Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 14, 1845, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 14, 1845 Page 2
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LAWS OP VBRMOMTi 18 4 5. , No. 1. An AIT to Abolish lliu School l-'und. Il liereliy enacted by tho General Assembly jl tho Mate, of Vermont, as fol'iivvs I Six. I. All tliclavvsnflhi-i State, hcrctofeirepasvd respecting tbc Smc School l'uud,nrc hrreby trpenlcd. Sec. 2. All tho moneys, note?, bum, mortgages and other rccntillcs of every name nnd nature, oiid oil poods, chattel-, riahts nnd credits w hats 'ever, and nil Hn,l which now belong to, nnd constitute the Stale S. hoed I'und, arc herihy trnnsfered to, nnd l.pvdo the property of, iho Slate, nnd shall hcrcaficr be SJ deemed. Sec. 3 The SlntoTicastirrr is hereby direrted to llnMjntialcnnd nnnlv so much of sm.l ninnev. eood. ciatti-ls, ruhlsnnuorediUsolranslerrcd to ilioJitnto, as n'orc-ni,l,ns ma be reepiircil to cancel and cxlin push Iho Indebtedness nf the State r sud l-'iuil, mil the balance of the pre conls'of an I fund shill b. pul inlu the Ticasury fjr the use and benefit of tho S'in. Seed. Nothing in lliii net contained shall pre vent Iho Stain Treasurer, ns ininniUsioncr of said fund, ftoni plosce-ttlini! and collecting, fur thehine. fit of Iho Slate, either in In.vor (ij.iiiy, any outstnnd inir delit nrclnun, of vvlmsoevt r nature, which nnv be due, or hfrcafier (hall fill due, in rispeel of (aid fund. See. 5. Tins act shall ta'ie ifl'jet from and after its pirsacf. Approved November o, 131 j. No. 1 An Act In addition to "an act. in intend Runt f Chapter 18 of tha Ilevied Sliittili. entitled of Common Schools j" approved October 3d, 1811. It 13 hereby cm ted, See. 1. The Treasurer U hereby directed, in inakini' payment to the prudenlhl ciiminillca of r -h ml il'slii is. in nnv un.iruani7.ed town or gore, of tin i'r piop irtio.i ol the interest of tho r -rplui elopo ute money, in ncr-nrd incewiih the provision of the ret to wlii -ii this ii in ad litt in, to include each year lint a school has hecn kept in siiJ or gore sineo March iO. 134" Pee. 7. II there shi'.l be moro thin one school dis trial in any tintirtnutzed inwn or core, Iho -iimc rule shall be nhscived lo nppoftiiaiiti" tho money anions tho districts, ns in orciui. 'd towns. Apprmcd O.ubcr 22, 1315. No. 3 An Act in addition to (.'harder 13 nf tho UeyiseJ Slit itc-, entitled " tf Common Schools." Il is hertbe enacted, Ac. Sec 1. Whenever n p tshi, rei linj in a Pehool distiict in one tou n, ctnll ho a t to a sehojl district in nil -n'j imi i:r town. n provi led in se.'hon MX o chapter i ititcrn of tho ilevisc.1 Statutrs, his proper IV and pcrs in lnll be lc.e.!, and tlu laxrts thereon shall lie eolkelid within, nnd for the use uftlia ili-lrict to which he shall he i t as nfircsiid, in the -nine nun tic r, nssai.l pi op. rty and prr-on v. ou'd be taxable, and tho lnc ihrrton collectable in thn aid elistiict in the town wherein he rrs..!c, in case ho hid nut been set lo sail other eh-tric in tin niljiinpii; town Provide I. that slid properly an I person shall ho tax n'llens iitotesa d only m llio district to which said pe'sin !nll be set as nforcsil I Sec. . This net shall tike cfl'oct front its passage. Approved October 23 1315. No. -I. An Act relating to Common Schools. It is herein- emctedev-e. Sec. 1. There shill henna nr more Superintendents ofl'oiniio'i Schools, not cxicoilinir three m eael town in this State, to be appointed by the freemen thereof, itthur March meetim; nuiitii'lv. Sec 2. Tlure shall be a silnerinti ndent rf dm mop Si hoots in eich County, in tins Slate, appended bv 'the Jo Ices of the County Court?, m llio several coantte-, nt the sessions of sud Courts next pri-cccelinp the fire day of October of each The appoint- mcnt mi i t I o M writi'v,' itmler Itie linn-J ol Hie "am JanVcf, nu J thall he ric dded by ihc Clerks of said Court" respective ly, who shall thereupon give imici nf S'leli nnnoiulinenl lo the Suite Siinrrinlen 'pnl. nnd said Superintendents shall It II their ofTirs lorone vcar from the firt die of O. tohor fol owiiil' their on. ii lint.Tient. And I lie As-isunt .Iud'je ot the sciir.ll counlies shall meet on the tivoiitv-ftflh nf Novcnibrr. one toousand emht hundred nnd forly-hvc, at the nfli een of the severnl county Clerk, and appoint county s'ip"rintendents in runner aforesaid, to sen o until the Krol dav of October next Sec. 3. 'I here shall he n stile s iperintcndent rf canim ins hools, who fr.ial; 'jcannually appointed ly the Joint Assembly. Sec. 4. It shill I e ihe dntv nf tho Town Siirjcrin- tendent lo vi&iiall such common schoo's wi'lini ll.eir rc?iieeitve towns as shall beornaniz d aecordms to least once in each car, and nficncr if they Slioll ocem it neccssiry. At sucii iiiatioti tiio Mi perintendent rhill examine into th" Elate and condl t'nn of such schooN. as rcsneets the nroire s of the school in l.-irnina, and ihc order and gnvirnmcnl of tac scnoo si nno they may siveadiico to the teach ers of swell school as to tho rovcrinnenl thereof, and coarse of study to be pursued therein ; and in general, 0 pcriorm tne uuty rcniive to tne inspecn ,n, exami notion nnd rendition of the schools, and for the i.n provemi nt of the scholirs in learnint:, finpnsid o'n the pnidenlhl committee nf the by the last ctiuse ol riccii'.n il ol chapter iniitecn ol tne i;e visul Sintiitca. And ,t uhall a'n he the duty ofsirh nprrinten, lent to visit ihe pud rehools wilh the su uenntendctit of tho county in which Ihev are situated A3 ofica as said county superintendent shall request mm so to uo. Tne town snpeiintrndents shill require full and eat isfacior; rvidrncaof the coo I morul character f id insiructois who may be employed in lhepuhhe,chooN m their rca,'i( cttve towns, an i shill asccitain by per s inal cx.iiiiinntioii, their (I'lahfications and capacity for the instruction and foirrnmcnt of clloolR. Dvery instructor of a district schoij shall nhiain of inc towii superinienucni ol sueli town (or ot the su petintendrnt of the county asis hereafter provided) i c-Tiillcate of his nullification", 1 1 fore he opens Melt school, which he sha'l causa to be recorded m the Town Ch rk's officji f slid lown, before any ay men I is maec lo such iiistruetor on iccount of Ins sarv ici s ; winch certificate -lull ho aviilal le for one jcar onlv St:r. 5 1 kha'l be the ilely of iheco'inty surer.:! tendentf, (ii M : To ttsil ail the towns within their re- Epcciiy. co inlies at ie ist once in eaf h ycar.nnd ofti n ir iflhey s'ni I d 'em it n cessiry : to notify tho town supcrintendin'sof town of the tune or tinier when tich schOflsm sueh towns wi'l hcvisi'id. and imite him 'o a-si t in su. h ii .uion ; and with such t iwn sup 'rinttn'ent, if he shall ottrni nl such viii, or wnliout his pruiene, , il ho shall fi.l lonllend. in in- n uro into nil rnatttrs reiitin lo llio nnvernmint, coarcnf inctriirti, n, b..oks, studies, discipline, and conduct f such schools, und the condition of the cchool-houees, and of the ih-tiicts rcniiiitl ; nnd to ndviseand counfolwilh llie Prudenliil Coinminees ,n relation to theduiirs, the proper ptu-'i-1. diMpline nnct conuuet ot tiij scimo , itie courseonnstrueiion to bj piirsucl, and Ihc bocks of ilemenlary inilruc ti n to be tt-i d literati. Second : To cxatnino persons nlT. ring