Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 5, 1845, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 5, 1845 Page 2
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4 I.OWUl.l, AS IT WAS, AM) As IT Is. The fnllmiiiit oMr.trlf, from n work rorenlly published under tlii- life, liy llio Iluv. Henry A. Stiles. we rnpy us se'cclcd and digested by tliu Philadelphia N irlli American-- Tliey gito much curious information in ,i compact form. !TATS1ICS Of" LOWELL TAKEN IX 1913. Population 30 0C0 fr.mph.jcel In ami about nulls, or cnnnceled Willi t lie mechanical emptoy incut I'Vinales (! 320 Male 2,9139,21. Chnr h '4 31 Mill. I!) Honors belniiiMne to t lit: Corporations. 250 Capitil Stock iim-t.d KfJOdO.OOO Weekly nuke ..I chub I IV1 100 tls. Which is per .minim 7S,ffia,0t,0 (! This is nearly cm null to bill thcglubetwii i-roiind. 1 early consumption nft-otioti 01 ICiObilfS, Printed call.. i annually ll.000,(OU )da - Cunsuniiition annuatiy. Coal 12 3 JO ton J. Wood 3 270 it n's, O.l 17 000 calls. Chnrc.ial urOMlObii-h. Starch 1)0 COO lbs Paid out for labor per annum.... 5-1,500,000 Rv ariaiiocmciits now maMim and undo, winch will probably bo seim t-nmplitcd, the hnsine a ol Low, 1 1 will bo eMi-inlnl lo I lie amount nl.U pi r cent A great amount and vatietv of nlhc r hii-incs n done in t.owi II, Insult lint of tho nc. tpnrated com panies. iileelianu al Mull ninl wueuinty lure nitiuiil ly concentrated, and the best of nit:ansan lofwork maiiship. in nlnin-t all bran -bes of nicfb.tnical m elustiv, in iv be hero fonml. Tin t xicn-ive wor' s ol Oliver .M. Whipnle, are still in operation, niikiu? 935 000 lbs nf po'uler pa aniniin. The Lowell bleach ry, w th a c.iiital of 4530,000, oirrios on a large business for an e'n' lisliuii nt of lint 1 Hid Hes.des tbeao, l.owell ha, a llinuel null, piper null, planing machine, a card fietnrv, reed machine, foundry, grist and saw null?, sa'i mddoor iiianiif.ic torv. loe'e mill faitories, carnaiio inainifactnrv. and loom hamms "ion 'ill these toother rmplovii g abtut five hundred hand', and a capital of SGI, 0,000. A LIAVEI L WOOLLKN MILL. But one establishment in Ibis city is nfi'irn; rilled to the inani f lelnre ol woollen cloth. Tim is the Middi-sex Company, Tluir wool rornt from tl.c Slate, of Vermont Nev" I lauipshuc, .New Yolk, Ohio, Pennsylvania, lllmoi , Mis-ouri, iiud some, re cently fioni ibn Territor nf Wi-cnniu, The quan tity which is here annually manufactured eqi.ils the produeeof Jour hundred thousand sheep. Received lino the comp iny's store-room, it is first anrtcd in to eleven ihli'.rcnl I inds, nceuri!inr to thgrics ol fineness The wool is ihcn lived; nficr which it pisses through the pitkir I'roui the tuclti r il is taken snccosivi-ly to ihp carding spiunii'i.'. dre'sing und weivuii! roo. ns. '1 lie i tot h i . t lien buried," as it is( called, by which is meant a e.ireltd removal ot all impeifeet thread-; and the rirvt ptoccssis are those of .enuring and fiillmi;. Ai lies slacc nf the manufacture, ihe cloth is apphul to ihe ' uii!," or nappini; in ichine, by which the mp is mi crl ; afur vl ich it is shorn, parsing thinugh ihe shearing ma chine from ten to MteenHnie. 'I'he finoulu-s of the tlolh is ihtn lit upon il bv steam i and aflcr an other caleful examination by Hie ' hnler-," il i. mark c I, pressed, mensured, djne up in p.ipeis, bu.ud and cent to Hoston. ' The lame null ofth's rompanv is seven .lories hiah, one hundred and li "ty-i ii'lit feet b.'i and r,,riy eix (eet wide, .nolher, ilf marly llie same, is soon 1 1 be erected. 'I he q nulil f bro ulcl uh and cissiincn . a n nn ill v on 'e. is -i boat one bun bed and To irteen thousand yards of ihe former, and s-x hon died and tweuly thotisan 1 of Ihe l-itier. Some o the yearly expeusis alleuci.niiioi; this ere ns follows l logwood, six thotisind dod-n.j indigo, iwiniy-lwo thousand dollar ; nine, five ihnu-nn I dollars; soap, (mht thousand dollars ; pae'. iiil hoe., one ihoii.ind six hundred dollars ; wnpi mir paper, one iiouand do'lars. Sllesof cloth have aluoiniled to eiiihl lir.n drcd thousand dollars pir ear. The whole importa tion of cas.-imerts I mm l.nylaml to llie L'n.lid M.a'es in 18H wa-seen thotisanil p'uci s; while this rnm pany alone inaniif.icuued, in that jear, more than twenty thousand pica s. MORAL POLICE 01' THE COnFORATlOX, It has been s,en what a lari;p amount nf capital is hero, invested, and what manifold and exten-ie ope rations this capitil sc's in motion. The productive ni8 of these worksdtcnd. upon one prpnarv anrlui Bispensablc eondinon :hee?i.em e of an industrious Buber, orderly and moral r I iss of opcntiu s. With out thi.. llie mills in Lowell would be worihle s.- Proflls wool I be absorbed hv eai3 of iireuularnv, cjrLhssness. ami neir'cct : while 1 fie exitance ol nnv creat moral ixnosuro m I.oviell w-t old ctii olT the supply of help from the virtuous homesteads of the nauntrv. Public morals and private imprests, idem tical in nil (daces, are here seen to be linked loncihtr in an indissoluble connexion. Accordingly, the sa pacilv ol'self-intercbt, as well as more di.iinicnsiid considerations. ha led us to the adoption of a strict system pt moral police. Itefore weTfuCied to notice the details of this sys rem. litem is one consult ration, learmff upon ihe character of our ooeraine"sivlnch mu-tall tint while bo borne in mind, ll'eiorp no ptrmnntnl factory jnpulnlion. 'I his is ihe wnlo culf w lucli 'eparalts the rn.hsh nianufacluring towns frnin l.owill- Only a very few of our operatives have thiir homes in this city. Tho most of them come from tiie dis tant interior of the country, as will be proed by ptanst icil taets, w lucn w ill uc present til m a sunse miinl chanter. 'To tho general fact here noticed, should be policed another, ol scarcely less luipnrpnce 10 a tut compre-lien-ion of thi. snbiect lhcretnahontrnlht8 in 7oir- iin nnl irark.on an arcraere. more than four and a halfvtira in the fttrtories, Thev tin n return lo their houies, and their place are taken hv their sisitrs. or j by other femak' friends from tin ir nrishborhood. lie turn? will hereafter be ciwn which will establish tho fact of tho average nbme nanird. Here, then, we Invetwo iuipottanl tlemrnls of dif forence I ctvvecn l.'nale-h and Aniericni operative. The forinrr are rrsidtnt oper wives, and are opera lives for life, an I consiiluie a permanent, dependent faetorv caste. The laller come from rli.'aul home-, in which ill a few years ihey return, to be the wives of lb-- firm ers and merlin uies of iheeounlrv tow ns ami iiIIilcs. The Knjlhsh vi-iter to f.ouell, w hen he finds il so hard to understand why American opriaiiveo are so supe rior to iho-eof Leeds and Man hesier. will 'o well to rtimetubtr whit a oift.-n-nl ela.s of feurites we have liere to bruin Willi L'llls well rduealed in virluous rural homes; nor must the I.owtll niiintil-telurcr tor pel, tint we I'.ufi it the distinction, from ill it moment, when wo cease to obtain such girls as the operalivcs cf llie oil v. To obtain iheir ronslani importation nf fenialo hands from llio co'inlrl, It is neeee.