Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 28, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 28, 1845 Page 1
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NOT THE GLORY OF O H S A R DOT TUB WELFARE OP ROME B Y II. B. STACY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, P1UDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 1845. VOL. XIX No. 26. WINTIMt IS COMING. BIT ELIZA COOK, Winter is coming ! who cans! wlio aires? Not tho wealthy and proud, I Irn'V : " Let it cninc," they cry, "what in-nier to ui How chilly tho blasfuiay blow 7" "We'll feast and carouse in our lorJly halls, The cablet of wine wo'll drain, We'll muck at the wind with shouts of mirth And music's echoing strain. "Little cure we for the biting frost, While the lire gives forth it? blaze; -nd what to ua is lliu ilrenry niulii, While wc dance in the u'anlinhi'n ray.1" Ti thus the rich of the lind will tallii But thinl. oh, ye pompous ereai, That the Inrronne -torm vu Innali nt wiihin l-.ll. bleak on III. ..n mi row wtlE ! They hive Mood in thnr veins, ny, pure ns thine, tint nautili to quicken its How They hive limbs that feel the whistling gate, And shrink from the driving snow." Winter is enmintr oh ! think, ye great, On the rootles, naked a nil old i Deal with them kindly, as man with matt, And spare them n tithe of your gold 1 Krom the Saturday Courier. THE YOUNG MERCHANT AND dv iinNrtv inrrKNDCttrrcR. CiiAPrr.n I. II was on a clear, blight, beautiful morning, in llie summer of '28, when a youth was seen entering tint f.miily rnich Willi his father to drive to the bustling, city of New York. It whs such a morning as is calculated to cull fortli all these finrt sensibilities of our na ture, wliicli lie hidden in dormant repose for a season, lint lion awakened cicato within llio hosoni tint poetry of life. The featliered tribes, too, fell llie gonial influ ence of die sun's bright rays, causing tliem In shout fortli tlieir li ippiest c.uols. The lofty niount.iin's lirow was chid in nature's verdant lively the streamlet, ns it tnnclipil nm refreshed its rugged banks, laughed in joyous glen until its tribute gushed into its mighty river; llieii rushing with mini impetuosity, mingled with the ulcinal waves of tho billoning deep, the f.irnicrs' fields presented a vast ocean of golden grain, nod as the balmy brepzo floated over it, it creates thousands of beautiful waves, sweeping with graceful undiilitory movement. In fact, it was a morning on which every feeling was refreshed, and every thing seemed to teem with life. Richard Mordant was the rheiished and much loved son of ulTecliiiiiato pa- was tho acknowledged star of llio social circle. In the cotirsoof lime, Mr. Mordant had nrquiied :t capacity sufficiently good for tho transactions of mercantile man. Ho had, during five years' incessant la bor in all the intricate mid perplexing systems which me brought into requisi tion in the enactment tif business, so in formed himself upon all matters relating to rnmmercp, that bo fell confident his piofessinual studies had fitted him for the aclive duties of life. It was the desiie of bis father, and also that of his precep tor, who took a lively interest in the young man, that he should tinvel fur one wiar in me oniteil 01..1 - year in Europe, for the purpose of givniL' him nn opportunity tn form just views nf life, by iilTirding him a know ledge of llie pursuits of the people on this and tho oth er side of the Atlantic. After having made his lour through our Stales, he embarked fur England, and, ul the end ufu iwelvu-nionlh, returned to and miles to discover her, nnd again feast my eyes upon her liausrendant heiiuly. Her voice has the richest melody my cars ev er drank; sh" must he discovered.' Dcsciibu her to me,' said .Mordant. Thai were impossible; she is beautiful as n dream - fair as an enthusiast's vision.' ' What was the colour of her hairl' 1 Dusky as n midnight shadow.' And her cyesl' ' Ah! they were bright as llio gazelle's.' 1 And her peison I' Was finely developed ; and thcro wns svlph-liku ease and grace in her movements, hoailed so full of bounding spirits so full of innoceiico and love so abounding of the finer feelings of our nature, (hat she twined herself around your very liearl strings, ntid impressed her imago upon the innermost tablet of your soul. Her rich, clear, silvery voice, rang so joyously upon your ear those love speaking eyes told n thousand tales of love and romance, such as only hover in tho visions of an ungulic spirit her wavy, golden hair, limited down her null formed shoulders her elastic step and inovniiienl. accompanied with n flow of sprightliness the most exhilarating and buoy- u i e i I never he uru saw in anv adv.' am ami per l.