Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 10, 1846, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 10, 1846 Page 2
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mm opibibs CONGRESS. oni:ao. dkdati:. In ?nx.Tr, March "0 The f.l!iwiit; rrsolmion, otler-d eoini'ilijs nu by Jlr J. M, Clayton, coming up in us order, 12 : " llnntttd. That the Prc.ilenl of the t'niled States li" rrq'usiril In rotnniitn'.rate In Iho Smile copies of ony conespuniiineo mat liny mvc intern place ue tween the nii'hnr lips nf tho lnited Slalcs nnd I hose of (treat Uriiam since the hl document transmitted to ConsrcJ", in rclnlinn In the snl-jcct of llio Orfcmi tirrilc.ty, or so much thcre-or a? nay beciiiiiiiiutitcaled Wllliunl ilclnnicul lo the ptiMie interest." Mr Webslct ro'cnnd s.n 1 1 1 lmll nilvlsemr linn enable friend, the member fioni D.laiiarc, to forbear from prrtfing tins re I'uiinii for n few ihs. There. Isnnil.iiilit that there are letters from Jlr Met.anej but as the cliaitnmi of the Committee on rnrcien Itr Inluns opposes this tnmi in, I am lo r resume lint the CCt Olive 'IVCriOneOI IOIII- iiilinimiium ,.,.,,, tnmiicaic those 'ellct" In the rl.nite .11 ilia present W I moment. Vet. it n o'.u.iu, n the smile I called iimin to nerlirm a Iculntic ict. u (main, before the hour jf us (Irei.ion oiinei. to be put in p.isses.inii ot tvery tbmij iVI - to influence lis jiH.Miieiit; oilier- ' ,11 . , P J 1 . we.! it won M lie rrnullt i to liciforol till! h leu Niiliie 1 -. t . rt.. ,.1 ! sune cnilnrra sinent in the e.iFe. If tbrt exei-ulive 11 , ' iV .1 ' povi rutin. lit ib enn the ciinililtlliicilioo of Ihe rorrr punncnec incoineircui. n can ouu i.e iieeansc I'-jo- oil s-'"."- " " -'i-l'"in'r i, i- "- ii io be res one I. So fir as neitoiiili.iu k eoncrriieil. the c.iinuuriicaiion, or vubtteili m, of tbeeorrcinonji nee, liliv verv proiurlv lie tliiuilit i-ii-onvetiiiMll. lint then the IVdi'lcnt ba teeouimi.nib d the pisolite nf a law, or ri'fol'iiion. hv llie two boui-cs of (Jon.-re.s In Mipp-iit i.f this rcMiuiivu lition. t.e bmi.'lf -nil n, unis'icit, at tlu I'lvutoi nei'inent of 'bee-sion, llie enrres nn t.-nee t p lo tint time. Now, if was nceesiitv, the r st i necessary If we are entiilul to a part, we are eniitleii lo the whole. In my opin ion the tins. ake wa ni rill on r'on-.resto au thorize notiee In l.'itihnd of the iPaeMnlinit'ineo of w Inl ha. I e ol ri'le I tlie j ml C'-u an in mild tieo. tuti in ha I b en i 'nn.i.l. ...nt-1 m'ioiiT I lin e liern lii'd firt, nu I when itut tint fn'cd, r.iul iItiI'v failed, then, an I not tilt tlin. h.iull t'iiii2res hive been eillcd upon. I now co on iho crnuml, ofoourfe, that the notice for ihscoulnuiuiir the j not oeeupincv is prop rjv to be eueii by nutli irit v nf Ciinjrraii, a punt which 1 do not no i'di-cui. li is sud, in.b'pd. lint ii'iiiee is to he used is a weapon, or an ins'runiiMit in ni'L'oIiition. I hardly uudeisnnd this. It is a liv'tiplior of not very ohvi nn applicalion. A weapon s-eins to imply not a ficihlv, or lurro mil, hut the m an eiitnr ol nelenre .iqiint allaeli, or pt mi ttiig no aincii. ii uini'is not niionciucr iricooir aon pa rifie. 1 doubt cxeeehnelv whe'her, under prc-ent cireuir.tanccs, notice would hasten necotiattoti j and et s ich ire iliofce circuin aners thai there unv be us tii'tch incoinciu uce in slandmr! till a in irf inir f r v irl. Theiriith is lint 2reat einbarmJiiient ari es fro i iIk ctirenic pretensions and opini-ms put for ward hv ih; President in his iiniiaorai aildics 1 cir osi, and in his nie.Jsasc list Drceml er. tint for tin ti nitice wont I lnehen Inrtnleis, and pcrhnp wou'd hive b en autheri2atl hv both limeca wilhoul much npinsiuon. and received hv 1 ri;hn.l wilhoul di sins, f iciton. Itttt 'ho reeotoinendaiinn ni ihe noti-e, coup le I witll ihp PltMiient's repeatnl dcelirallon tint h. held oir lille to llie leriitoij' lo be "eleir aiel tlilque. tminble " .ilirmed llie country. Anl we'l it iniuht. An.! if nfiliee were req nred, in onh r lo rmt ' the 1'i-esidcnt to puh thee cxire os cla iik m anv and eiery result, ihcn noin c o'tclit to b refused h t'oti in, uen noitic oMciu to ii- reni'c.i nr on. i-s( on2rcs, n r.aJv to-iipii ii ihe, at all Inmrd.. Here he, the ,!,Wiy.- is not prc.irf,l.ind the c. ttnirv i- not pre- i I bebcie. io miUilic t'n i.lenl s opinion of Crr, tin csl ou-jres n riadv to nop it iliee tire tensions at Concress pared, as I e clear nni itnotiesltonilile rmnt to the wlrilc 'errttn ry an ulii'in tun If lie wanu notice such a pnr pie, he cerlaiutv lonet see dial It becomes a tir.lle q p's'ion wheiher C nereas wilt emit it. It was a fireat, a vi ry creat in snl.e to arcomi.iiti. tlie rccoiu men t'llimi of noi e wph so tiiiiive in is-eiiton of our ruhl lo ihe whole terrtiirv. l)i I lite l're-i leiii mean in a ihere to th it, eien io ihe cwremit v of war! If "o, he should hive known tint after w hit his h ip ppnd in yeirstnsi the country wis ool hkclv to sns tarn turn. Pid be mean lo siv this, sud aftcrwar.U recede fro. n It 1 11 so, w hv siv ti .it VI ? S irelv the President cmud noi tie e; i liv of ti!s'-io i-o s mil a pin. as to endea v r In 'nw hionelf io p war ss spirit, and b jldiiess, anil feirlcs.tiess i f Kulio.i more lb in his prcdeci ssors, or h s,tryinen mil jet do all this in the cniv.dent hope tbii no collision wo il.t ariso between ihe two coonuii s. So low an, sucli piltrv loiiiii s, oti.'tn not to be iuipn. ted. Wlien the President dp. lire I tint, in bis u 'p mcnt, our lit'e 1 1 lite wbo'e of Oregon wis "clear und linqueslionn'i'e," did he mean to cypres, nn oOV-i il, r a mere pnrs mil otu'it.tti ? If the l.illei, it i ertaiuly In I no ptace in an ntt'.eial commit meati in. If ihe fir iner if ho inicndel a solemn ofilcnl npitnno. upon whith be wis res live I to act o!IHily. then it h a very crave question liow far ho is ii-lified without nsw lights, or any change of circuit. .-tatices, io phee the chims of this counlrv in this respect, on oilier crounds ihan those which they had tood on under his predecessirs, and with the concurrenco of nil brsnches of the coiernnieni fur so nnnv eatSifor il u not to ho dou' led lhat tho I'nite l Htiles eovern ment his ndnuticd, through a Ion" series of years, that Kn?l ind Ins rislit; in the uorlliwe-lern iirls uf this comment which areeu'i'lcd lo te respeei.d Mr. Prisident, oo who Ins ohserved aitentivelv what lias transpired here and in I'nylind, within the last three monihs inusi, I ijntik, p'-rc-ivo tint ptib'ic opinion, in both countries, is coniine lo a ennrtos'ton tint this controversy ouitht to be i. itled ; r.n t is not very diverse in the one country mid Ihe oilier a to ihe cenril bisn of such settlement. Thit Iiims is ihe offVr maJeliy ihe UmiM Sint- to I -nInnd in l&'j l neve l net rnom hi hhuui, i innii, inai 1111 rtminry it rcadv lo stand hy lint otl'-r, f-nh-onntiillv and in rflevt. Suh is my opinion, nt hat,aud 1 ireuniotan' c crtiinlv indicaleilnt tir'it lln'-on wou'd not, in til prolnhilnv reeird stieli a propomon n. unfit n he ronsidfred. I Fitd. sjine wrf'.e no, ilat I di I not intend to diicm" ur at h'njth. nnd prtamlv not to dducn nrgu nenl- nfiilnt our own n'-iim. Hut it :ip pears to mc lint tin re U a ponciurenee of nryionnt-j, nr con.dprntiou, in favr of ipuirdins tlin49ili pand lei ns llic ji.t hi.r of d'Mmr'"ition, wtn.'li hoili eoini tnrs ir.iahl well repeet II In-, fr nnny yeir-i. ban ihe extent nf our cliim. Wp lnv eln'unfd npti 1 49 deurcts, nnd nolh.112 h'ynud it. Wp hive of id In y'.rld rvrr thin-j north nf it, Ii i- tip lunmd iry h. Iwcen tbp two citmifip8 on thit If of ih ItoM.r niiMintiim ha. hen mmcp the t)ijrp'iat- of 1 ,01111. 