Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 28, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 28, 1845 Page 3
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M. G. RATHBUN & CO. MERCHANT TAILORS. HAVE again returned from New-York with on additional supply of CLOTHS, CASS1MERES, VESTINGS, AND Trimmings, Among which are Blue Blk., Drown, Gold Mi.tJ. and 111k. French Beavers, Blue Fltk , Brown, Green, Blue, and Blk. French Cloths, Plain and Kind. Illk. Dno Skin Cassimercs, Blk. Satin, Plain and Sirlpd. Barn then.Scrg dc Rome, and Velvet Vcsiings, Blk, Brown, and Drab Velvets, do do do Sergcdy and Buttons, together with a large assortment of Fancy Cassimcrcs and Vesiings. Also, Shirts, Bosoms, Collars, Cravats, Suspenders, Taps Measures, cVc. &c. Bnrlinaton, Nor. 25, 1845. M. O. tUtlibuti, V. P. Ward. NEW YORK and BOSTON SKOB STORE. THE subscriber offers to the Ladies rind Gentlemen of Burlington, and to the public at large, tho fol lowing stock of Oood9 which he will sell on terms which will satisfy thu buyer, for Cash. For Ladies' Wear. Satin Slips, Whito French Kid Slips, Black do do do, Buskins and Half Gaiters, Walking Shoes and Buskins Calf Bools and Shoes, Rubber our shoes fur bound, Rubber Bootees fur hound. Misses Gnifcr Hoots. Morocco and Calf Boots, Walking Shoes, Kid Slips of an Kinds, Misses tur hound luiuncrs, common do, For Gentlemen's Wear. Napolean Boots, Water Proof do, Light Calf do. Fish ing do, Thick Boots of all kinds, Boys thin and thick Bools, Bootees ol oil kinds, Boys thin and thick Shoe. And an article which is entirely new for gentlemen, "Calf over Shoes" tanned with the hair on, This is mo nest article extant and needs no recommend but themselves. The above articles with others loo nu merous to mention, will be sold by the subscriber, on Church Street cheaper than can he bought at any other store in Burlington or In the state, he leois assur ed that with his extensive stock of Boots and Shoes, no one will go away front his store without making a satisfactory trade. ' REUBEN BATCHELDER. Burlington, Nov. 25, IB-13. 26w3 Found ! ON Monday evening, near the foot ol Main Strret, a SHAWL, which the owner can have bv calling at L. & C. E. FOLLETT'S. Nov. 26, '45. H'dfer Slreet. Lamp Oil. rtfri (is, blceched and natural Winter and fevUv Fall Sperm Oil, warranted pure, for Sale, Nov. 15, '45. (26) by STRONG'S CV Co. Paints and Oil. 3 Tons While Lead, dry, and in Oil, 'Pure1 'Extra' No. I. lied, French Yellow Verdigris Whiting, lied Lead, Spirits Turpenline. Pulty, Var nish, Litharge, Umber, also Lint Seed Oil. Nov. 14, '45. (26) STRONG'S it Co. Tin Plates, &c. 1 QA Boxes Tin Plates, 1-3 Xand extra sizes. XXJ 100 boxes Canada Plales, 40 picks Russia and Eng'iih Sheet Iron ass't. No's. 500 lbs. Sheet Copper, GO BdIV Iron Wire, ass't. 2000 lbs. Sheet Zinc, Copper holt, Bile, and Tinned Rivets, with a general asrlmcni of Tinners Goods. STRONG'S & Co. Nov. 15. '43. 2G Messrs. Briiismairi &. Brother's. A RE opening a very decent stock of Goods, Gold, .r Silver, Steel, Brass, German Silver, Wood, Iron, Britannia Metal &c. &c. Looking Glasses. An assortment of Glasses of all sizes, mahogany and gilt pancd ones of large sizes, Looking Glasses and Clocks by the dozen or single. We have added very many new articles, our as sortment will be found pretty good considering, and hope no man, woman or child, who has the least de sire to see what is to be seen amongst the variety will he deterrid from looking it through, it Mill not hurt the Goo Is. and such persons can only lose their lime if they do not buy. If ihey do buy i hope to give an equivilent for cash left on deposit with us, farther particular after Thanksgiving, in the mean time do not forget that " Variety is the spcc of life Which gives it all its llav r." Goll Watches a low as some persons sll Silver ones. (?,) DRISSU.un & BROTHERS. Butt ons. Gra 8 Pant Buttons, J-sWlJ 300 ' Horn Coal Horn Coal do do do do do do 200 r.oo 100 3J0 300 1200 " 0er Coat " V1-1 Lasting Coat do Vest Slrap onirt do For sale by VILAS & NOYE3. 26 Burlington, Nov. 25th, '13 Combs. 2000 Dnz. Side Combs, 500 do Twist do 400 do Cap do 500 do lvury do 300 do Box wood do 500 do Dressing do "5 gross Wood poe,ei do For sale by VILAS & NOYES. Nov. 26, '45. 2G Hooks and Eyes. nfl 0ros9 Hooks and Eyes on Cards. OUU 75 " do do in Boxes. ' For sale hv VILAS &. NOYES. Nov. 20, '43. 20 Registers for 1846. Walton's Rcgistcis fir 13JG, JJJ 20 gross Almanacs do do. For sale hy VILAS tfc NOYES, Nov. 2o, '43. 26 Slates. ICase (30 doz.) Slates, For sale by V,I'AS NOYES. Nov. 26, '45. 23 Suspenders. 900 cn R,01- Web Suspenders, rv w uu jmsiiu no For sale by Nov. 26, '45. VILAS & NOYES. 25 Burlaps, IBale 40 inch Burlaps for W0t. Sacking, For talc by VILAS it NOYES. Nov. 26, '45. 20 Brown Sheetings. "I r Bales Heavy Brown Sheetings, We cannot say that ihey are 'cheap,' but they will be sold at the lowest price the market will allow, by . . OilVUVKS. Nov. 26, '45. 26 BOSTON ALMANAC. THK BOSTON ALMANAC, for iRin i. v X IHckinxin, will 1 ready for llie nubile on or I-' fore the 10th of DecemWr. The new nnd hplcndid Map it Boston will again appear in tlu nuiiil cr. Also a ww Map cl the Railroads in the Common weallh ot Mas-achn-etts. Thi map shows at a stance all the roads diveririne lnin Hn. ion. Arina each line of road, the Mations or depots are legibly m down, with their distances from llo-ton. It also shows the rouie if the Long Island Koad, anil the Mssacbii-eiis man eaa examine ihi Map of Kail- roads without pleaiirKlJe feelings. At a slance he e-c t4.rn Kftai orient-oj mi.ine-s me and prosperi ty all cenlerinif in Ihegreai nwiropolifofNew Eng land. Tin Misceilaocous ilenarlineni of il. ai,.. nac has received all due aiienlion. The Bu-ines Directory and other local inat'ers have Icen llmr oughly reviseJ, aud made, ja all repeot, as perfect as notstble. 1 Order to be addres-ed, utual, lo the Pi.l,lihPr Messrs THOMAS GROOM &. CO. 32 Slate itw! "5 ......v . , ... itaeningion JBRICHO ACADEMV WINTER TERM commences on the first Wed ncsday of December. TEACIIKItS. AT.EVANDER MILLEIt. Prindnat. EDWARD E. S. MILLER. A$,'t. Principal. MISS LUCRETIA MILLER, Tcnchcr of nrav. ing and Painting, and the French Lanqiayt. TEACIIRRS DRPABTSIKNT. A limited experiment with a teachers' class during the past term has shown conclusively the ad vintage to be derived from establishing a depart ment devoted entirely to this object. It is determined therefore to commence the present term with regular daily exercises to continue through the year t con sisting of a careful rehearsal of I he principles of the English Language, in all in parts, and with a design to present all the advantages of a normal school Those who would prtpart themselves for leaching are invited to make the experiment. Jericho Centre. Nov. 24th. IBIS. 2fiw3 A. EDWARDS' CHEAP CASH BOOK STORE. No. 1 Peek's Buildings. A general assortment ol School, Classical and Miscellaneous Books and Stationery at uity riuKS, Western Clearing J hy Mrs. C. M. Kirkland, author of "New Home,'' Vc. 60c Tlic Rhine ; by Victor Hugo, 2 vols. 75 Father It Inn's re-idencc nt tho Court ofPekinin tho service of the Emperor of China. 