themstlves ns candidates for liaelurs ofcommr n sili.iols.nnd to (.rant them 'ilea of qnalifieation, in f.irnt as i-'inll l.e nresi-tihed bv thoSnto Sunerintenri, nt. , Ii . h ui nifica'o f hall beciJence of Ihequahfictni m; of such teaehi'r. in every town and distiict of the e umties respienveiy, to winch Mich Miperinleneent b ns, ind sliall be in foicufr a icrm notcxcecding ouo iar. I'hird: The sup"rintendent shall hy all means in his power, promote sound education, elevate thoihar acter and quahfieitions of teichera, imprnvn the in cans of instruction, and .idyance tho interests r f the schools, and ainoii" oilier nicans of nccomplishin these pur poses, the said tuipi-iintcndcnt hall deliver pulilic: atl dre ssi-s on the subj,vt of education iifion his visi's to Ihe several lowns, fur ihe iurioses nforisiid, at least nnee in cacti year in each lown, and more than op'T, in did' rent parts of each town, should ho deem it practicable. And ihe nid County f-'uperinlrndcnts shall annual ly, on or before llio first diy of -,cpii mher, in.iku re port lo tho aStato Superintendent, embodying inlor inaiion rihtinjj to llio covcrnin' tit. course of instruc tion h us,lti ties.disciphneand conduct of the schools in their rrspeeiive eountirs. And it shall furthcimorc be the duty of the county superintendents to embody in their reports, slilemi nts showing Iho number in inch dirtrrt, nu the firsi of January precedi nr their reports of heads of finnlits, of children between (our nnd ciirlitn n ye.irs ofnge -of children that hid nttended school durina ihe year preceding the said first day f January of the num. her of weeks in such year, that a school shrill have been taught by male, and by a f ma e teacher of the amount ol wascs pai.t to (aeh mid iho amount ol public ninnies leeenel ilurinu such year inmith di-tnets t all which information in regard to ihc times durinj! wliich luslrtictors may have Win employed in tho business nfin.triiciion, the elassifi. . uion of thrin ,y njes, and the particulars specified in the Inst pie ndin! clause, it is hereby made thn doty of the siiner. Interidrnts of towns, to to the snperinl ndeuts nf the counties, respectively, in whith such towns arc iitualcd. And ihe county superintendents shill embrace in their reports, nil other inforinnlion touchiunthesilmols ... , ,l 'i ...l,t..t. .1.. Li.-.- t'.... : I.... nno ineir leicners, woe ii mo t.i.tu, ,,iin-it,ir,,,,, ,,, mav in his inMruciians nreseiibe. And they shall ni pt report n fully as may be practicable, the number of Select Schools k-pi in their respective iniinth s the number nf -rholars tauslit in each, nnd ihe ainouni paid to ilin'r instructors in the year preceding the first ol January before tonkin; their report. Audit shill bo tho duty of the county suprrimcn dents, as ofien as onco in each veir. locillconvcn lions of the teachers in their rcfpccuve cotinues, nl such place oii i ny sucti notices ns tlicy inny Ccem proper, a I which conieinton, sril Suprrinundenls shill each di liver, r realise to be delivered, nn address on Iho subject of education, and iniko provisions for sue!, oilier exercises, ns they may drt-iii expedient. Sec C. In ease n district shall be foriiitd of puts or two rouniic", or parisrn ih-o mwns, il snail lor all nttriioscs nf virrntinn and iclurns, nnd for the rxami n.ition ol School provided for in ihefourih nnd Tilth secljons of lliis act, bu In! in and dicmed to lielon't:i the county nnd town in which tho school liouse if sin Ii district Minllhe siliinKd. Sec. 7. Il shall bo ihe duty of iho sine soper nten d.-m. in tirennre and submit lo llicCiineral Assein i.tir ni ilm onenin" of each annual session Ihcrdof. n leport (Cjniainina a statement nf tho condt'inn of ihe common sehnols of the State, nnd of the expen 'iturrs nf ilm "boo in invr therein, plans for the belter on rnnlivinu nnd instrtieli in of the common schools, and in crnenl, all such inatlirs rdaiinz to his office, and lo cor.i nan schools, as he may deem it expedient lo co niiitni ate t and lie shall a'si transmit with his report, tne report winch may have bicn made to linn by the coimly siipeiintendents nforcnid. l ie shall propose suit iMo forms nnd regulations for making nil repot ts, nnd conductini! nil neccsary pro ceedings un 'er this oel, and shall cause the same, with such instructions as he may deem necessary and pro per for tho belter organization nnd government of common schools to bo transmitted to the Supctin Icmlenls of the several counties, nnd he shall also fre quent! corresptind with Iho count y supcrinlcnden Is in tegard to all matters which concent the dit'iest.f their ollice, and i lie advancement of the interests of educa tion in thoStnto. Ilo slnll also cicn such correspondence abroad as liny enable him to rihtiin. so far as practicable, infor innlion in regard to the system of commni school itnprovcinrtu" and instruction in other Stales and counties, which tic stint cmtjojy in hisannual reports to IheUenernl Assembly. Si c. 8 Any contrict for Icicliinrr, tnado after the first day of March nrxt, between the prudential com initttc of any sthool district, and nny common school t, acner, s,i in no null nint youl, II thn salt teacher shall fail to obtain n certificate of qualification of Iho si.perintendcnt of the County in which such distiicl shall be situated, or of the superintendent of tho Inw n in which such district shall be situa'ed, as provi led fir in the fourth and fifth sections of this act, before Iho commencement of the school fjr wliich s.icli con tract shall have been nnde. St:c. 0. Tho slate suncrinlcndent shall bo entitled to receive fiom thn Treasurer of Ihe Sntc, the sum of two hundred elollars per nnnum, payable quarterly, which shall tin in full for Ins -trvicesns Superintcn- And nil lllon.cs expended bv him for noslaecs on litter, connected with lliedulies nfhis oflice, and i r tne printing ot tonus arid tn-trticiions, nun trans- miiiini' tin tamo to the uounty Mipenntcn tents. . t. ,,t i. . ;i....... i i... .i. , .. t... -r , i ii in i . ,.ii,,,iii 'litii uy un- .tu.miT oi .iciuuius, uno 'aid out of tho Treasury nf the Slat". Sec 10. The County Superintendents shill be al lowed two doll irs for caeh diy necessarily spent in the eiis hargo ol their duties, incliuluig expens-s but the whole amount of compensation allowed to nny C( uuty Siiju r itemlen', in nny one year, shili not ex ert il ten doll irs for each lown in the county in which ho shall hive served. The amount shall I e paid by tho Stale Treasurer unoti the warrant of tho Auditor of Accounts niaiust the .'latc. Sr.c II. I ho town suticniitemdenta shill receive n rcanuiablo omninsetion for their services not lo ex ceed one dollar for each day necessarily spent in the schirrro ci their unites. Their accounts slnll bonuditcd and certified by the srlctmen, or n nnjiriiy of them, and paid out of the t reasury ol s icn towns. Sf.c. 12., Ihc lown superintendents, nnd county superintendents shall give public notice of suitable limes and phees, tint they will ntlcnd lo I lie exami union of teachers, before the commencement of the winter nnd summer schools. Sec. 13. ho nine i ofan act entil ed "an act in nJ- lition to chapter 13 of the Revised Statutes, relating to common schools. ' approved November I, 1913, ns requires tho Town Clerk's to mike returns to the Governor