Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 24, 1845, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 24, 1845 Page 4
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2 i rVTiIt Raiuoad fever Isjutl Wmnlnc to make head-way amonii our cltlfens o far M Mite noei 1 1 The line will soon I surveyed, when wo shall 1 now -more about It. At nro-cnt report are very contra tliclory. It is vcre.l tlitit it I extremely di.ntMil , if tiossible. for the ten rat iioan 10 run mw """ Effl more lot the road 16 run from there north. The l ncony 'ant to to V-... it ftnrllntrton fricntlj" ay gammon, and are surprised that sue., stale Huff fltould "raako Itead-way" with t.tclr -neighbor. Tho fact that Boston folk " go her their inleresu lead them," U the very reiion why they have resolved to como to Turlington, and will do it, though thero were obstacles as serious ns sonic peoplo socm to Imagine. Did our friend of the Messenger " . . rnt....A ibo Third ner- ewr eo tlio play ot - 7 formed, with the part of Richard omitted He will, when he sees the railroad haul off up in Bolton, rinS start for Canada ! As to tho Toute from heto north, wo bog to assure our St. Albans friends that the survey shows it to te remarkably direct, cheap and feasible ; nd they may expect to sco tho cars, via Burlington shortly, we hope. BnADFonD, in this Slate, has been agitated -very much of lato in consequence of repeat ed attempts to fire the village. Three batns haw been burnt, Including a very large one belonging to Asa Low, Esq., and another fire was set in the immediate neighborhood of Mr. Low's extensive paper establishmenl. A Mr. Flanders detected a villain in the act of applying a match to his barn. He grap pled with and got him down, but the incen diary was rescued by an accomplice, who made thrusts at Mr. F. with a dirk, which cut through his frock and vest. A largo meeting has been held and the selectmen have offered a reward of three hundred dol lars. The authorities are on the track of suspected individuals. VERMONT ASLUM FOR THE INSANE AT BRATTLEBORO. By the Ninth Annual Report, which is just published, the Institution appears to be in a pros, perous condition. The baildinjrs have been en larged this season bv the increase ot' about 60 additional roam, affording greater accommoda tions and improving the meant of claificati in. -302 patients have enjoyed its advantages tire past year, D9 have been discharged, and 203 now remain. Of those discharged, 59 have recover- ed. Theterniiarc fixed at tuo dollars per week for the first six month", and one dollar and fifty centt per ween aiterwaras. raticms Irom otn er oiates are received 011 the same terms as those from Vermont, IlRIOItTON MARKET, October IS, 18.V At market. 3100 head of llcrf Cattle. 1030 Store 13 yoke working Oxen, 52 cows and calves, 4200 Sheep, and 1200 Swine. PbIces Beef Cattle. We quote extra, t3,25. r irsi quality la) t-econd quality, 34 u. Barreling Cattle Prices offered S3,50 for mess, 11,1 3 lor io. I, and for No. 2 (or prime,) 11 be, inr ine mjmesl prices ultered bv tnc purchasers. Workine Oxen Sales noticed at 72, 7ti, S 893. Siores.-Sle of yearlings from $5,50 9 7. Two fears old. Sit S IS. Cows and Calves l)ull, sales were made at 17, 18, iu, Ajt one ai ju, ana one ai 9Ji,bu. Sheep Dull, sales made at SI. 1.23 1.37. -it 1.S4. ? wine In conscauence ol a small lot at market, price were fully sustained at S3 1-9, SI 1-8 V 84. At wnoicsaie ana retail, 4,5, vt'ic. In this village, on Monday, the 20th ins!., by the Riiv. J. Wheeler, D. D Mr. S. C. Wead of Malone, N. V., ta Miss .M.inv H. Kasson, of this place. In NorthRctd, on the 14tl inet., by Rev. Mr. Clag. gelt, Mr. IticiiAtiD T. t-'i'Lt, of F.dcn , lo Miss Fran, cis Mabia, fifth diughterof Daniel Stevens, of the former place. In Plattsburgh, on Sunday tho 19th, by the Rev. Mr. Parks.Mr Witti sm Rati, to Miss Lecbv Ass Elkiss, ill of Pittsburgh. E) 5 (3 , In Cambridge, on the 17th Sept., Mrs. Cimulott r M. Tvtaa, wife of .Samuel Tyler, formerly of F.ssex aged 28 years. ' In this town, on the lGih inst. Mabia Sawveb, wife of Chab. P., aged 31 years. MIS3 IMAIlIlHaiTl, MILLINER, UI as jusi returned Irom rvew J.J. 'ork will, new fashion for HONXKTS. CAl'S DltENSKS I'HUIXKS. ANI CT.OAKS, Coa.tantly on hand n gooil ay Ksnmeut of Uouiicts ttaps, AC. Haying a good dre maker with (cr, slie i now prepared to do nil kiad.ufwor't, for which coiintry produce will b(i received in pay. menu Shop in Mr Doane'a I uiM- ane. 21 w3 MRS. MERRITT II AS just returned from New York wilh the latest siyies ot rsms, ana niner goods usually kept in her shop The latest Patterns, &e. QPatliculsrB neat week. KDW SXlGirjfG BOOK. THIS day published, The PSALTERY i a eollec. tionofthurch Mn-ic, consi.tins ot Psalm nnd Hvron Tune.. Chants and Anthem . i:nn, ,.cu mot complete inusieboo.ks fur church choirs, con gregations, and societies, ever published. By Lowell Mason and eo. J. Webb. Published under the sane, lion and appro! alien of the. Boston Handel and Ilayden Society, and Iloiton Academy of Music. The music i principally new, eilher entirely origi nal or arrangedfrom wrinng of celebrated c( mposer ihe whole exhil iiing a great diversiiyot stjle and ex pressKHi. The variety ol usetrcs is very large, ex pressly suiied toihe new hymas m moJern books of Psalmody. The Harmony will ! found to be natural and easy, yet dignified and devotional. The Anthem (which are almost entirely new) ate motly suitable for the various occasions of public worship, as ordinations, dedications, thanksgiving, &c The work has beside, several new feature., which will rontme id tl e-pecially to ihe singing master, the leader ofthe choir and the congregational singer. The approval ofihe work by the Boston Academy of Mu sic aad the Handel andilavden Society, is con-id ered an important circumstance, and cannot fail to create additional confidence in the merits ofthe work. nd give it a general introduction into sthoolsand churches. The preiaration of the work has required much tune and lalori indeed the editors hare len diligently engaged upon it during ihe la-t two )evs ormoret and their acknowledged ability has been displayed in a work which it it. Iwlievcd will not dis appoint the publoexpectatlon. KTKVKisis wnnrts 'The very pnp jlir works, the Boston Academy', Collection andCarmina Sacra, are published nnd for PBIO OS .U.K. BUCK WHEAT FLOUR! TJ'AMILIKSean he supplied wth Fre-h Oround jl jjuck n ueai r luur at A, 8. DEWEY'S. Oct. 12, 1815. 