-arv to seeme iht vxnrai vro'tction of Ih'ir diameters wile thty are resident in Lowell.' Thi". therefore, is the clntl nbjfci of thai moral po'ico referred to, ouie details of whtth will now beeiveu. It should be slated in llie outset, ihat no persons are tnip'oyidon th-i Oirparaiions who are addicted lo lnttiiii ernnrc, or who are known to be toiiltv nf anv in moraYies of conduct. Asthepiicnt ofallothrr vices, intemperance is most i-arefullv excluded. All eoluto freedom from iutoxieatins bqoors is iindertnof throjhout tho t ity lo be a pre-requisuo in nhiainim; eniploymenl in the mills, and anv person know n lo be oddietid lo their use isnt once dismissed. This point Mias not received Ihe attention from w-riitrs up'-n the moral I'oniliiion of I,owi II. which is deserved t nml we are .urprised lint the I' Iravt-'lt r anil divine Dr. "-coreabv. in Ins recent book upon I,owrll, In civen no more notice to ibis subject. A moresirietlv I nu I universally tempt rare ctass or persons cannot he rrs Invo been ?o!d,for peventy horsn Power carh. i ins is ait tno untr ol the river nt llie very lowest nf low water, itiiial to -lx thousand three hundred and seventy horse power, Tho estimate of a uiillpowtr was tnaue at n tunc witeu 11 wa propo.tti to use mucn les machinery in a mill than is now run. Nearly Iwn nf the abnvo mill powers aro now required for a nullt so mat the rictuai capaln'liits ot i.ovveii. as 1110 water is now ii.i-d iimoint in t lit oowi r nffortv live mills. This, as hs hecti slid, is all appropriated. Hi t by the iiitrof'ielinn of leam. to be ttotl 111 IhoelrV S'.T sous of llc year, and hv iinprovcd machinery, which will work with less friction and ri quire less power, it is impossible to to what extent Lowell may yet trov. it is e snuiaieu mat inn one nail 01 an uie power of a mill if reo urn! to perform llie sini-'o pro- ct s ofspinninj. If, as is supposed, the use of luiilo spiniiiiitT will sue one half ef this power, tho entire opera nous ot ijuitu may no at oncocx tntieu iwcniy. lvo ner cent, ' in is nn v one 11 us ra ion ol too a- feet i f th.i-c improvements winch time perpetually rgvcal Pioiii the l!unilo Pilot, Xov. 21. Most DtsAbTUiius (Jai.t, nr tiik Sskafon Witrcics of I.ttn. Tho wind, which hid lu.'i'ii liltivvintr It i f il 1 "y llirniigli tl.o nilit nf Sitiirday, freshtMind tip ycstrrdiy mcir ri i nyt and coiitinned tn hhivv tlirmioli the day, from the, with tin.ili.ilrel vtn cnrc( nnel nrrnrn pained Willi fiiuvv in such profitsinii us In render tho ntiiniMiIiL'rt) exei'idliiL'lv ilono and Imzv, 'Pn this lu.iy lie allrihuled, probably, most of the disasters wlnili have occurred. Tho hull winch has lor poiiio divs been drift iim iiliniit nil I.iinir I'ninl, has been ascertained tu he that uf 1 tin Tesas schooner, (lnned and ctiiimni ded by Uoni. 1'. Trortbrnbe, of llm cily. I ho captain was fortun itely ashnrn at the time-if tho wreck, but tho crew, iiicludiiiL'. it is feared, a brother uf Capl.T., aro probably lott. 'I'he fcbiioner United Slates ramo in ditrino the diy. y.iltirdiy. She was obliged tn thnnv over her deck load of ."till) barrels nf Hour, but reached port in safety. Diirnio vesterday several vessels! arrived, all limit! or lees injured. I Tim selir. V'eturn Trader, Cap', llanta, ij ashore about eijjht nr ten miles up Iht: hay crow .til F.ife. There is also number vessel ashore at the sanio plate, name unknown, At Winduidl Point, on I'c Can id i shore, there are two ve-n's beached. is kniiw n to be the Blue IIJlle, Captain Cap-on, but llio other is not tec.oouucd. We hoar a report that the schr. Waller Joy had capsiz.-il, bill do not yivc il much cr d once. Ol course we cannol even ronrilely Impcthat tho ititclbift! net: ol ptill'erm:! now' given, will embrace a tilbunf what wo hive to receive, as not sutlkient tni.u h is nl.ip.ed lor informalioii to reach us from tl.o upper cwiutry, On shore we h ippiiy no items of moment to record. 'I'he wa'ordid lint ri-e so as to do any il.iunfro, and the injury lo hiiildmos in Ihe ci y I.- slight, and confined, for the ino-l put, to Ih -so which wore unfinished, and heneo tnso cure. jl'ro'n the liufTilo Ctm. Adv., same date The cobl was almost inicin-e llirtmh the niolit, and le.irs were entert lined th it the canal vvoul.l ch -p, lint it H'cms not to ho nll'octod much, imtw illistandini: the lorbiddmi apiiear ,111 'o of the weather. The llochester packets wont out th s m jrniiio;, and lliero Is tin linpedi ineut to navigation. The line boat To npest, with a quantity of loif lubirco for this place, is ii nl. near the line slieet bruise. A le'ter in llio (it and llapds J Inquirer says that iiinoiio the porso'is lost tin the scboonor Ocean, wrecked on Like Michioan, wis a j o iiiiT in in of ihe name of Willi tin Piles. He was a punier by tr iue. At Dotro.t on 1 uovhv tnnht, limy had the llO-Hiest blow of the season. PeiTTsV l.t.f, Pa. Ill llm sprina of Ihe pres. I enl year Ihero was btillvvn atilhracitn liirnares I in mast between this place nml Philadelphia, Uf Palmer s the 'Piiuiecr,' on Ihe Island, nml one nt Pint! nxvillo. There aro tnnv four in lilasr, and anolhor Will bn added lo Ilia niltnbur in nnenr two vvocl;?. They an; capable ol turn Ins out UTO Ions nf iron per week, or l!l,To( tons per annum. In the course of next scasun, llio follow inu ftirnai es will bo in operation in the coal rcirlou, and on Ihe canal between this place ami Philadelphia. They nro all al this tiui" cillior In bl.i.t or III prncess of erection : At Sprinj; Mill 'J; Cotihchnclon 1 ; I'lnnnix. villo !1 ; llirdsbomtiuli 1; Ileadiiii; 1; In the coil rcohin !). These furnaces, eleven In num ber, can produce 010 tons per week1, or y(l,"(l() tons per year. Ileretolore, three tons of coal have been required for tho engine and slack, lo produce a Inn of iron; but since tho nw nielhod nf hoalinn llio blast at the has boon Introduced, llio quantity of coal used has been reduced lo about Iwn and a half to smelt a Inn ol iron. I iieso furnaces alone will consume seventy. fivo thousand Ions of co il per annum. This quantity is independent of that which will bo required by the rollinij mills steam forires, and other iron works, ereeted and in course o' erection, which will require about fifty thousand tons moror In takitiL' the costs tiiiritio; the wcuk, of a portion nf tho borough, it was discov ered thai no less lhan twenty-three families occupied the building which was erected in the Orchard for a hotel, nuinberino; iipwaids of one bundled persons. In Morris's Addition also, nue hnu-o contain", sixteen families, some of which keep boirders and in annther small hoii-o aro six families, miking forty-livo fami lies in three Iiiiii.