Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 24 Ekim 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 24 Ekim 1845 Page 1
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it fvtt f)w NOT TUB OLO V OF 0,2b S A U T TBI WBLFARB OF BOMB BY H. B. STACY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 24, 1845. VOL. XIX No. 21. IMPItOMPTITt " THINK OK AILV'-Carolini. Think of thee, nyc, who could forget, Or cease to rcmemter unless with rceret i Who prove so ungrateful, so falso or untrue, At fail to remember the fond, last adieu. Though oceans between us in fury may roll, Still, true to its shrine, bends in homage the soul, And pours it devotion unceasinnly true, And ne'er will forget tho fond, last adieu. Thy virtue, thine Image, thy fairy-tike form, Be the rare of a Heaven to shield from all storm Nor withering blasts, nor envy untruo Shall wash from my heart thy fondest adieu. Then a sigh for thy sorrow, a kiss for ihy care, Jfor while I've a heart, thine image is there, And while IVo a being, still fond nnd still true I'll ever remember the last, last adieu. And when by raging storms I'm driven Acrow life's troubled sea, When foaminf billows threaten death I'll ever think of thee. Or when on Afrtc's burning sands A scorching sun I rice, And Oh I through every ill of life, I'll fondly think of thee. But when by fortune's golden hands. From all these ilia I'm free, Oh I censure not, if seldom I Should ever think of thee. When ruby lips invite to kiss, And tempting, pout at me, " Forgive, dear Caroline, it I forget The love I've vowed to thee. Cato. from the LaJies' National Magazine, lor August. THE YOUNG REBEL. A TALE OF THE CAROLINAS. Bt 1. MILTON SANDERS III a Small farin.tiniicn mu'ar.1. fl. -ln- tun mill ,uu ,,uar of the year 1780, sal an old man, Ins wife nu uniy sun. i ne mce or iiiu Mther up Beared (routtled ; nr ii.,.n l. l,,L..,l .i,.,i.. i ....... . luvnwu llliulll- fully on (lio floor, and then he would gaze t I .... .rt, . i . - & . mug aim wisiiiiny at ins son, a line miinlv youth of twcnly. At length ho said, 'David, this IS disastrous npwn frnm Hnm. Jen. God only knows what will hecome of mo .uumry now i congress neeus every arm that is capable ah ! nin, I wish this old wound I got in llm French unr liad not lamed me but for it, I should now be shouldering my musket and marching to de fend my country.' Both the son nnd wife looked up at these words. Tho old lady ceased knitting and gated enquiringly at her hoy, and it was evi dent, from the expression of her face, that patriotism and motherly utTection wero at varienco in her bosom. Tho son however,, ficr encountering his fiiher's eye for a mo-j ment, turned confusedly away. Tho old man's brow darkened, and he said warmly, ' David, David, why do you linger about tho village when your country needs your services so much? why son, 1 am ashamed of you ! Twice before this have I spoken to you on this subject, but you appear to haVQ HO Rl.irit.. Wlml I Hill unn enn trampled upon by tho brutal mercenaries of uriiaiu, ana sun no nero supinely! lor shame, David for shame ! I will not call you son. Long sinco you ought to have been in the army ! 'Joshua, Joshua', interposed tho old mnlh er, 'David is but a youth, then do not speak to him so barslilv. II 8 cannnt vpt fnnl wliut you feel, who have lought so often against our country's enemies. Joshua lie is but a bov ' j - A boy, indeed, Deborah ! such hoys as David havo already gained imperishable lau rels since the war commenced. could name a host of them why, worn it not fur the ioyj of this land, where would bo our ..-A... ... i.:-i. r j ....,, niiit.ii, i uare say, is one quarter com nosed of tmvsnf D was excited, and it was the first unkind word uiii ne uaa ever used to his boy. Uavid arose and left tho house. He walked some distanco apparently in deep thought. ' What will not women dot' ho at last muttered 'here 1 have been lingering about the village when I should have been off .ii" gu. mm lor wuat I wny to meet a prcltv girl, and to listen to her musical voice : but now I will bo myself ngaiu? What did he ctll mef Was it not coward t Now. bv r . -II a. . . J icaven, i win learn linn mat lio lias a so who possesses the spirit of his father. Awa then with love, for I feel that I am calle UDOn to tttt. and nn litnitMr rlrn. I 17 . - . - - U, 1.11,1. , iitj t, fortnight my father shall hear of mo, or clso I lose mv life in cirivinir Cr it 1ml this resolution he turned about and retraced ins steps. When ho reached homo ho sought the sin ble, saddled his horso, and mounting him struck into a eallon. which continued fnr eral miles. At length he slopped and looked in .( tl.n -I i . ...... ,i wiiiuuws 01 a urm-nouse, hall hid between clustering trees. This was the res idenco of Mary Bunker, tho mistress of his lieait; the lights showed that tho family had not retired, and ho resolved to nav her a uc.oro HIS aeparturo. S lin was n one wiion ne entered, and a few words acnuain eaiierwiih Ins determination. Sho burst iiiiu tears. ,nNmi,Mi.J,;l,e.MM' "mt "t man me. At first I resolved to leave you w.thout . farewell, for , know , )c . iitomyB.;VnB",nfV aC'ivo W ''' strogBle. But I could not bo so cruel as to desert you without a word ' I will compose myself,' said tho fair girl, with an effort to smile. I know 1 have been wrong to persuade you l0 stay ; i,u, V0I cannot imagine the anxiely stifn-r on "ac count of my brothers, and 1 could not bear to have you, too, encounter their danger. But mco tins areuoiui ueteat ai t;amdan I fed mil every man is wanton uy our country. Go then, dearest, and God bo with vou My piayers shall attend you by night and by lviu prcssea mono" weeping girl to his n 1 j ., . uosom, snatched