Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 24, 1845, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 24, 1845 Page 2
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ttvthe committee un roads. By Mr Lawrence, extending the charter of the Bank of Muldlcbu ry ; referred to Iho committee nn nitiks. Hy Mr Fairchild, establishing Iho foes uf trustee on examination licfoio justices of peace. By Mr Hammond, explanatory of section ill, chap, 43 of R. 3. in relation to licenses for the sate of os tites. Hy Mr Thomas In relation to the competency of witnesses all referred to judiciary committee. Uy Mr Kolloinx, nlterint limes for holding county court in Windham and llulland cn inties) leferred to select committee of five. Resolutions. By Mr Lawrence, raising a select committee of five to examino into the concerns of the Vermont Asylum for the tnsanet passed. By Mr Swift, that the Librarian be ordered to deliver to each county clerk one copy of iho laws of the II. S. now in tlic library, and copies of such acta of Con Cress at may hereafter bo received at the library I passed. By Mr Maxham, appointing 3 o'clock of Friday next for a joint ascmbly to elect a Superin tendent, Chaplain, and three Directors of the Slate Prison: passed. Senatt.rtsalu.tion Postponing elections of Audit itor in the Treasury Department, and Seari;cant-at-Arms until Friday morning non-concurred in. On motion of Mr Adams of Grand Isle, the com mittee on Vay and Means was discharged from the further consideration of the resolution instructinc them to inquire into Iho expediency of so nltcritiE the present laus as to make the burden of taxation more nearly.cqual. That pari of the Governor, Message relating to slavery was referred to a special committee conM-l-In; of Messrs Swift, Chase of Franklin, Spaflbrd, Rice, and Warner. 'At his req uest, Mr Rice was excu-ed from acting on the committee. 2 o'clock, r. m. SKNATK. , Aiirmerinl presented. By Mr J, Barrett, of Wm. Herrick of l-ngland, praying that he may be author ised to hold real estate 1 referred to the Judiciary Committee. Bills introduced. By Mr 3. Barrett, so amending Chap. 1 uf 11. S. as to make only a plurality of voles necessary for choice of town representative on third ballot t referred to the Committee on Ejections. By Mr J. Barrett, altering the namoof "Windsor Coun ty Bank" to "Woodstock Bank i" referrel to the Committee on Banks. By Mr Smith, rcpfaling Sects. 3d, 4ih. and 5th uf I'hap. 72 of R. S. and so amend ing said to authorise the person paying over 6 per cent, intcest, to recover the excess within one year after payment, and in caso he docs not avail himself of such right, authorizing the overseer of the p jor to recover such excess, tor tho use of the town : referred to Judiciary committee. House resolution. IMro-ting Plate UI ratian to distiibutc copies of tlieU. S. Laws among the several counties t concurred in. Tho Senate went into joint assembly. On return ing, a communication was received fiom the Gover nor, transmuting from the Slate Geologist his first annual Report : the communication was referred to Iho committee on Finance. HOUSE. ' 2 o'clock, p. m. Mr B,llou was appointed by the chair member of the select commillco on slavery, in place of Mr Rice excused. Messrs Kellogg, Noyes of Putney, Checver, Gil more of Rutland and Boguc were appointed the se lect committee, on the bill alierioglhe times for hold ing the County Courts in Bennington and Windham Counties. Messrs Hale of Braltleboro, Converse, Lawrence, Thomas and Capcn were appointed the special com mitteo to examine into the concerns of the Vermont Asylum for the Instno Report). From the Committee of Claims, against the petition of Alvin II. Bakct ; petition dismissal From the Judiciary Committee, in favor ot the bill relating toinq.iests on tho dead, with amendments ) the amendments u-re adopted, and the bill was or dered to a third reading. From ihe select committee, in favor of I ill providing for an additional session of (he Supreme Court in Windsor County ; bill ordered to a 3d reading. From the Judiciary Committee, in favor of the petition of Patrick K, Flaunegan, with a bill for his relief, which was ordered lo a third read ing. From the Commilh-e on Claims, against 111 petition of Artemas Nixon ; and the petition was dismts-ed. From the Judiciary Committee, in favor of the bill relating to elections, with an amendment : bill, ordered lolio on the table. From ihe Committee on Elections, in favor of the bill relatiog to the elec tion of town representatives lilt, ordered to lie on the table. The Senate came in, and the j lint assembly pro ceeded to the election of Sargeanl-at-Arms, which resulted on the 9th ballot as follow! : W. T. Ilurnham, 113 R. R. Biker, 59 Z. P. Ilurnham, 31 E. S. Camp, 10 Scattering, 8 and Mr W. T. Burnham was accordingly declared lected. They also proceeded lo the election of an Auditor in ihe Treasury department witli the following result : Joseph Berry, 127 Royal Hatch, 73 H. V. Barnes, 12 Scattering, 5 Joseph Berry was accordingly declared elected. inereupon ine joint asscmuiv was aissoivra. BUU introduced. By Mr Button, for Ihe relief of Guy C. Sampson i referred to the committee on Claims. By Mr Goodhue, repealing laws giving bounty on silk t referred to committee on Ways an I Means. By Mr Swift, to incorporate the Addison County Bank, to he located at .Middlcbury ; referred to committee on Banks, A communication was received from the Governor transmitting the first annual report of ihe Directors of Ihe Vermont Ccnlrnl Kail lload Company! report referred to the Joint Committee under the 5th joint rule. A communication was received from the Governor transmitting the first annual report of the State Geol ogist. The Speaker laid before the House a certificate of the constable of Mt. Tabor, atating that the sitting member of that town had not been a resident of ihe Stale for a full year preceding Ins election referred to the Committee on Elections. Thursday, Oct. 16. sr.xvir.. .Prayer by the Rev. Mr Dempster. Messrs Bil'tngs Marshall, and Woodbridce were appointed Ihe select committee on that part of the Governor's message rel.ittnt; to our connection with the Federal Union, Texa, and Slavery. Petition presented. By Mr Kimonds, of Josinh Morse and 87 others of Concord t referred to the commillco on Education. The committee on Roads and Canals asked to he discharged from the further consideration ol the I ill amending the act incorporating Ihe village uf Wood stock) granted, and the bill was referred to Ihe Judi ciary Committee. Resolution. By Mr Richardson, instructing tho committee on the Judiciary lo inquire, whether any alteration of Ihe present law in relation lo the duties and fees of sberifla and constables is necessary i pis-eJ. HOIPE. Pmver liv ihe Rev. Jeai T. Peck. Petition) referred. Of Solomon Keyes tnd others nf Reading, for county houses of correction l lo se lect committee raised on the subject. Of Bank of Newbury, praying for a iccliarier i to committee on Banks. Of James Carter ami Mhcrs of Topshain, for a repeal of license laws Mr Sleyens moved lo reier ints pennon 10 committee on r-fiucaimui iusi, and referred to ueneral committee. Uy Mrvtarner, of Win. Haskins. snitim that he had been disabled by the discharge of a cannon, while a member nf the Bristol Artillery, nnd prayios for relief; referred to Ihe committee on Military Alfiirs. BUli introduced. By Mr Russell, re'ntine to fees or defendants in Jusnce ci.urts. Hy .Mr allowim? agent or attorney to make affidavit in certi fied writs or executions in smio manner of plaintiffs all referred to the Judiciary committee. By Mr Welsh, altering the name of Charles Crown. Hy Mr Kussell, constituting Adclri Sophia uaroer neir at law of Ephraim Giiswold all referred to Ihe Gener al committee. By Mr Aiken, placing liveanimals, the prowl h ol other Slates or counties upon the same footing at agricultural fairs as animals of ihe same countyt referred lo committee on Agriculture. Uy Mr Russell, for the relief of Lvdla MurJiv I referred to committee on Claims. By Mr Marston, assessing a tax on Washington County t referred lo a telcct committee, consisting of the membeia of said county. Bill) reported. From committee on Claims, lo Eay Luther 1'. Ulodgett JI,2j 1 laid on Ihe la la. Bill) passed. Defining boundary line between Rnosburg and Baketsfield. For the relief uf Patrick O'Flannenn. Resolution. Ordering Librarian to transmit one ropy of Ihe Geological Report lo each county clerk. Mr If all nl Bristol, from the select committee, sub. milted a favornble report exposing the condition of the Vermont Asylum for the Insane. Mr rams- worth moved that 500 copies be ordered to be printed I st. SENATE. 