Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 17, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 17, 1845 Page 3
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wise and well directed effort to promote the pub lie md trusting that we (hall all feel how much we need the wisdom that comes from above to enable ua to comprehend the true character of that good, and direct ua to the adoption of mca area best adapted to ensure its successful c comMishment. WILLIAM BLADE. Executive Chamber, October 11. 1843. f FRIDAV MORNING, OCTOBER IT, 194S. the legislature:. dogreei of crime, spntonco was suspended; they were fined, or recognized to appear when called upon. (L7"A gentleman named V. D. Panons, of Burlington, Vt., camo passenger last night in the steamboat Oregon, from Albany, and occupied stato room No. 30. During the night his wallet was stolen from his room containing 8685, consisting of 8330 in ten dollar bills on the Dank of Burlington, Vt., and tho remainder of bills on the Safely Fund banks of this State. N. Y. Eve. Pott, Saturday. A. We devote our cotumns to-day to the do ings ol this body. It will be perceived that it is a real working assemblage, and the promptitude with which it has disposed of the preliminary elections and appointments, au gun welt for its devoting a reasonable share of attention to the legitimate subjects of legislation. Tho practice of disposing of county and other appointments at once, has been growing into favor of late, and the State will find wholesome practical results from rigid adherance to it. !' Our friends abroad will observe that the little trip wo made in September, was nf no -Mrious consequence. Our majority in the legislature is unusually large ; and the promp titude and unanimity with which every thing hat been put to rights there, leaves locofoco Csra nothing to hope from our divisions. The Message of the Governor is long unreasonably long but discusses with dis tinguished ability a number of very impor tant subjects. Among these are, Education, the Safety Fund, the School Fund, Stato Finances, the Penitentiary System, the Ge ological Survey, the annexation of Texas and Slavery, the Tariff, Sec. These are all in teresting and important subjects, and will receive from (he legislature, we doubt not that attention which their importance de mands. We notice an unusual number of pe titions pouring in touching our school system, and wo are led to hope for some discreet legislation on this subject. This however is one of those questions which demands thor ou'gh examination and cautious action. The unusual length of the Governor's Message compels us to omit most of the sub sequent proceedings. Liitle of importance has transpired, however, beyond the ap pointment of sundry state and county officers. On Saturday, J. McM. Shatter was elect' d Secretary of State, Silas H. Hodges, of Rutland, Auditor of Accounts, and Peter T Washburn Reporter of decisions of Su preme Court. D. W. C. Clark is re-elected Clerk of the Senate, and Frederick Billings Assistant Clerk. On Tuesday tho House appointed Enocli Davis Engrossing Clerk. . Chittenden Codntt. Georee A. Allen. John H, Tower , Assistant Judges. Horace Ferris, Sheriff. Luther p. Hlulgetl, High Batliil. Israel P. Richard on. Slate' Allornev. Charles Russell. J i id re of Pro. bate. Uriawold Isaac Dow, David K. Pang born, Jail Commissioners. Lamoille Coumtt. Nathaniel Jone, Mo-e Fik, A-si-tsiit Judges. Horace Power.., Morristown, Bhenfl". Alra Chaffee, High Baili.f. L. P. Poland, , Slate's Attorney. LuiiusH.Noye. Judge of Probate. Wm. P. Sawyer, Hiram Town, 0. A. Eaton. Jail Commits 'oner. OaiND Isle Cotjstt. Wall:a Molt, Win.H. Ly man, Assistant Judges. John Reynold, Sheriff. Pardon Dewell, Hiali Bailiff. Frederick Haien, Slate' Attorney. Augustus Knight, Judge nf Pro hale Aimer Ladd, Elihu Parks, Win. it. Russell, Jail Commissioner. COMMERCIAL. URIGHTON MARKET, OctoberG, 1845. Patcae Beef Cattle. We qtioto extra, 3,00. First quality S4.S0. Second quality, 84,00 9 $1,62. Third quality. 3,25 & 3,78. ,, Storea. Yearlings 85 . 7. Two yeara old, 9 v IS. Three years old IS S? 824. Sheep. Small lot! Irom 91,12 to S2.25. BOSTON MARKET, Oct. 6. 1845. Wool Prima or sunnv fl-ccc. washed, lb. 37 B M r-Amtrlrnn full l.lncil. rin .15 3 37 Do 1 do 33 i 34 Do t do 31 V 32 -Do and common do 28 & su- ... Butter ah db ns 12 iff 14-do aiore. tinmspecico, 13 15-do dairy 15 IS. Cheese-Shipping and 4 meal 61 S 71 ditto new milk 71 (f8 .N.E. Farmer. EDWARDS' CHEAP CASH BOOK STORE, No. 1 Peck's Building. A gonernl assortment 01 School, Classical and Miscellaneous Books and Stationery at CITY PRICES. HARPER'S Illumliiated nibte, No. 40. do Hhakcspcnr, No. 67, 68. Thy " Psaltery," a new collection ol Church Music. "y Lowell Mason and Ueorge James Webb. PnrlUtilam, or a Churchman's defence against ita Aspersions, l.y an appeal to its own History, uv Thomas W. Coil, D. D. 1,50 The dements of Morality, including Polity. Dy wiipain wticwrii, u. i'.,x vol., cioin. i,uu This forms the llr-t 2 vols, ot Harper's New Mis cell any, and Is the cheapest book or the seaon.) FnirrnA Sim.', ffrpfll Wnr'i. The Wandering Jew, I. now complete, 2 vols, paier. Thn Kte.Kptiittn famiih1et. a few conies are vet Tor tale, pti John llolnfca' Batattt STATU OF VBHUIONT, J AT a Probate Lamoille District, s. i itxCourt holden at the Probate oiTlce in Johnson, in and for said dis trict, on the 4th day of October, A. D. 1815, RorjEnT HotMF., of JofcsJim in said district, exe cutor of the last will rind testament or John Holmca, late of Johnson, alotcsaM deceased, teslate, presents his administration account for allowance. Whereupon, II ia orfcrvd by the Court that the same bo referred to a acs-san ot said court to be holden at the Probate Office, In Jf':son,in ana lor ssmaisirici, on the 5th day of No' ember, A. D. 1815, at ten o' clork in the forenoon, Or examination and allowance, and that all concerned fce. notified hereof, by the pub lication of Ihia order h iHUhirlington Free Press, a newspaper publishisJta.itlinion, in Chiltended County, three wcekssnebissivcly, before the 5th day of said Novnmbcri that they may appear if Ihey are cause, at said lime and place, and object thereto. Attest, 80LMON WIRES, Judge. A true copy of record. 