Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 13, 1846, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 13, 1846 Page 2
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1 PIK3IHI3iS Ol'lRItttl) iiy TIIH CJIIITTUSt MEN CO. ACilUCUIiTUItAIi SU0II2TV, lor 181(1. llol'SC". 15cst ihorotich bred Stalion,! years old et upward 2d do do dii do 3 year old 2d do 3 tir do 3d do do do do do 2d do do 2d do do do do do do do do do do SlO.OO 0,00 1,(10 3 00 V00 3,00 2.00 Hcst llrooJ Maro willi pncl. ing Colt by hcrsi lo 0,00 Id do do do do 5 00 3d do do do .lo COO IJcsl 3 year o'd Crlduu',ur Marc Coll 1 (.0 2d do do ilo Co 3 00 3 1 do do il.i do 2,00 Host 2 year old do 3 00 21 do do do do 2 00 3d do do do do 1,00 Divm,! nr Lrnl in th(! (!niintv the season be fore the fare, ' 0,00 Cattle. Ilest 2 year old Hull, and upwards, 0 00 2d do do do 5.00 3d do do do 4 CO 4th do do do 3 00 liesi 1 car old do 4,00 2.1 do do 3,00 3) do do 2,00 Host llcifvr or Hull Calf, according to keeping, 3.00 3,1 do do do " 2,00 3d do do do 1.00 Ilest Milch Cow over 3 tear old. 500 2d do do 4.00 3d do do 3 00 licit 2 Vear Old Heifer, 3 00 2d do do 2,00 31 do do 1 ,00 Rest Vearlinj Heifer, 3 00 2d do 2 On 3d do 1,00 The flow from which llie most llnlter is made in my t.vo ronsccumc weeks in June, 30n 2d do 2,00 3d do 1.00 Hen Pair Working Oxen, C 00 ) M no uo BUU Sd d i do 4,00 4th do do 3 00 IJest pair 3 Vcar Old Steers, broke to the yoke, 1,00 fit) no DO W) CO 50 Largest Sipiash, Host variety, nr forlablc use, The boat Pumpkin. Most Splendid Flower, 2d do tin Must splendid briquet I'nriii Iinplc nicntK. Hcst crccn sword plow 3,00 2d do 2,00 I tnl.l In Ho 3,00 2d do 2,UU best cultivator 2,00 ' Inrrow i,W " faiiimiL-imll 1,00 " maw culler 1,00 " horsc-ruln 1,00 I tpniu cmdlo 1,00 II horse carl . . 2,00 ' o can 3 00 " f.irm double wagon 3,00 " ox voko and bow a 1,00 " hoo 1,00 " pitclifork 1,00 " ii xe 1,00 " scylho 1,00 " cheese press 1,00 " churn 1,00 " uiirsrrv or rruit trees. not less than onorcurlli acre, one year old and upwards 3,00 2d do 2.00 b.-si secdim" nur.-erv or Hint trees, not lei) man unciourin aeio .i,uu 2d do 2,00 best orchard ol groltcd n int.conpt.lcrinc us oxunt mi. I cultivation, with tho varieties and eood- nefs of tha fruit 3,00 2.1 do 2,00 isrea'rst number or rotk maple trecs,nol less than 100, one inch or more in diameter, which Khali be ttansnlanted ihis urine and bo llourithiiiL' lit the time of the fair 5.00 2d do 3,00 CONGRESS. Saturday, Jan. 31. Tito Senate was not in session lo-ilay. In tho Iluuse, tho Oregon debate) was con tinued nnd llio cummittcc rose, leaving Mr. Ja cob 1 liompson in possession of t ho Hour. Monday. Feb. 'i Shnatf.. Mr. Miller pre sented resolutions of tbo New Jersey Legisla ture, remonstrating against the repcai of the pi lot laws. iMcmnnals were presented from t lie Legislature of Pennsylvania, against any alter Sawyer were as unique ns hii" in inner. The House was convulsed with laughter, and Mr Oillimm and Mr ll.iiley, and all who not "whole hog" tlcmncralM wcro tlenouneiwitli bitterness. The House, however, could not but roir aloud at the manner In which tbo King's English w.n murdered. 'I ho floor was given to ,1Ir Boll, of Ky., when tho ('ommitloe ni!, Mt Co'lanmr.iif Vt., offered a resolution call, ing for tho additional correspondence upon the subject oi nur urcgen relations, ll not incoinpn ation of tho postago laws. Mr. Alhorlon pro- I ihlo with the p'ibliP,ititcrest. An attempt was . .. ... ., r..... v., ii. .:.. t. . i . I .. . . . buincii n ihoimi'i i.ii nuiu iu ii.iiiipsuire, iisi,- ing that nur dillicultios with Ureal llritam nny 2d do 3 00 3d do 2,00 Ml do 1,00 Peit pair 2 year old Steers, 3,00 2d do 2,00 3d do 1,110 Best ycurlinc Steers, 2,00 2d do 1,00 Rest pair fat Oacii, 5,00 2d do do 4,00 Best fatted Cow. Sieer nr Heifer. 3 eears old mid upwards, 3.00 2d do do 2 00 3d do ilo i,U0 Sheep. Ilest Merino fliel;, 2 vtars old and upwards 0,00 2d do do ' 5,00 3d do do 3 00 4th do do 3.00 Hcst Merino Duck, I year old 4,00 Id do do 3.00 3d do do 2,00 lib do do 1,00 Beit len Merino Kwes, n,00 2d do do 5,00 3d do do 4,00 llh do do 3,00 Best ten Merino Lambs 5.00 21 do do 4.00 3d do do 3.00 4th do do 2 00 Best Saxony Buck, G,00 2d q, do 5 00 3d do do 4,00 Heat ten Saxony Enci COO 2d do do 5 00 3d do do 4.00 4th do do 3,00 Best leu Saxouy Lambs, 5 00 2d do do 4 00 3d do do 3 00 4ih do do 2,00 Best ten Merino OiaJeEwcs 4,00 2d do do 3.00 3d do do 2,00 4ih do do 1,00 Best ten Merino Grade I.ombs, 4,00 2d do do 3,0(1 3d do do 2,00 4th do do 1.00 Bent tell Saxony Grade Ewes, 4 00 2d do do 3,0(1 M do do 2.00 4lh do da 1,00 Best len Saxony Grade Lambs. 5.00 2d do do 4,00 3d do do 3,00 4th do do 1,00 Vno Best five Merino fleeces of Wool, clip of 1510, 3,00 Household and other Manufactures. (IrcalO't quantity of butter in proportion to ilia number nl cows, nndc in the month of June, from anv duirv consisting of ten cows and up wards 5,00 2d do 1,00 greatest quantity of butter, in proportion to the nutniKT Ol enws, nume- in nip iiioiiui ii, fi-nni nnvilnirv. cull sis till II of five COWS and IcSS than ten 3,00 ,ln 2.