-nnK. coiiliuing manner, von-; ci ,. i... .!!.... II' ....,..,l If,,,, .trained oorv ..m.'f- hivn her. Mordant iml accordingly arrangements ,, . ,', ,1.iiiiii.,'!i,'ii..i;h,"'.lifk1"i.' r'-'r neniiencss i.T. ',"Tu. scute their design tn 1'. lo the ibrfi iiiMiie ol llie M.ur unMion u. . ei.n v minus, am- -i-n iniMiig in tuo nap- i orn anil iroui uer luiuro In nnio.T to Ids Im'el. iVordant was raikuiL' , PV llironj! in searcli of a friend for the pur- I hey nrnvod nt tho end of noino his biain lo catch even n supposilion ol lliu uiiitnonn atilborof their sweet doubles. He at last could nirivo at no other or it.nro sat isfactory conclusion, than that it may have been bis cousin. ' Surek'.' thought he.'mv jeweller diend's his natic country Whilst at New York, description coriespcuuls well uttii my cousin, ho was introduced lo many of ihe niiisl She, I must confess, is beautiful; and she, prominent families residing (here, lis loo, I"'"'s tho size of my finger, for she has anuer and fascinating address " n"? " " preseni iiium-m. It is possiulu It may lie my U.irK-nycU cousin. pleasint: m seemed til gain him the good feelings ofj every one unli whom bo associated. CiirTr.n II. On a fine afiernoDii in June, the thor oughfares of the city presented nil im liosiiii; spectacle lo llie general ohseivcr. liroadvvav was crowded Willi persons,! CiiAPrr.n lit. Mr. Ashley, the good old preceptor of Mr. Mordant, was n man of wealth and enter piise ; and hiving in view the fnlnro welfue of his i)iili2 fiiend. bn tn iilii a very fair proposition to him sufilt ienlly so to induce and an hour afiei wards you iniolit have nn- pose of soliciting an introduction, tho wiiulu assembly broke furlh w till the song Tile woodland bird ii on llie wing, A I loom upon tin I. ashing lliwer ; Kivecl odours on lite biealh of spring, Are stLaling from the losy bovver. The. timbrel sounds Lpon tho mead, Then j m, oh ! j mi the mirth nnd sng An I cviry jouili sliu'l gaily A maiJ lo trip Uie dance along : While hugliing sylp1. nnd sporting fairy Wntch us witli a g nilo of lotej And in ihiir li.iunt so lugh and airy, Dance t.s we below above. Mary Munis' full clear voire was heard above llie rest, mid Mordant's heart uns toui bed unb the lluilling sensations nf love. Ho delated not in obtaining an introduction some of whom owetl their darklv bnoht! '"' loembaik in trade with a very solid mid eves, and niddy complexions to some fair substantial capital. Tho nierc.nnilu house foreign clinics! The gay, brilliant belle I was In ll ive been established in one of the promenading wiih herdevoted gallant ! Sonlheni Slates, and linally Clnrleslon was lilt: gorgeous equipages, filled with the -elected fin After matteu were all fairest of the beautiful in crealion llie !'i ranged, .Mordant set nut upon Ins journey silverv nvlviiinr iisel f inio a i Imos.i ml .hr. 1 southward, 'or Ins fill uru le.sulencc ferent wreaths in the Park; all these I '"' ihither, he pioposed (ravelling leisiuely conlributeil tn lieigblen llie grandeur of' ihrotigb the middle States, where a number llie scene. At five o'clock, p. M., Mr. ! ol"ll,i IViends resided. nniiiu leu iiavs alter no lelt abiv ioik, iim touched a small villagu in I'eliusj lva::ia ubeie an uncle resided, who urged biui to remain lor a lime, ii.irtlv lor Hie leason in it ticed them sliolling along the llowerv w ascending the high elevations lingering beneath the cool, refreshing foilage listen ing In lite birds' sweet songs straying in happy solitude neai'riej romantic fountain ; and lin illy walking aim in arm towards a On bis lolly elm, under whoso uije spread blanch es was a rustic safa, upon which they seated themselves. Vour choice, Miss Morris,' remarked Mr bright spirit enmo til delight their vision. Among tho nation was a United States Agent, who transuded tho business affairs between our government nnd the trilio ; who watched with glowing admiration her ex panding loveliness, lie luVed her with all the energy of nn ardent bosom, but was con strained to nuisu tho flame in secret, nor would ho disclose his passion to bis most in timate friends, (earing tho sw.ect ono would bo snatched from him by tho old chief, who intended her for his eldest son. Notwith standing sho was much attached to her In dian family nnd Ihoso mound her, yet the Agent succeeded in persuading her to leave, were made to escaping lo New intended fate. tlieir iournev saieiy. Me-Mn was placed with Mrs Jamcston, nn intimalo acquaintance of the Agent's, who was requested to use every means to fit her for lefined society. Every thing seemed slrango and novel to the young creature, nnd there stole occasionally over her spirit lliu ho object of so much nnxietyj Well, she! is truly beautiful, but Miss Morris has gained inv heart.' ' I Tho night wns passed rnthpr uneasily by Mordant, nnd he could not nvoid tho impor tant matter of the day crowding heavily upon his mind. Love will have a poweifnl effect upon all, whether upon dispositions romantic or philosophic. The imagination is wrought upun with n mysterious influence, disturbing the regular balance of thought, and bringing tho whole forco of the mind to cenlie upon unu Mii-iioioriaui, att-ausorUing object examined itli trembling nnxiely. She took the locket in her hand, and touching a secret spring, :i lid opened, on the inner side of w!iich,was engraved 'Clara Mordant.' 'Yes!' exclaimed lliu agitated parent 'it is our Ion;; Inst Clam.' Tho liuth burst upon Mo-Mu's mind ; sho .i ...:i.i .. i i i.. tinui iin'ii lueiiugs were somewie sulidued, Iter lather iipprnacbed her wllla leeling ol parental lovo nnd gratitude, juch ns a parent under similar circumsluticjs can recollectiun of her fond companions in hcrisolved lo offer the Health nf'bis fust lovo lo wild homo but tho unceasing nller.tioiu of I Mary Morris. He ascended llie stens nl her r , . b v" t i i Liong ueioruoaviireak, Ainrdanl was board I a ono cxnerienre. Hirleir,! no,,, r. ., nitjli pacing up and down his chamber, and somo and taking her hand in hi, exclaimed, 'My iMllio uiembeis of bis oniln's fanitljr felt un -tleoi Miner ira ! one i.i.