1 hm from Pnncp. I d 1 n-ti llunk 11 rnp nimt t oh' r to prove or di.;irnp th' lad, ih n fonpmioriprs on dvi the irrnlv of Uirpfht t -."ihlilid ilif iOMi inrnlh-l nt tin- In indirv Ict-veeu thn r.o'i"!i in I IVucS ,f,es.t.ioiis in oiti 1, Aneietit m iti ind ih'ctip- , ti.tmn rpp'otH ; poiip Fiyinu ihit ihn Imp of lioiindirvi to nn 1 id' finitply p-'I,' tnhpre sijiur, 1 in term-, that H L'Stei.i'.s "lo llie ti'rlhui'h rn oeein." j Itiit, w!int i m re toipor'ant, mcIiui; riKie- h-rnl ih;i Imiudary ni fnhlis'nd hv llp lrin ff V r rht, nt Ipa-t on lhi st Ip of ihe Hop!, y nionn :ii'i. It ws on the l rc rt nth nfihii ilnt we drovn hick tfn Hn ish pTelenfiom, nfn'r wa Ind iihtiin- I'iiin mu, north, from the hea 1 wi'iti of ihe M sajjipi m tli4 nr - 1 1 I nf Tin is in lulninhlp. W'fU ivi-ipfpit, ih. rcf ire, nod induced others to net. n ih i lei thil tin- houn dary wa nrtual y r-tah'tMil, I now stt-tinUin ihe Ueity helwrpn the rutted S'ntP nnd I'tiir'nn 1. If, on thi "Pliant miion I ro'itiititi or continuity, this line he continue I "indi fini'tly wf-t," or ii nllow (P.I to run to ihe "nirthwcs'er.i ocpiu " ihcn 11 U nps mi -vtr fide the v.illev of tho Cohnnhii to w' ii It. in nivj.nH.npni, qim in;-.- irt'' ' ' " nf tiny a discovery. I tin 51 vt rnuiPnt of tl o L nitod K.ntesWnemnfivred any line south n firlv nine, (with the nivigition f.f ihp C'olumhn.l nnr it never will. It behoove nil roncerned to r-imrd lliln a; m(Ip(1 pnnt. A to ine nnviniiun of the Columhn, permnntntly nr for a ti rm of leirn ihnt i at) tnuitf r f'-r ju, renftonfibh' nnd frspndlv vi-jut. n I'm '! 4'lth pinlkd n.Ml be tezar hd a il.- jt f litiuiidary, nud fi't to In iJrrinJ f i y I m further south. A to nil Mr t" vl . In nth, In the nfiyhhorinu 't tH- U r j( n. f-i' treaty utipulMion. If ihp wurtht 1,4 njt to. nil the real, it nny li premiuiM) ,nt,y b- nuut- phshed by UtPt iPret ei 11 frni ni km u nuny AnH nw. Mr. Prps-l'IPIlt. .Mil I.P M'l uhv l..i.ll lln!ieitlementbelon2rrtMayd7 Why hiiti . Mr rovcrnnirnt hold back loiter from tint whu h loth I Ihmk. can , .1 h.-v won .1 I'l HID 1II1III.-I- . " , . ilituili llieir lmnnes, t tcmipts llii'ir line mnim., anil nny, in i'hhp, n-rionsty .iHt- I ilmr v and rMi'iTlful Iffins KnuU pull other. IJ1"U .-lilil,,.. Mr. )'rei;l"'. "'V l'"'J"" i" fulfillnl.- It uiiiM lie iifiel i", e-n n if It ivr-ie- pruifr, Ki iUnr,. T ron.Mrr il.e srnrrnl t,ti,r,,i ol il, roimtiirs o1iri.i fniirrlv rnnrriitrnitvl n ihi line - i.lhi-ii-ncmi Inn. ol n Imp nl A)ti notliiiiirln.hnpiipnmli'i tniirli tli P"mt nf lionur of . . Ivli 1' I li Alt c iimiI.I nnl llin urn. nih.t cnvcrnincnt. liv. Ili'ii, tiiotiM tint llin pro pilioiii inniiii iit h" "''I t II is nut liii'iiili.niiin it nt cnnilee.ciiion i-sfii-ta e-jilipr cuveriiin'rit ,tn dn itttt now wiiiHilt '. it mi"! il l nii liiiin. if il wniiM nvoul (.riioiis sml nliini' rr.tli.inn. Jiovr, wliile ilii-te is nn i'inii of Imnor rairrl, in i nrrcp'in-drni-rtnr ollier.i- lhn ll" l-n f! Vf rilinciils. why .lioulil not li'iili sriz-i tlie 'iil.nir-'iins itimnpnt I I.el f-iirnrs an-t rnivlor, nml, I will ndil, prn.leiirr Bnrl fiTfsi'-'lit. riili- ill li'-or. Ipt I'li. ronlrnvrrav Ir KPtileiJ tl"- winner llm tii't'fr mint inii illy, nc -oril-ins tn mv JiulgmriH. m 'lif iiniinrr in nlifli it iini.l vtnlu illv Im -lil't. nnl I' t ilm "i't ami ii.rfnl in i..i.n.i.. Iii.iwr.rn ilinlin m'inii ho .r-l frrn from nil !.,.,, anil lliatllfltllirr. Il W' ni l (lit HIV nr if wlm itns orcn.inn ralla fur tint llio iiieimiic nmli r rnnnVlrrnlion thnnlil I'"- tmUpinrrl fur n innnlli, lie ciii.o I ile'sirr if it nn Im ilonr. Hint ihe nrnnlion linulil close. nnl clone f.ivmnlitv 1 nnd n piit'nn inil In llie one.lionnf imliee. I itrtirr Hint niriro cspeii ally hes-anst-rvcrv oni-nu. st pr Ihnt iff.irreil In net Iirre upon tins mm-, u ni., m .i n -t III. lllllli r, nuiiiur.,... ,., r.ill for nil irifi.rin-ilion eiinilnr in ilnrnrtrr lei llml which Ihe I'lmi'lelil linn.i Ifar-nl lis, hut ullich I r ls notVeiaent u I do tinii.roiioseihnt.hnivrver. I wo'il ml iiiao iii neiin u ni- o --I.. i"iT' iv.uitd r iB7 'l I ', llin'P no mndiict nf Ilm Mrs'., whdher il I- nnl ( v.-rv .vny L.ttrr now iopoH- p.... Ih . lonit irsnhil f.T i.oiiir lunr till come cor- rf.poii'Uu may tiled .4ec'bel(lll thr meifinfril nn nl for the trnnsnilsion of tellers anil despntehes n ml nnlil it be seen whet ler it will tie necBsary to nave notice at all. I say this because I have llni full est persuasion that nolu'o will be no anl to mgolintioii i l the presei.l circuinsinnces of the country t nl ye I am sorry to ny thai, if no apn count be come to,and the trt.ttlcr is not peeilily Milled, there arc Birong ciinsijetntions nti-inc nt Inline which may render itpropcr,ln my j iilniont, lo pass thu noliee. If I had the control of lu mensiire, or Ihecoiiiluct of it here, 1 should lay it on the table for a inonlli. llul 1 have not lhat power of conltol. rjetilleuien must judge of tha piopnr-ly of this siig-restion according to their own di'Ciction. Of ibis, howetcr, 1 suppose, there is no doubt, lint In the present cimnnM.ince- of the cise, the ixei'iilivc government may fed lhat it is tit this peculiar moment inconvenient lo malic Ibis com ni'.uicatioii and I must picsiiinc menu lenient only bccni'c iieiiolntiiins ar.j resinned, or ale expected to berc"iimed. Inasmuch nthil is tluirnse, 1 hope. my honorable friend from Delaware will let his resolution lie lnformilly on the table. Mr. .Illtn slid llie srmlor from Masirhuetts hid this niurnmp,for tho first lime, stated Ins position on this ipe-lioni and mulct Iho most solemn forms. riirio points he b.ul distinctly s old I si, the l'lesi- I dent ol tlio Uirted Simes hid uiidc mistake as lo the ( lrnprin niii'st iioi nmt lit run If ill neti r tin if n lilt., nf llin I i - ,, i s,i , ,i, n.,..,- i u, .i I .....,..t ... ',.'.. n.7 ... i'.i" n' ' . ,,, ( ,. ijik., utr, n9ein! the subject, ,, llt ,le , c-.K-nt and not Owarrss. was to be noil in u uie i 1 1 :..i!i in aim no i .oiirci.-, wni io oc i. i i . . i.i i. , - i- o'i.. i.(iiiniiiiu i.j , nr mil -i H..III icn'ii'. I in .I3 Hitliri time niv one Iml loiinil nun Willi the I'ics. jthtit, afier irofeiii4 to nntlcrstaud what bis pisi- ti hi uk. Inotiiir casis. it nail Icin s.Hil that if llie p,,,, ,.n, n, ,, c anj f0, f,r wns , bu 1lJcr. ,,,, , , , Kit. I iev i iv..rii-i who The Sen llor hid now slated lhat nub'ie opinion in both oiiiitiies hid .( t'rd d wo, not on thcatliilrary linror -11), tin' on the olfi-r nf the United Siali s made in H-'i 'I'll s was llie first oce.iioii on which it had ti.