Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 12, 1845, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 12, 1845 Page 2
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wm PIB118! Till! l'HEMIUIJM'S MKHS.UiK. The Presidents Messaec naturally attracts a large lure of I lie public amentum, not so much for nny hew, or important facts CTpee ed in il, Inastnii -h 09 snactivc new-paper" Press generally' anticipates the nieculivr, hut becafic Ids the only' Stile pafor of .our country, which is ircticra'ly tinj hy forcuncts, nil Fisreigu nnliin. lOnn.po.itu ns biih lint init nnr Kaecupve wilh theirs, naturally, nlthouah Unornntlv, presume the American executive lo hn ihe American monarch, with dignities, honors, nntl rrspottsibilit'i-e, equil lo theirs, wheirns he is but the exponent, nut the representative of llic people. In this point of view, what the President siy of eur Foreign relation-becomes, in n certain sense, im portant, not thai he can involve us in wnrfaro without Ihe concurrence ul our own popular and Stale repre tative's in Connrcss, hut beCause tors i in unions, mis taking his prerogatives fancy, he hasjome su'-h puw er, and so confound an American wilh Humpi-an Executive. Wilh Mexico, we arc about to hive, we pljdly see 1 renewal of our ihpl 11111111' rclsl iii. A Minister Extraordinary fr.i 11 ih 1 United St ties. (Mr. Nti-hn ns of Louisiana,) is announced lo he already nenr Mexi co. 1hs President does nut fnor his cnncilltatory movements, if such nre iutetnlel, wilh n vtrv wei comini; .Mes-'ase. inasmuch ns lie nnjtily sco'ds the Mexican Q ivcrntncut for withholding lite instnhnci.t, due u, while we wer lire Mini! tren tea with theot, and enduming our army upon Territory, rightfully the sol of Mtarr.i, an I li'vntid tins ancient pinimcr of Tens.-which Territory nnr, hv tin; way, the President is cliim ng, lo the Km ilel Norte Hut let us hope, that in Inking lh-' in-liatiie of renewing ili plomatic intercourse (he Pr, si lent inten Is peace and justics with nor Itcpuhliotn in-jibb-irs. Ily the way why did the Union d nv whit the Uvpr se' siiimlinie ro asserted tint the Piesi lent was a' nut to send a Minister to Metijo'l It tuida the denial ssifhy au thority, luit it turns out that ihe K-press was I etter informed than Ihe "nriMn." , VViih Texas, tlje Pres dent iirt-cs n rapid a rotnptc lion Bs-possitil, nf the steps for nnnexntmn. Now that this 1111 s s we'l tl ere doner.u i-M), Justice too a 'ems to r qui e lha' if T, xns ts to be- eonio 1 Histamine union, sue -now 1 11 nn a luiec 111 ions sres. and in ihe tnaVinir of laws that arc to ope rate upon her people. But thecye ruusover the Message intend what the President says of Orccini. and of o r ncgntt ilions wilh, the great, tho rnhnz power of the F.nrlh, on lliis exciting topic, For with Mexico wo can ta'-e liber ties with iuipmity, she beinir wotk, and we strong, whereas with Oreat ilrnain, she, in arms is s'ronger than ever, and we have eotnpiritivelv less nu'itary efficiency now by sen or by land, than we had al the close of the list war. The President his renewed the eoinnronii-e propo ition of the -tilth degree of laiiluih-, wi'lt some qualification. This ,e have before nnnounccd. but the Union denied it lliionslr tcnor.ancc, or through deceit wiih the view of i.iipo-ing upon the public mind, crying all ihe while, 'the whole of Oregon or nine." Air P.ielienhnii unwisely njeeteil lint pro position, or, if in tliH thi'y to hi i!overiitii''iit, he 'thought it mint be nj-eied, lie failed to cue lint due consideration, so consihiiorv a propo-m in deserved. Nejotia'ion thus, al ihe present w nl a stanil still but we trut that there 19 soinetliuis! in the rumor, which siys some more coni-ilnlm Miuitr from -Oreat Uritain will snp'crsede'Mr, Pnclfnhaiit. "The clear and tin Tie tioub'e title" ofilu niessasnnf 1m vesr, dwindles into a tnle ihis year, that, Mr Polk helicrta, is maintained hv "irrefraiial le (acts and ar guments." Tin; is a decorous a-senion, can give no just offence. Meanwhile, Mr Polk recommends lint, m'ter the year's noli -e.oor 50vernment exten 'a i's jurisdiction over Oregon. This is eaier enac eil limn perfected. The Eut In-iii S10101 Novy of (Sreil llrinm nl me, without a ship from home, cm hold possesion of the navisihle waier- of the Coin nl ii 'in r, and of all ihe Oregon ports, inspt e of nil fTonirres tonal enactments or any amount of It ocky Mountain ein'atanoii. Hut in what llr Polk recom nend for the protection ol emiirants, for t'neestih!ihuienl of pints through the wilderness, for an overland nnd, and for the general encouragement nf settlers, ns we understand bun, we concur. To foster settlement- which tin ler Mr CM houn'a "wise, an I masterly inn t my" pi in, wil spread the American power, and, in the 1 ml, peacea bly secure thir tirlepeu 'puce of !reai Ilrnain, is on ' thin, whilethe vear's n itice mil ihe la n ntteuipt to extend o ir j iri lieii m. where 111" Unli'li are now lh stronger, is altogether another, anj n iery dilFer ent thing. 1 The President's discourse on the bilanc! of power, is, in a eraic mate piper, minmo whe ea in the Kxpress. the Union, or -oiiip other Journa', it wou'ri bea gno.l enough ' e luorial." Mr Ititihie unleed h is beaten Mr Polk in ihi', lesi'les nulictpi lug h 111,-11 the Union's elnorii, on ihn topio, Ji.ive h-en betler than this of Mr Poll;. The I'xecuiivc slvauld leavelo his E 'ttor the bu ines i.f hliisiermgnnd bullying E i rope, as well as of p ifl'ing up, "tins universil Vaukiv nation of ours," as the greatest nnd best of all man kind. IJ tit we arc in the dirk as to the fulminition of ihe I President a;nnt European powers if they rvathli I new colonies in North Ante tei! ttr-.u Iri am at present has the largest h.iif of No lit A ueric.i in her ! paster, and Camiinn pronoc s, end airetyi is not i tnk'ndeij to say she sbi'l not 200:1 olo oxoig tin in. And if 11 bea litnt that BrnUiu.l.ini is h ill not settle in Catirornta under c impact with Mo I ', I't'it con flicts with the President's starling ater.iient when I e ays : Itis well Known to iho Ame'icin peo le and 10 nl nations, ihil this goicrninen has neve iutcrfeaicd with the relations su'sis uu btiw, en , thcr goivru men's. We havti neier un leo iisuUcsp 11 ties to the.r wars or their aiinnees we hive not sought their ter ritories hv conq iesi i wehtivenot mingle I wiih parlies in iheir dome tie. sirng'esj md believing our own form of government to he the best, we hue neverat tern ted to propigileil by intrigues, by diplomacy, or by force. ( We (iass over wl at is said of the complaint Spain and Knnee mike a.rnnst the 01 e ation of some pans of our TanlTla ts, anl tho i're iieiit's exhibit of our financial position, in wliteh 1 lie nuwsp.itur Press, wiih itstisiil aettmv, his ano autieipiii'il I1101 to lis c .up one of his reiiiir',s up hi the Tiriir. Tiiey are puerile, and contemptible, wc are soirv to siv, and as insincere, we hive n 1 doubt, as his Kane letter, for why in the ilisirihu ion of Ins patronage, d es heivit enforce the views he iheie holds 0111 on uanjr? Whv ke-ns'ichan adv 1 -ate of Ihe ptincipleaof iheTntifT of Hl'2 in his Stare Department, if ihisc principles aro as bid is he sets them forih 7 Mr Polk si vs "Ashing as Congress miv gra Inallv inerei-e the rite of itmy on a givtn ntiiel,-. n id ihe revenue is inere.iseil by such increase of tlniy, liny -(Congress 1) are wiiliiu thureveim i s anilard." Such an argutu"t us this must he iiroiiotioeed piente by evervT-tnlT man and every tree (ruder in tlieland. Suupose in ihe arliele of t'ofl. e, a I'uty sliouhl he iui posel of two i-euts a pound this year, ntul men three cents the nexl. nnd in the meintitnc (he amount of r duties sho-d I either men nse or tliuimis'i in ihenggre- gtte. whit kind of 1 tniectiou shn it.) it he? The sa ue I ru'n wou'd apply to Cottons nn I Woolens ; list yenr the aggregate duly on these arli les was lilucb creat- , er than Ihis. Vet the law was ihe same. I!m nc- tcorduiM theiu-ssage the Tor fl t riiuihninrer a 'revenue stnndar I this yeir than 1 1st. If the puce of (roods in Kuropo shot Id ktep uti-the nrticlo of Iron for inslinep ihi ti the present Tirifl' is n good reie 'noe Tariir: but if it should r.ilbiek ! the old rales, then the Tirifl'w oil Ibeproiccl v Tanfl," &c. The ,arlie.,i' W.kiI isa ensein point. In lead of import ing Wool we now- export lb,-finer kinds. Two years ano we imnoste,! it 111 ro-iciilernb'e n-ianti'ies. The Tanfl wis high then and n wlovl It was protec tion llien and revenue now So oniclinf Mr I'olk'a firoposnion of a revenue Ti-ilV To have sui h a Tnr ITas he propo-es, we niiisl d pen with n Congress, and i-lo hi s-une Mandarin in N w Vnrk wiih Ihe power lo levy unci c'mn;e dut cs iciording to ihe tiniMint of importations, Thp frtlse and deinivoguing pirls r v bat the Pres tdent says of certain items 111 theTjrifT ire heuenth thedignilvof his plate, anil hardly funtl lor ihe simop even in Tennesiee. He himscli has heard his corn petiior, Oov. Jones, disprove and correct them a thousand times, and confound him hv Insr ,rreclions, nd yet, from his nugust position In Washiogion, he re-ilernies them. Hut inoreofthis hrcafir. A uni form system of mf tilo tm dolu s, webelievo in In iinpraineahle, unless we wish 10 have our duties lev ied in Europe, and not in Ihe Unite I Slates. Asm, the fid vttlottm in Europe upon 111a iv arti.-les i- a mere nothing, the Ir. ighi nn I int o' transportation being ihe real value, ns in the article i.fllemn. What is to be ihine will, nrtirl, s of t'tal e'osn? What ion. tcclion wou'd an ii'tvafortm unptuatues, siy, give the AOieiii-iio !! 01c, , Wnrome now to the resurrection of ih ri,,n,t..A Sub Treasury aeheme. If the Stale llinks nre ras cals, as the President hints they are, it is wonderful that merchants, firmers. inanulaeinres. mechanics' trust them with all the surplus capital they have! It ta wnndetful that every business man considers his miner safer when deposiled in a Hin. Ihin when nn ler his own lock and key. It is wonderful ihat a deposit good enough and safe enough for every body else, is not good enough for Undo Sun ? The President recoin-nends in bis Sub-Treasury plan, Ihnt coniro'e over the nut lie monies should not he subject to Executive discretion "txcrpt In direclina ill ttUburtrmtnlt." In this he concurs wilh Jesse lloyt. The power of expending, a prtt.ty important power where money is concerned, lie has no idea of giving up. No Lnt-o I'jco wishes dial dis-rtsnsw-d wi-h on nnr terms. "To-my' aava Mr Polk, "lhat ihe reop1 "r Mrfr loveranaeni are nnt to nr trufieo wiut tneir own mone'y." (whose money the people's, nr the govern-mnra1)'Lin-iheirnwn Treasury prnii led by thein selves but must rrly nn Presidents, carh'en, and iiu-k holders nf hanking corporation not annrnvrd by (Isetn (whom 7) nor responsible In thern woiifd he m snnivile ili-Ti ihev are incouineient for self pnv- erninMi. Cashiers, Pieselents, ami itorkhnl'Ma: "ir seems are. .nn prni le. Jesse noyt aim such sub treasurers w uonriseare the people. Thtrajt-isg. aad-bah-lsil In this city, the Empire Club, .are also tk,,. nlnaod brobsblv comDetenl In take c ire of ihe public monev ! and i; .ryuse b.gaiiii. to jsjr mat iney w ere picuij-,s-iii m ku yuveniiiieni, when they avosV thcmuilvts able 10 govern the whole 'OlUs , , , , . ... Tm jb-Trsssury htslisn tud, ind found unsafe. With no office holder, ot as offices are now got, is the public money as safe, as in the vaults, where the whole community deposit their funds? Again, if Kederil SubsTrcistiriea are neccsary,norforf, Stale Suh-Trensulies ore. ,, . , Tho President rccnmmendi n decided increase in our Steam Naiy, We are clad to see il. In this) re spect, we me fir, loo far behind theatre, and it is pre posterous to .tall, nf war, until we aro strengthened in this arm of attack and defence. The Piestdinl's fn-vor.tbl- remarks upon the Navy will meet wilh gen cral concurrences Mr Polk docs not directly 'pronounce' ngninst cheap postage, hut Ins nrgiimctits and his feelintrs are seen In be all hoslile to lint cleat nnd popular reform which cites us t in ap letters, and a 1 heap means of ddl'ising information. The post of .lll.irnev General, the President propo,. ses to convert into a direct Cabinet office, withthc SOOOO salary of such art officer.-1 Inrtecd-ho proposes focoitstruct n new D.pirlrtient in the goit-rnmeiit. Thi , we suppose is for the benefit of Mr Mason, Ihe present Attorney flenernl, wh'ihnnheen inadequately provided for. Nevertheless tltero ia some reason in the change he proposes. The way Gen Jickson'-s little Lieutenant! ban on Ihe o'd soldier, hvinir or ilea I. is amusing. It wns glory enough for Mr Van lluren "(of - How in his foot steps," ami Mr Polk winds off wilh delivering a eulo gy upon hint. I'pon the whole this Me sage is what might have been ixpected from Mr Polk, It reads smoothly, and ns a literary rotnpnsition, without haling nnv stent merit, will do lis no discredit in the evesnf Eoreign Nations. It wnnis ihe snmp of greitne:s, nrnrigi n ih' v, nntl is one of these mediocre composition, which willbedisiiiiss-d wiihout much impression upon Ihe eniinti v, and forgotten without leaving n ttnee hi hind. The President is hi nilf withoni personal or political popularity, and Ills only importance is in Ihe extent in which lie can inll ience his party. We do not appre hend tint any thing he recomtnpnds will haye any mnre w, tght from his having recommended it..V, V. Eiprtts XXIXth (JONGIIESS. Aiicmblcd Monday. December 1, 1849. From the Whig Almanac for 18-16. SENATE. President. ...Geo. M. Haiisr. of Pa. V. Pres. U.S. .I7ent6er. . crm txpim. Atmbiri. I trm txpirit. MIINC. np.ondla tteorpt A'ciifli 1817 John Riirfi Id 1831 NT.W- IIAMrsUIRG Hen. W Jeniiess...iai7 ClnrlcsG Alherton.1849 .WiVi Mel: lltrritnAMl Walter T. Colquilt..i849 ALABAMA. Dixon II. I.ewi 1S4? ArlhurP. Ilagbv....l8)9 VERM NT. Missssii rt. milium i7iiiim....l9J9 Joseph W. Clinlinera 1847 Samittl S. I'.'ulpu.lS'A Jesso Speight 1S51 VABlUltt'SF.TTS. LIUI-IAMA, 'MniV HVhtcr IS 17 Memndtr llnrroie.. 18-17 JyA'i l'ati IS51 Henry Jtihnsmt 13-19 ailOPR ISLAND. TE.sNEsiSCG. June -'. Smrii'iiis.1817 Speneer Jitrnagin.ASil Albert C Greene... .1931 Hopkins I.. Turiiey. 1831 ClNNECTICtlT. KF.NTCCKV. John M. .Nil 1819 J.ime T. M,irclirad.Kl 1531 Mm J. Ciittcmten. .IS49 onto. J. W. Ifttntinutan NEW VOItK, iohn A. 1) x .1847 William Allen 1349 Danitl S. Dickiusnu. 1831 Tiotniis (.,oririn....l8jl NFW JEnsEV. J,,rob II'. .UlcP....ISf7 William Is. Daylon.lSjl PENNSVLVANtA. imon Cameron.... IB49 D.mitl Siiitgcon....l831 INDIANA Edward A.llanncgan 1849 Uno incaucy.J ILLtNOI s. James Semple 1847 Sidney Hreese 1349 DELSWAnE. Missot'nt. TViomos David It. An htson...l349 John M. Claulon.... 1931 Thomas II. Ilenton..l331 MSIIVLSND, ARKANSA-, Chester Ashly. ...... 1347 Ambrose II. Sevier.. 1949 Mtcti gas. Urn. Hjd6riuV...13t7 Lewis Cass 1851 FLORIDA. Daiil Lew 1351 .imcs ,1. 7,eorce....lF49 Uettrdy Jo'i nson . . . . 