Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 20, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 20, 1846 Page 3
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Dangerous Safe. Tho Rothschilds, of trance, aro md to have, for lliuir strong boi, salo ol peculiar and perilous construe tion. If a person attempts tlm lock, or tam pers with it in the slightest degree, un iron hand and arm is thrust out fiom the door, clenches tho offender and holds lnni motion less in its iron embrace, while at the same instant a bell is struck in a room overhead, occupied by a watchman, Riving him notice that his presence is required in the room be low. Should this watchman not get down to the assistance and release of the wretch held by tho iron arm in fifteen minutes time, then M blunderbuss discharges its contents into the body of tho trr-ipuier. Thus ho is merci fully allowed fifteen minutes graco to reflect , upon the enormity of his offence. It is told that a few years since a mm was caught by the iron nippers, and tho watchman came to his release only two minutes before tho blun derbuss would have been discharged. A man caught once, by such a machine, would care little to explore its mysteries a second time. Presence or Mind. A boy returning home from Montreal, witli tho price of a pair of, was lately accosted by a highway nun, who presented pistols, with the usual order, "stand and deliver!" The boy be coming alarmed, pulled from his pocket the purse containing the money.which fortunate ly dropped on the road ; the robber immedi ately jumped out of his sleigh, which was then some yards in advanco of tho purse, and ran back for his longed-for ticasure, when the hoy, with great presence of mind, took hold of the reins, and drove off ns fist as he could, with both horses and steigh. Tho robber then fired his pistols, tho con tents of which passed through the hack of the sleigh and between llm boy's h'gs. The boy reached home in safety, and after exam ining the sleigh, found in the box of it, which vtti locked, the sum of threo thousand francs. Jons J.cin Astoh. The following is giteu as the estimate of Mr, Astor's im mense wealth in lhi honk of the "Iticli Men of New York." It sHysllnl " those know ing Ins uffairs best, place it at S-50,0. 0,100, and same as high as SoO.OOO.OOJ. His in come, mi a moderate estimate, must be $2,000,000 a year, or lCfi.OOO a month, which is about S-15,000 a week ; $5,700 a day ; $40 an hour, and, SI a minute. Mr. Astor has made a donation of S3o0,000 for a library in New York, the interest of uhich is to be expended in employing agents to purchase books, and in the erection of a buildinc. Mr Cogswell, late editor of the New York Review, is the agent and libra rian." A new prophet, named Strang, at Voree, Wisconsin, has been acknowledged by one portion of the Mormons as the head of the cburce. The Mormons are Docking to Vo ree in great numbers. It is to he the eath- cring of this strance people, except the Twelve anil their adherents, now on their way to California, over the Rocky Moun tains. James J. Strang is a lawyer of con siderable eminence in the west, and owns an immense tract of land, the capital of which is Voree. Cuntnus Cu.cui.vnoN'. Noah's ark wa longer by one half than any North River steamboat. Taking tho ciihil of 22 inrlie, it was 517 feet long, !)1 liroul, and 41 high ; tueasurinz, according to Bishop Wilkios, 7 J, 625 tons. A sleigh containing four persons broke through ttie ice near Urockville, Canada, 17lh ult., and the whole wire drowned. Victuals and Drink. Married, in C iv liuga North, Mr. Janus Witllos to Miss Maiy Jane Drink. l'AH.MEICS CI.U1I, This cveninj, at 7 o'clock. Shade Trees, continued. Suhject- BRIfiHTON MARKET, March 9, 1843. At mtrVet, 733 Href Csifle. 20 pairs of Wnrkin Oxen, 25 loiv.and Calve, 430 Sheep, and 200 Swine. in occi nine, uns'iiu. . Paicis liter Catth. ThelleefCniile ai mar kei ui.liyuere nf uims lal frunil quality, nliho wli o ir price are u. lii -li a t.i-1 we.:V- they were nol Mi-HMied f,T a li e n laluv. We quote extra. 85,75 0 Gj Firm pnlnj, ;.S0 fl 91.73 s "V'-ond quality, l'M,M! HUM pilny, SI Ti l.75. Khi-ep Sale, of Mnall ,t at Si, 73, 3,0), 3,30, 1,011, nil J 4..VJ. Wisil The kales rl itomclie Wool diinns the pa.t wee!,', hue lecn light, ithout any ihaiiL'e of At llurhnginn Falls, on the 9lh inal by lilt Rev. C R. Wilkin., Ir. JoserH O'Clakk and Miis Ann Jaie Siiattvck. In the 4tli init., by Rev. I). Warren, Mr, Gcorgc K. TvLta lo Mias Uhupa A. F.jiei.v, till o( Jusex. "D 5 (8 (21, In F.saai, on the 22J ult., Haxnai Wocidbcff, widow of Ava Woodruff, late ol Wcaiford, aged 47 years. In Wettford, on the 27th ult., of consumption, at ihe residence of his brolucr-m-law, Mr. Joseph Gocd hue, Alfbep N. Ciiafik, aged 27 years. " Precious in the tlfht oj the Ijord is le death of nui satnls. CSD(DDS. MF.SSHS. BIHNSMAID IHlOTHF.nS are receiving, by Impress and bv Slage, nlnio.i eve ry week, various kinds of New Oood-, to keep their Mtlnient and variety ever varying and ever new, and we Uoire lo remind purcnaser inai wini-i we intend to be regular and uniform in price, we will sell any arlicle as low as nnv other dealer. Spoons, ThimUes nnd llings, so'd as low a any one ells and marked free. Oura's'oriment is good ol Steel and Jet goo b, Hold and Silver pouls, Britannia Cantors and other llritannia flood., Silver Korl., Card., plated and Oerman Silver do., and other articles. We iteairelo remind eii'toiners far and near that our a.snrtmetit of Looking ( arid Clockl,! and will be kept goblj we have thu Gill, Mahogany and other Kraine. We would mention lo thox) Iroiibled witi( Ulusinn tie pains, and 10 other invalid., that wiarewdo agents for Chri-tie'a Vasli: Kings and KluH, which are performing wrpri-ing cures. Also, lor Morn onj Pills, nude at the Biiti-h Collegeol Health, London. AUo. lor ilie " l'erifoeil Smvianvs" or 'American OWcs," mper or lo all oibers. Wo would inform Btot lllacks and others that we have large bo cV Thonipn's l-fi PaMe Black ing, rheaer than lo luy amall ones) al.o, f)av Marl'u'n London Blacking and Varni.h lllacking, Hlackini, Si r lid ing and all other kind, of llrushes. Soaps, Hamrs and all articles connected therewith. Willow Chairs, Cradles Waggon., Ila.keu, Tea Waiters, Inks and Ink-land-, Paints, India ItuU-v, Pencils, Lam i, Candletik, Marl.le, e e, etc. Hi. ties, Plsiolf, Dirka and other play things, Is-.i.les tooth picks and nut crackers. Bugles and Wheel Heads. Musical Insinnnents, Kile, an I oilier Jewelry. h BKl.VSMAID Sc. llltOTIIKUS. March 20, 16 IG. To Dentists! If TE have by lale cipre.a received additional VV supnlies ol Slockiou'a Teeth, Oold and Tin Foils, Korcep, all Myles , Turnkeys, Common and Pocket, i Gam lancets, Mouth Mirrors and Moulls Itlow'Pnies, nesorted, Bnrrs, Drills, Kinraiors and riles, Tooth Powder Pols and o, ':, Waid.l9,'.- I'ECK f SPMR. TO HOTEL &. STEAMBOAT PRO PRIETORS. Mason's I'ATHJiT IllOJf-STOVE CHINA. TIIM ut.