Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 20, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 20, 1846 Page 3
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fend nullified til the moisuras wlilch hoover owed or advjciled. Ha was, in 1817 the advocaU, If not ihe Father, of a Proteclivo TarilT; to destroy which, in 1828, lio tleliU ralely urged a dissolution of ihe Union. lis was, in 1816, tho most prominent ndvo cats of the Bank of tho Unitod Slates J lo ile troy which, he subsequently aided others to convulse and prostrate the Republic. When Tylerism was in its dog-star deliri um, he was called to the offlco of Secretary of State. Even the North and East hailed this appointment with joy. But ho used his place to rush Texas, with its Dabt and Sla very, into the Union. Discurded by Presi dent Polk, to whose election ho contributed largely, he appeared in the Memphis Con vention tho advocate of that system of Na tion Internal Improvement which ho had so often and so vehemently denounced as un constitutional ! VVIion, as a conscqncnco ret idling from tho eduction of Texas, England pressed us into corner about Oregon, Mr. Calhoun offered to return to the Senate as an advocate for Peace, ho called upon tho North and the East to stand by him. Yes, tho men, but for whose iniquitous proceeding with Texas, Peace would not havo been menaced, ap peal to the North and East to hold them back to restrain them from doing what they tand Tauntingly pledged to perform. And the magnanimous, or tho credulous, among us, failing to see that lha only way that Peace, without, an abandonment of essential rights and interests, can bo preserved instead or casting ail the responsibilities of the ques tion upon a Southern Administiatinn, are nibbling at Mr. Calhoun's skilfully baited hook I That hook will soon be felt in their gills, and then wo shall see them floundering in vain: tor tlio sake or a 1'eaco winch, had all New England backed John Quincy Adams, would not have been endangered, a Protective Tariff will note be sacrificed. Another triumph, therefore, awaits Slavery and Free Trade, and like nil their formor triumphs, achieved by (ho aid ofthoso who " pay for heating tho poker." Eve. Jour. HENRY INMAN. This distinguished artist died on the mor ning of Saturday, the 17lli insl. of nn affec tion of the heart. The event should havo been lor some time expected by his friends, for his disease was ono which has liiglierto baffled all human skill. But so difficult is it for us lo realize tho mortality of genius, nd ao strong was tho hope, even against certainty, in tho hearts of thosi who loved him, that he would yet recover, that now, oven now, when ho is gone from us forever, we cannot feel that one so full of life, of tal ent, of energy divine, could havo passed way two oilier men. a- r j. . .i -. lur Ionian uicu in me prima ol Me. Ho had been for years a prey lo disease, under which Ins constitution would probably long ince have givon way, but for his indomita ble energy of spirit. It was indeed beauti ful to see the mind thus triumphing over the feeble clay, and, during the iulervals of con valescence, building up his own imperishable monument. His merits in his profession are well known to tho world. It will not be too much to say, that he stood among tho very first of American artists. But Ihe extent of his talents it is impossible to describe. One dr his most intimate friends, Henry T. Titekerman, in a beautiful sketch of Inman, written two or three years ugo, speaks thus of him as an artist : " In his own particular art, Inman is one of the mist versatile of American limners. I rcmnmber an anec dote ofsomo lover of art. who visited a nub- lie gallery, and after surveying numerous cspecially ' ...1 .a, I pictures, sciecicu a landscape as wcrtay ol lus luluro attention ; ho next was attracted by an Indian group, then by some historical figures, anil at last by a porliait. Upon referrine to tho catalogue to identify thf. Hjintnra l( III. fufArtln. ivlial - - t..' .... tvi v .us vu..iua, ,.,m, ,.na ins 1 n, " " ,U,r ' 11 "0rKO1 ln 1 j . s'!,c,, r llim as " ar,it' 'S indued a picture of tho uliolu man. Noth- ing could exceed the versatility of ills gumus not "tho one," but " the ten lillenls," were confided tn his care. He was poor in J this worlds' Poods, but rich in the best of I 'God's gifts and to keen was his enjoyment ot life, so enthusiastic his temperament, so 'ready his nil. so refined his taste, so fasci nating his conversation, so warm his n frac tion, sn sympathising his heart, that, when time shall havo softened our grief for Ins loss, our intercourse with him will seem to us n beautiful dream, ils memory alone an enjoyment, and lis reality out privilege and our pride. Soon, hut too soon hos he passed away. The poet will celchrato his fame in song ; 'the biographer will tell his story to future times; tlio historian will enroll his name among the distinguished men of his country ; but the sweetest incense to his memory will bo the tribute sont up fiom the hearts of his many friends, who will bewail this fascinat ing and gifted being in tlio exquisito lan guage of Shenstnne " J leu! quanto minus e$t, cum reliquit versari, quam tui memcnis' ft!" II. B. l. Schenectady, Jan, 23, 18-10. Exkcution or Mns Van VALUENnuoii. The Fulton CoDcmocral conlains an ac count of the execution oflliis wretched vo man, from which it appears that sho ac knowledged haying poisoned two husbands. After staling the course pursued by the Governor in this case, 1I10 statement thus proceeds: Tho prisoner had, previous lo the time tliu Sheriff received tho Governor's communication, refused to confess her guilt, and maintained herself with much stoical firmness; but on learning that there was no longer any hope for her, her forliludo began in some measure lo fail, and sho began to feel more sensibly hor awful situation, On Thursday, ihu 22d instant, two days pro ious lo hor execution sho made a full con fenion of the crimu for which she was to die, and vcknowlodged tho jusstice of the lenience which was shortly lo end her exist- nee, in tlio presence of Judro Watson. J. ... 