Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 27, 1846, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 27, 1846 Page 2
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whiib ipiribsq important rnoin minora. Iroicrtlvc Itipalol tlipi'iiu I nws tlpcn Im; of Pailliiniciiti III" (1,iii i'ii" iic'cli. Tin; steamship C miliii i, iinivi'il nl 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 Wodncsdiy evening nl h.ilf past !), having left Liveipntil on ilni 4ili iusl. The Cant. bri.i brings the iiitpnrianl inlelligpiico u'fSir llOUCrt I'PCl S llltlllt) tUIIIIIICICII ItullCV. 1 ... This scheme nrnnoscs u new nml modified 1 si id I lit scum of do lies no rot n. fm I luce v c nis. ....... Varying lioill lour Anilines to six shillings per M ler.iitnl nl llm end tioiiod iiilniln 1 1 ' , . . ' ... cum fnc ; ntlmiw tiiljtii Cmn ;inil bin wlioiit ;it ;i (lut nl our Tliu loili' o( tlNciMitui nit tin Oif'gniKjMi'S-'l . , ... I lion was miM anil ntucili ituiy. Tho lltllL' nt rirtil.M ill tli. lisiiti-fUA ' ( i IlicsS'igc H iti urcii ni.iiR inu micjci i 111 urihiit in tlie Frt'iifli Clcnutjcis. lit 1 1'iutcMi I u.M opcni il 1 1 y t lie; Qnreii in purson, on tin1 U I til' Jit)iim 'I'lic llniM' of Couitnniis rry noitdftl iiiitl tin tiinl itilunsu intt-ri'M prt' a to lionr the minis ter!. il cxptiiiMtimi til ilu ISI llpttOll III llio C itiini'l, Jiinl uf Sir Utlicil Peel's Intnie pulicv Utnn tin ruin lawt. rrtrlianmnt mi't un llic of.) .1 nn.iry nml opunt'tl by llit" Q ktii in prison, uitli tin ttitlow ing spiL-il Mv lillt ANtt (irvitl .MBV. It -Jives nie urn I .. ii.i(i uti In nircf von in Paw liimrnt nml tu Ji nu tljc pp nuiiiiy f iic irnnif lo y.iuf n-.i-t nice mi. I ;ulvi.r. I 4'nii'ih 10 in rts civ from mv .illie-, nml inmi mlier Pi m ion I'nUf r-, tlio tirongi'sl .isfuinin'i; ul ihr (fi'iii' tu iil'iuiic iIm mtmt ftienlly rcl ititim w Hi this c. tm'rv. I njuifrlliat in concert wii h iho eiupcmr n' niHii,inn! ilinuiuh ilu ticcfhs t nnr j nni nit dmti'Hi. J lm Imn rnnMril Ui oilj it ilu dill' iiin'i- whi d tmI liinjt pn v.uli (I lit twt'fti llie Otioni 111 I'.ir'o anl tin- Kit i- INtii, find bid pcriuuly end mai red the irnnqmlttv i f tin K'tt. For j cira n itey-ilntim; :uid s m j mnrv Hmffiic Imd nllli Mel' the St.Hi- of ihr Ilia He ji I'i ifi. T'ir connncrrc uf all mil inns In- lu'cn mtn mpicd, nml rts of Iml.iim rive titti-n rti'inuntttd unknown to llip practice of n riulirnl pi p'-. In eonjiri-'lmn with the Kiu of the I'rt iich, I 1111 1 nd- sivnii ia 10 cf. feet n ip.,t'.lNMlin;i f llio?.- s -it, Th I omentum C'liiclnlcil with I'miifH, i'i the eintrcol year. If t the hum (lieu! in I Mipim-unii o ilie fhw trade, i ohout Id he c;u tied into mini- Hi ie ct cut' -u hv til active cO'Pprnitmn nf ihu two owit on the eo-it of Africa, il i my der-ire ih'ii our pn enl union and tho jru.jd uiuki-t Hiding s Inch tut lnpni!y exists I c twtcn ns, in-iy iilw i -i lie eupuwd lo p onmie tlio in terest if linii miiv, nml in flume the p .ice of the world. I reirre llnl llie rontl etitii! i laiiit" nl (lient llntain nn I the Unite Si.ius m n f-ptet nf the terri tory of the. North West, rn (ot t ot Anurirn, al thonnh they tn e lifen ninth ln mhii-et of r pouted negotiation, full niii-itii nn-i ith d. ytiu inav tio a puri'd im til ui eon e ten I .v !i nnlion, honoi hhall he w .inline 011 mj p.n 1 to hrm tlnit ((uesiion to on e.irly and penre'nl n rmtmiion. Otntlcinen of'lhc II ( of dtmuirmit The rs'i nnti for the jenr will he Uid ln'uie oit nt nu enily period. AllhoiiL'h 1 nm deeply wi-thl- ( the impor la nee nt c-niircinjj i eonoinv to il ttie tiinoeiici. 01 the eNpcmiitiirp, ytt I hive K en ro'iipelled, hy n due 1 roginl to the ex jfeneie-i of fie p dt ic -Ji'rviee nun to the itate of o ir n ivnl an I niilim y en utililiminw, to prop "a sorn3 increase in the t-Jlunak'5 wlm.h provide for llieir clhcittiey. -17 hordsuml (lcntltmtv lme obpervftl, with ileep renrtt. the verj frt-q lent iniane- in which the rn 11c oi'deli'icrate " h-iui ition Iris heen ttf l.itp com inittud in lnlanj. It w 11 he y -ur dirv t consider whether anv ineaeim s c m he dcvi-ed piileulaled lo (five increased protei n m lo 'ijp und 10 hiing to jtid ticc thtf pcrpeir.iior-4 of en dreadful .1 einoe. I have to lanicnl lliat in efiiiH'q'it'iiee of the fntlur of the potatoe eroji in eral pot? t. ihe llmt'-d ICmijdom there will I e :i deficient npplv of mi ariiele ff food winch f r 111 s the th. el guliitften"e of jireal iniuiher- ofmvp'ople. The di5'ie hy which the phut hn hfen nflVcled In il to" the utmotl (Meiit in lreliild. I hiveiidoplc I all such pree.itr.i mm -is it vn in iny p iwcrto n lopi for thupuipos. of nlleviatmu the iill.iins whi'-h nnv hti eiiti' I by th ealauiny mid I ah ill ronlidciitly rely o'i ymr cu-operaii n in devie'inir s-uch olhr mcau for tllet tiny the snrne he nevolcnt purpose rts 111 n mpme tlm saueiion of the iH'iriMitutc. I hnv Inif jnnr it4j n-tion in fiiviuy my netit to tlio inei-un 3 wlneh y m nnve present: tl to mo from time, cileul.iiej to exund co iinu-rce ind lo tiimdne ilame.ii skill and ilTliH ry, h t!ie lepe-tl u( prombilory, and the rehvnt'ou of prou .uvt,l tint e.-. The pro'peroii? hl'ite of ihe K-wmie, the meren'-p't demind for lihor. and lie teni nil imiiMveineiit which Ins t.ikeu I ice 111 the mtt m il eoudiii m 01 the cotmtr,are strong tetitnon eui t'aior of 'he cour' you have pursued. I teeonnu'iid yon to 1 ikft into your e.irly coniderition whether ih 1 principles on winch you have acted miv not with ndvmtnje h yet nii-recxtensiu'ly npp'itd, wliether 11 nnv not In in your piwir, aftern fr f d revn w nf tlm osi-nine duties, upon nnny at tiee( the ptodtiee r nnnuhc ture nf oilier eouiitr ea lii in ike such firth-r reduc tjons ainl rpiui-ion- as nny en I to ins -re the eon tirnnuc'' of ilu.' !rint hpiitfi's to win -h I hive advert ed, and, hy id'arcin'our eo mm ren I intneourne, t Mrejtlini the hoti Is of unity with Ior- ijn Powers Any measure w!i eh you nnj ndopt for Lll-'einii.' these L'rcit il'jels will, I am eo'ivineel, he aceoui pinied hy hiipIi preenutioii ns -Inll prevuit perm 1 nent loss to ihe revenue, or mi iriotj-i resulis to any oj inontent mleiesisol iho touutry. I Ime