your hair 1 Vo i may depend uimn it. ii i- iheonlv nitu lo thai i- -uro I" prevent I nl lim-s, and keep- the head bee iroin aaiuiriiii. We have known il to re-tore hair nn ihe I nM head-of pvinuii. KVeuly ear-ufnge Cm-loi'k and lli. give it-ferenee H any that wi-h, lo tlioe u bo have I een perieHrfTdul f,r years and have bad their hair restiued wiiiim the la-t twu inonlh.. Hu sure and gel Ihe genuine, wnh ihe lg nntnre of Cum. loci; if- Co.tin it, or gel none. Sold I y Oo.i.siock nod H", Nn. 19 Trcmnnl How, Bos Ion i II. J. Hl-.lNhBUiO & CO. only agents for Uurlington, I'D KM: 1 1 i)i-.iii.ATiinv. Till, artkle, used lor taking o f.s ipelfluons hair irum uiu nnv titiu nei k i. inn hi ou ceiuc per i-ouie hy Coin. lock V Una., No. 19 Trenionl Itow, llo-ion i II. I. IIHNI.UEHa & CO. only agents lor Bur ington. lCnC Now ( noils. Tills dav receivid a lart'e alH eenr-ral assartmrnl ol FALL nnd WINTHt OOOUS, wiih arid assortment of the best FAilll.V OROUErUES "bull bavebei-n bouuhl al l lie lowrsi prices for Ciui, and wi I be so'd at a verv small advance hv P. & II, II. DOOliITTI.B. Sepl, 18, 1813. !6o Jonathan Walnwrlgiit's llstatci WE Ihe MibMriler-, being nipninteil by lie Wo liate co-iri for Ihe lii-trut of Addi-nn, ounuiis sioners, In receive, examine iindiidti.t all t-laiui-aud ilem.and- cl" all iwr.on., against llifesiaie f JO.NA TIl.VN WAINWUlllllT, inii dblricl, tk'iea.eil, represented bi.olirni, amfabo all daim-and di-matiiU exbibiieil In o'ei therein ; nnd six month, from the 12 h ila-at-ej!cptuml er, 1815, bo ng allowed I y said Court (or tlia( purpo-e, weiln therefore bercty givu noiico Ibat, we will riuend to I lin Iiu-iiie-i. uf our aid nppniniiient, nt the oilice ofE. D. Ilarl t-, in Mid Hebui v, o ilie lirst Mon.l.iy olOctoler, January and March ii-xi, hum fjo'cloik A. Jl. until 4 iMiei 1', II., I n euli of taiJ days, IIOIUTIO SKVMOUIt,) NrtllUM PaKKEH, S CommiMionrn, JA.MH Me)0.AI.I, i Dated nl Jluldlebury tin. 13A day of September, Ai D. 1SI5. 0w3 Safely Fnso for rnlllS nrtiilo in ofiei-enl in !l last in''. .linn c. I U . a I X rl lyaniape of couibinlng afo J t llic IV and econotnv. and i. unai in nrelerencc o wherever it t. Lnn,.n every otlirinode Iur priming, Direitirins for using will be' furs) Ifi nill(riaari ui ojir uy J, (V j, II. PECK Co. ' AVCTION AND coMaiissnN store THE Snl aeri' er ha. removed lo the Auction Store ol N. II. Itaswell, E-q. on Ihe we-t n'deol the Court lloiuo square, wnere lie will nitcnu to tne Sale nf till kinds of Property at Auction and on Comitii. -ion. He will kecD con Mnnilyon htnd llnu-ehold Fu rniuire ol mo-t kinds, wmcn ne win ten low lor caan. ISAAC SHERWOOD. Stn-lingtcn, SepltiuVr 0, 1815. IStf PERIFOCAL SPECTACLES, Neither the French Meniscus, nor iVollas- ton's linglish Perisco'pic. THE AMEHICAN CLASSES, Superior to any other in use, constructed in accord &7TC0 Willi rhe Phllnsnplijr of NnHurc, 'in Ihe pecu liar form of a CONCAVO-CONVEX Etl IPSiS. AS nature rnnnol he improved itpun, but merely nssi-led where she is defu-icnt. and only in llu. re-pect so far as she is fniihlully imiiated, il follows thai whtro Ihe vision is imperfect such aid alonel should be civrn as will produce objects lo out siabl -in (heir natural size tbrrcfore. in selecting Specta cles fur one's own ue. those of nn nppnTenl utagni. i fyiiigpoiier should be avoided, however pleasing to' our vi.ion for the lime being llii'y may seem, for al though