Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 23, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 23, 1846 Page 3
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NBWI FROM -NQLAND. He.nnUoH ef tl.c Fed MlHlslrj . AcccmIob of Lord John Kussrll 1 . . Lord Palmcrrton. Tlie ship Liberty, Ciptain Norton, or rired in New York, from Liverpool, on Sun diy fternoon, brinRtng four days later nous from Europe, viz. : to llio 13ili ult. from Li verpool. The great item of news iillie rc ignition of the L'ucl ministry, aivl the sum toning by the Queen of Lord John Russell to form a now ministry, with tlio view of fleeting n change in the Corn Laws. Tlio Uriels we mako below will give our read en full particulars. The accession of the Palmerston Ministry to power, lays ilia Atlas, is, il it has not changed its character, a belligerent Ministry, and a Ministry far less disposed, with fur less power, to make amicable treaties with the United States than the Peel and Aberdeen Ministry. It will bn recollected that Lord Palmerston and M.TIiiurs camo within nn inch of involving EiieIjiiiI nnd Franco in a War, and that Lord Palutersloti denounced tin Ashburton Ticaty as n " capitulation." Tins chango of Ministry must havo so engrossed the public mind, that '.lie Oregon question cannot havo been sriiously consid idered in tlio Cabinet, so that the steamer will bring us no news of the opening of nc gotutiations. Parliament was prorogued to the 30ili of December. By tlio steamer, if thcro is no further prorogation,wc shull have the Queen's speech. From thiLonlon Sun, Dec. 11. Lord John Russell bavins: tindet taken llic task of forming a new adimnis'rntnin, t proceeding wuli all despatch in making hif arraiisenieins. Lord Palmerston hn been tent fur, nnd will quick ly arrive in London. To him the Foreign office will be confided. Lord NormanJy, in all probability, takes the Home office. Lord Grey the Colonial oftire. Mr Baring resumes the Chancellorship of the Ex chequer. Lord Morpeth may pn.sibly eo to Ireland, where hii popularity would render him an admirable Lord Lieutenant. Lord Coltenham rc.-umca the Chancellorship cl England. Lord Campbell the Chancellor of IrrlmJ. Sir Thomas Wilde an J Mr Jams will be Attorney and Solicitor Generals. Lord Minto takes the Admiralty. Sir John Hnbhoue. Mr Charles Ruller, Mr tlnwes Sir Grorse Grey, and Mr Turned, will form pails of Ihe Government. SirC Napier, and Admiral Dund is oro to join the Admiralty Hoard. Such ure the on dim of the ttay. Commiiiili'.itinii. T G AC II I X G. " Fjr uhen for lite lime ve ounkt to be tenehert. V Aiee netl tli'it one Uic'i ije unin w'ikh be the .(SIT PIINCIFLEE. This reproof, originally inten'cd to apply tn spilt till things, we conceive, liny he found applicable to other things also. Con iJeung tlio nge in wbi li we live, the numerous ndvanlngt-3 we enjoy, and the in litutione wo have inherited from our father?, tic at least ihose of us who profess tu be teacher oucht te be able to leach others whereas we have need thai one teach us " which be ihe first principle!," or ground work of an eihicaiiun. How few enter upon Ihe lusiness of teaching (I have rifcrence to Com mon Schools) with a clear understanding of what Ihey are doine, and with what ihcyjtedealins. How few recollect that it is upon mind they arc to act, and that too al a stacewhen impressions are most last ing at a timo, when of all others, there is need of a refill training. In Ihe young there is an enquiring spirit a desire to know the "reasons of slsins." Such a spirit ought tn tie encouraced rather than crusheJ, at is too firqucnily done l-y the in,udiciius nets of teachers. Do not thnse, who thus attempt to repre-s the longings of the mind after ita appro priate food, manileat an ignorance of the "fint prin ciple" of educating (he mind that is, leading it forth end developing hs powers? Hut enough under this head. There is an"iher cla-e to whom the wordsof Ihe lest are cspechlly applicable. Men who ore nc counted wise in regard to most things where money is lo be made, manifest a strange L'nnrnnrc of firtt principle! when railed upon to act with reftrence lo the education of their children. Is a mechanic to be employed, an experienced workman is mushi, and it il expected that the reward will be somen hat accord ing to his skill and experience. Hut when one ought to whom is 1 be intrusted thai most difficult nd responsible of all tasks the training of immortal minds tho inquiry is not, ' Is he qualifiedl" but "What doea he ask 7" Sooner would we employ n rough-Hone Mason to execute a piece of nice stucco work, or a Blacksmith lo repair n line jewel, than a Teacher for our children whose intellectual and mnr 1 qualifications were nol in some good degree an f wersble lo the task. If the .iik-co w-nik or the jew el were spoiled il were a trifling conseq ienco com pared with the wrong direction of otic immortal mind. The plea sometimes urged by parents, that Ihey employ such teachers as ihey can get, is not valid. The truth is, teachers are man ifaciured lo full the market. Let Ihe demand bn for better lei the encouragement hel I out bosnrTuieni, nnd unless the principles ujon which mankind act, with reference to other matters, should fail, the supply will not be wanting p. a ttr t- . -v .. A iiimrui r..A.Mi'i.E. una nt iiiosp gratifying exemplifications of n high-souled ense of honor, and honesty looking beyond Iks statute- book for its stund.ird n( right, which occasionally illuniinalo lite ilirkni-s. orihis work-day wurlil, occurred in this rilv on Friday last, anil we lako great pleasure in chronicling H. Un tltit (I iv, an uhlerlv gen lleman, stranger, called at onn of our Banks, and after introducing himself lo ilm Directors and lliei other officers, made known the object of his visit. It seems that about twenty years ago, in 1327, hu was an endor str, merely, on a nolo, tlm parties to which failed al that lime, and afier paying In llieir -creditors a dividend of seventy-sit per ceiu., 4-iteeiVM a lull Unrliuri'it from all claims. Tho prrsent Board of Directors wero wlmllv unacquainted with tho gentleman or the. transaction, and were obliged in neck knowledgo of it in llio books and nicrj if the Bank tho endorser insisting upon pav ing tlm balance of tho debt, which hu did, (notwithstanding tho discharge, )io llio amount of about $1450. The gentleman, whose name ouijlit not in to concealed, was John Williams, ofDus ion, and wo ticliero litis is nut tin. only trans action of the kind with which hu has hven connected. He needs no titlo but his simple name. Salem tttghttr. David Day's Uatate. WBlke Subscribers hiving been app..inlrd by Ihe Honorable the Probate Court lor the Dis. iricl ofChiltendrn.cominitsioners to receive, ejmnine nd srljult Ike cJaiins and dnmnnds of nil person, uninst he estato of DAVID DAY, (late Junior) late of Essex, in said Disiri-, deceased, repre.eireii insolvent, ami also all claims nnd demand. i..i.;i.i in offset thereto; and sis month from the day of the data hereof, heing alloweil by said (iiirt for tint pur. pjese, we do therefore hereby givenorier, that we will HenH 10 Ihe business of our appointment, al the dwelling of Miranda Day, in Ivssea, in sail District, tn Ihe 1st days of FeLruirv nnd June next, at 10 o' clock, (I. on each of and days. Otled tkietlh davnf January. A. D. IBIS. AI.ONZO STEVENS, ) , IJwJ A MAS A HRYANT, iUl' jyRAPriNa PAPCRfjutl receircd, and for sale h MJtM. STEVENS WOODS. Native AMenicAN TiiuNnr.n. The v in . - " H"" - ' " n n7.rh yenrs incc, wns Iravc ling in n mail cnncli 'y. .... 