(10 for the best 25 pounds or inoro of butter made previous lo the first of July 5.00 2d do 4 0(1 3d do 3 00 4th do 2 00 best 100 pounds or moreof cheese 500 2d do 3 00 3 1 do 2,00 I c-t sample of not less than 8'poun li, of loaf su ear manufactured from maple sugar 3,00 2,1 do ' 2,00 to llie mm who shall adopt the best method of increasing tho product ol noney, to uo icsicu In- ils nrnctien! remits boat one-fourth pound of sewing silk 2d do best pair knit silk storkinga 2d do be t do do gloves 2d do best silk pocket handkerchief .1 oo best peck of cocoons 2d ilo heal pound or more of reeled silk 2d do best 10 yards or moro of full cloth 2d do best do do flaniuls it do best do do carpeting 2d do best rii? 2d do best table spread 2d do best woolen coverlet 21 ilo best linen or Cotton do 2, in licit 10 raid, or more of I toad loth ho settled by negotiation nr arbitration. Mo morials were also presented, asking Congress to give protection to the commerce nl the lake? and lake town?. Mr. Vulco, of Florida, railed for Information m to a dry dock at Pcnsaroli. Resolutions wore presented from thu lthodn Island legislature, in favor of llio cheap postago system and tho tariff A bill was irported by a select committee, mailing provision for the piymcnl of French spoliations piior In 1301. A resolution was adopted calling on tho rwc-. rotary of War to communicate the amount of all the monies paid to tho department. A bill was rcpnrlcd to repeal the act requi ring one of the District Judges to reside in Al exandria. Tho Custom IIouso bill, which passed the House on Saturday, was read twice and refer-, red lo the committee on commerce. A bill making provision for the settlement of certain To.xss claim, including a pauncntnf fifty thousand dollars for certain goods stolen from tho Custom Houhe. Also, for arms tskon from Texas volunteers. Tho 330,000, after debile, was induced In 910,075, and the bill laid upon thu table, t!0to 10, to bo called up bye ami bye. An Executive session closed tho business of the day. House Four additional Oregon resolutions wcro ofl'orcd in tho IIouso this morning, tho first was by Mr. Administration mem ber from Ala., who propjes,that a3 compronibo is honorable that negotiations shall bo relieved, anil in order to mako the question moro practi cal, he proposes that the forty-ninth dejree of North latitude shall bo the basis of this com promise, Lnglanil to rcccivn liia wliolo of Vancouver's Island, and the United .Stated all I South of it, and all elsewhere South of the '10th dog. Mr. Tibbats, of Ky., offered a series of rcso. lutions that the notice should be given to Icrnii nate tho joint occupancy, that it should bo ac companied by assurances on our part of a do siro to resume the friendly relations evistim' bo 59 tween us and llngland, and between the LI. S gQ I and all the world. 1 00 '''his is the substance of tho first resolution, 60 and the Eccond destroys all its pcacelul Inteii mado by tbo rnnjoriy; to paglho inquiry, but tho itouso Biispeiiuou till! 3,00 1,00 50 rules to roccivn It, and refused lo lay It upon the tabic. Ayes, 02 J Noes, 01. Tho IIouso then cdjourncd. " WnD.Nr.sDAY, Feb. 4 In tho .Sknatk, Mr. lloiitnii, from the Committee on Finance, re ported without amendment the hdl to repeal thmluty on salt, and to abolish the fishing boun ties'. Mr. Johnson, of Maryland, presented a me morial fur tho payment by the United States of the unpaid Mexican indemnity. Tho hill for tho relief of Nathaniel Goddard and others, was taken up for consideration on its third reading, and an animated debate nrose upon it. It was opposed by Mr. Ttirnoy, Mr, Colquitt, and Mr Pennybackcr, and supported by Mr J. M. Clayton, Mr Ihgby, and Mr Davis, and on taking tho question the bill passed by a vote of 20 lo 20. . The Senate then wont into Executive session. In the Ilotrsr:, I lie motion of Mr Holmes was taken up, to suspend tho rules and orders, so as to enable him lo present the memorial and res olutions of llio Memphis Convention. The yeas and mvs being taken on tho question, it was lost i . ....... a yean n.ijo Mr Tibhatta (t li reso'ution for orderlnii Ihal at 1-2 past 2,k on Monday thu dobato tho Urcgon niT's'jn shall cease, and the question be taken. 1 Tl.u resolution was laid on the table by a otc ol DJ to 01. 1 to bills were icportcd by tho Committee of Ways and .Means, ona to enable the-President to receive tho cession of certain property trom Texas, and tho other to supply certain deficien cies in appropriations lur llio current fiscal year. The IIouso went into Committee of the Wliolo on tho Oicgcu subject, and Mr Hell, of Kentucky, addressed the House in lavor ot tlio L'iving of notice as a pacific measure, and in a pacific form. He wan followed by sir Chase of Tenn., and by Mr Seaborn Junes, who discussed the question of title. Mr Martin of Tcnn., obtained the floor, but on motion, at U o'clock, the committed took up the bill appropriating SIIOUO (o dofray tho expense ol tailing possession of the public property spec ified in the second section of the resolution tor I annexing Texas to the United States A debate , arose in regard to the necessity of the appropri 1 ation. A motion to reduce it to S1000 was lost. E0 tious, by placing full power in the hands of tl.o , j-5 ' Lxecutivc, to employ tho militia of tho country 'uo ai d allowing him also, tu place h:s hands deep 1,00 into the Treasury of the United Stales, and that i.uii rinany mo l'rcsiueni luve power to uorro.v money. Mr. Pellit, of la., offered a resolution propo- .i. i .i.. i . ... bllli; U 1IITU IIIU UUl mj IH lllllllll V. illlU III.IL ' I t . ., .' f.l e the territory north of -10 deg. oflbrcd the proper X" ' "P'r ' B Mr. llrown. of Va ..'nronosed that the notico L A!',er lh? presentation of some rctilion., . 