Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 21, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 21, 1845 Page 3
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Honino ItAZons. -Wo notlco that soap and Water lias been highly recommended. In the place of ( il, to tie used upon hnncs in selling razors and other ttcol Instruments. It Is some years back that iho trial of it was first undo In ErijjUnd, but, from certificates given of its su. perior cleanllnc?s and efficacy would seem dc limbic that il should bo gene'rally adopted. Mr Serjeant Davy, eminent In tho lat centu ry, was once upbraided vvi'li lowering "iho dig nity of tho profession by Accepting silver as fees from a client." "1 look silver," he said, "bo cause I could not get gold j but I took every rap the follow had ; and if you call that lower injr the dignity of tho' profession, I don't know what dignity is." o m ra On ihc lGlh Inst, at St. Pauls Ch uch, by lit. Itcv. J. H. Hopkins, Mr.jAconC. Haivicy loMissLAi'nA L. Habiiisgton, both of llns place. In Richmond, on tlio lllh Inst., by A. U. Cooper, Esq , Mr. Jacob GasEx, of Burlington, to Miss Utton.v. Johnson, of Itichmond. In the Baptist Church in Charlotte, on the lGlh inst. by Rev. J. M. Driver, Mr. Dennis V. Hazard, of Ferrisburgh, to Miss Celinda A. Foote, of the former place. EIIAS XYIvZaN, HAM received nn exton-ive of New and I'ahionatilotiOODS, e-on-ilin:r ol Ca-h-mece. ned Do Lames, very beautiful. Kleirant fiu Ured Oral, Alpaca for tre--c-, (Jala I'laid nul' Rich I'lai l Cloaking, Gimp nn 1 Fringes to match. ' MINTS. A very large and splendid assortment, 1-o-ighl by llie case and for sale very low with a few choice -elected Prints, entirely now patterns nnd very cle- Sanl; aUo a great vanely e-f llalzariuc and other lourniiig Prints. SHAWLS. A large quantity tf rich Damask Shawls, and many styles ol Kancy do., brth small. ItlllBONS. A lew pieces of rich omhroidcrcl It nnet Ribbon. A good as-ortment of Velvet do Lii-trni? IMibun and Flannel (lindiug. Zephyr Wnr-tcd, Mohair and Silk Fringe. Ladle's and Gentlemen1.. Cloak Cord- and Tas-aU, Sha let I'ur-e Twin, Steel Held-, Pure Rings an I Tasa colorel and white Wor-tcd Vara white Mi no and Woolen do, Tidy Cut.u i and Needle-, etc. A.e. Wickwarc Muck, eornerofChuieh an' College t. November 21, 1S15. H'lliMSTON HIGH SCHOOL T11K Winter Term nf f I titutiin will com mence on Wcdne.dM, l)e, -aiher 3, nmler the chainc, as hcrctofure, of i,rt- . M. The con dition of the (.chool is"ru . n iniher of pupt's larue, and the ptn.pects for fie f nitre Uattcrim.'. 'I lie instruction is I e'lieveJ to 1 c ullinent and tlmro-ish. It is an o-ontial pec iliari-v of the Institution to lea I foe pupil io tar as prai-ti.-.ihli', both to in-tnicl an I ROvern him-elf. This ren ters his ctu lies plea-ant and cii-ures s icce--. The fat-iline. for tie ncipn-i-tion of n.u iral science are unusually trnnd. The Principal po-cw n hrge llcr-clielnn Tele-Copt of superior r ialuv, with other c-eeellent appiraius wmen m- win u-e ior ine neii" it ot llie -ttiucnt. Tonnv f r theprimtry biauihc-, 51,011 4,f,0 1.10 1,30 n ami " " I. in arc-, CBoard can 1 e ohtimo In. fr en 1 2", to per weeV, it'lilin; wa u ? Ace. Il is de-ir.i' le tint ih n- wh air f-ho il I eomineii"e ut the 1 eTiiri.n" Willi-ton, Nov. 13, HI3 iptl'1 atteji'ing q larler. 23 MUSIC & I)ANC!C,. MR. .1. 1). IMtKVAMHIl. cra elul f. r the very liVral paironaae In-Ins l.iroierly reieived froai the La Ii.n an I liniileiiien of It irltn'g'on as a Teacher, la ,c lln me hoj of inloriiinii; llie.n that he will open a school in the ah ,ve aeeouiphsliel aits -o soon as a -uiricicnt nuiuber of leipilsean I e ohtaine I. Having lltely v si'e.1 iho principal citio. in the I'll ion be will le ich -uch dances as is mot practiced in the genOH't h,II.rooin. -V. II. Mr. I1, will pronJe mi-i- fur pihh" nn 1 private pirllcs. Nov. 20, 1911. jVoiico. HIIi; s ib-crilier wu il I infor n llie public th-t he -L is prepirel to elotn and iiai-h '.Vuuipu's t 1 nk-., Shiwl-, Uunneis, &c, ma lo of Silk, Ci.ttou or Wool; an I of nil;-, or other fancy g,os will le Colouied and dre-sel lo le m new. nl-n, Men'- Clothes ( i .incl and Dye I it mve- arv and liais'iel, I thin'., .aiite s uisfiiii'o.i of the p i ,.e, at a rea-onahle price. Si.ks tint are liink can le i'olo ire J to any colour waated, 1,'rcen, l!ro'.vn,SoaKet Crimson, Pink, &c. Goo I- fiiriurded to J. if C. Martin'-, by Maio with eharges paid, will be at i tided lo, finil'ie.l and returned m a iea-on.ih!e nine TIII.oiiOHi; I). LYMAN. Jiorih Kerri-hergh, Nov 17, 131 j. 23 I C. C. F. Staniford &, Co. HAVING returned from New Yoik vvith floods for the fourth nineties asn, would reudml ihc pubhc that they have a lai:-er -lock of staple and fan cy Dry Goods, Urnrcn s, (', o -'.crv, China and Ghss ware, Looking Glasses, Papir Hanging-, llufl'ilo Robes, MulT, .f-c. than ihey vvcie ever able 10 offer before. S. R. No 'Auction Goo Is," and no red flag, but such prices as may perhaps prove not less attractive than eilhcr. Purchasers are tokened to call and ex amine for themselves. Hurlingion, Nov. 3, 1S13. G . B A C KUS, lyiERCHillijr TikiltOR. COURT HOUSE FQUAItE, niirllnston, vt. ELIiCT SCHOOL. T,TISS I,. IJ. STACY will commence her winter 111. turn on Wednesday, the lOih of Dec, to con tinue t eek-. Scholars are expected to enter at ihc -.w..,tiisui.Kiiieiii ui ine lerin. , Tuition. English, from 83,00 lo $4,00 i-rencn, j qo Drawing, 300 bchpol room one door west of Mrs. Lan-worthv's. tip s'airs. ' 1 'Burlington, Nov. 21st, 1315. 25 Powder ! THOSIi in want of a superior nrlielo o(poudcr for rifle shooting, can find it of either llazird's or Dunont's manufacture, at L. & O. V.. FOLLI.TT'S, Corner Main and Water Sts., Nov. 20, 1 313. 31 UFFS, 110 iS, FUR COLLARS, CAPS and HA 1 a, for sale cliep as the cheapest hv ,. C. A. SKY.MOUR. fiurhngton, Nov. 20, '-15. 23 ,v3 Overalls. OF A surs-riorqualily, made of the Rest Russia Duck, for silo, bv the doienor siofllep or, bv P.ov.20, 1515. (23) L.&.C. F. FOLLLTT. Fresh" esn j -onions! L. & C. K. FOLLF.TP. Corner nf M '1,, nml If:,,.K f. 'OR sale by Nov. 1513. 23 A. is. 031 WMV II'1 "AS rtC3ived his Tall nnd Winter siipidv of Gro- renerf ,.. I.A purcha-eis. 