Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 3, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 3, 1846 Page 3
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ought, its probability of adjustment, lie docs not, in h remotest manner, igmf- llicnmoutit of nppro motion necessary! anl iihout concyins a eyll.v ble of informal on to Conprea os tr. tho state of lie negotiation, or the nilri of M. M'Danc, he sneaks from under the rcfponluhtv, levins C.oncrcss to net upon its own suction,., so tint the cr. oJ of "Doniocmlic" nominnlion ninvca, he may I o able to say, "I have neur leconinirndcd Ihcsi; hrrjc Mpcnditi.tcs." "Point to the mmaBe or paper tti dtr mv hand which eal'.eJ for such nit oulhy. I,y ich selfish consi.terat.onsn. these is the public pol icy of tin country controlliJ. Krom the following extra t,ituil3hl ho suppose 1 that the President Ind been unusually aclivcin alien, ding to the defences of the country, a- to meet tho conlinprney of a rtiis hich his reiterated insults (nd brnirg.-iJoci) had iniolied : 'The consideration of su li add. limit provision was brnueht before nppmptiile eoiiiniittrps cf the two n irises of Cnnercs inn'is.vr to e-ills undo by them, in reii'itt" preiiaml, null mv mini in, ! Ibo Secretin- nf Wtr and tin- Se rei iry "Tilic X.nv, on the '29tli'r Dt'ieinh-r nnl IheHli of Jutinry last) a tn.i le "( ri.nmuni.-aiion with C.iniire.s n t iniii'ii. nl nil I unik'rvMs'm-"-iri-uin-iiiie,'S, helmed in be most i'll"ilib". Siih"1 'e II " lime tvitiuriilnl mo in the opinion ih n ibwn-diiiiwnJaiiuiii were pro per as precautionary iiicn-iires." Thus, it will b. p-rciiol tint l!ise measures, which ihc Pnsideni "lite" Mi re prep-iied under his "siuelion," : mil l' " Minna ! Hun a privities. unwiitlbv llicoecis.oii, and mliplrd In the sliuf- fliiu and double .'i-nlinu tthi'li has been tumped upon rverv p ih'ie ict 1,1 ""V niipiriniirt- tint he Ins commuted. The ICtitiu leiti r, and ihe t)rr2,in iliipli c.ty, are rcnieled in a inmncr wlndi sh.iuld siar tie the propriety a d honesty of lhi nalion. Tlie Chairman of llie Nival nlhirs attached so litile eon feqneneelothesineiion i f the Pieident, which was made rerbully. that he did not state the Del to the Penaie. I.ct us lookback a see what Ins been ihne by llitse Committees, the organs of the President, diirinp th list four month", under his "s1nction., A bill fur tho construction of ten fteamcrs was re ported, n Ions time bneli, and rcinains, lo this day, upon tiiecalon 'nr. It Ins not even been called up, 1 bc'ieve, for mote than a month. The bill was ar gued, as a measure nc'-cs-ary Id the ; es'.iblish menl, fur ihe pruteciion of commerce, and for that ssrvi. e only. The idea that le President had foiic tioneJ i', to ptepire t lie Country, was never mooted in t'onircss. Well, the Military Committee report cla Inii ranuti a llegnucnt of Mutinied Kiilonien, to cbftiid the coiuniiiiiiiaii'.n bctnern the 1'niied Siatcs and Orrg' n, and lo nit in transporting the ma Is. Col. Ilenton neer supji-stcd that Ibis regiment was for any other purpose, or had rclercu -o to our rela tions will Ureal lliiiam. Su h i- 'he stale "fall iir', when tV Incentive it impelled lofhow his. ham'. Now thai he has dmcn Ihe country to the vtry wree of war, he ho;'0 to ej. cipe rom d tf'Uon, by nbrrmj to documents no! accessible lo the pi.1 pi., nnd ibus cover up lit- lufiiin ily of piuposj', and Ite-It of ennrnzi. nnd nbibty requi. t te f' r thi' lush "fi'iec whith h"is s i unlit lo admin- t.ter. II' was told, n Illumine of i'U session, by Mr Mimytim mil filler il ii'ijiiHhi"l Viu., that they weie rtti'ly .o u!e a hiue'icrl nulli, nsol'di llnr, f it was neees,.iry to p'li ibe rontury in a eon vditio'i of rei '.iiess to nice I nov nvasior. He, nlono. knows the iieretty w Im Ii exist. and now, when called up"ii to iccommchd u'lal is requisite, he does Hot specify any amount, nor furn.s!i Congress any data upon win, h it may s-if . . Under liiisi'or.ditiuu oftlim, until ihe l'rit-ni acts openly and fiiily and doeslu duty honestly by tin country, Concr- ss otuht not lo oie him u single dollar. I. el him tulier name what is neersary, or call in the Penaie ri nxeeiime session, nl biihmit the whole ca-c fir tin ir ad tee, if he is afraid to expose his correspondence lo thcr.mmlry. Wiiliali tho past aid slnoicle's duplicity of the mlminisiro'inn, this last message is the most disjjraetfi.l of nil Such laniperiui: w t'l a portion ,.f the tmty unking powir nnl sugli insulis tn Hie intellL-i nee ami inlr-iesis of the ' ca intrv, weri never before aiturplcd by any nfecu livi, liovv-. urh sy linru'ed nr wi-k. There lias b,i n niuili peou'aiion as to our true pniuion. s nee llie (I, livery uf tins Mesi2, nud llie pnlc of p-ih'i.-il eirclc3 is feyrrh nnd disiuilicd. W lien vv reHi'ct tint a wir is posisible, an 1 llie honor and integrity nf the country is tomm.ttcl lo null as cu upus, tins V'l uinislraiion, it is harrow ing tocsery inn who feels pride in the iiarrn! of on 1 American ciliZ'-n. Cor. Ihtt. Alias. NOTIcn. I lit; Fnat in the llip'iil-moetin.liouso will 1)0 rentcl .mow on Tue.-il iv evetni.rr April Till.1 , - ' 1 , All H'.shi!!'; to riecupy Feats in thu Ikhifc the . ciisuinj; year arc desired to b,i present and t,o. , , , , i Jcct for tlicnicslVPi, at , (re'oe!;. Wm. WA!U)SVOItTII. In luli-ilf of the Co'iKiiittce. I i'Aii;.n:it'.s c:i,ijij. This evunnirr, Snlijeet. Fruit Trees. no rici'.. Tlio Hex Mr. Wiil.ins will deliver ri Hie. !uniry leiMtire al the Mutlinlut (Jlnp-I, nu ISuudiv onoiiiii next, nn.l will; uf tlu capture nf the nl.nor l'.ms wuli 7i)T "laves. miwrwiwr At Vnsible frli3, N" on the 23th nit.. Ascnnw Dcvkgvov, f Colchester, to Mi-s Jvlh Cook, of Willuii. D In Jcncha, M.trch aifi 71 yeir3. 20i!i, Mrs. Sciin.i CtnTLET, On .Sahhvh, 13.1 ultimo, Jt-LtA Davi, dau-litcr of 11.. r r ,, t it:. I,. m, iu-,ui m:i, ill 11 11.111,11 rrn 1, roncO. .. , , , ,. ' , ' , iiucnt upon Mcale .mil Canker Ilisli. a very inieli. Cent and intciiliu( clnlJ, 3 ears, II iiioulha and fi diys old. , ., , , In Wcs fjrd, nn the Slili cf March, of Consump - lion, Mr. AtiN-nn Wuccx, aged 33 vcare. i.. v. v i s. , ,r r ' . ,, In .New Wk, March IC.of rontiimption, IlonAcn Hied, formerly of Jcrico, aged 2D yens, i -n. . i. ., , .'.,. m - Rare Chance. rfTIinhcEt f.irm in Urisiol for I J. sa c eontuinumahont -IQI) acres, well watered nnd inn- , hered, with a -oiil orchard, ' nd tindira food tt-iteol cul tiva'toil ll is uliinlnl nhoul I Iwn inns Xoith of llri'lul 5"'ir'-'ir.JAO-' namcfil,,. " ll.i l.'.rn, " lieinj the sunt nn ulucli (Jen, lliintiin lived and died, i and now owned and occupied hy iho mliM-nher. i-osNssion eiven on .nV, Til ADI.U.i DU.NTO.V Uriitol, March 23, IJlfl. u TO 11RNT. Iir. VAN MISS llorSK, nowoc- "rm uv j.n.i, s I. niler, l .sq Also oastuiin. for n . r ...... . Apri, ' Spriii" li'asliion of Half,-. I I",'' V i "cn,""r"l "le. now on l"Jn.f..r ,aa, ,,0 0'j blaj on Ptarl Sinct, by n i c-nvn,. Luilmgion, A,. 