17; 2,00 1,00 3,00 2,00 1,00 60 T5 50 1,00 50 1,00 , Finally, the cummiite rose, and tinder tho eratmn of the previous question, tho bill was l passed. I lie House then adjoun ed. I Titt-nsDAV, Fo G.J-aho Seth, as v.c learn from the . i. Impress, Mr Speight pre sontod thn credentials of the Hon. J. W. dial iners, of .Mississippi, elected to fill the vacancy J. Tim MortMON.s soern indisposed to ful fil their promise) to leavo Illinois; It is stilt ed in tho Htirlington haickcyc that somn compromise litis been entered into liotwren llieni nnd llio Loco locos, by which the. Mormons nro to bo ullowcd to remain in the Stdtn. Farther cotoboration of this is found in n late Jacksonville (Missouri) Journal, winch savs that Minor Warren with n pos- so of tho Hancock Guard, lind passed that place, having in custody, Mr. Thatcher, Conuty Court Clerk of Ilnnnock county, who was on his way to Springfield there to bo tried on n writ of habeas corpus. Very recently . Mr Thatcher wns removed fmni tho office by the Jack-Mormon, Commis sioner of Hancock county, but ho refused lo deliver up the books to his successor, utid Backonstos tho Sheriff, was ordered to ar rpst him. Tho attempt of Uucknnstos lo executo his urder producod great excitement in tho court room pistols wero drawn on tmll, slilne !im1 lltn nfr.icinn nTlilnnrl wm on . or n nw inoinnnls w in a snnnr.n hllnil inr l m i ...... ..... ..u,,... ....a u,, tumn. and nrobiblv burrowed from the sliinin. My prevented by tho interference of Major . .' . . ' .... ' I . . , rn. ., , .t l . t urrcii. no iook i iiaicucr nnu llio dooks into custody, and informed tho commission ers that ho would tuko the Clerk to bpnng field on n writ of habeas corpus, and liavo til in set at liberty. iMajor Warren gives it as his opinion that the Mormons will not leave in thi Spring, quorum. The vole upon adjournment was !1 In tho affirmative ln71 in tho negative. The Jour nal was now read, and with les than one half of the members present, tho IIouso went into cotntnittco of tho Whole. Mr Illicit declined to address tho Committee, probably for the reason of tho bad treatment received at tbo hands of tho majority last nlghl. Mr Jefferson Davis, of MIm., (a friend of llio Administration) aillroiscd the committee in op. position to thn notice, but in favor of extending a territorial Government over the Oregon. Mr Houston of Alabama, spoko with a view of modifying the parly asperities which have sprung uii among bis own friends upon thin question, Mr II. alluded to Mr Pulli'a views as lo tho pro. priely of passing this notice with or without a territorial government. Mr Polk bad declared in 1829 that the notice should precede the bill establishing a territorial (lovernnionl, as the last would bo in violation of tho notice. Tho idea was remotely hinted at that the Preident mlslit vote a territorial bill which was not preceded by notice. Mr C.alhcart of Indiana, amused the House for .1 few moments with a speech lilted for llio stump, and probably borroi before coining lo Congress. Oregon and Texas wero regarded as twin measures, and as Texas had been born and baptized, ho desired to see the other twin child baptized alo, and Oregon treated as well by the South as Texas had been by tho West. Mr Martin of Tenn., was Iho next successful competitor for the floor. His speech wae of the comic serious or of llio solemn bombast. It certainly was interesting, for it commanded at tention; and comical, tor it made members laugh. Serious, it was also, for it made men gravo ; and bombastic, too, for it soared so far beyond the common imaginations of men, that few wero able lo romprohond its loflicBt flights. Mr Martin did not like an allusion made by u member from Viriima, to tho ce'e. He tlioretoro tried some- thing bettor, thinking perhaps of tho couplet which says : "Tim noblo an allow soars on hiali, Tho foolish Martin can but try." Mr Martin arraicned about every body who differed from him in opinion, and reprcssnting Mr Polk's District, ho seemed to speak with authority of the President. First, be did not liko what air Adams hail said ol tho Executive, upon the question of backing nut. Mr Adams repeated his remarks. He bad said that if we pressed our claim, as wo ought, Ungland would yield. Ilo hid also said, that sooner than go to w ar fur Oregon, tho Executive would back out. Ko he thought now. r.. ... , l - i - bo given at the end of 12 months, and, therefore, V-"K JT , ,f W , W. ,.i ,i i,n ,..t the national establishment of the United States, aii it,? ,;,..,., n.n:.,...i n'i.i., hy the incorporation of the Texan navy. Itw.-s c. , ,.r...i.i i i. i twice lead and referred lo tho Naval Commit- d lest 2d best 2d best 2d do do do do do do do linen diaper do do cloth do tow do do 3,00 ; jeclcd t(, and the rulos havin -,w i nil in rprnivn I tptn. been buspend l tee. Ust pound of linen thread 2d uo best pair of woolen stockings 2,00 1,00 2,00 1,00 1,00 50 60 2 7'he noise at onu lime wan so groat, that tho Speaker declaicd it impossible to legislate amid suclr confusion. Mr. Winlhrop, of Mass, asked leave to pre. sent a memorial from Martha tJ i ay, the v.Uow of Captain Gray, who asks Congress to grant The consideration of the bill providing for the construction of ton more wars'oamer.-, etc. was then re.iuui'.'d. Mr Weslcolt spoko in favor of llio hill as a inojHuro essentially necessary ftr the du'eiiee of tbo Southern coast. In the course of bis re marks, bo said he would vole for no measure PIUDAV MORNING, I'EBUUAUV, 13, 1SJ0. Pill MARY MEETING. The Whigs of Burlington nre notified to meet lit Strong's Hall, on Tuisuay eve ning next, nt seven o'clock, for tho purpose of nominating n suitable person to fill the ofiico of Consta blc, for the yoar ensuing, thu present incumbent declining a re-election. G. K. PLATT, 1 C. L. NELSON, J Town G. T. UUSSELL, Committee. BENJ. EDGCUMB, February, 12, 184G. 2d do 3d do Best fine S.ixony 2d do 3d do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do Beit fnc fleeces Merino tirade, 21 do do 3d do do Best five llcccci Paxony (Irado 21 do ,o 3 1 do do Best flock of Sheen. 50 and upw ards. 2d do do do 3d do do Beat flock of Hieep 23 and upwards, 2J do do 3 1 do do Best flock of Lambs, 25 and upwards, 2d do do P ild do do Swine. Best l.oar, 8 months old and upwards, 2d do do do 3d do do do Best Breeding Sow, 3 months old or more, 2d do do do 3d . do do do Best Litter I'ij', of 5 and upward', 2d best do do do 3d do do do Field Crops. Bpst acre Winter Wheat, 2,1 do do 3d do do lib do do Best airo Spring Wheat. 