lull ic't nnce oil your j'it and dipasfiointe eouHidt 1 11 inn ol miners n deeply alK-emu the p ihhp welf ie. U i tny parno-t praver that with tin-hles-injs of Ouim PruviJt iifp on vour e itint'iU, yon nnv I e enahled lo promote friend!), feiluiL's hetwren d.flereut chsoo o! my 8 it jj eu, pruv ide ndJitional t runty fur tho con li.iuaure of piep, nn I to unintmn cnnleiilmeut nnd happinr i?j it home, hv tiicreasoi tho comforts of lh' (real body of my people. Tho II ttl nf Ho up innved iho nddit'S nut) Lord Do Uns sucnwlcd it, txprpintj tin liopn ih U jucifie id ilions Willi llm United StnlL's would not ho distin hud. In tlio Hoiiso of Cmnomns I ho deliatn up on tho first d.iy whs tu linly upon tho fisc.d policy of tho country ; nml of Sir Kohcrl Peul's spm'ch, ns wull ns of 1 1 it icM nf llic dobiitot our London loiter ivos so full, uik r;radiic 0 sketch n to preclude the noeessiu of our gi vini: nny fuiilmr iiccount of it lino On the in lliesinie limisn, Mr Hume iuliodticed llie rt-lntioiis of (1ir.1t IIi'iLiin ntitl tho United Slates. Ho saiid ho hoped tlx I'lltno Aliuilor wouM bo nule lo picMMVi the g )od unileisl imlhi whicb eistcd he Iwurn dm two tmlions. Il w is in the pour lit) s.iid, of Kul.iml and l'r.iiu'e to pte,erv't the pface of the world. Ho approved hoar lily of iho Queen?- lecoinniend.ilinn for an increase of tho naval and iniliun fotco el tbo-counlry, whicb, he wj sure, would nieel the tipprobntion of tho limisn and ihe nation. lie expressed the more ".lalificaiion ilb ihi "wlinibe fount! ihe eluVf m igMr;itP of .1 great country, fium whom be expected brl trr tilings, venture to set at ihuIiI all tho?e rules and regulations winch civili.d tntiun observed toward edcllotber.,, Sit Robert Peel responded lo thu as fol lows : "1 never entertained the tliyh'ot iipprthtmiinn llial nny contrast Imiwetn the! uumnae eiiiplie m her ninjtt.ty'u fpetth 111 reference lo (hone unfortu nate dispute lint iill prevail hetw en tin euunr oudAnurien, tindtho which Una he n u-ed hy iht Chi;t Wnuwirnie of the United .Simen, would Inv. hiin iohiIh 111 thiH IloUBV. I never ih-mehi tli4t I hi' ei'uld he mistiken nr uiiieprtt nic I. We Invu no Ii.-.iiuhhi in nnnouncinif our inetre denire. lor the interesU of thin country, for ihe inn-re! of ihe United States and for the interest of ihe 1 iviliyd world, in conlmiitMi lo tnun every ill rt whifh is eonsistcii' uiih national houur, fur ihe nurposu of oui.toldy ier luiiiniin;' (lioae dilute, liiar Jtieva ha I any nniirfheiieinn thai our intention or ur Inuffuniie woul I he nnsiepreenled un l die speti h which lot hon. ccnilenian, Mr. H'jme, ihe uiiifmni and con .'at. i fitfvoeate of tin gtri. tt hi eeonoui v. has iust nude, couli'in me thtit mv nntteipniioiu wi'l, not le dia.ipp inled. :tmti ami 11 my proposn wmoii Iirr .Mnjasiy'a (i .veriiinioit may f.rl il tluirijuly to , inakafjrl ie inainl. nm i.rt'wmiil rights, or of, Iho national honor, shall be r.-.pond.d tu nod rip-1 ,.f,n,.l l.v ibis 1 1. mi f then lei L. inittakeii. ' I iliiuk it would lo 'I"'1"'"' ;""fu;l7u.:' lest about I ha Oregon lilfn two mull powers aa KulandanJ tlio United titatoj could not. Ly lUeci.. ( t'f'MPnf m.i 'rrnluin ntitl cond jetiso, he Imonclil I" n pel fully honorable nml silisfaetury coiiclu Inn. H'lims I. mil .lulin Russell tlm ni'M il l) alluded to llii' sum' subject, und s;iil In; wished for some explanation ul' ill" passage in 1 1 it speech to-li-ri Jng In lilt1 Oregon question. Ilu concur icii iili ilia iiiIicis iii thinking pen o with tin1 U. S. cxticinely desirable. Ilu pi oci'cd cil us follow : I ill l ( I I ..111 Si 1IM.KIII ( II. Ill tH'fll IMII Ull I II III O II1LT" ii.i,l L.i.l turn nlmrleil In tinki- In en Ihnih. In ihi. J.0".""-"( "."' '".'"t WW l,n,lu 11 '' de that fon;,. rxplnintion Mould Ic given nil thn .iihicr t'inlril Sl'ltC" 1 1 .1 .1 l.l Ml "IH'JCl I . Ill'lliltl IIHM'UIH lillll lilC I ! M iti Ctl L J lllt'l. jt-n mnili ilu Itun'ioiislo ;,,,. ilns sidycd win li ,r I mnromm ''' ' ". ' "Sl" of (iultzed r. untiles, or In the I (Miilly iiunh' n nf llic liw. Ft.ihs t h it il w-uuhl i it ii it wotihl nu- m, ir, limww r, Mrn n ptopni 11 lor n conipnuiun.' 1 In I litt'ti tundf frtini t l'iriJint ht Iht .M-ijoh's I untiimtii nt. and lie (I.rml .lulin Ilui'llt otjci ivol tint the rnpoU'nn fliananl ihr 'nle1 of tin n ivititiii. The pn'po-itntii iiM-If nimlit Ijc siitiPiri- rv nr nil) iitiriHiy bm, li.iv.ia luoi mailc it iliJ aprj-nr tn hmi to ititiia n M:ilntnt lioni ihora ui tmtlintiiy in iliti rtmtiiry f 1 trm on winch lltry would he pitiMiud to geltle this 11 iepioii. 'J' ninii oihn, a lie nnderfitoorl, hnd tint rtetued tv hi r M'ljiy' (rntrrttiut nt, I t had Uvi 11 dr elated to he loml y jindmifitdn hy nnr mint tir 111 Ameriei. lie e nife-ffd lie tlioncht'ihat wnn a Ii ml v prorifdiny on t!je pnrt nf the lepn ?en:aiie of hi r MuieHtv in tho i rmteil Stiti'i. Uut he wished to ak Wn, I whether Ihe neuotulmus had rm tnimtirrd or wvie coma Mil lie was tint (IfpjioiiB that tlii pipufr n nun t ( prr wn'ft in tue iioupe j lie uns wiiiinir In Icne the tieuoC-illon ill tile hulids t.f lit r JIi' je-1 y venule m until tin v eoui I sin 10 that it itntn-hetoi y reiu.i had he n nit.i in d, UToii- he nKed for nny in formation of -he p irueular ttnte 1 f iho fHniittioii-, Out word wtili rpp t to uhn had falhn fiom the hoti. ineinlx'r troui Moiitrope. Her M ijejity iiquiied t'ip nip ntion nf the II tu-e to til inereae in the t oi-n-i es wlii h prnnhd for the fTi'-ieney of the niihta ry and nav.i! wr tun, Mr pi uld i I tin Ii rtnuJ ilia with tp inert nfcd prt ai'-pion ol l hia poun'r v nhro-idnntt 1! e eon( ipienl I'lerpaw rl demandf on ihe sprvir'i n of otir niihlnry nilrl nival forrti in ecrv pnrl of the world, then nitulil h re.mnni for llie inrn-np of ihi- i-fimntrs v u nt n ren on of profound pf.tee and w Ikii noth mj ihienlt n ed on 'iny side t and he I rust til llnl it u,i nu i?e yrotinds, and m t on nceouut of nn tin m in tticnu pert of nllur-, w iih u f n-nee to ihe Uiu'rd tatef, th it Hi r Mnj. slv' toiveinmetil made tin? inereisn. II" for hi pnit, h'ul for k ni lime thoiisht lint ihe elTieicncy iif the milnarv t'orce nf th. eonn'rv at ii present amoiint