1 wuuw I nwii ohn W. C.idy, Into DIs. Allorncv SlipriiT K IIUMMfaUllt, HUV. jump I llln...... ..,! IF.... Dovidbyster. In this confossion sho de Died having poisoned her first husband, whom it had boen reported sho had also murdered. Dut on Friday niomiug, llie 23d, as her end rapidly approached, sho mado an additional confession, admilliag that she had given her first husband a dose of arsenic, which, although he did not die Immediately, was ultimately the cause of his oeauii Wo are informed by those who witnessed the execution, that the scene was awful. Notwithstanding she had expressed to others that iho had a hope of forgiveness from her Maker, yet, when brought from her cell, her face showed a most haggard appearance. Despair was depicted upon her countenance! Alter the was brought to the pallows, a tirayer wa ottered up by the Rev. Mr. Hitchcock. She then spoke a few words to ihoM rreient, tod said if there were any drunkards or transgressors present, they must take warning by her fate ; and then com menced praying to God to havo mercy upon her soul. The drop was then let fall, and as the rope straightened upon her neck and just as she raised from her feet, she gave n shriek and passed fiom limn into ulernily. Tints ended tho life of n lewd and wretched woman, who had sent two husbands (per haps unprepared) into another world ! A Funnv Mistake, It is said that there was ono of tho I urges! congregations ever known nt a village chinch not twenty miles from Ipswich, a short limo sinco during a visit of Sir Robert Peel nt the seat of a gen tleman in tlio Parish. The rural population went to church in Iho full expectation of hearing Sir Robert Peel preach, as they had heard that he was 11 Prime Minister." FARMERS' CLUB. 1 Tlio Farmers' Club will meet this evening at 7 o'clock, at tlio office of James V. Hickok. Subject for discussion Shade Tnr.Es. IJIUGII TON MAIcKKT, Feb. 9, JSlS. At market, 470 Beef Cattle. 10 yokes Working Ox cn. 31 Cows ami Calves, 1400 Sheep, and 430 Swine. Prices Beef Cattix. Wo 0.1101c sales of extra, 86 PS6,50 First quality, S5.73 ; Second quality, S3: 85,50 1 Third quality, 8100 V 81,50' About 130 head of Onllle nt iniirkrt were ftom Al bany, and camo oyer tho Western Railroad, tome of whieh were nf nn cxlrn qunlity. Working Oxen Snlcs noticed nt $T2, 73, Bt nnd 9fl. Cows nnd Culvcs Sale, no iced at 81G, 20. 23, 27, sivl 3.12,50 - i!iu-p Maikct dull. Wether?, S2, 2,07, 4, nnd 4,50 1 n few ordinary sheep nt S;2 9 2 23. Swine Lots nt vvhnlcs iln nt 4 nnd 5e. Al retail from 4 for sows to 5J 6 for birrow j. N. I!. About 100 head of cattle rcmaid unsold at 3 o'clock. D a al , In this village, on Saturday morning lost, the 14lh insl., Mies Lucy Antoine.te Bcobeu, in the 20ih year of her oge. MiiS Burrell enme among us, a few months since, a stranger, in feeble health. Her long sickness, her pa tient suffering and early ilcnth have awnkened a deep sympathy. Although there was nothing specially worthy of notice, in the history or thcnniutnl char acter of Miss Burrell, beyond pirul ar sweetness of temper, strong filial affection and a conscientious de votion to truth and right ; yet there were a few tilings in tho oarly development of her religious character winch her fiiends nnd acquaintances will love to re member and will reflect upon with satisfaction. And tho power of divine grace, in its higher triumphs, ought always to be gratefully recognised lo the praise and glory ol its author. Mis Burrell was born in Maine, but for tho last thirteen yem, with her parents, had resided in Brook lyn, N. V. Sho experienced religion at tho ago of twelve yinrs, nnd from that li ne, found her best hap piness in the knowlelgc an I practice of religious du ties. She ascribed the happy change to the blessing of God on parental faithfulness and the instructions of thesnbhatli school, in which, from early childhood lo the failure of her health, sho had been either a pupil or teacher. In July 1SI4, she was called lo mourn Ihe los of an excellent and pious mother. From that time, heaven seemed to have new attractions for her. From witnessing in that mother, the power of exper imental reh.-ion, she was often heard lo siy, that sho no longer had any fears of death. She loved to speak of Christ i and, for one 10 yonn?, manifested an un usual intelligence nnd interest in all that affected liis cause. In speaking to her fiiends on the subject of religion, she evinced her ardent lave, her know ledge of character and her discretion as lo occasions. When it became evident that her disease was incurable, she exhibited no alarm, no deep anxiety about recovery, and would often say, that she wished to live only thai she might do something in the cause of her Saviour. On being told by hr physician that there was no hone of her recovery, and that she could continue but a few day-, she was petfectly calm. An hour after, she asked her father, il she ought not to be alarmed at the state of her mind, when she could receive such intel- ''2cncc with 60 niuch composure. From Ihis time, her mind appeared to be in n pecu liarly happy and benvcnly frame. Prayer and praise were her delight, ( -specially praiso. In hcrdUtresied turns sho would saj, "By these, I shall the sooner he with Christ," "It was pleasant to reflect that every day brought her nearer to heaven." A short lime be- fore herdeatb -hesaid, she had often heard of the dark valley; sho hal been looking for it, but could not find it ; every thing boked brnhl and beautiful. A b'uck shawl wa lying on her bed, she rcq icsied one of her attendants to remove it, saying, "She did not wish to have any thing black, whero every thing was Curiously bright and beautiful." In the same cheerful composure, sho distri' uted tokens of nfTeC' liomto remembrance to her friends j exhorted them lo live for Christ and heavrn; lade ihem farewell, nnd swe.-tly fell aslerp in Christ. A' O T ICE IS hw'.y given, that the copartnership heretofore existing under Ihe firm of . . WltlGHT & KLlVI'CIIKIt, n thU day disaolveJ by mutual enn-ent. W. WltlGHT, . , . . FL.F. IV1IEK. A ilierei trouble, dtl,t due to Wright & Fletcher are not to bo paid excepi the panii. 1 e pre ent. D. FLiriCIIEn. TIIK midrrs'gncl would re-pei-lfully noiife the M,t. 1 1 thai ihe books of ilm late firtn of Wrisrlit f- flttchir are 111 hm hnnd, at they ol right fbonld l e, nnd that he will aticn 1 to the .et ilemenl ol tho same. Tho-e indebted are reqms'ed locall and ad just their accounts iiuuiedlrilrlv. 'I'Ln .,,l,. nir..!,!.." uivie i" in 11111 niaiier, prows out ot the Jacl iliat Mr. Flktciier has pocketed the funds of the partncrtlu'p, and retire, to account for the tame. ,. , WILLIAM WltlGHT. !l.irlin;ton, Feb. 17, IS 10. IHltl.INCTOV THi: ,NLXT TJ:it in ibis Seminar will com . meneeon Ibe2lilav oI'March ItilG. A rranlm nlnr and systematic course of -ludy Maboit to bo adopted, - j ".ii o 11111 iiiipiis win utienri enter- lug tho next liie inonlli", enter al Ihe com mencement "f the coining Term, on ihe 2d ol .March. j dung lad'ea can now enjov peeulmr advantages for acquiring a knowlelgo of Mnio, Drawinj, Paint, ing in oil or water colors, an 1 of the French lan guage. Thirty-five young ladies can be accommodated with bnaril, roomi, and all the convenience for nudy in ers. Afew vacancies, ami a few oiily.remain 10 be lib lul in inula" j,uiiuci me iiiiincuiaie care 01 ine leacn TERMS. Hat payable in advance. Tuition in English Branches and Lalin, per luanrr, . ...... 