20w3 . Attest, S, WIRES, Judas, WANTED. TWO or three Widow Ladies, vi houl families, or with very email ones to lake Boarding Houses, for girls exclusively, at WinoosM Falls. Conditions made known on application at the Bur lington Mill Company's Office. CooJ relerees will 1 required. ( . .. Oct. 16, 1845. . COOK. A gem uur. mm ww BPOONER Al IIENDEU, "OPERATIONS performed upon the leeth wth care V anil ncellly oy inc aoovo incnuoni grnuemcn fnnrpfl rrond bv an extcnive and annroved iirnc- lice. lloom, exireme ena oi ineeaii wingoi recK's tliiildinffs. Entrance by the door ot "Coun-ellor'a Hall.'' for Ladies prefering, by lhat of Peck Ik Spear's Druggist elai.ihmenl. uiirnngion, wi. w. ioia. Mairirnotfla On the 24th ult. bv the Rev. John H.Woodward, Mr Jotham S. Rica. to Miss Harriet Earii, all of Westford. In Whitehall, on 'Tnesihy evening laat. by Rev. Marshall Shedd, of Willsborough Essex Co., ProfT. William O. T., of the University of Ver- mont, to Mi-s Licv Mtehs. Bind, In this town, on iho 15th Inst. R. W. Sherman, infant son of Capt. William Andirmjn. In Colchester, Aug. 23d, Helen Maria, infant daughter of Wm. H. and Maria Witters, aged three months. TrKKMONT CI2XTHAL RAH, ROAD TO. V Notice ia hereby given, lhat on Ihe 16ih instant the Direcioia will commence nl tho noint of connex ion with the Cheshire Railron'd, and proceed to locale aaid road. Il will Ihcn be ready foi examination by anv Demons who may desire to contract fot buihlin?, and proposala will be received nt this place from the 25ih instant, until the 5th of No vein! or next, for the grading and masonry or a pari, or the whole, aa the Directors may tnen determine, uy order ot ine ui rectors. CHARLES PA1NK. Prea't. V.C. R. R. Co. Northfield. Vt.) Oct. 1, 1845. Auction of Valuable REAL ESTATE. WILL be old, nt public auction, without reserve, the Slonc Houc, su called, at Winooski vil lage, with one ol land, on the lirsl day of Ro. vernier next, at two o'clock p. M.. At the nrtmiiei. Terin One fourth part, approved personal secur ity, 1 alance by morlgnge on the property. Credit Ten equal annual payments with annual interest, Carlos HtXTr.n, Wm. Weston, Geo. B. Shaw. Burlington, Oct. 15, 1845. 20 $30,000 GKAND CONSOLIDATED LOTTERY OF DEIiAWAItE AND GEORGIA. Class No. 64. To be drawn at Wilmington, Del., Satur day, Oct. 18M, 1845. 1 Prize of 030,0001 1 Prize of 2,1 IT t 1 J,WW tuu pnzea or i,uoo I " 4,000120 " 400 20 " cacti ol JW and iiu-50 0l 9iW ccc. ate. 15 Numbers, 12 Drawn Ballots, Tickets S10 ; Quarters $2,50; Eighths $1,25 A CcrtifiC4te of a Package of 25 tickets will be sent for VIM, and tnarea in proportion. POKOMOKE mVER LOTTERY, OV DEIjAAVARE. Class No. 210. To be Draten at Wilmington, Del., Tues day, Uct. Ulsl, 1845. t Prize of 14,000 I 1 Prize or 3,000 I " 4.000 I " 1,601 I " 3 000 I 20 prizes of 1,000 10 prizes each of S500 300-150-200-150 100, &c. dtc. 7S Numbers, -12 Drawn Hallots, Tickets $1 i Halves, 92 1 Quarters, 81. A Certificate of a package of 25 tickets will be sent lor s, ana snares in proportion. Class; No. 212. To be Draten at Wilmington, Del., Thurs day, Oct. 2oth, 1845. Daniel Munsnn'a ftslatr. WE the Subscribers, having been appointed by the Honorable the Prnhsti Cmtr, inrih n;.. trict of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, examine and adiust Ihe claims and demands nf all nrrsnna. against Ihe eststo of DANIEL MUN80N, lata of vuicnesier, in sain uisinci, aeceasca, represented in solvent, and also all claims and demnnds Bihihiierl in offset thereto) and aix months from the day of the date hereof, bting allowed by aaid Court for lhat pur pose, we u'j int rciore nereny give nonce, mat we will attend to Ihe business of our appointment, at the dwelling ofwidow Rtnh Munson, in Colchester, in said uisirici, on inenrsi Monosys or December and Fein ruary next, at 10 o'cfJ?rtT: M., on each of aaid days issiiu linn 4911, unjr ui ocpicmDer, A, V, lO'lo. THOMAS UROWNELL, nmm BRIOHAMC. WRIGHT, Comm- 1 Prize of I " 1 " 8,000 2.C00 1,600 Prizes of 1,000 800 660 M. G. RATHDUN & CO. MERCHANT TAILORS. HAVE returned from New-York with an unusu ally large Stock of CLOTHS, CASSIMERES, VEST1NGS, AND T rl mmliirs, Their Cassimerkb embrace a treat variety of the latest aiylea and palterna. Alio, shirts, nosome, Collars, uravats, ate. sc. Rurlincton.Oct. 17. 1845. nr. g. rut hbuii, c. p. ward. IMPORTANT DECISION. An important suit involving some forty thousand dollars has been for some time 'pending beiween the foreign holders of the .bills of the Guildhall Dank and the Safety fund of this State. On the 14th, Judge Red field gave his opinion in favor of the bill- holders, on the ground " that the proof before him did not sustain the alleged fraud of the claimants; and that, with tho exception of about $7,000 of tho claims of Houghton 6c 'Co.,;tbeir claims should be allowed against '"the safety-fund 'which claims must be sub stantiated before a commission to uo ap appointed for the purpose, and that a decree would be made on such commissioner's re port, from v hich appeal might be taken. GLOVES, CAPS?, &c. HE solucriier havinz made arrangements with Mr. S. M. POPE of Burlington, for aunnlrin'' him with geni' BUCK GLOVES. lined and unlincJ, and Rent' and lads' VAI'S, would resneclfullv inform the citizens of Burlington and'vicinilv lhat the above article mav be obtained of Mr. Pone at whiilealeor remit, anu haviuz been made bv exnerienccJ workmen, late of Monlnelier. areconndentiy rccominenueu as oi a very tupcrior iiuauty. uountry aiercnanta supplied on lavorauie tcr.n., nd all orders promptly attended to by Mr. Pope. u. i itiiuv, Jr. Win Lor, Oct. 1, 1815. 20w4 Hooks ! Books ! ! ryHE remaining stock of Hooks telling offal J. COST to cloe the concern. J AUKS I. CITLKR. Strongs Buildinc, Burlington. Oct. 15, '45. 