Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 17, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 17, 1846 Page 3
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SANTA ANNA. According to recont advices froin Havana, (bis distinguished Muxictin is busily nt work concocting schemes for Ins toisWljli9himut in place uml power. It is said tint his otitis snries are continually going bncttwurds tutd forwards between mid Mexico and his ex-Ministers, who are in cxilo with him, are very sanguine of liis return to his native land much sooner than most people are awaro of, He relics on popular feeling in his favor, and hat not tho slightest idea of accepting any foreign aid. Tho following is a Procla (nation which Santa Anna recently issued : MANIFESTO OF ORNIIKAL SANTA ANNA. Expelled from my nalivc country by nn net ofcrcnt injustice, 1 had come to tl-c deli rmimtion of Icniinc Her tcrntnry, nevtr more to cm loriii puwu ntic-mmn to any tiling relative to my pcrnn, rxrept it were to j give a faithful account to posterity of my conduct in the various olTtccs I have filled, ami to iti Jicatc my elf from unworthy and unjust imputation-, which erved, at the tune, to plci and annise my encmie. I had come to this conr'usion in the supposition lint my 9?ntinH-nt3 Iik.iu well known to bs nnincnilv Mexican, no onccouhl be mem enough to do inc the grave injury of procuring inc tins aid of foreign hayo nets, cither to open to mcngiin the gates of my coun try, and recover therein, once more, toy true position, or to revenge myself by forcing my beloved country to accept n monarchy with a foreign I'rmee. Hut a victim always to calumny, Ruch aiTus.iiions have late ly been preferred nffiinsl me, an 1 I consider it tote my duty to hasten to reply to them, in order not to be exposed to the suspicion of disloyalty 'o tho Re public. How, otherwise, could I reunin silent with out, in the interim, giving ome color of nrobal ilitv to the news published in Mexico by the pub'icpre, that it was my p,irpoo to invade its tcrntnry ui h troop f the I-dan I of (ub t 7 Atrocious r llumny ! invent 1 and cimilited, like in my ohe's "h the well known wcw of rendering nieudiuum my own coun trv. Eq tally crnve are tho arnmlion nia lrt asim me .n'.n nepipcr pnbliMip I in (a 1.7. un 'cr tin title nf the ' New defender f tV People" (Tn IVi'Vo He fertsor del Pui-hli,, an I t uiuM, therefore, lintm to refine ihi'm. Ptl.! eminently fril are tlicMilln ti n enntained m the iiftieleo huMis'ied in !ir ITih nnd 21th nf Ocliher ht in aid piper, reh'ive in my i pT'tn I defv anv n-io t.i wh rti I hive intmiitet the (cut tlung i nputt'tl tome to prts nt hi'int-lf, in ordr m confound inc. The art o ihcilMiii i me as the promoter of the pro et puMi lied in i'd iriiele, and atlrt'iutmj; ihc cniie to a lne revnigeon my prt, i? to .1'ippoe inn in be ofltultrd nt llicreit bulk of mv c intrv uen, an I cnpihtii. on tint ground, nf the dire nf iniy nt drunu' a d u.:cr in n the i nlini!of mv mother co in try. O'ttno! A 'i .nindtimtino! Aigni'ied an I calumninlrd by a fo.v pertoin rie- I iniusof mine, wliom I pinion and pi'v, I h ivcnctcan-c t of cooipl tint i?amt inc nnjiriiv; but eve t if I hail, my ven.'eiinec would lie lo mrm vows iur uirir pros parity nnmii: myrxi.e, arm lo sacrtti-'c inypeu ,ft ''a'Jf 1 Ul nfpu, O I. f ill nr HI hi luui: in ill) i;i.uiiii iinu Tefuiineiheciliimiivnf nu-.'eiractor,an l.ii-ip-itini ! lh! conjrinre funned liv those h.i know tnc mil, i inXu& ",:!!,;;;rJn,St away from a well htlovcd country, rather tlnn to eeek to return to lis itiroua tat roaa oj xio- Itmt. oimrobiumand ipf nnv.' A. I.. DI. SANTA ANNA. IlArxst, Sih 1'ibruary, 131G. In foiiiieclicin with this subject, we copy the fnllunini; exlr.ict from the Washington Union: "In res-.ird lo Suita Anna mid Mexico, we had the pleasure of couversinz ' to-djy with an American genllem-jn who t very amusing p nilominies and steps in visiied Mexico, and is conversant with the ciiif, fcc. Men wero dressed in women's distinguished men and tho condition of clothe", nnd women in men's riolhes. Our republic. lie speaks, too, upon the infer- ' iiifuriii.iul st.ites such trilling with the inulton of u Mexican uho h id just come fiom Mexico, and is now in tlie U died Slates. Our inform ml is persuaded llul S uit i Anna will return tu Mexico in the month of May, and that a new revolution is at h ind. It is sill that Parades is in favor of placid; a Ivi- prince (perhaps ul bpiuish Mini:! ) on the throne, but that he c.iunol succeed in the enterprise ; lliat .S nit i Ann I is strongly op posed to it, an 1 will prevent it. Itomois aie nlso all,) it ( lerived from thesiiiio Mexican sourco, and to n, hy our in fornnnl.nol in ollice under tint