'r...ii.i ...i nnnv.l him V 111! Iff If L4llgll9IHIJT'll . very much by running down every thing they saw in the country, and freely deter mliiine every thing in England was de cidedly superior. Jonathan boru it, hut impatiently. After stiiim timo n thunder storm broko over them Tlio horses dash ud off in iilurni, nnd Ihu Eiigliiliiiittn were nearly dead with flight, when sutliltmly u bolt of ll'itonitig struck the two near hor ses, killini! them instnnllv und iiriestine the stage, which initio sudden plunges of thu ImJers, was upset. Jonathan wns the first to romc out. badlv hurt nnd half dead with fear, ho exclaimed, "Thcro gaul darn ye, have yo any better thunder than Hint m Lnglanu ( FA KM MIS ATTENTION. C. T. Hovk ns, of Murtinzton, Agent for the Chittenden County Agricultural Society, will deliver two lectures nn the Improvement of Agriculture, in t lie following lowtts In the Co., at such places as Ili3 friends of the society may direct : Hinosburglt, Monday atnl Tucfdiv. SO; li n'J7i'n Itichinnnd. Tliitrst'av and Frii'nv.SfJili noil !)(ili. Huntington, Mnndiy ami TiiomI iv, 2 1 a 3 1 Feb. Ilolton, l nml.r ruliy, Olli ami C t : Is. t'olchcstcr, Mnml.iy and Tui.'pilay, Dili nd 10 I, Kjscx, 'I'liurt-dHy nnd Frnbiv. 12 li and 1:1 li. Jericho, Monday and I'neMln., Hi ll and 17 h. Millot, l'lmri.iy nml Fruliv, Ilia, 'ind SO. li. rji Oe.'hill, Miiml.iv nml 'I'ih-mI iv, 2 1 1 nod 21 li Wctloril, riiurKilay and Friday, 20 bard 27ili. Uurliuslon, Aluuday and I uenl.iv, 2d a .1 1 .Mar, Sulicct if first Iccliire (.otiipu.Hivo merits of llio common and scientific systems of Agri culture. Subject rf fecund leclurc Agricultural So ricticf, Agricultural Publications. Agricultural Education. Concluding with an appeal in fa vorofthe Chittenden County Agricultural So ciely. IIRIRIII'ON M A It KKT, January 12, 131G. At imrkcl, 700 Lead of lUcf Calde, 1SO0 Sheep, nml ISO Swine. Pntccs lleef CJalllc. We qunle to enrres-iond with last wetk, viz: Kmm. S'23; I'lrst ijinhiy. SI SO i--iii(l qunmy 9i r(( M-, lliiru quaiuy, SI.00. Sheen. Sale from Sl.23 to S2 SO. Wealherafiom S3 to SJ.73. Swine,--One or two small lots of Uarrows at 5c. At retail from 4) to Go. N. li. 50 head of Cattle remain un-old. In Ibis town, on thel7ih inst., by Ihv. Oliver W. R. IVab-idy, Mr. Natiiakicl Paskcr In Miss Jclia A. IIasweli, dahjjhier of N. li. Ilasvvill, Iq In this town o i New-Yeirs day by Wiliiam Wcstov, Hsq , Mn. I.alpu II. Fcnms to Miss Caroline: UnACC, both of this town. In Charlotte, nn Tuesday eveninr, January 13, by Rev. Cyrus Prindle, Mr. InA II. WicKnn,nfC)rwe'l, lo Mi(S Cystiih Van Vliet, of Chatlo'.ie. Also, nt the siuiuph e, an.l byitlu aine, Mr. Hiias It. Uotse lo Miss Mabv -Smith, both ol Orwell. D a (8 (21, In this town, on Saturday morning last, Hon. Wm, A. aaiSWOLII, a2ed 71 years. ' Petilh it busit and no nspee'er of pertont." Died at his residence in Wislford, Dec. 23d, 1S13, Mr. David Castle, in the 83ih vear of hi" nee. He was die list of a large family, and probably the list oflhat cnterpn-intr class of men who first broke the wilderness in ( hiinnden County. How ureal the (InnL'e! On his nrmal a dense forest cowrcd our Ciunl but erehed-pirted to the "real consreijat'on oflhcdead, the forest has retued and biuhlv colli valed fields and thriving villaees had appeared. Oft. n had hi v filed Iluihn"tun when but a solitary I02 house was mere tho only anode of man. On the April preeeding his death, he followed to the grave his wife, Mrs. Satah Castle, aged SI. Al-o in the August previous, a orand-dautbtcr, Mis Clius tina Castle, Ihe only daughter of Mr. David Castle Jr., nsed 23 jeaie. Also in the Nov. oflSll. his son, Mr. Lel Castle, nged 49 years. These all diidintbc hopes of the gospel which IcaJs us to believe that our loss is their gain. Com SELECT SCHOOL. TITIl. A. A. I'AKKr.ll wi l eonmience hi. next lix lerin an Jloinl.iv, HciT.i.irv 2 I. P.irnc ilar in le ilion will I c pint to the pr in irv I nii-hoa of ni education, nod les-on. eiveu in lloii'.-keenin? will oracu.-e. S. wi-hiog 10 alien I will .In well to hecin nt the comment emenl ol the 'erm. ns no -lu. dentwil, It- rc-.t'iMd lr n le. time than one quarter. i I. It M 9 . Common Engli.-lt Hr-uulie., $3 00 I lis her " " 3,50 I.aiigui;c., 4 (,0 f-rliool Hoomnn, IliekokVbuildin?, Wc.-t sie'e of vuiir. iiu 1st- oi inre. 31 "auction sales" Every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon AT SHKIIWUUU'S AUCTION UOOM, WtM si.'t- Co in Ilini-c S j mrc. niJAt'nKAUS, WASH STANDS. ICA11'.-,1??1 , IO,'r STANDS, ciMiits, iii:dsti:ai).s nni rui.Miuui; or every (l.-eri,nio.i will le lep' eui.t.iin,' in, hand an I w,ld ill .tue 1 or Pn.i . sa e. I lii. liem.- e.v Niriiiiure o icrs .111 md in-mi ioi.ers.jiK 1011-11.1:1110 piirelu-t-iocall ne 1 eiore niiyiui ei-t-rtlien. imi saliu-jay, the a 1st. Inst., will 1c ol 1 nt -mi hum ,11c conn-10101 llyuifli 1- ur-il-iirt-' elnng U". J.III. i', 'iii. (ui si n;. V V. AnilOrT, keep, on hind, nt Itarre. a large :.i r '. J 1 ' V' wii ii iiiH-no was ohta ned for ll .Stale, louse, and ho will fill ,il, r. 0-1 snori nonce, any : I in 11, ,n0, wuli an ariicle ... ..t,,ur r.cnirate. unirra iliroii!h asents will n. iZn, i ' :""ri"'J'' " ur,""al "PPbea , ' sevii mo:is::. 2MJanuiry, 1313. Fire Nolieo. npilK menibfra of tho liurlmgton I-'ue Compmv .-t ' , , ' oiu nnnuai meeting ol sud Cimipiriy will be lo.Men nl tho Ameiban Hotel, on ihe f.iuri 1 V. !.!.. r. 1... o. 1. .1.... r lair. ... t - i , - , ' ' yii'i rf'unniy 1 ' " '.'AV.'.".1" ,he evening, for ll.e porpo'ii 0 ilu.Mna 0 Warden., n rier'( and Treasurer .. eon s lime a loird of Tiu. ies, an I for the transaction o .....iiiea. nnurei t.y tno charter and lly Laws of the aforrsai I rompany. uy oruer or ilieTros'c. 1 ,,, I'VM.l.N CirjIUING', CU'k. January. I3lh, 1811. 332 tiii: school nn: school MASTHIt. A Jlanuil for llio use of Teat hers l.mployers Truriee.. Inspectors, A.c. of Common Schools. Price 81,00. Tins Hook ia ree nun. mini !. I;... n. ,. l-.iiou, State Suneiiiiicn.lnnt of Common schools, to ,. wo iniy mm 1 ...vii Miieri,ilenilin s nd all Ten li ers. It mil be found n-einl to Di. riels' nhoul build u, irjiiniiTig Tt-nuoi nouses. -,ir ule bv No. 1 Peeks' lluilding. II -rlingto,;, J;l,WA!,U3- January 1 1, 1815. BUT NOT JWJt.VT UP!!! Irnnr ..n,lA. t i i I III. iniler.tgned hiving had Ins shop burnt in , ,. 