4U, , , , , 1T0TIG3 To JJii(lo ltuil(l(r.s. ri'SJIH snbsrril'pr tm vinjr hern o'iioiii'oj n n?cnl lo 1 siiperimeutl llm liuililinj of n l.nllicc Uriel Je iim r IIuntiiiL' Itiver in Hii-liiiiontl Hill it, tiv 11 prnpnsnls (or building sniJ HiiuVe, iimil iln' I llh of April net I. .Slid Undue is lo lie of hhIp Irnrk nml onu InimlrctJ ffft fpaii. IfANSI.I, MAKO.V. Kit-liiiiand, JHrt-li 31, ISIG. -ll? Butler. Ayr.W Inn.lreJ p ninds ood Tablu llutler, tills iliy rci'fivcd: Alsi WI1H0 llonu. April 2, 13IC. (I) A. S. DIAVr.V. WANTUI) in oxi-liango fur f!roccrit, Kacs in any quint lily, A. 61. DKWJIV. Ajiril V, im. 41 IK T:::;r- JOHN I'. KKLLOfitt, i.MPoiiTi:iiA Diai.r.iiiN' n. 2l). Itlvct -Street, Troy, V. V. KV.l'.i: constantly on hand an extensive n'sort mi ni of Wines. I.i.piors, CitiIiiN, 'r Inwhieh ho would respectfully call ihcntlcnlionof Jltrchauls, llolel keqiers, nnd ulhers. Atunii!! hisassorlmcut may befound, Iupny it Co., lMlevoisin, S, Lrnetle,nn I ronimoii llraiidv. Mcder's Swan, nnd other brands of Scliiidam Out. (Id Jamnica, SI. Cioik nnd N. I'.. ltnm. , Maha, Sicily, Port, Sherry, nnd Madura Wines of different rptahtics. AUii, Cheiry, Peppermint an I Wintergrrcn Cordi als t Clnmpak'ii, lli cl., Claret, clc. All ofwbieh hcolhrsnn the nmsi accoiumodaling terms for Cah or approved Cicdit, Troy, Aprd, 1SIG. -II H M WTrfAJJJJ W A RM." I'Oltr.lC.V AND IX)li:.S-H'. fl1 II I', -MiKir r-er (liiriueilv I'l'tbe linn nl Jln.trn it L Smith, nud nl Hie sninei 1 1 innd.) wuulde.ill Ihe nltentinti ol'the Pil'die lo hi-well s .leelc I -tueh ; to wlii'dl w ill I ein'de I n tiirlber up,ly I y pn le. In ar rive, tin. I fnnii ibo inn- u- iii.sti"f.i,-tin m- e-l.i' li h inenlv ,n id, eii'intry, wluell w II be Mil I at hie ;rf. cestoe tosi tiruoiil p.ipir, nnd in nit'tttllltrii tn suit alt w II i t-all. Anions the am It- olleiu I fur nlo me, IZ ! Iflilf) Ues NiH-, n-orled : 100 I an' wneiKht nail 100 I, z pulehed Shovel-; iOJ dii iron do fO 'In i o'lp or ur mi Sle'i I Vil M-lt-p li'he I Tr i t: Chains II) do do I, do 100) P'-euil or ii'i-t Ctnius f nnl riu- N. I . Si lew-. 00 1 uru- .1 rue- I'o Screws ."0) dozen Trunk I.i'i k 100 do Carpet Ua'iuneri 1 1 10 do Nnl iln noriel 100 ilu Mo- s lOOd'i 'hen limn'le Pry Pans 10.) do Mannie mi I II ly Peit,, n-Miril 1 fill do (Jar V ii Hue-, n--iir ed 10C0 lis lion. Itras nnd Clipper Wire, a-sorli-il AmiTirnn 'I'ul lennd Poi-ket i'uilen. Thomas Tenvrn iV Co'-, pwki t and ivorv handle table Kmiea nnd I'oil,-. Al-n, mill, ero eul, pit and hand Siw, Ilntehets, nnd.ehf-l, till .iii.l , I, , r lcn-k-,l.'Mtol nil kind- j I'ncl,-, Hrii'l-, Iloluj Poor Humlle., Hat Pinv, WiikIow nnd llliiuj P.iiteiiinirs ; Hoods m eient variety , lJo life handciJVs on, lec-irone Saneu Pan", Tea Tr.iy-, I'de.'iind r.iKe'l'ool-, Plines, ,f.e j llnxPhi els, Hot S r.t it-rs, Mallet-, To'ieco ICnives, flour, Inner, ehei-e, eotloo nnl e ffiv Sampler- i Pool Scrnpir-i Iniliu1 cari'en Hoe., and n lr 1 i ii..ortment (f Ibe Miudar kind ofnLiii i llltrat iniplenieiil.. 1. ,. P. Anr.O Pt-sip IIitts and Piumcus! ! AUo, a .ini-ly nl "out of the wny" artieles not uiie aM- kept in baiilwnre tnre-. N. I. Ameiii'.au Ilardwaic direet fiom (lie mniiii-faelurer-, on -ale MMICONP. SMITH, Pirn rd tin-Anvil, 4 1 fl3M.iidtii'I.ane, New Yoik- Dagucrrol vio Appuriitiis lor S A 10! ! I t II I, Subsenbi r not bems nt li'ienv to use I his apparatus tor tho rrerent will be chid lo ilia p 'Se of e, with al' i'i'1 appiutcuiue s necessary for o,it'r:iiin .. on Hie imt m-oivible lerm. Will pile I nsirii'MoiiR for taking I ikene-ip, surpassing any nthi rs t iki n n tl is su tn n of I lie country. ll ceip' nlso fui iiinnuf ic'iirms all ihe ('liemicals ii.eil al 1-1 the eietis,.ot iitirehn1- nz t o prepne.1, and of far t-itt c lo- ntpiiii' . ( o'liteire Ihe Pn tine. Inkcn wuli iln f e ( 'lu-mi .il-, with ilum inkm with lie t licmi- cals o eoimn nnl i, n will see the dill ri nee. Any von i; man wi-lunir lo mu'iL'e it this ninsi pleia t an I i-oilo ,b!e bn-iiii s w 1! do w ill lo jriie llie a cull. I.'l eoe fc la'lll fir cl'lotners on ilu ii mil t, roe, Ho ini i'V Speeiniti.s at 1!. Si-on', 1 1 II I i Kh t e I1. ,il Kir. linn e. 1. 1)1 vol I, lliirhm I.. i,. V'. .' i nl. IPil! 41 r"SIII -u! Tri'.er ln ('iirrlini(l nf ihn rslnn of lli,. Ihllinclt , I ) lid p . , 1 1 I-, 1,1 m to i .eililiiii ill, li s ui'M. H'-ti i n I r .'P s oe . of tnes on hniiif iiIho llel'uu V;ire. I'l,ivs, I'lnw (,'iiutii, nml til no-1 nil MntNnf e is-inpss ,1,1 m ihw m-ir!, I. AUm S .el 1 on. I i,piiruiiil Thi U'aie. :nul nllilienp of enilrse. Iiiliernl wntes tll lie pniil for n uoorl ui.rl. iinniit ihu'lm II . -mess S. W. TAVI.OIl, llur inji. n, A;. in '-Id. 1 10. !! LOOK 11 lilll 1 U ,Jii3 T,"?. 1111 fvuu 6,,k' V',"1', ,SI?ry J',"''" 1.1 011 ",e I I i.ew j, tu .hi line im. nni iinue is i Inii'l in ih mo-.! tiled, m ttttot ,n 'din:? nnd will le f l I v e m. ' 't, I a' .lit ihf (1- t , f tl iv. Thrre is CO rod--ol I Hid ,' the 1 nd n... r,n Airilnr i.iriieii his in, j I', i' .''i I Hi: i 1 UL'li.n, or of ihe subscll btr ni .1nWy Hu.r,: I I.ISI1A MILLKI!. Jr. Diirlina'oii. April 1, IS 11. 4I3 niur.n ajtlhs. J 'IONS line I Apples, lor -u'e hy VILAS A: .NOVKS. Hireh I, 19U. 10 W'lXOOSKl CO TTOX. "7"1 have nu I - ni, nrrnnt'cineiii i,uh the owners 1 V ill' en Kb' etlll.'- tn I iep lliulll ei'liaMlltU' on h.tud nnl lor s i'c nl the pAcTi.nv l'ntci.s. We ,U",IJ ll"--,"',r"!i"u Meiehani. mel others wi-lnnv tn I uv their K'lcdi-hv ihe ll.i e or 1'ieee, n- wo tliuii. that ilie.r superior quality will be a slronr reei.iiunemla' unl,e Ijivr and 'the roiininitr. t'ltr pet.ide should ele-ounie ' homi i uhnti y VII. VS A ONKSj I! ii li'n-rli n, Api I 1, ISiC. -!1 1.7.! Tiir eopnr'nerfcl ip ln-reii.t' ri I iinnii' an I lirm of MOlt'f ().' I'Xi'tim ear ir the A- CI. HK. m tin. il ly by teal i nn-ent di-o'vt d. 'I l.e dcuian I I tliu nrm will re-inm f r tin prt'sen in ilt; hind- nl u, Altirn, w ith w hoiu the iiip be ib-an I to whom ihi.y are to lc paid. Cil (). MOH'tOX. I'illUi ChAltlC. Williriinn, Map.h 23, 1313. Ilavinc pnreha-pdibe euiun tnrk nf Good I rl pg iiitf to M r'nit A. ( 'hu It, nii-l renu ve I ilu-tii to Itu li iiii'ii "J doors a i i nt ih lo.t uin where mvnd 'i hi i-1 ii m .l -K ( i; nt oil- wh ( h will I e h -Id lor 'a b a i he-ty ,m at U -Kington i r iv o-her dat-e hi ( h f. a 'imi t o m y. PMli O Cl,inC. iMnr h ia, IPIG. -1 1 .3 Kra tilers ! OCOI) supplv ri' II, us nn I fleese I'eillii rs uoi. 1 ft. on h'llnl IPai'lrtllr(i In le n ?i)ott al i-fe. n li'ilu! II Pur S'llr hy V1I.AS it MJVP.S. I!iirlui!;ti,n ,!m. S3, ISIR. 3" I 1'iii'e .aw n I idy with ,'enr lauhiuireye., Wi ll a hr.'W InJli nnl lolly lie va fad, nnJ her 11. , Tj'd ll,c lal ' 1,r Ur,r wot'si moulli, nnd ehin dilllll'eil. u'l , i : ., . I,, , ,1 hy, why en her t ice thus -o freeklel nnd piniphd; ( Wh) Ihnl ueek r.rine,! su wan-likc-'tu-ag proud.du . you mirk 'tn yelluv,', and freellcsl, dmiiirrd an I I'nrli i I 'I'liu-e ee. Ihnl I t,.ike cif, .Ijiiied ncli love oh ! 