-u s. easy respecting his bnalib. just lis the sun lace with a fond, inexpressible gaze, and a rose beautifully in lliu Hast, the slairo coach heart too full for ulteriinre. She stood mc rallied past Hie door Inwards I'hiladi.dphi a. After a while breakfast was announced, hut he could pai lake of none. The hours seem ed In move upon leaden wings, flu was binning for the hour lo approach when he could iinhurlben the whole weight which I iv upun his heart. His bosom was filled uiih generous and noble sentiments, mul be in Mordant stepped into his I'otel, where a lei tor was handed him, uddiessed to II. Moidaul, Aster House, in a I idy's deli cate hand-wiiling. Hastily bteaking lie.' seal, and opening llie sheet, he discover ed a walclcgu nil. callously plaited, of lady's hair, of a dark Color and lustrous natuie, aceoinp inied by ibese few words 'wear ibis for thy friend.' Musing for somo time in the parlor, with his eyes fixed on the guard, he bloke fortli into audible language 'Who could have sent mo this valued Ireasuni 1 that lady were at length appreciated, nnd sho learned to look upon Iter guardian as upon n fond paienl. No pains were snaied in the ciiliiv.ition of her mind, and it seemed lo delight her when sho experienced the do velopnient of her intellectual faculties. After having resided in New York snmo four years, Mr Jauiesion gave :i very luil lianl entertainment expressly for Me-Me's sake, and a great number of the elite of the city weio piesunt. Mord ml and bis cousin weio amongst tho gay and bright. When Je-Ji! s iw ,, lliu svteet feeling of lovo crept wiihin her, and sbuuoulil by stealth drink in the rich language which fell from his lips. She would linger by the side of Emma in all her movements, until tho most lieu and uureseived inleicniirso followed. Slid was :i great admirer of trin kets, ana noticing ;i ring un 1.111111.1 s linger duelling wiih somo noit.ilion, and lunched tho spiing of llie hell; and llie summons was ansivered that Miss Munis was not in. II.1 strolled lo Sylph Island in searih of her, for linnless nnd s-erchless for n moment, then syllable! tho afieciinnnli! name nCbrothtr.' Every heart was filled with joy llie be reaved had found their long lost child. Tho brother had found 11, and the lonely child of tbi! forest, who thought she was without relations, found botli her parents and brother. Mordant suspected that the obstacle which prevented Mary fiom accepting him, wt now removed. Again the lender tale of lovo was breathed into her car, nnd her eloquent eve answered the sweet language which (low ed lo her soul, ns her h ind nestled iinconsci- he thought she had probably sallied I'm ill lo ; ously in the clasp of her lover. There was no enjoy the cool and lelieshiug muiiiing nir. jrefusil now and upon her finely chiselled 1 an hour be relumed with 11 palpitating featuri s g'ciimed a beautiful stuilu of uccop Heart, when he was luloimed she had 1 tance. Two om elapsed since tho festival onV Sylph Island transpired, and once more tho that morning left for Philadelphia. ClIAPTCIt V. sirno roninilic spot was a scene of festivity. The Southern and Western newspaper Ilichard Mord ml and bis happy wife wero journals noticed the establishment of u new there in lliu full romon, I, nine 1: iif llie past ; meic.inlile house over the signature of II. nnd Ale-Ale. now Clara Jfordant. was also Mordant & Co. At their establishment were observed indications of a large and well arranged business. Weeks sped slowly to Alordaiil, and the time passed beat, ily ; rest lessness was seen 111 all bis manner. .Sliango how the fust impressions of lovu iiHerl tliu young what bright dreams are indulged in iMoriiani, 'is indeed a lieaiililul one : all nn tine! may not produce a lovelier spot than 1 which pleased her taste, she would not be mis , .inn 11 e urn: jini .11 u ,11 1 osiooieii in s itisiieci uiiiii sin! nan asceriatneu llie size ol ( at ono time, anil uiial lieait-liroaMng ngouy piss your summer twilights. I am not at , it from whom it came, and w beie the civcr i is felt ul another : what n cluiious future is In; uoiibl be pleased lo hive b n bis lanii- no surpi iseo in it you are so uilncucu to tills resided : w ho happened to lie Jurdnnt him- woven out by tho imagination at one ino- !v, for Ihey ivero ult iclied lo biui, ano' partly place. self. She was furnished n nh all llieinfur- lo become nun nf lliu guests of a village fes-1 'Yes, Air Alordaiil, and besides tttrs bean- niation respecting it, and no one suspected lival which uas lo take place in a few das. fi 1 1 scenery and quietness which prevail ' there was a lender leg.iid fell for him, but : Here, in cnnnexion llieiewitli, nru nssurialed that it was a mere ciiriostli w nc i is cbarac- m my delightful impiessions which must ever j terislic to the Indian, nnd which the con bo remembered with nffecliun.' traded in her wild western home. 