-ciibers, linviinr lcn appointed AxtnU by 1 the patentee for tho talc of llm iiinvjiial eil ware, for the United Stales, nre 1'illy prepa'ed If. execute any order, from WHOl.RAll.K l'KAI.hllO In oilier ciltei, of tluTF.t. nml Steamboat I'norniEToml nnd would I leave lo rcler to Ihe accompanying testi. monfnoflhe quality ami peculiar Jitnesi lot this bMI rlo forlht Hotel nml Steamboat ii'iM and would add, of its excellencies, that it docs not become di-rol. red wlien chipped, like oilier Karlhern or Sione Wnrc. They have nlo on hand a encral anriment of China, Glass and Karthenware suitable lor the Country Trade, which they will sell low for cash or approved credit. I 1 MOTH V T. KISS I M h SONS, Vie- York, March, 1910. 1 13 Mai lea Lane. . We, the subscriber-, have furnished our HolcU with "MASON'S I'AIRNT IKON STONK CHINA." impoile.1 by T. T. Kisam &.Co. nnd give it n pre ference over every oilier kind ot China or Karlhern Wore. Ucinir ot ureal strength nrd dnrnbilitv. it combines economy with uealness ornppearance," and wo nlieerfnlly rcco'uitnend it ns being bettor adapted lo Ilctol puipose, lliniiniiv olhcrarlictc now inu.e. AtW'iork, January, la-rJ., Coi.kmax t Stf.tsos, Astor House. Wm. It. Cozzr.Ns, American Hotel, IUakf. It llr.r.o, Hurtri House, Haves .V Tsradwcll, 1'ranUin House. Jonv II, GARii.vr.R & Co. City Hotel. P. Honnr.s it Son, Clinton Hotel. John M, Fust, I'earl street House. N. II. Since Ihe nbove testimonial was furnished, I these establishment have continued it n.e. ,-iil. nil the iirincinal Hotels in Ho. ten. Ami mnre r.. ly hive furnishe, wholly or in pnrttlie fi llowins noiei, aim seveiai new i.u.c ana river sleMiicrs. SI. Charles Hotel. Ncvv-Oi leans. Mcs.r.. llrnnr & Wii..on. 7i House, I.oui.ville, Ky., Mr. Isaac Iat.rett. K.tchnnge Hotel, Kifhnmiid 'a., Mr F, Hnvnr.N. French's Hotel, Norfolk Va., Mr. W.M. Fnr.wii. . " " I'eier-li irah, Vu , Mr. I). Fnnvcii. National Hotel, Wmdiiiiiiti 11 city, Mr. S. s.Cole- MAS'. Kxchangc Hotel, Hallimorc. I'.utaw House, ' Messrs. Jaikson-& Cran ston American Hotel. Philadelphia, Mr. II. A.CmnTr.n, Howard Hotel, New- York, Mc-rs. Thomas & Hof. Xew York Hotel, " Mr. .1. II. Hiiunos. roy House. Trnv, Mc srs. ('01 A. Hom.ns. American Hotel, lluilalo, Mr. I.. I,. Iloiwis. yi tnsion House. " Me.srs. I)rn,iitnm A.-I'n Cataract House, Niasar.i Fall-, Messrs. Whitne'y it Sons. And others SOHOOL BOOKS. THK Allenlion ol" Siipermtendeut., Teachers and o'hers 111 theeau-e of popular isluci Hon is re-pecifnlly unitei lo the lollowuig valualde ocnuoi iiuok': Smltli's Mrhool (Jconranliy and Atlas, en. laraed fruin loimer editu,ii I clievrd tr I... ih h,..i publi-licd. NinltliN l'rimary tsFo;rap1iy, in press, will be i il.lishe.l 111 a lew week-. 'I lie map. and engrav ings hive Ijien de-iamcd nnd engraved expre-s'y for the work. 'I lie pul,li-hcr helicie it will lelar-11-perior in arransemeril. style an I execution, to nnv Mimlar work. The nriee will ! nl.r,,., ,i, other -anall (1 'oraph le. isniiurs i-racllcal ami Mental Arithme tic, in winch mental aruhmeiie 1. combined uhh tl,0 n-e ol the sla'e. Key to ilo for Trarlicra only. S111III1V New Arithmetic. 111 three vails, beire 11 c anplete -y.tem m one lok. Key lo do fur Tcaehcrvonly. Mr. Smith lia. long been faiorably known to Ihe p ililic, an I Ins hooks Inve I oen epiiivelv use I. Tlic Amcriruii I'.xtmsllor. nr ;,,(;; ;.. irr, by It. CI ingeti, A. M Price 30 eis. 1 ne iasj uannal 01 llcacllue. Speaking; at.d niL'iiiL'-l ) 1!. Clniji'ctl, A. M.v IVii e 30 ecu's. i:to-utloti Made llasy. isintainins rules an I I'sulatious for Dcclam tnon and llcsitnirr. w il, fi. ires illu.ratie of su-liire. !v R. Classen. A. 31. tee till cent-. The-e works have I cm compiled by 11. Cl.T'.'cl, . M. laic In 11,-1: v., I ot'ilii- Pr,,,i,'.M, ,'. 11, ..I, ..1. ,,1 and are very pnp ilan. Iir a they hive l.e.-n known and 111tro.l11.vd into New Yoik, Hriklyu an I other mm- -ciiiMii-. Intellrctiial A lei lira, cr Itral TTert iis in A I. rrbn. for coiiiinon s lux .. lie 1). It. lower. A. M. -J3 ecu.. Tll' l- the 1 nlv wi rk on Altre' r.l lhal hrinsr. ihe ll'icct u fore the Oil' I an nrl li.rin diei'slod i,f llil! cillll runs, lllilllliie liii-' ina'erial unh ulneli Msehian III treatise. ;.. ..,., raIlv laden. Ten h. r my "It is the l"jnincrc s ic or of ' Coll urn's i-l l.e.' us' M.indnis in ihe nine rclalion lo Alge ra tho-e l.e-sons dj to Arithmet c. Iffy to do for Teacher cnlc. The C l.i dun I Pilmar.orl'rinnrv Selm d Fnun- inter, Lie I Inld'- lir-t s!e 1 ta en 111 ihe riL-ln nl.n-.. ru e lu el.. The nra lual Speller, or Colonic c Fniineiati r. leaching di-linct articulation, a9 well as the or ho- raphy ol ihe laiu'li-h Lan.'uaie. It v I). Il.Tuuer. V. M. I ill ruiliirt Ion to ihe Gradual Header, in vnss. will soon le p il hshel. The (; la dual Itcadrr. or Fxerci-es in Anicnla. lion, tie. lulled to develop and -irenqlhen ilie organs of speech ami lo f ictliiale ihe correit uiterance of eleinemary sounds with sunp'e Reading f.esoits for jiupils 111 yoyne; cllses. To he followed hv two Readlnir IIuuVh for higher elas-e by thc'tainc author Dccthoven Mnaleal Serien. Musical A. H, C, with ?onj to auvc'eu li dy, l.y K. tics, Jr., 2j Tin' .Musical .Sh . 111; II ok, a New Melhod of M isi.-al IiiMruciioii and Recreation-, S yo 1 y U lie-. Jr.. fn I lie ..lii-u-iil 1,'ea lini; Hook, a New Mel 101 ol In-tr icll-11 ; and .Mu-ie, Sacrel and Secu'ar, disisnel h.r S.-hunls and Musical Academies, 1 v I'., lie-. .Ir . 1 nn 'Pi... I....I . 1 c . . s. - . . ' ,iv i,i-i,i,vi,i,i ioiiecaoii 01 aa'TCii .11 isic, com- pri-lng I lieiue.. now nr-l arraic-'et troni the Ins'r.inictiinl (;uiiiih,.iii us if Hee.lmvcn, 11. Villi, Muz irl, and o'her eiiitllclll Coilip -er-, and ori.iial Tiincs, Chiiuls, an 1 Alllhem. ; the 11 hole liariuonized lu four part-, with all Ac-c- iiipaniniciit for ihe Organ. To which is pre. fixe I, a New Method ol Instruction in Ihe Hu dune. its of Music, and the Art of Heading, willi Annotations, hy Mcsts. Ives. Aluer. and Tiuim, 1,00 This is the nrd series of Hooks for Schools tiro. he ceil ill this eountre that affords the means Inr teach' nig Mu-ie, in all the stages of progress through winch it iiiu-t when IreaitsJ as a branch ol e-eneral cduiation. The plan einhrai-es that of the eminent lr. S'bneider of llerniauy. and of ihe Aid e Meinzeu 01 France, whi'ii are now the most approved iiietn ods of IvirojH1. Puhli-lielbv PAIN'K A: III'IIOESS. CO John si., New York, nnd fur i-nlc by Itook.ellers penerauy. .March 111, 42-m Knsscl's Sliaving Crcain. A I'ew more pot of ibis tiirna.sing ereim lelt at ' - IIAIIKI.NU TON & IIKOI'lllill'S. Miiionil Toclh. Large a. .ortnient o( Mineral Teeth, I olh plates 1 and pivot, al.o Chevalier's ee'ebrateJ Teelh in!riiiiicnig ior ,nle at 4i HAItltlMiTON ,f. imoTiinifs. Aromatic I'nsliles. 