20w3 c. F. DAVEY, ATTORNEY & COUNSELLOR at LAW, OFFICE, That forineriV occnnieJ lv Charlen AJamit. Eta.. c occaMonniiy (iretem lur inc iran- pleat Wm. Applis. Mr. D. Simpson has sent us i fine sample of what a Rhode Island Green ing should be, with proper cultivation, in Vermont. Haifa dozen of them will pack in t peck measurs and that's about all They are worth looking at, as an illustration .of the effect of judicious pruning and - recognition of the fact lhat trees, as well as animals, will pay for feeding. ANTI-RENT TRIALS. The Deleware Express, of Saturday, an nounces the closing scene of the State trials in that county. Two persons have been sentenced to be hung, four to tho State Prison for life, and nine for a term of years. " On Saturday morning, says the Express O'Connor was convicted of murder, and at 10 o'clock, the Court assembled to perform the melancholy duly of passing sentence. The Court Room was crowded to excess. ' The prisoners were variously affected by tho pronouncing of sentence upon them. Va Steenberg, Brisbane, and several others, were deeply moved, uliilo O'Connor, Squires, Earle, and some others, appeared hardened to their fate. Van Steenberg and O'Connor were sen tenced to be hung, on Saturday, 29lh No , vemuer. To State Prison for Life Daniel W, Squires, Moses Earle, .Zcra Preston and Daniel Northrop. In Nothrop's case, tl Court intimated that, should his conduct warrant it, they' would intercede for his par don, in v or a years. , To Slate Prison for 10 yeass Calvin Murray. ' To State prison for 7 years Wm Bris bant, Chas. T. McCumber, John Phoenix, John Burtch, John Lathan, Wm. Beside nd Isaae L Burhans. To State Priion lor 2 years Wm Jos celyn. On others, nho plead guilty to numerous 20 Prize, each or 8100 - 200-100-75, 200 ol 850, 73 Numbers, 13 Drawn Ballots. Tickets 82,50 j Halves, 81,26) Quatlers, 65c, A Certificate nf a package of 25 tickctsmll be sent for 830, and shares in proportion. D. PAINE &. CO., MANAGERS, (Successors to James Phalin & Co.) Postage on letters enclosing five dollars and ud wards will be paid by Ihe subscribers, and ordcra a. heretofore, will receive prompt and conlidential attention. D. PAINE & CO., Albany, N. V. CASH PAID for CHKKSE, WHITE BEANS, OATS SHEKp PELTS, Oct. 0, 1845. POHIf, BLTTKR, RYE, PEAS. K1.AX SEED. by II. ,W. CATL1N Boston Advt's. FIRE. PAY YOUR ASSESSMENTS. 11HE Treasurer of the Vermont Mutual Fire In . urance Company, has sent a schedule of assess ments aaainsl the members of said Company in Bur lington to me, and can be round at the Store or S. M, Pope where money can be left Tor ihe purpose afore said. GEO. A. ALLEN. NEW SALMON, (North shore) by the lb. and hair bhl., this day received by uci. z, IBia. a. a. UKWKY, For Sale. ALAltGE Canaih Bex Stove and Pipe, suitable for a Church Sinve, or. School House. uurlington, Oct.. 10, 1845. .LIAS LYMAN. Dacuereoiype Miniatures. HTESSKS. BltlNS.MAlD &. BROTHt.US i 1VL prepared lo take Miniatures and i-opy Pictures bv the most improved DazucrcotvDO tiroccss. and will instruct olhcra in the art, and have all articles in the line ior sale at tne lowest prices at tne variety store, Old Miniatures retaken at trifling cipente. ucioberu, 1B45. 1'J Dye-Stuff. ALL the articles employed in common dying, alo those used in fine dying) constantly on hand at 91 PECK & SPEAR'S. COME ALL WHO ABB SUFFERING FROM PAL, ne Cured without Charxe or Expense, BARTINE'S LOTION. Tho greatest Remedy ever known fur all the pains lenicn u prnjesser to cure, teul oegiv en Oralis to the afflicted who cannot qynra la purchase oy, applying lo 343 BROADWAY, New York. BARTIN'S LOTION The Lotion was inven ted some vear. aso. and is the nroduetion of acci dental iti-coverie-, aided by sLill and experience. The original design of it was lely for the inventor's own u-e, but no sooner had it become established in hi. practice, than enquiries began lo lie made, by the friend of llio-u who had been lienefittecl by its virtues, where it might I c jirocured. Thus its lame began to spread from individual to individual until it recaine known as a never tailing cure, in most of the larfceriliea in the Union. Without puffing, or the aid of the public pre-s, it has acquired its own celebrity and found its way into public favor aa an unrivalled and extraordinary I aim in the cure of many ol the ins to which mankind are subject. In cases of Gout, Rheumatism, Swellings of all kind., Dislocations or Fractured Bone, Bruises, Cuts, Contusions attended with nam and innamation. Pois onous Bites and Slings, Burns, Scalds, Chilblains, Corns or Bunion., and Wounds of every description, it a'lords an immcliate and permanent relief. It is, perhaps the only article that can lie depended upon in Ihe cure of tho-e pains in Ihe back and side, generally who nl.n u-ill I n rn.;,,n, n r,,r ih.- Iran.- produced by taking cold alter violent e.iertion and action of whatever legal business he may s ill be overheating. Koi Glandular Tumors, Lumbago, la.eJ to attend to. 20-tf r.ryairieias, i euer or itingworm, anu ail Kinds ol r.tujmuu ui ine ofciu, ii ib must trii-ciiciii rcuie'jy. Toothache !! Toothache !!! A REMEDY has at last been discovered for this 1 distressing and troublesome complaint, The ODONTALGIC ANODYNE ia the boon to which all afflicted must look. It ia warranted in every case. The remedy is mild and agreeable and is perfectly free irom an anus wmcn eneci ana nnauy aesiroy tne T... :. j :n . : r . ..' . . r . - i tvciiii . ij i utile uiu ii win omi,y jruu ui ns CACTI' lence. For sale by the only proprietors b. J. hkInkukhq & Co. Agents furnished by applying lo Ihe proprietors at the wholesale price. ' Oct. 8, 1845. New Jobbing Shop. THE Subscribers hiving entered into copartner ship, under Ihe Arm ol ZOTfMAN & HAR RINGTON, and havf opened a shop on Church street, two buildings north ol Ihe Jail Honae, where, they intend carrying on the business of Whitesmiths, Cutlers, Gun Smiths, Brass Koundera, Ivory Turners, and a general Jobbing Shop. improved t-uitir AUUMts kept constantly on and. Parasols, Umbrellas. Razors and Lancets re paired and warranted. All work entrusted toMhem shall be promptly attended to. (late of the firm of Vsrney & Zonman) GEORGE HARRINGTON. Burlington, Oct. 7, 18-15. 19tf O. BARKER YJFTILL pay Cash for good marketable HORSES. vv Charlotte, Oct. 16, 1845. 