Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 27, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 27, 1846 Page 3
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Of llii! horrible murders in Ciiyiipn Coun ty! tlio Argut ri'cuiviid lute Inst niglil contains some further tlulmls. Tlio murder er is a full-blooded negro named William Freeman, uliotit 23) ems old. He linsmadc no formal confession, lull does not deny the deed. He litis been five ) ears in the state prison for stealing n horse, of which ho was convicted through Mr. Van Ness. Ho car ries his arm in a sling from a wound which lie acknowledges ho received from tlio knife breaking against the breast bone of Mr. Van Arsdalc. The Argus gives tlio following particulars of tlio murders: iouk persons have already died, and it is probablo that a Jifth victim will be adJed : The fact Willi rcpard to tin horrible alT-iir, that hat" transpired, finally show lhnl lhisl cured "Life to be msdo recently, according to o model of hi.nwn. Imvini three siuc- so as to lit every uny. On Wcdncday night, fit half-pnst tunc o the clock, he went to Van Ness's house, and desired lo bo let in I the family haynfr rciircd excto r '''.);' and the doors listened. Mr. V. N. held a parley for a few moments with him, he hems unknown to Mr. V. N., but was finally in lar deceived by him ns to unloik the door, when tlie negro ru-hed in and Blab bed Mr. V. X. m the heart, and ho fill without utter ing a proan. Tlio monster then ran into the bed room adjoininc, and stabbed Mrs. Van Ness and child fatally, so neither roso from the bed. Ho next went to a room where the mother, Mrs. yckofl, was ly ing, and slabbed her in the abdomen, cuilinc a larec fit-h, which 1 understand has proved (alalj she bav ins died last nicht or this morti iig. He then started up stairs, but met the lured man, Mr. nn Atsda o, who bad heard ihe conmsition below b.lween the negro and Mr. Van Ness, and also heard the lailir fall, and was coming down, when on ibe stair-cac ... tuna r..,-ntml 111' til., nt'LTO Willi. "iS till TO. a Ulan un-stairst" to which Mr. V. A. an-wered lln-rcwn. The negro then stabbed him. and a slight scuffle look ibem when Freeman was niccipitated down stairs, and escare.d. The hired man is still alnc but not expected to recuwr. THE FRESHET. Of ihe freshet we havo full accounts from all direcliiins. At Albany it was ono of the most heavy and disastrous known for many . . c -.1 ... :.. years. At i o ciock mi oaiuiu-iji m iun Exhibition. THE JU A G N fiTK T E I EG I. AP 11 evening next. March 19, at STKUM.b' irt i. .. uy Crossman, Klrclrician and manager of Ihe Albany Telecr pi, station. Jlr Crossmtn will exhibit seje ral other very intere-lmg Machine driven by FJertro ... i.i ....ii .ii., ,,r ncin cs which tin UIIIBIIl li?lll, Ulltl "I Huin.... I"-. - ', , .loiihudly ero long will revolutionize tlio mechanical worm, (.nee nan isj a. nii ..i,....,. i ntelhe-rnre have a great lcsiroto understand iho operation of tho Tclcgiagh ami otiur magnetic imctunery, mo mimirriuu is put ai I 'il Cents, and Gl for all under 12 year old. unors open nt nan past i o ciu, (E7Noticc.,-C8 rillir, notes and nccountiOlne the I.stale or .Iona. JL WAivwntfliiT. drroard. inn v be settled with CA1U.OS WAINWIUOUT, at the Hon- formerly oecupid by s.iid direascd, any time bifore the 1st of ,Iay next. Alter mai iiuie nicy wiiuu mi woo un Attorney lor co ccnon. ' i:i)VAHU I)., Adniiniilrotnr of J. Woinwright, dee'd. Burlington, March 27, 191G. " J3w3 Garden ami Flower Seeds! LAlUil! StJPPl.U'.S of fresh Seed, from Shakers and other Cultivators, at wholesale, and nicely arranged for Ihe retail trade, ni PI'.CK ,f- SPKAR'S, and W. II. HA I I'll & Loi. Also, The rarer kinds constanlly kept. jrorli i"s SEEDLING STRAWBERRY. (Of which the laigesl berries nre from live to six in die' in circunifcrrencc, ami iheir quality not surpassed. See Mannyinc nf Horticul ture, and Agricultural npcrs generally. I? (lit Sale by PnlinTi's Plume, Mi Idlotown Point, N. J., on I A.'ent, Mir. PHOK K SPHAIt. Iliirhnglon, and W. It. HATCH & Co.. F..II-. .... . .t '.. . ...,l i, r, 1 .. .1. .1... ........ .. . .1 ill IV t GUI tl lillf fl lit t ir I, 111 iheir destination nil the li, 13th mid 30th id March and April. IWIiTcrs. th. refine, bv giving Ihe agents ihctr onh rs sia-'inablv, with til'rnnro to the above dales, can tie ready In rociie iheir pinna im mediately on linn-arrival, while liesh and in good order. A sheet containing particular diteelions for the rnlticntiitii nf thi nnd other varirtits of the Straw- llortt- New-York Atlv's. "NEW YORK PRODUCE MARKET? Wl! would remind our friend lint we slill conltii iinntourold loeaiion, No. iltl Water st., and are filly prepared to t ikechargo of all ('onsign incni that they tiny favor n with. We would ns suro all who inayriitrit-t ilicir pro luce lo our eare that every attention shall bo paid Iq iheir interest. Wc shall keep our patrons fully advised of the stale of our tnnikcl. Liberal advances made on alt kinds of produce. JF.WKM., IIAItltlSON it t'o, t'ommi'Sion Merchants, 30 Water St., N". V. Refer to Messra. Follclt & llradley, ) ...,,.-,. iiicssrs.j, oc J. ii.rccit, it uo. j 17yl v aTi d . New Yontc, March 2nd, 18IG. Icwtiu llAnatsov it Co. 1 have mi hesitation in saviui! llint in no conver sation in wjiich havo been engaged, in Vermont or elsewhere, in which your names have been introdu. ced. have I ever inlcndci lo sav anv lliinrf which -Jinu'd alfect your i haractcr, standing, credit or mode oi uoing misine-i as i;oinmision .Merchants in iSew lorkmor have I ever bad anv reaon. from know edge or information, lo believe you were irresponsible or that you conducted your business ill a manmr unbecoming Commission Merchants Vou arc at liberty to make such it-o of litis as you may uecui proper. I am very respectfully Your obedient servant, (Signed) IS". W. FIK. Copied by Tucson S. Dobkmcs. 43niG New-York Adv's. M rilHH M. Ori-d small n-nnlitv March 12, IS4G. 1IA V, OF the liest nualily for sale in lots to suit purchas ers. Apply to I., it O. K F0I,I,I-.1T. March 12. Corner of Mnin and Waicr Mt's. jorxnns WANTIW. tTW, subscriber wishes lo employ one or two X journeymen Joiners for the season, lo commence, immcdialclv t none but those who can ecm well recommended for Heady habits and good w or I. men need apply. I have a housa tint I can arcomuJato a family with. 1 hhuuld aluilil.can niprcnliei' to the above business, a boy of suitable nge and stiady hah- '"" CVIIU3 FAltUAND. Colchester, March 0, 1915. II LOST. " :......:.. il.