Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 17, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 17, 1846 Page 1
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ii a NOT THE GLORY O V C ,23 D A H CUT TUB WELFARE or ROME BY II. . STACY. J II R J, N (i T 0 N V E II M 0 N T. F It I D A Y, A P H J I 1 7, IK-10. VOL XIX No. '10. irirrr r ifiriir l IV y U IX fcl.ts. I Ll VW S ?.. I l frl VV V THE FARM. CIIITTUIVE)!:.-? COWTV AG. SOCJE'i'V. Tho directors of this society have offered 325 premium, ami appropriated for t tin payment of them about S7o0. 'Vhav Invo adintc'd a now feature in Ilia award of premiums that no one man shall receive more lliau onu prcmiti in on the same claps nf animals or article presented .hut if entitled to a second prem'iim in i lie class ho shall li.ivo a rcrtifii ato or diulotiia lo that effect, stating mill setting forth Hie fact but the premium It 1 1 lie pi d lo the man who present, tho next host articles nr animals in Iho same cin. Tin will render the competition miirh more T-tiro, a-ul a lar gro-iler virietj will be prc-oiited. I'lie preniiums n'-o w'l lie miirh more wnleiy scattered over the cunty, and can not be cntirctiiratod in a few hands. Another now and mos' important nfsll meas ure is Iho idler of a premium In e,erv member in thu girt of a copy of (he " Agriculturist," O' " I he I iillivitur. In any loeniiier ho will receive i', nn ln.s paying 5 !.-" nifioid nf 81, lo! Iho limns of hand of in i! Mieiety lens putting into the' ry niein'.er, a ra; O' richly worth uae ilollir, ny Ins n'ying iwenty-lne cents extra lo llm sncieiy. Among Ihe whole uii'niier now on nur b', on uniting lo hil'veen lilt) and 5'lil, only ."):) ,.. I ne t lie i ir t ; an I n ihee, not lu'ea.i !! " oliject to i lie pi iii, h il bee ut-o they hive nn I.' previous nirnigetiiealM jr llieir ar riilill ii r i' rending. Our 'iniii'iTot in" ulierx Inn boeu in ire than iliiuh ed, od Ae hope ' i i i vei v much In ncresse the li-t liuinrc our nimA, on tne fi rs-l day nf ( ).; lober Hex'. .s ne vet our tiap. ru at a reduced price, our liin.U fir pieni uuu are r.ilher inrrea-. .l .... a I ...i i .: .1 1. .. inni iii-i,.-,ni. ne n leraiein in i:n ii;an, i winch iiies will. I.iuirc-,.y.l1(,c, Would1 lint tin, lie a uo'i'e pi in, in pj, piaclical eli'ect lo be adopted throughout the land, by uery u; ricultural orgiinzitiun ! I,. . UINCIIAM, I'rcs'l C. (I A, huciily WiUisttm, Vl., M,f, -U II!, IS III. Accompanying the ab we, wo received Ihe Society's l'nze I.'sl for lSl'j. The premiuuif are all paid in ca-h, and though nnill, are so arratiTcd as to draw nut an extensive competi. tiou ; and we shall 1.0 surpri-ed if Ihe spirit awakened Ly 'he energeiu and j u.l :r In us eirortp of this society does n? ,,,,w together "a large I collection of the larmers of ihu (ireen .Mnunlaiii State at its net cshilntion, lb in haseier before been enlivened for any useful purpose, lis premiums cuustst of lfj'nn hnn-e, ll) on catth;, (53 nn Fhcep and wool, !) on swum, III on field crnp, 35 nn horlicultute, 2H on farm imple ment, ami III m, hoiieimld and uthur inanu f i ct u res. L'ulirti!tir. ri:'s; jinn oi'-niEor.'s. Vond il various tck mgc jayns. roRci o VrtirTci.ns r.v (ialvaxis-m Tie I'ratrie I'uin r, (Clue tic,) gne the rcHilt nl Ins eXi"riiui'nl, madotn ton jn g i ..pjier plale of aboit' (i. ! -i Lire tool al one ei d ol In- garden and . z 'C o. e of i ntial s.ze al the nilmr, con. nee cd oy co,in!r Wiren nn M.iko above groued. l'ea, cahasg", b'et. carrots, pi', I;, lountues, pitatoes.and pir-nep", frevv heUoeu. "I'll rice a d ly tiny were iitnd,,iu I various were llm -uuint.ngr, ineasurings aedciuunr- sons to in i lie it ap;i 'ir tint the g ilvan zed mo. eU'ale- were o.ttsti tpp ug tte'tr (ellm. " ,ut they fh.nvcd a in i-i urovoki ig in. I II ! onoo in' the evpcruuen'er's w sue, i'i.e only eviop. i Hun w t a row el Peeu, i ,r I irgr :l,e rtgi ! b' ' i - iia,ip-' mi to be nt a d Herein ami I larger mi i, lit a i.uu milh de row. 'the s'ale-. menl winds up with Ihe i puimn that urmvoli toads, at each cud nf the garden, A ;.t each j other, would ba a fi.'clual. ! Indian (ar.N in Snierni RN Kuijctc. Henry Colutati tlutikr, thai shou d Indian cum he ad. mined into llm tdi pnit- Ine nf duly, the sup plies nl llie ar'.c'e In in tlv ol llie Med. iltnrr ni'an, would neatly prr clinic the comae. 1 1 1 lo ll ol Ihu Untied S ale. Foiling Catti.h in SfsiMnr.. Hdwin .M Stone, in Ins i;--ex Addris-,-a)s, th,,t an r,5cx County farmer, by giving his covvf trcdily nil feed, during a severe, druiiih and hot weather tin past summer, l:ept the milk of his row . tin diinnusheil, a id found ample retnunoratinn r the tioublu in the extra receipts nf h.s dairy. CAnnor-s ron lines. Tho great value nf carrots lor horses and cow, and iheir supeririri ty fur anunils to any other rent with winch we are acipi liutcd, we hive Fiillice'tiilv proved by experience. A enrresp ittdeal of lite New ling' laud Farmer, however, gives Ihe follow ing Mate rent of their f'ighl v.iljo for pigs. " ,ivo no faith in carrots as faiteuers of hogs. liavn steamed up cartlo id nunc cartlo id-, this fall, and fed then) to a dozen and a hill nf ling and slinats, and it's a mail's wark to keeplhein from squealing." Pies or Sciiaix Bkcts. tiny he nndo by gra ting III'! heels, and lli"u u-t.ig llieni 1 puinti kins, 'adding rather litoio salt and spice. Wo (je eaten p os, which we coit'd not hivedisihi (riimhed Ifntii goo I sipi ili p cs.midu in lliirf way ftuin carrots, l'liuiiikiu nes in ide by grating Instead of slowing, are ipnkly nude, biking them a lit'le louyer, and havo mure llivnr thin usual. LlEDK! ON f 'TATOC Iloi. The, d.sliugllish. cd c.le'in st i-iatus ih ii he