2 o clock, r. m. mil rinortul. llv Mr J Barrett, from the Judi riarv committee, amending act incorporating villige nf Woodstock ordered lo 3d readimr. By Mr Brad I -y, from the committee on Hanks, altering the name it the Windsor County Hank. By Mr Woodbridge, from the Judiciary committee, extending the power nf binding up fir nrenrhes or the act relating lo II censes lo Mayor and Aldermen of Vergennes 1 boll nature! in third readimr. By Mr Vilas, from the Ju dietary commilteee, again"! ihe bill amend ng chapter CJofR. 8, relating to divorce, and Iho b.ll was dis missed. tti Noyes, (mm the special committee raised on Ihe subject. .submitted me jonowing report; mat ,k find ihat the Trustees of tho Asylum have re- ccivedby Ihe will of -Mrs Aurora Marsh 810 000 00 lly inter st accruing thereon .5)5I2 llv sundry appropriations from the State 23.000 00 833.81900 Trustees naC Bpii'iilii;u lliBtiiinn, cf about fifty 2.703 JO In the purchase of the first buildings and lands 3,504 99 55000 3,500 65 12,399 67 7,769 87 4,634 52 In thepurchasoof springs and nqued In repairing the first buildings and i nets ad- unions, In erecting the centre building and west In erecting Ihe east wing In extending tho west wing Making in all , 835,145 39 Tho balance of which sums, being l,32iC0 has been paid from the income of the Asxlutn. That ihey find tho present condition of Ihe Asylum lo he as follows t Amounts duo to the Asylum in good ac counts, 10,5fil60 Amount due from the Asylum, 9,023 66 Balanre in favor of the Asylum .1.03501 35,145 39 6,567 50 To which add roal estate at cost. Personal property, as appraised Aug. I, 1945, Total value. 812,748 93 That they find also that at the last session of the Legislature, 83,000 were granted for the relief of the Insane Poor of the State, lo be drawn by IhoTtus Ices in the month of August, annually, with a pro vision, that if any year the expenses of supporting such insane poor at the Asylum, nt 81,50 per week, including the expense of transporting at Ihe rale of 8 cents per ntile, should be less than S30f 0, the Trus tees should not for such year be entitled to a greater sum than the aggregate amount of such expense -That the expense of such support from thefist of January, lo first of Augtit, amounts to 41,93078. That 137 patients of this class have received the ben efits of this appropriation, the annual expense of whom at Ihe Asylum would be about 810,000. That as it is apparent, that the amount now appropriated would pay hut about one third of the expense of sup porting the Insane Poor at the Asylum, and will hard ly nfTord a sufficient inducement for the towns to send their insane poor there, in order to secure the bene fits of the Asylum to this unfortunate class, they ret'nmmend that the annual appropriation beincrca-ed 82000, wlih h would leave about one half Ihe expense to I e paid by the several towns on which their sup port devolves. That considering the large amount appropriated by he State, and the imparlance of the institution, they recommend that a cominisioner be annually on- roinled by the Legislature, to visit the Asylum month y or oftencr, and act in concert with iho Trustees and report to the Legislature annually the condition and management of the Asylum, with such sugges tions as iho interests of the Institution and of Ihe Slate mav seem to require. That, they find that the Institution is in a prosper ous condition, and lias been judiciously managed, and atrongly recommend it lo the fostering carp of the Stale for its influence in diminishing in so great a de gree the mass of human misery in bur midst. The Report was ordered lo lie upon the table. Prom the House. Resolution, ordering Librarian lo send one copy ol the report of the State Geologist to each town clerk concurred in. Bill, e-tabtishing boundary line between Enosburgh and Bakcrsfield referred to the committee on Land Taxes. Bi'l, in addition to chapter Id ol R. S. relating to schools) referred to committee on Education. Bill, providing for an additional session of the Supremo Court in Windsor County. Bill, relating to inquests on the dead. Bill, fir the relief of Patrick O'Flannegall, of Shoreham severally referred to the Judiciary Committee. Bill introduced. By Mr J. Barrett, amending Sect. 7. Chap. 32 of R. S. so ns if it appear to the Couri, after judgment in an action of ejectment in fa vor of plaintiff, that he claims title to the premises by virtue of any deed of mortgage, or bargain and sate with defeasance, the condition of which has not been performed, and also that the premises are worth as much, or more than the same equitably due lo the plaintiff, such court, on application of defendant, may order stay of the execution ; leferred to the Judiciary committee. Mr Htird called up the bill incorporating the Ben nington County Bank. On motion of Mr Hodges, it was recommitted to the committee on Banks. HOUSE. Petition. Of James Pilkin ond 55 others of Marshfield referred to Ihe committee on Educa tion. Keports, By Mr Jone, from the committee on Claims, ngamst bill pa ing (.'has. II, Turner 1 bill or dered to ho on the table. By Mr Fairbanks, from the committee on Education, against further legisla tion on the subject of defining the duly of common school teachers, and of limiting the extent, nnd defi ning the mode of punishment adopted. By Mr Larencc, from tho select committee, that no action was required on the certificate of the cunstaUeofMt. Tahour) adopted. Bills introduced. By Mr Lawrence, adding 82000 to the present annual appropriation for the insane Poor, and establishing the oifice of Superintendent over its concerns i referred lo Judiciary committee. By Mr Howe of Shoreham, granting a premium on silk ; referred to committee nn Manufactures. From the Senate, nlteiing the name of Windsor County Bank i referrel to committee on Banks. Bills passed. Re'aling lo Fire Engine Companies Am-ndini chap. 18 f R. S. relating to common schools. Relating to inquests on the dead. For Ihe holding of one additional session of the supreme court in vinusor county. Mr swift moved lo mint 200 addition! comes of the Legislative Directory ; lost. t Mr Swift called up the hill giving towns the right to elect town representatives bv plurality, on the 3d ballot. Mr Stoddard moved to lav the bill on the tab e : after remarks by Mr Stoddard for, nnd by Stevens ngainst the motion it was put and lost, 52 lo 135 The bill was then ordered to a third reading. rntDAV, ucl; (7. Prayer by the Chaplain. Petition presented. By Mr Sabine. ofCG Burn- ham an I 43 others of Danvill ; referred