a hasty kiss at the sound of approacning tootsieps, wrung her hand und ll trnnn. The next day ho left the neighborhood of his father's house, armed with a muskot nndl mounted on a sturdy horso. Hit destination was the American camp, then far lo tho! B northwind; but us tho intervening country was filled with the enemy, ho kuntv tlierti would bo considerable nddress required to effect his purpose. Before his depaiture, lie saw a few of his uld playmates, who promis ed to fullow him as soon its possible. Night found him near a lonely farm-house to which he proceeded boldly in pursuit nl a lodging. At first tho occupant received liiin coldly, but n chanco expression convincing Divid that his host was a tnrv, lie directed the same political creed and whs Immediately warmly welcomed. Tho royalist produced his cider alicr supper, and insisted that David should join him in his potations ; this the young man did, taking caro, however, not to Indulge too freely', whilo tho farmer, ovcljny cd to find what ho supposed a new recruit for his parly, drank without stint and became more and more communicative. To his horror, David soon learned that n party of ......I:... I i i... at. . iimi t,.. .t, sis, ,uu n itiiijur tv iison, cuicuratcu for his loryism nnd ruthlcssness. were to start early tho ensuing day, on nn expedition to seize nnd hang tho two Bunkers, who had made themselves particularly obnoxious lo the royalist leaders. David knew enouch of this parttzan warfare to bo assured that no mercy would bo shown his friends ; lie also knew enough of tho character of tho Major to suspect that some strong personal motive had led to the planning of so distant an ex pedition, when thoro wero othcis us invilinc nearer home. He accordingly set himself to discover Irom Ins half tnelirtato compan ion the truth. Nor was it long before suc cess crowned his adroit cross-examination. Why, you see,' said his host, 'I believe there's a Utile revenge for n slight received Irom these fellow's sister, mixed up with the Major's desire to catch "the Bunkers. The cirl is very pretty, they say, mid tho Major, when she was down hero on n visit last vcar before the war got lo br so bloody want ed lo marry her, but sho would have nothinc to siy to him. Ever since, he lias vowed to make her rue tho day. i on may depend on ii, no win nave ner on his own terms now thank heaven ! there's no law nny longer to prevent an honest royalist from doinir as ho pleases to those rascally rebels. But yonder is tho Major now,' suddenly said his host. starting up, 'I'll introduce you to him nl once a merry fellow, you'll find him Lord love you ! he's as bravo ns a linn.' David, tliouch horrified ut the diabolical plot he had hoaid, saw tho necessity of dis sembling in order to learn further of tho to- ries plans, nnd find means, if possible, to circumvent them. Ho arose, therefore, and shook the Major's hand warmly; pledged him .immediately in a brimmer '; nnd soon contrived lo make tho royalists believe that lo was anxious to loin n tnuin and lake nart against the rebels. This induced the Major to bo unusually civil, for ho wished to secure so athletic a recruit himself. It wns not long before a bargain had been concluded between the two. David refused, however, to sinn tho agreement that night ; liu pretended that several others of his friends wrre disaffected and desirous of joining the royalists ; nnd his object, ho said, was to secure a commission for himself by inducing them to join. This templing bait took ; tho Major promised him a command in his troup in case of success, and David signified his intention of setting forth, after he had taken a few hours rest, in order to loose no time in gathering together us recruits. The dread of discovery had been con- slantly before our hero during the manage ment oi tins negotiation, lor his person was well known to many of tho Major's troop, and if any of them had como up, hi feigned name would not have nrotncled him frnm detection. Ho wished to get off that night, lis lie had nronnsed: hut In litis, neither lii host nur the .Major would hear, and was forced to remain till morning. was his anguish to hear, on rising, that thu Major had been gone soino hours and was already nn his way to tho Bunkers, with his troons. Dissembling his anxiely, David partook of a hasty breakfast, and mounting his horso rodo slowly nway. But when out of sight of tho house, he struck into a fierce gallop, which ho continued till ho canio in sight of n cross road, when) was si tavern. Hero he stopped and learning that the royalists had taken thu hiuhroad, ho turned aside into a more narrow and circuitous one. ' It is my only chance to avoid them,' he said, again dashing into a gallop. ' Pray God, I may reach thq settlement in time to collect a fow of our lads and march to the Bunkers. There is no other hope now left.' Night had fallen, as they expected, before mo tones were able to reach tho vicinity of iiiu nuu3c inuy were in soarcn ot. At length, however, after a silent march through tho forest it broko upon their view, A light was burning in ono of tho windows, und when they arrived close lo tho premises tho lively notes of a violin reached their ears, nrnvino that thu brothers were not aware of their presence, but enjoying themselves in imagin ed security. ' Now men,' whispered the loader of the tories. 