'And I tun, Aliss Alorris, have realized After llie narlv. jVoidant was ever in lier there; and .lanii s Norvell led lliu jewel be had lieasured in bis heat! since the first time be saw her, before a priest, and Clara bo caiiHi 'his In Tile Balti.moiii:, IS 15. On the urgniii solicitation of bis fiiends, b consented In remain and enjoy himself in llio society of people whose whole, object of life sec. ned to be the promotion of each mil ler's happiness. 1 li.ivo myself travelled in rents, residing on the banks 01 the beau-1 the connien.iiico of every fair damsel of KM II. ..I !)..!.. i.. i... I,. ...... His mind was engaged for several days l"rl country, and was so fieiu.iled in reflecting upon this niysteiioos epistle.1 vl"' ,!V''r.v " 111,11 presenleil ilsell to my lie was not ahln to conjecture fmm ivboui ) '""' 1,1 11 I was induced tn linger for weeks it cime, and he resolved In mail; closely 111 mls miloos legion. A s y on appio icn ill v iiiage, tiful Hudson. Biting an only sun, h was reared tenderly, and they failed not to instil into his youthful mind llinsc val uable principles which, when embraced and maintained, tend to elevate man, giving him dignity and nobility of soul. They were determined, as fir as in them lay, to build a foundation of lliu most substantial nature fur tlu ei ecikui of their son's future character a foundation which the shocks, and changes, nnd cir cumstances of life cinnot touch nor de stroy. They resolved In carry out those plans which n wise power committed to their charge, by cultivating the moral and intellectual faculties by givi ig their child a proper estimate of this life, and of that in tho far future. By ronirasiing a good nfan evil course of life pursued; the goo I results of the former, and tun evils, miseries, temporal uud eternal, of the latter. Ricbird Alordiut, In desenbo him, avcenu a iiiglrpiaiiiii ui oi It'uj, iv llio inent, and again what a desert flits arross tin mind, when the lover asks himself the noes linn, will she or not bless me wiih her love 1 from the l.'vening Transcript. THE OLDEST HOOK IN AJERICA. In an extract fiom the Newark Daily Ad veitiser, contained in llio Transriipl of the lGth iust., it is stated thai the oldest printed hook in llie rouniiy, is believed lo uo n copy j, suspensu created wiuim llio nil mi n ureast i r v . . ., .' . . " , u tbosu goawings, ibosa soul-sickening dis-1 "''""'- ; ' '""j;mg " here an impression which must ever live to imagination, and" sho cheiisbed those sweet ;huarl render Ibis spot in my mind : for I emotions which lovo engenders, singlin (tirbances of lliu mind, which, when eiicnur- iged, strike n well-dnecled dagger to the I iieclicut Hislotical Society, printed in 1471 : the ol lest Bible in tho country was minted in 147fi : and ihat llie nhlesl nianu- Cl-lltl lit it,,, ITaitt.iit Sl.,l,tj .Kimn.l In li.VA 2 out ' Uo had e l un u shed a norl Ion T"' -"" ' i-"'" - "" have seen 0 fill V I Id. ll I v u ho lias Li, nil.., I IU. I,r;..t, l" I .,1 nP it... ,t.,t f l.t.. t... ...I Ueeil W I IttL'll 111 Mordant was in suspense, in horrible Ho had left unfinished ; .. ;,i. ,t i i.. 1 1,. i ' sides lay, in splendid repose, all that delights wbuin limy owed their oiigiu, or to u honi he was indebted for such distineuished m irks nf favor. 'The mystei ions aulhor must ho discovered,' thought be, one day; his acquaintance. At successive inter-, wnicli enuliies you lo enjoy a supeili sweep vols In: leceneil Tioiii thus source a u eyo lor a uisiance oi iwemy miles, number of tokens, of a similar nalure.' presenting a vast vale, shut out by mountains Still more sorpiisod, as letters at differ-'01' either siJe, whose lol'iy crowns seemed lo cut limes were banded linn of ibis tie sciinlion. while ho could not iniaeinn in mo vision oi me emuusiasi. no village us it lay in the evening sun, with its while hous es and green blinds the happy abodes of the inhabitants the silverstieaui, as it gliJed ' I will nol rest satisfied until I shall hac! niusuMlIy along, and upun whoso small is endeavoied lo my utmost lo find out the '. hnd llio ardent lover lepaired lo relalo tbu fair unknown.' " touching story of his love by moonlight nlono As he was occupied by these refine- chrystal spring, which ebbed its waters lions, another fiom llie same snurro was on mouldering through llio green fields and received, and on opening it, by found, to1 meadows the cool uud lefieshiug glen, his eager curiosity, it contained a vain i-' u hich echoed am! le-ethncd lo tho sound of bio diiinond ling. Q lick as thought he ' y,,ur ynico, until the leveiheiatiuns melted placed ii upon his finger, nnd, lo his ns-1 'fistanco and silence ; all, all gave such Innisimieni, fiiiind it lo fu prerisidy. He " charm lo llie scene, as lo nnvelnpn the