'laving diseov . I that Good Coeds find a ready salo whilst il,. sC t .ferior qaahtv re nuirp tho expenditure of so. u, el ,q , nee to fleet iho telwnr !',eS,"C oITired has been eciod with care, hopcing to gi e satufaclion to all who may extend the favor of ihtir patronage. f Tr.J'Rsho ";.e'rr, Wl" 1,0 '""'id the usual supply of Teas Sugars, Cofiic Spires, Ac. Also Si mrll Sugar.houso Syrup, anj ( rushed Suar. ' Huilmgion, Nov. 19, 1815. " JS:'V,:ft' "'ofthefoHoivi;. No. 1 Mackerel, .aree, " " .Small, Norm Sho;a!;!;!m;,",Uc8!'nd Conn. HivrrShad, Dry and I'ickeled Cod, Smoked and I'ickiUd Herrinps, ic Nov. 20, '43. A. 8 DliWT.V. iri:sii son.v n.,d wim: hiscuit, i.e,n J. nnd I'ic Nic Crackers A so. Snnprlnr n t'rackrrs. nr.wi.y. I'ltKl'.UU: KOIt Tlinnksgiving, ("liristinas nml Now-Ycnrs. AM. thrso in want ol Dried Currant", Cilrrn. Haisisb f':rDlF.s, I-'i-s, Iriim, Mace, .Nut jneis, Clove-, Ciiinamon, I't-pper, Sieii nnd o her herbs for seasoning) AUn. Saidines, .Mu-tird, Hint Pemver Sauce, r. 1'leasn call nt Harrington end Hrnthcr's where nny 1 unj n largo mid ex- New-VoT""'0"1 "f "1C a''U' pi'frtvll' ,r'',,, ,l01" Uiirlmuton.Nov 20, 1815. J5 VILAS to ITOrES, HAVi: now received their l-'all and Winter supply of Ounds, Wc have added a number of articles (winch liavolircn much enquired for) In our former stock, such a. O iltuti Varn, Colored Nnddinr. Hat ling, Wickin", etc. and wo can now m-coinodaic Merchants Willi nlniosi nnj thing in the SSlapio 1'ry Goods hue. ' Wowou'il modestly say to nil who may wish to purchase at wholesale, that our stock nf Omuls -iiow the lamest and most desirable ever olli-rcd t,y us. Our success so far in jobbinn goods has induced us to mtlee larger purchases than heretofore, and we hope by sclhns at lowprices to bo enabled to do justice to ourselves and to the purchaser. Wc have adopted the Cash System m making all of our pin chases and c flatter ourselves with the belief tint our goods are obtained nt the very lowest prices. Iluylng Cheap will enable us to self low to our customers, who will please call and see for them selves. Ilurlinrjton, Nov. li), 1P13. American Prints. WOt'LDimitn tho alteniion of Merchants and I'edlarswUa may msli to purchaso American 1'rinls. Our s'ock now is Iho largest and most de sirable ever ofiVredin ibis mntket, con-istingof a very great variety nf patterns, and some new and very neat styles. They Mere purchased nt n time when the agents wcro closing their Tall l)ii.ine, nnd the owners of the goods were anxious lo MAKI' SALK's, wlreh enabled us to obtain litem nllcss prices than they had been previously sold. In this wny we ob tained an ndinntaee ol from one lo two cents on the yard, on somcstvlcs. nnd puts it in our power to sell them as cheap as the johhers in New York Wc would solicit n call fiom all wishing to pur chase, nnd weiloso Inlly confident that wo sell ihcm upon tho most favorable' terms. Please call and sco for yourselves. Burlington. N'jv. 19. 1615. 23 Colored Cambric. f) Caes Colored Cambric. 1 do Silccias, for sale by Nov. 10, 1013. VILAS it NOVHS Cotton Threads. "yCTf Lbs. Shicr's Cotlun Tiucad, white and i CM t nesortcd, 2)0 " Cheaper do do do WOO Dim. Spool do do do Nov. 19. I'orsa'oby VILAS & NOVH-s. Pins and Needles. ?00 Packs American Solid Head Pins, -JVV7 130 lh American Mived do M duillcd Eved Needles, 200 Or.." Knitting do For sale by Nov. 19, '13. VILAS it NOVHS. SOAP. Onz Slnvmi SoTp, for ilc hv ?,ov. ID, '15. ILAS .f iOVnS. 1000 Cotton Varn. Batting, &c. I ff li.M FS Cotton Yarn, Hatlin", Colored l"7t ' V.,d I uT, and VViekmg. M'rrhants can bo supplied null these articles at rtry loir rar?. VILAS ,f. iNOVI'.S. Il.iibnnton, Nov. 19, 13!'. 23 Brown Drill, Ticking, &.c. ale3 llrnwn Drills. cases York Ticl.incs, 2 di llleai hid Shirting, for sale hr Nov. 19, 1S13. (23) VILAS iV NOVHS. jIit telle?. Of ttro-s tlatehes, for sale cheap bv .Nov. ty. taij. VILAS sV xovn. Oceso l''eatliers. Prime nrlicleuf Virmont Geese I'eatliets, ranted nood. for sale hv A ov. 1U, ISJ. (il) VILAS it NOVP.S. Tin Piute, &c 1 7 Mo: IO 23 1 axes 1-3 I N r Tin Plate, 1 Sipoire do ., " i.areo s 71 0 , 73 I! lis Iron Wire (assorted Xa:) Russia, nnghh and Cnnida Sheet Iron, Sheet nnd Holt Cop. per, Sheet Zinc and Lead, Wire Vellum, Riicls, eic. For sale at the lowest prices hv Nov. 19. 1313. C23) VIUS it NOVCS. 1 I. IAN l,V)l.l 3, 1 I A S rccei , e I fj mceries : Old 1 1 y AjiiJr? iTl ' ' st u, llvsnn Sinn. V. on.- Hv- m wrpmr " ".""'i Tims i I ml, llrtmn IlEJ-SU .1ld IJr .z.l S i-r.-; M lee. t. TEAS. Spieis, Hox Itiisins. A few pirs of 1 in s"pen. r i re erven tiinger, ( o- c,7 anil i-hei JIaearoni, Mn-tard, I hiKMliite, Ci'ron, Pepper Sfue, Cunanis, tiroun I Ill'C (iniher i In.ligo, pure blraehed Sperm Oil, Siieiin n I T.tllow C.iiidles, Soap, ipe. & . November 20, 1813. 23 pOX AND St'LTANARSINs!, Cn'RON, J t Jlnee. Currants, Prunes, Almonds, ftp. N'ov. 20, lsl3. A. S. ni'.WLY. CULLER'S AXOl) yxi: ' S' II I S celihratcd medicine whiib cures Tooth-Ache iiiranri, relievis Aiue in the I'a.e, Shooting Pain-, and In- named tiuins, is ( For sale 1 y in 10 t liiirliugton PF-CK it SPF.AH, IIAGAU & AIM IIIHt, CAT'.IX it SPF.VIt, FRANCIS I.e. CLAIR Henry Hyde's Instate. STATE Or VI.RMONT, 1 A 'I' a Prol.a'o Court lli-ttict 01 ut.illeiulen. ) rx. hol.'en nt llurlin Ion, wilhm nnd fur Ihc Di-lnci afnre-aid on ihe 14ih dnv of Noveml er A. I). 1131",. an Instrument ting to he the la-t Will an I Te-in.nent ol Henry Hyde t.uc- ,,iirmiiuii 111 -am m-iriei eecea-e I, was pre ented to the Court lure for Prohaie, by Henry Leavenvorlh llie exee-itor therein named. 'I iinni.t-onr. il is ordcnsl l,y mid Co irl, lint public notice be given to all persons eiiueernel therein 10 np pear heforo said eo irt, at a seion thereof to be hulden ai me i.csi-icr-. otiiee m hai.l liurlinir'on, on ihos 'e ond Wednesday of Duermbcr, A. I). IS 13, nnd eonie.t lbor.,balu el saul Will; audit is Inrther ordered that Ibis order be nnbli-heil ihreo weel: Mier in Iho llurlmslon Fu-e Press, n news papei prin'edat Uurlrigom in t'u's Smie, iho lasl ofwhieh ivil.lie.iiions to bo previous toiheday a s'nid, as alaiesnl for hearuig. Given uni'cr my hand at Ihe Regi-tn's Oince, this lllh day el Novembir, A. 1). 1912. go.v3 Wm. WFSTON, neghler. N3W GOODS. Q M. POI'F., has jn-t received bis winter stock of (.oods. among which may bo found a lar"o as- orimcnt of rloths, cassimers, vculings, flannels, kn',"C.r"i,,u'p!,Ct'a''' fiN'srobroy, plaids, hnsevs trimmin'"s " ssorlinenl of tailor's (Wso, A large stock of Groceries, consisting in pan of loaf, lump, powdered nnd cnithel sugars, also molasses, teas, cnlbe, soap, tolncco, lamp ml, Bilera. ins, starch, Ve. &c. 1l11ch will be sold at the lowest P"; . S. M. POP1J. Huthngton.Nov. 1 1, IS 15. 01 Bags! Bags ! ! in exchange for School S, WOODS. PAPF.R RAGS taken I Itii'iks. hv ISliKCTRlClTYM TWO II Ml.llOADS TO 1UJSTOX. nvv.wi no t i-'.Mtr, nuuf. fPlin creni in reascd demand for Cods at the X Cheap C.i.h Siore, kepi by the 1'eople's Aent. HOWARD, induce, b-ni asam ioro to Ne,v Vorlt, bein5lho sixth lime sine.- April, from which he has hrou-1,7 mi bull- !l"l!',"8',V,''18Sl'11' "l,!,n'1"1- "ck of Merthandus, i i "V0."0 t.I iKsircofthBl'eoploand at prices vvI.ilIi with but onoririicle, say Ilrown Cotton Cloth, aroal low. r than before known. However, t oo mns uon u i. an peiie-uy i-oniislcnt nnd rational for an tra is just cmiimciicim' in which n microscopic i . eerln,i'l'ealin!; iiiiprovemenls eii Ii- Tl , ?JT?CnX l"""rl" l"M I'hrenol,,,., cal bumps, thai when n it mtous.i wiHgivo niultitucii- n,"',s " """"I employment, nnd m luVSZw how n way losimaiu myriads of heuias where now r, 1 ZH? ' V;",," ""P1!'1" "f cx,i,",!! " 11,19 '"'"11 ,,, . r i ?f r""" 0f n,MV " ""dcrful ll u.e can I n vet predial l, ronsirjuciices, for by ll, .hclncal ii i. vrnpli in iliouahl nt the wisieni or th Ainn iccicdin nny bo as soon etpres.ed at lliaeai en, shore of the I...,r.c as ,1 could' bo w,en d.m n Iso WIS""-" hy 8,dc uf ,l,e I"nl'"-- iher I.,. . T '."ef"iiciiil Iiio liem, n 11 1 ur- P o c,i n ,r"ii" 'r'V," l,,,"lll"',l ,ln-' nrvh ihe In7i !. i L fields, i litis nunp Mnu lal or, food. nd , i:iZ",r'rrol,l .,,l'1 ,'P' 'rl' l'olo su, a odi im "ful"'l'i lli-it HOWAKI) has ,;ot ,nr ' "a" lo oe o"au again used for their Nov. 1 lib, 1813. 