'when I civo tho word, firo a vollev at tho house by way of introducing oursel ves ; wo will then surround the place and en ter it.' At that instant tho deen bav of a dog rang in their ears, and u largo mastiff! sprang irom under llio house and rushed at the Major. ' r iro !' ho cried. Twenty guns broko unon the stillness of the night tho dog fell dead every pano of glass in l lie ironl ol I Ik; houso was shivered, and tho lories yelled liko javnges. In an in stant the Jighl in tho houso was extinguished and the violin ns quickly ceased, and a noise was heard at tho door. Tho lories iiiimcdi ntely mado n rush at it. But it was nlrcadv narrcd, und being mado of stout oak plank, resisted all their efforts. A rirto cracked Irom one or tho upper windows, and a lory tell desperately wounded. Another report succeeded, and another tory fell, and Major Wilson was now fully aware that both Bun kers were at home nnrl ..!.. a tl work IT, l,0,fireof Bakers, nnd went o work nl he door. Suspecting such resis-lance-perhaps from the knowledge of .hi r characler-ono of the mon l,,J brLglUan axn, wilh which ho t'ommriiceil hewing at the door, and soon cut it to pieces. Hem u desperate battle ensued. The two brothers were powerful men, nnd ns courageous ns they wero strong; and now with clubbed ri fles they disputed tho cnlrancu of the whole tory force. The door being small they stood llicir ground for half an hour, felling during time some nf thoso who had tho temeri ty to miter first, but finally numbers over- ramn them, und they wero flung upon the floor and bound. Tho tories, inflamed to madness ut the great resistanco which had been made, and ut their losses, seized the mother and sister, nnd mado preparations to hang the brothers before their eyes. The ropes wero already lied around tho nocks of the victims, when tho Major nddicsscd his men thus ; ' Now friends, ns soon ns these villains arc dead wo will set fire to this houso the old woman there,' he said with n brutal laugh, 'may bo left inside, but the young ono I re serve for myself.' ' Hist!' cried ono nf tho men in a loud voice. The Major ceased, and ihey heard a voice outsido "the house. Although the words were spoken low the listeners distinct ly hoard, 'when I say fire give it to them I' A man with blanched cheeks now rushed among them exclaiming, 'the yard is full of mon I' ' Firo !' cried n deep voico from tho yotd and a general volley succeednd,and so well had tho iiim been directed in the door, that seveial nf the toiies fell doad or desperately wounded. In turn tho tories retreated up tho stairs, when David, our hero, rushed into the room they had left, nnd cut the ropes which bound the Bunkers and their mother and sister. 1 May God Almighty bless you for this I' cried ono of tho Bunkers. Tho two men sprang up, seized their lilies, which had been left in the room, nnd prepared to retaliate the trcamcnt which they had just received. and desperate wns the battle. The tories fought for life, the whigs for revenge. But at length, tho latter triumphed, though not until their enemies had been almost wholly cxtirminatcd. Tho Major fell by the arm ofnurheio, who sought him out in the hottest of tho fight, nnd engaged him single handed. No language of ours can express tho emo tions of David as ho pressed his betrothed bride to his bosom ; and his heart went up in thankfulness lo heaven for his timely ar rival, when he thought that a delay of half an hour longer would have consigned her to a fate worso than death. Tho gratitudo of her brothers was expressed in many words, but hers was silent and fearful, vet oh ! how mticn more gratilying. ' I almost called lou a coward, son David.' said his father to him, when they met, 'but you are a chip ol tho old block nnd I did you wrong. Deborah, ho is n boy to be proud of is ho not 1 You rr.ny founder ono of my norses every day that you do such n riecd-il heats nny thing I saw in tho old French War.' David's gallantry in this act. drew around him, in. a few weeks, morn than a scoro of i hardy young followers, who fought with him to the close of the war, and ho relumed and was happily married to the heroine of our slory, GnuAT Last evening a gen tleman named Reuben Ron ley, of Wren tham, Mass., left -his residence for the pur pose of visiting New York. He came lo Sloninglon by tho oars, and thence took the steamer Massachusetts. Durim? his nassane he was accosted by a man calling himself ooiiiuaate, who said he was well acquainted wilh Rouley, and knew that ho had a large estate. When within a few miles" of this city, Soutligaln offered Rowley a peach, which ho accepted and alt'. Ho was imme diately seized with sickness and vnmitintr, which continued until the boat reached the wharf, when ho discovered that during his sickness his pocket hook had hennlaken'frniii him, containing TWENTY-SEVEN THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS, chiefly in Eastern bank notes, lie presumes that the peach contained some emelic substance which caused the stupor and sickness. JVew Yirk Com. Adv., Sat urday evening. VERMONT LEGISLATURE. Saturdat, Oct. 11. SENATE. Prayer by tho Chaplain. Report. From tho enmmittoe on Rules, re commending tho ro.establislmient vt tho ruloi of tho last session J adopted. Petitions vesenled. Uv Air nidi. nfJ. W Atwood and 75 others; by Mr Chittenden, of " i i uiiii.111 .iiiu uuiers , uy air uoinis, ol j, McLay and 2.") others, and of J II Worcester and 114 others : by Mr How enf J C Foster ami 30 others ; by Mr IMgo, of J W Parker and 3!) others; ty air morgan, of J Morgan jr. and 10 others; by Mr Sunonds, nf A, U Twilight and 40 others ; by Mr Campbell, of 1' II I'aliner and 12J others all referred to the committee on Education. A long and interesting memorial was also presented by Air Campbell Irom Thomas II. Palmer upon tho subject of Education, which was read, and was referred lo tho samo commit, tee. Dill introduced. By Mr Ilurd, to incorporate tho llonniiiglon County It ml;, to bo located at Manchcsler; referred lo tho conimitteo on Uanks. House resolution. For a joint assembly to day at 10 o'clock, A. M.i lo elect Secretary of Ftate, and Audilur of Accounts; amended on motion of Mr J Uirrott, by adding Reporter of tho Decisions of the Supremo Court, and con curred In. Tho President Appointed Messrs Billings and Smith a conimitteo on joint rules, on tho nart of the Senate. An annual mcssago was received from his Excellency tho Governor, and read by the Sec retary. On motion of Air Hodges 300 copies were ordered to bo printed fur the use of the Senate. A communication was received from the Ser geant at Arms, announcing his appointment of ncnry iiuni as jjoorkcepcr. and ofUlisuncey W Rublec, as Assistant Doorkeeper of tho Sen ate. The President announced his appointment of Charles J Looinis as Messenger of (he Senate. 