'T'llrr. are ece ent nnicle f r funniaiin? kirlt X boiiHiaiid preveillanveM again! nil i-ontagious oisea.e., men a .vie.l-le., Mllall I'ox, V unotold, forMleal llAIlltlNliTO.N & IIKOTII Kit's. 1W1LD1NG TIM 11 Lit. TIOAKIKS, PLANKS, LATH an I SHINOLKS j ..r miu l.y liKU. pt.Tr.lUSO.Y Ilurlington, Mar li 10, 191C. Planiiii' .Machine. T'HK Suh-crils-rliaa cool I'lanin-- Machine in X operation ai the Foundry luddiug near Ihe Lake, nno wiiinccouiiiioaaicinupiiniic.ou re-.onai te terms, i.. u. uicuss.nA.v. Ilurlington, March 19, IS1G. 12 Calvin Hay's Kstate. STATK OF VKIIMONT, ) rpiIK Hon. the Probate DiMriei of Chittenden, as, J. Court for the Di-lri.'t of Cliiitendeu : Toall pH-r-onxoncerneJin lliee-late of CALVIN IltY late of llinesburgliin faid Dislrict, deceased, tiiiEETIso. Wmlbkas, Pbdo Hay eaecu'or of tho last w.ll and testament of Calvin Itiy, late ofliincsburgh, in said district deceased, propo.i-a lo render an aivrunt of hi. administration, and nretent Ins Recount Renin.! aid e.iaie for examination and allowance at a cs.iun of the Court of 1'rob.ile, lo be hn ten at tin. Ilegisier' on,,, in ii irunirtou, in aci uiMricr, ou me second neaneNlay ol April nei, I'llFBErone. an r lipri.l,v nftllr,.l ,n inn,, I.. lore b.iii epurt at the time an I plaiv aforc-aid, an I anew muse, 11 any you nave, wny Hie account alore sai I hould not Is; allowed. lnven nmler my hand at Burlington, this 19ih day 01 iiiaren, A. I'. IBlli. 123 Win. WIHTON, IteRlster, N O T 1 (i E. THU is 10 certify that I have given my aof inw-tiA.-) nis nme, ami reuuquis" an ciainia ou win pay no urots 01 Ins contracting aner mia oaii ;il.slll.K" f.. UIIAlli's. Charlotte, March Dih, ISIS. 4lwJ LADDERS. TPOU sale by the subscriber, at Winooski Falls, 108 X Ladders of vinous lengths. Samples may b seen oy caning ai Mr. u, t'sitrsc n s Hire. II. P. DEWF.T March I J, IS4. tllf Strnyod. FROM the anbscrihtr on Tuesday Int. a small red cow, heavy wiih ealf. 1 ill wiilnbly compen aalo any one who will notilv Ine of her hereabouts. .. HOIIAOK WHKKI.FIl. Ilurtioiilon, March 19, '4G. M DKTED Al'PjJfs. 'I1HK niibseriher has just rerrived a sood lot of Dried Apples, which ho will sell by the lot or small quantity. March 12, 18IG. N. LOVKI.Y. It A Y, OF the best quality for sale in lots to suit purcln era. Apply to I,. A. C. II. FOI.I.CTT. .March 12. Corner of Main and Water Si's. JOfNEllS WAXTIW. rTWIE, subscriber vishes lo employ ens or two Journeymen Joiners fur Ihe season, to commence immediately none but those who can ccmo well recommended for steady habits and Rood workmen need apply. I have a buiise ihnl I can imronn Inn a family with. I should alsn like mi apprentice to 1 lie above business, a boy of suitable ajc and sliady hah- CYRUS FARRAND. Colchester, March 9, 1 8 1(3. II LOST. AfiOI.I) IIRACKI.I'.T, set with topaz atmc. Tho finder will be suitably rewarded bv leaving It at llngar & Arihui's. March 12, 18IG. Mlw3 BR.1GGS' PATENT FENCE MACHINE. 11. i dhh ev, RF.SIi:CTI'OI.I.Y gives noiiro. thai lie is ti inanufaciiirinz, at Winooski Falls, IIrigus' Pa test Poktadlf. Fence, where all orders 11 ill be pr ttnptly alleuded lo. Oivms lo the advantage derived in the use of the above improvement, lie is enabled 10 alford a neat and beautiful fence for yards and gardens, at much less cxptiise th in the simo can be goi up for in any oilier way, while for durability 11 is not excelled by any m couihiimi use. This valuihle improvement was first brnulit 0111 in Western New York, whero it has gone mio extensive use. and has rcct-ncd the ap pro. anon of tlm Mayor of the cily of Hiifi'ilo, with iiimy hundreds of llie first aurieultnris'a an loihers in that part of ihe Stale, also of (iov. Ilubhard, I),, el, Jarvis, Judge Churchill and many othi rs in New Hampshire. In fact wherever it has been introduced it lias been highly approved. As a Farm Fence it combines more advamancs than any other fence ever used. It can be used without posts, nnd la therefore not affected by thefrepzingund heaving of ihe ground, and is admirably adapted lo intervales, subject to severe fieabets. It takes less lumber than any other kind uf fence, is a certain protection against oil kinds of cattle, ja not hahle lo get out of repair, cannot be blown down, is easily set up, token down and rcmov ed, without injury. 3j.No Farmer should be without nl least a sufli ciaut quantity to throw around his fields of grain and ALSO, In connection with the above, he has a machine for turning llroom Handles. Hurlinglon Falls, March 12, 1816. 41 TO TEAMSTERS! GhEAT ARABIAN REMEDY. fTIHIS remedy was introduced into this country I cijihtfcn hundred and forty-four. lis f-elchiity ! la curing all diaeasra of horses, such as Snr.nns. Scratches, Cracked heels, l!niie, (Jails, and almost all diseases which ihe liorse is sitljtcl 10, is without a parallal on the eastern continent. The original pro prtetiir, Dr. Van Scan, hasimp-irted the secret to two individuals only in I lie wido world, one on eich side of ilia Ailantic, and it will soon I c introduced into ino I of the Druggists shops in Ibis country, and it nee I only to-be tried and it recommends itself (0 all dealers 111 horse. For sale at 41 HARRINGTON & BROTHER'S. Crain's Spinal Supporter. Keene, N. H., Aug. IO1I1, 1SU. 1 have for arveral years been in the use of Dr. Craiu's Spina. Abdominal Suvuorters. and for wenk. rtess of the upioo and some kinds of distortion and pro'apsiis or ilie utera, and abdominal debility gener illy, I have found il superior to anvlbiiig of the kind I have seen. It is particularly useful fur young per. ins of spdentirv hilnts or occunations. 10 nrevent lislortiou and other delormnions. AMOS TiVlTC'HELL, M. I). Windsor, Yi., Juno 2fith, 1311. Dr. Crain has shown me to.dav. a Snino.Abdom. nat Supporter, ol his invention and tnanulaciure. I ani much pleased with the instrument, and shall use it 111 prtf'renca to any other that I have sern. i;iJ. i;. I'MKM'S, 31. I'. Protestor cf Miteria Medica, Ac. Ac. etc.. at the .il it. Institution, Uartmoutli Vollere, lijnorcr, V. . Woodstock, Vt., June 27tli, 1811. I have seen and examined Dr. Crain's Snlno-.ll,- Inminnt Supporter, nnd have no limitation in savinr that it appears to me admirably adaptcJ to the purpose 1 for which it is made. BKNJ. R. PALMF.R. M. D.. Professor of Surgical Anatomy and Physiology at Vie vt.Mta. college, 11 ooanoch: ana at the iserl; s'u'rc Med. Collese, l'ittfield, Alass. St. Albans, March 3d, 13 IG. Dr. H frain'a Spinal Supporter combining the ad- ii ional advantasia of the various Abdominal Sup oorters hitherto 111 use. is most obviously better adapt ed to give tho reniisite mechanical support in cases requiring It, man any imngoi ine son we nave ever srcii. J. L.,i:il. M. 1). . II. lil.l.LUU, M. U. II. I.. TODD, Westford. Tin above certificates are from the most learned of the Medical Profession in this aod others. The undersigned would observe, Iroin having sten a notice in the Uurlingion Free Press of last week, from Dr. Hemeberg hecauso he is startled al Ihe rapid and extensive salepf till, excellent Instrument, which is diffusing happiness wherever it goes. Dr. II. should nol envy the wido spreading good which Crain's Spinal Supporter is continually creating, for the reason lual lie is not connected wini tneir sale, or that it interferes with tho disposal of an old article. Thompson's Pelvic Bandage,) which has lately been iniroaucco 11110 una accu.ui. JOHN W. EMERY. M. D. Ftscx, March 10th, 1814 41w3 just pum.isiii'.D ! Gil P. AT Mi:i)ICAI, Illi-IMIINT. First American, from the tenth V.nglish