-cs, with n population of two hundred and twenty-seven person-. At St. Clair, about four miles from l'nttsville, which lit year contained between 1(10 and !2()0 people, during tho present scaon 80 new buililnizs h ivo been elected, ami next tcuon, one firm intend lo build 1.')!) tinner's liou-es. It is whis pered tint an extensive rolling mill will bo erec ted in connection with the furnace St. Cla t. Miner's Journal. Tut: Canal ami Fi.oim TrtAnc. The Albany Kxening Journal says: " We cniinled in our harbor this morning 170 cant.' boats loaded with Hour. These t airv, ns wo learn at the Collector's office, fioni 430 to F00 barn Is raeh, nvrrnam? at least COO barrels, Tlil would m.iko n total of 10.! t.00 barre's. Add tn this ninount ID larite low boats lo i 'cd, and several vt ."els lonletl and load inir, and il will make a total ofnbeiit 150,00(1 biricls nlloat. Many rods of the dorks nie covered four tier deep with lliur-nt least 3 0'in Iv.r.r t. licsides these i't'iu, immense tows have h ft for Nevv l'ork for the lat Unco tlays, nml nit our Hour ueaiers nave imir vvare-houscs puckrd. From theso data, soino idea may bo formed of bc liniucn-o niiiount this all important article v!ii Ins '".ecu pourcMito our city for the lai tiitht t r ten tl.ns. - J "Ope ihousaiul barrrls of llo ir xvrro' tran'bipped this morning, from canal boals lo the maanificcul sieaiuer tlendnk Hudson, for Mew York," Tito Atlas says that llio wcntlior is favor able ; scarce any ice lias yet been formed in tint to impede llio riinninz of the boats, although n large number have been laid up lor Ihu season. " Our fanners nropnurineinto the city in arrat force win tno production or tntir laiins. a mcreiiani on tho dock informs us that 173 teams have ni.wl hi store since Monday morning joade I with butler, clmce, apples, potatoes, and pram which are princi pauy imugni oycaicrn sloop captain.. CottN Citnp in tiii: U.Mrnn States. A writer in llio Albany Argus has boon at sonio pains In prepare statistics of llie com C'tiTTiNd off mem own Nosr.s. A writer from K'jtitucky, to tho Cincinnati Herald, say tint II o mob his more thin trebled C. Al Way s .tilncrip'inu list tn Iin region, llo stated that one si iveholder iu his town bad recently email. cipated bis twelve slaves, mid another eigld linking tweuly cases oi emancipation in one diy. Mobocracy should rerii"inb r, that ''the blood of llio martyr is Ihe seed of the church." MWVVKIVVlniltMl'(pBlET'lVUn(A7tJkiiaU?t9nua-1 contruclor takes lliirly miles of tilts end uf tliu road, unil tMr Uelknap, llio great New I'iiigliiiiil contractor, Ihu balance. These gentlemen lire expected on llio ground the piesutit wcekj unil before litis sheet reaches some of lis leaders, operations will hac I'TIIOAV JIOIININO, DECr.MHKR, 5, lBio refinement. The Dialogues were uncommonly inter- e-tinr, particularly that of .Miss and we feel nssutcd thai Ornndmama with her antique cop, an d)kc and checked apron, will not snon bo foisottcn. At Ihe close of tho exercises while tho band played, 'Home Svveci; Home," the 'ladies, who bad tnkcn part in the exercises ascended the tinge dressed Tn their white robes, and so baiinvwrni il,rllant tf..i : ncliially commenced. Tho company have Would have required but a niodtrato stretch of fancy, adopted lite iorllilteil route, winch If.ivrs . " ii.o uump oi .uarvciousncss a utile ixcitcd to Onion Itlvnr at llo. o.oiilli nf l)or Iliver. 'nvo Ul'!04cJ die group fresh from Paradise, and the snmt! two miles ibis side of Montpelier. J This decision, however, is open to luview, J on llio showing of. -i dilTerent stale of facts , in reference to llio "Gulf route." CONGRESS. This body assembled on Monday nnd if llio Speaker was elected, as usual, on llio first day, wo may receive tliu message this eve ning. But Ibis is quite problematical, Tho dominant parly is divided and distracted nn this subject, und ns much feeling is said In exist in reference lo it, tho nrgnnizilion may bo delayed to the second day. "If wo have lightly understood the ad ministration journals, tho President will ro- crop in several of llm United Slates. From commend llio extension of the federal juiis- Kccnr.sTKii, X. V., Nov. i2o. A lire broke out about lo o'clock ibis morning, in the Flour Mills lit the I.nver Rills, w Inch destroyed two mills, two ware houses, and .i packing c-t.iblisb- mu t. I he in 8 n which III' lire o t 'in.r u hive five run til sioii", was owned by Aveiy t)c Utirko, and occupied by Tlios. Parsons. Tho Cariliigo null was owned by the City Hank, r.i d occupied by Mom.m I!. Seward. It cm ill. lined four inn of slime. A.lj lining the in lis wero two vv.irebou-es of wood, both td which wero tle-trnyed. They were prohab'y insured sufii '.lout to cover the lo.-sos on Ihe buildings, and some also on tho stock. As iToar as wo can le.iru, Ihe amount of Hour destroyed will not exceed UHK) bids. The heaviest loss w ill bo upon mill leed, of which there was a hrge ni.".billy "in stnro. The lar gest warrli:suse wjs owned by James Jl.iyd o! tVew York. Owing to the great distance from tho city, and the high hanks-, the Rre I) iparlment were unable lo be of much service till loo late. The lire swept over U.e who o space and left no: lung uu. 'unsullied. Daily Democrat. Tun Mutinecks OF THC IS.U'K O.-car. The examination of llio Ihiee mutineers, belonging to tiio birk Oscar, Cajit. !nc Ludlow, of Sng , Harbor, was proceeded wilh on .S'lturday, two out ol sixleen wilncsses being examined, wlien the cuiiiuiissioner decided upon sending the ca-e to llm orand t.iry, as u.ipl. Ludlow was not pre.-cul and bis conduct was involved, ho having shot one el tho iiiutinei r-, named lien. Curtis. Tho mutiny appeared lo giow out of drunk cutlets on the put nf the crew, who bad man aged In smuggle nn board siv butties of ruin during the captains ab-encc, while the ve.--el was lying till'the coast of llrazil, on tho IS b of August. Thocipiam vv enl on shore, and short ly afler.lwo of Iho three prisoners stripped them selves tn sw im ashore, contrary to ihu nmai'i. repeated orders. Tho captain, when returning peked up oho of tho prisoners and brought him luck, ami the other wont on oheire and afterward swain back lo the ve-sel. ('apt. I.. repriiuaiR'cd the mon for Iheir inisconduc,1 and ordered them to go below. Ono ol tho pn-ouers, however, continued to talk about it, and went alt grum bliugand 'jiwing." II iker and llurtis (ihe men shut) told him logo ahead, ami Ihey would back him ; and upon this dpt. I.uillnw, seeing that there was a ihspos.lion lo mutiny, went below, loaded a gun, returned on deck, and summoning tho crow, directed all ubu wero him to com'! aft. 