'beliurningofthfi Howard Hot. I. would ro-i.ect. .,. r",."i "' '"7"" "'a public geneinllv that I... ii i i r 1 1 1" ,0:' '" Frank- piiriom- oi ronimiimg Mm UARIIErtlNa cVIIAIR DnF..VO HUSI.NF.SS. anitjiopee by siriel nncntion In his business lo ineril a continuinee of ihe liberal psuonige he has liereio fore received. nr. i ..... J- D- McCHK. Ourlinsjlnn., Jan. U, 1816. 333 htraw utters fF a superior aialim Upl rons-an-lv fn hand hi Cbnreh !., tjorllsiton, Jan. 1 1, JS. n A. EDWARDS' CHEAP CASH BOOK STORE. iVo. 1 Peck's iiuildinzs. A general tt?sort incut ol School. Clnsie-il and Mi-cellatieous Dooks and Stationery at C1TV PIUCKS. Arnold's History of Home, 2 elegant vols.. 8 vi)., prieo 85.C0 Dr. O'Cillai'ltnn's History of New Nelherland or New York under Ihe Dutch, 1 vol.Svo, 2,C0 Gilfillm's r-ketihea of Liicrolure and Literary .ilen. li mo. i iollt, , i,uu Dike's Prnciirnl Astronomer, formintr No. S of llarpei's ;cw aiiscillany, uuri iwcnsrav intr.. orieo onlv ,50 Pastutal LKo and Manufaciurcsof the Ancients, 1 vol. Bvn. li ales. ZXU Michclel's History of France, vol.1, 8,00 America and tho American fcoplc, by Von Uau- mcr, 1 vol. a vo. Notes Irom over the Sea, in the years 1843 nnd 4 addressed ton Hmtlicr, uy Huv. John itlitclt ell. 2 ols. 12 mo. 2.00 Tho Aln. nod l he lihine. bv T. Ilrndlv: tinner 371 Tho I'dsrim in the hndov of Ihe JimRltau, by ucorso li. uncever, u. ij , piper Ascanio j or the Seulplor's Apnrenlicrs, translat ed from the French of "Dnnins." 23 David Dumps, or "tho Ikdgel of lllunders, by T. II. I! 25 Tl e v of Milan or Fii'clily unto tYnili, tditM l'V sirs. Iliompson, nuttiur ormowsanu Widower.. 2 Love an I Mismerism, by Horace Pmiih, 25 )('iilal(irv I'owi ler ! Famous rir n-ni nm np id lout Itair. Also, the Ann ri an lliir Dve! f..r (.iloutigUInieoi Oiej lo a ti.nulifut llrmvn IUi k ! r .le bv IM .i K .V Kl'l-. l an I W t! flAT'lUln Win.) I Full-. jXOTICH. A Mi persrn- n V'e.1 o tic la u firm of N'Uhi Is . V. Chiticn Ion .V 'o. iro In re v n ei'inl lb il Ihe 'cinnn I- ol lliat emu-ir-i uio icav in tbo hiii'- 01 Rilldi hiii'lou, of It nl ol' on lo whom 'b.-y 001 y If Itni.l and on e-. it-ttl, il uhluu x y day ,'lltey will I c 'e t w-iih nn Allonn-v I r uo h-t-.ion. Wilhston, Jan. 1, 1B10. 3!3 For ftfalo or F.clliHi"(!. A FARM, eoiiiiiiig of SCO .JL nen s of vnlu.ibte Tim ber and 1'rnrie land of about equal proportions, situated in the lliniing town of Tecum sell. Micbiuan. The firm i. will wnlered nnd the sod of .1 .n.i firm nil. r nn rNtrn inlimrv nppni ttmitv in (lariicnhr the prowina nf wmil, mlile ami horfp. a there f Inre pr.iriu m'j ii'ii.i Kunn lint will rcrmin ninlnblv xt'-ir-i'i t' nresNil niluntton wiiiMiit Itnirr nc;oul nnd wlmh irniliH'cs triis9 ntinrn Iv siiluftt'nt fur in tuiteiinnce ul lliuusinua itf .ip.iiI nf jilicfii mi'l citilc. 'IVrinneh ('Iip rormi r n sulrnco nt ihe rhu r,j s a vrrv L'in irnr n n flliHin twnily mil's frmn Min nf, IviUi V.rt I't w lucli phre n mil nnd In jn?l Iiwh rimi!-''t(l, it U in I lie muUl of tliu crcntesl uhent cnnvmi! rmini'V in thtf flntc nni' has lo Inrnr tV mi 1 in if mi'ls. mc of which has hecn pronoun- cc ehf in llw Uniird Stn'cfl. Th fnnn will In- unit I em a lihernl rrrdit n ilestrcM, r will lie cxHmnPii for property inthi-nn nr i rinitv, nnn thuelukrrnce, il nnv, m ne nrcuMiir nniif. n ihe case inn y he. I nrfnrilipr niriiriinrs t-nnuire of ITKNUV THOMAS or It. I ilL'tiaill', IiiirliiiQton.yininry 1 1..131G. 33 NEW ESTABLISHMENT!, VfllTOCSKI PALLS. THK imdersisnel hnv e opened ihi. shop asa per manent loi-a'ion for the 'u of DltlTRS and MRIHI'INF.8!. SIIEMc and HUtVV IIAIiniVARB, 1'aintf, Oil. Windmn Glass, DiK-S-firs -V (hlOCCR!E. We ns-ure our fiicod mid the pobbe generally, hit ihey can I e i-ujiplieil wild aiticle. in Ihe above branche'-, nt a- low tale, lor jameq-ialities, a at any of the adjoining marl-ets. 33 W. f). HAT HI St. Co. BAKEnSFIELD A CADEMICAL INSTITUTION. J. S. SIUUI.DING. A. n.. Print ipal. Mrs. .1. S. StMltl.l NO. Preeeptre-. Mr. S. M. MASS KIT, Ttachcr ofVocal SI i-ie. Mrs. S. M. IllSSCri. Tcaeherofl'iaii.. Music. Mr-. O. T. HOl'OIITON, Teach. r of LirtJ.-cajie Paiuiiiiir. and Per-pcc:ive, Till-: TI'KM commence, on Wednes day, Fee. 3d. Lecture- with experiments, a. ll.-ll.V. An Achromatic Tcseope, wuli Terre-ial nnd Ce-le-tcil power-, untie cully larue to lemler the Xchu're and lite licit - of the Plonei v.rible, ha-1 een olilaiueJ. II. ok are f iroi-bel by tlio Priocipil. Hoar I, incl.iding room, woo I, -n I wnshin?, 81,12 to Sl,25. SF.TII UAKKS. Secretary. Ilakersficld, Nov. 12, ISI3. 3! Cliilhliins! N Immcdiatn nn I perormcnt euro for this an noyiiig complaint. For sale by IT.CK .V SPFAR ind 33 W. II. HATCH & Co , Wmooslii Falls. UllS.' Ilas PAPRR Rags, wanted in exchange for Dooks and Stationary, by STnvnxs WOODS. nurlin?lon, Jan. 1810. S mug's lluilding. 83" At u-iiy rnees." Til IK Vovtiis Alin-c for 184G. lly T. H. Saf. ford, Jr , a boy only 9 ol J I Alto, The American llet ler, de-ineil lo aecommny Ihe American Dehniiion" Spellins lloo'r. llv It. M. K. Orm-hy. For n'e by ST1.VKN3 WOODS, llurlington, Jan. 13, MG. 3J Puro Bear's Oil. The nnhj Dectutifier and Preserier rf the Hair. rplIK eldest wriiers on iho subji-cl of ihe hair have 1 one and all alluded li llio prnpirtua i onl-inid in Genuine llrttri tlrense, n a prcs-rv nml benunrti-r i f ".N iiure'n enveriu r for ihe he ld." IIip ji icr i ii-s, tie- oi'i.t an -'e-it nn-.h' wij o- on ihe xpe -.-i..n) in hi. -Tiein..-.oi tmi of ihe ll.i urn II idv.' lint ihe fit of Hie ff'.-..(. iter i ,,-ry nu-l-Hl e ill ,.1-it 'imi; ami ... . i,. i, i mi. ol'lhe linir ofrt'u-t i"ii iiri'ipin ii li - incur Tne in ' i n . n I -ii.i s . : il i il - i i.i I,, i, -ir o--ir(st to the k n, o ( . d .ni a - i oi i ; fit ln. b InriiK tlie source from uhetu'c smng nni .11 iirnc tbc rnois of the Inir lint eners tlit-il tnofoolv. Th' is ihe law rf IITlire, nml U mis 1 1 1 -1 1 ill-oil print iced from ihe fit of iln. m ini il i. ti ry cu ful m the buuiin race lo hading I.i the icc.ivcry of the hair nluii pieiua-tini-lv lom. Hurtle no greiler pro-f ein bn 'i-Mnrc I ns to tin (nhioi.f Genuine Heart O'l for the linn For .tcnis, the pun- nrti.-le In ., n i oiihidertd I y the tuo.'t cnii in-ill phvsiciaus, thelii sl icuiedv fur bnldues., Inl'iiig ofl'tir uci'.ness of the Inir, and all eompliiinis eon neelel llieiewi'b. Oniit care slnmld lip l it,,.,, jo nil ca es ns to th - genuiiiene.s an I tmriiv of iln-,,.. The renl ailicli-cnrefuliv inirifi-d ami highly perfumed, fur .nh- bv Messrs. II ARIUNtiTON & IIROTIIF.II, Drut'sisu and Apa'hccarii-i, &c. e., Church Street, Huihoslon, Verniont. 3J O'To tin; l.ailios.