1 men fla-he. 1 w-w tuuiu. i f eiehrow. , r i-ill.v ejel.i.lie., I 1'he hair (iii her hen1 'mav ii line nolle head Wa-dry, .hurl, anJdirly, icntgli, wiry, and red. ., I.' k you ( ii lli.'H iiieinie nnd nn Ilu. : , One livuilh ha- now and Ihe lady's fine cj. I, . 'T''. ., ., tL . . .- . aiu t.itiT, utai .inu munii), our 8 me lUVtLCbl Ol An 1 ihe ptuiplri ni 1 Ire. lies, un I ibat wadrl; lUve all dj apptarfl, for be u-rd do you mark , eake i filial miraefd of w bit h Pve oftpuke lt i e.illed Jone-'s Lab tn ('heinjpal Soap Sho 1km c-) t hrow and me'ashe now, too, that live Ami wrre made by the .bun- ILnr Hctoratie, -Mm ha hair, to i uyl dark hVwihjr, eofi, silky tttf-. bVr whieh h a three tlii'lm lollle now ldc-es So all whoM he. like her, old, youny, or in teen, uau iiau' u uy u?ins inu wry fiante mean-. Tho true and cpnunifl aeent appoin'tsl I V Jone. are H AKIilNCiTON & HltOTIILU. II Cleiieh Street, I), (i I,!VS I'alnnt Uleriuolor & Syringe, Tins lniriimt'iit i- udapteil lo the npptifntii'ii nl reineilii! ll'jentii, in u (I is. U'lileh eflen ,'e tcr thei'idiyid ml fiom applying l,,r a remedy, iiieon. nipience of ihe iVItcacy alien imir il. n'luiin'i irnii"ii. Vtlh tin. in.lriiinenl the pahenl em sa'ily an' readily apply whatever may he pie en1 e I. Al . r lillinir llie t-yrince, llie pipe l lo I e nis.'r'.d. 'lie is K.'.i t' fttl, Tl'i' bt' ii'iiitslt. in I.t'u,', ri liai 1, i-iin j.iolVi fr uit a.trinitt lujs'ttori t Ihf-tinrti tttnipti.fl of ,0. iilnn t'l llif Milplmo , f', iron, fopiivr, t r ibf at, t'l.rt' ol lend, or iiif'i.iotis til Mta' If n.irinirmi-, mu lt ii. cu'fii Iim, onk bark, or 11111 snlb. Tl f) flioiiM It, it'tilal lirl wt'.lk, Ihfir lrt-njiii I fini; n. it rwnoU iiii-i tii-i-1 ifiifit's-nry, I) N (I.M.r,. Tlii is In ivriify ihat we bayn pxaiiinifil I), fi i'p tilvrme .Syrni7t' mid 111 our opinion it 1. !1 litu- U'ur llif n.ti I'MviidisI, 111 t.i.f s nl I'lnt.r All'ii. prttf I, nti.i or Ti'l:ii-u. Utrij and oilivr ot adiau-nt oig.iiK. Iliirl'iieton, Jlan-li al, 1818. 0. (J. 11. Hall, M. I). Horace lUtvli, Al. I). J I'orliT. M. I). Kullanil, Vl. IM II. I'htilp., M, It. V, r llfiij. It. I'alnirr, WouUiuk, I'liy-ician. 1111 1 llwniblio am nililfd in coll and 'nun nif Ibf iiboif'iil. I'nr .a 1' at HAHIUNfiTO.N' & ISIIOTIII IIS. H I Churt-l, ,, COTTON HATTING. A ri'HCIHNTS in waul of a superior nrllc'o ol ,, . ""ns-. enn bo ncoomodntcd by n-, as we l,oiu all that the 'Wiiiiio.l.l Mill Co.innl,e Wo shall (ell it ill tho I'nclory J'rtee. Tlime wishina nny lor M.illrotfti, will li mt tlii, n fir.t rnlenrliele for that P't.rp'ise. llH ,! M)Vi:S. Ilnrliii'ton, Aprd 1, ISIrt. 41 ""SANDS5 SAUSA1MUTLLA l-0!t TI1K ltn.MOVAt. AM) MT CUItK Ol AUi DKKASRS AUHING I'liOM AN IMPITUM KTATK Ol-' 'nil-: nr.ooi). on it ami r or T1IK svstjim, viz ( St-orfuln, or Kin Hvi' Itlumatiin, OhMinTfCn tiinrtrm Iuption, li'Mi!c-, or l'it-1 Ac- on lli I'nro, Klolcln-s, Ui!e, Climmo Sun- Ivjt-, Umn Worm nr 'IViii-p, S-uKI llc.i'l, llnhr-.M-iiicul tin-1 Pnhi if t!ie Hone nn1 .Imnl-, Sm1 In rn fleer-, VtInlHie Sytiijilnn-, Sei.itie.i, or liiiniliiao, nnd 1)101-0 nrtuiir frotn an inptiiicut if ol ot Mrr rirv, A-ci'e, or Dn-p-y, flxpi-'iriMir Tin.iuiJf tiro in Lift. AImi, Ohn ni" ( 'miMilMii'ttial l)iurtU-r-will lc tt'inovctl I y tjiis I'rt'.ianiti ti. Thi iiti-dir-int' has in ninny ilioti-ninl iti-tnnee liMulit tiftlth n nil rt turn in j v sm- (i iheweil; nnl Inn nl frune. Il- riper., i-ft e en.U it-i-H'lH tho rHiUitr-i lrnn-)uion i f tln'iMur-J -y-'en, mnlc"it m t in ir ili-eu-ud a tuui hi tl.u nliporl my mil! ciMfiinir eset-. .Still f.mli'T iiifMtrnf itio al'tmi(l clllencv f 'fits irir.lrnnc. Ainclicr link a Mctl to ihe t Wxm iA tf-li-tnuuy. t B T I'OVI.TNFV, l, I IT. Jill, 11). 1 Mrr. A, II. A I). Sand Dear Sirs lilm I Milder, i erinii nie tn in'a v lo vo I tho lnrv i fniv 'iVriHiis iiml ilu relitfl lnvu ot-iatneil fr in'llicii-e i... Aluul t hu iniHil i nl Inntinrv. 132 I uii a't.iel nl with a ch-eau wtneh my lMiyi- enn etiliel f'htunuttian. nw I n h I rcnteiln a wen.-jiie( nl eil, nint in nl nut t hire eel- it lili, l-nt marlv thy nm mr.e iliu next it npptMie.l ni'.iin in il e sunienl.K e, the riiiht li'! T'itit, (nun wlivlu'l ui'Tta ol. niovini; on Tp'ot hnili u limb and joint ti joint until it had i-inph itieafly nKen huc-fifm yt' inyuliciV p6ifiii, I tried every renrly precnlcl hy the varnins IMiyii'.an-, hut ua duniiiu I jearafier j car to''o mv (li?eaec-omptetc, ha lilt the romhiiMl l.ill of Ihu MeJi'-al I'mle-vitni, ' I t erMine ilM-iira-eel, all luipcof r'lul lKdt pro-penty w.n turned to uivcrony, ana I chum nv waii tin' u-otunn in iuc 'Cnitliire, ilntl ha Unent nil my living an I lereiw ed no I i-ru-fit. I e((ii,iiine I thu" Un'il . pti-in! it ISJ3 when I loo'; a Hidden nnd M'ere rohl and iminedi ntely my deea-r ragol with iniMeae I Inry tlitunilio it my win le avtein. My lniy vi Mrlirl Willi eon vul-iotis nnd tuiMu l i;h mamp until every joint ua dil ealcl. and everv limit pamftlly i!iltnU'd. My 1 1 nil and I ody were drawn t' eiher, nearly ma it tins posture, in wdtu h evei y uinl I ei'onip - perftedy that it was iniposihlo tu move, lian I or toot or anv of my limit. I wneoiihned in tin eon Jit ion about one venr Irom Ihe above date to a ennnium tied, next to a livdr"tn tic bed fur omjvcirt from which I v..n Mien in lb ry If5!!, nnd plaied in a larire en v elnnr, initl' 50 a- ut e.intniin to the annle if mv l if I body and limb?. Mill not been long in lhi i hair, before myftct l-c iMiiKitwill and (tiiiliiuie to nierea-e uiml ibe sm liiicrarv bnrt at everv PnrtN o'lm h irjm ncba ipi in lily ol tl nd that I.UL-e b.ld nt cluih- pbo-fd ini'leraml ar nnd them would be complc'eK drenched m a le v Iu:tr. He ides lbi they iii-cbarel a rb"'V nb taiiei- tint aeeniiiidaled m thu-k eriil upon the nr l.ue until matter was iVrineJ uiiderneiib when it pee'ed o I, tormina lib trs. w lii-'heontmuuJ to mciea'-e until my leel were one roinpluie -ore, Mt iiaueo i-. lint I I eeune loath-onie to my tu'iies' an I l-esl frien l. M'lntmb my (t-et weie -o v -ee linu'Iy tete'er that I ei.tild s-nrc-ely enduie the ueiybi ol a t It (h upon tbe.n, y I nt iime llu-y would h trn and itch o u tob-r.ibU that my nnr-e would I e obliged to tsirte a imih tlt'ili and r-tb lliein uiilli n w w s'Miirlinie- al urcelwilh hhiml, I elltre I eo i!d lel.ef, while at ibe rime tiiu then; wa i ri;;m mil tin Minn bri iL'h'Hit mv wh -le ?v-'eai nnl i 'lirniii. limb It Hi pant in evt rv n nt. M ihe mrsnii n. uiuer in I t-e- tin 1 1 ai ' e tine o '. I hi ' -i li- r tis p fit in mv leti i e, a ''in i I i ndi m , n- uallv and ' e e'e mv 1 e r 1 1 ti 1 untie nil e ' y he "I I Vi I li u i luiinl aeiua. tiie w I en - i ( ) , c ni Anne! id lere , U mil iuc an I a luiin. i led in in re' "!. lu'e icniovnu ihe wrippep frm tie hr-t mile, nu w t'e -a nl, .M !e ir h i-h ind, von imi -t not tilb-w i iirel''ei n In b pe h r rr ie, for il y 1 1 do it wilt ouiy add another o'ir a'te-tdv many -T t-v on-ilwipj'o'iiIiiiHil. I rv "en i f v felt ihetli'.