31 To Rnnl. A small two story Hrick Horse will 1HIH t Ai nnJI!f'0o'l.'',"'l- Kent cheap till JiUlM. JAMtS 11. PLATT. Burlington, Oct. 23, 1945, 21w3 Somcthincr Now. THRsubscriber has just receive! a large assortment of Over Shoe, among which is a new article ol OverShoes made of Calf skin, tanned wilh the hair on. which has never I efore leen offered in this market, anq is pronuuueru ny guuu judges to is, mo Dei thing of the kind ever manufactured. Also ihe let of India RuM er, together wilh a general a-eoriment oi uotti ana anoet, !(, li.M OHtLUKK. Church St. Burlington, Oi l. 2?, '45. Sw3 'hronerwav seems tobfc Tor the roa.i to po nranj m Sirl ImeVrom Eex through thl town to St John. inTthen oJen.bursh., What -ay our H'trltng o ,hf.1 "SlS! where ineir iniers.-. .s..- II ing, on C.nhn's I DAGUERREOTYPE. II. D. DO AN 13. FROM NEW-YORK, v Hn opened h! Gallery of Colored Dajruorrootypoi over C..F. Stamford & Co'a Si ore, A N opportunity Is now offered to the ntltcns of fx Burlinplon nml vicinity, tooMain faithful and accurate LILEN ESSES, which wdl be finished in a style greally superior to any before offered in this vicinity. How often ha the regret beeri expressed 1y hundreds that they do nil possess I He likeness of n departed friend or retailor!, which might call up such associations ot that friend as would distinctly bring him 10 mind. The preenHs a favorable moment to obtain thee valuable likcfte.scs. which are no less than the very Impreorions of tho human face divine, niaue upon plates 01 suve iy ine pencil 01 nature, ann noiinc mere laney 01 inunrti., The citizens are'tfiillv In villi! to call and ex- amine specimens or tills art brought to Its highest state of perfection. Thocwihine to cnirace in the business will find it an excellent minortnnitv. Stock and Anaratus con stantly on liau I, add will be furnished as low 6s can he nnrclin.ed in nnv eltv. uttriinRton, uetoicraj, io. xiii Watches. siTTEdcsirp lo inform Teachers and others, that W wo have A more extensive and a cheaper lot of Kooo Watches, man we nave ever 11101 me pleasure otHerin(r lor casn, ooth uoiii anu aiiicr. ... D ' ......t.r t, . art t. nli,vl.irnn For Sale. I good young Horc, 1 sobd woTldns mare, 1 new m. iron axle Concord Wanon, I cecond liind Con rd Wairon, I Untier, 1 Slciirn. Tur ready pay ti cash nrgooj barter. MELODIANS. Ill K subscriber has on hand a few choice Afch- diant. a lirt rate article for Teachers nnd Choirs, nl-o for Parlor Music. He has also the Flat Key Melodiansor Alelotiians witn Ihe I'tano arrange ment, very nice, which will I e sol I cheap for cah. STKVKNS WOODS. Burlington, Oct. 15, 1815. 21 TUB WANDKHINQ JCW, just received fttiJ for sale by S. WOODS. SPLENDID stock of School Books, Sabbnth . School Hooks, Hymn Books, Bibles and Tcla- mont. .Tiiftf IlilJt.u. fr0iii, l,u Sinv p 'or tale by S. WOODS. FINE thin Letter Paper, 4 sheets and an cnvellope to the half ream, I'erroraled Taper, Nice thick Letter Paper, Cap wnlinir paper, cheap and cond, Q nll", 6'iecl Pen, Ink, Ink Stands, Sand Boxes, RnslMi and iVnn-vlvania Slates all ze, Slate Pencils, die, 4c, for sale by S. WOODS. Sabbath School Libraries, Bp yol. for 85,00 for sale by STEVENS WOODS. The Vocalist, consisting ol hort and easy glees, by L. .Mason andu. J. cbt, Tor Bile hy The Dcflultioti Spelling Hoik, by It. Mo K'.Orrn.-. ny. Olncv's Geography and Alias, Mrti-hel's do do Mor-teV new Geography, Goodrich do do for sale by Burlingion, Od. 15, '45. 21 S. WOODS. FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS II paid rnn the obIoinal Rr.ctrr. or the CELEBRATED LINIMENT OF St. John Long. THE mot wonderful remedy of the la'e St. .1011 N LONG, of England, for Ille external application to many dicase, is now lor tho first time introduced inlfi iIih finite I State. The great lame ofthi most imporlat medicine has preceded it, n will le seen hv the loiiuwtng exiract taken from the Medical Intel mencCr. vol. 2. Das'. 192. It ts here introduce I lo show ihe nubile, the great estimation In which St. Long's Liniment was held not only by ihe people ofErtgland til large, but also be the Medical Facultc there. " Dr. Maercight called the nttention olihc Medical Society lo the composition of the Liniment em loy ed by the celebrated St. John Long, which at one time, excited no minll controversy with re-pect to its imputed virtue. Ii was known to mot of the member, that nt ihe death of that oerson. tho secret ofthe compn-ition wa soldfor the enor nou sum of ilU,lHi: (8rU,oua.) lie Imt eieployed llio l.ninvenl nrettv extensively during lire lnt vcar and found Ibo result consentient on it application, perfectly as. toumiing: ine pnenomcna wnicn ioiiows mo ie ol it. are such as will asrnih I he beholder, andnreot'en deemed miraculo is hy those wboemploviheremedy, andpnra oxi al by many fthepnfj.-icn. Theviwerc 1. 1 lie appearance ui a greater oegreo oi redness on one part of tne km than another when uniformly rubbed litis peculiar red tpot being always directly in the neighborhood, and over the pan where the dt-ca-e is located. 2. On Iho continuation ol the rubbing for some lime, the ooaing ofa tlutd Irom the sitrlace, varying in color, tho culiele remaining unbroken. 3. The healing of the di-ease under the continued action of the l.tiibnent." Such i the unanswerable le-t.'mony in favor of this mo-t important external remedy! It all-healing virtues nre di-playcd in manv of the most tedious nnd o''8linne al'cclion to which thehumnn frauieissnhjecl and most triumph antlv so. in u'l tho-e internal, ob-curedi-ea-c. winch defy alike the skill of the physician and power of umjiciiitr. i i uy Hir itai iiciiis-iii ui a new HClluii ill the exhabnt vesse'g of the part alecled, induced hy the application of this Liniment, that the euro i af- fecie I and the di-eac removed. Tlieeontiiiueilnpill' cation will, if persevered in, assuredly produce ape culiar rednest direclh oter the part aTutcd. thus pointing out with unerring certainly the primary (,f de-eisc, and by continuing the rubhinc, the vitiateland morbid fluid will I seen tooo?e through the skin, an nnssofiinscnsiMu from tho surlace hv theexhaleiit ves-els, and thereby entnelv eradicating the eaute of tho disease, and restoring the part nuectcd to il usual hea'lh. Thu following complaint arc iho-e in which the L,iuiuicnt oi i. joiiii i.otig act mo.-t conspicuous I ItltcttnintlHin. 