21 CV'i. 'V,A,,.'',;:vi hi I, ft town, to ba absent vilTl, ",,'" v'"". " blcflhis business- ..... ... .... , ,,,, ,, ls .juinorueii to iioouy thin in relation ihr ri to, con.isicm with bis .Scney; 1 fwv. io, 1815. 0i;o. .v. mIixx. A. EDWARDS' CirilAP CAS it B D ES. S T O EH 13 . Xn. 1 l'cc!ci nuildwas. A ccnoral assort inent ol School, Classical and Miscellaneous Rooks and Stationery at CITY PRICFS. Games and Amusements. rtpHK National Game of tho J- AMcntcAS l.Actr.. The RAcr. or Imfrovoiext, by the Author of the (nine of IJr. Iltistiv. Tho Missionary CAMrAios. Tho laughahlo Game of What d've Gcv Uy Prof. Punch. Tho Strife of Genius Ry a Lady. Game 01 ji ister Kotimirv nnd ins l'uptls. Imnroicd Game of IJr. Hushv. Cards of the Magi, for ascertaining nny Lady's Name or .gc. New York Courlinn Cards and Numerical Games. Comic Cotillion t'nrdsnnd Comic Conversation do Chess Men-from -1,75 In S2O.O0. Rack-Gammon Hoards, three sizes. Itcgistcrs ! ! VFRMONT Almanac and Statistical Register for 1310. THi: VISION s or Hell. Purgatory, nn 1 Paradise, of haste AttaniERi. 1 raustatru uy ineuev. ncury Francis Carey, A M with tho life of Dante, Chro nological view of his Ago-adJilional Notes and Index, with 12 Fngravmgs, 1 vol. 81,30 Memoirs of nn American Lady, with Sketches of Manners and Scenery m ylmcricn as ttiey cxisird previous to the Revolution. Uy Sirs. Grant. tOc Tho English Dramatic Poets. I!y Charles Lamb, i vols. i,uu The(.r"v..3ofUhrncy. R, Mrs. 53. C. lUt!. 23a Mmstrpl Love. I!v the 'uthi r of Wild Love. 3c Cheap .Music for ihc Piano, a new supply. pvTARATIv I. of n .Mission lo llokhnva in tho years IN asteitainihcfilenf Colonel Stod- dart nnd Captain Conolly by Ilev. Joseph WnllK won engravings, price 2,JU Nnrauvc of the l.'xploreiug Fxpedition 10 tho Rockv JInuntninsin llie vear 1312. nnd tnOrppnn and Nonh California, in llie ear 1 5 13 Ml, by lire vet Cantain J. C. 1- rcemontof thoToonernnhi- eal Engineers, G2c 01 vJhoiec Kcadmirt he finnhsli Comic Writers, by Willnm Hnzhll, 50c t'rovcrbial I'lnlosopliy, by Alartin I". Tiippcr. 2 pans 73c The Twins and Heart, by M. F. Tunpcr, COc Selections (roni Tnvlor. Hariow. South. Fuller. itc. I.y llasil Mnnlngue, TOc Ainaorav, by Dumas, 'Hie Authors Daughter, n tale by Marv Howill, 12Jc The Kmekerho -her Sketch, part 1 edited by See vis Gtylonl Clark, tOc Aulnluo.'ranhv of Aluerie. trans alcd bv I;. Ed wards Lrsitr, 50; .wirv .11 inn. ami oilier Tales, bv II. il. Jloore. Sic The 1 Only Datuht r", a tlorno-li story, 23c unscrvaitons in tuc i.isi, by ur. uurliin 2 vols. wnii numerous line engravings, price, ,w Wan lering Jew, Illustratid I'd. No. 3. 23c Ilarpei's Illuminated lliblr, !2, price 23c Theprescut issue compiisos no le-s than nine large and elaborately engraved Illustrations, in addition to numerous sm illcr engravings de-itmcd by Chapnrin, and executed on wood hv Adams j the text is brought up lo the 23ih chapter of Matthew. Medical Books. fFMIC Cyclopaeha ol Practical .tledieinceoinpri-inir fi- Tnn'ec- mi Ihe naluie nn 1 treatment of Disease-, .If, teria Mutha and Therapeutlcsi Medual Jurisprudence, ipe 4-c. e !i e I by John Fori es, I), f. n. e. an I .lohu Ounolly, JI. I). Thoroiishly levi ed, wuh u Iditiiin- I v R. Mumrll-nn, M, I). Pro(e--or in the Jo ler-on .Me 1 -al College Philadelphia, in four large Royal O-lavo volume-. D ingll-ons Pro -lice of Mediein0, 2 vol. do Human Phys.olray, 2 " do Therip'itics anil .Mateiia Medica 2 u do -Snuletit, 1 " do Medical Pietninnry, 1 0 Pereira's Fleinrnt' of .Mntirui Jlediea and Thera p itics, e 'oe 1 I y Car-en, wiih 2S0eus, 2 vol-. 00. Millers Pri'l pals ot S irgei-v, 1 vol. 'I ho Anatomy and Di-ea-e- nf llie Ilrtost with numerous plan I.y Sir Astley Cooper. 10 which nre adle.l his various sur.-icil paper-. Now llr-t pub-il-hel in a enlleetel fium. W.nsun's Pracliiool Phy-ic, by ConJie. a new e-l.tiou. ( l o be Continued,) TiJKiimiTUN & i0Tii;i, Wholesale anil . CIIRMIVIS, mtlJCKIS'IS AND Till) shrt tiint wc hav 'renin bniupi', during lnt-Iiiln' almvu drin li.iv rect'n cd fiom t lie pulilin l.irjj a 1 1 a re ofpation (iru for tliu nrnn nritr!i-in lln-.r lint', i mi. t'ti mble i i (cmv that 'hr:r -ale Invo 1 tvti lnu'lilv sal.Mltctory to ctMi m t r-, 1 o'li frn'ii tho imvn mill connlry. ntvl i" otill fur thrr yuarjn'w cf the:r ilctiTiniuathm n t to la- sur inS'O I, m atu;i I.ivjiinir on Inntl !aro-t aort tni nt of Pure aivl (ietminc arti.-lo-. No oxpi'ti-t 1ia I ven --paies) in iliu )un'lnfco of tluii nriH-Ii' that fwryt lunar i- the best. Their Cheinifnt- are war rnu'i'il p iro, nml lt?in? imnu'ai'turt I by nur niii Cf'lt-hralfl C!ieitijs.tP, will ni fail to vwc atiftction. Amon? lliern nny be foun I the lolnvinEr: lod'iio, Indi le uflron, Cl'iiiiinc, Ii.dide of CI lininc, Stdpli lie M' rphinp, Ariato .Mophiiii1, lnJidc t f Mer c iry, Dmio lo lidc do , Proto Iodide do., lilac!; Oxul do , VcraTint'i S'ryhnint', Cyan, Merenrv, Ladaie nnd I'lm-jili iiu Kern, Citrate (if Iron, ClirM. Xt. .Silver. Klnicrfum, Su'phmct of I(M.i-a, lirunine, Tripoli, IlypOMilphaie (j! ?;oda, c. e. Wo nre now reeetunc; the hr?t-st nnd be-t selected a-ortnienl ot IVrfnmerr lo bo foiled h&t ofS. Vor!; bt'in? bought directly (rom iho importers, they nre uvn.inicu tin t)t-i. uejow win i.e tneniioned a lew. Extracts Ho-e, Violetie, i'ink, Ornnce I'lnwcrs, Jasmin, Keredt, Pau-bonly, Vcrber.a, Mtlle I'leur, alo, Civelle MikI; and Tonq in. Cosmetics for Beautifying the Skin, Or'idandi Lotion, Oomauds powder, Subtile, Jnne Chemical Wash and Soap, Pate D'Atnatle, Pearl Powder, CVci-san Lymph, Super Trench Itoagx'. i'reparcJ L-naiu c. For the Trcth. Ambrosial Orri- Tonih Wab. Orri-Tooth Pas'e. Chlorine toolh Wash, Vin.Vi and Uoe tooth Iowdcr, inric ior Mrensuieuins ine-Jimi'-, ami a jrreal vanetv ofToolh Powdc,r. I fair Oils and Pomatums, Hears O.l. IbifT.ilo 0.1, Me -asvir Oil. O. Marrow P'ma le. Anlruitu OJ. Ctnrmii Hair 1 onr. Uose Hair Oil, Uilin of Coliunbia and oilier Preparations for Fanaj Soaps, Combs and Toilet Articles in sreat variciv. ruis'i-ln? of G.ierlain Prentt-, I Acs. and ."I'irrav - OeaMi Sluvms.als .J.d.n-on Mi'bnrv do., blecniiane. 