was in eisi icies. Upon c irefiilly exam- ' se,,su 1' llllJ spectalur in an ecstacy of rap ining the ling, he found the initials of bis imo' iiatiKi and tho word 'love' engraven on At length the day arrived for a village fes its inner sin face. Matters now assumed lival. Sylph Island was selected for this a serious aspect, and he fell convinced no occasion. This was a little island rising one would cundurt an affair liku Ibis mi-! lomanlically out of lliu waters of the silver lo.s tho most tender feelings were enlist- stream which glided near tho village. As ed Inward biui. The author must be an you enter upon it, you ciuss a curiously sents lo tho mil rustic of connivances. Sylph Island is abuiit half a milo in length, and ono quaiter in breadth. One purl, the westward, is n IliMnmiod bill. in in v bre.i'l motions such as 1 never before her romantic moods she "had a guard-chain ho loved with a generous and nublo affection ' .l-tins statement true I Thern is in the expeiienceil iliosuof love.' 1 plaited of her own hair, which she enclosed ,' had received no indication of favour on her' Library or Ilarvaid College n splendid copy '!s ii nuivki.. v m.i. ..,,;!.! I. ,. v : .... .... ...Mi I !.. ,!,!,, , ,L:,.,,i i.,i,, i .... ... . ' I !vv. i. IVnriii.n fltec. !!!. must Uu termed one ol the Iniest speci- j mons of mliire's nohlenien. A lofty fore-1 bead, beautifully formed, atliacied the ' gaze of every line, with jel black hair, of , a glossy nature, hanging in lug - in isy cutis over Ins handsome biow Inn d intimate acquaintance, Ion, fur bnw could I woven bridge of reeds, which pn well-formed neck. His eye was of llio she know llio exact size of bis fi;:ger I ! ohseiver one of lliu mosl itoval a darkest possible hue, (all and prominent, Ho wns determined, if possible, to trace possessing the firo nf genius, in which it tn nsuiigin. gleamed the lofiiness nfliis nature. Ono d iv", whilst walking in Broadway, When the father and sou arrived nnd , he met his lulim itu fiiend James Norvell, that projects souiotiwnly or thin v feel above traveised ihe busy streets of New Yoik, I a jeweller, whom he had known in Eng-1 the level of lliu stream, from which von are Riclnird s led pleased with the bustle ' land, and with whom he bad cnnliacled I presented with one of the liveliest landseapi.s and confusion; audit appeared lo suit tho most lively liieudsliip, who asked i in this country. The sceneiy is wildly mid llio lenorofbis mi id. He was placed in j him to accompany him to his jewelry es-l variously beautiful and rich, and seemed lo ine couiiiiiig.uouso oi a veiy intimalo 1 lablisbment, for lliu purpose ofb iving n bu secluded (ioni the hi incnii oi ins p. rein, an. I soon gamed the movers uioii in lel.itiou to their travels confidence and esteem uf his preceptor, in tbu east. be He vyas now in his eighleeiilh y ear, wiih , id been extranidiu.i. ily successful in ihe a, coniprenensivo iiiiud; and, when , colleclion of his kind of merchandizes : eneii the spun ol lovo iii so unci n lie- liod?' 'Lovo lingers so heavily in tho bosom, that when called lot th, it springs lo maturity in n moment.' 'Alay it nnt (hen bo tender, and very ea sily broken V 'N ly, believe mo, when sown upon true soil, it is unalterably and immovably tho root strikes downward, and in an instant you behold the flower in full bluoui.' 'Do, Air Alord nil, make mu your confi dant you will find that I will keep your seciets quite close; indeed, I'll make an excellent conlessor.' 'Willi all my heart. She is sealed by my side my sweet listener will she hold forth to me the bow of hope Oh ! hid mo hope I Icred Sylph Island, for tho purpose of wit give me some assurance thai my (nelings nessing by moonlight tho magnificence of ate not ilisreg.uded give me some' the surrounding scenery; and ns they ns- Al ibis juncture, a y oung girl came bound- ccuded the lull-top to glance down tho deep mg up lo tin anil interrupted him in his , vale and blight prospect, llio silvery moon all-absorbing convmssiop and declaration, was just rising abnvo tho eastern hills, shilling brealbing out lliu' Teelings from un over- with rurplundaut lustre spreading ihe bori cb iiged soul. At the instant tbu girl saw -.on in ono transcendanl glow of beauty. Mordant, shu shrunk back limidly, and. was ; The vapoury clouds were fiingcd with gold on the eve nf leaving ihem la Ibeir tctc-a-, ami purple, forming themselves into :i thou Ictr, when Aliss Morris requested her lo re- sand different winged cars the tree lops I. -I ... . l . . . l l .. .e . ..... ' in nn inn mere was a siiyucss in per man- i waived gr.icelully in llio mellow light, and ncr which ,iorn ini remarKou. , sunlit em barrassment followed, when Aliss Morris pre sented Air Alordaut to Aliss Ale-Mo of New York. t different limes shu presented him with . ciprocily of feeling, "had been dissanpointed I rlc'' U-'l"', Home, in 1470 ; the early part favors of n similar kind, and sho ono day 1 i.i looking again upon her matchless beautv; probably printed in HGO. ll was purchased and presented him with llio dia- had been deprived of listening lo a voice ' B(1''"J ''V Cardinal Campani. The lalo niond ring with w hich tho reader is nlreudy ' whoso music had touched tho silken chords ,-'v Greenwood purchased it at auc acquainted. And tbo.suipriso and fear oflof lovo, and was compelled lo live for a I ''on' audit has been added lo the Library having been discovered, caused her to shrink I season away from those tones. But ho do- recently. back on Sylph Island, when she recognised l layed not in starting toward the noith in In ihe snmo Library are two books fn ir....l-..i :.i. if;. ir ? ' i. -i-i .... .. , .. . . 