Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 24, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 24, 1845 Page 3
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' lie touched his hnrp.and nations hcord entranced.' I, 1 I' li . LV lllnAM KF.t.SBV. Oli I what is 1 fcl wiili thejnysnnd smiles (TInl brighten its opening hours) VVi'li youth's gay drennis nml enchanting wi'c9 As fresh .is the tn.irnuig 11 nvrrs) Fn'l si in the clow nf llio trii"ling heart Sh.ill yield I.) Ilii- wasting blight And Hope, like the runhmv's hues, departs Away from ourdnzz'cd eight. Oh. whit is lifis! when sttcngili and nrght Of manhood havo toiled llieir wnv Up I In mount offline in in sinrry hci'lilt Wheie brnms of honor lav? The ttalely lnrk from the I illmv'scrct Is hurled to the gulf beneath , And the falling s'nr with a da k unrest Viclds up its lo.'catc wreath. Alii tnt is life! when our jeirs nrc passed, ,And our heads are white and hoar, Hut a sunhrnm trctnb'ing in the b'a-t On n dark a 1 1 dcol Ho sh ore Or a fl uver w!io hnflets all nrc slrown From their native stem away. Without one t til to reenll the flown, Oi lighten it i wintry day. "DOING" A LANDLORD. 11V fOMTAIIir.. Tom C. (I , n pnnius, whose ideas ol lifo worn on such a niuunificont scnlo lltpy otitrtin his iutoiost, capital nml till, was st'iitct! iipiin t ho porch nf onn tif our f.ishion tiblo hutch, in n I irgo onslrrn village, ono hrij-lit Monday ntorninj, rnitniin- how, in lltu niitum of tilings, it was possible for him to nninss n flintier. Tito long score tin pnitl, which stood recorded on llio books within, precluded tho idea of gettinp, one there without lltu tin, mid niitiicrons search rs llirntigli sundry pockets tthotil his person were unrewarded by :i single shiner. The case was despemto, lint great minds arc al ways rqnal lo groat rnierprnricj, and Tom was of that order. His coat had heen reno vated by a scourer, for whom he had written ti love letter, his It t I ad hern ironed hv a good nalurcd hatter, who had enjoyed his custom in uouer nays, a new coat ol japan varnish had hoi n I ivished upon his cane, his dicky was passable, anil no gentleman would llnnk of examining lite extremities of Ins covering, or pry into tho shifts he had been put to for n shin. Tom thought hint self passable, nnd ho resolved to pass ofl" for n dinner, if possible. A stranger lolling easily on a sellee near Tiim looked vulnerable and Tom, approaching him in a very bland and fiicndly manner, remarked: " Excuse me, sir, but yon look so much like an old fiiend of mine, J. B , who has resided for yeais in the South, that I can't help addressing you." " I nm from the South, sir," answered (lie stranger couiteously, "but not tho poison you speak of know him however and am pleased to encounter a friend of his." ' That's it," said Tom to himself, "got him as easy as rolling ofTa log !" An animated conversation ensued, which ended by Tom being asked to dine, and when the gong proclaimed the table spread, in walked llio stranger and Tom, arm in arm, large as life and twice as natural. lit; called Ihu waiters with an air ofease, passed tho stranger's wine with a friendly freedom, laughed musically, jested with spit it, wiped his mouth with grace, nnd in shnrl, com pletely captivated tin-Southerner. During tho period of Tom's luxuraling, he was ob served by the landlord, who, indignant, sent n servant lo older him from tho table. Tom had "come it" over him for so many odd dinners, without a shadow of prospect for pay, he would stand it no longer. Tho servant approached, whispered in his ear, and stood oflT to give him room to move. Tom clenched the wine bottle, with tho in tention of hulling it at his head, but altered his put pose, nnd poured out another glass, drank it oil', looked daggers at tho seivanl, and in a moment nioro smiled confidence upon his friend, "Would you believe it," said Tom to the Southerner, ' since my absence from (lie city for a few days past, a rival house of our shipping firm lias whispered tho possibility of our failure, and this rascally landlord hav ing heard llio calumny has insulted ire here HI tablo by sending a servant to demand lite trifling sum 1 owe him." The Southerner was burning with indig nation. 'It is too humili.tling,' added Tom, 'not dreaming of such an outrage, I am entirely unprovided at llio moment.' 'Hero, my dear fellow,' promptly proffer ed his friend, 'ihero is my pocket book, makn use of it without hesitation.' you're very kind,' said Tom, 'very, 1 will but burrow this SI. COO bill for a mo ment I know the rascal can'l change il !' With an air of offended dignity, Tom ap proached the office of llio lintel, the landlord, frowning witli anger, stood at the desk, the ftfil liiting deep enVrtionant'rrnen uitJiv'it ing tho landlord in a giief strickened voice, Ito said i I novcr dreamed of such an insult from yov sir, al such a time, loo, just as my uncle in tho South has expired, and his agent with me to deliver up '.he portion bequeathed In nio il is it sir, 1 cannoi express in lan guage my feelings. Take out of that lite paltry sum I owo you,' ihrowintr down the $1,003 bill, 'and henreforlli I "never will enter your door. Just at a lime, too,' he further added, 'when I had intended lo make your house my homo, and endeavor In make somo return lor your forbearance. It is too intirh my feelings am lacerated,' and hero lie lincame almost overpowered by emotion. i ne strip oi crapn around Ins lial nut (hero to hide tho greasy band the $1,000 bill, nnd tho renovated coat, whirh looked liko new on the possessor of such a sum, all assured llio landlord that ho had been hasty. He, therefore, denied tho indignity straight, said mat n was an impertinence of his ser vant, who had Ivvicti beloro offended his besl guests by Ins ir.solenre, assured Tom ho would discharge the follow forthwith push- hu uacK 10 nun me i,uuu lull, and begged ho would foreet (he circumstance indeed, ho full allocked that such nn oulragn had been perpetrated upon his oldest friend ami ms Inmnr. These warm expressions modified Tom's wrath, and folding up his bill ho walk ed back, resumed his snat, roluincd llio bill lo the Southerner, merely remarking thai ho had 'brought the landlord lo his feelings,' and cheerfully sipped a little icedchampaigne. Af lio left tho lablu arm in arm with his friend, tho landlord nnnroacliod. bowim?. and licuged lo know whore ho should tund for hh trunk, as No. 24, a finonlry room, which would fit him lo n charm, was al present o nply. Tom salt! ho would send tho huigago up, and lifter lighting n choice Havana, strolled out with nn air nrislocratic. It) good limn lltu trunk nrrived a rudo one, but very heavy. Tliu landlord winked al Ihu servant lent beneath its weight, and remarked, ns he paid tho porterage, that a litgii quantity of bullion was genurally rather heavy. Tom was In clover tho $1,000 bill got whispered iihottl, unci of his creditors, n fashionable, tailor, insisted on trusting linn fur another suit ; ho yielded, after much pur suasion, and il was astonishing how every tiling altered in Trim's appearance. His nolo was good for any small sum now, and il was a pleasure lo make his acquaintance. In dm cniirsu of nb ml sir months tho landlord thought hu would just hint lo Tom, thai a small check would bo agreeable, as lltey w t'tn hard pushed. The hint was given, nut lie leceived n check anything but a cash one, though. Tom very cooly informed him that the agent who had raised his hopes was a rascally impostor. Hut tho 'SI, 00 J bill, Mr. II. !' said the landlord inquiringly. ' Was handed lo mo by tho rngile to keep up appearand s, cooly responded Tom. 1 1 shall seize your baggage sir 1' cried the enraged host. ' 1 can'l help it, mv dear fellow.'said Tom: 'ynu know, if I had a 'pocket full of rocks,'' you should share lliein, for I liko ycu vastly so keep cool, and keep tho baggage until I make a draw nnd raisu llio little sum The It link tMi seized, nnd so roughly that it burst open, when tho landlord discovered lint if Tom had no voekct full of rocks, il was because hn had stowed them all in his trunk, and lint accounted vcrv naturally for its being so heavy I St. Lotus Reveille. TAMtiS s. I', Commission Produce t aie rcnnni, 6i water cral cash advan ccs made on consignments. Refers to Messrs. F.. & J. Hcrrick, 5 " Draper, Aldrich & Frink New York. Pope Cntlin, Esq ) Messrs. Phillips & Cuvler, All any. May I, '43. 