85,00 " " Piano Music, ...... 800 li sirunienl for prsciicc, 2.00 " " Drawing 4 00 " " French, ........ 3 50 Board, iniluding fuel, lights, washing, and all th conveniences lor i-tud,- ia large and well furnished rooms, 82 per week, or 823 per smsle Qjarter ol 1 ""ins, i"- ""-- ui V4J eleven wvek; lupludins washin 39 To the Deaf. TO those who are troubled with Deafness, Burzi'nir, in lbs Lars and a ISooe as ot water tailing, call and procure a ijooil nriic'e for 2 1-2 cem at HAR RINGTON & BROTHER'S, and not be fooli.hly spending do'lars lor adverti.ej b imbugs. Shawls, AN almost endless variely of Shawls, of beautidl de.nins and patterns, among which may be r,.n.i ...u..j..i .. i u.rv.,1 . .. ' . .n.ay ."e Damask. Dlain de lame. &e fc.. o len-d m ,,.,. , ... . s. ...... jruiis uroclie. Urocbe, N I OVFl'v"" a'jvvnee irom cosi, oy Hoard. FOL'R OR FIVE PERSONS can IflVcommodat ed wnh good Board bv applying at the Collate eornernl rtli.inn'-tii n,l nn-l si,..?.- e ' corner nl Chauin'tun ind Pearl Hicets. ll..-i:n..An L-..I. in ta.t. -"..iii.kiwii, . cn, ,o, ,o-0. 38w2 Cash PAID for EMPTY Flour Barrel. Hour and Meal, also teed for caltlo and for rale bv Fib. 20, Sg (J3wj) . WHEELER, 1 Now Goods at N. Lovely's. JUST receive tin nsortmcn! of New Styles of Prints, aha Oreen Baragc, I'rab Cotton Velvet ol didl-ronl shade, Black Velvet rtibbun and other raney Good, all of which are selling nt great lar- train. Bur'ington, Feb. 10, 1SI0. 39 Sperm Candles; A PURE nnd qood nrti' le mny be found at IIAR BROTHER'S at Urn lowest can price. Also, cnnniy seed, 1 cllow Bird Seed, and Cuttle Fish Bone. Constantly On Hand, C HOICK TAB L K BtTTFIt. Lard, Pork, Shad, Snlnmn, Mackerel. Corn, Buckwheat and Graham Floir. Superior nnd common Lamp Oil. Patent Sperm Candles, Common do mould Candles. Cn.tile nnd lO'iiniou hard Soap, Raisins, Currant", Cilron, fcc. A. S. DEWEY. Feb. 10, 183C. .It P. FLETCHER & CO., WHOLESALE DRAt.Cns IN WEST INDIA GOODS AND GRQC3EIXE.S, ALSO SPERMS REVISED OIL OP ALU KtSDS, No. 3 MBRCXXANTS' ROW, It. V. I'letclier, ) irr7h Ulvr V! J. 1.. Whipple. '!j)MWvyi Feb. 12, '40. 37mG BOSTON DRY GOODS, JOBBING & IMPORTING HOUSE, JOHNSON Si EHAMJlTOSi", Nos. 42 and 14 Milk si.. Itoslou, opposite Federal street. WOULD call the attention of the Irndo in this vicinity to the r large nnd well assorted Slock, which will be olloied lower ilia 11 New Voils prices, jor cash or credit. costrnisiNO in r.u.T, DO.MnSTICS, FOllF.IGN GOODS, Heavy Bro Sheetings of. While GooJ and Linens "II CI) IC. Light and tine do lli-nvv & llpht Shirtin2, Bleached Sheeting and Shining', CulM Cambrics, Silecias, Broad 1 Inl lis & Tweed-, Fancy nnd plain CnM- nier., I)nelins Plain and fancy Snlinet8, Col'd and Hru' Drillings, of evcrv vniietvol'flvle. Alparcai, Orleans, Iddi- atina. Bombazine, De Melre Cloth, Frcncli & Kng. Mtripo-, Velvet. DHKSS GOODa, M. He .nines, Cncli. Dc Kenans, Corded nnd Ilept Cashmeres, Printed Lawns TicMinji anil stripe", Lawn Gingham. Flannel", Limeys, printed Orirandiei'Balzo'rine', Jcnii", imihs, in K. ana co I'd. fi'ff Denimo", Mexican .-tripes. &e. Ao. Priutiof manul-ieturo of Mer iinai'k, Ilauiilton & Coelieco CoV, Sprntriie", Cozzent, Chaji.n, Kobe son, ccc. nml nhtn. 1 .. 1 " Shawls, C.U'hmero, Brneh, Damask, M I)e Ilisb l.ind, Harege Onil re and Miizeppa. Also, Gl.ives, lln.iery, I'oncc aim spittaineld liuuts. it. nv.i 1 1 , who i nt Hie anove nnmeil ei-tiihli-hmctit, re-iu-etfidly solicits ne.dl from hi friends when they viit Boston. Feb. 12 3"ml Doctor E. Crain's PATENT SPINO-ABD03IINAL SUPPORTEH ! rpHIS Instrument, so justly appreciated, is being L introduced into this eclion ol the Union, through the influence of Medical Gentlemen, for the relief and Permanent Cure of the many diseases arising from the original complaints for which this celebrated Supporter is intended. II is believed, this article aspires to become the Established Spino-Abdominal Supporter of Surgery. I.'xtended notices will appeal in the future numbers of this paper, The appointed Agents for Burlington and vicinity nrn , , , . Messrs. PUCK dt SPEAR, lllh January, 1316. LOST, Br.TWKPN JIis Flcmming's School nnd the Court-ilouse Snuare.n Mn.ip llnnti r... The finder will please give notice al Ibis office. uurnngion, i-ebrusry 13, 1810. Unrrcl Salt ! Cfk nnLS. Fine Salt, in good order, fur sale by OU A. S. DEWKY. Feb. 12, I54G. To Let. THE Pnl liellnu-e in this town known as the Perrl Street House, apply tn IIKN'IIV I.OOMIS, Agent. Il.nlington, Feb. 12, 1910. 37-3 Samuel I'. IlollUtcr'a Fstale. t 17"! the Mibfcnbe'-. bavin; 1 cen appointol by the Honorable the Probate Court lor the Di-triet cf Chittenden, commissioners lorecrive, examine and adjust Ihec'auns nnd ileunmU of nil oerson", against the e slate of SAMfH.l'.IIOLLISTKi:, latecf Shel burn, 111 said District, decease I, repre-enitil insolvent, and also all ilaim nnd demand exhibited in c fT-e! thereto; and ix month- from the day of the date hereof, being allowed by ban! Court lor 'that purpo-e, we do therefore hereby give notice, that we will at lend 10 ihebusinessofour appoiiiiiiuni, nt the dwell ing of widow llolli-ter, in Shelb irn, in said Di-trict, on tbelastTnc-ihy of .May next, al 10 o'clock, A. 31., Dated, tins 23ih dsv ot January, A. I). 1945. IIUll.VUI. M.IU.. 37w3 Win. HA1UION. Committloncrs. For Sale at Auction, THE VESTRY of the Congregational Chunli will be sold Jt Auction, on Monday, Fcbruaiy 16, at 1 o'clock, P. M. on the premises. II. M, KHIUII1, (p,,Bm C. A. SEYMOUR, i L(,mm- 1 , T lililil IM February C, IS 10. COMi; ALL WHO ARE SUFFCRING FROM PAIN, Itc Cured without Charge or Kxpcnsc. BASITIIT'S LOTI01T, The greatest Jlemeily tier known for all the pain which it professes In cure, Mil uefftien Uralie to the ajjud. ej tchu cannot afford to pur. ihasc, by applying to 323 HHOADWAV, New 1rk. BAKTINS LOTIOX-The Lotion was invenlcl some years ago? and is ihe prolusion of acci dental ih-coerie-, aided by skill and experience, 'I lie original dc.igu of it wo solely for the invenlorV own u-e, but no ooner had it beeonie eslnlili-liej in l"a prai lice, 1I1111 enquiries lipgan lo lo made, bv the Ineud. of tho.u who had loeu lenelilled by itr vinues, where it might bo procured. Thus its fame began to spread Ironi individual 10 individual until 11 became known as 11 never fading cure, in ino-i of the large titles in die Union. Without pulling, or the aid of the public pre, it has acq lired Us own celebrity and found lis way into publie favor as in unrivalled and extraordinary I aim in the cure of many of the ills to which mankind nro .ubjeet. In ca-cs of Gout. Rheumatism, Swellinas