21 do 31 do 4lh do Beit Aero of Corn, 2d do do 3d do do 4ih do do Best acre Oils, 2.1 do do 3 1 do do But aero 1'eas, id do 3d do 4th do Beit half acre Utaus, 2d do 3d do Ilet half acre Potatoes 2d do do ltd do do Best ruie-fourlh acre Carrots, 2d do do ,1,1 do do 4th do do Best half acre Broom Corn, 2J do do 3J do do Best quarter acre Flax, most profitable, 2d do do Horticulture. Best 10 sorts table apples nut leas than 1 4 Bushels each, 2d do do Best ,r sorts table do nut less than Kl bushels carh, 2d do Beet fi sorts Pcari not lesa than 1-2 Peck each, 2d do do 111 do do 4 h do do To the individual who will introduce the best 12 varieties of Pears and Ap ples, ten of each, Best Plumbs of any distinct variety not less than four quarts, 2d do do 3d d do 4ih do do Best leu bunchea Grapee, Greatest variety cultivated Gripes grown by ono individual, 2,1 do do Best Peck Potatoes, of any new va rioiy, Largest 0 heads Cabbace, Best 0 heads S ivoy, do do 0 do Cauliflowers Bust Peck Tomatoes, M do best do do socks 2d do best do wonted stocking 2d do best do do socka 2d do , 25 best do woolen mi I len j 50 2J do 25 best latin stock 1,00 2,1 do 50 hrst do ofother maloiiaU 50 2d do 25 best lix shirt collars 5 2d do 60 bc-t Ihree shirt bosoms 75 2d do su best fur hat 1,00 2J do fu bet siraw or palm do 60 ZJ ilo o leal pair of calf boots 1,U0 Xl no oo best do do shoes 50 21 do best two specimens of tailor work 2d do best single plain harness i o iloti i e do '1,00 best plated double harness y.00 -M do best co single do 5,00 2d do 4,(KJ oesi Blur oi sum leaintr, upci icuuivi, nnu wu 3,00 skin, each , 1.00 4,00 "est specimen ot cabinet wot o,"u 3,00 2d , do 3,00 2,00 oesi specimen oi im-ware,not less man o or more .1001 man iu pieces .uu 3,00 2d do , . . , , , " 2 CO best specimen oi wmicsmuu-n'oiK, not less man 0 her a Pensiongiving as a reason? that her bus- ' Ta nV, T ,,!Mros band was the discoverer of tho l.ulumbia Kiver, " . ', , ; ' 1 ,, and that this was the disCMVfry which made tho f.r"l'flr defer', l.vcn, however, had .irn,T m,mt nf ,,r .-1 ,m, .vlil T',,.,i,l Sl. 1,10 Oregon question licou amicably settled, ho

a I . - ' .. . wnll ll Kill h.HM ,r,,nn 'l.i, ll.u 1,111 1, .,.ro 2 00 3 OP 2,00 1,(0 3.(10 2,00 1.(10 3 00 2 00 1.00 5,00 i.On 300 4.00 3 00 2,00 5,00 would null have gono'Jor Una bill. It was em pluticully a poaro. measure, and ho Imped that no Senator wou!J7 dfieit'd from voIiiil' for it. out of fear of the contrurtion Great Britain might place upon it. In a very able manner, Mr W. proceeded to demonstrate the necessity of llio passage of this bill fur the protection of our comiuurre. nr Wcslcott nddresed the Commiito at length, and gave way without con finding his rental k. -I ..ll.j .. .1.- Ti:ll t ., - ii worst possible estimation. . Mr. Ihyly declared , ,UZ'',J:Z n , Z,"?. had been shameful y i.i.siepresented , - . '., .,,. rios as provided for by law. Hie bill was brief. says, also, that her husband solved in tbo uev- I olutionary war, and that she would hivu been entitled to a Pension, under Iho generil laws, had she married one month later. Tho memo- rial wasori'ered lobe printed and referred tu tho Comm.ttcc on Uotolutionary Pensions. Mr. Biyly, of Va , and .Mr. Juhusun, nf '1'unn., addressed tho House for over an hour in person- t al explanations. Bjlh gentlemuu are of the I dominant party, and hold each tho other in the , 2,00 1,00 5,00 4,00 3,00 2,00 5,00 1,00 8 00 2,00 5,00 4,00 3,00 200 1 0,1 3.00 ,00 three or over five pieces 2,00 2d do 1.00 1 bc-t specimen of Mackimith work 2,00 ZU elo l.uil best sincle pleasure wagon 3,00 ' 2d do 2,00 1 best do ilei"h 2,00 1 t simile covered carriino 3 00 21 do 3.00 best double do do 5,00 2d do do do 3,00 COMM1TTEKS. that h , . , .... , i - iroui uegiiiiuug iu euu, auu .ir. jouuaon saiu i tint ho had not been misrepresented at all. There wero mutual criminations and recriini nations, until the House became disgusted with I llieni. 1 Mr. Tibbatls, of Ky., offered a resolution pro posing to close all debate upon the Oregon , nttitctn.n nn .lfnnilnv unit ul IV I. Thn 3,nn I 'ca8 alu' fy ero called upon a motion to ' 5'92 ' lay upon tho table, which prevailed bv a vote of 3 00TJ!M"6 ' I 4 00 ' The House then went into committee of tho 2,00 whole upon the Oreiioii question, when Mr. Thnmp'on of Miss., odJrct.-cd the committee for an hour. TunsDAV. Feb. 3 1. Sknate. Tho Pre! ilelil of the L). S., laid before the Senate a com municatiuu, giving an abstract of the returns of the militia nt the secral Stales. Mr. Calhoun piescntod the memorial of tho ly explained by .1r Dix, and it" jusiiro eoncurr ed in by ilcssrs. Hunliiigloti and Davis. Tho bill was tl.oii ordered lo a third reading and passed, after which the Senate went into uxe cutivo session, and soon after adj uiruud until .Uouday next. Tho Senate were only some minulcs in exe cutive session. Tlia nomination of Postmaster at Detroit was confirmed, and several promo, lions of the Army officers. Too insjjsigu re ceived from the President during the day, prmcd tu bo on executive business, and uo answer to tho call of tho Senato for tho additional Oregon correspoi, douce. The Senate adjourned to ,1bnd.iy. Horse. A motion was adopted to close the debate on tho Oregon question on .1onday next ayes 109, nays 67. .r f . e m Memphis Convention, on Iho subject embneed uemry oi ennes ec, an oaruc ., in the resolution of tho contention. Tl.o me- I ft'0 ?"J P"ccli m committee of the moridl was referred to a select committee f i was opposed p giving Iho notice. no ueiueu iimi uur line iu uiu w uuiu ui wreuy Mr Martin said, that Mr Poll: would do no such thing. If Congress clothed him willi notice bo would give it. lie knew Ins nerve and his courage. Mr Martin next turned In Mr Gid dings of Ohio, and propounded a question to him which he seemed very willing to answer. M Giddings therefore rote, when Iho following Bcene took place. Mr Giddings "I will reply lo the question of Iho gentleman. Mr Martin, (waving hij hand atitboritircly,) "Sit down!" sir G. still looked boldly and bravely enough at the member from 7'onnesfop. Mr Martin (with mure show of authority,) said "Keep your seat !" 