Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 13, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 13, 1846 Page 3
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r IimnilTON MARKET, Match 2, 1848. At nrnket, 480 Reef Caltlc, 700 Sheep, and 210 Swine. CO Reel Cattle, 500 Sheen and 100 3wino un sold. Pstcis Rntr Cattli. The prices ntilnineJ last week were for a like quality were hardly sustained. We quote extra, 85,73 WSGi First quality, S5.50 9 5,75 t Pceondjquality, $3 t 85.25 1 Third quality, 4,25 V 41,75. Sheep Mnrket dull. Two or three lots only sold at 83, 3,75 11,50. Swino Two lota to peddle aold, one at 3 & 4c, nd one at 4 ff 5c. At retail 41 t? 51c. In tho Methodist Chapel, on Sabbath evening, Bill Inet, by Rev. V, lord, Mr. James Lewis to Miss Abigail II. Mason, both of Burlington. In Hattland, 21sl inst., Alexandeb Hansom, of Boston, to Miss Mauoaiietta It. Kiieeman, of Sand wich, Mass. In Toledo, Lucas county, Ohio, Fib. 21, by Rev. M. Welch, IstAc N. Adams, M. D, to Miss Ellesok Chambers. In Milton, on llicCih ins!., CtAaiA Henbiett, dsughtcr of Gen. J. L- Motion, nged 12 years. In Jericho, on the 2d inst., Mis. Abioail Shaw, widow of the late Benjamin Shaw, Ksq., aged 60 years and five months. In Woodstock, nn the 3d of Janutry, lilt., Mrs. Je kcsha Stbono, relict of the late John Petteb, of Granville, Vt. Printers in the west are requested, f-c. Gracious God, thou liait bereft ua Of our mother, kind and dear, But the love she bore to Jesus, . Drives away our grief and fear. Though we feel our loss most keenly, Yet we would to Thee appeal. For Thy grace to flow serenely, And our broken spirits Ileal. Wo tone; l'v l"d our '?e mother, Long have prized her soothing mind ; An ), we feci our loss no other, Than our surest, dearest friend, Througn long years of grief and trial, Hopes and feara thy bosom fill'd; Now we know thy joys arc real, For thy aoul with good was fill'd. Blessed be that friend and mother, For she labored long in love ; Long she loved a dying Saviour, Now she lives with him above. Dlcssed !c-on that she taught us, ' When our young and infant tnirnli i-ho trained to loc I lie Lord that bought us From our guilt and from our fins. Oh may it, e til 1 in us tike leaven, Wnke us up to act our part. That we, like her, in hope of Heaven, .May from the scenes of earth depart. Rest avihi'e and Bleep dear mother, For the hour will thortly come, That the dear and loving Saviour Wi t awake you from the tomb. Now thy tring scenes arc over, Now thy weary soul finds rest, Through the merits of a Savior, God hath madu ihcc truly b'est. C. W. P. JOINERS WANTED. THE subscriber wihei to employ e no or two journeymen Joiners for the season, to comiuenco .mmcdutdv ; none but those who can ccine well Tecommended for steady habits and good workmen need apply. I have a home that I can ncco.noJate a family with. I should also like an apprentice In the above business, a boy of suitable age and sttady hab- , CYRUS FAItltANI). ( olehester, Much 9, 1 8 ICS. 11 LO ST. AOOLD ISRVCEI.ET. set with tnpnz st'ne The finJer will be suitably rewarded by leaving Jl at Hrgar it Arthui's. March 12, 1310. tj3 BRIGfiS1 PATENT FENCE MACHINE. ii. i ii.vky, ESPr.CTfTJI.LV gives nonce, that lien still W nimufailuring, at Winooski Falls, Ruiggs' 1'a bst Portable Fence, whero all orders will be rrimptly attended to. Owins to the advantages derived in the ue of the above improvement, he is enabled nd beautiful fence for yard, and garden", at much less expense than the same can bo got up fur in any other way, while fur durability it i- not excelled by any mcomrron uw. This valuable improvement was .irt brought out in Western New York, where it lias gone into cxtctieive use, and has received the ap probation of the Mayor of the city of liull'.ilo, with iiianv hundreds of the first agriculturists an I others in that part of ihc State, also of Gov. Hubbard, Duct. Jarvis, Judge Churchill and many others in New Hampshire. In fact wherever it has been introduce I at Inn been highly approved. As a F.irm Fence it "combines more advantages than any other leticoever xised. It can ned irithout posts, and is therefore not allVeted by the freezing and hravingofthe ground, and is admirable n iapied to intervaVs, tubject to even- freshets. It lakes less lumber than anv other kind nf tVKi e4s a rcrtarn proieciion against all kinds of cattle, is not hil1e in get out of repair, cannot be Wovn dovn, is eaV'ly act uji, taken down .ind remov ed, without iirjiiry, Parmer Aonld be without nt least a fuffi cum quantity to throw around Ins fields of grain and stack yards. ALSO, In connection with the alove, he lias a machine for Curmng Broom Heading. iiarlington Falls, March 12, 1816. 41 totea ms te'rsI GiSEAT ARABIAN REMEDY. THIS remedy wi introduced into this country in eighteen hundred and forty-four. lis celebrity in cunnrr all diseases of horses, such as .Hnrains. Scratches, Cracked heels, Bruise, Galls, and almost all disease which the horse is suhect to. is without a fiarallel on the i-aslein continent. The original pro prietor, Dr. Van Scart, hasitnparted the secret to two inditiduala only in the wide wotld, one on each side of the Atlantic, and it will soon 1 introduced into moit of the Druggists shops in this country, and it need only to be tried and it recommends itsc'f to all dealers in Horses. l or sale at 41 HARRINGTON & llUOTHr.R'S, Grain's Spinal Supporter. Keene, N. II., Aug. 10th, 1611. 1 have for several years been in tho use of Dr 4- I... s.-nr-. llrnn.i'flr.eflnnprr, nnH WIAk ncss of the apine and some kinds of distortion and t -r . 