'i tie senate went into joint assembly. On returning. HOUSE. Prayer By tho Rov Air tlulton. The Speaker announced tho committee on the petition of John Ku.ton and others, Alesars Warner, Soegar, Oirucs. Petitions referred. Of Preston May, A L TwiliBhf, Abnor Mills, W S Flint, Orrin Allen, W. R. Rmnoy, T. H. Palmer, and .fairus Hall and others, to com nittcc on Education ; of select-men of Bradley valo to committee of Ways and Alcans ; of Burton Bmis to General Com mittee; of L D Polton and others lo Judiciary rommitleo ; of Anion Wilcox and others, and .Marcus O Porter and others, to committee on Batiks. Mr Swift, frnm tho committee, reported rules of tho Houso for the present session, which wero adopted. The amendment oric aajjiss tjio resolu tion for the election of Seuictir of Stale, &c. was concurred in. Resolutions. By Mr Swift, for a committee of three to revise the rules of this House, and lo report to the next session j adopted. From tho Senate for a joint committee on joint rules ; concurred in, and Alcssrs Swift and Kellogg wero appointed on the part of the House. Tho reported the follow ing list of officers of tho House, which was ap proved by the Speaker: Moses Hawks, Door-kcopcr. Norman Durrani, i A. E. Field, Officers of the House. P. B. Parker, ) Wm II Hartshorn, Alessengcr. On motion of Mr Swift, the memorial of Thomas H. Palmer, on tho subject of Education, was read and referred to the Committee on Ed 'ucation. Mr Beaman, secretary of Civil and Alillitary Affairs, communicated tho annual message of the Governor, which was read a motion of Mr Thomas tn omit the reading for the time being, as priilYbd copies were prepared, having been negatived, and on motion of Mr Swift, 500 copies wero ordered to be printed fir tho use of the House.. Resolution. By Mr Ballou, referringso much of the Governor's message as relates to educa tion, to the committeo on Education. The Senate came in and the following ap pointments were mido: J AIcAI SlIAFiTB, of Builington, Secretary of State Shaftor 130 Lake P. Poland 72, Benj. F Haskell 12. SILAS 11 HODGES, of Rutland, Atiditer of Accounts against the slate Hodges 133, Wm Sanborn 00, Zenas Wood 13, scat. 2. PETE II T WASHBURN, Reporter of Su. promo Court Decisions Washburn 130, S. B MaUocks 72, Horatio Ncedham 3. scattering 1. The joint assembly adjourned to 2 o'clock this afternoon, and tho House adjourned. 2 o'clock, P. M. SENATE. Petitions. By Mr Barrett, of Rollin Rich mond and 40 others ; by Air Chittenden, of Oli ver II Bascnm and 25 others; referred to com mittee on Education. By Mr Brownell, of lli land Hall, praying for such an amendment of the hwsas will empower judges to correct immate rial va-icnre-, in jud:A(iyrJS6idigc, Lotwccn the pleadings and tho proof; referred to com mittee on Judiciary. Report. From committee on Joint Rules, re commending the re-establishment of tho joint rules of last session ; adopted. The Chair appuintcd .Messrs Onion and Smith commiltun on bills Bill introduced. By Air Smith, striking out the words "sixth" and "seventh" and inserting the word "eighth" in act of 18U. in addition to chapter 85 of R. S., relating to offences against pruate property. HOUSE. Bins, From the Sonalo, in amendment of cnaptcr BU ll a, relatms lo Banks ; Air Kellogg said that it was very important lo pass the bill immediately, to meet a case involving tho whole safety fund, and tho rules were dispensed with and the bill passed. By Air Russell, extending charterof the Farmers' Rank ; referred lo com mittee on Banks. By Air Dinforth, to facilitate tho rendering turnpikes free roads; referred lo committee on roads. By Mr StodJard, in rela. lion to olrcnces against private properly; refer red to Judiciary commiilce. Uy Air Harmond, to pay Charles H. Turner; vcfenod to commit 'ce on Claims. Resolutions. By Mr Crowley, referring so much of the Governor's mcssago as relates to 'ho School Fund lo the committee of Ways and Meai.s : bv Air Sinftbrd. roferrinir sit mnrli ns relates to slavery, &.c. to a select" commitleo of nroo; by nir Russell, referring so much asro lates to usury to the Judiciary committer ; by Mr Biiley, instructing the judiciary committee '" inrpiiro into tho expediency of altering sec tion 31 and 32 of chapter 42 of the Revised Statutes ; adopted. The Snnato came in and the following ap pointments were made ;