vn too nn'th nied, and that too much was riuntuuled i f Unit forrc. He ti''Xl rt'ft'i rci) to iho iutrrforrncc nf tlio tionrli riiiil ltirtlijh in tlm tilTiii s of llio Ai yeiittno Ht'pnlflic, Iln rxpr.i tl somo ilouht ulitjilier llit ntleged interruption of conimruv, or the nllognd nets nf Ii-iibniity urnwiujr otit of llm rxisiMijr Itosliliiiea tlicro. wonhl 1'nttituto sufTicitMH grotind for such inlt'rfiMPiicc, timl rxpiued a uish for infor- ni iliot) no this Miltjort. .Sir liohcrt Vw s.iitl In' w.ic not prcpnrfid lo gtvu finsurr to tho tpicstious tint had been put; hot in icgiiid lo Oit'nti ho made tlio follow ing vrry itiipoiiinii dct'hitHlions : 1 With rejnrd lo the Orejrnn ti rri'eiry, I hivp to Hnie 1I1 it n pr ios:lii 11 wn mmlo. I v .Mr Ihieitnnnn, with the nntlwritv of the INeihut of the L'nm)! Jst.i'es, lo iilr. Put keuhnni, nnl ihe projv.Ml o mad ssiye-tL'iJ 11 divi ion ot the rerrttory. Wh' I her or not ill il in.ipoEat iiiutit in li io lieen .i.tMnicd, I ctnnot ay. Mr. 1' h Uriilimn llimulil III" ti rms propnsi il wrie r In lo likely lo lu art . pinl.Ir, ilmt hr di I not fi er tiiitiHr warranird in trnnpimtiinff d in (..ivernnicnt nt li.imr ; mul .in Hiirmfyini; dti tn .Mr. Il.iclmimn, the l.ntri imiu. ly Btaleil dial llic prc.pont wis wiilnlrnivn. 'Una n the mute of tlio ne aoti.Mion ot ptF!iiit, .n fur ti" I nm inrnrmutl, rennct- iiik llio aii' niitir.l tiy Mr H .ehnn in. 1 hare the Itizlicbi opinion of ,!. l' i J htirejltc t'r.f.cM rcK'ri tnr tun mini s anti nit jfrctii&ii ronj: lUntc iii Itis jm! jiiient, yrt I must sat; il miutd lutre brcn lieter imd tie tilnmitted that proposal to ttie home (h.rirnintnt for their consideration, and it found in itntlf uiiKiiliifactorij it might hare formed uiejoumiaiionjornjnruieryropos'ii. tlcnr.J mcf tit it pcniiij tin- ei.untry Ikm Hgmn lepoatu t to (lie Uniti I Sntus their oil', r iif ruf.'ri ina lie" mi'ter to nr Intniiiiin. Iiut nn nnsivtr Ina ytt lein rocuved to the propoul ?o inadt;. Tlio proxies'! of stnain itHvignlion, lie said mil tlm increased demand of ihe colonic upon llie home government, had in itle i.0 in creanj lo tho nival and military forco (if thu country indispensable-. In lltr; House nf hards, Lord Mnnloai;lo iiupiirod uliether t'lui u would he tiny objec tion to tho production of tho tepott nf thu Sucielary of Iht) Troasitry of thu United States, upon llm Tariff as ho hid unilet-J ilood it contained matter well wot thy of iheir i ! 1 1 1 1 1 i . 1 1 1 . Tlm Hill of Aiinrdeen said he had rojeiveil n copy nftht; teporl mid that it cerlaiuly w nol hii;h inti;i est nml importance. Mo co.isunted lo its ptoduciiou, lltoiigli ho protested against us Uetng mailtJ a prcco dent. I'i .Jill Willmcr A. i-'inah's Kuropoan Tunes. A i.Ti:i!.vnoN op Duties on Ameukmk I'liuiiuut:. Our Aiuetican roadets ill find on u refoifiico to anolher column, that iho lirilKli Miuistty proiiosu to mako ii;iiiciiuiii on toatiy of llio aiticles exported fiom Amer ica lo 12u"land, Tho altet aiions coninrise: PrtviouM dull. I! icon U nt cut. Ilnf, lrrl 3 " nllwl tl " May 16i per load Uilis :.2U peril.. VleU Si 1 LT CM I fork Bj " ItuL-kwhcnl.... tinner 'iOi ret cut t-'nliillea Tallow HI- per c i I I'Iiiivi lOiftl per CHI i 'loHn !i0 ptr tent II inn I4 pi-r cwt II. .p.. WU .,r cwt tintinu corn henvy duty It re fi ptr eM Tltow........ G 1 per cut Jieduccd to. I reu Is prrqwrler IOi if r cl Bs 64 " 1U j u r emit 7. nr c t 45i . " U per .irlr 1 ' 1. per cvt. ritANci:. I'ltMIDENT I'oMC'a MEiJlGF. 'J'Im sllairs (if the Um'ud Sulca occupied niticli attention in I'.inu dunu llie last month. Parliament, llio p cse, Bttd tlio public oro oxrjied by the l'rct iutitV .M'jxt.ijre. SI. (.'u.z it, ncciiidinj; to the t orrtftponJent of Wihner & Smith, made avorj eluipient fpeech on the nllair, in v Ii cb Iih ('omiut.'uic'd on llio remark (it Ilu! i'romdeiit i i iho cnural rcl.iiiiins of I'ranru with the United State).', lie raid I.e. had found tun tlnnjjs in lliu Mes.aao w Inch -tppoared to him DM'eU e'y grave. Olio u'lf, tlut I lie United HuUi profencd a perfectly iaolated pol cy with re.'.ni to Ijtiroe. Ilo dot not hlamo thoiu ; 'ail! they mult not ba neluni.luul if I'ranco pnr- s ibiI the Minn policy louardu llio United Kutaf. I'ho olher tiling was, that tho Uiutod Status court tint permit any Kurnpnan action on -I lie Nurib American continent. It war, ho f.nd, & atran'o niaxiin. Tlm United Stales was not llie only nation of North Autoricji. Muxico, to say nothing of other Sl.itei, bid llm eun nahti- the same ii.ilopoiiiJuiwo, tho saute liberty to auek or rtfuju allniiriii. and funn poliiioal cotnbina liona at llio United Slater. IVance. bad a nabl locoirltido and maintain Irualie wnh and otbur iNiulh American Sutea, and cm Id any on ray I bat in n doitij;, ehe inj ued the ri '111 ofthu Uii.ietl Htaton ! Rniir.r. JJr. Solomon Allen uf I'.tnton, has handed us thu result of an experiment, which, til tlm meson! llmeitiav not he iitiini. .mlaul ,0,ors, who Ule (dlher (ixpeclinjr ., , '. ., , . i " " 'urcIiao hay. Hit lias ascertained th it n iluck ofJ5 kheen. io (inn week i uti - l.''WU "' orii.iV, brill - M lbs. tier ' ' ' ' . ' i-fl; uach, und ii lbs. pur day. Oaltuy. OONRrtSSS. W.vinnw, Fell. 10, 181(1. Rtiniuts ii ihick m niiliiiiin leaves have been, ii nil iiill nru iilloiit holt), mid which li i vu IiiiiiiiI their way, with lefsrrnrt. Ion speedy nml final nrriiugenioui for tho seiilo iiu'iil of lliu Oregon question. Tlnl Mr. Oil 1 111) 11 II lias III till! SUllp'Ct fill" sumo timn nnilrr serious consideration, anil Impi-a to present n view of 1 1 in cast) which shall iiipoI lliu approval uf the Riltish Minister find nnr own Government, I li.ivn no iloulil ; Iml tint b;i-I'Mr. Pnk"nh im has, or will, submit nnv I'm r- ,.,. , , 1 1 9 1 1 i o II for a settlement in heli.ilf of lo i mum. gnvnrniwiH uuiu lirsi niivisi:u uy It t . . I r 111.. urMi.iUhos iron. riiiL'i Kul. J hove every rca son tu tlouhl. When his own sovernment moves ho will iieain mine in response, und nut until then, as I am advised fiom a must reliable souice. The Itiuur tlnl he has deunnded of this e iverniniint its iiUiinnlnin fur tin adjustment of iho Oiojpin question thai leims of com