1 ...... it..)tl,tf nom.r. prOlipSUB Ol inc Uicia, siiu avuu. -. y j ally, I have found it superior to anything of the kind 1 have seen. It is particularly um, ,u, yv.u.. eons of sedentary habits or occupations, to prevent "Vot WITCH ELL. M. l. Windsor, Vt., Juno2uth, 1841. flr. Crain has 4iawn me to-day, a Splno-Abdom c-..nnr. nl turn invention and ininutacturc. tn much pleased with the instrument, and shall use itin preference to any oinmn" nupr ps M. I. Protestor of Materia Medica, &c. Ac. &c. at the Aled. Institution, Dartmouth College, llanorer, N' U' Woodstock, VI., June 27th, 134 1. I have seen and examined Dr. Crain'i Sm'no-A6-dominal Supporter, and have no hesitation in siying that it appears to me admirably adapted to the purpose inr which il ia made. for wnicn BEVJ H pAIiMnrli M. D., Professor of Surgical Anatomy and Physiology at ihe 17 Vtd. College, Woodstock, and at the llerk. shirt Shi. ColUSe, Pittsfield, Mass. St. Albans, March 31, 13 16. Dr E Crain's Spinal Supporter combining the ad Hiilonar'advaniaires of Ihe various Abdominal Sup. Sorters hitherto in use, ia most obsiously better adapt Id to aire the requisite mechanical support in cases uirfng U, than any thing of the sort wehive een' N. II. IIEI.LOU, M. 1). II. L. TODD, Wealford. Tha above certificates are from the molt learned of the Medical Profession in this Slate and othars. The undersigned would observe, from having seen a no ice in the Burling'on Free Prea, of last week, from Dr Ileineberg because he is startled at the rarud and'eilensive sale of this excellenl lnstrument, which is diffusing happiness wherever 11 goes. Dr. H should not envy Ihe wide spreading good which Crain's Spinal Supporleria continually creating, for the reason lhat he is not connected with their sale, or that it interferes with the dilpnsal of an old article, (Thompson's Pelvic llandage,) which has lately been introduced into this aeciion. ' JOHN W. EMERY, M. D. Fsset, March' 10th, 1841. -11 w 3 Daniel Harinim's I'statc. STATI5 OF VERMONT, I rilHK Hon. tho Pro Distiictoffbilteiidens". 1 I bale Court for the District of Chittenden t To all persons concerned m the estate of 1) MEL BARNUM, lateof Ohio city, m tho State of Ohio, deceased, who left estate in said district Gbeetino. WiiEnEAs. Nathaniel Miles, administrator of the estate of said deceased, proposes to render an account of his administration, and present his nccounl against said estate for examination and allowance at a session of tho Court of Probate, to be bolden at tho Regis ter's office in Burhncton, m said district, on the 6cond Wednesday of April next., Vou are hereby notified to pppenr be before said court at the lime and place nfircsaid, and shew cause, ifany you have, why the account afore said should not be allowed. Given under my hind at Burlington, this 25th day of February, A. D. .8.0. STOS, Register. SONGS I'OH TIIK iM.OIM.E. Ain " 1 dreamt that I dxccll in matble halls." I dreamt that I dwelt in mail, chills, Willi pimples and tan on my facet And I thought that at panics, at soirees nl I'al's, I was termed a repulsive disgrace. I had riches enough, but, alas ! could not count On possessing n healthy akin j Vi I I thiiT lhat a w hisper said, Vou may surmount Disfigurements, be tlicy hateful as sin. I dreamt that Miilrrs novvsouslit my hand, Hut they all did repu liale my faces For they cried, Though her fialures are formsd mild and bland. The yellow neck and pimpled skin are disgrace. Then I'thought that 1 cried in a voice void of hope, " Cure my pimples make my skin white and fairs" A voice answer'd, "I'se a cake of flic Jones's fam ed Soap And your mind will be free from despair." Then I dreamt that I used it; O, that moment of UIISSI Mv skin chaneed from its yellowish hue i Mv neck was made clear, and my face made loki-s, Though an angel might claim it his due The pimples, the freckles, the blotches, the tan, Had decamped, and a voice by my side Said, Indeed you will now be the glory of man, Ay, tho virtue, the hope, and the pride. HARUINGI'O.N & UKOTHKR, Agent. TO LET, TTROM the 1st of May, n largo Hrick sS5 Wood-house and good well of water. " Also tbn Hnun nu Chamnlnin street I. -j;.-. I' llnnoM nn k .nn a, lull, n ... occupied by W. F. Griswold. Apply to 1 1 1. .Mil .11 A U, ill. llurlington, March 12, 181G. TATSUN" THF. subscriber olTers for sale Ins well known Tavern Nand at Richmond center and which has been kept for several years pat by C. M. Huntington !(. The place hi" mmy advantages superior to anj other s'and in tho county, being on the turnpike, 13 miles Iro'ii llurlingtiin, and in the line of travel from M.dllibnrv to Montpelicr and Cambridge, and is in fiet the . w'eits nroiin t vvnicli uauifrs mucimt the business of tho irroundiug town". The Cinlral Itailroid is loeitcd within 4 mils, of the bonso, and when completed mint h ive . i depot wi bin 10 rods of It. The house is vvrll and f itllifully built of I'nck, and h lareeaiidoominodioiis.. there are three lirpe horse barns well tiiiishrd, nnit two large i pen shed and oilier suit vide nut buildings and one acre of hud, nil of which will be sold cheaper, in ucwnfiis intrinsic vilue and income, tlninny oilier properly i'i Wes tern Veiiiiont. For terms apply to the subscriber near the premis. IIUIJ1 til IUJI1,I Richmond, March 3, 13IG. 40.vJ SOMETHING NEW. CffIAK!,KS IS. HATCH. t)T WHlI.'im Street, Opposite Plait Street, NF.W YORK. Solicits Ihc altennon of Merchants and others to his entire new style of SELF ADJUSTING STOCKS, CICNOWLr.nGF.D by thoe who have used them, to be superior lo any thin" vet invented for the neck, and possessing many ad vantages over the ordinary article. The strap and buckle usually nt liebcd lo stocks arc dispensed with, mid a spring sub s'itmed in