Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 3, 1846, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 3, 1846 Page 2
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www puma SPECIAL. MI-'SSU.i: FROM TIIK I'lvKSIDIIV!'. Wliilo t tic Orc'nti ipicstinu w as timlcr ilis. Cllltill ill the Senate mi tlm -'Ml, ntnl bile Air C l mini wai in iking a speech in favur nf n to iiniiiii..i', hy a ill i is mi nl tho lurnltiry cm Ilia In, nt i In' I!) h pur.illul, u nis.,i.;i) w.i received Iriuii lliu I'lesidont, in reply lei the to Mutton which wax p i-.-trit seine d ijm aoo on tin- untnui ,. Mr Divtust askum inform itinn In regard 'o i lu n cni ly fur .' npprnprii. limn fnr li elcmes nf lh . otintry. Alter Mr C.illi nut had nine, wlcd Ins jfecli,t!ic tnes. stc wan road, a IilIiuvh: To llie Senate of I'm t'nited States : In ani.vcr In Ihc nnpiirv nf tho Senate, conlainrd In their resiluibii ol ihu ITlh nut nit, whcihor, in my 'Ju brinc'iil, any circumtaitci s ennneelcd with, nr fnnMu nnt nf, the Iorvii rditwtn nf I tiis rmin. try, remnro at lhl li ne mi nl our n.ivil nr military f"tee " an I, if m, "ivlnt tlmm circinnsl in roinrel" I hive tn epre! tlin n,iniion that a wise precautinn cli m inji urh j.vre.n?". In tn v mcMie nf tlip M nf l)pnn! ,r laif I re'ii iinu-ii h I to the f.ivnrahle eonsidrratinii nf L,oiiiirc nn liiereapnf'iir inval fore nn iiiereasenf. air naval force, especially of n invv, nml the raisin;; nf an cdennto tni'i- e lo ctnrd and prnici.1 such "four citizens in o ir oipun tarv fire linsht tlnnli prop, r Ii r iiiit.-r.i1c to (Jrejron, Since pcrio 1 1 hive rei'ii p i ,'iu'n tn ler.ilTur tnodily theo recnninieiid moil". () i the pnnir.iry, reaioin 1 rm, whieh, in niv jit 'jiniriit, ri-mlcr it prnper nnt inly tint tin y oh i dd b.- prninpily pirricd into e Ipet hut llntaddiliiiiil ptovu .ma thould ho miJe fur the puMic deli'n i', The iMii-i Ii r ilion ul fieli additional pr.ivlsinn wis tirnush. ipproprritu cn.nnii ice. nf the two nniics nt i mime-, in 'inm-r In cnlH made liv them in tc"vt pn.piroi, rtiih my a letinn, hv'lhc SeLreiari nf ur and llie tfccii-Mrv nf ihc . w'y, nn the 9t'i DrccinN r iind I l,o 6ih id dantiarv la?l i a r.iodu i f rnininiiniiMim t w"li CinnrpFs unt' ninnnii, nnd. under pv.iiik' I'luimiiauei s hi.iped to lemo.'t clisdile, Sn' pi-ipi it cvpiiis have eniitlininl nn; in tlm iipiiiioii that ill. e rte mniend.iiiims mic propel n precautinmry niPiuri It nap n im-c in ivmi f the P.nlipr nf fii comitrv. tint "in he p'ejnri-fl fir uari nne nf llie mo-t lli rietil mean: ul pn r 'i mg pi nee s" and that, ' .iinnl. ills.' ncct'iotm nl epenc lie etiliunlm? peace," w !tould " reui'Miiher, nl-.ii, lliat tnuelv ililiur-eim hh to pn pare fr d.inni r fn iju-nlly ineicnt much n il. tr di!-hur-iiieiit In repel it " The ftneral ubliija. tun tn p.rdirin ill ii duly I L're.uly Hunijllipiicd hy 1 let l,uineu in ilu who'" f rid. 'A cnuirinerM- ret--p-'Piui ihe Ori'i: el ten norv now evits heiir'n the Ulllled S Hen i.,. (i i pit Hi nun nnd w hile. a fir as we lino e. the rel.HMix f the l.iili r nil ill Kut. p'nn piti'ir.s ar,Mf llie in ni pi ilje cinneier, ihe i ini ii-ui n' mil .-(ia..r'h i irv aiunine Hi aiul w ir Ii'ip prepir mm", n.n i' and iiiilnii v, tintli at home nnd m h -r Xri'i m 'rieiu p,H-pn tin. Iipmit h il i'tue I th il, Iukv-'Vit sincere mav h" I'm deiire of p 'lep in llie event nf n tnplure lliee t.- miiienis anil prppnra cnM voull he mrd ai;'iu,st rv. InleM r in ly line lipin Tie niiuiual purpniM nf iliee prepnraiinii", llie f n-t is un luiihii d tint lln-y are uuw prueiedini.', input, al Ictsi uiIj n iev to die ciiniuiif.-nl p luiluhi) nf i war wuh llie Umled Sine". Til i!m.ral p.i'i -V nf inakiiic a, I i t.nnil w nlike prep uni in vi ili-tineilv .hum mied, in the ppee h fro u t e t'irone, ni lute as .Tvunrv lai, mid In s.noe Ii u reil. rut. d liv Hie miuioiri of the cionn in hoi'i h inn nf I'irlniiniii. UmUr thi npcei ofnur ri'l iti cis Willi (iipil llritain, I can not duulit the iirunrie'v nl tncrr-iHiij! nur meain nf defence, Imili hy I md uiJ sei. 'I In ran cite (treat Hi Him n cui.p nf oil .ii -e nnr ini-rpT-e ihe d iner nf rupnire, li'.ini ihe i omnry, e sliniihl full our r.ruis m Keeiiniy. .hhI nt ht he v-nl lenly iiunlii'd in hosiih i, lor the iniuitt uni-'c ol njr it ruihii?, wi liout nny ml q-nie prep trillion, inr re:-pnuitnhiy to the c. nniry won! I he of Ihe limho-t i-lnra ter. Should uolli-.oii lift wiiii ihe iwo puunlria? he nnp- I, ns I hfuvrrlr In si it nnv ln, the nd liiionnl chirf'1 up n i ho irens.ny, m nnkiui: the in crs-ary, prepiratio-i--, will not he I. I : while, in 1 1 event of nsich a colliiiuu, iht-v would he m-li-pi niihle fur the maintenance ol our national rijlns mid iia'iDiial honor. I line s o i no renon In clnn;c nr modify tho re- weshnuhl frd I our 1 r, -aiao III le-llll U me urci'.in niirlion, I le iiotife to n urn-Hie the treaty nf ihe (nl, of A..-m, 1 R-- is nut I J In- the treaty ,ls,-!f, .-.d ,..,. he le'a ,le, a"a wa like measure an I I e.inmt ,.hhuld u,v siren., cm vie- tun that il Mmu'd l. pmmntlv The . il , r I ,.,,..i .' ... '.'-. .. ..I! .,' ... .' ". 'ii- ii, ,"ii,t, iiii.iv III! llie e.inuiL ' ireaiy, cna v.-oiiu nll-ird I American c iuz"n IJrecon n ) in irg Ihm Jhc snip in-isure of prntectinn which h n I n.r s uce been i-xteuJe.l to lirituh sub jecu in that territory. The sine of our relatuns with M.-vieo i tilt in nn unsettled con bnou .Siupo the in iin,; nf Oonrc-s nnatlier rpvoluii' n Ins t.-Iien place in lint enuuirv, by vvhteli the i.'.jvei ntucni has i.i.&,l in'o i tic hauiK ol n?w rulers. Tins etenl Ins proernsHinie I, and imy prnlni U- defeit, llie i ol i l-i,i -ii i of t he iliinrcnees bstwecn the LT nted ales iaij Hi it lotuitrv. Tlto minister ot ll c Fnind Slates 10 Mexieo. nt the t'a'e nf the ll-l ail i ici s, h 1 1 nollivn rn. cited liv Ihee.v lstini: autliuri't-. lciiiou$:iat"uis of a ehu.icicr hnsiilo lo the Untn d 1.1 s t onlenie 10 he untie in Met!'! which Ins rui'leietl it pn per, i 1 lit r j lu lu -ul. 1 1 ken ucjitv ta u ilmds nf our nrmv on our r utinv -.teiii froiiii r. 1 t 1I011151I1H, iniuy of ihc reciilir mi'ii-irv have h.-eu -e I to 1 until fore", mi lci me ti tluir dil'juee should an cmcr Bill T I''''-. 