piontlse .tie nnw ncai ly iii eetl upon, or thai eotiin.tinicaiion? of any description bcatiiif; upon this question huvo passed between Mr. P.ikouhnm and the Seciet.ny of Slate, since llm close of the coiruioiiilence nheadv niatle public, I have flm iiulhutity ahovo alluded lo for Mjino ftri is not the fuel! - find thai authority 1 lepose privately in Mill, in otdei ill it von cm fut m your u j'ii conclusions as to its teliubility. No Sr. wit. suasion to-day. In the lluiMi: n mol'mn lo go into Com tnille! of the Whole piovailed, and tlm pii v.ite c deed ir was taken up. A few hills ut ic disposed of anil upuited to llm House, when the action in Couiinitleo was concurr ed in, which was that two Hills worn passed und threo rejected. This comprehends till Iho business of thu day. Kaiuisiiav, Fob. 1 I. Tlm Sr.SATt; has not been in session to-day. in the House, hut lilllo else was intended to than the business uf private claim ants, pensioners, .tc; Mr Sleplieos, of f !eo., pipsonlnd resolu tions of his .Sintu Ijenisluturo ilh ii foience to th.' publication of tho decision of the Su pieniu Cotill hy dmgjcss, mid theii distribu tion anion" the Slates. Laid on the table and ordered to be printed. Mr Owen presented lesolulions of iuslruc li. in from the Leuislituio of Indiana with relereuco lo the Oregon Tei rilury, in which the cround is t d.nti that tint into inch of the soil is lo he suilemleted the U. S. tnusi h ive "Ihe whole or noli" now or never" "Jim aluuo Josey." Mr ilobert Smilh, of III., presented the proci'edinjs ol a ptiblii: ititelio: In Id so no where w illdn the limit nf his District. (The tu tnt ipal getter up of this meeting was John !o nobis, c.-(jo emor, untl ex-member of Cinres, ami now diiiiai)i;ii.inv it tn the reciou round about Kushnskiu, in St. Clnir, Hind, Madison, and other cnuniies u iih full confidence of lidine snccersfullv llm hob bies of -free trade, Oreeon up to Gl, mid if necess try falhei still, und iho annex ition to tho United Slnlrs nl' llie KnglNIi, Spanish anil rrencli i pos;osions on tho A il.iitiic coast, tight plniop into u seat in Ihe Ilniisp nt'l'eps. in the 8 lib Cniuiess.) The proceediuns of this ntttelins hoked lo lite purrhase from Sp.iiu of tin; Island oTCulia, and called the nteiilion of Congress to the subject, Mr S. accompanied them itiili a res-nliiliuu dhecl i ntr the Com. of I'.ireiun Affairs to lake Ihe siibj"ct into consideration and lepoit theie on. Objections hein inideon all sides to ihe inception of llm res dolion, llie said mem ber who h 1 1 heen tit ido ami constituted llie honored medium nf the communication of the radicalism of Illinois to the I louse, was utilis ed to withdraw llieui and take his seal, On million the House went into Commitee of ihe whole, ((J.urelt I)tis, iil'Kv., in Ihe chair, ) and look up llm piiv.iln culcnd ir. A few hills were pissed and rejected in Com mittee, and so lepnrled lo the House, where a concurrence in the ncuon of the Commit leo whs had on most uf iii proceedings, and pending tlm passago of one ol the bills, (In House adjourned. Mo.ndw, Feb. lfi. In SiixtTt:. We letnn Hum the New Votk Lxprcss, that the 1'iesidenl presented n memoriil piajiiiij Conaiess lo nbolisli Shivery in tho District ol'Columhii. Tlm motion tu leceivo was laid upon the table, Thu Oreeon question was befoie the Sen ate at nn early boor. .Mr Ilannean of l.i., was enlitled lo llm llior. He proceeded lo defend tin) Notice, bul did not care in what lot in it was submitted. Ilu appealed ready to vole fur the Notice from tho Cnmniillee on I'liieiju Relations oT for that submitted hv Air Cnltenden. The main object of Mr II innegan's speech was to defend his liesoluttons, which went of the most ultra Stamp. The lulu was de fended, and uol only lo llio w hnlo of Orogon, bul lo .sonipthini; beynnd the whole. A glow ing descipiion was given nf the countiy , und Mr M ingiini of N. C. was incidentally called op by way ofcxpl in nion. Mr M. said, that accounts were so coullicling that he had I. on id tho countiy al ouo tiniu deRiibed as most barren and at another as fruitful enough tu glow suiar and rollon. Mr llannegan saitl that it w is fit for the culture of rotlon and sugar. Tor other pur pose, he also urged it was useful. Mr llannegan spoko until iho adjournment and Mr Colquitt of Ga., Ins the floor fur to morrow. Iljmsi: of Representatives. Mr Campbell of N. V., piesenled several petitions, pray ing Congress to allow D.'pnl) I'liaiopislors to be elected by tho people, or rontiiiiug tint lliey should n it Im lemnvod ovcept for good cause. A Wesoliilion ol inquiry was piopos. eil tipun the subject, but objected to by Mr .lcl iv. ol i. (J. Mr Davis uf Kentucky. (.flored a resiilu- lion ruquiiing the Coniniillen uf W.)s and Means, to furnish lite Clerk of tho House with' i copy nf tho project for n Tariff laid before tho Conimilleo hy iho Secretary uf the I leasmy. Mr Davis, to prevent all objec tions, moved the previous question, Mr 1 1 1 tlibitu moved to lay upon the table, and Mr Ashman ashed thu yens and nas, which being oidend, thu resolution was laid upon tho tahlo by a vote of 103 lo (it). A resolution was offered calling on llio Snciei.irv of the Treasury In romiimjiic ilo his jirajtcl of a Tariff, Tlm inajoiily ob jected. IMr Mlienk n unto, called again lor a ropy of tho Tariff, befoio the Conimilleo of Ways and Means, Tlm resolution was laid upon the table 101 lo CG. A fourth elfoit was made during llio day, illi no heller success. The llouso finally acted as f ir ns Louisia na, in the order uf Hiatus, and then adjourn ud, nfter a Resolution (if inquiry, as to llio cession of lite District of Columbia, rucep ting Washington city, lo iho St ties of Mary land and Virginia. Tlll.siiAV, Full. 17. In the StiNA'rr., to day, the dob. ilo on Iho intttiiis ing and all ex citing subject ofitlio noticti was (nnlintied. Mr Culqtiill spoku fur onu hour and u half, pxprossing himself nnpltalicnlly in fnvift of I llm -nolice," winch was n tpieslton entirely disliuct from that of lille. The notice wat a peace tne-istne it ought In bo at onco piv- t en ; and then as to llie settlement of tlio ques linn nf (hie, he doshed It to bo