of nil kinds, Dislocations or I'raclured Bones, llrni-e-, Cn., I Conlu-ions attended with pain and inflaiiiatinn, Poi.. I niinn. IIiImu .ml Rlinn. Itnr.iB ftf.aM f-l.ll I .In ... . ouons Bites and Slings, Burns, Scalds, Cbilblains. Corns or Bunion-, and v ounds of every ibvcription, il nlliirds an immediate and permanent relief. Il is, perhaps the only article that can be depended upon in Ihe rure of those pains in Ihe back and side, generally produce I byiakints cold after violent exertion and overheating. For (ilmdular Tumors, Ltiuiliaco. Kryinela, Teller or Ringwoun. and all kinds of I'.rnplions ol the, it i- a mo,t rxeellenl remedy. For Fever nnd Ague, Ague in the Breast nnd Face, Cramp in the Sioiuai he, nnd Headache, it ucis like a charm. But above all, in the cure oi 'renditions nni Capsular mjurie, Spinins, and Wound, of every de cripiiou, ii snows in a ino.t a,iom-ntng manner, its magical iower. In adJiiimi to the lenign influence the Lotion cr. erls over the accidents nnd infirmities of man. u ha been found no le-. valuab'e in similar complaints to which mierinr auimais are suoeci, par.icuiarly llie Hor.e, w hose value nnd uielulness demand llie par tio .lar core of il owneis. In some cne where it has been annlied lo ibis kind erenlum tor .linbi mi-i. nes, it ha, in ndduion lo nn almost instantaneo'is I Iho kind, to give hiui a call belore purdisstiig cue cure, given aiuiarentlv new nnimntion nnd vivneiiv in I u here. ihoanimal, (to Mieli nn extent llint in variou in.lan- ies tho wmningofn race hasl ts'n tenaiiou-ly asenb- l lo Ihe stmiulaling and bapjiy rd'ecl M the Lotion, Il has I iecome ,-ouallv celebraied as nn nnlvernl .i.M.,it.. i,,i, , ' ' j, l, mm nn Ij.i.1 'PI.-. r..llnu.Mi- n ........ - 1 the vouipUints lunsl common lo the hone, in u lilch it I hm i.TniMlit. Liiiu.inriii, has oroveu its sunerionlv. The l.onon is comiioseil entirely of the medicinal properties of vegetable substances concentrated and rendered mo.t pure by distillation and other chemical processes. As mi iuwaid medicine, il is the most in-nwcnl.whole-oii'e, nuniilsling and cheering charac ter, and will expel, in.ianlly, those dull, heavy and hypochondrical feelings to which many are so sub ject, and give life and animation to both body and minu. To be had in Butlinglon at PECK & SPEAR'S, Also, W. B. HATCH Co., Winooaki Falls. Fib. 6, 48. e.m.-ly A. EDWARDS' CHEAP CASH BOOK STORE. No. 1 Pcc;'i JOitildwgs, A general assortment oi School, Classicnl and Miscellaneous Books and Stationery nt CITY PRICES. Sketches tr-om Life, by Latnan Blanchard, in 2 Mtl", each 37c. Loul Million's Life of ConnV, ? njiis, each 37e llslin's Leciyie' mi ilie i;,it,'J,'j Poels, SOa I'. K. Ilerifj's Book ol, 60c. Thsso's Jerii.nlpin Drh'ieied, tmlnlnltd by Fair f.ix, in 2 paits, earl, CO 1 Foteeasile Tom, "r Ihe Lsndrmsn htrtied Ssil- or, by Mary S. II iLtnn, I lol, 18 inn, muslin 87c Tbn Ilium) oT Jiilin Mm nn, by Mrs. Slier- wood, 1 Vol 12 mo. 73c The Slen Mother, by G. P, R. Janifs, in 2 pans n.irl 1 nrirf! 2 -c 25c 23c Ilarpei's Illuminated Bible, NV. 49, Gr.odey's Lady's Lbiok for relinimy, price (- Vl.KNI'liMCS-aie4l t-irieiy. BAKCnsriBI.1) A CADEMWAL INS TITUTWN. J. S. SPAULIH.SO, A. B.. I A-eoc.'ated 1'iin CHAlll.i: C. IIISBLE. A. M., I cu-nls. Mrs. .1. S. SPAUI.IIIN'G, Prifeplre Mr. S. M. BASSCTT, Teni her ofV,.al M11-1V. Mis. S. M. IIASSLTI, Teacher of Pia 11.1 Music. Mrs. O. T. HOUGHTON, Teaehir of l,jnd,cap. Painting, nnd Per.pewivc. Mr A. WillTCOMB, Teatbcr of Penmanship. THE SPRING TIHIM commences on Wednc-day, .March 4. Special aitcnuon will bo given 10 tho-e deigning lo teach. The chool is furnished with a superior apparatus, including an Achromatic Telesense, with 'lerresirwl and Cele-tml power', snlTieinil if large 10 lemler vi-i-lle the Nebula! and the UingpAlelu aeil Sitellues of the Plmieis. Aet of lntjr."Jillusiraling Botany, from the proeess of germination to the rno-t iH'nuii lul spec es ol flowers and trees, a Telescopic Knlcid aseope, Ac. Leetures on school keeping, Natural Philosophy and Chemistry wnh exjieriinonts will be given, lb ol.s arefurui-bcd by ihe Principals. Board, from 31,00 l 31,25 per week, including room, wood, and washinir. T i: It .11 S . Eiirfli-h Branches, 3,00 to S3.50 Languages, 4,00 Piano, 8,00 Muludron, 5,00 fK-al Mn-ic, 1,00 Painting; nnd Prawinr, 1,30 to 2,00 SETH OAKES, Secretary. Rukcr.lield, Feb. 4, 1S4G. 37w3 Kttssell Cramer's Instate. STATE OF VERMONT, I mllEllon.lhcPrubnle l)i-triet of Chitlenilen, s, 1 1 Courl (or the I)i-tiict of Chillenden t To all persons concerned in Ihecstnte of RUSSELL, late of Charlotte ill said diaricl, deceased, GniXTtso. Wnr.nEAS, Onu Sholos, ndr.inl-trntor of ihe e-tnte of said deeen-ed, propose to render nn nceoiinl ol his aJmini-lration, and present his account against said e-tnte for examination and allowance ol 11 sc-sion of the Court ol Prol nte, to 1 e held nt ibeltegl-ler'-ollice in Burlington, in said district, on the second Wcdncs dav of Ma'reh nuxl. TilEBF.Foiir;, Vou are liAfby-Pttiiied to appeal be fore said Court nt the lime nod place alorr-aul, and shew r nu-e, il any you have, w hy ihe account afore said should not Lii allowed. linen under my band at Burlington, this lllh day of February, A. L. 1810. 373 Win. WESTON, Register. Elins Lyman RAS reetived by Express n new addition tobi l.r;,n .l.,ili fif Il.v fln.ti inln, linj n r ri 1 1 variety of Prints, which he o'.'ers Kry ceop, 11...I...1 ,.vu 10 ,011: Farm for Sale, SITUATED on Rrown's tiver, in Essex Vt., con. tsininz 110 acres. There is 63 acres of intervale on it, SO of which is now meadow land, a good farm house, 3 barns nnd sheds, a good sugar and apple orchard, and nn abundance of water and is one of the best latins in the o inly for a dairy. Also, 20 tons of hay. A part only, of iho punhase money will be