'ii. ., . .. . . . . . searcu ui ncr wnoso imago wnnuered uy Ins 1 niacn letter, viz: Jerome's tpistles and sido in all his movements ; whether he" trod Plnretra S. S. Doctontni Pliilosophorum ct llie busy mart of trade, or leclined beneath Paclornm. They a ro from diffeient fonts ; the leafy orange tiee, Mary's image was ev-' nro without title page, dale, place, or pilot cr hovering above, uionnd him. Whether ' cr's name. Thcro is no doubt, however, in tho stany niglit or early morn tho dowy that both were printed by .Ienlelin, at eve or noon of day sho would be bis com- Strasburg. The Pb iretr.i was in existence panion ; and he sped swiftly ns the iron steed ns early as 1-172, nnd tho Jerome as early as could fly, through the balmy uir from tho 1-109. They may h ive been piinled a'lit Souibern to tho Northern clime. llo eailier, and indeed llie Pbarelra may be Saratoga was crowded n idi strangers from still older th in the Jerome. These three, all parts of our country, nnd it wnssiid never books are llio oldest in Harvard Collego Li wns a finer display witnessed at I fashion- brary, able lesnil of youthful feinalu beauty, Hi in Rut thern is in a private Librarim Cam on this occasion. I bridge, a Cilliulicon, printed at Alentz in On a pleasant day, Alary .Morris, with Ale- MfiO, by (Jntleijburg, (who is now general Mo by her side, nnd a stately gentleman, Iv admitied lo havu been the inventor of llie were seen together in a walk al this favoiito i a'lt.) This is the lliird hook that was print watering place, when Ainrdanl arrived. Al iry ' ed with tho date, nnd is undoubtedly the old looked upon him with pleasuru and with pain est piinled book in America. A long nntl witli pleasure, because be had lit the lamp minute account of ibis woik is contained in of lovo within her heart, which now burning ' Dibdin's Bibliolheca Spenccriana, vol. 3. Jurdant in company with .Tiss .Uorris. ile-.Jo was tho guest of .Vary .Morris on this occasion, and had passed somo lime in that part of llio country during the fore-part of tho summer, but arrangements had now been made lo start for Philadelphia nnd the Northern Springs, the morning following the festival. On llio evening preceding her departure, Ihe two maidens strolled down llio valley, cni- CiiAp-rr-n IV. Tim young girl Ale-Ale, who interrupted (lie music of llio stream ushered forth its harmonious lullaby as it glided along. On ihey went, slill ascending till ihoy touched llie roots of the old elm, where sumo hours befuro tho spot was mado ono of moment. When Ihey sealed themselves they though! they Heard a slight rustling in tbo bower be Ainrdanl when in tho very act of pouring lyond Ihem, but all was again hushed in deep hustle nnd confusion of leisure from business afforded, his prin ciple delight was In read works of an in structive character, from v. Inch he soon acquired an pxient-ivostorn of knowledge. Ho had residing In tha city a young and beautiful cuosin, and when they met there seemed m ovist a congeniality uf disposition in their pursuits in ibu moral and intellectual woild, which soon attach ed (hem very closely in each oilier. Em ma was just in the fluwur of maidenhood, with a brow and soft languished eyes, in dicating a bean capable of the emotions and susceptibilities which midline digni ty to a beautiful woman. II t lustrous raven hair fell in ringlets down her snowy neck, as though ihey were actually sensi tive, and chased each oilier in conflict to kiss away tho delicately tinted blushes which suffused il in rapid succession upon the slightest impulse. Sim was in slaluro rather above than bciV tbo middle size, wilha contour ofbndv which corresnoml . ed faullessly with her heighi, and her ex- 3iiisilely rounded limbs would havo bid efianco In llio warm imagery of an ar tists chisel, and rendered his divine oxer tions nugatory. But, waiving ibeso pby. ical accomplishments, ihey lay hidden beneath an artless simplicity nf manner beauties uf llie mind of a f r inmii allrac live character. Few could indued Ven tura within ihe limits of her melutliuus voice and interesting conversation, with out experiencing those thrilling sensaliuns wninn ine uosoin, winch generally effjets the romantic. Her elastic ami b .If II1U flow of spirits, giving evidencoofa hap py heait, would enliven tbu most sedate, nd I bring out the remnant of pleasurable reeltog yet in the bosom; and thus sho thai bo bid hriiiiobl with him two llenoli fill di imontUirgs of the umst exquisite "'ii ki ship, which be recommended tn bis fiiend as something superb. 'Let mo seu ihem,' remaiked Air. Alor. datit. 'I can show you but onu of ihem, ns I dispused of the other immediately upon the opening of my juweilerv,' letiiined Mr Not yell. The instant Air. Mordant saw the re maining one, b found it in match tho ono mi his linger; he held ihem both lo his friend, who ejaculated ' Happy felbii! is it possible you can havo an acquaintance wiih llio beautiful crealuro I suld il lo V ' You suld it to V echoed Air. .Vbr danl. 'Yes,' replied Aft. Norvull, 'I hive been dreaming nightly of her sinro I siw her ; why, sir, shu is the must love.ible being my vision ever beheld. .Vay I ask you fur nn introduction V ' A:i iiilrudiiciion !' responded Mr. Jiirilanl, apparently in u reverie. Mr. Noivell noticed a singularity in llm m iniier of bis friend; ho felt siill a deeper interest in the fair one, and urged him fur no oxplanaliuii ; upon which .Mordant give him an account of tho mys leniius reception nf lliu inuro mysterious epistles mid their contents. ' And is ii possible you have no knowl edge from whom you received Iheso lo kens V ' No, sir. Can you givo mo any in formation upon that point V 'That is not in my power,' answered Mr. Norvell : 'but sho is so bewilcbitiir- , ly beautiful, (hat 1 would travel a llious- out the intense passion ol his soul lo onu who had lb it day taken his heart captive, was the subject nf a singular history. When ul llio ago nf fivo years, she wis with her pnenls on a luur through nor fir western country, and whilst inouo of tho Territories, Ihey Inst their way inlo a dense forest. the harrasiu scenes of the business woild, To tbu south, rises In view, in bold and ma jestic relief, Ibu hili summit of a craggy iiiuunt.iin; a gloiiuus valu was extended, ,.,'i;.,.. ..t ...,.r. ,i... ., nt.. .