-rt-o llie tir-l do e, and w lien I leul la! en one b ilf f ;le fir l l tile the deeharji Irom my (eel tii'irelv (ppt d, and the Me!iti I tv-ni to a1 ale. and ! elore I had timshel lanm llie -eroiid, the I I'limiir a-nl tteluay wa-fjono, the '(nihoiae (-ifneb d'-aipc.iu it ibe pam m my brad, i !e aalba-k ceael, while my b"Wtd lor ihe tirt time m ftjnr jear move I n u ma!ly ard bac ronnnued lodn () -uirc, an I my dentin is rapidly nnprnuriL'. liy lhi you will ee wli n an unexpeete I jet un-pe!' al le IdesMiiff your Str-apirl.a In been to me, an 1 I t ame-ily desire thai eery or.e a Ahead with mii b deea-e- a eome w it In n iiv heat m? pt wcr may ol lain and irv it viih 0'it Uetay. lo tr alilieiL l Irieuil. .u. ui iii.k. I his may evrtity tint we inve I ceu personally ae pia irelw'jih the Kev. William Ujt'tr tor many year pal and I el, eve the above iaieniems to he eorrcel. Uev. .luha C!.rh, Piei ling Kbb r nf Io dtnev Did. Jn-epb Avre-, I'.i-torot .Me h tl st H. Church. .1. Neun.aii, 'IVa her of Mat. Tmv Con.. Aea 1. J.. Wenlwcrth, ' ' s -il,i,v do. J. Hiionir, " ' f.incuaje do, 1'i.r lardier parlieidar and eoncluie evident e f f n. uperior value ami .ih ey, ei pa.i.phb.t-, whieh may heohiainel vf V-jenl ?iait, l'n partil nn I old, wdiobideari'l re'ad, by A. II- iV I). SANDS, Whtltf-a'e Iiniyiri-ts, 7'J I'ultua t. New Vork. .Slalo liv, I'rci; & Si-nia, H r'moa; S.K. Collins and S! 1 lie Hie I, .M irpeher; I. Hunting ton, erseinies ; M. K. ia't . Co I'l utO.i.r-'h ; nnl by lrie!tsueiHriHv ihro I'.-lio it thw 1'in'c I Slate. Pure, 1 per bottle; ma, bolde. f I nerjimln I ii bit i:!a!c I'ctttlon ta rotitcy luid. SV.Wi: Or VntniOXV,) t ae-sianofthe I) siurt of Ch tieiiden. v. i "V Prtdnte Court held at lbithw;ion, uulun nnl fiid !)iinet of t Ilutti n ten. on ihe liri d y of April lRlG.enmrf Wm. tlirninu, Kx'-eiitttr of the hist w III nud ti sl-iment of Itinj tiiiiti Imli, I lie ol Shed urne, in nd diMne', de. vr e' d, tt ate, and fi't- in c nd cuiirl lu pi tiii-m ut wrt iuur. ", I'M'!! lenh f In r the -aid te-iainr dn-il ei elol ihe bdlowiny dfi'ribtd paietl of land, h my in S'li I S lie. hill lie b juihb d - It llo.i s : l( t!l'iu Hi! ill llie wt-t ol ihe leti t h-.u'inu f'om ht tmrne f il!f iiotilu rlv, a 1 it i le s aitbei y t. ibe fi At w.iti r e ur.' itnrlh o emu tills. to rufU bo,n tite iiioutb ul Ih itv wi : ibtme W 'C5 N 13 r(N, 7 LiiUj ibenee N 5GJJ P. iwecrot; f Ii t ri re, tn llie line id' t- tt I rntil, S. jOJj Vm in the pl.n-e nf bey liniiiir.enn. t niuii-! one aere uf laud, w ith a brirk hoiife and oth er oimuiuL's intri on ; inai tne sanj irsiauir, ni uie i - . i i.. . .1 ...t. .. . t.. i i ... ' nun- i in.- fii'iiMi, iinucr iiiirnin, oiihiiii'j in I t.v ana emnev sua hud In Iiruijimui In " ' jr , on ine itivment v tae f ant lieni .ir , tr tn abmii SI'Jj 00 and futh further fttin n tmubt be due fiom the Mid lleiijiumi, Jr., m ibe t-nt I ter(ntor, and pnyiny F'nd eonrt to atcriam ihe euiii wh.ilitbe sii 1 Be nia ui m, Jr , o ht lo p-iv to i ntnlu bun to a conveyance of -nid Innd, nnd to Lcrtifr the anl ls- leutor lo euney Miid land m the aid Itenjimiu, dr., j an the payment nf taith sum of money, tiirecable ' to the t-l.iliitaiii t-uch easo nnde and providtd. U (tr.nrrrov. the court atoref-aid doth appoint the1 lourin Wedneiliy in pril, l-illi, lur Ik nrmur nml ile cidini:on iu peininn, at the office ol the Ucciclef ol aid colli t in tnid Ihuhnion, al len o'clock in the fomtnon, and doth mdi r lhal all pel pops mtufstfd I Mi'itififd lliercnf hy piihlie.nii n nf ilns ordir.con- laiuitii' ihe substance, nl end peliiion, threo weeks uccrss ely in the Ihirluit'loii Tree INess, a neivspa. per printed in said Uiirlinglou, tlio last ofwliu Ii pub licnnons io he previuus lo tho nine i-ei far hcarin;, Riven under mv hand nt call l!iirl:ii?lon, tliis 1st nv of April, A. I), ISlfi. Ilw3 W.M. UT.STtiN, Itcgitltr. 0CTNoticp.J3) riMII' notes and nrcnunts due the Kstate nf Jova. J WAlNwiur.iiT. deceased, may lo fct'ttleil with CAIU.OS W.MWVUKiHT, nt tho More formerly oecupid by tnid dercasdl, any time before tho lM of May next. After lltat liuiu they wi'lhe left with an Attorney for cot ecliun. rmvAitn n. miEiinit, AdiniuiMratnr of J, Wuiiivm'Ii'. dee'd. Ilurlinston.Marth 27, ISIG. 133 IS. II. If ATCSJ, JR. vhoosia FALLS. Mav bo fouu I. for thu present, at tho store nf W. P.' II.VICU & Co. -t l f Doin I ?? 1 . 1,. ..1 .... .T. T. 1 3 i r I It ili.M " 1 11 I'iisturiii".. l'ASTL'ltK of S nirn in Wwit, t 'oll'-jf, ftiniin. f 11. IM'.ir.. A ir ilu SON. Iliitliiiiiii, .Mniflr.'O IRfl ( )i'iin(N anil I .tiiiiniis IUST rctp'ittl ll Posea I'Vfsb lirnnis nnd mis, and fur .ate by (il'.O. IT.l'i:ilM).V. Mnnli 21, ISIG. l'ir Sale. UU.SItni.S I'UA-s, .uilabl'ir Cooking or Keeii. , " lluckwlual, for Seid, " Com, " Wheat nnd other crn'm, H Slid. 250 2.10 1 a 00 UOttl) 1 urn 31111 ull'l III llilllint!lnii, liy Mnrch?5, 19IG. II, WIIKr.t.Clt. Garden and Flower Sccd.s! J' AUOi; SUl'PMUS of ficsb SVfiU Trom .Shakrri J nnd other Cull'viiors, nt uhok'?.ilr, nttd nicety arranccd fi r tlio retail ttmlci nt h VTX .f. SPPAlt'S, nnd W. tt. HATCH & iVs. Also, The rarer kimls rmisttntly kt pi. SI5EDMN(S HNUWBHHRY. (Of whirli llie lircesl licrrirs nrc Trnm lie In sit Su llies in circunifetrenre, nml llielr qnntily nut eurpnsseil, .Seo MmnzhiM nf lliiriicut lure, nnJ Ajiritnllurnl .n-cra yi'iiernlly. T?OIt S.ilo liy I'litLr.Ti's I'iiimips, Mllille'im-n Point, N. J., nml Awuis, ,"l.ssr. PIJOK A fi'FMt Hiirlmurtim, nud W. II. lfATUII A. Co., !' iniHisUl I .ills. Tli" (il'iuts nrilnil by nanus will li,'cil Willi tin' iiltiios' ) inelu.ililv nl u li ti-nes us lo reneli llinr il,slinnti,in im l li- 1st, I'lh nml ItOili i.l Mnn li niui April. I'ltrrln'i-rs. ilifrernf, liv (Mvirir the I .u:ents ilieir nnl,rs s, n'nnnli'v, Willi n T, n nee lo llie nltnvp il.ilcs, cm lie lenly to renne ilieir (thni-t liu ' iiiiilnteiy on tlitir annul, lulu lufch mid in ccotl J imler. A sliret ennl liniii'.' inrtieul-ir ilueelion" for llie rultitatiiiii nf this nml ullier inriiliisef llie Strnv le rri. (eliii liv i xtr.irls iioui the M,ieiziun i f llorii I eullure, pu!ililieil nl Iln. lull.) is fuinii'inl arnllill'Mi--I Iv wti'i ihe plinis soKI, l'Mcr. or Plants, SI lit) in r liiimlreil. i, is.u. n St, John I.ouVi liiniuiont. TIIK Proprielnr of ihi pi pular remedy ro''ifet attrulicn to the fulluu'ing le;tcr (roil ot.u ol Ink A itch is ! KfTi.stif Vl., 20th rhr.:ary, ISiG. I)cn Sin 1 cannot iclrnut from writing you nt tin- lime, to ialorui on of diedaily inCMMvini' alc of your valuable l.tnuneiit. I Inve I pen rn mured m j-ellim patent inelieiue for nmejtyr-, and bave'-tdd many Liniment wiiliin tint tune, all pn le Mnp to euro 'the ameihsei-e- whi'-h jous la rttliltj tints curet but they performed tery lew cures, ron-eipten -Iv ihe ab' wa ery mim'I. " Your Liniment i the article aborc all udtrr ibruhatit i de"u.neil. It ha giwn per feet sail-laei mil in ewry mlaiii; whr-ie It In I eeii ned, wdiirh ennnnt t e Mid nf any other imiheine extant. I will yive you a fiv mst.uiees ol it -aicees-i. Aueldulj Lady rf tin town who ha" I t-en troubled wi It an a 'ee ion of ili Liver Un fifteen ycirst has ued it lor iwn or three werk i Aw - lorui- me Hint -he i tn-v nearly w .and think that a few inure bullies of the Liuiment will peifect an entiie cure. Another CT-e I it n youn-j nnn who hm been ! Iroiidt'd with the game dieac Kir IS moiiths. lie In tut eonimcme I the uwi of t!,and before be had ued onehotlle, hi side, where he applied the Lini ment, t ei'aiue ury red, and lb'- inoriiuiT ihit I(e ma fe the laI apphcTt'on of ibe iir-t ho-tIehe ihrew up a irreat quantity ol" m itter, and huntl also th tt matter had t trn thrown o l ihrouch tin. of the skm direcily ner the seat i-t die di-ea-r. At llr--t I c was ipute "ulariup t, nit I hi Inlher eaine to me to know wlte lur I thuiu'bi it wit ilu answer toe.intin- p the ue rd i' undi r ihoe I'lreuing.aiirts, I to'd turn that it was ut whil the lantmeni wa u-anul to do, as he hbould bavo kn w b attentively iralimr the paper ae'-ompanyiiiJ' eaeh I tittle. Hi Tearft at oiiU! vnnMied, be tuoU auuiher huiilc, a i I his un i. iiowwjiriC'fii. In uifiicro i ra-ejnf obstinate fi'fciim'tttsm, it ha I ceil eu inlly s'vt tub MUL'H'M L I'ARVO should I c 1 Iowii m the i.'e nt fverv I o!tle, as dide m mi-pies'ional ly more Mtdicai Vi'tttc in one Im de ot u ir Lininieni than in rti ut any oificr Kind in .ee I I'outd nil a lar-e ipiario vol une 'in elm in. Img ihe wi u 'erf il e .eel ol t. .bdi i L-in's L nitnnt:, I ui I pie uihl ih it you nr. daily'j mauv more la v rah ea -en - ti f ni oilier i itk t ( the eo m ry, and I wi I no tar lit r ir r pin ute al tin tia:e. i I v.. W. h : vroniAi:i). V rsi I' IV. K V- li , .ii ni, on. -H.-3 v 1,1 .Jonc's Italian Cluunical Poap: 17(111 the rnre nrr.ruptions in I l)i'liuroiiirul ol L the Skin, I'ui.p'i", I rt hies Sun' urn, HjIi lUieuui, Scurvy, Niie II, uls. .e. Ac. I'l lcc t) Cents. Jones' Coral Hair llcstnnttive : IVr l!icPrecrvotion, fJr.iih nndntauly ufthc Hair. Price Cints. Tones' Magic llivmec Soap : lt rciiiuvini; f, t-loths, W a-n Sp n. S r -t t r , or Marks form i.dle-.a. ('arpi'tincs Ac. c. Vrivts '' Vfiiu The Moorish 77ah Dye: Porpcrmantlv itunir Lt -hi. Urd. or (Jrry Hair a Dark tlrown or IVa It Color, liicc 0 (lits, Thc-c moM Jlsniintu DUrorcrtrs, which ar rc atin IttxiNGf-! MiiiAci i t-! ! mil Wi m.nm. Arc fore ib-m M.-'- PP." 'C MMUIl'.S nml W. P.. II VTCII Un' . WltnartMii'i' b 1 i-t furiiir-h hmivis at the usual di count from wtudtpn'o pin,i;. -13 NEW ESTABLISH ME M .1 V T1 III! unders .'lie 1 , ,n ue I till- shop as. I er- lii.inenl 10 a i' ii f. r llie ,'l nillMH mil Mir 1 -IM'.S. IIIM.I' nu 1 IIS'.WY IIAItim'AUi:, i'ainlf, Oili, W'iml ( fi'iis, l)n.-s,ci i s v t,it. tr.i-11 -. We ns-ure i ur fr.einl- nnd i!'e puhlie s-enenlly, e I 'h.ii ihey can le .n..piu'il wuli ninele. m ihe nhuie hrnnche-, ut a low rule-, lor q,ii,.im any ! i f the aiijoiniu r inarU'is. : 33 I W. II. IIAT'MI &. Co. Sti?)(!ii(l(;i'S. OA 1)0. Wei .Nl-lieivlcr-. ZJJ 'j: " do K.'f snle I V VII, US l1 .SO VIS Mcr'h I, 1SIG. 4fl r.SrMtrf. IIUIVMAII) & nilOTIir.K.S are I :tre- aii'M'V Ma';e, niuio.t ep. ry w ariou- km t ot ie.v i ma-, i" Keep n,eir nrinienl and anety eer -iryuu and evr ua , an 1 we deiro to reuim 1 pureh imi lb it wluM we intend to lie repufar and uniform m o ir prh-e, ve will cU any nr i le a low a-any ( iher tic iter, Spoon, Thunl lo and l!insi m'J l'w u nny tan selUnud m irkcdfrti. O ir:orimeiit - jjnnd nt Steel mil Jet roa U, fit ild and Silver iroutls, llrltannn CH'or an 1 tuber llriiaunia (iool, .ver P"r- Card , pla'el on I CiTiuin SiUcrdo. aiitl other art" lei. Wctli-Mreto reunn I e i'ttMnert lur and u'ar ibat our a mirimeiu ol" I.oo'.inp (thit an t ( ! t k t ami will be Kent solid ; we b iyo the (idl, Maho;aiiv nn I other Prames u uuald mention to lboe troubtod t 1 1 Uhemn t tie pam, and to other invalid, tint ut areole azeat for Cbrities Vnsie limi; nnd l-'lui l( b di are ptrformtns -urpri-iii cure. Also, (or Mcrti xon PilU, undo at the Uti'i-li t'olleueul Ileihh, London. tl-o.. lor the '"PerifiKMl Sixvttitf " or "Aincriein (Itat'i." upermr to all o her. UV uouldiufi.ini lleot Ulaek and mbiT ilnt we hae ho ye boxc t'f cc& 'I'lmmp-oii's I t't Pa-te c' -i n cheaper than to buv hiuall otiet ilo. Dav if -Mait'n l.nnlon Mh'"!ini; an I V.irnMi llhe!,mr. UbuUiii';, Scrub t'Z an 1 al other Mn I of IttniUr, Soap, Paz. r and all aril 'le roiiiitv'u I I her wuh. Willow Clnir, Crille, Wairaoa-, llidcei. 'I'ea Waiter", luautl Ink-land-, Paint", Indii U d Ur, Peni'iU, l.iui (la i lii'ti is, .Mir' lc, v e. c(c. Iti lie-, io, )ir' r. an I (iberphy linn '-, I i V- ih pie' fi mi I ii - t ue vr. Iltmle- nnl Wheel llt'ik M 1. nil In 1 1 1 o'ln'i' Itt vt'lry. 11 tl 'All) fi .lli)TIII.l(-i. M . 1 '.'It I t H ti-ci .-; Wi.iviiiir ('rcaiii. A IV 11 ti. it .Mineral Tceih. I.nrrt-ii'Mirini'iit ..I Mmpril IVfli, I otb pintle and t'iV'it. al.11,f i' i-ff'.ri'f.l ' iit.'rii'iifins -ulf at IJ II Mlltl.MiTON .f- IIIIOrilKU'S. Arniiiiilic I'a.stiltjs. rpill!Si; atf lAifllftil am !f. f r f mi is-itin nek L lion. p. and pre vviitaiivf. .isiiu.lalli'ontaoto.,, tbsfa.f., null a. Mfi-lf-, Snnll I'ox, V.iri.iltud 4v fur. lie at IIAUKI.MITO.N Ai IMtOl'lllli'S. .1' lulling .Maoliino. 'PHK Sii1.-ciiUt Ii.i . cool I'lanin? .M.ifbiiif in A operation nt llm runiiilry I nd.'iiiii uiMr Ibu Lite and will at'coniiiiiKl ite Ibf pnMie.on mi-oii'il le it-nn.' II. It. CIIOs-i.MAN, " Itiirlinilnn, March 19, IS1. ji WcwoBk Afilv's. NEW YORK PRODUCE MARKET. wonbl remum our trcn i tint we lill eouli I ueMourold lo-iii'm, Wo. Xi) Walor nnd ire f dly prepire I to I dte elnrvo of nl t nni mi mcnis tint ibey may fior u- with. We would ns. sine all w ho m iv eiilr it their pro Iiicp tu mir eare ilnt eviiv attention sh-ill be pmd tn tbejr iu'en si. VV sbali kf p our pittom fully mil incd of the statu of our mitru t. Liberal adnnces nndr nn nil kh Is nf nrn liior. .IPAVKLL, UAUMIOV tV f'o, CnmmLftiort .Meiehinls, 30 Wnkr st., N, V. Itcfrrtn Mcosro CuPflt tt llradlry, ) ,t-i;nfrrt .Messrs. J. A J. IL Peck, & Co. I "!tnStont 17y t a, Hi 7). "Sr.w Vonit, March 2nd, 181G. Mrs rs Jcwitu Uaiumson y Cn. I hiv n i liPFilitimi m siviiu tin' h no ennver ntin in wlitoli I hii oi-eii t'litfTueti. in vtrmontor tdtu lipre. i'l ubieb ymir niuii'S hao hem imrotlu. nnl, Invf I evi-r hit'crib'! 