1 1 viea- nf the p "eirctimsiinees," ii is my "jtdj inenl - li 11 an I ofo r nival and nii'u try firee, is nt this lime refpntpil," lo p'n-e lip. evinuy in a sun ihle si ue oftlet' ii -e At the sinie time, 11 is my sci ll -d purp ise t pur-ue aeli a c i.use nf p ,j. iev ai nny he b-ri e'lli ulale.l to preserve, b nb w-.ib Orrat llntiin in lMesi -o, an hmniab'e peice i win ii nniliinz hid so 1 lb-em illy promote as uiiTtiuniv in o ir councils, and u liriu mainlcnance nf all nur 1 1st rijlits. .IA.MF.3 IC. l'OLK, VVasbinglon, March 21, IP 10. The Clerk having read the mcrsiee, On ninli ui nf Mr. Allen, it was laid oil the table, nd ordered to be print? i. It will hi soon from this mesige, that the President alludes to lha recommendation, in his messiL'oal tlio opening of tho ees-iun of an in. crease of Ihu military and 11av.1I force, and says that reasons p.vit-t which iu bis opinion nnl:o it proper tint tlp-e recoinmeiidatmnit slinuld be promptly carried into efiiu-t, and tint " adlitinn. al provision should be made fnr the public de fence." Mo d ins not specify the extent of tho additional provision which bo rernmniniiils, but stales lb it cJ iimunieations on the subject have imch mum, en made, Willi Iin unci ion, by llie Socreta- ; is nf V ar and lha Navy lo Ihe appropriate nm.ttee, of ll.o two Houses. j Alter tho reading of tho .Message, Mr. Web-1 ries commit tee.s rter rose f ,r iho inirpuse of cii'iuiriug uf tho 1 Senatnrs at tlio nf the committees infer, ,. . .. . .. run in to llie aio-sage, wneilior tliey cnulil net f uggoM souii. iu tio 01 to lltoKnnivl. ed.'O of Ihe Senate, I be e-l mites which had been coinniaiucated tu thuse couuni tens, vvilb lln; sain lion of ihe I'rcs di'ui. .Mr. Webster said that he would not complain of this 111 .do nt coniiii'iuicating ti M 'tubers nf f.uigicM Iho judgment of the Ku'Ctnivo on such import, Hit mibj'-cts, because, as tho I're.stleut had said, it was not uiiiijiril. Hut tho praeltc" was of re. cent nrigin, ami .Mr. Webster added that in his judgment it was one nut lo be encouraged, Mr. Ilmteii in rep'y lo the enquiry said, tlni on the ai plu-atum ol the .Military ('oiiunilteo In tlio hecielary nl H ar, lint luiic.tionary had re turned .111 answer which was iu the h ind of the eii niii.tiee. Much n it iu ght very pmpcily be published, but there were olber pirts ol it w inch the coiiiin Pen tbo'ight it wuuld mil bo proi er 10 nnke publ v. Mr. ra'ufi'ld, C'h lirnian of the Naval Com tuition, sa:d Ihat in reply to an application Iu the Secretary of the Navy a Ciinmiuuiealiun was received ami read In the Senate and published. 11 was accninpatucd by a b.ll which wa now Wt the calender. In reply to a ipiestion by Mr. Clayton whether the Naval Committee bad re. ported all th" tnlnrmalinti vvlrcbtbey bad re coived from tho I)i.'nitmen', .Mr Pairl'mld said tint corlain reports frnui the beads of I0 ,. ream--tu lite Screlary of Iho Navy were Iraiw 111, tied to Ibo rnuuni'tce, w ith tl.o iiiidprstaiidiiin that they uaru lu bo returned to bun j ihat ilcp were voluuiiunus and they were nut cn.u.uuui. cated lo the beualp. Iu reply U a further epieslion bv Mr. Web B'er, Mr, 1'airfield Mid tint Iho Secretary bad communicated to him verbally, tint the nsi. miles were inndj out under Ilm bauetiou nf ihe I'resideni.and th it Ibis ii.fnroi itioii was not com. muiiicated by bun lo llej H'jna'e, in mirndiiriiig ihe bill for t iu augnienlaliou of lha Navy. In reply to an inquiry by Mr. I l iylon 1 f bow many fhips nf vvar worn rernmtnended in Ilm rnii inuiiicatlou of llie K-cret iry, Mr. pairlb ld mid lli it ho d el not at that tnouisiil recollic; iho number. The infnrnnlien nf Ibo commnulcatioii nf tlii message reached the llti'is j uf Represent Hives nlmiit tho bour winch had been lived lor taking Ibo ipiHslum in coinuiilteu 011 Iho rill 1 regiment bill. Mr. Admin moved lint Ilm c un niilno rife, fnr Ihe purp 'se nf reconsidering the volo winch icnuiie.l Ibo nuvMimi tn be then taken. .... ?. ....1 f 11.. lie wail iuiL-rrujni.u u, um ui wiuvi, He sue. ecciloil in rmnmiiitieatlnir lli" ftft Hint t lie I nrimmi nt Ins tnotiim ns tlm fniiitniiiiie.itioii 1 whit Ii linl lioon in nli) in Ilio Sotinti.", ami -elneli I he s.i id imjjhi. tn ho ni nh; kn-iwii In tho IInuo ' before they dcnduil tins nupstinn, nml llie coin mitten tn-e, IWorc further priicecdinsi the Homo adj. hi rtiF-tl. inn risn arms. The Ilrtlt'h Anns tn India arc nmv rnnlrmllne in prc'isilv llir same leni'in, fiann( the descendants nf the mini' race, nml with tn liille. jnl inn Htn nihcr linn III? In-M "f cnnn,'ie1 as Iwenty.lwn centuries neu Wllneed III llie case nt ''tlip Martihoinll Iliad nnn" .Mcxindi r. Hp inn, dinlisficd with the liar-row- hniiis uf hi? flu nnn prinoipih'Ks, niinnl in pes. sesa I Anaud with slreiiunus endi ranee, intlonn- tab'o emu ice ami snppnrinl liv Im trrr-tlil lo .via. cedomin ph.i'aiu, suhlnrdill Vs.a M nnr-lhe Med. n " ,"" ', f ""' 111050 '"llii-CM were em and the IVr-hns md llinlly m this very I'nnl tiih 1''vcil lie would nppnso any imreasn of tho (s i c-.i ileil finm the llie riicrs nf which the eniiihiticd Army c.vcept in tho fnrin nf rani; anil file In each mines ennsiiiuip" neiuw me IIH1IHIIJ2 linlm) w here I ho Ihiulish nml I he Sikh" ate now cnnlrnil intruding fir nnsicrv lie cneniiuterid nnd subdui l lite hnrha. rim ICins I'urii and afterwards made him liio mead. I ist timid and nave tn him tcriuoncs fir miirecAtcn. fix thm thoc over which he ortp,in-illy rnltil. Tindery rivrr Snlleje on the hanks of which nc c rred th- bloody iVjht liitwicn I lie F.tudish nml the j, 10 11 nA,nh which prnved tli hniutdiry nf Alexander's cnnTiCJts, and beyond which hi; (irmy nii!, nut follow. feiielis. (.1 u-im li we imp it rieeivcil llto unci liecncc Hie easy uc.lories and profuse and precious spniU, wli, 1, in !lr c,,riir itiiit sui,u!i- r,lm ttl Pi.liit nr ...,. A..n U..1 .,. ..i.l il., ., n., 1 .,,,.;.., I it,. I nvnrirenf tlin Oreek snldtcre hid indisposed ihcm I to Ihe lieieer conflict, unredccimil In- raniutcd trtas- ' tir-1!. which nw-ntcd tliein alon the harilter mid poi rer trihes nf Nnrthcrn Indn l'et for a lime and w In'e ihcre ecnrd sunte definite limit to the muhilion of iheir K-ader, limy followed A'evander williout inur niuruij, exeii to the fool of the II iiu-dii n. On ih-lnnl,snf Ihe Hvtlap'-s the in rthera trih uiary of llu lndiia th Maci-doubiis eucoimien il llie ureal Iviii2 I'orttr, who leninid nvel the region smitli nf tint nvr r, in I whoso ani'i.ii m wis dr -a lu I hy all llie Indians dwcllm; nn its nnrthcrn ami he tivu u it and the In his. The e pinerlv Inded the np. pn ach nf AYinder ns i pm-pcior n'jiinst thelr an nv real or apprehend. .1, of P.irus-j'ist as P.-irdand nl this diy nnkes hiti'e utiw nemnst the Alll-hans, vid iiniv nui nt Ihe Stlvh In nvi use some real nr s I w i . i.2 lo s nne iriine tnhes ur princes mdirat nn, I ke Al -aiuh r, nf minor wrongs, hy Ihe I'llli'-iion of wrun"s lenfohl "renter. )i lln-lift lankiifthe Ihiltspro I'orus sat down w eh his f.riuv, eouipnsi d nl 40 DPD fool, Ii 000 hnisp, ICO w ir rh'irnnu, and niore lln n 200 p'tphmts. The force nf Ale in 'er like thai nf the arinv cf Kneland, in the i te haul, was lira. I v in tie e lull wi Ii a I-'u r.ipea i lnis in I corn t lis hshis Mieedonnns and oilu-r (ree s, h,. hid the hest eaeilrv nf Aii from Itieltia, Sevlltn, .So2ihi. Ae., and a cTuii,.r:ililc loireof naiiic infanlry. His iiiaui army, huweter, w a ( a nil y. Xnt iliiuir; lo eros the rieer in front of f-rniidi-hle an arinv, -ind ppi ei illy dieidinr; the riled nf the e'eph nils upon Ins eaenlrv Alex inder hy favor nf tlirkand tnrtny ntaht mtdnfnn is! in I hippilv intpr p s.