to ihe com mittee on Education. Reports. By Mr Sahin. from Ihe committee on Education, in favor of the bill so amending chapter IS R. S. as to extend the benefit of the school money to unorganized towns and gores) the bill wa- passed. By Mr Woodbridgefrom the Judiciary committee, in favor of the bill dispensing with the removal of corn in tho stalk and ear. when attached, upon registry in Ihe lown clerk's office, with an amendment) the amendment was ad Died and the bill was Das-ed. Bv Mr Vilas from the same committee, against the bill repealing section 18, chapter 97 of It. S , making penal the administration of extra ju oaths j bill refu-ed a 3 1 reading, nficr remarks hy Mr Woodhridgc for and hy Me-srs. Vilas and Billings ngainst the bill. By Mr lias from Ihe same committee, in favor of Ihe rtt.i t ii-ii ...:.t. - l:ii :j. .L-. ! puiiiihii ui (iiiiind nun. win, a (tin iiiuviuum mat in any case of exception, before Ihe Supreme Court for oilier cause than variance between the pleadings, in the suit and thoc-idence given on trial, if. before such Supreme Court any such evidence shall be found to exist, which in the opinion of the court, is not material to tho substantial merits of the case, the court mav either disregard such evidence, or direct an amend. mcnt of the pleadings correcting such variance on such terms as shall be deemed reasonable, and render judg ment as if no such varianco had existed! bill was otdered to a 3J reading. Mr Wuodbridge. from the samo commitlec, in favor of the bill awarding close jail executions against attorneys who refuse or neglect to account lor moneys ennectco, vtnn an amendment making tho bill prospective only in itsonerntion. The amendment was discussed hv Messrs Woodbridce. Barrett, smith and Vila, and was adopted) the bill wa' ordered I" a 3d reading. Bill) introduced. By Mr. Vilas, to restore John N Staples ol Shoreham, to his legal privileges ; referred lo the Judiciary com. Engrossed Bill) veuscd. In addition to the act in cotporaling ihe Vill.igoof Woodstock. Extending Ihe right to hind over, under ihelicense law, to the Mayor and Aldermen of Vergennes. Iluwe Resolution. Raising a select commiltea lo define Ihe county tine between uenmnglon and Wind ham MutntiM, pnsacn. Mr Billings moved to reconsider the vote rcfusins the bill relating to extrajudicial nath a third reading) passed, and the bill was hid on the table. oir iias BSiieu leave oi a: sencc nil aionuay next f Krannu. HOUSE. Prayer hy the Rev. Mr Comings. Petition) presented. By Mr Nelson, of James Morse end 118 others, praying for ihe revival of Ihe laws of 1318, relating to the enrolled mihtiaj referred to tho commillco on Military Affairs. Of Daniel Put- nam, praying that a portion of the monev collected bv the State nn the recognizance of one Thompson, who set fire In petitioners buildings, may be granted him bv lh-State: referred to the Judiciary commit tee. Of William Elliott and 9 others of MonUon of G C Ilurnham nnd 42 others nf Danville) referred lo the commnieo on Education. Report), By Mr Adami from the committee on it'.... , at : e r I.. I, u)unu means, in iiifiirm ine ion i;iuiiiMg pre miumsnnSilk. By Mr Middlehrook. from Iho com mittee on Agriculture, in favor ol the bill relating In lorngn came In agri-mlurni laira. uy iir liooonue, from ihe committee on .Manufactures, in favor of the bill incorporating the Winnoski Mill Co.) bill ordered lo a third leading. Bv Mr Kussell. from ihe Judiciary committee, in fnor of the bill relating to the fees of defendants injustices conrtr bill ordered lo a third reaoing. Bill) introduced. By Mr Adams nf Grand Isle, lo amend ha charier of the t-'hamplain and Connecti cut River Rail Road so a lo allow them to extend the road to ihe Canada line i referred to the commit' tee on Roads. Hv Mr Marston, incorporating Ihe trustees of Ihe Vermont Annual Conference of the Methodist hpiscopal Ch-rch) referred lo the Judi ciary committee, lly Mr Stevens, annexing Wool', Island lo the town of St. AH ana referred to the Judiciary commiltea. By Mr Fairbanks, telaiing to ine improvement tt common scnoois providing for the annual election, bv ihe neonle. nt their Marrl, meetings, of town superintendents nf schools, who shall mo; 'ire into lite qualihi-aimns and moral charac ter of lcucliri". shall give certificate of snrli exami nation lo tho town clerk, lo lie recorded in his office, shall visit eierv district schoo in town, at east twte a year, and shall exercise a general sunervisinn over them, also providing for county superintendents to le annually appointed by the county judges, and for a mate supertnienocni io oe eiecten . v inn icctaia lure i orovidcd also that no district shall draw school I money, which, shall employ a teacher not examined in the mode prescribed t referred to the committee on Education. Resolution). By Mr Leo instructing the commit tee on Elections to inquire into the expediency of so al tering the existing law as to miko it incumbent upon uie town cierK to prepare ti n-t ol tne tegat voters De fore Iho hour of balloting at freeman's meeting car ried. By Mr Parsons, annotating a select committee. consisting of Iho Senators and Representatives from tne two counties, lo cslal listi Iho boundary lino be tween the counties of Bennington and Windham) carr ed. BvMr Thomas, embowctinff the snacial committee on the Stale Prison to send for persons and papers carried. Senate Bills referred. Relatlnis to licenses to inn keepers and retailers i amending act incorporating ine village or Woodstock t both, to Hie Judiciary committee. The bill relating to elections bv nhiralitv was taken tip, had a third reading, and was again otdered to lie on the table. On tnnlion of Mr Goodhue, the eommitteA on Man itfacttires waa dischsrired from ttia further considers lion of tho 1411 granting premiums on silk, and the out was retcrrca to uie commnieo on Agriculture. a message was rcccivco irnm ino liovernnr trans mitting Ihe return from the deaf and dumb and blind a-yium nt Hartford, a communication rrom u t; iicck with, Secretary of the American Peace Society, and Ihe Correspondence between tho Governor and the Secretary of War relating to the cannon taken at Bennington t all referred to the committee under tho sin joint rule. i o clock, i . M SENATE. Reoort. Bv Mr Brad ev. from the committee on Banks, in favor of the bill incorporating the Benning ton County Bank, with amendments, increasing the siockio viuu.uuu, anu making ine single snares s-iuv instead of 8200. The amendments were adopted, and the bill was passed. By Mr Bariett Irom the Judi ciary committee, against the bill relating to inquest! on tho dead ) and tne third reading ol the bill was re fused. By Mr Woodbndge, from Ihe same commit- ice, again-, uie out umcnunig cuap. so, uiiv. o. in re lation to Ihe settlement of paupers ) bill dismissed. By Mr Rich, from the committee on Finance, in fa vor of the resolution relative to the nurchase and dis tribution of copies of Washburn's Digest, with amend mentsthe amendments were adopted, nnd the reso lution ordered to n 3d reading. By Mr Vilas from the Judiciary committee, in favor of the bill exempting the members ol the firo engine companies from serv ing as jurors, nnd from the navmcnt of all taxes but highway taxes. Mr Campbell moved to amend the bill so as to exempt them from none but town taxes) iosi niter rematKs oy Mr vtlas. Hodges. Sa'jmnnd Smith. Mr Hutd moved to strike out the words 'serving as tutor-' lost and the hill was nassed. By Mr Vilas ftom tho same committee, in favor of tne diii establishing an additional session ot the su preme court in Windsor county i bill waa nassed. lly