UuilodStales) tint a revolutionary spirit was fjoin on in the northern Mexican I'rovinces, encoiirged by two disiiiiEiiisheil ni"ii, jjikI i. !ii !i .'i';! i or mijht not break opt." EUROPEAN anii NATIVE (JUAPES. In publishing tho account of the pioceed I ns of the New York Multicultural Society, we have a remark In make on the assertion of Dr. Gardener, that the European grape in its wild slate is a fi io f i nil, and that the American is not. We were induced last summer, in travelling through South Ger many and Italy, to ex inline the fiuit of llio vine, growing in situations', and uhere it might he prevented, to bo wilii : fur exam ple, from its growing in hedges, or the edges of woods, or at distance from vineyaids. In such places wo found the fi nil, 'though ripe, to be worthless; tho heriies small, the seeds large, and the Jl ivor, though not disagree able, more shaip and acid than the cultivat ed grape. Wu remember that being del ly d by the breaking of the axle of our dili gence, at a little town in a rich valley be- tween Rome and Naples, wo p issed sev. ral hours in rambling about a cotintiv full of vineyards. On tliu si lu of a hill wo fuund a vineyard full of vines loidud with clusters of fnio grapes, black and white, nnd on the other was an old pasture, with a line of sbrubs next to the road, overrun with wild vines. Oii'lliese llm grapes uere perfectly black and ripe, but in size they were hirdly equal to the fruit of the frost -grape, the vilis cor data of our country; they were not swuet, and seuuieil prim-ip illy composed of seeds W: tlied tho fiuit ol nil that ue could reach and found tlieni all of the same inferior qudity. As to tho Aiin-iicni giap", tliu quality of the wild varieties vaii.-s much. Souiu of lliein aro scarcely inferior lo llm Isabella in sweetness and delicacy of (lavor, and thinness of skin. The greatest number of varieties that wo have met with in any part of the country, ii in that part of Massa chusetts which is called tho Old Colony. Hero aro grapei purple, tthito and amber colored, of various sizes and degrees of pala tablcnrss, showing tho capacity of the fruit for change and improvement. Wo remem ber some years since to have found in the swamps of that rrgion, a beautiful amber colored grape of an oval figure, a thin skin, and a flavor very slightly astringent, though agreeable. 'w. J'ott. Tiio's Ri rciiin, Jn. Acquittcd Ches ttrfitld Court House, April -l.Tlio argu ment in tbu cases of llii Commonwealth vs. Thomas Ritchie, Jr. lias just concluded, and llio jury without leaving their seuU have "C As soon as posiiblo afterwards, tho sec onds, G. Scott, and l J. Archer were arraigned a. accessories. After a few re marks by Mr. Stevenson and Lyons, on be half of the accused, the Attorney for I he Cominonweallh. wilh tho advicr. of the Court entered a nolle prosequi v. the acces sorios.and, of course, they wero discharged. If. Y. Express- now i m iir y" " " ,he j;f ,r r'" vcn ht fclt in htf pocsil for siipance nd found noa. HUES. A destructive) firu nrciirwl tit Underbill on Tuesday night of lust wui'k. Tin! flimcs wuro not itrrestnl until tlm ston- of M'!rs. luwci it Sun, liiiU'llii'i u nil all tin- t'liniU, tlm dwi'llinir-liiiiisii n tn I tiul-lniiin's nf F. FIiiIcIiit, Ki ,iiiultlii cm-til Jmi limno, wen' iMiliiL'ly roiisiiiucd. Wo Irani lliat nil vi fully insured, in tlm " " wo lioliuvo, except llio nieetllig-liousi'. Tim dwelling. Iinusi1 nf Mr Versal Moorn, in Grot-giii, Franklin County, wns destroyed liy firu un Tiicsilny nlglil, with nil the fuini ture, provisions, iSoc. Insured in llio "Mu lunl" for S100. We lenrn that three barns, together with several out-buildings belonging to Mr John Tharpo, of Charlotte, were destroyed by firo on Tuesday nicht. A chimney burned out (luring llio day, nnJ it is supposed sonio of tliu cinders had communicated firu to llio hav. Insured in the Mutual fur S100. On tlm same day, with nil tlm foregoing, the duclling-hoiiso and cabinet shop of Mr Alvord, nnd a largo two story brick cariiagu shop of J. I'. Price, of llntliind, wero de stroyed. For a timo nearly the whole vil- lace was threatened with destruction, says llio Herald. I'arlly insured. L.vMr.NTAiii.r. Acciiicnt. On Thursd iv last ;i voting Englishman named Fletcher was killed on the Reading R.iilroad, by his coming in contact null a timlgo, as he was standing on the platform of tho car. His di'. i 111 was nlleiided w nil circumstances pe culiarly harronin!:, nnd addiici! iinntlier, to llio thou i d instances daily foruUticd, of the f.illarty of human calculations. Slime few months nan his parents, who ro m I.i in I'otlsville, patd his p ivsage froiti Eug land, in order that ho niihl retmn ns oiiou as he had finished