has In ttid Ibis year a considerable 0 nl v gulalile cdiein (cheese) are. tpitalile liv ic d, u it oh-erved in Inn previous researches. II" llmil;-, from llie iullueilCH of tie! weithe', or Iro n atiiiisphern causes, a pirt of Ihe vfi'M al'Mtineu, winch prevails ill Ihu p U line, lias liecomu cnnverled Uilo vegyialde casum ; at.d irmn Ihegre it insta bility nl the latter ni'J-laiue, tesulis llm facility with which potatoes rout iiiitug it undergo pu. (refaction. Hoe in dscoier no holmiu in the diseased tubers, and slates Ihat an injury lo liyalih from a use of them jsnut ef lliu (pie-iinn, and that no where hi Germany has such un cll'eci been observed. Cutting Wiicat IIarlv. A correspondent of the London Agricultural (iaZ 'llu slates llnl uliflat which ho cut fully ten days befora tho usual time, and was laughed al by his neighbors forit at the lime, was ileciileitiy superior In qual ity to thai which had been reaped live or six days later. Hi" vvholu crnp was superior, and much prized by bakers anil cum coalers. Depth if Tur.Nr.r Roots. Annlher corres. pondenlof the Mine paper, says Ihat bo has found tho fibrous rouls of Iho Swedish Turnep (Kuta-llaga) five feet below the surface on Which thelilant vas gruwing, and all around it, less depth, lo a distance of threo or four feel. The experiments of Tull, in which he showed the lon"lh nf turnep ro .Is In bo several feet, by (he influence of loosened soil upon their gro-vlh .ml in. are familiar tu many resdern of tho Cultivator. Alrx. Leeds, St. Joseph's, Mich.,says ' Tho nuintilv ufsakrattti in place of suit jielre, aims is far prclcrablu r preferable in curing, meals, especially teei. SHillU' Ksr.iti-i:!) ::;iil l icclorat i-nxony. Are the Spanish i:cr,.,l ami the Saxony the same taco nf eheep 1 I his inquiry has been raiod in my mind by reading an article entitled "Saxon Hiinr.r and theiii O.twsr.s" in I lie volume of the Cultivator for pigo It")!). In my ignoranra I hid supposed they were ns distinct as any lira races of Germ in and .Spinish sliecp ran be. If they are the sums thin, as this wriler seems to lal,u it for granted, then all ilns nourish, which lias been mule nb.iut I lie superiority of tho pure S,nuy Sheep, imported and bred by tho lato l.itiiMitod .Mr. . ... . ",. l:"tu'r umiiiii iiu iiu.l-? in invu nrj pure i'i-riiri.ii! and if it can he proud lint limy arc the 10 .1 'Vimon piiro" Ekclural tiaxons, 'Kcnm! will he llucker llian "hair on a do'd back" l.i-lore I'l'lJ'lienl at tile nle I ol Hem? olilletl to re 1S1G is at an end the niuiple ruasons hem. ' main inactive for iho wunt of a force to copr thai Ulennral Savon are in irrcat reuuent and with Luid liimdoli's. The d iv-star bad ciiminand higher price. I had nipposed that Ihe K-curals were In lie found only in H.niu, and Ihe Snons onlv in Saxony and elfichcre, only as lliey hav been imparled fioni lliea coiiulries. 1 hue nipposed that an lecioial S.ivhi nieen never i was in Spiin and the Spaniard hae no 1 i . .. i i i , t . i. . . . i , . ,, ,, J, j , "-'- . . .V ,i V. , .. . .. into the United Htalef, weie onlv suli mnelhn nf the S,mh Alerin i Sheep nil ccrc'cnf, and all in a gre it nr'a-mro rcFeinhhug each other. The I'.- urn's weie one ol Ihe nv and mint have cnnii'i il d 'mil they Here vol a whit Ii 'hind any oilier wn.l" rll w er n'inlnr, each had iik evc'liencte.-. a .d pecu i ,ritnv. Will ynu, .1r. HI. tor, he ulea-td to biio'.v what light nil i.'iii on this subject. lNQi'it!..n. ,. ,, . , . .i 1 1 .vrr. I rom ti.e li,i accnu'i's, the origin of the Sixon .M,r,o Sheep, wn--.'0(1 ewe- and UK) i ruin font l,y t. King ol Ht.iin lo tin! llleclur , r 0 ... of h, 'V'" ' 1 ',' 'I'liey. ire said to Invu lieen inv'lv ol llie var.e'v, wlncli ato ac- ' j know 'edged on all hands to produce the Ihu ct wool ol any ol Hie Jsp i iia race, and uere pir licular'y ru il i v.itci! hy the Si.intrh kiugi. 'I lie ctoial hann S .cop hae, acioribtig lo Iheir history, descunded mostly from this Dcurnl toi'.K. It is claimed by Mitne that lliey have been iinpnn ed in rcprt to fineness of wool since tlieir Iran-fer m Sanny. Our o.m uher v it inn does lint permit us tu give an opinion on tliii pn tit. ll r n i L he nhvinu, Inmeior, that Ihe Modi of the !!ectnral Sion and the Hscu. rial must he nearly llm same, tlio former being n',lIv 1'"(:rr'1 ljrji' f original Hock.-- Culliialor. I'roni the IMii'adilphn Saturday Courier. a Men i'hom ii in; niini) i'ii.i:. rAninv on run 'fONa or tiic suinT." Willi Oncer dirtv nnj cold, Willi hand, all'lidl of tracks, A j niinj una -mod in a rngs''d coat, l'ljing his siw mid nxc. Saw i s m ! saw I As hv ihe horsu l.e sn ml, And still hit a ruble iivv, Ahuut llie hiiTiiiii ef vvmiJ. Wort: ! work ! work I While tl c winil is hlowiuQ iiioiind, An,! w ok ! wink ! vvor.. 1 Till Ihe snow otivt-rs all the giound. ll'."0! to Un -late, .!oiik i lie I'irli iron- Turk, V. here uim haa nevtr n ,i,il iu save, If llu. he i '1liiijii work !', i vvjrk! work! Ti I the h in Is I, .en ., frC' J! j Win k I vi-.-rkl woik! Till 111" llOSe I",J I IJ K to Bfiei. j llocch, and innplo, inni ;K Oak. mi l inapl, , and htcuh, Till over the linrsf 1 liiinhla i jjvn, And rows a terrible screech, O! women with hroilirrsdesrj O! ivomrii mil, liusbqiiil ai)4 sftn, It is not wood veil' re binniua away, Hut buii in criv-ilurtV ihntnbs ! Saw t nw 1 saw ! In no very plensatn mood, Ctiitni.T'ii unco vvitlt a UeiiHcdraw, Jly lingers a well as llie wood. Work ! wi.rk I w ork I My la'sir never grows lc. j An I li ii nnj us wag, 7 , lip" a day, An I nl dinner a rooked up ine.s. Tint Inmrel hat this rasped A knife with a tiro'ten hi 1 le onlched And in y Ii.j.iis so pitched lint tlicy ean'i ho At Ihe place where limy weie made. Work I work ! wnk! 1 rom weary c hime to 1 Initio, Work I work ! work I As chicken, sciatch lime, Oik, ami nnple, anil hetih, llecch, ami niiiple, nnd oa1;, Till over tin vviary, weary taik, 31) hick is alunst broke. Woik I vvoik I vvoik I Ilirouylinll ilia winter's e'oom, An I w tk! work! work ! ins ever to he my doom, vv 11 l.e iiinlerueiih ihe siw, The diim is iiiug ,iu, 1 el while vviih aeliinu I sec The vvuud iiruuud mo 'he. Willi fiiigirsdiriy nnd eo'd, Willi hand nil ft f rirl,; Tints a y ,1111.. man siu , a ru.,scd coat 1 Ijiiij hn snv inni n vs.