-en nilniitlcl liere lb it, by anv pnil ility wc could aivf- up the inii2itiou of the (Siiumbii. We started oui, at the hcciiinitio of the session, wiih elamiina all of Oregon. Afur tline tiioiuh sts'iiiii, w c came d iw'n lo llie (Toluinbt-i and in tliri e uioiilhs more, we tjhotild probal ly be ready to ic up the W'liob. Tni w'ui'e de'iilc here hid proceeded on the f.iUe i-u ntiti in that trrcit Mruiin hid rutins in Oteeon, .1 lid IhU. if we did nit Med to lit r Uliltl't deiullids. i we would iinKc war. If we had pis.ed the notice at o'ice. we should hive tioi ()re2"n. and '.vilhmil blood. I Mil (treat I'rilaui. stem.' nil Ibis hesitation lure, i would now pc-si-l in her demands. I Tue Scmtor, in order to tiio liuic for public opin ion lo seHle down on Cohiin1 ta riier, now proposed i lint wa should defer action i n the notice for one inonlli ; in I he w she I alsi tint i lie Senate -tiotdd wait ti I wc knew whtlher Cluecn Victoria was pout- ;,, nt ll4or nol T, 3 rmrs, of )norahle Sena tor loiiiuceJ lum that wo wire loha.c trouble in llio ilj ist nrtii of tins matter. Mr. ncistersaiilin riply- . . I w,.r, I. .. r. It is verv truo lhat have express! tnysi I. on lb s necis o.i with premeditated precision. I It u an niiporianlipiesiinn, re.pectuiK the intercourse nfnituis in a l-oiim Icrablcrmerceney letwecn these twMnilior.s It isofioipirtinec t lio precise, and I rc ill y do n it think that it wo.i'd bo far out of the w ay i if oilier p nllemon sometimes would take the siit.e care to unite their exprecsnns precise. The eenilc-. mill .re. fit io consider lhat ibis will le regaidnl as Iiiiuiibition abroid liiimi i.ilt"ii on our part. I fancy not. I am lb it ifauy countenance j in Orcit Hinaiii, I e it high or low, for anv thins lint Inso-curu-d here at this scsioii, puis on a pool, or a sircas'ic snuie, it is mil more lihelv to ho oriamaied I by win. In. taken phcoon our side of Hi . question , in in ny wtiii miy tine pneenn ineoiner. one worn up in .1 in ne i. nn mailt put ofiheeie. The yenile. , a , 11C j,n ,r,. rmi f iheeie. The ".mile- , ,llsns ,,, , ,r. rl1v ,iu. boundary . f iheCobitn-1 b Pr.,v, -ir. 1. 1 in- he uu !er I , and ...el. uns- nprri.i,e;,',p f,y offer crrnuily shows iha. I wis ' ,t f.,r i r the roi I ofr. ajn mj propirtv in s al- i wlm I iniciidul lo siv lo ihe Meiiatein wruni" Wini 1 hive m d and lo ik (.ire to iy with preei-i'iu wis tins; First Hint in niv opuii ni I I ly dow o no law--! siy nollnnsr rj- cH'i (,-.( tint in my opmi ui, tuitilieseiiiiuii tr in both c iiinin-s 's sirotiely ten uiii! i us..'eiiieit..n the ue h is.s of our ofl'-r of 192'i. Xow, 1 us'e the S, inter from Ohio if he ilocs not think just SO hl!leli 1 Mr. Aim. No Mr. Wih trr. Well, then, he does not 11011'; lhat in this coun'ry there i nny revntence nf opinion in favor of a i-eilienieut upon ihchisis of 49' I Do 1 so iiiitb'rs'atid him ? Mr. Al'en 'Pite nenllennn speiks of tuiblie opin ion, nn t I auswerth it 1 It ic 11 1 1 lei t'nl it is leiuhutt lo 1 seitlemeui 011 ID3, or anv oilier hnesoui!i of the lii.-'io hue. llul tlie nroiins, ,110 he in ike-is ibis. fpcikitiL' ' f the lendeney of public opini 111, lint us len.iency 111 noiu e.iunims is to seine upon ine niais nt Hie propo-uinn ot n.'ii, which innciini to Liie-at tint. uu 1 tie inviiiio'i ot the 1 oiumiiii river. .ir. We'is'er. If tuv npnioil lie siwiito of the Iruili, and thcopioui'i of the country t not lendoiL', as he savs it is not, as I repn seined it, well, ttien, my tiumhle op moo coes for uottiiui;. I.i t htm, however, heir w bat I said i Inch 1 sii I w itli care and premed itation : ii is, tb it the hue of -ID-5 is tlie litii of eleunr Liuon on w '.tell, ns a eenerat basis, public opinion is -ciilmj. 1 do not say ihe preei-ei I asts, hcciuso I un- mcdnielv added llul, looking lo iho line of 19' as ihe oo- huo of deiuirenti'in, llio use of the Col uubii river bv!'u I.'iieland. iirin.ineiillv'or fur a number ot veirs, and tin' use of the straits an I sounds in the adpcenl sei. and the ib'iivls m llie adjacent sei would nil be lint ter of friendly negotiation. I hive not rccomiiicnded to our eoveninieiil nue thiuiror anoiher about nltow inj Knliud, fur a term of vers, tho us-e of the Col inii'in nver not at all. If the line of -I9J tie estali Iishc I as the teneral line ol detnarcaii in. eivin us a straight track Iroui the I.V.e of llie Woods lo llie Pa ciiie, I am saliiificl thit the eovernment neeoli.iie about wlnt retinuis. lint tlie Konulor and Senile wid do me the tustieo to adin I lhat I sud as plainly ns ClVl,t anr , n3 ,ottn Hen!tMice ns I couM frirnc. ihnt Kii'zland mtist nm exi?t:t inv thina suit!, of ID3, in so tinny wort.?. I m.iy lie tiitstjli'!), hut it rt'iii" to mc n clear s llio in nt n cm-diy, that them ts a ten l.'iiey of up,:!,,)!!-, ni ic 1 t'V n ureal nrceMiity to tUiU! ilm q'lstnn i stroiis tendency of ojiinvm tn iIim n tutTV that we ou !h t to ?tan I hy our o ler of in its- suhfiancM, I, not llni jtibt what was nr- ijui'd hv tho L"'n'h'nnn from South Camhin the nth er dij I Is not tint i lie n till ol ihi tiifiiion tn ! whvh niv fr it'n I from New Jersey to'4 pirt to proic . tint that was th? rxfni of our r.vm, an.l ihe whole , r 'jniry ko hvh it 1 Now I ihmk ihrrc are reasons for lint. Hoi Wosio niPielv to explatii, I in fin thrn , to a for the ''.ike i-f perfect d'aiiiictiua I repeat it lint 1 nm 'l o;im m t I.i I tim miller mint he ct. h d upon the ") Ii irnllel. Then ai lo the 111 of the. ' CiiliiMilii'i riir prrm vit'n'lv, ir for n tfrrnof yeirs and n'-u 10 rcud tn all t'nt resjieetn sira.i', nml h itvN, nml 1-htnU n the ntiyhltttiinjr t-'as ihey are lit niltj-i' s invotnti m. Hot lint P. lylind imit not exiieel .111 v thin houih of 'ID", titid llni iln peoit'e uf ihti Umied .Stnte-t hv n H'it nwijoritv am poiki nt now 10 nh Ip hy what ilnsotrnniciUotTt.'red lu lnj land in 1 Ir. J M. CUvton siid lr nhjrt wa not to th IVctiJoiit ol llie U.ri'ml SliH hy ollnn th 11 rt solution He ins in fnnr of the noli'p. 110 111 it ter hit t-lrod i hp the state of ihe m-sroU'iinn. N 1 t:i liter wlnt shou'ti h" 1 h mfirnntion sent lie re hv the IV-idt ni, he hlmuld ful I'ound to otcfor ihe ti itiop 111 llif form promi d hy the Vintm from Mi rv!and, which hul siislnlv varieil fmin tlnluf .Mr. Cniicnilrn. I Iu wid Milhn? Hint iIip noiicp fhouhl hu at prpsent ; hul, ns llic votes of some of (he Sena lorn 011 ihe noiiec would heintl lenred hy lite inftrinn lion from (hp Irts:ih-nt, he hoj cd ihe call would be nndw btfore the q tettu.i &huuld he taken. Tuesday, .WirchJll. Shnath Aftor sotnc ordinary bupincR Iho Oiooti nticion was la. , , ' , 1 . 1 ' .1 .t .1 p.ajl Mr (an ppoKo at longlhon the sub- ! jet, ami in lavor nl llic nolicn. Mr (ris3 then look the lloor 111 support of the rcvolulinn nf iintico. Hi ppcech ;avc charac It;r lo tho nrnpi'cdtniifl of the day. lir ('.tto and Mr Calhoun then had a brief nn nn thn probable t'llt.'ClH of a war, wti rli wa rarrtnl nn with orntl foclin;. Mr Anility then ln(k thi' lloor tn follow Mr ('dnnbut, prt'viom In coiiiineiicm j hi Jipei!cli let moved lh:it tin .Sena to go jntu IUxcculivc 1 HflflOM, ,ll( WHM (.lf IIoum .--TIhi Kpraker laid hofirc iho house bll ;,i,i.iA(ir fmin lhn Trr.ii.urv Dnpartnietil, lo a (Ih,(lu,t)11, (.ah fr :i ,M ,)f lie ,i,.msiu. i,,,, I . ( earn nn'i tucly. ! Oil iiintiini nf Mr I)riiiii''iili', n rr'nllllirin ni-' (iiln I fur Iitiiiiiij 7n ili'li Hi- tn CJniiiinillfi- , f ,, win,',, .., n Im. Ii.iIih)iiiIiiI Trciiiurt , n ... . 1 . ,. . 1'""-"' I " . "ti Tl.t.r-.Uy .i.-O. ) 1 "" 1 '"""n't fill" V .n tlie-n fiirin cil. ami llin ili-tiatu nn (Im 1 1 ii t 1 1 nl 1 1 1 Tro.ii.ti- ry t iin inuo.l liy Mi-iirr. L'Iiiiiiii in, lliilince, I i 1 I. - . . i . j. iiil;.;iiiii, ,-h ,i ,,i,,.r.. in l.,e,,r nl II. n lull. nnl Mr J. It. Inocrtiill unit utln'rn in oiiKiti.n to tl, Mr lln'tiieF, uf S. ('., fiippnttrel Ilm lull nn tho "rniiuil llin itiMinlil (In'fk ilm ctr.iviiiiit is mi'f nf llio lisiike, anil liil.iin a nillii lout iiijii lit)' nf ppocio in I lie! ill" roiltitry In pirmnt Mill lion anil ritiiioiis ll lclllatinns in t In; rurrciicy, Ant" llio nfoty nf tlio pnlilif iniinoy.lie hulii'Voil it wntilil Im ;m afu in b inki n8 nny v horr. Wo (-.mild nut lime iniie li, fur thoir uniild lio but lit. tlo tiinnry mi Im ml at anv nnntiiiip. Mr, ('. J, liine'rio'l ilpliiptril rim of liie nintt f pi.'riniiti, olniuont and finished i-pee'e'lius in fa, vi i r of llio lull, JirMillnii llruHii rrplii'il and opposed item llio rrnunil Iliat it Mould ulistniit rpcr.m from llic liuiinoiw olllin country and shut it up. Hoar ( . . . ut u mo tneasuro vtnuiu uu uiiiniuidr ttllll tho country. It hail jcrn put ilnu'n by a voto of tivo.lliirds i ol tno peoplo of Una country. I () in...' .), .. 