hi.' trade. From that time his arrival has bee.'i n xiously expected; nod m licit llio wreck of tin- Henry Clay w.i made known to tlieni, lliey were apprehen sivolliit lie minlit ImM! p.'iislied on board lb it vefl. Mi: was on Ini iid, liut waspiov idL'iiliilly preseiveil, and his lelalives beinc niiliced that he would come up in the train of, weru nil anxiously waiting his at the depot. Their ngnny when his lifeless corpse was broueht lo them cannot be desn ihed. A largo parlv of guests hail , . . I . I , i "''' mviled to liis parents lo meet him, fur lie had been sibse nt for ill mv M'ars, but they y ' r-'s i""-in. to tile silent tomb. AMusr.Mr.NTs in Tiir. Ins am: IIosi'iti.. We me told lb it (iiile u .scene wns cn.icted in the insine deji irlinent of tho City Alms House List ueek, ut n party jjivijn by the Mewanl. I ho Iiiiliiics ueru finlnstirnllv drexed, and required to perform a series of leel n's of the relatives of tliu poor nnforlu- n lies, wns lather tuo much, even for some of the more refined of the invited guests. We regard iimming recreations under proper re straints, 1 1 1 1 uiihin iipprnpii.itu limits, as anion:; the proper menus of restoratives, in uvll coiuliii-ted ins me ostiums, but lo make a f.intastie use of them for the cratificalion of a p iriv, nppe irs lo us to he e i rr mi; Ihu mat tor a lilllo loo fir. Ar. Y. Tribune. A Moi'i-rui. I-'atiii:ii ani Son. -The I'orl Toll leco Times of the "J I inst. notices a case, bronchi before the Court at tint phce.w liieh is ennnjh to make tin; heail sicken. Tlie pi!'', v. i 7. i-h in .h Dent -in.! hi-- sun S f, . (I, e ii , u i in.- ' I if i i- . I ..'iiri , an I Mini's in ih il tl.i h nl h nl vi ill i I'iJik wilh clubs, knUiM, iVc, null the ulii fuller lo H.vell tin! calalii.'ue, ti'stilii il In h imiiij lieeu shut al Willi . i h ill. nod exliiliiled his aim 1 1 the court, tu show his sou, in nue of tlu-ir all'ravs, hid broken il. An vw.nchi:. Two Persons lCUUd, Ou llio ni'jht ol Ihu 2 Hi of Mirch, a lame body ol ii, n ill hecauie disentailed fiom a hioli and very steep baud, directly in the rear of a log Inn in l!:irke, and rushing down, over whelmed nnd carried nwav the sinie, killing the iiim.lles, Mr Charles Neuell and wife, whose lindies were taken from tho iiiins on llm following dav, as thev lay in their bed. Mr Neuell ua71 earsold, and his uife CS. St, Juhnsbunj Vt. Caledonian. Tin: U. S. Aiimv. Enlistment. Wu loam that orders have been received, nt the different recruiting stations at the South, to push lur aril the enlistment ol men for the ranks of the nruiv uiih all vigor, and In oh t tin us nianv sohlieis ns possilile by tho fust of Apiil. At thai timo returns are lo be uud1 ,() ,,, wr l),.p-,rlnient ut Wnshing tun. I his mav have souin reference to our alfairs uilh Mexico. A'. (). Pic, wouNT iicNr.tiicr. Wo hear that ovei seventy ihoiis. mil iloll ns has receully been ollereil fur Mount llenedii t, the silo of llii l ite Catholic Nuiinervin Somerville. The original cost to ihu Catholic lii.Iiup and asso naies.Ho iieneve, was six lliousanil dollar llm reply to llio offer, as wo are told, Has lint they sometimes Iniy, hut never sell such pioperiy. Charleston Aurora. KAII.Mi:tfS CI.IJIJ. This evening, suljeci, 'ruit Trees, con tinned. milCIII ON M.VtKi;T, JlarLli30, ISIo. At market, 110 lierf Caiile. SO yokes Woikin liven, 3j Lou-, and Cnlvu-, iOU Sneep, nnd iOoO Swine. I'nlcca llEcr f'ATTLE. The prices nhiainid last wee, were nun- stuimni-.l, ami nn nun Ca Ho an nil aneo wa illi cud. We ipuuo Kxlra. SG 50. l-ir (piliiv. 4C.Tii Sciimd iiualiiy, $3.75 1 Third ji'ul liy, 81,73 'Ii 83.50. Wur .nig 0en ales S33, SGJ, 870, S73 S73, S35, unit Cows an I Cilve Salej SID. S23. S2G an 1 SV Wool-TheiUiiiaiid for Ihu various tpn'itie. of Ihee an 1 pulled W..ol, ha heen steady nl formir pri'-ts. Prune or Saxony I'leeees. waklitd, l'i. 40 i 11 e. Anienniu full, do o! '.'S-Dn. : I do 3 a 3) Do. I-.' Uo JUa Jl 1-1 and common do V7 a 23. 23 ti 2l , In WillU'cn, on the Mill iiut., of canUcr-rat-U cor sequent upon nuobles, Cailwnne Antic, daughter of Itev. I. Ci, Uinnhdin ; Did 2 )ors and maily 2 months. SHELBURN HIGH SCHOOL. TUT. SUMMKIt TF.HM i f llii) In.liiution will cuuuneni-e on Monday, iho ISlli of .Hay, and continue 11 weik. The Trmueea have ensiiL'td llie services of M. S. UUVCn, A II , ns puneipal, wilh surli assistance as the interests of tho ni'liool mav rri'irc A very complete Chemieal nnd Plu'o sophieal a;.iaralu', louetln-r Willi Celestial nnd Ten rikliil (ih .lies, has lately been purcliated ; upon wlueli weekly leel ires will bo given m llie vebool ihrooli (he suniuier. Instrueiion wi'l be (riven in Draw 1112 nnd in Vocal Music tu llioso who may de sire il. Tuition 83,30 per rjinrter, Hoard 31,50to!2 00n w-eik, Scholais from out of low'ii will bo expected la pay llirir tuition in nr.inee. ii. s. moiim:, i I.HVi COMSIOCK, J. Trutlei: A. UAoll. S BOSTON, APRIL 13SS. I)ruts Mctficinrt, Paints, Oils, J)ic Stujjs, Chcmuals, tyr. tyc. H A Y W A n D & HAMILTON, XI). 