required at the lime of the sale. ALSO, A dwelling house, shop, birn, and four acres of Ian'1, nn which is a good orchard. Irin in the village of Williston, for sale low and on a liberal credit, by "1 '- MUUK. Burlington. Jan. 30, IS4S. 35if Vll.L,IsTON HIGH SCHOOL. AND Fcmalo Scminnr)'. THE Spring Term of this Institution will com mence on Thursday, February I9lh. under the charge, as heretofore, of J. LYMAN, A. M. The condiiion of the school is prospert us, number of pu pils large, and the prospects fur the future flattering. The insiruclion is believed lo be efficient and thor ough. It is nn esseniial peculiarity of the Institution to lend the pupil so far as practicable, both to instruct and govern himself. This renders his studies pleas ant, nnd ensures success. The facilities for the acqui siiion of natural science are unus-nly good. The Principal possesses a Inrge Her-che'iau Telescope of superior quality, with otherexctllentnpparalus wh'ch he will use for I lie bent fit of the students. TUITION, For the principal branches, II dl " higher " 4 00 " Linnniges, 4,50 Board can be obtained at from 81,23 to 1,50 per week, inclining washing, &c. It is desirable that those who nmicipatc attending, should commence nt the beginning of the quarter. Williston, Jan. 27ih, 134(5. 33wl VILAS NO YES, WOULD invite the attention of Merchants and Pedlars who may wish to purchase American Prints. Our sloclt now is Ihe largest and mn-t desir able ever offered in this market, consisting of a very creat variety of patterns, anil some new and very nent styles. They were purchased a' a tmio when the agents were closing their Fall business, and tho own ers of iho poods were nnxiou Ij MAKE SALES, which enabled us to obtain their, st less prices than llicy had been previously sold. In this way we ob lained an advantage of from one to two cents on iho yard, on some styles, nnd puts It n our power lo sell Ihem as cheap n tlio jobbers in .ew Yoik. We would solicit n call from ill wishing to pur chase, and wo do so fully confident that wo sell Ihem upon the most favorable terms. Please call and sec lor yoursutc. Burlington, Jan. 2Sth, 131(1. 33 DIS. .T. SMITH, TVTOST Re.pectfully inform the inhabitants cf lJl Burlington and vicinity, that having eh.insed his re-ic'eme from Chainnlam to Chcrrv .ireit. itir.M door west of the Congregational Clunh, lie con- liuues llie practice. 01 11 1M1YSIC1AN AND KUItCRON, adoptin? the best nnd mot eflicacions remedies et Innl ; and while he is unwilling to believe any ol the various systems of ihe day ;ierfti,fie'toitld enutirus ly .elevl Irom ihem sueh article ol medicine, ns be lu lo ind from Ion? experience in a diversified and wide extended practice, loin in citv and couuiry, 10 lo bc.-t adapted 10 each and every ca.e aware that there nrc no two eases exactly alike- How lar succe-s lias attended hi efforts since he has resided in this village, he would must willinply submit 10 the decision of an enlightened and candid public, for he is confident il must l acknowledged oy tlio people ilut he has elected a curs in tome ca-e u here others had failed. Rut a physician may nealeet To nonce e'en a good , fleet, Unless ibe cau-e as be suppose, Is nine limes plainer than his no-c is. Yet he ba ma le some important cures, which all, both, physicians and others, admit to havcmfsi.c. all their skill for years. hrnled and invaluable. Patent L.rr. wlii. l. rf, .,,r. nnssi s everwili, ,.. nl il. L,,l ,,i ii. mirL..i Il ffTprnZ'Cwwh uledliT Ibis section ha. Is-en of an inferior quality, causing manv a lulure, whereas if a " good urucle had I cen faithfully applied a cure would havo been Ibere-nli. lie lias nnue arrangements lor a supply from llie ..........I r... ..fii n ; ' ' . .... 'f.. '"."rl?.?" ""?V?T.".,Jf.".W J"" J. I"'?.. V '.'.V " S'.,"".:"V V-r 'JX .s, .a,ir,n i.-iieiuiri ny ii. , lie nocloriiierelore inviies all who need anything of Smith continues lo keep for sale, al reduced I prices a jieal variety ol llolanieo, lilroleiilic and Mnguetie remeJies, winch have been prored by mil- l""' or persons in Ihe United Sluies tar more s.ii and salutaru in removing di.ease. ihinanviHll.. ri klinu'n nimtniv ,nn. nnd when imi.nn.iu.l I... .I.n I action ol his Klmlro-Magneu'o Maihine, Ihe elTwi I Il3s liMin mn.t n.lnnf.h np in II Innli.i.... f m-... CrBut l it distinctly under.tood that Dr. Hmilh cannot obtain the alove invaluable reuinbe Iml l,i paving Iho iah for them, and he wi.hes none to uii vviiu uo not inienu in pay lor wnst they bsve. Builingion, January, IS 16. J5inG! AN Immediate and permanent Cure for this sn paying complaint. For sals by PECK eV SPEAR snd JJ W.B. HATCH & Co., Winooiki Falls FOUND. NEAR tits Conrlhouso Squntc, a certain sum of money, which tin owner will receiio by makin; application to .iuiiii .-iiAllM-. at strongs smre uurnngion, January , 1910. 3.-wV ATTRXTIOV CONSUMPTION!.' ! V- rpHE Sill scriber again calls the attention of the 1 inhahunnt of Burliii'Unn nnd vicinity, to (plcvc call and obtain) a pampl.lel, dotnilmg pnrlioulnrs, nnd giving eases of cure ol i.e tronge-t po-sible character, rfjeeiel by mine the Rev. N. II. Down's VEOETABLE BALSAMIC ELIXIR. Noiwilb- nandi'ng the l;aper. nro full ol ndverli-emjuts of Liougn iueuniiics, yet among llie whole there per haps is no article that rank so high and apprnachi's sn near n sneeifu lur Cold, Cough, Bronchi'i', nnd IIih whole eatsloguo of Pulmonary symptom., as lhi celebrated Enxir. It ha I cen observe.! from Muinc to Georgia that con'Uinptive patienl (alier having drank from one lo twciitybottlcsofWild Cherry, Hungarian Ital mil, Olosonion, and IlictliOiisandoibtr arlieies) have been compclle.l In ii-n Dtiicn't Ualnam, I ef rc any per manent ar.d ln-ling I em fit to tho patient was vi-i'i.'c. In Burlington thenlchavclccn prineipallj lo lim e who Inve wo-teil Iheir money In purcna-tng Wild Cherry, Ae. rfA frellaip'ply ba iut been open el, and pamphlets rca ly lor ili tribuiion at the Drug Storo of HAilltlNGION if- BROTHER. Feb. 3d, 1818. 37 NEW ESTABLISHMENT! VflWOOSzi PALL.CI. THE nndersignud liaie opened this shop as per inaneul location for the sole of DRUGS and MEDICINES, SHE 1. 1-' nnd III3AVY IIAItlVARi:, Paints, Oih, Yinlow.(ilasi, Drn-STLrrs oi (inocraits. We as-ure our friends nnd tbe piib'i" rencnlly, Ilia I they enn be supplied Willi ntticles in ihe nbove branclto-, at as Idw rate-, for sameq iaboi.e, asnt .inv of the ndjoining markets. 31 W. II HAT'lll t Co. Feathers ! A GOOD siipplv ol Hens nn I Occso Feithers noic on band. Il'arranfcri to be a traoj nr'i"p For bv VILAS iV. NO VIM. Rurlinelon, Jan. 23, 1315. 3i IN CHANCUKV. SamccI. II. C'LAnu STATE OF VERMONT, Chittenden County. March Term, 1810. rs Henkv H. Remington, Milo G. Rr.MlNi.Tox, IlAnnti.T N. Ciicff, nul John Cnorp. IIAeraj, Samuel II. Clark, of Now Lebanon, in tho Slate of .New Vorlt. hath this day filed, in my office, his bill of forei lo-ure, brought to the Court of Chancery next, to I e holden nt Burlington, in and for said Clntlcndtn Counlv, on iheln-tTiievlnynvooneiifJInrcli A. D. 1810, where in the said .Samuel II. Clark priys sn I Oouil, fur the cau.