1 In mo-t distressing disease, which i so univer sally prevalent, is caily cured in a short lime by rubbing in a few bollle.. of this liniment. Ikalsv. Ofthe leg, arms, hand., or face will le speedily re.torc I to action by thoro'ighly rubbing with the liniment one nour at a time, three limes a day. Tic Dolorcux. Tins most painful ma'ady may be totally eradicated i y Bppiyiiir at. jonn s L.intnieni. I.lvrr Comiilalnti So icdiou and protracted m its nature, wearing out the aticnl by a long gradual cene ol su lering and sorrow, i soon alleviated by the use 01 the lini ment, ar.u when persevered in its continued flppuca nun is iiiiimaieiy cure i. While Wfllllii?. Thc-C nainful afleclions are cured hv ibis remedv iuii.,n uny ui iiiose disastrous anu unseemly itistor' liona which always attend lhee atTeeilons, so lodg i reproach to the science of medicine. Stiff .Intnl. Arc rendered supple nnd limU-r by thoroughly rub- umg in ine iiiiiiiis-iii iuur ur live limes a uay. AhsCessea Of all kinds, are speedily brought lo a head, and il taken in season are entirely prevented. Dropsy In the Cheat or Heart So eTei'tuallv cured by daily and constant annlica tion to the chest of this Invaluable remedy. In all dropsical diseases its effects are most astonishing. Pallia In the Side. Back or Ilreast. The.e troublesome allections, so tedious to be !orne are totally dissipated by ihe use or a single bottle. Aathmn. Th i- hitherto most inveterate Complaint, is greally .t:a.. I 1... i ...:.i. .t . L . . if r ic-iit-s-cu uv unity mulling Willi me iiuimriii, mm 11 u lonu alandim?. i ultimaiely enrol with constant rub bing, and wearing next to the che.-t a flannel cloth wet in the liniment, llrnlcea nnd Rnralna However severe are immediately relieved, and all sureura, miu stiune-t removed. Nervous CoiDiilalnta Arn immediately soothed andquieied bylhe visiles of this remedy, and iheir tendency to return greatly lesseiicd--and all Internal Swellings, ofevery nature are banished like a charm, wilh the operation of this imminent. ri(iui; cenis. Oct. 'is, '43. THE KING'S OIL, Fot all Wounds on Jlorsos, Cattle, fye, SVCH as Cuts,, Corks, Gills, (either by I be Saddle or 11.1 rne.s.l Sore Racks. Sore Breast. Sprain, Ki-tulas, o-c, Ac. ifeci, removing all soreness and sliline-s, nnd healing up Ihe worst pu.siOh wounds, in from one to five davs lime, This CELEBRATED IIKMKUY was prepared hy order ol Iho late King Wm. IV, or tireat lintam under ihe direction of Mr. Younit. lite ce1ef,rattd En glisb Farrier, nrtd used by hint in the Itoynl Stud of unrsts only. . Sold bv PF.PIC Ac SPRAII. llurlinirtoii J. D Kingsland it Co., Keeseville ; L. P. Cheney, Port ncnryi srrignt cc aprague, tvniienan , ii, v. riu ley, Miouieiinry i B. Murray. Vergenne. nmu Sheet Music'. A Splendid assortment ol Sheet Mil"", just ree'd XX and for sale by STEVEN1-WOODS. B utbngicn, Oct, 5, 1815. 20 ODER'S sou a w-vv i?. k.n nif. PUIS OIL an ofleclnhl remedy under God, ol manv dl-orders incident to the human body. It is a cure for many rheumatic disorders. It cures by bathing thu pans afTeeled nnd taking it inwardly in dotes Irom fiva to twenty drops. It i also lound vetv efficacious In curing frch wouhJs aftd binl-cs if applied siiccJilv ii Is nUo lonnd to cure manv ob stinate ca-es ol ulcers in the lunirs, shortne-s of ' rain, pnuifie. congns, ana almost ail tiisomers 01 Ihe breat and lungs This is tocertify that wejhavc olten witnessed tain la'ry cflecla of Joscnli Ol'er's SauawWeed Oil. We consider it from practical ob-crvation lo ben very valuable medicine, and oric that oiiaht to eome into a more ceneral use Ihhn it hi s vet done. lis properties arceasily ascertained hy any one who Is at an lamiirar wim medicine the odor la agree. able ahd aromatic, tho taste is warm and pungent, somewhat acid and sllchlly bitter. We would freely recommend it for all ili-cases, for which it has been heretofore, recommended. , A. POLLARD, M. I). ., B. A. SUOTT. Chazy, February 2, 1839. I certify that I have made use ol Oler's Squaw Weed Oil, both as on external application and an in ternal remedy, and have found it lo be a valuallc article in various . L. F. H1DWKLL, M. I), Plattsburgh, July 1G, 1839. II I lltMtVTl-hkr,Ar, - Oct. 23, '45. Wholeale Aaents, Burlington, Vt. mmmmm VHUMONT CENTItAL RAlti ItOAD TO. Notice is hereby given, that on the 16th instant the Directors will commence nt tho noint of connex ion wilh the Cheshire Railroad, nnd proceed to locale said road. It will then be ready for examination by any persons who may desire to contract fot buiMing, and proposals will be received nt this place from the 23ih instant, until the Gih of Novcml er next, for the grading and masonry of a pari, or the whole, as the uirectora may men determine, uy order ot the ui rcciors. CHARLES PAINR, Pres' NorthBeld, VI., Oct. 1, 1845. Auction of Valuable REAL ESTATE. WILL be sold, nt publia unci ion, without re-erve the Stone Hoiie. so called, at Winooski vib lagc, with one acre ol land, on the first day of No vernier next, at two o'clock p. M., At the prtmiscs. . emi une inunn pan, nptiroyeu iersonai sccur ity, balance bv morlcnsre on the nroncrir. Creht Ten equal annual payments wilh annual imcrci. i;ablos haxter, Wm. Weston, Geo. B. Shaw. Burlington, Oct. 13, 1843. 20 M. G. RATHBUN & CO, MERCHANT TAILORS. CTAVE returned from New-York with an unusm Li ally large Stock of CLOTHS, CASSIMF.RES, VESTINGS, AND Trlnmliigi, Their Cassimebes embrace a great variety of the laiesi siyics auu pnuerns. Alio, Shirts, Bosoms, Collars, Cravats, 4ic. &c. Burlington, Oct. 17, 1815. M. G. Ratlibuu, C.I'. Ward. GLOVKS, CAPS, &c. rTtHE sub-crilcr having made arrangements wilh t. jitr. . at. I'Uff, ol Uurlington, lor supplyiu him wilh genls' BUCK GLOVES, lined and tihiincd, and gent' and tads' CA PS. would re-neclfiilly inform the citizens of Durlmaton nnd vicinity thai the above article may I o obtained of .Mr. Pope at wholesale or retail, and having I een nude by expericncel workmen, late ol Xlonipelier, nre confidently recommended as of a very superior quality. - Country Merchants supplied on favorab'c term, anu nu orucrs promptly nttenued to ny .Mr. Pope. L. TKACY, Jr. Wind-or, Oct. 1, 1815. 20w4 Hooks! Hooks!! TMIh remaining stock of Hooks selling off at J. -COST to ilo-e the concern. JAMES I. CUTLER. Stri ngs Bui', Burlington. Oct. 15. '45. S0w3 C. F. DAVEY, ATTOnXBY A COITXHRLIOU at I.AW, That furnicrly occupied bv Charles Adams, Esq., wtio also will he occasionally pre-ent for the trans action of whatever legal business he may s ill he lite. e, I In nllnnl tr. an r r'-'- s-" . ,,., .v., avi-ii Wm. O. BARKER WILL pay Cash for good marketable HOUSES, Charlotte, Oct. 15, 1815. 