-O) UAU DD FLIWRS d'OllANGUS, OR (1UUASI.N LV.MPII. FOR the cure iX PimpV-, Fie -Me-, Tan, Sallow-tit-s, Fr union, .ml t ili-li-uriniciiH ol ll.c km. ll i. nil K.i-itrn I'reparnion u-ed I v Ihe Cir ca sit" l-a'ie.. who ure l.i-ne I for Iheir bi-ifiiy; t-drive- nw.iviill humor- nu I gue. Ihu .kin that n.f, nu I IY.1' lib' e iippen nin e so tt-nctally u 'mired. Ii i- fi r ii'il enlireiv of Vesel I' lo- un I conlaiii. noiit-ol tlm e ile i cno i-Compu iu l.cale iluie.l to Irirl, lutlier t list is iui.inve I lit- Uni. ll h.i I cen now lutroduco! iiini the llni'cil -Sci'e. nloiit loiiryciir, until, rapid i'e ha-in I nt-il the Proprietor, to put it iliwn ton price within the reach nf all clas-c. Whole-ale Aim-mi. for ihe Slaic ol Vermont, IIAItltl.N'li'l'O.N' & HKOrlll'.ll who lire prcpart-J to, upgly Agent at the wholemlt- price. MRS. FIlASUIl, HAS mfu reeniercil I'roun severe Ml nf sickness ns lobe able to open her Bhop again for ihe re cipient of riistoincis. Having been obliged by sickness loelnso her shop . ior n lonu i.oie in iou oh., acniii uusoirsi, nnu hiving n lame snick oirich and fashionable Uouneis, Cans, nnd niher .Millinerv son Is and bcinc oblived to ni t- tiinn-v lo pay her iVbls, the has eonclu- (led to. nnd will positively, sell her caps and many nilu r al i osi, or nt less lhan cost. Persons wanting such articles will find it for their interest to can. llurlington Dec. 18th 1813. LIFU INSUIIANCE. THF, Stain Muliinl Insurance Company of Wor (es er, Massachusetts, offer In issue policies of insurance nn uvea on ine most lovorsoieieruis. Appli -atioDi received by .. nEO.B. SHAW-Awirr. BBrllngion, Dm 17, M(V a Fnrm For Sale. ja, rpilKsiibscritef bvina; under the tie IjTgj X cessiiy t'f losjjing, this part of the .nillirv vim in i..j e,u....p.u. rniv n small farm, pleasantly .Itua'el in the town ufShelbiirn. The premise. consist ofntiottt fifty cre ol land (twenly-five ol which is eovercd with hard wood limber,) a good dwelling lio'inf, barn, -hods oitbuil hug, and a laige t.rchard orfineltuit. ll will If sold nt a lpV,n;,.1.. I.. K, MANINQ. Shelhurn, Jan. 1, 1310. NOTICE. THF. .iiVerPer having taken the RXCHANOR HOTI'-I, Water Street, tliirlington, beg-leave loinrunn Ins Friend, and the Public lltat he is now ready to accommodate them on re a 'j'q llurlington, Jan. 81b, I3IC. s . 3J S. H. PEASLBEJ HAS removed hi. Snd.ller'. Shop to the While building mi Colloae -Ireet, near Church -trcel, over l.lll. Ai Clmrcli a liivery aianit-oinee nnu op posite the Free Press office, whtro will be found un SDnl.i:s. I TRUNKS, HAHNF.SSE?, VALKKS, ull,,,M:s' w.iikU'ETDAa3' n eheip os heretofore. I'nll and see. Hur'inirlon, January 8, ISIB. 32 Kslrny. CAMI'.intn thecnclosireof the sobseriler about thelirsi Dec. Ust, a llir-e tear old RKI) IIF.IF Kit. The owner il rp e-ttJ io proMt property pay charge, and ,a,.t-her away. rancsleci arRi Col.-he'-cr, Jan'y. 9, 1315- '32w3 VAN SKliaKN & HILL, ATroilNKVK A COCNSl'liOUS nt LAW And. Solicitors in Chancery. Jericho Corners, ) K. av SlctcLCM, Dee. 18, 1315. ( F. G. Hut. ?-IU & VAN SZOKEEiV, Attorney and Counsellors at Late and Solicitors in Chancery. F. o. Hiu, K. Yah Sickic, i:-scx, Peg. 13. 1815. 3lw3 B.irllelt's COM BIN A TION LINIMENT, For the permanei t ( nrnol the lnflamntory nnd Chro nic RIIKU.MA 1 KM, and a'l a let-lions tie .Mit-clea an J Nervet. IT give, i'tt ne bale relief, Irenglhen. wcik limb., ex en I- con'rae'ed cord", la'.e. ibwn swelling-, nn I removes iiitlaui.vion Irom Br tees an I sprain-. Nunc em I e iren line witho it the writlet -i-Jna-Pirt-oi the l.ilie. una -lied loei-h bottle, of J. Unit Irll, jr., D..UH-I, ll i-icn, l'roprieinr. Wliole-a't-Ann slor Ver.noH, llAnulscioN & UiWTitcn, Hir hn.i'o'i. Pruv. iSceii. per Iniilf. 32lf QUAD HILLS. TVTIl. J. 1. PltOVANDIU respvctfully In 1M firm. In- fnen I-, and the public in tenrra', tint he will admit non-tub-crilersin hi-school en Wedse'uav cveninti's if inch week i!-.riii the remainder of bis term of tuition. TjcU-ts 1 1, admit ting i ne Oeiit'etnm nndtwo LadrTlt-To-be had ol Mr. P., IVnrl-Sric'-Hoii e. pf. p. Country Pnrlie. will le furnished with Hnll an I M isie I v applying at Mr. DurandV January 0, 1310. 32 f '.adock Hollows' Rstatc. STATF. OF VKRMO.NT, I AT a Probate Court Di-tiiet i f Chiiienilen. j OL hok'en ut Hurling ton, within nnd for the Di-lr'ct arnre aid on the 5h ilav i f Jan i.iry, A. I). In-irumenl purpor ii,i. to be ihe I.i. 1 Will an I Te-inmen' ol Zulot-k llel- low, late of I ex, in -m.l dotri ' ecei-ct, wa pre senied to the Court hero for Trobite, by Lydia Ilellowa. tin' exeeillix therein ni me i. 'I itEnF.FOKF. il is ordered by nl t oort, that public nol ii e be given to all pers n inleres fd therein lo ap pear before -in leo-irl, at a se ion thereof lobe holdeu nl Ihe olli f of iheltcii-ter in saidco-mty, on the 4 h Wednc-day of Januare, A. I. 1315, nnd conte-l the irobiit- ofaid Will; audit I. furilier ordered thu th order be pnbli-he I three week. suet-esively in the llurluiatoii Fiet-Pre... u new. panel pruned at llurlington in this S'nc, the last of who h -hall be pre-riou-to died i-a-signed, a- nloresaid, for hearina. Given on.'er my hind at the llegi. let's Olfice, this 5 h davi f Janiiaiv, A. D. 1810. 3J.3 "CHAItliKS RU5SKI.I,, Judge. Daniel Lake's IC slate. WT. THKS IISLRII1KR3, having In-cn apppint cd by the Honoratile the Prob.te Court tor .he tho Di-trict of CUiltendeii, o-iuuni-oner. to rei-eive. exi'iiine an I adiust the claim, nnd demand, ol all person-, acain-t the c-tateot iiaiuci l.nkc, late of Charlotte, in :uu ili-triet, oece.l-eil, represenlel in solvent, nnd nl-o nil claim- and demand. exhiUted in o''sct thereto; and six months from Ihe day of the dale lierci.l, I emr allowed by -aid Court forihat pur pn e, we do therefore hereby givo notice, that we will atien I to the bu-ino-. of our nppoinimcnl, at the dwelling of Sarah Like, in Charlotte, in said di Iri-t, m tho Iht- last 'I h ir-d.iys cf February and .May next, at 10 o'clo-l., A. M., on eich of siil da y. Dated, this lO hdav of Di-ivnilier, A. D. 1815. 11 l'.,VI rt 1.1 1 1 liM-.KM. -. FI .ANSON II. WIIF.KLKR, 'Qm' 32 Petition to Sell Maiul. STATE OF VERMOST. A T a scion ol Di-tnti ol Ch lien len, the Probate Co in lul I at It irhn.'ion, wnhiii and f r the di-tnet of Ctiiutii km, on the 3d h day of December, If45, Mine-Saui iel Fletcher, curjrdinn ol Oran hliam ol Sheiliiirn, in said di-trict, and, a- such guardian file, in saul coirt hi-petition, in u-.-iii.i;, scltine; lorlh that hi- said want I- seized in hi. own right in Ice i.fol out iwn hundred acre- of land, lj ing in sail Soell unit-, Icing the same farm conveyed lo the -aid Oran bv hi. father, Jo-h ia I him, deita-ed, a. by Ihe .-aid Jo liuVdeeJ loilie Slid Oran, recorded in Ihe town clerk' nfli't- in raid Shclnurtie wi l ap pear; and that hi. said ward is aim seized in hi. own ri a lit in Ice of one iinhvulnl lifth part of the following descrilrd.-i.nrcrl-of-Tiind. lying in said t-hflburii, viz: all ihe laud uiil Mnlding. devise I by Ihe said Jo-hua Isham.ilceiascd, I y In- last will an I le.i.iinent, to lih wife, Manila I. ham, now deoe.i.el, while she rimained In. widow, leing all ihe hnd lying soiuli ol the val un I we-t road, passing the la'e Iwelliug hoit-e of the -ni I Jo-lina, de.