88 INDIA St., llos'l'ON. i c- if if i n u. .i .i . I , u 'm I: C "!'iai od Muiicm UOHS. -.rr l,!,.), rl, I tllllT ore rrspccirully iiiMlt-d lo call mid txuiiiiiii. ll firl. ill liuillls. Kill. Itlici Hug. Menli.ilSOX nnilSO". I' l ml 3 nt nil". " lllll. ' " I'lltv. Whin, ninl l!eJ Lead. Ipecac " Pulv. l.iiHud 0,1, V'ntni.lics, !'nr (ircriis, tap. nrliclc, Venetian Ited. " " Jai.ip, " PulV. Pernvinn Hark, Qnin Myirh, " .Mue, " Trnoncanth, " Arnliic, I.iquoikc Kt. nnJ Ref'J. npsom Salts. Sup. Cmb. fsoda, fJrcnm Tarlnr, Tnrlnric Acid, O.-ijIiIc Soap, Hull llninslanc, Au'plmr, Spaiij;'-.'', Itor.n Un?. ref'd. l-!scitinl O.U, And Oxalic, " Murinlic, " Ari-lic, " Nitric, " Sulpliutie, Morphine, (tuinine, 11 yd. d'Pnlasse, ('atiyni-l, Kag. and Anicr, Iodine, Japan, hpm. Tnrpfniiiic. Old Dul.h Oil, , 1 warranto I genuine, ) Winduw Ulas, Vcilmv O.hre, Uaddw, f.'m ivnuil Kxl, (iro. Iledwood Grn'd. I ti.tic (. una, Gro. Oamw-nod '' II vp Nic Wood, " in Wind, I'ink Sails, Ule.n-liins Salts, .Mum. Illne Vitrol, t'udlifar, Gum Sensual, Ann illo, Glue, Lai: Dyp, al Soda, Corks, vti. AcM Willi llio usual n'sorlincnl kipl in n who'ealc DniR Slure. All articles warranted Pure. JOSIItn II. HAVW.UID, P.DWAIll) HMH.TON. Iflm? 23 Indu Street. Nr.w York, April G, IS 10. DKArntt, At.nitlCII A IMIINK resiMVL f illy intuit tin: nili-ntion j( Vermont Merchant- lt (lifir flci! ul STAPLD AND FANCY DRY GOODS, roui'in ins n ije-ira'ti' an a-oriHicnt h con In foinlntattv h(ne in tin' nty, winch tliej pli-ilac lli-m-dxt- to -til nn I lie nii'sl hvoirt k UTin". Stvmi I In none in their Inrilittt" for oUmnmir tiuciU al 'h lii'ivi1'! r.'L, uml nnMiKts to i-uliivajt; cmly a safo trado, houL'vtT close, ilwy nre rcnly uml ui I tii r tu thpo-e I Uirir SKm.!.' nl lite MinMest living" a tvnric-e on ormuinl cnt thir inolto I fijig, "m i(t profits and quick rttttrnf1 IHtU'Wt, AI.DIill'II & Fit INK, iCn3 tit l.ttiL'rly-tt nt-nr llroailwnv. Wanted, BY llic u'lli'c-ihiTs, 'ill. (!()( fori liaswaod plank, nnd 10,0'M feel Hindi and .Maple I incli lud- stfad uliifl On I and for sale, nnv rjiamvof nairi ami I iiriniure. Shop mioors nortli tlie loth o!i church, Si. Paul street. NHLSOX it GATF.S. Burlington, April 1C, 13IG. .C Seed Wheat. pill' uliriili.'r lias for palo -10O Inishela of Peed I heal nf ihrer ntnhlips. ii Mack Sm. Iti-d CinfT, and Tea Wheat, All vi-rv eh-nn nnrl tminljlc for pnn smim. IIAIlllV liUADLr.V Iliirhnsion, April 13, 1SIG. -IG Snuc Cost. A I.I. nersins ind li'ed to ilie nihscnber. will find -TV tlu-ir accounts in iho hands nf an Atlnrnev for collection, unless settled previous In I tie IO1I1 dav of .iiiv nei. UAV1U Mdv.NUll. Wil.'iston, April 13, I3IG. .10 NOTICE. rill pnlilic nrc hereby notified that n. J. NI.I,n HlZIUi. hivini? removed in the countrv. tniv lie found on Saturday of each pek, anil 1'iat ifatj only, hetHCeu Ihc hours of 'J A. M., lill i P. JI.. al llie store of IIAIIItlNirroN &. llllOTIIIill. Iliirhnsion, April 1G, MG. Chuicli Slreel. von sale. IT. V V far nil ilin isand f.-ct of 2)n. riuiUinf? Timber ale ' iw. Apply to April 17, PI I. VII. S it NOVtV I,l(yci Pots ! IJ-. s IPS of llift I'-ii-i-vm I" rr , t'r f 1 III I f V III I II to nr.x'r. eart ( n'n ii,. 1,1 ai I t-imf irlil.I f ip '$&t nieiil f m ii nurill taiin'v t.l a l.-t. irafta . ' "" " " Ml it,-.-, l.nn lire ol 6THO.NG5 Ca. April 13, 1SIG. Aimer Vllcn'-. I tate. sT.irr: or r.vnro.Yv.i t i mi. ate Hi-lll.-t nt (.'hi'leiidfi. bv. I - C, on lu.l !,. ,i. II irlinirion. wi' In ti nod for t'o Oi.lrici nl'on-t, u-1, i u the 1 I'll d.iy ol April. l. 13IG, an Iii-lr'uneui ,r pornnz tu be the l.i-l Will nn I le-lauient ol .MINI I! Wll.t U., MUM I We-tfor.1, ill ,n it ih-lric-l.decei.e l, u-l. preheated In llie Co irl here k.r Prolate. Iv V. C. 'dc x, the rxeeulor, iheieni nanie-l. iiiciii.ioai:, e,i or.leie.l be si id i-ii'irt. nil lie not nt l.e L-iien to all per-ons intere,iel iherein to ai; before aid Ui.ilrl, nl a e..n.n ibeieol lo le Ii .Men al tlie ci:li'-u of llm lleiter of snul l;o'iii in lliirliiigmn, nn the mvoiuI dav iA .Mav. A. I). 