annurlly, is hereby repe-tled. Sf.c. w. t his Act shall take cllccl tront and niter Us passage. approval .November ., isu. Nj. j An Act rclati.12 to the Grand List. It is hereby enacted, eSec. All shires in railroad companies, that heretofore have been, or hereafter nny be grantcel, shall be sub ject to tixntion nnd slnll be diced in tho lists of the s-cver.ll town in w lucii the sinio aro tiwne-d in the same manner us slock in moneyed or olhir cornira- tieins is now by law assessed nnil set in the list; I'rowJed, howevet, that no shales in any rauroau cnmpiny shall lie hililo lo taxation until i-nmc por tion oftficroid of thecompanv slnll have been nnde ind brought into use for the transportation of might or pa-sengets. Appnnci .vovemuero, No. G -An Act in .addition to Chapter 20 of the llcMscd Siatulc, relating to Trustee l'rociss. It is hereby emcted, ce. section lonroi i;nnpter .wenty-nine oi me iievtsi'o Sint.ites shall be so coii-ltueil as to extend lo and embrace whatcvi r an tiustcc nny hive in his hands or possession which he hold against lav and equity. Approved .xoveinhir o, isij. No. ".An Act in relation to subsequent attaching eroehtors. It is hereby enacted, d'O- henevrr u a il sen i u t iltaching creditor nf real or persnnl trorierty sha 1 wish to contest the validity ot the item nr claim em wtucn a previous iiacnmcni is founded, ihe court hi fore whom iho process shall lin retiinnblo on which such prcviou- attachment hall havei been made, miyiii their discretion permit i ch piibsraitcnt attich n? debtor lo nnncar bv himselfor and elcfend said mil. Approved November 5, 1813. No. S. An Act in exphnni in nf section fottv-ntne of elnptrr twenty of the Revised .Stitutcs. relating to the discontinuance of roads. It is hereby enact ed, & c. Section foriy-nmo of ehan'er twenty of tho Revis ed Statutes shall ho construed ns empowering select men of towns, nnd co mty, an I supreme court com mU'ioners, to discontinue nnv road previously ii, o'tt, according to the provusim of tat 1 scciion, whet It er said roiel shall hive been made or not. Approvid November 3, ISlj. No.!). An Act to repeal ihc laws giving a bonnty on Si k. It is hereby emcted, ef-c. Chan'er llnoftho Reviled Sialulcs, entitled "ofthe production of silk," and all acts in addition to, or in amen lincnt or alteration of, said e-haptcr, aro hereby repenlco. .pprovca uctoocr iy, idu. No. 10. An Act in neldition to an ict ontitletd "an act te encntirase? arid proinulc A rrtculturc." It is hereby enacted; cL.n. Live animals, 111" rjrnwtli of any foreign slain nr county, winch have.' lipon eivyned and ki'pt in anyofthej counties ol tins Slato for nno year prevtntu to iti annn il agricultural fair, aro here by placoil upon the same footing and itny rp i cue tho same premium?, on tho same condi t nns, a lives animals which arc the growth of their sovcmI counties. Afproved Oct. 1913. No, 11. An Act in addition to "an art fur tho roueif of Ihe Insane I'.ior," apDnivcd ()a tuber D!', 1611. Il is lierehy enacted, etc. Se.-c. 1. luslnae of the ninn tnentintictl in tho first Ece.tnm of an "art lor the relief of llio In sane l'oar," apnriived Octnhnr "(). 1511. the .Truslecs of tho Vermont Asylum for lha In- rano raw, atintnllv in Urn month of Auiti,!. i!r,vv freitn the I roasnry of tins statu tin sum nf fivo .lioimnd iloilan", for the nurnnso ex. proeted and subj-jcl to, tho provisions of Ba'nl act. Hoc. 2. There chall he annually appnintiil hy tiio Legislature a intniuissincr nf tl,e- In sane, wliu-u duty it shall !, nioiiihlv ur eifien- cr it need lie, to visit said Asylum, with tho IVusloo-s or nliuie, In cxiiiiiitu inlu the eonelt. tion nf llio Institution, lliu receipts and rx- pondittirt"--, the nianigoinent nf the patients anil llio general vvelf.tru e.f the Atyluin, and to make report lliurcun aiinuaiiy to the l:is latttrR. Approved Oclubor 27, 1S13. No. 12. in Act relating lo public squares ami commons it is hereby enacted, &c. .Sec. 1. Kvcrv public niinre or cniiimon in any village in this blatn, vvhie li liau not linen in corporated hy act of tho Legislature, shall bo deemed ami taken n uo under the rare, super intendanrn ami control of the selectmen of the town in winch tint ramo shill bu situated, so far as to enable the selectmen of such town In au Ii nr'zo anil allow the inhabitants of sui h tillage, nr atiynf Ihetr nvyn inclnto with a fence, ami plant with trees and shrubbery for shade or ornament, such part of any biicIi s(iiiioor renin tent, as public utility or con venience may reejuire, with Mtilnblo bars or gitcs for font passengers tti pass and repass thorium : and an far also as to enable such so lecunen to stto and prosecute, fur Injuries thereto, in the manner liurcinalter provided. .Sec, 2. If any person or persons shall wil fully, and without leave nr liccse, fremi the se lectmen of tho town in which any such public square or common may bo Bituatc, destroy, throw down, or injure nny part of the fence, bars or pato inclosing tho same, or cut down, destroy, inire, or carry away any trouor trees, shrubbery, or grass growing thereon, or do any elaniago hy subverting or digging up tho soil thereof, or turn any cattle thereon, llio person or petsons sn ccmmilting any of such acts shall be liable In pay trc-blu damages for llio injury thereby dono : and thcsclvclincnof such tovvii shall liavc Iho right, nnd aro hereby cinpowcrcil, in the liamo of cuch town, to institute, maintain. ami prosecute lo liiidl judgment an action nf trespass fur tho recovery nf such damages bo. foro any court proper to try the same : which damages, vvhun recovcird, after deducting tho reasonable expenses incurred, if any, over and above tho costs taxed and allowed m such suit, shall bo applied in repairing such square or rpmuieiii or otherwise improving tho uimo. Approved October 31, 1813. No. 13. An Art to facilitate llio rendering nf Turnpike Roads, Tree Huads. It is hereby en acted, etc. See. 1. On Ihc application of llio agent ot nny Turnpike Company within litis stnlc, it shall no the duty ot llio t urnpike Inspectors tn their respective counties tn divide such Turnpike Unad Into sections, apportioning to each gate, If there lie moro than one, an eqtnl part having regard to the oxponso of making and keeping the satno in repair. Sec. 2. It shall bo lawful for any town or towns to purchase of said Turnpike Company tho whole or any section or sections of such Tltrttliikc Ilnad so divided, siltltited within thn limits ot said tnwn or towns, for tho purpose of rendering llio mmn free, and thereupon such Itoael, or scctlein or sections of stirh ltoael so purchased, slnll censo to bo corporate properly and become a county or (own road as the ciso may tic. Hec. ',. Tho town or lowns so nurcltasliirr said road may, if necessary to cfljet the object proposcu, uennttu ntiu receive the legal lol', at the gate or gates on the rend sn purchased, un til tho eatnu shall reimburse the pttrclnse m'on. ov, they assuming all the duties nnd Nihilities of the original cnrntiratiun : Provided, that such right of toll shall in no case exceed the term of five years from llio time of such purchase, .Sec. 1. The powers vesleel in the supremo and county courts by tho net entitled, "an act relating lo highways" passed November 19, 1S30, tn lay a highway on the: wholo of any Turnpike road shall