Lililion. SELF-MAXAGKMENl' Ami cure of Pulmonary ('onsumption, AND ALL DISEASES OF THE CIIC8T A NO Ll'NOS. BV W. T. DDCHAN, M. D. Of Loudon, ICnglatid. With a poi trait of the Author, and Kngravings illus- irauve 01 uic .inniomv 01 ine i.ungs. Price only iio cents. THIS work contains a brief nnd distinct de-crip-11.111 of the ANATOMY OF TH II I'll F.ST AND LUNGS nu outline of Dr. Uuchan's II 1011 LY SUCCKSSI-'UL inilhod oflrcdling Colds, Coiiiths. Asthma and Conuuii)tion an nccouut of Ins Xi:tV AND POWF.RFUI. IIT.MF.DV and dirtciions for SKI.F-MANAGKMKNT AND CURK, adapted 10 popular use. It is Ihe result of nearly Twenty Year's practice and experiment in the City of London, and the com- Dincu experience 01 ine inosi le.irnca 1'nysicians and Surgeons of Ihe age forming a perfect Manuel of Medical Knowledge and Advice in relation to ihe Anatomy of tho Lungs, the Signs, Symptoms, Treat, incut and Cure of Pulmonary Complaints. Thi- work und the Treatment which it recommends are held in the highest possible esteem in Great lint am, as the ccliacls from put. lie journals, which are given in the Appendix, will aliindantly show. Dr. Buehan truly dedans, that villi this simple. Guide, 'a Consumptive vatienl via u do more for himsrir than any ordinary physician can do, b'yanyofthe common methods of practice.1 Published bv D. F. IIHADI.I'.F. 130 Washinrinn street, Huston, and sold by all the Booksellers and dealers in new publications in the U. S, 1'rice 25 Cents per copy tho usual discount tn ihe Trade. Sold in Ilurlington, by I'l-XK vt SPF.AR 1 Mont- pelier, S. K. Coliin'si and by the Booksellers gen- er.iny. Also uy v. 11. il.viuiltX. Co., llinooMi falls, VI. U't nol only those who are subject to Complaints leading to this disease, lut those who are in danger from it (consumption) peruse faithfully this imnorinnt and appreciated work;! -10yl Cotton Thread. 1 finfi U1S' Thread, a-.'d Nos. vt Cels. ivuu buu iinz. ssi.oul do do do For alo by VILAS &. NOV US. March 4, 1810. 40 'ins. Onn PACKS American 1'ins, UUW 75 lb.. Mixed do For sale he VII.A-J k NOYI15. Manh I, 1810. in NI.OVUI.V has nnv on hand a new and well , selected aswirltneiii ol I'limr and .S'tair Carpel. Ins. 4-4 and 8-4 Od vloihs in creai varietv of nat. lern.und puces. Al-o, just rneeived, anew lot of iraii.parencie., un oi which win in, .old at very low prn-e. March 5, 1 8 10. )0 Matches. 1 f OROSS Matches, lor .ale by j ,o.c V,LA!j NOVES. March 4, 1646. 40 Daniel Hoinnm'i P.statc STATU OF VKIIMONT, ( mill Hon. the Pro- IJistiict of Chittenden ss. I J. bite Court for the Dislrict of Chittenden 1 To all persons rnncimcd in the estittoor 1) MKIellARNUM, laieorohio city, In Ihe Stale of Ohio, deceased, who left estate in said disiri'l, (Intl.Tlsa. Whereas, Nathiniel Miles, administrator of the estate of slid deceased, proposes lo render an account of Ins administration, and present his account against said estate for examination and allowance at a session of the Com I nf Probate, to be holden at the Regis ter's office in Murlitigton, 111 said district, on ihcscsond Wednesday of April next. Titr.rtF.roriE, You are hereby notified to eppenr be beforosaid court at Ihe timo and place aforesaid, and shew cause, ifany yon have, why Iheaccounl aforo said should not bo allowed, t Oiven under my linndat lldrlington, this 25th day of February, A. D. 1SIG. 4ln3 WM. WliSTON, llegister. soNfis Foitiiit: rtcurr.i:. Am- dreamt that 1 dwell In mm He halls." I dreamt that I dwell in marb'c balls, Willi pimples and t.nn on my f ice I And I thought that at patties, at soirees and balls, ,1 was ternie'd a repulsive disgrace. I had riches enough, hut, alnsl could not count On possessing a healthy skin t Yet I tho'l that a whisper raid, You may surmount I)i"li(iireinen1s, be lliey hateful as am. I dreamt that Miiters now sought my hand, Hut tl.ey all did rrpu liato my face I Fur lliey cried, Though her fiaiurta are formrl mild and bland. The yellow neck and pimpled skin are disgrace. Tlie-n I thought that I cried m a voice void of hope, " Cure my pimp'cs mako my skin white and fairt" A voice answer'd, "t'se a cake of the Jones's fam ed Soap, And your mind will be free from despair." Thin I dreamt that I ud it: O, that moment of My skin chanced from its yellowish hue i 31 v neck was made clear, and my face made lo ki-l, Tlmeich ananncl uiurhl claim it his duet The pimple, i,0 freckle", ihe blotches, Ihe tan, Had decamped, and a voico by my Said, Indeed you will now be the glory of man, Ay, llieviitue. the hope, and the pride. H.UIRI.NGI ON it BltOTHKR, Agent. TO LET, If ROM the 1st of May, a large llrick House on King st., with a Harn, Wood-house and good well of water. Also, the House on Chamnlain street occupied by W. F. Grtsvvoid. Apply 10 HI'.N'ItY MAYO, 2d. Ilurlington, March 12, 1S1G. TATBRW STAND. TUP, subset itirr offers fur ?ale his well known Tavern Stand at Uichmond cents r nnd which has been kept fur several yvar pat by C. M. Uunnncton ICsij. Tho has many ndvmtages superior t anj oilier stand in ihe county, being on th i turnpike, 13 Hilled Iroin Hurlinglon, nnd in the line of travel front Middleburv to Muntpclicr and Csmbridne. ond is in fict tho Xneltus around winch euiVrg much of Ihe bupincsi of the urroundin tnwni. The Central U nil road is located within 4 rods of the hon-e, nnd when comnleted must Irivr i denoi wiihin 10 rods of I it. The house is well and full. fully built uf llrick, nnd I is lari'e and commodious there are three lorce horse bams well linUhed, and two larj;e rpen slu-ds and 0,hef .8l,,ilal,!?,nut bik!in? and one acre of hnd, all of which will he sold cheaper, in icw of its intrinsic value and income, than any other properly in Wes tern Vermont. For terms apply to the subscriber near the premises. UOIILRT RUSSF.LL. Richmond, March 5, 18 IG. 40.v3 S OME THING NE I V. CIIAIllES 15. HATCH. ! William Street, Opposite Piatt Street, NF.W YORK. Solicits the attention of Merchants and others to his cnlire new styleof SELF ADJUSTING STOCKS, ACKNOWf.r.DfiED by those who hive need thiMii, to he mipenor to nny thing yet mvrnted for the neck, nnd pnessin2 many nd outages over the ordinary article. The strap and buckle ustnlly nN lirhed in stocks nre dispensed uiih, nnd a spring suh s'lttiltd in their plate uhich holds it firmly, and vet l much more ciy and comfortable to the neck linn the old MyV. It is also so constructed that when on the neck it eticily rtembles a cravat neatly t rd, and the enc wiih which it isndj isied to ihnrck anil tacn o(V, pivea it a great adiantdgu over a cravat or the ordiniry stork. On the whole, it superiority over nll'others for neat lies' and convenience, i ?nch lliat the mb sender, in common with those who hiced them, is ronfi.lent thai 1 hey wilt supersede any thing of tho kind yet in venitd. Thedetnmd for the above articles jince their intro dncion, hi been such that the eubseri! vr, would -pest to miTclnnt-i nn 1 de.ilers Ihe propriety of their calling mi'l eximininr; them as soon us convenient nflrr their artival in the city. C. It. II, would aNo sine that he ha now on hand and is constantly adding thereto by late arrivals, nnd J by his own manufacture, a larye and extensive n-1 sortmcnt of stocks, opera ties, whirls, collars, bosoms, filnvri, suspenders, under 2arinent, half host, hand kerchiefs, oiled s.Iks, ilresBiuir powns, &v, &ct all of which wdl be o!d at the lowest m.irket prices. 