20 SIDNEY BARLOW HAMNO failed of learning lite Mane Bcsinf.'S, has filled his Store with i sorlnient of Goods, consisting in part of rACTl'BING a large as IllOail I'lolll. Cassilllerc. Snltinetle. Ve.linrs r'lnn nel, Plaid, Coat Linings and Triniininzs. Alat.acas, mi;., uiue, riaiuanil lig'd. Uueens Oloih, Chameleons iui;u.iii or.iiu-, ...une uc L.aine, uomiiaKine, .lie- Ribbon Wire, Silk, 'I hread, silk llraids, Laccts, Cord, f!l.K U'L.1.1.....' Jt.. ' ' Gimn. Whaltbone. and Needles. Also, Sheetings, Miirling., lied Tickings, Drill nz. Canton Flannel. Cotton Yarn. Itsti. WicL, ing. addimr. lartict vnrn. Hilrbisns. hnr.e ltlnn!.et Fiirwel Shaii, A'ai'i. Crockery. Hardware. Medi cines, and the be.-t quality ofTBAS, Sugar ond Mo- IUB-C, OfC. sVC. I he aiiove gomts were se edied with crent care. and he respectfully invilcs inspection, for they wtiL nb BULU Wool, Grain, 1'otk, Iluitcr, and most kinds of pro dnce received in payment. Winooski Vlllngi!, Uurlingt 20 on Kails, Vt. Oct. 1815. New Singint' Books. JUST received nnd lor sale by ihe subscriber, The I'siillry, by I., Mason and Geo. J. Webb. The Cnrniwa Sacra, " " Tl e Choral, by B. K. Baker and J. B. Woodbury. The II i-lon Sacred Harmony, by T. Bis-ell. Thealove are new and Snlnnrlirl Wnrk. ,l..kirnd for nil Denominations. Teacher and Choirs nre in vited to call and enarnme before purchasing else where. STKVKNS WOODS. Burlington, Oct. 15, 1815. Sitong's Building. NowJobbinc Slion. Till: Subscribers having entered into copartner ship, under the firm ol SCOT I'M AN & HAR RINGTON, and have opened a shop on Church street, two buildings north of the Jail House, where, iney (menu currying on ine miriness Ol Wllller-millis, Cutlers. Dun Smiths. Brass Founders. Isorv Tnrnpn and a general Jobbing Shop. Improved PUMP AUl.KRS kept constantly on nana, rarasols, Umbrellas, Kazors and Lancets re paired and warranted. All work entrusted to them anaii oe promptly attended to. 1IIV-VK.V i-OTTMAN, tlato ofthe firm ofVarney It Zottmanl OKOKQE HARRINaiON. Burlington. Oct. 7, 1815. I9tf Toothache !! Tooiacliol!! A RKMKDV has at last been discovcied for this A. dlstrcssin!? nnd lrmihlA.nma n...ntin. n-i OJIONTALGIC ANODVNB is the boon lo 'which all afllicted must look. It is warranted in every case. I he remedy is mild and agreeable and is perfectly free from all acids which effect and finally destroy the teeth. Try it once and it will sati-fy you of its excel- ' s-vi saw uy uie oniv oroorieiora II. J. IIKINKIIKIIO & Co. Agents furnished hv nnntwina ii.n . the wholesalo price. Oct. 8 1845. For Snlo. ALAIlOn Canada Bex Stove and Pipe, Suitable for a Churqh Siotre, or School House. Burlington, Oct. 10, 181S. r-LIAS LVMAN. Daguorcotypo Miniatures. TXfESShS. BItlNSMAID & BROTHKRS , 111. prepared to take Miniatures nnd copy Pictures b i? Ihe most Improved Daauereoivne nroccs n,i .. ;u instruct others ill the art, and have all articles in the one iur saie ai ine lowest prices at Iho variety Store, Old Miniatures retaken at trifling eipen-e. October 8, 1H45. g Dye-Stuff. A 1,1. the articles employed in common dying, also those used in fine dyfnf constantly on hsnd at vi ni ct oi-kak a. HPOllNHU A HRNDIiU, OPF.R ATIONS performed upon the tetih wilh care and lideliiy by ihe above mentioned gentlemen t ensured good by an extensive and approved prac tice. Rooms, extreme end ofiheeast wingof Peck's Budding". Entrance by the door ol "Counsellor's Hall." For Ladies prefering, by that of Peck k spear urugirisi esiaiuisnuient. Burlingion, Oct. 9. 1843. rtnoes, i-rinis, iiingn.nns, Plain, Corded, Satin and Uce, Strip't Plaid, White Cambrics, Fancy Cravats, Hosiery, Bulk Millen nnd Gloves, Buck, Kid, t.Vt lon, Worsted and Silk Gloves, plain nnd fancy Mitts, Galleons, Bin'ins.Taue.liol,hin. Hooka and Eye. A. EDWARDS' CHEA&2A8H BOOK S O R E . No, 1 PuVt Buildines. A general assort mont ol School, Classical ann miscellaneous uookb ana atationery at C1TV PRICKS. I TARl'lin'S Illnmluated VlVbli', No. 40. XI do Shake.pcar, Nos. C?, 70. Orahams Magaiinofor November, Ladies National, do The " Paalierv," a new collection ol Church Music. Hy Lowell Mason and Uaorge James Webb, Puritanism, or ChurCktpsin.rtefetic- against its Aspersions, ftyan appeal'-'n ilfown Usitorv. Bv Thomas W. Colt. IIJjiL. . It I. art The GlemcnlBBajlMKy, including Poluv. By Wiliam-WTSrr:;T!i.lJ., S Vol., eloih. 1,00 tThi forms the fitA 5 vols, ol Harper's New Mis cellany, anil Is lhfil'heatiet liaok Of lii tMwnn. Euiene Hue's ereal Work, . i no aiincrins ew, is now complete, z vols, naoer. Bfte The McKerizle Pampifct, a few copies are vet nr smc, price dc WANTED. TWO or thrco H'ldW Ladiei, without families, or with very email ones to lake Boarding House, for girls exclusively, at Winooski Fall". Condition mode known on application at the Bur lingion Mill Company's Office. Good referees will 1 required. uel. 1U, 1843. J. COOK. Agent Bur. Mill Co. $30,000 GhANO CONSOLIDATED LOTTERY OF DEIiAWARG ANI1 GEORGIA. Class No. 65. To be drawn at Wilmington-, Del., Satur. day, Oct. 25th, 1845. 1 Prize of 830,000 1 " 10000 Id Prizes ol 83,000 10 " 1,500 10 1,200 10 . " 600 1 ' 2,410 10 prizes of 1.000 1U "of 8300-300 of 8 3u-M or sioo &c. &,c if Numbers, I t Drawn 11011018, Tic!els S10 ; Quarters S2.50; Eiglitlis $1,25 A Certificttc of a Package of 25 tickets will be sent Tor 3120, and shores in proportion. POKOMOKE RIVER LOTTERY, Ol' UHiiannKii, Class No. 215. To be Drawn at Wilmington, tc)., Tues' day, Oct. 28th, 1845. 1 PrkO of 815,000 I I Prlr'e of 81,453 1 5 000 I " 1,200 I ' 3000 I 1 " 1,100 1 " 2,000 I 10 prizes of l,TJO0 10 prices each of 810043008200, 20 each of 9150 120, 69 of 100, &e. ttc. T8 S'tVn'ibers, 13 Drawn Oallotk, Tickets il ; Halves, Si Quarters, CI. A Cenificalc of a package ol 26 tickets will be sent fur 852, and shares in proportion. Clss"N.).' 217. To be Drawn at Wilminiton, Del., Thurs day, Oil 30th, 1845. 1 Prize of H8.00O 1 Prizes or 8804 1 " 2C0O 10 " 300 1 ' 1,600 10 " 200 10 Trizcj each of 10O 80 75 50, 300 ol 810, &c. cVc. T8 Numbers, 14 Drawn Itallots. "Tickets 82 j Halves, 81 j 0.uaiters, 50c, A Certificate of a packago of 26 tickctswill be tent for 824, and shares in proportion. D. PA INK & Co7 MANAGERS, (Successors to James Phalin it Co.) Postage on letters enclosing five dollars and up wards will be paid by the subscribers, and orders a heretolorc, will receive, prompt and confidential attention. D. PAINE 4: CO., Albsny, N. Y. COME ALL WUO ARE