in S"ine few inst incea tho rye will adapt it. tclfto a s'ighl y biaher innznifying power than is in i.aci necueii, jcitn mosi case. sotlt-ritis qs sure lo rc s ift from tho experiment. In General, Itio-e glasses aTtitiest suited to the sight which cnablo the wearer lo read print lo the besl advantage at the fir.lnnce of abofi't 1 1 inches from the face. Utile book or paper I c held nearer than ibis, it indicates a gl iss of tee prtal apowtr; f farther, then one of tootteak or too oiing a power. Spectacles should at once be laid aside if found to be un.iiil iblc. Too frequently ihe individual in search of clashes unlils ihe eye fur a proper sclecli- n, bvstrnininsiiin exneritnenviii!? flh uch as nre The eyes cnnnol te loo nicely fitted, and in making tbe trill, Ihe ne- i.e-ei.y ui iiic-crviiiii uiL-ir inn oi.criiiunaiin power, must ne nppnrcni to every one. Atllioutjii when moderate liailis be tnken. the Periforol Oljsses nre by no means dilliciili to ndapt to the sight, yel from mo greater ci'nicrtrence ntlrcht, where an improper selection nas neen mane, llnir trnhiness is moro np. parent. To nil, iherefoie, wlio are d-iioied lo eive these glasses a fair le-t, ihe impoilance of attending lo Ihe nbove stiitccsiinns i- respeclfully nrced. N. II. In inferior imitaiion article, being the Fn glisb t I'en'.copie, or Frencli Meniscus, otiinniily sphericnl, but ernund nt tne sides In an ellipsis, hav ing been sold as tin Perifocal! to avoid .iich nnposi lion, the public arc requested to nsk for ihe Ameri can 7iisj, and lo porchase of none bnt aulhorizcd Agents. All perans not smisfieil wFih thee Glasses, after makina trial of them, nre particularly requested to have them chnnir'il until suited. Peiifncal (.lasses put into mher Spectacle Frames. Sle.srs nrinmaid it llro'bers have Ihe agency for the nbuve valuab'ti speetai les, nnd have jii.t reciived a full a.s iriiuent in Gild nrd Silver Frames, or How. and Ola.. e. for setting in other bows. Also, we bale bad in ule a beautiful lot ot G.d l Bowed Spectacle, with tjonvex, Concnvn nnd Periseopic Glasses. bae also received from llirrnincham. Eng. Ian I, some more nf tho. e beiiiliftll spring s'cel bow ed .-iiect., and have on hand all coiniiian and cheap Specs, such as German Silver , Plated, Steel. ic Customer, cin rely upon obtaining from n, each kind ns low a. anyone will sell them nnd can net just the article aked for, and the Olas-e. can nlways le exchanged when Ibey do not fit. Goccle., Per spective., Teleseopes, Eye Gla-se. Cases and every article in the lino nl tbe lowe-l price.. HIUNSM.VID & BROTHERS. flSBPTEMHIfill 8, 18-150 viias etivroYEs, ARE now receiving ihe larzcsl a--nftment of Dry liooosihcy have ever oflcrcd lo the public; con-st-lin? in narlnfa variety of AMERICAN PRINTS. TICKINilS, SliKEI'INGS DRILLS, ALfAOAS, PL II)S, COLORED CAMBRICS, l-i;.EIT,S. SIl.l-TtlAS, OA.NVSS, PtDDI.NO, THREAD, FINN. NEEDLE j, BUTTONS. COMBS, HOOKS it EVES, hO.ll'S, and a great variety of other good-. All of o ir good are bo iglu with cia doiln, and hcit'-i. mthe bat ad vantage. They will bo soil upiri favorabrv lerni-, nnl .ill nl those desirous of b ijiaj are re.nectfjlly solicited to call. B.irlingtun, Sept. 8, 18I3, NOi'ICR. rpllt? Snb-cril cr. hiring complete I ihcir nrrange 1. nient. by the cnnslr iction of lar.-e and couWio-dioii-lofis iu their ne.y store, now o.ler llieir nervues to ihe public as ' OEN' ERATj AGENTS St COMMISSION MERCHANTS. 