RUTLAND COUNTY. Kira Jane, Ambrose L. Drown, Assistant Judges. Jocob Kdaenon jr., Rutland, Sheriff". James Rico, Hiiih llailill. Wm. Hall, Judire of Probate, for the Duirict of Ruilind. Almon Warner, Judge of Pro SS nfor 11,0 "ifictorKniihat. Silas H. Hodees. "ilhaiii Hall, Charles Burl, Jail Commissioners. WINDSOR COUNTY. Walter Palmer, Thomas T. Harrell, Assistant Judges. Gilman Henry, Wodtock, Sheriff. Jo seph Chnrthill, High Uailiir. Julius Converse, Slate's Attorney. Thomas K, Hammond, Judje ol Probate for the District of Windsor. Goorn K. Wales Judee ofl'robaiefortho District of Uttifoul. Indon A. Marsh, Nahum Habkcll, Job Lyman, Jail Commis sioners. FRANKLIN COUNTY. Augustus Hurl, Jonathan II. Hubbard, Assistant Judges. John S. Foster, Swanlon, Sheriff". Orson Carpenler, Hiab Undid". Orlaido Stevens, Slate's Attorney, James Davis Judai of Probate. Hates Turner, JosephII Hammond, Jasper Curlls,Jad Com mitsioncrs. WASHINGTON COUNTY. Joseph A. Curtis, Kbcnezcr Bruce, Assistant judges George W. Marker, Monlpelier, Sheriff Jocob Scoll, Hifh Hailiff. Newell, Slate's Attorney. Jeremiah T. Marsion, Judp of I'robato. Alfred Woinwrinht, Cyrus Ware, Silas C. French, Jail Com missioners. CHITTENDIiN COUNTY. Georze A. Allen, John II. Toner,Aefratif Jaditt. IIorareFerrisSlKTil!'. LuiheP. Hiatal, Huh Undid. Israel 1'. ItiebaMson, Siaie'i Attorney. Charle Ilu nil, Judse of Probaie. Wm, A. GriiivolJ, Isaau Dow, David K. Pangborn, Jail ConiniisM'unerf, ADDISON COUNTY. Dorastus Wooster, Villo Lawrence. Assistant Judges. David S. Clinreh, Middlehury, Sheriff" Asa Chapman, High llaihff. Gcorjo W.Grandey, State's Attorney. Silas II. Jennison. Judseof Probate for Ihe District of Addison. Harvey Munsill, Judge of rrooaie lor me uisinct oi nennaven. iMaham Par ker, Ira Alien. John IV. Copeland, Commissioners for Ihe Jail at Middlebury. John Pierpoint, Elliott Sher rill, Samuel Morgan, Commissioners fur tho Jail at Vergenncs. HMOILLF. COUNTY. Nathaniel Jones, Fi-V, Assistant JiuUes. Horace Power, Morn-lmvn, Sheriff. Alva Chaffer, High UailiX L. P. Poland Slate Attorney. I.uciut II.Noyes, Judge ofProlinie. Wm. I'.Sawyer, Hiram Town, O. A. Eaton, Jail Cnnuimsioneri'. jGItAND ISLF. COUNTY. Wall's Molt, Win. II. Lyman, Asitanl Judges. John Reynold, Sheriff. ParJon Detvrll, High Bailiff. KreJerit'k Hn, Stale's Attorney. Augus tus JCnblil, Judge of Probate. Aimer La.KI, Khhu Parks, Wm. il, R'iell, Jail Coiiiuilioiier, Joint Assembly adjourned (o Tuesday next, 2 P. H. Petitions referred. Of Rolin Richmond and others and O II Bascomb, to the committe on. Edueitlon; of Charles Walkor and others, to the Committeeman Agriculture. Mr. Swift, from the Committee, reported the joint rules of the last session, and they were auopieu. Monday, Oct. 13. SENATE. Prayer by the Chaplain. The President appointed Messrs Sabin, Fi field, and Brownell a Commitleo on Public Doc uments. Petitions presented. By Mr. Campbell, of S S Arnold and 70 others of Westminster; by Mr Bradley of Naham Peck and 03 others of Hines burg; by Mr Hod?e,ofF. W.Hopkins and 135 others of Rutland ; by Mr Button, of Jared An. drows and 40 others cf Mount Holly all refer red to the Committee of Education. B'dU introduced. Hy Mr Smith, providing for the relief of Richard F Abb0tt; referred to t7ie committee on Claims. By Mr Vilas, making it the duty of the Court, in any action brought against an attorney, wherein it shall be proved, after judgment for the plantifT, that the damages were for money collected in the capacity of at. torney, to issue against the defendant an oxecu tion having Ihe same force and olToct as in ac tion founded on tort ; and also empowering the Court to issue, in inasno process, an attachment against defendant's body in such action, provi ded the plaintiff file an affidavit, stating that such defendant is in the receipt of moneys col lected for his use, which he refuses to deliver referred to tho committee on Judiciary. Resolutions offered. By Sir Billings, refer ring so much ot the Governor's messaeo as re lates to education, to committee on Education. By Mr Rich, so much as refers to the cannon taken by the "Green Mountain Boys" at Ben nington, to committee on military affairs ; and by Mr J Barrett, so much as refers to the Asy. lum for the Insane, to the Geological survey of the State, and to supreme and County Court orders, to the committee on Finance severally passed. HOUSE. Prayer by Rev Mr Comings. The Speaker announced the following. " STANDING COMMITTKES OF THE HOUSE. On Elections Messrs Liwrence, Edgerton, Tildeu, Weston, Plumb, Gardner. Keeler. Of Ways and .Ueans-Messrs Adams of Grand Isle, Rice, Howo ot Lunenburgh, Rising, Car penter. On Military Affairs Messrs Huilow, Howo of Shoreham, Nelson of Ryegate, Blachmcr, Clark of Georgia. Judiciary Committe Messrs Swift, Kellogg, Stevens, Russell, .llarston. Of Claims StodJard, Clark of .liddletown, Jones, Frost, Boguo. On Roads ;Uesrs Hall of Brattlcboro,' Checver,, Newell, Hollister. On Banks Messrs Butler, Fletcher, Har mon, Kcfcs of Putney, Thomas. On Education Messrs Fairbanks, Danforth, I airr.hilu, Converse, ltorton. On Manufactures Messrs Kendrick.JIlutcli inson, Goodhue, Perkins, Hitchcock, On Agriculture .Messrs Pease, Jenney, tVIICOX, IIOKICII, iiQUicurooK. On lund Tuxet Messrs Drory, Nelson of Der by, Phelps, Boekcll of Ira. 70 mike up tht Grand LUt Messrs Buck, llcbecj jttarse, uauou ; i.eonaro, ujcmint strong or tvni Iham, Foot; Ross, I'orl iishj Longee, Burioni Phelps Bruce; Dorwin, Itolfe) Wilmarlh, Welch Maynard, Mmonj Joslyn, Kay j Benton, Chaffcci Burbank, .1. UIKICWD , lllltll, LilJIIWUn. f7enrof Committee Mes-rs Crowley, llatcheldcr, Aiken. Churchill, Luigdon, Uuchanm, Townsend, Bliss, nianchard, Barlow, Smith of Barton, Water man. Fry, Davis nf Alburgh. Distributlns; Committee Me-srs Dcntley, Har rington, Harden, Spall'ord, Sinilh of ltipton, Hni'ey Chase ofCalnis, Farnsworlh, Hutchinson, Andrus, Wheelock, Page, Belknap, Holcomb. Committee on Villa Messrs Murium, n ill. On Slate Prison Messrs Hammond, Gilmoro of iiuunnu, L.imrop, Lawrence, itice. Committee of Tension Messrs Russell, Jones, Stoddard. Committee under Jifih Joint Rule Mes.