20 SIDNBT BARLOW BD.NQ, J t M"B'atKo crts ov ,he aivident. and infirmities of man, il ha. Bcsime-b, has fillc his Store with a large as- ,,. folln.i nn i,, vlal,l in .im.lns ,m.i.i. m For Fever and Ague, Ague in the Breast and Face, Cramp in the Stomal he, and Headache, it acts like a inarm, nut auove an, in me cure oi i cnanious ana Capsular iniuriea, Sprain, and Wounds ofeverv des cription, it shows in a most astonishing manner, its magical puwera. In aduuioq to the lienlgn influence the Lotion ex The Patent Galvanic Rings CHRISTIE'S MAGNETIC FLUID. THIS remarla' le discovery has received the uni versal annrohalion t.f the Medical nrofesion ol Europe, who have pronounced il among the most important ol modern scientific inventiona. The Pa tent Galvanic Rings' have been found lo answer an i no ior which the ordinary uaivaniu nailery or r.ivcirioaUfi magnetic iilnchincs are used, but are without anv i of ihe iniurioru shocks which aceoinpauy th apptration by Ihnse instruments, awt iii wiaiiy uiner reifecis are more aaie anu cer tain in accomplishing' IDeuesircu onjeci. The Gtilvanio Rirurs um1 in conneciion with ih Magnelio t luid are confidently renommendul in all disorders which arise from an enfeebled or unhealthy stale of ihe nervous or vital system, and thesecom- piainis are among tne most painiut anu universal to which wo are subject. They arise wnho-it excep- aortment of Goods, consisting in part of wlitrli lnlnni nnSmnt. .m .( n.rtiAiila-lu ,1.- Bioad Lloih", Catuniere, Sattinet, Vesting, Flan- Horse, whose value and uaefulncss demands the par jePlaids, Coat Linings and Trimming.. Alapacas, lu-ular care of its owners. In seme cases, where it Blk., Blue, Plaid ami tig'd. Queens Oloib, Chameleons, has been applied lo thiskind creature for slight iniu- rie-, il ha-, in nddition to an almost instantaneous cure, given apnarentlv new animation and vivaciiv to ihe animal, (to such an extent lhat in various instan ces the winninsr of a race hasleen tenaciouslv user,!,. ed lo the stimuratinz and happy c.Tcvt oi the Lotion. rnlttpp thnn (Iii-rtHtiirnl .npnl nl Ihs animnl.l It Itn- mouun n 'ire, on, i nreau.suii iiraids, Ldcets, uords, become equally celebrated as an universal specitte lumps, Whalebone, and Needles. Ioth for man and beast. The following are some of the complaints most common to the horse, in which it Anglian Saiius, Mon's de Laines, Bombazine, Me rinoes. Prints. Ginchams. Plain. Conleil Satin and Lace, Strip'! Plaid, White Cambrics, Fancy Cravats, Hosiery, Buck Mittens and Gloves, Buck, Kid, Cot ton, orsled and Silk Gloves, plain and fancy Mitts, Galloons, Bindings, Tajies, Bobbin's, Hook a and Eyes, Also, Sheetings, Shirtincs. Bed Tickinis. Drill ings. Canton Flannels, Cotton Yarn, Batts, Wick- has nroved its aimerioritv. V ij " rjoiiittis, wuiiuu iarn, nans, nr ics,- nas proved us superiority, ng, adding, Carpet yarn, Burlasps, horse Blankets, The Lotion is composed entirely of the medicinal ieui- pror.eri.ea oi veetaiiie mLtance t-oncenlrateu anu Mo I renuered mo?t pure by tliMillation and other chemical Farvett$Shoat Naih, Crockery, Hardware, Medi- cinci, nnu inc iicei qua I II jr Ol TEAS, OUgar and . , . I ( UlV.Bl ' " Mil IlinUlU MILUIUIIV, S, 9 nit? IIIUM The aliove goodg were selected with great care, I nocent, wholesome, stimulating and cheering char. and he respectfully invites inspection, for they wtiL ,cter, and will expel, instantly, ihose dull, heavy and BEt.r L?' n i ,1 . . ... I hypochondrical reelings to which many are so aub- Wool, Grain, Pork, Butter, and most kinds of nro. duce nceived in payment. 20 ur I.. ! t , . I : . I M . r-, . .a.. ..iii,mjss.i tiiiNge, Muriuigiwii rails, I- 1013, ject, and give life and animation to brth body and :.l mA I - I i u..-l: . .iii.tu. ... .iv ii,u iii uurunxiun al Oct. 6, MS. Messrs. PECK if- SPEAR'S, New Singing Books. JUST received and lor sale by the aubacrilwr, The P.altry, by L. Mason and Geo. J. Webb. I ne itirmiiiR one, XiCTl Caatle'a EsUte. STATE OF VERMONT, rpHE Hon. the Probate uistnct ol UhltienUen. ss. JL Court for tho District, avt-n ......... n.i ., wo, iti.xn unvin, ,u. v ,,tt lEtiucit . u nil jk;i mil, UlllTniC 111 UIC CSISIO 'i i cnorai. ov ii. i . tiak-erana j. h. wooiihurv. oi l,f:vi was 1L.E. late oi vvesiiom in tnui ijisini.. The I'o ton Sacred Hnrnonv. bv T. Bis-ell. darased. Gkietimo. Thealnve arenewand Snlendid Works, ilesicned I Whebeab. Marietta M. Castle, administrairix of or an ueiiiiiinnaiions. -ieacntr anu lynoirs are in- I ine estate oi saiu aeceaseu, proposes to render nn nc vitcd lo call and examine before purchasing elf e- ccuntof her administration, and'iireient her further ac- where. STEVENS WOODS. count against said e-tate f r examination and allow- Burlington, Oct, 1 5, 1845. Stiong's Building, I ante at a session of the Court if Probate, to be holden . I Bl In. KSffl. SP'. ftllir. ,n Hnr I.iu n . a I Sheet JMllsic, on the second Wednesday or November next. 1 i iii.hi.iuhk, i on urv iirreuv not nea io annear oe. itw iiuicjiiiu jiBti; aioresniu, anil 'oti nave, wnv ine account aiore. lowed. Given under mv hand at Burlinzton. this tenth dsv .r.i.....i . I. ifii, ui viciuucr, n. 1049. XVWi win. Wfnil.-V, HtgiHtr. rL and for sale by &TLV ENS WOODS. ,hew cailie if lnv Burlingten, Ooc. 15, 1845. . . 80 asid should not lie all Estniy. CAME into the enclosure or the subseribrron the 4th inst. a chestnut colored cow. with a line back, and of large" size, which the owner can have by proving property anu paying cnnge. rfuim aijudaliii Dorset street Burlington, Oct. 15th, 1845. J. K. would again inform the people of this villsge lhat he will continue io attend to all oidera forMrlk in Ihe moat prompt and punctual manner, and on such terms and wilh such an article aa must commend it- Polly Dram's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, I ATl Probate Court District of Chittenden, ss. I XX holden at Burling ton, within ami for the Distiiet aforesaid on ihe second day of October, A. D. 1845, an Inalrument Eurporung to i.eine last nrnianu lesisment ot roily iram, late of Milian', in said District deceased, was freaentni to ine uuuri ncre lur rrouaie, uy ens Iram. one ol the Executors therein named. TiiEBiroBE, it is ordered by said Court, lhat public notice be given to all persons concerned tbeiein to eelf to every one. He would suggest that many appear before aaid ourt, at a session ihereol to be woma nna tl io tneir aavantage to dispose ot their noioen ai ure ivciiti w m sum urimgion, on ..... i . i : . i . ' i . . . I . l. . ..J Wrtn..ilav ,n ! J 1 r (oil lu il... ua iiuibiwim iiunDieauina cdwe i bddiv la lun icivun ..vm. n. n . ioid. him and thus savo much tiouble and expense. " and contest the probate of said Will, and it is further 1 I ,L.i L . nJw 11. . 