'I I" "FVi 1 , They Melelhem.flvi tt, e everv exertion for the tnlPft'-JI fif t llrl.r w1ii mil- I..t in i'l I.. I .... .!... iii.ii-viii..iiiri ts il-kivv uirir paironaire, ami by e JxVim? speoly ant irolital' saleanl prompt rei(irn) upon the inot rc.ionaMe trriitc, ihey o ItT indm-enicntft w consigners worthy of thotr coniJeratin. , ,, . , I;- & C. E FOti LETT. Cnrner of Maine and Water St'. llurlinglon, Seiitemlier, 181 . ( 15 Cnnad.t I'lalcs. Boxes Canada Pistes 25 do Pontpool. fur sale low by FOi.r.F.TT.t itntnt.p.v 200 1G South Wharf. Dagiierootypo llooms. MR. II. I). HO AN F, HAVING Jusi rciurned from the city wiih all Ihe recent improvements in the production of Patent Colored Photographs, would respeclfully inform the citizens of Burlington nnd vicinity, Ihat he has tnken rooms over Messrs. C. F. Stamford it Co.'s.-uore, wbcrehc will beluppy to wail nn lliein at llieir calls. P. S. Those wishing lo engage in Ihe business, will find il an exc- lent opportunity. Slock and Apparaliis constantly on band. 10.v3 M2B.CrKA.WTS HOT3L, 41 C'DUIt TI,NI ST It E I IT, NEW YORK. tVltl.tAKI mUlKIICAD. Terms 8 1, per day, ml per wceki THE Beds, Riinni-,and rti'ii-earecLEan, the PrO prielnr and ervanl obligins .n I atientive, arid in Many parlicu'ars il i. a in ich inure inviting place in iiti al, than mine much more expeil-ive. houses. Mr. il. nuihori-cd me lo av all my Vermont Friend, who were influenced toon'! by hi-curd almve iiiibli.hel nr by iheiul'nrinatioii I irate conceriiin his huue, should be Uken gooil care of. Il-mtl JAS. E. BRIN'MAID, GROCERIES. 'T'llE subscriber has on hand an assortment of uroreries .urn as COG. BRANDY, llOI.MND GIN, S.C. UUM, k JAM. RUM, nnd NEW HUM, which he will warrant nf ihe best quality, Ho has also, ihe 2d qualily ol Spiri.s ol all kinds. HlbLASSES, SUGARS, TKAS, COFFEE, PEPPER, SPICK, NUTMEGS, CINNAMON, GINGFTt, nnd oilier articles in the Grocery 'ine. Allofvvhlch he will sell on the lowest and best t-trrts lor ihe pur. chaser, Tavern Keepers in particular will find if for ibeir intere.t lo call and examine for lemwlves. ISAAC WARNER. Burlington, Aug. 21, 1813. IJ-tf jMAIKHJANY!! I HAVE recentlv taven an Agency for Iheialeol1 Mahogany from a New Vnrk drm, and am new lettx Mi;iphed wiih a mi! ill -lock oferotch and .ha ded veneer., uch a. arc adapted In Ihi-marl. el. Ad. diiinn. will fnuii lime li iune bo made, a. ibey aru ..allB.l i .. .i... .t....,.n.i ... - i .' ; e .,.., , j .-io..,...-, u Avi-ji up n as sortment, Wood, in any Run, not on hand, will I furni.liel al the .honest notice. The price, will le low, and Ihe terms cash. D. K. PANGBORN. Burlington, 1st Sept., 1815. Hil Cnsli paid lor It ye. CASH paid for any quantity of R"ye. delivered tt my "'ore. GEO, PETERSON, Burlington, Sept. 2, 1815. Oil Clotli Table Covers. SOME splen-iM patterns, and for sale very low. by II t. Sc. C. E, FOLtETT. BOSTON COMMISSION BOUBG. s. s. jacksFn & CO., NO. 33 MING WHARF, IIOSTON, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Tort THE SALE OF AM, KINDS OF PRODUCE, Flour, IWtter, tliecac, Seed, limits, die tt Cash advances made on consignments. From the well known reputation of S. S. Jackson, (formerly Hacksin & Hayes,) and the extensive ac quaintance of his partner, Herrjamin TOphlT. who for twenty years or mofe vvn the iiinl conductor nnd proprietor of the Boston Merchants Readmit Room, they Hatter themselves ihat by strict