'ienio D Am. tiile A inert. Snonacons Coinnoiind pe, lVc, .Snpen t I rcnchand dennaii (id"sn anl 1 ndct Water, lliirh Scenle,! Tone! ;-oap. I (o.itmir MMp, Transparent hoap., toap nan, IJela-elloV I'o-e oiw dc, nbo Sultana do, do. lfah iYrtiV, Tooth and Shaving Hrushc$ ofFusli-h an 1 Krent'h maniiriclnres aNo an txuI- lent variety ol e it (;.i-. Toilet Mottles, Molie'iii..!. Ohs do., t-'ul CJIass P.injenls, Prced do. from in en. to 81,50 per botilc. Sundry Articles, (Jtierla:n, Tietnan-, Kilt Oenlrical InMnimcnts also c arc ngem ior iwiiciiers in-irmnent'j. Trusses of all varicticst Abbmmal S tpnor'er. M tieral Teeth, Honsi' I'e-snnes, 'I iirn'.ey-, In lelible Ink, Illacl., Illm', and Hod Inks.Cnruiine unit llliiu Saucers, Scaling Waxes, IVirt I'la-n-r, 3j,,rn Soap, Plate I'nwder, Caiuphen, ('a , WV: owe. I'uw 1,'r puIT-, Cai lion-, Steel pen-, Manui-, I-eiu-r nnd Hill Paper. Illai-l-ing. Chcin- teal vainMi lor -sieves, llrill-h l.-ntre, We, iVe. ') Family Use. Cocoa, Co- oa Shell. Sa'nl Oil. I'tril IVnt-er sauci I'rencli and Ilu-'li-h lustard. Cats in-. Mu.hrnoni, l nmaio, vv .iin'ii, -i-i,iii ll.ivc-, l.ou-lerili,., ll.ilsin-. i ig, ie.tot all, Ine.i i iirrenls, uiiron, aiac ea. rom, l-ingla-s, Hi o I'lour, In-h Ottuical, Pearl liar lev. In-h Mo... T.tliloca. Sago. Clove-.. Cltinaineni itlace. Xotmegs. Jaiuaiia tiinger. Co-union tiro mil do., las-ia bid-, Caiawtiy SeviN, aiu'l.i Ileau- sjlt-wartft Uontoctionary-, Lamp (ills, eve. eve. Patent Medicines. Rands Sar.nnarill.i. Coiii-li-l,s do. I'M. I.nng wort. Il.ilsam iT Liverwort. Hal. am of Wild Cheri v. Hariines Lotion, Pain I'xtraetor, Sherman's nn I i'ab s .Mi'dini-ed I.uzeugo-, Muihers llehef, Piiline nary Hal ssiu, ind others too numerous lev iiienliJii, dicubovo uroall vvarr-intcd Cenuiiiuas aro all pitent modiciiies ir-uii their store. Oils and Diestiifs. AIo, tho best I. it inrs f-t Mi- !i al purposes Lcjit coiifclanuy em iiano, uireci irnui ine imoriers Hurlingion, Nov, II, IS 15. 21tl Nolico. NOTICHis hereby given, ihat I have rclinqu-shcd to my son, Nntliaiitel T, Hailey, jr tlio balance of In. iniiioiilv. wuh full nnuer lo act and ciiiiimci for bim-ilf, nml I shall hereafter claim none of his earnings, nor hold myself r- sponsible for Ins nets. ll.l.MI'.l. I, llAll.liV Milton, Nov, 4, 1813. .Stray Steers, T1AMH into Ihe enclosmo nfibo Subscriber in Sent Kj lasi, a lied two year old Steer ind ajsoonihe lit inst, a lieu yearling rslcer. Thoowner u rrn iest ed toprovilpropcriyaychargcsaniltaKe tliemnway win. t vt. I.. Charlotte, Nov, 13, '15, 2lw3 BURLINGTON FEMALE SEMINARY. Till: Winter dinner m ilits Pcminary will com-k-enco Dec. 1 t.. nnil coiiimuo eleven wecl.p. There aro now six Teachers connected villi tho ln H'ltution. In connection vv'li the solid branches, vonnrt r.nibcs will rniov liei llhar nilv.inlnftr-s fnrnc. quiring a eon eel knowlulgoof AIusic, browinij, Paml- nil! nnu mo v rencti i.niiuniie. insirticnon in tne latter will bo given by a gentleman, well educated both In tlu I'.nghsh and I'-. uch, nml who speaks tho latter with the same case And correctness as bis ver nacular ton2uc. A few vacancies in the Hoarding House will bo mailo attheeml of ihisfluartrr! those Irom abroad wishing to reside in the Seminary should apply soon. Voun" I,adie9 from the villano wi-hing to eslciid tlieir hnow Icdo of tho l'rench language, can bead mitted lo the class. No pupils ndniitted fir n less time than one (luar tcr, nnd no deductions made for nbsuico except in protracted sickness. mums. HALF l'AVACI.i; IN ADASCC. Tuition In Knglish Mranches ami Latin, per quarter, So.OO " " Piano Musi:, 8 00 Instrument for practice 2,00 " " Drawm" or Painlinir, 1,00 " " l'rcnch ViO Hoard, includinu fuel, lights, nnd nil the convenien ce' for study in larconnd well furnished rooms, $2 per weekj or Si!5 per Quarter of cloven weeks, including washing JAS. W. Ill CKOK, Scc'w Nov. lllh, 1S13. 2I3 Premium Harnesses. T. Glim, co. rTAVK the pleasure to inform J .L the public that they took 1,"1A tho premium on barncssis nt 'K?rS5?rss. Iho Aericultuinl I'nir,; Sept. wwy5 2'' n"d nr "w pfp'ci ,o II vverk of ihc, tarn-quality, 5 V - J"f" r il- m at fc.iv oilier Nbop 4 - h' lh0 Counly-;ill and see. GrJjTcrlLintic N. lb A discount made lo s'.iajtu.ts' those who come from a distance, nmcsbiirch. iVov. 1S-I3. 21 Dli. P1TKLV, WOUliI) refpoetfiiily inform the inhabitants of this village nnd icinily, llini he hai lota'cd lnm-elf here as a phys cii'i aiid curseon. It will I c the tindcMatin? purpura to ninlto catcful examina lions toaseertain ihccntuo nnd by direct application of remedic to enmbat dhcascs, and remoc thiir cause, and bv enre, attention and faithfulness to all whi) may call upon him, hopes to prote himself wor thy of p'ltronigo. 1 In would also "iv lie in possession of most of the new rcnirdi-'s ih it h wc r eenily been bronchi forward for the rh-f f Scrofula, S;inal ntTtfCtions, Phibisical Lompl.unti nnd otti r rhest di,seti,e. I)r P. has refomui'Mi hiions ol" qinhfications from somo of tho most rin'iii'nl p'trsieian in tlih state find from some in Xew Vork ( it y and Ut'ston. hih nny be "-con by ci'Ima on linn nt hid residence, a lit (lo west of the flurhnto n Hm'. Hurlinton, Nov. 10, lc-13. B. 54 A AC W A 22 NBC Si rI AS fir sale a full assoriment of f!roccn, amonc J X. which arc vim-hm hinds of pure Wines. St Croiv, .lannica and Xf Hum, Holland Gin. Coa'c. Iir.indy of firfc q'i i "V ml umdulicrntid. Al&o, Atnt'iiein Hum, Gin an 1 Ihandy, tho bc?t nrliclcsuf the kin I. lie will si It belter anirl s of Hum, I.ranny and Gin than arc lnked about the country by New V'"tk and Troy pedlurs, for one third less prji-e than they nre si'lhn ihem for. It 13 ti"t true tint a man u ho is a G Tin in cm not Ml bitl cin or otlu-r spirits. Why nre thry ninckin in the stioet-every man who isa retailer ot spirits nr tavern keeper, nnd tnc!hnii over the cmutrv urging nnd importuning tho people In buy their stufX if thTo is not greit spfjculition irenl ehnl in them. I only ask those tint buy of them to brm some of them and compare them with mine. llurlinjiton, Xov. 12, 1SI5. 2itf. w M A nr. n A. Ain now rc-civma at our new store, corner of in nnd tl'ttler Street, uiir winter sunnlv nt Cuods hub wc nre priparid 10 oiler to the puiih - nt such prices as will ensure lor them a ready sale. To tho toadies we have lonin-r a rich and beautiful as sorlment of Prints selected with much care, and of (ho latest and most fashionable styles. Also, Cash-nitre-, Muisrhnc dc J.aincs, blue, black ami plaid, chusans, pim.hainst bomhatices, bleacbtd iiiuali is, law 11s, linens, corded skirls, dnmaslt nap kins, table covers', tclvrt, diaper, linen invvds, vvhuo red nnd canton lianncls, apron checlis, alpacci ard p ilka apr-ins, eiuili-' s, brown hol'm Is, s les a l-r- sicry, mitt- nnd r. Vc, vvor-teJ nnd met can boas, irrecian scarfs, slniw.s various stv e-. ini.ll rs. nh- hons, laces, needles, hooks and eves, pins, silk ihrc.a ', tajie, Iwii, combs, cotion am, wadding, batiin;, lie' iufftC-ic. &c. To Oentlemtn, beaver cloths, broad