-.ii,,,,,,:; vii. , i ,ii in inv; lll'il llllli; sun, ASH- , . , " , ,. , ir., Is.;...n,l i. l , i.......... i .1.: where ihey met a baiidol savages, who nt ...antic vallev. Near the foot "of tbo island ' I"1'1"' "'' jth all. .be fury which . heir Iherc is a nar.ow glen, so,,.., filieen or twenty . l':"r,'lJ ,"?,"'ls '""" l'rM"ed. S.rug. gimg lo lliu utmost, tun Haveners saved their ,.!il, vl,...l. c I ... .... lives, mil pie -..-.. .,, . -., in lllllllU ,U r,.,.i in.),,.., ii, i..,..i ,i... i I,,...-', win ,,iw ii.ii i, ii;- yj unu lll-.lll.l issy . ' , , . , & ., ,i. rocks, nul nf winch spuds a u ,.r..l fountain 1 "I"""'" " "men to , ue Indian camp.- I u height nf sixteen feel. .Muliitudes ..f U h!'n ''";-V i,S'"" f"".ml lir w.iy lo the shrubs and trees nf various kinds we.o g.ow.l V ''"V "T" rcn; cr,d . . ... b w 1 I,,, i, i 1 1, n,...!!,, (tin fiinfl nln,t lull nil .iv. ing on Ihe island in wiluiihuud.iuco. I Invitations had been accepted by numer ous fiiends al u diilani n lo p.uiicipato in .ho enjoy incuts of lliu hippy villagers, which swelled llie participants in above three hiiu dred all uf which formed in procession lo inovo tow .11 lis Sylph Island. Tho morn ing was balmy mid beautiful. Art had been united with natuio to lender the island us fascinaiiiiff ns possible. lions proved futile. I be mother was most frantic, uud nuthing could comfort her ; even llm soothing influence of titiio itself was mil capable In reconcile her to the un furl iinaiu beiiMveii'.ent. Tbu ciplnrs exulted in having been suc cessful in robbing the distressed patents, and us Ihey conveyed lliu lillln innocent into lliu gloumv wilderness amid nil ils cries and A rich nrchwav of flower, was suspended . tnf" "J" I'mKO or.:, la ,. udeous over tbo reed bridge-wi ig walks, lined U"lV r,1",r,d'"'1"li''t 1,10 I"? Willi llderlferoos fl.i.ver. iv .. . C.lllsed MKIOIV ll) ill.! pall! fllTS, which pery, forming shadowy bow- i i.. . . , .,. i in lendrilled di.merv. foromm si wv I ' l",,".s" mey Knew neir old cuiel . . . iviiiilil lin ihi i tf niritiluttl tti niinlnif ern I'tiltt- its d.nk groves ul pine clustered in thick prufusion, ihrougl. which tho eyo could "' " I"'.2 "' , ,U ,' V"1' scarcely penetniie, nnd under wbic sue!:,11 '''"'r "!''d""f ,,u ""''V'"' ' u". snfas wen, pi iced. In sboM, all was so ar- '"' .O''"'" "w' , " ttm ranged thai' v0 could no, help I, elievo ",""'I"".I1 " Uos0"1 .of',, ,i . c ' i i i . stern old warrior, so liat it became us first Hill vnu were in n fury and, or a, dream tuo',- . ,' . , , ,i ; i.,,. ..,.' ' favorite, mid was adopted inlo his family. lair luriealny. And ,.. ', ... ... .,..,... ' I ii ..iiiiil, i:niiirni.u mill eiuoiu iii iiu-.iu "Rich voices ciino idlina dial thcro were met. Ileauly, mid ont!t,and iiitilh, whose btioyanl wings, Soaring aloft, o'u ihouslits that ulnoinnnd fret, Gave man rtlease from care, or lured biui lo forget, f.k'lit iiMiient d inunL' wiih clastic bound, I. ike fairy revdlers, in one placo vicre tnr And gentle fiiends uere slowly pneiuf, wbero The dark lliick laurels formed n bowerv screen And merry children, like llio mrmnhsht 1'iir, Willi ibeir wild pealins laugbter filled die perfumed air." Among llio revellers wns a maiden sur passingly beautiful, who seemed so happy until al last she was won by lliu kindness and caresses of llu wanior and his squaw, They instructed her in nil llio amiiseiyenls which ths Indian indulges in ; and as ynar after year passed on, sho budded into beau ty and loveliness, nnd warrior and chieftain raino from a far distance lo look upon her fdir beauty dark thrilling eyes and long jetty hair and sho seemed to them as some Signifying in lbs In Jitq dialect 'Joys.' silence. A strange awkwardness canio over .Me-.Me, nnd she placed her hand first upon her heart, and then upon her head, which .Mary noticed with snmo anxiety. 'And what,' inquiied she, 'dear Me-Mn, is lliu cause uf tbu distress 1 I noticed this afiernnoo a sb idnw upon your brow ; yes, ever since .Mr .Mordant was introduced to yon.' 'Ah, .Mary.lhero is something which burns here,' pointing tn her bead ; 'and something which aches here,' pointing to her heart. 