persdnol atten tion to Dimness, to give general saii-luction io an vvno may please to favor them with their commands. Itel'ereiiceat Burlington Messrs. Fi licit & Bradley, J. ft, J. H. Peck it. Co., Geo. Peterson, and II. W. Calhii. Essex Lorin Tyler. Athans Nichols, Burton 61 Chittenden. JVcw Vorit CltyS. V. Ono-liidgo h Co, Samuel Ferry, R. Plummcr, Win. H. Davenport, A. Carter, and Abby St, Frpeman. Albany, N. Y.C. T. Smith, Scho6tcrtff&. Jo' n tr)n, and John Bloom. Their Store is very central, wirn a tigVi, cool cel lar, where lluiter and Cheese can be kept in fine or der; and their cuttomeis nre nnmeroW. Hni2 CHASH paid for old casttron.fleftvered at Ihe Steam Iron Foundry near the like bv E. II. CROSSMAN. Burlington, Sept. 17, '43. 1G MOTHER'S ItF.MKI'. TO MAHRIKI) LA DIES The .Mother'K Helief, a ine-llcine which soothes the di. agreeable sen-niton of female, nl out In beeonw mother-, nnd tniire. a i-ale delivery in nil en-e where malforifintitui or somo minnturnt eir ciiiiistaniv. dne. not iiieveut. Thereiiiilntion of I hi- article, tho tgh -ilent, ha- become -o exicnde I n to produce nn iinuien-cilcuiand. A ianipblei, intended only for Ihe eye of lho-c directly inlere-ted and their iiiid" inn-, is n iit iei iur graiiiiiou. uisiTioiiilon where Ihe lleliel i. (or nale. As we nre tho. obliged lo comt I efore thi public, vie take the tvc.a-inn 10 .M ihai if the in(Tei-e ol Ihe call lor lira .Muiner. Relief, wherever kpown, le any g ii 'e lo n ihreci upiiimn In he lurmel uf the e-li mat'iori in vi-hich it i. Iield. we have lie ss'il-fnet'tin ol I elievuig that it ha. I een ihe ifreans ol nlleVia lingan infinite .iinonAt nf -ulering, nndnf avillL' many valuable lives. Wheriit-r it has l.-enn el during the above period, iVep n-oied prepulice. have given way lo candid nnd thankful clcpre-smn. ol gratiiude, and a wish in extend nn ihrir part", at far a. H0--ll lenelit.. Medic'il n-en i,l Imil, si.inding have had ihe candor ncknn-.vredse Iur omx:. trrai ITreir prvju'lice-innt Le aBandoned, and, bavM lieeft advccales for Its tsse. All tho-c wlro wi.h, ate inviied to fail on .nine of' our Agents and proeere a pamnhlet vv-iihoulcharee. O. A. BARTIIOMO it I'O. " Rochester, N. V. For sate by PF.(:K & SPEAH, the ini'liorized Agenls for ibis place and vicinity, whoean al-o sup ply Druggists at the Proprietor's wholesale price. llnii STATE OF VERMONT, ! rnO ihe Honoralfe Chittf.ndex CotiNTr, s. I 1 Iliu-Upreinucourl Trvxtlole bolden at Turlington, wiilun nud for Ihe County of Chit'enilen, on the MCuday prcced ngllie ht-t Tire-day nf January, A. D. 1346 s Humbly sheweth ynur peliltnner, Kphraim Brad ly, ol Burlinginn, in Chittenden county nforc-nid, Ihat nt Butlington aforesaid, heretofore, on the 1-1 dayol Septem! er, A. I). 1833, was duly joined in m.irrinire to Mnrv K. Drew, nl llurlinirlon,! j- Inmu-Cau-ihye, a Meihodi-t clergyman, then re-i-leni in said llnrbng-on, an I fro n lint nine to the '.'fl h day of Auirii-t, 1311, he lived with ihe sail Mary K. in llie-liict ol'-ervance ol'alt thedu'ie- rei'iirerby the niiirrieE- i ucu.ini, i ueii auc was guiliy Ol 1 tic ennlo ol adultery. Anil your petitioner I inner showetlt thai the said Mary It., to wit, on ike 20 h dav of Augu-i, 1311, wilf illy doa.'rte.l tho hou-e and I ed t f v nur netitinn. er, and ha. ever -bice lived -i-pvra e an I npart irom your petitioner, wunoui anycau.e lor to doing mo vim from yo ir peti'ioner. Your