-.i h rrv. frni flv fvtrnctfi loin Uu" Mii!?n7iMC (f scr.ienco oi l ie creai .,.,,, ' ' I rulturV. pulillu'd al lloston.1 is furnished graiuimu i ., , . . ; . . i i euiiurc, pui)iineu tit nnpiu had fallen, the ice in tlio river started Htid.y uti the plants sold, Pnlcr. or Plants, SI. 50 13 mi. H. HATCH, .nt. W1AOOSKI FALLS. May be found, for the present, at the store of w. is. ll.MUII cc uo. -1 JII l'asturiiiir, PASTI.'lill of about 3 acres lo Itcnt. near the - College, enqiliro nf Burlingmo, March 20, 1915. Ci, PIUT.ItSON. Oranjies and Lemons. TL'ST reec'ifd i lloxea Freh Oranies and l.em oii, and for -ale by GKO. PKmiiSOX. Marcli 24, 181(3. a. I, neb l alinul . lieiiitr tiileil tin vcrv ! tier bundrcl. Iiih. The lower part of the city was very rr,r'' l5)G speedily iitunil'ileil, and as very little prepar ation hail been made, great damage window and much suffering caused. At 2 o'clock on Sunday morning the walor was six inches liioher ihan durinfthc ereat fre'lict of 183!). Market street, Ferry street, and Paul street ! tSTJS.TB'yiUG were under water for u great extent, and the 1 Done Uy poor had suffered greatly by the loss of llieit J J ft 13 D I C T . goods. .Many articles in groceries were also kcom over II. I.cavenwortli'n office, College street. destroyed. Several canal boats were crush ed and sunk. Tho water began lo fall on Sunihv, anil continued during tho day. About 100 feet of the .Schenectady rail road, at that city, with a number of the mag netic telegraph posls, had been deslioyed. The bridges on tho Oiiskany creek hud been carried away. Three bridges between Cat skill and Albany, are swept oil. The bridge ovet the Schoharie cicek at its mouth, is also destroyed. Teiiiumx Chmitv at HuiTAi.n. On the evening nf the 1-llh, as wo leirn fiom the Argils, lliu ice in the creek at HulTilo gave way and swept dnwn stream wilh treat ra pidity and force anil crnshinu every thing in its way. Iletwoe.n the font nf Main street and the Like were 15 or 20 canal ho its which wi ie eoiiiplely demolished ; and the steamers United Slates, Wisconsin, Ch Man que, Fraiikfuit. Indian Queen and two or three uiheis weie greattv Injured. About twenty icliuniii'is went wln seven ly injured nnd suuie nf tlieiti ileslioyeil. The lus nf tirniieiiy is estimated at not less than SlOO.OOl); and it is feaied that lives have also been Inst. About H miles east of Ruchesler a laree portion of tho railroad nmbanknient, 90 feet wide al t lit; lop, 40 at tho boltom, and 25 feet deep, his been washed away by the freshet. .Several bridge, dams, &.C, had been carried off in .Monroe Co, Tllli IJXTHAUItl)l. AltY U'tlltK, AMJ ONH WHICH SllOtJl.l) III- IX THE ' HANDS OF nVFUY Married Pcrioa. MOltAI, PIIV.-'Klt.OfiV. nr a plunlv written TUH ATHIien ihe I'OPUI. VTIOV QUITIO.V iiy tin; liov. K. Il.tlwES Willi alititi uishuU aitec Hti'in-. I v It (il.iiVna. M.I). To eve! v per.oo of m I eianmon .en-e, tin. work I. c ne wliii-b will ominiud the hi'.'he t i-ni.e. Pi Ir -e u few iLMior ml e p'e to . i ,t o -he Iter ! I I'v fie'-aMet ha tin In -'h Itn mr ailee ot le -r it. eel - I Ii eh 11 (reali wtl nreen! n e I -o P r- i ib'y In ri lleeiing iiiind-, lint it lil'M ennmnn I re pi't. ,retln-h nk earefu'ly read by every marrl e I per-on, an I it- n Iviee . rieily 1'illo'ved, we ore'ier- nijel that a iftuerint s'ale nl -ocietv Irnm lliu ore.- eui would ei-t. rlie 'ermr-of ii'ivi rtV. and nl the priMieet ola fun- ill ol ehd Iren which eo I'd hut I e ii'iorlv re lre.1, tue- eiit many pri.deiii people trmri enierinj 'heinairi int'UiaKiate t hat here i-a wort, wbuhvill tell von important ecrcti wliu h imv ol vi ne all s leh o' ice- turn to a happy connubial relations, an I which tho-i- an of mariii'd people would giveall Ihey po e- to understand fully. I lie editor i-. not nilnwoliosiatein pui lie Hie char acter fit iliU work more in detail, but he know s that ii is one which will meet with universal approbation, the moment it 1 ecoim nmong married people. Person waiting copies oftbi unporiant Physiolog ical Woik, by enclosing onednllar lo Dr. II. ttlover, No. 2 Auii"l'.,cir in Uox 1P02. New-York Po-I Oiliee, will in-iire Ihe -ending ol iho work in question . Post use on I hi ll'iok 's (ivcoem-. Jf eireiihr,iVseripnvu(if theoiuncT, will 1 c gra-luiluti-ly -t'nl to pu-t paid I'i'iiiiiiiinieutioii.. N . IS." Suitable pcr-ons arc wuiteil a- Agents for the above wort.-, and the article therein alluded to. March G, I81G. '13mG 250 a. 10 I .!)() SOOO New Om.r.sNS, Marcli 7. Wo are daily rxpecting advices of Gen. T.wi.rin's having broken up at Corpus Chrisli, and advanced with his whole command lo the Hio Grande. All the arrangements for this movement have been conipleted.and very large supplies have been sent from this city. I undei stand from good authority, that Gen. Taylor's orders are very positive tn cross the Rio Grande, nnd penetrate the Mexican territory, should he meet with any armed opposition or picdato ry attacks in his advance to (hat river. I think this will most likely take place, for though I have not tho most distant belief that tho .Mexicans can muster any forco that would be able lo contend with tho main body of Gen. T.illors's command, el thev proba bly will attack and cut off some of his forag ing or advanced parties: liestues, a collis ion will prohibly be brought uhont by Gen. Taylor's dislodging ono or two Mexican car lisons that slill remain between (he Nueces nnd (ho Giaudo, unless they break up and voluntarily rctroat before) him. Wo shall probably therefore soon hear of some fighting in that quarter, and the consetpient invasion of tho Mexican territory by lliu American troops, leading thus to actual hos tilities between tie. i"-1 r ' "'if" s. I'l are in this city both from Mexico anil else-1 where, stating that Santa Anna will soon be back there, with a good prospect of succeed ing in another counter revolution, and that lie has a full iindeistanding with our govern ment as to the terms of settlement of all points in dispute, including Texas and Cali fornia, for which, of course, n good round sum is to bo paid by tho United States. I have very little doubt but that tho reports are well founded. If Santa Ana succeeds in tits attempt, ns 1 am inclined In helievn he w ill. it will interfere with tho contemplated plan of establishing a constitutional monarchy in Mexico, wilh an European I'rinco on the throne, under tlio patronage of England, France, nnd Spain: that this latter scheme is a matter of present negotiation, there isliulo doubt. For Sale. liU'lini,' IT.Vs suitable for Cookin or Sr.r.11, " lluiknhiat, for Seudi " Corn. " Wlteit nnd other grain, at Shel- I urn .Mill nu I m lliiilinginn, hv March 23, 181G. II. WIII.KI.TO. Si. John I. olio's; Liniment. rPIir. Proprietor of ibi- pop i'ar remedy re-i-t-i-X. alleiilli ii to ttie lollo.i nig letter Iru n ol.u ol b.s Aeuis : Ui'ti and, Vt., 2Gth 1'ibriiary, IS 10 IJr.An bin I cannot lelritn Irmii wriling you at tin- unie, lo uiti rin you nl ihe i!a lv incr"asiut; -ale uf vo'tr vuhiahlo laiiiincnt. I hiveleen ennaired in -cliinj pa'ent nie'icuic. for iiioeje.u-, and have-old manv Liniment- will. in that time, all orLfe tnu to euro the -a me disease, which