1.1. 1.. I - I . W anteU, I ral.ivelv in the Burlington Free Press, a newsnaner Also, to purcbsse or exchange for a new raitch I printed at Burlington, in thia Slate, the last of which cow. I anau oe previous iu 1110 mi assigned, as a lot ess ki. Oil Cloth Table Cnverfl. I C)iven under mr handat the Res liter's Orttca. 1ss r.i a bT ioib ' UOME sp cnl patleins, and for sale yery low. by "ay oi wotr, a. jy. IJ (I 1 t. it O. E. FOLLeTT. I v"n- WfcbTO.N, RegUtu TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS. BOSTON WHOLESALE AND RETAIL HOUSES. THE undersigned, Importers, Jobber., Manufac turers. Comini-sion Merchants. Ac., in Hie ritv ol Bo-inn', are prepared with full Slocks ol Ooojj in their several branches, and embrace the (miiorluniiy alTonled bv Ihe Countrv Press tn Invite the New Km.. iana aiercnants, ai'out in purchase ran and Winter supplies, to visit the Boston Market and examine their several a-sortinents. We assure our New Ensland friends, to whom this Invitation Is respectfully addressed, lhat no pains hall le spared on our part lonleasebnih o danil new customers wuo may laror us with a call. Atit.EN A n 13 A 19. HaymrWet Sauars. r UBNITUBE a. r GATHER WAHEIIOVE, at VERY Low ratcEs, oner ior saie to t ne 1 rnueanu al Retail. Furniture. Feathers, Hair Seatir.g, Curled Hair, Looking Glass Plates, Mattrasses, 4c. jambs "French, Publithtr, IlookttUtr, Importer, and Stationer, No. 78 Waahimrlon Siipei. Ilnsmn ' Country Trailers, School Committees, Teachers and iierByiiicii, aiipincu un ine i,e-l lerins. JOHN jTaDAMS, Manulactiirer and dealer In Brushes, or all kinds, At Wholesale and Retail, No. 99 Washington Street, Boaton. PARKER & lrtENCIi, Nob. 32 Blackatone and 64 Ann Slreef. Wholesale and Rcti Dealers In Furniture, Feather; Mattrasses, Looking Olatttl n . .1 s r . 1 . - ' uiiu .iiuiuuny renccrs. MEM.ENlTnorKINf", Furniture, Feather, Maltrast, Chair and Looking Olats Hat-Mouse, Comer of Union and .4t" Jiircct. A large and beautiful assortment ol Furniture, Feathers, and Mattratte. Fnnktn& nine;, c . CAairt, Marble Furniture in Black Walnut'anil manugany an at ine lowest priis-s ror Ca-h. HAMUEMIKAI,, Corner of Hanover and Elm sts. B ston. CUTLER oTltoniNSON, Wholesale Dealers in Stores, Grata, Shorels, Pumps, if., Nos. 51 Kilhy street and 68 Water street. HENRY ltICIIAKUS-109 State Street. Importer und dealer in flank't Knglith li'Uned, American. Svcedtth. and tlmtl and loll Iron. All kinds or Steel. Kivets it Plates, otieei iron tun ps, articles used liy Ulacksinith Shipnmstera and Machinists. CHA.RfiKS P.TEAVITT A Co., ' 15 and 16 Union' Street. Manuracturera hnd Dealers in Stores, Grates, Fire Frames, and Shlp't Cabooses, Also, Tin Plate, Copper, and Sheet Iron Workers, IIBNBY T. niTTLiER, 32 Union Si. Pronrietor or Taunton Iron Foundrv. Manufacturer and Wholesale nnd Retail Dealer in alotes, Ura let, re Frames, Snips' Cambootes. aii Kiuiis oi moiiow ware, ami Huthaieay's Patent Cooking Stores. BAH IRON and STEEL. CRANE otTAOGARD, No. 16 Long Wharf, Boston, iinpuriers anu ieaiers in Bar Iron and Steel, of all kinds. Also, ilncnors, cm -oirt, vast Steel Axes, if-c. Joshua Crane, John Tacoard. CIIEENSIAN-i NORTHRUP, No. 22 Union Street, Dealers in Stores and Trimmings, holloa ware, if-c. The only Wholesale Dealers m New England for Stewart's celt hratcd patent Summer and Winter Air Tight Cooking Stove. AGRICUTjTURAti WAItEIMUSE And SEED STORE. RIJGGLES, NOL'RSE MASON, South Market Street, over Faneuil Hall Market. Also, Maniifartnrers of Ploughs, Implements, and Machines at Worcester. DAVID PttOUTY St Co. Nos. 19, 20 and 22 North Market St., and 19 Clinton Street, Manufacturers. Wholesale ami Retail Dealers in Plows, Agricultural Implements, Grass, Field and Harden bteas, ttfflce, I'arlor, and Cooking States. REED, KINNY tt Co. 19 and 81 Mervhrnts Row, corner of Chatham St., in-aiers in an units oi Foreign Fruits, Butter, Cheese, Beans, Dried appies, urass ana utra seeas, fire Croc. ere, Palm Leaf, and Palm Leaf Hats, dc. JOHN MARSH, 77 Washington Street, fjov's Huilrlinir. I Manufacturer of Account Books, Writing and Dress ing Cases, and dealer in foreign and Domestic stationery, oi every inscription; also, school Books. Writing Desks. Ac. Auent for the celebrated White Slate Pencil lloin Vermont. SIIORF.Y St Co. No. 191 Washington St. Whole-ale and Retail Dealers in Hosiery, Worsted, and Cotton Knitting Yarns, inreaas, oman ware, ana iiry uooas Also, Manufacturers of Wo, leu Varn, HASKELL, iTllOtVLAND, 255 Washington street. Importers, Jobbers, and Retail I'ealers in Silks, Shawls, Bombazines, Merinos, Anil other Staple and Fancy Dry (foods. ICPM o ii r n I n g G ood a ol all kinds.C3J SOLOMON II. DODOK, No. S Merchants Kow, laleeln t-.r,t.l,l Arl Eltnlte Knrnul. MnUtdble Iron Cailinst, Carriage Trlmminge,SrC. Alncliinists- idol-, mil. ami washers. Agcni for Kinsley's Forged Wnrl and Castings Duhghs's Patent Pump.. VEGETABLE PULMONARV BALSAM, A standard atlicle for coughs, cohb, and con sumptions. A long tlini' known and recommended by Physicians as n safe and elliclent me th ine. Prepared liy Reed, vvino te. sutler, irruggt-is, 54 cnatnam lltreei. aom ny couniry "icr- chants generally. The gtnuine is sixneu New-York Adv's, Wm, Jok'n. BREWER, STEVENS i CUSHINO, Imnnrlera anil Dealers in Druga, Chen.ii'nl, Snrgi'-al Instruments and Per- lumery. Also, manntaetiirers oi rancy anu Merll'flteJ Loxenge-. 