'i'he unto and second mite, three boat steer ers and three foremast men iinmedi Hely j uned tho captain, who thou stepped on tho larboard side, in front nf tho prisoners, and told them not to come nualt the inam-inast. llo repeated tins Illllllilllt.r AlFltAV at the St. Louts lust evening, at about half pist 7 o'clock, a loud report ol lire am. 8 suddenly drew llio at. tentinn nl all within tho bar room of the St Louis Hole!, which is usually very crowded at tint hour in Ibis season of tho year. A rush to dc place tow arils tho spot whence the noise proceeded, and a man was extended on tl e Hour in the last agutnus of death, from a pis. tol shot which hid been just disciplined. Tho p r?un llius vvoundeil was loiind to bo Captain Csrson, who formerly cuinmindod a atcam'joil on the l, ike, the luralP', anil win lately lnriior mister at the new liisin. The individual who shot him is Mr. Wndsworth, member of the House of Representatives, frnin the parish of Plaiiueinine--. The fids connected with this tragic occurrence are these : About siv weeks ago, tho parlies met by chance at llo a lull'.- City Uvchange Hotel, vv hen i ill In mil y occurred hetivecu Ibeni, in which Captain Carson, as weiue tn!d, received some severe usage. Yesterday evening the twoindi udu.ils met asrain, wlion drinking at the bar of the Si, L iuis Hoiol. Cap!, ("arson, recognizing his adversary, stopped up to lurri, and accosted him thus: 'Diyou intend In give uie lb it satis f id ion which I have n right to demiiid !' The o'her replied, 'What kind of satisfaction do you Want! At tins moment Uipt. Uarsuu who it appears had Ins binds in his pickets, drew one of tlmm out, and unking a ge-turo was about lo rejnn, when Mr. Wiidswoth instantly shot him Willi o:io of Colt's six-barrelled revolving p'-tn!s-. The shot entered tho loft breast nf llio unfortunate mm, broke one of his nb--, and per titrated llio lieirt. these it appears that in 1814 tho whole pro (Miction uf nidi in com in Ihu United States was 42-1,000,000 bushels. In 1815, the season was verv favorable, and it is supposed lo Ho at least -l.jU,LUJ,rUO. I bis iillords an enormous supply fur homo consumption. 1 ho Inflowing is the production in bushels, for a series of fivjc-irs1" t " " )'i lll 317,511,873 " 1912 -HIS.'O'JIG " lll .101 filS 301 " lll .12 1 0.1 CC0 " 181i -150 000,000 Ileretoforo a good portion of cyen the best corn has been fed to cattle, but on account of the great foreign demand In.' wheat, it is ex pected tho farmer will naturally sell every bushel of wheat that be can possibly spare, and for his linuio consumption fill back on corn and ru brer.d. w nth tiro none the less nctricious and wholesome. In this way, tin vast crops ofiudian coin which have hereto- lore been comniiativelv lilllo moil on the table, will become a substitute for wheat. Or.oLnnr or Canada. Ind 'pendent of a splendid formation of slate found in Upper Can ada, near Like Huron, the Kingston Chronicle says : Wo lull! also been shown some beau tiful specimens of white marble, nearly as v Into as statuary, and also nf the " erdo Antique, as it is called, and which exists in inexhausti ble quantities upon tlitM'hhs ot the (i inanoquo uii.e, a few miles iuny jielmv is. ogslou. '1 1i o correct dimensions of Iho new mill whia tho 1iucll Manufacturing Conipriy aro about to orecr, at Lowell, are as follows IlD'j feet long on two sides, 'JUS feet wide tn front, run ning in form, down to -IS feet, bene. 'J stories lu height on tho lo.ver level, and stnrv upon the upper; llie whole covering Ifi.OOO feot of 1 mil. Another building connect ed with the same, .J slories in height, ."il feet wide and U 11) feet long ; Ihe wlndo lo be occu pied lor w caving Ingrain and llrussdls carpet tug by Power ljuoins. A ciiakrc of Tmrs. Legi-'ato-s in the nre-ent aoe set a lutlo mure value upon them He died in less than two j selves and th'-ir dignity linn Ihey did in prion minutes, witlunt uttering a syllable. .Mr, WaiKworlb siineiidered to Mr. II. An gustin, the Sheriff, and was forthwith lodged in llie parisli prison, un Air. Wadsvviirth s per son was (oiim! . i bowio Knife, besides the irsiru. in-lit with wltich the ilie.iill'ul deed was dine. I'hey are deposited at the police olTue, Rrsl Mu inalily. I'ive darrein nf Iho undid out of the sk wore found l.i ided. Tho deceased bal thing but a sin ill pocket kii'fn nf throe htado.; ill bis .nssessiuu. Coroner held an in- 1'iest over Iho body at i) o clock, when Drs. . Vioutiol, lundreM;; llMU' i-ccqiici mat,. tivo ages. About tiie year llnl, the Iigish tore of P-jiin-ylvann, passed a ".in 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 c-r lliereol shoulil come lo the House barefoot or eat bis bread and cheese on the steps." Com,. During the recent trip nf the Clor m mt, down Iho Ooio. her cool and quiet com minder, not being able tn get hold ol a rill readv loaded, ro'iidy-si.! '., '' ''t fi'U "iian'ih," pulled a shorrdisiaice, clught a deer bn lb" i'.-J it-g, dtivKeu linn twice, cut his throat 10 came up lor ttiolnnl tune, and mm mm I' n ,ut . unu 1 fit OUt II1.1UU I f , , ,, .t I t If in ewmi-astM,. and delivered in a reo irt. in ac. ! slfu '' l",:lrd' a11 111 llire,; 1 ",0l! aml a ''"f' cnrdince with what we h ivo stated above The Tun U.MTrn States Snp.vtcF. .ind I!i:ans bill was not lound. Venlift 'c.iino to bis 1 The New Orleans Volunteers sullered torr.bly d'-ath frnin a pistol shot died by the prisoner, tn Tcns, having received hut l.nle lo cat ex Ointain Carson, we ar happy to s ly, le ivcs no cent lieiins. A willy wag, a correspondent ol wife or family to mourn his untimely end. Ho the Picayune, tolls tho Inllmvin g anecdote was a widower, without children. .V. Oilcans "One ot tho volunteers, after being discharged Times. miiic, Ihat of those regions. Tho exercises tf the evening were of such a character as reflected honor upon the pupils and their able instructors (Messrs A. U V.. C. S. Miller,) and evinced lliat theirs were no j,ic I superficial attainments. Tho productions were evi- i dentlv the tenitimaln fruit nf flren. thnrnnrrh menial road enters this town by way of the Falls, , discipline, and those who wero present need not bo and n cut through llio sand bank near I told that this institution needs but publ.c patronage lo TlinmnsnnV nnrllt ofllin VI inn. T in i "nu fOnU 10 none 111 1110 Stale. depot, it is generally understood, will he at the lake shore, not lit of Hlinn's wharf tho sand of the deep-cut furnishing materials with winch to niiiku the requisite amount of land out into tho Lake. Jericho Centre, Nnv. 25. Anonvmocs. According to the Washington "Constitu tion," tho last election settled a good many important mailers : 1st. That Texas should bo annexed. 2d. That the I iifi should bo repealed. 