37 J The Raven and other Poems by Edgar A. Poe. 31o Only a Fiddler and O. T. by tho author of tho " Improvisatorc," translated by Mary Howctt. 23e Cosmos; No. 2, by "Von Humboldt." 121 For 1810, Walton's Vermont Register, Woodstock do Farmers, Agricultural. Comic and Pocket Almanac's. Games and Amusements. THE National Gamo of the American Eagle. Tho Rce or Improvement, by the Author of the (mine oi ur. iiusny. The Missionarv Camfaion. Tho laughable Game of What n'vr Buy By Prof. Punch. Tho Strife of Genius By n Lady. uamo oi .uasicr uonnury and nis rupiis. Improved Game of Dr. Ilushv. Cards of the Magi, for ascertaining any Lady's Name or.Age. New York Courting Cards and Numerical Games. Comic Colihon Cards and Comic Conversation 'do Chess Men from 81,75 to 820,00. Back-Gammon Boards, three sizes. Registers ! ! VERMONT Almanac and Stalistical Register for ItHU. THE VISION i or Hell. Purgatory, and Paradise, of imhtb ALiottieitf. 1 rnnelnlctl oy Illf ucv. Iienry Francis Carey, A. M., with the life of Dante, Chro nologiral view of his Age additional Noies and Index, with 12 Engravings,! vol. 31,50 Memoirs of nn American Lady, with Sketches of Planners and scenery in America a llicy existed previous to the Revolution. By Mrs. Grant. 50c The English Dramatic Poets. By Charles Lamb, . VJIS. 1 UU The Groves of Blarney. By Mrs. S. C. Hall. 25c Minstrel Love. By tho Author of Wild Love. 23c Cheap Music for the Piano, a new supply. Judnh French's Estate. STATE OK VERMONT, TN Probate Court hoi Lamoille'Districi, sb. j JL den at the Prolmte Odicoin Johnson, in said District, on the lBth dnv ol November, A. D. 1345. Jndah t'. French, administrator on the e-talc of JUDAIi FRENCH, late of Cambridge, in said di- Irict. deceased, proposes lo render an account of bis administrnttot', and pre-enl his account as adminis trator aforc-aid, for examination and allowance. W hereupon, it i ordered that the same be refcrre 1 to a sc-sion of the Probate court, lor said district, to be holden at the Inn of W. P. Matthews, in Hyde park, in -aid i)ilrict, on the 21lh day of December, A. I). 1815, nt 12 o'clock, M. lor examination and al lowance ; and that nil conccruel be notified hereof, by the publication of tin order in the Burlington Free Pre-", printed nt Burlington, three weeks sue cessivcly, lelore said unit' ol hearing, that they may appear at said lime and place, if they sue cau-e, and oiiject mcreio. By orlcr of Court, WILLIAM W. WHITE, Register. A true copy ol Record. SG Al!e-t, ARNtn White, Register, William P. Uuriihani's alias Solomon Whca ton's Estate. WE the Subscribers, having been appointed by the Honorable the Probate Court lor the Dis trict in issioners to rereivp. pifimin and adjust the claims and demands of all person", against Hie estate or WILLIAM P. BUKNHAM, alias SOLOMON A' H EATON, late of Burlington, in said District, deceased, represcnicd insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited tn ollset thereto i and six months from the day of the date hereof, being allowed hy sud Court for that pur pose, we do therefore hereby give notice, that we will attend to the business ol our nppoinlment, nt the office of Geo. K. Plan, in Burlington, in said D:s net, on the first Mondays of January ami Fihrnaty ruary next, at lOo'clock. A. .M., on each of said days. Dated litis 4 ill dav of November, A. D. 1845. GEO B. SHAW, ; JOHN N. POMROY. Comm- STATE OF VERMONT, ) -ITniEUF.A-s. MARY Chittenden County, s-. j VV J AUK HOLT, of Burlington In .'aid county, ha iln day presented lo me her petition, in writing, addrecd to the Hon. Supreme Court ot Judicature next to I c held at Bur lington, within anJ lor aid co inty of Chittenden, on the Monday next pretcdingthe lir-t Tuesd.iv in Jan uary, a. i. isiu. Mitins lortn that, on the 2Cih day of Sept. 1831, at said Burlinsinn, where Aiv ihcn re M'leil. she wa law f illv mnrricil to WilKnm n lr..i. . that, soon after mk-Ii marriage ibey removed out o'f this stale and atlerwnriU I ecinu ..r p....-l k"epie in the slate of New York t ihm irmn it,.. i,n, of such marriage to the 8ihday of. May I8IJ, Ehe the saiJ Mary Jane, lived with Hie nid William G. in full oh-ervance ol the marriage contract on her part ; uiui ..I, me imy n-i aiurcsaii, at I ough-kceii-ic afore-aid, where the panic, then re-ided, the William (i. willully cle-ertej her, leaving her, with three small children wholly tle.tiltiic ol any meatw of Minnort : that sinre lhai time in tli ,1m. .r the dale hereof, the ai I William G.hare-nWmo.ily in St. louis anJNew Orleans, and ha never rctitrn el to his family nor turni-hed either the said .Marv Jane or his and her children with any means of ...... ...I I ,.. .11 r . . I I . "rt" wiiimiy rciuscu so tntio;tnat in May, 1813, the said Mary Jane, beine wholly de,j. tule of llie means of support, removed wiih her said cniiumi, troni sam J""iigni.ecpie lo said llurlinglnn. and that she has ever since resiled, and stdl resides with her parents in said Burlington, and has resided there for more ihan two vrars last i,.it. and niavni- inni inc oonus oj matrimony i'iween Her nnd llie said William 15. may be dis-oWed, nareeaM to ihe s'atiite in such ca-e made and provide!. Ana it leine mane 10 appear to me ihat Hie said William 0. re-ides out of llie slate: ( fj ordered lint llie said Jury Jane cause him to l notified of me cnnency oi and petition in said Supreme Ccurl, by publication of this order, containing the sul stance , r, ,. in,un. u.rce weci, s.icce ivclv in Hie Bur iiigion r rce I're-s, a newspaper printed in said iirlinglon, the last ol which publications to be at lean two weeks previous to the next staleJ session of said co in in said Chittenden County. Given under my hand at snid Burlington, line 20lh day of November, A. I). 1813. MILO I.. BE.SNF.TT, 26w3 Judge of the Supreme Court. Eo Mills ) " I HlaAM Piinsny, and his tru-tee Ciiittcnsen County Cocrt, Odobcr Term, 1645. DAVID IlAr.nn. I IV it,,. ......... I.'.l .t.ll.l.r n, ., I n . " -om- oiici- . ....,....,,,,,, v...,,,,,, in me narcn lerm ol this Court, A. I . 184u, brings hi. nut against Hiram I ler-on, formerly ol said Shell urn, bin now gone lo mil, unlnni.n .r.l.. C. I..,. . . .V.,.1 i . """ occianiig on a no e daied 31 April, 1840, for 870 and interest, payable to - ; Mum isi oi janunrv . "f m ani umm,,,r'l"g "vid Hazard as Tru-ieo ot said IVrson. And II appearing- to the Court thai tl said Hiram Pierson has not had personal notice ol the pendency of , aid suit, ihe usual order ol notice was made by the Court at the Term last aforesaid. anil I. ail.t ...... M,ao I . ..... 1 - no-Luiiiiiiitca, i,j mi. irrui, wnen II appearing that said Pierson has not had notiie of Said Sllll. .-IlllAP I.I' nil)lir...,lf,n ... In ......nn TiuatroRE, it is ordered by the Court thai the snid .mi... ... .UIIM.III.U .111, (IIMI I NC I1.