peti ione- there-Tore h imbly pray. thi. Co-irt that the hoods of niatriuiony 1 utween him and ihe said Mary K. may I e iii solved, and a lill of divorce granted htm, nml ihat he be re-ioied to all Ihinss which he has o-t by f aid covenant. Dated at Birlinitton, in Chitienden county, this 4:1s day ofMarcb, A. D. 18H. El'HRAUI BRADLEY. STATE OF VERMONT, ClTTkNDEN Cot'NTV, ss. TO nny Sbcri r or Constal'le in tbe S'ate. LnctTisr.. T3 V Ihe authority of the State of Wiriiloni, you are J.J nereny eominanoet io summon -il.iry K. irrAd lev, the petitionee in Ihenhovc peiiuon, lo appear I e fore the Supreme Court next lo I e hoblen nt H irline-- Inn, within nnd for ilie cuuniy of Chittenden, on ihe Monday next preceding lire, (ir-l Tuesday in JAn'Jary, A. D. 1816, to an-vver unto the petition Aforesaid of Kphraim Hrailley, and show ciu-e, if any she have, why a bill ofdivorce -ho.dd not be granted upon -aid petition, and abide the order ul t.'i urt upon the smite. Fail not, 1 ut make service and return according to law. Dated al B irbngton, in the county of Chittenden, lhii '1th day nf March, A. I). ISIi. Bermc me, E. A.srANSIIL'RV, Dep. Clerk. CHITTENDEN COUNTY, SS. WHKIIEAS, il i- marie lo apnear to me tha'i ihe nforciid petitionee, Mary K. Bradley, i. with nut Ihi- Stale, Theicforv, it i- ontercd that the lore gi'insr pC'ilinner, Kphraim Bradley, give notice lo llic said peti'ioneu if the pendency of saul petition, by cau-iug tlie -nine and ll c -titi-tAnce of snid citation to I e p il li-bed four week- sue e-sively in ibe Bur iingiou Free Pre-s, a new-paper puhli-heJ at Bur lington, in Ibo coiiniy of Cbiilenden, together with tin-order, the l.i-t nf which shall le nl lea-t six week- previous lo ihe Term of said Court lo which said petition and citation i- niaife returnable. Given under my hand, at Burlington, In the i-nunty of Cbiilenden, this I7lh day of A'lgu-t, A. I'l. 1815. MILO L. BENNETT, Uw-IJ Judys of ihe Sip. Court. MEDICINE FOR Tit ItlltiLtOiV i SEAVER'S JOINT AND NERVE LliTIlflSITT, FOR (he cure of Rheumatism, tj out. Sprains, Uriii-e, Swelling-, Cramp, Niiiiibnes., Lame ness ol all bind", Pain it the side, buck ur loins, ague, headache,'stitl'nccK, stings of iu-ecls, c hilblains, fresh wounds, burns, freeie-. andnllcaseof external injury. i nere na. never appeared a me tietne which ihe ienetralingnnd healing power in so great a degree, while at lite sains liirte u cannut by arty possibility produce injuiiou. e It-cls. By its aenon on the skin, it exeiie- a healthy circulation nf ihe blonl, arid remove, all ob-iruciion to the tnienil&fa perspiration, which is ihe cause if-n iiiuch h-iuian euiicring, ll na. complete control over lire, and may I e ued wiih nerfeet satetv ill Ihe wor-1 eafef. ol hnrn.. The price put tipo.l il beinn lar l-eovV mher mediemv. ol ihe Lino, most e.a-ctually removcf every obtaele lo it- universal u-e. Why will ynu .iilTcr pain When a sale, etlicactoiis And cheap ntei'icirle I. wtihin your reach ? IMPORTANT TO IIOR3E.MF.X! This Liniment i not only beneliclal to the human system, bul i- Ihe I est article that can lie u-ed fur IIor-e Ihat have been spraiiieil, bruised nr galled, and for minyoiher di-edse. requiring an external remedy. Ihe hiuh character nl the ceiiilemcn sign ing Ihe following certificate Will render it of intere-l inallwhomay have occasion to Use a medicine of the Kuiii. The urtdcrs?neJ having ma le use of Seavcr's Lrnf