3d. Flint the whulo ofOiegoii is ours. says : I Oar tit'c to Orcjon wa, in truth, one of the issues deciltd in the Prcs dcnlial election ; it was a untlet thoroughly canvas-el and upon in solemn ' form j and, no vviilisiandma thesmers tint we bavo , heard in rrjj inl lo the capacity of the people lodecide mu h a question, yet, bcum the verdict of ihe union, ' rendered upon suHicicni tvultii' e of Us Irulh, it will bo sustained by the peoplu of this couniry, nijamst I any cl minim nr .my ii iuoii that i.ny choose u put the question of litlo in Hsiie. Uur countrvmcn pass td upon it at the Pieaidtuinl e'eciion, the President has leallinueil the scini.nent, and ann have we tho i most unequivncil I'vi lenee, that ilw people "adhere to ihur lirsi judgment, ihai Oregon is ours, by every ' consideration ihat can give a nal.on 1 1 -lit to tent lory," J d prep irmg to start home, vv is a-s.'d by soldier, it he would not bl.e to enhst in Ins com pany in the regular sen co. 1 1 1 icv was ve ry exuressive : 'No, sir, nut anj'.hsr d d boati P " Pnojr.cri:i) I.Mi'uovi:.Mr.Nis. Noiices have been published of tho intention lo up- Fhe Couslilution l''' ll"' "'xt h'gislaluro for the ineorpiii.i I lion uf Comp inies lo construct ;i K.nlroid li mu bchenectaily lo Unci on tho houlli I!, ml; ol tho Mohawk ; to construct a II iil road from Schenectady to Catskill j and to make such improvements iu the Mohawk river by means of llicks and d ims, as shall fit the same for tti nrVu'Mt navifitiou. The capital of ibis last named company to bo SIjJ.OOO with tho privilego of increasing the same! to $503,000. Alb. Jive. Jour. Finn at Ononuira IIoi.i.ow. Tho tloiiring mill, owned by Messrs Gibbs it licdw.iy, took firo, as is supposed, by fiiciiun Sd Ihe election Ins settled j in tliu smut midline, on Monday foienooti, tho in liter, has it? Tho subject was nol and was entirely destroyed. Tho loss to c.inv.isscd al all at llio Pri'sideuli il election. ' tho couiuiuuily will be severely felt, as it Of those who voted lor Polk not ono man in was tho only mill in the vicinity, Tho own ten thousand could at th it time, or cut now, I ers luso heavily also. 'I'hey g ive, n Iilnn a give an iutidligiidn und accurate account of ! vear or two, SG.oOO, and weru only instiled for S-2,")00 51,3011 in llio unoniMBii to. Mom ,1'o nnnni itiv. and S1.00J ill anotlier -..-r . ioek lo tliu v.iluo of SJ 00 'was likowiso biiint, mciuuii.fc l.-.tin bushels uf All the Hour packet! was sivod. This makes Mo valualilu lloiirmg est.ibltsliuients destroyed by firo in this vi- .i i ..-.... ..r.i... , . too oaiuiu .tliu i-Aiein oi 1 1 us, t,mtor lell wh it our cliiui resls upon. Tho iii.iv. of the people of Uiil iin know proln bly just as little about il, and aro just as pos itive und as ready to fight. A'ni. Jour. TTrno tie- limn thousand c-oemlives ihe fact is well know n to all olhers hv u is of some honest pride aniontr iheinsi-lves In re laden lo other inimorahues it may be slated, that the suspicion of criminal conduct, as oei-iiion Willi sus pected persons, and general an I Inbilual In.dit behav jour nnd convtr8atiou, are reimriled ns sufficient rea sons for dismissions, and for which delinquent opera tives are tbseharatd. In respect to discharged operatives there is a svstem observed, ofnch an efficient nnd s-dtitary operalion, tint it it -serves to i-e nnuieiv uiserinoi. r.f tins city 1 1 order several tunes, at tin) same time keeping IJ ,itm were vimj here, as ' tho un pointed toward tlmtn. Haffnian hebt bo obtained, the pump brake m his hand, anu ano'ticr in uiu prisoners a nnrlin spike; The captain cniittn ued to warn them not to como more forward, and some of the prisoners opened their shirt b isniiiN and told bun to lire, and that be could nol kill more lhan ono man. I'hey still contin ued to press on tow ard Ihe captain. Curtis was f.irnomvl. and il.lred llilll to fire, which tllO Cap tain at In-l did, and killed him on the spot. in The Piitat'ie crop, on the mniuiinii. , this sea son w is slinll but tho di.easo did nut appear ....... I. unlit the time of digging. Agents Irniii rn then nere nuyin up an tnai riuim at irniii vj iu 4.J tents, ueiiveieu ciuity this Fall. Syracuse Journul. . ' . . . - . ... la . An" ':"'nn.!"i" x:,r.:.' Il -l w :, t R , very exem,.lary mm no so, HI rn V lime, mil i lo-'iii: " i"i i "i jit. ii-".. ..- . . ., . - 'I'lieoperaioron Iciviiiz.if nf cnod clnr.ieier. and bav. gniul nioril and religious character, anil it is sam inz worked n vear. isentiited, ns n mailer e.frielii, to .jlir lo J fcharglug the.gun, he called upon tho men to ub-orvo that ho was periecuy col lected and was only acting in scii-ueiein-e.--.,. 1'. Cum. Aih: nn honorable discharge, made out nfter n printed form with which every connimg-roooi is supplied. That form is as follows! Sir. or Miss been employed by .i Momirnctui-m-j Ooiiinanv. in n !,. . .-ears niondis, nnd is honornbly dis- Kil. Superintendent. i n,,.pi, . . Thisdisctiarcc i a letter of reeommend.ilion to nny i :' ,i:..l... nml net vv I bout its influence in I I empb.ymen. in anv ...her mill m New not,. Find A rei-ord of all dis.hargesis mad 'in cath loi a book kent for that po'l"""' So miieh f' horora'.le dir baraes. T e iliboii- orible h ue another treatment. The names of nil per- Wo take great rdeasure, says tho l ist To ledo IJI ide, in -ninfrrfflWlg fiTTft. imidnt. il. A great piiy it is for us thai we extension of the Wabash and hrto C.inal lorty-tnno miles lurllier ivesl. I no new woik belween Lafayette and Covington is so far completed that water has been let into ii through its entire length. at the rat road .lid nut n-ll tin whole, for oiiire, the disease has untie sad work, and many have boon obliged to brini' their r.o'.alons out from cellars in a perfectly decayed slate. In snme iiisuiicch. nne bushel nf goud potatoes out of 15 or SO wid in t ho saved j somu ono m eigm ,- unium is m four; but few gel ouo oulh good. Tlusc that would havo suld for 1") cents throe weels ago, ciu now bo bought for 12 cents, and ar ....... ,1. .. ir .......... Ij r..rit, .t.i i. iif ion Ii to'hi'vo potatoes' ihat aro not defective, ihey .states, hinri. 1831, the number of pilots should bo careful and keep tlicui safe, fur wo roni Su Juan who b.ivn perished m the ex shall bo dependent on s.nno ono for seed next I iil'iso of their dangerous culling is no less s.itiii!r. Potatoes for eating will bo out of the vo aro surely lit During tho lain galo at Quebec iwo pi , lots, by name Hubert I'ortin antl F. X. I)u gal, wero drowned oil' tho Jiieiere ()uclle. In noticing tho I'irt, the 'Finn s rnr.MATUiiE Interment Wrw Mne Tho ApaUchicoVa Advertiser ssjs that a family with whom Ihu editor was inlimale, desired Ins attend nice at tho removal of tho remains of one of ttsdecoiscd mouthers. I'minpled by curi osity, the lid uf Ihe coffin was removed, when, to the utler astonidiiiicnt of all present, the cornse ins found Willi It" face downwards, and in tho manner iudicr.ting a complete chango in nivea-t...... - , ,.,," , .',.,.,, ,., ,., .,. r ,1... l,.l a.I.Im.I ! ibis, aslnr irrcnlarly. nre nno eniiitu nt ; uie iu-iiiihi i ...... purpose, nnd lbee names are sent lo nil the enuniinir. , a, ,)m) l ln,H Pnl,iJ have reached, Ihu lilting of rooms of tho ciiy, mil are tliro enterol on """;i(m u, was lorn, antl wound into a knot ; and 'ii IL'rit, The u es ..nil .ii to each ..p a con.ider.ih!e quantliy of bur was strewed al ffl v-oif woillVVIrVm ttUVii'y. ami If tho feel. All theso crcuinstauces. together Li wheieisvl'iirtliseharcer' If no itischaren is pre-1 ,V(l tho sudden and silioular nianuor ol his eenteJ.nn innuiry id Ihe nppiiean s name win einioe z,, ,,v (,Bt.. lell the s'.ne.inlendeni to I-now wheiher lint nine .tan i , , , Z his lunk n id he nr . bus " ' ' ' .' ' . .,, saved from takinvr in a corrupi ir iiiiwonnv ". Thii syslein. which ha. been in oprn'ion In I.nvvrll i nn sy-v "-. ","","..'