-1-1U., I ICF' son, hate notice ofihe iiendeucy of iluswril. bv pub : I e continued and that Ihe defendant, Ptr- milium ihe subslance ol ihe plainlill'. sun, in the tree Press, a newspaper printed ot Burlinglon, in said county, three weeks siiocessuely, ihe la. I ol said publications lo be at least iwenty davsbefore the next .Man h term of ihis Court. Datel at Burlington, Noveml er 25, 1845. 2G E. A. STANSIIUHY, Cr. Lyman Thayer 1 rj 1 I ClllITENDEN Coe.NTV Cot'RTi BARNE.&, Kr.cLEB, October Term, 1845. and their Irustee I Ciualr.s L.Nelsom.) 1 this cause Lyman Thayei ofMiellum, in Chinenden.eounly al the Maril. Term ol this Conn, A. D. 18 15, I nncs hi. action against Asa hel llarne, and Philip K. Kceler, ol Burlinglon, in said to inty, in an action ol debt on judgement. And II appearing lo Ihe court thai llie said Asahel Barnes reside, out ol this Slate, nnd has noi had per sonal notice ol ihe pendency of snid suit, the usual or.'erofnoticn wn. m..l. i... ,i.urn.... .i:-. i. . - . .. . - ...u,.u ,,j mbwu.,,, ai Hiciviru ,. aioresaid, and the said came was continued lo the ....-en. ,c, ,ien it appearing lo Ihe voun thai the deendant, Barnes, had not had nonce of said suit, eilher In ippami r,. I I I: ' n. I-'.""" MIJIlUIIUIIt TilEnErnRE, it i ordered by the Court herethat said Cail.ll 1 i fnimnim. ....I .I... .I. l,..r..l. 11 . .,,., .. ulll4 ,u, lltc iriniuiiiii, nnrnes, have nonce of lhe pendency of this sun by publishing the SUb.lanr nf ik n!.;.,..r. . L.. L. n..5 . ...v ,...,. nll uic rire rprji, a newspaper printed at Burlinglon, in said County, three ufvl-.Hw..:.... .i.- i . i ....i " .- -....v..i,nj.,uoiii,iii rum puiNicHiions o be j least Iwenty days lWure the next Marrh term of ihis Court, Dated at Burlinglon, November 25, 1845. gS E. A. BTANSBURY, Clerk. Estrny. CAME into tha enclosure of the subscriber about tnemiddle of October, a re I yearling sieer, the"mTwae;.'0 P'Ve '"V"' cb""' Bur.iS.on,.Vov.2S,.645.'UT,IE,lCLO,Ja"- LOST. ON Thursday, Nov. 20, a light colored Carpet Bg, containing a quantity of clothing, between Bur linplonand Kcrrisburg Centre, It was bound with red leather and fastened hy a strap of the same with a smallpadlock. If the finder will leave it atProuty's Hotel, or with B. B. Allen, Verrennes, he shall he re warded. THOS. S. HUBBARD. Stockbridgc, Vt. 25w3 B1ZAS LYIVIAIV, HAM rcocivrd nn extensive a-.8ormcnt fir New and KaMiiormMoUOODS, conMtinn; ot Ca-h nicrrs nnd Do Lnines, very bcauli Ail. Klezant fi:; timl Drub Alpacuas for Drec. Gitta I'lald anJ ti ; .1. nt.: t ni i i : i t a iVivu i laiu wiiiukiii viiui)) uiiu rnugt-B iu niuicii PRINTS. A very large and splendid assortment, tioughl by the case nnd for sale very low Willi a few choice selected Prints, entirely new pattern" and very ele gant also a great variety of Balzorine and other Mourning Prints, SHAWLS. A large quantity of rich Damak Shawls, nnd many styles ol Fancy do., both large.and small. RIBBONS. A lew nieces of rich embroidered B'.nnet Ribbon. A Rood assortment of Velvet do Lustring Ribbon and flnnnel llinaing. .cphyr worsted, Mohair ana Silk Fringe. Lndie's and Gentlemen's Cloak Cords and Tns-als, Shaded Purse Twist, Steel Beads, Purse Rings and Tassats, colored nnd white Worsted Yarn lieautifitl white Merino and Woolen do, Tidy Cotlo.i and Needles, 6ic. dec. Wickwnro Block, corner of Church and College sts. November 21, 1815. WILiMSTON HIGH SCHOOIj THE ll"ner Term of this Institution will com mence on Wcdne-day, December 3, under the charon. na lii.relfifnri. of J. t.VMAN. A. M. The con dition of Ihe school is prosperous, number of piinils large, andllic piospecls for the future Haltering. The iiisiriictioii 19 ik-iicii'-u iw iu i-iiii:iiri( turn inuiuium II is on cs.cntinl peculiarity of Ihe Institution to lent the pupil so tar as practicable, both to instruct nnd govern himself. This renders his studies plea-nnt and ensures success. The facilities for lie ncuuisi- lion of natural science are unusually good. The i ruicipai possesses n large iierscneiian leicscopi of superior qualilv, with oilier excellent apparatus wnicli he will u?c ior the benefit of the students. Tuition fir Ihe primary branches, 83,00 " higher " 4,00 " " Language, 4,50 Board can lie obtained at from gl,25 to 1,50 per week, mcluJing washing, &e. Il is desirable lhat those who anticinate atlendintr should commence nt ihe beginning of the quarter. Wilhston, Nuv. 18, 1313. 25 MUSIC &. DANCING. MR. J. I). PROVANHIE, grateful for the verv lilieral natronace he has fnrmerlv rweicHit from the Ladies nnd Gentlemen of BurliniFion as n Teacher, takes this melhod of inlorming them that he will open a school in Ihe above accomplished arts so soon as n suificicnt number of pupils can be obtained. Having lately visited me principal cities in the Union lie will leach such dances as is must nracticed in ibn genteel ball-room. I.u. ur. r. will provide m.i-io for public nnd private panics. Nov. 20, 1945. Notice. THE subscrilier would inform the public ihwt be is prepared lo clean and fin Mi Women's Cloaks. urcs-e-, naws, iionnei-, etc., made ofNll;, Uollon or Wool; nnd pieces of silks or oilier fancy g-iods will be Coloured nnd dre-sed lo be equal to new. nlso. Men's Clolhei Cleaned and Dved if neces.arv and finished, I ill ink, tothe satisfaction ofjlic public, at a reasonable price. Silks that are Black can be coloured lo any colour wanted, Green, Brown, Scarlet urimson, I'inK, etc. Goods- forwarded lo J. q"- C. Martin's, by singe with charges paid, will be allended to, finished and relumed in a seasonable time. THEODORE D. LYMAN. Nonh Ferrj.biirgh, Nov. 17, 1813. 25mG. C. F. Stamford & Co. HAVING returned from New Yoik with Goods for llie four I h lime this season, would remind ihe riibhc thai Ihcv have a lareer stock of staolennd fan. cy Dry Goods. Groceries. Crockery. China and Ghss ware, Looking Ulasses, i'apcr Hangings, Hullilo Robes, Mulls, if-c. Ihan ihey were ever able lo olTtr before. N. B. No "Auction Goo Is," and no red flair, but sucu prices as may pernaps prove not less attractive than either. Purchasers arc solicited to call and ex amine for themselves. Burhngion, Nov. 5, 1S43. G. BACKUS, MERCHANT TAIXOR. COUKT HOUSE SQUARE, Ilurllngton, Vt. SELECT SCHOOL. MISS I,. U. STACY will commence her winter term on Wednesday, the 10th of Dec, tocoiF tinuel:! necks. Scholars arc expected lo enter at Ihe commencement or the term. Tuition. English, from 33,00 to 84,00 French, 1.00 Drauinir. 3.00 School room one door west of Mrs. Langworthy's, up stairs. Burlington, Nov. 21st, 1845. 25 Powder THOSE in want of a superior article of potrder for rifle shooting, can find it of either Hazard's or IJuponi's manufacture, at L. &. C. K. r ULhr.l r . Corner Main and Water Sts., Nov. 20, 1845. If UFFS, 110 tS, FUR COLLARS, CAPS and iX I1A1 S, for sale cheap as the cheapest by C. A. SEYMOUR. Burlington. Nov. 20, '45. 25w3 Overalls. rF A superior quality, mado of the Best Russia s ijuck, lor sale tiy tne dozen or single pair, nv Nov. 20, 1S43. (25) L. & C. E. FOLLKTT, Fresh Lemons! FOR sale by L. & C. E. FOLLETT. Corner of MMn and Water St. Nov. 20. 