185 1 vlnotvts. William S. Anhtr.ABXl Ouevn-nncy.J NOSTII CIBOLINA. Willie i: Manum.M7 Win. II. Haywood jr. 1949 JameB I). Welcotl 1651 SOUTH CAnoLtNA Daniel K. Hush. ..1917 Hnlici.Ui Locos George M.-Iluni-'....1S49 in Roman.'iS: 2 yacnneies. 'Under mod to have resum-d, to make room for John C. Culhoun. HOUSK OK nhPilESENTATIVES. DM. M ItNE. I..Jot,'i V Sea-nmon. 2..llo'ieri P. I inula ,. 3. .Ware Sereranre. I..lotin I). Mcl'nttf. 5..Cullen Siwti-Ile. G..Mnnnibil lli'uhn. 7..He7.'-kinh Wil inns, new iiAMrsuiar.. Mnses Nort-8, Jr. Mnce -Moul on. J une" II. Johnson. (One vacancy.) vr.UMONT. l..Sij'iion I'ool. 1..Jtcub Co'lamcr. Ihrt Nl aril CAROLINA. L.ihim i7e.i,om 2. .Daniel M. Ilarringcr 3. .Dtvi I S. riei l. 4. .Alfred Darker y. &..Jinti-sC D d'hin. G. .James J McKay. 7. .John R .1 Daniel, 8. . Henry S C.aikc. 9. .Asa t'iygs. SOCTII CAHOLINA. 1.. James A ttlack. 2..Hichnrd F Simpson. 3. .Jo.. A Woodward. 4. .A. D. Sims. K..annistead Hurt 3,.Gearvr P. Marih. fi..hiaae E. Holmes. P.iul Dillingham, Jr. 7..U. lianiwell Uhett. II ,,,! HI'sr.TTA t GEORGIA. X..llaitrlC Winthrop. l..''liomat HutlerKins, 1.. Daniel I' King. .Seaborn Jones. 3. .Amu Ahboll. ..Iienj. Thompson. ..Cliarle Indian. 6..r:orge Asltmun. 7..Jiliiii liickiccll. 8. ..'.in Qitioey .lia-ns, U..(V.icntiei',) 10-.jep'i Orinne'l. .Vit-nncy I .Hugh A.' Haralson. John II. Lumpkin. Howe Cot'ti, Alexander II Stephens B.,ltoberl Joambl. ALADSMA. 1.. Samuel D. Dirgin. hhode ilvp. i.. Henry W. Ildlard. I. nr Y. Ciamtan. 3..iilhaui I.. Va icey 2..iOeinut . Arnold. 4. .Winter W. I'ayne. f- ItN FCTIL L'T. G -o. E. Hous'on. I. .J mes Pirm 6..' -olu n Chaptmn. Sam -el IK Hubbard. 7..Fe'ix O, Mi l onnell 3. .tin A. liockwell. stississipri. Jacob Th pson. Stephen Adams. Kohl. N ItoherlS. J,flVrs.m Divis. LOCI I A N A . ,1'h.n SliMl. ,11'non (fTliibodeauz 4. .Truman Smith. NEW VORK l..Jnhu W. L-iwrenee. 2..llr.Nav I. Seaman. 3..W LIAM S. MlLLCB. 4..W1 ham li Micl.iv. 1 S..T1104. M. Wo-tiBcrr. 2 B..Wm W Camtoell. 3..1 11 ItarinorUBin. 4.. I aac E Morse. l at 10. L.JimesJ Earan. 2..K A Cunningham. 3..?oor( I' Sehenck. 4..Jifph fffttcs. 5. .William Sawyer, fi.. Henry Si, John. 7. .Joseph J McDowell. 8. .Allen G Thitrman. 9. .Augustus L Perrill. 10..Couman Vilana. 7. .Joseph II Andersun. 8 .Wm W Wonlworlh, 9..Archimld I Niven 10. .un tel G irdon. II. .John K C lli'i. ll..llihard I' H-rriclc. ll..l!radtorllt W-ml, ..i:ratlm D Calter. 15. .Joseph llussell, i?..u?4 H'n'e. 17..Clnrle S lie t ,-. H.. Preston King. 9..0rville Hungerford. II Jacob Hun' erholT. 20.. Timothy Jenkins. 21..t'hirlea thindyear. 2i.. Stephen Strong. 21.. William J Houeh. 24. .Horace Whaton. r2..,N'.imi( ' Vinton. IL.lsnc Parish. I i.. Alexander Harper. 15..JosepluMortis. 16. .John I) uiniuinga. 2i.. George Haiti' no, !7..Georee Kiies. ainu I S El a vorth 13. .11 A Starkweather. 97 J I01 II' '-nit. n .Omiel It Tililrn. 23..R ta a Holm:: 2)..J i i 1 It O ddingt, ..!..( hir $H u,iolt, a..iuttpll V Hoot. 30. .Mi r in Grover. kestcckv. 31. .Ab fc Leu'l. I..f.inn Hovd. 3.'.. WMam A Mottley. 1. .John II M Henry, jj...i'ier( imiri 31,. Washintton Hunt. new jf.ssey, l..Jarnei G Hampton. 3..IItnru (i rider. 4..M11I0 ' It'll, B. .llryan It Young, C. .I.I10 P Msilin. 7..Wm P Thomaiton, B..Gi'rett O-iri. 9 .Anirem Trnmbo, U..Juhn WTihhallB. TEKSM'SCS t.. An I ew Johnson, 2.. indium .If CooAs, 3..Jom 1 totirr, 4..Alvan CuHotn, 5. . Geortte W Jones, CRsrclav Mnrtin. ..iseorgeny 3. .Mm Hunk. 44.. Joseph Edssll. 5.. William WriiM. rCNMSVLVAMA. 1.. Lewis C Levin. L.Joup'i It Intertoll, 3..J 11 v tl CAHrStLl. 4..Charlt J lngersoll. 5.. Jacob S Yost. G.. lacoh Erdulin, 7, R Ahrm. It Mtlltalnt. T..Mcrelilh P Gentrv. Jonn .ireoi in. H,.t vnraiev.t 9 John tiller. )..Lorenui II Chase. ll)..lticli'd UroadhttJ Jr.O..Freder ck P Stanton, II. .Owen I) Letb. ll..,U.nn llroun, I2..l'avid W1I11101. Indiana. .James Pollo'lt, I, .Robert Dale Owen, 14.. Alexander Itamsay. 9. .Thomas J Henley, 15. .Moses McLean. 3. .Thomas Smith, IG..J11 s Hl.ick. 4. .Pales U Smith, 17.. lames lllaneharit. S. .Willi 1 n W Wick, , . Andrew Sleitart. (i..Jol-n W Davis. 19.. Henry D Foster. 7. .Bird. ir.Uil7aiinry, iu..joan if Kiting. 8. .John ivttt. IX, .Cornelius Harraeh. 9. .Charles W Calhcarl, 2J..WilhamS Garvin. 10. .Andrew Kennedy. 21. .James Thompson. r.'iNnis. I..Rneri Smith. 4i..joi;ii Uiiffiagton, DELAWIBC. L.Join W Houston. MASILSND '.-Ii G Chipman. I.. I hoouiB Perry. 3.. Thomas W I 2..J'd n A MrClernand, 3. Ian to 11 ncKim, 4. .John Weniwonh. 5,.teth,n A Do iglass, 0.. Joseph I' lloie, 7. . I'dwird D Uaktr, hiisocbi. , James II Kowhn, . James II Relfs, 4. .William F Giles. S.. A'bert Constable. 6..Kduird fang, , vtsoiNts. l.,sro'o''sld Atkinson, 2., Geo C. I'ronigools, W Hubbard, 5,.rhellon F Leake, 6, .James A -Vtldon, 7..Thomaa II Haily, 8..Roht MT Hunter, 9-.JoAn,6' Pendleton, 10.. Henry Bedinger. I. .Will am Taylor, JV!.. A A Chipman, 3,,Q.'orgrW Hopkins, 1 4 . . Joseph- Joh nson, !.. William (i Hro.n mering I'nco, John 8 Phelps, Lconitd II Rims, Archibald Vek michioaimbV! I.." Icn McOUIWid,- a 1 nipinan, 3. II Hunt. rnBiOA. iVu-a.JCCole. fs'tgales-n. - IOWA. Augustus C Dodj,. WlSCOSMIM.- Morgsn L Martin. . Whura. iq tatics,16 1 J.ocos, in RxMnan, 1-40 1 Na '"",;udsmii.i;ab, 0) VaWincwSa. I'OREIGN.' ARRIVAL OFTllE CAMBRIA. Bostun, Dei-. 0 The steam ahip atnhrln. Captain JudkHi's arrivutl boln'w,' and canto In anchor near Hie L'glit House mi 'l:hurmlHy cio niiijr, at 7 n'clock, it being dark mid foL'uy. Shn left l.iirrppnlat 2 iiVlock, Nnvetnligr 19;h, anil lias cnirsp'qttrj'lilly 111 tdo the paasajje in stnr tnv weather, In 15 1 4 tl.iyo. She arrived .U Halifax til half past tine, nn llic tnorninir nf llm 3d, nnd sailed for Boston at 5. She hmiiolit Oil ti.issenirers from l.ivcrnoul, nf ivhutti 23 landed at tlalilnx. We liavn recpived iiur files of Iui.J dun papers to the. I8H1, and Liverpool, includiiiu; the Buritian Tuner. In tile ID It. The pupera contain much interestinrr Infor mation of llic slate. of nfftirs, more particulars ly coninicrcial, in Kiljjlai'ld and Europe (jener ally, but much nf it is nf a nature, which cannnt bo presented to tho reader in, a hasty turn mary, In regard tn the pencral stato of the tnarkcla and the )MicrtB of rnminercci there was nn derided rlianrL. The cotton market, which had been dull, revived considerably during the last week, but Ihe ncgrcjr-ito nf sales was com. piratively small. The ata'e nf the corn mar ket was nuchas to show that the rumors by tho Ut steamer of n (reneral panic from the scar city nf (rrain, and the prnspect nf the opening nf the purls by tin Order in Council were ex ajijrcraied, aiiil'in part unfounded. The grain market at the last dates was with out animation, and the prices of wheat and n ti er urain lor the last twn ucckr, rompardl with those of the preceding', had declined. The price of flour and Indian corn remained about stationary. The following rtalcmcnt, show din official averages which (joycrn the corn dit ty, in the last six weeks of which the ret urns had been published, and the rate of duty at Ihe last date : Oct. 4, wheat, Bfia. oats, 23s 4d, rye, 33s 3d. O l. II, 87 9 2J 4 J 34 2 ' Oct. 13, tAI 2J & 1. 34 5 Oct. 23, 69 5 24 11 w 34 5 Nov, 1, CO 1 23 2 33 2 Nov. 8. 59 7 25 4 33 7 Aggregate average ol ihe alx weeks, wheat 58s G.I, u.