extend to the laying of a highway on any section or sections' of any Turnpike road so divided as aforosanl, any thing in the said act to the contrary tionvithsland ing. Approved October 27, IS 13. No. 11. An Act in addition to Chapter 23 of the Kevtrcu otaiutc?, enltlled "of process. It is hereby enacted, Cie. Sec. 1. Whenever any writ Rliall issue as aif attachment against llio body as provided in sec thin (13, of slid chapter 23, and tho act constru ing tho term "writ," passed Nov. 1st, 1913, tho debtor or dclendant in said writ may, at tho time of tho service thereof on his body, notify the of ficer serving the same, and cause notice imme diately to bo given to tho other party t hat ho will forthwith on such notice being given appear, and thereupon ho nny- nppeir before tho authority signing such writ, ami submit himself to exam ination oil oath, and witnesses and other proofs may bo introduced hy the parlies in said wrir, on tho question whether said debtor or defend ant is about to abscond from llio Slato and has secreted about his person or olsewliero money or other property; and if tho authority signing said writ shall not be of opinion that Jho said debtor nr defendant is about to abscond from lite Stale anil has secreted about his person or else whore money or other property, such authority shall so certify on said writ, and said writ shall thereafter have the same forco and cllect as if il had originally issued as an attachment against tho property and not against tho body of said debtor or defendant. Sec. 2. The proceedings provided for in Ihe proeodiiig portion shall bo minuted on aid writ, with tho costs of said proceedings, which costs shall be taxed at the same rates as by law may bo taxeel in cases brought before, and tried by a justice of t he peace; and if said writ shall be mesne process, tho said costs shall bo addeil to and mo Jo part of tho cosls lo be paid by the party against whom final judgment slnll ho rendered in the suit, if the said opinion nf such authority un the question aforesaid shall he against the slum party ; but if, on the question aforesaid, said opiniun shell bo against thn parly by whom judgment shall be recovered in Iho said vv rit, the sum of d.itnigos and costs recovered by such judgment shall bo applied by the court lender, ing such judgment in payment of the costs of lite said proceeding pruvideel in the preceding section, and tho party in whose favor the balance shall stand, after sucli application, may have ox edition fur such balance as upon final judgment for such sum against the other parly. Sec. 3. If tho proceeding provided in said sectiem one shall bo had upon a writ of execution and the said opinion of tho authority signing the sutio shall bo in favor of the ricditor in saiel ex ccutiun, the said costs of said proceeding, being so minuted thereon ns aforesaid, skill be col lectable by virtue of said execution in iho satno manner as the sum fur which saiel execution was issued ; but if said opinion shall be against such creditor, the saul ro-tp, being so minuted as aforesaid, shall bo deemed to bo deducted from the sum in damages and rosls for vvlurh sited execution was issued, and tho said execution shall bo of forco only for the collection of the balance afiir tho deduction of said costs as aforesaid: Provided, tint if said cosls against Iho creditor of such proceeding on said oxcculiun exceed the amount lor which such exernlion issued, the said execution shall bo endorsed by said authority as satisfied, and said authority may issue execution for any balance against such crclitur in the satno manner as upon final judg. mcnt. Ser. 1. This r.rt shall take clEjct from its passage. Approved Nov. 5, IS 13. No. 15. An Act to repeal tho laws giv ing a bounty on the destruction of bears-, wolves, and panthers. It is hurcby enacted, &r. See-. 1. So murli of tho Hovised Statute?, bection 'J id Minuter 0!). as relates to paying V bounty for thej killing of bears, wulvcs and pau therv, is hereby repealed. Sec. 2. This act shall take eflect from its passage. Approved Nov. C, 1313. No. 10. An Act in aeldilior. to Chapter -10 of the Hovised Statutes. It is hereby enacted, lie. On tho application of any creditor who has uttcil In present lus claim within tho utmost term prescribed hy the Tub (ith and 7lh sections of chapter -ID, for extending and renewing the cnn.i'i'ssinii, the proh.iio court iniy, for goeid cause shown, and at tho expense nl the creditor. so applying, and on such other terms a, in the judgment of said inurt, will protect tho rights ol an micros eu in tiio estate, reiunv llio minims. sioti, and allow a further time, not exceeding six months, for lliu rnininissinnorsj to examine said claim, in which case, tho commissioners shall notify tho prrties, and uiaku their return as di rected in said 7th section. Provided, however, that sitrh application he madij before Iho settlement of the liual account of iidiiiinislratiiiii of tho CKla'c, Provided, also, that such creditor, shall not ho entitles lei payment of any part of his claim, tin less Ibeio bo sufficient of thn estate', to iTre-l sat. isfy in full all tho claims of dm olhur creditors. Approved N'ov. 5, lrJI3. No. 17. An Act relating tn tint laving out of highways, in addition to chapter 21), nf tho lie vised .S'tatuies, t is lierehy enarleel.&c. Ser. 1. When tin; select-men nf any town shall uiaku lliuir certificate', III it a highway is npnneil, agreeably lo tho provisions of Section 03 of Chapter 20, of tint Hovised Statutes, on titled, "of laying oit and discontinuing highways and brielges," it shall bo iho duty nf such select, men, to eloliver to each o.vnor of the laiuls, through which such highways is laiel nr altered, ii ino owner uu known, a ropy of sucli curtilt cate, within six days from tho titno bitch rnrltfi e'.iti; shall ho left in tho town clerk's office fur rccorel. If Iho owner bo not known, such notice shall be delivered to the occupant of such lands, if any such bo known, Ser. 2. If no such notice be served upon the owner or occupant, as above requtrrd, tho person interested In stirh lands' may petition to a jus ico ol tho peace cf thosamo county, for the appoint, incut of commissioners, agreeably lo tho prnvis. ions of sec'i m 10, of said chapicr 20, of Itevisrd Statutes, at any time within ono year after such certificate shall have been recorded, See. !l. o murli of section 10, of chapter 20 of llio Revised Statutes, as is inrotisitent w ith llio provisions of this act, is hereby repealed. Approved Nov. 0, 1815. No. 18 An Art relating to Attornies at law. Il is hereby enacted, eVc. Sec. I. If, In any action brought against any attornoy of tho cuunty or supremo courts, it shall, after juelgmcnt for tho plaintiff therein, bo proved to tho rnurt, before whom the suit shall bo tried, that the damages in sahl judgment were for monoy hernafier collcrlcd in tho rapacity of an ueiunmj, ii siian i,0 um uuty ol lha court lo, adjudge that the cause of action aroso from the I wilful nnd malicious net nr nrgtcct of tho do- luiiuaiii, nnu uiai inn uoteiid int ought to bo con fined in close jailjand issue exectit o i against tho body of tho defendant, with n certificate thereof, staled In.orcnelorsed upon such occiitlofi,uti!oes the court shall ho satisfied that tho failtiro of such atlnrneylo pay over the