SUFFERING FROM PA Mr, Ue Cured wIsAnut cntne er Ezptbie. BARTINE'S LOTION. Thu greatest Remedy ever knmin fur all the pains tchich il professes to cure, teul legiv en Gratis to the afflicted who cannot afford to purchase by, applying to 33 BROADWAY, New Yark. BARTIN'S I.OTIO.-The Lotion was invenicd some year ago, and i the production ofacci ifental discoveries, aided by skill and experience, The original design of it was solely for the inventor's own u-e, but no sooner had il becomo established in In practice, tjmn enquiries began to Isj made, by the fnend. of tho-e who had been beitefiued by its virtues, where it might le iirocured. Thus its lame began to spread from individual to individual until it levame known as a never fading cure, In most of the large cities in the Union. Without puffing, or theaid or the public pre-s, it has Required its own celebrity and found it way into public favor as an unrivalled and extraordinary balm in the rare of many of the ill to which mankind aro'subject. In cases of Com, Rheumatism, Swellings of all kinds, Dislocations or Fractured Bone, Bruise1, Cuts Contu-iuns attended with pain nnd indamation, Pois' onous Hues and Slings, Burnsi Scalds, Chilblains, Corn or Bmioti, and Wound of every description, H a.lordsan immeliaie.and permanent relief. It l. iserhans theon v articlaihal the cure f ihosepteten, ike back and side, generally produced by taking cold alter violent exertion and overheating, boi Glandular Tumors, Lumbairo i;rysielas, letter or, Ibngworm, and all kinds of hruptions of the Skin, it is a mot excellent remedy For Fever and Ague, Ague in the Breast and Face' Cramp in the Stomat he, nnd Headache, it ads like a charm. But abmeall, in Ihucure ol Tendiliou and Cap-iilar injuries, Sprains, and Wound ofevery des cription, it shows in a most astonishing manner, its magical powers. In addition to ihe lenlgn Influence ihs liln erts over the accidents and infirmities of man, ii has Decn lonnu no le-s vnutaoiu ill similar nunplaints o which inferior animals are subject, ndmbularly ide Horse, whose value anJ usefu'res demands the par ticular care of its owner's. In seme caes, where it has been applied lo thisltlnd ereaiuie for slight iniu- rie.., ii uus, in wuiiiui, ,u an almost instantaneous cure, given apparently neWanMaiion dud vivacity to the animal, (to such tin extent thai in vssim.- ees the winning ofa race ha I een tenaciously ascrib ed to the stimulating and happy ellect ol the Lotion, rather than the natural speed oi'iheanimnl.) It ha become equally reehraled a an universal sperilie both for man and kast. The following are tae of me cuiuii.iuua iiu-isviiiiuuii iu ine nurse, in which it hasproeil is supesonty. The Lotion is eonposed entirely of the medicinal properties ol vojenlJe ml stance concentrated and rendered most pure ky distillation and other chemical processes. As an irwarvlmediciue, It is tho most in nocent, wh&, wiraulntint; and cheering . tr acler, and will rxpeli fnitghtly, those dull, heavy and hvnochondrical feelaigs to which manv are so sub. jeel, and give life aid animation to 1m ih body and : 'j m.. i.. i I ,... . ' iiiiiki. in le unu ill liiillliimun BI e.m.lyOct. 6, '45. Messrs. PF.CK tf- SPEAR'S. Levi Castle'i Estate. STATE OF VKItMDNT, ) rfHE Hon. Ihe Probate I'isirict oi Uhliteniiin, is, ) J. UouU lor Ihe Dislrict of I'lliitenden I Toall person lUncerneJ in the estate of LEVI CASTLEIate of Westford in said District, ucveased. (ireetino. Whcbeas, Marelta M. Casile, administrairix of uie esiuic u, sniu icceaseu. nronosesio renaer an ae- eoitntof her adminHration, and'pfeitn't her further ac count ngaiust said estate for examination and allow ance at a session tf the Court of Probate, to be holder. at iht Register's cifjee in Burlingion, in sttid district, ..ii me sri-uim sijnrsciay oi ciovemiier nexi. TitESErORF., Vou are hereby notified to appear be lore sari court. sj the lime arid flace aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you have, wlfy the itCs-ouhl alofe said should nolle allowed. inven nniter my hand at Burlington, this tenlh day of Ootid er, A. l. 1845. 20w3 Wm. WKSTON, Regiiter. Polly Drain's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, 1 A T a Probate Court i'isirict 01 unitienurn, s. t jn. holden at Burlinir. ton, within and for (tie District, aforesaid on Ihe. second day of Ocni&r.-'A.' D, J845, an Instrument purporting to be Iho last Will rind Testament or Pnllv Drum, late of Milton, iu said District deceased, was presented 10 the Court here for Probate, by Eli-la Dram, one ol ihe Executors therein named. TiuaEronE, it is ordered by said Court, that public notice I giy,-n in all persons concerned thMcifi 10 appear belorc said Confi, at a se-sion thereol 10 be holden al the Register's office, in said Burllngtort, On the iccond WfdneSJay in November; A. Ii. 1815, and contest the probate of said Will, and It i furlher ordered dial IM order be published three weeks sne cetsively in the Burlington: Free I'rcs, si newspaiser Pf'o'al at Bitrlington. in this Slate, ihe last ofwhich ball re previous lo the day assigned, as aforesaid, for hearing. (jiven under my kind at the Register's Office, this Snd day of Oetolfr, A. D, 1815. w3 Win, WESTON, Wsjiiftr. Boston Advt's. TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS. BOSTON WHOLESALE AND ftETA.L HOUSES. TMIF. undersigned. Importers. Jobbers. Manufac X turers. Comini-sion Merchants. in the cii- 'i ol Boston, nre prepared with full Stocks ol Clools jft ...on n.iini ui.iiui. nuu vini'im-c llic llllllT afforded by the Country Press lo invito the New Eng land Merchants, about to purchase Fall and Winter supplies, to visit the Boston Market and examine their several a-soriments. We assure our New Enaland friends, lo whom this Invitation Is re.iiectnitltf sikfr...! ,l,n, nn .,tn. shall lie spared on our nan lo nlcs.ehnih old and new customers who may favor us wilh a call. AIjIjEN DEAlS, HaymarketSnofiVfr. FuNiTOE , Fr.ATiir.a Warehouse, al vrnv i.ow rarct", oner ior snie 10 tne i raueand al Keiail, rtirnilure, Fenlheis, Hair Sealii.g, Curled Hsir, Looking Glass Plates, Mattrasse, Ac. JAMES TTtfcficiI, Pbbllihir, liookieller. Importer, and Station-r, Nn. 7R Wnslnnirton Sliisi. Iln.nn ' Country Traders, School Committee, Teachers and svicrgyiui-n, Biiiinc-u ui, uie nesi terms. JOHN jTaDAMS, Mttnii'facliirc'r and dealer In Bruthei, of ill kind., . At Wholesale and llelnil, XVo. 09 Washington