90 and VI Washington street, Bo-lon. J. W. CAKTKlfoi BROTHER, It nnd in Writer Sireel. Boston. Dealer iu West India Goods, Wines, Teak, Srcrars, Sc. Eotlled Poner, Ale, and Cnlet, 41 w noicsaie. Atfenl. fits MiImV New York Lroton Ale-ahave III store, and constantly landing, Pale Ale in Bulls for Bottling. Also, Amber, Drought Ale In Butt-, UM-.( . n. i ' . , 11 .- I I ! W..IIM ana nail ulils.. aisii, nuasieu nuu yromiu vunc. wnrranted nure pui up in-i)Dis., nan uuis., ami ta Ib. Boxes, for sale nt the lowest market price.. llo-to.l, Bcpl. IB 13. iai JEWELL HARRISON & CO., commimsion Merchants, ' f.Vo. an ll'afsr stfeit. N. Y.) THANKFUL lo the Mcrchsnts arid others in Ver tnont for the liberal patronage already rsceiver', resptiifuliy solicit a rortllniistiee df lllelr fsiors,anit a-surd Ihem that all goods enitusted to our care ahall oe ut-iioseti at to the Dest auvaniage anu nun an aiDie djspatch. , ... . . . .. rartietiiar pains will be taken to keep our menus fully advised of lha slate of our market. We would pnticularly call attention to lha facili ties we offer for the sale of Bums, Cheese, and all articles or PaoDtlck. . , Liliyral advanrea made tJn nutlet, Chease, Wool, Hops, Pot and Pearl Ashea, etc. c. . ... ltcier in niessB roiieu ol nrnairy, Messrs. J. A I. H. Peek. 4 Co. 17yl Burlington, DK. POWEL.L, 91. D. tlAcitEt. A. Barton, rpo the uuprome fourt l ,1 m. to oc noiacn at Durung- Pr.Tr.n C. ItiBToM. Ion. on the Mnnilnv nrecedine the first Tue-day or January, A. u. ibio. 'i he itiei oi Kacnei a. uarion, states mai sne w.i marriftrl tn Peter C Bnrtnn'on Ihe 30lh dav of Octo tier 1R71 ihsf she lived With Slid Peter tn Ihe obscrv. , -i.-"r; .ju.ijif. , -: . .z ... ance oi an ine marriage cotchhihs iui nuuui ine urs, of December 1H.T6. when the said Peter absconded. nnrl sinen Ihst time hflB Wilfllllv deserted the SBld Rachel and during that time nas snuntra ner no am nor auppor'i and praying lhat a divorce from the bond of matrimony may be granted her. STATE OF VERMONT, 1 IT is ordered that the Cuii-rrsinrsi CoostTT. a.. 1 said Peier C. Barton appear before the Supreme Court, to be holden at Burlington, on the Monday preceding the first Tues day of January 1846, to answer the petition of Rachel A. barton; ana inai ine eaici uacnci cause me suu atsnrnof her ssid nelition and this order to be nublish- A in the Free Press, a nsnor nrinted at aaid Burling- . .. i .. i . ... i... . r ..:.L ion, iiiree wceas successively, inn msi ui mui.ii u be six weeks belore Iho session of said Supreme Court. . Dated at Iluilington, tins third day or uctoper. A. II. 1B45. illL,U I nfellitrw I, 19-3 uiige of Us tap. Court. OCULIST And Ophthalmic Silfgtbni S61 Broadwat, Corner of Warren Si reel, NEW VORK. ptONFINF.S his practice lo cietAsta or ins eiEi w UKTaliohs upon tnat organ ami n ppen"ii"', nnd to all Imperfection, ot Vi-ion. Teatlmonialj from the most eminent medical men ofEuhuss ami America. Reference lo patients lhat have Ken per Icctly cured ol Amaurosis Cataract. OphlHanim, iVeotifrS, or apecks on tne, straoismui, ., Squinting, &c. Artificial Eves inserted wrhunl any pain or operation, that cannot le distingui-hed Irom the natural. Advice as to lha kind of Glasses suitable to particular defects. Paa sorts RESiDiiin At A BtSTAritB can rcctitT advR and meduineS by describing their ta-eUtWtr ttte ioiiow- ng ncaos. 11 AG Alt & AllTHUH, ARE now receiving new supplies of SADDLERY, COACH AMD JHELI- Hardware, in all its varieties. Also, Drugs St Medicines, PAISTS, OILS, VAR NISHES, f. Burlington, Vt. Oct. 1, 1845. I'Nj fl V t t V . ill I I s H'? h5Ss Ji 5 .J li S (S I M 5 .U I Si fc 3 2SSWU1. r. . i a as - o. a 6n6 Farmer's Remember, THAT L. 4- C. E. LOLLETT will pay you for your Butter, Cheese. Potatoes. Grain, Sheep's Grey Cloth, Flannel, Frocking, Feathers, Socks, and in fact Ior every thing your farms produce, the highest market price in Goods at prices as low as can be found in Burlington . 18 Coiner of Main and Water Streets, October 2, ie45. WAFER'S AIRTIGHT AUCTION AND COMMISSION STOKE THE Subscriber has removed to the Auction S ol N. B. Haewell, E-q. on the west sideo Court Hon-e Square, where he will attend to Sale of all kinds of Property at Auction and on Commission. He will keep stantlyon h ind Household Furniture ol most k which he will sell low for cash. ISAAC SHERWiXD. Burlington, September 9, 1845. I6l ion from one Simula cause a derangement of lha nervous system and it was in the-e cases lhat other remedies having; ao often failed, a new agent was wanton, wmcn it is comment ly oenevcu nas heen lound in the proper andjudiciou application of Gal vanism is administered by the Machines, have been pronounced, after a fair and ininartial trial, to be de cidedly injurious, while the power as applied by Ihe uaivanic Kings is in;every way equally beneficial, perfectly safe, and Iwsuly limes as cheap. The Gal vanic Rings have been used with entire success in all cases ofltheumatism acute or chronic, applying to Ihe head, face or limbs Gout, Tjc-Douloureux, Toolhaihe. Bronchitis, vertisro. NervouB or Sick Heaaacne, indigestion, taraiysis, Palsy, Epilepsy, rns, wninn, aioiiaiivii i inc neari. aduihcxv. Slillne-S of Joints. Spinal Complaints. Lumhara Neuralgia, General Delul tyDcfUiency ol Nervous r.u :rxy uu ail nervous uisorucrs, su cases oi COO' lirnied Dvsrjensia. iliev have been found Mniialtv sue. cessful. Their extraordinary effects upon the system, ua wmicrrm iisr v.iicvv. aim as a iTn.ui preventive for Ihe .preceding complaints they are equally io be recommended. The Ringa are of aider ent prii, lieingsMSMfall siaas, and of various or namental patterns, ana can ne worn oy tne most uei. cale female, without the slightest inconvenience. CHRISTIE'S MAGNETIC FLUID. This Composition haa been nronounced bv Ihe French Chemists to be one ol the most extraordinary discoveries ol modern Bcience. The Fluid is alwavs used in connection with Ihe Rings, bv which means their power is gradually augmented and a certainty or their leneliciai action obtained. The combined in ventions are in every way entirely harmless) they are at nrice within reach or all. and ihe discoverer only requests a fair trial as a test ol their efficacy aim permanent iicneni. In nistice however to ihote who mav nlaco conn dence in his claims, and to his own refutation. Dr. i,iiiisiic wains inc American t ui'in." Hicuinsi c-punous Imitations. The metslsor which Ihe Rings are com posed are prepared bv a secret known onlv tn ihe Discoverer, for which he obtained his Patent, and ! iniiiuiiuii. woriniess nuu wui.uui any nenen cial effect whatever. No Pedlars willonanvsceonn lie allowed to sell Dr. Christie's Rings or Fluid, and Iwt one agent in every town l e appointed. The only iiavi m Miiiiini(iuii, . . , iu ouinin me genuine ,8 i tne variety otore. BRINSMAID BROTHERS. 