-. .Saw ! siw! saw I All 1 slill he r used a lerriblu 1 ivy, A- hy I'le hor.e he si., ,J Wtshini; tht ie uiiiiht he a I ivy Asuail 1I19 I uriiuijj uf wood. WOOD OUTl'IUl. I'idiii iiPs (liziu e. EMILY (J EIGER A Tale ,!' ttie Iteviiliitlnu, ny .Mits. i;iiiii.i.p, ' So yon will not innsent io cany the or- we, ,ui w en. Diimiei to poo us, s ml a young nllii-er addiessiug n bold, resululo looking ! lier gnulle Meed. Now and llieu she caiighl mail hi tho garb ofn soldier. u gleam uf the liver, smooth in suiiti! pi ices ' No, C ipliiu, I cumin. I mil nn coward j as a silver mirrnr, hut where it felt the hreulh iivrry body knows, and I dvv.iy s teudv p, of tho morning air, lUiug in ripples ill il scin- uieei (ho enemy iu bailie, bul to vetiluiii hrn' , lillaled like slats in a vviuliy sky. a ciuinlry infesled with thoso bhiotlihirsly I'or in. my miles she u d her way along i otics, who wish no heller sport lb m p, ' the npen vv-'untl, itieeiiiig wi'h no ono lo ex biilrlier every Whig lliey find, is wlial I can-1 tim alarm, and then turned into a hro id path nol Ilunk of.' I cut ihiinigh llio midst uf a deep finest. Hero It was lain in (ho evening, nnd llio stars of! Ihe ait, which hail begun to grow hot aiidsul- a ctoiiiiiess sl.y wero mirrored in lite bosum nt too nver, on Ihu banks ol which General Greene and his weary army h id for a shoit lime, been encamped, afier relrealitp. from Ninety-Six, befuru Lard Kiwdnii. A few buildings giivo shuller Iu some, oThers wero screened from tho heavy iiiglu dews by li nls or merely a canvass awning. All was silonl as Iho yniing officer pissed rapidly iilon" lo wards otto of ihu heller looking houses, llm only onu wheie a ligjtt was visible. A light lap at die door was answered hy a voice thai bid him onler. ' Well, ICgerton, what success J ' said Gon. Greene, raising his eyes from some papers in., i iu ui., in.uii examining, ' 11,1(1 enough. Tm li(,J..t rrtusn In nn ol' rrrand, which lliey nil consider lo bo certain uealli. lint ran wu not, now we aro ceruin (tut x,ur(l Kantlon has divided his fin re, veiiiuie to attack him without lliu ri of Gen. Sumter,' ' No, lvgorlnn, tin Ills form is slill so su perior to ours il would ho ceituin (left it since no nni! cm lie founil lo convi'V llu- order, wo must be control to slider Lunl Kuwiloii lo wear iho l.iunds In) lias won from us. Thu beams of the morning star woro slill brijlil in llio cast, when Gen. Gronnc, una bio lo icsl, inso mid llirinviiin mi n (l.inius!? dressing gown, sealed biinself nt lliu njien window. As Ins ininil roveited to lliu nih Kl, wind, the i.v..in2 l.elor.. lu,I b il the - . - , . llii'ino of conveis ilion between Inni nnil Ciplain Kifi'i ton, bo crow inoro nnil nmrn beg in lo nalo amid the rosy flush of d iwn, when lie arose Mid Unversed the room in a in inner th it p irlunk of his imp ilience. A ' lowlaii nt tliu door, which f liled lo arresl 1 bis allenlion, was twice tepeated, w ilh the I . n hour, an. I vol another p issed,and 'his was hirely accomplished when llio account paiil Slate witnesses. 1 notice $5,- j ses the clei'Its It id filled lliu ofiifo for several liko ill success, when il was gently opened, ' slill leaning agiinsl the oak, she permitted Tory tuition she hid beard conversing with 7o twice charged for postage on nfliriil .. iveats, and probably these moneys have nc- and a i:irl IS or 20 years ol'uyo entered and ! Iter horse lo ciop tin! glass and herb ige, or l'11' ufli'er, entered. Ijuiily cheerfully Mill- lers, making SI 1 ,."50 on Slate nllici d business ' cuniul.ilud in their It mils duiing the wliulo stood bel'iri! Iiiui. Idiiuk at lliu spring tint unshed up at her I milled tu llu: fciicIi, faciliialing il by nut in onu year. The simil nity of the account 1 period. Her figure though talher slight, was well j feel ; for llio binls slill remained silent, ! "'y turniiig her pncki Is inside out, and open- suggested iho possibility, "that (he charge 1 do not sty "olntno disritc, nmnes," but knil, and though lliere was tint little of the ' sheltering themselves beneath lite boughs, ' "HT every lohl ef her dress w here a scrap of might h ivo been repe ited through mist ike. from more than half the county durk's re rose in her Ir.uisp irent, and somew h it dark toll) her lb it Ihe burning heal of ihe sun was , paper could possihly bu concealed, but by You commence your account, ' to I) il nice turns, in iv he sif.dy iuferied thu necessity coiutdexion, no one, who for a moment he- j mil Vet all lyeri. After a lung ti ne, a bree- s'' 'hiue "P;"'' her ihiik Ites-es, amid whose due Sept. 1, IS I'i, So.llJ.' Allowing S-',- "I" failhlul an I thorough supoi visions of our bel I ihe fiesliness of her firm, led hps, and ..' si 1 crept along the lops of the shivet- (' ir'; hiMiri n might Invo neslled many a 00 per day, for dis'iut sing the public moneys, 1 public accounts. The pr iclico thus far do- clear, spaiMiug lighl nflier blic.k eves. could ing liees, and rmli nit wings began to glauco P'l'er dangerous lo tho inleiests of tho I5i it-' in addiliun to SI, ( 0 allnwed by sfitule, will 1'illed will sufi'tce to show that no law will have liuagiued