Sired, Biston. PAKKEir"pnEj,Cll, No's. 32 Blackstone And 54 Ann Street, Wholesale nnd Remit fPst In Fiirtiititret Feathers, Afattrassf!, booking Glanes, u,s arfursvaju'ty rCICCrV, MEfiliKNTliopklNP, Jurnifure, feather, Maltrasi, Chair and looking Glasi It'arenouie, Corner of Union and Ann Street. A large and beautiful a-or,tmont of Furniture. Fealhen,aw MattraHa, Aootihg Gasrs, Sofa; Chain, Marble Furniture in Black Walnut anil .Mahogany all nt the lowest prices for Cash. SAMUEL I1C A I,, Corner of Hanover and Elm tts. Bi amn. CtjTLEK lioni!vsoN, Wholesale Dealers In Stovet, Grates, Sho'celt, Pumps, if-c, Nos. 51 Kilby street and 03 Water street. HENRY niCIlAltllS-109 State Strrel. Importer and dealer in 'fianls'i Enqlith Itifined. American. Siceedith. and and lloll Iron. All kinds of Steel, llivel & Plme.. Sheet Iron Hoi ps, article n-ed by Blacksmith, Shipmasters and Machinists. CHARM S P. "EkaVITT A Cil, 15 nnd 16 Union Street. Manufacturers and Dealer In SfoVeJ, Graltt. Fire Frames, and Shtri Cnh Also, Tin Plate, Copper, and Sheet Iron Workers. HENRY T. I1UTI.UR, 32 Union St. proprietor of I'aunton Iron Foundry. Manufacturer an,d Wholesale and Retail Dealer in. Stores, Grates, I ire Frames, Sliipt' Cambootts. All kind pi Hollow Ware, and Ilathaway'a Patent Cooking Islores. BAR IIoi77iidstF.EL. CRANE 4. TAOO ARD, No. 1C LongVvharf, Boston, Importers and Dealers in Bar Iron and Steel, of all khdt. AIo, Anchors, Cut Xaili, Vast Steel Axei, if-c. Joshua Cbane, Johm Taooard. GREEVMAN V NORTHRUP, No. 22 Union Sireel, Dealers in Stores and Trimminfn, hollow ware, cf-c. The only Wholesalo Dealers in New England for Srewart's celebrated patent Sommerand Winter Air TiBht Cookln'f; StoW. AGniCUI.TURAsT WAREHOUSE And SEED STORE, RUGOLES, NOI.'RSE if. MASON, SoulhJIarket Si reel, over Faneuil Hall Market. Also, Manufacturer of Ploughs, Implements, and Machines at Worcester. DAVID PHOUTY etc Co. Nos. 19, 20 and 2-2 North Market si., and 19 Clinton ntreet, Manufacturers Whole-ale and Retail Dealers ii Plows, Agricultural Implements, Grass, Field and Garden Setdt, OJice, Parlor, and Cooking Slorei. REED, KINKY t Cm 19 and 21 Menhrnt Row, corner of Chatham St., Dealers in nil kinds of JTireirn Fruits, flutter, Chctst, flcnnt. Dried Apples, Grass and llird Seeds, Fire Crack xrs, Palm Leaf, and Palm Leaf Matt, if-c. JOItN MARSH, 77 Washington Sir1', fjoy's B'nldintr.l Manulaclul'er of Accounf Hooks, Writinnand Dress in? Catei, and dealer ill Foreign and Domestic Slotionery, of every descrip'ii n; also, Schoi I Books, Writing Desks, Ac. Agent for the celebrated White Slnto Pencil from Vermont. SItOREY Co. No. 191 Washington St. Whple-ale and tieiatl Dealers in Hosiery, Worsted, and Cotton Kniltinir Yarni, Threads, Small Ware, and Dry Goods AIo, Manufacturers of Wo. Icn Varn. HASKELL & ROWLAND, 355 Washington street, Importers, Jobbers, and Retail Pealers in Silki, Shawls, Dombasines, Merinos, And other Staple and Fancy Dry Coo I. C7"M o it r n i n e Oooda ol all kinds.jj SAW FACTOR Y, WILLIAM MOUSLEY, llavernill Street, makes and warrants all kinds of oA S, viz. Cl.ioboanl, Shinsle, Lath, Cress Cut, Wood and Mill Saws. Circular- ground lo I ulanre and warranted irue. Orders executed wilh despatch. 7., IIOS.ME1I, Aircnt, No. 8i Milk Street. WHEELER etc IlltuTcS, f3 Cdmmercial Si. Wholesale and Retail Dealels in Drue: Medicines, Paints, Oils, Dyt Slujs, Win dow Glass, ifsc. Maker of Japan and Copal Varnish. Al-o, Acents for the sale of J. Alld'. celel rated Kheumaiic Plasier a sure cure for Rheumatism, NEi.SON cvTuRAnPORD, 27 and 23 South Marlet Street. SuTe-sors lo A. S, & W. (!. Iwi', Importer nnd Wholesale Dealer in Drugs, Paints, Medicines, Dye Stujs, if-c. Dye Woods ground to Order. MOORE'S NORTH AMERICAN CLOTHING Worebouse. 43. 45,nnd47Ann Street. JOHN L. MOORE, Proprietor. Wholesale nd llelnil Dealer in and Manufacturer ol CLOTHING, particularly adap'rd le ihe New England Trade, as well a. the Southern and Western Mnrkets, StjiONDsltKrtLKY, ' CI s-J S9, . wrsiiu -.III t... h ... Wholeside and Retail dealer Irt Clothing and Furnishing Articles. A scleita-sorl-ment of Clothe-, die., alwny on hsnd- Clolhes Inade to order in a style not to le excelled. XOLIAN PIANO FORTK MANUFACTORY T. GILBERT A. Co., No. 400 Woshinrton St.. Are Ihe -olo Pronritlors and Mui unuiaciurers ol Co e- man's Patent .Eol nn Aliacbmcnt. Warrante.1 to give entire sall-f.ictl' n, or the money will le rt d. SI.EET MUSIC and second-hand PIANO FORTES fur sale by OLIVER DITSON, 115 Washington Street, Dealer in Pianos, Seraphimst Music and Muue Books ol all kinds. SMITH V TARHEIiL, 19 Washington St. Manufacturrrs and Dealera in Camnasns Oil. Lamps, and Chemical Oil. The only .Vamp Makers in New England who make their own nil-customers will therefore he Slue to get a superior riflicle of ihem, ORAND E.Hli7n.O.N Of' Kl'lN, At ADAMS'S Mud', Boa, and Fur Saloon, Urtdcr the MarlliOro Chapel, ,m couneciien u-iih the Hat and Cap Depot, 3l a.htnglon Si. Wholesale and l!etil. Best bargains in Boston given here. JOHN riSIIDLATT, 128 Washington St. Manufacturer, Importer, and IH-ater in Caps tf Furs Vtnh a large stock ol uent's. ror and Cloth Cain, and Ladie' Tippets, Bos(, Mull-, Pelerines, e.c'.-fiSJ Washirfglon 3t. HARVEY & BURTONS', Brush Manufacture s, Corner oi Water undl)ctonsliiiests.,haveconst.inllV onlhand a great variely of Brushes, of every .t......:n.;n. i... u ... i ,, wiiiLii ,ncj s'ns-r a, ..noiesnie and Retail, as low at can l' bought in Iht cdy; PLANE MANUFACTUREIIS. Hen . MoNTr.oHiav, 86 Blackstone Siren,, Makers and Dealers in nil kinds ol Plants. Planes made and repaired 10 6rder in the re,t mannf. SOLOMON II. DODGE, No.8 Merchants Row, Dealer In Finished Axlei. FAMit. Springs, Malleable Iron Castinei, Carriage Trimmlnii,q-c. Mnchlnits'Tool, INnts nn'i nsner, vigeni fi r KinsleyV Forged Work.nnd Cnslingi-i-Dougla-'s Patent Pump. VEOf.TABI.E rULMONARY BALSAM, A standard article for coughs, cold-, and con sumption.. A long lime known and recommended iy Physicians as n safe and enicletiMnclh ine. Prepared hy lir.r.D, wtno . tuii.Ka, wruggt-i, 51 Chatham lllreel. Stdd by country mer chants generally. The jjtnuine is signed Wm, Jo.x'n. Cuti.eb. BREWER, STEVENS ii'CUSHINO, Impoiters and Dealer In Urugs, Chcir.icals, Surgi'-al Instrumenls nnd Per fumery. Also, manufacturers rd' Fancy and Medi uled lirenge. 