7 he Chair (occupied by Mr 7'ihhalls, of Ken. lucky,) called thn member from Tennessee to order. It was, said he, not in urdi-r to addres members personally. Tiioy must bo adJiessed through thu Chair. sir Martin went on to talk of our unavenged wrongs upon the Canadian and American fron tier, when then Caroline was burnt. Tint act was una lotted for, and ho desired lo have it ie venged. If wo were to havo a war ho wanted such gamo as Hngland, and if wo wore to have war, lilty thousand Tennessecan? would push to Iho light. These are the specimens uf the speech. Mr Ficklin of IilInoi, mado a speech in de fence ol Notico and tho whole of Oregon. A British Party and a British sido wero alluded to upon this questiun in tho stylo and language of the most vulgar p iliticuus. Mr Parisli of Ohio, made a speech acenmpan icd by Resolutions in the style nf Mr Allen of Ohio, against British uiterlercncc and all inter Terence, and with a Resolution that iho President was prei hided from accepting any proposition which might bo proposed, by way of compromise by the Government of Great -Britain, mr Parish proved h,melf to be a sort of Mr Allen boiled down. Mr Clarko of North Carolina, addressed iho committee between 1 and 5 r. ri., in favor of the notice. His speech was more iiKHlci'.itu and more sensible, than cither of the thiee or four preceding ones, though very firm and decided. P.S. 5 1-2 r. M. The House is iu session. The committee rose at 5 o'clock, for want of a q lorum. Mr Foote of Vermont, obtained the floor, and moveJ tint iho committee rise. No quorum being present the committee were com uclled to rise. HIGHLY IMPORTANT FROM WASHINGTON. A Convict whipped to Death. 1,00 3 00 2,00 ?.0U 2,00 1,00 2,00 1,00 .1,(10 1,0(1 :t,oo 2,0(1 fi.00 4,00 :i,(io 3,00 2.00 3,00 2,00 2,00 1,00 4,00 3,0(1 2,00 On Field C'ronsChestcr Blin, Daniel Pat- 5,00 rick, I'.linh btauuton. Ii utter and liluese J. ai. Weeks, Naltsaum, II. G. Cole, G. Peterson. On llurtes Ira Sliattuck, Fred'k Fletcher, Vnderhul, Smith Ilenham, II illiston. On Cattle Lzra Mocch, Jr., Orson Clark, Milton. Julius II. llostwick, Jericho, Working Oxen Joseph Marsh, Jlinesbiirah, David A. .1urray, WillUton, 7'rumai, Galusha, Jericho. Merino Sheep Sam 1 Adams, Oram Isle, John Sanford, Cornwall, Cha s L. Smith, ItrisloL Saxony ana tirade Sheep Francis Wilson, Win. l.uomis, lieori'ia, Kolla Uleasou, ictci mwul. On H'oof Cha's Paine, Northfteld, James Cook, John H. 1'atnck, Hinesburtih tin Swine Udnoy II. renuiuian, Vruinnn Chilleuden, hdward C. IjOoiiiis. .Miife Suuarand Henry B. Stacy, Or vine bhaw, Mephcn Whitney, Un Horticulture Joseph lurroy, J no. IN. I'omeroy, una Adams. Orchards, Aursenes and r nut trees Ijco. U, Shaw, Llias Browiell, IVWfffon, Sam'l Weill, VnderltiU, Mech.tnic Alls Georiro P. Marsh. James Fd- wards, John Derrick Household Manufacture llnnrv It. fllaev 1,0 Henry W. Catiin, Henry Looniis. un farm Implements Hansom Jones, John vansickieu. Harry liradlev. r. ' ' 2,00 lllE ACCIDKNT AT TUB CARI10NDALR Mines. The Democrat of that place of the '''''' UOih ultimo., says, that the bodies of two persons wero luunil the night belore. One named Patrick Walker, was discovered ono snort distance ironi llio main roan, lying on 1.000 sUlo of about eigteen inches depth, his head supported uy ins pent liana, and ins shoulder uu uy a pillar. Ills legs were broken, proba- bly by the living car boxes. It is supposed that he lived some lime alter and probably diod of fdlk'ue ond huneer. The ulhor five members. The chair named the followiii, gentlemen as the committee : Messrs. Calhoun, of S. C , Atchison, of Mo Semplc, of 111., Barrow, of Li., and Chalmers, of Miss. Mr. Calhoun took occasion to correct one or two misapprehensions upon ,n subject of tho Memphis Resolutions. Two of them relating to internal improvements, ho regarded as in conflict with the constitution. Mr. Bright, of Indiana, moved tho reconsid eration of the vole taken yesterday, reducing the Texas claim from S'mOOO to 19,073. The auto was considered by a vote of 2'2 to 22. Thu Vice President voted in tho affirmative. 1 i,o Navy Bill was postponed in conscnuonce of the illness of Mr. Weielcott, who is entitled to Iho flour. The Senato at an early hour, went into F.v. ecutivc session. House or Representatives. Mr. Drom. goolo, of Va., offered a joint resolution, lo take ils change with tho rest, proposing a renewal of negotiations, the communication of tho frOl 1.00 was clear and iucoutcslibln. Wc had shown that it was not so, by our repealed offers to lie. gotiato upon this question. The piny aspect, mid Iho Presidential parly aspect of this ques tion, were condemned with great furre. He feared that much of the present excitement was a Presidential game and nothing more, and if tune should thus derclopo tho motives of any man or set uf men, be could only say of inuii who would act from principles so diabolical and fa'se to tho interests of their country, that he could wish to have "A whin in everv honest hand. To lash the rascals naked round the land." ! Mr Gentry proceeded to comment upon llio I nature of the Fxeciitiie aspect of ibis question. Tho chairman of the committee