mem, R-r hur-e, and liiidm; it io le a yal lable rem. edy Iur lainene-s, gall', sprains, I rube- etc, would recommend it lo our friend, nnd the public generally, I elteving that tho-e who may have ooca-ion louse a remeiy lurany ui ine lllSCI-e. lor wnic.l ll Is rccom mended, will nnl I edi-nppoin'el in i'seffi-eu. I OVEI.L KARR. Rrniilelii.ri.' Vl. I OTIS inilDWEI.I., Wnlnole.N. H. I Stage liPnltlih: llliKTivmnv n ii PEt.hllAH AHMTHO.NO, " " f Proprietors, utu. HiuM.aistlN. uiareiiionl iv. II. J Price 83 and 3I cents per llnlllc'. Prenare loniv bv T. SKAVF.R SON. Dnnrsi-t Walpnle N. II., Iletil, Wing ef Culler, 31 Chathlm Si. lb sum. Whole-alb AirenTs. Oiserre Evry Louie ollhc genuine will have ihe signature ol r. seaver p .-.on, nu ineiiisiurj wrapper For sale I v Peck A. Snear. B irliuctnn : O. Sllole-i Ferris' Urgb ). M. SiapleS.Cbarlotle F. Ilunfinir. Ion. Versenne-I Morton it Clark. Willisinnt E. B. Oreen, ltichmond S. K. Collin-, Montptlior, and in- uiaiggi.tu anu .aiercnanu generally inrougnoui ine .1 aie. Sepleml er 8, 1843. I5m0 HARDWARE FOR FALL TRADE. rEW IMPOItTKI) (IOOI1S. THE SnbscrlS-rs would in H. rill their lliend. knd Ihe iniblic thai ibey enntmhe ihe bus ne-sof Iin, purling nnd Jol.l ins Ilartwaii', Cul'ery Ac, al llieir old S an 1, 2J9 Pearl street, w'here they vvn il I invite tne country traue ceneral v In can nnil examine Ineir larae siis k of s . d, which ha. I cen newly iuipor'cd nuu p'ucnaseii irom iiianiUH'-iorer- atrect, anu se ecr ed with cre.ll care and at Ibe luwest nrice-. Rir cash. ti... . i ...... ..i..A , I .'. . i. , . ii.jr nicuc vn'iininiiu inirr hiu i ui a snmu aucance, prrlering siinlll profit, an I quick return-. They are uniiaeni mey can oier great ind.Kvuienrs to pur-t-hnserfl. Their tibjtvt i. io confine thcm-elve. to the C?na System assincilv as po,.ihlc, and pun ha.en will nnd llut we make a libera! discount from ihe usual credii prices of other houses. Call and examine' the goal, and prices lefore Imying elsewhere. Ii will cost nothing to do so. Our assortment is extensive, and you ran generally find all Ihe article, on your mem orandum wilboui going il-ewhere to look for Ihcm, 13. II. IIALSTKD iV Co, 1130 Pmrl'St, nisi John St. New York, Aug. IB, IMS'. 11 lm TO THE TRAVELLfNO PUBLIC, YEAH afitr year, ihe Company tVliiih nss mi noo!i-ed thu Stsam NArioA-rto.M on l.i.i Liumplai.i, were appealed lo, lo .Moderate ibeir Fare and give t,L. p(1bl0 , )ay nnal ; Hia-rinatle a tbe-e appeal, were, they were not inereiy disrejan' ed, but treated with coniempt. . IndivTuaui at llieir exorl itant cMorllin., liepullie dcmaniM a New and Independent llual. The FRANCIS SALTUS Was Iput upon the watersv Tho old monnpoty, clniming still exclusive dooiimoA over iVi wh'ler. which it has so long appropriate Its it-elf, ha. u-ed'cWry means, fitgv;-ted by pride nnl avfirii'e, to uphold it. nrrogaii'i preftn-lon'!!, tnd iu ft-kcrlirire the povviV of inipo fng tn eVi rl'itf.nt lar upon NprlheJ-n Travel. Ilacittg o'ut lalely a FARE of FOtm 15(11, 1, A IIS, which wa. lhen cad A Bgasonadlg i it has now Reduced it lo T went) five Cental It. Agents ntul lb i.nirs, snrnjut Traveller- by Ibeir impnr unities, fill every Aven' of Travel, and in the vain hopes of making the r ves-cl. rival in speed, ihe FRANCIS SAVFDS, it lia-(niliiilc(l the usual expedieni of ii-ing lu-tiui .ub-tance for Fuel Ibu. endangering, ns may l e apprehended, the live. of Pasenger more, loasimr