10 ST. NICHOLAS HOTEL, 28, Ctntrtlaiitlt Street, New York; Formerly known as the Exchange Hotel, saaW XJ AS reeetuly p.ied luto the band. ffMsflit l,r .JIe-rs. IVrmmcll it IIuiii- lllllRni phriy. I' iswiihina hurl di-tance IUlJJj3 "fHrui Ivvay, of ihe tile Ian- , ilinj-, nnd lif the prin eipal .-treels of Ilie eity where Mereli.ini. from ihe couniiy do their bullies. ; and for pleasantries-, if loe.mon, kooi! and conimoilio'i rooms, iiittne.a and eoinfori, no liou.e in New Yoik i. (eu'er situ iitsl. Mr. Dnni phrev w.i IVinriceii vear in the employ i fin friends ihe Slc-r. HowaKN. Alter tutelage under such iiiasler of the art, be understands il, and Northern Gentlemen will not l e disappointed eilber in hijre or hi. prices. ' John," a- be was familiarly cii'le I, is nequa'iitcd wiih tnu.t el the bu.iuess men ot Ver mont, nml if ibn-e geiillcinen will reiueinler lo call upon him, nml are dini-tied, then his " nabt hand will have forjroi its ciinning." The bon.c has I ecu Ihoro iahly repaiml and beniiiifully luted up. Hoth comfort nnd c enouiy will be consulted by making hi house ibeir sioppinc; plaw. 40 Paper. ejll RKAMS Wrapping Paper, IOU 100 do fap do 250 do Letter do For side by Jan. 23, 1915. VH.AS t NOVES, Petition to Sell Land. STATK (IF VMcMOSV, j A T a session UlsTiiiCT or CniTTExncN, s-. ( xVcd the Pro bate (Jour 1 held at Ilurlington, within and for said district of Chittenden, on the second day of March, A. I). lSlfi, eonies Oscar F. Hollabird, of Shelburn, in said district, cualdian ol Catherine Ilolabird. of said Shell. urne, a minor child of Mvron Ilolabird, late of said Shelburn, deceased, and files in said court his petition, in vvriliiic setting forth'lbal his ssid ward is H'izeu 111 nrr own rutin 111 Ire.ot tho lullowing describ ed parcels of land, situated in said Shelhurn, viz : A pan el of land Iv ine on the south eideol the road leading from Shelburn villose to Lake Champlain, bounded northwardly by said road, southerly tiy land of .Mrs. I.ucy Hulabird.'easivvnrdly bv Cyro's Tracy's land and wtstvvardlv by the road Icadins from lly mm Holalird's lo i:zra Mccch's, containing ten acres of land. Another parcil of land lying smith of said road leauing irotu Mieiuurn village 10 L.aKe Champlain, bounded northwesterly and westerly by said roa leadini; from Hvinan Hulabird'a 10 said Meech's southerly by i'd road leading from Shelhiirn v illage 10 Lake Chanijilvin.el Irrly hy land o CyrmTrncy, and northeasterly by land of Hisliup Coinstock.i ontaininc IG acres and 71 rods of land. And another parcel if lorici. uounoi'ti easterly nv tami 01 itistinp L;llnstoc, .-.i,,li0.rprlu liu .M mml lAmlinn In M Msnli'a .ml.. souiheistcrly bv s'd road leading los'd Meech's luth erly and westerly by land uf Ca-s'us llolahird and northerly by land of Franklin II. Murehouse. con taining IG acres and 41 rods of land j lhat a sale of said several parcels or land and the investment of ihe proceeds of such sale, al interest, would conduce to the Ut interest ol sshi ward, and praying said cuurt lo grant to said guardian license to sell said parcels of land, furthc purpose of investing the pro. reeds nf such sale at iiitetesl, agreeably to the statute in such ease made and provided; Wiiese i'PON, lliti court aforesaid doth appoint the Focrtii WcnsrenAT in Mvacn. 19I1. for hearine and deci- uing on said petition, at iho Office of the lteeisler of .amwouri, in saia nuiiinginn, nno aoiu oruer mat all pertone inlerested be riptified thereof, by publics lion of tins order, containing the substance nf said petition, three weeks successively, in the Ilurlington Free Press, a newspaper, printed 111 ssid Hurlinglon, Ihe last of which publications lo be previous 10 the ime set for hearing. Given under my hand, at said Ilurlington, thi. second dsy of .March, 16IG. 40 Wm. WF.STON, llegisler. Dr. Pcahody's Sermon, A T Ihe ordination ol Itcv. Oliver W. II, Peabody, s - at ituriuijinn, aii:. 11. loia. Al.o, The Purttan Fathers, A Sermon by Itev. Oliver W. II. I'eiloly, Sunday Dee. 21 184$. Published by C. GOOIUIICII. W . l, I II March 5, IBID, 40 DK. .T. SMITH, MOST HcHvtfully inf.iniM iho inhahiiants (f nurlinjrton nrrJ i'-init yt tint hnvinjf rhnnenl hii red!cni,e (nun (. hauiptam to Clict ry direct. Hirer doori uvj-t of thu Coiurtnrntiotiiil Chirch. he ctm tinues Ihe practut'of 1M1YSIC1AN A INI) SUnanON, ndnnli'nsf 1 lit I est ftnd tnot rffieitHiMis retiu-tlie r tnnl ( nnd uhile lm is iiituilliria lo Mievr nny ol the VflrMHHS).eim (f tht ilnj perfect, ImwotiM cnutif u ly -cIitI ( rnni them t-iiett nrtifle cd nnheine, n he ha omul from lonjf expenwuv inn iirvcrsilit-d nnd wide sxteudi'd prnetiVc, in ho'li riiv nnd cointrj, tn !j! 11 nd.iiHttl to imcIi and cverv case nw.trr that there are no lvo t nsc i-xa'llv ahUc. How lar (.v-.-. m ntlendcd hi rfTort ince lie litis residevl in thi villnse. In; wodd misl willitivlv f-iihiuil tn tho ihviion iif nn fiilihlened and mndid Hibhff for he m conlldent il in it I e ncknovlt!.!jed lV tho vtontt ilit I lie liu 4 e UVti'd a cure in oinc inCs where others had failed, But n physirian may neuleet To notice e'en n iiood i tTwl, Unle-ft the caue n he Mipjmet Is nn lime-i . lamer than liU hut N. Dr. S, conliiiiie-i to keep fir Mile, at rvhtctd pried a 'rent v.infty ol lloinni'-o, Iitroleptic l.electic and MiiiH'ln reiiiedie, which Inve lieen prated I y mil -lion of pel on in the t' nted SlHie- Itr mute tnfe and salutary in removing dieae, ihan any oilier known nummr men, and when necunipnnie I l.y the neikm tl lu Kfeelro-AIJiiiietK! Mnelune, the ifllvt li.ii 1 i'cn mot n-toniMi ng in a m ilimidc ol caes. IVh-i, Huiith would aUo le leave to inform the puUic (hat he ha purchase I ol Doct.Kinirri the riphl to luanufaeturc nnd nil Vn. HannIso's highly tele (ra'c I and invatnahle PATENT LACK. which far urias.c everythinir ol the Kind m market And knowinir that the artic'ewlueh ha- I wn uitl in this vtitm ha I een of nn inferior quality, eaii'inj; mam a failure, wherein if a irond article had I een faithfully applied a cure would have been the reult. He has imde arrangement lor a tttpply from the original factory of Or. Manning, that everv Ijace nnr le perfect nti-l everj parent I rnelitte I hy it. Ihe Doctor fherefore invi'e nil who need nuvlhini! of Jhe Kind, to give him neall. iaei ine tnvaiiu consider mat ine liie t- i r ine relief and cure of the following Him whi h come ola di-plavemcnt or wcaknejioftheorgamuf the body, viz S Weakness of the breast with shortness rfhrcath ; cough and spitti?ig tf blood ; palpitation tf the heart ; weakness uf the side and stom ach; dyspepsia; cnstiicness and piles; pain in the back with curvature; bear ing down with weakness of thejxips and lower extremities ; and droop ing uf the body, especially in young ladies and children. The object of w hat follow h oulv to aid all nf. lerer in uVeidinc as to n