on Foruign Re lations had once said, without information, he believed, upon tidTffuhjoct, that there wa no additional correspondence since the cominuni. cation of the Prctidenl's message. Ho would like to ak thn chairman of that coinmitteo if such were his opinions now. Mr C. J. Ingersoll said, he did not remember to have spoken upon this point before, lie be lieved thai a correspondence! had recently been opened between llio Secretary of Statu and the Bulish Minister, and that it would be speedily laid before Congress. Mr Darginof Alibania.ati Administration man, made a moderate speech in favor of Iho notice, as a peace measure, and accompanied with the expression of a desire to procure an amicable settlement of the question. -'ir Delano, a Whig member, also ilelendod most friendly intentions upon tho part of our Uovernrnciit to Ureal Hnlaiii, and wiih these declarations of friendship proposimr that the notice shall bo given. Mr.Dromgoole proposeda Resolution of near ly asimilar character, proposing an amicable settlement of the Oregon question, thu givin" oi the notice lo be thu basis of it, " Mr. Ashman of Mass., offered a resolutiun w h'ch was objected In, calling for information from tho President as to Iho urdcrn sent to Mexico and to tho armv in Texas, with a new of making an attack upon Mexico, if auy such I '',c notice, lie was for giving the F.xccutivo I 1 .,--:.- . , . , .. . I ... . , . e .1.- if.. I. ..l.t... I.;... do do do do do do do do do do Onions, Carrots, Table Heels, Parsnips, Tablo Turnips, 50 '-.. died of fdlk'ue ond hunger, !-, Mark Bremen, had been thrown by the wind fill upon the top ol u loaded car and was llieir . . i... ., i ii- i . i i... 1 1.,... v. -.j ., mo , fill caugin y mo laiung rooi wrucii criisncu nun Mercer, Vamvert, F.uldiug, William, Lucas, ,iu iu iicaui iiisiuiiiiy. i wuive uoeiui vii ie-1 nenry, ruinaui, A'leii, nuclliv. and Hardin. 50 1 main lo be discovered. I uiaJc iho last speech. The opinions uf Mr, may have been designed, and also all informa tion upon mo subject of our relations with Mexico, if not incompatible with the public in terest. The Oregon debate was resumed by Mr. Leake, of Va., who addressed the Couiiiiitieo in indication of ihu Virginia members, who had boen assailed by Mr Huge, uf Illinois, and by Mr Johnson, of Tciincssoo. The taritTwas bit terly assailed by this gentleman; nnd llio "Jem. ocratic" members he denounced for not uniting to pull down iho tariff! instead of rallying lo gn u the notice, which, in his view, was a war meas ure. Men uf the dominant party were for tho "odious tarill," as it was called, and nobody de nounced Iheui, while no man was lo bo permit led to volo against giving llie notice. Mr Strong, of N. V., was in favor of giving the notice, and in favor of tho whole of Oregon, Ilo read a speech which had the merit nf brelnv and of nothing else, Mr. Sawyer, of Ohio, icnroscntiiiir. as ihn Congressional Directory tajp, the counties of entire control uf the subject, and fur holding him responsible before (iu, and the country lor the manner in which he exorcised Ibis responsibili ty. Ho defended tin? West from the charge of making this a Western question, and declared upon the authority of evidence which wo quoted, that the I exas question was much moro of i party one. Mr Illicit obtained the floor, and llie commit lee, between four and live, were found lobe without a quorum, and the House toon after adjourned. Fniiuv, Feb. G The Senate not in session to-day, having adjourned over to Monday next Huusr. Tins li.iliMirlnus bodv having con trivud a way for sustaining all business bofore the couimilleo of the House by adopting' a reso. luliou In meet ai 10 nVlnck. assembled at thai hour this morning. Prayer was offered by the Chaplain, wilh i.ol more than twenty members unon the lloor. nnd tlii service oicr. the Speak. or called the IIouso lo order. The Speaker declined to luo lliu Journal read to vacant souls. A million was mado lo adjourn by r king uul tho time in makinir iho call. 71 members were found to vole upon the call, lo obtain Aunon.v, January 27, 1310. Dear Sir. There has boen great excite nient in Auburn since Monday morning, in consequence of the inhuman Iligellatlon of a convict in the Prison by tho naui3 ol Charles S. Plumb. It was rumored on Monday that he was dead. Tho coroner was sent for and an inquest held. The keeper of tho prison, several phys icians, and oilier witnesses wero examinod. llie facta were briefly these : I i juuiu was a yuuii in in auum iw einey years j of age, rugged and healthy. On Monday oi last week lie lyft the shop wheru he was at work, went up stairs, broke two windo.vs and commenced shoving property out. The keep ers followed and secured him. lie was tent to the prison Physician to he examined, and pronounced by Iho keeper of thu shop iu which hu worked crazy. The physician was engaged, and beforu he examined Inn,, .Mr. Hiram llalli burn, principal keeper of Iho prison, sent for him to be brought hack lo me shop, and order ed him to bo whipped. According to tho testimony of Mt. Carey, the foreman nf the shop in which Piumb work ed, sixty or seventy blows witli the cat having six lashes, were inflicted upon the bare back of Plumb he was then washed wilh salt and water and sent In his bench in a slate of great prostration, l ucsday morning lie received -j or blows more with llio rat, on his lacerated back in all from 000 to 000 lashes wero lull cted on the bare back. Afler dinnor on Tuesday morning hu was scut Iu the Hospital greatly prostrated and complaining that ho had been whipped to death. rotor lulloweu Wednesday nigl.t he was su delirious that a straight jacket was put on him. Iliurstlay er i nuay ho boaame insensible. and on Saturday night