0.c.,ci. . ' ' ? 0l" cniniitittuo. i'cIiicIi lliu bill ia to come EUNCSIUV, April 1, St-SfU B TIlB IlCSO lulliiii of ,lfr Clayton railing for additional enr respiinilmii'i! tipon the Oregon ipication was call ed up and lanl mor. Tho Hnsolnlinii (if enquiry, in relation In (liv ing Morula 5(10,000 acres nfllio Public Domain was adopted. Florida asks for half a tuition tif actcs, because tho new Slates received as in.tny under llio Distribution Hill. utr. onr.ooN qur.sTtoN. wahm dedatf.. Mr Denton, and not Mr Ashley, made a speech, upon the Oregon question. It was in reply to Mr Cast, and nothing could well have prnilitrcil a greater sensation in Congress. Indeed, by universal admission, the proceedings were nitiro interesting than during any day In the session of Congress. Mr llcnlon came to the Senate with provoking good naltire, and with Ins quiver full tif arrows, with nmp, bnolis and documents, anil armed for a complete defence of himself, and for as complete an overthrow nf the posi. uons iniuuuwii yesterday by Uencral Cass. S Hire on Gen. Cts was minrled with strom? iln......ui..,.. I..-. - IS- I. .. . "" b" vels ol the Michigan fjcnatnr. lliiusr. Tim House met at It o'clock, and afler st 1 1 unsuccessful attempt to proceed In oth er business went into the CmntniUeo of the Whole, nn the stale of tho Union. The .Siiti.Tro.i'tiry Hill n,n the only incisure befi re the Connnillcp of the Whole, Mr Under, of Ky., opened the debate in an earnest argu ment against the hill. The defence of the tiuM. tire, because it as endorsed by the Hitlimore Convention, and bcrjue the I're.-ident quoted, in his message, the lliltiiuore resolution vcila lim upon the subject, was reproved and rebuk ed. An amusing picture was also drawn of the different kinds of Democracy that prevailed in tho House. Fur c.vunple, the high tariff Da. itineracy and the free trade Democracy, Iho high latitude nf .")! 10 DeinocRc.y, and the lmv lati tude of JO Democracy, the Internal Improve ment Democracy, and the Anti Internal Improve ment Democracy, Iho Young Democracy, and tho silver-headed Democracy, the progressive Democracy, and the masterly inactivity Denioc r.tcy. In all these phases "tho Democracy" appeared on the fl mr, and many more elsewhere. Mr (irider gave a vivid picture nf the " L"g Treasurer!." who had made their escape while Receivers of the public money. The tiublic hall lost a hundred fold more by them than by the Hanks and always would. ,,r Hirmanson, of Lou siana, defended the bill, , , , ' . i , .' ! and spoke in favor of a general eradication of Hitik piper. Mr bawyer of Ohio, now notorious all oror the country, continued the discussion, denouncing the Hanking system of Ins em u state, al)j f0 fjr a, ll9 mvI1 s.lcech wcnt ,()j1 a, , , . .i 1 ... r, " t. 'J,'8 Pn"r '," ."'l'Jr0 ,lle,"fJl1 "'''is own Slate. for the hub-1 rcastiry Dill, he nas ready to "go with a rush !" livery thing was taxed in Ohio but batiks, and Sawyer was dwell,.,,- upon this fart at len-th. ... , .:. i i t ri i !;' L"J "" U'L"; Mr Ohio, knncketl it all intiin, ' upon iiik ( oiieaiiu in aci,nuw ieu'e ihe l.icl tint all ihe Hinks in Ohm were taxed "nt all lite II inks in Ohm r; - psr cent upon their stock Til Wl, L,P . f)i T, ,U ,cn,t , " U'""' donolincoil, J,'J"r ' r'T'itnmendeil care of e b 1 1'; of nod .Uiih'e of the II ink it l' ''of" ' a single nhligilion Mr Diliii'l of X. C. continiicil llie dchite in lioleni'o of the lull, alMi, and in a mure le"iiiunte examination f ihe qtieothn and subject? .... f .,. 1 i , Mr J mes of I etui, was ri-cnguizod ainnng the ...nni uns nun cpuivo ins uuur in ueieuce ot tlie hill. Mr Hunt nf N. V. was fortunate enough afler all of the above speeches in defence nt the bill, to nht.iiii the fl ior anil nude one in reply. Mr Divis nl Ky, his the Hour for tn-'uinrrnw., April a. Si:nati: .Mr Ashley said he h id the day previous yielded Ihe llonrlii Mr Denton for an evplan it nut, and hp was now compelled to yield it In Mr C.hs for reply. Mr C.iss s-noko at loiiL'th. and with inucn aruor, in reply to Mr 11 Mitnn, ami in vni licalinn nl Ins own portion, that tho line nf .!!)'"" " in Is iilUinon, the elronihof the N Hioit, was never established. He ar"iii'd llni Ihe 1 treaty of Utrecht iMablndied Iho" lino nf -I!) no ! farther than the Rocky Mountains. N.uh ng was sain in tno lino west ot iiuir-c nioiiniaii p. , . " , , , irt , Io about VJ.tKH), or r.bout iS'JI,- lle then aini"d tnlhroiv uncortaiiily nn the Im. . ' w nn warm .i. , , , Oil:) per mile, for a nud of ihe very be-t eh i, . guagoofMrMidiMin, in ls in-truclmns In Mr ! '" as for the lull, hoe ,se it would Mil very ULtt e..Mi Monroe, when,ler at London. Our dun, ! V "nru -ut the gorlnu knut nl St.i.u , ,.po. , .Snooosi,,, ,., thn, ,,, r.,,,,,', rn, ... n . - t , . ., . not at alT upon the Ireatvof Ulrceln. An ol.ib. I ' . . . . ung. was uiscu upon hip ire.iiyot s.j.anel urate cxsnnii itmn was tlion inula of the dneu nietits, and .Mr Cisa wisln'el tn knirv if ll.o Son. alor from ,Mu, tltoiiijht llio ! ! It do.'. Has tlio i I (iu agreed upon Uri''nu liy the troaty nl Utrce'lit. If tlio .Senator did not nay no, lie claimed to bo released from the imprisonment unman to, ami me whole ol Urojon wits Ins re lease. Mr Ilonlon, in reply, Htid that tho Soinlor from Michigan had jumped out of the frying iiu into the lire. His speech to day inadu a bid nialter worse. If tlio position tahen hy llio Senator Has correct, then all our claims tii Or ejnn was siibspiiiicnt to 161)7, and all llio prut i. mid damn fell to the ground. The Senator had tint reiuuvcd a Mnln jxi.-iiinn Im Ind laid down, not by himself, bill by .Mr JelTer6iin,.lr .17 id iMin, .Mr Motirnc and othur.s. .Mr I). siMlis frie id Ind blunder 'd in run. sequence nl bis reliance upon the book of .Mr (ireuiilin.v, .Mr (!. was adiised to make anew h ink, and a mure currcct one than lio bad nude before. .Mr Cass undo no rejoinder, and both Soin. torstmik wiih upieion ofgoud Hill towards o ich other. Jlr Wfllcr rinsed the ilisciisssiiin hy callirn; thu alteiilioii ol the Sen itors In the fact that tlio 10:li aiticlo of the treaty of Ulrcclit authorized cimi'inssionurs to bo appointed lo run llio lino between tint Mritisii and French pososf ion--. llu dciujriifMl nut In invcslio ite Iho subject linn, t-elf, hut wished others would do it. The Seititu then went into Incentive semiott, IIo'JSK Thu Sub-TreiiMirv Hill ivns takon up, and .Mr Ky., spoke tit length against 1110 11.11. .Mr .V.irtin, of Trnnnciw. adiocaled tbonas. sago nf tho lull. In llio course of the discus sum, Mr Polk's vnto aL'anist the .Siib-Treasurv in ltSlC', when first iiitrndiiceil into the House bv .Mr (inrduii, of a., was the topic of rennrk. Mr John Q. Adauis' iiaino was also brought in, as having then toted for Mr (i.inlnu'h lufl. Mp Adams rose to explain. Mr Martin would not yield the II ior, and begged that be might not bo involved in the nearest or remotest niniro tersy with the gutletnan from Massachusu'.tii. lie was always ready lo" knock under" to that gentleman, and would say 1. 