trial o the Patent Lace, fur rel el of their alilictioii. It U neces.nrv to say u.t enoush on some complaint, to how t fiat the l.are propu-e- to relieve inaiiv apparently opposite a lec liuiis in a raticnat nml natural miiiuer. Man,animally con-idm-d, t n m.nhine, and lhat when hi mtriia rural perl'ectiou i- in any tteuree lo-t, there nmt follow a n.ittiral and eurre-poiidma mi'difi'-atinn or dcprecialion of it- lnnetioni, n n natural remit. Tin- i- true of thcM'ftai wt lias the hard part. With rcfeienceto thetrctn, or -.ft part of the trunk, we remark- that llny are all ion- nected lotrclher, from the top to the I ac ff 'he truncal cavity, and are itudpr the mil renec of their own weight :thal they, in lie ill Ii, all support e-ieh othir. fiom I flow unward-. not dms-rnur eai-h oihrr tlowinv.irdi. Thi". compact ta'e atrluiiwardacimu I- chitlly edcclel bvtheab.loiumal m isclf-, when in an a-'tne and heilthy slate. Of co ir-e when these are lelaxed.the whole oileofors.ini will f ill. urn In eimj a eiierat ctnitsi-npii an I dipl.i'-emeut of orffan , and ncce-sanly inthicntff a hot cf func ionnl de- I r.iiiciiu'iil', in "a lueihaimul wnv. I bee tleraii'.'r- ' ment will I e mechanifal, and of cour-e t nly era- ' b!e by reirriii2 Ihe part-to their proper place. The lollowin? exprcs-e Mime of the natural effects of in i-i'iilarnnJ lir unentous ret.iatiou upon the budv which cannot Ic cured hv inedieine exelu-ivilv. vijs : The whole ina-s of oraiii fall, and pre-e "on the nrinarv orpan, pr.Klucmi? a loo fmpitnt eiac uation of urine; or else turning it bick, or for w.nd, ro as In cramp iw -tetn and retain the mine, prod n-v teteniion, jiving too many a fabe reason to ! ippose the kidneys to I ea-Iecle I ; they nlso pre on the lower oowei, mut it up, aiil theredy mechan ically produce cosiivenes- and torpor of the howel. 'I here will nlo be exerted a pre-mre on tho uteroii, (or womb,) crnwdma it ilovvnward out of place, put ling it.upportini; cord on the-.tretch, producing a M-n-e of pjin, wrauslms:, nchinar and lamenc-sof the bar It, pulling or I'rawin in thesroin, where he-.e liiranuiit'- are attached, nnd a ..Teat M'ne of we ght or presm1! at Ihe lower part ol the It-lly, eartmiz the patitnt to put hi or her hand lo tlnit part when walkinar. The nerve- aouiar to the lower limb, iriv ui the ftjiictiGn ot fcn-dtiuii and motion, nre by lliu nnie mean i.e. a perm.inrnt de scent of the al-loniinal oriran-,J roducinir numhne-si or ebe t-o much cnitncnes, a pricl.lirir nnd wr&n;jIinp.itu,fxrcndin'.'dowti thehipand lhijh ; aim, lo-s olj or imptilfd motion, e-ptvi.ilv on mo inj a t-ptll in ihe mornuis, increaMni? to cramp, or almost entire hm (,f nioijun towards inghi, ' all dune mei hinicallvV which is letter in the tnoruinz. Aim, the feel will wel near nizht, I ecane ihepres nre ol'i-trnct the accent of the Iran-parent thud in to the body, hut will I e U'tler in the inornmz. The emp, also, will be -uollen. and relie cd in the-a lie manner. Hy thepres!ure upon the lower 1 owe!, prnducin co-tivcncs-, ami ol-ifucnn:r tho fne rrturn of 1 lood to the hear!, 1'tfes are prtnluml, which ait alway relieved by laxative tufdicit.cs. The-e are elect ol pre-sure i n the pans below. IIui we nl-o ce lhat ihe toma h, liver and p!ceu w ill now he left un s ipported, and are 'hanams eoiuparativelv from their upper ligaiiieiii, prmliiciiii? Ill the region of the liver, n scne nl hamring and draL'Zuiz, dull p nn, caiins the patient lo lean over and pre- that iciri- ttn wiin i ne liana, i ne rejji' n ol the -lomacli w ill l e tender and Minken. retracted and tint, and the pa tient will &ieak of "ironeucsi." -inkinz. irnawin-' and other liko jcii atnuiH, all l-eiwi-e the orriu Inve fallen away, and left a oncne-' in reality. Se how such people will leiu forward an I wa'k care, hilly, and pre-s the Innd to the lower abdomen ; m h people will aim couipUiii ol lieirll'uru, so ir letrh mi'-, an I ditre e af er eatitu, Al-o, the spleen will hedrairaed downward, pullin? on it upper liira-meni-, prcHhtemz a dead, d tl1, heavy, con tani pun in the Mde, which nothmz taken internally cine- -and ob-ere how all lhc-e fet'lmt exi t tosethcr. Ily this me-iu, Ihe ibaphrairm pulled downwards and ccaes lo mpport the bums anJ heait, and the latter will now I e umeiuk-d, caiisin.' a freiptent tl it trrint? or palpitation and ene ol sinl.ins thei. The Iuiis;h will ledragsel upon, producing a dispo-iiion to lean forward in sitting ortan mz, AIm), short-ne-of breath and dry couh, and dull pain in the brea-t,and bcnseol lizntne'- will be fell. When lhereexict iht decent in puMjc t-peaker", the vcice is weak nnd tin: throat ore, in connection with all the other BvmiUoms iut rtferrcdloi and thi falling aUo brino tho I odv forwnnl in Iront of the small ot tho bat k, or the lndv at-, indm ing an unnatural leverage on that part,UowtIby a s rain in? and wcakne s, and ciiivaiua1 ol the pme, with prfdi pain iitiu Mircnu-n, The above, and other analorons aection, have hitherto b 4 tiled all cou-titutional treatment but, si 're I hey hue 1-ecn v icweit a- ' .Mtihanical,' niul have lnvii trcatevl b the 'I.ace they have all been treatel with astoniMnnir nieeets and we can now ee a hol of raei eeminsily well, ir lull' well, or eoml tnel with real di-eise, reijnirmjr mchcine, who cainutt enjiiy life, or be cured u ton common princi ple ol treatment ; nud whyl lecanse iheir " houe 1 falliuzdow n," and by biiidui? lliem up,thrir pains vani-h,und eflicacy to eternal remedies is therehy given. Those who should wear the T.are. Thoi'Who nre weak from long eonlinemciit j who live peclentarilv, are of lax (il re, ea-ily fati'sutHl. or whonre pregnant, t-rcdipoel lo n onion, or arem child-bed, hoidd nlway wear the Lace j irlicular ly All nlltH'til with rptnal complaints. Weak und lax-fiberetl children should nlway w ear it early, to pievent permanent dreoping; arid curvature ol" the pine. All UlKriiis under what are railed 'femsle weak-ne-e, either ol prohor, painful orob-trucied men traifon. They slioubl be the accompaniment ' cf weak svhofmaU-if, tailurf, currier, cam.trt sse-,and e-pecially of female opcnitivcin factories, also ol weak faiheand preiitlemen in travelling. , H. Thoewho may wih tA mate trial of the Lace, tnin call nt the re-ilenro of Dr. Smith, or he will vi-it i hem tiny where m the village, wnhoot any additional charge. They may also le had of hi airenis Ilarniigtou tf Brother tovthcr with ample directions) for application. Arc., Ac, AO NEW ESTABLISHMENT! VflstTOOS&I FALLS. THK nndersif neil have opened this shop asaper in.iunt loi niion for the alo of IIIIICS and Mr.UK'INT.S, HHKI.I' ami lir.lVY II AHIHVAItr., Paints, Oil, Windoie-dlnss, DrE'Sivrrs .V OiiocEniEs. We is-uro our friends and ibe piihlie jrenerally, lhat lliey ran he supplied Willi niticle. in I he nbove branelie., at a luvv rati'-, for atne qualities, as nt any of the adjoining msrU'ls. 33 W. H. HATCH &. Co. S7H. PBASL33 HAS removed his Saddler's Shop lo ihe while Isuldini; on iJolleite irvt, ik-ht Cliunli nn-el, over Kills iV Church's l.ivery Stal le oilue and on. posite Ihe Free Press olfn-e, M hv re will le found on hand sumt.Ks. IRI'NKS, VAI.1-.KS. IIAI1NKSSKS, Ill.IDl.KS, CAKI'KT HAGS, WHIl'S. J-.: a, rheap heretofore. I'all and let, Burlington, Jinuiry 8, 1641. 