19 Only Agents lor Dr. Christie. Notice. TMIE aunual meett'n of the memhers or the Vr. A m,nnt Mutual Firr litstiranee Company, will be hrttiten at ll.n .SuU'..U ... a : .. .1 . I : .... v.. -a. awi.i vsniipailT, IU psuuilieiraJri on the 15th dav of(ciotei-i,e.i at I nVliM-k. P. M. for the purpose oi electing Directors lor the coming if ?nuln " nyuawa, anu transacting socn wsi uusuicss way uv uecmoQ necessary. By order of Ihe Directors, Y- VAI-, Sssrstary, Insurance Omce, Sept. 20, 1845. 18w3 Cash for Rye and Oats. rjl HE subscribers will psy Cash on delivry at lbs vnti vvnari, mr 10,000 bushels Rys snd 10,000 do Oats. KOLLETT & BRAD LP V, Sept. 4, 1845. V HIS Stove is so arranged as to require hut little room. Ies than any other having the same quan- None wilf aurnass it as to workmanahtD nra.tii,. ami it will nerlorm one third more work with less fuel than the ordinary cooking slove. For sale bv the undersigned. ISAAC DOW, Burlington, Uct. 1, 1843. o SAW FACTORY, WILLIAM MOUSLEV, llavernill Street, makes and warrants all kinds of saws. viz. uiapDoara, sningtr. Lain, cress Cut, Wood and Mill Saws. Circulars ground to I alance and warranted true. Orders executed with despatch. Z. HOSMKR, Agent, No. 82 Milk Street. WHEELER Si nRIGGB, 75 Commercial St Wholesale arid Retail Dcalets in Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, Dyt Stuffs, 11m dow Glass, d-e. Makers of Japan and Copal Varnish. Also, Agents lor ine sate oi J. aud s reiei ralca nneiimatic Plaster u sure cure for Rheumatism. NELSON Si BRADFORD, 27 and 23 South Market Street. Si.cce-sors lo A. S. & W. G. Iwl, Importers and Wholesale Dealers in Drugs, Paints, Medicines, Due Stuffs, q-c. Dye Woods ground lo Order. MOORE'S NORTH AMERICAN CLOTHlNd Worehouse. 43, 45, and 47 A nil Street. JOHN L. MOORE. Proprietor. Wholesale and Retail Dealer in and Manufacturer ol VIsOTHINCi, particularly adapted In Ihe New England Trade, as well as the Southern and Western Markets, I2L.IAS LI' MAN. NFORMS his customers that be hss received J- Rich and Splendid assortment of JF..U ant ffSKiittr GJoottB, ai his Stare, on ihe corner of Collece and Church streets, which he offers at reduced prices for cash or approved credit s consisting in pari oi Rich Cashmeres. Alnacca. both Silk df. Cotlon Warp, Fine Thibet cloth, and black Orleans cloth t M. de Laine, Cashmere de Laine, Alepines, &c. a larfe assortment ot calicoes ami uingnams. SHAWLS. A few verv suDerior Broche Shawls. Silk dn Fine Cashmere, Rich col'd Damask, M. de Laine, Rob ni.J c, ,. Itov, ana common riaiu oiirwib. Gro do Swiss, Gro de Berlin and Italian Lustring Sitka. BROAD CLOTHS, Including Lt. Drab lor Coach Trimmings, and thtn Rlack fur Cabinet Makers use. Fancv Due Skin, Steel Mixed, Black Doe Skin, and Plain Blue and Colored lassimeres. Winter and Silk Vesting!. A ureal assortment of Gimns and Cords. Shaded oiial. AssorleJ Ocean. Paris and Polha Gimps: Col'd and Black Silk Curds and Tassels. Zephyr Worsted nd Canvass. Rtartf. firMtn anrl (Trim.nn Moreen and worsted Dama-k. Two qualities Batting, Black and While Wadding Caipct Warp, Knitting and Tidy Cotton, uotton I arn, vc. oic. uurlington, uctcoer t, 1313. ia 8IMONDS A Kf LbKV, SI and 53, cor. of Ann and Blacks'nne Stl. Whole-ale and Retail dealer in Clothing and Furnishing Articles. A select assort ment oi uioinu-, ate, always on nsnu uioiuea made to order in a style not lo le excelled. A30L1AN PIANO FORTH MANUFACTORY T. GILBERT A Co.. No. 406 Washington St.. Are the ole Proprietors and Manufacturers ol Co'e man's patent .t-otian Aiiacnmeni. warranted to give entire, satisfaction, or the money will te refunded. BURET MUSIC and second.hahd PIANO rtlHTGS ror sate by OLIVER DITBO;,, 115 Washington Sireel, Dealer in JPianos, Seraphims, Muiie and Mutic ' Books of all kinds. SMITH etc TARHTiL, 19 Washington Si. Manufactiirvra and Dealers in Camnhene Oil. Lamps, and Chemical Oil. The only Lamp Makers in New England who mike . i : 'l . JI,kLj...k...... lllCir UWIl UH- VU.lUI'lf I. ,1. IIIIIVIUIB U. WIG to get a superior article of ibem. GRAND EXHIBITION OF FURS, A, AllAMS'S Mull'. Boa. and Fur Saloon. Under the Marlloro' Chapel, in connection wilh the Uat and Cap Uepot, Jl ws-ftmgton Bl, Wholesale and Hetil. Best bargains in Boston given here. JOHN riSIIDliATT, 18 Washington Manufacturer, Importer, and Dealer in Cons if- Furs Wilh a large stock ol Gent s, rur and Cloth Laps, and Ladies' I ippets, uuas, mulls, Pelerines, &c 18 Washington 31. HARVEY TltlTlTONS, Brush UntcricID.Ill, Corner ol Water and Devonshli e sts., have constantly onjhand a great variety or urusnea, or every .Usrriniion. which Ihev Oder at wbolesale and Retail, aa low as '-an be bought in the city. PLANE MANUFACTURERS. lieu. & MmiTGOMsar, 88 Blaikitone Slrfel, Makers and Dealers in all kinds ol Planes. I Planes made snd repaued to ords r ia lbs br.t manner. 00K STOVE. Dissolution. A THE Copartnership heretofore existing between D. M. Varnev and H. Zotlman, under the firm or VARNEV dr, ZOTTMAN, ia this day dissolved by mutual consent. The Books and Accounta are in ine nanaa oi n. tollman. 