their plao winch holds it firmly, and jet i-tnuch more easy and comfortable to the neck than the old style. It is also so cou-trncted that when on the neck it exactly resemble a cravat neaily t.ed, and the eise with which it is adjusted to tho neck and la , en on, gives it a great advantage over a cravat or the ordinary stock. (In the w hole, IN superiority over all others for neat ness and convenience, ! such that the Mibscnh' r, in common with those who have used them, is confident that they will supersede any thing of the kind yet tn veivd. Thedemand for the above articles since their intro- ducioii, Ins been such lhat the subsenU'r would sug gest lo merchant' an I dealers the propriety of their cilhng and examining them as soon us convenient alier their arrival in the city. C. II. H. would also state lhat hcha now on hand and Is constantly adding thereto by !ole arrivals, nnd by his own manufacture, a largo and exlensive as sortment of stocks, opera pes, shirts, collars, bosoms, gloves, susnendtrs. under garments, ha'f hooe. hand kerchiefs, oiled silks, dressing gowns. cVe. Ac, all of which win no o:u at tnc lowest iii.irKct prices. 1U ST. NICHOLAS HOTEL, 28, CimrtUtndt Street, Nrw York; rormcrly known as the Sxchnnge Hotel, v,- I I AS r n'ly in-'t-d into the InnJ ffsi I - ' Me-rs. tVeniniell A Diim- fm' M plifcy. I'lswuhiiiH hurt di-tniici' i of llr 1 1 I viv, of tho .Steitnl Ian- ' tloig-, ui.d of the prill liecls of Hie i iiy w here Mer di nit- fnmi ihe coiiuny do t heir boMiies- ; anl tor p'eas nitni'Ss 1 1 loealiiui, food and coin" odio is rooms, iiiKtuesa and eoinlorl, no ho ie in New York i leiier ulu.iled. Mr. 1) phrev was fo.irieeu )ears in the employ rf his friend ihe .Mo-s rs Howufls. Alter tuieluge under such ni.istiTs i f tin- nrt, he undcntamli it, and Northern Gentlemen will not I pdi-Uiiom!t-d either in hi-.ure or his price. ' Jonx," as he w.i. familiarly ca'led, i" .1 iii.iiii'..-.l vi:li mo-t c f the bn-iiiess men ol Ver mont, nn I if ihn.e t'entlcineii will rem.'lnler to rail upon him, mi l are dis.aiisiml, thru bis " right hail I will hive forgot its cunning." The lioo-c has Iron llinio igldy lepaired and I eaiitifully titled up. Ilolh comfort and c-imoniy will be consulted by making his houso their slopping pac. 40 Paper. 1 50 ,?n,:A.MS 'rapping Paper, I JU 100 do Cap do , o-,2.,do ''c"er rf0 For sale by Jan. 23, 1315. VILAS &. NOVKS, Prtltluii to Hell Laud. t"F 1 '!" Oil -,. Ii S n s.r.. . . " "rion.iMw;, j a t a session UlsTntCT or Chittenden, s. j tol the Pro late Court held at llurlington. within and fnr .ii,l district of Chitienden, on ihe second day of March, A., D. 1810, comes Obcar F. Ilollabird, of Shelburn, 111 finid district, ,'ualdlun ol Catherine HolnliirH,l Shelburne, a minor child of Myron llolabird, late of said Shelburn, deceased, and filea in said court his petition, in writing, setting forth lhat his said ward is vcizcu 111 ner own rigui in reeot tnc following uescrtu cd narcels of laud, situated in said Shelhurn. viz : A panel of land lying 011 the sou'h side ol the- road leading from .Shelburn village to Lake Champlain, bounded northwardly by said road, southerly by land of .Mrs. Lucy Holabird, eastwardly by Cjriis Tracy's Isndaud vvutwaiilly by ihe leading front Hy man HolaKrd'a to Kzra Mccch's, containing ten acres 01 tana. Another pared of land lying south of said road leading Irom Slitlliurn village 10 Lake Champhtn bounded northwesterly nnd westerly l y said roic lr1rl!llf rmilt Itt'lllflll 1 I..KIr.l'u tn est. I lTn..l.' soutlurly by s'd roid leading from Shelburn village to Lake Chauiid nn,o terly by Ian I ol C pis Tracy, and iioriiieaso'iiv y nim 01 msiiop v oiosiocK ontaming 10 acres and 71 ruds of Ian I. Ami nnolher inn i-l 1 1 laud, bounded easterly bv land of llishop (oinsioel., souiheisurly bv s'd road leading In s'd Mecch's south erly and westerly by land of fa su lloli'ird and northerly bv land of Franklin II. Mnr, I,.,,,.,. laming 1G acres and 11 rods of jind 1 lint 11 sii,.r saut several parcel. 01 1 ni l aim tins investment of the prociedsof such si'e, aliutrrcsl, would conduce 10 iiia t-si iinrrrsi 01 sii.i w iru. and prayin" said court to giant to sin ginrdian In, use i fmJ parcrU of land, for the purpose of invisling Ihe nro- cceds ol such sale at interest, ngrriably to the statute 111 sum ease unite ami provided sWiicbe upon, the i-outt aforesaid doib appoint the Foci.tii WEDNrsnAV in M Mien, 1S1G, for licatmi! and deci- Utng on said petition, at Ihe OIico of ihu lte-Msler of " """""i 01 uiu liuttingion, and uolli order thai all persons interested be notified thereof, by publica lion or tins order, containing the substance of laid pi lltion, threo weeks successively, in the llurlinuton , newspaper, priti.u i 6aj Hurhngion, the last or which publications to be previous lo tho time set for hearing. Given under my hand, al said llurlington, this second day of March lRlfi J2 WjkMVKSTO.V, llesister. Dr. Pcabody's Sermon, AT the ordination ol Rev. Oliver W. II. Peabody. nt llurlington, Aug. 14. 1815, Al-o, The Puritan Fathers, A Sermon by Rev, Oliver W. II. I'eihody, Sunday D.J. 21, 1813. Piiblishel by C. GOODRICH. March 5, 1848. 