-d helwpnt the Innks nf ihe riv r. ahnep tin: pnsi lion of the ftienn-, and which lull ihe ndviulaL-e of nt nnee enner-rin.' mil f-iti'il.ilun: th'- ntlriui'l nf llie (!rei k threw '.POO h -re an I tis ininy fn t .vrnss ihe liver, in I le.idinir tlu-ni in per m inrned ihe tl ink nfl'oni.'s nrmv md uttcrlv di feme 1 it with iireit slniLhii'i to ih.' lo hms inikine the har' m tan kitiu a pri- uier nnd hrne!f losi diir-rina ihcr, m much from ll.e Knglih hattles nnlv St foot s ddiers and hurs-. A new city p died A7'.i7, huilt np i!ip spot of the mine, eemiii-tunrairu nits eteiorv anil nin iiiereaM- I n. I ?..-. ..I.. I.-,-.. - It I. .1 .,.. i,,, , ,i, ,,,, ' r ,, it..,i-.,. ,!.! t, die 1 tin re, r mis irousht lidnre Alsanoer nnd inlcrmcn'ril bowlippxpeeicl lohetreatcd answerid "liken Idnj." 1 r,e?n ' The finteor ueh eeneroshi- nnitfd 10 s iel, nlnr'flhe'.in.iiili 1 1 him. lie was cuvywln-ie iibinitd to nnd wel-1 i. i , . i i torn i . . ' i I '""""'.'-" P"- 'eto iuru.iiiu me i i-rsiau in 10 mo niouin nt ino ntiphr.iiesand nicrmhi (the-famous vojimeof Near- I , t ., ! I ., I ll,Ilnn;.t i r i . ...y .... , "'"""is as he profen I lo reach the G in;-es lln, hc" a,n,n ,,1",p-1"' "' "1C hy r'f'!"'"1 0 1 n""1 ,nl:,r ,,'"u",'1 rr2l"n i'n'nl,n "mi1 a,.'!l n:lle" ,f0" '"''V "in id A ra ler -in , imp ore, entreat nnd prnmi.p. ' o - I it il... ,n.... . . ,i , , 0. -cm, while tl el .tn!l eirciunn iverale Africi nod l'i"ii ihe 1 01111 Is of our empire will he tho-e which God h is made the bounds nf llie earih " Tile Ciuetts w,te uiiin.ivali'e, llie tboujlits and lunmn2a "f honie h 1 1 eome necr ilietn. Tle'v resn. Inicly iefiied to cross ilm jplnu-and Alexander after creetnty; nll-irs un its h-inl, to eouinicinnn'e hi; pr.tnre.s thus 1 ir I ii wept inn he eunld ennipier no oilier wofl i ul ttrind ins march hoim-wilil. I'i sclii 'i v ud l'I in -es will ti"i he with. mi iirer est for o t 11 nb r-, s nee ihe -inie tticiir.' is now ihe s -'.iin of he events, pre,ii ihti in llie recent haiib's llie h 1 rt.-l 1 11 11 if s we in iv enll the Sl'ih . M-,-re llie 1. si'liula. 'I IfV ll nil whoeros-el ll.e lljph mis or S it '-j-., thI on 11 h ft hiul, lln- Ilae'isli i,eeiu-l ill nsi ndt and sj fearfully sirujbd lor tho victo ry lb "v won. In -Ins eas 11s in a'l It'ee ones our sympiihics aie wilt hi e w ho defend I In ir nw-u ll lines, a 11 I Ihe nvel s and ill" nt uin tains wlie-h t,'o I Ins nssi.mid to iheni 1 ml win Ih r 11 he btl.l Kadcr n .lPu-i nr warn or of northern Indn we letl that victory should be wii'i'ibcm. Tint iich will b" the result nnv be pnesi1 1c in both cis... A lo Ali-crn, it ha8 e -I Frui' e iiullioo. nf treason and tins of thoiieiiKi-nf hvi an I ipt the L'leil Arab ih'cfls ns btlle sub bled ii". al the lievnl ui'iL'. '-a ihoitjii the fi Id nf ha'tle nnd tlie Iroplucs of Moodkee rcunmul Willi the llrei-h, it is bir frnin ceilntu tint the victory is final and decisive. A pa s'1114 ulitici nt llie relative tneins nii.l niuubcrs of the eonien inur pirtir will fhew- tins. Acconlin to the lalei nutborities upon which we have been tih'e to lav our h ir.ds the inlnl number of ironps in ill ludn is a1 out 31,010 of whom 20 000 are of ihe reeulir nriny,and the reaidus rccrii'i el in (treit llritain Inr the t'ouipinv's service. Tin I'urupiau firee is disln! nied iliiu'uehout the vast p 1- scsi-ious,in.-ular and continental, ed the Km ludi 1 llo-npany. Too Native troops in the service nf ihc Company. aiii'iiinMl t-be'ievi'l to sonietluiia bl,c one hundred andjlfty I'touxjnd men. Thee nre composed indis pnuiunirly of Hindis nnd Musstfhians inived up loscilur 111 llie sinio retmeirs and under couiiiiiii'i, as 10 eo-npiny ofliccrs of lln ir own ptoile iluuuh sep 'nor eoinuiiu 1 is wholly iu Furnp-aiis to such an evttnt tbni the vounacst en-ijn nl ihe lbiln,!-. .tr Th. Native n.iopsnre brave au.l faithful. Il is n point nflionor vvitli Nitivo Artill. rymen never in de-' f r;ndnn;,,cb''bnur'r!jers "ii?: ;l,eurm"an (.'av.iir y, and tike inueh heiier cire of iheir horses. im- I lain; ofl'ienidt-t nativt'otli The arm vol Hun ifl ,inrli the Chief of ihe Sikhs ! wis conipiiud bv the lliui-b nuthuruies some few-1 . .. 1lMil ..C..I...I ,. t r srl" "-" uuun u. nu unu onu u-m weto Cav-ilrv Uicv Invenl.ia numerous nitdlcn as wis 111:1. le inaui'tst iu the late conlbet. When 11 is : in si b resl lint llie Piion of ibis con test 1. f tr away fr nn supplti s 1I111 it ts strong in niiutnl ti nuns for tlcfenie linl it is inhahiicd by a brave and wir'ike race, nnd that the suiip'itluts nf a I Nor ih ru India must be with the Sikhs ind w hen boili Itnssii and Frinee 111 iv pn.silv prc. lr jmer. esi 111 pet 11111 1 in lucius m he furnished thai may pin Inns a w"ir so cosily nod p-tilous lo Knyl'sh siiptem aev 111 the F. docs not seetu nm'e clear, not. w ult. 11 ndiii" the firing of 1 lie P ult nnd Town r tun ill lentil in un r ihe iielury nf .U, nnd I he vote' of thinks 111 Pailmneiit tn ihe (' nqucrors, Ihat the welt, is deili'ie or eo'iipb le. The ties. I lulp aceouills from ludu iiimiut fail lo be looked for with great in terest. cotvTcnnss. Monii.vv March !;.'). Sknath. Among the moiiionals pre.euleil. Ibis morning, worn two up ui the subject nf Slavery, asking for such an amendment to lie! Coti.lilull'in as wi'l de;slroy Ihe conti vuanfu of that institution. The motion to iccoivo was laid upon tho lab'e. A 1ncmori.1l was presented fro 11 tlio North West part uf .Missouri, to annul llie treaty of 16-J7. .Memorials were presented fora Mirinn Ilu;. pitai al New Orleans, and fur a National Anno ry at I'nrt .Massac. Tho Resolution of ,Mr Webster, calling for copies of ibo iidditiiiual currespoudcncc upon the North Rislern Boundary Queanon, was adopt ed, with the iibuil provision, if not iucuinpatiblu Willi tlm public interest. A bill iu refeiouco to the Courts nf I'lnrida allowing threo Judges, nnn al Key West, one in rensariila. and one in West Florida, was the subject of debate, Mr Allen agrpeable lo notVo on Thursday, moved an Rveeutivn bc'snon -al onu n'ulurli, and the .Senile ail'iurneil 6mm alier threo o'clock, without definite action upon tho subject under consideration, which is uudcrttu'jd lo be the 1 treaty with llelgiuiu. I Tlm House, of Representatives went into 1 Coiiiintlteo of Ilm Wholo un the slalo of the Union Mr McKiv. nl N. iu Ibo chair. .Mr II ir. I am nf (1.1 , led to takn up ihe bill from ihe committee on Ailmny Afl'urs, (nr rais. ingtwo regimnii's of mounted rilleuien. The uiotmii prevailed. Mr tl.'CniHiol, nf Ala., moved In hy as'dn the bill III take un nuu reunited from the couimiiion en Judiciary, fur an equal distribution of the pnhlic nfTn cs ntnnng tlia sovornl Slatos, niniinii was Inst. Mr H.iiyur linnpil In Insert tin? Scnito liill, prmidini.' fir tlm raising nf one iciriinvnt (it nllo- men instead of tint iruv,Joil for in llie commit- iMr IlritilierlinlTiiiitnralcil nn incrcaso nftlio Army itpnn tho grnttml that tho present fiirrcs wnre iiniilciiiato In a pearo cslahliKlimniit. ami Imcatiso the slaio (ifnur relalnma Willi Kttglaml