1 him as the rac coon said to Ciit. Scntt : "f you bo Capt.Scnlt I'll coiuo down." .Mr Aelanis, with good lit), uvir, s.iiel, " al'ler this 1 will surrender to the gentleman." .Ur .Uartin. " I surrender first, and deem it no dishonor to surrender to the "eiitk'in in from Mass." Tlio debtto closed herr, and llio amendments were totid upon. Kvery Wing amendment proposed was rejected, agreeably to tho Jlirec. lions of Mr Droingoulo, and all proposed by him uere adopted. .Ur (jr.ih.ini, of X. C. offered one, bv which the Suh.Tre.isiirers should bo liable, "by lieu itli ti ineir ri-ai estate, it inoy iiail anv, incase of eh'falc itiou. 'I liiii atii'jiidinout was first an iiiiiintfil in carried, but a now count being or duri'i', il was ri jeclud by the parly, Ql luUl. The spi'Cio cl.iusi', iMilire, was iiicoriinralud in thu hill, by u votu n! 111? in 7 1, and the bill was pis.iMl hy a toiu of I'J.I In 07. I'ltin.W, April II Su.NATr! Tlio ii r y bill ii.ts reported (nun the Ilnuse, read twice, ami referred tu the (Joiiimitlee uf IV inner. ' Mr Johnson of ,l,l, misled by ilm .ogislaturo nl Mil., winch was misled by others, or misled by the Pilot Agents here, lo-d iy reported a bill lur tho repeal of llio Pilot l.iws, accompanied by a repirl, both of hIio Ii were ordered In be printed. Tho bill of Mr Johnson is a Miup'c repeat nt 1 lie acini s;iu, ami no siibsliluto givuu. A bill lo rliaiiL'e the distribution of du ties among tho Naval llnreaua Has rentdered In bo eii.'rnssBil, Tins bill proposes lo transfer the business relating to equipments, to llio Uu- roan ol tirdimicc, and Iho business relating iiyurngrapiiy to tno llureau of Docks. T he Sucrutary of Iho Navy requested tho re.irgini zttlon, upon Iho ground tint it would aimnlify thu business of the Deparlmrnl, Wilhoul furlhor business of importance tl.o rieuitu prnceeueel lu the special order. - j Mr A.liley of Arkansas mlelri-xed tho .Senate- In a very lung speech In favor of tho American clilni to the whole of Oregon, and the notice pro posed before tho Senate. I'he argument of Mr A. was that our claim was gootl In the whole nf Oregon, mainly as domed from the riiiinili title. and that the claim of the Hntisli Giieriiin?nt was good for nothing. Mr Ashley thought that the United States h id tinthing lo fetr frum G ig- la in), or inn ivorni in arms, Mr McD.ill'u look the llior,.nid will address the Senate In morrow. A inn was'reccived from the Pres. ident of the United Stales, laying before Con gress tno correspondence upon the Ashliiirlon treaty. Mr Wehsler said if the senator from S. C. should gel through with his remarks tu-niurrow, ho would occupy the Senate for an hour in vin-' dicntion of tho Aslibtirlnn treaty, which had been so frequently assailed, and spoken nf in terms of dispariignoien'.. ' While in retirement, he had hcaid nothing nf the kind i but, since his return In public, life1, tho treaty had been spo ken of, In tartoiisi quarters, during the deb tie, in terms of disapproval. As nno of the negotia tors of tint treaty ho would improve the earliest opportunity to defend it, With lhi view ho had called forthe correspondence. Nothing orig iually had been further frum his mind thin lo attempt any such thing ; hut he felt prnvnked to it by the remarks of others. Of what had boon slid of the treaty during its discussion, ho had

nothing to complain. The President and Inni. self had been engaged in a negotiation , which was a proper subject of comment while under consideration, but ho thought that the opposition to that treaty now was so extraordinary as to make it a subject of defence. House A Hcsolution was adopted in tho Ilnuse, c.iliiug upon 'the Secretary of the Navy tn in 1 ti n ri very lull investigation and full report 1111011 all questions having any relation to the Marino Corps. The Seciet.iry is direc'ed to suggest any improvements and imko any coin inents upon tho Corps tint he may deem prop er. Mr Hurt of S. C. Ind loivo to malto a person al cvpt illation for the purpose of ovone rati tig the Secretary nf War from a desire to keep se cret the cstiinitos of tho Wtr dcpirimonl. Mr Snnlli of Illinois moved Ih it the I lnuo go into Committee upon tho Cumberland Kind Hill. The mutton prevailed by the close vote of i tn 57. Mr Foote of Vl. was called to the chair, and after suinc time i-pent in nlilaiuing a q'luriiin, the bill was read, asking the fullmviug appro priations for the com in u it ion of the It. ml, Slfi'),0l)() in each of the Stilenof Ohio, Indiana an I Illinois. , Mr Wick of la. proposed to take land instead of innnoy, dooming it prnbible tint lands might be obtained, and impossible that money should be. MrSmilh of Iliinoi.t held that the government was biuml by a iitnt ."oleum compact to grant the money, but ratliprthin hive nothing, seven oighlhs nf Ins ciiiislitueuls would he Lr'ad to ob tain htuls. The ( (invcrniiient was bo'iiid by solemn couplets, mule with Ohio in ISO.', w ith Indian 1 111 135(1, with I lnon the fol. lowtifjcar, and with Missouri in lS'.'ll. 'i'he 0 ivertiment slno.l pledjed to all those States for the coinpleliou ol the lion). Tliree.fiiiirlhs of all those interested were now roidv to tako lands if llio (iovi'rninoiil would L'raul them, and give up the money which tJiould be appro irn ted. Mr. Petit of Ii, said lie was not nun of the ntlm'ior. 'I'he (ioveruinent stood pledged to the SI lies named In complete the nnd, and ho ' Ir islptl it wool'! be done. At least, he fur one, , wo lid never con-ent to olisolvc llie Covuruuieiit from its obligations lor the sike of the hnd. Mr Soheuck nf Ohio, inni.! an able argiituint 111 defence of tho bill. He held the (Jovcrtiinent bound by the in i-,t su'oun iibl'gitui-ia to nuke the aiijirnpriiiions. '"ne i;riivtli nf iho West, I "u "-'"" we-', womo .in nc careo ny "liking the appropriations, which was now soli cl";, ' , . ,,,,, ,,,,. ... , ., . , I enen tl nun I in ( i a nor a 1 1 over inn nut II i f"r !'"'''-' Imds he c..-.t,l, ,v fr ,. iiiitiinlitltnn nl I ho r,iii 'ill I Ininail tl.-,l . I . . 1 , " ' . ,,-,. ... .. I" ",'" coinplotiin of iho r.iul, an I lio;i?d tint alter tins, tlio it nnl Cuin'jorl mil road ho ild noiur be be ird in Con jres.s. 1' I'.ckli'ii nf Illinois made a spnrcli upin tho sinu s dj of thu iittcstniii, .uu I.t t-iiG.l the I....I. , Il,.. n..... -...I -S .t ., ""'" , , , ,u " U1B ' iniiiiiiv mil to lio nlit.iinoi . The ilebito here to ik a in w turn, ami Messrs. 11.;.,.. ..,..1 V , ,.f Al, .... .. .I.. cil-.-inil ol the i li'stion ol lliu po.vor nf Congress to make appropriations for Horks of internal im. prnveincnts. A mtitinii was. then nude, in Iho House, tn end Ihe debate in thirty minutes afler the Ilnuso went into l.uinmilteu of tho Whole. Tlio lloutu jiljuurnd pending litis resolution. A HUUI'Ai. VILLAIN'. A suit at law has been commenced willi'n a short lime in .Ww-Ynrl. which his brought In light the conduct r. fiend, uhirhfnr btseness and turpitude, surpissos any thing th it Ins recently coiuo tn light. The express of that city, relates the pirlictirirs as lollnvvs.- " The tiidnidml In whom wo have a'luiled is a native ol Spain or t'uln. Ilo m irriod a young j-irl a few years uga at II ivatn, by whem he had a daughter, lie then seduced tho ni other of his wife, was arrested for the crime, tried and con demned to transportation. The te-sel, on boird of which he was placed, with other convicts., was recked in a storm on our coist, by nhtcli be es-cipedto New.Vorl;. After being some time here ho sent to Havana for his wife and child, who iu duo tiin.1 arrived, being accompanied hy Ins wife's sister, Subse. iiiioutly ho sedured the sister, who bad an nlT spring by luui.