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P. , M ' t dn; I'nilt d S itos, or- si ij bO u I. ir'tlli nricts mii'li bJatc itflst- It .Hit 111 vU.tftpfl llld Willi Itdtll'l.lS 111 ib(te ,juO hi t lari'-Hf-of Pinns and I iOO varieties Oriiiinjii'al Trees, ati'l ltns'. not in any oibei Amu ican ITurery, w I to mmii lo everv post pant ap p'teint. The pr(etit nht on cf this spteudal cata logue eot 1 7 UU Or us ill hi rxenitid wuli il ppatch, and m a siipciii r manner, ami Im warded a ti'in-it. H.W. Iv. I'ivliMJl I'll. Flu-bin, 19-JG. -13vv;t to iiotcl & ti ri: V.MIJO T I'UO- I'nir.Tou.s. ii"i'i's i n:s iiiox-ktont, china. pill! .u .-I'n'jpi Tin vi,. z 1 ''fi p o mm"I A chu I y J. I hi? i , lent, I ir lliv" i ( . li . ii,,' j m',',1 v.iru. Ti r llie L'iii ,l St in , nr I i'Iv nrcpn, f I " ,'Xi- ' my it Iit. from WIIOI.I:- ill: M.I II. "i ho, ,'imj. wl liT:i. m I rTFMiio.vT lnorn kt n-; mil woiiM I v' lr vc Hi rolt-r u iln .'u. iiiiviii testi monial nl ill.' ffinHnj mi I peculiar Jitncsl nl h s .im 'le for tlit. UjU.1 an i ii i' : .mil wxui I a. I, ,ll' i i' x 'I'lU-n v., iti-it it i nnl lil:. , ii- ih nil V'-J vi-licn imii,',!, ii'.o o tier I.iirtlicin ur one V'.;r- , , , . i.i-y mho :uo nu ii'in tn ci'iierui'in"in ol lihta. (i'nf.1 ami v' irlnthrire mm alil li-,' iln' Country Tmtle, ihty will -ell lute tor ci'i ur appiovid criiltl. 'i i Horn v t kiss i n so:;t .Vrir- York, Mn Ji, HI0. 1 n M n '.-n l,im', Wi', tin' .ub.rn! it.. If. Vf Tiirin hid lln' I , vvtlh "MAMOWS l'ICT IUOX .SIO.NI': t U1N.V." inii) )i if I I y 'I . T. Ki-mm & Co. nml 'taii n ..f trirn ! i, ver t'vi'i'y u'liei M'lJ i.l Clun i or i:nr.lein U'ir,.. Mi'itiir nl mil tl iral.iiity, it i'u it' int un,) uy '.v. i!i rit-n'm.- t,t'nj;ienrjnpe, aii'l ut' , heiltilly rt'c''n ti"inl tl its liti'tii l'iicr iccla j.rt-.l ui H, ;pl i,, lli hi nut- fillieruiticle nui,- iiiu-tj .Vi'u-- Yoi .-, .tinuary, I3'I9. ll,)VOKV. ''t i.r.MAM .Stht".-. .l.jr ITous;. V-.t II ""oszi.n. Amtrt.itn I laid. Ili.iii: l,'hi:n. H'refv lfnc. 11 wi:-, ,V 'rni-nwi-i.L Vnif'.trt Ihusc. JullV II. ItMlD'-Ell & Oil. ('Hi I'fulcl. I' llt nop.. iV Mov. Clt.iton Hotel. John M. I'iInt, I'enrl streU tiouse. . IV. II. S in-f Mii' nliovf. legiiiiitini.-il a fiirnMicil, -ill thc-e t's nlilt-li ih'i.i hup I'tiiinn ip:l r ti--i.. i ith all ihe i ri'ici' a1 Iln f!s in llu.mti. AnJ inoi-f rfi-fi,,. Iv h.ive ftiini.hi: I wh illy or in pnrl, llif f, ilowin? lit it'1-, nii-l ..L'lt' nt',v l.i' o nml river Btvt,nier. V Clnrlcs IhUl. Ni'.v-Orlo.ius, Jlff-r . lU'Ctin .t W11..0M. (inii lljusr, Ln"i.illt'( h'y , r. -'rf.'tfiiii'. , trl Hh'n 111. 11 1 V.i , Mr l- nonr.s. I'rcnch't Unlit, N. it'.'lt Y., Mr. V. F1.1 xcn. " ' Pf vr Ii, Va , Mr. D. I'ncrii. Xational Jotel, Vi'u.liiut' n . uy, Mr. ri. 2S.C'cii MSV. l'.r'U,in"r t! let, IMIiwure. liataic IIjujc, ' J icksos : ('has- .TON Amtrtrw .'' Pliil.iiltl.iliii, Mr. II. A.OmnTin, lloirur.l lhfl. iViv.Yur.., M,'.rs. TimMys J; Hun. .Wie Y-i-l: H.ttl, " .Ir.J. II. I'iliini... '1'rnij llnoe 'I mv, lt' tr: InUKJiw & I(ooi;r.i. AiiifuVni JIt'.l, l I'liilo, Mr. I,. I. llt'riGCe 1ttt.iut Hutu, " Mfsn. 1), r,.itMicn A-ft, t'ataruct IIjiis, .Nmirar.i 1 '.ill-, U'nnsp.v A Sims. Ami oil 1 r 4S LFCIIOIIN AND PANAMA HATS. ipoil SAI K, nn ftifiisivf i-"r'iiifin of U?lirti, I I'liii iuia, Miind'.!, I'alin I til", "Oro.'iin," 111 il " ('.mud 1 " Straw Hat-, nl-,,, x an IPh I-ibfii-' I'lolb 1 tip- of ewry inrif v 1 I" ptiiern win li f art- pre, , nip ! it. -t'll 1 11 v,t ri'i-i'ii ib'f ii-rin-.nnd ,' , i , , ,,fr,-1 ,1,'., wi-iimi.' in p irftn-f. n. 'fr in 1 i'1'1 ten " 1 e 1 1 y 'i 1 1 , r If., 1 - 11. u 11111 J he .in .,r' nui'f t d f., .11, I 1 .-xaiiiine "in hhi ,1 tt 1 1, ut I. I i-f i p 11 ir In. in .n. 11. Ytr hive 'iM'iy. on haul, I ir C.i,.. an I 1 ur- 01 eicryiie.i r pi ion. IS), M n 'en 1, 1,,,., Ne.v Vor'.! SOMIVMlNa NF.W. cniAtsi.F.s u. n atcii. 1)1 Willlnm Mnit, Opposite Flttlt Street, Ni:V VOItlC. Silii'ils llm allentmn tif Mereh nils ami others la his i-iiiireiit'ivstleiif SELF ADJUSTING STOCKS. VPL'Vinvt I'hi'ci, i.. .u ... i i i S!, i; ;' '' . S ,.'J; Hifiuek. ntn irmi mint- n.lvn.Ti W.'-r llir nrilunrv arneie. Mm slnip ami buckle uuilly al-i nrhed tu tiickd are ibspcnsfd with, and a spfwir sub i im -d in iln tr plan- ulucli ho!, is it (irmly, and i:t l iion-'i in ire e'tv nu I e en'.irlab'e to the nnch ih'in I t ".ti iiiy e. t i iUh n i' it ir etcd that when on the ncU iicxie ly reeiuldet a crtnal neailv t'ci, 1 am itio i ae uiib u il h tulj ntcd m thou 'ck ami ' ta en nl), i; i it a gnat a.hantJo a cravat or th nrdin try H'neU. O.i llm whole. ii minority over all others fur ncat netxand convenience, t hiicIi ilnt the ubicriber, in eoiumt'ii mih tliiKti u ho h ive uetl lliein, m con ft Jp nt that they will supersede any tiling of the kind yet in vented, j Thcdennnd fir ihe almveariictea ttire their mlro dttcnti, liu been uch thai tha utilncnl cr unjld tuig-1 it lo meiclunti-an 1 dealer- lh propriety of ilnar cilbntr nu I cxanumaj; th-un assio: us cutuement after ll r arnval ui the ciiy . C It. II. wniibl tiUn vine that he ha iviw nn hsti I and is ctiiioiantly adding theret ) by lai arrival1, ami by Im own m iiiufviurc, a litgn and evifiittve a ' sort uif nt nt tii i'.ti, opni t -, i'iirltcllir, bo -4 ein, eli,.i.iisiii.M. niiiUr iiininnu, half biMr, Innil. kcrt hiefs. "llul silks, .ItessinL- ciii. A... Ac', nil if which iiillbe so'd ot too low e,t nmik.l pnetf, JO so rPIIII 'le.ili,,il i.l S iptr uten 'eul , Ti n lifi. in ' I tiler- mi ere 'e ' Ml lie e 1,1' pn; etlu r e '11 M - li 'li is re-'i','tl'i ly lull el In 1'ie f 'll' iu v.llell le Si'i, l II' Miiltti'i Sclneil (irnt;iMiti.r Atla, en lar.'el Iriuii Inline,' ediln it-I iieed tu lie I tie lie-l pu' li-li" I. Mnlili'i t'rtnnt y .'nuinpliy. tn jirtx, v ill lie ji i'ii lie I nt 'i lev we-'... 'I liu In ip nnl euiriv. luif. Inve 1 1 en de-iiri ud nud euj:r.iee I i Tjire-s y f u lliewnrl,, 'I lie pu' 'I Inr. I e'ie,t it ivill lulif.!' pfru'r in nrran j?itit' it. 'y.'e nn I ex-vuli'i'i, 1,1 nnv u,ii'ir ivur!,'. Th' prieu will l,c . lb t il llie suite n. u in i enll fS 'iijrl due-, Mrltli'i Pincllrnl nml At lllimetlr, in V.ll I li nl Cillltjllled ui.ll die ii.e uf till' sl'i '., K'-y in An Tn Trnrlirr only. Mn'ltli' New A i llliinetlf, in irrr f arts, ten p -l e -uiple'e vte'u in one I unli, Key tu du fur Tee-her. fnilv. Mr. Siniili Im-lena lieen r.i'.'tmi Ir 'known In ihe )iMte,ntil In. I"nk liive I ee,i evlrn.ivelv use I. Tile Anicelcin i:imslluf, vr Intillnlutil Ih- i tic i;as.v .Him ua i in kc.kiiiis. nt.u i S"Jh!,I'."m M: . ... 