3i j STIU)i(i.S &, Co.. IIHAI.IiltH IN l''()ltr.Hi. .i l)O.MITIC ?avc5U)avr, SaTiiJirvn Ut.f Oiler, at Manufacturer prices, 2.100 t;ros I'll I'.MtU.'H -cicw. .0 iloz. Illakt's I.atiln, nsoilrd, 3S II " Hoar IIHtU, .r. iSir. Dricul Apples. 3 TONS Dr eJ Apples, fur nlL l.v VILAS .f- .ovr.s. 10 4, 1315. iMr. Pliolp's Appeal To thu people ol Vurinont. Al-o, Gov. Shtlc's lie ply To Pi'nMor Plic'ps Appeal Mr nh C, Its tG. fur Mile bv C. (iOODItlCH. A. KIMVARIIS' CHEAP CASH BOOK S T O It E . iVo. 1 Pech's liuildings. A se.ncral iifsoi liiient ol School, Classical anil Miscellaneous Hooks and Stationety at C1TV I'lUtKS. Ooodev'a Lady's Hook for March, 21 cents Arilitir't. Msuazine " 2i Wnrren on the Preservation of Heallb 2t Doctor K. Grain's PATENT SPIXO-A H DOM INAL sriM'oit'ricu ! rn NI.S In'rnnienl. fo jiiitly aj prn nted, ii beintr 1 introduced into tin Phon of the Colon, ihrmtjli the intbunce of Medical Gentlemen, f'r ihe rihef am) I 'cm in uuil Cure ( the many dieiei ariitm frmn the original cnmplimts foc whuh this n Mi rated Supporter l- intcrdtd. It i bduved, thii article aipirc to become the r.labhln d Spmo-Ahduininnl .upporier of Suruery. I.xlentled n-itiees mUappeii tn the futuie nuuif v of ill's pnper. .Suj mud, are the nanus i f n ftw of our IMijficians, by way of re comuiendalin. a Thi tiny cn tify tint wc have examined Doct. K. Cram's Smnal Sitnnorttr nnd are dccidcillv of the opinion, lhat it i theftf article we have setn, that has been introduced ai a Spmil Supporter, hdu at the anl! lime it combines all the abdonitml upport ofot'ivr inirumenis. Charles Hall, 31, 1)., HornreHi"!'- M I). A. C. Welch. 'I h. Chamberlain, M.I). A S. Pitkin. M. P.. ncmniitrniiir of Anntotnv, Meilnct Collece Ca.,lBton, Vt. .Mircus .Swain, M.U John Kmrry, M U. Karl, M I. Tho oppotuied Aent fir linrliuton and veiu'ty are Messrs. PKCK A SPKAll. 11th Jnntnrv, ISlG. "Every (lav lirings soiiiclliing 'Now." rnllOBOH this I-nn o'd vet it i. a tnv .nTin.', nml I is roustnn ly limvisl bv liu nnnioroiis cures i'f iiniplo, Ire.'Ui'.tSltishfs ol the fui, &.r. Ac. prr lornis.fl I y the fir I'.lir.tsl d'rcos.iau t.ymp'i Tn llio.c vv hti ilo-lltt its virtuo, Iniii'lroil. nlV.lst.s ran If sjiovvn where tho alsjvv niinjil.iinl vvi n elH-f t -nllv cured. Agents, llAHItlMl'ION it llllOTHKU. ' Cheaper than the Cheapest. Br.ST Colnsnc in qunrl lollies for ."i0 ts, ovel lent Inr the Toilet und for u o in Slnvmir. A.C f.c. iu ii.xKiii.NtiTON mionini. TY Kxpn'ss, a fresh lot cf IVi.tars ll.ilsuin ol JL Wild Clierrv, fur Hi'icli.. Ci Ids Ai it c. 40 H.lltlU.N'tlTON ,t ltllOTHKIIS New York Adv. LEGHORN A ND PA N. I M. I HA TS. IOH SAl.H, an eten-ive as rlmen' ol Lt'irhoin, I'anam i, .M nnd la, I'.ilm I-cnf, " 0eonl, ai d " l?an id i ' .Straw llat, alo, MenV,U and CU,. tlreiis.' Clo'h ;ip ol vwry vane y (f'p.ittern win h we nre pre,nrcJ toel on very re;i.onah!e tt-i ni-,aiul to Country Mcreh nt, wi-hni to p irt ha-e, we o h-r in liiceineni- tnmpialled by anv o'her llon-e. IVr--cii' vi Kins ihe citv are invile.1 to call and evamine our Moi k oftiiHuU I efoie p'lr.dn-ni'if el-ew here, .N. II. Wc h nealw:iys. on hand, l'tir Cap-, and Fur' of every deM.-rp.ion." (A ULT A HI,LUI, 39-3m 120, Mai Vu Lane, Now Vr. THE CULTIVATOR I'ublii-hcd at Allnny. AM KMC AX A G MC UL TV II IS T Published at Xevv York, IACII 32 pai!Cf, monililv Sl.OO a year. Srrct--i mens may be jeen at the More of U. OOODUICH XJ Clubs -1 pphed on the samo terms ns nt the office wlure puldislod. IJurhngion, Jan. '23, 1S1G. 35 tOMK ALL WHO AKK SUKFKItl.NG FKO.M IAI, lie Curril irllliout 'liaise or i:pensr. BARTIIT'S LOTI01T, The greatest Henxedy eier Known for all the paint which it professes In curex will be txiren Grade to the ajjlict ed who cannot afford lo pur chase, by applying to 33 IIUOAim.VY, Vctv Yoik. BAIITINS LOriOX-The Lotion wa invented gome jcai-H ag an I it tlio pro lu 'lion of acei denial di-covene, aided ly mi1 and ex.u'rieiii e. 'I he original ilcii of it vn. ulelv l r the invenfi i own u-e, but nn 1.0 otter had it become eniabli-hel m his practice, than enj :iir ich le;au to le made, by (he Inendr of iho-e who had I rvu Irnehlted bv it virtues; here it m ilit he procireil. TIiiih it fame bezan to spread troin individual lo individual uutd t' became known a n never fmlmtf cure, m nto-t of the la rue citio in ihe Union. Without puiliiis, or the aul of the p'tt lie pre. it hisn-iircd it- ownce'elritv nn 1 limn I it way in'o publtc fivor a- in unrivnlte nnd (Xtraordinary I aim in the e.ire of many of the ilU to whti'h man U in I are -u'-iect. In ca e of (ilmt, Hhe imaiism, 5iAelinS' of nil Muds, Oiih-ationor Prac'ured Hone, Ilrni.t', 'nt, ContuMon mit-nJeil with i.aiii and, P.ii onona tble an I Siini!, Hnrnt), Scald-, ChiM lams, Corn-or Ibunon-, nnd W'onn.ji of cw ry tle-eriptii'u, U aihmU an imiuediaie nnd pcrmaueni rclu f. it i, perhap the only article th it rm bedcnetideil upon m the cure nf I ho-e pain in the back an I -ide.irenen'l produce I by tiil-in.; rold after violnit e,rtin nml oveiheatmu;. For tllinddar Tu-nor-, Lumha.'o, l;ryipela, Teller or Kinwtir'u. and all t,iuU ol I.Vnptions of ihe, it i a hum ect Ib-m reHu- lv. For Fever and Aujne, Au;ue in the Hreat nnd Fae, Cramp in the Stom.u he, niul llcadaclu-, u aci Ike a I'harm, Hut above all, in the ere o Ten htio is an I Capsular injnne, Spiain-, and WiiuikUoI every t'c- enptiou, it how in a inol atomhuiu; manner, i itMuical power-. Iu a Mition to the 1 enin mil icrvo the Lo'i in ex ert over the acciiVnts and mti i uutit t f man, it h.i- been loin.l mile- valnahum Miiuhir eomjdai.iis to which interior animal are uhjeei. par.iVular'y ihe llor-e, w ho-e value and uelnliiei. cemand the par tie lar care of it ownei, Iu tonic eae where it his bten npphe.1 lo ihukiud ereat iro lor ehi;hi uiju-ne-. it hi, in addition to un almost ;tt'autaneo cure, viieii npjinrenllv new animation and vtvaci v lo theautui-il, (iu mu Ii anex'ent that hi variou in-ian-era the wmninof.i raci ha Ivn lenaiuuOy a-cnb e.1 lothehtinmlatins.ind luppy cilVcl of the Loi.on, rather Ihan ihe int iral peedof the annntl.) Il Ins ecome tipially coM-ra-ed a nn umveral mmiie both lor man and least. The fol'owiai are ome f Ihe roHipMiuu most eomniou to the hore. in which il ha proved n- Miperiorily. The Lotion is rompoAtd entirely of ihe ineJicunl prrtH'rtic', of vegetable tib-tance- eoneenirateil and rendcwl tno pure by dis' and oilier hemteal lriivM'K. AtvHti tnwatd medicine, it i (he most in. nocciit,whrltou-t ttnvilalin3 ami elieeriiiff charac ter, nn I will expH, wtnntly, thoe dull, heavy ond hv pci'hOndneal ftvui7o which many nre o ub j(H, and life nnd nniiuaiiun lo both body anJ imm!. To be had in Eturhuztoii at .Mcm. I'W'K X SPLWU'S, AUo, V. H. HATCH -V Co., Wmoeski Fall. Fvb. (5, Jfi. c.m.-Iy Colored Cambric. 