1845. 25 A. S. DEWEY TTAS received his Fall and Winter supply of Gro 11 cerics, dec. to which ho invites tho attention ol purchasets. 'laving discovered that Good Goods find a ready sale whilst those of inferior quality re qd'rc the expenditure of some eloquence to effect the le-ired transfer, the stock now offered has been selected with care, hopcing to give satisfaction lo all who may extend Ihe favor of their patronage. Amour the Groceries will be found Ihe usual sunnlv of Teas, Sugars, Coffee, Spices, &c. Also, Smarts augar-nou8e syrup, and t. rushed sugar. Burlinglon, Nov. 19, 1845. JUST RECEIVED, FISH of the following de scriptions t No. 1 Mackerel, Large, " " Small, " 2 " in bbls., halves and quarters, North Shore Salmon, Conn. River Shad, Dry and Picketed Cod, Smoked and Picketed Hcriings, te. 20. '45. A. S. DEWEY. fiiRESIj I . SODA and WINE BISCUIT, Lemon t- and Pic Nic Crackers Also, Superior Boston trackers. A. S. DEWKV. PREPARE FOR Thanksgiving, Christmas and New-Years. ALL those in want ol Dried Currants, Citron. Raisins Seeoless, Figs, Prunes, Mare, Nu. megs, Cloves, Cinnamon, Pepper, Sage and o her herbs for sca.oning; Also. Sauhnes, Mu-tard, Bird Pepper Sauce, file. Sic. Please call at llarringlon and Brother's where may I lound a large and ex- New'-Yo7kr,'''Cnt Uf "le al'UVe l'"fet'll' '""h ,r" Burlington, Nov. 20, 1845. 25 DR. 1'ITKLV W.VL, ,r"Pcclfu,y. 'Pform the inhabitants of i- i r mibo iu ,icinny, mat lie lias located himself hero as a phys cian and Burgeon. It will Ic his undcvialing purpose lo make careful examina lions to ascertain lhe cause nnd by direct application of remedies lo combat di-cascs, and remove their cause, and by care, attention and faithfulness to all w ho may call upon him, hopes to prove himself wor thy of patronage. lie would also say that he is in possession of most ol the new remedies that have recently been brought forward for the relief of Scrofula, Spinal affections, Phthisical complaints and other chest diseases. Dr, P. has recommendations of qualifications from some oi tne inosi eminent pnysicians in this alale ano irom some in ixew row tny snd Boston, which may be teen by calling on him at his residence, a lib lie west of the Buihnglon Bank, Burlinglon, Nov. 10, 1845. Stray Steers. CAME inlo the enclosure oftha Subscriber in Sept last, a lied two year old Sieer and also on lhe 1st inst.nfd ) airline Steer. Thenwner is request ed to provejroperty, pay charges and take them away. Chsrlotte, Nor. 13, '45. Wm' YAJfa HAVE now received their Fall and Wmier supply of Goods. Wo have added a number of articles (which have been much enquired for) In our former stock, such as Cullon Yarn, Colored Wadding, Bat ting, vvicKing, ore. ano wc can now aecomouaio Merchants with almost anything In the Staple Dry Goods line. Wowou'd modestly aay to nll who may wish to purchase at wholesale, that our stock of Goods is now tho largest and most desirable over offered by us. Our success so far in jobbing goods has induced us to make larger purchases thi heretofore, and we hope hy selling at low priccjptjp be enabled to do justice to ourselves and lo Ihe nnslatr. We have adopted thcCirm syslcin in making nll of our purchases and we Jlatter ourselves Willi the belief that our goods are obtained at the very lowest prices. Buying Cheap will enable us to sell low to our customers, who will please call and seo for them selves. Burlington, Nov. 10, 1B45. American Prints. VUiAS tKIYEst, WOULD invito tho attention of Merchants nnd Pedlars who may wish to purchase American Prints. Our stock now is tho largest nnd most de sirable ever offered in ihis market, consisiingofa very great variety of patterns, nnd some new and very neat styles. They were purchased at a time when the agents were closing iheir Fall bu-iness, nnd tho owners of tho poods were anxious lo MAKE. SALES, which enahlca us to obtain them ntlcss prices than they had been previously sold. In this way we ob tained an ndvanlagc ol from one to two cents nn the yard, on some styles, nnd puts it in our power to Bell them as cheap as lhe jobbers in New York Wc would solicit a cnll from all wishing to pur chase, and we do so fully confident that wo sell them upon ihe most favorable' terms. Please call and seo for yourselves. Burlinglon, Nov. ID, 1S45. 25 Colored .Cambric Cases Colored Cambric, 2 do Silccias. for salrAv 2 Nov. 19, 1B45. VILAS it NOYES Cotton Thrends. yfiin Lbs. Slater's Cotton Thread, white and I Jf assorted, 210 " Cheaper do do do 1200 Doz. Spool do do do Nov. 10. Forsa'oby VILAS & NOYES. Pins and Needles. Ainfi Parks Amciican Solid Head Pins, OKJyJ ir,() IhsAmeiican Mixed do 300 M Quilled Eyed Needles, 200 Gross Knitting do For sale by Nov. 19, '45. VILAS & NOYES. SOAP. 1 nflfi Doz. Shaving Soap, for sale by L UUU N0V. in, '45. VILAS .f- NOYES. Cotton Yarn, Batting, &c 1 Of "i BALES Coltnn Yarn, Balling, Colored HJU w.i.ldmn .n.i u-;,.i,; ir.i...f. bo supplied wilh these articles nt rery oic riles. VILAS .f- NOYES. iiurungion, nov. isj, lens. 25 Brown Drill, Ticking, &c. 5 Bales Brown Drills, 5 cases York Ticking 1 2 di Bleached Shirin fnr sale by Nov. 19, 1813. (25) VILAS oi NOYES. Matches. QHn Gro-s Matches, for sale cheap bv OUU Nov. 10. 1813. VILAS i NOYES. Geese Feathers. Prime article of Vermont Geese Feathers, wa A 1. ranted good, for sale by Nov. 19, 1343. (23) VILAS & NOYES. Tin Plate, &c. 1 ry ? Boxes 1-3 I X Tin Plate, 1 I O 25 " I X Square do 5 " Largo s'zc do To I! lis Iron Wire (assorted Nos.) Russia, English ami Canada Sheet Iron, Sheet nnd Bolt Cop per, Sheet Zinc and Lead, Wire Vellum, Rivets, &c. For sale at the lowest prices bv Nov. 19, 1915. (25) VILAS & NOYES. MAS I.YMAX HAS iccencl Groceries : Old Hy son, llson Shin, Young Hy son and Black Teas i Loaf, Brown nnd Brazil Sucnrt Mo1n..e.f'n'lc. Spurs, Box Basins, A few tars of ol superior i're-med )( , Co- - 7 coa nno simi-, OTamrou., .u-inrti, Chocolate, Citron, Pepper Same, Currants, Ground Ri'-e, Ginger 1 Indigo, hurebleacheilSpcrm Oil, Sperm nn I Tallow Candles, Soap, de. die. November 20, 1315. 23 BOX AND SULTANA RASINS, CITRON, Marc. Currants, Prunes, Almond", Ar. Nov. 20, 1813. A. S. DEWEY. CULLEN'S ANODYNE FOR