that tint a isetice nfcnlorwas the resiill of ill health. Her dress consisted of i bl n k s lliu bntlice, exactly filled to In r , . - .. '. . ,,- . , , . f""' l,1"s''. !' r"" ,l',rl r'A"r"i s"1" 11,11 1,111 s" lovv 11 "'"""I haVf swept ll o u"1"'! hail it not been gilhcred up in her hand, i.n li.illv roveied by a bl lck silk mil, which likewi.e held a lidiii" whin. A 11m- liisioii of glossy cuils.d 11 k as her large, luil- and fell 111 my apprehensinns lest she should I ''"' allirsl pi udentlv proceeded in a lir liaut eyes, welt' revealeil beneath llie rim of be obliged lo soend in llm open ail, or what cniliius direciioo, hut us soon as s'io i in igin .1 small, Id tck beaver hit, onunienleil wilh 1 vvas worse, fall upon sumo liny h ibiialion, -''' she cuuld do .0 with s ifety, struck into several feathers of llio same hue, one of hose It1111.1t' s might mistrust her errand, ami , 'h'" ro id thai lei! directly tn the Anieticaii whit h-fell so low as lo touch her left shoulder, prevent bet from pel forming her journey. "-''U'p. o'le was admitted to fjeii. Sumtei's iNnlhiiig could h ive heller accorded wilh Iho 1 Hm suddenly camu upon a lit nail eari-vvav 1 ptesence, vvh 1, h iving listened In llie mess age classic s'yloof her fe ilures, lit in ibis litlle roimil 11 it, a laslnon tint lias nceti Iniiiitl so li ving lo 111.111 y a smiling, plump-cheeked damsel, who would have looked very pretty. inn collage bonnet. .Stnpiised at so unusual a visitor,al so ear- ly an hour, he made her iiilber a slilTlinvv, but did nut speak, A bright color then kin- dled on her cheeks, and sho looked dovm with an emb urasseil ami hesitating air. This vvas only fur a niuineut. 'I iiiiileistand,' then sho said, that you wijt in Invo un older cunveyed to CiCnuial Sumter, for linn to join von.' ' I do Ii 1 vis you he ml of any person who will bo willing to go? ' lio eagerly t:n- Ipliieil. ' 1 will go,1 s'io replied. ' Hut have you, my brave gitl, thought of ihe dangers 011 must oncountci f ' I Ii 1 vi, a ml weighed llieui wel I, a lid have come lo llie conclusiun that I shoulil bo mute I Ilk to cscpe th 111 one ol y inn ilw u sex. ' 3Iv iielpb"siies w ill pi ove my shh ,l.' 'It may be us you say, mid yet though ihe I iidvitiilage to be gamed is so important,! he I Hove I ought 1 ot to consent for von tu noilei. j Hike a task fioui winch the boldest suldiers in li e army have 1 '.-coiled.1 Oh. s iv mil so,' she leolied, and wilh nn ea'i n'csiness that 111 ide her cheeks glow and her eyes sparkle, she Bgain urged her ir-' quasi. I 'It shall bo as von desire,' ho replied, iiiindlul nl hmdv s latigiiiug i'nIe,.Mis. 1 her ' when will you be leady ? ' wils showed her a chamber, wheie, in a bed '1 am toady now. A huiso, licet and I'm nished w illt sno v -while dr.ipeiy, sho vims penile, is al llio ilnnr.' jsoon enjoying thu lu.Miiy of suutid lind iptiul ' I will vvtiio the onler to (Jen. Sumter. tepose. By wh it name shall 1 designate vou 1 ' I ' Kniilv (jniger.1 " ! c;lrn' r the I nk, suiting upward il The order was soon written, which, pie- ' l,w,1"1'11 N"'1''' ' blue ether, vvaslCmily's vious lo folding and soaling, ho icqucslcd her ",,l!'ci sl"' "!Min set fin waul nn Iter joui lo lead. ( ney on llio liist faint blush of divvn. As ' Make vnurseir well ncnnaioled wlili ii dining llio day preceding, she nccasinnallv conluuls,' slid he, 'su that you may remeni her theni.sliould it becomu iiocessity for you to deslrov il.' A smile liko sunshine broke over tho fea tures of kniilv as shu leceived ii. Having given il a careful peius il, sho relurnid it to (Inner. il (iieone, whn, having folded and supei scribed il.agiin pointed nut ihu dangers to which she would bo cvposcd, beloto ho g.ivo it Inch lo he,, lint lie,- resoluliun did "'"k"" 1"' sn oporesstve that spe iielermui noi waver, nnd bidding him a 'good muni- 10 s,,,'! and shelier in a house siltnled ing,' she li ft tho apirlinenl, and was ahe.uly !lt 110 reat distance, in llie midst ot some in'lho si.blle, when ho reached thu outer f,,r,,'st 1 "llirh ,llr,nv "v,'r " lltr-ir i-ool doiii-,n oil', c bis ...sUianc. , nod grateful shade. She hail just cume to Ilw... a cool, dovvy inorniiig, tho air full ol sail, !ii, ie ami llie jueensu nf lli.wers, and j " " "M,H "iruugii me i upso wi.ii smii as llie glossy, coil-black steed duilm f,)r. ''d iho way side. Her fust impulse was lo waul al the clear music il voice thu bide hint ' "tlempl lo 11 y, lull a moment s ti llocllnn lohl go, llio bean of Kmilv was as h ippv mid as i 'I'" 'Hieuipt niut not only provo use fearliss as Iho Miuog bird, when hiving bu- ,''sv' 1 !l" ""''"''' nfexciiing suspicion. In cinno well ins .It'll nl llio slieng'h ol ils wings, it lakes ils fusl hold llighl tow aids the sui er skv. I lie tall lines which skirled llie road, slndowed il, as in pissing, she fell a green bough lightly brush her shoulder, she . . . . suilloil losio Hie ihnv iliops she liiddi.lod '. ed llishing in lliu air hku shivered gems, and la ig iluw Iho long, llowtng iniueuf try wheie llieio was a little lo break llie sun- thine, vvas deliciousl) cool, and tho wild, dowers that stud ied (bu pilh, clustered iuoutid llie rouls uf llio trees, whenever lliey wero crushed boucath the horsu's feel, give mil iheir dying sweetness, winch anise with llio dew ih rt was silently nsrending In heav en, whence it came. A liquid stream nf wild-bud music, fin tied around her, swelling oul, now and then, into uno uf thoso raptu rous mid buwildetiiig gushes uf include, over whii-li ihu mocking biid, ipiivering in ccsi.i cy to ils own ! n si c, nlono has power. Thu horse iuvignrnt d by iho increased coolness, darted forward with accelerated speed, while ihormi'ii curls uf ihe fair rider, waving at each light and hounding step, wero decked wilh lliu gold which llie. -nie..nis sent down