-rs Stevens, Lellogg, Fairbanks. Air nice ot b unorset moved to reconsider tho vote of Saturday referring the petition of Charles Walker and others on peace, lo the committee on Agriculture ; agreed to, and the petition was read and referred to the committee on Military Affairs. Resolutions. By Mr Forbush, referring to much of tho Governor's message as reives to protection, to a select committee of five ; by Mr Russell, referring so much as relates to peni tentiary system to tho committee on Judiciary ; by Mr Burbank, instructing the judiriary com mittee to inquire whethor nny person is holding a scat in this House from an unorganized town ; by Mr Converse, instructing tho committee on ways and means to inquire whether tho burden of taxation on personal and real property may not be more nearly equalised; by Mr Gilmoro of Rutland, Instructing the judiciary committee to consider so much of the Governor's message as relates to a Geological Su-vcy, and inquire whether tho annual appropriation should be in. creased or lessened; by Mr Gilmoro of In, re ferringso much of tho Governor's message as relates to expenses of supremo and county courts to tho Judiciary committee ; by Mr Ural Ion, instructing tho committee on education to inquire into the expediency of defining the pow ers nf school teachers, particularly in reference to enpercal punishment. Bills introduced. From tho Senate, repealing the proviso uf 1614 relative to offences against private property ; referred to judiciary conimit teo. By Mr Crowley, toclurlor tho bank of Hrnn dou; referred to committee on banks. By Mr Russell, relating to fire engine companies ; re ferred lo judiciary committee. Petitions referred. Of Patrick O'Flanegan to judiciary committee ; of John Nichols and oth ers and Jairus Androws and others, to commit tee on Education ; of Enos Merrill and others, to commitleo on military aflVs. SENATE. 2 o'clock, p. m. Petitions presented. By Mr T T Barrett, of William Armington and 73 others of Chester; by Mr Sabin, of Jesse Sinilh and 32 others, and of James Sowlu and 31 others nf Fairfield re ferred to tho committee on Education. Bills introduced. By J'. Barrett, in addition to act incorporating tho village of Woodstock; re ferred to committee on roads and Canals. By Mr Richardson, in addition to chapter 23 of R. S. dispensing with tho removal of corn in the stock and in tho ear, when attached, upon registry in the town clerk's office ; referred to judiciary committee. By Mr Browncl, in amendment of chapter 03 of r s, allowing a divorce in case of wilful desertion for three years, although such dnsertion happened when the parties were re aiding in another state, provided the party deser ted shall have resided in this state twnyears af ter such desertion ; roferrcd to judiciary com mittee. - Resolution. By Mr Hillings, instructing the comuiiltoe on Land Taxes to inquire into the expediency of so altering tho law as to require the grand list to be finished on the first day of August, and the taxes to bo collected immedi ately thereafter ; passed. Mondav, p. M. HOUSE. Bills introduced. By Mr Hammond, to alter the name of Mary Arabella Parker, which was referred tn the. General conimitteo ; by Mr But ton, in alteration of tire judicial system, (the su. uremn court to consist of thret iudees. and the state to be. divided into three judicial circuits, with a judire to each circuit.) referred to ludi- ciary committee. P'titions referred. Of H R Darling and oth ers, F. W. Hopkins and others, Wm Arlington, and otbnrs. and PV TV - - ...... u i.uui iiiiu Ulllttl. IU lUIII- mittee on education ; of George Nye to com- iiiiiiuu on ruaus. Resolutions. By Mr Steven", to elect Sargeant At Arms anil Ati.lttf, tn t.n T .1 . --- . ...iuiki 111 tiiu tuasury tisiiiin- ment at 2 o'clock r m to-morrow ; adopted. By rar nuiier, instructing mo judiciary commitleo to inquire into the expediency of some mode of defining school districts in gores and unorgan ized towns ; adopted. The judiciary committee was discharged from thf hill In Inftnrnn.AlA ll,. tXr.'r..t.l 7Vr.ll .vu.JfuiBlu 11.3 .VlllUUSItl .'.III, and it was referred to committee on H'nufac. tures; also irom petitions and bills relative to fire engine companice, arJ tlmy were referred to the commiltoo of ways and means. The judiciary committee reported against the Senate bill rclaivc to offijnecs against privato Prnnnrtv. And it waa . nil.n. . . j. ....a .wj.tu , niou niiutuui mil "n the same subject, which was ordered to a mm ruduill, TonsDAy, Oct. 14. SENATE. Prayer by tho Chaplain. Petitions presented. Bv Mr Vilas, nf Darias Pride and 23 others of Williamstnwn ; refer red lo Committee on Education. By Air Sim. onds, of Amasa V. Clark and 119 others of Or leans County, praying that each privato shall re. ceive a just compensation for service and ox penses devoted to military drills and trainings, in lieu of any deduction from their crand list ; referred to comtnilteoon Military Affairs. Bills introduced. By Mr Richardion, so al tering section 1, chapter 15 of R. S. as to make a list of 10 instead of CO dollars, for five years in suncession, sufficient to give a settlement. By Air Woodbndge, repealing that section of the 79th chapter of R.S., which makes the ex trajudicial administration of oaths a penal of fence both referred to committee on Judi ciary. Resolutions. By Mr Onion, referring so much of Governor's message as relates to usu ry to the Judiciary committee ; passed. By Air Billings, referring so much as relates to our connection with the Federal Union, Texas, and Slavery, lo the Judiciary committeo ; Air Vilas thought that not the .appropriate committee, and on his motion the resolution was, for tho pres. enl, laid on tho table. By Mr Clapp, referring so much as relates to houses of correction to a select committeo ; passed, and Alessrs Bellows, Page, and Hodges were appointed a committee. From tho House, for a joint assembly this af ternonn at 2 o'clock, fir the election of Ser-aeant-at-Arms and an Auditor in the Treasury Department ; amended by assigning the same hour to-morrow as the lime of election, and passed. HOUSE. Prayer by Rev. Air Ballou. Resolutions. By Air Hammond, referring the Auditor's report on the State Prison to the com- mittee on the prison ; by Air Plumb, directing the committee of Wavs and Mcan to i into the expediency of lessening the time of ..!.: . 