-iiie, ots yii, ii'tis ss .1 1 rye j-is 1. Duly on Foreign Produce present week, wheat 14s, barley Cs, oat-4s, rye 8s G I. Duty on Canadian, when t Is, barley Gil, oats Cd, rye G.I. Duly nn other British colonies, wheat Is, barley Gd, oatsCd, ryeGd. The opening of the ports of course did not lake place. There is (.till .1 rumor of tlie inlcii lion id Ministers to mike some change in the law, altering the sliding scale nf duly, and aleo the mode of taking the averager, sn'as tu pro dure the; efleii nf n lower rate of duly. Ciimnariiigthc prices of wheat at the London Com Exchange, as quoted in the Morning Chronicle of .Monday, Nov. 3, and Monday. Nov. 17, uc find there was a diminution of at Ihe. Utter date in all the varieties, ol from !)s. to 4. pnr quarter. 111 til l public r noils iherc was hardly a ner- renlible change of prices between the Iwn no. rtiHlr. Consols' on the 17th were niintod al 05 1-3 a n B. Kciiiict'il uj t-a a a 8. I'he K.ul Iti 1.1 il share market was "fir ill fur the reL'islerDil road'," and for the heller descriptions of scrip, ..... I ' 1 uih 1 in. iiusiocsn iiiniieu. Notice wast gneti by the Dink of En-rland on th" Otli of November of a further advance ol l-'-J per cent, in llic rate of discount, making II 1 2 per cent, on bills not having more than 1)3 days lo run. This notice was billowed Inr some days by a slight depression in Ihe public tunns. Wc intimated on a former occasion that pos sibly the cabinet meetings, of which mi much n dice was taken by the corn speculators, in their advices by the' la.t steamer, ni'ght Ime b'Si-ii occupied in part by another subject the American negotiation. Whether the llntish government I1-0I then received Irimi this conn, try information of the reception by Mr I'.iekeu ham of 1'resident I'olk's pmpnsiliii i it's rejec tion by the former and its ivithdr,al by tho latter, we arc nut iiilorined. The conjecture tint this subject may hate been under consider. atiou recedes coiinlen inre Iroiii 'he fn lowing, winch we find in tin- Muruiug Cnroinclc ol Nov. 0. We are led to believe, Imni inf irimtiorf on which we are entitled r rely, 1h.1t, o.-iwitltstaotfing the iui p.irl jio.-e hi the "fond quesnon," 11 hu.h h is occupied Ihe deliberations and ilividid die opinions of 1 he Cab inet 111 ineir recent meetings. Hie state or our ne,'o Itanium at Washington, in regard to ihe Oregon ter ritory, has been a question scarcely less perplexing nnd ruibarrissiiig. Ccilain 11 is, I rum nil we cm glean of pubhu opinion in the Stales, and from 'II we ran learn Ironi private sources of the views of 1 lie Cibtnet nt liashiuton, and of their power In con trol public opinion, even were they disp ise 1 s 1 to do, 111 order to elilct n friendly rellleuienl nf (bisques lion and it is wiih reluct nice and sincere reitel lhat we make ihe there nppearB nt present scarcely a chiuceof such views h-nig entertained in the pending uegoiii-ion at Wa hiogton as icill or con inei-l the acceptance ofan English Cnhioel. Nor are our feirBOti this score lessened when we refer to ihe apparenl precauiionary (ireparuiions which the recent nclivitv in the vatious Government d.ickvards would in-ticaio against ninrt-heiided dinger t nor when we refer to the lict lhat our cruisers stationed on the west toast of 8 1:1th America h.ivu sailed ote north un'A sealed orders. The npproich of he meeting of Congress, wlieu ns n tint er ol course the f lesuleut m tits .ilessige will he under ine i.efcss-fv 01 il.i-l ir- ing the ii-wsof lu (iovernment in regard to this now exei ing a-iesti.m, renders tt 11 uiit'er of n -ce-snv tint our ..iinisiers sno 1111 noueciieti n-10 ineir policy. How far .Mr Polk 111 ty, in Ins ilessage to Couprcss, nunge ine lone 01 ms maugiirnii m sp,itn, we win not it-nture lo -ay, hut 11 is certain lhat the rvenis which have since llien occurred in tnerica have been such as rather to increase than subdue thepopulir Bjiiteiiie lor - territory. The Chronicle of the llth ados the fol Ion ia.' : The Funds hive improved to day, in rnnseauence 01 ine nispersion 01 ine u-aoioer, nno us oeoig unner- stood mat ttie result 01 ineir nelineraitons lias tieen not to touch ihe crn liw-s. Some people, 11 is true, imagine tint their discussions were chiefly mnnec ed with Hie B'nte nt ttiouregon qieslion, an I mat the food of ih" p-nple seld mi inlerfereil with their thoughts. Hu lb-it as it miv. the impressi-ui being now general lhat no'hing will be done with rrsjxcl 10 the sliding scale until the Parliament meets, and lhat ihe session will commences! the usual penod prices are agiin louking up. The funds have been for some days pasl very much depressed by Ihe con tinued meetings nf the Cabinet, and nn expectation that s una great political movement was alio it to lake place; any immediate apprehensions of such an event being now looktxi upon as removnl, lha mirkeis have naturally begun In recover from iheir depression, and a favorable re-action has taken place. A Ireaty of commerce and navigation ban ben concluded between Belgium and the Uni ted Slater. CONGRESS. Washington, Dec. 1. Senate. The Senate met at noon this dav, Dec. 1, 1843- Vice-President Dallas t ink Ihe Chair, and railed tn order. 43 Members an swered to Iheir names. 'he credentials of the members elerled or appointed since the last Session were presented tiring .Messrs. tumor nt I en 11. ; w nuihers, of Miss.; Divis, of Miss. : Jenness, of New ll-nnpsire, and Levy and Westcnll of riorid.a, I he customary resolutions appointing a coin-

inillee to wail on Ihe President furnish tcna tors with p-pors, ij-c, were pasted, and the senate aiijourneil. House. I lie House met this nay at noon. Called in order by Mr French, Clerk. Present 212 Member. I'he House then proceeded, hy ma voce, lo eject a Speaker, and the vote stood : for Uavis (u; i'.tl W. Norris (L.) 0 ' W. J. Miller (N. A.) 5 A. Stewatt (Whig) ; 1 Vinton (VV, of Ohio) 72 " D. M. Ilarringcr (W.) . ,-1 - J. O. Chapman (W) 1 H. C. Wmtli'op (W.) 1 llr, Davis having a mjurity of all (hn voles, wa derlsrrd duly elected. On taking the'Clufr, he nude a short and appropriate speech The House 'llien adjourned. . Washington, Det-.TZ." The Message nf President Polk ia perhaps Ihe, longest Kiecullve document Ihal has ever been submitted to -Congress. II covers Iw P- jieaof manuacriM. atidoceunies more than Iwu hours la'thc readine. hour la'lhor ra,t;nfs. -'e - -' Tharmcsiigr ha-trprofd"so 1hVglhitT!illi reading hie made ug nearly th wkoje pf.t);e procerrdliis nf Ctmgrerr. 'I lie Senate grew weary of it before the .close, and, for the first time, perhaps, In the history of the government, the nierHjroynstint hcatd thrnttgh. Mr Sevier moved to suspend tlie,readiil(r, and lha mm inn prevailcd,t Jlf r. .Allen, of (Mlii'i dislinoiilshed iilinself, and ' tlw position he is tn occupy, as rhairman rsf ltie I'omitiiltco nn Foreign Rola linhs, hy litoving the prilttliig of iwtnly fitt thou ianrrx7r,'2ll'rcsideiit'r views upon the Uregun .queajiou. This motion was stts. tallied alter thotiatc Itad ordered I ho printing of the usual ?H)inber of extra copies-, with and without thflssag(. Air. CrHBhas tnnved early in behalf ol infernal jjHPaac!""'"' ''V ,',p lulrmluctinn of a Dillllq)t7rIir.iBejT,J,r)s-tck of the Port laud 'and LoutvilleCiiHal,,aiid a more- important Dill for remitting instructions from, and improving tho navigation of Ihe Mississippi, river, and ill tribu taries. The(tljinsp proceedings commenced with Ihe confirmation of no act consummated last night, by which Uenj. D. French, Esq., was made Cletk. t'lie WhiL'sUid nut ontiosc the nnminalinn. Mr Biiley; 1 f Va., successor of II. A. Wise, moved at an early hour thai the House proceed tothe elect. on of a Public Printer. The nul lum called out an amendment from Mr Davis, ofKy., who' proposes that the printing of Con. gri-ss shall bo dune by rnnlract, and shall be given lo the lowest bidder. Thin proposition wss defended in an offhand speech, which con rained many and good reasons for the amend men!. Mr Only, huwcier, answered tho argil incut ns bwt he rould. Mr Davis wns in Hie act nf a rejoinder, when lite Message was re ceived by the hand nf the Private Secretary, J. Kno.x Wuiker, ami of course put an end In all further business for the day. 