.: .H i. ,, . ir.., t from llio l.ecinnius:. I'm sn i; '. drivinu unworthy persons from rurciiy, nnd in pre servim! ih biah clurneler nf o ir o -rniives Aiiufd are the remarks ef Mr. Miles, m contlu- '"in're-ard to ihcfiiioro rercer nflnvell, il oul I 'o unwise 'to predict II is tree llm (lis water pewer, m a ! present Vied, is exhausted. Nnniy-one mill pow- sii.irccly a shadow of another instanco of a loo precipitate Insto in cnnsigu iii to Ihu gravo the body uf lhoe supposed lo bo dod. l-itier. ion Colts. Tho (lazolte, pub. Iished .it Holly Springs, .Miss., says that corn is soiling at lint place a! two dollars per barre', and with a prospect of increase in price all oviing lo di ought, probably. tt lestiou, as it appears now j bad lit, Hsreirards this important vegetable. itirthampton Cotir. A casf. of Mlsmcrism. Wo learn lb-it yes terday a tumor ur cancer was cut from the broist of .Mrs North, ot this cily, by Dr. Kun. bill, llofore proceeding to perfurin tho opera tion, Mrs Norlb was pill tutu u nngneilc state by .Mr Uleasiin, overseer of tho ,Middlese.v wool, s'lop. Tlio oporiHon was a vury painful one, and occupied m.iiio fifteen tuiiiutes, during which tiiuo the lady gave no intimation, that she suf. fered pain, and after the operation was perform, ed, that she bad beconio perfectly conscious, sho said sho was piitiid very little, Ihough she bad a sort of dreamy, indistinct notion all the while that tho operation was going on. 0 0b. lamed theso lads from Dr. Kimball, .Several persons wero present all Ihu time, anion. r w houi was the Iter, .Mr Itemiiigioii. All ,.f Tho par tics are of Ihu highest respectability, and are known as among our be.l citizens. U'e -no the abnio facts to show Hut mesmerism is"iiot all a humb'ig, as tniuy of us have tuprojcd. hoivtll Courier. tkiu 48 1 Fatahtv. Wo learn from tho Hull,, Spings (Mis.) (!, Joseph Jacobs, of la Solo cuuutv. while riding to Hernan do I. git burying" clothes for his sister, who hid list tiledwas crushed hv fill Horn his hurse,nnd ulso died in u few hours. diction over the whole couniry west uf lite Rocky Mountains, fioni tho northern boiin- try of Mexico In tho Russian territorial lino -the repeal of llio nxisiing tariff, and the I"011 substitution in its stead of a uniform rate of dujics, without any rise abovo its general evel lor tbu purposo of protection, anil tho establishment of a government fiscal agency fur the collection and disbursement of the public money, to which all payments must be mndu in hard money, and wilh power, wo presume, to bank upon its specie capilal by issuing tteastirv notes. It is contended by tho administration press that these were issues involved in the Presi dent! il election, and Mr. Polk assuming I tits to be the case will take the responsibility of urging their adoption. Hut will they bo adopted 1 And fust as regal ds llio Oregon question w ill the south- rn members go for ihe immediate nnd prac tical assetlion ol our claim to the "w hole ot O Cjjun" as ni.iped out by the Union, with tho certainty Ihat an act so uncalled for und precipitate must lead to war? Will they not prefer the "masteil) inactivity" le idinnno cessarily lo the desired lesull, which has been reconvnunded liy Mr. Calhoun? Wo shall sen. Il cannot ho s lid that in electing Mr, Polk, llio peoplu declared it to bo their will that possession should betaken of tho whole teuiiory west of tho Rocky Mountains fioni .Mexico to llie line; lor the cMi'ns.nn of our claims beyond the dOllt'degreo of north latiliided, ii ti new point, mooted since ihe oleciion. 1 1 was understood that Mr. Pull; was in favor of terminating the joint occupa tion uf Oregon, hut no one imagined that lip would insist upon tho claim of" I Ms cou n try of a teniturv running through six degrees of latitude, which our government had, time and again, ofieied to abandon to Great Britain. A new issue, which has never been in any shape befoto the people, is-now presented to Congrsss. Members front the west may say ibeir constituents expect them to "go fur Oregon." 1J ul tbu question is fitsl, what shall bo considered of Oregon, and secondly, what is the most n ise and statesmanlike modi of obtaining it. 'I'he fust question is a mat ter for negotiation, for we cannot cotisi tent ly elem.ill I now what weo'Iered to yield a few years ago, without advancing te.isnns for such a course. II is llio province ol Lonsrrss Iu decide upon llio validity of such teasons, be fore they shall be made tliu basis of inn final union. And supposing thorn to bo pro nounced valid then comes the second tpies- liun what union shall bu taken upon lliem? How of emigration from tbu United Slates to Oregon will scenic lo us that leui tory at a future tl.iy , and of this there can be no doubt, would it bo wiso, with such vast interests at stake, I o rush into war in order to obtain immediate possession of tho coun try 1 Congress, which is not llio repiesenln- tivo of the Oregon interest, nor of any other interest, but which is bound to weigh conse quence against consequence, and legislate according to lis best judgment, for lite "great est good of tho gieatest number," must de cide this important question. There are three active modes of disposing of the niatler negotiation aruitraiion war. 1 Hero is also u passive mode, vi. : leaving its settle ment lo tho natural coinso of events. 'Flic I ist wo believe to ho ,10 ,rue course ; and Congress will not, wo think, ,.0 ,,le .t'i!. .. c :.,.,.! . 1 siouiiy oi vi war vvim oil lis disastrous contingencies to ult.iin an .inrt wU u CM ... t. 1! I. ...I I nut ion to uu tiiiuinpiisiii-ti o' in,.. rPin issues of war aro uncertain ; ils attendant anu supplementary evils certain, whatever lls event but that tho "whole of Oicgon" will bu .un (or ta Jujiotididi.t) in Iocs than twenty years, without war, is clear lo every unprej udiced mind. Shall wo wait or fight Tho c'lolco is with tho representatives of llio pco pie. 