40 STIIONGS & Co., l)liAl,t:itS IN IMiltKIGN & nOMHSTIO Ofier, at Minufaeturcra prices, 3500 i;ros l'lt ICMIU3I Sscrrws, l.'l) iloz. llhil.L's I.nti'hcs, niMM'tcil slzc, a",( " Hour Units, e. Ac. JUST l'Ullt.lSlll'.I) ! ttKISAT MUllltJAI, HU-I'RINT. First American, f rum the tenth English Edition, S E L F- M A N AG 13 M I J N T Ami cure of Pulmonary Consumption, AND AtL DISEASES OF THE CHEST AND LUNGS. BY W. T. COCIIAN, M. D. Of London, England. With a portrait of the Author, and F.ngravings illus trative of the Anatomy of the Lungs. Price only 25 eenfj. THIS work contains a brief nnd distinct de-crip-lion of the ANATOMY OF Till: ITIRST AND I.UNGS-an oulline of Dr. Iluchan's HIGHLY SUCCUSSKUL method of treating Colds, Coughs, Asthma and Consumption an account of his NKW AND 1'OWF.RFUI, KI'.MF.DV and directions for SKLF-MANAGF.MIJNT AND CURF., adapted to popular use. It is the result of nearly Twenty Year's practice and experiment in the Uity ot London, nnd the com bined cxnericni'o of the most learned Physicians and Surgeons of tho age forming a pcrfect .Manucl of .ticuicai miowiengo alio .tovico in rcinuoo to uie Anatomy of the Lungs, the Signs, .Symptoms, Treat limit and Cure ofPulmonarv Cornnfaints. Tin work and the Treatment which it recommends arc held in the Inchest nosMblo esteem in Great Brit ain, as the cxliacls from public j itirnals, which arc given in in c Atipenuix, win nt iiiiuantiy snow. ur. Iluchan truly deelnri s. that villi this simnle Guide. 'a Cunsumj'tlcc patient may do more for himxelf llian miy oiuuiary physician am uo, by any oj llie common meuivus o prauice. Publish! d by 1). F. llUAIH.i:i:. 130 Washinston sheet, lloston, and sold I y nil the Itouksdters and dialers in new publications in the U. S. Price 23 Ccnls per cop) the usu il discount to the 1 raue. .Sold in llurlinuton, by PF.CK V SPICAR s Mmt nerer. S. K. CoLtK'st and by ihe lluiksrllers cell- enllv. Also by W. II. HATCH & Co, M'inoost.i 'alls. Vt. lt not only .those who are subject to Complaints leading to this dispayp, lut those who are in romger from it (consumption) pcrusefaitlifully this important aim apprcciven worn,: luy i Wanted. rWO or TURKU good workmen at the Tin Itusi' nes- VILAS h NOVKS. llurlington, March 3, 19 IG. lirinir on vour Wood. C3 THE highest marl.ct price will be paid for good itirrt u',,,.i i. , , I,, i, ..,. . I, ., by L. & C. K. FOLLlVrr. Corner ol Main and Water sts. ) March 3, 181G. Feathers ! "ir.nSF. and HF..NS Fe.nhi-r-, (tmrranfnl a good va article,) eonstauiiy 111 i.aii'i ntui lor site iy VILAS cc NOV IS. March I, 1S1G. -It) Matches. 1 -TO OR05S Jlatehe-, for sale bv IOU VILAS "A, NOVKS. .Mireh I, 181G. 10 Suanoiulers, rr nn' W.I. si,, vlnr.. AiUU 23 " F.l.islio do For sale l v VILAS & NOVKS Mnrch 1, IS 10. Dried Apples. 3 TONS Dried Apples, for Mile bv VILAS if- NOVKS. .March 4, IS IG. -in Cotton Thread. 1 nflfl '-,s- 'ollonTlirad,a-s,lNos. &, Cols, 1UUU glJU iloz. Spool do do do For sale by Ml.AS & NOVIS. March 1, 1810. 10 Tins. Qfifi PAfKS American Pins, OUU 73 lb-. .Mixed do For vale bv VILAS U NOVK's. Jlanh , 1SIC. 10 NI.OVKIiY Imc now- on band a r.e.y and well ulectol us-orlineut ol Floor an I .S'mir t'.irpet- inns, -l-l and B-4 Uil i lo'hs m variety 01 o.n- Unis mid puce-. Al-o, ju-t incited, 11 new lot i( 1 ran-pu reticles, an ol which will oc-stlJ at very low prices. .ii.ircli o, ISI0. IU i!r. Phelp's A lineal To the people ol Vermont. Abo, Gov, Sltide's Reply To Senator Phe'ii's Appeal, for sale by Mann ti 1SIU. i. ouuuiiuit, N O T I C E TS hereby given, that the copartnership heretofore x cxi-ting umier uiciirm ni WRIGHT &, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. W. WRIGHT, I). FLIVIVIIKR. As there is trouble, debts due to Wright & Fletcher are not to uepaiu except me parties 1 1- pre cm. D. FLKICHKR. ts? B w n riEt in n n a a Till iintlernisnt'l would ii-ptffiilly not i IV the puMkitlmi ihebot'ks of (ho laic firm of Wright tf- JVctihcr are in hi hand-., a hey ut rtglit clionU I n1, 11 rid thai lie will iittt-ml to the j-ollk'iiu'nt nf tho Kami', t I lio-e indtbttM are rcqitesltM tucvill nud ml-ju-i their utvoitnts tuiinetliaicly. The i'iiIj "trouble" there I" in iln Mutter, Krowe nut of the fait that .Mr. hits poeUted thefunda of the parlnerhip. aim rvmv iu aecuuui jur me ijine, WILLIAM WKIOIIT, Iturlinffton, Pcb.17, IS1C. SELECT SCHOOL. MISS I.. II. STACVwill commeneo her Spring Term on Mun lay, the IG1I1 of .tlurch. He hoi nrs ore expected to cuter at thecommeiRcincnt of the term. T e n m s : rngli-h, 53,00 lo 4,00 Freiieh, 1,00 Drawing, 1,0(1 School Room one door WeM of Msr. Lang worthy's, Up SIIIIIH. II irliuaion, Feb. S7, IS 111. 30 lEWESTABLISlMlljTr VrilTOOSKI PALLS. nIin itnihrsignel have opened this shop as a per X lii.iiieul In M'1011 for ihe sale tf MIU 'IS and MKDIt'l.M'.S. SIILI.I' anl lli:VV II ltli'Altl'., Paints, Oils, Window (ilass, Dir.-Smi v GriocEitiEs, We ns-ure our friends nnd the public generally, that they can I e Mippliel with ailtclcs inthenbovei branche-, al aolow rates, for amvquitics, u ut any of the adjoining markets. 33 W. II. HATCH ct Ce. HAS removed his fiaddler's Shop tn lh" while building 011 College street, near Chute h street, over Fllis it Church's Livery Stable citfice nnd op. nosite the Free Press offjee, where will le found on hand SADDI.KS, I TRUNKS, HAHNESSES, VALISKS, iiriulfs, I carpet mas, WHIPS, ef-e. asebeap as heretofore. Call and tec. Burlington, January 8, 1846. 