'the question of electing a Public Printer will be the tint busi ness" in order for tnmorrnw. 7'ne Loco Focus held their last night, and iinmina.lp.jl the following persons : to pjUnl j'lu ,' lor Public Printer Uenj. Fj, French, for Clerk of the House. Amos La tic, re-nominated, for Sergeant. at Arms. Mr Whilnov, of Illinnls, for Door Keeper. ''lie caucus here i-t equivalent to the House itself, and what lias been done in a corner will be cunliimed in hroail dav. Mr French's prompt elcctlun by the House is proof nf this. Washing ion, Wednesday, Dec. 3. StNATE. ,1'he annual Ucporl of the Secreta ry ol tho Treasury was received and laid nn the table, and uidrrcd to he printed. Also a Report of Inn Accounts by the Treasurer of the United Stales. Tho resolution offered yesterday, by Mr. Dreese, giving the appointment of the the Stand ing Cominiltees to the President of the Senate, wa, m 1, t , list nno, psp med. The resolution oiling for inn on the subject of the Dancing Ilabb't Creek Treaty, was atlop'etL- The resiiltirinn.'ofTered by Mr. Allen, for print, ing 2-j,0(K) f.xfra copies ol the Message, togelh. er with the correspondence between lint Un ted Slates and Gnat Britain, 011 the subject of the Oregon T! frjti dy, was also adopted. ivMBiipsiptjrftniitit''d a resolut.'on, rrq iest iug the Presi'ueat to coinniiinii-.ite any iiilornia tioil he in iv have, or ran speedily obtain, tiuoii the practicability of a fort or forts 011 Slip Island Miss. On innlintji jlm Senate adjourned. House. The Journal was reatl. Hon. Asa Uriggs, id Ni C. appeared, and took his seat. The Speaker laid before the Utilise the an. nnal ilemit olllo! Secretary nf tho Treasury, and also the Ac 'nun's nf the U.S. Treasurer, which documents were laid un tho table and or- dered 10 be printed. The Clerk ot the House presented a com muiticHlion rclatiic lo i-n 'raved plates, which was onieretl In be printed. The election of Public Printers, was the sub ject next in nnler. Mr Dins, ot Ki'., took the floor, and ronrlu ded Ins argument of yoslerday, in Uvor of sepa rating the Press tmin ihe (i 1 criioiont. Mr. Ilivley. sd V.i. replied, and pmiiosed, in stead of ih diiii'iiilineiii which Mr D. off-red, Hi it Hie I louse should first elect their Printer, and Men intsd .1 r-elei't ro miiiiiee to 111 ike qU' lrAliitgc. 6ic. ' . Me. MBTTrfTHTToveil Ihe previous question. The Shaker here laid belore the House prnpohal I root. J. Duv Si Co. to do Ihe printing tor o per cent, ic-ti ttnii was given at the last COIIl-M'SS. The House proceeded 'n vn'e. The follow ing was the- lestilt : Kitrliie & lleiss VJ3 J Duv it "o. to-; Giles & Smton 4 ; Jcli'strnoii if- Co. a. Clip S.teaker. djclared fl tclre and lleiss oleiied Bi reiolutimi, Mr Lino, i 1 1., Sergeant at Amu uflhe las: Congress, was re elected. In like iniuiinr, Mr Wh Iney, of Illinois, was in tde Door-keeper. The Mlc. Iioiii.f a Postmaster was next gone into 1 ml s.ner, il caml dues w ere oain-il, some of whom iiereHiltBriv.ird' wilhdraw 11. The re sult w.ih this, viz : .Mr Julnisoo,'master of Ihe last Congress;, Hli vn'es ; Mr MiCurmick, 71; Mr,; 21 ; Mr Gatntnim,5. Mr Johnson was declared elf'clrd. Th)'("erkn! l1ut'7louse nude a renorl con- renniig lite i-nntfugent funs!, the printing of which ts ornewti, ana tin- House atlj luriiutl. if&ilH WASBIMQTO.V. Washington, Dec. 1. MR, BUCHANAN'S P.O-ITION. Hamlet Do you see Hinder ch ud that's almost in s'tapeofa coin 1-7 Polrnius Uy .the mass, and 'tis like a camel, .in deed. . Hamltl Methinks it is like a weasel. 1'o'oniw Il is backed h'ea weasel. Hamlet Or. like si M hate I I'ulonius Very like a whale. In llil- style, precisely, Ihe Washington Union is d "cussing Ih'e position of the Secretary of S'at. Having done all il could, hy broad hints and sly inuentloes. to drive Mr. Buchanan from ihe Cabinet, where his presence must he most annoying 10 those who favor either the extreme doctrines of adiyates of free trade, or lite ultra notions nf many of Ihe dominant pirtv, in regard to the whole of Oregon, the Union now change its tune and discovers lhat Mr lluchauan is just the man for Ihe place he now holds, and lhat the plare is just Ihe proper one lor Hie man. I lie Pennsylvania presses and the prominent mem bers nf the Democratic party, in Pennsyliania have spoken ,3tlioritively in the Secretary nl Stale, ii' toSIWTWP,iare. They have de. minded ihat the interests nf their stale shall not bst abandoned jit 'Ihe rnunels of Ihe Govern ment, and having spoken bo'dlv, and in a vnire that has reached Ihe C.ipiml, lite Union has he r.nme Ihe very echo of those presses, and thinks, just now, that Mr Uurhanan is not only an ail mirable proper h'lan' for himself, but the very man, of all men, for Ihe office he holds. The Nurrig'nwn (Pa )f ltegi,iur ol the 2Q h Noveoi br, sai Ihal "Mr Hoehanaii will not ai rept ihe Judgeship, nor will he retire from the important station in whirlr hn was railed hy President Polk." The Union publishes all this, and much more in lint fame, strain, lollowe.t by ton re mark ; ' Il giies us, great pleasure lo confirm the above," &a". tve. The Executive Organ a' Ihe e evenih hour "takes creat pleasure in arriving at a rnolusuiu which, had the decision been llAetrut, would hav affjrdcd still greater Pleasure In Ihe writer. It is, however. a snurro nf gratification tn the wings ihat Mr lint haiian will retain his plare in Ihe Cabinet. His influence, from the neces eily of (lie case, is enlisted iu behalf of lhat tariff win. h ilig-Eieiyitfve designs' to destroys and upon the '"JallVB7JBM4. 1 huui utucji 11 ue occuplc's'Tfii-'uiirs ui7iyi)i of -nine nf hta ivl) That he is ambit has of the Presidency is, very probaily,.-truc, ni tjtsjt he would go beyond llm dictate id sound policy to secure the nomina lion of hi) pari y-Hsoilsn i rue ; but there must be a grdat i hanoe iu public opinion before he. can seruTOTheSmiTInVta A'tie for Ihe President's oTii-e. No 0110 knfrw-s this btfrler than Mr D 1 chanaii liiins'elf.Biid Ida Impe, no doubt, lis been a rhairge of iblirtjrpittisiu' in fsiornf the Pro. .' .. ,i... m.iIi ssrfdmissg ihatwill certainly. Jomc,J( UieSouili ir Jen-Wneek out I -.i ,n rot..:,. i,,iM.sia. -In Rsanriria I HHHS"H ,V SMMPHS-IIB I"-"!. ..'.'11. . . . " 1 firoiecnun iu, iinrqo inuusiry-sMsws,j s"-ki. r ductrine. Koin LouleiwlsTCentucky, Ten. nnssee, and every day it is becoming morn and more so In Alabama, Mississippi, and through all Ihe South' I.-ave the Tar iff where il is, and In five vears Ihn Tariff will he as popular at th3 South as at the North, and Ihnso who have be n longest the friends nr llm Protective policy will ho'd the highest places in puhlir. cs teem. Mr Iturhsnan has had discernment enough to perceive litis, and has trusted lhat the future would result in securing favor for him self and justice Inllie great inieresisof his State, He lias sacrificed the office of a Jinlgn for life, for the smal'cr honor of boing chosen President for four years. Tin? proceedings in Ihe two Houses of Con gress to-day liavn nnt been, attended by any marked periillaritie. Toe new members are as many as the old mips, and tn those who line been long absent, the new men in and about the Capitol givn a new appearanre to the scene Mr Adams was in hi seal, and able tn take some lillle part In Ihe debate ; hut he did not seem q'lile wfill, and complains of in lisposition. 