1SIG. at 10 o'cl .ils A. .M., no I eoiiie.t iho iiru'.a'e el ...aid Will, nod it m lurlher orderel lliat lln. t nler la iioli- li-bel ihrie weebs noi-euely in the Fiee Pre., a ne-.v-p ipi r prinieu in ll irluijiun, in iln . late, ihe imi in wi.n u i e ireiiuiK lo llio uav a-Msneil. i iil.TO-a il for he.innir. (iiven llndtr III V baud al tho l!i"Uler'. OTiee. Ibis lllli day of April, A. I). IrilG I u v j Ull llii, us l(l'SSi:i.l,, Judge. To Iini!i;(i IJtiildnrs. rllH tiibscriber liaviim been appoui'ed an aicnt lo FUiierimend llie buildiu.' of n I.aliiee Hridce over Iliiulin.' Ilivi r in Hi 'Inn, nut will rrreUe nriqiosalK lor liii'ldm uml lln Ire, until iho I lib of April nel. Mid Undiju la lo be of blillo Iraek and one hundred :eet Mi in. UANSI.I. MASO.V. Rnliin.inil Jhreli 31, 1S4G. Ilu2 11 aro n.nnco. "lO'l b ile, or to rent, a t'ardinr; J- ai it'huic nn !(;h)ilu. r- uork sitmlrd Hms C't'jrt f ImiM in , t .o 4 i irfisuuryii. I ii! JrislMiruli. l in) pnMiiist L'iniPii I iiiuinii:. small uml inn ni're of hud. The C.irdina .M'icluiie is nearly new. nn i ndnniitu to he lltu lies t in ihc norilii'Mi put ut lli nt-itit. I ho nronTti is itlki ed at n price that will nmku it mi ulrrci for nnv Per tMti in umiino nl iKiaiiit.Hj ninl il nut adM, will lie leniul fir u iu ur iiumi; LMrtt, with the prinK'nc i( exptiiaiiiy a piti hi tii mil to npur? .Apply t'tiiii' uiicri a, or tu 11. .m,, iq , m iri-iiuruiu ii. n. siurv. It ir:iiisttn, April I, MO. 13 A New iiiul 1 1 1 1 port ;t lit Ei;i in T.iet'iUinfi of Medicine rendited p:il'H ib!uly the new and he.uiiil'ul InuiUi.Mi id II iImv'h Su'nrcuai(d Mayic I le IMIs, hy winch the Usiu ul niediuiitc I s i t-u.npie't-ly disguised ly a coi'in t i aiiuKd Siunr, lti:it they uiepcrlcclly ugtccuUu to the inoft ueiicne. Thutnifredients r-f these IMIs ore wholly and vure ty Vegetable, wliose curative properties are uiiKduvmi hi me reui ir heicneo of .llcdinne. 1 heir fluency in 1 1 luuailiensct.nnd nil tonipliiiitn nri-my from on pure Idtiod, hn no I, iKrlni.a imrnhet in the carnitine uf AUilaiue. J ! J In mos,t tif the oltatnnio ilienif : which ntlark the hiiunn aviem thev have hecn found to ho n inotl piu'erful remedy. Their nelion on Ihc bowels aro very mild rind rarelv ever aripe, al the s lino innn they mo teirclun nnd rtUcirnt, A single trial will snow their true merits. A trinlol only out1 box, according to ihu i'irceiinis uhith accompany them, will never ful to be tliu iniht rnuvinrin" cU denro nf their extrnordmary virlueti. I'rico 25 ctnls pcrhox, forsalo by l15i K if Sl'KAU, rtpru, c. ni, Ji tB JRB US WAWTBD. j" T? kom io io iaoo mi:. vanti:u J!ydL.-l- lu ,,r,' nn the Vermout Ceniral Hail r l.noail, niuillerent uiinisnlong Ihc line be tneen .orllilulil anil uimlnor, VI, sieudy cm ployincnl and hberal wnses will bo given llio pro cm imini UIU OJ ttlllB ll UJV ' S. I-. lli:i.KNAP. liefer io J ,t J. II, Peck U Co , IlurhiiL'tun. Apnl7, I8IG, 4 IMPORTANT TO TANNERS FIMIK siib.eriber lia purchased iho riijhl lo use I- Ucckman' l-Airsr Maciiivc ron Drawiao llniES ill ihu len rvorlliem eiiuiities ol Vermont, nnd will illpnenl elllier In inillvultnlf, or In ceiiu. He. or (owns on reasonable terms. Application mu tin iiuue in II. I' IMItMVri.rambrile' I'orouali, or It. 0. Si'ALUI.NU, llicluntlld. April 9, IB 16. tonsils. VINT. OOOI) IHUISIS I'OIl SAt.R-twa pmr ll t -i 1 1- i . t mil fi mlHtiiitnl milnintft lor limit service. Cull swii, Tor ilioy w ill un lo nmrkrl hurt !,. A. Gl INIION. I't .r .Urati, April .1. IS IS. tt'J MVI.V77-:;. will lit! naid, Ii v W. O. IIAIUCI 11. Chirlolie, April, 1310. PRIISO.NS uinlnns Hoard, wall Ihe acmmmtnli lion urn r.olurnnil HiMl-mnni. nra I'.irloi-uiain. Iii.r n ll. I mli in. mi. Iiml.riioin.' nr mill r nrrtlllinindatlonS as to rooms, can be provided for at llm linn' jif r, nt, 43 Cornir of Clinrcli nnd King strpcls. Daniel lllsliup'a Ilstatu. STATU OK VUIMONT, ( rpllMIIi.n. llio Prolate DUiriVi nf Cliil'rii.l. ii. ... 1 1 ('o-irt for the Dilri( I of Cliilicn.lfii I To nil .i-r-on nincvrncl in lliei-inie of OAXIIlIi HISIIOP, laieof Jenco, in .aid il ri.-t, leccnsr.1, liiii'.l.Tlxn, Wm:nrs, Ro-well U. Pay, rxetulor nf miiIiV- eua.eJ, iiropot., lo rentier an nci-Mi-int 1 1 his a lnune- irali"n, nnd present In nceonnt n-jaitit ?ai.l e.ialo for cxnni'iiation mil nllowniu-e nt a .r-fion of lite CVirl el l'rol a-e, lo I elmlileii ni lire Iteiri tcr' n'liie in II irliiiiflon, in ai I ih-tricl, on dm l-'ourtli Monday of April, 13IG, ai lOu'eloik, A. M. I iirnF.ronr:, i o i are neriny nohli-M in nppr-av uc fore;.iil ('(.nrt nl lli lilne nnd pla. o alrrt'-aid, nnd hev L-nii-c, il nnv you It ivc, why the aeeuunt afore said ho i.l not le lil'imed. (iiven ender inv lian-l al Ilorlinaton, this btn uay of April, A. I). IS1G. Varioly Aain ! ! AiVF.W nit nf Mtrel l'l.;id. Steel lnr Trinniinss, . an t Steel Uau C'hi nnd T.isil, jni r. reived hy IIIUNSMAIU URUTIinitS. April IQlli, 1 311. 