-es therein fcet lorlh, to loieelo-e nil the ruht, tittle and intere-1 of the sulci Henrv II. Reiniiiinslon Miln (!. Iteiniiiington, Harriet N. Cro.i; and John Cro I, oi; in nnd lo the following describe 1 pie ni-e, to witi "Thelollowingde-cnbed land in Hinesb ir'h aforesaid, in the second dn i-ion tlierei f, coiilamins onu hundred acres more or lc- nnd i- known in aid ilivi-iou I y the name ol lot So. ICO, whereof David grnniee, ni.d is the nne land deevled by ibeoraior lo ilosea Reioinirinu o i ilie3l-t d.iyof Jlarch, 1SI2," ol which end premise', or ol parts wbercot, Ihe said llenrv II. Kemiiiutou, Milu CI. Remington, Harriet N. Crod nnd John Cro.l' bold sub.e.uenlcunveynnees t An 1 whereas it is made lo appear to me that the said Henrv II. Remington and .Milo G. Kiiimistoii are resideni wnhont tin Si.i'e so tint personal noliee itannot U' made to ihem of the penJencv nfihe said Bill of fnreclo.un! : Tberelore, it i ordered that the said Henrv II. Ileminnlon'nnd MlloG. ltcminelou have nonce (if ihe filing of said Bill, by publication of thi order in ibe Free Press, n newspaper printudat llurtiiiston, in said Clnlte.iden county, three weeks successively, of said pul liculions to be at low twenty diys bclore the next Term of iho Court of Chancery. (liven undrr niv hin I nl Burlington, in said county, this twenty-eighth dav of Jnirtnrv. lFtti. EDWARD A. STASSBURY, Clerk. H. LctVENwonTII, Sjlicitor. 36v3 THE MO TP ASTOUNDING DISCOVERY! AIH.nSSING! A HlltACLE! 1 A WON I) Kit i 1 ! Ta cure Eruptions and Disfigurements of the Shin. Pimples, Freckles, Sunburn, tsalt lineum, acurry, Sore Ifends, i5'c. fye. c. FOUR year ago last August, the eap'tal cf France was iu conciucnce of a discovery made by an Italian Chemist. Many do ibied it seemed obnost an impossibility that unv thing made by the hands of man, could have inch singular pow ers as I bat claime I by Antonio Vcsratsi lor hi. in vention. Many elasscvl hlin and his invention as a b iinbug, (and, alas 1 many foolish persons without trying, do tho same now j) nt length, ufier il in the hospitals, the McJicul Society ol'Paris, ( hehe-t cliemis s in Ihe world,) deliveieJ llie following report to Signor Vesprini ! ' "We have now minutely nn 1 the singular inveulicn ol Ve'-prini. We haveanalvzcd iiseomponeut parts we hive u'el it in several ca es, and we liesiiale not to prono iiine it (Tlio lialnn Chemical So ip) a. a ble.ung, an I n truly won" derful remcly lor:inyeut.iiieO'iscrip'iou or di-'tigure-ment cf the skin. I's iuventor we consider the true hilaiithropist of sufienug inin'.ind. (Signed) LEOPOLD DUPREY, Pres." Then come ibe report ol the " Societc de 1'In-li-tute'ol ,cicnlifie experiments : " We are n.inunde I," exelaiuis the ngel pre i lent, 'at llus .inenlar preparation Vcpriui's Daliin Chemical Soip! Where, iu'lred. wi'l science Mon ! Here we have a preparation inule m the form of a leauiifil piece of map, which we know by actual practice, to cute eveiy c iianeous ernini 1.1. eveiv dis figurement of, and eien discolored .kin ! Where will its inugie nud singulir power cea-e? The Negro, ibe Creole, ihe Yellow Race of the Ea-i, an I the Red .vian ii ine i ,ir west, are aiii.e niiiiir the inll.ieni e ol ils extraordinary powers of clearing yellow or di-ol-nrod skin, nnd making it while and beautiful, and of changing the color of dark, or black, or brown sUn.'1 ( per-on were brought forward bv the pre.'iJt'iil, who bad u-cd it, in pruol ol his asseitions.) ii i:i7Tnis-s i From the Inventor liun-ell lo ibe present Proprietor. Pxnts, Nov. 4, I S 10. In coni leralion ot the sum ofS3000, 1 bavcdivnlgel to Jlr.T. JONES, re-iJing in ihe City of Now York, N. A., the w bole proce-s ot manufacturing, together with n stvciru'nt of tho in eredients composing my llnh.ui Chemienl SiMp, He is to nianut.ietiiru it for ale m ihe Lniied State only, nud to have the privilege of naming it "JONES'S ITALIAN CHEMICAL SOAP." Willies, Henry J. Huldsworlh. (Signed) ANTON I J VESPRINI. There are pro ably few- persons of intelligence, who, nfler reading llie al o.e, will doubt the q i.ihlies oi jones's italia:; chemical doap, , ing Erupiion-, Hisaguremeni-, Freikles, Salt Rheum, Scurvy, Erisypel.t", Sunburn, Morpbcw, Tan, Yellow or Biuwn Skin, c-o. HUM A N IT AIR, is the roast or a Heauliltil and Delicious I'reparalioii CAM, BO JONI'.S'S OORAZ. HAIR AI-STOA TXV3. TiTOTE Among iheevlueated. there are lew who 1 1 will doubt Inn thai by forking Ibe roots an I scalp of the bead lo a healthy action, we em cause growth ave, dark, luxuriant growth. The nuts being healthy, a scsliment called dau'lrufor -uif i. dis cbarcel from the scab, : lbs bur now lnvumes sofi nnd silky. Thus Ihe mots slrongly fa-iened in their native -oil, proudly and splendidly display their I can ty, a a Kvimen of dwa-ed nature raised from death by the powerful aid if Science. Having slated a above the actual, true, and teal r nn lilies- of Jones's Coral Hair Restorative, I leave the intelligent portion ol ine putiiio lojungu nl Urn trnlli PL'1'1 c c". &c. I bey area few taken frolll a hosl other.. It lias canal turlti Itn tcstimoun; trom " " "f ' ""J From J. S. Baikcr. Esq., F. A. S. I. The American Scientific Iii.itiiiiuui ba been favor. el wiib a specimen of Jones's Coral Hair Ite-loralive, for ibe p .r .oe of te.ttng its reViuinieiiiarninli,,; and reports a follow. :-" We hive niinuiely exam illM.i ,i ,,.,leJ i. ., !, ., I i . i.-. . , -.,,.,.1. ,.r ,.,.....,., iV.i.;Uit.. r.T.'..i. lor iHiurisiimg, soiiening, causing prnwtii run lan Iriill. aad giving a dark appearance u ibe hi being the qualities mo-t recommended bv Mr. Jem wliicli llns Oiii-ieiy nnis peiiecuy true, anil in virij thereof hw'ird .nr. Jones tins le-liino-iial." (Sijiiied) J, S. BARKER, F. A. S. Mr. Phillip, 49S RroomoSireet, corner of Woostil has used Ihis in bis Ivniilv. nud nnd il in even- resl pect, without a tingle exception, all it i rcpretente.1 " I herehv cerlifv that mv hair was fallimr onl ii ilnmensa nunillilll-s dallv. anil Was Inrninir amr. nnr that since I have used Jones's Coral Hair Restora tive, It lias entirely crated falling is growing fast,' and has a fine itarlf look. Defuse I u-eed Jones'. Coral Hair Restorative, 1 combed out handfulsolhair daily." vs. ruiiKINS, 9 King Street, N. Y. HARRINGTON & (1ROTHEH, Ajenls for Bur linxton. January W, IMS. 33ml TI10 AiUm 1isiiranct! C..uiiiany, j Of Hartford Coiiiiectb til WITH A CAIMT.L OF 230,0 0 CIONTINUR lo insure ngifnst l.s-gby fire, on ' Ihe tnosl reasonable erm. (1EO. U. SHAW-AoCNr. Iliittinglnn, Feb. 0, 1BI0. DH.OHO. W. WAfJD, TOt"LD rerpcclfiilly announce to the cilitens nf V Burlington, that ho hi taken tn-ime in Church St., one tiottb nfStcn n's lint J Store, wbtrcbo will be gild lo ?e llio-e w bn are disos"il lis favor hmi with a call. Sli inld any individual ftel di-insw t l call on him in ihe triplication of ll.c "Healing Art," In feels ei nfi 'eiil of imvius ihem nncni.neol regret for so dcing. Good references may besvm by cadtug asabotr- tiamed B.uinutin, Fib. 4, 191o. 20.v3 1). FiXTciir.R rcspe Ifullv untitles ibe p ,1 lit lhal liu In established biinelfni Burlinginu Fall, oppo t'e Mr. Wenver's Sn re, where ho is icaly lu answer nil calls Hi the Tailoring b .cine.. N. 11. Cutting I'nnc ot others to make up nt all times, and w.uiauted