II. wealih and cherishing from ambition no rV- th.iu nvanix the trar.d ihj-ign of pra-ping ihe exulus'iu nnviir.iion i.f'nu entire region, ihe company never thelesi hot too proud tn Ascend lo Ihe paltiy ib -ceil nf advertising one ol llieir own ln-nts a- u nP'Oppositinnl'1 Proprietor, worth a million, I )' tin Artifice so low 'that uenrea-hainet toit-elanguai'" appropriate lo epre. it. character, decoying .in no wary traveller Irum tin' vessel nf bi cbiucc, for tbe Con i leralinn ol TvvrNivrlvF CrsTS III In such i bght do Ihe proud Projirielo'r. of the Monopoly ex Inl'il Ihem.elvei before that p-ibf,u whose pnlronagu llifv solicit. Thi! FIMNCIS SALTUS ua. -in experiment. Il ha. Ieen tho. far Ou I lie public il dc jieuJ-, whether il shall cnntinifc c Or whether la I iiiar, pul lie p.itronatre mii-t leazatn bestowed on 4 oorpiratiun vvbiih so Illy iVserve. It. 'I'l 1 13 FRANCIS SALTUS lRE WILL BK DOLLAR TllftOLOII Tin; LAKE.TlltJCniXC AT XI.L TUB INTEHMnntXTB I.ANUINrjS ! ! I Leaving WHITEHALL, I And St, JOHNS, I ues lay-, Monday., Thur-.l.ivs, vi I WVhfe'sdays, to Saturdays I Fridays, At 5 o'clock, A. M. 12 18 4 5. LAKES CHaMPLAIN' (CfNEW ARRANGEMENT. VXHU THROUGH MEALS EXTRA, Tile. Steamer. BURLINGTON and WHITE HALL will commence mnnin- r.n Ui,n,t.. .1. Tth of July, a. follows. 'I bo " CAPT. II. W. SHE UMAX, WILL, nvcry MONDAY. WEDNESDAY, cc FRIDAY, Al 0 A. M. LEAVE St. Johns, every (TUESDAY. T1II'R-DAY,& ( SATURDAY, On Ihe arrival of 9 o'clock train of Cars fr. .Montreal, THE CAIT. G. liATHROP, WILL LEAVE Whitehall, every St. Johns, every MONDAY, WKD.NESDAYi At ( FRIDAY, j On the arrival of? o'clnrV TUESDAY. THURSDAY,- 5 iSAIUltlMl, At O A. M. 1 1 I train Of Cars fr. Montresb DINNER ON BOARD. The above Boats will form a daily line, aunJa)t c!civptvd,) connecting with ihe Car. nf ihe We-lerit an'd t!nentiusli Had Ituad- at Troy, and the N. Yor1 morrtmir lice nf 5'eanicr-, b aymg'Troy coing Nonb at 7 o'clock, P. M., I,y Had Road and Packet u Whitehall in lime for Ihe 0 o'clock, A. M., Boat., at Whitehall, connecting Willi all line, nl Si.ige- leaving S.araP ga in Ihe morning, and the Lake George Strain Boat nt Ticnni'iroci, Arriving ut Montreal in 4 hour- from New York aod Bo-tun, connecting als I at with the Kings'nn, Niagara Fall., anJ BufTalo line, of Steamer-. The Co. I eing iiiuinl ar-ra-ied by Mail contract-, the-e beats will not bei'e tained nn the rO-ito by waiting for connecting mail lure-, artd have made the al 0e arrAncement for Ihe Sea-on, believing it to Ic thi best thai can I e made-, to -nit the bii-ine , a. well a the plea-ure travsl. Burlington, July 3, IS15. i T II K lil.O () I). IS THE I IKE! . thp TN THE BLOOD guugi of Divine Scrinturctt Hmv unni.pi..,. therefore i- it IO Undcr-Llud it. nature, and knur i.i keep il in a proper con btion to render lite free from many of ihe maladic. which I cfall ihou-amU ol the human family!! Kmni ihe great re-ervoir ol the heart, ibe blooil i- ennveved into the ve.n- and arte ries, anl by their inhui e number nf I ranche. is dif: fu-ed tlirougliutit every part ol Ibu I odv, tmpariinv heat, action and noiiri-hiiient lo the svsfcin. It finds it. way 10 return to Ihe heart, and through the me. dinin of the Secretory organ. I. renewal, and ihe pure blOoil again passes I ack through lite vein., in; vigoraitng lite, and giving growth "nd strl'tigm 10 the animal economy. Like a ruining slreum, " Like living water," the