allowed in j remain in Ihe h inds nf tlm negntitlnrs, lelv ing confidently on llio w isdoni and integrity ol thu President. Mr Dix has llio lloor to-moriow. Tlm hard at work dining its enliio session. The committees were called for , , ... ir i l ir tepnits, mid an nppurlunily was affordetl , Ihe States, ,) yesterday to introduco leir lesoiuiions. The hill fur tlm payment iiteir lesoiuiions. i im nni itir urn nf revolutionary and other pensijueis was pissed with cut lain aniPiidinenls. After which, Iho I louse, in (.oniinilteu ul the. U hole on the si ilo nf thn Union, made rapid head way with tho Indian a )propiiation hill. Wr.DNT.siiAv, Fob. 18. In llm Scvatk, lo-tlay, after morning business, in iho com so uf uliirti Mr Turney defined his position, and explained his views with teferenrn to cc t la in resolutions from his Stale, which ho presented, tlm special eider ol'llm day was called up for consideration. .Inst before en leiing upon il, however, Mr llannegan look urcasiun to offer sumo remarks e.vpl uialory of the course hu had taken with icgard lo Iho Texas question, in reply to observations nf Mr Colquitt in the course of his speech yes lerday. Mr Dix then addressed tlm Senate, s')nak ing for nearly tun bonis, and entering into a most elaborate discussion of tlm question f the United Slates title to Oregon. Mr Dix hid not concluded at thn bnur of adjourn ment, and will Therefore icstinm his remarks to-innirow. , After i some general business, the House resumed, in Committee of llie Whole on the stalo of the Union, the consideration of the Indian appropriation hill. I'mtiAV, Feb. 20. The Susatc did not sit un Friday. In the Hiiusr., tho hill providing that in cise of an Fw.xeeiitivo Session called nfler llm adjournment nf Congress no Senator shall be nlluwod "mileige," unless hu has actu illy travelled the distance charged fur, was, farther considered tu Coniniitleu uf iho Whole, and was ic pound und passed. This hill is piiu cipally intended tu meet llm Iteqeelil case ol an Executive Session being called nn llm day , afie. tlm close oftlm session of Congiess. It , 'viiuld appear that it Ins been customary fur Senators to charge. heir tiav elling expens-s, as if limy had actually been lo (heir homes and b id lelurned, between the two days. J i In- llonse tlieji paetl lo the considera- lion id in i v,i lo lull ills, mid ai'jiurned without , .,,Tn!!'Xn?l',l,'.'n' '" ,X" ii'iu nu me t niie. pissing any, and ont hv lavinc the ; ." r, , ,,, ,, c, ,, , 1 .-sTfRIMV, I'OU. -Jl. lliu Sr.XVlT. UIU . ,i .. s.l on rsa i iii (1-. i In the Housr, it was agreed lo adj mro , ovei Monday in honor of Wasiiinglon's birth- i day, which was on Sunday. Tlm Senatu 1 bill allowing Mr r.igo to lake out a patent for E'eciru-Magnelic machines, notwilh- The opinion gains ground daily that nn standing llm resiricliun applying in those who nriangement is on fool lo tiado off the tariff as he is ,.,' oogaged in thn Patent Ofltce, rlir 'Oregon ;-a trade In which we shall re alier u discussion in which Mr king ul this 1 . r ,, State, .,..,1; pari, was laid on the lablo hy a celv.G f,0, hn?1'""1 " H I'""""1 vole nf lMtuGI. ten itory which, according to Mr. Polk.isour 'I'I... If I .....t 1... ...!.... I I lit! (I OOSt llltll IUOI HI' IIIU I'll.. III! (-.11- . i ti . . iii 'ri i- . endar, and discussed two lulls. I Im first was 1 laid on llm table, and wiihoul any quoslion : ho House adjourned. RUL ROADS. Addison Gnore, i:sr,., !,.,, heen elecled Hritain instead of tu llm Coi.nres, of the P.osidenlorilm Western Railiuad Coipora- I Unit. il Stales. Ii is believed that a coin up lino, by an unanimous vote ol tin. I.uard of,,, Walker's I irili' hill n, i , v, w Directors, and Ihe, Imlween ilio ' p " tr s larill b,l was sent to Mr. M - Western and Wo.cester R .ilruads hive heen E ,ni our mi lister atLoudun, and that Im , adjusted. j Rltlvno Roui. The la"! Hoston Jour- nni conl lins an able article from the pen of Ssaniitel IJiii.i, Usq , one ot our Uireclnrs in fivor of tho Hull iml ion 1. Them are few li.,..twica i, ii.i. in Itncli.n ((hoc, ii, t. ... f".t- prudence and sound judgment will have a "'"!lJ l-"i'""il going to war with us nioro decided inlluetico upon llie monied fur a sn ip of barren territory, w hen Mr Poll, men of lb it city, than lb it of Mr. Dim. Ulands ready to givu her the sti'.'.stanlial ini tio says he h is no doubt this r,.,.d ill vantage of 'i free m .rket for her industry to Im ritio nl the best dividend paving rail wns i ,, ,i c , , . . r..l,n,l r:iT,, " ' , 'be exclusion ofoiif own. In no other way " .--' How in Frrciinutif!, Mass. Wu learn fiom ti poison who was on the ground, tint llio Irishmen employed on llmlliilroad al Fitrhborg, got into a row on Monday evening Inst, w hich lesulled in thu death of one of llm number. It appears that theio weio two uf three among them who were Ptolestant", and these llm C ilholic poi tiou tnideilook to convert to llie true faith, by arguments in the sh.qm uf brickbats and cudgels. Iii.tbeir earnest endeavors uno of llm threo was kill ed, and llm Iwo badly beaten and driven fiom lliu load. Ocitw Si'iivu Ships it.u.m Nr.w YoitK. Thu Advcitiser says : " Wo learn tint a contract has been eu'ered into by the (i worntmsut nf the United Slates w.lli the Oceiri S'eam N.nigitioii ('o.npany, cliattnrcd m tins State, for tlm establijdinv'nt ol a lino ofslenn Eliijin to run bolueen Now Vork and IJiimne. A vessel istu take Imr depirture I .vice in u.icli it Ii, for Onwes and J!reumn. Tuc G .veriitiii"nt is to pay four hundred Ihou. Bind dollars per aiinniii for llie comejanco of tl.n ... ..t .Ci 'I'l.n voui-al-. nn to In, lint Incu than fourteen hundred Inns burthen and Ihey aro to tnako their vuyagps witiep-'ed not lei-a yzx .:;:..u! Pr.T.; is "..ported ill it iho fiiRt-wdl be ready lo ttart on tho fiislofJiutiaiy, 1817." A HriN'f.vui.r.N'T E.NTi:m'iitst:.