cloths, c issiineres, vesting, shins, drawers, bosoms ma collars, silk ai. Iinth n handkerchiefs, cravats. suspend ts, gloves nnd nutti-n-of various kinds, bo- icrv, inn lets, nrown and hlcac'icd cottons, unit. coal, vest and shirt bullous, mi lfl-rs, Ac. c. The reliction of Groceries hitrrn marie with es pecial reference to tho wants of lamihcs, and vc rcs iiecifullv snl'cit a call from ihcse rcouirinrr supplies. eonliJcnt lb it wj can I'urnisli thcni at sansfictory iriees. wuh every thine: reo .lsite and of the choicest kind. Wo have rcn'enishci our slock of CIIOCKI'.IIY ind C!L.SS W'MIH. an I onr assortment is now couipkte. In this lino we "succumb" to no dealer a- it rcjar la pnco and r-iality. ,,0 vv.tuni niso ue 10 intimate mat vvo Keep U'OODl'.X WAHi:. too. ai rcdlar's nriccs. and can furnish almost cverv article in this bne for a very small quantity of money, nnd nil WAIWAXTEn. To sum up all, we have ihe nrroaance to believe thai we invent siore a siocic ol gooas as well sciecieo as any slock in town, bouitht as low and will he sold as low, ami wc appoti to the public to pivc us an oppor tunity to nrovc the truth of the nsscrtion. In con- elusion vvo would jt.. t'ue rnemory of ihe FARM EllS in relation to a former advertisement of ours wherein wepromi-ed to pay them the lushest market price for iiieir prouucei'n coous. at nriccs as low as can be ci fercd in Ibis region. Wo shall fulfil our promises. i. c. r.. b'oi.t.crr. nntlinston N'ov. 13, 1315. 21 Counter Scale?. nIIC suhscrihers have been appointed agent" for A- the sale of A. Sloan's cou.-.ter scales. Tlipv- have now on hnndn larne suanlv which ihev ivill sell at less than half tho cjjt of those generally in use, and equally as good. I,, e'i U. t.. I-UI.I,r.TT. nurlin3ton, Nov. 13, 1815. 21 Wr.nSTKirs nicmcnlary epeilins boo';, by doz or cross. Purler's rhetorical reader, l-v tloz. or sin-jle. I'orsalo by S. WOO' W. Hurlingion, Xov. 13. Strong's lluildingt. Now Arrival. ''IIIll subscriber bavins just icturncd from matko 1- with a new sunnlv of eoods. fur Ladle's dresses cloaks, eolore-d sarins for bonne!-, with n variety o cloak, dress, nnd bonnet trimuias. eVc. t-'or l.entle men s wear, e-loins, nssimeres, velvets, nn I vestmiis lso a coo I a3arlinsn:Jj3niil'r O net tes. nf a sm e a iiir rjinhiy, all uf uliun will be sold as cheap as the cheapest. To which ho would respectfully solicit the attention of friends and purchasers. IIA.Ml.l. riKICV. ( hutch st. Hurlinjton, Vt. Nov. 12, 1S13. 2tin2 iNOW IS the imo IT'Olt the. nice Wa'er-prnif lilackipm Paste and N'arnisb do Urushes Soaps Inks Wafers Wnxe--, CsC 21ll etc. At Whole-ito and Itetail by IT.Cv cc srt.Alt. Slary .laclison's llslate. S'l'ATi: OK TKMO.NT, ) A T a Prhate Court Di-lri'l of Clnticii'It n, ss, ( Zi. hidden at Ilutlina ton, vviihin an I for tho Di-trict aforesnd on the eighth day "f November, A. D. 1813, nn liisiruinent purpiriin.lo teiho la-i Will an I'iV-ianicut of 31 iry Jni kson, late ' f .Milton, ui -in I District eksva-etl, vvas prese-niisl m the Oo'irt here for Probate, hy Daniel II. Onion, Ihe lAoeu'or therein name I. Tiii ni-.touf., it is on'ercd hy .aid Court, ihat pul lie iioiieolii given tn nil I'tr-ons e-i ne-erno-l ibeiein lo bcloio st-I Ctt.iri, nt a eM'n tlu-re-ol io bo In b'en al Iho Hi'sister's o.llie m s.ii I llurlins'uii, on iho .t-eiind Wrdnesliy in Dcri-iu' e-r, A. I). IS 13, an 1 contest iho prol ine e f sail Will, and it . f irlber ori'cred Ihat llu order be jiot li-he I three vveel,s mo ces ively in ihe It irlinzlon I'reo Pre , n ne.vp iper prone,! al lluilinaton, in tins Slate, llie l ist of w hi- h puh'iealionJ alull I e prev t i to the el.iy ns.ine-J, u uf-.rt. uul, lor heartiisv liiven under my ban I at the Iteaiste-r's OXice-, Ibis Bill d iv of .N'ovcm'cr, A. 1). ISIS. 21w3 Win. WKS'I'ON, tUgltltr. Till KING'S OIL, Far all Wounds on llorsos, Cattle, fyc. SUCH a- Cut-', llrui-e-, Corks, (Jails, (eilhcr by the Sad I'e'or ll irni-ss,) Soro Hacks, Sore Hrea.i, Sprains, i'lstula-, e. el-e. ete., rcmoviu-t nil soreness an I fcli l'nc-s, and he-alms up tho vvor.t pos.ihle wi-iinds, in frnm one In hvo days lime. tins t i I. l.ll It. a 1 1 t iir.'iini vvas prepnre-et hy order of tho lalo Kins Win, IV, of firent Hrilam, i under llio ilirivtion of Mr, Voiiall, llie e-e'e-l rtted Iiu- ' club I'urner, nnd n.e I by hnn in the Uoyul Stud of! only Sold hy IT.OIC V FPICMt, Hnrlinmon j J. D.I et Co., Kcr-rvill ! L, 1'. Chenev, Port I llcurvt Wright & Sprajue, Whitehall i II, C find. ley, Middleburyi 11, Murray, Vcrfinnv. llirtj I Ii'OR SAtii:. Two concord vvagjons, for which . wood, croin, lumber, fcalhers, or any good bar ter pay will hotectived inpayment. Nov. II, 1815. 21vvl S. M. POPH. I!ciiamln Irlsli'.s i:salc. STATE Of VlUiMOST, ( A T a Prolate lit tnitT or CniTTrSDEN, ss. j zC urt holden at Hurlingion, within and for the district aforesaid i n the 1 Ith day of Novembir, A. I). 1BI3, an inslrit inetit purportinir to be the last will and te-tamont of lir..J.UIINlilISH, laloof Shclhurne.ln sal I dis trict, decease I, was presenlcd to trie Court hero for Probate, by William Harmon, tho Executor, tbcriin named. TIIKItlirOUn, it is ordered by the tall Court, that public nolico I e siven to all persons concerned there in to appear I eforc said Court, nt n session thereof to he holden at tho Itecisler's Office in Ilutlinaton, on the second Wednesday of December, A. I). 1815, and contest the probato of said Will, and it is furlhrr or dered ihat this order bo published three weeks suc cessively in Iho llurlingtiin I-rtc Press, a news paprr printed at lliirlinnton, in this State, the last of which publications shall be previous to tho day assigned, as aforesaid for heating. (Siven under my hand at the Ileiister's Office, this lllh day of November, A. I). 1813. WM. WI'.STON, Hentstcr. NHW OOB)sS. JtA T fAS Jn-t revived from fcw aSZ3 HL Vorl: n new ami f.i.hic.naM.. V--5C'm''."lpH I'ANCV COODS nnd SSji,' 5s3JIII.I.INKUV. R'"b llonncl Sal and Itunnets. constantly for pajj. 23n3 NiiV FASHIONS. MI-'ItA!!i:it hasjust returned from Now York with the latest fash ions for HATS, CAP.', CLOAKS, and a splendid assjrtmcnt of BoNsr.Ts, Caps, Silks, Velvets, Hir.aoNS, FLOWLns nnd 1'nATiiEns Also, a good as-orlmcnt of the nevvcit slvlcs of AlnaCLa ruslro for Cloaks and Drcssca, and tiimmings for thc-amo. Mcrraand IVr.ciC Tins, nil of which she wi'l rcll for the lowest cash puces. Gtainand Iluttcr reciived in exchan-..- for troods. llurhiut' n, -ov. 0, 181". 21wG SAXTON, Vi rSPKCTri'l.Vr nnnoamv to tho I.abes in IV general that si c is now ntteiiJing to Ihc Mil'i- ni-ry llo-ines , nt her old stand, tin igh n new I iiiM tng eai ( hureh s-reel, diii'.-ily nppn-ite Mr. Ivern's blore. hiu' will Ivi-ep iionne-snn-l i. aps 1 1 iiio ner.- t la-hion, which will ho -old very low: she has al-o the newe-t fashions for lire o-, Clo-il.s -and Pel u-es, n iid having learned to cot ulu-r lenticr's Ma hi-m.i'ical Patent Hijht, .-he vvarinn-s a genteel lit. ('ra'cfil for pi-t fuvors the solicits a share e,f puhlie paironage. It irlingtiai, iNov.u, ISIj. iMusical Instruments. "ITr.r.ODI XS with Hound and I'lat keys, lass it L 'iols, Violins, I'lule, riag'-olets, Cifes, Claro- ncts, Ihigl-'s. Ac orr'cins with and without scmi.tones, Strings. Ilnsin, llo-.vs. Imr lor Hows, Pe.