money so rollcctod.sliall nave uoen occastoneu tiy ncident ami without the faittlofsaid attorney. And such execution, with such endorsement thereon, shall have tho same force and effect as iiyicjIjmB. founded m tort. &flMk?f-themjJHHaying nut a writ in anWi against rit,""3iiorney, shall li(o with thn arily issiiin such writ, an affidavit, staling mat Iho defendant is tho receiver of money cnllecled by him, for the plaintiff, in tho capacity of an allornoy, which llio defendant has neglected nr refused to pay over on demand, anil that his said action is Instituted tn recover tho came such writ may issuo as an attachment agaitnt, and bo served upon the body of the defendant. Approved Oct. 2D, IS 13. No. 10. An Act relating to highways near tho linn of adjoining towns. It is hereby en acted, &c. When tho public goad, or tho noccs'ity, or cnnvimcnco of the inhabitants, shall require a highway to ho laid out or altered, so tint :l shall bu near tho lino between two adjoining towns, Instead of being on tho lino between such towns, on account of the position of tho land, or nature of the soil over which it may bo laid, and when both such tenvns are benefitted in a similar manner ns though such highway were on such line, such highway may ho laid out or altered, by tho selectmen,' or by the county court, on the report of commissioners, and the damages and expense of making and repairing

sticn nigiiway may uo-ponioneii, and all pro ceedings may bo had in the satno manner, as is provided bv law, in the caso of laying out and altering highways on the lute between two towns. Approved November 5, IS 13. No. 20. An Act to prohibit the brinciner of paupers from' any other state into this 6tate. It is hereby enacted, &r. bee. 1. If anv person shall brin? from nnv other state and leave in any town in this state, or shall so bring with intent to leave, any poor and indigent person having no visible means of upport, and hav ins a settlement in sucli state from which such poor and indigent person may bo brought, knowing such person to bo poor and iiiuigoni as nlorcsaid, or shall counsel, litre, or procure sucli poor and indigent porsun to ho so brought, or shall aid or assist therein, with in tent to charge such town with the support of such poor and indigent person, he or they shall bo punished hy lino not exceeding five hundred dollars, nor less than ono hundred dollars1, or by Imprisonment not exceeding ono year, and shall be further liable tu any town in this state for all such sums of money as may bo expend ed by any town for llio svipiiort and maintenance of such poor and indigent person. Sec. 2. This act shall take clFoct from its passage. Approved Oclober 30, IS 13. No. 21. An act relating to oflencos against private property. It is hereby enacted, &c. Sec. 1 Tho county courts, within their re spective counties, shall have concurrent juris diction nf the ollouccs, mentioned in chapter ninety five, sections .six and seven, of the He vised Statutes, whure tho money or other prop erty steilen shall not exceed the value of seven dollars: Provided, however, that tho county court, for tho aforesaiel nUencci, shall impose only such penalties as justices may impose for the satno oflenres. Sec. a. No justice of tho peace shall bind over for trial, at tho county court, any porsun charged with stealing money or other property not exceeding seven dollars in value. Sec. .'). An Act entitled "an act relating to oiTenccs against private properly in addition to chapter inti"ty live of the Kevised statutes, approved Octuber thirty, ono thousand eight hundred nnd feirty four, is hereby repealed. Sec. -1. This act shall take effect from its passage. Approved October 31, 1915. STATU OK VUiniON'T. ii pro vz ?j arnTz on. JIV TIIK COVCIINOK. The Lord is good lo all, and his tender mer cies are over over all his works. lie is full of compassion and gracious. His loving kind, ncss is excellent. It becomes us at all limes. to utter abundantly tho mciiio-v of his great i?0)dnos and to silt' of Ins righteousness. Imperially should wo do this, at the rlniu eif the season nt the yc.irvvneu itie rami, in llio mysterious strength ol Us productive power, his been made to yield tho p'ocmus Irints-, adipted, ill llio vvtslom and goodness of the Creator, to the nourishment and sustenance of man. I do. tliorrfiire.nppoint TlllJPiSn.W TIIK TWUNI'V-SKVBNl'II DAY OP NOVUM HUH instant, to bo observed ?s a day of thanks giving ami niAi-y ii.-ughoiii una maic, rnri.nunuuding lo ail tiio peoplu thereof, to bus. pennon that day, theirordmary labors and recre ations, and asfcmhlu m their respective places of public worship, to send up tho cheerful homage nf grateful hearts to Clod our Creator and Ilono factor. Let us como before his presence with thanks giving, and enter his rnurts vvttli praise. Let u.s praise him fur his goodness, for his holiness, for his justice, his mercy, his faithfulness and his truth all beautifully and harmluitously blended in tho "Cross, where God the Savior loved and died." Lotus thank him forChtist's mission of love to matt, ami for the agency uf Iho Holy Spirit in reproving the world of tin, and guiding it into all truth. Lot us praiso him for our temporal mercies that ho hath given us rain from heaven, and fruit fill seasons, filling our hearts with fond and glad ness, that ho hath hlesed us with means of I moral anil intellectual improvement, that ho Jiith favnrod ns with social blessings and civil rights, and liith given us institutions which pro tect usintlioonjoynityXnf thorn. Let us give thanks for our exemption from tho scourge of war for the advancing spirit of peace for tho prevalence of bettor views of the true) sreipo nf Christ teachings on this subject, and for tho hope wo aro permitted to entertain it, it el,,, i:, is, ,1 1 eneno. when thn meek sLall "u " inherit llio earth, and delight thomsolvcs in tho abundance of peace, when the work of right roiiBiii'ss shall bo peace, and the i-llbcl of righteousness shall bo quietness and assurance forever. And let there bo mingled with our thanksgiv. Ings, fervent lovo lo tho universal brotherhood ofioan, irrespective of tho arndents of birth, condition, or reilor. Amid tho j vy of our hearts, lot us think of the friendless and destitute the widow and fatherless tho Btra-igor and tho bondman, cherishing a jttsl sense of our rela tion to tho wholo human family remembering that all aro created equal and nro members one of another, and that, by tho law of Christian charity, wo aro not permitted lo live unto our selves, but should lite and labor lor lha good of all. And in coraidrWej-Hrt) condition nf men, lot us ondnavnr to form ajusl conception of their spiritual wauls, illustrated as they are, in every part nf tho world, by uncultivated or porvortcel intellect, by practical forgelfulncss of (jnel hv iilJiU'erenro to his claims upon human obedi ence, and by tho train oftemporal evils In iudl. viduals and nations ronneclcd therewith ; ami lot our season of thanksgiving and praiso bo signalized by tho elevation of our feelinys of compassion, and our purposes nf good, to a nearer approximation to Iho feelings and purposes which characterized the mission and life of llio K iviour of men. Given under my hand at Midllebury, this eighth day of Novembor, in tho year oritur Iirel, onu thousand eight hundred anil forty live, and of tho Independence of llio United Stales, tho seventieth. WILLIAM SI, ADK. Uy tho Governor : Gto. II, BtAMAN, Secretary. From the Now York Parmer nnd Mechanic. TROY MANUFACTUIinS AND WATKU row Hll. Whilo having a comfortablo sltowor, I can do nothing hotter than to transcribe n few notes of what I have seen of this city. I shall not speak of tho elevated rank the inhabitants hold in en terprise, intelligence and moral, but simply yivu u luw- eaten ill rviiiiinu lei uusiliess. Mount Ida is distinguished for the beauty and time,, , of the project it affords, and f.5 the successful manufactories on tho ntlitcont streams. On the upper sito of Mr Marshall's rolobrated water power is tun nuwARn hoomc's snuff mill and todacco AND CIOAR MANUFACTonV, a brick building nf four, 1 10 by !