7he vnto against Inrorpnratlng the Anil-Petition Rule In the regular rules and orders 121 In 84 must have been particularly gratifying In his feelings. No inemher has taken so active a ;nrt In the war made up.n this ruin as Mr Ad. nm. and during the last session of Congress his efforts were crowned wilh the most complete success. It i remarkable that the vote during the last session and th" present were the same, -the m inly being 37 then and now, against what has hi en called "(he gag." Il is supposed that nn attempt will he made tn revive the o'd Utile ngatu, ami the fart thai Ihe rules adopted are to be revised again may give some roun tnnanre to the suspicion. Rut never again, in my opinion, ran Ihe odious rule he incorporated into the arts nf Congriss. Public opinion, at present, everywhere indiealcs a more enneerv. alive feeling upon the Slave question. The Abolitionists have made themselves the ohjerl nf public rnntemp', by their conduct during ilw Presidential electlnn.aud they must rhangn thcr conduct before they ran expect lo influence o'hers or even to command personal respect fur themselves. The seat from Florida, it is now certain, will he contested. -both the gentlemen being upon Ihe ground, Mr Cabell, with the certificate nf Ins elertinn, and Mr Rrnckenborough, claiming the popular majority. I ho Ivwn K"C.o hold another caucus tn.ntght, to settle the question nf who shall he Clerk, nndwhn shall fill titer subordinate offices. Some fault is found with Mr Wcller hv his delegation, for occupying what is railed lite do. seending scale in political ambition. The Clerk's office, however, will mike up in profit what it l-irks in honor, it is. next lo Public P.-itUer. the ri,-hesl office in the gift of Congress, and as such, is snught after by all the fortune hunting politicians. ,Mr French so far has a chance nf retaining his office, and the indication are that thorn will bo no changes in the subordinate offices. 7'ne voles in the House lo day indicate the triumph of King Caucus. Ynu tnilsl remember however, ihit Ihe two. thirds rule was abandon, ed, and thai the Calhoun men repudiste thn C incus. Some of ihmii, however, voted for the Caucus cand date. Exprrss. OUIIOWN ARTISPS. We learn from the A'Ua lhat an asnela lion of gentlemen in this city has recently neeu lortiieu wtiicii neseryes ine I ivor and en operation of all whose ninans and tastes plare 11 wniiiii ineir power. Ihi object is to assist four of our native snd most deserting artists. and to enable them to imprnve tlieinseUe.s in their favorite pur-mii, while at the same tune it Insures to all who shall loin iho association tull return of all they shall advance to ils aid. Wo sincerely hope the project will meet with the tiniest encouragement anil fivor, and we copy Ihe following i-oinmiiuicatinn, skeleton" forth lilt design, fiirthe further information of our readers: 10.1(011 fee. j Gcntlrmcn : The inlere i you have li'seo in wh itever p-rt nils in Art, assures ine ion will lend your nid lo aov p'an which pmiuisrs to' t e of t enefii lo Arlis's. Therefore, if wh u I have to propose. J should sprrar lii-ibl,- please tin- it 10 then 11 he, nrA ask Iheir sso.-trov il nnd a-sisian -e. As my pre-eot tttin ! luurlw nn i,,ii.,iiiini u lii,-l, ir -. I ji I mav open the way for oni I y which Attstit,neralli n I oin he bensfitie I, I prop e to s,'cct some four, who hive already uiveti endeiice lhat ihey talent surB -'tent to enable thein, wuh jiroper cnenuru'euieni, to attain to moiethin ordinary excellence in theii pr if,;sst-'i tel e-t-ho-t- nrhiitt it s pij.. -I, which shi I be patuicd in oil. on some sizj canvass. alb'wi-10 sit ru tu hsfor their eoinpleiion ind when Kuishtal atl-l appropri ilely frinied, to he cxhlhiltd in some convenient room, to which all can hive Jree access. Thn a committer of ihs ntercsted connoi-seurs shall In- chosen lo decide 11 Inch of the four pictures is, in all respects, the inn-i mcmori-ma -drawnii, rotor, iiiaiii--euieni. Ac. taken iul- ens derition. This pic ine shall then he , nirraiel on !, twelve hv fif-le.-n inches, ur larier, and txeciitcd in the he t possi ble llllllller Toe artists 1 wo dd rcconmend to trv thisesperi nie 11. are Ames, Hall, Iteail, an I Fo'ler. These four, I f.-el coiiftd ut, fioni what I hive seen of iheir w irks, are capable of pro lucinzcnch a fnernmpn s lion. Mrreifcon for selei"ini iheso centlemen iu p-eferencc tn others pus rasing peihaps, equal merit, is the .tmnn desire I know they feel to attempt a 1 nethine of ibis kind in preference portraits. I do not .ojpsct tint iheir lirsi lactures will lie fvd 1 less still I believe lint if Ihey have the, assurance that ilieir inuks will be seen, appreciated, and purchase '. hy men of taste, there will lie much to iduiiie 111 all of itieni. And n cue tin m ihis as airni'e. I 1 roposo lo raise hv s hseripiion, three thousand dol'nr, wiiieh sum will. I ihiuk, be.ofri eient to havo the best picture well ruirrsved. ilelray lhs ez ense of framing snd ..sliiltoion tl,M ni.-,i,0a id alio i-eich Anisi rnnuvh to enable him to see ind siu.iy ine nesi coinpositions in tin rountrv. tiroeiire pro.ier models, fiom which to draw and color hi Oirures, rlra pei ies, an-1 accessories. Hv fj 1 lying three dollars anv person ran heenme a me liber nf this s,rlisi. assisting Association, and shall receive, m return, an enaraviiii wnnh ihe full amount of his s i1 sc-i-ition. and a chance of one ol the four painuousl iiung In his lot, when they nn, disposed of. As ihere will I e only one thousand copies of thern ''"""II printeu, none uut subscribers can oDiatii litem. A number of the friends and nitrno. of Art have assured ns, that Ihev will lake three, rive nr ten rnp- i 'B and I itit nOl ,!.,lll,l Ills, lha u-I.aIa .mminl nn ne linmeiliiiely ratsi-,1 iinnn; the personal friends of ur ii, oe-nBsisien ariisis. Will you uive this anneal to ihe nublie. and sav whs, ihtntr ,.r i, n.i i:. ours, truly, u NEW ICR BREAKING MACHINE. A machine for tho purpose of breakim? the ice in our harbors and navigable rivers, has been invented by Mr Taber, of Maiden Line, which promises lo he extremely serviceable. Ills in Ihe form of a cylinder, nlared trans versely across thu hoivs ot a buii. and armed, at regular intervals, with ponderous hammers of a puuu ur roiisirucitii'i, which, as the cylinder revolves, tan successively upon the ice 111 ad. y.ince of the boat, crushing it sufficiently tusd mil free passage. Tho hammers, w Inch arc intended to he made of wrought iron, and weighing several hundred iHiunda each, are al'achc.l to (Inures mem ihe cylinder by a joint or hinge, which prevent Ihe stroke from operating as a dead shin k upon the machinery, and are calculated tn make, t'f meansofa i hain hind driien by the engine of ine 11011, loriy revolutions per ininuie. Iitiuin- dtately in advance of the naddle wheels are an other set of similar hammers, operating in the -tamo manner ; ami with this apparatus Mr Ta. uer iliinks lie ran progress through ire ten men cs llurk, at the rate of eight miles per hour, I'he plan seems a Icasthla one. and we learn mat several scientific, and practical gentlemen ave given it their decided approbation. The cost of affixing, tips nuchin try elo a common boat 1 estimated at les than 83000, and if it perform what Mr T. is sanguine it will, Ihe invention will prmr invaluable. News. Cheshire and Central Junction. We under'taid that at a meeting last week, in Uostoii, ot the Director of thu Che.liir.) and C'ilitral lloads, a connection between ihe two, at or near Cheshire Jlridi'e, was aifreed upon. Hepry I'os'er, K-q. of Boston was chosen a Director of the Chcahirn Rmd, iii plare of Henry (lice, Esq.. resigned. ' Mr K. is a very active business man,- and has a large interest in our roid. Kttns SM. 