-and now retinas llio dre ulliil point ofuurslnrv. When Ins o.i n child li.ul arnte'd at tho age of 1 1 or I.r years she also ber.nnn Ihe o'ljoct of his hellish lust, and proved enei-nle by bun. I lie auiliorities hearing lli initler liugau to stir iu the biisuirss, when ho thought it host to tly, Hhicl. bo d,d cirrying oil Ins own daugh. eur .is ii iinsiie-ss, i,,,u ii-iviii'. oa wnu liore, wnu one or io oi':"r . -., . . . ..i. .ii hildren. In Havana, the si oiindiel was convicted nf a crime for seducing Iho ino'lier of his Hife, but lie m; in tho state nf iNcw lurk, nn punishment wuuld Inve follonrd llio act. A man of that description if it bo not a libel on humanity lo call him a man siv a bni'o of . I - I II that description must of rourso be a villain in ,ia ,i,n,. Irih. ,.l.,,. II,,, lull,,,, mir ,.,.,,,,,,1 iis money transitions. I ho follii.niig account of lliein is given by thu Rvpress : As lu businuss, ho had been engaged for soino years, as agent lo a hnu-o at 1 1 ivan t. Previous in leaving No t York, he placed his goods in the hinds of a thud parly. Tho huiiso at Havana hearing of llio transaction, sunt a power of at tor- ' . noy in a u.iiiiieuriii nero to oinain ami laiiu charge of Ihe goods which hid been in the indi- viiluil's Intids. This gentleman applied tn the third parly wlm had I hem iu posscs.s'011, hut who refused In give lliein up, claiming to own them. Tho genlluntan then commenced priirreilinos the Ihe party lo bring a counter suit against Inni which he did, laying his 8gll,tl()ll, and thu gentlennn wis ordered lo bo held In bail in tho sum uf SO 000. This, wo boliove, he Ins not been able to nbMiii. and may bate logo " I. '"'"" " 'amity ue broken up, truly .terrifying the old adage, "onu inni coui'iiilirtli tin and iliuusapui Icel the cf. fects thereof." Ltd. -IU is neirly two degrees higher than thu Niirlherit-uiusl unglo of llin Slain uf .Me., .. . 1 . , , . 1 .1 .- bee. higher than tho Nurlhei n-niosl anglo nf L.ku Supeiinr, higher thill thu cunl.o of Newriniiidland. ami verv nearly as liiuli as tn , thu . ' ' . ' Hiinlliern lint of Lihradnr. And thu ultra war fiction pielend lint West of , thu Ilncky .Mnuntaiiis wo should insist on 11 j huuiidarv 5 elet! and -IU min. still further :! North ; which tvuuld carry us In ilm latitude ..r ii...i.... 1. 1 .1 1' 1.1 1... ui nil1..' 'It ,i.i unv, 111. IV1IIIU Ul II IUISUVI, Jour, of Com From Iho Massicluuclls I'.egle. WUSI'IJUN VIJIIMONI HAIL UtJAD. A meeting of tho friends of this prnert was hold in this town VPi-lnrd.iy, ( Wednesday,) to hear Ihe report of 1'. II trb.ick, 12-q , and to lake measures In go forward Willi the unlerpr sp. Am nig oilier distinguished gciilletiicu eoitnee led with other rotds, wo noticed Mr. fiilinore, I'resilonl, Mr. Fairbanks, nno of the Dneetor-, and dpt. Ilirnes, Siiperiiiiendenl of Ihe W, II. I II. Mr. .Simmons, Director, and Mr. Misnti, Superintendent nf the llousalnnic It. It. There wore also present several prominent men frnni ItiitUnd, Heniiingtiiii and other places on the lino of tho proposed route. The pntico of the meeting was tint extensively circulated, conse quently, there were not so many present from this county as there would hive been had the notice been circulated at an earlier day. Our citizens are deeply interested in the pri.ject.itid will do all in their power to carry it forward, 'I'he able, full and explicit report of Mr. liar hick drew forth, as it most richly deserved, Iho commendation of all the speakers, and it reflects! no lessctt'dil upon his skill as an enginecr.tlnn his judgment and candor upon mailers relating lo the business and expenses of Kail Kinds. Wo gathered from this report tho following facts, which wc think will be read with much interest. Tho proposed routes lay in a valley which scorns to have been adapted by nature for the work proposed. Leaving Henninglnn it proceeds through tho towns of Shaflhbury, one mile east nf Shaltsbury, between Ihe villages nf Arling ton, three fourths of a mile cast of Manchester, one fourth east of Factory Point, through Bait D irsct, Dauby, Soulli Wallingford Wallingford and Clarendon, nml terminates within one half milcoftlie Court House io Rutland. The expenses of ths entire route from Hut land to Dennmoton, in the aggregate, are asful. lows : (iradiialion, Masonry and bridcinu, Average per mile 3,930 superstructure, I, ind dam ues and contingencies, liinldtnus auj fixtures, Motive power, etc., FiUiiiieeriiii!, Instruments aud Sup intcndeiice, j per cent. SIG2.777 70 ITJ,297 Od 579,202 20 11. -1(171 00 1 fi 001 00 13J,fUOU0 :r- CI fiJ7 7l S1,2;)1,JJJUI Tr.c Revenue exclusively nf 1 1 .' airnlcl from iilher ro lies tn uomiui't with this and furnished by the husinos upon the line of Ihe run!, is as follow : Way ami t'lrouoji trim! eq ill in 1 ninpirtinn lo hall ol the Wet-turn Mw, It. 11. $0:1,1100. 'Poos. Vegi Denninalon County in part, 20,000 Kutlainl " ' Addison '( " t'hitlcndcn " " Waslinmion, N. V. estimated Clinton and others, ff. Y. and north uf Burlington Total for fifty-six and one-half miles. At an average ol S1,U) per Ion (an extremely low rate) will amount to 77,000 Total for passenzers and freight, 1 10 000 One third (or expenses, 47,000 Net, 7 psr cent. SDJ.OOJ The abnve revenue can bo relied upon ind is independent nf an extensive increase which the whole 01 extern erutoul will readily create. wlinn an finooiliinov i j -j 11 ...!.,, ,,. p..!. .. ... ket with the sains facilities which other sec lions of tho country enjoy, The estiiinted co3t ot tho entire route from Pittsh'eld to llurlington, iu parts to bj operated fccpar.itulv, is as follows : Pittsficld ami Adams, 1 B J miles, Adams ind llenutnnion, 13 " llcniiuulou and l(iiil.iiid,li6J " Rutland to Hurlinjton, C3 " S 100 000 4OU.P00 I. SOU 000 1.30JOOJ SI.Ol'OOOlJ The report assumes tint the whole route can I ba h nit lor fJ'd.iil.tlUO less thin this estimate if it were "all under i ne adiiiinlr.ilion, and that i ineiri: wiiiiiu oe a sivm nl cpeics in opra li ig, nf the iiiteiesl uf a I ko num. reiluen n'lho . . ' ' . . .. ..... .Mount llollv were not Into tiuili iho foil. istics of paeiigi!r trrtlfi : and arliMl evis'in ' lonnioo upon ihe route Irom I'liisli.-I.l in li ir Imgioii will sh iiv, succiuctl), the iniportanco of Ihe r. ij.'.-t. Passenger Irafl'u at only oil" half that of Iho Wosiern .1 iss. Itul Ituid for l33 ('"0"1 III..' ,UIL- (length being Iho samel 183,373. o "Ll ...... il.i.:.., r,..J.'. m . . Tons. u,oro 30 1 0.) 2-s.OUO 22 000 3)00) 3 00J 7.00J,,.. limn, H.-'llllllll'tUII Vl Hut land " A.ldl-on " Chittenden " llf'n-.tlear " IS'. V. estimated S .91111121011 ' ' Clinton nn.l others on the lake, (a winter l.iinrs.) 10 000 Montreal and Xcw Vork,do. 5.00 Total, 113,000 The average transportation, would bo about 101) miles, j;. Hunted at the sainn rate of the aierageitt the Western Itiilro id, (3 cents per ton per mile, which is loner than any road in the U.States excepting Heading, Pa )'lho Iroigltt. ago wuuld produce an incoino of 6 19,01)0 in king a tiifil of .SniU'iT."). r.sliinattng .'XpriisMs at one third of the iotal inroine, s.iv SMI) l,li!."i, it wuuld lime a net income of S1IW,'J59, or tu.iro than 12 per cent, on S3,,()(IO. I ho report then proceeds to show that this nnd could compote with Iho Ml. Holly route to well as Uuer navigation to Now York. Wo believe that this nntter was so clearlv and fully sot forth, that it left no doubt in the minds of any, of tho ability ol the road to do this suc cessfully. I.lll. (frnrirn TIKes m-liti. como nvrnllrnl rn. mirks on tho estimates of tlio report of tho cost nlthc ro'd, as higher linn what tho actual cost would li, and the amuum of business that would bo created by the road, ( of whirl) no allusion was made in thu rcpon) .is mdeliuiti', Ho niri'd say tint th nnd ought to tin built as far as lien iiinginn, fnrtliHiih, and then, if Iho piinplt of It, nl. ,ii, I u ,1 r,,, i., nnt, r .., ...I J i:1(..lire (01,, .,v,.r m,,h ,.v-. i. ,", , ,, ,. H I ,, Hhutber it h.iiiI.I nnl be to tho . e n-- . f i er,,,llis ,,f ...,..,,,,, ,,,,, :,.,i f. ' ' Rutland and 'o In Wluteha't. II" nl Ml s'iiij , think thai it was for thu u.ti'ii si ot the S otk hol. on. ol the WeMorn K nl 1. 