() foot, with outbuildings and riiclnscd sheds fur to bacco in bulk, is in full operation, with 10 nuills or mortars, producing over 5(10,000 lbs. annu ally, of snuff of various grades and descrip tions, Toincro in leaf is hero cut by water power, for shewing and smoking. Tho tabular statement exhibits tho actual quantity cut tin ring the pist year at about 110 tons of leaf to. hacco. The manufacture of cigars is also con ducted here ; qualities ranging from I to 8 10 per thousand ; consuming nearly 110,000 lbs. of tobacco. About twenty persons aro engaged at this branch. Tho whole establishment of snuff, tobacco and cigars employs between 60 and 100 persons. Tho two important striking features to this water power aro first, il Ins tint yet boon stop ped by dreiuglit, and during Iho winter tho ice does not molest or retard llio work, as tho wa ter is conveyed from the pond through a tunnel ol 730 feet, through solid rock, to llio Snuff .Mill, and discharged from an overshot wheel of 00 horso power, enclosed in a brick building, for tho purpose ; and not bainir subiect to frost. lenders it a power every way desirable. Prom the Snulf Mill of Mr Uoouie, tho water passes through another excavation to tho cotton facto ry of .Mr Marshall ; tltcuco to the screw facto ry, etc. below. Ihostovo interest has attracted my atten tion. 1 hero nro fivo rurnaces in Troy : one in West Troy, Messrs Johnsui, fleer & Cel. cot out 12,000; John Morrison, 8,000 ; N. Star- buck t- Son, fj.OOO ; Wager & D.itor. about 5,000; Alvvood, Colo &. Crane, 1,000 ; P. Low i&Co, about 0,000, cast at Chollir & Jones-, West Troy. Thus you see, nearly !)I,000 stoves havo boon manufactured in West Troy. .Messrs uipicy cc summons have patcnteel a very useful intention for taking otT trnn pit terns. It is by first taking a plaster cast, and then fillin" in dry sand over nam', to Ihc thick. noes wanted,' which forms the back or cope of tho pattern, (the thickness oi sand in moulding fills the space wanted,) and when added to the face, of the pattern moulded smooth, gives an evenness of plate which has never been attain ed in any other way. Messrs Uaton Si Gilbert, Coach Mantifactu. rors, employ about ono hundred men, and the establishment is well wurlh visiting. Messrs Uissett Liwu, and several others, are doing i good business, and get out as fine carriages as nun need rule in. Mr A. Ilackus is getting out several organ fpr tliHerent churches, at Ins establishment, evlncli will reiuipiro with the best in any couti try in sweetness of tone or s,tylo of workman ship. Messrs It ind &. Kenelrick, at their Tannery. in South Troy, havo in operation ono of How oil's patent Tanning Wheels-, of sufficient size and strength to rarry one thousand s.des nf leather. It is worked by steam. It works well, and is a great saving in labor, and as it tans quirk, must make a great saving of interest of capital. They steep their lurk hy means of steam, conducted inlo the vats, but use no hot liquor, have it only about blood boat, and mostly cold. 'I hey s.ty that hielos may bo ta.i ncd in about twenty-four or thirty d.if, if the wheel bo kept turning, in gemel liquor, day dud night. They ju-t sold a but in Uoslon, tanned in this manner, which brought the first price. Tho wheel is 10 feet long, and 10 1-2 in diame ter. I hardly need mention tho Iron Works of Mr J. P. Wmslovv, or the Troy Works of Mr Bur don. Mich establishment works about 5000 tons of iron into nail-, spikes, bolts, cltptic springs, etc, etc., oacli having nearly forty nail machines and tun or twelve spike and bolt do. Ono plae o I would not havo a stranger in Troy neglect lo go to visit Mr I). Marshall's works, and seu what a small stream can be made to do under the control of a Trnjin. The upper dam is some 120 feet above tho lower race, and forms a reserv oir for a dry season. A little lower down is another dam, from which the water is conducted in a cylinder nqiiceluct to a 1 irge Snulf .Mill, occupied by Mr itnoine, al vvhieli mill is manufactured into snulf, rig irs and cut tobacco, about 200 tons voirly; and thence tn a cotleui ni'll, occupied by.Mr.Mir shall, with one hundred looms, and other ma chinery lei rorrcspoud, at which null is in pro ressnf maiiuficttire, under the management nl Mr Peai nck, some u' tho fabrics of our couti try ; cotton and Iini-n stripes and checks, fur both men and women's wear, also shirtings of thu best quality. Mr Marshall is about erect ing a bleachery, as I understand. Just below the Co ion mid aro two unoccupied mill Boats', aiiJnou it, now building, and almost ready for its run, biuery, a largo building I) he occupied for the inttiufacturc of serous ; and stil! he! iw is llio old rntlon mill. I'hus-, hy a Itltlo fore thought and expense, a small stream, only largo onough to carry ono mill, is so disposed of as to initio six good privileges, and tho same water ill it turns uno vv heel in ly turn tho whole. Messrs. Iloytctl'eak uiiniifaeturo from 15, 000 tei 20,000 yards of India Rubber Cloth year ly. It is nf gnol quality, and finds ready mar ket. Mr lid iinn, who manufactures the raxor strops sold by Mr Smith, all over tho country, has "a few mora left." In west Troy aro two steam mills, ono owned by .Mr Htclnrds, am! one hy Messrs ltosseau & Ui-tou, which do a heavy business. Mr Menooloy's Hell I'oiindrv, at west Troy, no stranger should, omit visiting.' Ilo may there see the finest specimens of bell casting that can bo boasted of, The boil for the New York Pero Department is a good casting shape and louo coud weighs four tons. Mr Meitcelcv very justly deserves tho reputation ho enjoys, lor bringing lus prolession to sucli pcrlecttnu. At the Arsenal nil is hurry and bustle not ex actly confusion, but active labor in preparing munitions of war fur Texas. Already has been 3iunjn;u i iu uun iuau-, i-uitaisiiii 111 t.ei f ijos, guns, and about live hundred boxes of carlrielgcs. snipped fvo uoit loads, consisting ot carriage i'vvcuty hands are now steadily emp'oyed malt ing cartridge's, and a largo number of women miking cartridge bigs, and soteral hands rast. ing nitiakot balls. (uery May not Texas Tax us rather too high yet I Messrs. CJioliar & Jones are casting heavy wheels for Uncle Sun, and soon oxpoct tn do a lilllo in the way of shells and bills. Messrs. Willed; if- Jones aro doing a goeid business in the rarriago lino, manufacturing 10,000 worth nor year. Mr Dunlap, from his lire wry, turns out about lli.OOU bbls. Uecr yearly, (loo much.) I forgot to say in referencu to Mr