TOOTH. ACHE. rl' HIS celebrated medicine which cures Tooih-Ache inslanth. renews Ague in the Face, Shooting; Pains, and In- tiaiiicu uums, is ( For sale by in ) 10 i Burlington ! CATL1N & SPEAR, FRANCIS U. CLAIR. PECK & SPEAR, HAG A If &, ARTHUR, Henry Hyde's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, I A T a Probnlo Court District of Chittenden, I xV hidden nt Burling ton, within nnd for the District afore-md on lhe 14th day of Nnvemler A. I). I81",m Instrument purpor ting to bcihe lat Vill ami Ttsstainent ol Henry Hyde lale r.f Burlmglon in snUWtrict iVcea-cl, was pre sented lo ihe Court hero for Probate, by Henry I.cavenworlh lhe execnior Iherein named. 'riiEnEronE it is onlcrcd by saiil Court, that public noik-e be given to nil persons concerned therein to np pear before said court, nt a session thereof 10 be holdcn at the Register's office in .aid Burlinglon, on the sec ond Wednesday of Pm-ember, A. I). 1S45, and contest the probate of said Will; audit is further ordered that this order be publi-hed three weeks successively in the Burlington Free Prc.s, a news panel primed at Burlington in this Slate, lhe last of which oullicalion. to bo previous to the day a-signed, as aioresaid for hearing. Given under my bind at the Regi.lci's Office, this 1 mi uayti .o ember, A. i. isiz. Win. nKS IUH, Uegitter. NEW GOODS. C M. POPE, has jii-t received his winter stock of uoous, among wiucn may be lounu a large as sorunenl of cloihs, cas.imers, vcsiings, flannels, cashmeres, olpaccns, prints robroy, plaids, hnseys, tickings, drillings, and a full assortment of tailor's trimmings. Also, A large slock of Groceries, consisting in part of loat. lump, powncreu and crushed sugars, also, molasses, leas, colfee. soan. tobacco. lamDoil. silcra tus, starch, oVc. &c. which will be sold at ihe lowest prices. a. ni. rui-i,, Burlington, Nov. 14, 134. 2 Rags! Rags I I APER RAGS taken in exchange for School nooks, by o. nuups, ELECTRICITY ! ! TWO RAILROADS TO BOSTON. STEAM BOAT FARE CHEAP. THE great increased demand for Goods at the Cheap Cash Store, kept by the People's Agent, HOWARD, induced hun again logo to New York, being lhe sixth lime since April, from which he has brought an hith erto unsurpassed, splendid, Slock of Merchandise, suited In ihe use and desiroof lhe People ami alprices which with but oncarlicle, say Brown Cotlon Cloih, are nll lower ihan before known. However, upon reflection it is all perfectly consistent and rational, for an era is just commencing in which a microscopic view uiaccrus germs iniiicaung improremenis sum cient lo engage sevcrnl hitherto dormant Phrenologi cal bumps, that wdien nut into use will give multitudi nous addiiional employment, and in lhe unfolding show a way 10 sustain myriads of things vthere now but few are ihnughl capsule nf cxi'siing on this beau tiful earth. Of some of the now wonderful none can but vet nrcdict the ronsenuenees. for bv Ihe electrical Telegraph a thought al the western shore of Ihe Allanuo uccan may he-ss soon expressed at Ihe eas tern shoro of the Pnciticni il could be written down bv nn amanuensis by lhe side of the speller. And, ""o, by electricity and a seed deposited one day affords for tho lahte n vnv.lnblp nn I hn nett. nnH fur. Iher by 11 a siimulrnt is produced thai quadruples tho produclion of the fields, thus supplying lalor, food, and enjoyment for all lhe Peple. The whole sum and subslance of which is ihat HOWARD has got goods and sells ihem cheap 10 lhe people and then puis ihe money in ihe Bank 10 be again used for their benefit, Nov, 14th, 1845. 24 GEO. A. LEN, has left lown. lo be absent through the winter, and has Irfi his business wiih S. M. Pope, who is authorised to do any thing in relation ihert.ln rnn.tglrnt u ilh hi. .p.nrv. Nov, 10, 1945. GEO. A ALLEN, teas. sS3 5 0. F. DAVEY. ATTORNEY & COUNSELLOR at I,AtV. OFFICE. That formerly occupied by Charles Adams, Esq., who also will be occasionally present for the trans action of whatever legal business he tfi.lj' s'ill be pleased to attend 10, 20-tf Ilciijnmln Irish's Estate. STATE OF' VEIiMONT, AT a Probate Di-trict op Chittenden, ss. 1 xCourl holdcn at Burlinglon, w'uhin and for tho district aforesaid on the inn day 01 November, A. Is. lo45, an Instru ment purporting 1 1 ho the last will end testament of BENJAMIN IRISH, latoof Shelburne, in said dis trict, deceased, was presented to tho Court here for Probate, by William Harmon, tho Executor, therein named. THEREFORE, it is ordered by llie said Court, that public notice 1 e given lo nll persons concerned there in to appear I cfnre said Court, al a session (hereof to tie noldcn at the uegisior'a UMIcc rn liurimgion, on the second Wednesday of December. A. D. IRIS unit contest the probate of said Will, nnd it is further or dered that ihis order bo published three weeks suc cessively in the Burlington Free l'fes, a news pirpef plinted at Burlington, in this Slate, the last of which publications snail ue previous 10 tne day assigned, as aforesaid for heat inc. O.vrn under my hand nt the Register's Office, this 11th day of November, A. D. 1815. WM. WESTON, IlegisUr. HARRINGTON & BROTHER. Wholesale and Hctalt CHEMISTS, DnUGGIHTS ANO APOTHECARIES. THE short time wc have been in business, during which lhe above firm have received from lhe public so large n .hare of patronage for the various articles in iiieir line, is iinqiicsnatiic evidence Ihat their soles have been highly natisfaclory to custom ers, I oih from the lown and country, and is .tilt fur ther guarantee of their determination n t to be sur passed, in nlwnv Leeiiingon hand the large. t assort ment of Pare nnd Genuine nrlicles. IVo expense ha. Isccn spared in Ihf purchase of then articles ihat everything s lhe hest. Their Chemicals are war ranted pure, and being manulacitired hv our mo.l celebrated Chemists, will not fall to give satisfaction. Among them may he fouml Ihe following i Iodine, Iodide of Iron, Quinine, Iodide nf Quinine, Sulphaie Morphine, Acelaic .Mnphine, Iodide of Mer cury, Deulo Ioihdo do., Prolo Iodide do., Black Oxul do., Veralrine, Slrychnine, Cyan, Mcrcurv, Laclate nnd Phosphate Fern, Citrate of Iron, Chril. Nt. Silver, Elalcrium, Sulphurct of Pota-sa, Bromine, Tripoli, Kypo.iilphaic ol Soda, cVc. Jrc. We are now receiving lhe largest nnd best selected assortment ol Perfumery to ho foued short of N. York ocing ooiigiit oirecuy irom uie importers, they are werranted the best. IJelow will be mcnliuned a few. Extracts Ro-c, Violrtie, Pink, Orange Flowers. Jasmin, Reseda, Palchonly, Verbei.a, Jlille Fleurs, ni-o, viveuc .11 ilk nuil 1 onqun. Cosmetics for Beautifying the Skin. Gonlands Lolinn, Gomauds Powder, Subtile, Jones Chemical Wash and Soap., Pale D'Aniade, Pearl Powder, Circassian Lymph, Super French Ro ige, rreparcJ unan., o.c. For the Teeth. Ambrosial Orris Tooih Wah. Orris Tooih Pnsie. Chlorine tooth Wash, Violet and Ruse tooth Powder. Bark for sircnglhening the Gums, and a ereai varieiv of Tooth Powders. Hair Oils and Pomatums. Bears Oil, Buffalo Oil, Mo-assnr Oil, Ox Marrow Pomade, Anlriiiiu Oil. Cmrian Hair Toni -. Hose Hair Oil, Balm of Columbia nnd oilier Preparations for restoring and beautifying tne Hair. Fancy Soaps, Combs and Toilet Articles in great variety, consisting of Guerlain's, Prenn-s, Edes. nnd Murray's Cream for Shaving, also Johnson's Millitary do., Oleopliane, Cremc 1)' Amande Amere, Sponncons Compounds ,f-c. o:c., Superior French ami tiennan Co'ogn and Toilet Waters, High Scented Toilei Soap. Floating Soap, Transparent Soaps, Soap Balls, Delasello's Ro-cSoar, Persian do., ol-o Sultana do. do. Hair, Nail, Tooth and Shaving Brushes, of English nnd Freirh manufactures, also an excel lent variety of cut Ga. Toilet lit tiles, Bohemian Glass do.. Cm Glass Piingcnts, Pressed do. from 10ct. to 81,50 per belle. Sundry Articles. Guerlain's, Tiemans, Fi ks Dvnlrical Instruments, also we are agents Chcve.iers