90 and 02 Washington street, Bo-ton. J. W. CARTElT& BROTHER, 17 and 19 Wn'er Stree'. Boston. Dealer in Wcl In lia Good-.. Wfurtb. Teni, Sugars, 4to. Bottled Porter, Ale, and Cider, M WholiSaV. Airents furMduV New York I roton All have in slurp, nnd r-mislnnfly tnndintf. Palo Ah In Bull for Joining. Also,, nroitgni aic in 111111--, uni.., and balfRhls. A so. Roasted nnd liround Co lee warranted nure put u, in-libls., h.tll Hid-, nud 2S lb. Iloxe, 'or 'n'e nl ,e lowest maikel price. Bo-to.i, Sept. 1815. I9wl John Holmes' Estate. .1YA TP. OF VF.IlMnS'T. A T a Pro' ate LamoiLL'e Dt'tRtCT, s. j a Court bolJcn at the Probate oince lit Johnson, in nnd for said dis trlct,oti.lbe4th day of.Oclobcr, A. D. 1815, RotEtiT HoLMR". of Jnh'ftsoli in said district, exe' cutnrnf the last frill and testament uf John Holmes. late of Johnson, nloresaid deceased, testate, pre ent hi administration nccount for allowance. Whercupo'n, it is ordered by.lhe Court that the same ho referred to a aeS-ion ot said court lo be holdun a the Probate Ollice, in Johnson, in and for saiddistrict, on the Sill day of Noidiiler, A. D. 1815. nt let! o' clock in the forenoon, for examination and allowance, and that nil concerned be notified hereof, by Ine pub lication of this order in the lliirbngton V ten Press, n newspaper published nt Burlington, in Cbiltcndm County, three weeks successively, beforo Iho 5lh day of said Novr mbcrj that ihey may appear if they see cause, at said lime auu place, nnd utucct thereto. Aliest, nuhJTO WIKKi, Judge. A Irue copy of record. nt. Atlcst, S. WIRES, Judge. KJWJ Daniel Millisnn's Wilate. WE the Subscribers, having been appi.inlcd by ihe Honornhln ihn Prnhsli. Cniirl Inr lh Dta. trict of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, exitmne unu nnjusi ine claims anil ucmanns nl oil persons, neninst ihe estate nf DANIEL MtINON. Ism nf Colchester, in said Dlsirict, deceased, repiescn'ed in- Bi.i.em, mm .nan an cinims nnu uetnanus cxiutiiied in nflset thereto and six months from the day of the dotelicreot.Dtingnllowcd hysaid Court for that pur pose, we do therefore hereby give notice, that we will attend to the business nf our appointment, at the dwclltngof widow Rmh Munon, in Colchester, In said wisinci, on inenrst Mondays 01 uecember and Feb. ruary next, at 10 o'clock, A. M, on each of and days Dated this 19th day or September. A. D. 1813. THOMAS UROWNEI.L, I taj BRIGHAM C. WRIGHT, Con. CASH PAID Or CHEESE, PORK, HITTER, RYE, PEAS, FLAX SEED, bv II. W. CATLIN. WHITE BEANS, OATS, , SHEEP PELTS, Oct. 9, 1815. NEW SALMON, (North ehdrc) by the lb. and halfbhl., this day received by Oct. 2, 1815. A.S.DEWEY. NeW Gobds. THIS dav received a large and general assortment of FALL and WINTER OOODS, with a full assortment of the best FAMILY OllOCERlEi, which hove been bought at the lowest prices for Cash, and will be sold at a verysmall advance by P. & II. 11. DOOLITTLK. Sept. 18, 1B45. I6G Cash Tor Kye ami Oats. THE subscribers will pay Cash on delivery at the Old Wharf, for 10.000 bushels Rye and 10,b00 do Oals. FOLLETT & BRADLEY. Sept. 4. 1915. Rachel A. Barton, ) rpo the Supreme Court v s L to be holdcn at Burling- Peter C. Barton. ton, on the .Monday preceding Ihe first Tue-day of January, A. I). 1816. The libel of Rachel A. Barton, stales that she was married to Peter C. Barton on the 30th day of Octo ber, 1833; that she lived wilh slid Peter in the observ ance of ail the marriage covenants till about ihn first of December 133G, when ihe said Peter absconded. an' since that time has wilhilly deserted the said Rachel alid during that time has afTordcJ her no aid nr suppor', and praying ill 3 1 a divorce from iho bond of matrimony may be granted her. STATE OF VEIlMOVrj" ! IT is ordered that Ihe Chittenden Countt, s. I said Peter C. Barton appear before ihe Supreme Court, to bo holdcn at Burlingion, on the Monday preceding the first Tues day of January 18 If, to answer the petition of Rachel A. Barton; and thai iho eaid Rachel cause the sub stance of her Slid petition and this order lo he publish ed in the Free Press, a paper printed at said Lurlidg ton. I hrre weeks successively, iho last of which to be six week belorc tho session of said Supreme Court. Dated at Butlington, this third day of October, A. ). 1815. MILO U BENNETT, 19w3 Judqe ofthe Sup. Court. HAGAlt &.AKTI1UU, AliE iiow receiving new supplies of SAbDLMY, COACH AND SHELF Hardware, in all its varieties. Also, Drugs & Medicines, PA1XTS, OILS, VAR- Bnilinglon, Vt. Oct. 1, 1515. Fanners Reniemlior, THAT L. .r- C. E. LOLLETT will pay yon for n.,n.r rt.o.n I.-.tiil.ia lirflln AliAnn'A Grev Cloth, F.anncl, Flocking, Feathers, Socks, and in fact for everything your farms prdditcr, Ihe highest mitiKct price in uoous at prtcis as low as can oe lounu in llurllhglon . IS Coiner of Main and Water Streets, ) October 2, 1845. J WA3ER'3 AIRTIGHT COOK STOVEi THIS Stove i o arranged a to require hut little ruonl. le.- thaS any other having the same quan tity of iron. None will s drld-it a. to workmanship of casting, and it will perlorm one third more work wilh le-s fuel ihan the ordinary cooking stove. For sale by ihe under-igned. ISAAC DOW, Burlington, Oct. 1, 1815. 13 III, I AS LtY MANi INFORMS his customers that he has leceived a Rich and Splendid assortment of JMl 'iirti ?21uitri' &00T10,' at his Store, on ihe corner of College snd Church streets, which he offers at reduced prices for cash or nnnrnvrd creddl eonsislini! in pari of Rich Cashmeres. Alnicra, both Silk it Cotton Warp, Fine Thibet cloth, and black Orleans clolh M. de I Laine, Cashmere do Lsine, Alepmes, 4c.i a laryc assortment of Calicoes and niniihams. SHAWLS. A few very superior llroehe Shawls, Silk do , Fine Cashmere, Rich col'd Unmask, M, de Lame, Rob Roy, and common Plaid Shawls. - , Oro de Swiss, Uro de Uerlm and Italian LAisliin; b'1'"' BROAD CLOTHS, Including LI. Drab fo? .Coach Trimmincs. and ihtn Black for Cabinet Makers use. Fancy One rkiii. Sieel Milled, Mark If jo Skin, and Plain Blue and Cclofed 1'assimeres. tTiiifcr and Silk Vestings. A ureal assortment of flimps nnCotils. Shaded Spit nl. Assorted Oi-can, Parbfand Potha Climps t'ol'd snd Black Silk Cords! and Tassels. Zephyr Worsted dn'd Canvass. ,, BloVT. Oreen and Crimson Moreen and Worsted Dmns-k. Two qualities llallint;, lllsrk end While 1 Waddintr, Caipet Warp, Knitting and TMy Cotton, Cotion Yarn. itc. ic. Burlinjton, Oclober 3, 1313. 13 (Vuiting Ink. In VTEWH, l ook and colored prinlinj ink of the I est ll nuality,for sale at manufaciurert piirea by IIAGARctc ARTHUR. Bitfliniton, Oct, 2,1615. New-York Adv's, JEWELL. HAKlilSON & CO.; COMMISSION MERCHANTS, t.Ve. .1(1 Water street, .V. Y.) . THANKIUL lo the Merchants and others in V er; inont for the rtbenl patronage already r.