Marshall's water power, that the bulkhead at each mill is so constructed that it makes no dtfiorence w ith the lower mills whether tho upper irates are open or shut. The supply is llio 6euio, whether the water passes through the gato or lite centre ttiuucl into tho until channel of tunnel. Mr Marshall, as I utiilorstaitil, is ready lo put up suitamu uuiiuings lor any Kind ot manitlacturing business, in rent lor a term ol years, Messrs. Richard', llrooks &. Co., Tanners, havo a cyliudoy for scouring hides, which saves labor in preparing thoin lor tho vats and arn doing a business of sonn SM.OOO yearly. Mr ('. P. Mann is manufarturiug a steam en ginc ami boiler upon an improved plan. An upright boiler, ami engine attached, of 2 horse pavver, and not nccunviiu more space than a pjvver, ami un occupy ng more space uiau a artro sizo coal s.nvoVis nerfectlv-safo for shoos or printing establishments, as the lire is instdo of thn boticr. The smnko may be cendiicteil into any chimney by a common stovo-pipo j costs about two shillings por day for coal to run it. Mr,, Wells is almost manufacturing a very pretty engine upon the horizontal plan. In conversation with a genlletmn, who numbers himself among ilm readers of your pa. per. I learn that In his opinion, good wrought iron may bo made from almost any ore, by keep ing Iho carbon from it and aelding proper matrp rials for a good (lux. I nlr learned from him that there Is plenty nf good peat and loam not far fnm Troy; it Is In tho vicinity of Ihe small pond nearby, and i, not generally understood by the farmers to be combustible and fertilizing, or rather they do not generally understand that , ' , t , I , t , p.," ' .!, , . v t"l "3 if ',, I ?., Indeed, thousands ou mav expect lo hear something from him that will interest the public. Among other now buildinos now being nut up in this city, I notice a largo and splendid fur naco and machine shop, belonging to Messrs. Atwood, Colo &. Crane. Near by is to bu tho elepot for Iho rail roiel. At tho north part is n factory building by a Iloston Co. It occurs to inn lint lramre.r thinL's have been dono than to dam lliu Mohawk river and turn il into the Hudson above tho Aitato dam, ami by raising that a little-, convoy tho water in a canal (hrotigh "i" city nf Troy, making mill seats for ittv a i, in niirlutiery imaginable. Messrs. (i ilmau if- Cropsoy aro inanufarttir- tug a printing press lor cs.rds and paper, which works a lmirablv, and at about half llio cost of tho old stylo of i-r.'sses. i'roy, Sept. 0, 1313. W. I'UID.tV MOItNINO,, 7, 1915 THE LAWS. Wo publish lo-eluy n part of lite nubile laws of tho late session. Among theso are two which wo deem of great importance: tiio one regulating common schools, the oth er abolishing tho school fund, and paying off tiio btato Debt. Tho Slato is now snuare with tho world, and no individual now living lias boon taxed a fartliing to do it. But llio locofocos liavo assured their readers for tiio last tlirco or four yeats that the abolishment of this paper fund would deprive our schools of llio support they are now annually receiv ing, and that tiio school houses would at onco bo closed. Very wcdl. the deed is dono : llio school fund is abolished ; and now we hoscocli every man, woman and child in the community to observe, closely, and sen if tliey can perceive any difference. Sen whether the schools go on as usual, whether you get your public money as usual, and whether your taxes are any more than usual I The proof of a good pudding is in the eating. This is now fairly served up, and wo are willing lo bi Jo the result. THE OREGON QUESTION. It his been understood that a negotiation was pending, with tho hope of adjusting the Oregon controveisy before llio meeting of Congress so as lo obviate the necessity of another debate on that question. For this purpose it was that Mr. Mc Lano consented to takn tho mission to St. James. Out things havo taken u now t,icl. Mr. Folk wants a re-election, nnd Oiegon must he ins capital. Honro the l.iugungo of tho .administration now is, " the whole of Oregon or none," nnd of course negotiation is at an end. Tho guagouflho officio! paper has becomo so explicit as to leave no doubt ns to the posi tion of tho nrgotialion, sn far ns it is under stood by tho conductor of tint paper, or of tho views of tho executive on the question, if it can be supposed til it tho conductors of the ofiicial piper havo any knowledge of lite views of those) views. Tho following extract from that print will sufficiently indicate the temper of the limes ; "OnEGON The trSoc or Oregon, or nonethla is llio only nltcrnaluc as in issue ot territorial risht. Wo wholly deny the break in iho American title at lalim le 4'J deej. We! hold tint our title from 42 ilea. lo3lele2. 40 tnin. is one title, and, ns wo beliivc. a pe-i feci Itlleaaainsl all llio world. Asthoifestion has been elisctissed for a quarter of a century between us and r.n;lnn I, wo aro not sware e)f one areument scarce ly of ono phrase) purpoitins lo he an argument vlrch c irries our lu'e up to 49dez. nn I there stops. Wo claim as matter ofri-dit tho territory d'acieil by tho Columbia liver. In tho view of tholaw of nations, this leinlory beiiig u me n iiJ, has i's distinctive rUarnrtr and unity as one region, in tho fact tint it is so drained. An ins one legion, we either own it. or wo da not own if. "V'eain, we must speak lo the Democratic party of iho Uu. ted St ilea, lim wo dare lo hope lint many a liberal Whiij wijt fell tho force of the appeal which iho tnre ts of his country will tn-tleo to his patriot is t i -1 i s nno irtmt qtLSiDii. Wo espeenlly, n 1 - le- however, at litis time, lo lite Demo- crati'- p-i y, beea'HO nf ihe peculiar circ mistnnces which have connecle I them in past times with the q icsiionof Orej in. They hecante peculiarly conniM-i e.l with it bv their public avowals near eighteen tinni'is .ijo. Toe Italtitnoro Convention expressed theeleepesi interest in Iho territory of Oregon. In the canvass of the l'resideniiil cleeiion. tit,- simo de cided its were manifested. Tho I'res.dent's first prompt, s'roner, manly word, in full response to Ihat eonveulun, wa", "lo the Oregon our rigUl is clear and uiique-tiiin-iMo." " Lot ilm word be spo'een aafn by the man whom millions of freemen havo called lo occupy iho " crcal i-cniral po-t of ihecivdizition of llio popular power." nnd who doubts but tint tho Democracy of the whole Union will repeat it with a full eleiermination lo Stan I by tha rights of thoeouniry I When that word eocs forth from tho constituted nithnriiies of the ha lion, "Our rijht lo Orogon is eleir nnd unq lestion a' le," who doubts lint it will so through llio leng'b nnd bredth of the land, and thai it will be haded, ns il noes, by the Democratic party with ono unanimous .lrneu. And whit then 1 Wo answer this llien tho Donncracy of tins country will 6tanel to us word. Il will not llnieh. Nor will the holiest, patriotic, and determined iVhie; fl.u-h cither." Certainly. Mr. Folk is going to " speak tho word again" in Ills mossago and demo crats and whigs aro to rally round tho "groat central post of llio civilization of popular power," and ro-elect a southern anti-tariff 'resident, under cover of a war-spirit, for Oregon! And supposo this humbuggery succeeds, n hat is to como of it 1 Wo shall