Mr Bemia from the commitleo on Land taxes, in tavor ot tne out establishing the line between Bakers field andEno-hurgi hill was passed. Bv Mr Bar rctt. from the esme committee, in favor of the bill re lating to o'lences againstprivale properly, granting to county courts concurrent jurisdiction of the offences mentioned in cnapicr'jj, sees, b and 7 of 11. a. when Ihe property shall not exceed seven dollars, and pre cluding justices from bindins over any nerson chart ed with stealing property under seven dollars, unless such justice shall deem that a fine of twenty dollars would be inadrauatc punishment. The committee on Land Taxes, through Mr Rich ardson, asked to be discharged from the further con sideration ot tne resolution instructing incmtoin nuire into the expediency of postponing the making up ot tne grand ti-t until ine montn ot August, tnas much as it would renutrea general revision of the list ing laws; granted. The commitleo on Finance, through Air, inch, asked lo be discharged from the relating lo the report of the State geologist) granted. Engrossed Bills passed. Relating to immaterial variances between pleadings and Proof in judicial pro lurinercon locranon oi tne messace oi tne unvcrnor ceedings. Rclatine to attachments of corn in the siam ann ear. Bill introduced. By Mr Winn, providing that when any grain, after having becomo personal nrooerlv. is taken by virtue of any wtit or execution, it shall be heldtn the same way as is provided in Chap. 28 Sect, lo QUI. 3. A message was received from the Governor inform ing the Senate that Leonard Scargeant declined the ninceut assistant Judge n Ucnnington County) com munication referred to the Senators from Bennington iyoiiniy. Mr "inn obtained leave or absence until Monday. HOUSE. Petition presented. By Mr Winchester, of John Minus, praying tor a new trial ; referred to the com mmee on tne Judiciary. Reports. Bv Mr Crowler. from the Geraeral com- mitlie. against the bill reDeahng the act of 1342. rels. ting to the collection of stale taxes t second reading of hill refused. By the same, from the same com mittee, ngatnat the bill requiring listers to lodge in the lown clerk's office a list of all the personal orooertv uy iiiciii Bssessco i secono reamng oi diii retusea. uy Mr Button, from the committee on Banks, in favor nf altering name oi tne mnasor bounty uanK ; out passed. By Mr Fairbanka rrom the commillco bn Education, in favor of the bill empowering the Troy Conference Academy to confer decrees s on motion of Mr Swift, Ihe bill waa ordered lo lie nn the table. By Mr Hall, from (he commitlee on Roads, in favor ol the bill reviving act incorporating the Bennington and Braltleboro' Rail Road Company) bill ordered to lie on the table. By Mr Stevens, from the Judiciary committee, against I lie bill authorising attorneys or agents to make affidavit in certified writs or execu tions, air Ktllnggopposed, and Messrs Stevens and nice supportcJ the bill, and its second reading was re fused. Hills introduced. BvMr Rider, renea ing the act granting bounty on bears i referred to the Gen. Com. By Sir ltider,cmpowering towns to adjourn freeman's mceiing irom nay lo day, until a Choice orrcpresen tativeis effected. Mr .tilien called up the bill relating to foreign cattle agricultural uirs, and it was ordered to a third read The Judiciary Commitlee asked to be discharged from the further consideration of so much of the Gov ern or s message as rcates to the Geological Survevi granted and the subject was referred to the committee on Ways nnd Means. The charge of the petition of uavia i-utnam was a so trans erred to the commutes on Maims. SENATE. Saturday, Oct. 13. Prayer bv the Chaplain. Petition) presented, llv Mr Onion, of Geota-e Green nnd others of S wanton I referred to tne committee on t.d icatinn. Ilv Mr Chittenden, of O iver Bee kwiih relerrel to the Judiciary commitlee. iceporit. uy .Mr .Morgan, from Ihe commi'tee on Elections, in favor of the bill amending chapter 1st of u. o. relating to election uy plurality, wiin an amend ment, providing for additional trials, if there should be no plurality on Ihe third ballot i tho amendment waa adopted. On the question of Ihe 3d reading of tho bill, .Mr j. llarrctt remarked that having introduced Ihe bill, it became him perhaps to express briefly his views in relation to it. The direct, unavoidable effect of the law as it now stands is well known lo all. Teat ef fect has more especially manifested itself of late veils, and never more so than during the present. No less man oeiwcen iiuriy and tuny towns, and some or them loo the more important towna of the Stale, al though as deeply concerned as any others in the pro motion of the common weal and now perfectly voice less in the other branch ofour Legislature. This state of things all would acknowledge an evil, that loudly calls for a remedy. Thia bill none would deny would afford ihe remedy sought, and in his view it would be perfectly harmless it itsoperation. Although empow ering minorities, under certain circumstances, to elect and thus apparently infringing the general principle of iiiu iiioKmiitrs B ui c iu eiivein. aim in lis uric. tical working it would not operate unequally or un justly. In a political respect, the results of elections thus gaiied through the Slate at large would probably counterbalance each other, and consequently could w ncaj itirv, titc li;iailB aian.'lllg Ol p,irilCS HRtl iii reference lo the general good which we are nil alike trying lo promote, n change in the existing law would certainly provo or no inconsiderable benefit to the State. Neither would it be inlroiliieini. n novel principle into our political system. Our Co. Senators may always oe elected by a plurality) so ore our Representatives to Congress, if no choice is effected before the third trial. The aatne avsteni nrevada in almost every state nut of New England) and if it nccreos risewnere, inero is no reason why it i-hould fad here. No great harm could result from the pass age of ihe bill, and its necessary effect would be to correct a slate ofthings, by which the people are de prived of a voice in that legislation which alike ettecia the rights and tho interests ofnll. f la had nn Ikprannal concern in the bill, hut bis regard for the welfare of tne mate caused mm lo wish ardently it might be come a law. On motion of .Mr Billings, the bill was ordered to lie on me tauio mr examination. Bill introduced. By Mr Button, establishing a hos pttal at t'ostleton I leferred to the commitleo on Edu canon. Bills from the House To incorporate the Wiooojki Mill Company) referred lo the commillco on Manu- factures. In relation lo fees of defendenis in justice cuunaj merrca to ine commitlee on tne Judiciary, In relatiun to animals of foreian prnwth in aarittt. lural fairs j referred lo the committee on Agriculture. Engros-ed Kill Til incornorala tha Hxnninntnn County Hank. Mr Vilas moved lolay the bill on the tauio iu uo maue me special oruer tor ruesaay morn ing next i carried. ' Engrossed Resolution. Providing for the purchase am, uiniiuuiiuii ui aw copies oi wasnourn s ingest ) adopted. Resolution introduced. lly Mr T T Barrett from the commitlee on Military Affairs, instructing our ncnaiors anu requeuing our Hepreseniattves in Con gresa lo usn their exertions to recover, from tin, nni. session of tho General Government, iho cannon taken ni nenmngion t adopted. Mr Rice asked for the rrcnnalilnil!nn nf ll.n ordering the third reading of the bill relating lo the collection r.f moneys by attorneys and agents) car- iran. a-r vitas movea io reconsider Ihe tnteaioplini the amendment making the bill prospective only, in us operation) carried, and the bill waa laid on ihe lsoleto lie made Hie special order for Tuesday morning.. The Governor .transmitted to Ihe Senate a report from lh commissioners appointed to examine into the condition of the Unilsjily of Vermont! referred to IIIB UUNIHllllCU VII IVjaCBUUIl. , I Mr Woodbtidge, moved that when the Senate ad journ, it adjourn to meet on Monday morning) car- ricu. HOUSE. Mr Stoddard obtained leave for the committee on