anil Mexicnilcmaiideil an inercase. Mr Haralson nf(3i,, said the lull hail nn rcf erence to nur fiiroinn aiTiirs. lie mlvnratn.l Ilio lull aa it hail hceii roporled, for a Pc.icc Hstab lislimciit. Mr Ilitnllnnf Mn., was (ippnscil In any in. crease of regiments. Tliero were 1(10 Super. company as line ueun reetiininniided liv ilm Prnvident, iIr IlrinkerhnlT arniieil that Ihpfo fn railed 8uiprnuiner.irie.s uoro , Ftiporiiiinierarics Mr lilarl; of S. C,s,iul they untc not, and llto (lobato tnniPil for a time upon lliis fart. Mr Veil nf Arkansas, adiocnted llie inrrease of the Army, ami contended that it was ncccfia. ry to the frontier defence. Mr jicO.iiijjIipy of la., said it was nnt a peace measure to increac the Army, ami there was nn ncrcssiiy for the passage of llns hill. The West ilul not need it. did not erl( il, and desired not to lake motiev out of tlm Treasury for Iheir own protection." Mr Hiker of III., m d that the hill was nnt necessary Inr the defence of tlo frontier. It was avowedlv tint a measure lo moot our dilTi ciiIhcs ni h llnnlantl or Willi Mexico, liut do. dared tn ho a lull lo defend us from the peace ful tribes nf ln.ltaiiF. Mr Cliipiuiin of Mich., Ilio renowned orator, amused Ihe Iiimse with his hotir'ii speech. The amount of palling and hnmliai t was unexampled, and tho roimniltcu rose. Mr llaralsnn of (ia. proposing lo end Ilio debate tijiuu the bill to. morrow. TircnAV, March 'J I. ,Sr.ATi:. I'ctitions and mi'imirials Hern preseiiied. Aumng ihcm w,is one proM'iilnl by .Mr D.nis, nf Ma"sachti. s"lt, from rjlizns of Marhlehid, relntiio lo bounties on lishino; cssnls ami md lishcrics. Mr Davis aet-nnipaniml Us prcseiilation with a very able speech on the subject, and against the bill t.f Me Iientnu, to repeal the bounties .Mr llontnu replied at Mono lenuth, enfnrcinr' his well knmvn views on the sulj-jct, and in fa. vor nf his bill. Mr l'.nrlielil spnlio in f.unr nf the Imuntirs with encrnv, on the J;roiind tint the fisheries were nursery iclienls fur seamen, The Mibj-'cl was then la d nmde. Mr Jolitfnii of l.n., preseiited rnsolittinns from the l."oislaure of 1,iiuisi.uh, askine; (onuress in view of our foreign rel.itions, to Like liicas. u'res fnr the protertiou of .N'ow- Orleans, Air A'lon ileMred llrit fouio day shnnld be mined for clu-ing the debate upon "tho Oregon I rpiesliun. Il was forty, livedavs -mice Hits notice . was reported lo lio Soiiale and Ihe delate com. I niuuceo. 1 nero were mmy reasons, w Inch i could not now bn named, why the delicto slinuld ' ho closed at an early day. fie should suggest 1 Stturdav ne.vt ns the for ll.n ,.n.n 7., I. ' taen. ! X' "rehoad said he did not.know whether "10 oenalf would Fatictlou llie views nf the Sen. ator from Ohio. As one of llie humble.-t Sen. atore, however, bo desired to be beard upon this 'in'MHiu ueinro me ntiai vote was taken. r,ir A en sail in a nne, mnrek- ,n .llr.,,, ,!, o , ., , . . , J , . t-l-ll;ltu Iho subject, in order that sumo day muni ui- iiiimeu lor closing mo ueiiatc. The debate vva then resumed unon the main ' nneftton hy .Mr Chalmers, of Mies., in favor of I until e in a moderate form Tho Senate rinsed with an Ilvncntivo session. Iluust: Tho IIoue adopted a Itesoluiion In close the debate upon tho bill iuercasinf the Army two regiments, at three o'clock this'd.iy. A iiio'inn In lav the resolution upon the table was rejee'od !)() tu 70. The I Inure, at nil ear'v hour, went ininrnn. 1 ul " " -"r -w fV'iy, ui in. u. pi tno ..r . 1... le-t... 1.. m -. ... r . . . II IT, , .tirrtrl nnucll, o! Aia . moved tn lav n.h, ilm 1 In I , in 1 orili-r total; up the bill fur the diMribu. tiuii nf p ibl.c. ofirers. I I Iin (.liur. Tlio gnntleniin from S. C. (Mr niiel,) was entitled In the mr. 1 .Mr .ucCoiinell. I am eniilled to tho (loor, and inov" In lay aside the lull. I I no IJnir. I l,i irputliMiian from Alabama will take b.s son. The eentleman from S. t' is entitled In the door. , Mr Mi Lunnell. I don't believe it. ! Crie of ,,ril.r ",i...t .. ,.j, neanl. , .Mr m.-OoiiiipII. I dnn't care a d 11 for vour ' uiut'i uiuci, ttuiu , cries of-nrder," "order." 1 y04r. j.',vu thousand extra copies nftbe repuil Thedebiie followed upon the mority of the acminpanv nig tno bill wcie ordered tu be bilk Mr III irk defending the bil1, and append, pruned. nnr an amendment to rcipurii that the Army ( A bill was reporled from ihc cmnmillec on Ofrkors bbnuld bo felertud fmm tlinso already Mihlarv AlT'irs inr the commencement of fnrlili in cunimisMiin, and no new nfiicers cIuimmi. ' rations at Snrkelts Ilatbar. Alto in Ijuisiana Mr Tildou nppiiscd tho bill as unnecessary, ami Alabama, and as a measure designed merely tn conciliate .Mr lli.hnes, frnin the ennitnitlcc nn Naval "the Democracy of the Western H'ales." The ' AlT'irs, reported one of tho letters finm sir II tr militia of the West were able lo take care nf croft, concerning a i-tatement front the heads uf Ibciuse'He.-, and lln; cnunlrv did not need the ! the bureaus, (Coin'i.i dines Morris, Warrington, pmpo-eil inrrc.1-0 nf the Army. .Mr T. said Hlmbricl! and Crane,) (imposing an increase of that nothing bad been done in reference tn our 1 tho Navy. Tho p.piiiVpx were about tn be re foreign relations, and nothing, therefore, war- I purled by Mr K n", nf ti.t.. in tho foini nf a 10 rauied an increa-o nf llie Army. i pnri, when Mr Houston, 1 f Ala., Mr Thompson, Mr It ilhbun, of Now York, also opposed Ihe j of Miss , anil several oilier members nbj-ctcd. bill. It was Iho carl before tho horse to na-s Tlm Sneaker decided that the lenort'w a. in such a inernire. So long as nutliing was done tn pvti'tti our lues nier f),n,, ,.,.1 .1 take possession of Oregon, am! thorn was nnvvar - - .mn iii'iiihi in Mil .1exicn, be would not vutu fur an increase of the Army. , ''" -rged the passage of tho I '"" wl''.' ""'at earnectness, proi.ounciiig it ess iry for iho vvelf.ue of the cnuutrv. .Mr Gentry, of Tenu., also spoke in favor of . , ,ii .' mo mil, a. nne necessarv to tho growiii" siato of the country. Mr I) iv is, of Miss, spoke until Ihe hnnr nf 3, when lliu committee refused an amendment In reduce the number lo one regiment, and authnr i: -tithe I 'resident to have dismounted, or mount, ed, Ibo two regiments of infanlrv winch bad -been ordered. John Qiiiiiry Adams said bo bail just beard nf an important ronnnuiiicatinn sent liv Ihe I'rcvi dent tn .be Kn-nie. and w Inch miMli nnke new arlinn upmi this bill necossirj. He, iherefore, moved that Ibu coniinitlen rise. The motion was objected to, and the Hon.-e adj inrned with iihiucrauic c.Nciicuicm. 