yo ir in renlili dues curt, mil lliey ptiiiiruie.i ,ery lew cores, eon. f' ifii:' ly ihe -ale vva- very small. ' Yo ir l.iuiment is tin ai tide atute all ollitrs lor what it I- do-'uncd. I h i - given perlei-t saii-l.iciu-n m every m-i a nee where it ha-t i-eii nsej, W'liii'ii eannoi i e siuu oi anv oilier medicine exiant, I will give you a few untanees (l it--iieeess. ,ii eioeri) Laoy oi no-town w'liu has I een Ironb'isl Willi ana leonun of ihe l.iver lurjifttcn ucirs. has u-eu it tor twu nr three weti. : she lurin- niu ibat she is now nearly well, mid thinks tlnl a few more hollies of the Liniment will perfect an enure cure. Anoihcr ca-e i- it a ining man who Ins heeu tro ibled with Ihe sinie d -ea-clor 13 uuintlis. II In- tu-t eoiiiinencel ibe it-e o. it, and beforo be bad ii-iil one bottle. In- side, where he apiihcl the l.i mcnt. biraine very red. nnd the iiiuinui? lint be ma lo Ihe la-i .ipphcation of tho tir-l buitle he threw up u great ipmilily ol nutter, iiml linmil nlsuihit matter had I een ibrowtiiil lbroiigh the tioie- of the skin dirccily over the seal of ibe di-ia.e. Al lir-l he was ipule auirme I, mi I in- lather eame to me to kuuw who her I ihoni:lil it wo'ilu un-wer toeontinue the iii: ol it under ihoie firciiius: a uri--. 1 lu'd him llul it wua tu-1 what the Liniment was ucnuneil lo do, as be blionld have known by allentively leading (lie paper accompanying each I utile. Ill- liars al once vanl-bcd, be look another bunle, and his son is now cunrutcccnt. In iiu'iieio'i- ea-esof obstinate Illieumatism, it ha I een cuually sueeetal. MUI.II'.M IN PAKVO should I e Mown in ihe side of every I otile, as llierc is uiiqucs'iount ly nitre Mcd'ual Virtue in one bottle ol your l.iuimeiu than in ten ot nny oilier kind in u-e. I could till a large tiarib volume lu elm. incline, ihe vvf udeiful e leet-of Si. John Long's L.uiuieul, lilt I pie.ume you aie daily receiving many more la vorab eats'imut- from other part- of the country, and I will nol farther weary your patience nl this tunc. Kt-gptcttnlly 1 uure. w. i;. c. sronDAiti). Kur sa'eby Peck -V Sn:R, lluthiigioii. I3w3 PRINCES Linaican Botanic Garden and IVursorics, FLUSHING, M2AK M31V-YOIIK. T7ILIIAM K, lKlni; tV CO'S Xew Dfacrin- W tive Catalogues, (31 eilition,t coinjirisins ihe hrcoft nntJ inosl se'Tt colleciioti of I- ncir and Orna mental Thees nnl I'lants in i he United Statpa, oc ciipjina CO acroiof ijrouin!, with prices mici bclotc thoiejtsmtlv c'mrscd. nnd with editions (if nbovf 5H0 "ilt'ct antie of Krnh, nnd 1200 varieties of Onntntii'nl Trees, nnd Hoses, not 111 a in oiliet Anurican N'tirsory, w ill be sent to every post prtid op plicint. The pncnt edit oti of this sp'cnd.d fata-l.-iiP coot S7 00. Onlera will bti cenilcd whli ilipmtcli. and in a superior manner, and fotwnrded n (Uireil, yMt it. nu.ur. uu, rtii'liini;, IciG. 133 SCrKOOL B0DKG. THM Attention nf Hupcrinlendcnl., 'l en' her and others inicre.lel m ihccnme of popular eduea lion in respectfully miitul to the Mluuing valuable School Hooks 1 Smith's Mcliool nrn;r.iiliy nnd Atla, en larsed from loiincr editions believed lo bu the bct publi'licd. SmltliN Primary fieo?rapliy, tnprtn, will lie published inn lew ueel,. Ihe maps and cmzrav injj hive been de-isned and encivf'l expre-s'y for the virk. 'I be putili-hers hcliciu it will tie su perior 111 nrrnnaemcnt. style nn I execution, to nny similar work. Tho pricu will be about Ihe same ns other-mall flpnrraphie. snilltis I'ractlcal a tut .Mental Arithmetic, in which iiiental uritbiuetie is combined w lib the. use ol the Plate. Kev tn do for Tearliem nnlv. smllh's New Arltlitiictlc, in three parts, being a ennipicte sy-reni in one oiinu. Key lo do for Teacher, only. Mr. Smith ha. Jon? been favorally known to Ihe public, and bis books have been cxten-ivelv u-e I. The American Hxnmltor. or InltlliLtunl lit- finer, bv It. Cheeeti. A. .M. Pri. e Mem. 1 ne I'.agy aiaiiu.n oi i&cniijnur. -speaking ar.u Siiurine by It. ('lajreU, A, M. Price 30 cents, llliiciit toll Made l'.ay. eonlai'iinir r.ile nnd regulations lor uectamalioii and Heading, w.tli fur urea illu-lraluc of jre-tuie, lty H. Clagnelt, A. M, Pdee 30 cents. Tbe-u work, have 1 ei n compiled by It, tllagzett, A. M. late Principal of ihe Providence llieh scluol nnd arc very popular a. tar a. Ihe hive I cmi known and introduced into Xew Voik, UrooU u and other piione seuooi-. Intellectual Algebra, or Oral l.'xercises in At pchra, for common school", lly II. II. 'lower, A. M Price 33 corns. This i- the only work on Al-rebra thai brines tin -nl jei't before Ihe' pul Ir in ait oral lorin diveslcd ol uie eemi runs, iinuitere.lin'r ma'erial with which Alscbrariau treaties nre uencrallv laden. Ttncli- er- nr "It i. I be leei'im tie s uiv-or of ' CoP urn's I i-t I.e ii-' slaihlhif in the same rilaticn lu Algc I ra 'b.i e I.C'-oii 1 1 lu Arithmetic. Key lo co for leaeiier onle. The Cm dual I'rlniar, or Primary Scho'd I'nun Mior, i.H' ( bud.-lir-t s'.e.i taken ill the refill tilate. It) ! . I lie lt'aduat Miollcr. nr Comolc r Rtiuneiatt r. teaching di'tinet arti 'iilat. on, as well as the ordii- ""m liiiin.i?e. lly I), II. lower. lintoiluciliin to the liniiliial Iteailer, in prcst, in stinn i e i ir iisne i. Tii,. r.ini i, rv...: i ....) lion, de isnnl to develop and sirentrthen ihe ormt'is nol alTected hy thefrceztniraud hiavinspf ihe sro of .peech and lo fi llitate the correct uiteraiieo of aml 13 adimrablf alaplcd to, m'.jci eletiiciiiary sounds vvijh simple Ilea lin I4e ons for puinU in ynini; i lap-es. Tn le followed by two Ileadiut; Hooks for higher ilas-e- by the same autli ir. Dccthovcn Musical Scries. Musical A. B.C., with Simp, to sweeten study, by K. lie-, Jr., The Musieal Spelling Ilnok, a New Method of Mii-ieal In-trnciion and Itecreatioii'., 8 vo.,bv U Ic-, Jr., Tim Mu-ical I'cahn? Itook, n New 3Ieihisl ol Instnictii n j and Mu-ic, .-'acred and iseetilar, dcsirnetl for School-and Musical Aci'li'tiiies byi:. Iu-,.Ir, 1,00 The Heihovian Collection ot S icrtd M'i-ie, eom-pn-in 'I'henie-. now tirst arramre.l (rom the Instrumcnial Cumno-itn ns ! neeihoveu, Havdn, Moz irt, and other, nndoriiriiial Tunes, Chant-, nncl Antjiems ; the whole barmonied in four part-, with an Ae C'linpaniuieiit fiirlhe Organ. To which i- pre fixel, a New Method ol Instruction in the of Mu-ie nnd the Art if Itcajinij, wilh Annotation', bv Mci-r-. Ive. Alpers. and Tiniui, 1,00 Tbi-1-the fir-t 'enes of Hooks for Schools pro hi ef,l in tin- eoniitri that iifr.irds ihe means tor teach ins Mu-ic, in all Ihe stage-of progre-sthroush wh eh H imi'i pa-s, w ben treated a-a branch ot eneral ishieation. Tlienlan embraces that cf the eminent Hr. Sebiuider of (lerniaiiy. and ol the AM e Meinzco of I ranee, winch are now the most approved ineiu ml- ol r.'irnoe. Pulll-helly 1 AlAri .V III W John -t Slrnycd. 