1 nl th it th s rool should bo bun', and I e In I eed that It would, likewise In lur Iho iiii.ris' if ilm business o! II islon. Mr. Strni g, nl R i' a. id. sttti el lhat the great majority nf thu people uf Itutl.iud, so M s's Itli- "i."l.'l, li t l I .1 till , rll I ij j .(. w is cajislilo of jiiilgiii.-.prelVrred this riuitr . ... . . ..' .. .. to tlm Che-shire mid over Ml. II dlv, and if nm or the other projects were to bo bo dumped, ta bid no doubt lint nino. tenths of the business community nould ptcfur this to thu Cheshire route. livery indication seemed favorable tn the en- 1 1. 1 in ise.-, ,11111 iiiiinill lerprise, and although previous to tho meetin i , ,,,. ,...,, ,t,-,,,i,iu ,,. ,i. . r .1.: 1 ... hrlioer. ilmr.. rm, 1.0 ,. p.,i.'. j to Kutlainl or Whilchall a rail road will bo built and lhat, tuo, speedily -else sot us dou 11 as 110 propncis. j nu.tN.1110?.. l no Iseliigli liiilleltn re- , lates inat a mr. itiactingie ol that country, on . bis return fioin a trip to this city, vvhilu lieling tilling was accosted by a while female, and p-quested him lu curry her li.iinlliux. Ho C()llni ,.J ..,) ..rr......! .er .. ... :,, ,lU .,. into Ilm bargain, but shu infused. As ro quested, ho cntied thu box In tho next tavern, handed il out, and tt ailed fur tho lady to come up. After his own nml tho patience of the innkeeper were exhausted hy her delay, the bux was opened and li id in il nut a new cap V ',m'v 'l,ul UJ" ,,l'uh chiU'Jast "4'"7'-' 11 ; ' PJ''"'!' unnecessaty In statu that llin 1 never Ciime lo I I, and ilm infant ... . .1 1 - t ..r 1 -.i.i. yell"'" ,u l,uul "u,"u - '"S" l0l'm'. T i:.tvjii:n HuNti. We learn from the Rochester Auieiii'.ui that an Englishman. ' " ami-tl Tliumas Tweultiiien, hung l.iuiself mi 'I'm vi, ,.1 1 1,,, 'XI, 1. ..I, ; ,. r.. ,,r,t..i:.: l" - ".., w.. ...v H.,,, m .,, u, uoilll uni treiiicns, LATI2 AND IMPORTANT FROM M 12X1 CO. Wo are indebted to a gentlemm who arrived here tod iv from II ivana, vii. Charleston, in the short passage of eight days, for the following important intelligence : I'he Juniata arrived at llavatn nn the ove ning of Ihe 'J2il itlt, br'ng'ng advices up In llni iliy. and by the ('lp' nn wo learn lhat a great r.hinge Ind taken place in tlio state of our re lations with Mexico. It appears tint Paredes has been induced to nilor his tone, owing In strong itiinifcstatitiii" exhibited .iguin't a war with the Unilod Slates, ami that Mr. Slliklt, our Minister, ins tVot dull notified Ihnt the (internment irere ready lo cnnsitl er propositions he had to male on behalf if our (Internment, and that there existed no doubt hut that the nutter would bo speedily adjusted. Arista, and the troops under his coinm ind, had pronounced against Paredes and tho war party. .'re. Ons, Later fuom Texas. Hy tho arrival of the steamship (ialvcstnu, wo have received dates from Galveston opto llie 22J inst., inclusive. Speaking of tho march nf the "Army of Occtl. pation" from Corpus Christ!, and the order tint no one. but those attached lo tho service should mnve with it, the Civilian says : " We understand that the order forbidding persons from accompanying tlie army, lias been vanco with llio work. The soil is uncom pretty rigidly enforced, some persons who bad ,,., fill0 for CXCavalion, and nothing but violated it. hv fo Moivini' 1 s march with w h s ti. J . . 1 to sell to the soldiers, have been arrested and 1 tent back in irons, and tho barrels continmg ( uiuir liquor uroHen open auu tncir contents ele- strnyed, " The news from Austin, tho seat of Oovorn ment, Iho 11th inst. 'i'he proceedings nf the Texas Legislature bo far aro not of general interest. The Tologra'ph states that the corn planted this season, in many of the fields in the vicinity of K'chtnnnd, on the Rrazos, is already several inches liit'li. The papers generally aro barren of news of the least interest. .Y. (). Pie. (' j-m i limI'Jn: t FRIDAY .MOrtNI.VO, APRIL 10, ltlC I 111: Ntvti, Kstimaths. We notice muring the 0fflri.1l i.t iir 11 letter fmin Mr. B inrrnft covering the esliinalo of (In; Nuviil Hiire.inx wiih reg'trd lo naval appropriations. It is dated J,i:t, 8, 18-16. It advises "great er preparations than tho ordinary appropria tions conlenipliile," and particularizes In some extent, the mode in which tlieso pre parations should bo made. It iccottimends lhat authority be granted for the construe tion of three steam frigates, five stemn sloops, and two steamers of a smaller class, for the equipment and repair of all the vessels in ordinary, and the frigates and sloops on the stocks, and for a suspension of ' ' I the liuiiiulions upon tltc enlistments of the iYtvy, Tho letter from Comntntlnres Morris, Warrington, Shuluick. and Cr.iiio, is elated on tIto33lli Duceinlmr last, nnd contains es timates shown by tlm following table, for a still greater e.xpeiiditiiro than lhat recom mended by tlio Secretary: cms! Tn or rr.oatcix r.xrcsFE or STCtMnns, ere 3 sen fiennifis, &5.0 t 00 each S 1 ,0.'0 000 20 c ai an I lake, ISO 000 " sfilOfOO 1 J s mil mis do, CilllOO'" ".'00110 ft fnj nr. 'villi st -im, SiOflfiO " 20tnni0 C s m' S with -team, 30 10l) " Id.'nfO) 12 IriL' "s if wiih on!) 310 I 00 11 -1 0-0 000 0 .loops, 170,010 " 1 "ilOt'OO To esimined Urdinm e and stores, rstitintc of ftittinj prrptrsiions, '' " Asrapite nasal estimates, Slfi.tOn 0(1 1 1 010 CO SIT iWOOn 2 O'l", iu 0 1 Otit) 000 $21 : iOOO air. nniTore: Il teems tint i.nvn mr- liiii rrsolu linn, nn.l neiivi-piprr threat- hue tery hille i th cl oo " tli'.ter Hifileiis" of "genii urn" uho Ini'-raiised portions of our " bite streets" lo blossom a llie rose .Now I hisIi to siy that if the principle that the pub lic 'a a t'oo'c and he's a iciol ibat don't pluck her, is longer lo he toVrntcd in respect lo the liuhwnjs of the ullage, I, for cne, am iVicrmined to fcitlur. In p'ain wi rds, if the encroachments whHi nlready etist on Cherry street, arc opposed only by idle reso-liuion-, nnd newspaper p.imtis, llicrc Hill soon be an. "llier fence on a bnc with lliose of mv ne glibors. A Cucnrv St. Mas-. If the prcsrnt f tate of things is lo contin ue, their could ho no valid objection to the action our correspondent contemplates ; but wc think he. hail belter delu n few das, ns thu Selectninn tiro lo bo together on Satur day, nnd will, we ore assured, tako some de cided action in reference to this matter. 