3" , i ri'T'i lT tor Ut e.ain it on nnu Kead'm;, w th fur- mii'p lllu-trntixc ol .'e-tiue. Ily Ii. ( lauseit, A, M P-iee XOet nt-. T u'-h wtir'-s h VP 1 e n enmpibd by 1. Ciatfnt', A, M. In It' PrtiH'ijittl t f ihe Provi'Wv Hirti Sb o n n I rfo verv pup d ip a fir a lhv h.uc I vm Lnown ami tiurotltti-fd uitu New Voik, BiuitMsn an I other p lift ll M'hl't I". tnlcttcrtua! A li;-lira or Oral .Vrci lit Al' rrbra, tor ermnion s.Ii juI. Ity I). II, 'lower, A. M. Piii'c .J? '-i'ih-. Th i- the i nil wm; rn Alie' ra that bring the u' jvt lore the pu1 be fu an oril lorm diverted ol tho cum! riaiP, unuitcrt'-timr lua'enal with winch k'cbr:iri in tre.ttHt- nro uciifra'! laden, 'ttneh er 8iy 'lt i (he l''jii uiia'e s r ce-iir tif 1 Col1 iirti' Krl tie--, n-' yinndiiitf tn ihe mnc rclaliun to Alye bra ht e te-"tn d itt Ardhuictie. Hey to do f tr Teie'ier. crib. The C!rditat I'l Prmurv .Selmd Pntm- in'or, t ie ( bi'tP-. Iir l s c,t la' cu in the ruht p!:i'-c. Pr- -e lOi-t. PIu (Ira .tin i Speller, or Contple e Lnttucni r, tenelmiu" di-tin i nrti-'nhit rtri, ts well a ihe orb" uraptiy td the!i-h l.aiu'-n?c. Ily I), u, 'lower, t. .i. Intiodiirtlin to il.c (Ir.ulual t'eader, in press, til s'liui I e n i1 Ihe I. The Cradttat IStndcr, nr Per 'ie in Artfc iln ttou, df-iuHi'il io devcb'ti an I lrenalheii Ihe orif lll I -ineh uad tt f i'-t i .rc Ine '-urrcet Mtfraii o ol i denien-nry o mrU with Minp'c It-a hng- I.eon ft r pupil- tn y auiff 1 1 tc. in io IhIowti ' iwi ucaiiii ifu'iK', Ita higher c i t - b tin1 amc a t h- r Docthovcn r.Tu-jcal Sciies. Mui"tl . It. !, wrh oiu to w'eii .t dy, I v ti. Ive. Jr.. 25 The Muii-tl iiid'm II ol;,a Xew Me hod tif .M ii -al Iatrui' iou and Hot tea ion, S vo., 1 y P. hi-, .Ir., :0 The M.i i.'hI lievlmir Pf'd;, a New Me'holot iet i n ; rii I Mutc, S i re I an I Se ular, d.'.i'iue I f r S hnnl an t Musical Aea fern , by K. Ivo , .fr, t 1,00 The He hovian Col!ccdn rd 5 v red M i-ic, com-pri-uiiT Thvnie-, now lir-t airanrul from tho Invr unen'iil Cnnpiiti u( f Pee hnvon, 1 1 vdn, MuKirt, ami o her eminent Comp )er, and orijmal Tune-, ChnnN, ami An'hem ; tho whu!e b-iraionued m U r part, with nn .U-c-'inpnutment for the Org in. To whieh i. pre fixe', a New Me'hod ul'lnn'riiftinn m thp l!u diuteatK of Micie aa.l the Alt cf ltcahnt, wi h Annotation, ' y .Mer. he, Alper., nud, 1,00 Thi- it the fit cr:es nf Hook for PeJitwt pro-t i- etd m thi -ounirv that aft rd the nwnis lor teach mir ''I iic. mi a 1! thti mtp of ttrorre throuub wh eh it urt'l na-s, when trcn'ed a- a branch ot general t J. aunn. The p'ati cmbrac'- tint tf the ttmitfiil lr. Srhneider t.l t.frutnny. an I td the Ab!o Memen f I rarfe, winch are now the most approca ntetli ot i. iropc. PuMi-heiiv pvim; & uruf;i:s.s4 tj) .! jhn -t.t New (rl., an ! fjr -ale bv tloole't rs 'jonciaTy. .Marcii VJ, IZwi ST. WiCflOLAS HOTEL. 2S, Ctiiirllttiiilt Strrrl, A't it' York, Formerly knourn r.5 tho 3schanijc Hot;!, jVf-.3. 1 I A S te-eirlv tiae I im'o ibe linn I ..rf1 -I"A "'' Me-is". Wtmmcll ."i Diint lissllfjk idlfl-y. I' 1-wfhin .1 - b'.rl tli-lnnce 1i t . , ot f.l i-Kv iv, ot ibe Sic 1111! oat inn wf the pr n ci. ml -'rcc' t I he i'V whrrr M ri h 1 it f .1 h'' cifii:! v -'o hc.r i it ni ue-. f b' M'ftui, i't 1 ' M U'S- J .111 1 I 1 a. ii v 111 lu 1- i"iiii.i, 11 i't inch's nii-l 1' mien h t.i ni .W v Vi r l-ii-r m Im cl. Mr. tt un ilircv wi- lo 'fe ti vcir in tho c n(ib. ' flit f cm iii Mir II vir'. A'ter nrlT jv under irh ia"iT- of t'teftri, ti nndtrttintli i', a ml er hcr-t rii"i!'i' lien will ii it I u bu 1 iom'fc'J ni hi- fare nr hi - prUet. Jutiv," a- be v t fiiiu li irlv c-i Ip.l, l -i q 1 Mr f m h 111 1 t of ibe Irt ine iiwn nt Vpr mutif, un 1 if 'li t i' L'tui!iMUfii will nurtcm' ir n c.ili fi -ii h in, an t nrc 'i . iri ttc then m ' r aht t will hue f rirnt cutmutif." 'Hit hvt has I ecu thorn aMv rcpairc I uiul I ra-mf I'U'-liiteil up. Until flonifurt iiit'l e-iinniv will hi.-eon iltuJ bv hu hnt-e tluir opimi jibi'-c, ' 0 Uny'- INIatc. STVrK OK VMtMONM', ) 'piIIIH' n. tin Pro' alp Hi t ran tit ('(ni'fii len, si, i Co trt fir thf Oi-ir1'! of I'll tteu 'eu : To nil per nn- enn cnicJ m the c'ate (' OALViN n.W U-eof Hmes-buryhuwa'J lh r..'i, tlceae,, tlr.rKTisa., Phil Riv csccH'or nf the ln?( wilt aad ti'ftatinnl of trilvm Uay, laic nf 1 ItiKbutsli, in fti,j ilitrh!! rlect ascd, ;iro,Of 3 tn remlor an ,tccuni tif hi a ltii)iiiiration, nml pro cm b accou'nt ac-aini-t f-otil "-Te f r cxamuimiun ami allowaneu nt a nion nl ihcO urt ol" Pmbrc, tit be hul tcn nt thi. lit2:8icrT n-!uc in !I itlinion, in -ml dftftct, on tho eequmt Yclne-,av of Annl ncx'. TitERiiFOtir., Vou nrc litre' y nct.tlctt to appear lc tores, fit emtr' at the ihic .ml p'atv aloreu-l, an ! shew im ise, ifauv VM Inve, hj the a co'ini abire ai I i-ho'il I net U a 'owerl. li veil itii'lcr mv 1. m i at 11 irlmtun, thw I'J ti ilay of St li, A. IK l5!u. A'Wl Wii. WILTON, Hvjst'r. JUV rtlt-I.IMItUi ! tin::.vr Hnnirvb iti:-!MtiT. First Atdttritun fiom the tt nth UngUrfi lUill'ton si:u-m v A tut cure of Pulmonary v 'utHumpiiuu, ,;d all Dnt.Asr" or tup. chet and llxg3. v. t. lvcuat:, ic. d. Of l.i.ii.luii, r.t gland. With r. pnttrait of the Author, an. I Ilnnnviuj, iliu. trarivc i f ibo Anitomv ef the Lun.i. Price onlif t."5 rrtits, THIS wiiU ciniiuMa brpfiml (tiPt'nct de ctp turn nt'ihe AN VI'OM Y OP TIIII i Hi:sT M l.lT.Nii-an nMlmc uf Pr. 1!ik ban's 1 1 10 tl I.V SLVCKSdl PI, in. ihod ol MtMiinj Co ..V, Couyl.v AihiiM arid ('nrnnmpno'i- an afc-dunt of In- NPW I'OWP.ltPPi. It i:IKOY-and riireciions for I.K-MANAUKMi:.r AM) CPitP, adaptei tn ; nl ir ii.- It is iln rt'!-t of nearly TwpiiIv Ycnr'-. jrftiicc i.kI cxpcriuirni in ihe Tity of London nud ihccom tuuo I epi iieii' c ui ih imi learned lh s-ieiin-- an. I u rm-on h of thu ac--lunnii.p ;i penct Mun ic' nl vtcibeil Kun! !) an I Amu in n' i in a i ihe Aintitmv i.f tiJt I (in .', 'lu iii'. SvmiHout, Trca utf i.t ind ( 'un- til Pidniiiu'iry t'tntipt-.i.iit. 'Mti w. k 'imi the 'l'n itun rit u Inch n rc-'nuimendii arc held m llie hcln ai p t-ilde inticm m (ireai flut .lin, im lbs I'Muiei boni pn h j MtrniU, uttjelt nu i'icu m ibe Ai'jicndix, wid n' uu.ianilv h'huv. Pr. Much in truK' dcclnn p, lint w ith ibi-t Mmpltt Uimle, ('otitumpticc patient may da ware fur himsf than nni a-dtnury phiticnin tan do ty any if the com man 'method nf' practise ' Pu! b-iied by 1). !'. till Pl.t:r:, 130 Wibin?ton tict'i, Intijii, nnl iot I I) ''I' ,r' K'wlijielitri and dta'cmin new puhhea'ii.ii m the IT. S. Pi tec 23 (.Vini per cop iho im ihI discount tn ibe Trn de. Said in tirttntrton. hy PITK A PP.U; Maul pelirrt S. IC. T-lMn'! and bv ihe Poolvelb rs ccn enliv. Uo by W. tt. HATCH & Co, IPiwAi 'a-, IV. I't nut onlv thoo wlm are ubi cr tn Co nrl.iiuta lea hnu lu llu ihwaie, lut lbue w tin- arc m danger (co.,s,,n,1.,,.Vi!l,,u.cf1,,i.n,nyii,i. ,., 1 W'' 4yl Slraynd. LKOM ili su'iscnlur nn Turkliy List, a snntl retl lllV, llOIVV Hull fill" I Mill .tilt iblv le any unit liii Mill notify me of her uhrwilt'iiiK. , , , HHUiui: viii:r.u:it. Ilurliitirion, March 10, 'It! i; DIllF.D Al'l'J.liS. " 'IMIIJ snWnlier In- just rrcciinl a somllotof llnt'il Apples, ttlnch )c m sell I y the lot ur .in ill quinine Mrnh l, HIO. , I.OVI'.LV. .Tr. () ' llie best quality fJt a1r iM lu to unit piircha.. ers imiIvi,i 1.. A- I! I'm i i.'it .tliireli I i ;,irnr of .Mum anJ Waicr St's! LADDIUIS. It 1 , 1 J'!1" ,,v l,w 'onhpr1 .1 WinnoAi l-Vls. IBq nn by oi.lmi' at Mr (i lvilri ,V! .nr. tt. I tur.ii st. ' March 13 ISI5. ". ', ...niii.. rnnin.j tmiiplt3 mi) liv UI1WI1V, till WTitOXttri & Co.. fS.