32 DIJ. .T. SMITH, TXTOST Ri-pertfnlly lurorns the inhabitants cf i.L II irlinglon nnd vicinity, llm having changed his re-u'eilio from ('I1.1111pl.11n to Cheiry street, threo donr wvst of tbu Congri'iatlunnl Clrinh, he con liitues the prnctieu of PHYSICIAN AM) SUIK'.ICON. lonlinir tb I est and mo-t etlieaeious remedies ex lanl 1 mid while lie i unwilling to Micve nny id tho various system if the nny pcrlcct, newoiiKi eaiuicus. Iv ,cletd Irom them eii nrljjo- ol nn-heine, as he found from long cufc'mM a diversified nnd wnle extended praetiejHiJcilV nnd couulry, lo l lst adapted to easTSanrT1 every case aware that there are! 110 two ease exactly alike. How far Micee-i has n(teriilel his efTorls since be has resided in this village, he would most willingly submit lo the tleei-ion of an enlightened and candid iiiblic, lor be is rrnltdent it m ist be nt'knowl!gi-d n' tho veonle that be has e lected a cure in some ei c, where allien had billed. lint a physician may neglect To noiiee e'en a good effect, Unle-sH the cau-e n. be snniio-c-. Is nine tinier plainer than hi noe is. Dr. S. eontinue- to been for snle. nt reduced prices n v.tnety ol ftoiaiilco, lilroleptio F.elcclic and Mngio'tie remedies, vvloeh hive bevn proved l,y mil lions of pei-ons 111 the V u:el Si. ties far morn fafe and salutary 111 reinovintr di-ease, than nny oilier known among men, and when necompniiiel l,v the action of Ins Kleclro-M.igni't'o Machine, the effect has I ecu innt astonish n i, n neiltiiudn of ca-es. Poet. Smith would nlso lijbave lo inform the public he has p irchise I ol llocl. Kmerv the right lo manufacture nnd nil Dr. HannIsu's highly eelc- uiuieuilllil 111v.llo.1010 PATKXT LACK, which f.irurpas.c cverjthing oflhe bind in And unowing 1111111111- nnic c wiueli lia 1 een u-eel in this stviioii has I e'en t'f an inferior quality, cui-nig many a fail ire, if a' sood aritile had Iron laillii'ttty npplie',1 a e tire would have be'eu tlie result. Ho has made; nrr ingeiueuls 1 ir a supply from the original faelorv of lir. Hanniiig, that every Lace may i.vperjKi linn evert puiier.le euetille-1 I,y it. '1 lie Doctor therefore invites all who need anything of the bind, tti give lulu a call. It the invalid consider that the Lice is fir the relief and cure of the, following elisei-e-, which come ola eli-plaeeuicnt or weakness urtheorgjnsuf the! body, viz ! n'col.ncss of the breast, with shortness rf breath ; enngh anil spilling if blunl ; palpitation if the heart ; u-ealnrss if the iiJe anil slum, ach; dyspepsia; cmliieness and piles; pain in the back with curvature; bear ing down with weakness if the hips ami lower extrc7nilies ; and droop, ing if the body, especially in young ladies ami children. Tlieobtctt rif what follows is only to aid all snf-lere-rs in de-ciding as to a trial o: the Patent Lace, for rel el e,f their alllietions. It i neees arv lo say U-t I'liounh on Mime complaints, lo show that the Lace preipo-es to relieve many npiarcnily opposite atlce-tiou-, in a rational and natural manner. .Man, annually eoii-Weii-d, is a machine, and that when his iiieelinnicil peiliclion is in any degree lo-l, there inti-t fo'low it nnliirnl nnd (orrc-pouding modifi'Mlion or dcpri'cialion of its. f, motions, as a natural result. This is true of Ibesol'tas well ns the hard patts. With reference to theergans, or soft parts oflhe trunk, we remark, tl'it thoy aru all eon iicle'd together, froi.r-ji I use i f l lit truncal eavily, and ore fae inlbicncc of their own weight :' that they, in heillli, all .support each oilier, fie m 1 elnvv upwards, not elraicmg eae-h other downward. Tin- compact stie and upward action is ehi( dy eilefievl by the abdominal muscles, when in an ai'iive and heilihy state-. Of eour-e when llieso are le'.ixel, the vvho'e piloof organs will I ill, prolu cmg a general ceuihision and di-plaeemcnt of ortrans and ncce-snrdy induciii'r a host tf fone.ional de-r.ingeineiit-, in a inixhanieal wav. The.-e dcraure nieiit. will I e mechanical, an I of coupe only inra b'e by n-trring tliepartstri ibeir proper pl.Te. The lollownvr e'xpies-es some of the natural dlcels of iii'i-eiil.irnn 1 luriiiiciiioos lelasation upon the body winch cannot 1 e cured by medicine I'xclti-ivelv, viz : The whole mass c.f organs fall, and presses "on tho urinary or-rnn, producing a toot frietienl evac uation of urine"; or else turning it buck, or for wuid, so as to cramp its stem an I retain Ihe urine, prod ices rete'ntion, givin? too miny a (alc rea-ou lo siippofi. . kidneys to Lenilecte I; they also press on the lowe-r bowel, shut it up, and theicby jc.illy prnliicu eosiivcne'.s. and torpor of the bowel-. Tbeie will nlso be exerted a pre'ss-ne on tho iiterous, (or womb,) erovvdma it downward out of place, put ting its supporting cords on ihe streleh, ptodiieinga sense of pain, wrangling, aching and bimen'3-snf the bad;, pulling or drawing in the groin-, wln'ie these ligaments are attached, and a great n n-e ol'we ht or ai ibo lower part id the bi llv,e,iii.iisibe patient to put his or her hall I lo that part when walking. The nerve- tn to tl!Iov..'rliinu', tric ing the function ot n'li-iition anl molion, are e.uu-pre.-.-ed bv the same means i. e, a perinalieiit de scent of life; abdotninil organ-, producinir numliness or el-ct teo much -en-iiivene s, as pricl-Iiier and wraiiL'Iingpaiiextcndinirelowii ihehipsnud ihurhs j nj-n, lo-s of, or itnpeled motion, cspet-ially tin mo ving a spell in ihe tnornuig, mcrea-intr to e-ramp, or almost entire los- rf molion low.lnis niehl. "all done mivIiiiiiimIIv, which is Idler in the morning. Al-o, me net will sw'ell near night, I ecau-e Hienri's sure obstructs the ascent ol ibeiran-p irent lluiel- in to the biKly, but will I o 1 clter in the morning. The ve'ins, also, will be swollen, and relieved in the sane maimer. By lhe"pressure upon the lower I owel, producing co-tivene s-, and ol.siruc insr t tic lice ret.irn of I loud lotlie heart, Piles are produced, winch aie always relieved by laxative me-diemes, The-e are e'eets of prc-sure i n the pan. Mow. Hut we alo s,.(. il, ( ihe stoma -h, liver and sple en will now lelelt un s ipporte.l, and are Miunging' eoiuparativelv from Ibeir upper ligaments, prolacing in I ho region ejf ihe liver, n sense ol banning in I dragiring, dull pain. causing the patient lo lean over nn 1 pre-s tint rcsi- on with the band. 