17 110 M llio subscriber on Tuesday Inst, a small red cow, lieavv wilh calf. 1 will suitably compen sate any una who will notitv me nf Iter whereabouts. Ilurlinglon, March 10, MG Ii To r i' n ,i ; n t. Kit. i i ,',, ..-.:,, ,nnnAintnt taut I nnd w bile he . on w i'lins tu K'lieve nny ol I bo r" H" tlur l , lll,?ha lot or varioussy-temsoflheilayrVeMiewonlderilKU.. I Apples, which ho will sell by the lot or , . 'rni iheni -neb nrln lo. of me hiine, ns he N. i.o r.i.v HIS. J. S31ITIF, OST U'Hetfii!lv itiOrm lln inlinlnlnnt f It ir niriofi nml ifinitl. tlill I11V1117 'illtilii lif rc-itfetieij frntn I'liauipl.ini to Clrry tre t, threi ilfn.r-.wt t'f this Oonrt'4.ition:il Ch imi, m linuc tin) practice 11 tfmlinrj- Ihri t nit niifl IiKkI e.lioncmi'fl TCIIU-dte OV liiifutin t fr.mi Ion? r V'Tien"-' ' divcrstlh' nml wi'itf exirricicM praclicr, in 1 1 11 cnv mm rmniry, i Ii liet ad.tpil lo imcIi and uvtv ca?c .nvntu thai there art no two ease exactly nlilo. How Mr um h i nlirmVd hi tfr.trt v'mcr ho Itn residi'il in ihi village, ho vu-d 1 mt wtllmcly Mihniil to the ileeiioii of un vnliKhtene I and candid leth'le, for he U ccnldcnt it m ul I aelcnovvlelaed ly ihe people tint In' hi c IclMcJ a c 1 tn mine ea v u here ti htr li id (.u'ed. Itn) n pAyti'inrtjitfty nratei'l To nniif; e'en a ffooo tiled, lTnIe- the ci-i-L he nppoc, Ih nine tinte phiini-r ih.iii hU noe i. l)r, fS. mil tin te tn Uwp (or -ale, nl rffitctil price n rrtMt vnrety nt Ihi'anicn, himVpi-c IV-toeiid aril Mmrnetu reinedie-, wln-h Ii iv' h'vn pnirrtt I mil jton of pui-ii in the U ii'fd Sltnc lir 111 ru nfd niil titulary in reinovm ihsfie, ihan any n'tn-r known iinitniir men. mil when ncc-innaniet Iiy the net 1 on -l hi- II'cero-M iffintfo M.ielnne. tlie (Ik'el i wwwjwwyw'gTiwf www uwwMwa 3 sr. Mf -7th3- i yJ&W-Jf lis A COM) UK CRI.KT, set wilh lopnz st' ne. hi. I een mo.t a tonl-h n; in a in ibi udii o' utps. The tinder will be suitably rewarded bv leivini; I ""el. Smith would nl-o le' leave to intorm Hie it at Hajiar Arllnu's. ( l'u h'' ''inl '' I'"" K'rclri.e I ol l)i.-.l.;ner. the i.aht Mnrch I' 1910. Ml3 ininufaeiuru and -ell I'n. HasnIsi. s hi.-hly ic.c- - lira'uJ an I inval'ial'le FENCE MACHINE. II, I)E4Vi:V, RF.SPI.CTKUl,tY civc! noiifc, tint he is Mill rinnufa'Murini:, nt Winooski l'a!N, IIihogs' Va vtsT Portable l-'r.'cn, whero all orders will be pr imptly aitcnded to. Owins lo tlie ndnnlagcs derived in the ne of the ftliove improvement, lie ia enahltJ lo alFlird a and benuttful fence for yinl nml garden, at much les expense thm the Pimo can he cot tin fur in anv ulher wiy, while for durahility it i not excelled hy nnv in common use. i nn vniuanie impnucnicni won first brought out tn Western ISew ork, where it uh cone into cxteiitvo U"i niul Ina rectived the np protm'ion of the IMayor of the i:itv of llulVilo, with in i in' iiiiiKirptis 01 ine tusi arieuiuins's nn i ninets in that iart of ihe Stale, nUo of Ciov. Unhhnrd, Duct. Jnrvis, Judue Churchill and many cithers in New llnnipohire. In fact wherever it has been introJuce l it Ins been hinhlv approved. As a I .irm rrnccit combines mori adinniat'ts than any other fencecver nsed. It cm be ns.?i without postt nnd is therefore ronnu, 'Meet to severe fieshets. It t.ikrs less lumber than nnv other kind of fence, h n crrtiin protection acainst all kinds ofcittle, is not InMe to Ret out of rcpiir, cannot be blown duxrn is easily set i p. taken dow n and remov cd, without injury. rrwi i arnicr tnoma oc tc ti to'ii ni inn n f it- ctent q'nntity to llirow around his fields of grain and stack yards. A Is IS U Iii connection iih the above, he has a machine for turning Hioom I Inn.llcs. Ilurlmatan Tails, March 12, 1S1G. -11 " to 773 . J ms ri: n si GSEAT ARABIAN REMEDY. THIS remedy was introduced into this country in eiihteen bundled and fort v-fi ur. 1 a celehillv ia ciirmi; all diseas 9 of horses, sti"h as iipraills, hcratchis, uracKcti lice s, n uise, l 11. s, and almost all diseases which iho horse is su'jici lo, is without a parallel on Ihe eastern cnniiiunt. The original pro prietor, ur. 1 an Dcart, uasimp iricn inesecrii 10 isu individinla only m the wi le world, one un e'icli side of the Atlanlie, and it will soon I e introduced into ino-t of Ihe Driiffai'ls shops in this country, nnd it tired only to he tried and it recommends itself to all dealers in horse". For sib., at .)! IIAHIUMSTU.X it lillUTlIlill'S. Grain's Spinal Supporter. Keene, X. II., A112. 10th, 1314. J hive for several vnr been in the ue 1 f Dr. Mew Vort, nnd for ale by Itonl.-.ellers Crain's Spino-AbJomwal Supporters, and fir weak SO March 13, -12 BRIRHTON MARKET, March IC, 181G. .. ..t.i T7fl lleef Calllc. V pairs of Worl.ina t.en 15 Cows and Calve-, 1100 Sheep, nnd 1500 Swine 373 "eel t'atlle, CO.) Sheep and BOO Swine unsold' at Ihe ctoseof the market.,-llr;rr CATTLt.-Prices he declined we noiiecd5Ci 5,75 ' U oel 1. be-Miftl.. iiif"-. w'f,i",.r onnn .rh. n l an iiiraoruiiini) Zl-..nA ,.r Auburn. N . V. no 'e e lecteil. mile onlynolit Tor u. o quote exiro, , . ' n" ffl Rfl U.nn1 Klin llu. i First nnaiiiy, m-m " A . 'PI. ..I nunlllV' S 1. fr at. SO. a, 01 auk .,. no ... .. .. ., S,rl S IU.3IO B U OJU. Wor . ng linen sine ' 1" . .1, T Cows and Calve-salea were tnado at 8, 7, ShTp-Sale. at S3, 3.50 and n few ,erv fine SC. E few loll were solJ to peddle, selcrtel, at e for Kow., 5c for Harrows larrje Harrow llog: elected, 4J. At mail, A and 51c D) fi, s i!l t . .. . tvn.dsv. March 18lh. Mrs. in 1111" rown, oi. - . o r irnr. wife of Id lale Henry Hyde, aired 34 ear. n-.l. t.V.l. pa n InSavanm, III, on uie n wn. F.uido, in Ins 20lh year. Former editor of the St. AlbtmRepublictn. TO HOTEL & STEAMBOAT I'UO- IMtlKTOKS. iiiim'K m ti:nt iKo-ro,xn ciiina. LMU; ulfriiber, lnvinfj l en tipixnti'd Aaeni I y q p itentfp dr iho (mIc i if ihii utit-q-ialcd ware , for ihe Umud Sif, nre l.i.'lv nrrpattil u, execute Any trlcr-l"romVllOi.i;-Al.i: li:M.RS in oil-r niiej. ol IIirrrLnnl StrAMiiotT I'uoi-niKTcna ; nnd would U'ir Umvc lo relcr to the accouiii.ui intr tcsti vtonial ol iln tu'jlity and peculiar fitness of tins arti cle lor iiit luici an 1 r:cambnai u vi ami woum ami, of it-o xt tllt ti e. lhai it doc- not hcconir dic(.. ' p'd when cl.(peJ, lUu oilier ilarthcm ur S.oiiu Ware. They lnc nNo on Inn I n sncral nortment nf China, (ilass and Larthetncarc 'Uitnhlc (or the Country Tradet which ihey wdl cll tow lor cai'i or approved cretlil. 'II 'IOTIIV T. KISS M h SONS, Xew- York, Mirch, 1310. 1 Ij Mai len Lane. Wc, iht obcril cr. Invc furni-heil mir HoteU with "MASON '.S I'AIKXT UiO.V S'lOXK CHINA.' imnoileJ l-v T. T. Kisam Sr Co, and mve it a pre- tiTt-nee over every oilier kind ot Chun or Karihern Waic. lie in.; id prenl "ttenirlh nrd (Inrability, it comhine economy wilh nealncn of appearance, and n I'hceifnlly rccimnienil it ngbeinj belter adapied to Hclclp'Mposc, thnnanv olberaiticle now inu-e. .Yeir Vol k, January, 1330. Hovprn. Coi.rMs fc Sti:t-os. A$tor House W', It. CnzzCN, American Hotel. Hum; & Itu.u. Vaverlu House, IlAVLt V Trkadwkll, FranUin Ifuuse. Jonv II. Garuvkk 4.V Co. Cit f ifotel, llinr.r.- A: Sov, Clinton Hotel, Joiis M. Flint, I'earl street Jlouse. N. It. Since lliu aboe testimonial w a furnMied , nil ihe-e esiablifhmcnt li-uo ronliincd it- ne, with all lb itrincipal Ho eUin lloton. And more reccni- IV nave turniHhe I, unoiiynr m pan, me h iiowiiis Motel, and sevcnl new lal.c an I river steamers. St. Chnrtes Ihtcl. New-Orleans, Mcar. MuD(-c & Wil-ov Gait House, Ioniile, Ky., Mr. Isaac Kvr.nETT. Hxchane Hotel, Uu hmond Va.t .Mr K. Hovpcs. 'renews Hotel, Norfolk Vn., Mr. Wm. Knr.xcn. Ifiirb irsh, Va , Mr. D. Krestu. Xafionat HoteU Washington city, Mr. 2. S. Cole mas. Hrchance Ih tcl, Haltimore. 1,'ittaie Houuet Misr?. Jackson & Cran ston