1 U'rt.vrs,,,,- m,i o- c. , , I m ruNCMiA, fll.irfli-.i. fiESATC. In the. heiiatn tn.1l.1v, .Mr I air be d. frnin Ihu co,itec 1 author. nn Naval Atl'nrs, reported a bill ton llie purchase nl American walcr rotted heinn. ,Mr liorrien iulio lurrd a resolution calling on tho committee nf military and naval iilV.iirs.7es. pectiiely, fnr Iho diictiinentarv st.ileinenls rn. ceived by them, recuniir.ending an increaso of the army ami navy, .Mr Ilfiilnnseiit to the lablo a letter from the Secretary of War, recommending tho increase 01 Iho army, eVc. Mr II. said 11 contained all the information which the commillee had received. ""ii s. , nil i. r-uiu 1 1 i-iiiuaineo a inn ll wis ordered In lie ,,r,',l r .1 . r., t was ordered lo be printed for the use uf the Senate. Mr Ilrrese reported a plan tn change the gallo rice of Iho Senate chamber, with a view lo more accnniinodato Ibo public, and proposing lo bring tbu reporters for llie city papers on the floor. Tho Oregon notice was taken up, and Mr Sovier, of Ark., undo a strong speech on Ihe subjec', in support of our title, and ridiculing the panic, vv Inch had prevailed iu tlio Senate he called It a Senatorial stampede. He look his stand mi holy-nine. (What I. a. becuine of the 51 -1(1 men !) nr Sevier said there was nothing in the Ilillimoie rnnvenliou and bo was a member tif it that precluded the President from settling the Oregon question by cnmpriunise. Hat Mr Sevier thought it prnlnblo Ibeie wuuld bo a icot,' ami hegavp bis reasoim fur lliu opin ion. The people nf llus country would concede mulling South nf 40. The llrit'iih government, he was convinced, would unt give up Iho navi gation of ihu Columbia river which, by Ibo way, was unmni-'uMe, as bo behoved. There. .or, ,,.u i.'i (linn- inigui rouio in mows. ia. tioiu bad niton quarrelled abnut wurlldess imiigs. ne was convinced Ihat if Ihit qubtiii slinuld romiln npen till the Summer and All. tiiinti oleclinns limit place, Ibero tniisl bo a war. I bo people nf Ibis rniinlry nnd of (Jreat Uritain, ton, were bccoininrr excited up ill Ibis question I Mr ilMlcr, of New Jersey, lias the floor for lo.innrrnw. IIousk.--TIio bill In raiso two regiments of rifleuicu was ngain Ihe subject or cnnsideratlou In. dav Ilio I'm 1 1 tlecisinn having boon deferred last uvonlng, upmi th0 siiggpstinn of Mr Adams, who wished to see tho President' messago bo fore be voted. To-day the rbairman nf Ilio rn ninitlnc nn military nlTnrs was c.iteclnsed bv Mr (5. Divis ami Mr Illicit, n to ih,. i-nnfidential r,rcnlivo rccntniimiulHtinns of an inorcube of the army, alluded In in the (iiP'saoo, as bavin,' been sjiic lioiicd by the I'randeiil. After fnmo rnin'prsatinn, It was admitted by Mr Maiden, tho ciunmunienllnu was nf ii nature, nr II, Ihe two rt'L'iuienls bad no!hin? tn do with an v uspor.l of our foreign relaliniis. Hut, at Ibn re'cninruen datinn of ibt! Kverutuc, bo bail reinrted a bill authorizing the President Innrrcpt llie sere ires Ol VoIllIltenrS. if. ill lil. nntnion ,,.,..A.ur,- for ilio ,i,.f. . , ; " ' , , in inij e-uuuiry. 111,11 inn lie niuu 11

call up. It was intended as a preparation fur a defence in case of a wjr, .Ur Illicit asked whit number of men the blank was to be filled wnh. Mr llaralsnn would Mate that when the bill came np. I happened In Know. It is ,")(l,(in()--as re commended hy tho .Secretary of Wa . A substitute fnr Mr II .mImiii's lull wis mnved by Mr Ilungerfnrd of New York, ami adopted, anil tho bill as amended passed, and weiittn the Senate. It prnviib's for filing up all the enmpmics of tho army to eighty men ; to be cnln-leil fnr three years. It wtd add four ur Ihc thousand men tn tho rank nnd ft p. Titun-iiw. ,1ircli 2!5. Chal mers, of .1 s. gipi, prp, , tf,, th,. credential! f Thouns J. Husk, (mi ,. , Kenilurs froin Texas,) and Mr II. look the nit Ii aid Ins seat Ho is a tall, lame, snh!.intial lonking mm, np pnrcntly abnut -t 1 yars nf ige, smooth lace, darl; brown hair, and ral ier Inng nop, ;lr Allen again suggesled lint some day be named nn which lie Oregon ilohalo shall bo closed. A (Imcusi-iou ensued, and tho subject was laid orr. Me .1. M. Clayton's resolution, railed on the President for any further correspondence that 1n.1v have taken place bpt.vcenlhe United Stales and tireat llritain, about Oregon, so that the Senate might act advisedly on tho question of notice, was taken up. A spirited debate tools place, but no decision was reached, when, on motion, tin and 1 n urognn resnlution were taken Mr Miller, (if Now-Jersey, addressed Ihe Senate. ' w-cro of ihu niost pacific character. 'ire people are intent upon roitif' to the The Senate spent an Imur in Rxccutivo ses- rii, ,, ... , , ,, ,, , I . . , . , , . .,' , , sion this cveniug.-ranfying ll.o commercial 1 ho 1 rl,",no ll""ks' Mr 1 olk l,as Zono ' Cheslnro bridge, about nine miles above B, I treaty wild Belgium, by a crv largo vote, and on ,'lu Cass nnd Allen track to the 51 40 lows Falls, while ilio Rutland people prefer afterwards adjourned tn Monil ly neM, against tlm remonstrance of scleral Senitnrs. ! Mr Seirujs, charge d'all'iirs to Belgium, will l;llo tno tieaty linnm witli Ii m. iotJ-c The loll In simply deficiencies in ap propria! ions fnr certain objects for the fi.pal year midunr !lnili nr.lntin 1-s Ifl. , IncI, u In. sido.-alion vcbterd.iv when tho IIutio adjourned, ;.ken up .his murning, n, commt.te-e nftbe n"le. A furious and pirlizin diseussinn took plirr. sir Douglass spoke in vehement teim. attack ing the Nulbllers and Abohtioui.-ls. rninAV, .U.irrli 27 Senate not in sessinn. Iloirst:. The rnnuiiitlee ol wivs and Means fc-ITn ,1 isi-1,1 rirnil finm tlm 1 1 1. nl n.n m.iri.ils nt-ivioir (!ni,n,i. r,,r ,l,.ti f il... Army. ' " I'lie rnminitleo nn ('ntnm',rro reported a bill tn amend the act for Ihe hotter security of the lives of passengers on board ,nf steamboats, A bill fnr Ilm purrbise of a Mte and baildmgs near f5t. Iiuis, for a .1arino Hospiinl. The l'it Ofiice cnminillcD reporled in favor nf an appropriation for the line nf Atlantic steam, ers, proposed by the I'lislniaster (loneral, and ' 1 . . recommended the ,'trnmiito nf wivs aril :,rcai,s ... 1.,l. ,l, ,,. arv prnvisinn, 1 ive tliniisind -, ,.r ,i, ,,.,. ,1 ,.r,i. i...,, r-..,.,i upon the sunn subject, are ordered In be printed, Mr Itni,iii r. ported a bill for llie rcor -aiiizv tiou of the Treasury Department, Mr Hubbard of Cnnneclirut, reported from tho Militia cnuinult'Ji? a lull proposing the fnllow 111" important military prnv is on.. -J'hrj rai-ing nf a le.Mnn.irv corns in eaeli .Snip. 1.- ... ... ,. - eloil.e.l l,e. iheoi.olves. ,,,,d,.r ihel, .,,,, ! ofiicers. ninl lo have arms and lotus Drnvided inr theni bv the (itinera! (invornmuot.' Four on. . . 1 t 1 .