-Wo learn fiom Iht Greenfiad Ga.ilto that several young men in raundeiland, a low years sinco formed themselves into a benevolo nl society. Their plan was to biro and culii vale several acres uf land, tlm avails of which should bn given to somo 1'onpvolonl object. Tho cnlerpiuu has succeeded lio vmid their most sanguine anticipations, Tho society has cotillibnted since its tnrnialloii, (.IBb.) as llio avails oi lis i.ii.m.w, '".. .v.. lt.l-1 lll'l'll PlVTIl 11) Id IIIU I "OlEII 1..MI.U Mission, Hiblo and Trad Societies. The crops raised Iho first year amounted to S100 and those uf llm I isl year SDO. This is a highly conimeiid.iblu enterprise, and ttsit useful lesson lo all, showing how much can bo done by a lilllo dutennined tflurt. Hoston Journal. Geological Surrey. Tho Galaxy slates llial a curiii'is discovery has recently been inado uf a deposit in IVuhutii, several feet thick, which consists almost entirely ol the llinty shells uf animalcule", so minuto that a pieco of the earth as I irgo ns a pea contains millions nfthesu liitU'shells.which, being cum pused of lliut, have perfefllv rotained their beautiful forms. A similar deposit exists in Londonderry, nnd others will doubtless bo discovi ipJ. ' Tlm earth resembles marl in color and fineness, but the particles being of flint, it is vpiv useful as a polishing now. tier. Allhniinh uf diffoioiit lialuiu from of ililleient iiuhiu iron, has been used on Und will, much , success. Chronicle. Anotiicu Uksk Dr.r.i.(MTin.v. The I irientis in tlns'cilv nl Mr. Uharlrs Sbnw Teller or AMtaiH Cashier of the W'reut- ham ink, Mas., wero estndiiy apprised of tho el. peuient of that gentleman lo South Ainnica to n vessel whicb sailed from Hos- tun on Thursday. It appears that previous to leaving ho drew from tho SiiHulil Hank, at Hnstnn, 23,700, which stood to the crod it of thu Wiunlli.iin Hank in lint instilnliun, hy forgim: llio naino of tho Cashier of tlio fornmr II ink. Whit other, if nnv. ro"tiu i . - X n i neslm has commuted, or sums uf moimy, secornd by simd tr means, has nut yet Im- 1 come known here. On llm uvoiiiin' tiro- i come Known here, un llm uveuiii" urn r ceding his doinrttiro ho g ivo a ch impih'tu 'party tit tho Trnmont Unusc, Hoston, "ilu expenses of which weio only R1U0. True nun. (JlmMuxt;) I'lUn.VV MOIIN'INO, l'niiltU.UlV, 27, 13IC. STRAWS SHOW. Tho report of our Secretary of tho Trea sury has been tccelvcd with singular favor by the Cuglislt government. It was ordered to be piir.lcd and laid upon tlm tallies in I'.iilianient under protest, however, that this deviation from llm ordinary course, was not to bo cited as a precedent. Rul (his document was so much at war with all pre vious papers of the kind emanating from our government tallied so exactly with their views uf national policy, played so com pletely into their hands, and was such an unconditional surrender to Hrilisli interests, they could do no less, in justice lo tlm "noble Secretary," than lo honor him and his repoit with this marked distinction. Verily, wc have fallen on evil limes! When an American Secretary mites reports (hy agreement?) for an Rnglish I'ailiametil, and when a na tion thai has been for half a century feeling for our heart-strings, thus steps nsido lo pat 115 un nm iicau, it is ume tor those who have American hearts and tin interest in Ameri- ,.,, U)lit.V) ,0 ,,,,. , (,Rn h u.)s yu i ,r . i i . , , ., Jc"" l't lnlo we allowed (jrC!l1 I'ntain lo manufacture for us.we were pr.iclicnlly as much her colonies ashefoie the revolution. Enghnd so und erstantl .,, ipr ,v10 ,,0jcy , Loe for ,x.ntv yi'''" to rcculo.d.o us. There is too much! i reason to fear lIic will accomplish il. Cer- , leason to fear lIic w ill accomplish ...... .... ., ... ... ., I """ '"i ("i am moo in power iavor urn1 , i proja-cl. SIGNS OFTIIF TIMI'I I ....... ,.lr.....t .,1 T-....I 1 l.. .....I w.... .... r.iu i , .1111, ill mill lUl .11111 IMS 1 1 ( I 1 i.t n i . .... the shadow of a cliint, and shall surrender, : ..vch in,.,. tin, riol.t .,r I. .1.. j - " "."s ties as wo see fit on the impmlalinns int.. on. I ., ,.rlo ..!.! ,t. . c own ports, guing the enartnteiit of our reve- line liws virtually tn llm P.iiliumoi.t of Great 1 w is instructed lo I ly il befoio the Hiitish goveinment as an evidence of how much mure llm .idmiuislralion has at t the nros- perily ol industry linn that uf Amer ican, nnd nf Hie folly, therefore, which En- can the present position of the Oregon ques tion bo reconciled with llm prevalent opinion at Washington, nu opinion originating with llm confidential friends of tho administration, that there will bo no interruption to llie peace of the Iwo nations. In no other way can it hu explained how England will leliact from tho posilion which slm has assumed. We wish wo could ti list that there is etiuuch uf American feeling and American spirit iefi in l"'1'1'1 nal1110 ul'li summary leccived, and the American Congress ton-pel ibis infamous t'xl, ;ssi'i decided opinion upon its clnr bailer. II Oregon hcluus to us. as the ad- ! !":u' "r ,lst "dvicps am to Saturday eve- ministration declares it does, w hy should we give an equivalent fur it 1 What excuse can Mr. Polk offer for making so impoitant a concession in order lo secure a plain and nn equivocal right I Lot tlm Oregon question be settled upon its own merits, and let llm tat iff also stand or fall upon its own morns, and upon tlm opinion of the country. At east, let il bo settled by ourselves, and nut hy llio inleiferenco of any foreign queslion or any foreign power. If this precedent ol - p- .r 'elation bo established, no one can tell wlieio ii will end or how fir it will be carried. Of cou,st'' ".'"d will nut bo content with a I 'uiplo legislative net which may bo lepealed by tho nc.vl Congioss ; slm will demand Irea ly slipulalioos, und under them wc shall he unable to increase the duties, whatever may be tho exigencies of lite government, without tho consent first obtained of Hritain. Does any American wish to see Ids country placed in this humiliating position t And u,,,,!! l0 p ,y ,ich .idwicalos ibis or tlm party which opposes it bo called tho " Hiit ish parly. An oi.ii Vuitu n. Wo havu received the first No. of a new weekly piper, publish ed in New Yoik, hy Geo. P. Morris, the editor of tho old " Now Yoik Mirror." It is a fine specinied of newspaper prinlirg com billing the attractions of llm newspaper with tlm lighter graces of literature. " The editor is a veteran purveyor, and witli tho