in showeis ihrnugh Ihu U'leou boughs. liul tho nuunlidu lanour and Innets ofa : south- ern clime searched out the cool, deep wood, nnd Kiiiily nl list checked lier nowuoiiy horse by thu side of n spiJiiR, bilbidiiis up xvii Ji u cool, iiiurniuniif; soinnl froiii its deep bidden source, nnd Miriouniled by : nniow r tut of pun: silveiy sand, round whn Ii iho t moss and wii.l mcis pressed to c itch the , spray ns it fell. While family leaned 'j;.unsl 1 Iho trunk of an old oak, listening lo thu low dreamy bum of llm insect liihi's.for thebiids 1 wero all mule, nesllin in the shadows ofl the cool Kieen leaves, the diead iifbeiiii; in- j tercepted or.peih ,p,, rudely treated by some enemy of her country, which, lor the las! hour, bad been crecpine; over her, fell beav- ly npnn liu,. ..;, n. Ji - o iiii ii was but physical weaiiiic-s, joined In iho op-1 pressivo heal of ihe noun d ly hnur, lint was Huts cms. ting Hie cuurtge ami uueipy whnli li-'ui first annu tied lier, as boine idoti" by Ihe f-i pi I million of lier lihl-footeil steed, she inhale.l delicious and inviotatiuj drnu;lils of lliu cnnl unit ning air. in Iho fillnl light. Linily called her horse, which, lifting his small bead and sinking his graceful mane, was tin; next moment al her side. Tho p ub was now narrow anil in some pi ices langled, vv liii'll uhlieed her lo proceed at 1 slow pace. As the day del lined, she b 'g in to think of snuie shelter fur iho nig 1 and fell 111 inv appreliensiuns lest she should which crossed her narrow an obstructed pith, 0110 nrew up tier noise 111 sitateii a lew uio- uioiils, and permitted him 10 lake Ins course, Without besitalinn ho slitick iulo the uwue open way, and in lull' .111 hour, glimpses of a pi nii.iiion cnuld be discovered ihiongh the tioes. Uncertain whether she had hi tur sei-k ihe luispiiality of iheowuei, or .'iideav- or to search out some morn obscure abode, she proceeded innio .slowly. Her iriesnlu li.iu was only inutnenlui y, for liuiiing bet eyes Inwaids llie vve.-iein hoiizon, she per ceived that iho mass of gold mil purple clouds, which a short limu befoie bad hover ed over ihe selling sun, vveto ah eadv p uling w ilh their brigiilness. A fi'.v uiiniit 's more, anil she was at the dour nf llio 111 ins'oii, vvlieio u li ly sin, el irmly to ueh'oiil" Imr. vvho bid lieen vv ilcii ill J lo appruiih. Tho lady conducted her lo mi. i w nei iu a well I'm tiislied op 11 imeiii, niiil,lliuugh vv ilh ' run delicacy, she .ibst.inieil Irihil nsknig her i I,, -ui, i, in iiiiiiiii in hi inn i.iiinn i .onv' inn. was Thervv i.s. lei name w is I liervv lis, and lit tt her son, vvho owned the pi iiilalion, was al piesenl solving as a iuballuin under CJen. Sumter. Kuiily being thus satisfied telitivo lo llie political seiitiuiuiils of her hostess, voiitured In disclose llio otiiecis of her journey, which though it awakened fears I'm her silriy, eli- cilt'd 'he wannest approbation. Supper was speedily set veil, and then, met n solilai v Ir.ivelh r, w ho though ho inighi vv under vv iihin himself ilutl ti ynutig and beau tiful female should be tiding iiupiiilected, si I a time when Ihe country vvas infested will,, those who lecogni.ed ,,n law sive what vvas comprehended in tho umltii uf might makes light, conlenieil himself witli noticing her willt a bow, or few civil words of s ilul ilion, Thu uinrning was neiiily past nnd llio heal ' W,S -"",'lisinn. when she saw llie gleam of I ' " " neioinois, unn in mo iniuinei , w iioui, i ''J' ,,i'i "ess, she judged lo be an officer, was ",''"'' '. 1 1 was witit iimcii eiiuciniv tu n Is'" s" '"'"Ved herself as In I p llio hand '"' " reins fiont sinking, for she was . .P.. . i i ii ; I I . . ""'"" ,u'" sue nan i nu ll unn tin ins tu """' "'" '""'cl U '"'bin's senilis, Mis Ther wils having wained her thai a niitnhei of llieui weie on the aleit in lint vicinitv , The nlTicei iiildiessed her with much polite ness, saying as she ratlin in thu dim lion from Gen. Green's army, il was his duly 10 ascer tain the motives of her journey. Kiiiily commanded her vuico so lint its tones wero calm and steady, as she replied thai she vvas eniiig lo visit soiuo liiends; which, ihnii gh not an tiiilrulh, was cerl linly an evasion, ami a consciousness nl lliu caus ed the crimson blood lo lush lo her cheeks. Her blushes confirmed hi suspicions. ' I regret,' slid he, 'that it is my duly In detain you a prisoner till I can feel better fillsfied as lo llio object nl your journey. I.uiily lelt that it would be wnrsiMhan use - less In ii'innuslrale, nnd lliey rode in silence till Ihey touched (ho house, where, previous In her iiiiforliiualo encounter with the lliiiMi scouts, sho bail intended lo seek tesl and re - ficslimcui. lleru slm wis iockimi into an apirliiituil, which probiblv, hid before been used as a prison. in , for it was so guirded as to preclude ihu possibility iifescipu. In a few minutes she heard llio voicn of n man which she thought sounded like ihat of lit" I'fl'icer, siying something iu the adjoining ap iiluient, iu an under lone, which was re- imen in uy a I o in in, voter, in Iho siiiiu suu ducd man nor. Suspecting dial tho convcr- ' satiou icbitcit to lietself, shn placed herself in n lislcuin' allini lc ; linsl the thin p irlilion. Tlioiigli tho sentences winch re,ich"il lieri'.ir wi-ic liroken, she L' llliered enoui.'li to l.nim Hm lliu olli'er biviiij i .eeiiuiis to th '"in ile lo search her, in nr l. lo nscenni'i il any p ipers wen! concealed a ; it her person, ' Imi confusion and auil.ilioii she had, lill 'bus reminded, forjolteu ihe letlnr iid.lressid ' Gc.i. Sumter, but now she fulh leali. d l'11' sad consequences which would lesull I""" "t b'l iulo llie hanils nf the eiiemv. , bbe looked iinxiously ahum fur ineans lo ib- ! hell. ', bill '7 !i" does nm",,,. ,r j m".V II, b;,l nun.5 appeared; i.eiiuer w..s;tobo ugh). Also ll haiee lor hat -and Mneie any Ii tenilly nook or coiner when- il j lioots, as the slan.iu .i -. .i I - ii !..:. i,, i...' .., i, a , ....a .