49m6 James Hogan, w OULD respectfully inform tho citizens oritur nnglon and vicinity, that lie has commenced BOOK BINDING in nil i' various branches, in the Building formerly occupied by S. S. Skinner ns n Saddler's Shop, three qours cast oi uie e rec rtess onice, uoilego At., liur lington, Vt., where ho intends keeping constantly on nanu I.cdgeis, Day Books. Cash Rooks, Sales Hooks, Receipt Hooks, Journals, Invoice Hooks, Record Books, Memorandum Hooks, Lawyer's llricfing Paper, iost rnper, nnd 1'ocneis. N. II. Hanks, Public offices, Ins iranee Companies, Merchants and others, furnished with Account Rooks made of tho best paper, ruled and hound In any pat tern desired, nnd executed in as pood style ns llio latest improvements in binding nnd experienced workmen can produce. Particular attention will be paid lo the binding nf Libraries, Periodicals, anisic, fort-folios, rerap llonus Ac, iV'c. .Manufacturer of Blue, Hlnek. and lied Inks. Country orders executed on the most favorable terms, ond m short notice. Kdees of Hooks marbled lo any pattern to match, Comb or .Mpanih in the besl style. Most kinds of School and Rlank Hooks on hand nnd for sale chcan for Cash. Paner Rnns tnken in e. chance for Hlonk and School Rool.s, Paper, if-c. iiuriuiton, niuy is, itju. ou-iy ro.v-UiM'iiuN oi' -ilii': lungs, TDK best mcdii-tno known to man for incipient Consumption. Asthma if cverv statre. Hleeding of the I.unzs. Coueh-. Colds. Liver Comnlaint. nnd nil diseases of the Pulmonary Organs, may be had of Agents naiiu-u below. Nature's own Prescription. A compound Balsamic preparation of the Prunus Vimlniana ir 1 VV.Id Cherry Bark.' combined witli the Extract of Tar, prepared by a new chemical process, approved nnd recommended by the most distinguished rdivsieians. and universally ncknowledrr. ed the most valuable medicine ever discovered. No (iuaclicry ! 1 1 No Deception. All published itatemonts of cures performed by this medicine nre. in ertrn resvecl. 1 HUE. Be careful and pel the genuine "Dr. Wistab's Balsam or Wild CHnnnr," as ppurious imitations arc nbroad. A Truly Wonderful Cure, Waterville, Oneida Co. N. Y.. Pent. 15. 1815. Dear Sir 1 ow e it lo iheaflhclcd to inform you that ill January last I wos nttntked by n very violent cold, caused by working in the water, 'which settled on my iuus. ii was nccompnuii'u ny n very severe pain tn mv lirrnal nnH cidt'a nnrl nla.t n rliRlrfRinrr i.nnnl, 1 had in attendance nil titc best medical nicj in our vil lage; but niter exhausting nil their skill to no avail, they lironounccd mv disease a cosrinMED con'sumt- tios. nnd they one nnd nil garc me up to die. After muni persuasion I goi inecnnFeni ol my physician to use the BU.S.UI OK WILD CHRIlltV, preparod by Dr. Wistar. I purchased of the Acent in our place one buttle, bifore using half of which, I began to gain strength, nnd it wns very evident my cough was much belter, nnd my symptoms in every way improved. I have now used tt!nea bottles, and am restored to verfert lieal'h This result is nlone owing to the use nf Dr. WISTAR'S BALSAM OF WILD CHF.ilRY; and I lako this method of giving ynu tho information, partly lo pay ynu I he debt of erntitudo I owe you. nnd partly ihaleibprs similarly otlhctcd may know where to apply for rditf. Very truly yours, JAMF.S SAfiK. Mr. Palmbb, Druggist, under date of Wotcrville, Sentember2l. 1813. writes.- The statement given you by Mr. James Sago is well known to bo true hv this whole comvitmiln. It certainly was a most remarkable cure. The sale of (lie II mini is very noon, nnd us success in cures tiuly iiaiienog. uurs ii-pteciiiiiiv. D. D. PALMER. Orders from any part nf (he enunlrv should be ad drcised lo SF.I H W. I'OWLR, No. 133 Wnshingion sr iiosinn. nenerni Afcnljor tne rropnetor. Peek 4 Spear, Hurtintlon t Oeorge Ayres, URUon ) Boyntnn eV Uurriti. Ilinesburirh j I.nnH.m ci.n. field, U'illUton; William Rhoads, Richmond ; II. L. Camp, Slow i M. Wiree. Cembrldi-et Curtis & D itrhor, St. Alhant t S. P. Redfield, Montptller i cm(; Dr. Russell, Middltbury. Sold also by (J. BACKUS, MERCHANT TAIIOR. (Court-House Square,) IJUIILIXCJTOV, VT. 10 C1 ASl I paid for old cast Iron, delivered nt the Steam Iron Foundry near the lake by ,. K. R. CltOSSMAN. Buihniton, Sept. 17, '45. 15 Sheep Racks. 'TWIF. Subscriber i manufacturing n superior arti c??,' ''P;1' Kl'KS, m which he would rc I p icifully c ill the attention or the wool growing com niunily, as Ihey will Hnd il much to Iheir n Ivanlngo to use llus kind nf Rack, II, p, DKWKY. Burlington Falls, Aug. 1, 1813. 10tf CAAI.,Rail Roads, Atlantic Steamers, nnd the Slagneiic Telegraph have nil sprung into i-is-tcneo since tho up and doing, quick nnd cheap for cash a id noi imprisonment for debt system was started t Howards in 1822. Who lo keep in advance or with improvements, has for the fourth lime rep'onished his s. k of Ooods jnee Spring. Sept. 19. 1815. CASH PAID FOll LUMliEll. ' UK subseri er will pay cah on dclivcryat their i It. I tnoli dear pine Lumber, 6000 do 1 1 An d do 5000 d I, do do do 5(WI0 .lo 2 do du do 2000 do do do du 000 do 2 do Ilutternut. . J. & H. H. HEIIRICK, fc Co. Burlington Jan. 10th, 1615. DU. TAYLOR'S BALSAM OF LIVERWORT. Pmcs llr.DOCEn Large Bottles 81.601 Smntl. 81 nit. TAVLOIl'S BALSAM OK LIVF.RWOHT, SUMPTION and L1VKR COMPLAINT, COUOHS, wi..., iveau inc iniiowing l Stonikoton, Dee. 4th, 1814. Dear Docroni Feelings of grntdude to you, nir, as the i-nly means, blessed by Divine Providence, in perfectly rc-torina me to hralih by the use of DR. TAYLOR'S BALSAM OF LIVKRWORT. which I purchased about a year simsj ntyour oflice, No. 376 BOWKHV, N. Y. nnd nl-o tho hope orbenctltllng my Icllow creatures, who, liko myelf, (at lhat time) nrc MilTcruiieilher from CONFIH.MKD CONSUMP TION OK LIVKH COMPLAINT, nre mv reasons lor now voluntarily forwarding n simple detail ol my unsc, sinecicly hoping that this narrative, true tliouirh plain, may induce the thousand ol others iioiiariy nuceieu, in uso ino same means iirnuy tic lieving Ihev will be cauallv ble.cil. ntnllhutic lire- served from a premature grase, to which llio, inwsol incntiale Death has untimely consigned myriads ol our race, who thoughtlessly rnpposcd Ihey nnd only nVlight cold, with a little couuh, that would soon got well ofltself. About tho 10th of March, 1812,1 caught a severe cold, from which pleurisy endued, nntl was conlincil to my bed SF.VKNTY DAYS. About tho I5th June I was nblcto viit New York, in que-t ornirthcr med