'Fhero will bo a tremendous strugglu on llio tn iff ; but wo fear il is fore-duomed. We may escape foieign war, but the tocsin has been sounded for tin onslaught upon home interests, and a classification of ' members of both Itutises goes to show that thoso who menace outnumber thoso who will defend. If tho iniquity be accomplished day of icck oti'irgwill como, however ; and there is some consolation in that. The Sub-Treasury which iho peoplu have onco voted to perdition, is to bu ro-euacled, Fortius we suppose iheio is no help. It is a scheme too prolific of fat offices to fail. victors buli.nj ihu sttuiL." ni.fl llinre WANTED A copy of Senator Phelps' Manifesto, for which a liberal compensation will bo paid. All our efforts to this end havo thus far proved unavailing, and we are indebted to the courtesey of a inoio favored individual, fur even u glance at this truly rare produc- I'ut a small edition was published, ind this, we learn, tho friends of the Sena tor urn endeuvoitng to suppress. It stiikes us :is a little strange that a U. S. Senator who deemed himself called upon to wiilo a book to vindicatu tils suffering reputation, should so far distrust tho judgment of the wuild ns to limit himself to nn edition of four hundred, and then tcstrict ils circulation to confidential fi lends, only I Mr Phelps was furnished at the time with copies of the ch nges preferred ngainst him at Mnnlpc- ier ; but he has not reciprocated tho com- itnty tiy lurtiisbmg those he lias assnleil with even a copy of his printed document; while the Press generally, wo believe, has been neglected. We propose to publish an other edition of it, and devote the profits to tho ciiculalion of certain oilier documents and explanations which nro necessary ton full understanding of this subject. milCH'l ON MAUKHT, November 21, 1845. At market, 1030 head of lltcf Calllc, 523 Stores, o5(J0 Sheep, nnd 723 Svvino. Pnicr.s llecf Cattle. I.-ist week's prices were fully sustained, viz; extra, S3(I0 l'irt quality, 51,30 tt S!.73i Sc'iuid tjuahty, S l,H0 uSI.'ijt Thud quality, S'!,"o i3,73. Stores. Vearlincs, S3 57 j two years old, 37 V 811 i threo year old S13 w 621. Sheep. nles fion Si n S, .Swiue.- Onc lot al 31 i 4i, and one 1 tf. -, At At. retail from IJ to 3c. liirrehngG'allle-JIess, S3,2" j No. I 82,73. lIBtlftMllll I llll IQI UII J ! IJI11J.L i,HIJ JJ.JM3Bm 1 1 In Colchester, onllio23lh inst. by Itev. IV. Fore), Mr Josrm K. TsvLon, ef Burlington, loMis.MAitv M., of Colchester. OUR ItAII, llOAD. Ve are everv day enquired of wheiher nor rail roid will he bu It. Will not ihe stoi k of ihe liu laud road bu va-tly betteillnn that of the Ccnirtl which must cost al leat one ilurd more per milem the construc iion. and will be 2G mile- lonver? Have wo not very nearly one million of sto-k nlrc.dysubs nbetl, in Ihe country and -evera! hum Ire I tho is-md ns we I chevc in ISoston i and w-e under-land lliat Ji.die Fulled is -il nut lorct'iin to P.). ton to spend tho winter in obtaintnj stock, and w-e are credil-lv m'ormed will be aided by a very able eenlleouiii from llrau.lon. Our ans.ver to all cnqiiirus is Ihat so mer or later the Rutland R iad will l.e built. Tne artiuint nis iu lavor of ihe Rutland road cannot be resisted by the people of I!o3ion. .Uoi. (lataxy. We concur in llm opinion of tho Galaxy, tint this road will be built: and III it at no distant day. An individual more sanguine than ourselves but with vastly better sources of infoi million, and whoso opinion is untitled to great respect has expressed the confident belief within llio last forly-eight hours, that llio road from this to Rutland will bo under contract liy llio first day of -May next. We set it down at " fi-.-. ! fct" 1 1 1 t railroads ate to thread alt our great thoroughfares, and those as important as tho one iu question, much sooner than this unbelieving genera tion dream of. In Wilhston, on theStli ul t. IIibam, son of A. P and P. Saxton, ancd 2 years and 8 months. A W isnrALi.. Ii is stated tint Mr C. I). Brower, of this tuy. has jusi discovered that he, with several others, are heirs lo a propertv comprising about half the city pj lliirliujtou, Vt. The ground on which nt lenst half that cuy is built was purchased liy a resi dent of this Island, and itrandfathcr, we btheve, to Mr llrowcr. The old gentleman died some, and left his properly, (worth, now upwards or a million of do'lars) to certain of Ins descendants, who were a Ivertisid for in llio Vermont papers, which ficl only c nue lo the knonlcdnenf the parties interested with in a few days. ,Y. Y. ILratd. Hold on! Hold on! ! There's nn ilangcr. Don't be afraid. Wc arc not York State Antt-Hcnters. YTI'.arcIhe holders of ihe sod i f the Green Moun- lain Siate, by title ibrouuh lalnn Alien, whe was no Scare Crow IIhjj Pear, Humbug man, but was ho who look Old Port Ti underogn, in the name, as ho said, "of ihe Ciieat Jehovah and Continental Conaress." His bones heciitomltd in tiurhnzton, therefore, buy no calico for make believe Indian i'roeki, or your faces lo skulk away from r-neritfs, for there 13 no village iu ihe United States of ils i.e where homes are su itenerally owned by oc eiipautsas in Purlinntoii ; j'cs, yis, yes, we know how we come by lliem too, there's still many a good Old (irandino'ber ainon us vet who can tell their sons and aeeonip'i3hed erand daushters. when almost no boats but canoes navigated our beautiful I.akeio tho valley of Chauipl un, which washes ihe feet of the Green Mo intains on die east, and Adundac on Ihe west, nnd whcnlhev enute from Old Colony, and Missichii'Cil- l!iy Slate, they cameas did those on Old Ptyin uilh Rock nqhi anions tlmindans and encamped an I rem uned at Piirhnlon Hiy, and as all may know what fjllnwid, who choose, by reading ono ot Ihe best Giz -srs extant, viz : "Thompson' Vermont," and 'twill till of liurimalon and the peo ple j nnd there'-annther tlurur, Ihey are not toheea si v scared from their homes be ansa iheir Airent re--idi-s anion? ihem and ke-ps the siore where ihev buy llieircoods, and Ins niott . was always up and dointr, tin ck nnd cheap fir cash ami no iniprisonn cnt for ifebt,&., anil iheref ire thai story about Mr Rrovver's owning ha'f l!urhn2ton am! so, nor 1 kclv to he, with out he take- the same course tint we the present owners did. viz : work, ai-qture and buy, nnd then he may have il and not before and then nol fir half a mill on for 'it's woith more now f ir the People's Siore is m ii, and the uai'road is cominir nnht here from Roston t may b Mint's whit the siorv was trot no for. or to make believe a marriage dowry. As in those il' a free country ; we have here already York State r,nd It.wion Xoii'.ns too, an 1 real marrngeablt dow n's loa and the People - Aeenl knows u, for lis nt: this blore where the.y buy their goods ns sail, viz ai iiuvv.uiU'5. Thursday morning, Deed, 1313. Titt'. Sr.Aso.v. iS ivigalion closed with us last wi'ek, and tho lino steamers made their last trips on S iturelay. The Terry continues her trips as usual, to Pluitsburgh, and a few sloops ply ihu broad lahe el. Tho season has been one uf uncommon ac tivity. Never so largo an amount of freight lias passcu llirougii, ami llio uum ier ol pas sengers has literally set at naught tho wild est ostim lies of wh it nw'hl bu iho result of a railroul, chaip fare, &c, Tho shipments uf produce from this port havo been incred ibly largo, and the amount of meichaiidiso taniicu lur lite p ist utontii lias given to our wltatves an aspect of business hilheilu tin known. Sure we are lint Messrs. I'ollettefc llradly must havo appreciated the impor t.ince of having other what vus besides theirs, fur, extensive and well conducted aie iheir arrangements in lids respect, they curW hardly have dono more than ihey have dune. The fall has been uncommonly propitious, and winter opens well. Up lo iho last day of November wo havo hid no frost lo obstruct the ordinary opetalions of lite farm and oth er outdoor avocations ; and tho first of De cember brought us fuurleen inches ofsunvv, wliicl, Ins given us sleighing, never so fine. Now is ihe lime (o improve il. Produce of all kinds commands high prices, and cash; tho '-"chants havo fine stucks uf goods, and are dtsposcu ,,cll tncr.)Uy. C.IIIIM,.iV TKAXrSIMlKT.VTIDX CO. npiir. Ste -Mi ! 