1- . . t . m a w m iii in.iiji up me jisi ; uy air iiowe 1 1 Slwrcnam, rejcrnnj eo mucn oi tho Uovemor s message as relates to ihe insane to tho Com. of Wavs ti l ' aim iiicuiin I dSScU, JJiVfs introduced. By Air Aiken, in addition to the listing law, (requiring listers to make re. turns by the 1st of July ;) referred to the Gen oral Committee. By Mr Howe of Lunenburg, in addition to chapter 10 R. S.; referred to Ju diciary committee. Bv Air Stevens. In relation I to the election of town representatives by plu- it .' ":lurreu 1110 committee on elections. By Air Kellogg, in addition tn chapter 43 R. S.; (to provide for an additional session of the su. preine court in Windsor (!onnti- nn ibn '..! T,'Iay Ju'y ) referred lo members of tvmusor county, jjy Air Hammond, to pav bertall Fullam: referred In nminillnn ni. claims. By Air Farnsworlh, in amendment of ati mr tne protection of personal linerty ; re ferred lo Judiciary committee. By Air Russell, to pay Luther P. Blodzett ; referred to the committee of claims. By Air Barlow, relsting to inquests on the dead ; referred to the Judi. ciary committee. By Air Harlow, to tncorpo ratn the bank nf Black River ; referred lo the committeo on Banks. By Air Burbank, relating to exemptions from attachment ; referred to General committee. By Air Hammond, to pre vent fraudulent sales of personal properly ; referred to the Judiciary committee. Petitions referred. Of Darius Pride and oth ers, to committee on Education ; of R. Darling and others, to committee on .Military Affairs ; remonstrance of N. W.Stearns and others, to me select committee on the petition for a now town out of Averv'a Goro and Rinton : of Hi ram Spafford and others, and nf several others lor a bank located on Black River, tn commit tee on Banks ; of inhabitants of Bethel, for County Houses of Correction, which was read on motion of Jlr Hammond, and referred, with sundry others nf tho same character, to a select committee nf five. The Senate returned the resolution to elect Sargeant-at-Arms, &c proposing to amend so as to elect to-morrow morning 10 o'clock, whirh was concurred in. The House proceeded tn ballot for Engross, ing Clerk, and ENOCH DAVIS, Esq. of Ben. ningmn was elected : Hooch Uavis, 103 Joseph B. Danforlh jr., 64 C. C. Briggs, 14 A. L, Brown, 2 SENATE. 2 o'clock P. M. Report. By Mr Bradley, from tho Committee on Bulks, in favor of tho' bill incorporating the Bennington County Bank. Mr Hodges moved to lay the bill on tho table for examination; carried. House Bill. Relating to ofpncea against private property ; referred to the Committeo on the Judiciary. Resolution. By Mr Hodges, directing tho Librarian to purchase 50 conies of Washburn's Digest, and transmit ono volume In the libra rian of Congress, ono voluino to each of tho several Slates, and lo retain the remainder in the Library ; referred to the Committee on Fi. nance; by J. Barrett, directing the committee on Finance to inquire iiitiilho management of the State Prison, and empowering them to send for nersons and pipers. Mr Barrett remarked, that it would be recol iected that in 1812, an appropriation of 8113,000 was maue uy the Legislature to pay up the long accumulating arrearages of this institution. Notwithstanding, in 184.1 the expenses exceed ed the income more than $3000 f in 1811 more than $2000 ; and in 1845, down to the present month, nearly $2000. It seemed to him, this course of things ought to bn arrested. Tho institution should at leu; bo made tn support itself. He had been informed that tho Now Hampshire Prison netted Ihe Siato a yearly profit of $1000. The Stale Penitentiary in Connecticut, as also I hat at Auburn, iuntcad of proving a burden to the people, was relieving tboiii from taxation. Without designing to cast any imputation upon any superintendent or Di rector of our Prison, ho thought it was well worth inquiring if a different result in its finan cial management could not bo secured. If there was a defect In. the law, or an. improv ident administration of Ihe law, let the fact be made known to the Legislature and the evil be corrected. The resolution was passed. HOUSE. The Chair announced the following commit tees : On the petitions for County Houses of Cor rection Messrs Kellogg. Hammond, Ballou, ivenuncK, unase of Franklin. On so much of the Governor's Message at relates to Protection Messrs Forbush, Conkey, uentley, Uook, Fay. Bills introduced By Mr Stevens, relative tn the boundary line between Enosburgh and dKcrstield ; referred to the members of Frank; hn County. By Mr Lawrence, to provide funds for county treasuries : referred to committeo of Ways and Moans.'" fly Mr Thomar, in rela.