11. .11. VAK.M-.Y. Burlington, Oct. 1, 1845. H. ZOTTMAN. Printing Ink. NEW TAILORING ESTilBLISHlMENT. JAMES McKEAND, WOULD re-pecttiilly inform the inhabitants of Burlington and vicinity that he has located him-ell in Church Street, over Mr. Hurlbut's Store, wilh the intentiun ol carrying on Ihe TAILORING BUSINESS in all its Branches. Atier his long experience Id business, iu the principal towns in Scotland, England and Ihe Un'ted Stalea, he feels confidence in giving good satisfaction, and hopes, by strict attention to business, of receiving a liberal snare of patronage. All orders lor cutting, promptly attenaeii to, anu warranted to lit, in n'l cases, when properly made up. Fall Fashions received, and will be received monthly. Dumngion, cpi. 40, losn. jini'j PLL GOODS. JUST received frcm'marlcct an eitensive variety seasonable STAPLE and FANCV DRY GOODS, Comprising one of the l.t selections of Shawls and Dre-sGiiod-. that can be found. encliidimf Ihe newe-l stylea nl Prints, Detains, Reps, Cameleon Brocade., Satin-, Sec, in the market. f oi l-. Cassimeres, civets and Vesnntrs. with gooil assortment ot Trimmings for gentlemen and ladies' wear, all of whieh will be sold at the lowest market prices. Please call and examine for vour' selves. Daniel kern. Church St., Burlington Vt., ept. 10, '45. 16. v8 sale o( MAHOGANY!! T HAVE recently lalen an Agencv for thes A. .Mahogany Irom a New York Arm, and am new ie'ng supplied with a small stock ofcrotch and sha ded veneers, such as are adapted tothi- market. Ad ditions will from time to time be made, as ther arn called lor by the demand, so as to keep up a fair as sortment, wooo, in any lutm, not on hand, will ifl furnished at the shortest notice. The- prices will la low, and the terms cash. D. K. PASGBORN. Burlington, 1st Sept., 1845. 14tf VTF.WS, look and colored printing ink of the beat J.1 quality, for aaie at manuiacturera prices ny IIAUA 11 dt. Alt I isUll. Burlington, Oct. 2, 1845. Q3SEPTEMBEIt 8, 1845.D VIIAS Hit OTE9, ARE now receiving the largest assortment ol Day Goods they have ever offered lo the public; con" i?mii. iii iiiinui u Kreai varieiv AMEKIUAN PRINTS, SHKEflNGS, Al.l"AVA, COLOHED CAMBRICS, SILECIAS, PADDl.NG, PINS, BUTTONS. HOOKS dr. EYES. and a great variety of other goods. All nf our goods are bought with cash down, and hence In the belt ad' vantage. They will be sold upon favorable term., and all ol those desirous of bjying are lespectfutly solicited to call. Burlington, Sept. 8, 1845, IS ;tv or TICKINGS, DRILLS, PLAIDS, LUN ETTAS, CANVASS, THREAD, NEEDLES. COMB.S, au.tra, Farm For Sale. aga TJERSUANT to a license, from the rfllB X Hon. Ihe Prolate Court for the 1!!.H District of Lamoille, Ihe sub-crilrr AO !AaSaL. miniatrator of ihe e-tate ofjinlah French late or Cambridge, in said district, deceasul, will sell at private sale, or public auction oc the 13lb day ol October, A. D. 1843, at his dwelling house, in said Cambridge, the farm of which Ihe said Judah dieJ siexed, together with the reversion of the. Widow. uower in saiu harm. The nlSam. farm fa flitlisted in'lhe So th Part Of said Town, and contains about one hundred and UAy acres of laud. JUDAH Q. FRENCH. iiamlnlilroioT. Cambridge, 8epl. IBih, 1845. 18w3 GROCERIES. THE subscriber haa on hand an assortment of Groceries such aa . COG. BRANDY, HOLLAND GIN, S, C. RUM, JAM. RUM, and NEW RUM, which he will warrant nf the beat quality. Ha ha also, the IS quality ol Spirits ot all Linda. MOLASSES, SUGARS. TEAS. COFFEE, PEPPER, SPICE. NUTMEGS, CINNAMON, GINGER. and other articles in the Grocery line. All of which he will sell on the lowest and best tvms lor Ih pur chaser. Tavern Keepers in particular will find II lo their interest lo call and examine for tern selves. ,. ISAAC WARNER. Burlington, Aug. 21, 1845. . li-tf. Stray Steer. ESCAPED from the aubecriU-r, on Ihe plains, in Essex, about hair weeks sini, a light red lal Steer. A liberal comensation wilt be paid lor the return of said steer, or iaformat:on of his whereaboute. 9 is, rtiivi.. Burlington, CM, I, M5. iBtf DENTISTRY. DR. M. NEVVTOIN, DENTAL SURGEON, RESPECTFULLY informs lha citizen of Bur lington and vicinity, that he ha located himself in this Village, where hs will be happy, at all times, to attend to any calls in his professain. Teeth extrac ted with Chevalier's forcips wilh far less pain than is generaly experienced, and without injury to tho gums and Aveolar process. Teeth filled with gold exclu sively, ana upon a aiiterent pimcipie irom mat gener- -iir nraetieeci i il ia a rli.rmer af on. of the most celebrated or ihe profession. Tealh filled in Ihia man nerare made ao firm aa to resist any external injury and become cood and nsefol ora ana for life. All operaiiona io give atisiaciroti or no chaboi will be made. Persona wishing for. Bpersiions are rrspectlully invitea to call, an exatninationa ana aa' vice stalls. Doct.N. may be found, al present, l Mr Doane's on college Btreet, a few doors irom ctitrrcn ot. Sept. 25, 1845. . lTlf New Goods. THIS day received a large snd general sasortment ot FALL and WINTER OOOUS, with a full assortment of th best FAMILY GROCERIES. which hats been boaght al lha lowest prices fot Cssh, and will be sold st a vary small advsnc by P.fcH. H. DO0LITTLE. Sept. 19, IS45. ICwS NOTICR. THE Subscribers harlmr cvKrrjifeted their ana n re menu bv the construction of larsre and ivnati. diouslofia in their new store, now o.ier their servura' to Ihe public as GENERAL AGENTB & COMMISSION MERCHANTS. F or law sal of every description or property. Thej- pledge lhem.elve to u-e every exertion for tfier mteresa of those who may Iwiiuline-I la henow ihrir pairuiiagr, anu oy e lecting speedy and profitable sales and prompt returns, upon Ihe ino-t rra-omi l lernis, Ihey oiler inAiieiuent. to consignvra worthy of Corner of Maine and Water St's. Burlington, 8eilemliT, 1845. f9 CULLEN'S ANODYNE WOR TOOTH-AGKBr, . atpucjFfO ior ibis mot m M witreralle pain ha. been' ought for nofrnfyby theApoihe-r-ary, but by the scientific Dentin,, for years, sad ta preprietic, Trom ih rtt'tamnendatitina ol mill IHial. fei I aured in oi'ering this remedv. Irom the our most emiwenf Phy-icians, not only lor Tnoih ache, trill lor Inflamed Quins, Stvootiiyg ravin, el the Fac. and Soreness of SeuaJ Teeth. Hvmyed tewrt lhat are lerxler, are so- relieved by aw oceastonal us ol ibhs medicine, that they may he tiffsjd by th Den' list, resnerrmr tiism asms! s soovM s befcr, For safe by in IS c Burlington $ PECK Sl SPEAH. r!ATi.i jl sarin I H AGAR ARTHUR, FMNCIS Ls, CLAJB-

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