-ea-ed, and ca-lof the road leading so ilherlv from the school boii-t- to Nu han Like, and bounded southerly by lau l-owmil by Jahtz Kiiincv and ea-lirly ly Ihe iivcr ln Ph il and null poo f at high-wn'er mark; that it would run. In -t- to tl.c I e-l in.e t-l of hi- said ward to haieihe who'o ol" I.i. in'ere-l in said land. '', mil ihu proiced- it uih sale nut nt its -ii ns'.or inteie I in s-m-ks, nr other real e-laie, nni pi at in j- -n ,1 eo in lo In ei,.c I guanhun losell Ibevih le ot hi-and vvarl' Fii't-re-t in sadlanl.; Win n- m. n the ( un afi n- aiililmh appoint the 21 h day of January, I8IG, lor bearing and deciding in a I pci n ii ni tbeitlUr of he iteji-ter of and court in ai I It irlm.-toii, nndiloih order that all person-in-te I be noiifle-l thereof I y publicailon of lb s or ib r, ci iiiniiiini: ihe s il s nnie of soij peliiion, lliree me sun e-.nely in Ihe llurbnzlon Free Pres., a new paper prin e.l in nid Hurlingion, ihe Inst ol uh i h pal licnlitii- loLt- previou, to said 21th day o'' Juinary, I81C. O veil iin ler my hind 1 1st 33 h dav of Deetml er, 1815. ?,' Wh. WKSTON, lie-titter. JAIVIBS nzO'JKCAND. KC3RCHA1TT TAILOR. 13 KSPI I 'I FI'LI.V r.-lurn. hi. warme-t thanks .V tor the liberal iin'ronage he ha. reeived during the short perm I be iiulecu located in ihi- plai-e, and n.-iire. ull hi-old cu-l.-mers, and ihn-e whu may palronize hi. n, thai ihey will at all lime- (ind him res ly to exec ile their order- in a style to be equalled by few mid excelled by none. Hi-expe.-ta:jui-heie, have I ecu more than real zed, nod in reluming hi. grateful acknowledgements woipt nioiie-fiy Miiii'ita coiiiui'ie.1 patronage, Shop in Churcli Si., over Mr. Iliirlbul' Sto biore., Jan. I, ISIB. Men ino-t have cln-he. In keep ihem warm In Winier's dieary day'-, Fur in protrct ihem Irons the storm, Aid simiiiicri-rtorching ray-. Hut Iherenreoiber rea.on. known, Why people hue In dre.-s, A -Mr. Siacy t-learly shows In Ihe Ihir'liugioii Free Press. Some t'o lor Fn-hion right or wrong, While other- stish ea-e; Suisse wear their I'anl. and WshtcoaU t'ght, And some a it-hard lo plea.e, L'ot I (mm certain knowletge tsy 'I'o frit-n I- and natron, ell, Von cass I e sul'ed every way, lly giving me a call, I neatly em, and make and mend, Aisd liisil yn i trimming, loo, And nil a- well yivi may depend, A- linl rate '(ailur'.io. 3lm3 JAMF-? McKKAND. Bibles ami Prayer Books. For Christmas and New Years Presents. AI.AItQi; as-onment of Uiblee o various nitws iu rxira Linding. ALSO, Prayer Doo'is in nlmo.t svnre ,-arUlv at rich and e'e-rani I in ling a lew in exi Silk Velvet Hading wnu uuiu v-i,pi. oi r.utj. Hr A. FJJWABDS. IWPidu.s. dmI- LADIV.8 AND GENTLEMEN. The time tins come! Tlio Mnn is here ! ! DP. WIIKnt.l'.R. Ihccelt-braled Corn doctor wo dd re'psufully lurbrmthe pul.lie, thai he ha. lo cited himsell In llurlington, for the purpose ol wail ing upon trw c who are ftlllicled won llio-e painioi annoyance., Corns nnd Ilitnion-. on Hie feci, lie will extract ihem in live minute' lime without, pain i.r sorene-., and Warrant n permanent cure or no pay. L.auit' an I uenuemen wane i upon at tiieir rc-iocnet-ifreqiiired. Dr. W, ha. spent a numler of year, in thi-prn lice, the lat of winch in ItoMon, where he hi given entire-atisf.ieiion. which can hu thown by the numcroii. certificate- hi Iii. poec iou. He may be lomd bv np-ilyiiijot Ot-orge Nixon's doors cast of the i'o-t OiHce. Uiirlington, Jan. 1, IS1G. I'ctltloil ,o sell Laud. STATE or VtiliMOST,) AT a rrolatc Hi-trict of Chittenden, i. ) Court held at Durlinsrion within and for raid hi-triet of tlilncn nen on' the 97ib dae nf Deceuil er. 16-15. crane- D. A. Mnrrav, guardian ol Nancv Ann I co, id Willi ton, In said Di.lriel. n minor clnl I of Leonard I ce, laieof-aid Willi Ion. du-et-t-.l. and lik- in rni.l c inrt hi. ne'itioii. in t wrtoir. eitfmr forth that ni iaii warn is stueo in ncr own ncui, in lee ui , liteundividid sixleenth pnrf ( f the lollr.wing i'e- I fcrile.l parcel of land, Mtua'ed in sni I Willi. ton, I viz nhoul --ix'V acre, of Ian I. Iving on Ihe ea-t side r t Ihe highway lea bna from Winoo-I i Turn. pike in Willifiou ni llincs' iiriih, pis-ing Ihe dwell. . ing house, tf l-wi- Mnr ha'l nni Alexam'er, hu in liil iionb I y Olis Wbitnev'. Ian. I, south I y land ; ol Roll., t-t-t h- Urial Let's land nnd we-t by -md h'shwnvi an I tno'lier parcel of land ly.n7on the we-t .idt- of-iid liiahwnv, containing a'l-o it ih'riy-fiie ncrc. of land, boiiiulef norih I y Ons Whitne'-'lnn I, south ly the wi low Ni-hols 'firm, ea-t by -aid !ii!:liwayniidu--l by Simeon I.i-l-'s land ; which Ian Is nre miIjci-i to the nzhi of dower ol Phli'elia Lee, widow- oI'Leonnr.l Lec, iler pa.ed that a sale ol -aid ward tutert- t m mnl Ian I. woul.t conduct- lo her I est inn-rest I y h tving tl c pn ceed. of such -ale put nt iuiire-t, und praying slid court tn trrant him liceu-ut(e'l I tie whole ol his ward's Inter-t--t in -aid Ian I. for the p irpo-e n'oresaid, at-reeably lo Ihe siatuie in -nch cn-e toadu sn I provide I., the t-onri nfores ii I do'h ap;in:nr the fourth Wedne-ilny in Jnieiarv, lSlfl, for heari-g and de.-iding on nid pe'itmn nt the oiliee ol the Kei i ler of. aid court in .ni l II irlinglnn, nnd doth order that all pcr-ons intere-tid be notifie I thereol I y piil.lica lion of ihi. order, containing tho Millnnce of said petition, three week. ueecsivilv in the il-irlington FreePic--, n new-paper primed in -ni l llurlington, the la-l of ivli eh p d luniion- to I c nreviuJ- lo the sat I fo ir:h Weihu-day in Jan iarv, 19IG. Oiven under my hand this 27.h day ol December, 1815 31w3 Win. WFSTON, t!eqhter. I'ctltloil to sell I. and. STATU OF VnifMONT, A Tn sc-.ion rl llio l)i-lrict ofChuciu'cn, --. j 1 V Prol ale Court held nt lliirlingtou. wnln'.i nn I lor -aid di-trict ofCbitlen den in tlit-ilh davil I'crember, 1345, come- Lvman Hnll.g ofSie.lna llli- J -h u I-liini Uli--. nn'iior clul hen of Mo-e. IIIn-, of Shelbiiriie. in the Co nily of (.'hiiien.'en, nn I ti c. in aid eocrt hi. ,ic.i lion, in wriinia, -etlniir lonh ihu In. smd war.l- me se.zed in their own right in fecot'one unhvi.'e! third pa i tol Ihe fo lo. mg ile-cn'c I paiccl ol hu I lyiu in the corner formed hMhc-niilh bnt-ol limit Sneei and Ihe e.i-l line ot Ch implam -tru-, leoiirlhe same land f. rmeily owiiu I ant occupiell-y smd Mo-e-llli; that it woilille for the in ere'-t ol In. stud wards, lo have ilu-fr iu'ere-t in -aid Ian 1 nn I pseini sc. s ild, an I Ihaprnoce I. ol s ll -n't- p it ut intere-t, nndprayiuz -ni leu irt lo Irani him licen e m ,ell In sa d ward ' in cre-t in -a-d land, agreeably lu the statute tu -neb cn-e inai'e and provi 'el. Wnrnr.tiros, the court nfoie nul dolls nppnint the foirih vVeJne-ilay us Januaiy, 1810, for henring and dei-ii'ing on ai.l p'cliiion, :il t he oTlon of the Regi-tcr ol'-ai I co irt. in -hi 1 11 iilingtou. nnd do'h order that all pcr-on inliru-lc I be notified thereof by publica tion ol tlu order, coulaining ihe s ib-innce of a id t-c- luion, ihree wee'.