- 1 ,, c.iiuiiini.'ui.s 111 oy piimuuu ur 111 raco uuaner ni IC rouutry, at winch the Slate troop, shall be assembled for drill tlurinir ihroo monlbs of i-ael. order, but the iniiornv were resiilied that it 1 .1 1.1 ... . i. 11... . '1 - 1 1 sii'iuiu ten lie lU'inoy ttiu .'"ii'iio" "I iiiiiieo ' bv the lloufe. Tbc'onlv rea-nn given, wastbat ! . n'ut of the reinrt was of a veibal ebaractcr. Mr Kll, , Kivr! imiC frnm additional 11 ib , ,c. mo s subject, saul he n 1 l,,u I bis vorbil repoil iu writing, and then s.ubuiit Ihe ut ' Ibo c-tiin-ito anne.vcd ..ll" Thus tho report was ' ,,,'cJ Among several private bills repnrted on leave, I -'il"Ce, Tho immortal Newcunihe was, per during the diy, weio In give away Ihe Public ' hips iho only man who could aspire In equal Iiinds, one to give awav sll acres of land lo ev- ;, . , . . e . , , , 1 ery poor man, and one lint every poor nnn, wo- 11 "l,ls ,,,r ,,LIMrli ! "asn0 " nnu and child, slinuld receive a quarter fcctiun mer ! How iben cuuld he li ivn produced of hnd without ninnty and without price. I ,,,u magnificenl picture of the Lone Star" Mr Davis, nf Ky., ollered a le'soliitiou calling 1 , . . ' upon the l're idem t form tho House ibo pro , 'l'l'""'cning its " meiidian lat.titilc" which ctse inercase uf the Armvand Navy, deemed by h is excited tho astonishment and admiration I lit In, necessarv to lln. iireseiit state of ml t ' ..r .. It .1... ..t . 1 I ni l - Mir. ' ! The resnlution at once received a parly nppo siimo . .md mr I) ivis tn.ned fur a Misnensinii of the mice. The IIoue refused to suspend, 00 10 111. Mr 'Seitnan reported adversely upon thirty. , 1, ....,... ,1,,, iv,iton i!,.,nt;,. ' C ,lnelloyal,thowouldbore.l' ,ss, ., . . " '"-"u. " u' l0Antd W()mJll of )l0 ;lt iraiU I "t-ssl Mum cuuld ho have merged a 'solila- A rusulutinn was introduced to give uniform. i y to the Rules of th; 11 u e, by requiring that all Appropriation bu s sbuiild bu voted upon in the provided fnr by the Huiifo when River and Harbur Hills aro under rniisidcratinn. The House, llll yea--, 71 nays, refused lo sus pend Ibo rules, two thirds being neressary. A bill was reported fnr works ot Internal Iin. . , .. t .t 1 1 ' P"oneni n lowa.auu "'- I ite hour , Weill It, II I IIIIIIIIII ll'O Ol IIIO si ll"n.- u "in "il- i,,.., ,. .,,i.MP fi, , ( Vi.. in ihe chair. Not nne bill was pifsed ! Great Congress, ungn.fiient House ol Representatives I RUMOR. IS, Oni.KANS, M.viton 17 Wn learn hy an extract from a litter, leceived by a com mercial house yesleiday fiom Galveslon.and dated on ibo 11th instant, that tlm scln. Ma ry Shields, frnin M, bound In Now Vnrk, put into Galveston a few da s sineu in distress. The captain rcpuils lliu Amur ican consul at Malauinras, J. I'. Scli.itell, Esq., iu prison at thai place, accused by tho authorities of cm responding wilh Gen. Tay lor al Corpus Christ". In addition to this, we learn veibally that ti Mexican lio was llie bearer ofde'spalches from Mr. S. al Ma tainnras, to Gen. Tajlur at Coiptts ChrUti, had been shot by tbu authorities at Ihe for mer plarn on his return, ll is also said Ihat i ; , , S.IK.O .Mexican troops aie sl.ilioned there.- ' Vic. fRIDAV MORNING, Al'IUI. 3, ISIC. TUB MESSAGE. Tlio message of llie Piesident to llie Sen- 1 nlo, recommending nn increase of llto nrmy nnu navy will Uo lotind in nnolher column. I "is process in llie matiiilacluro, nnd, also, Ins Wo know not what the present condition of j experience in tho cultivation of tlto fruit. tho Oregon question is, nor what tho real , W'u believe it is a conceded fact, that the in views of tho ndniinUirnlion may ho in regard habitants ofull wine producing countries nro toil tho President having thought fit to keep tempera lo J nnd it is quito apparent that the Congress nnd tho country in tho dark, not righteous men of old, when speiiking of ttio only in regard to tho negotiations, tint also 1 winolhat " cheeietli God and man," had no ns to his own vicevs upon it. It would scent, conception of tho neutral spirits, logwood, however, fi nni this special mestago that ho j oil nf vitriol and rat-tail files, that I'nriii tho has now settled down upon . "5 1 40, nnd passes under lb it cognomen, ... . . ., consent 10 noiinn g short of it. If this is the ' case, immediate and extensive measures of sold nnd thank us wine, is n foul run defence are ininerntivelv necessary. Tbo , coci"n nliko pel nieiuiis to lienlih nnd inur- President ought In know best heiher Ihey nto required, for the whole affair is in his , liatids. He does not dei.'ii, liowever, to in- fnrni the Sunatn what ho iiriinoses In tin. nml while his partisans in lint hndy an; disputing ' diiniestic wines, nml by furnishing 11 cheap about tlm nature of his policy, tlm Senate uri! ""d wluilesotnu lieveiage nf litis kind, re left lo guess al his leal inlenlions. Under , 1111 11 iilrohol and iiquaforlij ti) their aipro tlieso circumstances, wo hopo Congress will pri.ito vocation with llie timnufactuier and keen on tho safe side, and vote tlin niinrnnri- ! ' 1 1 1 alions necessary lo put llie country in a state of defence. If they nre compelled lo gropo llioir way, williout any light to guidu them from the Piesidenl or his advisors, let ihcm makn aniplo provision against contingencies. Tho responsibility rests willi Mr. Polk. lint, quore: will tho reduction oflho tariff bo insisted upon, in view of tlicso new ex penditures t Tho Courier expresses tho hope, that tho Whigs will vole ilio money required to put tin: country in a stale of defence, and with alaciily loo, for, in its opininn, all the in creaso which has ever been asked for is re- ipnreu even in nines 01 tno most prolounu peace, and if our relations with all tho world . men oflho Baltimore Convention, and ap- .111 1 it . , l,'lr0ll' alianrJoned all expectations, proba-' bly all desire, of a speedy ..Pttli'iiicnt of the Oiegnii Quest inn, ami, in view ol tlm portents of ill it anil I In cloud uf War g tillering in lb" Soullivvest, is c illitio tipii'i C'Iimiim tn nrm the cuunliv ami put it in u piiure of (lefi-iipp. The call, it trusts, will Im prouiplh ii'mmiii.I ed lo. oru sri:i:Ts. W'n begin remind the selectmen nf the imposed upon tliein by a volo of ihu late town meeting in reference to litis subject. Tho encroachments ihat already exist, me nf a character too serious lo he hoi no with much j longer; but new ones aro almost daily oc ean ing. Within a few days, one individual on Cherry st. lias taken up and removed Ids fence some six oreijhl feet into the street for . ineiisured,baromcliically,tlic heights of many the purposo of enlarging a llowcr garden, I pi ices in Addison Co. Cl.ipnian's hill in which was of very respectable dimensions J this illagf, is the mean of several obsorv.. befure. Another individual who owns a ' lions, is 70J fuel abovo Lake Chainplain, largo fronl on a corner oflho same stiert pro- j and 8.0 feet abovo the ocean. In iho last noses to t tike in n similar n 111 mint fi no, 1 It,. Iii'.b.wne.. nml .Los r , 1 P- .1 v.'