'I be rcgu n of the stomach will be tender an I sunken, relraciednnd llal, an I the pa liem will speak of "ironeiiesi." sinking, irnivviiv' and oilier liko ren-.ttioiis, all U-ti-i the orcins hive fallen away, and left a ' 'oiiencs" in realitv. See how such .eoplewill lean forw-arl anl wall care billy, and pre-s ihehiud lo t be lower abdomen j sik h peiple will nLo conipl.iiu of b-artl -riij, sour I clch in js, and distress after etir.sf.', ihe splevn will he drairge I d.uvnward-, pi lima: on it upper Itga incuts, priHlu.'inn a dead. dul'. bea'vv. con-tanl nam in ihe side, which nothing taken internally cires ; an I ob-erve how- all lhe-e feelings t-xj t tojether. Ily tins niein-, the dia'ilinigm l-nillel downwards and cea-cs to support the 1 11112 s, an I betit, and the latter will now 1 1 sii-pcivleHl, e-ansuin a fiv. iciu 11 it-te-nng or palpitation and sen-c ol sinking there'. The liiii'rswill le-elragsel upon, proJueing a elispo-iiion lo lean forward in sitltng e-r sian ling. Also,a short nessof breiih and dry co erh, mil dull pain 111 the brca-t, and sense eil tt-lilness will be felt. When there e-xi, Is this descent in public speakers, the veice is we'.vk andthe throat soio, 111 I'onneeiion with all the either sylu'll lnU-t referred 10 ; nnd this falling nbo I rings il.u I odv forw.inl in front of the small oflhe baek, or the bodv's nxi, inducing nn unnatural levcrace on lint part, lullowedbya s rain ing and weakness, and curvature ol the spine, with gre'.it pain and sorcne-s. The above, and oilier analogou- a'li'dions, have bilbcrio baffleil all ireatnieiit ; but, si-e-e ihey hive been viewed as ' .Me'eb.iniertl,' and have ln tre-atevl bv the 'Lae-i,' they h vvu all been lieitel with asteinishing sne'ee-s; and weean now see a host of e'.tse-s see'iii'ngly well, or Ii ilf well, or combined with re-al eb-e'.ise, requiring me lieiue, who I'.iimoi enjoy Jile, or I 0 e uresl 11 1011 common prini'i. pies e.t ireatnient i and why 1 1 evause their " hou.e' is fallmgdow 11," and by binding them uji, their pains . .1111-11, mm eitieaey to eternal rciucJies is thereby I given. Those win shniilil xvcar the I.acc. Those who are weak (10m leiug e onlincmciii ; w ho live scdcnlnrilv, ore of lax lit re, ea-ily fatigiusl, e.r w ho are regnant, rcdi-po-e'd lo al onion, or are in child-bed, should always wi'ar Ihe Lace; particular, ly all aileeii'l with spinal complaints. Weak and lax-fibered ehildrca should always wear it early, to pievent permanent (hooping and curvatiiru cf tho spine. All laboring under what nre called 'female' w, either ol prolu-e, paiuf il or obstructed men., (ration. They should bo the 'ncctaiipaniiu-'iii' of wi'ak shoe111.1l.11s, tailors, eurrieis, iaui.r,'6se--,Hiul e-peciolly of female operatives in facione-s, also ol weak ladiesan I geuiilcmen in Ir.tvellinc-. .. II. Tho-i-vvho may vi.i tn male trial i f the L u e, e-an call at the re-ide'iico of Dr. Siuith, or he will vi-it ilicinauywheie 111 the village, without any additional charge. They may nlso I e had tf hi. agenis Harrington er- llrelher together with nuiple dirccliou, lor applie-aiion. 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Fotrcaslle rmn, r the (.Kiulsniun luiiird Sail or,li-Mary -S II, 1 vol. 18 mo. nmslin 37c Tin lll.tnrv of Jnliu Miirien, bj Mrs. t'ber-, 1 Vol 12 inn. 7,'ic! The ,Sip, llnther, by G. P. R. J.imci, in 2 parts p.iit 1 price 2'c Doctor Ii. Crain's PATENT SPIX0-A BDOAIIN AL rpIIIS Ins'rumcnt. so justlv opprceiiicd, is being 1 inlrodlieed into llos nl' 1I10 I-t.inn (Iii.uii. i the inline nee of Medical Gerillemen. fur the relief and 1 Permanent Cure ef the many diseases arising from the original couiplnints for "which this celebrated Supporter is intended. It is believed, this ntlielo aspires to become the Esiubli-hed Spiiio-Abdommil I Supporter of Surgery. Extended notices wilt appcn in the futute nuni1 crs of tins piper. SuSj uncd. arc I the names 1 fa few of uiir Physicians, by way of re- t comiiiendalion. I This nny certify that we have examined Doct. E. , Crain's Spinal Supporter and nre decidedly of the opinion, that it is ihe best article we have seen, thai has been iniroduced ns a Spinal Supporter, while at 1 the same time it combines all the abdominal support of other instruments. Chailes Hall, M. D., Horace Hatch. M D. A. C. Welch, Th. Chamberlain, M. I). A.S. Piikin, M. D Demonstrator of Anatomy, Mednrl College l'nieton, Vt. .Marcus Swim, M.D John Emery, .M. D. Karl. M. I). The oppointcd Agents for llurlington and vicinity arc .Messrs. rt.UK sW iji;.it. 1 1 th January, 19l(. CRAXITK. r F. AP.P.OTT, keeps on b ind, nt P.irre. a large t-. sioek of superior Gn ms-i:. for building pur pos,, Ihsqiiariy is that fioni which thesiune was obtained for ihc .Stale-1 louse, and he wi'lfill lo oreler, on short notice, nnv bp! 1,1 ihe l-ne, with an artic'u of Mipci inr 1 xccllciiec. Oiders thriitigh ajeuls will niret wuli as pioniin aitciiiioii as persouit applica tion. Agent, at 'ailiugiuu SETII MOUSE. SM January, Is? 10. ns Runs TDAPI'R Rigs, wanted in c.xchunse for Hooks and jl atationarv, Iy STEVENS WOODS. . Rurtington, Jan. 151G. S rong'a Hiiddin; CdIioh Yarn, IJatting, &c. I fin RAI.ES Cotton Yarn, Hailing, Colored "1. Waddin r, and Wieking. Merchant can I c supplied with these articles nt rrry loir rites. WLAS .) NOYES. Riirtington, Nov. 19, 1513. 23 Piano Fortes. MR J. MI'N-ON, takes tin. opportunity to ten ! r hi. rniefd acknowlJemellls f r "the li eral p.nronajc be bis received Irom u generous p-dd e, and would therefore re'inind them th it be ha- on hind n splendid a-sortnie. it of It' sewood, and Ma hoaanv, for ca-e-s, and will niaketo order any of the various styles of tho pre-ent day-. Ahis instruments are nil made of the be-t and mo'st thoro'i-.