ho died. Tho appearance of the body to-dav. as ex hibited beforo the Coroner's Jury, was enough to chill the blood of any humane man. The body was bruised and cut from Iho neck lo tho legs. There is not a spot as broad as your linger which has not received the lash llie skin is rut and a considerable portion of the back is raw. A fever hail prevailed in Iho prison for a short time, and it is said by tho Phsiciau uf llio prison that ho elieel nt I Mat lever. On Monday, before being flogged, he was entirely well. Somo of the physicians testified dial he ol the Icier induced or aggravated by tho severe tligellation which hu received. Verdict of iho Jury " That tho prisoner came to his death by lover, caused by severe whipping. itociiener Hem. From llio Atlas of tho lOih inst., we learn thru the President of the United Slates, sent in a messagu lo the House of Representa lives on Silurduy, in answer to the call of thn House, consisling of, 1st. A uies-aco transmitting the correspondence that Instated puce uttwecn mis frovcrnmcni and thai or Ureal llritam, in relation lo Iho UrcKon ditli cully. 2J. A hirt letter from Mr. flji-banai to Mr Polk cofrnt l ie corresnotidenc. 3d. A letter, eland Due, 13, from Mr Huchanan to Mr MT.ana. directum him to eok nil interview wih Lord Aberdeen, ah.1 ascertain fioni him tho obrct of the military preparations heme ina leuy uitat uritain, and whether thev were dcsiirn-d for us. llh. A Ictur of Iho 3J Jan.. from air M'l.nnc to Mr Hiich.ainn. mvins the result of lha interview wilh Lord Aberdeen, in which hu Lordship said that llie preparation were tint comnn need w;ih leferencc to ii-, hut mat lliccoiidilioiioitiieiireeon que-uon prov. ed Iho exnediencv of them, ind Ihev would be con tinned in Mew of the possible unfriendly termination of that question. Sill. Mr l'akenham to Mr D iebnnan, Dee. 27, of- u.riug to submit the qiijslion ot boundary lo a third narlv. Glh. Mr I! ichman to Mr Pakonham, declining the propo-ilion, l.ecnii-c to accept it would bo to admit mat ureal urnain nau ricui" mere, uus icucr is loner, eva-ive, nnd not rry defini'c aiRUincnt. 71 h. Mr P.ikenhnni to Mr liui hanan. Jan b, in nn swer lo the argumentative part of Mr liuchanan's last letter. Bill. Same lo the same. Jnn. 10, proposing to sub nut llie matter to llio arbitrament of learned JurUls or to a tnke-1 coniiui3i,m. Dili. Mr Ihrbanan to Mr 1'al.cnham. Feb. 4 de-clin- in lo accept this la't proposil on, for tho same renon he did the fust i that it would be lo admit thai Great llritain had a right in that country. Tho correspondent remarks lhat"Thi it a mosl extraordinary posiiion lo which the neothiion Ins b en brouuht, but the closing of the mail five's nie no lime lu comment. Is it not intolerable! that the peaco of tho world should bo jeopardized in this manner, for the sako of political capital 1 Is not tho hind of an avenging Piovidence visible in this, Ihat nt a time when wc arc almost de fenceless at a time when wo aro almost without n friend among iho great powers of F.urope wo aio placed at the mercy of a set of men who play willi war as children play with razors as inoramly, ns carelessly and without the least apprehension that it may hurl them I ll is nut lo bo disguised that we are now in imminent danger of a general Hi millions in ono year! Illinois would have lu pay three millions for her share. She already owes fourteen millions on which she c.innot pay six pur cent. Michigan is loaded down with debts for internal improvement, the greatest share of which Eastern men will Invo lo pay for unless ihey prcfor to givo up their lands fur taxes. Hurrah fur tho " hard-fisted"-" unierrificd " " Progress ive Democracy," as Mr. Chipman (llio man wlioso " misfortune" it was to be born in Vermont) says "(indication and larnin is their greatest enemies," COTTON IN" INDIA. Tho Manchester, (Eng.) Commercial As sociation havo had an interview with the di rectors of tho East India Company, for tho purpose of enquiring about the success of iho cotton cultivation in India. It appears, from tho statements mad on this 'occasion, .that tho cultivation of cotton lias been unsuccessful in tho districts of Ben gal nnd Madras, but that in (ho district of Dharwar, it could bo cultivated as well as in Mississippi valley. It is also stated tint 15,000 acres wero under cultivation in (his district. We arc led to conclude, from these statements, that the English will be in si condition to compote with American Cot Ion before lone; When wo add to this the effects of a Locofoco tariff, or. rather. Locofoco free-trade, it is not difficult lo foresee that llio interests of the English Manufacturer will be thoroughly cared for at tho expense of our own.and our cotton-grow ers beside. If thu Enclish ever should nro. duco their own cotton, the south will have to "modify" its posiiion on the Tariff without a doubt. When its principal, if not its only customers will bo the Manufacturers of tho North and when lliesn nre unable to do business because the protection which thsjjr trusted is broken down tho south will begin to be as clamorous fur protection as it is now for frco-tradu ; for tho danger lo the 'staple' will inuLo tho doctrine plain and clear. We publish to-day iho Agricultural Soci ety's list of premiums fui thu current year. It will be observed that llie premiums pro posed are larger than heretofore, and we are pleased to learn that the resources of the so ciety fully warrant this extendod encourage ment. The recent efforts in behalf of tho association have been very successful.and at no poriod of us uxistonco has its prospects been so fair as at thn present time. We note as a cheering indication of the times, that as business generally prospers, lliero is cor responding and apprepriato interest manifes ted in this most important of our business relations. Tho Lake is now frozen over opposits this place. Uurlington, lth J-!ruarj, ISIfi. II. 15. Stcv, Dear Sir Vour zeal in promoting the caue of Agrieulmre and Horticulture by which the eouulry is cnrHied, and great comforti ndJcd. induces m lo -end, for your aeoeptance, the accom panying Isabella t.rarcs. that yeu may hne a taste fnl e idence uf one cf the most delicious luxuries of the caiden, nnd one thai might be enjoyed by every CI117111 limine.' n House and two feet of sround on its South side. 