American Hotel, Phdadelpbil, Mr, II. A.CiiAnTrn, Htwanl !!'!, NewVorl., Me-rp. Thomas & I'm;. Stir Yxk Hitel, 14 Mr. J. II. I'liLlsns. T'mi H)ue. 'I'ri'V, Mc nr. 'ni-rij KonrR A'nr'rifin If.ttl, It j) ti T ' 1 n i Ai" i mi ((?, 1 I1 i. i-" '' Hiuie, Ntajrara K.t i-, jirj m. v. m.M, ix htius Amt t lit r 0m mm Jono's Italian Chomicnl Snap: T7011 the cure of Eruptions and ni.fijurcnicni. of Ihe Skin, I'liupleis I'rerUles, Sunlurn, feotl Itheuin, Scurvy, Koro Iliad. Ac. iVc. Jones' Coral Hair Restorative: Fur the Preservation, firnuih and Beauty of the Hair, nice .ii i ii'iiu. Jones' Magic lirasive Soap : For removing CJreaeo Spun, Slainc, or Marks form Lloths. 1VOOUCI18. i-arpi'inisa ttu. wt. lM'lcc U.1 t'ciits. The Moorish Hair Dye : For pcrmantly living I.i.'ht, lied, or Grey Hair a Djrk llrown or lllai k Color. l'llrc ." 'ilits. The-e mnut Attoumlini; Ditcoreriet, which are ere- anna I iessinosi aiiiiac . aim "i'M'm" o Are for alot Mr. IT.CK Sl'KAIVrf ond W. II. HATCH &. Co'. , Who arc enal led In furni.h traders al the usual ui. fount from wholesale puces. 43 NEW ESTABLISHMENT! WINCOSKi PALL.CS. THR understneil hale opened llii shoji as A per manent loeatioil for the rale of Illil'liS and MKDII'INF.S. SIICI.I'' niul llt:VV IIAIIDWAIti:, I'ainlt, (Hit, W'imlmp (Uass, Dic-Sti'M e tinocEmr.a. Wo afi.ure our, friend and Ibe public pencrally. that ihey c an I p supplied with ailicli'- in the nbnve brancbii', at ay low rate, for aiuc qualities, ai at any of ibe n lioiiiiii'' inarlit'ta. 33 W. B. HATt-'ll it Co. Li:aiI()RX A XI) PANAMA HA TS. IiJIl SAI.K, no ixfeot.iv( .ikHdrinu'iii f Inborn, PanatiM, Miimlia, I'.ilin l-t-n(, "Oregon," oi d " " Sir.iw Haw, til-n, MenV.II ' .uidCbd ilien1 I'lolh ' .in of nery varie v of p itlrin whit h we arc pri'jinic l if ell on very reasonable Krin,i itrl lo Country Mtrchul, wihin o p ireln-i", we o (er i nd iceiiH'iit- tmupiaHcd Iiy uityoihcr lloue. J'lt Mn iilins ihe ci iv are iiimII to call ami examine our stock of (itunU I efre p irchimj; ebeu here, N. II. Wo have alwuy on hand, Kur Cap nnd Fur cf every deniriplion, JIAI.IKI), 39-301 120, Maiden Lane, New VorU. cnerally. ST. NICHOLAS HOTEL, 28. Cnnrtlandt blrccl. Aeic It)., Formerly known as tho Exchange Hotel, I I AS recently tnwd into ihe Inn ! J X cf Mews. Weninicll & I)uin. lilircy. I iHwiihiiin -bort dhtame ofl.roadw.H". of (be .Sleamboat Ian- rltu. nnd .if ihe irn ml Mice's ' f the eilv where Men-ban' from ihe connlrv do their liiisines ; anl lor ple.mnlncs vl location, oo I and commndio! room1-, iiunliien and cmnlorl, no bo'i'-e in .New l irk I- I eiier sitiia'etl. Mr. I.mi obrev wa to irieen xeir in the emnlov t flu frien I- ihe Mer Ilowarl-. After tutelage under fucb master of the art, he understand it, nnd .Vrlbern Gent!enen will not I e diappomled either in lii;re or bit price. Jons,1' a he wa famili irly en led, 1 acmiainie'l wilh tnnt of ihe baine men ol Ver moni. nml if tboe crenlleuien will rememler lo call upoii htm. and are di-ali-hed. then liia " risht ban I will have foroi na conntorr " The home baa I een ihoro lahlv rcnairetl and leaulifully lilted up. Holb cimifori nnd t-nii'iiny will he cons ihcd by maLmg his lionc their Ploppins-place, -1U TnSfUS. IlIUXSMAin &. llltOTIIKItS nre ilL re 'I'iviua, by lpri anl bv Staie, nlnitt eve ry week, vario'i'U rif New IjikhU, lo keep iheir a. orlnient nnd variety ever varying andevir iicv, and ue ileiro to rriuiui1 pitrrhaser'. that wnil.l we inienvl to ne lepuiar anu uniiorni in our i'rn-i", we will e'l nny nrli de nt low a anv ulher dealer. Sooon, Tliunbb'-aiKl Ifui"S, so'd as low a any cno nelUiiud marked free. O ir iiMiriiiiinl jrood ol bteel anil Jet troo 1, (3"ld an I Silver ffoodi, llrliannia Civor- nml other Britannia lioo.1., tiii'r I or!.-., I aril, platiit ami (ieroun Sdwrdo., and other artu b'. Wc desiri1 lu reniui I i'iiioiner fir ,uul mar that our asorlinenl ol l.oouinr; i,i,i.e. anu iiock i and will be l.epl solid ; wu luvo the Odt, Mahogany and other Frame-. e would ineiilion to iho-e ironliIoJ wiu lllii'iiini lio 'paiio-, mid lo other inialkU, lhai wcnreMde nieiil. for Chri-lie's Masie ltiu?- and Plui I, wbii b are pc rloriuiim Miriri-inc cmi".. Also, lor Morrison- I'dla, made al the Biiti-h tlolleseot lleilth, London. Hl-o. lor the " I'enfinMl Siiwmec." or "Anieriean tilaes" nper or In all oilier-. We would iuforin Boot BlaeU and oilier- ibat we haie largo boxes &. Thump-on' I ci I'a-te Bl.ic'i III.', i helper ihan lo l uv unall one-; il-n. D.iv .f Marlji's lionlon Illa'-Linc nn I V:iriii-h ItUckin;, lll.u kiii'.', Serubl msr and all oilier Kind, uf Itruthis. S11.111-, tt.if ri and all artn-le- coiinei'te I Iherewiih. Willow Chair-, t'ridle-, W.usnii-, Bi-ket-, Ten Wauer', liilaml Ink-land-, Paint', India lliibbir, IVii'-ils Limi naa lli'.li'--. M irbte., ee. ele. Iii lies, I'diii'., Iirl. anl ulher play Ihui'.'-. Ii-ide loi'lh pii'Ur.ii.l nol, BiuMe- and Wheel 'lei I-, .Mu-iial i neat . Kib-nn I other .lewi-lry. 11KI.SH.MAU) & lIliOTIII'KS; ttr'. ?fl I t lltisstii s Sliaviii'' ("ri'iitii. I'ew more oui of lliu -'irnl sill!! i-realn lell nl IIAIUIIXOTOX A Bitot IIUl'S. ne of the vpine and some kind of distortion ano prolapsus of the utera. and abdominal debility gener ally, 1 lne fmind it fiinerior lo anvtbintr of the kind 1 nave seen. It inriie'iiariv uB' nil lor voiiil" per- m of si'dintarv habits or occupations, to prevent I lui'lt, pnllinz or drawing in the eroni Stl8l('llll(M'S, CifM nOZ, Web Su.pen ler. X,JU B5 " Khi'tic do Fat tale by VIUS it, MOVK-t. March 4, 1816. 