-hly setson evl material-, and wnrraiiti'dfor durnbiluv, to berrpial to any insiruments wdia'ever, he ht'pes, bv prompt atii'iition 10 the I u-ine of in.iniif.icturmg Pianos, to re-.'eive a acontinueil share of patronage. THE C UL TJVA TO It I'ublislud n Albany. A MER IC. I ;V AGRIC VI. TUR IS T Published at New Yotlt. I7ACH 32 panes, monthly S,00 n year. Speci--1 mens ina be seen at the store of O. GOODRICH. XJ Clubs supplied on the eaine terms as at the office where published, llurlington, Jan. 23, 131G. 33 comf. all who .vni: SUFFERING FHO.M PAIN, He Cured lvltlinut Cliaige or Kxpcnsc. BARTIIT9 LOTI01T, The greatest ttemnly tier Known fur all the pain which it prifesses to cure, will be giien (iralie to the ajllict. cd who cannot afford to pur. chase, by applying to 323 HltO.tDtV.VY, New Vork. BARTINS !.ori0N-The Lotion wa- iiivcu'ed acme years tig, nulls the prolii'tioii cf acei ele'iital di-e'eiverii-s, aided ly sUdl an I expene'iice-. 'I be original ele-i of it wis .obly for ihe inin'oi' own tle. b"it no sooner had 11 become esiablisbe" I in his prietice, linn e'n.'iirie's Is-gnu to I e made, by the Ipe'ild- of tho e who had I een 1 1'lie'iilled by it's virtues, vvheie it might be procured. Thus its fame' betriti to spre'.id treun individual tn individual unlit 11 bevaine known a..i never filling cure, in nio-t nf the larse cities nt the Union. Without pulling, or ihe aid of ihe p'l! lie pre'-s, it has aeij ure.1 it- own ce''elTit and found (is way into publi favor ns in uniivnlh-il and e'xtr.inrdiuiry I aim 1 1 the euro of many of ihe ills to which mankind aie sn'Mevt. In ca-es of Glut, Rlu iimtisui, Swedlinss eif nil kinds, Dislocaiiousor Practured Rones, Rnn-cs, Cuts, Ceiiitu-ioiis afen.'esl with nam an 1 inilam.iiiim. Puis. 1 onous Rites anl Slinks, jl-irus, Scald, (Thil'la-ns, Corns or Ihiuion-, niul Wounds ol every eie-e-ription, it .1 lords .111 tmiiK-eli its and permanent 'n bef. It is, perhaps lb' only article thll ein be di-ocn led upon ill the e uro of tho-e pain in the back an 1 side, trenerallv produce) by tn! ing eidd after violent exertion nnd ove'ilie'.iling. For 'rumors, I.urnl, vires. Erysipelas, Teller or Ringworm, and all kind- of I-p pilous oflhe SI.111, it t a most ex 'client remedy. For Fe-ve r nnd Ague, Ague 111 the lliea.t and I'.kc, Cramp in ihe Sieimaebe, and lli'ndaehe', 11 aeix like a chirm. Hut nhove all, iu the cure 01 'rendition, an I Cap-iilar injuries, Spinins,nnd Wounds nl every e!e e'r.ption, it shows 111 a most astoni-hing manner, its m.igie'.il powers. In a Iditiuft to Ihe I enigit ind ienee the Lotion ex ert over the aceidenls and mtirimties of man, it lias been found no less valtiab'em similar complaints le which interior animal, are subject, par.teularly the Hore, who-e value nnj u-cfti'nes uemand. the par tie lar cm of its outlets. In some eases where it has been applied lo tin. kind creature lor slight inju ries, it h is, in addition to an almost tus'aiitaiie'o is cure', given apparently new animation and vivacity In, io sui'h tin extent that 111 voricus instan ces the winning of a, rate has Isen tenaciously .tsenb nl to the siimnlaiing and happy eflecl ol the Lotion, rather than Ihe natural speed if the animal.) Il his IsHoine e-iptally I'elibrntcd as an tiniveral spe-e'itie both for man and least. The M'owmg aie sonm rf the eeimplaiiits most common 10 ihchorte, ill which il has proves.! 11, superiority. The Le.tion ts coiuposesl entirely of the medicinal properties eif wgeta! lo subsumes concentrated and rcnde'rel most pure hy ibillation 1111 1 ealicr elKinie'ivl proce'sses. As tut invvaid nie'diciue, it is tlie most iu. iioceiil.w hole-on e, stim ilaltnir unit chee'ring cliarae tcr, and will expel, instantly, those d ill, heavy an 1 livpi fev.insrh to which many nre so sub jesi, nn I give lilt and smuiuiion 10 both bly and uund. To be had in Ilutlitigloii nl PECK !i f-PEU.'S, Also, W. It. HATCH eV Co., Winoo.kt Fall. Feb. 8, '16. Colort'd Cambric. Q Canes Culore-d Cainbiic w i tin Nilrrus. for tale by .Nov. 10, 1 15. VILAS it NOYUS. m The yl'itiia Insiiiiiiico Company, Of llarlf'nrd Coimectb ut WITH A CAPITAL OF 250,000 CtONTINFE In insure ngunst ld-e by fire-, n.t ; the most ri'a-onab'e i"rni-. t.F.O. It. HurliiitJlon, Feb. fi, 191(1. lOlins lViiinii OAS reciived hy Express a new a billion lo his ex tensive stock of Drv Goods - mclii ling a groit varictyof Punts, which he n .crs very ceap, lliirlinhlon Feb. 12, 15111. Depilatory I'owdcr SO Famous lor removinj Siiperfluons llair. Als, the American Ilur l)el fir colonng White or Giey to a bj.iutiful Hrown rir I'l.i' k. For sale bv PECK et SPEAR arid W. H. HATCH et Co., Foil'. nn for Sale, SITUATED on Hrown' river, in I' Vt., eon Limtng 1 10 ncn s. Tin re is -j acres of interv sis on it, 'it nf vvhii h is ii, nv itietiilovv land, a, good farav lions., 3 turns and sbcls, a K0 I sUj1r and apphi oielnrd ,an i an a I mid a nee of w at. r -ind is on1 of Mu le si inruis in tlie id mv for n dairy. Also, SO loos er In y. A part only, of th,' pur. h se money will bo required at Ihe lone of the sile AI.M), A dve el'iti" limis", 'ho,., leirn. and f mr acres nf land, on which is n g od orrlntd, Ivins m the villsg. of Wd i-tun, for sale low and em a liberal cre'dit. bv Wm. I. M'.Y.MOUR. Hit-'ingtnn. Jan 30, 10 15. 