'I ho Fruit, here sent wa- kept by being packed between layers of (Tollon Hatlinj;, by which with eare 1 think lhey could be kepi till April. .Most llespectfully Vour Friend S. E. HOWAIID. Accompanying llio nbovc wo received threu beautiful clusters of llie Isabella Grape, in a fine stale of preservation, and retaining essentially its peculiar luscious characteristic. Wo du not pay attention enough to the cultivation of the grape. Few culiivuio it at all ; and fewer still are aware, that, with hut little trouble it may hu pre served in good condition for the labln, thro' the winter. Mr. Howard has devoted somo attention lo this subject, and in this, as in mosl mosl oilier thing, is very successful. Any ono who will visit his grounds next summer or autumn, can havo occular demonstration tack from the steam muy of England in iho that it is expediunt for every man to "sit un- CAUrioNToSTniiioT Cu'TiNs.- By n judgment rendered in United States District Court ycslcrday, u sleumhoat caplnin was fined fifty dollars for n violation of thu Pom ollico Uw, having brought a loiter In this city, contrary lo iho l.itu provisions passed by Congiuss on this subject. N. O. I'ir. spring! Hut yet sir. roll, elrennis on ! islill llie "Progiessive Democracy" make the cap ilol ling willi patriotic hurrahs! Slill their whole force is directed to cheat tho people into tho belief that lhey want lo fight bul that the Whigs will not let llieni ! Slill thoy hope that England may be bullied into yield ing all our demands, and that lhey may achieve in that event a safe and easy triumph both at homo and abroad. It is impossible under nny other hypothesis, to givo an ex planation to Ihuir conduct. What can be moro fair than the proposi tions of the liiilisli Minister. What can nioio plainly show iho desire ofiiis govern ment fur peace, lie offers lo submit tho question to somo foreign power the offer is refused. Again ho begs that it may bo sub mitted to urlnlraliun, nnd that nothing may bo left undono to preserve) the peaco ho pro poses a mixed commission of able and trusty mon fioni both countries. He is again re fused. Mr. Pulk nnd his cabinet mistaking (he moderation of thu English for fear, have Irealod tho proposals of tho minister with conloinpt. If this nation were prepared for war if our urmy were increased ten-fold and our navy quadrupled if our coasts wero defended willi strong butteries and our har bors girt wilh forts it might be safe though it would be disgraceful lo pursue such a lino of conduct. Hut when wo have neither ships, nor foits, nor men when Congress shows no disposition to obtain them when our coasts aro naked and our harbors open wo have uo wolds lo express our indignation al llio inexplicable lomcrily which insults without being able to defend ilsull.'aiul the detestable policy which puts the nations to hamrd for tho prospective benefit ot a faction WHO WILL I'AYJMIE WAR TAXES. The states lint nppear lo desire war the most aro Indidna, Illinois and Michigan, For two or three y ears tho first has been un ablo to pay her on u Legislature, aud one year thev lia'l not money enough lo pay llieir aostagu! Uer proportion of a direct tax of olio hundred millions of dollars would oe lour i i .. . eicr ins own vino, anil enjoy luxury ut a very cheap rate. a wholesome SMALL l'OX. Wu obscrvo from llio papers that this dis ease oxNts in several towns in this state, though in a modified form, and in fuw or nn cases has it proved serious. Throe cases occurred in this town, somo time sine, but thoy aro all doing well, and past tho stsgo of infucliiin. Our Physicians assure us that no one need entertain the least apprehen sion on lie subject, as no case now exists, and the: i' is no probability that there will be another. In r, FARMER'S CLUI1. "i men of the notice in our last pa per, a !,- ctablo number of citizens assem bled ci Utdnesday evening, and organized all'a-n ri's Club. The objects of this as sociitioii nny be stated, generally, to be for tho free .!i ussion of subjects connectrd with ngiicn! , e, houiculturo and rural economy goner i'.i. Tho officers of llio club sre, a Clninn u, Secretary, and Treasurer tho chair I ho assigned tu members of iho club inalpl. ib lical succession. Terms of mem bershi, : ihn payment of twenty-five cents annual' . Now mombers to be admitted by a volo ol the club. Meetings to bo held on thn f.rsl and thiid Friday of every month. J. W. Hickok was olected Secretary, and G. II. Siitw, Treasurer; and Prof. Bene dict at ill preside at thu next" meeting. The Club will meet on Friday evening of next week, al J. W. Ilickok's office, al half past seven. Subject for consideration "Shatlc Trees." Losa or Ste.uwoats It is rslimsled that wiihin ihc past six months no less than twenty six steamboats, all laden wilh valua ble cargoes, have been lost in the Ohio and Mississippi rivers ; undthat, within the same the number of llalboals, laden w ilh coal, lost between Pittsburg nd ibis cily, were ninety-eight ; and Iho number of flatboats wilh stock and produce at fifly-sevon many of them having cargops worth 20,000. The loss of life incident to these mishaps, who can tclll-tN. O. Delia, Jan. 2i.