(i f. Ukiin I -Si" is U V 5- u " 0!f, -. nl 'li mCeli.rer, prices, l."0 iti.z, ntnki l.atctiri, assutUd Ize, no): ssuitis, &v. Ac. PA'PSmN'T FENCE MAC L LINE. II. ! DWUTV, 1 J nSI"'"TnjldV tiv - nonce, that ho it sld l.V itiimii i miruiT nl innolii Pad, Unices' Pa i'Knt P 'tiTAa n I-YscG, whtio all orders will be pr nnprlv irtotnJt ti to. Okvinj tu iiu iidvantanes derivid in ilv use rf ttie above i ijp" c nil nt, lie H cnibiid to nl'rtl a neat and he ml lid fi n -e for yatd-nul tftrden, al much b cxp tho tb in tbc 'iint! can he ti'it up f r in anv olh :r w iv. whilr lur d irnbt'ny v t it t ccllcd by i an in com ii at inc. I ii' vann te i itnniu' neut wa i. u... V V .1. ...t .. lrt' L'tiat into cttri"ive iie. nnd h n rc.-eivcd lh ap pri'bn ion of the .AI ivjr of i!i" cttv of lltdt'do, with tnviv nan itru ni i n'n ntrn "in in an i ntupt. in dial p'ci nl ilu- -tatc, iiwi "f (3 v Huh- ard, I) -et, .Iarvi. ,Iu ii.e 1lmiehi!l and tntnv llur lit Niw lliuniihhue. I i f id w ii rt ver M b i-t ! en uilro luce t it ln bce.l hi h'v nnmord. As a drill Pence it coinbmc umro ad van nt n than nny oilier fence eve r us id. It cm be unl u?i.i mid t therefore mil nfT'c'ed hv bm Jiiujf vid heavmir vf the L'round, ind n a Inurablv a 'iptcd to mvr a ni'ij-ct to jfvcrc ftcMiet. It I 'He; Icm lumber brta anv other kin I f fence, j a cerium nro'eeiion nrtm! nil kmiU oreiirt,e. i nil ha le to iM on of rc(inr, rjtinnt Ut b'tiim down, i uifrily set up, taken d mn and n ni n e I Pi mt uijarv VSo pTnicr eritd be rrV'it' nt 'east a MifH- cicu q nnii'y to ilu ow around his n dda of ram anJ nt'ics yat'in. A J S O , In rucnfPton iaalnve, he In a machine for tlfui Pi lO'tl I Pin lb 9. Putlniijt'm !ili?, Mirch W, I8IU. 4 IIlOM ihe Ir nf May, a larse ttriek I II ufh on Km-.' ct , with a Harn, Wii .l.linuiti nnd itnrnl Well (if icller. Al"-. ill" Hi'tno on Chninnlnin slrect occupiml liy W. T. G.urtolJ. Annlv lo 1 ' lUlMlV 3IAVO, 2d. liurlinzton, Mirrli 12 j: ui l i) in (i 'mi n mi. BOUU)., PI AN I'ATH nnl SHINC.I.ES, I,, .b'c lv i.r.O. PI.TMIsON. 1! rli n: l 11, '.',? li In, 1S10. ):. I'oabodv's Sermon, l T ibf 1 r 'motion "I Tin: Oli'.e Ai. .11 11 trl nan 11, Ana. 1 1, l't?. V. li. IVaWjr, AI-o, The Puritan Father.', ; 1!,". Oliver V. II. I'c, .S'lm'ay i. I' M'1,110.1 by C. GOODIIICII. 1:16. erlll, 1 ill I, Mr. :Mh;I)s - jtpcal To the pe .,de ol Vermont. Altft T srnMi r Ph AnAMl. lor ate 1 v h G. k'.li C. OOnDRICH. i:: -'-t-av '-;,,r -if The .'Eliui insnrrtiiic C iinpany, tlf Ilartfnr l Cont.tvU ul WITH A CAIM'i'.M. OF l!5U,0;0 i I'l ur. .i in-'re .ic. i.s 1' q l.y tin, on Vwi l,ie .n i re.l uiiai. ' 'nn Itro. U. SHAW loEsr. IV. G, l-.Iti. Dilil -to I rcrm !or .Sale, illlir a. n'nvr. sn l Vt., con Tin. re is rj a tc of intirxalo CITPVIKP m Rro- O t iming 110 nerLB. on ii. 5u ut uhifu ia now I m.!, a r od turn burst, 3 bitMS nnd shedj, a u""d snar and appit orcliaid,nn I an a' undancenj vvitt i anJ s onent tht bei 'ntm in the vo inty for n ii i-v. Ala i, '2Q lani of b y. A I'-ttt 4i ii I v of thj piinh .-e mom y will b reiju . I at lit" tiiuu of ihe s i' . AI.'-O, i d c''."i tiu, sho,', btrn, nnJ ur arf of laiul, on wiii'-h is a -0.1 orchod, Iv ms in tlie ullaa uf U il i-iwii, tor low a:iJ w a !.b t .1 ri dii. hv Wm. I. LVM0Ml. lb ' Mj'nn. T.Ti. 30, Pi-. -i)tf VILAS NOVF.S, Vv t"LD ini'e tb.e ot'cu'iin if .1 'chants and P il iMv.lmitAv mh t pun Ii tif American PrlnM O ir sio.-U now in ihe larm -r -.nd ino-t dsir ob'c ever .(' r 1 nt tlua m.ii KU eon- fcimj of a trf i cat v in iv uf p'-ncn nc' une new i.i!erymat Jt.b.-. Thi v pitr. h if-'d :ii a tune when iha Jici it irc cl-tMii? ih ie r.tll bu-inex. not) ihe own er of tin' pood wrre anxunui io 1 KP S U.fvS, uiu h c i.'.t I 'i to o' tahi ih- in at ' pi ins thn th. v ii td te - ii ; f .i u-ly v ! b In 'h vvn we cb (allied an dv iiinv1' rf irmn one to iwn e( m nn ibe on hin.i 4i v U a tl u ,t in ten .i .r to sell iii ni a i '' tp ibj x bit r n Ni' .v i k. Wf vv n.'d H.i'u-it a call fm n ali w -hinjj 'o pur ch is-c, ind f r!ti B' fully oonh lerl ihat wc ttl ihfin upon th" i.ioil tuvorablc tcimt. Pkaic call and te :oi ni ,t,!ti. It nl vion, Jan. Iftth, 35 li G. RATHBUN & CO. MLIICU.X T TAII.OHs. ITlVr. la r, turned from .Nen-Vtuk with (in I i. ' ' i '"'nnl snri v uf u.onitf, i;.s-i.mi.ri:s, vk-tinos. and T r 1 ni tn 1 1 gt. mt-n" wli eh are Hlnc KH. I!iri Gil I !il nnl ".Ilk rrill'li I', er. Blue I'.lfc , Ut,,un I Ii , i n, Hue, nn I Ilk. Iiiiu'li I'leilii, 1' un nn . r,,.,l. t,i. Dot) in t.'iistin, u h. rik ittn, 1' nn ',n,l Sini I. llsra. llm i, '"'u e It eiie, nnl V, 'v, i Vi si nan, llllt. Itruun, ) ih V, In i., tin tin tin Srryisli ami I ! ut it, n a, inj.'ii,, r w nil .1 .ur.e aMorliiu tu of I'unr) ta.s tiicln im.i V .inn's. A i sinus, IVs-m, Collars, ('rami.., Suf;cnJen, Tijie Mjamirea, te. fttr. llurlinjton,i'av. 25, If m t;. itatiibuii. t-. e. vr.u.t. FA Ilil FOR S. I LV. nOH Sl.V., mrm in rndV.hlll, eon. i 1.1'iiinv one triihlie.! anl a.-re-., -il t,ii une lintitlretl acre, of . In. h i ur ler eelrivtitioti. lite reninitit'er is cuveretl l,y a gotid irrowth tt hitrtj u-e On I da irvi!ii.enri'a eouwtiient'lwellin bt'tic, I Jrn, .li.-tls, ,V. ami an nr.-li.itd ol tl.Mty Unrniff ajip'e Ines, Mjiiit'itiii ler ninkiuiraoiiie Itfiyor .iy barrel, el" filler. AI-o. ii litr.ti et ii' .'ue liiindrtHl Hire, I) ins a'.m.t one mi'e frtmi Ihe a I ove,n! mil i,ily at-re. i.f win -b i. r.udfr tiiiiiri'venieiit.niitl bust n H a CJpa eiti.i. I'.hii, ill, roiimirik-r i well wotH'nl, prmejj.Hllir tnlt Iie.u h ami mu If. 'I be alxno are mhi.ih.I ne.i'r the eentie i,t i he uiii'ii and o, the muni roti.l, nia veil ,"i'eie'l a n.t uell lenrrd, a eotitiKler.ibleportitiii nf llie leiiee I tinif .nbuinlui wall, an I er t tihi,,i'je i ne ol llie l.e.l ti nrv iuiiu. in the town. The n' i epri.i't e. w ill le mi'il I- i le.e u eoticera for in. i li le.j liuiu ihutr , aloe, ami iOH.e..ioii m" "ii the l-l of April ueM. lur fonher rnrncu. Iarenq meul A , l-'OO 1 K. Iliiimuluii.lVb.aj. 1811 3Sif I .'J IXStllANCV. r"pHI" 8ia' iliiln-ll Iiutaner fompany of Wr. I leser, J)nli,ii'il, ufler I , is.ue 'o)"if ,'f Ina. r.i'ia t.n liir in ,1m utui favytl irrini. . Api.ll ni.oin rccci-el by ailO-ll. Slt,U'-.4aoT. IWrlinflnn, rttt 'i. IW5.

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