3Vf VILAS i$- XOVF.S, W()UM iflilo il.c attention ( Merchants anil 'tfAtir .ln) nny wi-h t't purthase Aniericnu Print- () ir stork now it tlie larpi t nnd mot dir nlile rer oil-rcii in ihii tinrki-t, nn--itinp of a trv ureat v.irifty of pntttrn", nnd ome hpw ontJ ery neat st lc. They wvm imrchasrtl at n time when tlm nrjt'ifs wtro c!nHni llu-ir bumc-., and the own er t tf th'1 pno'U urre nnvions to .M.KH SALHS. ltic!t i'd.iIiIciI us to o' lain them at Icm prices thnn tliry Ind been previoii".y nuld. Jn this way wc o(. tamed an ndvantace of from one to two ccni on ho yard, on otnp Ft j Ion, nnd puts it in or power to ce'l thfin n dionp n- the lolilirr." m Sew Vork, We would solicit a call from ail wishing !o pur-elia-sp, pud wc do ful'y confiient tliat we ell them upon the most favorab'e terms. I'liase call and fe lor yoiirr-cUeH. Iiurliiigton, Jan. 23th, 19Ifi. 35 Foathur.s ! A noOD supp'v of lien and Geese Feathers now on hand. II ji ranted to he a good ardclp. Fjr.Ieby V1L.AS &. OVr..S. TlurlinL'ton, Jon. 23, 11G. 3 OcrnoN SALEIS Eccry II riliitstlm and Saturday afternoon AT MIERtVOUD'-j JUCTKI.N ROOM, West i le Conn Ilou-e Si ii;tre. iir.tri.EAUS, wash r.Ni)s, TlllLES, r.HIHT SIMM'S, Clltll.'sj, lll.DaTEAOa nnd FUIINITI'IIE ore-very il.-ciiiou will lc lept ('.iii-i.iii Iv o-i bind ail 'd in Auciioii cr I'nva o ua e. Ttn- In iit iie.c I' irni'm e o 'ei s an indii'-euient to iei sons iiitenit u'jio iiii'.'ha-etoe'atl and examine I c'uie I uv mi e!-i'W lie.e. Ohilbhins ! ?r immediate and rrrmatent cure for this an noting complaint. Tor sate hy I'V.KK sV SPEAR and 33 W.n. HATCH vt Co., Vinoo..i Tails. m. g. r a fliWw" sTcTT" miuiciia .r t. n.nus. rrtVE aL'ain returned from New. York with nn LJ additional funplv of CLOTILS, UA-sSI.MERES', VE-.TINGS, AND 'I' r i in ni I n g- -. . Ami iiu vvh'eh are IJluc l!lk , Ei w'ti. Ct.vld Mix'd and lilk. I'ren-h I'eavirs ll'ue lllk , Brown Ireen, Blue, and lllk. l-'r.'iitli t'l.uhs, I'lmn an I I'igd. lllk. Doe Hi in ('as-i.iier. s, I' k Sinn, rinn and Siripd. l'ar.i ttie.1, -crg 'e Rome, nnd Vi veiVi stings, BllefIIrowu, and Drab Velvets, do do du SergHy and Buttons, together with a lar.-ea-sjrliiiiiil of I'jncy l-'.iss.imre'S an 1 Vcstitigs. .Wm. Shirts, Rofoms, Collars, Cravats, Susrcnder, Tape Measures, ee. f.c. Biirlington, Nov. 2j, IS 13. .ti. ft. ltatlibiin, C. V. tV.ard. FARM FOR SALE. 7(J'! SALE, n larm in I'lideihill, ecu-it's?-) liming one hin.lrel and oriy.ix ''! acre-, al e. ii one hundred acres of w'hich tii'JisL. i.s up. 'er cultivation, the remainder is 1'overe'd by re goo I rnwilt of hard wood. On the pre'ini-esnren e , nveiiie'iiidwelliiir: houe, turn, she df, Csc. and nn e r haul e-f thrilty lo.irinz app c trees, sitilicieni for m.i'.in'r 'some liliyor ixty barrels rf eider. Al-o, a e-i ntiiiuing one liundre-d acre,, lying about one mile from the a! ove,a! out sixty acre's eil which is imd-'r iuiprovi'ment,nud hason ua capa cious hum, the remainder i well woe-'ed, lrmcipjlly w ilb beach ami niai-Ie. '1 lie above aie situates.) the centre eit the town nndo the main road, are well waleies-l and well lencrd, a e-onsiih'rahTcportioii eif t lie fence I emr s, -tone' wall, and tojeih ere'eunpose one of the best dairy farms in the town. The nbeive premi-cs will le, aa'd to close a coneern for much le-s than tlu-ir renl .ilue, and possession liven on the lt of April next. Eor furthe r particu lars enn, drool . A. FOOI'K. Djrlmgton, Ib.-22, 1S-I1 35lf For -rale or I'A'ctiaiiffo. A EARM, consisting of MO a- acr. s of valuable Tint- l - . -i'.. her nn I I'rane land of about rnilnt nronnronns. sunstpil in &&','J l 'lie thriving town nf Tecum " -?? f.h. .Michigan. The farm is fi will watered nnd tlie soil of .s.. . the ri. he.-t k nd. Eor a sine: . -t-f'..- .1 - and gtaui firm tin. eitl'-rs an extra udiiiiry o,p,tiumlv in particular for the erowuig of wool, cattle and horses, a. there is a larie prune adj lining this Eiirui that will remain prob.ibl) fir vears in us pres uu situation without bcini encioseei nud wliteh produces grass miura'ly suincicni for the maintenance of thousands of .lead of .heip and cattle. 'fecuuiseh (the former re-odence of the chief.) is x very glow imr tow ti iiluiul twenty miles from Mon ice, Lake Erie, to w Inch place n rad road ha just been cmiipletcel, il is in ihe midst of ihe greatest evheat eirnwu.g counry in the .t.eie and has two large doming mills, one of which ha been prune-un-ced the best tit the Unitexl Sta'e-i. The farm vv ill be so! 1 on a liberal credit if denired, or vv ill be exchaiieed ( r prope riv in line low n or vt clnity, and ihediirLrence if anv, will be received or paid, o ihe cafe may be. Tor further particulars enquire of HENRY TIIOWAS or I). I. HOWARD, llurlington, January 1 1, lb 16, 33 TAILOR. 1 l.'Sl'I.n Kl I.LY retiirin In- warine'-t thanks t. lor the Mical intronage be has received eluring Ihe.lie rl per ol he iiaslexii lix-.iled in tin. place, nnd.tsMiresnll nisold eusp'iiHr', and tho-e who may putromze In . it, thai the) wi' al nl1 tunes find linn ready to evtvn'c the ir order, in asljle. to bo equalled by feu and cxcelltd by none. Hi. e'xpevMuon. hen', havetevn moie than rest izest, and in returning his gr.i'ef d a 'knowleslgenients vond tnesle'-ilv o!i it a rontm-ie-d i,iirenage, Shop iu Church St., over .Mr. Iturlbnl's Siore. Biiilnycn, Jan. 1, lilu. 3m.1 LIFE INSURANCE. rpiIR Slate Mutual liuutanee Company of Wor I. e-es er, Massachusetts, oiler to issue policies of Insurance nn lives tin the most favotible terms.. Applications rcceiveel by fll-.O. It, SIIAW-A.est. llurlington. Dee. 17, IStS. Paper Haiiiiif;.. V very Large Leit lor sale, Wheilcsa'e or Retail nt the in.tii if.iclMri-r'. prices. N. I.OVRIY. Hurling! u I've. '.M, 13)5. 3e) I 'I'm IMato, Sic. ' 1 K Rox.s 1-3 1 N Tin 1'lote, I O ii ix S.piato do I 5 " Large teze do ! 75 11.11s Iron Win inss0rte, Nos.) Russix Eng'ish nnd lanada Sb rl lnm Sliei snd Hoti fun! pei S'leei .,nc aim .( e I W v lui.s. Rivets, dr. I'or aie nt ihe lowe.i inters bv Nov. ID, 1645. (X) V11..VS A. NQYUS. fsV.iist, Ffe

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