-ecivei , respectfully toficit Vontinuanco ofdheir fiors,nni assure them that all goods enltusleddo our care slim be disposed of to the best advtintage and with all pos sible dlsnich. ,i , , Particular pains will be taken foAeep our friends fullv advised of Ihe slate of our tntit'nt, We would pstltcularly call atlenllpn Id the facili ties Te ofler for the sale of Btrrics'. Chcxsi. and all article's of Paocuct. .. l.tbyrnl advances made on Butler, Cheese, T ml, Hops, Pol and Pearl Ashes, Sic. Aic. 1 . teier 10 Messrs. rolieil Oi ursuiey, Messrs. J. J. H. Peck. & Co. I7yl Burlingion, Dli, POVVlBibL. M. Df OCULIST ,ln Ophthalmic Surgeon. , 231 BnOADWAV, Corner of .Warren Sirecf, NEW YORK.,, . , , CONFINES his ; rcctjci; 10 'p"iseAes or the Ett1. Operations upon .bat Organ and its appendage1 find 10 all Imperfeclicn ol Vision. Testimonial from ihe mot eminent rneicnl men of Euri'tie him,, America. Refereni-u lo patient that have I een per. feclly cured ol Amaurosis Cataract. Qpyhqyniic Xehula:, or Speck on Ihe Eye, Sfrnuiirti:.. 'r So,uintiiig, .te. Artificial Eves inserted wi(lm 1 any pain or operation, that cannot le distingui-hi Irom the nnlural. Spectacles Advice as lo.tlc kind of jila-se siihahle to particular defects. Pebs S"N 'fi;sbiNO At A distance can receive advict-ao';' inedicineb by de-trtBIng ttreir iaeundcr the (ollow ng bends. a u S V ti ' 6m6 auction And COMMISSION STOKIil THE Siil scri1 er ha removed to the Auction ."torn ol N. B. Hasuell, E-q. on the west sideoftltf Court Houe Square, where he will attend to the Seii 'of all kiMi of Properly at Auction and on Commission. He will keep conf stantlyon bind Household Furniture ol most kinds Which he wilt sell luw for cash. s. ISAAC SHERWOOUf Burlingion, September 9, 1815. lGl . NEW TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, . JAMES McKEANtJ, WOULD re-pecttully inform the inhabitant o' Burlington and vffiniiy that he ha located" himsell in Church Street, ovi'r Mr. Hurllut's Store, wilh the intention ol carrying on the TAILORING BUSINESS in all its, branchc. After h; experience ifT business, in the principal idwH in Scotland, Enslan f and Ihe Un'tiil Sia'es, he fetl co'nlldence in giving, gnod satisfaction, and hopes, by strict at'enlion It'" business, of receiving a liberal snare of patronage. -. All orders lor Cutting, promptly attended 10, and warranted to lit, in a'l cn-e, when properly made up. Fall Fashions received, and vill be received monthly. , Burlington, Sept. 18, 18. I6m3 liTSSTf PiOjL GOdDS. JCST refeiml ft'oh marliet an extensive variety ol fC.i-onibte srAPLR and FANCY" DHV GOODS, Cfmpriiiiffone of the et "elect inn o? Slnwl- an-i DrexxUotiiU, tlmt can be fouinl, enclndii. the newe l Myles ol Print", lel.ain, lte, Ctimeieun Brocade.; Sating &c, in the market. Cloth-, Cnssnnere-f, Vclvcs nnl Vpjnns, with a fftio-I ajprlmtnt ot Tnniminas for, penilemen ana laiiei' wear, nil of which will he -Wtfat tho Inwe-f nu.rkci prke-. Plea"t' call and ciiiijliiie for cmr selves. L'anJkl KKliN. , Church St.; Curlinstcn Vt.t fr-'t-pt. 16, 45. 16 e MAHOGANY!! T HAVE Hicetitl, tal'en A. .Mahogany frnm a X an Aut-nev far tht .a! nf ew torn iirm, and am new I e nu supplied with a sirfill stock ofcrotch and sha deil veneer, such as are adadlell lolhi- market. Ad- lUiions will from lime to time be imtde, a they are called lor by the demand, o as to keep up a fair a sortmcn'. Wood, iu any fi tin, not on hand, will le furuishu'l nt tho shoriest notice. The price will le low, and the terms cash. D. K. PANGBORN. Burlmston, 1st Sept., 1813. 14if QySEPTEMIJIiit 8, IS-iStXU VISAS fit IV O YES, ARE now receiyint the largest aoFtnfeni ol Di tioons they have ever ollered to the puSlie cun: stsiin:: in part of a trreat variety of AMEItlCAN PHI.NTA TICKINOS. SHEETING?, DHILI.S, ALPACAS, PLMUS, t:OLOKD CAMBRICS, L UN ETTAS, SILECIAS, CANVASS, PAIIDLNG, THREAO, PIN'f. (TF.EHLF.-s-, BUI TONS. . COM II?!; HOOKS & F.VES, SOAPS, and a sreat vnnety of olher cood-. All of our goods tire bought wilh casa down, nnd hem-e to Ihe bett od' rrtnMee. They will bo sold opun fat oral. le terin-: and all ! ihose desirojs of Biyirtf are fe.ivecif.illy solicited tcUall. ,. B irlirigton, Selt. 8, 1845, 15 (TroceiMes. fpHE subscriber has on hind an assortment of I- Groceries such ns COO. BRANDT, HOLLAND GIN, S. C. RUM, JAM. RUM, and NEW RUM, which he will warrant of Iho best quality. He hat also, the 3d qunlilv ol Spirits olall Mmls. MOI.AMSES, SUGARS; TEAS, COFFEE. PEPPER. SPICE NUTMEGS, . .v ri.uw and olher atliclea in the Grocery Trie. All of which' he will sell on the lowest and bed! tvini Inr tie pur chaser. Tavern Keeper In particular will find it id their interest to call and examine for temselves. . .. 4 ISAAC WARNER. Butlinctorf, Auu. 21, 1815. U-lf. NOi'lCK. TIIR SiiWcrilr.H hiving t-onipletaj iheir nrrnntr; menti hy the pontr iction of Inre anJ eoWmii Hcti lofts in iheir new tore, now o ler thvir Mrrwirrf to the public a commission mi:rciian?& For ihesnle of eiery deteriplion of property. They plednelhem'-et re- 10 u-e every exertion for the interest oftho-e who trinylseinchne'l to ls-lor ibeif paironnue, ami b'y e' let-tins; spely and protllable sale-an 1 prompt returns, ttton Ihe mo- reasi-nalla' lernis, ibey oli-r frblu eineiit- 10 consigners worthy of ihtlf etn.'i'dera'll n. L. & a E FOLLETTi Corrfer of Maine and Water S't's. f Burlinsion, SepieuiU-r, 1(?43. 15 DENTISTRY. DR. AT. NKiVTOiN, DEXTAt SVRGEOX," RESPECTFULLY in'form Ihe ciiiiens or Bur-! liiwton and viciAliy, that he hat located himself in Ihis Village, wh'effl he will be happy, al all thiies to attend in any cttlsin hit profession. TeefTreftUe-' led wilh Chevalier's forcins wilh far less fn h Ihan it genernly eVper.'enced, and without injury t'J'jnc (rums and Aveolar process. Teeth filled Sir tfild eaclu- siiely, ani! upun a diherent piinciplerrbrn that aenrr-" ally pra'c'oeed 1 it is a discovert.of oht of the mosl celtbrafed of Ihe profession. Teeth filled in ihit nianT nernYe made so firm at to reitst'tny eiiernsl injury-' and iiectme good tnd use f:1 organs for life, All opeia'iont to give satisfaction or no CHAtor will be made. Persons" wisliine fAr operations i'h respectfully invited tl rail, all etaminalitint tnd id. rice grant. Duel. N. may Be found, at present, at Mr Diane's An lnlleirt Siretf, a few dors from Ctrirclr lt. iSlpr. V5, 1845. ' fTtf