0 S OME THING NK I V. CIIAKI.KS H. HATCH, tn William street, Opposite Piatt Street, xr!w VOUK. Solicit the attention of Merchunts and other to his entire new aiyleof SELF ADJUSTING STOCKS, ACKNOWI.nnfinO by those who line iicl ibem. lo be tunennr 10 nnv thiun vet invented for the neck, nnd pa!essinzinnny aiUnul.isesover the ordinary article, ine strap nnd uttckio usiniiy nt tacbed to stocks ore dispensed with, nnd n wins sub siilnml in ibeir place winch holds it firmly, ond jet I much ni'iro easy nnd comfortable to (he neck thin Ihe old style. It is also so contrucied (hn when on tho neck it exncily re-eiiihles n crnvnt neatly Led, nnd the eape wilt, which it is adi tsied in the neck nnd la'ten M. g.vca K a great ndvatiUgc over n cravat or ihe ordunry stoi k. t)n the whole, it superiority nver nil oihersfor neat nes ami eunveniciice, 1 such Hint iho nilncnhpr, in eoinuion u till ihme who lnei'cd ibem, i conrt lent lhai ihey will supercede any ibing of ibe kind yet in vun'ed, The demand for the nhove nniclrs nnre iheir inlro ducion, has been such thai the subscrd-er would sui to merebanu nn I dealers lliu propriety of their r.-tllm? nnd etaminins ihein as soon us convenient after iheir nrilval in ihe cily C. 11. II. would nUo sine llint helm now on ban I nnd is ctmt-tfinily mhtini! thereto by hue arrivals, nnd by bis own inannf'i''iure, n larcn nnd exiensive ns sortinent of tloi'.s, opern lies, sbiris, collars, bos mis, dmtnriion nnd o'brr (le'Iirnnttons. AAIUS TWITl'IIKIJi, M. P. Windsor, VtM Junrbfiib, 1511. Dr. Cnin In bnvn me lo-div. n Sninn'Ahdom' inat Supporter, ol bi invenliin nml imniifariure. I lunch iAjai-3 ivnii ina mtsmtntt nt, nita hnii tua it in prtU-rcnce to any o'her tnm I hue neen. Proftnor of Miteria Mcdica, &c. &.e, &c , at the Institution, lixrlmoum i allege, innover, S. . Wond-nock, Vl.. June VU. 1311. I have een nnd eMmincd I)r, Crain'- Sino-J6. i damxnat Supjyorter, and hne no limitation in sivin 1 Ibat ii ap-tirs to me admirably adaptel to ihe purpose lor wineu li 13 nnae. UKXJ. II IUMnR, M. D., Professor of Surrfeat Anatomy and Physiology at the Vt. Ahd College, M'uodttock. and tit the litrh' ihire Med. College, PUtfutd Mass. St. Albans. Marth nl. 151G. Ir. V.. Cralns Spinal Snpoorter comhnimir iboad- diional ndvaninses tf the various Abdominal Stin. portor!t hitherto in use, is most i-hviously boiler ndapt ed to five t!ie rt'piHiie mecbinieal puppon in cie renuinna it, than any thin; of ibe s rt we hive ever sren. J- l Oil WOT.CK. M. D. N. II, I. W.UW. M. I). II. I. TOIU), Westford. Tho above cerlificalcs are from the mot learned of tho Profexion m ibis Slatvuiil nihers. Tlio tinders? jned would ohi-erve, from Inim2ern a notice in (he Hurhn'on Tree lrrs of Inftt week, from Dr. Heim-bem becn-ise he is startle I nt il.c rapid and cxiensive nleof ihi- exeeilcnl Im'rument, which I diffusing happin.-s wherever il toe. Dr. II. shoul-1 not Ptiw the wUe jnreadinir e mh which Grain's Spinal Supporter H cnniimnllv ereihng. for ine reason inn v not dmnrcifti wiin tnetr -tM, or dial it inlerfore with iho dinoil of in o'tlarlite. (Thompson's IVUic llinthge,) which lu. lately been introduced into this section. .K)M, W. r.MCRV, M D. Tsscx, March 10th, 1SI1 4U3 just I'lmi.tsiir.o ! Gill. T MliniLWI, im:-iuit. First American from the tenth Hnlish Hdition. SKLF-M WACiK.MHX V Ami cure of Pulmonary Consumption, AND ALL HISt'.StS Or TUP. CIICST AND Ll'Sdf. BV W. T. CUCXXAN. W. D. Ol' ljomlon, KiikIuikU With a pottrnit of the Aulbor, nnd Kncnvings illus tratue o mo Anatomy i ine iuugs Price only -5 cents. TIlISwork contains a brief and distinct decrip L mm of the ANATOMY OPTIIKI'IIKST AM) which f1irnrp.i'C evcrjlhmL' d ihe Uind inmnrhet. ! Ami kiiowtnsr ihe arfic'e wbc-h ha I een uetl in 1 this e 'lion ha. I ceo uf an inferior quality, ciiin m 1.1V n hi il ire. where-i if a irtm 1 article lud I een lanhhilly applied a cure wo tl I have been the re-nil. He ban ni ide arnnemenu tur a iiply ihe ons'iinl fficturV of Dr. Uannin, lhat eer Ficc nnv ! e perfect nml every pifent I enclitic I hy it. I he Doctor tltercfore invites all who need miy limit c( the ltnd, lo cive him aeall. I-et ihe invalid eon-idcr that llie ricu t' f ir the relief nnd euro of iho following di-eie, which come of a dipla"emeut or'n'of the body, vi t Weakness of the breast, with shortness ff hrcath ; anugh awl spitting tf Hood ; palpitation of thr heart ; weakness if the title twd slam ach; dytprpsitt ; cnttiienes and piles; pain in fie bak with curvature; hear ing down with weakness vf the hip and lower extremities ; and droop '"o nf body, especially in t,vung ladies and children. The ohjeet of wlut ttlow i only to aid all Mif Icrer in ikviJingns lo a o the '.Kent Ince, fur re I el of their alllietion. It U neees .:irv lo s.iy ju-t enoiish on t-onw complaints, lo how lhat the Lice propoe to relieve ajmiren'ly opposite a'!ce lion, in a ratmual nn I natural rninncr.,animally eim'it'ercd, i n iinehme, and ihi! when hi" n.erlianical lertcelinn i in any decree l(jl. there ni 1 1 i fo'luw a naioral and eone-jHn hns ni"(lifi 'alien or tlepret ialmn of iu I tnction, n-a natntiil revolt. Thi" I- true of ilte fl -i w II as the , Icird paM. Willi reference tn the i ra.ins or ifi pTri- ol ihe trmk, we rem.-ir!, ihii ilnv are nil enn I no -led totfeiher, (rm ibe top to ibe lift1 f be 'truncal rainy, and me tmVr the tnll enee il iheir nun wetulil : thai ihey, in health, nil -iipjx.rt eieh I n'ht r, fi mii 1 e'liw upward, not dri'i'-rimi en eh cber ihiwnu ;r l. Tin- niHiipnei mm .ttvl n-iward net mn j i- chiefly e ieele I hv the nh turn mil ni'isel -, w hen in i an a 'Ue .imi heihhy s"ite. Ol" e.i ir e when ihpe I ,tre ic!ae I, ih-i wh t'e pile f ur in- will I tit, pn hi i etna a erneral eoti(ii--tnn .in I dipla -emt'iii of tTirin i .i 1 1 1 1 necc'snrdy in hiein'r a bust (f fnne im n! i'e ! r.tnffement, in a me h.tii't".i wav. I hc. iVran-je mi'iit v ill I ' nie 'ham al. nn ' of nlv c ri- b'e by roK nnc ihep.nt-tu it en proper phi e. Tb ! Ktilow mi exprea-e ome of ihe n utiral efle-Ma f 1 m icnl,tran 1 lnjiincn'onfi iel.)ation upon the In dv whirh cmnol I e cured I y mpfheineexcinivily, vt.: 'I be whole ma. -f ir'in f ill, no I ptee on the urintrv ornn, prtNinc-us: a loo fnmunt ne u.ition of nrme; (ir e'su nirnini; it hne!M or for waul, vo ns tn iranip it tem nn I re'ain ihe urine, prod n-e U'teniinn, civimr too nnny i ream lo tiitoe the ktdney. to I i'a V'te 1 ; 'hey nlo pre on the lower bone), b it it tip, nnd thereby me-hin-ii'.illy prodin i' rotivene. ami orpr of the I owl. I here will alo he evened a pre-ire on the uter-'ii, (or womb,) rrnwdms ii downward o it ol p'aee, ( -it-linsr il upporiinj' cord on ihe treieh, pnhl.ieinsr a f pun, WMii?bn, nchpij and lanun"of the wuerr tin STUO"V(':" &j Co.. I) I) A l.t lt IN l-Oltl".lt:. .t IMSli:sTlf. JXiavU'jj'iiT, StiDUlcry Sec, OH'er. nl M inufn'inrers prices, 23 oo ?vn. ritntiiun citw. I. Ill ilnz. Illni.i'4 I, at llii. .tm uti'il size, :."il Don- Hu!t, Ai'. Ac. D.mlct Itanium' It.tntc. STATI. Ol-' VI ItMOV I', rplli: lion. lliePn IJi.iiiciofl lnitciiili'ii!i. I 1 Into Court for Hi Di.irirl of fliiilcnclra : To n'l rlmcerne'l H lliuflnicnf I) VMI'.I. ISAUNU VI, tnu-uf Oli'm ntjr. 1 1 I In- Sinic uf Oliw, ilcctasid, whu Itll csliito in s.n I ilimri'l, ( U'np.nn. Nnllnni'-I Milrs, n Iminwlrritur of ih csnlc of n I tViTicd. prnpoam tn it'ndcr an accoin I nf hi. ttiiinim.trnitiiii, and prc"fni li.s iiceounl oaairi i snii cinlc lor fxTriunaiiiiti and allimnnrc at a bPf.n ri of Iho Omirt of I'r.ih'ilc. Hi he Imlikii nl llio Itn" li'f'.ofli.'O ii I'mliiiEiiin "i said di'liicl, on Ihceccund Vidnediv of Ipnlnrvt. TiicncroRC. You nre liwby nnnnrd 'o rpppar 1. hofori'snd cnur; nl 1 lie umn and tih'o nfirraid, m I hew evi'v, if any ymi hale, why tlioaccount afou. paid jlionl I nut bo ollnunl. Givrn un h.r my Inmlat llurlingtoii, this 2JihdJV nf I'clirinrv, .. I). 