'luttiay. FRIGHTFUL RAIL ROAD COLLISION. At half past five n'slock on Wednesday afisrnoon. a serious collision took place on ihe lloslon snd Alba ny Rail. Road, a short distance from Chester vi'liee, 21 miles this side of SpringHeld. 'I he particulars, which wc have from a relnble source, nre as follows 1 The passenger train was coming in, and llicfteiphl train going out (for Itoston ) It was the duly f ihe passenger train lo have remained nl Cbeslrr village until the freight train had reached its station nt lhat village. Il s'arteil however four minutes in advaiK-e of i s lime nnd in the course nf lliese four minutes encountered Ihe freight train, under full speed. The rolhsion was frightful. Both locomotives ran intoes'h other, smashing Ihcm intoa thousand pie ces. Four ear-, two on each Irain, (the post-office, etprcs, nnd baggage cars nf the passenger irsin, nnd two freight cars,) were also entirely tlcmo'ished The greatest alarm and confusion prevailed I the wreck was scattered in every direction the mail bags and their contents and the eipress packages were tlnown along Ihetrsrk, tern open and other wise damaged and Ihe fl 1 'f and olher commodities l the freight Irain thrown down ihe bank, broken in nieces, and the fliur scattered around. It was soon discovered thai four nersons were se riously injured, though it is hoped that but one was niaiiy Hurt. That, wns Pstrick. fireman nn thehssseneer train, whose leg was broken, his shoulder dislut-ated, and he was otherwise injured. He Ins been nn Ihe rnad ever since ils nnentnr. was industrious relnble, and much respected. Lillle hope of his recovery was entertained. .limes Russell, mail agent, leaped from his car, and was nauiy nruiscil. Samuel Dennis, nf "nrincfldd. baggage master was taken from under th wreck of ihe locomotives nnd ears, hidly, hut it ia believed not fatally hurt. Mis escape, as well as mat of llus-cll, was almost miraculous. The conductor on the freight train (whose nime we do not learn) was thrown nut with the hour and othel armies : and when first rescued su'h is in. "ruling passion.' drew nut his watch and -.xelaimd "I have lour minutes vet nn my time 1" a -d then fain'ed. He is supposed not lo be ding rottsly in hired. The loss to the Rail-Road Company is large, and 10 1 nampson s i-.xpress ronsi leratue. Il is remarkable lhat not a sing'epis-enger wis in jnrcd 1 the intervening bigrage ana" express cars (whteh were uestruye I) serving no doubt n a ptotec- 1 on. The nissentrer Irain was detained until midnight 1 and arrived here this mnrnin-r. other locomotives hiving been procured from Snringfie'd. The accident is wholly ascribed Ir, the eulrahte determination nf the conductor nf the nasspnoer train to proceed from Chester ullage, before his tints', and in d-Since of the warning at lhat station, tint he would encounter ihe freight train a result leo f.ilaPy renuseu. ntoany irgirs. FRIDAY MORNING, DECF.MDF.R, 12, 1313. PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE. Our coluint arc ilevoled almost exciusivclv to llic in"ssioe. It is of the usual ininr doti.iiili) length, lint niiicli belter written sumo other iluctinieuts of (lie kind with wlurli the public liavu lli en ufilii ti-d nn fnrnii-r oc c.isions. Ti-xns, Oii'gon, tin- TurifT, ntnJ the Siili-Trt'osni y,nre the proniitienl topics. In ri'li-runco In Oreguu, the hngwtgu of llic Alessnce is less liellii-r-int w,u general ly .iiilii'ii.ili-il, Httd fully verifp-s our pri-ilic-tiontlnl this question is lobe used fur "stir ring up tliu :a tt i tn ill," utnl cri-.iiing nock fur a ru-cloi'liuii. Su far us (lie facts aro liefuru us, then: seems lo lie no very idit (lilTcrenrit in thu cl-iiuu of the two govertiinetits, anil il is qtitlo iiiiiiiL'til that llie uitlnlrawal of .Mr. Polk's own propoMtion, si nil ttlirtiplly turntitt- iliug lint nrgoli.ilion, was ilirmigli iImI the qiii-stioil would bo disposed of lot) sum ni irilv. EiioI.iiii inks less and wit li.ivi- ol- li'ivil more was 1'iiriiii-ily con i-inli-il !' r, i ml yol (liu ni'Poii ni on is IkiiIm-o up! T- o proposition, llutrt'luro, Iu leriiiiii-nn liu; joint ocjiipaury ami exlrntl our laws uver llm ler- ilory, is .1 inert- loiclt, to invi-sl the aiilijori witli mure inipurt-incu ami give II a serinus ispi'Ct. A iiK-isuru ol this kind, will of course call for prompt and energetic uctiun on lliti p.irt of lint Biilisli giivernuiunt, and this will furnish llm occasion fur an appeal to the p iliiolisni of the A hum io in people In rollv roiiuil llm txeciiiivc; and siisihih llm ciiuti try'sliiinor! Thu snhjocl unci! fiirly invest ed ".villi a little of tint "pump and cirriiui- sl uice of war," Mr, Polk will lli.-n step in, anil liv sunn! iii-isIitIv stroki! of iliiil-nn a I is' policy savii the country fiom tint honors of wir, and lint (to him) niore liorrihlu rous qtiitnce, lite ni'i-i'ssitv fur a prntfiMing l-irill! So much fur Oiegon. Ti-xnj, il will lie seen, is alreatly knucking al iliu ilour, imp lienl ol'ili'l-iy.-ind llm ail iiiiiisir-itiou is i-.igor j lo avail itst If of lior sen votes in tho I ailjiHliiient of tint laiifT quustiun nnd oilier' measures of southern policy. Very wel : lei her in at once. Wo sou no tiso now in multiplying words about it. On tilts subject uf tho lariff, iho President is plain iiiid implicit, nnd wit imagine ilio people of Vt-rnioiii will bo no longer in doubt as lo u lial is meant bv "incidental" prolection. Tho doclriuo of tho message is this : lliat tlitt duly on every arli, In should he tliat wliicli will secure liu- greatest amount of leveuun from flacli particular article. This of cotirso invites, and presupposes, a larger importation. If ihis raises ton much revenue, then comes lite "incidental" pro tection alluded In : the duty is lo be reduced below revenue point, which liasnlirady ftlled t liu country wilh foreign goods and thus iucrrastii fat iliii' s am lo be afforde I lo the fori'ign mai ufarlurer for supplying llie American market! And litis rule is In be applied In all articles, those ill it wo do, as well as lliosi: lhat ue do not produce, with out discrimination. Then again lie goes for abolishing llie minimum piinriple. This will i'imIiIu lha importer to enter his goods at any price a fraudulent invoice may ii-.tlicuie. For instance ihe fine Snnlli American wools, which It iv" done llm ivoul-giowi-r so much mischief, may under lliis rule be entered ul :t fitiv cents per pound pay a inert; revenue duty nn lliis trilling sum, and lltus supplant the besl wool grown in Vermont. Divested of ill verbige, Isaac is llm languagii of Ihe Messace. "Discrimination," arcording lo Mr. Polk, consists in reducing tint duty on an arlic-" which in coniequeuco of eicessivp imvnrlation has already glutted llie market, and produced ion much revenue. Tim is Ihe protection lo American tnuustry nils tho entertainment Iu which the farmers, me chanics and manufactures are invited. Wo hopo il will provo satisfactory to those who have clamored so much about piolcciion lo wool. Suicide. Dea. Warren Rice of North field committed suicide last Saturday night, 29th nil- Causa unknown. ' State nr New York Wilh a noiiuli.imnf 2,000. 