- -ui-ce-ivcly in the llnrlmnton Free I're-, a news.iipv-r priu'el in -ai I II ir ington, tbeta-lof which p ibh -a'iou to t e previou. to said fo srlh Wednnday in Jnu'iary IStG. Given under my I ihi.'21'h div of December, 1313. 313 Win. WESTON, Remitter. Joshua Isliam's Estate. STATE OF VEIIMOXT, A T a scon of District of Chlllcudeii, ss. j the Prol-nte Court held at llurligntoti, v-i Ii n and lor ihe tli-irict of Chittenden on the 10 It day uf Deeemher. 1SI5, present, tho Hon. Clsirle. Il-icll. J.idire of said court, eoiue. lleorge Uliol Slie'liuiii,in the Coun ly of CleliciiJcn.nnd hie- in -aid Court his petition in writing, if ting lorlh that hu hid I. one-lweniieth pirl of the lotlowiii des 'ti' e I pi reel ol land, in said htl'.'.rn, viz : nil ihe Ian I and boil lines devised bv JOSHU HIIAM, lite if said Miclhurn, rircra-ed, lo In. wile, Manha Ishain, now dcceae.l, while -he remained In- widow. It-nig all the land lying siuits i rl Ihu east and we.t road, pi-sing the In'edwtllina boo H of lliA .aid .1 wb i.i l.b.ilil. nit I i--it of llic I niad lea ling Sou-bcrly, Irom the school house, to Nathan', nnd bounded southerly by land-own-el l.y Jabez Kinny, and'erlv bv the River La Plot, and null pon I, nt high water niar!;, in common with the other devi-ee. i f said hnd, an I praying sni I Conn tor rdcr arlinon ( f mid land to I made among ihe p.rsl lis entithd llientrt, ntrreaLIt 10 the site in such ea-e- made nnd hrou.lcl. Where ipon, the Court nfore-nil, doth app-mt the menu I Welne-day in Januarv 1311, for heinn-j and de.-:ding on -ni I pcliiioc, al the ollice of the I'cgi ler ol said Court, lu said 11 irlingion, alien nMoek in Ilie loreii'Miu ; and doih or ler that all per-oti-in tert-.icl ihcreiu be nmifitl thereof by pii'.-Oi inon ol tin- order, coniniiiiuz the snh-tauce id -aid petition, three wee'., socct ivily, in the llnrling'on Free Pres. a News-Paper priiiiel in -nil llurbngton, the la-t of which p ihlicntion- to be previo is lo the sa d second Wednesdav in January 1S10. Given uiu'cr my baud tics 10'h day of December, A. D. 1315. ' Win. WnSTON-ItECiSTEa. Aaron A, l'lmian's Fslatc. STATE OF VUltMONT, ) A T a sc-sion nf Disirict of Chiiieuden. ss. f. Proline Court held nt llurhnL'li n. union no. I for said District of Chittenden, on the lOih day of December, A. I). 1315, comes John Work, ndiuiui.trator of the eslsteof AARON FIRMAN, late of Iluniinclnn. in said D:s triet deccaed, nnd fibs i-s said conn lu- petition, in writing tint the timo limned fur settliuir mid esiale and paying the debts due then from may be extended livdvc months from the t.vcmiclh day of December, 1815. WiiEr.Ei-r-'-N, the court nforrsiid doth appoint the second Wi'dnrfidnv in Jinmiv. l$Pi. for he.llilirr and decidingon sml pii'i'in. nt the ortieoof ihe lteciter ot said court in sail ll'iriincion, anil until ono-r 111.11 all prison, interested in cud bn minded thereof by publication of tin. order three weeks in the Iturhiit'ton Free Press, a news paper printed in slid llurungtoii. the list of which publications to be preiioiis lu said second Wednesday in January, 1815. Given under mv hind at siil Curlinzton. thi. 10th day of December, A. D. 1315. WW l..)l 11S.4IUO1 (emitter. Henry Hyde's I'statc. t IF the Mib-cribeis, having 1 cen appointed I y the I i Hnnorable llic Probate Court for the Di-iricl of Chitteiiilen, romniissioncralo rec.-iie, exam ine and a Ijii9t the claims an I .'einand- nf all persons, nzaintl the esiale oflll-NRY II YDF, la c of II ir'ingion, in Slid Di-trict, .'e-eisel, rcpre-ene. insolvent, and also all ( laiin. nnd demand- exlobitc I in off el there loj nnd -ix inoiith- frnin ihe day of the dale hereof, heme allowed by mid Court b r'thit purpn-e, lie do therefore hereby t-ne notice, that we will attend tu die husines. of our aiipi-intmen', at ih oflsce of II, Leaicuwor h in 11 ill nuion, in saul Di tries, on the ecnnd Toe-days of March and Juno hcv, at 10 o'-clis-V, A, SI., on e sch of slid dais. Dated, thu lOihdsv ol IViciuhcr, A. D. 1343. Win. illJltl.i'UT, ) - . , 30.v3 Win. II. WILKINS, CommiMfonert. Wanlctl. A smari active ROY as an Apprentice In ihnTai l.irini! tlusinrss 27 If Dec. 4, '45. O. R ATH HUN Co. Est ray. CAMKinlolhecmlosiiroof ihe ndi-cnher, nbiTit Ibe25ib nil., a lirje Red lop'.l horned Cow. The owner is ren ieitcd lo pay charges and lisle her away F. IIADI.FY. Uiirhnglon, Dec. 14, 1845. 2Dw3 Noiicr. Tlllmayrerii.ylhat I line given my son Rodney Ri hie. 'h. lithe to n-1 nn-l trade fcr hini-elf, and .ball claim none nf hi. earning, nor pay any debts of his contracting alter thisila'e. liULNFZKR ROsTIF. llnrling'on, Fee. 10, 1315. 2Div3 Pins anil Needles. enn Parks American Solid Head Pins, J'l Iflrt IbsAmelienn Miscd do 300 M Quilled F.ved N'telles, 200 Gross Knitting do For sile by Not. 19, '45. VILAS & NOVES. (i. BACKUS, MBROHAXI TAIIOIi. OIT0SITE TUB BUBtlNCTON BANK, Ctarcli V 9rUn(toa, Vt. C. P. D A V E Y , ATTOnMUY CmiMiSRl.t.On at LAW, OFFICE, That formerly occupied by Charle. Adams, Fir., who alio win i e ucto-iooauy pre-eni nir ine trans action of whatever legal business he may anil be pleased lo allend lo. 20-lf L a in ) s . lOnNEt.lAS&Co., Pniciil Laid Lamp., also a good assortment of uiais Lamps, oiuo Boiarip ,InnBLan"- N. LOVELY. October 24, IS45. Stray Cow. "lAMfJ into the enclosure of the Pf. J sul scrdicr on the ISih in-tanl, a r Ul'.l) COW. with miD lom-cd bom and a short tail The owner can have her on payment nt eliatires. LI.UMI.I.. 11A'.U.. Shelhurn, Dec. 2l,'-15. 30w3 Allinny Cull i valor. SUnLIlIPTIONS receive-lbv Dee. 20. C. COODRtCII, Arent. ICTCIii's taking n n tmlier of supplied on ihe same term- n. at the oiTkc. .-, . . c. ft nr vl'OCKOI'y, Cllltia cV, IslflSS V 11 . A Lirffi nnritnent ol utue i roeuery, vviit e . (irnnite Wan- lioni il. mill tuna in -els, win e tel setts ol Chilli, Hluo liaised Figure ior -rtle chean by N . Dee. 21, 1315. in Sett-, if-.-. LOV1.I.V. 30 I'ancr 1 laiisritis. Avcrvlarge Lot lor sale, Wlije-n' or hVail al ihe'iiian ifictnrer'. prices. ti. I.OVHIV. l'ltrlinsti n Dee. 21, 1915. 3d Piano Fortes. MIt J. MUNSOS, tal;e lht opportunity to lender In. fiaicfd acknowledgement- f. r the lileral patronage he hu receive I Irons n genero I. public, and would llieicf.ire remin I them that he hi. on band a splendid n.-ortine it of II seuood, an J Mn botinv, for ea-e-, mid will to order any of ihe various style, of the ptc-ent I'ay.-. Ahi. intninients a re all n.a'.le of ihu be-1 and mo-t thoro'ighly se.i-on-e.l material-, and unrrameil for iliic. to I eenunl many insituinenia wha'cicr. he hopes, I V prompt I aiicnnon to Hit- bii-mc-. ol m inuf.ict irmg 1'iano, to receive a continued .hare of pttronage. WAVrHH,.t the above b i-lne-s, a smari young man, whui- muiencii mimed Willi the Cabinet in t'.lng l,uint'., the I est of'inn. will be rc-purel for briety and hal its of in I i-irv, none Oihers need npplv. JF.IIIF.l. .MUNSON. 