In-lrnments, Trusses of all varieticsT Abdominal Supporters, Mineral Teeth, Bougies, Pe-sories, Turnkeys, Indelible Ink, Black, Blue, and Red Inks, Carmine and Blue Saucers,Sealin:,Waxes, Court Plaster, Spirit Soap, Plale Powder, Camphen, Glasses, Wicks, Slc. Powder puffs, Cachons, Steel pens.Siamp-, Letter and Bill Pai e r Blacking.Chem ical Vainish for Stoves, Briti-h Lti ire, itu. tte. For Family Use. Cocoa, Cocoa Shell. SalalOil, Bird Pepper sauce, French and English Mustard, Catsip., Mushroom, lomaio, ciinnl, ncl.HM untes, l.oUserilo., llmsins, Figs, Tens ol nll kinds. Dried Currents, Citron, Macca roni, Isingla.s, Rice Flour, Iii-h Oalmeal, Pearl Bar lev, Iri-h Mo.s, Tapioca, Sago, Cloves. Cinnamon, Mace, Nutmegs, Jumaii a Ginger, Common Ground do., Cas-ia b ids, Caraway Seeds, Vanilla Bean-, Slewarts Conlcctionarys, Lamp Oil., &c. die. Patent 3Iedicines. Sand. Sarsaparilln, Comsiock. do., Ext. Lung won, Balsam of Liverwort, Bal-nm of Wild Cherry, llanines Lotion, Pain Extractor, Sherman's nn I Fulis .Medicated Lozenge-, Mothers Relief, Pulmonary Bal sam, and others too numerous m mention, the above are all warranted Genuine as arc all patent medicines Irom their store. Oils and Dycstuffs. Al-o, the besl Liquors for Medical purposes kept constantly on hand, direct from the importers Burlinglon, Nov. 14, 1815. 24tf Notice. NOTICE is hereby given, ihat I have relinqu;shcd to my son, Nathaniel T. Bailey, jr., Ihe balance of his minority, wilh full rower lo act and contract for himself, and that I shall hereafter claim none of ins earnings, nor Hold myscit responsible tor his acts. NATHANIEL T. BAILEY. Milton, Nov. 4. 1845. INoticc. 1 ( DAYS from date all persons are requested that J. vf are indebted to lhe undersigned, to come for ward and pay in iheir respective dues, or collection irilbe made without reserve. R. B. KELLOGG. Burlinglon, Nov. 3, 1315. MOUNT IDA SNUl'K MILL, TUUACCO AJfO CIGAR MANUFACTORY! Warehouse No. .95 River-street, Troy, opposite the Steam Boat Wharf. THE undersigned has, during the past year, re moved his Snuli'Mill and Manufactory lo the citv of Troy for lhe pursose of using a water power of greater magnitude and permanent supply, lie is now prepared to execute wilh despatch orders for Snuff, Tobacco and Cigars to any extent. THE SNVl'K is of perfect cure w arranted to sland the teat of any climate without becoming heated or sour or loosing its perfume warranted equal in every respect, to the most approved manufacture offered, or no sale. All the varieties of coarse and fine plain or scented in bulk, by the barrell, or in jars and bottles, as wanted. , THE TOHACCO. both for chewing and smoMnir. is manufactured ex clusively from old leaf of choice flavor and quality. i no smoKing cut is as nne as encwing ALL, Lu.u CUT well dressed Face raosi Shots and oust and in Ihis particular alone, is different Irom every uiucr manuiactnre from 84 lo SfiO per M. are manufactured from Ha. vana, Cuba. Florida, and olher Tobacco of tha vari ous style of Regalia, La Norma. Panatella, cVc. if-c, at prices below any olher manufactory. A list of Reduced Piices made to conform to the low rates at hich Pedlars are vending the product ot the various inaniiiacionea inrousli the country are pre pared for distribution, and will be furnished on appli cation. Goods delivered lo vessels or stores in theciiy New York or on board of canal boat nr nt ih. Rail. road depot in Troy free of expense of cartage or river ireigui. r.DtYAKU Troy. N. Y. Nov. 4, 1315. 23w4 TUST Received from lhe Publisher, nml far .nl.hv J lhe subscriber, a large quantity of Swells Gram mar, an English Giammar comprehending the prin ciple, nnu ruies oi tne language illustrated uy ap I'luiuime vActcisca un ine uasis oi junrrsy. Thompson s Seasons, Essay on Man, North American Arilhme lie, 1st, 2d, and 3d class Read iclnrial. do Pictorial Primmer, Smith's Grsinmar. million's practical lessons in cngusn urimmir, Bullion's English. Gram mar. ers, Progressive Primer, Lempne's classical Die nonary, Worcester's Dictionary, Webster's do Rhetorical Reader, lAdam's Arithmetic, Davie's. do .Smith's, do Webster's Elementary do .Oreenleaf's. do Worcester's History, Davie's Algebra, Willard's History of U. S.'Das. do Allison's History of Eu- Bridge's. do lope, Dsvie's Bardon, F.lemenlarv snelllng Bock, do Legcndre. North American do do Surveying, National, da I do Geometry, Also on hand a lares slock of Blank Book. m.J. ; rrom tne Dcsi i.inrn raper and warranted. Blank Booka mads lo order on short notice, and ruled to ....ll,rn (.TI'VCVC ivnnna I Burlington, Nor. 5, IE45, BURLINGTON FEMALE SEMINARY. THE Winter Quarter In this Seminary Will com mencc Dec. 1st., and continue eleven weeks There arc now six Teachers connected Mith the In stitution. In connection with Ihe rolid branches, young Ladies will enjoy peculiar advantages fnrac quiringacortectknowledgoofMusic, Dinwing, Paint ing and the French Language. Instruction in tha latter will be given by a gentleman, well educated both in Ihe English and French, and who speaks Ihe latter with the same case and correctness as his ver nacular tongue. A few vacancies in the Hoarding House will be made at the end of this Quarter I those from abroad wishing tu reside in the Seminsry should apply soon. Young Ladies from the tillcge wishing to extend their knowledge of the French language, can bead- milieu iu ine class. No pupils admitted fir a less time than one Quar ter, and no deductions made for absence eacept in protracted sickness. TEA RMS. HALT PATADLK IN AOVANCKl Tuition ill English Branches and Latin, per qusrlcr, 35,00 " " Piano Music 8 00 Instrument for practice, 2,00 " " Drawing or Painting, 4.00 " " French TEO Board, including fuel, lights, nnd all the convenien ces for study in large and well furnished rooms, S2 per week 1 or 925 per Quarter of eleven weeks, including washing JAS. W. HICKOK.SeeV Nov. Ilth, 1945. Z43 'remium Harnesses. t. w. ciinn, it co. HAVE Ihe pleasure to inform the public Ihat they took the Dremiuin on harnesses al the Agricultutal Fair,; Sept, 25, and are now prepared to sell work of lhe same quality, cheaper than at nny olher Shop in the County call and sec. N. B. A discount made to -a"irias.eWJ0 those who come from a distance. Hincsburgb, Nov. 1945. 21 NEW FASHIONS. MI'nASKIt hasiust t returned from New York with the latest fash ions for HATS, CAPS, $CC0ATS and DHESSES, nnu a spieouiu nssorimeni of Bosncts, Caps, Silks, Velvets, Ribdons, Fiowebs nnd Featiiess. Also , a good as-ortment of the newest slvles nf Alnnern Lustre for Cloaks and Dresses, and trimmings for the same. Mcrrs and Neck Ties, all of which she will sell for Ihe lowest cash ptices. Giain and Butter received in exchange tit goods. uurnngii n, ."nov. b, 1S45. 