Claims to sit during the foienoon. retitions presented.' tiy ntr otevens, ot napoicon Bonaparle tlowdish, praying to change his name to Georim Washington Hnwdishi referred lo Ihe General commitleo with instructions to report n bill granting tho prayer of the petitioner. By Mr Kellogg, of Thomaa Robinson and others praying for the rcchar- ter ot tne ncltoars KstiauanKi rticrrcu to tno com mit l on Heal and 40 others of Shoreham, of kf.-DnBf andji ethers of Berkshire, of David Goodalean o m'-j7 of Middlesex i refit ed to the committi lawEdlsstliun. . Of Isaac Thaver. praying that the Spate would subscribe for his book entitled statistics,! the Woolen Manufactures of the U, S. in 1845,, referred lo ihe committee orTManu- facturea. 'sr. Reports. By Mr Swift, from tha Judiciary com-' favor of the bill permitting tho Mayor and Aldermen of Vergennes to bind over for breaches of tne license laws diii ordered to lie on tne tame, uy Mr Fairbanks, from the committee on Education, in favor of the bill providing for tho improvement of common schools, with certain amendments t tho amendments were adopted, and Ihe bill was ordered to lie on the table, and 300 copies printed. By Mr Russell, from the Judiciary committee, against the expediency of so altering the law as to requite Town cierKS to maxe out tne list or voters previous io elec tion. By Mr Swift, from the same committee, against the bill cstabliahing ihe fees of trustees before Justices of the Pcaee) bill was dismissed. By Mr Middle- broon. irom tne committee on Agriculture in ravor or he bill granting premium on Silk bill was laid on tho table. Bills Introduced. Bv Mr Barlow, repealing act of Ml for a Geological survey of the state. Repealing sixth section of the act of 43 to promote agriculture ; boih referred to tho committee on Wave and Means. senate ouia rcierrcu. in addition to cnapier m ot R. S. In addition to chapter 25 of R. S., entitled of tne supremo and unty Jottrts. Bills ordered to a third reading. Empowering the Trov Conference IrjaSjemv-to confer decrees. Re pealing laws granting premiums on silk, by a vote of 04 to oi. Bills passed. To incorporate the Wmooski Mill Company. Relative to the fees ofdefendents in jus- tees courts. Relative lo foreign cattle in agricltural fairs. Resolution. Bv Mr Rice, that, whercaa. it is l- lieiod that the perpetuity of exclusive privileges is anti democratic and dangerous to the dearest rights of a republican people, it is inexpedient to reennrter any banks at the present time) referred to o select com mittee, consisting ot one mcmoer irom cacu county. The House proceeded to consider thn amendments of Iho Senate in tha bill relating In offences against private property, and they wore ref'd to the Judiciary committee. Leave of absence was grnntel to Mr Williams nf searsnurg irom Monday nexi. Mr Jones moved that when the House ad iourn. it be to meet on Monday next at 10 o'clock A SI. t carried. Monday, Oct. 20, SENATE. Praverhv thn Rev. Mr Comings. Petnion nrracnted. llv Mr Bradley, of David French and 158 others of Willi-ton referred to Ihe committee on Education. Bill reported. By Mr Sabin from Ihe committee on Education, providing for the improvement of common scnoois. air aani sinicu mat ino oui was substantially like that of last year, nnd moved that it bo laid on the table without reading, and 300 copies be ordered to bepirt!!i"lscarried. Bills introduced. By Mr Bradley, amending the charter of the Burlington Mill Company ; referred to the committee on Manufactures. By Mr J.Barrett, so amending chapter 74 of R S. as to make it the dutu of iuatices on application, in proper form, of any individual, to require from pedlers the production of tneir licenses ) referred to tne judiciary commit tee. Resolution. Bv Mr Hodges, assigning Wednesday 10 o'clock, A. m. for a joint assembly to elect judges ot ine supreme iouu ) passeu. A message was received from the Governor, an nouncing that he had transmitted to' (he House of Representatives, for the use of the General Asem I ly, the report of a committee appointed under a joint resolution of '43 to examine tho accounts returns, and an nocuments oi ine imn tiegimont. oi ine Ver mont Militia, relating to the assessment of fines and ihe collection and di-bursement of the monies arising inerctrom unoer tne laws o- a, and w. HOUSE. Prnver by Rev. air Manser. Mr Lynde of Guilferd appeared, was sworn and took his seat. The chair announced the select committee on the resolution declaring it inexpedient to reeharlcr banks Mcsrs Rice, Blackmer, Edgerton, Harlow, Mid dlehrook, Bill, Dorwin, Ordway, Kimball, Barlow, Wheelock, Waterman, Keyes, Davis. Also ihe comniiite aa(jjjjie boundary line between Bennington and Wnrdhsm counties, Messrs Parsons, Kieo, Aiken. Ilacheller, Bishop, stetson. Petitions Referred. Of Bcnja. Smith, jr., and oth ers lo commitleo on Books i nf 159 citizens of Wil- lislon to committee on Education. Of Sylvester Phelns. to committee nn Claim-. Bills introduced. By Mr Swift, relating to public squares ond commons t referred to tne uenerai com mil tee. Bv Mr Barlow, relating to licenses to re tailers and inn-keepers (defining what shall be con sidered retailers, inn-keepers, Ac, and authorizing selectmen to grant licenses to sell liquors, fixing pen allies. &C, t) referred lo the General committee. By Mr Lawrence, relating to prosecutions for support of illegitimate children I referred to the Judiciary com mittee. By Mr Hall, to increase tho capital slock of the Bank of Brattlcboro' lo SIW.UUU i referred to the committee on uanns. uy ino same, in amendment of chap. SO R. S. ; referred lo tho commitleo on Banks. Engrossed Bills. To repeal the act granting a bounty on silk ; passed, 121 to 36. Empowering the Troy Uonlerence Academy to conrer certain degrees, (both to young gentlemen and ladies.) Mr Stoddard and Brizcs opposed this bill as giving this institution privileges beyond others of a like character, and also as tending lo nrtng an degrees into contempt Dy low ering Ihe standard Qualifications which should be re quired to warrant marks of literary merit :ayes 35, noes 118. so the bill swas: rriected. Reports.' By Mr RJj;ll, from the Judiciary com mittee, the bill to'proteYli tho bringing of pnupers in to this state from other states, and it was explained and supported by Messrs Russell and Kellogg and ordered to a third reading. By Mr Kellogg, from the same committee, against the bill in addition to tha act for the protection of personal liberty. Mr K. said Ihe object nf 'tho bill was exceedingly important and it had received the deliberate nnd earnest considera tion of tho committee, but thev could not resist the opinion that it is but justice lo exempt the officers of the federal government irom ine operation ot ine present law. 