moral, intellectual and fashionable world all before him, and tlio aid of a rorps of popular con- Iributois, Im w ill assuredly mako his 'folio of four pages' an allractivo sheet to those whoso favor he would conciliate. Wo trace among llio contributors lo the number befnro us, tho pons of Fanny Forester, Graco Greenwood, i , ,- , ' -.,,., , vus.muugn. I"1"' JUM" -". ix..., A RARITY. r AsMrsis. I alfor,iMoore find I'leld, front Kresovtllo, nd Pern, were, on Monday last, crossing over lake Champlain on llio ire to .t,;, Mt!irfl ,tinv nhwtvtllt lfl ..hnnt hnlf 1 1 - way over, an animal of some kind flouncing in the snow upon tho ice, and which they at first look to be an otter. It moved forward by spring, or heavy leaps, of iihout two thirds of its length at a time, and, its progress iH.i.ts ui io iruyiii ni a nun:, aou, us inu , . , , i l"""B Vcr' slmV' lllc-V" "Vcrlook it siiccuciIdiI, wi.hout difficulty, in killii , and illing H with llm hut uf their whip, uben they found lliey biuuglit it over lo this place. Its length from llm snout to tho posterior extremity, was ."0 Inches, and tho thickness of the body, (which was cylindrical,) just behind the lorn it-3, was auuui ii luetics. It weigneti u pounds. The hair was short, thick, slifTand uven, and tho colors dark brownish nlivt.yind lawny white, forming a lieanliful dark spoi led uiaihling, lightei and moio lawny onthe belly. Tho hind feet worn of a uniform brownish olive, having the longer hairs tip ped with while; tho fore feel were of the stmo dark olive color, wiih obscure Iraces of spots. The feet were webbed, and the ir.em brane continuing the Iocs of the hind feet was so much develbped ns lo reach beyond the points of the nails, which were about an inch long, of a dark hoin color; llm nails on tho fore feet were of llio sunn color ami one and a quarter inch in Ii nglh. in its denti tion, in tho oblique position nf tlm molar teeth and the situation of their tubeiiles, and in ihe notched posterior margin of the pala tine bones, il agrees so nuatly willi the spe cific ch.iractcisof the Phoca vitiilina, which is the Common Seal of llm Noithern Allan tic, as to leave liltlu doubt that it belongs to lint species. Rom iikable though it certainly is lo find this inhabitant ul thu Ocean in a fresh wa ter lake, so far in tlio interior, jet it is not without precedents. A Seal was killed here, under very similar circumstance, in February, IS10, and two or threo others are known to bavo been taken on different parts of llio lake since that ppiiod. These ani mals must have made their wav mi the Si. Lawrence and tlitoogli llio Richelieu iiito!ch '"ku Champliin, and not, pirhnps, being . . (1. , iln a"!iro lllrU tIlp Richelieu ftoe.i s over some "lls ,.VU nnrt! mill,, l.m.,1 U ,!,.. .. , j " "', -" su..- . i , ...... tiniinj to sporl in our walois till the lake closed upon llieui, and then they found it too ''',0 retrace llieir way to the ocean through the St. Lawrence. While many were standing mound gazing upon Ihe one last taken, and wondering til its stupidity in being caught hero al litis inclotu , out season, it was gravely conjrctuied th'il the fellow hid heard of our two rail-roads lo t, , ' r .1 . , I'us.uii , soil ins i. , iiom ino tunff anu . , , , , , , v -l-iiior uliout them, lint they must be ,.,,,, .l., i, ... ,, , ,, .. "'. ,u ' lington to take the cars, thinking that to be , 6. me most leas-tote meiuou ot reacuiiig llie ,',,UK- 1 1,0 correctness ol tins suggesUon n'11, Pr0,l:,Mi'' "uvcr b-' verified, since the "'"'I'le thing had his brains beaten out before i,erro"aled wnh M-ard to bis de- ' tg"d to It s de- iiiltc. I ho correctness of this suggestion ns. Une ol tho bv-standers surmised that us the foiuier seal made its appearance just tiefote ihe war of 181, this, also, maybe the forerunner uf another rupture with Greal Hritain ; to which another added, that if tho fate o' tho other pn figured that of iho enemy nt Platlsburgh, hu trusted the fato uf ibis prefigured lliu dusliny of all enemies who should heroafier ctoss the 'loth parallel and approach us from tho valley of the St. Law rence. T. FROM WASHINGTON. Tho Cambria news from England was re ceived in Washington on Fiidiy, in an extra Irom tlm Hallimoru Sun, mule from an exlra uf llio Now York llprald, undo from Will mcr i5c Smith's Euinpouu Times. Thu Union of Frid iv evening alludes lo llm im- ' Vfiriotis correspondents stalo th it the j genuial opinion at Washington was that llie news was pactf.e, and that it had already powerfully affected llm tariff question, un doubtedly by the sympathetic enthusiasm ex cited by the Iirilish Freo Trade project. No veiy sound opinions could have been formed in the small interval bctweon the arrival of , ,I,B "cws '"'d th" depaituio of the mail. 1 ho 1 iibtino correspondence says : Wo aro looking for faither items hv the steamer. Ihe mill due at o'clock this morning li.u not vol (5 o'clock r. ji.) arrived. Tlio Cabinet have had a meeting, but wheth er any thing unusual was discussed has not yet transpired. Tin: Onixox Qut.m'ijn. Washington, Pel). 17. Public opinion on llio Oregon queslion is sullied down upon tho comprom ise of the lOili parallel and Vancouver's Is land. Mr Rives' letter, Mr Sturgis' essay, iiany speeches in Cungress, and many ad missions on the part of thu Western men, Ii ivo rontributod to this opinion. Iioyond this, thu majority in Congress will not go, in llie way of concession ; and the fear is, that if it bo left open longer, our pcojite will not bo willing lo rompioiiiiit) at all. As to arbitration, it is now considered here (whatever may be tho view etsewheio) that il is, to say the least, unncrcsary, and that tho question will be sullied without the inter vention of ti foreign power us arbitrator, if tho Iirilish Government should be as reason ably disposed Jis ouis is. Should Iho Hritish government offer an ultimatum, and tlm government nf the U. S. anolher, then, as an alternative to war, urbi nation maybe resulted tons llio means of1 adjusting the difference between the two un. lion?. This was tho proposition in llie Lon don Times of llm 31 January. If our gove-inniunt and puoplo claimed the icliolo of