43 TO RENT .''ORono nr more )ear, the llou" oceiipied hy Ihu 'iih-enh'T.nnUti nun' anil I. or, nnw fft. Tlieprein- i"eitnnil nf oni'iicre t Lund, -i miall llone, inrn and ollu-r appendaat". n'l m food ri p-nr an exulli-ni Weil of wan r, a (i irden under j;ood cultivation, and well slocked vwlli 1'iuilTrcis. JOHN I'. Al'ltKHV. Iliirlinalnn, April a 1?4G. 43 BtlltLT. A I'RW hundred pnnndu iwd Table lluttcr, tie. J.X. riav rrenieil: Al Whltii Ilean. April 'li, 131G. A. S. DKWT.V. WANT!-.!) in c.ihan any nmituy. fjr Orneerii", V.jas in A. S. DKWr.V. 41 April -', 1H'. Piisluriii":, A PASTUni. of nl.ont 5 acre In Itent, nar the IX College, enri'iirenf O. PKI'KllSOX. Ilurlinslun, MatLh 20, ISH. Oraiifios ami liCinuiis. JUST rceeiinl 12 lioxes I'reb Orange and T."tn ous, and GI'.O. PUrKKSON. Maeli2l, 13IG. Fur Sale. liUSIir.LS l'i:.V suitable fjr Cooking i or ar-nn, StUO " lliiclushtal, for Seed, I. 'SOU " Corn, 3OO0 " Wheal and oilier crain, al She 1 urn Mill an J in Iliirlinalnn, bv March 23 S1G. II. Will P.I.I-M. Rare Oliancu, milllliCRl firm in UrUtut for JL sole ''ont-uninatKnt -10o nfrfs. well v atfted nnd inn I'erul, with a pooj orchtnl unit iinJL r a lmik! eliie ul'cul tition. It stttinfcd nlmut two tniio rvnilii of Unsto1 i hft. nnd known 1 1 V Hi miiiLMihlie ' Uiinttin rarm," Item!? the same on which (Jfii. Dnntutt Urt nnA ihuu ami now tiwiictl nnd occiipu'd hv i!u "uhcnln r. loion izivm un n!c. 'niAUI.U.S U U.N TON. lliiatol, Mnrch 23, $G. U TO RENT. rpm; v.. .m;ss not si:, now oc X enpied bv .laintt) 1, Culler, l.i) AU iinsluri.iir for a nuuiber iil'eows ii. i.i:avi:.nwortii. April 1, '!G. 41 l)a";iit!i-rot vpts A;ij)iratus!! lor p :! r 1 1 1--. u! r. r h. r in'! In mil nt UIhtIv to lle Mi. pnM -il wiM lui p'.t. .1 to d 9 neioa y lor r I no U I -I.- 1 1 - I'. 1-. i . Vl ullii r.H I iKt li in ll i p. i li li ol tin i un. ii i .cii'i. Is. i lor inaiuif icimiii" al. tin- ( 'In mien u-id al I -1 the i pi n-e of t'iin-ha.n.' t io ir. i. n.l, .-.n I ,il fir hi c in- uil-ilm. Ciiiiuinre ihu Pn I ue. taken with ihee ("In un at-, twili ihttn inbin wilh he ( bciiii aU of ei'iuiin-ree and i-ii uilUce the ihir.renee. - n- iui ii: man ui-luui; lo ineice ii ibi tnot lei a- I and iiroliiabb- buniiieHq wl do will to i'iw ilea rail. Likelie-M's laTfn for euto tier nn lite lerne, ltonni A; Spuuucus at It. St-ou'i.. l4 mi'e C.i t of Pearl Sir. llou e. I. DIVOLI.. liurhnuiuu, Vl. April. IB1G 41 riUH mberiber has purchased of I lie elatc of the A late J. W'.imvv riiilit. Io . llie enure Store and Trade of the old and vi II Uriown W.iuiwriuhl t?lah. hshuu-ni, m lln place, win rein he intends lo continue llie h is lies. Hell Mai ir.'e s o.-'i of Siom-s on hand nlso Hollow Ware. Plow. Plow Calin-. nnd nlino.t alt l.iiiil-nfca:!n2"KoM m thw inarbel. Al.-u Sheet Iron, IVpper and Tin Ware, and all i heap of -ouri-e. Liberal unci's i I be haul for n "nod worl. man ai Ihe'lin ll i-ine-n. S. W. T.WI.OIl. lliirlincir.ii, April 3d, ISIG. 41 LOOK HERE!!! "J2TjT.GH WQTS SAM

llii 1710U sale a new Two Siory Itiiet. IIoue on the lice,' road b-ndin.' In llie fills. 8nid botiae is built in 1 he lliol modern stllctil huildini; and ..ill le fu ly eouipli'ti;! about ihe first of .Alav- There is CG ro.ln ot Ian 1 i.iiu llie luuiiiinir. I or lurlher parueii tars ini lire nf Sam nil llunlinsti n, or of the ii!'?ci j bernl Muddij llrool;. I I.ISUA Jlll-I.l'.lt Jr: lllirlllll!toll. Aptll li 1310. -JIMJ WINOOSKl COTTON. Wl. Irive in iile nn nrrainreioeni wilii the o vner nl lln'.eSliietltU' lo I eeii lliein eiiineantle nn Ii ii ri I nnd for sale ul ihu l.cTtnv Pmcrs We would m'leil the iirenll'in of Meii-h.iiiN mid nibelh lliln-' In I uv llieir irooit lie iu Ha',, or P,e I we IliuiU ilrit iln'.r iiiptrior qmxhtij will lie n siron? reeoniiueiida'ion Hi ihe b lyer nud'lhc ruiniiwier, Dur people s'toitlu elicourajro ' home tndiistri 1 it ,U.MiS Ilulin:liin, April I, ISIG. II 1T0TI0J3. T',!!. cnpnrlnerslup beretofore exi.liinr i-ncer ihe I name mil linn of MOIt 1 (I.N A CI.AI1K, is I Is i lay ly ui' eou.ent di-. olved. Tho demand i ihe linn will re-nain f .r Ihe pienent, in Ihe bund- ol ''in. .Morion, Uh whom they luav be,e.lil, mi I to vviioni they ore to I c paid. f. r I). JIOIJ I O.N. 1'IIILO CI.A1IK. Willis'on, 23, 1315. Ilaiiua nun lin. e.l llie eiilini nork nf Ron.!. I ..ten loir lo Sloru ii A; t'l.aik, and removal ihein in Itieii inoilil, 'J doors eal ol'llie I'li-t oirire. wliere inn-inl in kiep ii ioil li(k ol pn(l which will I e sold for t ali n eiicjp as at llurlingion or nnv olberplaee in .-ii in-linen tii'iiny, ril.u tl.Mtlv, Jlnri-hSa, ISIG. -Il3 v miners ... .i I A ODOn supply ol Hens nu I Geese Feathers now uu baud, irurraucii In be a good ariiele. h'or s lie by VI LAM A. OVnS. Ilurliualon, Jan. 23, ISIG. 33 I). GAIili'S Pntnnt Utorinctor tfc S rini, Tins Iiilrunient j ndapteil to ihe n.plieaiion ol reiuejiai uteius, in n i las. in uieaes wlueli ofien i'" ler Ihe Individ. lal from nimh-ine. for n Teniile m...... .i-qoenee of ihe I'elienry alien tintr us luun'i traium. Wilh lln iii'lrument the patient safely and re.iuuy uppiy whatever may All. Iilltnir the S. rinse. llie nine i lo I o innen.