-s. I'ridgcs. Tail pieces, Heeds, Instruction Hooks, and mos( kinds I Instruments nnu musical .MerctianJisc at as low prices as can be had anywhere. i.OV. 0, -to. lilllSS.M.VID st UROTIIERS. SELECT SCHOOL FOR Girls and Hoys. Mlt. AlilW'A A. will ,-oiiiinenee his Winter Term em Monday, Nov. 1 7' li. lnstrue- lion- given in hi! the hram-lies us taught m A.-n-iemies. raricuar nitention win io pan io writing, nnd lo-ous given in Iloo'. -keeping with pra tie-e. TUITION. i'or Knglish Hranebcs, S.3,00 " l-anguiigcs, -l.tlO " Algehra, (extra) 1,00 None will I o taken lor tc-sthan one bnlf a rpiarter. IrCf--'hool Rooms over A. S. lV-wey's Store, we-l -i 'c Co rl llou-e Square. 23vv3 notice. 1 f D YS from date a'l persons are rcrpicsted that Is nre indebted lo the undersigned, to coaie for ward and pay m lb ir respective dues, cr collection icf Lo made without reserve. ii. n. Kni.t.oGa. Hurli-igton Tvov. 3, 1813. 310UST IDA SXUl-'K lilt, I,, TOIJACCO AND CKJAIt M AW UFA C TO It Y! Warehouse Xo. .25 UniT-stn-pt, Troy, opposite the Sicam Hoat Wharf. rPIIi: undersisni'i! In, riurin; the past yeir, rt i. nionl lus Snutniill and Manufactory lo the city of Troy fiir ihe pursc of using a water power of ijteatcr niayniti.dcautl permanent supply. He is now prepared to execute villi despatch orders for SuuITI Tohaccjawl Cinrs to any extent. THi: SMTl'l' isof perfect cure warranted to stand tho test of any climate without liecomin? heated or sour or loosing its perfume warranted tqml in every respect, to the most approvtd manufacture nflWed, or no si'e. All the varietitsof coirse and fine plain or scented in bulk, hy the barrel!, or i l jars and bottles, as ..anted. TUB TOIIACCO. hoth for chewing anil smo'.itijj, is manufactured f x clusiiely Irom old leaf of choice llivor and qunlijy. The smoliiii" cut is a3 lino nschewiim ALL I.OXtJ CUT well dres-it'd Knnc rnoM Shots and dcst ' '"""u""-""" (..f.... from SI to m per M. aro inanufactured from Ila- vana, t.'uba. Honda, and other Tbacco-of the vari- ous style cf Itegiln, I.a Xoruia. Panalclla, iVc. .f- al prices tie low any oilier luamilactory. A list of Ue bleed Pi ices made to e-oiiform lo tiie low rates at which Pcd!.ir3 are vendiii2 the product ol the various inanufictories throiiiih the country arc pre pared for distribution, and will be furnished on appli cation Coodsilelivcrel lo vessels or stores in the city of 4i, luii. tir nit uu ii ii ui lain uu is ur ii i iciun- denol in Trovfree ofevnens,, rf cnni, or river -v.... - .i. i. i ..r i i. . . ..... i:i frei'lit. I.DWAItD KUOalK. Troy, N. V, Xov. I, II3. 23wl "I UST Ilcceived from ihe l'ublislicrs nnd for sale by J the subscriber, a large iiitauliiy cf Swells firain mar, an lbchsli (ii-jinmar comprebcudm-r the prin ciples nnd rules of the lanin.!o illustrated by ap- propnaie exercise's on tnc oasis ot .Murray. Thompson s Seasons, tsav nn Mail. iclorial. do Pictorial Primmer, IS'tirtli Aineiicaii Aritlime- Auiitirs t.rainiuar, Uull.on's practical lessons in ICnghsh Orammar, Itulhon's Knshsh dram ma r. lie, 1st, 21, and 3.1 class Read rs. Progressive Primer. I.cmprie's classical Die nonary, Worcester's Dictionary, Ithctiricil Reader. lAdam's Arilhuielie, Davie's. do Weh-ter's do jSmitb's, tlo Webster's lilcmentary do Oreen'taf's, do Worcester's History, Davie's Algebra, Wdlard's History of U. S. Hay's. do Allison's History of II i- llndue's, do rop-, .Davie's Harden, niciiientary epellliis Hook, do t.czcnJre, Xonh American do I tlo Snrveyimr, Naliuial, da I do fieoinctrv, Also on banl a I arp" slock of lllank Hooks made from the best I.incn Paper and warranted, lllank Hooks made to order on short nniice. and ru'ed to anv pattern. bTI.VI.XS WOODS, Hurlington, Nov. 5, 1513. Jcrali AVllluiiffhhj's Ilstate. S I'ATI. Ol' Vl'.ItMONT, 1 TN Probate Court hrl- I.amuille Di.liiel, s. I L den al lhe Prol u-e OTii em Ji'bu-on, vviihin and ibr the District ol I.a inudie., on the lib day id Noveml e-r, A. D 1913. llenry Stmve'l, t'xe-utor o.i the e-tato of JKItAtI Wl.t.OI (illllV, late cf Cim! riilre', in sai-l di.irict, dceea.ed, propo-e-s to ren It r an aia-nunt of hi. a hum. i-traliou fora partial ictlli-ineni, and prei-iit i.Lne eoiiut to Ibis date for .cltleinent. Wnnnct-rov, it is ordered that Iho same t e referro I to Ihe 20: h day of November, A, I). 18 1.5, ut 10 (A Ine It A. M. .at the Proha-e otlh o in John-eui, in .aid Di Iri -t, for the e-cimination ail I allowance, nn I ihat nil e-onee'rnei I o no.tiliel here-of, by tho p iblieatton ef this order in iho II ir'inglon I'reo Press, printed nt Hurhuslnn, threo weeks ntccessivelv, lefore said lime o'hi-ariii;, lint they may appear nl said time and placi', if ihey see e-auieand object I hereto. Hy ork-rof Cmirl, 23 WILLIAM W. WIIII'i:, Itegister. 0. F. DAVKY, ATTOIINIJV A: t'CtllN'sniilAMl at l,XY, OFFICE, That f.-rmerlv cc-upied hv Charles Adams, 'in., who nbo will 1 e tH-e-n.ionally pre.tnl l r ll.c trans- nelliin of whatever legal business l-c may -ill be plea.ed to ntle-nd to, EO-tf lni- si-iln 1 or A I.AUKR Canada Hex Stove and P,po, luuoblo -iV for a Church Slovo. or School House, Hutlmgt'jn, Oct. 10, 1515. I LIAS LYMAN. FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS II PAin ron the onloisAt, nr.cit-K or- -run CELEBUATED MNIMENT OF 67. John Loo s. TIIU most won 'etful reme K'of thela'oSt. JOHN I.ONf. eif Cmilaii I. for tt.o exte-i uai noiil-canon lo tnvny ili-caso-, is iiuw Ior thofit tune inlroeluced into the Unl-el Slalns. rim etie-at fame of tin. most importat nii-dicine has pre-ceili-d il, as will I e see-i bv Ihe followms exirae-i ta'scn from iho Melica1 Intellieretieer, vol.2, paRe 103. It is here Inlrodi. el to show llie public, ihe sreat cstimaiion in which Si. I.fng's Mniment was held, not o.ilv by thpe'iple! of Kngland nt large, but also by the Me 'ical I-'.tciiltv there. " Dr. SIncreijrhl eallrd the ntn-nlion olthcMe'dical Socielv lo the t-omni'siiion of the l.inimenl em ilnv ed by the eelebr.tled St. John l.omr, vvhu li at one lime, Fxeitcu no small uontroversy witn le-pccttu lis unputcJ It was known to ino-t of the members, that nt tho ileal h of lh.-.t person, tho le-cret of tho e-oinpn-ition vvas si.hifm- the enor ni us stun of 10,0001 (8)0,000.) Hehadempliijed tin-hniuienl preltj-rxten-ively ilurins Iho la-t year and found the results ton.i-iueiit o.l lis npplicat'ion, nerfwilv as. tounthiu'! Thu phenomena which follows iho n-u of it, nre such as will n-u ni- Ii llielielio'der, andnr-'i I'en deemed iniraeulo is hy thoso vvhocinplov the remedy, andpara loxt -al hy m-iiiy if the .irofc.