not, probably, drive tho English out of Ore gon, hut steal another Mexican province, and add California to thu Union, with two or four moro sl.ivo Senators to look aftcMho inter ests of free labor. THE SCHOOL HOUSE. Now is tho time, fur our farmers lo com mence preparing for tho winter school. We aro afraid the iuiportaiire of this school busi ness is tuo much undented. In tho first place, it is all important thai iho school room slioulel bu a comfortable houso ; not a rickety old bam with half the windows out, and the wind howling through tin) cracks. Children cannot study, with every thing uncomfortable around them. Their health must he intended lo, unless you want thein coming home m ., ,, , , ,i , night with colds, coughs and favers, and bo- forc (ho winter is half out, compelled to slay at home, and luso ball the uonelit ol thu school. Then, wo beg yoti not to luro a teacher, because you can got his services cheaply. Yuur cheap teachers tiro not tho thing. This education is a matter for life : and economy in litis business is misplaced- Your hoys and girls aro forming habits, anil receiving impressions which lust always, good fjrnicr would not engage a vicious or incompetent man to break his cuttlo for him no, not if he would do it at half price. And, lustly, when you have got a good school houso and a good teacher,, don't imagine that you havo finished llio business. Every man, who sends to thn school, should lake interest enough in it, to call in occasionally, nnd sco how tho school comes on. A firmer would hardly set a stranger nt work in his field, and pay him a sound price, without looking in to sco irtho business went on properly. Let thu teacher feel, and llio children see that yon attach somo kind of importance to their menial and moral training; it will encourage and stimulate tliitui both to greater usefulness and activity. Galaiij. HONOR TO WHOM HONOR, &c. Among (ho premiums awarded al eaur late Fair, was ono to Tiiom is W. Giiin.ofHines biirgh, fur the best Harness. Tho stock, workmanship, and goud lasto with which it was got up, eminently untitled it lo tho dis tinction. We h.ivo had occasion to test somo ofiMr. G's work, and wo tako pleasure in s.i ing that it hoars acquaintance exlrcmely well. Wo aro happy lo find also, front thu fact that Mr. Gibb is doing a very flourish ing business, that merit does not go unre warded. THANKSGIVING. It will bo observed that Gov. Slade ha appointed the 27th day of November for our annual thanksgiving festival. Wo think the limo well chosen, as it will give a little more lee-way for the commencement of our winter schools. Tho proclamation is not published as horetolorc, in handbill form. The Clergy men of ihe several denominations, who may be disposed to read il from their pulpits, are, therefore, requested to use, for that purpose, lite papers in which they may find it pub lished. MvsTr.ttious. Tho Worcestci Trans cript of yesterday relates tho following singu lar occurrence : " Wo learn from Mr.. Stowell of this town, who was engaged dur ing lust week in moving a laign house, to make room for un extensive block of, on tho Dr. Shutluck place, at the corner of Sudbury nhd Court streets in Boston, that, on Friday, uhilo digging fur tho new foun dation of the cellar and below the surface of tho ground, tho workmen discovered a vault bricked upon each side with a 1G inch wall, and a space within 5 feet longand 18 inch es wide, tiio whole covered with bricks to the thickness of 3 feet, and solid that when all but the last layer of bricks had been re moved, several blows with a heavy crowbar wore necessary lo break into lite cavity. Tito workmen wore much animated, expect ing lo find a hidden treasure, when, lo and behold, it contained human bones in a stnte of great preservation I Even the hair re nt lined on the skull I When, by whom, or for wlnit purpose, this vault was made and its tenant enclosed, arc involved in pro found mystery." Sr.ctjp.iNG a Foimwn nv M.v.nnvi.Na Timet: SisTurts. A story is tnhl of one of the newly elected son Mors from the river counties to the Ohio Legislature, w hich shows tint ho is good al holding on in a good cause,. A few years ago ho courted and married a young lady who had two sisters, possessing among them a largo fortune. His wife died,, and by somo means her share of the proper ty did not fill tu him, but lemnini'd in pos session nl the two survivi.ig sisters. He couttod and married the second ono, who in lliu menu time h id nrrive-el at womanhood. By her he Ind ono child : o:i after, she too, died, nnd it was arranged lb it the: pioperty reiiiiiineil in Iho other sister, and neither could come inlu possession of it until this offspring: was of age. In Iho meantime the third sis ter camu to m.itiuity. What did our hero ilo but court anil many her. 'Ho didn't do any thing else I' and is now in possession of tho whole fortune origin illy left to tho three sisters ! If any one doubt this romantic and singular story they will find il fully confirm ed by enquiring in Scioto county. The late election has placed him in the Senate of that urn.ving Slate, and if lie looks after her in terests with thu assiduity lie did after his own, he will doubtless piovo the most valuable member, who lakes his seal ut Columbus this winter. Tun Rosncnv or Mb, Rowlev. The Hague Caught at Last. Information camo In hand nt Now York, on Saturday evening, llnit thn person suspecK-iljof hiving robbed Mr. Rowley, of Wrentliam, ofS27,0C0, after drugging him with a peach, has been arrest ed in Havana, ami thai steps have been ta ken for the delivery of iho accused over to the authorities here, to answer for the offence. This will doubtless prove vary gratifying in telligence to Mr. Rowley, us" well as to the steamboat company. NOTICE. Tho Members f the Society P are requested to meet nt the Lodge this eening, f r the purpose of forming a Temperance So:tety. A punctual atten dance is requested Hy order of ihe 1'. G. M. llurltngton, Nov. 11, 1815. In this village, on tho 7th inst., Mr. Ilts-nv Hide, aged 33 years. 1 1 i but ju-tico to remark that the elesceased w as a kind neishbor, a man of strict tnte;rity, nnd an intel ligent and consistent christian, and althoucli, those who werotery near and dear lolum ore left lo mourn h s loss, yet they nro consoled with ihe belief that he has exchanged his earthly home for mansions of eternal nst. Com. M Monroe, I.ounania, in the month of May last, Mr. IIsadiev fetir, formerly ofihis stale. Theheiri or relations of iho deceased, could hear of something of con-iderabla importance to them, by calling upon Messrs. I.yman A (.'lutirndcn, ofihia place, ord drcstins a letter lo them by mail. Hditois in this .tato will please insert the above. WEW GOODS. M. POPr., has j.i.1 received his winter slock of Gjods, among which nil v be found InrfC s. on me n I of elollu, rascuners, vctlings, flannels, cathmercs. nlpace-as, prima robroy, plaids, Imseys, lickings, drilling, and a full assortment of lailor't trimmings, Also, A largo stock of Groceries, con-isiing in part of loaf, lump, powdered and ciuliel sugars, also, molasses, leas, coflce, mp. tobacco, limp oil, sslera. tin. starch, elc. &c which will be sold t Ihe lowest prices. -M. POPE. Htirlington.Nov. II, 1813. at lings! Hags ! T.MU'.It ltGS taken in tHohaniro for School J. noons, uy S. WOODS.