.tv. ,11, II.JIIIM.IIIIII 'M,lll,ln" 101 011 lllu CI0SS i,rr,;- 11 ls '"gb building lot on ihu cioss street time this question was settled, and vv c trust th ,1 tl... clr-et,,,,.,, ,, .11 ..,......,l .. l. ,!. --v........... ..... t.. ,,,, I'm- .1 . . , ... . . .. .. ,1, J I ... ..... . w .... portant that the lines of our streets and side- J walks should now be defined and settled, ns Ihu town is almost destnulo of liees, and uo may now secure an order and uniformity of ' arrangement in iho new plaining, which willj add greatly to the beauty nf ihu place. HOLD HIM TIGHT! ttTTho Sentinel of last week, in an arti cle aliniit Texas, contains the follow inn in. 11 k ikle seiitpui e. "The buic star of Terns Invins ten vears nco burst (null from a nijbt of ijlonui, an I i win Iwuid f fir... atahnllv with . untmuin,' inerpa-inL' luilli-ncy np. 1'" ' - iiiciiui 111 tannine, nn.1 11. ov. nl I s eul esc. cc. Tlm plendor of ibis sentence is perfectly overpowering, Wu nro sure thai in com pirisuu with Mich an effusion of Democratic cu s, even lliu happiest ed'urls of llin la. . mented Dr. Cubb must sink into insigmfi- I "' "-"'-""''resses in low,,, and oc c'sioneiI such a rush to the geography lo scmwlialiiine.ini! 1 1. ,.... i.l 1 0,. bin thn -iiiib I 1 1 ' j, . un . of fire' wilh a 'night of gloom' and vet I 1 ,t. ,1.. , , ry' ray, with anything, or invested with a ilr,.' ,,.,t,,.l , - i i i-i . . glory anebulu-a body which nyeti' a telcscopo looks like u cloud'1 It is cvi- dent that he could not. Nobody could but' i.i i t is . I a genius of tho highest Democratic order bursting those rhetorical shackles which tie down humble intellects exuliin- in in. ,. , . I , ,, ,. live iniiepenuenco and luuking with proper contempt upon llie piecepts of Campbell .ln, (j ,,ir ... '. ' ii bopeto hear nnn,. riiim ihiswiiier. Alter sui li a luagnilici'iu opening llie public disappoiiilment vvui.hl be exlienu, if hi' shoulil mil pioeeed. If In. should ui do not duulit 1 1i il he will euin for himself a high place on thn ro I of fame suinew here, wu ventiiin In predict between lliu imuiorlal Newrnuilui and iho famous Gen. Chipnian, of Michigan. (UWo refer our readers, and especially llioso dealing iu Il.vitiiw.vni'. lo the advertise nieni of Mr. Simkon P. Smith, of Ji Maitl en Iiane, New York, which will bo'fo'ind in another column. Ho has a large establish. inniit. coulaiuino an almost endless varieiv nf articles in tlio Hardware line, which Im sells! ul low prices, for cash or on credit. iniion, has nursed 11-soluaiy'i.iis with uut ''Ioiilhu ' opened .it M lie' 11I1." !!!!!'.'. e n "... DOMESTIC WINK. Wu have received from CltAU.vccv Good men, Esq,, some very fine samples of wine, manufactured from tho red nnd black cur rant. That from tlto black, lias a peculiarly fino (1 ivor, nnd only needs ngn to tnnko it nn "rliclo of surpassing excellence, Mr. G. should favor the public with 11 statement of now-icdaxs. .Ninctpon-lwciilielhs of w lint And yet wine M, nnd trill hr. ilrnnl. heni-i! Ilm i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 iiiiestioi) ntises whether it is nnt fin ul policy, us well ns enod I'Cononiv, to eiii iuil age the pro Inelinn nf Ih" cheniisl Wo understand that Mi. Goodrich has a few do7.on bottles of wine lo dispose of ; and that he can also furnish Ihe English iiliick Currant to those who wish to cultivate it. KUTL ND ItOAD. Fiom tho Hon. Timothy Fullctl, the Pres ident of the Rutland Road, wo arc fully as sured tI1.1t all difficulties in relation lo obtain ing stock sufficient to cairy through the Rut laud road are removed. A very largo amount lias already been suhscribcd,and the remain der can at nny time be obtained in Boston The difficulties in rclatiun to the junction uetween the Kutlaml mil Cheshire roads. have not, ns yet, been M'ttb d. The Chesh- an union at Bellows Falls, This . ... is to bo decided by the 4ew ll.i piestion impshiie Ciimniissinncrs.ptnbably next month. There in u th" best grounds 10 believe that this IjiiiiiI will udiiera Mricilv lo the iiitenliiins of ill" L"j.l I'm- vvbfii lb,. I iilio.ul Cbir teis 111 N i II 'i-.. i 1 were ijranli il.v bieh were Itl-il to" .N ' 1 nld eoti eel with ilio Cemi il at lb null ol U bin- Uiv. or, .ml lliu Che-,hii! uiih ilm Holland al Hollows -'.ills. When the tioint of coninnc- lion i s tiled, the location nml cnniuclion 'of lliu Moll md mad will lie immediately ! commenced. Mr. (iillieit is mnv surveving the road I'min lielluws Tails lowaids the mountain. Galaxy. Oi:oi.OGIC.L AN.NKX VTION. Wu le.nn ihu tho State Geologist his ' ,rrint,wMP!il imrmil 1 1 w n fMI C...., ' .1 ,. I..: .V .. ( I'll: Ul-LUII, I'Lllli; "IH! Ul ll in 'II mill II I I il' amis on Ihu west side of the then great island of New Yurk. Wo slinuld like tn sen n in m r.t si..a., .1 it. 1 . , ., . ui hiwsi; ;itii 111 minimum. vvnen 1111s i..ii,r,ii,i,.,i IMM lllin IVCt, llllll 1 the wa- lers flowed through fiom the Gulf of St. Lawrence lothe Hudson River, . with the thotisind Islands of Western Vermont. Il h said tint the shore of each of these ishuds run now be traced with ease In- .-, geologist. It would seem, loo, that annexation is uo new thing, New Knglind hiving been annex ed to llie Continent long liefure its runnier poise at tint opiiosiie nxiinnilv ol'ihn Union hid been ihnugiit of. .li. Oalaci). cNn. The I'l tivinei il I'.ii li inient of Can id 1 was 'I, on ihe L'Oili ult., by a speech I111111 the ( itivi't nur (.ipueral, uurd Calhcail. Ilu was i'.e 1 flii-er un wbuin, ns C'oiiinriudi'r of tlio Forces, iho adiiiinisli t lion of the guvei iiuii'in devolved 011 ihu de parture of Lord Metcalfe, and he has since received lliu appointment of Governor Gen eral. I lis speech contains the following allu sion to the subject of ti.o misunderstanding between the Governments of Great Rritain and thn United States, nnd ihu prec.iutiuns j which tie norms necessary lor lliu sccuiity ol the British possessions. "I should, under any circumstances, Invo di rectcd vour carlv attenlmn to tho coudtiiun nf the ttnlitn laiv ; but llie unetl!ed state of tho 1 negotiations winch Ii no been for fume tune past eirrl,',l,m between the imperial government and 111 ie ui ino l oiieu .i.iies 01 .vinerica renuers it imperative tipnii me to press more immedaicly on vour consideration the necessity of a rcur- mmzation of tins arm of the public defei leel tho most unbnund"d cml.lonce 1 defence. I that the hiyalty and patriotism of every class of Her .li. jest'y subjoe Is in Canada will bo conspicuous, as 1CvliavJ been heretofore. should eccasion call for "lliotr services to aid in the protection of their coun,f': uul n well-digested and uniform sys- tern is indispensable In give a filling direction i ,10 ,, iealous elTirtK. At the .ame tune, feel warranted lu assuring you that, while our ' 8rarlnui snvereign will ever reiy on tne irec and I. ival atuchinent of her Canadian people for ibo defence of tins Province, and tho uuinten. auco nf llr'Ush connexion. Her Majesty will be , ,,,.pared,is her pn decrs.-ois have alwavs been. .'in r.roviihi with nrnuiiititudo and energy, cor re-o'i"! w 'h 'n" iinver-uul resources nf ite empire, I r III. d iinnl tup." v n' her North American INFMJI-.NCi: OK Till: TARIFF O.N wagi;s. The enemies of lliu TaiilT constantly af firm thai il lias hid tho efl'ect lo reduce the Wa-es of Labor, and llto public eai is olten i i i wearied vv ill, tales ol .he poverty and ednessoflhu Factory Operatives. Tho Ros- ton Courier furnishes some statistics which ouebi in put a quietus upon tlicso n.Urepro- " . 1 1 1 . , , ' scntalions. Can wo never induce tho I rco Fraders lo come down fiom the region . I"""'"B ' I""'' !'