lo fit if properly made up. Jan. 3I,'4G. 2Cw5 A ia Hlioads' llstatc. STATE OF VERMONT, ) -pil I; II ..n. tlieProba'e District of t'.hutcn len, es, $ JL Coin for the Di-trni of C'liilten.leii : To nil per-nns i oucr'ne m tbee-inte of ASA RliOADS l.i e of Richmond m said l innet, deceased. ( WiiLnCAs, Ransom Jones an 1 Amos limey, e.e cutors of the Inst will o sniil deiva-el, privo-e to render an accr unt td their a luiniismltnu, .iml pre-cut 'lu'Tnccoint nsrai-i-t ai I et.ite f i examination and nllowuiuv at .i s, s.iou of Ihi: Court of Proba'e, to bo bol 'en at tin. Register's mbec in Uurlmsion, in ni. district, on the lo mli Wedue-d i v of Kelnunrj-, 1310. TiiracroRC, Yo i are lureliy ii' t'ticd to appear I e loie s.u.l court at the time an I place a'liivnul, and klijrw cause, if any you hue, why Iho aceoini ulore sai I should not l allowed. Given under my band at B Islington, this 4 hdnv of Fel ruary, A. D. IS1C. '3S3 Win. WEiTON lestster. WANTED. TWO or THREE good workmen nt Ihe Tin Bnsi-nes-. VILAS t NOVF.ti, Burlington, Jan. 23, 1915. 33 I' a p c r I REAMS Wrapping Paper, 100 Can do 2)0 do Jan. 23, 1313. Letter do For "ale by V1L S & NOYES, ,AUCTEON SALES Every U ctliirylnyaml Saturday afternoon AT SHERWOOD'S AUCTION ROOM, West siJc Co irt Hou-e S i tare. m:rRCAus, wash si-anps, TABLES, LIGHT STANDS. CHAIRS, BEDSTEAD'S and FURNITI'RE of every de-eri,ifon will le ti-pt eotlstnu'ly on baud and soi.t nl .ucllon or Pi'ivu e sa'c. Tin - bmg ne.v Furniture o 'cis nn lud n eiueni lo persons intending to punha-eioeall nnJ examine leiore buvnu cl-ewhere. GRANITE. 1: F. ABBOTT, keeps on bind, nt Barre. a large slock ol superior GavsiTi:, for building pur poses. His q nrry is iliat from wnieh the stone was obtained for the ssiate-llouse, and he will fill lo order, on short nonce, any bill in the lute, with an nrtic'e of superior excellence. Orders through agents will meet vvuh ns prompt ntienlion us personal applica tion. Agent, al I'.Jrliajton SETH MORSE. 2.d January, IDIG. Depilatory I'owder SO Famous for removing Superfluous Hair. AIsi, the Auieii'Mn Hur Dvel for coloring White or Grey to a beautiful Brown or Bla ii. For sale bv PECK A S PEA It and W B. HATCH ifc Co , Wmooskt Fall. TUB PIHBSS! A CUIli: POll LIFE Ul'MlASTIED ! Or. Up!inm" Internal Remedy ror the cure of Piles, Irffama'ion of the I.ircr and Spleen ; fojll'n ition, Sotcness and Ulceration of the Stjmuc'i, lloicls, Iudatys and Blad ' der : Injlimmataru and Mercurial H'i'umalism : Impurity of Jllood ; Weakness and lajl unation of the Spine ; andnrthe tie lief of married hadics The Vegetable I't'e Ulcctnarv. Inven'isl bv Dr. A. t'phani, a ili-iingiii-iied physi cian tl New York eiiv, is the only reilly tn ee fnl ri-nedy lo thai daneious an I di-lre-sin'g complaint, the Pll.l-'S, over ofl'eri' f ni t!,t A'nerl '.in fi ible'. .Mar', tin-: it i..n, INTERNAL REMEDY not an external np li.aiiou, nn 1 will euro tiny i'a-c of Piles, eiiher Bleeding or Blir.d, lulernilor Exjernali .in I piol a' ly the i n'y ilm will. There i no tuistaki' ubo'it it. li'isn pi'iitivc cure spetdy and permanent. It is nlson convenient inedicineiotake, t ii J uupiuve the general health in a remarkable nnnner. Each IIjx contains twelve do-e-, at Ps ct. per Jo-e. It is very mild in its oncrnlion. an I mav bo laken iu eases ot the most nente intlnmmaiion without linger. All external ni'Dhcatiotisiirc'ti the hinhe-t degree ihsrigiteable, inconvenient, and ufletistve; and from ibe verv nittiru of the di-ea-e, temporary in their tiled . This -Me.lieine ntincl. ibe disea-e at its source, and REMOVING THE CAUSE, rendcr Ibc o ire CERTAIN an I PERMANENT. liiflanimatorv Disease'. Although the ELECTUARY wis originally prc pned liir the cure o- Pan-, vet it his prowl ifsclf to be a Me-bcme far superior to nil o.beis, inalldi-eascs o'an In Inniinitory Inri.'ler, wi.b u I'eterminTion ol i loou to any particular p irt or orjan. In lufljin in mon and Con guttmn of the Liver and Snleen : lu ll inn non, Sorene-s nnl I'leerat'on of tho .'Iiomach, Bowels, Kidneys, and Bladder; in Intlimmatory and Rlieuiiiatism, it is llie Best Medicine evtr diseoviud. Impiuillea nl the HInod. For nil Inipjriln ol the Boid, ai.sin from the imprudent u-e ol M.ercury, or other catie ; .'or Di-e.oe of the Skin ond Sercl'dous , leeliou i in nil ea-es vvlieie the lihiod is powerfully ilcieriu'insl to ibe Ilea I. producing d'zztne-s and distress, Dr. CPU A.M'S ELECTUARY Is entirely unrivaled. To .Ma it Id Ladles. Married Lad.e nro almost invjiu'ly i:li;cct In thai painful and inpirto'ii dise.i-e, ibe PILES, with conseqient Inttamitiou if Ibe Stomaeb, BoweK nnd Spine, ueakne-s of the Back, time of B'oo I to the Head, stc. The Electuary is perfectly sife (or Preg nant Like-, and ibe mo-t u-elul Ciibatlie thai can po..ilily bo u-ed, as it will not on'.v remme ibe Piles nn I all nil immaiury ib-ea is, WITHOU I' PA IN Ol! I I I'ATIO.N, b it will en-urn uu easy lime, a sale delivery, and a sound constitution in lbeoir-iriiig, Ctit'c fur Life (iuaraittleil. The Electuary contain. iw MINERAL MEDI CINE i nu ALOES, COLOCVNTH, GAMBOGE, or tuber powerful nud iiriianng Purgative. No fear of taking eokl whi'e tinder its intl leuce, no change in diet lu-i-e-sary. If laken an-onling lo the dirivlious, A Cl'RE FOR LIFE IS GUARANTIED. Pamphlets, giving vahiaf le mformaticn respecting ibis Medicine, may tie obtninisl of Agents gratt. J. S. Houghton, 130 Washington Sireet, Bo-ton, general Agent for the New England inte-. Agests, llurlinston, PECK t frl'FARj Mmtpelier. Clark -V Collins; Rutland, Danitlls it Bell ; llenninirton, ' S. IVk. Also, by W. B. 1 1 ATI H A; Co., Hi- noeti falls. 3G lv WAHTBJ PUTKEN or Tivenlv Sb L SHIP I ARD ilea for which fiirj Also, onji PIT S For Snlo or I'xcliangc. jT'CI4S!1 A F.HISI, cousistingrf 3X? mfwrVi&Sy. ncre3 of v!,l',ul0 '''ln' SftViftWA brrnnd Prnrie land of about foV&YJl&ZhgiZ fT'sl propornune, siiinici m S5&4'l,iiy t!tSi lb thrituii? town of Tecum VJ VT, Miclugiii. The form l M well walered and the soil of tSi.