-il il lonsently run-til ilou-n, nudlbeiii.lriiiiieut kept firm. .j in ... uii i me pans nu me eoineius iiau' In ken el. el. The remedie. in Leueortlin-a i on,!.! i.r.i; w. nl a.lniuenl iiijiviionsi iheeoro i-onipu.e.1 of io. lulioii-i f ihe mlpliatui f zme, iron, copper, or I he ae flute ol lead, nr iiilu-ions of trg'iablt n.irui2-eu. . ... ' .' ''"., or nut Rail,. Thei -lirnil.l I m.m.1 nt lir.l ,i-n.,tr ,1 .. . .. ' :. "i "ivir iriu:ui leinunl lerwanli iner.-ail if netvs.iiry, D.W GALK. Tlii is lo eerlifv lliat we bni-e' i n A'.. ulernioSyruiireaiidinoiroii.nioii ,t ,- fip,.fr ibeiiMuriend.-l, imu-rs c. Kluur Abu pnv..leuiiii or Uin mid oiher u-eilm.,, i adian-nl oignns. Iliirl'iigtnn, .Marrb 81. ISIG r v rv ll S ' Hnriire llaieh, M. ). ' Jnnie-I'i rler JI. I). Itnilind. Vl ki i-: ph.-ii.-,.M. ii. vi.,; ' liny It Pibner, Wn. l-ny ii an- mil limp , ru 11n-lp ni. " i" ''"i " "' i "Hill 1'ir.aeiil lUKKINGTO.N 4c UHOTIIFIIS. ll Cbnrch iL It r9 114 Is tft teplHilHlllii! !!! msmmm SANDS' SARSAPAKILLA rois nn: ukmovaFi and imhuianknt CITItr. OK AM. DHKASKS AKISINQ 1'ltOM AN IMPUHK STATU OF Tin-: ii or u hi r or TIIH SVSTKM, VIZ i Sf-nrfn'n. nr ICtnc. Kvi'. IUn mmtctri. O' flmVt'C-i tniuO'is i.rn.Hion?, rritp c-( or ni-imf mi m: i Motrins, Hi!i, Cliriitiio Son l.r( Uma worm nr h-iut, r m i , i.iinr.'L-iiirin . Inn of th" Hour mi l .l"int, h'lr tu rn i .icr, -'yphilittu Syiiijiion-, "'.it or l.'im! no, nn-l j Oi-en-c nri'lii from an mindiem i n?e of Vt-r fury, Acr', or Orop y. r.xpo-"irt'ir Im,rudt iiro I in r.ife. Al-o, t'lironu O "istit'iM'oul !inidtr will be leiimml this I' I Tl.It modn-inu hns in nmnv liimrnnl instiihfo hr u-.-lit In il.h in I rcltimftM v-!?"f thuwriU nn I lari'i .id frrtme. It nprralK'ii ex end it-tll to llie reinoto-t trnn-afionsior tho Lreinri. y't'in, Hinicin nt in rrniotin:? iii-e.i't-u action in the aiiori'ins ! uid 'fiToim ese!. ; Still fan it proof of tin valtcnnd ir.teacyU 'ins niedn'iitc Anoiher link uJikd to iheilum ( f te-if ninny, nT I'oui.TSRV. ! i I'Ci -idi, imj. Mer.A. H. A D.Swo Pear Sirs : Ahhoich a traiiffcr, j crniit mi to r.'la e to vo t tin1 -lory I si'liTinri and tho relitfl oltMiiicd fr- m iho n-e 1-32 1 n att.n'Kui with a dr rni whtrli my I'hy-i I'lin ratlil f.'teumatUm, and I nedsul rfimri l' n woio present nl, and in alont tlirci ui'i' it leh, I nt m arli tin; -amo tin.o the next yoartl np,n an I a-f.iin the s.imep,u-e, tho rmhl hip J tut, tri.m v In hi: rea c I, moving on I rom limb to limb and joint to mot mud a had oinphatirallv k poemri ol mv wlm'e svstrm. I tried efry ren c !y precnlol hv tlie varans I'liv-iian, hoi VTdoomo.l jearal't-r cnr to 'c my diiMMcninpIetely halllftho cnmhined I.iU of tho McImmI rrn!t-mri. I 'rfjine di'.fotiM !. nil liiimxif rt-Iitl tlyd. nronentv was tiiriad to ilvcrsny, and I eould mv with the woman in the u'riiitnre, tint I na I tKnt nil my nvmi; au-i ed no I file fit. I mntfnm'l lhiiuii'il qi!cml r lbi3 when I too a mldrn and evere co!J ami mmntli ntely my di.tMi ragt-d with increa-i-l Inry tlilO'tctio'it mv u iM'sv- em. mv t.onv wa mckui won run. vol .tons and tui-te I with cramp mint vwry jntni wa li-l rateit. and everv limit paint. .uy tii-ionoo. m l-mb- nnd I odv wvrc drawn ti "ether, near V in a n ins PO'tnrr. in wlmh vwtv joint I reoinc mi tifrh tily ut that it una impOfiMe to move. hanJ or lout or anv of mi lim!. vncoiiftiie in the oonddion aho it one vrartrom tlm iilmvf di'it In n coinilinii hdl. Ilfl til ll lltdro'ta tic l)ed for t ne veir J fiom winch I tU-ti in V b- ry ISH, nnd plated in a larire e.uv ehair, nn ! fi a to e.mti'rm to tho anule nt my -till body an 1 Imihs. had not hern long m hum nair. lru rr my irei i,e .111 to muIi nnd runtmiiu to inrrrar until the hWi Irlerarv bur-t at everv note. d"n lur'in ' ncba tut m toy ol tl i d that la rue foUU t.f eloth plat rd mitlrr ami k mi t them uun'd or r.impictrH tlrenclint in a i"v hoar-. Mr-r'ts thi-t they Hi charirnl a f.rloev ob s'anri that a vnmiilated in t!o k rrnt upon the Mir I'.ux' until mi hilt wa tunnel nadrrnraih it pro rt I o lornmu ultrr. in Mironiianc no mcioif-e in i mv lerl worronfroinoifio orr. o nan-ro i tint I I iv i me Uiatlwnne lo mv nraro'! and I est turn U. Allh't'uh my ftrt rrr m rxi-rodnm'y trn 'tr that I mill I sarirly riiiluic the wtiabl ol a rhdh upon iiirm, ytt at lime they would liuru au-t it' h o n tolrrablv that my nuri; would le oblurd to tate r ron t'loth ;ind rub tlirtn until it w.i -omeltmr at tiramd with blood. I eforr I ro ltd art relnf, while a. tho timo there wa a riL'tuj intl innlmu thru ishotit my whole