-irn. Thetfcvvere 1. The appearam o eifn eri eater deaie-c of redoes on run- pnrt of Ine sl,m llian nuoiher wheo iiniformly riihhcd this pcrutiar red rpot I emu always direa'y in Ihe neiihl i rbood, and uver the part vv hero the dt-ea-e Is locale I. 2. On the continuation ol ihe rubbing for some lime, the iwzini of a 11 iid frum tho snlace, varjin? in colnr, the e-uticlc remainmi; unl'r)i.e-ii. 3. The bcalins of the di-easo under the continued action e.f the l.inimenl." S ich is the un.inswcrul le tc-tjnony in fav r ol ibis mo t importnn: external remedy 1 Its o'l-liea!:n virtues nre- dt-playcd in luany of ihe mo-t tedio-is an-l o1 sltn ite n 'ce.ions to vvhu-h thehiiinan frauiui-snl.jC-: tud luostlri miph nuily , in i l!in.eiii-ern,.,tol-c,iredt-ea-c-, vvhiel doty nil'.. u tin-sK-ll -if the physiiian am, power e me-he-ine-. Il is hv the- e-e iie.nent nl a new -e-ton m the exhah-ut'.s nfihepart a lected, m iuced Iv Ihe application nftha l.iuiineat, ihat tin; cuiii-af. fcelcd and tbetli-e-a-c removed. Tl.eei iitiiv-cdnppli-calmn will, if pi r-evered in, as-iircdlv pm Im e a pe culiar rednest diredtij orer the part affected, thus pomtiii out with uuerrimr e-ertainty the primary -eat of elo-easo, nn! by fniilinuintr llie ruhl-iiir, the vitiate-1 ati-l morbid flui Is will I e -e-cn loo'io throi?b the -kin. nn I pi-solV inso-i-il e frnm the surtaee hy Ihecxhalent ves-e-l-, and thcrel.y entirely cradicatine the conjeof flip eli-.4-a-o, and re-tor ma; the part a'lecte-d to il- usual hea'th. The following i-niiiptalnts arc thoic in which tho Mnimcnt ol St. Ji hu l.ou art mo-t eou-pieiinus t niictimntlitn. This mo-i di-tre--iii'- di-e.isi-, whu h fs so univer sally proyaleiit, is e-asy emeil in a short tnno hy r uuill' in a lew u i-.ues in uu- niiiincill. Palsy. Of the lers, arms, hand-, or face vv II 1 e -peedilv rc-torel to action I.y thirouhlv r-ibhini with the linime-iit e-nt hour ot a tune, three tiuie-s a day. Tic Dolnrcttx. This most painful ina'aiy m.iv he lotally era l.'cated I y applying St. John I.nnu's Liai-nenl.' I.lvrr Comiilalnt, So ted:o-is and pro:rae:el ui its nature, wearing out the patient I v a Irnz Era 1 ml -eerie cl mi li-ritit: an 1 -urrovv, I- -oon ai'evia-ed by tl.e u-e ol the lim inc'i', n.vl vvh"ii icr-evered in its contained applica tion is ultimately euro t. White Swclllne:. The-c paiaf il aiei-uons nte i-uii-d by this reme-dy without nnv of ih i-c di-a-tri i- nn I itn-eemly di-tor-lions which always one-id ihc-e a !i- -tion-, io lung a reproai b to the Ml-ie-n--e of medicine. StlHMoItits Arp reiit'ercd supp'e and lim! er '-y thoro-ihly ru'. 1 in; in the liniment fo ir or live t nies a day. Abscesses Of nit Kin-Is, are -peehly 1 rouirhl to a head, and il in -e.t-ou are entirely prevented. Dropsy in the Chest or Heart So ce-t-ia'tv e-oied 1 v ilady aivl e-on-iant app'ica Hon to the elu-st i f th's invaluable remeelv. In all elrop-ieal ih-eases its edcet- aro mo;t as-.onbing. Pains In tlio Side, Uaclior I!rc.-isl. The-o trniible-ome a 'ec:iuna -n tedious to I o 1 ornc aro lolal'y di-sipated I y the use of a single Lottie. Asthma. Tin's hi'herto met inveterate eomnlainf. is irrenilv relieved by daily rub! insr -villi the l.iiiiiieni, and if I n-u ij sm iiu .en, i- nil on uei eure-.i vv .in ' unsr.ini r u -I in.', and wearing next tei'thu cl.e-t a flannel cloth wet m the linii-.e-iit. llitile and r-nralns However icvere uro tiiiineii nielv le-I.evc.!, and all orene3s mid s-.i Im- te-inove 1. rtcrvoits oimptali.tsi Aro iinm-'hatily s-irilhel and tpnete-d by the virtues of this remeiv, nnd their tende-i'-y fi return trreatly an i ni' In'erna! Swrl ins-, of every nature nre banishe I !' e a charm, i itli llie operation of this Ltmncit. I'lilcn 2"i e-erits. Oct. 23, '13. IT.C1C & SPHAU, ASen!!, nmi:cTioN. Wash the part nfl'-eii d len or fr'u-en minutes warm loap suds or In-t v 'iiecar then rpply the bninent wuh a e-oarse spone. rubhin it in briskly from half an hu ir lo nn hour at a time, lliree or four times a day. HiaUe the bottlo hefjre Usin;, and warm the liniment if the weather isctdd. I'mcn 2 els. .!i:vi:t.i HAitttiMiN o. co. COMM1SSIOR MERCIIAXTS, An I Dealers in PS0DUC3 AND PROVISIONS. Hdr.,irieii Coer.ties Stip.f- Hioadst Abm. S. Jewel!, S. I). Ilarri-i n. MAV-YOKK. C. I). an W.igenen, liefer to .Messrs I'ol'etl it liradlcy, ii J. ll.I'eck. Co. 17yl Hurlingion, Daniel Lake's Estate. STATI1 Of ri:ilMU.T,) A T a Probate District of Cbiliendcn, ss. $ V Court holden mentpurpnrimzlolie theli-t Will and 'lVsianicnt of , . . . "Ia V?"', "id, District 1 "r ,Tr' 'rooiie, 1 iii.lti-.t-Uiii., it is orderril I.y snj eoiirl, that public nolico he eiven to nil persons concerned there in to nppear before said court, ota session thereof to be holden at the office of tho lle-;istcr in snid Hurline;. inn nn the fourth Wednesday of .November. A. D. lSli, and contest the nrobale of said Will, nnd it is 0ucr,:', ,.n',, "s ."r".cr P'.i tnrce . "ctiss -rc!ivi iv m i no ijui niriori v tec itpss. a ',,,, , . , , . . . . ' Pc"s .nP.''r ,rl""'.'1 nl Hurlinatnn. In lllls .Stale, the i last of which piih'ieitions shill bo ptiuaus to tlie elav r,ssi!iie.l as afore-aul for lieartn... t'.iven under mv hand at the Itectstci's O.Iice, this ..1. .1 P V I . . . ... iiu eniy oi .sovciuuer, .v o. nu. 23w3 WM WKSTO, Reqister, TO TRAVELLERS, j&jtg TIIH Subscriber havinlately purchased and fitted up tho well known bouse, eomnnn!v ea'l'd the 'llldridiro Stand,' ahoul three miles ca.i of Iturlmjton Sqiare, would inform his friends and the public that be is prrpared toadininister to tho wanlsot both man and beast in a manner which shall give entire satis faction. Ti:AMsri:n's, and others Iravelhnr. on iho lurnpike, are re'perlfullv invited to give him i call. Ills barns arn larje and commoiiiou-, Ostleis stead v nnd fi'.lhful, and no pains will be spired to make this lloj-c emphatically the "TnAVEtLE.-.'s nojtr." 7.KNO D. IIISIIOP. Butlington, Oft. 22, 1313. 22 iVcv (loods. rBTIin Subsciiher h is just received a lareeapsvrt . tnent of STAPLi: HOODS, which will be sol I Cheap for Cash or produce. Also, a larsre a-sorl. nient of I'amilv tlrocerie, which will be sold cheap. Please call an I set) before pjrcha.ine e-lscwlu-re. N. W. OAC.K. Hurliuston, Oct. 29, 1515. 22 iV o t i c o . Till', 1'irni of n. J. lltinrbfTg & Co., Drujai-ts an I Apothes-ar-e., Inviui by t-iuisesii di olvot, the. imde.-i.rni i, h tve en-erc I ropart nership in the nhovv l-ua-ne-s under ihe lirm of u vititiNt; rov ititoriti:::, and will ivntiu ,e the bu-uies. nt the ol I nan 1 ol !t. .1. Heinebei -ill it Co., em Ch ireii Si., on the mol laviTa! lo eruis. l'r, lb iueber is teinpnrarlv ab eal in co-i.e-o, lenivol ill health, bit when in town he will jivo hisalten-'an -o ntlhoe-ta! !i.-ltuttnt a. Medical Co in. el!or as l-cretoture-. O'd cu lomers are .nvile-d lot-cnlin-u'lbeir patron. nse, nn I all thn-o w.t'iiini relief nre.t-licitesl to eall .nil iry vvhai virtue ll.erc i. in .he lien 11111" Medi.'ines of llie day. Geo, II. llAnmsoTOs-, Wi. V,, ll.thust , Oct. 1313. MI siMiorvi.u .fc unsnnn. 3D IB ST "M? 5 13 S "Pril VTION'S perltirimvl iiioii tho tee h vvith raie t ) ..' 1 i.,ii.i.. 1 .hv nhnw mcn'ione-l itei.tlenitni cn.url Rood by an i-xten-iv nnd npp-oved pre c - lie-e. Uooms, etlreme end oftheeast wmsif Peek'. ll.iiinin&v. i:ntranro l y tne tutor eii v.Q-n-ei or Hall." For la lie pr.fenn. by thai of P.k Spear. UrupsriBl e-tal lLhrneni. Uuilinfjton, Oci. 9. 