-SB'KlitiAi i;? cnual uropornuns, sitniicl m the nehest kinJ. l orasiod. iiS&i!'ia3l5V "nil gram lariu till olliti ".n ( xtraurduiary opporltitiitv in particular for the trowing of wont, cattle nnd lioise, as there is a large prarie aJ)iiiuig tins Farm that will remain probably for years in us ( tetnl sttiiatien without being rnc.'oseil nnd which piodmis ersss naturn'lv suiTtcicnt for the maintenance of thousand of nead of sheep nnd entile. Tecumseh (the furmi r rraidenca of the cliiif,) is a very growing lownnboui twenty nubs from Mori me, Lake Eric, lo which placo a rad road ha just been completed, it is in the midst of tlio contest wheal growing rouni'y in lite stnto and bus twn Inrge flouiiug tiii'ls. one olnhieh lias l.eiu pronoun ced the best in ill - Unucd Hives. The firm u dl be ro'd on a Initial credit if Jesind, cr will bo exibnnrrd f: r properly inihistownor vi cinity, 'ind t'ledifTsrenec if imv, will ha n ceiled or paid, ns tho caro may b. For fnriher particulate inquire of HFNHY THOMAS or 1). D. HOWARD. Burlinsloa.JJaniiary I l,il81S. 33 VmiT Iinar's "Oil. The only Ihaulijier anJ I'ustrur of the Unif, rplli. oldesl writers on tho subject of ihe hair base 1 one and nil alluded ta the properties ionlniid in Genuine Hears tirenie, as .i pre?i'rvnltoft nnd be.iutifier i f "Nature's eovelin" fur the bead." H'p. pcrrairs, the most oneicut medical wrnrron tbn sub j el, ssys m Ids "Treaii-e on ntis of ihe Human Undy,'1 thnl the fit of iho (f'iul Bear, is vrrv nu- itiiim' in starling and fresi-rwrir the roots of the hoir cf a lull-, when premature badness ocruis. The in ner mi iiiuranrs 1 1 inr n-sn ol llie Ii nr maris! to tnn skin, nro covered with i shining fil which form the source fi'jin whence spri.u nnd orieinii (he r'"' of the bu'r that CJiers Ihem so profiMelv. Tins is iho law cfiia'ure, and it fiillows inn ibe oil produced f rem the fit of ibis nninnl is very useful lo Ibe human raco in leading ta the recoury of the hair when pri mo urn ly lost, Surely no greater pror.f cm be adduced ns to tlio viliio of Genuine Hears Oil for the Ihhi. For enrs, the purenriicle has been considered by the most eint' nent pbysiinii", lliehist rcmrdv fur baldness, Inlhna; ifl'ur winknesg of llie hair, nnd nil complaints con neclel therewith. Gri'nt care should be tnken In all cases ns In ih" genuinenes and pintv of th oil. Too real article carefully purified nnd highly perfumed, for nle by .Messrs. llARRlNUTON A- BROTHER, Drucgisia and Apnihccaries, 61c. &c., Church Street, Uurhngton, Vermont. 33 LIVE INSURANCE. rPHE Slain Mutual Insurance Company of Wor J. ees er, Massachusetts, offer to issue policies of Insmpce on live on tlio most favorable terms. Applications reciived by GEO. 11. SHAW-Aocst. Burlington, Dec 17, 1813. FARM FOR SALE. XJ'OR SALE., a larm in L'udeihill, ecu' taming i nc buu'iel and lnriy-li ncrc, il on one btindrtil ncre of which is unJi r cultivation, the remainder is covered ly a pood siowth of haid wood. On tho preuii.c men coin en cm m ill in? hou-e, I am, sheds, .e. nmi nn orciiaru ol lliruty tearing app e. trees, -ti'li'Mcnt Inr uiuMug soinu filly or sixty barrel of 'ider. Al-o. a farm ccii'aming one hundreil acres, lyintr al out one mile from I be a' ove nl out sixtyni res of wbiidi is mid'-'r nnprnMment, nnd I,-. s on il a capa cious I am, ihe reniairc'er is well wots'ed, principally with ben h and nnrle. TI.e al oie aie -iluatcJ near the eentie ol the loivn nnd in the main road, are well w.iteied nnd well lencrd, a fonsnlerableporlion of the feiu e I eing tune wall, and touch er compose one ol ihe be-t dairy farms m the town. The a' ove preun-es will le so'if to clo-; a cotuero fur much le ih.m riiwir real value, nn. I possession given on ihe 1st of April next. For further particus lar- enq liieof A. FOOT E. Burlington, Feb. 22. IS 1 1 33lf J-ftlWras ZVIC'KEArJD. MSB.OHA1TT TAILOR. 1) ESPEt '1 FI LLY returns bis vvarme-l thanks X for Ihe liberal patronage he ha- ret eived during Ihe short perio I he ha f ecu located in this place, andn-suresall nisold ru-p mers, and iho-ewbo may patronize hnn, thai they will nt all limes fin I bun natly to execute llmr imlcrs in a sl!e lobe equalled by few nud excelled hy none. ills expe.-iation"-heie, have'ecn more than real ized, and m rctnrnmr bis grateful nc'iinowb-dgcincuta wotqd inoilestly ,oteit a eonimni-J pntri nage, Shop iu Church St., over Mr. Ilurlbiil's Slnre. Uiirlinycn, Jan. 1, 13115. 31m3 FACTS REGARDING IDE SUGAR COATED IMPROVED Indian Vcgolahlo Pills. For Cunsmmption, Colds, Coughs, Rheu mutism. Dyspepsia, Fevers, Worms, Dysentery, and Diarrhcca, also, sure Cure fur the Piles. TITIA10NI,I.S. RAVI "CO' cen milked onie mi nib vviih a bid Co i.-h. Weiknesj. u my Clie.t, nnd os ofp I'i'iiu, I u-.d Wrigbi'. Indian Vegetal le Pill, but grew w i r-e, wi li eld sv.iais nt night ; could not Icep, ho 1 believed I was ui n Coniuniptinn. pr0. eirc I a I ox if Dr. Smith's Suar I'onted Improved Vege al le Pills, w Inch restoied my bealih within sis d.i s, and I telieve them lo I e the 1 esl n-inedv I ever ii el. GEORGE W. GRANGER. C.imhii lscO t 10 h 1S3I. 1 haic been nllbeieil fi i .ome time w ith the Liver Conilauit; having pain i.i in v stile, weakne- in I ail; and si niach, and dytpep-i.i. I have taken over one ib z mi boxes ol Wight's Indian Vegeialle jud Braudieib's Pills, bu" coulinewl to grow wore, and wis u reduced ibit I ik.sp.nre I ol ever gninmg relief. r I ilieu tricsl Dr Smiib's Sugar Co.ved Improv ed I. V. Pills, and beforu I hi I liui-hed ibe -ccond I on, my pain nnd dyspep-ia bad di.appearcj. My foist novi I'iges's well, an I I am able to alien 1 to my fiinilyduic. Several of my friends have time ta ken il,e Pi'l.forlal ciugh, end have found great rilctlrom hem. .Ma. Oris S., 0 Myrtle si. Bo-ton, May 'J, 1513 I I ecu Ii r lour vears n(Tiicl I -vii'i Sircfula, Leprosy and I'vafne-r, an I have I ecu unable lo ob tain any icliel uuid I procured six boxes of Dr. Suit li's valuable Indian Vegn'al Is Pills, and in four moii'tis all my coui.iUints luidditanpeaied, contrary to nil mv friend.' ex; eclat ions. I look ll.t.c Pills fir my Scrofula, any expe'latii n of relief. James II. t'llr.ut. Mt. Vernon, Kennebu-Co., Mo. April 15, 1545. PERFECT CI RE OF WORMS. O ir li"'e girl, 0 ear ol I, In su 'cred n lthevnrt stages of worms ; an I we have never (omul an illee nul euro, uivil we a lunni-tcrcd Dr. Sinilh's Sugar I'll 'a which our little girl lock without llie least rinc tance hi do-es of two al n tune, and we nevtr wit-ne-nsl such a change m so thou a lime. 'Ibe Pills brought away a mass of worms, nnd .he al owe irn-proii-l. Slit-is now in joyous health. We have alto luuud the rreate-t benefit from ibeir use. Jacob C'aui.ici, S Sial te st. N". Y. tCr We have many certificates ol cine- in ca-os cf WORMS. AIo, ibey are vvsrrnn'cd Ihe Ies C' uzh reuHsJy now in iue never fa ling to relieve lbs most obstinate Coughs cr Co'd-, wnlun 45 Im ir. The dneision and treiluienl ol il.e di-cre aixiia. p.iny every I ox. Price 23 tin's per lox. No "Sugar I oa e I Pd ," can b genuine wiibout Ibe sisnatute i f the n le invent' r. G. Ill N lAMIN SMl'lll.M. I). Pnsi.'enl if Ibe N. Y. College cf Health, upon every 1 ox. O bi-e dew led exclusively In he ite of thi. medium No. 179 tiRLEN WICH STREET, New York, and No. 2 WATER sT REET, BosMlt, iCJrOR SALE IS ALL THE VILLAGES and to irvsii seivi:.;lam states. N B. No travelling podlers aie allow eJ to sell these P ll. CAUUON, As a mi-erable imitation hns Uen made, ov Ihe