leal aid for a violent pain nt intervals in my right side, shoulder and shoulder blade I remained in nil nimui sixteen nays under tno care ol nn eminent pny. ician.nnd reerived somo relief, bul bo did not rc move the inflammation from the Lumr. nnd in July the cough became very violent, accompanied by ex pectorating largo qunntitie" ol" Iii, or purulent mat ter, from which there was scarcely any cessation or rest, except n few hours repose In the night, produced by strong opinio j 1 wa confined lo my room 'rom 7ih Nov. lo the 20tli April. During thc-c five month I was retluccJ in ttesli lo lua po ind-, some 411 pound, less than naturnl ; I hnd four ulcers fonn mid hrenk, from each of which I rais-cd nhotit a miart of bloody matter. I now commenced Inking diilerent kind of syrups, l'tlls, IJalsams, Lozenges una expectorants here follow the names of Jnyno's Kxpectornnl, 30 bottles Jlungnrinn Balsam, tic. &e. but nil to no purpim-j my cough continued incessant, so thnt iween it nnn cxpeeioraiing 1 wn not qutet uye nun utcs at n lime during the day. In Oct. i t 18131 call ed upon vmmt your odlce, 375 BOWl'RY, nnd pur cha-ed t'OUn nOTTLES ofvour Ml. TAY Lores BALSAM OP l.rVtinWOKV, having heard much ol il, You told me if I would continue to u-c it steadily, it would certainly cure me, nnd il I got out ol it (0 send nt once for more. I took up nil the bottles, and wa relieved of thccoiigh, pntn in the uie, cnci ana nmnidcr, nml it caused mo 10 expec torate very freely) I purchased another bottle nboiit the I81I1 March, which I took oecnionnlly for n lit tle cough, excepting which, nt this lime, I'wns quite renovated in health, leeliiit? urontr nnd hearty, nnd weighing 140i ptMind (your infallible symplnn ol enrej. j reniatnci quite wen unlit tne mnnin 01 may, when from exposure I took n violent cold, which con fined inc 10 my houe three wtek. I nt once onl to New Vork for more BALSAM OF LIVERWORT, nnd then procured inethrce. botllcsnt your U'holtsatc Hstanustimcni, fo. itl water si. iicinre 1 nan itsai them up, July found me tree from till cough, which ha not fincc returned, nnd I mol firmly I clieve that through the Providence of God, DR. TAYLOR'S HALSAM OF LIVKRWORT DID AND HAS COMPLF.TKLY CUIIKD MIC ' and I also believe it will cure nny one who.e Lung nrc n'leeted, it they will take it according lo your dircelkiii : I do nol mean lor Ihcm 10 uoo:'.ly one or two bottle, but would innst earnetly say take it steadily, even if il should require fifty bottles. In conclusion, Dear Sir, you perceive 1 have 1 cen siik some twenty-cicht month, and none i.l ibephy icians nt home or abroad, however skilled, with whom I consuttc I, could irivo me nny permanent re lief! neither did the BALSAMS, (excepting yours,) Syrup, License, Powder, Pills, F.xpeclornnt, nnd di.Icrcnl oilier liquid preparation, of which I swal lowed about SLVKNTY-FIVK Bottles, give any I etler encouragement to declininir hope. During tin lime, a near a 1 could calculate. I exnee orated fu I SIXTY GALLONS OF PUS, OR PURULENT .11.11 I I'.lt, ana mo-t ciiecrniuy consent to the pub lication of this statement of facts, wherever in any way it mav hcaefil Miilermir humanity. (Signed) RI.UBEN C. IIANCOX. W.M. P. CHI'RCH, being duly sworn, depo-c nnd says that he has been intimately acquainted with lleuben C. Hancox about ten year.-, and know him to be a resident nf Stonington, Conn., nnd that he i n man of inlecritv. on who-o word the utmn reliance can jic placed, and that ihe statement in tho nbove certificate Rre tbictlt tbue. and the signature af- ... 1 ; :.. I.: 1 I : ' uxru 1 111 111 uauu writing. (Signed) VM. P. CHURCH. Sworn More me, Ihi 4lh Dee. 1814. W. RAMSAY. Com. ofDeed. For snlc by PECK & SPEAR, Agents for Bur lington) Wm. Rhode, Richmond j J. H. Towcrct Son, Unnerlull ; Aa F..Uoyc, Fairfax ) Geo. Aycrs Si Co., Milton. 5mG BRIGCV PATENT FENCE MACHINE. 11. iiKwnv, WO"LI) respectfully notify thejiublic that he has returned to Biitlingion Palls, nnd recommenced manufacluriiiE the PATENT FENCE. Ho is now picparcd lo fulfil all contracts thai wero unfulfilled 111 uuiiteiiucnue ui uie laie lire, unu will uc nnipy 10 servo old and new purchasers with some of his varie ties of Farm, Garden or Ornamental Fence. Owing to tho advantages derived in tho uso of the above improvement, he is enabled to afford a neat and beautiful fence for yards nnd gardens, at much less expense than the samo can be got up for in any olher way, while for durability it is not excelled by any in camtnon use. This valuable improvement was first brought out in Western New York, where il has '.'one intn extensive use, and has received the ap probation of tho Mayor of the city ol Buflalo, with ninny hundreds c.ftho first agriculturists nnd others in that pari of the Stale, also of Gov. Hubbard, Doct. Jams, Judge Churchill nnd many others in New Hampshire. In fact wherever it has been introduced it has been highly npproved. As a Farm Fence it combines more advantage than nny other fence ever used. It can be used iciioiir;io.,' nnd is therefore notnfTcclcd by tho freezing nnd healing of the ground. It takes less lumber than any oilier kind offence, is a certain protection ngninst nil kinds of cnttle, is not lia ble 10 gel cm 01 repair, cannoi oe oioxcn aoirn, js easi ly set up, taken down ond removed, without injury. 5T-iNo Vmimev should be without nt least n suffi cient quantity 10 throw around his fields of grain and stm'K yarns. z Winoo-ki City, June 12, IS 13. BfRtiNCTON, July 5th, 1815. Mr. H. P. Dewet, Sir: A jou hnve asked my opinion respecting the Miitablenc of vour Patent Ir.scE "or ornamental pnrpo-c, I would remark that 1 have ued nine ofvour liM quality Fmco about a cottage, erected the fast year, and that I hl.eit very well. By casing the pests, nnd putting onn base, (both items co-ting only about S1,S0 per iod,) it makes n nent and durable ornamental Feme, at about two-third the cost of mo-t of the odicr kind of ornamental rtnee in common 11-e. JNO. K. CONVERSE. The undersigned having had somo practical cxneri enco for tho past year in theU'C of Dewey' Portable Field Fence, can very cheerfully bear testimony in its favor. I consider il admirably ndapicd lo Intervales, sul ject to severe freshets, and find 11 very convenient in a variety nf cases where a temnorarv fence is need ed. I used il the past winter to enclose a yard of young cattle ana norses, ana mucn 10 my surprise, 11 Buffered no injury whatever though on unruly hull shook kis head at it. occasionally. I havo no besita. tion in saying that every farmer should have more or "BJIHeiler, July S. 'ft. " "'" NEW BOOK BINI3HRY. fllllK Biilcriher U now from New York AND BLANK BOOK MATERIALS nnd i now prepared lo do nny kind ot work In Ihe ...iiutij ut iuuiik ijook ainmuaciuring liiifi ness. I have in my Bindery n workman that is nc nuniiiteH U'llli nil lln. vn,l..m ..r - . , "...m -ijiv. wi uuiuiiip. Hav ing i worked in the liei c-inblishments in Ihe Union, ,,, u, nrsnuiciii faying mat all I'lnding en trusted to my hands hall 1 well executed, and in a manner nol before equalled in this vicinity. Corner ol Church and I'olli-ge Slreeij. ,. STEVENS WOOD3. Burlington, May 6. 