374, the voters are enumerated and do not vary mum irnin 010,000, including 04,233 for the city nf New York. In 1810, Virginia had tho most inhabitants. Nmv Yorkjias mnro than double the number of Virginia ! Sn much tor jretumn so tnucti !or tlaiery. Yankees haie purchased largo tracts in Virginia, and are showing litem how their lands can be improved by free lal or mid good manairemeril.'l Thern are. In I lie r tyof New York, 24()draf and dumb persons; m blind; al idiots, and Dos Innatir. The city (now numbering 37l.l(h2) has 01.0(11 aliens: I0.VI paupers ; 1 1, !70 colored, nersons. not la-ctl, .ind'iMlajctl; burn it: Now England ir,0M; 111 other Slates. 23Ji77: iu Grist Uri- i 11, 0.V173 ; in Ooriruuiv, 4.MI0; in. Prance, :t 711:1 .xjr r"t,o,ri,r.. n.n,.., D-1 . IS.- -.' " ' ' w. un,r, vi, UpiStOflBI, ill: Presbyterian. 30: Cnnrrreiratioosl rioel.,,1. ing 2 Unitarian,) H; Methodist, 30; Roman Catholics, 13; Dutrh R-formed, 23 Universt. 1: .. .1. t o . .-, , a a. .... . nno, ivmi,ui r neons, i. .normal Hrhroil, 1 i C moti Schools, 63 ; Academicr, Female Soiiuiaries, 12; Puoils In Common Schools, 23,774; in Private Schools, 203 ; I ins and Tav erns, 1UU0! Ulergy,270; Medical Doctoti, 833. NOTICK. ' A mceling oftlie inhabitants of Chittenden County in favor of granting L censes to Retail, era amlTaicrn keepers, will be held at tha Court House, In Durlington, nn Saturday tha 20:h day of Der. insl., at 1 u'clnrk, P. M. for the purpose of selecting suitable candidate for County Commissioners. It is hoped lhat thert will be a full and punctual attendance. December II, 1845. Fl U E BNVJ NOTICE. Tlie Annual Meeting of tho ll:rliitgtori Vof- untcer Engine Company, No. 1, will te held at the Peari Si reel House on Thursday even inf, L-ec. let It, 1B40, at 0 o'clock. A general atten. dance of the members is requested. liy order of the Captain, E. C. LOOM IS, SrrV. Dec. 10.1b, 1845. I.NVITATION. Ma J. D. Psoi-ANDie, gtntrful for the lind recep tion and patronage he lia-justrreived from iheLadus and Gentlemen of Rur.ington, takes this method of informing ihe Bui seniors and those wishing to be-co-nosnbscri'ers to Ins school, lhat hi- n quest, their ati.n'ance on Monday Kveniug next, at the Heirl S reel Hal', al Go'rlocl , P. H. The school will comnienicon Wydnisday (he I'lli.a' 2o'c!ockP. M. for Lidics and Hoys under twilvc, and 7 P, M. for ths elder c'ass of gentlemen. IIItinillOM SI A II K KT, December 1, 1845. At tmrkct, 6i0 held uf Deef Calile, 150 Stores. iW Sheep, andS.'O Swtne. PBiccs-llcefCaiile.-l-xtra, S'.flO- First quality iU-'-j T,'1.'-"1 .u'll"yl.f!0 8U5i Thitd'qiiahty Si to a 5 I I I. . Itsireliti-.' Cnitle-Mes, S3 2"i No. I 82 7". ) stores t eirlin?". S, T 47 ; t,vo ,ear, utJ, IT a 814 t ihrce year old SI5 J & i. ' ' Sheen. Lots finoi SI 'Ft loi Swine. Lots to peddle nt 3 for sows, and 41efor At retail from 3 lo 5jc. batrows. D 4 ta d, In St. George, on I he 3 1 instant, OasivP. Ishik, eon of Hum and niiz.abeth I-bain, n;:eil 39 yiors. In bis death Ins wye liu lost a kind an I tender husband, his parents an afiiclionale son and the neiL'hbors nnenfiheir most useful men. 'III-' -t-coti I ii se-iiicol. ol t ndolar- no ejeh L -hire.oi th,. Vermont fV-itral Itnilrmel t'onipany hi-lten ordereil by lite Direrlors aod i- paia' le un Tne-iUy, Hie t w 011)-- enili ,'ay of January' near. ! P 1v1ne.1t mav In- ma V- at bo 'tin. k I ti,.ni,...tV or the K.irmers nnil ilechani II in .. nl II irluinnn. V erm oe. or at hu Trej iirer's. OrRi-r. 'o 171 T.- tnoul Ko , Hoston SA.ll'KL II. WA'.LEY, Jr., Treasurer. Ilo-iou, Dec. 8. 1315. 83 tlIMIM,tN Al CttNN ElITKifjT itivuu hail,R(.im:.mpany. The niinuil Hireling of llie Chainpi.iin ntulConnees tii-iil Ititcr Roi tl-.iil (.'ompnny will be bent nt ths Court I Ions,. 01 Itiifand. on ihe second Wrdnrsday, betn.' Ihe llth day ul J.inuiry mil, at lOo'.-lockin the forenoon, for ihe election ol dtieciors. anittortha trans icn -n of nny olher businrss, whi-h may bs thouL'bt t e essnrv. j" s b isiuess of creat imp lri.ance will be hronjhl bit ,re ihe meetiui.', 11 is dt sir ilite that he stuckhold era huuld attend as enernlivas iHissihle, SA UL. SWIFT, Cletk, MiddU-bury, D.c.6, 1315. 'riinrmiiint!lor?. FINC London Thermometers craded to forly.ds uiees he'ow zero, suitable forlhj coldest wrath ir, for a e low by KIIIAS.UAIU ii UKUTIicsiO- Dei-ember II. 29 WILM3R & SMITH'S E UU O P EAN TIMES I urn ten an I (cililii-htil tx rcsslv fonV-paichl'y all inr o.c-niii mi jjs willfll itnvf r nson i ior THF, INITKD sTATKS AND i 'A.N.IDA. THRte Essr.MTiai. rrTORr.s disiisscho n raoat ill COITCMr-OBANCoUi rCBUCATICKS. FIRS I'. It latirnill a full. i-nrre.-l and efmnr hrn.iie Sluppini; Li-t. l'erson inlerv-ted in ths Marine of America may pirn in an in ram lo ihe ia formation whu h 'bey .rek, wuh tin-certain v s-l rely. nr.- on o-irinn. it in I- sU(er-eies Muppiuj 1.1-ts, Hiid o her eapen-ive piibtuiaiKin- 'ro n Knn-pe, sonas ofwheh are six lime- the price of " Wimra 6 Smiih's I i-rofe is Times." SI COMM. V, It ci niains a Price Current ol all the re it tlnti-h anl Kurnpean MarLel-, ilevotrd prinepsilv lothear'Kle flratl-an-li-onmer e,n-ors-imii,d .ssely apirtainimr lo the Unneti Sra rs- arxl Hnten Amenea and tn ashx-h rtas-arerchBrat. thm Tra ', r. nn.l ihe man of llu-uie a inis-i frrl an inimf.1,- u'e it teres!. On llie.c-ic ofirie-liie-,tlicTsre,lr Fie'i e . mi I the remark- aci-om-.anjsni: ihe vauoos M.irkt-1-. show in? their actual eondituo, may I e reli ed nn and are, m fa AiTii-isirr with most or Tiir. rtaiT musrs is the rsiNcuai cities or tb tl.MTLtl STATFS AND CANADA. THIRD .V, a- a ue.i spatter, il presents tothe Am, man reader, in a inn-irntriiel state, and where she inie est- or the noporlaoi-e of the suljttt ilemanda ii, iu ihe mo I detuile I and ample form, , wry lopie'ot iiliejl, iiunuirn-inl. d..on-.M-. n.l uii-cella'neo'f in-iere-1 winch ha- isonirrt-l in Korope or el ewhrrr. sio.-e the d'pirln.e of ihepretusis packr- r-pes ni rvitanl hrissz pa'd su whatever i. inn-tly innneilrsl wfh.or relates .-. h .itii-al, Siv ii", aivlcrunmeniBl well bung of Ihe Units I S ales and Canada. Ofilns piper the "Ilo.tnn .Morning Psm" say Weare s-reslly in lo'.ie.! to this News Mper foi our Foreign, .Mi-i-ellanu and Ctsmrwr ial IN'ew-. Oi,b number of Wiisieb A. -.mitii's FcnnrcAN Tlisss ia .ii rib a whole ble s I any olher F.ngll-h pair. Snb-erinlioti to Wttsjrsi A fix.,... rA.-'.u Times," Flit Dollar. n year, remvrd by Iheiu lowin( .Vtis York Wi'mer it Snii h's, E iropean Time Otb'i-c. i Messrs. Re Mint eV Co. Sla'r strce'. lloslon " llald urton A'L'n.. Situsu . .. . , , , ''V.r Hn-ehksss, news slant CcsirlsiV Philadelphia .Messrs. Z clierfc t'n , ,cw, A.-sUs7 Baltimore ' ShutaiV Wilder, Ncwspaprr A rents, Charleston, Ms-. Asno. Hct.l. Newspaper Depot. Mjbile, Mr. Hisilletne, lS'ew-pssrr IVpoli v,. n. t llr. Ilravo. t'otnuiffiial news risauis, .ew Orleans, fJU M,tt re, torwsi lrs, ee, Albany Mr. Cm. Jone-. Newspaper OfTlet. Hoth tiler Mr. Hewei, llcoksrller arid ls:wv A sent. 'rir-ino',(Mf.).Mes.sChild A Co.Rsnrras A(eHts; Quebec Mr. l-ane, Ri- hsnge ew Rooins Montreal Mr. Wil on. Exchange News , do I Liter i oil, Of Ihe proprietor-, WilnierSmiU; . B-H-T.'oinmiini-aiions.i,, be post pai,!, anal in slleassss dirtcTeJ, " fUROPFaN. TJfML'S-.Of-lCB,?tIEB, Vt.BB or Uvssrooi. faV Wriintiil Coniral Kiiilnnttl. i