'ers of ih Chai'i.i'.nn Tran-por - t anon ' ouipiny ore tv-reliv noniiel, that ikean .al in e: iim ft-r the l tvtion of dire.'inr lorlbe vear ens mi'-, and I -r llie tran-aeiion ot anv oiher buM- no llio.ii-ht proper when met, wilt be holden nt Proulv'- Iluiel iu lluriiii'iion. on Th'o-il.v the first day of January nexr, al one oMoi k, P. M. liy or er, eve. P. 1)001 1TTLH, Clerk. II -rlinsj on, r)c I t, 131 j. Bunk of Burlington. "T0Tin' is herein- piven a meetins of tho li stockholder- of the Hank of llorhnton, will bo holden at Ihi tr Man'-inr; House, on llie second Tue--tlay of Jinuary next, at II o'clock, A. M., for the purrose of eU'ctui seven I) reeMrs for the en.uing yeir. R. li. COM:, Ca hter. II irliuton, Dec. 3, HI3. IN olicf. XT has lecn niiieh I lie practice to sell Stoves al a creai profit an I Ion; credit, but as recards myself, I am disp.itd lo reverse ihe order of ihines in that res.iect Small profits cash or short credit, mike it the test for the purchaser in the end. I hive a small stock ol llrindon Stove, nnd in addition I have just received from Trov and Albany the largest and best assortment of the latest im proved nat'erns m this market, vz : Cooking. I have the 1 in pro v'd Radway.P.uipi'C Preniiiim.'t'honiai1 Yankee Notion. Parlor cook, nil ful' irminieei and ehf- feren! s'zes, also a larffe tis-tirimenl of llox, parlor, and .irlht, ad of which 1 wi'lbe pleased in sell on the above terms, w. 1 A YI.OR. Strongs' Jlxildings. Ilurlinsion, Nov 23, 1SI3. The nevernov Oencril of Canada, Lord Metc.ilf.i. bavin" received permission to re- i , i " r ..... .,ci rf, conseriuenro of, U"""'S P" ill health, is expected lo's. il for Kugl .ltd in , is a hungry -pack wailing for llieir distiibu the nml si nor fiiitn Uiisliiti In Liverpool, , uon which leaves on Monday, Dec. 1st .. ! -1 The Pickcr-llousualtacbedlo tno let. l'liciorv at Ureal l' all. Sonie.sworlli, N. II. was ilestr.ued by fire on 'I -f" " gelher with Ihu greater poilion of tbo nu-in-.Mill. Mr James Adams, of"J. w'n Ihrough Franklin Avenue, llesl"". 1 d.,y ntght was robbed of SI 10 by tomen who, feigning intoxication, un .iBa'"l oicrlhrcw him. CKNTItAL KAIL ROAD. At the lalo meeting of tho Directors of this comp. my, at Huston, llio road was loca ted for llio entire distance from Ihu niuulh of Whitu Hiver to Builington. Tbu contract has been taken by two individuals, who aio lo havo the work completed ready fur the cars, by tho 1st of April M7. A New York! DID you ever use ill never make a soup without it, bill come lo I.vm in's and buy il. Also pre. sriicd Ringer, pun. Im.e in jour Apple Sauce, il m- kes 11 2.1 firsi r-ile. It..rh.igi n, Pte I, ISto. 27 Who nro tho Dear? JIUlll'S ACOUSTIC OIL, Kor the cure of Peifne-s and ils Am ml nit Symptoms. TTIS Remedy which is so celtbriled for removing U'i plea sail! sensation- that Kcncinlly pre cede deafness, such as, l'a hnj of IVa er, ltuzz nu of Insects, Whizzing ol Steam, c. nfnsed no sts, ic. Ac. is for tale at PKCK & spi'urs 4- UlOAR if- ARTHUR'S. I'oitmimilrattoti. JP.RICIIO ACADP.MY. A few weeks since report, informed us, that, the fall tirmof Ibis institution would close on Wednes day Iho I9lh inst. wilh an exbil iiian, and thai " productions would bo orwio-' '1-"u 'w d;'s 111,11 intuvened before 'sl frenl n busy prepara tion. Wed,'-0day canto at last, uhcred in wilh cloiid-t ram, and mud in such quantities as promised out a thin audience for die evening's c.xbibi'ion. Hut at length the rain cea-e I, the sun appeared and dis. pelted the clouds not only from ihe face of Nature, hut from tho faces of many youthful aspirants of fame congregated in the school room for txanuna. Ilun. Hut I pass over this, ihough veryinteri's ing to llio exercises of tliu ticmns. As me clock struck sit, the silver tones of our church bell sen', forth thru merry peal, as if by magic the lu uso was bnlianil) illuminated, and Ihe doors throneeel with individuals of all uges and both sexes eajer to obtain an en hance. Ity half pa-t six, every seat was filled ex cept 1I1033 reserved for the scholars, who now made their nppeirance, tho I.a.hes bting tastefully dressed in white. A stmo handsomely decorated had been crcclel in front of the pulpit, directly opposite which, In the gallery were scaled Ihe members ef ihe Juitclio Hand, vvluvvith that pubhe spirit which has ever characterized Ihem, contributed their soul sutring music lo iho entertainment Tho exerci-cs com uienccd wilh on appropriate prajerby the Rev. .Mr Warren. Thou came iho Orations, r.ssaya and Dia logues. I conres- I hid fell not a liltleaiuiely in the result of the performance ni well I might, consider ing lb-it with many this was iheir first niiemnt nt ori.'inal dcclimailon i but never was I more happily ' disappointed tlun when I beheld their perfect self-1 posj tsioii and listened lo strains of eloquence lliaij would have done honor to Pauiek Henry, Daniel Webster, or Henry flay, The Kssaye of the youncf AS Apprentice to ihe Tailoring Rminnt. L.adics evinced a high stale of mental discipline and , I'cc. i, '13. (2T tl) il. C, RATIIUUN i Co. Light! TIIOSK who -it iu darkne-s l-y reason of lad Oil an I d in I.aiii'-, are ndvi-tl m try tiie virtues of J'ure Oil, vvhi h can boot lamed frnni ihe Mil scrder, and w.irr.iuifl it. ivei'oni.'eie ,ati-.lataion, Al-o Paieni Sneiin Caudles, White an I Col ore I. P. r -ale by A. S. DEWEY. Xov. ISt i, 07 Crahiiiii Flour. JUST rt-ceive'd n suinll quaniiv of (iraliani Hour, fiom tin. Crotnn stills, .N. York maoulacliircU rrtuil ll.o tie-l ol wtieut. ov, 20, 1815. A Ariirnroni. Est ray. CAJIi: into the inclosurc of the subscriber on or about Ihe Piih or Oci. a small Heifer Calf, the owner is requested to prove property pav rharees nel lake it nvvay. C. T RUSSKl.L. Ihirbnglon, Dec. 01, 1913. 27iv3 Si'liool Hooks and Stationary. AT City Prices!! or as cheap as any hodv sella J v in liiitlingtoii by 27 STEVENS WOODS. Strong s Pudding. n.iflhlo Ivohos. It-IAS I.YJI.VX Insfor sale a tlio'ca and vvellse--i lecled lot ot North Weuern IlLlfalo Robes, soft pliable pelts nnd dark heavy fur. y iho Plill on Ham), few more Chen of ihat superior qua lily ind V low nri'ed Tei, so huh y recommended ly best of iu i?cs who have 1 sed ihe.iuirle. 27 E. LYMAN. Wanted.

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