--tion to the Vermont Centui Railroad Company,, (repealing tho section exempting the stock from taxation.; rnterrcd to JuJicrsry committee. JJy Air JUrston, relating to elections, (votes to bs written or printed on clear wliito Daner.) refer red to committeo of elections. Petitions ulerrcd. Of Kent Wriaht and others, to Committee on Education ; of C. W. Fenton and others, for a railtoad from Benning ton to ihe south line of Ihe state, to committee on roads ; of A. II. Barker, to committee on Claims ; of John Meacham and others for a rccharter of tho Bank of Orwell, tothe commit tee on Banks. BiH read a third time and vassed. A bill relating to offences against private property. The Senate came in and the following ap pointments were mado : BENNINGTON COUNTV. B. F. Aloruun. Leonard Sarpeant. Assistant Judges of the County Court. Jasper Viall, Sheriff? Aaron Denio jr. Iliah Bailiff". A. P. Lyman, Stale's Attorney. Hiram Barton, Judge of Probate forth District of Bennington. Naihan Burton, Judga of Probate for the District of .Manchester. David Love. James Boardinan, O. C. Merrill. Major Haw ley, Dar win Andrews, Alartin Slocum, Commissioners for the Jail at Alancbestcr. OP.ANGF. COUNTV. Frederick Smith. John McLane. Assistant Judire of the County Court. Hoe! SarrcThetford, Sher iff. Amos S. Little, High Bailiff". Jefferson P. Kid der, State's Attorney. F.dmund Weston, Judge of Probate for Ihe District of llandolph. J. W. D. Par- Ker, Judge oi rrounif lor me District or uraatora. II. I.. l. aicl.nighlin, r.lihu Norton, LemuelH. George, Jail Commissioners. WINDHAM COUNTV.' Pardon T. Kimbill, High Bailiff. Wm. Adams, Benj. Ormsbce, Nahum F.nser, Jail Commissioners. Kllcry Alhee, Judge of Probate for the District of Westminister. The joint Assembly adjourned to Tuesday next 3 r. m. Wednesdat, Oct 15. SENATE. Prayer by the Chaplain. Petitions presented. By Jlr Sabin, of C. R. Wilkins and 130 others of Colchester; by Mr Billinzs, of II. II. Griffin and 39 othera of Craftsbury ; by Air J. Barrett, of Sidney B. Bates and 150 others of Hartland ; by Mr Mar shall, of John Nichols and 25 others of Guild hall all referred to the committee on Educa tion. Bi7 introduced. By Jlr Wnodbridge, re. pealing the :i7tli section of chapter 25 of R. S.. and empowering the Supreme Court lo direct how exceptions to the opinion of the County Court, on any question of law which may arise at the trial of any cause decided by the Coun ty Court, shall be signed, and by what time the exceptions shill be filed, and to impose terms on the party who shall lake the exceptions in case of neglect tn file them after they are sign, cd. By Air Woodbridge, so amending the act of '14 relating to licenses, as to authorise the Mayor and Aldermen of Vcrgcnnes lo bind over, in same manner as justices of the peace both referred to the committee on the Judi ciary. Resolutiors. By Jlr Morgan, postponing the joint assembly appointed to day at 2 o'clock, for tne purpose ot electing an Auditor in the Trea sury and SergeanUat.Armo. until Friday at lf o'clock a. Mi passed. By Air Noyes, raising, a select committee nf three to investigate the condition of the Vermont Asylum for the In sane ; passed, and Alessrs Noyes, T. T. Barrett, and Campbell wero appointed tho committee. Tho Senate took up the resolution providing for a reference of so much of Governor's mes sage as relates to the Union, Texas, and Slave ry, to the Judiciary committee, and on motion of Air J. Barrett the resolution was amended by inserting 'a select" instead of "the Judiciary,'' and was parsed. Uefore adjourning, Air J. "arrett remarked that he deemed it proper to call the attention of the Senate to the report, in the Daily Journal, of his remarks, made yesterday on introducing a resolution relating to the State Prison. He found he was therein represented as having: stated definitely what he purposely staled indef initeltjns relying on recollection, and not hav. ing ollli'ii! statistics before him. In respect to the appropriation in 1812, he stated the sum to be near S15000. Tho expenses of 1843 over the income, he stated to bo nearly 83000 and; not as stated in the report in the Daily Journal, "more than 83000." Tho expenses of 1844 he stated to be nearly $2,000, instead of stating them to bo "more than 82,000." As to the New Hampshire Prison, ho stated the sum of income over expenditures as being nearly 81.000. I'liough, for general purposes, tho remarks as reported might bo sufficiently accurate, yet it was duo lo himself, as not wishing to manifest adisposilion to exaggerate, and butjust to those who may havo had personal connection with the Direction and Superintendency of the State Prison, that ho should call the attention of the Senate tolho subject, wilh a view to correcting' any wrong impression which might bo made bjf the report of his remarks ns printed.. HOUSE. BiVfj reported. From the select committee in favor of establishing the boundary line be tween Enosburgh and Bakcrsfield ; ordered lo a third reading. From the committee on Wars and Aleans, in favor of tho same distribution of the school money among unorganized towns f ordered to a third reading. From the commit tee nf Ways and Aleans, in favor of escmpting" members nf Fire Engine Companies from, the payment of poll taxes, from military duly, and' from serving as jurors ; ordered to a ibis reading. Petitions referred. Of 8. s. Arnold aodoth. err, of M. P. Bales and others, of s. C. Crafta and others, of U. N. Graves and others, of C. leb Kimball and others, tn the Commute on Education. Of J. I). Bradley, for a renewal of the grant of Bennington and Bratllebora' Rait Road, to tho committee on Roads. Of the Tmjr Conference Academy, praying for the privilego uf conferring degrees upon their graduates, to the committee on Education. Ot John Sim onds and others, and nf A. II. Howard and oth ers, praying for a rccharter of the bank of Or well, 1 1 the committee nn Banks. Mr Davis presented the remonstrance of Giles Harrington and others, against the pcliion nf Geo. Allies and others fur a ferry from AI burgh to Swanton ; referred to committee ou Roads. fli'Jfe SntwnJ..J P.. U. IT: II -t aTll! irtenmoratiinF thn IlnnnintTlon II -ail Unirl v MP HiiM

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