1 s Hi. 111 VI. VP.STOS, llegitter. TO LET, TP 110 M iho l.t of May, a targe Hrir't Hnuso on Kmc 91., wilh a llarn. Wiin 1-h'jiiso and rood well of water. A!n. llio IlntisQ on Ohnnrdain slrcit occupied by W. F. 's'l'-IJ'n,J0MAYOi 2J. Ilurlincton, March 12 Flfi. P.Vir.DLXC TlMllEll. nOMlDS'. VIAMCS LATH nnl 'UNnl.r.P, fm nh, I V It'iihniuii, M, nh lfi, 1110. Ciilort'd Cambric. ri"f Piilnnil Caiiihrie VII. a- Novr.s. c r & dn Sd. nas, for a'e l Nov in, I ti w1:,; To I'ontists ! h ive hv la'e '"C ire n-civeu additional .iiii;,1 in :i,'-itiim icfiu, O .1 1 ,iud Tm I oil-, I'orrnp ", "11 'Ivle., T unUev, Cuiiininn an I rocket, Corn I nn-ei-, Mo ith Mirror- anl Mrm1. tllow Pi'"-., iie.or'eil. Iturr.. I)r l!, I'xeav.iior- and Fi'c, T"o li l' i viIt I'ut- and ll.isr, fit: Ae. Man h la, ' IC. 12 IT. K .f- SI'KAR. Dr. I'oabotlv's Scrinoii, VT Ihe M'linatien nl Itev. Oliver V. I!. Pealody, at li.irl iij'im, A m. 1 1. lli. Al-o, The Puritan Fathers, Permnn hv Iter. Oliver V. II'r, ftnni'ny lee l. Isl'i. I'uldis'iu' lv 0. liOUlllllCII. MarehS, Ptli ' 0 Mr. I'liolp's A))oal A rQ, Ilrply I To--VnM. r I'he'n'. App .ale v , UUUUUIV .1. Manh S. IS 10 or presmjrnt ibe lowtrpan (.1 lite In Ilv,e.ittin2 ibe To ihe people ol w-rnmni. patient to put bin c-r her bind to tint pnrt when1 Hoc. SlttdcS w alionr. I he net ve co'tir in tlie lower limn, lt mi ihe fiincliou ot M'natioii an I mulio.i, nre e m piecd by the ame mean t, e. a permineui de- -com of lb' nt I! u'.ui,) frudu' in sr n iml'iie ' or elc ti-o nnu b enihene , a prtcl-ln i anl wran?lni patn,extendiniluwn ihe hip. nnd thi''h ; alo, lo-a cf, ur iiijpeled moiion, epeci.illv on mo- j viiu a null in ibe me-rivec, iitcroain? to cramp, or ahnot enure lo rf motti-n toward H'sh, "all dine meclnnicallv," which letter in ihe monriiL'. Al-o, the K el will wel neir nisjht, I e"Ti-eihenrcs- i sure obiruct lltvT acent id the irniMnrent ilnitU in I to the body, hut will 1 1 citer in the mornim. The vens, also, will be uolien, an Ire'ievol in the a ne m.iuner. j lty ibeprcsure upon the lower I owe), pro-hr-inn colivenes, and oh-iruc ins the free rcMrn ot 1 to(l to (he heart, IJi!" nre prodtned, which aie alway relued hy la"xntie Thce are e ect t. prcs'ire n ihe pan I ehnv. !u' wc a!o -ee 'b it ihe toma b, liver n'ltl phenwillnnv I e left un p ipporte I, ami are 'banirina emnp irat'nelv fr"in iheir npier li?imenl, pr.l icm in ibe reion -f ihe liver, a "ene ot hamrmjj and iIrau"in,T d'ti, e.iitms Ihe judenl to over and pre thil regi on wilh the hand. '1 he reui- n of the Mouuli w I t ( tender an I miiiKch. relr.icle 1 mid ll-it, mi I the pa tient ill peik of "aonene," m,iui, irinuinr c.nd otluT hLu en atton, all (oei ie ihe orin Inve (alien auiij, and ten a yonene 11 m rcih'V. Sed how sueli ptMpIc will lean fnrwarl an I ua k e.ire f illy, and prcs ibehu Ito ihe louerahd'ioien ; oeb peiple will alo complain ol he.ut'mru, -nur te'eh-itu-. and diire s caittu. Al-', ihti lem wi'l ledraiel downwanl, pi llmj on il upper li mcnt, prculu -ms a iie'ia, it d in the tM', which nntiimj;tJ-', i'i i"T," iri"'-"-" The "St tin Itistirniict) Ctnntaiiy, Of Itaitt'iird C'niinerli' ut WITH A CAPITAL OF '-jO,0:0 COTIM.T. ti'in-ne .guy ljcly Hr, on the tin -t rea-unatiii ' t 11-. Id'.O. II. JSIIAW Aoest. nurliiisrt.j.i, I'cli. 0, Id 10. .rm lor Sale. A Minonil Trnlli. I Unrse aoriueiu of Mineral Teeih, I olh plants v niu i.ivni. .iUii C'hevalicra icieyraieu iwm n1ruuienin fir ale al J2 1 1 A 1 1 U I N g TO NjtT nKOTIIKirs, Aromatic lastili'.. rrni':l-' .., amide, f r faniasattns pick 1. boiiH- and preventative ni;.iiat all conMgiou diseaeN mch a MeiIe, Small Vox, J. for Kile at IIAIUCI.Mi I rt. i laller will now I tcrmir ' r i.ilMlanon and m'iic nt s.nUtna Iheie, The limr u ill I e I'rnjze I u,m, pro Iir-im; a di.- io ri hi lutein forward iu nntu i r tan 'm:. Aif,a sliort i ne, of h i (' 1 1 h mul drv co ish, an I dull pam nt lb' ibit'.iM,nn I cne ot tiblne will he Mt. When ihcrcexift. ihi t!cctot m ptihlic pealer, ihe v i v i v. and the throat i-oie, in eennection with all ihe oihcr pvimitem ott refcrnv! io : ami tin filbnsnKo I nnir tho I odv forward in Irmit if the small of iho b.u k, or the h(-d' a.M, uidui imr an leverage en p'irl, K.llowed bv a ft rim mj ami weakne n, and enrv aiuie ol tho, with gteat pain and orene-. The ahoe, anil other analogous aTection, hive hilherto hi filed all eniMUnlioml treaimeni; but, sree ihey lne been iewtl a 1 Mt-ehjnical," an I hae been treated bv thu 'I.aie ihey h ue all I een trealel wilh nsloni.binil Micce ; .tnd we can now ce a hol ol cnc eeminy well, r lull" l' r t-onihineJ with naliluei&e. ren'iinn ine heme, who I.U.(5S-nn onihiio nf Dr. Ituchan'. IIIOI1I.V ' n" ,l"J v 11 or ' f ' 1 . '" . ... .Ii,,. .. SUl't; '.S.SI UI, inelhnd of lic,iiinS Co'.l., (,2ln. I '""..n , u . . T '"':' Amhina and Coin-uuinunn- an account of n M:V , ' l-'l nu'down, " ond l,y InndiuT ihein up.ilu pans AM) I'OWnttTTI. lti:ini)Y-and dircciiom fer ) v'""'"' ul,u l'11)' I" e'".il reiuemc, is imrui.) S ,K-M,l..U ;JK,M' AMI UUKK, adjnluJ lo .... pnnuhr ubc. 1 Tlio.p win klioiiM ivrar Hip I.are. Iiisiherejull of nearly Tcnlv Year's oraeiice . "I ho. dio .ireural; Irn.n lniiK iniiiinenieui ; who nnd e-snitiiiunl in the City of London, jnd the com- "V w,t"'n"'.ri arL" " " "' ''?"' lal1-"'-'. . 1 . ., . ' . , ,,.i . U'lirt nr.. ,trr.,lnnt , ir.nli. lu i. i.l In ., I 11 rill in. 1 T SI I,' 111 niuiM expenemo oi ino most icirniu rnysicians and . , , T ,' i ; , " Sureeon. of Iho OKe-forming a pcifect Mamie! of' J'"'1, ;hl' ,h?"U ttvia ,'lu'tl '' !'v'r ', ular; .Medical Knnwleilso anl Ailnco in relation In Ihe ' "" "': 'J ; ! """"""" Ai.nlnmv nf l in .un.. l ie S n. tj ininlnni. Tre.n. lasMiuercu eimiiitii cuniuu ai.iy? vir u i.iii, CJITfATI'll on llrown'. nrr, in r.e 'i.,ron O Ijuiinj 1 10 aens. Then i. aT, nf initrvaltf I...J.. ..(.., i. m. ii r,n nl u iien i un tiiL'i low I iii't, a nniiil I inn n iniermllv e ire. t i h mae, 3 hirn-i and lcd, a l"i,hI and anpl. an I n'.-ervu hoiv all ihe feel nt;. rxi i tuieili.-r. I an a' unujnceui w.iier ano is oneni ie II.. th a iiiai,i.. !... ,Iin il.r.i -in 1. nn . I i nil nwn n ' 'anil. Ill ine 1 11 UHV mr a u nry .lis i, -u mil lee.l-e. in Mippnrt Hie I iiijt mi I heart, anil the ! ol ln . . pan nm, . m u.peu iiM, r.t suu a ireti ieir n I iin-li 1 laniiiL' Macliiuo. THK SiiWcrilK-rliH-a cool l'laiiini; Machine in 1 nin'rnt inn 1,1 ilrn riiuntlrv bid Idiiajr near the and will uecotninoilate ihe pubtie.oanMonal le terms. i;rre valient man do more for himself "l inHy of f, nale Uir- in la ( , al-- ol s m (. iSMmt )t , s , n p. , ordinary physician tan do, b'yanyofthe wk a he.ui I uviiiUmik-ii in iru-rllin?. Jil.ei.S,B V Rome, ami wlVnn cthodsofpracti.