1843 491) A VALUABLE MEDICINE, TH. Brand reth' VczetaMe Pills have nrnvml them XJ selve. an eD'ecnial an'.iunt cd nature, having uurcu 111 niv ,iincu oinic 111 ieii one iiuntirea liious and persons of dtsctucs which bod been pronounced incurable by modical men of tho first rank and stand ing. These Pills, from ihe peculiar properties they pos ses, are calculated to cure c.isease. whatever be it name, all baving'the same origin, in nny person in whom is the "brca h oflife," who partake ofthe "universal" "one blood," of which aremado all people who dwell upon the earth, aad whose di order ari.cs from the "universal root'' of all disease, nnmelv.ininurilv or iinncrfcci circulation of the blond. Thorewhn are u.l'cring from a bad slsle of health, win uu well to give tnrm a trial. Agents, S. K llownrd. Burlington ; E. B. Orccn. fficA. mOndl J. Tlltt lc. I'.MMT I HIM II 1.,U,.. .Irrirn, J. II. Tower, Uadsrhill; (ieo. Ayres, Villon; It. Sander.on, West Milton 1 II. B. llinc, Westfordi Morion dr. Clark, Willlslon 1 Marco. Hull. in. burgh 1 J. U. Ishain, Shtlbwn ; J. M. Staple, tioo Lcnlhnr. 90n ?xit? So,e Lolhcr, cily inspection, for aalo r i' low bJ JOLl.EIT BRADLEY., oepi. 13, . jjoulli Wilkll. S4RSAL3iRILLA- COMSTOCK d C liOMPOVND FLUID nxmACT rmsAnsAPAriTLLA, Fon TIlE CURE OF Scrofula, Chronic Rheumatism, Ocncral Debility, Cutaneous Disease., Scaly eruptions of the skin, Pimples on Ihe ace, Totter", Mercurial nnd Siphllmd disease, Biles Irom Impure habits of tho body, IJlceralions of the throat, Liver Ailectlont, I'ams and swelling ol the bones, and nil disease arising from nn impure state of the blood, exposure jnd imprudence or life, excessive . t'snof mercury, Ac. Tho Snrsnparilbr ilrpnJcd upon by every one as being as gocd any other In Mil country or Europe. People, ran Jijjm.elvc ornoljn'ta they please In using S-fWfm, p,lre extrael l put up in ns large rr larger bott'es a ny old for oneslollnr, nt iho iiripreccdentcd low price of 50 ct. per bottle. Sold by Com.toek & llo., 19 Tremonl Row, Boston) il. J, HE1NEBKHG & CO. only agents for Burlington. IiliESSING T(TmANKI.ND. CONNELLYS 31 AGIO AL PAIN EXTRACTOR. This great Healing Salve is acknowledged by nil who have used It, lo he tho most wonderful nrticlo ever known. It expel n(l injuries by fire, extracts nil pain, nnd prevent modification in every case. A child, a nephew of a friend of mine, stepped into a vessel of boding water, ond scalded it legs up to ihe knee, when Connel's Pain Extractor frt in Com stcickV was .applied, which almost instantly gave re. lief lo the little sufferer, nnd soon entirely cured II. Also, a child of my own burned its hand reverey, and I used this Salve, which gave instant relief, nnd cured it entirely, nnd 1 for one could nol he Induced to be without it. I think every family should keep il on hand lo use in case ol such accident'. H. A DAMS, Pastor of Trinity Church, Saiigcrlies, N. Y. Sold by Comstoek if. Hoss, No. 19 Trcmont Row, Boston 1 B. J. IIKINLUERO & CO. only agents for Burlington. WORMS. WOnMS. WOIIMS. KOLS1STOC1CS VERMIFUGE. This remedy (or worm is ono of the most extra ordinary ever used. It c.leclually eradicates worms of all sorts Irom children and adult. Thou-ands pen'h by worms without the real cane being known. Some olher reason Is assigned for Iheir until 100 late In cure the true cau-c. What immense responsibility then rest upon the parent who does not know.and tfiedoclor who doe nut understand Ihe complaint which is destroying those preciou flower of life's children. What should bo done 1 The answer is plain. Give this Vermifuge, which will be Btire lo do good, if they have 110 worm, nnd il they hnvc, it will destroy nntl eradicate with a cer tainly nnd precision truly iistoni-hing. It cannoi harm Ihe smallest infant or tho "ironies! um,. . iiuu 1 uu mercury or mineral in 11. Mer cury is the basts of most worm re nedie; and the remedy 1 SnlniMilUs sunr... ll.nn ill.. l,v..n.u nevir use lozenge ) but rely upon thi. Every per son will be convinced on one trial that it ns the mo-t perfect cure ever invented. We rail on nil good citizens to make known the eMcrls of this wonderliil remedy. Price 25 cents. Sold hv Coni-tocl; & Ro,, No. 19 Trcmont Row, Bnsion ) B. J. I1KINEBERG V LO. only agents for Burlington. THE NAPLEsTlIAIR DVR. For omc unaccountable I vam, for Ihe last one rr wo year, many young people, both mole and female, had the miroriune to have their hair turn permanent ly gray. Wo have frequently been applied to for something to turn the hair back to it natural color, which has induced us lo go 10 much trouble and ex pense in older lo furnish our customers and the pub. lie generally with n new nnd improved Hair Dye one that i nearly crtuctual, nnd nut the lea.t injurious lo Iho head or hair for the moderate price ol SO cent per bottle. Wc have succeeded I eyond our expecin- .,.-. uu. uiiiiiuMfuiicr iimiii: pttonc wiiu great confidence. Wo have had it ihoiounhly tested, lime u..., it...., n c , uiiiu uncr u mi hiik, iiienriee o 1 ... I. t .nt n 1 1 nH n.l I . . I . . . ,, ' . o ' . . t ,,,, u .a.-, uuuiii ti. use 11 niiu iisquauiywe believe In bo superior to nny I elore made. Sold bv w...iiami.. ub ivi's, iso. lir 1 reinont now, uosion : B. J. IlKIM-.HKifr. nn. nni.i. 1.,. n... linglon. nAt.M OF coi.u.nniA. Ladies and Gentlemen, will you be without the gen uine Oldridge's Balm of Culmnl ia lor your hair ? 1 mi max. Ht.nn.l ! ... .t... Kt.. ' ,.. ; - " 1 w.,.,,., 11 nm I,, 11 , uiny nriicie iiini 1 nre in prcrent baldne-s, and keeps the head free Iroinilandruir. We have known 11 to re-ture hair on the l aid heads of person. seventy years of age Lorn-lock and Ross give reference 19 nny that wish, lo tlictse who havo Leen perlcaly bald fur yeors anil hnVI. Iia . , I . , nun is-Btiueu wniiin ine in-i iwo monlhs. lie sure and get the puuuinc, Willi ihe n'g- wy-..-,. n .,-on 11, urgcinone. noia by Comslock and Ros. No. 19 Trcmont Row, Bos toil! I1.J. HEINEBKRO & CO. inly agent, for Burlington. PIIENCII DI3III,ATOIlY. Till npll'.'lj. .ititiA tn ,nl'.'n tl t. - .- from the lace and neck 1 sol I nl BO cenl per 1 otlle V.y ?21,,.l.!oek. & Ilns, No- 19 Trcmont Row, llo-ton .'. J.IIUNKBF.ItG & CO. only ngents for Bur' hllg.Oll. IBinfi Canada Plates. Boxes Canada Plate 25 do Pontpool, for aln low by FOLLUTT & IIRADLF.Y. South Wharf. 200 16 I'ainting, Carriage Making, &c. spaulijinu a nussEi.T. CONTINUE Iho Painting business in nil its vari ous branches, ond solicit a continuance of the public patronage. Wc have also commenced CARKIAGF. making, and are prepared to make to order any kind of Car nage or Sleigh that may be wanted, in a first rnte manner, and cheap for cash. Repairing done on short notice. All kinds urpiovf,i taken in exchange for work Call and see for yourselves. Shop on Shclburn Si., opposite the American Hotel. Burlington, .May, 1845. 50mG B. O. SPAULDING, 8. 