( oat en nt me county conrl cei lily the i bin uu is "'"il in I'r.iL'menn to the bieiz", ihiiudh just and loisun ible, it be till,, wed I i il w hipeied im iiinyly t lirimuh lite jpnicd i by lio ml. In the c.isu of ciiiniu il ' winnow, mil tiiero was no tune to bo lust, ) and sho was (inally hli;cd to have recourse , lo llio less rum nine Ibougli safer ovpedienl, swullow inn pn ce bv pieii', ihu impuil.iiil "I' ough imp iblo iiiisivo. I isnarmy. i Having finished liei search, the woman, as sh been i isitucted, nsked her a few .rpiestiom, which failed to elicit anylhing ofa suspicious n iture. The nlVfer who held her ill ruslodv was then adiiiitled, md after riues- lioning her wilh like ill success, ho her lo ilt'ti nt. sullered i of lien, (.leo.e, ui.iile inniieilialupi lion 10 roiiitiiy willt lits terinetl. a.,(l sue ceeded in joining him not long after, nt Or angeburg. Il was a lingbl inorning, nnJ 1 mind a gray slono collage, situ lied near the banks nf a liver, were Uniting now and then sounds of 111r.1l life, instead of the ho irse and discunl 1 lit voices of war. Mushes of wild sweet luxuri nil in llu ir giuvv lb as 10 1 i.i uiiir,so luviiiiiit 11 lilt 11 gllivvtll as to tlsi! I'a, above the e .ve.s, among' v, hid, cre ,l,e fin. s of, he n.i.r.iinggh.iv, Hushed will, pur- ,le bl ,s, sl.,,1,,1 Iho wtudowsih.,. looked the ronl. These vv ere thrnvv wide I v I tow open In admit the cool west wind, as It came liden with ll.e fr.igiance of a hro id field of waved near by, when: the wild bees hammed inenily, a. they hovered over Ihe cliisietiii.. blussoms contained their . 1 ,. linl lions was a corner ofone -vie., i . .i.i .i. .i... . , . .. , , , ... , i a ui nisi ii i no east, i s nan no a so in h!7 lM '':':'". !'""'' '".',,,. V ' ' ' , , ' ' .mo ini'ii, iioiinioi .niu iie.imiug taces niigit hive I. seen, full of eager exiieclaliiin. Occasiimallv.too, nn older .-.nd graver on,, appeired for a moment, sending keen .'lancoiilong tho winding ruad. All were at - li.edasiflorsome festival, and now and ihon a sweet niu.ic.l laugh, or a lew miles ol some popular ballad, warbled in a clear, bird-like voice, stole otil of iho windows as lliey novo giilaiu's nf w ild flowers ti h ing over the looking gl iss, and a I'uw pittures above iho iiLiulle-piece ; or lo wroulhe ihe heavy, dull; looking cornice, that heided llm wall. Yet olio nf these, ihooph ,.,,y pein might lnVo seen she was the hippies, of the whole, neither laughed nor snug. A few rnse buds were wreiuhed v ilh her dai k glossv hair, and i white rnse, pirtlv blown, was half bid amid the snowy folds uf Iter law n kerchief. This was Uniily, and just as the I isl bright 1' it laud had In en ihrnvvn over the old rnrnice, ihe linging nf burses' hunts distant bill dis 'inclly he.iid, brought the red blush, not only to lier cneeiis, run lo lier neck uml brow. A gallant company of horsemen, and a number ol servants tallowing nt a short (lis I nice, soon appeared, in iho i it'll showy cos tume coiumnii lo gentlemen of th it period. As lliey drew' up under lliu sh ide of siiiiu chesnut trees thai grew near ihu bouse, one of llietn, niorn coiispiciious fur his iiohh' car - n ige, than loranv supertorilv ol dress, sprung from his horse, ilnew the teins In a .servant, anil neliiio llio olliersli.ui altgiiltil, was in thu midst nflhe happy gioup in the coll ige, willt lit" hind of Kindy clasped iu bis. .Mrs. Tle'rwiis, who had been al lliu collage a number nf days, and who now cinin forward and addressed him as lit r son, expl lined who ho was, llu saw Kmily for tho first lime, when she arrived nl llio merican ramp with the lues s igo lor lien, tsiimter. Her generous hero- i,,,,, j,, with her mudesly and br.aulv, ' ,, M..,lt .,,) lu ,.tl ninv cn)w t0 clufui . ... .... n, lullillment nl llio prnnuse she had inade Ii i : ii lo becuiiio his bride, vv henever bu servi ces weie no longer required by his country i'o tu: I'AX.V.VYINC COIIJIUXITV IX VKIItlONT. No. V. Tho report of llio Treasurer, as audited in Sept. 1S1.J, exhibited a credit In the Stalo ol'ft .(Ilir.fiO. " c.l.h leloioeil lie clerl.s nf Cl)llrl )r I ,sl year's ,-ulv uices." ' ll may in- le-esl snuie lo ktniw soinew It it in detail llio operation nf the acl nf 18I-, vv bid, h is con- liibuled to ibis result. In nur tl I Nn., il was show ii lo lu, llio duly of the auditor "lo keen unci, of S'JI.O I, In be in Ih" clerks hinds, whoso energies, while it ci'ilimit'd, would an eye nnon every Slalo cl ihu, and lo nutily I which was fi t uly p ii, to the Treasiiter. I annu illy compel llieui lo .icrount fur all pub lite Slalo'sAllnrneys nflheirresnectivo conn-1 In the ,,i ...i...i..i.... ii, -i,l. '. lie binds. j lies of such claim, and lo lurnish ihu evidence necessiry In sustain tho Sl lies' lights and so- 1 euro ils collection when pr.iclic.ihlo." The vv,is attempted In bo exncuied, and with 1 vvhalefl'ucl will hcieafier appear. The clef k's lelurtis are reipnreil Hy liw, In bo iiiadn iu Augiisl, and lliey are subsequently carefully ox imined fur lite collection of errors, fc. We propose to lefer lo some things in these accounls, as presenled in IS 1 1, and leuui ing cot tortious, Thesi will best appear fioui tho c.oiniuunic.uiiins m ide by ihe auditor lo individuals, icquuslitig (heir allenlion In cr - .rors in llicir accounls. .Names will tint now be given, bul may be hereafter made public, should it b desirihle. U'o will cnuinienc on ono of tho Slain and pioceed fioui county to coiiniy. I ho ch-rk ef Ihe court pres.mlel his ac- 'ouni -i ml mid !, "If th"ie n my thini hid, the aoditoi ill I ii. , appiove ,. w ,d see lui I il" j ( The auditor wrote in reply s follows : "Thil SiJ7"wn all. mod the slici iH'-il: iit-t iho Si no, ituicli behnnred lo tho ronntv to inv; fioui thin sum vlioti I'i bo ili' ilu. c!in"o nl' . it... i , i i. . i prorcudinjis b, on m'iisli ales are many j abuses calliie! for correciioo. I b m. on con'v nf discieliotnry allowances, to meet j our j ch ine of t"-')T 03 and STo.Sfi. An error nf , SI !J0 ag linst ihu clerk, occurs in fouliiiL' ibn reduce that ch irjo lo SI I ")'). 