'i ns out was rejecteu aimosi uuani mousiv. ur air niarsion. irom inejuo c arv com mittee, the bill in addition to chapter 1 R. S. relating to the election of town renrescntalives. u ho remarked that the committee reported the hill for the sake of iiiiiiKiitir ii oeturc ine kiuubi-, iuiiilt iiiuu huh, mi conviction Ihat the bill ought to pass. The bill waa laid nn the table. By Mr Hall from the commitlee on Roads, bill granting a ferry to George Ndes, which was ordered lo a third reading. The Governor communicated the report of the committee appointed in IS43, to examine the accounts of the IGth reiiment ot Vermont militia, which was referred lo tho commutes on military Affairs. i o CLOCK, F. M. SENATE. Bills introduced. Rv Mr Smith, in addition tochao 20 nf R. S. relating lo ihe laving out of highways i referred lo the commitlec on iioaus and uanais. nt Mr J. Barrett, for Ihe relief cf creditors, providing that when an exrnttaan of the omnunt of 8200 is re turned unsatisfied; the fainlilT may file a bill in chan cery against the defendant compelling the discovery of any properly of anything in action belonging to sucn drtendant. Bill from tho llouio.- Repealing laws granlin premiums on silk t rcfetred lo the committee on Man ufactnres. The Senate took up tie bill providing fur elections by plurality nn the t hire ballon, and without debate, tne tmro reamngni ine tun was retusea oy a voie, ta ken hv liaimv. of 14 to 11. The Senate look un lie bill, repealing section 19 of chap. 97, which makes penal the administration of extra-judicial oaina, and alter remaraa oy Messrs woodbndge and smith, ,n lavnr oi, ann ny air vuae against Ihe nut, It was tetuseu a intra reaging Dy a votoof 19 lo 7. On motion of Mr Nores. the report of the select commillee upon the Vermont Asylum was referred to the committee on finance. HOUSE. Petition referred Of Josiah .Morse and others, to committee on hducation. Resolution From the Senate, to elect Judgea o: Ihe Supreme Court on Wednesday next, 10 A. M. i laid on the table. Reports. Mr Swift, from Ihe Judiciary committee, reported a atatementof fact" in the case of the silling menV'er from the town of Easlhaveu; declining, however, to rive an opinion whether the town was legally organized or not, on iho ground that it is a le gal question lor the courts, with which the House might nor lo taterff ro. The facta were, that a meet ing waa duly twiiiffcd to organixe the town, which met and a msjorily rclused to organize and adjourned. Siitsequcnllv,on the aaine dsy, a portion of thepeo plo met, and organized the town, and thn freemen's meeting in September wa-- holden.ant) holh parties at tended and voted. Mr Marston introduced a resolo lion, on the reading of this report, declaring that John Waller, jr., the sitting member of Easlhaven, is not entitled lo a seat at a member ol this House, This resolution wss supported by Me-sr Kellogg and Mqrston. iHiposed by Messrs swift and Stevens, and a motion of tha latter lo dismiss waa lost ayes 83, noes 91, A motion to lav the resolution upon Ihe table waa lost, 63 io79) and the reaolution was pass ed, or, m 70 Mr Swift, from lha same commitlee, reported the bill in ndditinn to the act for the relief of ihe insano poor, (winch provides tor a commissioner oi ino in sane,) and it was ordered lo a third trading f also the Senate bill in addition to the act chartering ihevil. lige of Woodstock, and It was passed. Mr Hall, cihlato the rendering of turnpikea free roads, with an amendment which was concurred in and the bill or dered ton third reading. Mr Kellogg from tho select committee, reported a ur liu "8 "l0 llmo of 'he county court in . I, m WllllllllICO Oil TOaOS, rCPOriCU tllC bill 10 fa- .. luuimiii tvuiiiy, anu ii was oraercd to a third read ing. On motion nf Mr Rwir, , t. A1..l. ... J I raw an order for Ihe debenture of Mr Walter, of r, 'S"', "!"" oy mcssrs oievcns. Kellogg, Swift. Itico, and Russell the lalltcr being opposed to paying. Mr Rice moved a reconsideration of iho yoleof this morn'ng, rejecting tho bill relating to Troy Con ference Academy agreed to. and the bill recom mitted. Mr Harmon called up the bill to extend the charter of the Hank of Middlcbury, which ho understood to be reported and lying on the Speaker's table. The Speaker decided Ihat it waa in order to call up biuinesslaid upon Ihe table by the order of tho House, but no in order to call up any business which waa in regular progress I he therefore decided this call not in order. Mr Stevens appealed from this decision, objecting that it placed all business under tho control of the spenKer. Messrs Harlow, Kellogg, Rico and Marslon, sus tained the chair, and tho appeal was withdrawn. Mr Button from Ihe committee on Banks reported thn hill nhnvn nnllirf fur u!l. n.nnJ..H, .... ......... ..... ni, ujiiiiiuillclllB, mill Ul mouon of Mr Marston it was laid on tho tabic. FRIDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 24, 1845. THE ENGLISH NEWS. The iron steamer, Great Britain, arriv ed at Nevr York on Wednesday, of last week, after a perilous adventure on the coasl. It seems that after a scries of bad and foggy weather, site found herself aground, as was supposed, on Nantucket shoals, far out of her course, on Monday morning. A steamer put out for relief, but before reaching her, she hud got off, und was under sail, having received a pilot on board. Slio ran into Holmes' Hole, a port on Marthas Vineyard, being short of coal ; and after supplying herself from n vessel in the harbor, steered her course fur New York, wlicro she arrived on Wednesday morning. The most important news by this arrival, is that relating to tho harvest of grain, and the future in a great measure of ihe potatoe crop. There must bo considerable demand for foreign flour. Tho cotton prices satis factory, tho iron trade brisk, and railway speculation still active." A bottle has been picked up od the coast of England, purport ing to have been thrown over by llio Inst packet ship Ennland, but without date. " Lai. 45 10, 98 7," on the other side of the paper, " Lost quarter boats, 10 feet water in the hold, no vessel in sight." Doubt ex ists as to its genuineness. There arc some items of continental, and India news ; but nothing worth copying. the cnops. In relation to the crops the Liverpool Euro peon Times says : " At the sailing of the last packet, we stated that the wet weather, after an interval of near ly three weeks, had returned : and that Ihe out standing crops which it was believed were small in quantity, would suffer seriously by the changp. The accounts from the northern pari of the kingdom speak dcepondingly nf the inju rious enects ot tne cnangc ; and it now pppcars that the progress mado in cutting and housing the produce nf (lie fields during the continuance of warmth and sunshine was not en great as had been anticipated. The price of grain is rising rapidly, as a glanco at nur market returns will show. Even at the present moment there is a good deal of outstanding produce in the field. The fine weather lias again returned, but the season is too far advanced to permit tho sun to have much pou errand nn doubt can exist, thai the husbandman who did not " take Tune by the forelock," when the opportunity oflercd, will suffer severely by his indolence. With the rife of the markets, fears respecting tho coming winter begth to prevail. The failure of tho Potatne crop is almost general, and to meet the deficiency which thai calamity has occasioned, largo quantities of rice and bond grain have been tn ken out of bond for transshipment to France, Holluid, and Del. gium. Notwithstanding tho tact nf the markets rising, the avcrarjea are dcceiiding, owing to the large quantities nf inferior Grain, Ihe pro. ducc of the present harvest, which hate been thrown upon the markets. Dut in the teeth ol the unpromising appearances which are abroad, the rage for speculation in every description of Railway invcetiiiciit still continues, without any signs nf abatement. To such an extent is the mania carried, that Government, it is