0JVe bespeak tho attention of our farm ing, friends to the series of articles fium our Slielliurn cot respondent, on tho subject of Horses. Uu evidently understands thesub- I J"t, nnd lias a very happy faculty of iniikino himself understood. Ilo points out and il lustrates existing difficulties ttitli great dis tinctness, and olTers reasons for a change of policy, w hit li cannot but have weight uilh reflecting men. Tin: ICitixt it Drrii sciN' I'mcr.s. We find in th J of Cuiinnr. c, a piper which should lake miiiic nulu ul llin ciicuui- stiiice,, nu iMi.ict irum a loner ttiiuen n Oiaiil, D.tpuy it C.) nliicli tluty siy that ill consi'ipiflice of the proposed leduc tino of the duly on brandy in Engl mil, thu article had advanced twenty-live per cent in Franco. Will tho Journal uf Commerce explain how this corresponds with the doc trine that tho price of an imported article is enhanced by llie amount ol llio duty paid upon ill Hero ne seo that llio prospect merolv uf reducing the duty on brandy nt once raises tho price in the place of produc , , , So it was .then tho duty was taken lion. from rico in Cuba, llicc did not fall mate- rially there, but it mslaiitly rose here-1 No fact is belter established than that the redu- cer of an imported artklu sulTcrs for a largo portion of the duty. At tho Albany County (Now York) Dom- ncratic Cunvenlion on 1 uesday, the schism in the parly which has been for somu time- leveloping itself, biokn out in a scene of per sonal violence, tho account of which the iNrgus (Democratic) heads ttiih tho words, "Infamous Outrage and Ruffian Atrocity." No one aniiears In have been actually killed. but tlio names of main persons ant given having been severely ttiiun.l iniided. The Argus uivi's thu names of a number of nfi'icers nf lilt .-siai.M.overniiieiii, memners 01 ine v. on vention, it charges will, having been I abettors uf llic outrage, KAIL HO A I). Tho contractors on llie Central Road haw! taken position ulong llio lino between this nml Nortliftelil, (.nil are filling " their IT nips ns last 11s men can ho obtained. Mr. Ilelkniip, it will ho observed, mlverlises for a Ihuimiitl additional hatnls, between North field mill Windsor to whom very liberal compensation is proffered. Tho opening of navigation will, iloublless, answer this de mand, mid en ililo llie Company to prosecnU their work with all desirable inpidity. Tilt operations nl this place have given lo tho' northern portion of llio town unwonted Ufa und activity, lluildings grow up in a night forests disappear ns by magic, and tho long lines of men and teams winding this slope, nnd mounting that -prominence, invest llio scene with an air of romanco pertaining to some military exploits of which we have read. Messis. Drown and Mills have a fine gang of hands, and aro making rapid ad- a vcO' UJ(1 contract or very bad management can prevent their making a penny. Acquittal or Tinnr.t.t,. Tho public wcru laken somewhat by surprise on Satur day, by lint intelligence that tho jury, after being out tibotit two hours, from tho timo w lien tho judge concluded his chargo in the case of Tirrell, had brought in a verdict of acquittal. Tho piisoncr was then remanded for trial for another capital offence, viz: arson. Tho charge is founded on the same evidence, ns that tin which the indictment for nun dor was based. Vioji'. Daily. Tho acquittal of Tirrel is a gross and in famous mockery of justice. Well does llio Hvening Journal class il .'!..' caie of lluhiusiin and FJIon Jewell. In both, the juries vii Iually said lhat n guilty woman may be butchered by her no less gnilly paramour, and ct he ho allowiul lo go with impunity. MOU IN NASHVILLE TENN. iN'.tsilvn.l-r., March 15. This city was the scene, on yesterday afiernoon and eve ning of one of tho most cruel mobs which it has ever been m lot lo witness. Il origina ted in a case of slimier, about the wife of Mr. I'ortei field, who attacked Mr. Judson, whu llie say has formerly published a paper in Cincinnati, familiarly known as Ned liuntlitte, und fired iluro times tt ilhout hitting when Judson drew and shot him above the ejc. It caused great excitement. Judson was taken to tho Cuurl House, fur the pur pose ol liaiiumg 1 1 1 111 in thu stpiaic, where a brother of I'orterfirld e.inio up to shoot him. Jutlon ran ami took refuge in lliu City Hotel, and had no h ss than from iwi-Wc to fifteen shuts fired at him tt ithout touching him. The mob still putstiing him, lie ran up lo the third stort, nml jumped out tho back way, break ing nno of his thighs in the fall, and tlirowinrj him senseless. Supposing him to be dying, he was fiki'ii In j nl. Last night, about 1 ) o'clock, finding that ho was still alive, tho mob liioki' into the jail, and, 111 linii tl and almost naked, they drew hint lliln tlio street tn lie lung, lie lirggrj for .1 minister, whiili was denied Inni. Ho fe.uc I mil death, hut reipi' steel In be shut, .mil hogged ih,u if there' tv is any gentleman pr nt, ih it he won!, I shout him. Tliev took him In llie sepi ire, 1 mi him over the rail nf an .ih ntng post ; llie rope liroki' Jiul lit fell, hIiimi In u, is liken 11, irk In j til, where) ho In s tu die some nine during the night. .Mr. I'm In field was buried this afternoon. Taking it .ill in .ill, it was wonliy of tho reign of ti t tui in I '1 .1 ne e'. "Cllilifdt tthy don't j an speak to me I" I'roni the N. O I'icajune. The follotring amusing anecdote, which was headed ".1 Theatrical Auctioneer," wsi originally published iu ibis piper, some six -or seven years since. Mrs. Kuan's rharm. ing personation u( Julia in iho "Hunchback " at the Si. Chirleson S.iluid.iy night last, re minded us of the nnealole," anil tvo Itavo thought it nm out of place to republish il t this lime. The mad wag of an auctioneer wuknow him m ellis Sti alive at lijsion, and as lull ol his jokes as ever. But here is thu anccJoto: A young w.ig who had made "going, going, going," Ins piofession a great favorite among thu knights of the buskin, and all gopd fellow s, besides being .1 chosen favorite among the ladies Has oncu monnli'il, hammer io hand, selling n piece- of furniture. He was well conversant with all the best dramatic productions of tho tl iv, and among iho rest tho "Hunchback," then iho ragu in Boston, where tho joke- occurred. Fanny Kemble was at iho tunc delighting tho town with her Julia, and every body was well acquainted ttiih tho celebrated lines "OlilTml, why don't you speak to tnel" 'O, Chllord, is it you?" -c. &c. ' vthiclt are ranked among tho favorite points of the play. " Oiling, gning last call fifty. H0 any nioriti' fifty-lhiee thank yon, sir fifty. three dull us anv more ? fifty. three go on gentlemen fifty -ihryt'tliill irs--going at fifty- llititt dollars last oil mire, tnn-i any uiiini gone! Who is 11 "' Them was a piuse, nud nobody answered. " Who is it f who hid fifty-three (" "Fifiy-two W!l, n)y hid," s lid some one. "Who bid fifty. three T some 0110 said fifty. ilircu ; who was ill Who bid fifty-three 1" " Clilford," said a voice near tho door. " O, Clifford, is it 1011!" exclaimed ihe auctioneer, dropping his hammer, and clasp, ing his hands tt la Iinmj Krille, The juku was irresistible eveiy bodv rccor-niied it, and catching thu spirit of tho thing, ,o 1IUUII.-HL.I IIJIIUWl-ll fit up an ecstasv nf l.,,,i,.-. with thrto rounds of applause, tt'hil,, iho auc tioneer ileliberalelv drew his,i.:..r , - 1 1 "".visiHc, I 'J n nosii 111 hurlesquo imilaiion of ..liss i-.iiiuy, "lllioril, llld you SIV irr riilToriW" s-,!,l ,t .!. V ".rf , ,, intent a little subsided. ' U i'!"1..,8 j sir " 1 a," ChlTord, tho purchaser, it seems wni a oasiiiui person iinnrqiiainlcd it itli theatrical ' si " '"io oeciime smnew hat alarmed I at Iho unaccountable good humor of tho irowu, so mat no was ati.iid m open his lipi again, lest ho shuuld excite another burst of fun. "Is it cash, sir 1" again innuned ih auclioneer. All etesttcro turned upon Clifford, ,o looked very much as if In, fell ,,at his moth er might bu anxious about him, but still ho made m. answer. The merry auctioneer mmm i.nuer iiisn 111s ritsiitmrr ill.,,, I,:. as '"' s'i'I'i'mly exclaimed, still imitatine thu '"- lurso , llor ,'.v,'1 ' imiy. bun n u wuy uen 1 you speak to me J'1 The assenihlf m,tv fault-sn.....,,,n,l wiih - , . .....i.,... ,.,) ,:,. ;. .. " plan,,., ClVoid made a bolt fol ihu ilSrlni escaped,