11. RUSSELL. If. II. DOWNS1 Vegetable Balsamic ELIXIR. THE Gbest NonTii- ERH III'. ME O V (Or Cough, Colds, Bleeding at Ihe Lungs, Bronchitis. Night Sweats, DiUieuliy of brcalbing, and nil olher diseases of the Lungs, which are the incipient stages of Consumption a disea-c thai has, heretofore prcs'ed fatal, bat 11 uig all medical skill, and drtgging ihou. hands to untimely grate. No other medicine yet discovered ha grappled with this fell destroyer nl hunan life with such f -S - f The Vegetable Balsamic Llixr lias now been in general u-e for more thai leu years, and thousands, taught its. incomparabe value by expert', ence of its wonderful curative procrlics, have accord ca to it a celebrity unparalleled in the whole wide range in airaicni science in inisorany olher country. Since Ibis powerful medicine hut Uims Unu.. immense numbers, who believed them-cives in ihe iasi migenoi a coiinrmeuaiiuiiiciuable consumption, and pronounced by the most skilful physicians in the country as past all hope of reiovery, have been re-cucd miraculously from the criup of Death by its use, and are now blessed wilh health and slrensrth. II is Nature's own simple liesiontive a Healing gnrimiiu y unu iiu was orcugtit to I lie very brink of the grave by Consumption, and from plant celebrated fur their great medicinal virtues. Il is the employment ot natural means lo overcome and coun terncl the evils of Nature healing the lacerated Lung of Ihe afihcled patient in the worst possible en -es and restoring Iho function of ihe diseased mem. bers to strong and healthy action. It has effected cures where all other medicines have tailed. In all cases of A-tlnna, Whooping Ciaish, or the accumulation of Phlegm, so de.truclive lo the health and life of children H is nanici.lnrlL. r.uMnm..nriis.i as an unlading cure, and no family in the Union, if ihey vvi.h to nrcsiTve their children from tuiTering and ucain, snoutu nol oe without it. Almost countless testimonials of its remarkable cures, irom every quarter ol Hie Union, and Irom indi. viduals in every condition ol life, are lis best creden tials, showing in the most conclusive manner that this Preparation act upon ihe human system in a manner little short ol miraculous. These may befouad in ihe daily papers, and also may be obtained in pam phlets and handbills of npent. tree oleost. Thi. incomparable medicine is prepared only by N. H.Dowos.Troy Vl., the original inventor and po prietor. CURTIS A SMI nr a. in..,,. V. Only Wholesale A rem. I.'.. iLiniiin AtTfiitm run Iia sumilied ia any part ol the Union, upon Iho best terms. "pkcKlsPEAu7",nCnV'y Kc?whfe. ''-Hr,g.on,Vl. Sarsaparilla and Tomato Bitters. FREDERICK BROWN, a celebrated chemist ol Boston, has succeeded fur Iho first time in com bining the medicinal virtues oftho SARsArARitLA and Tomato. Apd tho result has met Ihe most sanguine expectation of the medical profession. The whole vegetable kingdom docs not turni.h Iwo auhstanccs so admirably adapted lapuHfy, nourish and fnrfpo rate the human system. Tho-e Bitters have all the edect of the most powcriul purgatives when used In sufficient quantity, nnd yet aro o mild in llieir opera tion that ihey may be gircn to person in the most delicate health with pcrlect safety. Thoy are very agreeablo to Ihe taste. The component Ingredient nf these Bitters is no secret. .They nre composed of a very strong prepar ation ofthe celebrated extract of Spnnl-h Snraapa nlla and the extract ol Tomatoes, with tho addition of ome of the most popular vegetable medicine the country nllords. Che true means ol preserving Health nnd Strength I lo purify the blood nnd correct theunheallhy state of the Bowel. For this purpose no Medicine tin been found equal to the Snrsaparilla nnd Tomato Itinera. These excellent bitters will belound n certain cure In nil cases ol indigestion or dyspepsia, jaundice, los of appetite, general debility, faintne nnd sinking ol Ihe slomaih, lownc6sofspirils,cosiivencs, determi nation of blood to die bend, pain ia the limb and side, diarrhoea, weakness, ilizzines, cuinncou eruption on the face and neck, hectic fever, night sweats, nerv ous ami ick headache, acidity of stomach, biliou af fections, pile, rostiveuc.-, nnd in all diseases caused by impurity ofthe blood, the debility ofthe system, or the unhealthy stale of the stomach nnd bowels. They are also exceedingly cflVnciru in reMoring constitutions broken down by sedentary employment, nnd have been extensively used by Clergymen, Kdi tor, Primers, Clerks, Scamslrcsse, and numerous others whose health had been injured by confinement and close application, wilh the happiest re-ulls. They restore the action ofthe stomach, incrcascthe quality ofthe blood, and Impart to the wan and emaciated sytcm ol Ihe invalid the vigor and glowortrue health. Thee Bitters nre warranted to I e n purely Vegeta ble compound and mark this, ICfihey can never do the least injury in nny case whatcver.CtJ They are kept by person ns n PA MIC? MF.DI CINK,nnd hnve been given to the tounoest children on account of the mildness of their operation, with excellent ctlect. The following arc a few of ihe many new recom. mcnda'ion which have been sent to the proprietor of BROWN'S SARSAPARILLA nnd TOMATTO HIT TKRS within a short time. REMF.MBFJl. Always ask for Brown's as there are counterfeit. Ma. F. Bnowu, Dear Sin Having tested the value of yottr Snrsapnrilln nndTomato Hitter, I take pleasure to give to you the facts of my cn-e for your own sad. taction nnd ihe Icnellt of others. I have been sintering with the Erysipelas humor in my side, causing my band nnd nrm to swell very much, and to be very painful, nt the sa. nc lime and for some time previous, havo I een troubled with a weak stomach; most of my food hn hurl me, and there ha been n singular famine al the stomach, which hns liecn in crensing, nnd caused me much difficulty. Alter I commenced, taking your Bitters I could perceive a gradual nnd immediate rebel, and would recommend it with much confidence to those who are troubled wilh such complaints. Yours, truly, WM DAMHELL. . "aih, Me. May 27, 1845. Ma. I. Brown, Dear Sir: I have some tiniepa-t sufTered much from Jaundice and Dyspepsia al the Stoirach j lo ofnppctile, and tronl lcnn l pain from the least simple food, w ith pain in the head and side ) a slight couih, general weakness and debility ofthe system. Afieruing a number of medicines without nny relief, 1 was induced to try your Sarsaparilla and Tomato Bitter. I received immediate relief Irom the u-e of one Bottle, and feel gratified for Ihe great relief I have received, and would recommend it to all who arc suffering from similar disorder. Yours, truly, FREDERICK I). SLAID. sr rs Ulicn, N. V. May 17, 1845. Bin. F. Brown, Dear Sir: I am auain out of your Sarsaparilla nnd Tomato Buters) It i an article that I much thought of) nn old lady from Frankfort, Her kimer County, say she ha been confined to her hoit-c for seven year., and this ha enabled her to gel out. Several in ll i city say that it is Ike best medicine they have ever taken. Please send me n fresh supply soon, a I have not n bottle in the store. Yours with respect, J. K. WARNKR, per. R. P. RAY. Falmouth, May 29, 1811. To Mr. Brown, Chemist, Bolon. I certify that my wife ha I een afflicted with a very bad humor on her face, and at her stomach, for fifteen year pa-t. After using various medicines recom mended for complaints with httleornnlcnefit, she commenced using by Iho advice nf Mr. Kdward Ma son, Apothccory, your Sarsaparilla, nndTomato Bit ters, nnd she is now in Utter health, than she has le. fore enjoyed for the last filleen years) nnd I would cnccrfully recommend lb all and every hone who is ollbcied with nnj of Ihe complaints wh'ce this mcdi cffle i. re. ummended for, to use it in prefer nee to nny article now in use, Yours resnectlulli, J. B. LEACH. Pvrll.inJ. Me. June S. IS1J. Liver Complaint, can be cured without resorting iu in u u i y, ii )u ui imiy uie urown s narsaparilia mm t timiiiu rimers. To Mr. Fredcrici Brown, Proprietor of the Sar.