2 C.Hi Colored Cambric. i do Silecia., for sale by """. Nor. 19, 1845. VILAS & NOYES. Tlic yl'Uiiii Insurance Compain (Ii' Hart ford Cnmirrtlt tit WITH A CAPITAL OK 'JoOfl'U CONTINCIJ lo m"iru iignnvl 1omj hy fire, (n Ihe mol r a onah'c -rm (ir.U. IJ. SMAW AoENt. l?urlin?to ), IVb. fi, 191G. IVrtn for Sale, SIT(tATi.D on Ilrowti's rivpr, in l"?ex Vt., cm t iinitii 1 10 acres. There it S3 acre of init rnU on it, 30 or winch now nimJotv hnd, a yood fir it home, 3 barn4 and shfd. a ood sugar nnd app'.v orelnrd,'iri tan a! undariccof wnler and morienfiht' b-xllarnis in thto nly fur it duty. Air t, 20 tun of hny. A pirl only, of iho ptmhife money will be required nl th Inno of ihe pale. AliSO, A duelling hntis, shop, barn, nod four acre rt land, on which is 2' od orclntd, Ivinjr in ihe vi!lnie of Wil talon, for sale low ond on a hhcrl credit, by Win. I. m;vmouil lliirhnion. Jan. 3rt, C)t 35tf VILAS iV xoyi:s, WHlTil) inviio the atleniion cf Mcrr'isnt and lUdtars who rn) w nh lo purchaic Ainfnrj.ii I'tinta O ir chx k now n the largest and inn t dvair able cverotb red m this marfcM, conmstin of a vtrr treat v jtiety of pitlern, nnd stirne new and iviy nrnt siylcs. '1'hcy were ptirehnjed at a timo when llw npcni? wire closing their Tall busine,and theowrr ersofthe pood were nnrions to MAlvK S fKS, which en ihted lo o1 tarn them at less prices thnt they had betn prcviou-Iy ?old. In this way we ob luiiid nn udvnnlTgc of from one to two cent on the yard, on if.c styles, and puts it irr us; power to te I tlinu as thtnp as the jobbers in New York, We would aolint n call from nil wishing 'a por clne, end we do ao fnl'y confiJi-nl that we sell them upn ihe nioii favorable terms. Please ca'l and sco for voun.rl.fii. IJiiihustun, Jan. Ci3ih, 131G. 33 Wanted. TWO or Tillti-.i: go.ij vvorltnien nl the Tin Husi-ni-s-. VII.AS f; SOS V.S. Uurlingion, Mirch 1311. Bring on your Wood. rpllll liii'liest rirt"o will lie paid for cot! X II irJ Wu,l, muomls, nl llielomsi cn Ii prire , hv 1.. vt 0. K. fOLI.r.TT. Corner ol Mmn ami U'attr stu. Jlarcli 3, 13.0. ) r'uathurs ! C'tF.n.Si: and IIlA-i IV.iih. r-, (warranted a good J iiitutc,) coii-laiitly u hau I an I fir nte I v Vll.AS si. NOVIS. Min-li I, is H5. -10 leathers ! A noOD snpp'v of Hens and Geese Penhers nour on hand. Warranted to he a good sriille. I'orsileby V1HS sv OViy. lliirhnitiim Jnn. 1-MG 33 TAUcrroN SALES Eccry Weilucsthty nml Saturday afternoon AT .SUr.ltWOUD'S AUCTION I100.M, Wi'-t si le Co irt Iloii-e S tare., TAIH.1N, (Ml lilts. WASH SPAMIS, I.K1IIT STAXIJS, r.r.n.sTiMD-s an I rUHMTl'm of every de-cription will !e I,rpt ctntau lv on h'ltid and -utld nt Anenon or Prtva e j.t i '1 In- bi'tn; ue.t F.irnilure o Ivtn an inda-emeitt lopensnn intenii nu: lo pun harelocalf andcxaiii no lefore i uvni'i el-ew here. OhilM iius ! ." Immediale nnd rcrmnneut cure for thia bi lio)lii conipiajnt. For ta'e hy For sa'e hy tnir- .t t 10 iv iv ri an, 1 W.n. ITVTCII Co., Winoonki Falls. 1 i,iiv v fri..m ami 31 M. G. RATHBUN & CO. Mllll ( 7.1 .VV TA ir.nns. r fAVP. ai;aiii returned from Ncw-Vork ith an LA. addition.ll suppiv nf cloths, cA.-sniKRr.s, viti.ngs, axd 'I' r 1 m in I ii c . Anions win I; arc Blue lllk , llrmvn, G'lld Mi'd and IIIU I'rt'ii Ii llrnverr, Itlue iilk , Hrnvvn f.reen, Blue, and lllk. I'nni'li Chillis, l'l.nn an I l-'iyd. lllk. Dou S1 in C'is.inteii's, I'll. Ssiut. l'lim and Siripd, Hare ttie.i, Ser'ie Itutne, and Ve'vrt Veslins, lllk, ltrovvn, and Drib Vtlvels, do do do Sritedy and lluttnns, loeettier vwili a larcc a5jttiii(.nt of I'ancy Cass.uietcs and VestmiM. Sntrts. ll.isoni". Collirs, Cravat, Suspenders, Tjpe .Measure, ."vc. is. I'.i.rl neiiin, Nov. 23, 1315. M. . Kallibiin, C. I'.Wanl. PAIIM FOR SALE. Zi-i1 I,"1"" s SIA'., a nrm in I'nderhill, con. i.di'' t luiin? inio liundred and (nrtysix P , ni'rt's, 'i' mi one hiindri'il acres ol vvlmdi s-2..sVi under f dliva'ion, the remain Vr is I'uvered f i, a snisl rrovv Ii id' hard wood. On lie pn'inhcs nie u vnnvt'iiu'iitdw I line Imii-e, I arn,shtnU, i"r. nml autir-li.ird uf thrdty lcirni app e trees, ,tiilK,ient fur suite tiliy or s(iy Innels t;f 'idrr, Alo, n reiiloiniii!; one liundred aeres, h liu a' u-it one ini'e fr"in ilu- a! ove,aliunt s-ixly ai-re id vvlii-di Is nnd.'r nnpr-.v fulfil I, and h.ison it a capa eioii. I tirii,'ili rfiuairdfr is well WMslt-d, iruifipally vvuli hf.uli and ui.iph'. 'I lif.ihuve art- Mtuaiitl near ihe ei'iltri' ot the tuvvn nud o tliti main, are well w.iteuvl and ivell ffm-cd, a considerable jiorlion of the feme l.s-jn siibstantiat t( no wall, and toirt'lh t r ft.tiipiiso one ul die best dairy farms in ilie town. The ahuv e if will le sn'd lo cloe , cvoii-era lor ui'ieh If..? than rliMr real valite,andpos.,ssKin vrivfii on the 1st ol'-AprU nent. for fnrthfr partfen i-iu lirvol A. I'OOIK. II irliiiKton, Feb. -22 IS 1 1 3?if For Sale or F.xchnnjrc ".i"- VS.S, eousisiinj nf 3C0 - i1'"' of valuable Tim K'&XxS'$A l"r"i land of about Vi5vf:,fi!''- rJ" -'r"il proportion., siiuaud in tfsV&7 -iiVf '55 t,lc II'Ms-in" town of Tecuiii- 'jf 'V V' ,cl1' Mitbit-an. The farm 'j will watered and the soil of -s-iVw Ihe riihfsl kind. Kor sioct '"V.'sssCvr 'jI't- and era n firm this orler, n extra irilnnry opporlnnitv in p irneidar for the ;rnvni of wool, cattle and hoists, as llicre I, J I ire prune adjoining this 1'arin lhal will reuiiin probably for vcars in its presnt suuati.n witbnut bcuiii encloseil and which prodncs truss naiuiad v sulfirieni fiir the maintenance of thousands uf acid of she, p and entile. Trrumsrh (die furuiir resilience of the chicO n very Krow me ! n iihoui twenty milrs fmm lim ine. Lake line, in win, It plaee a rail road has just been completed, It is in ihe midst of the irreatest wheat crow ii. cunry nt the slate and has io large llnurinu mills, one of which has bi.n pronn-B ccd ihe best in ills I'niiid Sla'es. The farm will be ilil on s. Iifccral eredie if den'rtd, or will be exebaiiL'ed fur properly inihistown or n ciniiv, nnd thedilll rence, if anv, wi'l he rrcnv.J or paid, as ill's case Cor further pirt'-ulara eti'iuite of . I1I-NUV THOMAS or I). I. HOWIRI). lliillin;ton, January II, 191ft". S3 SAHIBS WCC'KCA-MD. lScvSHAlTT TAILOR.. 1. 1 STKIT ri l.l.V Mum. Iii warmest thanks i tor ihe liberal oa'roini' he has reivivcd il'irtiiff Ihe.horl poriol lie Ills I tvn located in this ptaiv, nn J a sines all nis (lil i u.toincrs, nud lliti.e who may p.nrun in In ii, lb il lhfywi'lat nil times find him reaJy lo eviviir their orders in asljle lobe equalled by few and excelled by note. His ... nts'lauuii. tifii. liavM li.s-ll lilnr.. ib.ln rst. 1 izil, and iu returning bis grateful ai know-lodgement. wonpl inu-ti'-'iy so'ti-iia contiirmi jwiruu.ii: Shop in Chur. Ii Si., over .Mr. Ilur. bin's .ore. II irlinjrun, Jan. 1, I alo. 3lni3 LIEU INSURANCE. n"MlH Siaie Mutual lnsuiaiire Compan,' of ll'or . i-cs f r, Masssclrtiseits, itllur lo issue, poheic, of lusirapcc on lives on tho most favorsble terms. Appli -atons received by or.o. n. shaiv-a.hst. riurlineton. Pee. IT, ISIS. Dopilaiory I'ow.tcr ! SO Karaous lor removin rsnperlluis ll,ir. Also, the Anicri'nn II. ir Dye! fur coloring Wliue or Ulty to a beautiful llrovvn or Ilia. k. For tale by I'i:CK &. SI'KAIl ml V. U. HATCH & Co., Winooskt Kills

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