23wG ISAAC WAKNEK HAS for sale a full assortment of Groceries, among which are various kinds of Dure Wines. St. Croix, Jamaica and New Rum, Holland Gin, Cog'c. iiranuy oi ursi quality nnu unsdu icratul. .1 in. Amciican Rum. Gin ami Brandv. the best articles nf incKinu. lie win sen ociier articles of Hum, H mn al and Gin than are hacked about the country by New York and Troy pedlcrs, for one third less price than Ihey arc selling them for. It is not true thai a man who is a German can not sell bad Bin or olher soirits. Why are Ihey attacking in Ihe streets every man who is a retailer ot spirits or lavcrn keeper, and travelling over lhe otuntrv urging and importuning the people to buy their stuff if iherc is not ereat sDcnlanon great cheat in them. I only ask those that buy cf mem to uring some oi mem ana compare them with mine. Burlington, Nov. 12, 1313. 21 if. W JH ARE now receiving at our new store, corner of iHJMinoM ti artr tVrecff, our winter supply Goods which wc ore prepared 10 offer to the pubhi such prices as will ensure lor them a ready sale. To lhe Ladies we have to offer a rich and beautiful as sortment of Prints selected wilh much care, and of uie laiesmnu mosi lasnionaDie styles. Also, uasti meres, Mouscline dc Laines, blue, black and plaid alpaccas, chusans, ginghams, bombazines, bleached muslins, lawns, linens, corded skirts, damask nan kins, table covers, velvet, diaper, linen towels, while red and canton flannels, apron checks, alpacca ard polka aprons, cambrics, brown hollands, sites a. ho siery, milts and gloves, worded and mexican boas, grecian acaris, snawis various slyicr, mutllers, rib bons, laces, needles, hooks and eyes, pins, silk threa, tape, twist, combs, cotton yarn, wadding, balling, ticking. cVc. cVc. To Gentlemen, beaver cloths, hrnsrl cloths, csssimeres, vestings, shirts, drawers, bosoms ana collars, siik ana roiion nandKerciuels, cravats, suspenders, gloves and mittens of various kinds, ho- siery, flannels, brown and bleached cottons, pant, coat, vest and shirt buttons, mutllers, &c. &c. Tho selection of Groceries has been made wilh es pecial reference to tho warns of families, and we res pecifully solicit a call from those requiring supplies, confident that wc can furnish them at satisfactory prices, ilh every lliing requisite and of the choicest kind. We have replenished our stock of CROCKE!Y ana tr.,i&& ii.lcv, and our assortment is now complete. In this line we "succumb" to no dealer as it regards price and nualnv. We would also beg tu intimate that we keep ii uii,. it auk, too, nt pedlar s prices, and can furnish almost every article in this line for a very smaii quantity oi money, and all WARRANTED. To sum UD all. we have the nrroisnnee lo believe that we have in store a stock of goods as well selected as my siock in town, uougni as low ana win ucsoio as low, ana we appeal to the public to give us an oppor tunity to prove lhe truih of the asscilion. In con clusion we would jog the memory of the FARMERS in relation to a former advertisement of ours wherein wepromi-ed to pay ihem the highest market price for ineir prooucein gooas. ai prices as low as can Do ol- lercu in inis region, vve shall mini our promises. L. 6i C. E. FOLLETT. Ruilington Nov. 13, 1SI5. 24 Counter Seal s. T.HII. subscribers have been appointed agenls for m. inc-aic oi a. aioairs counter scales, i ney haye now on hand a large suoply which they will sell at less Ihan half the cost of those generally in use, ana equally as good. L. & C. E. FOLLETT. Burlington, Nov. 13, IS 15. 21 Now Arrival. THE subscriber having just returned from marke with anew supply of goods, for Ladle's dresses cioaus, colored satins for bonnets, with a variety o cioaK, uress, ana oonnei irunings. .vc. r- orlenl!c men's wear, cloths, cassimeres, velvets, and vcsiings ISO a gooJ assortment of ramil-r Groceries, nf a siqe rior oualilv, all of which will be sold as cheat, as th cheapest. To which he would respectfully solicit the Biiviiuuiivii menus aim purcnasers. , , DANIEL KERN. ( hurch st. Burlington, Vt. Nov. 12, 1315. 2lm2 Now is tlio Time ! FOR the nice Water-proof Blacking) Paste and Varnish do Brushes Soaps Inks Wafers- Waxes, Ac. &.(.. At YVholc-aie ami lletnil by PECK A. SPEAR. 2lll Mary Jackson's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, A T a Probate Court District of Chittenden, ss. I A holden at Burling ton, wilhin and for ihe District aforesaid on the eighth day of November, A.I). 1815, an Instrument nurnoning lo be the la.l Will and Te.iament of Marv Jackson, late of Milton, in said District deceased, was iiresenteii to me uourt nere lor t'ronaie, ny Daniel II. Onion, the Executor Iherein named. TilEBCroae. il is onlered hv raid Court, that public notice 1 given lo all perrons concerned theiein to appear betore said Courl, at a rcssion ihereol lo be holden al the Register odice in s.iid Burlington, on lhe recond in December. A. D. IBt.V and contest the probate of said Will, and it is further ordered thai this order be piiMLhed three weeks suc cessively in Ihe Burlington Free Press, a new, paper primed at Burlington, in this Stale, tho las! of which publications shall le previous lo the day assigned, as aforeaid, for hearing. Given under my hand at the Register's Office, ihis r.t. .i... (- ' i i n iqik ' Oti uay ui isurciiiisi, ... .'. J " 213 Wm. WESTON, Register. THE KING'S OIL, For all Wounds on Horsos, Cattle, $t. SUCH as Cuts, Corks, Galls, (eilher by the Saddle or Harness.) Sore Backs. Son. II,..., Snrains. Fistulas. c.c. &e. &,c. remnvintr all n,rM... and slilfness, and healing up lhe woM pojuble nvunur, m ,, utn- ,t n vc nay nine. This CELEBRATED REMEDY was prepared by order of lhe lale King Wm. IV, of Great Bmam, under the direction of Mr. Youail, lhe trJebraud En- elisli barrier, anil usaJ Sy him in the Royal S'ud of iiorsta oniy. Sold by PECK & SPF.AR, Burlinglon ; J. D Kingrland & Co., hee-eville ; L. P. Chenev, Porl iienryi svnpnici sprague, nnuenaui II. c Uml- ley, MKiaieiMiry ; It. .Murray, Vergennrr. 14m6 Vinegar ! IHE niesst Tab! Vjneear at TfCK 4t ?riAR3'. FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS ! ! paid roa the oniotNAi ar.tfrr. or Titt CELEBRATED LINIMENT OF St. John Long. THE most w'ondeTfol remedy of the late St. iOtlS LONG, of England, fur Ihe external application to many diseases, is now for the first time introduced into lhe Uniiel Slates. The great fame of this mojl fmportat medirins has preceded it, as will I e seen by the following c.vraiT taken from the Medical Intelligencer, vol. 2, pair.' 192. It 1, here introduce! 10 show ihe public, lh great estimation in which Si. Long's Liniment was held, not only by ihepcople of England al large, but also by Ihe Medical Faculty there, " Dr. Macrcight called the atienlion oi lha Medical Society lo the composition of the Liniment em loy ed bv the celebrated St, John l.nn,r. u.h;,-l, st nn I time, excited no small controversy with rc-pect I ( us i,i,ini"j viroiv--. 11 was Known 10 mosi 01 11, it member', ihat at the death of that person, the tecre; of the composition was sold for ihe enor ncaj. sum of 10,000! (S)O,000.) He had employed the liniment pretty c.s.tcn-ively during Ihe ln-i year nnd found L re-ults consequent dn its application, perfectly a tounding! The phenomena which follows the u-e of it, are Midi as will n-tcnMi lhe beholder, andar'ol cn deemed miranilous by those whoempluy Ihe remedy, andparadnxical by many of the profession, Thcv we're on one part of me 1. 