-niin nlla and Tomato Bitter : Thi certifies that my wife was severely ofilictcd with the Liver Complaint, nnd her health wns very se riously undermined. Having tried various prescrip tions without succc, she wn fortunately induced io try your Sarsaparilla and Tomato Hitlers ; her health scon began lo improve, nnd she is now niuch better in health, and would advi-c nny one ir. ill health lu use Ilium. . S.UIS, jcsici nun v. CIlAULIS CARLi: All order for the nbnvo Medicine addressed to the Proprietor, F. BROWN, 03 Washington St., Boston, win meei wiiu juiiieiuai mieniioii, PECK & SPKAR, Wholesale Agents for Burling ton nnd vicinity. Pur sale also by Georce Ayers, Millon; Bovnton & Rnrrili, Hinesburuh laindon& t'nnfield, Wdlislnn ) William Rhodes Jr., Richmond j Manin Wire. Cambridge i II. L. Cnnip, "to we j John II. Bow man, Vemrnnp j William R. Russell, Mi l dteburys S. P. He 'field, Montpelier. Sold nlso by Druggists nnd Agents generally. SI pcrbotlle, or 6 bottles for 85. July, 1845. 7yl IIIEDICIIVC FOR Till: .TIILMOM SEAVBIl'S JOINT AND NFJIVE FOR Ihe cure of Rheumatism. Gout, Sprains, Bruise, Swelling., Cramp, Numbness, Lame nessol all kinds, Pain in the side, back or loin, ague, heaJache.'sti.l'ncck, slings of in-ccis, chilblains, fre.h wounds, burns, freeze, and all cases of external injury. There has never appeared a medicine which pos sesses ihe penetrating and healing power in so great a degree, while at the samo time it cannot by any possibility produce injurious c.lects. By its ncnoa on the skin, it excite a healthy circulation ofthe blond, and removes all obstructions to the insensible perspiration, which is the cause of so much human siillering. It has complete control over fire, and may Is; u-ed with pertect snlely in the worst cases of burns. The price put upo.i it being lar Mow olher medicines of iho kind, most cllrs'tually removes every obstacle to it universal use. Why will yon suffer pain when a safe, efficacious and cheap medicine Is within your reach J ' IMPORTANT TO HORSEMEN! This Liniment is not only beneficial to tho human system, but is the best article that can be u-ed for Hor-es that have been sprained, bruised or galled, and for many oilier di-eases requiring an external remedy. 1 he high character ot the gentlemen sign tnjr the followinir certificaij will renik-s ii .,r ,'n,,.....i In all who may have occasion lo Use a medicine of ine kiiki. Tho undersigned having made use of Soavcr's Lini ment, fur horse, and finding it lo lu valuable rem edy for lameness, galls, sprains, bruise eVc, would recommend it to our friends and the public generally, liebev uig lhat those who may have occasion lo use a remedy for any ol Ihe disease, for which it is recom mended, will nol be disappointed in its effects. IaOVP.LL PAHR. HratllelKiro' Vl. ) OTIS BARDWELL, Walpole.N. II. I Stare UEOROF. HUNTINGTON " 4 PELPTIAH ARMSTRONG, " Proprietors. GKO. DICKINSON. Claremont N. H. J Price tS and HO cents per llottlc. Prepared only by T. SHAVER & SON, Druggists, Walnole N. II.. Recil, Wing Cutler, 54 Chatham St, Boston, Whola-ale Agents. 06srre Every bottle ofthe genuine will have tho signature of T. Seavcr if. Son, on the inside wrapper For sale by Peck tt Spear, Burlington t O. Shole, Perrisburgh) J. M. Staples, Charlotte ; F. Hunting. Ion, Vergenncsl Morton Sc. Clark, Willi-ton; K. B. Jlrccn, Kichmond j 8. K. Collin, Montpelier, and bv Druggists and Merchant generally throughout the Slate. September 8, 1843. )5mfl E mitV'S II n Ills' ivn wmvn n mvi. -I ing Ink at Factory Prices for cash, for sale by Buihnglon, July 3, '44. STEVES WOODS. Annexation. SPAITI.niNO niTSSIi'I I HAVING taken the HI, At'KSMIT SHOP former ly osvupiatby (Ieo. A. Allen, are prepared lo accommodate the public as well as any olher KstaJi IisIiiii.ii'. in this vu iniiy. We want all thcoldeus lomers, and lots of new ones. It. (1. SPAULDINtl, S. II. Itl'SSIXL, BurlingtoB, Juuv&l, IS13. Im C A SUPEIliOR ARTICLE FOR COUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMA, AND AtiL PUIjMONAflY COMPLAINTS. PREPARED FROM VF.OCTABLES ONLY. ' THIS BnUnm is oTercd to the public generally, from n full conviclion that it i superior to nny other medicine now in use, for Ihe cure ol ynriiuadls. eases ol the che-t. Its o lect wero first les'd in pri vate practice, and Ihe medicine more exlersively cir culated atlhe earnest solicitude of innny,wlio receiv ed the niost signal I enefit from it, In dtsean'- nl onco distressing and alarming. The preparer of thi Bal sam hns for several year paid particular attention to pulmonary complaint, by watching the r progre-s, investigating their cause, nnd carefully noticing Ihu electa ofthe numerous ond must approved remedies, which have been prescribed by physician of nil or der, ns well ns of almost every patent medicine ever o'lered to the p.iblie. Hut, on i areful trial, it j fully shown, that the Compound Pulmonary Balsam will not fail in the eompari-on with nny of the Balsam, Cough Drops, Pectorals, or Syrups ; but ha, in nu merous ca-es, gained the ascendency as a curative, in Ihe following complaints j Consumption, Asthma or Phthisic, Whooping Cough, Measles, Catarrhal aficc tions of tho lung, Ilydrothorax or Dropsy ol Ihe chest, Influenza, Croup, Spitting of blood, pain in the Side. Shortnc of brent n, nnd common colds. It regulates the natural secretions of the eystcm, pro cures a free expectoration, and nllays morbid irrita bility. Hence us great utility, in all di-cases oftho lungs. As Ihe Compound Pulmonary Balsam ha thus far established an unrivalled reputation where it ha been u-cd, it Is boned that it will prove a blcing to community, in prolonging hfe and ndding to its cotrforls. From Dr. B. Fairchild, Millon, 17. For three years I have used Dr. Carter's Pulmonary Balsam in my practice, and nm satisfied that it i a compound well adapted lolnngcomplaint,and entitled toinitcl credit, 1 consider it a sale medicine, nnd one that I can cordially recommend. I would, however, advi-e the afflicted to consult ome j idicious physician ns to a preparatory cour-e, or an a-si-tant medication, as I think Ihe sanative iiillucnce of ihe remedy would thus be more sure. II. FAIRCHILD, M. D. Millon, Vl. July 23, IS43. This may certify that lat summer I was attacked .villi n severe cough,, pitting nf blond, and pain in Ihe side, which reduced ine rapidly) and, a my lather' family had died ofthe consumption, I expected to fol low utiles I found rebel soon. I therefore employed thelc-1 physician in these part-, who gave ine no relief, and nil appcarcnccs indicated a speedt disso lution. But fortunately I commenced taking Dr. Carter's Compound Pulmonary Mal-nui, nnd -non bo ra n I o recover, and in a few weeks regainc I my n-tnl health. We have u-ed in our lamily conidcral'le or Sntr p-on IteeJ's Vegetable Pulmonary Hal-am, which gave but temporary relief. I wnnl I recommend Dr. Carter's, a being superior to Reel's, or any oilier medicine I ever tr.el, for di-eae of the lungs, even for children. One of my children was lately taken with the croup, ond was soon curel by taking l)r. Carter's Balsam. I think every family would do well lo keep a supply, nnd uit freely w hen troub'ed wilh cough or cold-j even when taking njouineyl con sider it prudent lu put a battle in my trunk, for fear I may need it. EP1IRAI.M K. WLST. Newbury, April 15, lc."5. Wholesale nnd Rciail Atrrnt for the town of Bur lington, U H. J. IIEINKBEHG ,f. Co. mIin INSURANCE. Til I Iv, sul sent erhas nctcil n Agent lor the Etna L Instnnnce Company nl'HnrtfordConnccticui for more than twenty year.