Oregon, nibiiraliou would bu inad missible ; if lliey claim but a part, then arbi- I ration is unnecessary j and a resort to it might fan tlm llantes alieady kindled. Ro- , ii owed nogoti iliun isindicatnl by ihe largo 'majority uf thu House, as the proper means of settling tho question, and this in the I'aco 1 uf lliu rolusil lo arbitrate. Renewed nego tiation and comitoniise w ill bo the decision of llio Senate. Jour, of Commerce. TDK FOREIGN NEWS. England is undergoing a mighty revolution in nor roitcy i J lie ro lias not, lor tiny years, been a question so vitally important to her intcicsts, as that which Sir Robert j Peel submitted lo Pnrliament at thu opening of its present session. .Whether tins great measure ill succeed, and how it will effect I,,,.,, Kingdom, am questions lo he delermin oil. In tho mean lime ll.ey tiro loo vast for .peculation. Nor is it easy lo say wlnl w ill be the effect of such a ch ingo upon this country. So far as Flour is concerned, we aro not likely to profit much, for tlio whoal-growing nations upon the Continent can compete successfully witli us in iho. English market. Hut should Indian Meal und Hiickwhcal Flour becomo known lo tho English People as "articles o Ii ii lit n ii food," there is no means of estimating tho extent and value of the (ride it will open. At present, nothing is known, there, cither of Indian meal or Huckwlicat flour, the former as a necessary, Ihe latter as a luxury. And tlm English People, ignorant of tho various modes of preparing Indian meal for their table, will Im slow in acquiring a taste for it. j For our Reef, Purk, Cheese and Buttpr, (hero will bo increatcd demand; but lo what ex tent, and how advantageously tlieso articles tiny bo exported, rennins to be seen. Alb. Journal. We Invo litile faith in our Corn or Hock Wheat being extensively used in England as articles of .food. Tlm class of people who aie expected lo eal it in that country, cer tainly do nut oat il when tliev conic to this. SCHOOLS. Tho towns w ill bear in mind thai they arc to elect town Superintendants of common ' schools at tlio approaching March meetings. ery much depends on tlm ni inner in winch duty is executed. Men must lie sought alter, not only who are competent to the task, but who arc willing and disposed to enlist themselves in litis important matter, in such a manner as so groat a subject deserves and demands. Lei pari) ism bo set aside for onco at your Much meeting; and make it your object to elect for this ofiico the man best qualified for it. That is to say, a man of good sense and sound judgment, energy of character, and a good education ; who, while ho may feel an honest prido in so henorablu a station, will have also a deep souse of the responsibility of it." Will our Oionds in tho county send in the result uf their action on this subject. The following communication was receiv ed in due season, but mislaid. Wu arc re joiced lo sou litis and similar evidences of good feeling and zual in llie greal cause. The project seems lo meet willi favor in alt quarters, and wc look forward to the happi est lesidt. Mr.. Eiiiron Tho following preamble and resolutions adopted hv the North West ern Association, at their Into meeting in Westfotd, weio, hv a vole oflhat body, di rected lo bd forwarded lo you Jor publica tion in your paper : Whereas, by a late law of tho I,og;lature of Vermont, the attention of the u'lhc is called In Ihe subject of education, and paiticu.arly, a system uf upprviinii i estaltlished for ttie benefit of eninuion t-chooli-; and, whereas, it is desiraldo fur the citizeni of this ntaie, in every way in which it may be suitable and ennven. eat tn tliemselvof, to co-operate with the Government of the state in Iho purpose aimed at iliorelore Uetiihetl, '. Tint we gralefo'ly recognise our depeoilaiire, for the elevated position, in inc fcato in hum in evtsUnre, or onrmlvpi., our ff.iiiil.ei-, our churches and congregations, and our fello citizens ol every every cla-s, nn llie system of education, winch, under the gu.dinre of christian principles, was established by our forefather. 'ii. Th't in ourdehberate judgment, the pub lic odiicaiion of the community is m he regard ed as a whole, and that the several parts of Iho i-yktem, whether of common or higher schools, aie jiarts of our whole, and what n thus in us own nature joined together,, with safety to the best interests of tho state, bo sundered, !)J. Tint particular attention ought tu bo given tu Iho structure and condition uf srhool Iiousof, i d to all the conveniences and appur leo.ilii e at portam to Ihem, and also to tho attends-' of the scholar, and to their classifi cation i ,'lal.un both to tl.e convenience and to tlm . .' progress of the schools. Iih. ' while inunodiati) and active attrn. ten e! forgot i that ( . t.utu i le irni leach to su;. Union .i of th r unp i latum. .T.I. . tbe n i l ie ii. . our n, . etKirls i the la; c i' I lent . regard I. 1 1 'io given to such purposes, it is not In uf, and it ought not to ho by others) I . ..t arrangeinouts in outward condi. , liances do not create the spirit (.f educate the men i.crcssary to . unon school, to care fur Ihcin, nor . d I lie in ; therefore the higher in.ti Naming are essential lo Ihe wellbeing x r and ought to be cared for in a ve and adequate system of Legia I. it wc evnestly recommend, to all . a ul Ibis body, lo all our brethren in i, and io all others who may regard . s of any value, activo and earnest carry out .the purposes proposed by i -of the Legislature, and by the ex oular of the Stato Suportntendant in common schools. 1). WAUUKN, Scribe. Lisex, January Ul, IS 15. SAD ACCIDENT AT SWANTON. We legret to leain that on Thursday of list week while Mr E. W. II ibeock a very enterprising tanner at Swanton Fulls and a Mr. McCrady, were busily engaged in slopping tho leakage of u steam boiler in Mr. Habcock's I innery, tho boiler suddenly burst and throwing out steam and hot water, scalded both pcisons in a most dreadful manner. Uut both are in a fair way to re cover. St. Albans Mctstngtr. Mi. Georq Niles, of Sh iftibnrry, has just enteied his 107 year.

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