1 ne appearance 01 n greater uegree or reoness kin than Another when uniformly rubbed ihis ptcnlit tar tea tvol lins a wav direciw n (lie iiciililicrhood. nwi over lf nan u-rrere thff dic N locate-J. 2. On the cnnMi.imfmn of the ruhhinT fur omf imp, ihe MZns of a fluid from the .urf3ce, varying n color, the cuticle remaining unhro'hCil. 3. Th henlinrr tif the tli-oase nnrfcr the rcniintiivf action of the Liniment." Sucli i ihe unanawernl'I' testimony in favor olthis ineM (mportant external remedy ! It alUheilin? virtues are di.pfayed in many of the mot tediofis an J ot atinnte allection In which the human fr.imei!iiilject and mosttriumnn" ontly o,innt tho-cinlernal,olJtriirerji-c;-.e, vrhich defy alike the skill of the physician and owfr f f medicine. Il is by the excitement ol a new action in i ne exnaieni vc Ihe applicniinn lhe exhalent's of tin part nllcctel, induced Ihe annhciiiinn of this r.inimenf. tbnt fecleil and Ihcdi-case removed. Theccniinuedannli caiinn will, if per-evcred in, as-nredly produce a pc tuliar redness directly oter Ihe pari affected, thus pointing out with unerring certainty Ihe primary seat ofdescisc, and by continuing the rubbing, the vniaicdand morbid fluids will le seen to ooze through the skin, and pas.olTinsensiMc from the surlace by the exhalent ves-cls, and thereby cnlirelvermlicaiing the cause of the dl-oa-e, nnd restoring the'part atlected lo it. usual hea'lh. The following complaints are iho-e in which tha Liniment ol St. John Long act most conspicuous 1 siiicumniisinr This most disires-ing di-ense. which Is .o nniver. sally prevalent, is eaily ci,red in a short lime by rubbing in a few hollies of ihis liniment. Palsy. Of the leg, arms, hands, or face will lie sneedilv re-iorcd to nelion bv Ihoro-tirlilv rnbbinir wiih th liniment one hour nt a time, three times a day. mt . s ic sjoiorcux. This most painful maladv mav he lotnllv eradicated by applying St. John Long's Liniment. I.lvcr Complaint, So tedious and proiracted in its nature, wrarinff out lhe patient by a long gradual scene of sntlenng and sorrow, i. soon alleviated by the u-e ol the lini ment, ar.u wnen perseverej in us continued applica tion is ultimately cure I. White Swellings. Tbe-c painful alleciions are cured bv thi. remesle without anv of those di-a-lrms and nnsremlv dtlnr- tions which always attend lhe-e nilections, so long a iu ffv;itiii.c ui iiieoiClllir. sun Joints Are rendered surnle and linilcrhv thoroughly rub. Ling in the liniment four or live times a day. Ao.cesses Of all kinds, are .Deeldv broughl to a head. a1 if taken in season-are entirely prevented. uropsy in tuc cnest or Heart So eHei-tually cureil by daily and constant applica tion lo the chest of this invaluable remedy. In all dropsical diseases its effect are mo-t asionishinz. rains in the Mile, slack or Urcast. The-e irouble-ome a. lections, so lediousio be bornt are toially di-sipaied by the use of a Mngle bottle. Asthma. This hitherto most inveterate complaint, is greatly relieved by daily rubbing with the liniment, and if of long standing, is ultimately cured with constant rub bing, and wearing next lo lhe che-t a flannel cloth wet in the liniment. Ilrulscs and Sprains However severe are immediately relieved, and all rorencas and sli I'nes. remove 1. Nervous Complaints Ar immeJiaiely soothed nnd qmeied by the virtues of this remelv, nnd iheir tendency to return greatly lessened--and all In'ernal Swellings, ofevery nature arc banished like a charm, wilh the operation of this Linnreit. PRICE 2.", cents. Oct. 23, '45. PECK &, SPEAR, Agents, D1RECTIOSS. Wash the part ntlecled ten or fifteen minutes with warm soap suds or hoi vinegar then apply the liniment wiih a coarse sponge, rubbing it in briskly from half an hour to an hour at a time, three or four times a day. Shake the botilo before using, and warm the liniment if lhe weather is cold. JEWEI.I,, HARRISON U Co. COM.MISSIOR MERCHANTS, And Dealers in PRODUCE AND PROVISIONS. No. 3 O Water St., betxeeen Cotntics Slip if- Broad tl Abm.S. Jewel!, ) S. 11. ILirrisou. NEW-YORK. C v, nn agenen, Refer lo Messrs Foiled .t Bradley, Messrs. J. & J. II. Peck, st Co. llurlington, 17yl FOR SALE. Two concord waggons, for which wood, grain, lumber, feathers, or any good bar ter pay willbcreicivcd inpavmen'. Nov. 14, 1S13. 24w4 S. II. POPE. TO TRAVELLERS. THE Subscriber having lately purchased and flilnl up lhe well known house, commonly called th Eldridgc Stand,' about Ihree miles east nf Burlington Square, would inform his friends and the public that he is prepared to administer lo the wants ot both man and beast in a manner which shall give entire satis faction. TEAMSTERS, and others travelling on lhe turnpike, are rcsptctfullr hivited to give him a call. His barns are large and commodious, Ostlers steady and faithful, and nt pains will be spared lo make this House emphatically the "tbavelier's home." ZENO D. BISHOP. Burlington, Oct. 22, 1S45. 22 SPOON EH IIEXDEE, OPERATIONS performed upon lhe leeih wilh car andluMity by the above mentioned gentlemen I en-iireil good by an exien-ive and approved r,rf lice. Room-, extreme end ofiherast wingof Peck'. Buildings. Eurnnre by lhe door ol "Counsfller'a Hall." For Ladies prefering, by ihat of Peck & Spear's Druggist establishment. ' Burlinglon, Pel. 9. 1545. ODER'S SQUAW-WEED Oil. THIS OIL is an elrtnua! remedy under God, ol manv dionk'r incident to Ihe htsman body. It is a cure fur many rheumatic dironlers. ft cirr by bathing lhe pans afTcs'ied and taking it inwardly in do-es irom five to twenty drops. It j also found vriv eilii-aciou. in curing fresh wounJs ami biui-es if applied siet-Jilj- il is al-o lonnd to euro inay ob stinate cases ot ulcers in lhe lungs, saorrna.s i.f breath, phthi-ic roughs, and almost all dison'ers of lhe breast and lungs Thi is lo certify that wejhave ol?n w.'tne.scd salu tary effects of Joseph Ol er' Squaw-Weed Oil. We consider it from practical observation to 1 a yrry valuable medicine, and one ihat oughl to come miO' a more general use ihan il bi yet done. lis properties nreeailyaceriaincJhyanyonewho is at all famili ar wilh medicine ; the odor is agree able and aromatic, the lasle is warm and pungent,. somewhat acid and slichlly hitler. We would freely recommend it for all di-eases, for which il has been' heretofon. recommended. A. POLLABD, M. P. E. A. SCO IT. Chary, February 2, 1339. I certify that I have made use ol Oler's Pqnsw Wl Oil, both as anexirrnal application and an in ternal remedy, and have found it to be a Valuable article in various di,ea . L. F. BIDWFLL, M. !. Platl.lurgb, Jsfv C, 1S39. B. J. IIEINEUERO & Co., Oct. 13, '4, Wholesale Agenls, Burlinglon, Vt. II AG A It &, AUTHUU,-" ARE now receiving ntir tuppl.'rs of Saddlery, toaru iD iniir TV . Hardware, Inallits vsricties. Also, ftrugs tb Medicines, PAt.'TS, OllS, VAft. FtSIIBS, f . ft S3 " Ss.o Puiliagton, Vi. Cel. 1, ie. Ssf