- nat. niiilpimnmi... tn ,n.,,r.. against losses by fire, and all kind- of building nnd personal property, nnd will receive nptdication nt hto!heein Burlington, nnd imtneJiatcly i-site Police ui mm purpose nt as low raie oi premium, ns nny j . u,,i,.inv can iiuuni. j uu un tout. tea re-po.l slbilityoflhi Ciininanv. insures snft'lv tn lln. in.ii red, and their prompt, honorable, at d "liberal cour-e in the ndiu-tnient and navmcnt of In-sp.. u-illl. nt. le-tedbyall with whom they have had occasion to .In li.i.l,.,. WM . .men nt r. ..... Burlington, March 1, 1841. 40tf jTicre is no excuse Jor the Headache when you can obtain the Gn.N- INE MAItPIIU.I.S AltoMATIC Cat.miiui and IIi:ai aciir S.nuit 1 1 THIS snufi i a certain and cure for tic catarrh, and common colli in the Head and ihe Headache and is an excellent article for,rennd weak eyes. Il opensand purge mil all obstructions, strengthens the glam and gives a healthy action to inc pans aiiecteu. Beware of Counterfeits : All thoso wi-lunir to purchase the centime article nf Marshall's Snu'i; should purchase that of wiiicn ii. iiriuiey, .viiiMiibury vt., is ttie proprie tor, "nr.d no other," a I manufacture personally, the tiiuu sum vy suiu srriiiiey. DR. MARSHALL. i certity mat uie nnove nruclc w a executcil in my presence anu lliat hi signature thereto i genuine. DORASTUS WOOsTJ'.R, Judge. iMiddlebury, Jan. 14, IS 13. N. 11. The name ol H. C. Gridlev proprietor will be found upon every buttle of the genuine Mar-hall'. Improve.! Snuff". Slid wholesale nnd retail I v II, u. urniley, Blul tlciiury Vl. PECK & SPKAR Wholesale and Idail nruveiits. Burhnirtnn. Vl. And by Dr.iggi-ts generally in the United Slates ni.,1 fn,.n.ln I .. PR. SIAnSIUIXR INDIAN VEGETABLE Bind; Piaster. rpHIS Plaster is unrivaled for curing scrofnhis swelling, scurvy, sore-. latnel ack. Iiuru-. uams tn the side-, bin or limb, and seldom fads tn ir.'ve rebel in cases of local rheiiniatism. Ifnpplied to the side, it will nre many ofthe common liver com plaints, and it is found to be equal if nut superior to any corn pinsiir, lor cornonine icet. JlllliniisJl alely annheil to a fresh wound it will iireveiit sore nes, and cati-e it quickly to heal. Fann ies in the naDii oi using ini piaster, nml it heicr than any thins else for all mirnn-e for which a iilatcr or salve i wanted. Il virtues have been witnes-ed I y tho'i-ands of respectable individuals jn vario is part of the United Suite, who have tested its efficacy. PRICE, 25cls. per box. HCPMaiiv certificates may be bad. showing it. extraordinary efTecl. Beware of Counterfeits : All those wisblnw lo nnrchase the Pennine arliclo of Marshall's Plaster should purchase that ot which II. C. (irnlley, Mtddlebtiry, Vl., is the (ienernl Asenl anilno oAer as I manufacture personally ihe Plaster sold by said (Iridley. till, nt.MllllAI.U 1 certify that the above article was executed in ittr prc-cnce by Dr. Marshall and that his signature thereto is genuine. IMJHASTAS WOOSTKH, Judge. Middlebury, Jan. 14, 1845. Sold wholesale nnd retail bv II. C. Gridlev. cen- cral Agent, Middlebury Vl. rj'.rv q. Di-r.Aii, Wholesale and ltd ail Druggists, Burlington, Vt. And ny I'ruggists gencrutiy in ine uiiiiim Mates - and Canada, FARM FOR SALE. Ok; FOR SALE, a larm in Underbill, con tainina: ono hundred and loriv-stx acre, iboti one hundred acres of which is under cultivation, the remainder is covered by a good growth of hard wood. On the premises ore a conventcntdu'dling hou-e, I am, sheds, &c. and an orchard of thrifty btMrm.. aim inv. sufficient for makiug some filly or n'xly barrels of .... aim, u mnii i-iuiiuiinng one iiunurcu acres, lyingabtmt one mile from the above,nbout sixtyacres of which is under improvement, add bason it n capa cioii bam, Ihe remainder i well wooded, principally wilh lieaeh and maple. The above are situated near the centre nl the town and oi tho main road, ore well watered and well fenced, n considerable portion of Ihe fence I eing substantial stone wall, and loieth er compose one of the best dairy farms in" the town. The above premise will bo sn'd to close a concern for much le-s than ihfir real value, and possession given on the 1st of April next. For further particu lars enquire ol A. FOOIE. Burlington, Feb. 22, 184 1 3Slf Health and Strength, I)H. 8.O. ltI-IAIU)ON'H CONCENTRATED SHERRY WINE BITTERS. ICP"They are iho unrivalled ond edicacioi s coin pound of a reiular Phy cion and graduate ofthe New Hampshire Medical CnlVge, .who ha made Ihe study of medicine hisprofessinn, and ihey ore hiulily recom mended by msnyof the most uelebrale.1 Physicians in V'ccuuiilry, a decidedly the BEST MEDICINE EVER OPFErtRn TO tiil; pi'iimc rn. n.... Ml, Jaundice, Liver Complaints, Humors, cic.nnd de rangement nfihe Stomach and Rowels. ror sate in liuilington by PF.CK it SPEAR, whole- ...I.. lir.', I I. , . .. ' ..,,;, wuu win lurntsii icnier at tne pro1 '"I ,..,.s,..u, ,y ,,t4t, H.viA". ! .VIll lH K. Jul) 2S,S.n6. FALES' TrlKnifirTVU. n'ALI.S' Cathartic and Vegetable Purgative Loi J- engers, nnd the best and decidedly the most pop ular article, not only for adults but for children of all countries and climate, nml in every condition oflife. They are slriclly vegetable, with a taste inexpressibly delightful they ranono pain in the operation but on tho contrary feelings of pleasure, cleansing the stom ach and bowels ir.ora perfectly than nny oilier purga tive. Their magic like operation surprises Ihe most eminent physicians, and they aro rapidly taking the p accofall other purgativccompoiind. Evervtrav cllcr should carry them, every family should keep them, and every man, woman and child shonld laka them, PALIS' WORM LOZENCIES Ate a suro remedy, nnd children love them,'fhey act -"sun in it.-iiiuviuif uie syripiums, siarringm sleep, grating the teeth, paleness about the mouth anrl nn. n.U... n. . -. ..... 1 1 , , -""..- "i, n(-uarious appeiur. swelled towels and general fever) Ihechild fall into a nuiel stcpn. I lin ,i.r.-.n. n .A .l I - ,, J every instance ns Inr as heard from the patient is en PALES' COUGH LOZENGES, linn0.,??" ' C,1,N! bmnchitis, mcipicnl consnmp. '"".yl'tioiiinK cough n nd croup, tho mot happy tTect - i n "a "' " 'c.w Ike symptoms d sappetr and jhe disease I. at once broken up! A stngletrial I sufficient to sali-ly the mo.l skeptical. ' FALES' DYSK'NTERY l.OZKNOES oS.T, TV?' ,,iarIi"I c nid all bowel cotnptHint b, I i ! drt'n" v particular attention to the direction, which nccotnpanv each box nnd they ara not known to fail. Price 25 cents. TALKS' CAJ'P IOR LOZENGES, l or common nnd iclc lendachet nlso, mania, epi lepsy, melancholy, hj siena, St. Vitus Dance and all oilier case nl languor nnd oppression of Ihe viial powers, hpy nre perfectly safe for women or children in all condition. PALES' CYPRIAN HAIR TONIC, Is now so extensively known that comment is nae lc..s. Wccan -ny, however, among thousands who have purchased it in this and olher countrie. non have complained, but on Ihe contrary expressed Iheir wonder und admiration on beholding its e.Tect. CLEAR OUT YOUR RA'IS. Tl.. ,.n..r. .l ... I . . .... b. h ,., mine ui uig-c uesiruciive crea hires can 1 e banished forever in your hou-es and stores if you will procure a box oftho genuine ft! t, P-1.I.... and use it according todirection. ' vutuiini,ioiieouupontiiennovemctlianesiintes obtaine.l oftho proprietor, J. J. Fnlcs, 96 Commercial street, Boston i to avoid to imerfeit ihe agent ha a certificate with the written ignalure of J, J, Pales, Nr. rnti..' iin. n....l.l ...kl.. -i n , . is V . ' . ,u " us'is-siue ucki rtiaii ai No. !IG Commercial St., Bo-ton. , " .'n',' ," "."cinel-crch it Co.. Dniggisti, Whole-ale ami Retailers for the above irtedicines. U'.?"'