1 1 is disir iblo to close tho account as soon as tho correc-' linns en; he in ide." .No reply was ever re- j ceived. " In llu; r xint v next a li liui'i". llio cleik's . account presented llio follon mo caso diH.iiled in the audiiors letter to him, vis : "Sir, I h i vi' now comnlcled the e. itnina-1 ttoti and lecotding nl ynur account for the 1 reisiirci . acc t as n liintle.l ny clerks, falls fiscal voir endii g wilh August, 1811, and fir s'unt of the sum which should hive been wish to call your allenlion to ,t few hem3. lefinded. Of the clerks, whoso accounts In ihe State's Attorney's uccoiri', lliere 'h ivo been adv erted to i.i ibis number, sever appears 10 Ii i e occurred an ei ror of $7 71 ; "I wholly ne;b-cted to respond to llio call the nccoiint allowed being 87,71 less lb 111 ! ui tde on 111 them, In correct and settle their ihe . sum charged ns pud. Tlietleik's ac-1 account, or even 10 answer llu-ir lutteis ad cnii nl iscinrgi'tl .ilSll-,71; lliotiii " 1'ioling dtessed lo iheni on the suhjoct. is S-l 11.71. In the Stale again. I O'leimyj Ii v th" S)i'i section of tho net of IS 112, it Ihu oh 1 1 -ji! is to pud , 810,00; il t vv is in idu ihe duty of tho-aiidilor to "notify shnnlil he S1.),00, and others of llio sunn the Stile's Alto'iiey nf any County, in which kin 1. I notice, you b.ivo ch irjed for copy- 1! Stale sh ill Ii ivo any ilaim by reason of ing peiii juror's nerounls SJC. Al lim any defiult, f,irfeiiine,' imposed: judg inost liberal comimi ilion, I ciniiol 111 iko llie men! lendered, or oilier thin;, wherebv a chug" evceed S0,7fi I ihink there is 1111 right of aciion tn iv Invo iiccrued" cc", lo , eiroi in Ibis ch irge ol SJ 12" Tor copy ing ' the Stale. In .lulvl isl. Iho anilitnr coomli- . ,n , . cnir ' ( I " " ,n,P r, ,"'",1S S"' 0 " r,,"E' T. I V ,' " S0,-0. "v...ily.MX .viih H cnarg- V , p,,l' " "' 'nesses. " su eo 100 I i:iei us, ,11111 u , , .. 1 1 -- O e10l'll'll , W llerel I 1 1 IU 01110 lilt WaSStUtCU fo'oi, the cli 1 1 ge .1 mounts to less thin Sl,5t). .u Inge, or so fir as to give the Attorney a I nnisl h ive mis ,ppieheuded our mude of knowledge of the Si u.' claim. The Attor clnrgina, or at any rati', I cannot iliscnviv 1 ny wis i ilbi nied, " lint iho auditor would how you come lo tho lesull, which you Invo bu satisfied wilh nnv disposition of ihe mal ch.trgeil. I fear yon will think niu aslute in . (or, which he should ilunk best in rolaliun to i " I'"-" '('nis io r. nuiro tins ol me. iunl I emu il Inrcl. t ll .,.,,, ... .. , ' . , ! ; , -V0" .npalhi,. will, uie, I think ,w'1 lP,,V0 ""! " rr"n "-' ,0 d,I' ? ' '071''m n.f ,l,"Se 1 u "-""s '. l 1 M T ' $tC- " '"gird lolwo o.hur ' V. ' , " """T ,s,. Ixliuw lilll Willi III 111, 1 UllllOO IO fees and fi nil decrei.'s in chancery, and the clnrgo lor disbursing moneys io 1811!. 1 did nol know till .1 nut try last, that these in mors 1 "l'U'is, existing in the year next pre rem lined unsullied. This I It, irned from lite r'-'dini;, were ch irged to the respective Slalo Tie isurer. Tno am viiit of fin il decrees will 'debtors and in all where a citizen he he easily ascei fiinoil hy left) once lo cases 1 c;imB delimpienl, by nol presenling his nc nulered upon llu- chaucl llor's docket. Th" ! Cl"nt for suiiloinenl or not p lying on depos olher i'eni is for disbursing uioney pril 'ui"K, lo ill" credit of (lie Treasurer, moneys lerni, 1S1I5. The ct.ugu is fir S?S,C0. ' '"H-''I for ihe benefit nf the Stale, iho Tho rule of alhiwincn was S'J.OO tier dav. in i f'l'1,''s Attorney nf the pinpcr county was ... ... .. . ' 1 - 1 l.!! ...! !, I .1 a I lit! il) Iii Si U) all nvei! by sl.ilule. roe court sit iwelvn d is, aod llie sum of 831, being dediii-lnd!) of pub lic nnmey tn your hindt. In t'lis case ihe ch incellor'. fees were pro'i thy S100,t)0 per an., but u i return vv is ever made "f i single deciee, nor had thu Sluto been credited wilh ,, ,lr ,,, .Cl., 1810." No reply was milt, si. ico th.' act of ply vvas ever received tu ill coiuinuiiic.iiiijn. ;sioi ny ri-veiline io our last nninher. it In Iho enmity mm adj'iiuing thi, ihu fol- i w ' '"" reasonable lo expect, lint the energy lowing cuso vv.i's presenled, viz: Thiily-one "f'bat huv would not be exli msied, itillil uv -doll.ns ,u nne term of tho county cmii. ivm1"' s"Ii c lim. should have been colleeled 1 charged for disbursing the public mnuey so-' ' depnsiied in lliu Siulu Treasury. Was 1 ven .Uvs, nvor and bevou I S2.H0 per lUyl1''' '' Vl'" l'x. '"elation ? Tho rcult will ' allowed by tho ru'u and S1.0!) liv llt-i st unto including making cupy ol tho accounts. Al ler making the most iilhivi.mce i - , sislont with live, not loss th in S-l, 00 of pub - llie money inmaiucd iu the bauds uf lliu clerk iu October last. I On n: iniiiiing lht account of llio clerk uf ihu rem adjoining county, it appeared tint he was in airears io llie Tre isiirv moie than nne tlniiis in I d ill irs, which after a piolr.ic- iho Measures