1913. M. G. RATHBUN & CO. MVll CllA NT TA It, Oli S. fTAVf. return- I from Kcvv Vork with an nnu Li ally largo Sioek of T i i mm In r s, Their t-'AEStMEatts embrace a great variety of Ian st style 3 and patterns. Aim. Slurts. f .il It rsl r'rsvsls Ac. ttf Hntlinctein, Uct. 17, lSla. i ii c ii n r mill-! nicest Table Vtnejnr nt JL I'KCK V SPKARS' II AG A It &, AllTUUK, am1, now rcccivinef supplies of SAnnr.EitY, COACH AND SMELT TT 1 . ii .i r u v a r In all its varieties. Also, i.u"r.! nrr.f:. va XISIIES, ef c. 1,145. lhitlinaton, Vi. Oct I) AG U E II R E O T YPE. rno.M Nr.w.vonic, Ills i p'-nesl Ii s Gal!;ry of C'clcred Dajucrreotyp o-.ei (' I-'. 1 r.v.iri kd cc t 's Store, lY Bullion mi and v - m-y, '--el' lain lai hiol an aei-i.rate LUCIA KS'I.S vv II be fini-hed in stylo gre-ativ supi nor to anylefore ore-red in tin vi nine, i inee nn iiio reprt.i m-eo csnico- I v 1 Mildreds that thev do not lin.cs the bkeiie,-sof rli-i..irl..fl fru-nrl n. n-lnlion. eliich lilt" It IHH III! Silt ns-ociations ei mat irieno a3vvouiu iu-iiiiciiy fim himtominl. The pie-e-nt is a favorable moment t i.litmti tl.n... snl.iit.1i. Itt.riip.. rs. ee-hieh are notes than Iho verv impree-ions ol iho human face eliviiif ii a-le upon pla es e.fsilve- by the pencil of nature and nut llie mere la-iev of the nni-l. i lie ei M--e- - u-i. i j . iy . mil.... ti...,., riln- nrt I flu o it to Its hluflP. sta'etf perfei-non. m.i.tii. , nrf in pnm M itiei I nn.. n I il nil i on re-i-!h nt unn'irm.i v S. ua-l Anaratus con- stanilv nn h in I, an I v.-ul be linn ued us low as can re ti iretia-e'i: in any e-nv. I'mrhnston, O -tocr2J, 1315. 21lf AUCTIOX Axn COM 33 3 SON STOKE n-il! I.- C- .1 . ...I l.A. n. ...I .1... A ...... in -mrr L ol X. II. IldsAe-M, I. l in ihe wet time Court Ilou-e Soiliiri'. vvliere Ik wilt ntteuu lo the Sale nf all hinds nf Property at An "i'mi an-' nl w i - u. lie Mill keep con tuni'vi n 'i ui I I! - -C. . j I o ui, ue ol most until winch he v , I e i . -w l .- 1 i V SHKUW.WU. Il.iriins'i ii, .cc i' In r 0. 1- to. 16l COOK STOVE. rpIlIS S 'ive f 'O nrran-i-ij a- to rcq- ire but littl J- n o-.i. !c - than an- - - hiving the same q-ians toy e-f ir-'U. ? . e ,v '3 r, ass it as to workmanship ofcv-tioj. anil it vv , nt ji u e.r.etl.irl more wort fac! :h m ti -.r eookinc stove. Fe-r silo hv the un lei-um-!. ISAAC IX)W. II .no . u, Oct. 1, HI-. 19 'cr"'?vc':'ty, DR. M. NEWTON, J. v l.n'-'.n and Memi'v. tail lie nrs located Inmseir in tlu-i Vi!i v. iien' he w IMe happy, nt nil timet, o r.itpn 1 10 anv cill m In profession. leclli extrac di wiih Chevalier's forcing witli fir less pun than m ccneraly expfnencpti, nn-i withn-it mjiiry u the ciimi mil Avt'oi ir prot'r. 'i oil. n kti w tin g-t'U cxclu eiViitv, nn'l in m t d 'T'rent nlncl, from that cener n Iv prjfiicrtt ; it in a ut-cuverv of one nf the most rclibntcd of the profession. Teetli filled in thismsn nenrc nimlo so firm as to resist anv external injury and heconic ff'-od nnil uefnl organs for lift,'. All oun'inft to uivo sati-rtction or no citAaoi willlje madr. I'.rscns unhinfor operations tro rtspectfully initcd to call, nil examinations and ad ice crat . Doft.N imy be found, nt prrsent, nt IMr- Doane'i on Colleirr S'reet, a ftvv doors from Church St. Sept. ,;3, 1513. 7lf StipjAW-WKKIl Olli. tTlHl-S OH, i-an c 'evtual remedy under God, ol tuauv di-i'r ler. incident to tlie'human btsly. It s a e-ure I-t many rh-'iimatie di-onlt-rs. It cure, by Daihinz he. par'.' and talms it inwardly in tlo-es Ir- in live 10 twen'v drop-. It is nl.o found vi iv e-lii a--n I- in; ftv-b wo 111 J. nnd bini-e. if applied spee-"i!v ii 1- ul-o hmnd 10 cure many oh stina't- 1 .1 e- nl liber- hi the bin?-, .horlne-s e-f I rea-h, phtlit i cuiuh-, nnJahnot al! disorders ot the Lrea-t nnd bings" Tin- is to certify that wo have oltcn vv'tne-sed.abi. tnry tlTvcis of Jt stph O1 er tqiaw-W i'0:inVr it from 'iractical oh-erval'on e-cd Oil. W to le a verv valunllo niedicire, and one il at 1 uslii to e-ome inib a more sreneral ute llian 11 In .jet thine. 1 13 properties ureea-ily a-eertauied t-y anyone who 1- at ail fundi ar vvi'h int-dtt ine ; the odor is azret ali'c an I nrouiatic, ttie tu-ie 1- warm anJ puncent, -ontewhat n"'d and .livlrly b.fer. We vvimld frex-ly revoinmen 1 11 for all -'i-ea-t-s, for wbieh 11 has I evil heretofore recouiinciidee'. A. rOLLARO, M. I. P.. A. SCOIT. Chazy, February!, I53D. I eeriily thai I have made tiso ol O'er'. Squaw Weed 0,1, 1 oth a- an external application and an Ins ternal reincdi, and have I" i.n l it 10 be a valuaUa anicto in vanoa- d. ea s, I. I". BIDWim M. D.' urjii, Ju'y UT H .1 11. j. iin.r.i!KRt. & Co., O t. 23, '!.). Wlu-Ii-a'i- Aent-, Iturimgton, Vt. DOCT. MARSHALL'S rpiIIct RritiT I-a etrtain nml pcrf.vt eure for ihe 1 Catarrh, Common Co'ds in tin- Head, and tbej ll-adache, an I I an ew-e-l e-nl nr'ii-le for Sort anJ HVtirrifff. It open, and purse, o-1 all obsfrac-11- ns, ircnthens the plan and jrive. a healthy ac li ui 10 ihe parts a"ecied. The-ii-ands of e. rti ii-ates are i-ent to us yearly, showiiiz 11s e-vrai-r hnary t-fTs-en in the run; ol the alHive dl-case'. Uelovv vveins.-rt ne from the Iter. (1. II, Oritlley: Tin- muv - iTtilv ihat I have '-een iro-ibled with the t'.uarrh, and an ne-'umulaii-in ol appertain nt toil lor nearly ten 'if a nn etent ihat hul In ti-li'in 11-h my m nise-r 1' la t-, and had ?iven up nil II. i free, very. In thi.e uldllioil I was in.lii'-elit, irv Dr. Marslu l atarrliand I lead n. he Muuir, an I iM-n-re I ha I i-tsl up itte sevenid I osrf I had e-nurt-lv re-- vered nf the- t'ai.arrh and tliedn evi es aiierMin 113 it. u. Il is mv mm ' ebel tit it ll is it certain cure 1 r the t'l ea e Inrv i !i ' rei oni mended. ('. W. t.III' ' . .N. II. The name cf II. ( (iridic Pi neor, will 1 e hum I ni every It .i-'e l 1 ie l.eii' no Alar sh ill's fa'arrh am! llea-let he SniifT St d vv hole-ale. an I reiMil I y ihe I'rt-prie or, II It. (I. -11. v, Mullle bury, Vi. IIAUIII.NGIO.V A I1UOI UKIf, lluriiiis'on, Vt. Agents- nn. maUsiiai.i.'s I 11 1 i a 11 Vo ct a b 1 0 UI.ACK VU V.STEU. rilHIS Pla-tir i iinriv.ile.1 nr eunni; ernfaloii it- s.vell.ius, -iircy. t-ie., lam-; Iiai-W, burn-, pain, in iho i U-. h p-'or Inn' s, an I .riil i u ftil. re Kive reliel in ca-e. 1 f local rhe-unalim. II apn ,I 10 the mlc, 11 wi'l cure ininy it ihe e-nmitKm liver eouiplanit-, nnd ll 1. found in I eiiual T not iiiit.r to any corn pla-ter, fur corns on tho fee-t. If uiHlie diaiely appliesl to a wound it wall prevent ure-iie-s, nn I e-au.e it q 11 'U'v to teail. Sol I Wholesale and Itetail by 11. (5. firnlley, Pro priett r, Jliddli-l urv. Vt. 1 iiaHui.vgto.v .f. nr.oTiiEn. Agents, Uurlinjton, Vt, No 1 1 11 mil 11 fr, GRWLF! VS TOOTll-ACUF. PROPS. T'- the. undersisneel, haviuc n.evl Dr. Gri.'lev' I t Vtiotli-neiie lioips, Know Iv exnern-nee that Ihey are a certain cure, and e-hevrf-dly res-omine-jvd them to tho.-o alll.ctcd with the" 'I'eiib.aebe. 1 Homer, SutLDrn, I. T. I'.icsjpn, Mt3dlebury, I I J lr Geo- O. Anetii. Vt.. Jilv. "15. HAnRlNUTOX S: BROTHER, Agits, Barlmnnn, Tt, Mo -) . ) s5j!t5v

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