.'!' Vm- R- "'"''V, Druggist j .Vet Harm Mills, II. Rider) Bristol. Ceo. W. Pormelee ) Ntv Haven, A. P. Ro.coe: Ferritburgh Center, Amos i ii 3 Muneiourcn, sunt- ntrs Oakv f pwk ; Cambridge, Marlfn .Vires: JJakcrtfuld, Arnnngton if IV-meroy j ?rf Enot- Vi t i i, of.e.uon, jt Aerm ec to. 5 airfield. Uurr 2i h nnswfifth w n 1: Lri JO SAND'S SARSAPARILLA, FOR THE REMOVAL AND PARMANEST CURE OF ALL IHSF.AS-F.S ARISINO FROM AN IMPURE STATE OF THE BLOOD, OR HABIT OFTIIE SYSTHI. Ir we read I he history of disorder we are aston ished that nicn live: if of coses, we - .till mn. nstoni-hel lhat Ihey die. And yet in fact nearly all disease have a common orgin, viz: in the organs which prepatennu monuy u,e lilood, wilh a remedy, directed to the seal of ih-ease, will remove a host of us. phenomena. It is ihe peculiar characteristic of Sand's rsarsaparilla.lhalilsseanhing operation reach es thccM-sr.s dfili-ease, nnd the cure il perform are therefore radical and Ihoi'iiusrh. The health of the human system depends nlnio-t entirely upon trie state of .he blood. It the vitalizing fluid which pervade-every ti-stie, every membrane, III re, filament, gland, or other organ primary or sul stdinry ) if the body be charged with the elements of ih-ense, sick ne mu-t I e the oon-eq 'cine, nnd until the cavse of ilisea-e existing in the 1 look are crndkaleil, no permanent relief can I o expected. Il i here that tho powerful henlih-restorins priipertiesof Sand.' Snr-a-paril'n nrem mite-ted; nnd for this rra-on, in scro fula, Sail Shcum, mid nil eruptive diseases, as well asm all derangements of the secreting organ., it is consi.leerd infolhl le. Tho f Mowing interesting case i presen'e and the render invitisl to its careful perusal. Comment on such eviJenccistinnecessnry. Nnw-YoBB, July 23, 1844. Messrs. Sas-d: f.ent 1 con-i leril but an act ol justice lo von lo taie the following tact in reference tothegrcat lenelit I have received in Ihe cure of an ohsitnateCANCFiiors Ui eta nnmylrenst. I wasjtlcndcd eighlecn monlh by a regular and skilful phj sictan, as. i-tcd by the advice and nun-el ofonenf our inot nb.e and experienced surgeon, without the least 1 enefit w hatever. All ihe vnriousi methods ol Irealiiigcancer were ri'soned to; fir live week m s icces-inn my I reast w-a I urned w ithi-nns-lic three limes nday, and for six it u a daily syringed with a weak solution of nitric acid, nnd the cavity or Internal ulcer wns so lane thnlit held over an ounce ofihesolution. The Din-tor protrd ihe ulcer and exanunisl the bone, ond said Ihe wa ad vancing r.iiidly to the lungs, and il I did nol pel speedy relief by medicine or nn operation, there-nit wott'dbe lalal. Iwusndvi-ed lohave Ilit brelist laid open an I the I ones examined, bul iindintj no reliej Iriitu what had I ccn done, and feeling 1 vva rapidly gelling worc, 1 almost despaired of recovery, ron udercd my case nearly hopeie-s. Hccing various testimonial nn.l certificate of cure by the iic of" Sands' Sarsapaiiilia," in cases sim ilar to my ow n, I concluded to iry a few bottles, ev eral of which were u-ed, bin from thclong deep seat ed character of my ihscn-o, produced no very decided change) considering this a Ihe onlvprolsbie cure lor my en-e, I persevernl, unlit Ihe di.ra-e wa en lirilj cured. It is now oyer eleven month since tho cure wa completed) there is nol Ihe slightest np leirnnieofa return. I, therefore, pronounce myself well, a ml the cure entirety effected by "Sands' r-AR- SAPAnlLLA," a 1 took no other mrdlrinr r.. J J during the time 1 was nsiny it, norhare I taken any since. Plca.eexcii.eihis longdeferreilacknuvyledge mt nt, which I think it my duly lo make. Your val uable Sarsaparilla cured me, with the I le-siiieor Di vine l-ruviiience, nothing else could ami I feel my. elf under lasting obturation. In V ill I 1 n . many things I caniuit wine, nnd I do most risers I -fully invneladie nfilicicln I have leen locallupo'n nieandl will -ati-ly ihem fully of thetrath as slated above, nnd ninny other ihtinr in reference lo the ease. ivvi-su, J. jilll.l.KK, SIS Sullivan st. Thefollowt.12 is an extract Irom n letter tinml. received. Gallatis, Tenn. Feb. 27th, 1844. Messrs. A. B. if- D. Sands: tlENTLEMEK I have iti-t received a Idler from m fallicr in ltiissclvi'lc, Ivy., w ho w ishes to purchase some of yoqr Sarsaparilla. I have no doubt he ran I e the mean ol selling a great deal, as it has per formed n wonderful cure in his family. I.n.i n lender I wa sent for lo scemy si-ter I etoreshedieil. - ku.ii;. i svu iii ii ui iicaiiiuur some iwo or ihrttt year, nnd nl Ihe time I went over to see her. sht at the point nl death, with Ihe scarlet fever, nnd a cancerous affection ofthe bowels, from which'h physician thought she could not po--il y recover. carried over wilh me a bottle of your Sarsansnlii. nnd with the consent of her phy-ician shecoiiimenced taking tt that night. 1 remained with her three days, and leftherrapidlyimproving. Her hul and sent a boy home w ith tne for moio of the Sarsaparilla. I sent oiil dozen bottle which I lelievewill elect an entire cure. My father writes me lo that edect, and wishethroiiih me to procure nn ogence for (clliog your valuable medicine to that reighlmitmoil. Jeie.-!jully, J. AI. OWKNB. For further particular nnd evidence ot its superior value and efficacy, see pamphlets, which may I col laiucdof agents, gratis. Prepared and sold, wholcsalcond retail, by .4. II. a D. Sands. Druggist nnd Chemists, 79 Pulton St.. New-York. I'RCK &srEAn,AClliecaricnndDrnggitsv nnd Geo. Petcron, Agents .,r Burlington i Clark Collins. Monlneiier. Sold al.ti hv Drm-i-i.,. rally throughout ihe tinted States. Price SI lies boiile t ix boltle for 85. CrThepnl lie arc re-pciilully requeiedto remem ber lhat il is Sand' Sarsaparilla thai has and is con stantly Rfhiel ino such remnrL nl.lMm.M. r.r .v.. . . ... -.---r; - - s.i llir IIIIISU difficult class of di-coses to which the human franii i 'wi iinisis.ii.usis iur oanu' sarsaparilla, and lake no olher ' Mm,mw.wiii .-ssv ini.s.i i nv svMiniivi i lictiri, a meat cine which soothrs tliotliVoffrt't-abl-en.aiion of female alout in UvomomoiluT-.,ond nuiirts a mfe deliverv in ll cat.' Whprt ir.flll'Armnlir.n ns . ...,, ui rtiiui; ilUUIUrll Pf cunisiamv does not prevent. The reputation ofihi. arncie, inousn silent, has become so extended as 'a ........... ..,-,u, n pampn el, intended only for the eye of ihosc directly interested and Ihrii phvsieinn. is nrHtun rnr ......., j, " . !"r where ihe Relit l i. lor sale. " oisinoutioo. As jve are llms obliged to come Wfore the nubile. . ...v . .uiiicr, nritei, wherever known I any guide lo a dirivt opinion to be of "he" .1 malum in which held, we have Ihe saii-fieUoo ofl elievmg lhat , h ,wn the means ol ma?nvnvatt Wl&n? & during the above period, ,',cp rooted prejudices hi re alm inniiKiu expressions of gratitude, and a wish to extend on Iheir part". ,. T.- r '".""'"'"" ' cnenis. aicatcai men ol h ah slnndinghove had the onndor to acknowledge lor Once, lhat I if r nn. n. .... -l. -1 t "T have I een advocate for its use. 1 All 1 tho,e who wish, are invited lo call on some of our Agent and procure a pamphlet wiiho,ilchare O. A.. IIAHTIIOLIC A CO. For sale by PF.CK A SPEARWYhe''.'ul,J- Agent. nirlhisVlaeoandicinhv- ply si the Proprietor's wholesale nl?r llHsl'

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