said, con. templates interfering, by an announcement through thn Gazette, that no more schemes will be provisionally registered, as the number which are already before the public are more than Parliament, can get through in the next session. Now that circumstances render it painfully apparent, that supplies of food must be had from some quarter, all eyes are turned across Ihe Atlantic, and tears prevail that the late orders which havo been sent to Canada will miss Ihe season, and arrive after the naviontion nf tho Si. Lawrence has been closed by the ice. Much will, nf course, depend upon the time when the frost sets in ; and, if the wcaUier is lavorable, there is littlo doubt that handsome fortunes will be made by those who have spec ulated largely in "bread stuffs." Whatever quantities may come from tho United States, win also nnd a ready sale either in this country or on tho i-onlinent. The recent accounts. from the Union, represent the season as having been favorable for the grain crops. An oppor tunity now exists, which rarely occurs, of send ing produce of that description to Europe, with the certainly of niidins a ready and risiiis? mar kel. It is deeply to be regretted that, instead of an uncertain and unstable traffic, the nature ofour corn laws prevents ihe demand from being regular and uniform. But such a dosid. eratutn is on Iho eve of accomplishment. The Hibcrnia arrived at Boston on Sun day, with Liverpool dales to tho 4lh, which go to confirm the impression of a short crop, and Iho probability of good prices for Araer icitn produce. A UritUli Government steamer, tho Eclair, arrived at Portsmouth front tho coast of Af rica with tho yellow fever on board, having lost 62 men, including the Captain, several other officers, and willi 23 sick, including tho surgeon, who died soon after her arrival. Sho was ordered lo the Motherbank, there " to ride out 40 days' quarantine.'' She arrived on the 29th, and on the 2d of Octo ber her crew wero not landed, but were daily dying 18 while men only, well on hoard. Tho election of a Lord Mayor of London took placo on the 29ilt Sept. Tho success ful caudidato was John Johnson, We notice that both tho candidates voted for themselves in the board of Aldermen. The Regent's Canal, London, has been purchased by a new railway company, for upwards of .100,000. Tho new railway will run through tho heart of London, und conned iho Great Western, London, and Birmingham, and Eastern Counties Rail ways, Improved Locomotive. A new engine, called the Condor, has lately been construct ed for tho Liverpool and Manchester Rail way Company, by their superintendent engi neer, Mr. Durance. Tho Improvements consist in having a dottblo firebox, tho com bustible gases being consumed in the second, which would otherwise cscapo in an ttneon sumod state. By this means a considerable increaso of heating power is obtained, nnd consequently an increased speed. We un derstand thai the fuel used is coal, instead of coke. THE TARIFF. The Union, the official organ at Wash ington, has began a regular series of articles against Ihe Tariff. It congratulates the country on tho defeat of Messrs Kennedy and Wothcred in Maryland, as indicative of the repeal of the tariff. What tho nature of the new tariff is to be, the Union leaves us no doubt, if its views prevail. It nvo vs hostili ty to tho principle of protection, and insists that the tariff shall be shaped solely for rev enue. In tho scries of questions which ihe Secretary of the Treasury has sent round to his Locofoco friends, requesting answers, he names twelve and a half per cent, and asks manufacturers whether with a duty of that amount they would be compelled to quit their business. Twelve and a half per cent, then wo suppose is the duty which he con templates on every thing alike. Wonder if ho will except sugar and iron 1 On tea and colTco ho must, under tho Union's doctrine, impose the samo duty as nn wool j on ready maue clothing, hats und shoes tho same as on logwood and other articles not produced in tho country. Wo shall sec how ijch a tariff bill makes headway in iho next C n gress. A regular war upon llio tariff is no doubt to be made, and iho Locoloco parly will bo strong cnongh to carry any thing, if they can agree, or parly discipline can force them up to the scratch. Twf.NTV-MNTit CoxattF.'s. The political construction of Iho aUth ('nngross is now as. ccrtaincd. Senate, 24 Whit's and 23 Locnfo cn?, not includinj Senator Woodburv. nf Now Hampshire. In New Hampshire. Vinrinia. In. tliana, Mississippi andjj'eunessoe both branch cs of the Legislature heiii! Locofoco. the va cancies will be filled hy members uf tho same party. The full Senate will therefore comprise 21 Whigs and 30 Locofocos. Locufoco major ity 0. ELECTIONS. Georgia Returns of the vole for Gov ernor from all but six Counties, give Gov. Crawford 1,236 majority. The six Coun ties to hear from guvo 1,950 for Clay and 1,502 for Polk last fill, ir they do as well now, Crawford's majority must exceed 1,600 The Senate stands 22 Whig, 23 Loco, cer tain! one Whig district (Warn and Lounds) to hear from ; ono (Houston and Macon) disputed, but believed to bo Whig. The House stands 67 Whig, 52 Loco, 1 lie, (Madison,) and 10 to come in. Of these Elbert 2 and Ware 1, will pretly certainly be Whig, wliilo ho remaining member from Henry is probably so, as Crawford has 125 majority, and one Whig is known to be elected. The Whit? nminrm in the House cannot bo less lean 10, and will bo at hast" "s Sa"" "is vtie. and pointed . .. : .. . to two of her Inahly respectable re ativea then 7 in Joint Uullol. A U. b. Senator is to be elected for six yeurs by this legislature. which holds two ears. Nobly done, Geor gia ! Ohio, has, as usu il, carried a whig major ity in both branches oflhe legislature. Sen ate, whigs 15, locos 7; House, whigs 21, locos 10. In Pennsylvania, so fur, 14 lo 14 elect ed and holding over in the Senate, and 21 whig to 22 locos elected in the House. N. Hami-siure, Mr. Pierce has received and declined llio appointment of U. S. Sen ator in place of Mr. Woodbury. It is un derstood that the Gov. will not make another nppointment at present, fur tho reason, as the Portsmouth Journal intimates, that Gov. Steele would like the placo himself. VERMONT CENTRAL RAILROAD. Wo are authorized to say, that on the 18th inst. tho Directors resolved to locate tho road from the mouth of White River lo a point opposite Chase's Island, or some other point in Windsor convenient to con nect with the Cheshire road ; and thai on llio 20lh they resolved to locale ihe road from Ihe mouth of White River to the point in Royalton where the Gulf and Norlhlield routes intersect. A meeting of ihe Direc tors will ba holdct) on-lho 3J of Nov., 10 o'clock A. M., at the Courl-House in this village, nt which llie parties interested in tho Northfteld and Gulf routes will have a hearing. It is understood that to-day the Directors will start on Ihe lino wost of this village down Onion River. Watchman, Oct. 22. The Board of Directors met at this placo yesterday, and a committee has gono north over ihe Canada route. On their return tho Directors will proceed with tho work of location from this to Montpelicr, deferring some part of it, perhaps, till the meeting al luded to nn tho 3.1 Nov. al which time proposals will bo received. By the Company's report made to the Legislature on llio 1st Oct. it appeared thai there was then something over $91,000 paid in, and we learn that the subsequent pay ments amount to lliirly-fiveor forty thousand more : so that tho cash fund now on hand amounts lo about 8130,010, on which the company is paying interest