11 irlniftcn, Dee. 8. 13l. Ii ROOMS. M mm k i - n t- XOil uoz. i.orn uroms lor sn lo Nov. 2 1, '45 ly FOI.LCTr.f-llltAlJLF.V. FACTS nrOAUDIMS 'I UK SUGAR COATED IMPROVED I nd iit n Vccii)hlo I'ills. For Cnnsminplion, Colds, Coughs, Rhcu mutism. Dyspepsia, Fivers, Worms, Dyscntrry, and Dimrhtcn, also, sure Cure fur the Piles. TIJSTIMHNI I.S. HAVING I ecu mini ked some iiiomh. with a bad Coigh. W.-.s'-ncs. n my Che-i, nnd lo id'ap peine, I u-ed Writ'bi'- In ban Veicin' It- Pill-, Imt grew wore, wnh cold sweat- ntimrht; cou1!! not -leep, nn I believe 1 1 wa in a Con-iimpnon. 1 pro e ire.l a I ox of Dr. Sou !;' fiuiar I ouied Inipruvid Wge al le I'ill, which re-'orcd my health wnliiu -ix duvs, nod I I elieve them to I c the' I e-t remedy I ever si-el. (It-OltGK W. OIlANGEtt. t.'ainlnilae.O. t 19 h 1831. . I hive been nfihcie.1 hit .nine limewilh the Liver Complaint ; having pain in my side, weiikuc- in lack nnd -t mach, nnd dy-Pt-.iii. 1 hate taken over one di zt-u boxe- ol Wiiirlit'. Indian Vcze'ul le and llrandit-ih'- Pill., h n conlin id to grow worse, and wa- so reduce I lhat I de-pnirel (.1 ever gaining relief. J then tried Dr Miiiih'. ugir Coated Iiug.. ed I. V, Pill-, and before j had liui lied Ihe second I ox, my pain-and dy-pep-ia had di-appeired. My footl now ihges'- Wefl, and able lo alien I to my fiinily diiiie.. Several of my friend, have simv la ken the Pill-for hal cough-, and have found great relief Irom ihem. Sln-Om S. WllITKEV. 0 M rtle M. Ro tnn, May B, 1815 I have lecu h r four jear. afi:icted wi'h Scrofuli, t.eprosj and l'enfiie-., and have I een onabttf to ob tain any relict until I procured six boxe. of Dr. Snii 1,'s valuable ludi m Vegeia'!-J IMI., and iu four mouth, all my cnnslanits ha I di. appeared, contrary to all my fnemU' expcoiaitons. I took these Pills fcr my Scrofula, any expectation ol relict. James I'. Ciiiaik. Ml. Vernon. Kenneb-v Co., Me. April 15, 1945. I'Mll Kd tuiti; jr ivnitM.-. O ir linle e.rl. G vear. old. hn-su n'libewor-t stage- of worms ; nn I we have neier lound nn cll.c . . i . .. tuilciire, omil ue O'lmini-tered Dr. -Smith'- Susar IM"'s w Inch our little girl took without 'he least reluc tance in do-es of two at a lime, nnd ue neier wit-ne-se.1 such a change in mi shorl a time. The IMI.. bronchi away n nni. of worms, and -he nt owe im provel. She is now in loyou. health. Wehaieal-o Ibiin I the f reate-t bcneiil from their use. JACon t tn t. oct , o oiai it- -t. j".. i . ;CTJ We have in my ceniriMtc f.feure. iu ca - c - ?77r. . . . . , .. . l '.WU.IIO. ll-O, llicy tliu niillillliru l,i If- i.. ': ' r,.i;.... ..... i. are warranted the le mo-t on-tin lie uongh. or t:oid-, w-iiuin lynour., I The direi-iions and treitment ol the -h-ea-e accom pany every I ox. Price 25 iciii per bit. No "Sugar l.'oalel Pills," can be (Clone wiihont the nunalure i f the ole inventor, l. HfN lAMIN SMITH, M. I) , President of the N. Y. Col'ege of Heal Is, upon every I ox. O rii-e devote I cvcl'i-ivclv lo ihemleolihi. medicine. No. 179 ORKKN WICH STIUT.T, New Vork, and No. 2 WATKIt S'l RKK I', llo-toil. icr'of .s.i.; is au. run villages and TO WNS is SE WESULASn ST.i TES. N. II. No travelling peJIers nit- ulloweJ lo sell these Pill. CAUIIOX. A-a iiii-eralile imitallon ha. lien miik', by the uanieoi M-? igar Ci aled Pill-." it I-ne-ce.srry iofietiire that Dr (.. Ileni. tni'h'- sienaior. i-on every Lox. l'or sale by PUCK SPKAH, Ujrl nutoil. I'tv. I, ISIS. 231'y liOOIi. 1UMIG. THI'. .Sul Mritier wouM ln- J- form hi- Irieii'l nml (lie 1 J)tibii( i li ai ho U Mill I'arrymy mi i hp liiiuunr aim i Ulan. IIji k nidUiug hi all it j Viuiatis t nni li, uiul i- pre-I n.iretl In ui l'mnnhteif. IV- rioJictl. Psintr-. and 10 rciiinti (iii noun, in um t y!onni in n ni.iriiuT atut al i-uc-h nce a a can nul .ul to sun uiofe ttiivjseu te l-ior do Im a wni'Ktmn tu hUempIuy vv ,v-e: expericn.cdm none 1 1 ihinun - tlie wisini nnil who is fttoud to none 1 1 Iphujuii lr'. Ulank Ht.ottsi made tu onlcr nni rull to any pailcrn fn flion nntki', ntid warranted. HJg.i gil t'eJ r marl led uluu I'e-ire.l. 29 .SI FA'KN.S WOODS. Burlinaton Det', 18, 1315. XtrvngM UuUdinpr. Combs. 2000 uJft Side Combs, Tit ilj t'np do Ivory do Itox wond do 400 do SG0 d.s 300 do 5U0 do Dris-nig do 75 ltross NYood dn Forsnleby VILAS & NOVF.S. Nov. 2G, '45. 20 Fin it. 1 n" M UK i.ins. '.Fresh Fruit) 1 Jv SOdis di do in lovers, vcty fine for Tisble use, 73 Inlf boxes do Btl qnirli rs, 1 10 Imlf keys Itlonsm. 50 lbs eicn. 10 Inns ijult Shell Almonds. 10 do .Mndeim Nuls, 10 do ilrtud dn lly FOLI.r.TT 4- URADLV. SJlh Nov., 1313. Hooks nntl ICyos. pTfr Gross llivsks and Fjes nn Cnrds, sj'v 75 " do do in It.nes. FursVehy VILAS NOVF.S. Nov. 20 '45. 20 .Leather. 3:50 Sides ol lifjht, inidiilo nml benvy Weights So'e Lestber. New Vnr' Inneiiinn, for s ile l.y FOLLLTT si lilt A DLL V. Nov. 25, '45. 27 Tens. 1 Olirsts Hyson SkinTes. Mjyj 100 dn V.iunir llvson do 30 do Old llvson do 10 dn lllisck dn 25 Caddies 13 lbs eaeh O. II, Test, 60 do H " dn V. II. do For sale low, by KOLLKTT - URADLY. I'ainls nnil Oil. 3 Tons White Lesd, dry, nnd In Oil, Purs' Ex'ra' N. 1- Veniiinn Red. French Yrllow Virdiirts. (Whi ins, Red Usd. Fpiiil. Turpentine, Pull)', Vsi Bh, Lnhsrw. Urobsr. Sterl Oil. H. 14, 'i (34) BTRaifG'9 & Co. WILMBn i SMITH'S EUROPEAN TIMES Is written and p-iblislicJ expressly lorde.pajth by the S'taiu sti ps wiot u ituvc r ngmiiu ior TI1K t NITKD STATCS AND i-AMA-A. TitnEE isiF.NTlAtrrATVnctiiiTis)scii It rr.oa au- COMTCMFOllAN'CtCS MULlC A'ttC.H. FIRST. It con'nin. a full, twrel, and cumpre-hen-ite Shipin'ng Li-l. I'eison. intere-'ed lu ih Marine of America may tuns in nil ut taut to the fn I'oruiniion which ihe,- seek, rriih iht-certn'n'v ol rely inx on il truth. It lht .Upef-e'e. Shipping l.i-ir, anil mher expen-lve pubtirnlton. fro n Fnrope, 'omi ofwhiih nre six lime- lliv" price tf " Wilmea oniirsi s i onoi'r.AN l lMr.8." SI CONDI.V, It cintniin n Prien Current ol sll the great llr.ti-h nni Kunipean .M.iilti-, devntel principilh lo ile ar sch-.of in 'urns I en niner c n ore rioiicdiaicly nppeil:i'ivii In ihe Unccd S:n es au I lliitish Aiuencn und in uliiih ihe Merchant, lie Trn.'er. and the.maii of thi-iiin s os-i I ftd nninitneli n'e hti-rcst. On the -c. re i feurie tne-, ht-Tnls ilar Ficme , nn-l the icu aik- ncccnij.nri)i.iir iluvaiiuis .Market-, .bowing iheir ac'iml i oiidiin.i, may e re'i cl on, nnil arc, in fin', as At'Ttioftfrr utm Mii-rtr the riasT to ujfj m the rniscitaLinn;. tr tiis uxtTrn tatts asd Canada. , TIIIRDi.V. a- n newsp.iner, it prc-rnt. tollic American ruidcr, fu nun cntroel -late, an I where I lit- inieiiHI or tilt iiupomii e t-f lie- -n'ject iVmaiu's il, in the inn I delude I nnd nmp'e I ifin, . v. fy t..pV-M political, coininertial, don e-tic. iru I nti-cclMutr) i. iri-tere-t wbirh In- o.