'What can havo occasioned it, dearest -Mo-.Mol' Shu leclined her head gently upon .Vary's bosnm, and replied : 'Ho was tbu fault ho was the fault. Whenever I thitik of him my heart grows big w iib feeling. I like lo think of him, mid ulien dream biigltl dreams nf htm.' ' Did you ever see biui l efure this day V ' Yes, often, at New York ; once at n par ly ; ho looked so kind. I will tell you the secret of my soul. 1 beg you will never di vulge it. It was I who presenleil him with that ring which I noticed him wear lo-day, but he did mil know me no, ho did not know me. I am forgotten by him, nnd ho is to mu the dearest being in the world.' Alary noticed tho large tears course down llio cheek of Ale-Ale, when sho consoled her by saying falo would arrange all ibings aright, ll was fast veiging toward llm noon of nifht, when the two muidens reached their dwell ing place. ' Did vnu hear nil, Ainrdanl 1' exclaimed Frank llilsou, In bis fiiend, as they sal list ening tu llm confidential couversition of Alary and Mo-Mo, behind snmo intervening shrub- biightly wiih pain, because sho could nol, would noi, accept tbo hand of ono fur whom her dear Ale-Mu nursed and cherished a luve of tbu purest character. On ono occasion Ainrdanl and Alary stole quietly from the bustling throng, when the subject was renewed. 'And must 1 again return without hopu! Why is it,' observed ho ihut von cannot dis close tbu seciet which prevents yon from nc p. 32. In the simo collection with the above, is s Vulgatu Bible, which is believed to he tho oldest printed Bible in the country. It wa forinei ly in the Library of His Iliiyal High ness ihe lain Duke of Sussex. Peltigrew, in llio Bihliolhoca Sussextana, p. 303, de scribing ibis identical copy, puts llio date at 1470 1. Brann, however, subscribes lo llm opinion .'.f its being executed between tiling my hind ou havo acknowledged ijfin Mfi.. ...,d ir ,r iI,.a your iieari is mine. ,0 ,j ,lfjve. iVvn iJnl ,ri,u cn,1(,Sf J'"'. , . ,ve,u: in. ,,0 Cu, Li)r,,rv tti10IIt n0jc; bestowal ul mv nlTcct inns but I wood he ., ,,,..:,., i ,i. io.i iii, ' , . , . iii . somo mamiNCiipls nl tbu l,i li and H h cen-, lalsii lo woman s honor del I uccept your , ,, . ',, . v ,., . iii i , 1 ", tunes, tlieru llie iv I esiaoien . in two b mil. Lei ihe past lu forgnlten, miicu Ibeie , .. '. , ,. ,. .. , . . . ' , 1 ,.r.,,i .. i .uri,. I., ... .. voliiini's, iii Oreek, divided inlo lesson h - . ' And why, dearest Alary, a iii thou let me live in agonising suspense? And why nut disclose this secret to onu whoso very exist once would bo embittered, should y on nut disclose it V ' Never, believo me, can I bu ptevailed upon, under present cii ciimslanres, tn ac quaint you with it. Never nn, never !' In an hour iifierw ards, Moid nit bad left for New York, sick at be nl, and ill al ease. At one of the hotels bo accidc nlly met his parents mi their way to Saiatog i, and they insisted upon il ill ll ho should ai company lliem (hith er. Ilu did so wiih n luc .nice. Sumo lime after their arrival Ihey were ushered into a room when: two ladies uud gentlemen were sealed in com er.-ition. Aloidanl nt once recognized Alary Morris and Ale-Ale, with Mary's father and brother, lo whom he in troduced bis pircnts. The moment his moth er saw Alu-Ale, sho looked in lliu most in tense manner upon her. It was a long, piercing, steadfast look, as though sho was hesitating between doubt and certainly, nnd llieii sho shrieked 'il is Clara,' anJ fell sense less upon the flour. At the mention of llio name Clara, AIo-AIe stood motionless, gazing with an abstracted air, ns though she were awakening out of h long deep sleep; or ns if a long vanished bry. They bad called upon llm ladies in fjlt.j vision, flillcd ncross her brain, and the early part of llio evening, but found ihey Lpened llio flood-gates of memory, bringing wereabsont; so they wandered to Sylph ,0 vjuw ,10 Cllry j,.., of childhood, bun Island, and in llie position in wliicli Ihey ,le breathed tho endearing namo of mother, wero placed, could not avoid overhearing! Every attention was paid lo tho resloraiinn what was spoken. 'of Mrs. Mordant. When sho recovered she Yes,' said Mordant; 'acd is it not strange called the Indian ghl to her, having observed that I did notrecognizo to-day one who was a locket, attached to a gold chain, which she of the Greek chnicb, beautifully written on vellum, jiiobalily- in the 12ih renlory, having llm rubrics and iitles in gold letters." There aiu also six leaves of nu Evangelistary, writ ten in letters nn vellum, in the early put uf the lllli cculurv, or iihuut one thou sin I yens since. Thcce leaves contain portions of lliu (5usiiels of .Matthew and John, ami are probably the oldest leavrs or in inusciipl in Ameiica. These two Mss wero procured by sir Everett, many yrnrs since, al Const innnople, ihesix leaves com ing tu linn as an envelope lo a manuscript of a I iter dale. An account uf ibese, and oth er Creek mss procuied by Mr Everett may be found lo tbo Memoiis uf llio Ameticaq Academy, vol 4, p. 409. There are wn in inusrript copies of the Vulgale Bible, nf the 12ib century, in ihe private collection alluded ;n above. I think, therefore, llint the oldest printed Bible, ihool.lesl printed book, and the oldest manuscript in tbu country, are in Cambridge, M issichusclls. Who knons of any which aro older I J. L. S. Harvard College Lib, Oct. 23, 1845. A lady nf high respectability has been com. mined to jail, in Lundnn, for stealing j7 worth if l.ico from a counter. When arrested she (ml nearly 3 000 in Bank of England notet oid India bond, in her possession, and offered tho whole of it to bn permitted to go. It was a fine and trua remark, that "ihey who will abandon a friend for one error, know bat little of human character, and prove Ihat their heard) ara cold as their judgments ire weak."