lo stockhold ers. ttTTIiere is nothing that annoys a tidy housekeeper so much us lo have her carpet spotted willi lamp oil or grease, and we lliereloro make known lor their ucneht, tho following recipe for extracting oil or grease spots from carpets or clothes. Cover the grease spot with whiting, and let it remain until it becomes saturated with the crenso. then a;rapo jt off und cover il with another coat uf whiting, nnd if this docs not enllrclv removu the grease, repeat ihe application. Three coals of whiting will, in most cases, remove ihe spot, when il should be brushed oti with a clothes brush. SIGNS. Hon. Geo. M'Duffie has written long letter, which is published in the Charleston Mercury, in which ho expresses his belief that Mr. Polk will endeavor, in good faltll, notwithstanding all the intimations to .the contrary that have been thrown out, to re dtice tho Tariff to the revenue ttandard; and, to bo more explicit, he thus stales whit he means by the expression : It Is obvious lo remark that a revenue larirt Is the fote rate of duly upon erery foreign import that will rsise the repaired amountof revenue. The small' est addition to thai rale upon any one article with a view to increase Ihe price nf domestic rival, is "plain' ly and intentionally" a protective, as contra-distin-eui-hrd from a revenue doty. But, if the additional i uty not only enhances Ihe price of both the foreign and domestio article, but diminishes Ihe revenue, it would be the most barefaced mockery the most im pudent and hypocritical disguise by which a mercen ary and merciless oppression ever attempted lo con ceal its deformity, to call this a revenue duty, Ho cites sugar nnd Iron as illustrations, and asks: Can it belelieved that Mr. Polk, bound by the uni ted ties of interest and duty io sustain the great prin ciples of free trade and unshackled industry, which he has so sbly supported through a lone conrseof public service, will now, when elected to the highest station to which ambiti-.n or patriotism can aspire, betray his political principles and sacrifice thnsepopn' lar mascs,by whose voluntary and unsolicited suff rages ho was raised to power? "I trust not Ihe tale." In his Inaugural Address he very distinctly lays down the d etnne that revenue is Ihe object of all duties upon imports, and protection the incident. He then goes on lo 'fight his battles o'er again,' as superannuated pensioners are fond of doing, and proclaims his belief thai Ihe days of probation are numbered in all tho civilized nations of the earth, and declare that it 'should bo Ihe ambition ofour states men to take the lead in this great reform, which is destined, as he firmly believes, to contribute more to the liberty, prosperity and peac6 of the nations than any event since the advent of our Saviour.' The Mercury itself is leas confident. Il says that undoubtedly Mr Polk may attempl a reduction nf the Tariff! but il expresses a fear that he will compromise the mailer and retain the protective principle ; and il is still more fearful that, although the adminis tration may attempt to establish a revenue tariff, it will not bo sustained by the party in Congress. Th6 Mercury says : Far as the administration is likely to fail of realit tne our principles, they will in our. opinion, (o much furtherlhan the Dcmicrsilc party in Congress will ruslain Ihtmj the Administration project of the re duction ol the tariff will tail st the vorts or ths NooTiicns Democrats unless ihe true free trade men unite in a bold and deci 'ed course and Makc it a matte a or lire and bsath to the fastt to maintaim ITsrAlTti. They have the whole que-lion in their power, if they will stand together and stand immovably on principle. We want Danton's specifie "to dare and still to dare and forever to dare!" Can we hope if We offer ourselves as tools, that ths protectionists will not cse us. With these views the Mercury says il cannot yield to the hopes indulged by Mr. M'Duffie. Courier. The Louisville Journal gives the following blood-chilling account of the execution of a man whom that paper regards as having been most sorely sinned against : Execution rr Dr. Baker We hate just conversed with a gentleman, a friend nf l)r. Hi ker's family, who was present on Ihe 3J instant, at Dr B.'s execution. 'I welve o'clock was Ihe hour appointed for the execution, but Dr. (taker requested lo be brought out of Jul at len o'clock Ihat he might have an opportunity of addressing the people. His request was compiled with, anu ne spnise an Hour and a half. In his speech, ho proirMed that he was not and never had been crazy, repeated in the strongest lantruarrn. present, who, he said, had criminal intercourse. with her. Alter finishing Ins remarks, although it was half pist 11 ti'rlock, he asked tube hung immediately. The sheriff proclaimed that all," who desired it, might approach and shake hands' with htm, but none attempted In avail them 6cles of the privilege except two females of had character, whom Dr. B. motioned away. saying that it was jut such fpmalcs as them selen who had brought him to the condition ho was then in. Our informant eugueels that the two females were induced to approach Dr. B. by his enemies. Me met his fate without exhibiting any signs t f trepidation. We understand that the friends of Dr Baker intend to devote the reward ntTereJ bv the Gov ernor and by the executors of Dinicl Burs, fur llie apprehension of said Dr. Baker, to the pub. lication of the trial of Baker, includimr all evi dence, &c, and Ihat they will give the amount of tho reward, 81000, to the Lmiatic.Asylum at UCAIIIgjlUII. "Eno of the Moumun Wab." Under this title the St. Louis Republican of the 8th, publishes a correspondence furnished to thn Anti-Mormon citizens of Hancock County and the surrounding counties of Il linois, by a committee of their own number. They slate that tho Mormons have pledged themselves by word and in writing, to leave that State next Spring, and that they have advisrd them so lo do, and lhal warfare t ill cease, Gen. Hardin retaining a pari of his troops in the disaffected district to maintain order. Look Oct. There is a dangerous $2 counterfeit in circulation, on the Bank of Burlington. Letter D. payable lo Henry Clay, dated Aug. 1, 1844, filled up with blue Ink signed R. G. Colt,-Cashier, C. T. Englesby, President. Vignette, on the right hand side a bee hive, and head of Franklin on the left. There is no bee hive on the true bill. The bills are fresh and new, and well calculated to deceive. The Bostonians held a meeting on the 20th inst. lo consider the subject of mag nrtic telegraph lo New York, and resolved to construct one, forthwith. Nathan Halo is chairman ofthe committee appointed lo carry tho rosolution into effect. Remains or Mrs. Gilson Found, The re. mains nf Mrs Gilunn, ot Schenectady, one ( the- passengers in Ihe Steamboat Swallow, were discovered the day before yesterday, two miles below Athens, and though in a state of decom position, Ihey were identified by a Watch with her name iu it. The money she had with her was also found. The Watch had stopped at 10 minutes past 8, which was aboot the time that Boat sunk. Albany Journal. The Town op Rome, in western Near York, contains a population of over 5O0fJ, has been built up by factories for nuking paddles and oars from ihe ash, thousands of which are shipped by almost every vessel from England, France, Germany, frussi, Sweden, Russia, and throughout all the East. The Junks of Ihe Chinese are now ah man aged by American oars, and the small boats of all Europo and Asia are now propelled by the enterprise of ihe people of this villsgs. jV. 1'. Erprti.