-e.' J ' rxJn nn examinution of n Loniutiiitr of eininent nul I)nh Vi hi ,s j , (I , ,Bl,, V.. R. CUOSdMAN, Hurbnjrton, March 13, ISIfi. I'iilvlii Ha.v's. IMati1. STATJ: OF Vi:UMONT, ) 'pilKHon.lhelVnbale l)ikiru-i ir(?l.iii.nJ.Mi. ( X Court for the I)iinc( of Chiiteii.Ieu: To iHron- eoncerne J ill ilbeeMate of CALVIN KA V laieof Mmesburifli t' w I'isirict, decease.!, (miprtino. Wui Dv.c. Pliili. ltv vi'iiitnr of tba las) will ond tetionieni uf Onlvm Ray, late of Uintbburch. in iul ili.iricl decetued, propoes lo render un accnml of hi atlmmi-iraiion. and nreti-ut Ins a?amt anl e-iaie f r examinntion nnd allowiuue at a ei-ion of UieCiXiri of Probate, to bo hoi leu al In- ICegiaier.. iHH-v in lliirlmiion, in faid ditncl, on the iconu C(tne.iay nl April next. Tiir.m.rniu:. o i nre hereby ntdifieJ lo aintear K lore said marl il ihe lime and place aloreail, an 1 bhew en nee, if nny yoi have, why the account alore sai I hotil I not N allowed. (iiven under my ban I at Darlington, thu 19.h day of March, A. 0, 19 IG. 12w'J Win. UTSTON, Hesister. mcnt and Cure of Pulmmnry CompUlnis, ti -i i .1. .nii.,..i .. :. ... . I 111 WU IV HI HI I IPC I H-Xl"" Ml 11 II IV 1 1 ,( 111 IIIU'IH 11113 arc held m the biahest posible esteem in Gre.n Urn ain, as the cxliact from put b. j mrnats, which arc cien in ihe Ai)pendixt will a" undamly 1ow. Dr. iiucnin limy ueeian a, mm v im mis simple ituuie. 'i Lonsumpli than anu on common methods of 'n ruililu-i hy It, I. iiu.ih.i.i isi) washinslon street, Itaston, and old by all the llookscller and dralers lu new pnbucattons in me L. I'rice23 Ctnls ner convthe usual discount to the Trade. Sold in Iturtineton, by PCCK" A SPCAK: Mmt petitr IS. K. Cotii; anl by the Utu.ktrr pro. inuy, .-lo by if. ll.VIUIlV to, Hmoosi.i Falls, Vt. It nol only llmso who nre subject tnCompt tints leaduiL' to tin discTse, I ut llmsewlpinre in dinner from il (consumption) pcruefaithfully this imponniu and upprecutcd work,! 40 yl preent permineui drooping and etirva'.iiiu of the pme, All laboring under w but are calle I 'female weik nee-. e I her id oiolmc. ramf il ir olo-in.ced men- (ration. 'I hev h"uld be ihe aeemnp iii.oient' ff w ak t-bm m t till Mil' r. c irriei. a 'itrt-e,nn I I me lien 1 men. ntuuiiiited bv tho Amen vn liiitnu Preailuiu Dmtoma wa awarded lo this insirumeiif. I'crt lllra ti '1 he nndem'tud of ihe I. a ic if Ibwtnn nd it i Cnlton 'I'hrcntl. 1 ( IHO '1,s- ;l'i'n Thread, a-.'d No. & Coli, X JIVJ 600 ilnx. Kponl il.i ,1.) ,1, Mnrch 1, ISIG. Si.ool I'ur tale hy ILAS & NOVIM. 10 A' O T I O E . THIS i' lo certify lhat 1 have civen my n YIIO.MAS lu. lime, and tchnquish nil chiun and ill pay no dthl of lii coniiactini; pfn r lid. dale ' ' i iuiti.r.s r.. Clurlolle, March Dili. ISIS. 4lw3 LADDEIiS. ITiOIl .ale hy ihe iihtcnbfr, ! l'U, 100 ' l.s.l.l, r nf v ni mm Unslhi. Sample, may be plnvj.. ff-P""'""- "."" mtnienl-, nan nn,e, l,,ni. I b j, ,.e,,ci, . kerchief., oiled .ilk., dr. .sin gown.. Ae. &e; .11 M , " '"""'t DEWF.T. which will be .old at the lowcil ni.rk.i price.. 10 March 1! 1316 ' ' 0JU 75 lb.. Mixed March I. IBI0, N. in?, PACKS American l'in, on 1' or .ale liv VI1.AS h JNOVF.S. Ill I.OVI1I.Y hat now on hand n new and well M-lcctnl n..orlinent ol Floor and Slair t'jrpet. 4.1 and H-t Oil in ere. II nrielv of IMI Irrmunl puce. Aw, just rweie.l, a new let of Trjnmaronciei., all ol wti pruv. din h willfie i Id at erv low Manh 5, Si0. 10 Matches. 1 m OUO'S Match, lor .ale by lOU VII.AS & NOVKS. March I, 18I5. 40 eiititv, lake pleasure in eeriifiut lint nn iheir peinn . Dr. Hannins's laient I act ha. been iiiiiuediaiel and incomparably mi le (lliriint fur the n h, f ot fi innle i iieiktie.e. ihan iheuh'ir in.trumeni. in e inuiiin j iim. We behete il lo bo an inva'uitite nun iinee.'ind ! rienniini nd it in the cunfi h nre of thine ruvirmi; .uppnrl. Whan w.dl adjuii-d, lie h ive fuun I It per ft clip coiiifopatde in lis hear in a i n ihe tmd v. Mrs Newcumb, Mr IVckcr, Mr. I'kbkin, Khencii, ' IIramiuil, " I'ooTtn. Ih'ton. 1811. This may certify, that wc the undcrsictied have for .ieral year, been anhcteil wiih iliiulde fiunal curva lure, o as In meierially disturt and enfetble our tmd. lea ond dqilei'iale our euuif.iits t and llnl Iiy carina Dr. Iliiinina'.r Hem I. aie, e hae found immedi ate lehef :o our pains an I wetknc., nnd some i f it to dif.irmily I hut especially to the pain and weak ness al the .mail rf theheik and between the shoul tier We would nnl sill ihe privilege "f umr, llio Lave for any worldly roni,leraiion. We find II a perfect suli-lilute for llie inmel. nnd .houlder brace, and aunrrior to any other artitle. May thousand. try il, I'tlZAPCTII C'liAris, A Miuuthrr, Caboleille.Stpt. 1911. Nancv II. Twicueu .N. II. Tho ewho imv wi-h to Make Inal rf ihe I.ner, run call at Ihe re.i leuie of Dr. .Smilh, or he will iirii iheuiaiivwhero iu ihe village, witlioul nny nddiiional rh.irt;e ; and he wilt ri fcr anv lads' or gentleman, who may wi., toimme one in lira ullage who lias proved iho ur.Uty orihe l.ace in Ineir own ease. Thev may also be had rf hi. asenls lltir. ringtou il-'llrollier loiether with ample dirtctioin 1 for application. &c, eVv. 10 mo'i, y will lie r..r, ,-r. I Ml llie I IlltC Of I tlf p la'. AI.O, A il i e' mi! hntife', i-'io , birn. mil Ijtir acres of laii t. nil win, Il is a n nl oirlii'd. Ivimi; nl the village uf Wil tun. fur file I i iv autl nn a Mi d eiedii. hv Win. I. .-r.VMOUU. lliirlin?inn Jan. 30, 1810. 33tf vilas .s .xovi:s, tTnil'I.D uui'c ihe atien'iun of .1 ' n irl V W'jr. who nny wish tn purctnc American I'rillts. O r ftnrlt n iw 1 the larpeH nnd inn-l desir able ever o,l. red in :ln nutUel, cuni-lini .ry crcat vart''t ri'p'itkins. and me nt iv and very neat ils. They wire pun had at a wlnnihe ayen- were eloMug their Fa'l bu-me, and the own er of the poods were nn.ioes to M.KI' SM.FIS, wlueli en.ilded u lo o' u n ihem ol le. prices thai tliey liad been prni.inly snld. In this way we oh tjineil an adianiace f fiain rnie lo Iwo cents on Ihe yard, on sonic i)lts,nnd puis il in our power lo sell ill. as cheap n the lobber. in .Vew Voik. We would so'ieit a call tiom nn uimiuirio pur chase, rnd we do s ful'y eonfi It pi lhat wu sell Ihcm upon the most faiorab'c term, l'lcase call and sec lor veurfrelie. Biirl nslon, Jan. !;ili, lc10. 35 M. G. R A T H B U N & CO, rr.Vl! aam return d from Nevx-VoiK with on li. nddn.onaUuj p'vof CLOTHE, CASSIMi:uns, ViTINfiS, AND T r I r ni I ii jj n Ainntu wb!cl. me I! t IU: , Ih. wn. OoM MiM nnd Itlk IVhii b VaeM. I'lue Hlk , llruwn lr.en, R'ue, lllti. 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