-'" the face 1 "10 Collril'r intoims us that them am, at this time, females emplojediii iho Middle- sex Mills, nt Lowell, Massachusetts, earning tho following rates of wages per veck,inod- dition to their board : 2 earning between 3 and C dollars perweck. I(i " " 4 " 5 " 57 o u 3 u ,j 11 ,i 31 11 u 11 u u Ii) tho Hamilton Mills, the samo rates of wages aro obtained. In the Carpet Mills, tho wages, not deduc ting I ho board, stand thus : I'or 24 d.iyt'wotk S27 Oij IVr 21 dajrs'worUSIfi (H li 21 11 23 19 67 19 89 211 " 2JJ " 21 " 21 " 21 " 23 " 21 " 2'i II) 22 9? 22 9f 20 (is 19 SI 22 19 21 1 21 19 IM 22 ISi 19 92 20 Bt 16 2S 21 52 19 26 17 43 In the cotton mills, under the same direc tion, ihu following rates are paid to weavers, dresseis ntnl spinners : Wtavtrt Denstrt. 21 days 2! " 22 diys SIC m 10 03 17 23 S17 22 1SG4 19 C3 . 19 CS 22 22 1G 21 I 2J " Spinners. SI I 41 I n days 815 43 . 15 la- i 2J1 ' 15 41 22 days 21 ' Phi: last table also slums tho entire earn ings, not deducting hoard. It tiny lie siid lb it these are picked ca ses, and ihat taking a term of years, waget hive fallen. This evasion docs not bear the test of examination, as may bo seen by lite prices paid , it llie Meiriinac works, one of tho most celebrated of nil the mills of New England. TI10 following table shows ilio average rale of wages received in mills No. 2 and 3 belonging to tho Merrimac Company, in which no change has been made, either as regards time, machinery ,ir in the quantity of machinery tended by the operatives, since they were first established. Average rate of vases in 18J0.. 1911.. 1312.. 1313.. nn.. Females rtr week. ...SI P21 .Males ISO ! Females Males S Females f Males t Fennlcs 93 I . 4 921 . 2 30 . 5 01 . 2 16 . I 7G . 2 31 . 3 23 . 2 33 In eddition to Board Ma'es V I I-Vninle3 1 ( Moles 1313.. j Females t .nalet . 5 10 j Month of Feb. 1313. average rate perweel, 81 90 6-10 " " 131S, " 2 22 4-10 Not only have the laborers in ihe Mills teceived an ailvanre, but the common labo- ' r'!si without nny skill, also cot a large ad vance. In 1S4-J, da, laborers who got but 50 to 55 cents per day, now gel 80 cents, and M-t wo are told Hit: laborer is fleeced by tho Tariff. Tribune . SLAVEIIY ABOLi.-jiie.U l.N TUNIS. Tlm Malta Times published the proclama tion nf ihe liey of Tunis, declaring slavery abolished in that regency. It runs as fol- " I'rii-e! be G d ! From the servant of God (prais ed be he!) The Mus'ner Ahmed llasha liey, Frine of ihc Tuiu-nu tlovcrnmini, to our ally (?".) Consul General of (X.) at Tunis Hence the object of our wr.ttna lc jou is to inform you ihat ihat spceiet ul prnpcriv, consisting of liumn'n bemjs tn whom God (lilorified be he !) has been crnciou is very unjut t and quite revolting to our fwhuas. This nffur give us no peace nf mind ihe'e mny yais during which w-o have cndeavoied, as is well known 10 jn 1, eradually 10 nut n stnp to it, nnd now 11 13 nur pleasure 10 de claic ihat wo abo'ish in ihe whole of our dominion, Ihu kind nf properly cf si .vrs. Ilenecforih. everv one in our i ct ncy who iv slave isc consider ns free, nnd do no moie acknnwl e lye him a? bona, properly. We hue informed all nur pnrernors in nnr Tunisian kingdom of the same, .sow we make known 10 you ihat vou miT I'u aware nf the fact that c ler slate enter inf nnr itn. nn'n'.v,l.cibCr by landor 6) -a,H that inomtnl , li It-uinm under ihe nroieeiton of G H ! Wiuicn 111 .M ihincu (Jinaury) Ui;," l'ntir notaries were appointed by ihc Bey lo write certificates of liberation for all ths slaves who applied fur them, which were af terwards to be sent to Rev 's residence for his seal. naili: i). S. W. Jowett, of Wev bridge, published an ailiilu a short time since, churcing Abbott L ivvrence with h.n ing shipped im-rinn shrr-p to .South Americi, nml owning 20,000 lliere uon, the wool of which It,, regularly imports us "eoarsu wool." Tn this impudent fat hom! Mr, L ivvrence makes the follow ing rc sp.iusf : ow I beg Instate for theinf.Tmal on of lite wool cn.ntT. of V.rin .nl, and iho.p .f l,eUiioid Slalff. ilm lliere is not u single wool t liuth m lb.- above sni.-uieui. iiii-niuefi a- I n-ve-r have slurprd ilm me nu o tir en vol In r sheep t S ui'h Am, rica nor have I ever impeded ,-, ,m,n,l of wool (,. ,n tlm Counirr. ol ai any pei ind of in; 'i', h-. ii tliptmncr.or bad iln sliiihlisi mleien in .-hee;.. in p at nr in anv other fori iju fmmiiv Thn whofesiniemenl is so lemaik. utile, that I c.i'l nn".Mr. S W Jcwcn, i f Wcvbriditt" to nnke cuod bis assertion, ot civeusan ncco-mt of the parson or persons who have imped ed un his credulity. 1 "id thank )ou to insert this no'e in your psptr and obhjo Vour obdt. "crvant, To.I.nce,.,," rnOlYI WASHINGTON. TIIK .MUSSAGK. Waiuimotos, March 25. It laitourgsl1.ini Kx ccuuve has 'tcreurd hi. courage lo the mcleinf. point," nnd given an answer lo Jlr Dayton's Ittto lution; vv-lucn, like all bis oilier Stale papers, has neither point, ilirectni-as, nor precision. It means every thing, and means notion'.-. It is a niiaersN non-committal jumble ct war and peace, in which nollung predominates but llie piierthly ond inecrtitnel of its author, lie was called upon cxpli u'v, nnd for a pailicular purpoie; and adopts Ins customary mode of filling batk upon the annual md.age and olhar document-, which coniiin no rcfeicnre lo the tubject. I propose, lo examine the message very briefly and expose the trickery winch characterizes it. He ea)s "In my annual message 0f ibr 2d of December list, 1 recommended lo llie favorable con sideration of Conpress an increase of our naval lore especnlly of our Heani navy." Now- let us sec what this annual me-sije contains t "The commerce, of the United Siates'nnd wilh it the naviinting inteiesis, have steadily and rapidly i. i reased .i.iee thp orcinizatiou f our Ooiern nent F.p.i.e, a. Ihey . ),,., Kas bcen loall.ird M Ibe-e iniporianl inieie-i. protecti,rv.nK our .hips ,.f war, in the srtat huhHti. of trad- Ihrouahoui t,8 world. For n ore lhank,Tr tv yeirs appi'.pr.ain.n. bac be. n niadi ind nn ,;iv cv,;eu.s., for .he Era -c- lly llu citract, an lotbers which I mighl quole, th Plesident does nollnnc mo,e in recoinmend customary increase, such as had bcen pracliaed for in , )c-ai, -aim iosc. I,,, rccommendiiion. principally, upon the yround of pro'eenng our diter. I """ "'' h "mcrcaainis naval power of 0,,H'r nations." Therefore it baa n connrei nrs lhe IUsi,,H,on 0f Jlr Da ) ton, which inquired of Ihc President, if, in his "judgment, any cireuuuiances connected wph, or crow in? out of, 1'.'e furt!sn r',ali'" 'r'hU ""P1 "f- ' I '"'" n iu mcieaieofour naval and military force" Mr p0lk' idea was to d.seivo the counire b. - ' ofitendin - thn he had recommended suitable p'epsru. nona in ins annual mrssaje, w lien lie had done no sucW ibina. It is nue, he note adniitt a " wile pre. caution demands such increaij:" but. wiih k. whoU q untioR bifoie- him, and nndetitnd'n'' si be