blood punrlts itself by jt. circulation. A long a. it conimue.. Ibu. uniformly and uninterruptedly to perform it. salutary' oifii-e; sidknts. cAnnoi attack Ibe holy. But il seems to be So de-lgned by Providence llint there should le innumerable cau-cs to interrupt ibe general orJcr ol n.iiure. Much expo-ure. sudden cheeks of perspira tion, I ad cold-, utivvhole-ome lood or drink, -udJeil chanire. of weather, mercurial me bcinc, iVc. Ac, all lend lo render ibu blood morbific, and deranac it circulation, lhii. disquiblving it to work it. own pu: rjiicalion. Nature, therefore, mutt it assisted lo per'. form ker uorX, by some bealthlul siiiiiulaiirtg vege: ib!eemedy, (not by the foolish mercurial or uncer tain preparation-cl ibe day). To purify the 1 lood i to strike at ibe very root ol di-ea-e, nnd perhaps ihe only mean, by which health can be ie-toreii; wheii Ihi-find lecoincj perieclly pure (us in Us primilive late.) a I dl-ea-es, of however long -landing, must abandon the -y-iem and health be reinstated. It I. in Ihe PURIFICATION OF THE IILO0D Ihat the SUGAR VOaTED MAGIC LIFE Ptl.LS developo ibeir luarvcllnu. power.. They curb by iHeil REN'OVATIN'a qualities. ' ' The follovving are smile of Ihedisea'Cs tA-tiiell have iheir migut from thi-one common cuu-e, COltRl'PT BLOOD nnd 11111-4 till' I'nun in it. rij-eulstion r Bile-, Itiiigworm-, libe'iirtaii-tn, Foul Complexion, Headache, Oiddiue-s, Jaundice, Scrofula, and all i-nuiplaints of a scmfulousnatiire, &e. ic. 'Hie idea lliai Someortliesb rli-c.ije- afe almot incurable, on-se- frniu ihe ine ficiency ul ihe ini-erah'e medicine.- in general iw I ut ihe pi-i-ulUr sean-hini prop-riie- ol Ihe .Magic Life Pill, in renovating the Blood, renders the-eas well ns iriaily other nl'stina'e comi lainte quileundcr their control. Atrial nfihem prei-i-ely awoobug to the directions vvlnch .livnuipany ihebo-f,-will lully e-ta'lisl tho truth of ibeir extraordinary mr.alive prnpeilleS, nn I place lliein pre-eminent In Ihec.iinuiiun ol every iiiielbgciu an! candid lull vilual. For sale by PECK it SPEaR, Agent, for Bur lington and vicinity, nl 25 els. pcr JOj, jj NOTICIC ! I THE Copartner-hip heretofore existing leiwecn the sul'scril era under Ibe lirm of II, llydy Co.r is this day disnlvcd by mutual i-uri-ent. All person's having unsettled accounts-, are riquested to call and udju-t the same with Smith if- Wilkin, immediate!! II. riVliF, ' F. S.MITH, Wm. II. WH.KINS.Jrr Burlington, July 31. 1815. ''"--. THE nndersiffned havinir fnrme,! n rt,n.rin...i..-.. wi I contiirio business al the GLASS FACTORY -? 1 un 1 11 1 1 11 l r ini name 01 RALPH LANDOV it nn whern will be kenl nn t-xleu-ive ns.nrimen, Al'ntll GOODS liROCllHlKS, .to. Ac, whi. h will le sold" low lor I ash, or exchanged for tnnsi k inJ- of Country I'riKluce, such a. Pork, Ibiller, I'hi-e.e, Oats, Corn. Rye, Wheat. Potatoes, lined Apple. Money, Wood, Grey Clo h, Flaunell, Lumber iVc. See. AH persons vvl-liing to exchange any uf lhe-e ariic'e. fur Goods, will liud 11 for their advantage to call, where they can see ono nf ihe I esi as-ortmcnls o.'Gcodj, in town, st the ts'lass Factory Stars. KA 1,111 I, AN DOIT, F. SMITH, ,. . VVni. 11. WILKlNS. tt. Burlington, August 1, ISIS. -tf nllKIKKItlafi'S 8lfa ll .co VTKD I 1 venmni 1' cvtii ict ,i . ., snd penutoe csn be obtained of the wholes-. . A genii, .'. . iifui,aE,rir.itf att Cv,

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