-cnriel in r.irii,.o or el t-where, sum e the (hpiriiiiR of the pri-ii-ms paike. t'-pe-iil regard being paid to wb-alever t- mo-tly ionriectc-1 with, or re'ate. h political, sm it', njid commercial welt bcin i-f the Uui'el -S alts nu I Camd i. Of ihi- piper tie "Hi-ton Morning Pn. i- ''Weare irreilly in le'.lc I in th.s Ne.ts i-f.icr fot o-r Foreign, Mi-cellanco i- and (rnmincr -inl Nev?. Onr number if fi -mitii'. I ciiof:as Ti.mi.U worth a w holt- Isle tf any other I'.ngll h paptr. Sub-criyition to "WitMnn Ai Smith's FxROMAir Tiir.i,"l tit Di liar, n j car, reciivtd b) the fo lowing A'geiil- .V VurA- Wi'ieeriS Smith'-, H .ropenn Times O.h.e. I Me.-r-. R-t 'in: A Co. Sta'e -trte!. Ilotlon " Ila'i" urtou & V.,,.. Sine -t. ( Mr. Iln ehki-s, iieu'-ilnpol Court -i. i,nV,irft3iid,....Mcs-r.-. eher ti Co , Ntw-Acni-. UjHimore " kU itz.V tVd.'er,New.-pai'r Aceni-. Clmrlcsten Mr. Anm- Hei-.d. Newspaper Depot. -lW'ire,. .nr. iioiiieme, .c.v-papir repot. Vt,m rir;,.,,.o ' Mr. Ilravo. (.'oiiiuirrciil pen s room- ' 1 .Mr. .Mo-gasi, Depot I lor Nt-wsra prr, o-c. Mr. Ilea Jone.. NeivpaptrOfTire. Mr. Deuei, Hi tksiTer nnd News Albany..., Hoilioler,. A'-'en-, Porf(iP(7,(Me.).Me-i-Chill Co. rCxpro s Agent. Qur'ifc Mr. line, V. hinge News Room-, Mintrcut Mr. Wil on. Fx -hanee New. do Littrpoat, Ofiht- proprietor-, Wslnier Smith. 3rfCoiomuni"aiii n-.'il c no-i pal 1. an I in all ca-e. diio'ie.l, " i UIIOPI'.A.N 1I.MI.S Ul-FICF," Nliv Yi r.t; or I it renr. ( I.. 23 Brown Slifciinirs. 1 fi tl.i'es lleivy llroiin Shecings, 1 VJ 3 " Frio d do " .We cannot -ay tint tliry are Vitap,' hut they wilt le sold at theloesl puce lb" mirl.ct will nllmv. hy Vll.N & NOVKS Nov. 2",.!5. 20 Huilon.-. 1200 Oro-s Paul Itutlons, Horn Ooit " Oier Coat " Vc-t Lituu Coit d.s Vest Strip 300 " do (Id do do d.i (ldj 2U0 " COO " 100 " 3'10 " 3o0 " 1200 " For sile bv Shut do VIMS & NOVF.S. flurhnjlun, Nov. 2Gih '43. 2G MESS PORK. 50 Bills. iN'orllii'i'n Cotintirs New York Me Por1, pic'.cl and m-piTle I in No leinber la43 nnd made fu iu vcn- benvv Una., Ir ale low by FOLLUTT ll'HADLKV. Nov. 25. 13li. 27 Slieciiii'T, WicK'injr, l.aiiiiig, Sec. QC fli'es of various styhs of Sheetings, fCO 40 do do Wt king, 40 do do 11 iliug, 10 Cues Uus'.m Mind Sittinet:, 1 i do I'otcst Cloth, for .ile bv Nov. 21. '43 FOf.LI.TT ei'llRifiLY. itn:nic!M: vic thi: nu.uio.r fw.wnirs joist and xfjive L I IT i f 2 IT T 170P. the cure of Rhenm.iiism. Gout, Sprains, . Su'tl.imr-. Criuin. Nuuibu.s-. Lame- L linn- nes-oi nil Kind-, I'.nu iu ihe sn'e, lack or loin, . n.z"'- un ,v.'"e; 1 'T ' in-t-e'e, clolMapre, ' Ircli wO'.inil-. ...m-. itl ze-, and all case- of external injury. There ha-never appeared a me'ijjne -vhich po se (s the peneirattngan I healing power iu -o great it degree, wlu'c ni the -anm time it cannot I y any po.-ihi'itv produce injuiiou-eleel,. lie its action on the shin it excite- a healthy cireuln'tion of ihu hlon I, and remove- all ol.-irui iion. to the insensible pcrttpir.ition. winch i- ihe eau3e , f -o much h iinan 1 ," Mi."1"" 1 lnu " lntr nie.n w may . I f il cd u t.h ncrf.vt silicic in ! he wor! I-,.,-, ol ii,rii. ' i Un I he iruv put iijmj i it liciu z I clow olher me It.-uies of the Kind, inos' eleoiuully icnioie. evtry ob-iacle lo it- tiniier-al u-c. Why w-iij j on suffer i.iiniihen a -n le, eiheacioiis is si J i belli mc.'i.-ine I- ivtihin vour reach ? niriniiTivT n-n nnooi-iii-t-. , .- . . .... I 'luill.-iir.,. i Tin lawmen! i not imlr ! em. fi -ia loihe Iriman Vicm, Inl i- Iho rst nnic'i iln can. I e ii'fd fi-r Ihir-c lint Imvv ltti -jir iuhvI, lirioe I nr u-illel. and f'-r minyoliir ili-r.ise- leij unn an v crnal rentelv. 'I Iil hili -Itr rt lin llii foim-ii -ijh- tux t lie immvm md kmij will mi it it -l intcnt j in all who imy Uuc iva-iuu tu u e a melu-ineuf j tlio km I. mcntjf r Imt c, an I li vhn-i n to lea va iV le re n cdy lor laiiiviie--t pnil-, iraint I r n v A"., wifilJ rrt'onmien I it U nur t' I iin I ilip i' It.- neutrally,. 1 ehevtnir lli-U lli t' w hu m.iy Unw tra ion luiife a reineU'lornny el the Hise ie tr r i- iiienV I, wi'hw-t 1 ('i-ajtpu'ij fd in i i flVeit , I OVrXI KMlll. nmrWii..' Vi. 1 oris itMinwnr.t,, ii. i sage liP.ORtii: HLThr.tON li;i.i:i!All AUW'na.(;, 1 rronnetori. GtlO. ni(3hI-50. C .irvtiHtu n ) lricc2." .'.ti l 51) cents pr Unttlc. Trepareioulv I vT- SKAV IIU & SUN, Dni.'ri.t, Waliyt'e X. II., 1'ee.l, mi; 4- Culler, 51 Clutliain St. llAaton, Who'e a'eAciN, OScrr K rry I it.ile i f h jrennine will havi i!i tsmttureol 1. catr ip j-.ui, i-ti ihe nime u rapper insKMi ; u. anuie- ,,er"t ,,r ' ; J-M-S';P. " 1 ? Xva' i1 lie; F. Huniinr. k, Wil'iMimi J!. fi. rten. Kit huiunu ; . u. ouiim. .ii!!tntlicr. a un lru?sit nnd A'en'li.mi trent'r.-'lv llrnnhf ut lhcS::tie,ani W, M HATCH Co., Wmaoski Fill SeriemWr S, 1S1. I5m6 i-TJ" CGOBS. O M. TOl'F., has jii-t received Ins winter stncl. of Goods, anninn nlueh nny Le found n I.srre as lorlnienl ofelotli, rns.iuiers, ciinca. flsnnels, cashnieres, ntpneen., prints rnbroy. .ln ds, luiseys, tiiktiiL-s,", and a full asoi uncut uf u,lur' triiniuins, Also, A lirje slock of Grocs rn-s, enn-isiir.t: in rart of lonf. lump, poMiliret and (tuliel a?nrs, nlso,, teis, eidfee, snip tubiecn. limp nd, silrrn Ills, st.ircli, Ae. i.c. i I be sold the bmesl pliers. .S. M. I'OPE. iiurlirfton.Nnv. 1 1, 1513. 21 FARM FOR SALI: IOIt SAI.H, n linn sis I'udeiliill, eon X tniniui; nuc hindiel und Inrty.Hj iriy.nx . I T .. s'oi one bundled ntre. of ilikh , ku is tin ler ill v.i'iiiii. tlie reuianu'er covered ly n poi.l irroiv h i-f bnrd wditl. On the preiui-enrenr(inieni.-titdv, llius Im-i-e, I nrn, .beds, f. ml nnrrebird id Ibr Ilj' le.iriiii; app e trees, ii'lieieut fur some liliyor niy barrels of cider. Al-o. ll I'jr.ii t-csi-n .iiiiia one liuudrtil nere, lyin? a' nut line un'e fnun ih.-nl (mi silynere ,U wbi -h i. und.'r iiupr- eiiii-ni,nnil b-isoii it n enpn i-iou I nru, the rein.iiriler u well won.'.. I, prineipally with I t-.ii lt nnd Mini Te. 'I be nl me ere .itiiauil nenr llieeenirt-id the j,iiivii niulis ihe nn m run. I, nre well WA'erel and sk-'I lenrrd, n .-onsulernbVpiotinn id the fence I einj .i b.iniiiul .inm- wall, and lii;e: ti er eiiiupi-s. cue id the bt'-l (I ury f.ulti. in thf-lcitVH. The n''i'e pienu e will I e sn'il tu i-lo.e n concern l'or ni n li le.s ihs'r nul value, and po-,e--iun siven on the I.I of April neJ.1, For f.irtb.r pnnicu. dn-ol A. FOO'I E. II iilmirion, IV-.22. 1814 39if Ileallli aiul 'Itenylli, mt. s. o, mi ii it n.(ixs rovcr.NTnsir.n SHERRY WINE BITTERS. IttJ" 'I hey nrolbe sinnv.ille.1 nnd eili.-aeioi com nnund ofn reiular Pbxs clan niidyrndun'e of the New llnmp-hiiT W.dicjl Cnlepe, wbiibu. nsnV the md, nf madicsne lii, nnd they nrebie lily reroiy menleil b iiinnyoftbeingstcelerrniel 1'hy'i.isn. o Ihe cisiiniry. a. i'eei,l..lly llir IIF.ST MHIICINK hVFH OITFRFD-IO TH K PUI1LIF. for n.Jsundiie, Liter Coniaii,is,-IIiun.irs. &c,sodJL ranceincnt-i f li e Sioinachand llnwels For.aletn Pmlincinn I y PF.CK-frEAn.u-W, sleAfents. who will furni.h I'ealers stibe aro-s rj-,al.n. Iv HAf!lR .f. ARTlUlC.rd

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