of llio people. This cl tst of led correspondence was finally paid, bul the ofiirers found ihoiu.elves liemmod iu hy iho accouul was never settled, as it vvas nevrr , meshes of Ihe I iw, and t mk counsel (ogelher pieseiited in a lorni, which would admit uf siying, "lei us break Iheir hands asunder seiiluineni. Nn copies uf a gre il pari of llm : and cast away iheir cords from us." This accuiitit could bu o'n lined, and llio account 1 they did nut like S impsii'i in the i,y of Gu wasofso lorni and iuclnsivo ,i t.i, lliey hive cuiied aw ty "the do lis of the utleily lo plicuil out of llu.' pow er of any ' g He, hir nnd nil." Wn experi lo one lo arrive al cerl. linly as In a coriect b il show tim ihey have opened, as it w ere a aiice. ll wis ascoiluiued by ihu return of p iss ,gc under iho treasury for anolhur efli'.'er, tint the sum nf S187 10 had filuro ue, as ucc.isioii s I , ill require. Thai Ii eu n iiitied lo bo entered at all, and lint this is s ibsUntiallv true, vv ill bo huu n by an Sl;13 1l constituted an element uf the ac- oxuiuitrilimi of ihe act of IS 15, which" vvas count, which belonged to annlher year. Ten 1 virtu illy framed by Clerks, mid thai iheir doll us w is ch irged fur blink executions hi I interests weie nol forgotten in that hill, will subpii! i is, which wis wholly in i,loiis tide, , llu ik, fully appear. Thu U!inquiiit as lenuring onlirely to tho benefit of the , C'erks, on being called opnii I y the Stale's cleik. The account was never sallied. Atlurnny In n fund ihu uioney in the 'hands,' In lb" co inly i,xl ailj iiniiig, lie, e mil- 1 bolongi'ig tu the Slate, begin lo concen n ilion of lb" chub's accounls. s'luwed a b il-! ir Ho llu ir nii.'r.uiuiis, lo h . relieved ofa law. j accoiiiil i'l,i!iueil errors to ihe ainount of The Itvv of IS nnisl bo repealed, and lo ,SS'),').i, im lndin onti.sious in clnrgo bini- prepare the way lot llio restoriiiuu of iho old self moneys, rocnived fur Iho Stale, In ihislliw, with i's iiccouiuiod ulng provisions, account were discover ten i irnrs in casting; ' which suffered " every in in lo do what w is 1 tho h ,Unr in his fivor w.u SJS.'l.i. The ribt in bis own ey. s' ihe Auditor was to chrk It id a'so oniitled lo credit tho Stale $:19"j for jury fees received for no ,lt ,.ril, ulllj JUlJ.'j for anolhe errors wero' promptly coirecled new null ies r. These un being pointed oul, III Iho counU adjoining Ibis, (hit rlerk chirged SI.jO for cniiil debenluro, S,'-?J petit jury ilnl luro and $2,00 for a cnpiis. which contains cs vviiiiug linn a subpum.i, for which (he s(alule allows only 0 cli., and olli- I "i-cli irj;es in the s mie proportion. In this lerk's reiuin wero also noticed threo cases of two .illorney fees in one caso nl tho saino lei in, in ikintr lifieen in three Slate r is..,, heyouil Hie (.vncs pr.ivninns of the Ui h see.'of cb ip. 100, II. S., in it is buliuV- od. In the county next mtjoii.ingr, tho cleik chirked for Ul iiirb.ijiuir SI ,0.) per day allowed by the st itule S'Jo 00, b.'sules twins ii ii I lor ...,l .1. i. t.t r..... 'i'i... m i... i i . tin ii .pre ne m.d one fro. of (be County -ourt. f,.r , ,., r,.m ;,,,. grm.jfj - i ttr.Try. Tfo,- 0!) nf this sum win fur now em rim, w hicb tho cleik had collected a nl Ii id given no credit llien for lo lh St ;te, not knowi'ic,if his word "t'to lo be taken, Hint it was bu duly lo do so. Annlher cleik was ilelinnoent " in tbn siuiu way to an amount exceeding SCO.Of) in ae year, who did not know tint sum should U't clnraetllo llm clerk. In both ttiesi; cn- exuciilo lis' II ; also that no hasty allowancn mid sell! enl of the clerk's accounts, will ever secure ihe public interest ; also that it is perfectly within lie.' p nvor of clerks, when there is no supervision of their accounts to su'ni'ict from lliu Treasurer sunn lo an in- definite amount. Thu sum of S2. 007,59 reported in tlio .. . ' cJ VlU V ""'?' h-v "-i-. 'V sending .0 Stile's M.or.iey of each of .1,0 , resp. c ,ve counties, conies ol the I, tiers ,0 , each ol the clerks, who vveto supposed lobe ; tim claim, iitnl Hi it Ho vv ,s ired to inform tim c erl;. th it it was i.m tn,i,,iml il oi'ier proreeoings would ue reipnreil, tlian a shot I interview I eiween him an I llio Attor ney, in order lo secure a satisfactory ai r.i ii"C inenl of thu mailer." In our ne.M, wo hope to show the result of ibis attempt to cvuciile llie I nv. David Pierce. . i i.i . . . No. VI. I. uly in Apri1, IS 13, II cases nf Slalo inoiiiieii ot ine ciann ami evtienco neces.sirv to sustain u. wis furnished. Ii whs llio ill evor ib'o energy of the law of 184 i, that f on ducted io tins lesull. The Ian nqiiired tiotli I'lg le.s til HI tills of ihe Auditor. Thu! of ficer had sworn lo execuio the I iw and it vvas done. Those cl li.nj were then li ft in lliu hinds of Ihu Slain. A Hornets tor collection. ' The i-birurter niltinsn el.iim tiitt to iinil.ti-- s ioiv. I liese clamis Inil been prosecuted to a "ne plus ultra" so far as llio Aodilor was , ' oni-t,i neo, mm niete me power ol llio law , ,l,l ''eeeji orresiod and the law siisliiininj tho Stale's I ighls has lieen lepealed. I Tin- result has show n ih u there is rrpow- er in llio Stain : a class of ofTiceis simn, ill in Iho law, a power to surpass or remove . iho b irriets interposing between them nnd bo bistily dtspoieil til, for "dead men mil nn Dies. II is i ui port .i lit to tho lax.piving community, to knnw tho method, by which Slalo debtors cm convert thu public funds to iheir own use, and vol rsi'ipo wiihout arcounling. This ihey should know, that they m ly bu able, if they can, lo in liulain th"ir righls, and if mil, to surrender them nt dWcrulion. Sunn after llu delinquent Clerks (Concluded on fourth pagr )