sytcmt and a tlaniiiii, ihroh lon pain in every joint'. All the mils on niy tin jit and toe otfil and name o f, I h id a di-trr-s tiar pain in my left m 'e, a ihfUiaetuii;" amo-.t conliu inlly and le-idc my bo.rN were torpid I hey dul not moc un'e' 1 v tin a d of pills oIUiht tlnn tmec in 'even.! I'ay. M'his, Sirt i- bit a famt decn(i I mi of Hj artual state w hen oi,r Sir-ap.irll'a, Ide an Auzi'l f Merry, fu'ii.d me on I admini-.fird to m rrla-l. While luiinninL' the wrapper Iroiu the hr-t ' oi:Irt my uifr aid, Mv ilrar h i-b imlt von ti.u -I not .illuw Liir Ifewn to lit pe d r rr.nt, f.r il y'i do it wil! only iidd another l. your alteidy many rv on- dapfo ntn.fHt. I viry "rn-il-ly loll ibetlbrt nl the (ir-t do-e, ami when I had tal.rn one hill'of ihe fil l fir thr diM'bare from luv feet en'lirly s'i jped, and the r.'bns I ej.Mii to al .tie. and I corr I ha I l.ndn ul.imrihe .cfnnd, the I i rnintr nnd il-'hina wa trom. the lo nhome yicurh th ippeari-d the pain m my hrad, -tdr an I bail; ceaM'd, while mv buwtU lor ih-'tr-t lim" in loarvrar moved .tid lnt- ruii'in it'l to du "iiur, uoini t.iuhh H lapmly iiiiproin. My tin- you will n'o ha. an -nuxpeete I jet un-.r.t: liasvinp your Siraparna hi-lKtit to tin, an I I t nrne-lly de-irr l'i it eerv "nr alii rttd w uh m.i h di ra-r- a toon w itlmi in mm t me p wcr mav ! tain and H it with u it delaj. Vo ir aHlirtol fnrad. WM, U 01 It, ( hia mav rrtilV I nil we n ivr t ten p rina iv ar pta nulwilb the'Krv. Wdluui Ujtler lor many ai pa-t and I eier thr aoove la'i men's tu uecoircu. Ucv. Jnhn OlarL, l'rfiling r.!dtro( lo dtnry Diet. Jorph Are-, rj-torol .Me'h' diet v.. i;iiiireii. .1. .Neni.iu, Tearher t f Mat. Troy IViif. Aeatl. 1). Wentuurtli, ' Natural S -lenec do. J. ritronff, " ' Lanffiiaf-. do. For lar'her partieu ir- nn-l eouclule evnlem-e ( f it Miiiermr ral io and ediea -y, tv paii.pblet, hi -h lll.l v oe noiaini i i.l ..eni sian. Prt ii ireil mi I .-ohl. w h"lelilean. re'ae, oy A. II. v D. SANDS, Whole-a'e Dnigsi-ls, 73 Kullou .1. New Vi.rk. Si.l.l nl-o lie. Puck A- Srniii. II r'ni-'Kui! S. K Collins and S. P lie llu l I. .M nnelier: K. Iliuilini:- ten, Ver'.-emii's ; Jl. K. l'.'a't A ( o Pl.iti.'.ur.'b ; an I uy lirit-'iiSL'enera iv uiro ininii trie i ni:e i aiaie Pi'ie, i?l per I'niilo ; -ix l.oiile. fur .i. Al o by W. II. HATCH A Co, Winooski Tall' IJenjainlti Irish' 12tatt' lctitb:i to i'oiivi-y I, and. SVA 77; Wrt MOW, j t n o.sion ofihe D.stiirl tif Chilteudfii, ) l- I'mlnu Court held at Itnthnu'ton, unlun and for sod t)Mni of Chit linden, on the firm diy nf April, 1340'h Win, il.irmon, I'.x'cntor of the list wid and t stameut it li.Mijiimn Inti, Ijte nf Shell orue. in c ii I di.uriei, de ci-astd, tti'ato, nnd filis in said uuirt his pf tition in wn'iUL't ft'tliui! I'l'rth tint the iaid tel.tior died uz il nf ihu f.illovviua dtMTihed pateil of land, Ijinym h.ud Shcltmrnc, hnumled n filliuf: hrinnin;! m ihe wot hue f ihe ria I Imdme fiom M.c'lu.rne f ills northerly, a little southerly f the foM water cours. moth ol t-'od Ixllft, two rnd the mouth nl the tdiieo wai'i tlx nrc W. 5CJ N 13 rid,7 ImU; tht-nco X- TjGJ3 I' mcvernlp; thtuce, in the line of sjid mad, S, 5GP W to the pl.iee of he'niun2.ron. t iinun.' mie acre uf land, with a hnrk limine and oth t-r huildinffs thereon t that tho 9iA te(-i'or, nt the time id hi- death, wan under conirnet, hmdin-i in 1 iw ami eoiity.tu coincy said hod to Ih-njanuu Iri-h. Jr., mi the pivuu-nt (v the K-ud H;uj . Jr., nf llm finn ahum S 123 Ol) and m It further sum n imuhl ho due from the siul llinpiuin, Jr., lo the said oiatur, and priyina mid t-mirt to nrertain the nun whjtli the it ul llenjjtmm, Jr.f o ilii to pa v io tniitlo him tn a ct' of mid land, and in hcenre th ajd t'cutor to convey inid lnnd to tho aid llenjimin, Jr., nn the payment of -ucli rum of mi'iiey, narecable t. the rft'ituto in cucli ciffl mido aud prtmdnl. WnKnu'PON, the court afiiresaid doth appoint tho fuiiiih rfnriday in April, 1540, for heinncr nnd de lllllllll I- IIII-I.II.I, I T I .-.lll.l, 113-111,1111 III lllll. inrn uc cidnm on s-ild prillion, nt llie office ot llio KiTlMcr ol aid court in sni'l lliiitmiiloii, al len o'clock in the f ircnoon, and doth older that all .cis,.ns inlciestiNl i imiiiu i.u ..i.t:..n...-n ,,e ,i.,u ....Ia. iauum tho nili.iaiii-o ul said iieiiimn, ihrco wcrks siu CCS.. el y in Ihe luirl' r ret- 1'rcss, ti new spa. per punted in said Itiiilniuloii, the last of which pub iicaiioii'i lo be previous lo the lime set for hearing. (In en under mv hind at saiJ Uurlington, tin. 1st dav of April, A. D. 151(1. 4lu3 WM.WKSTON, lleiiler. (OiNoticc.J) I 111 K notes nnil accounts due llie I'.siate nf Joxa. V.i.wniniiT. drccasi.d. mil' ho settled Willi CAKI.OS WMNWHIOHT, at ihc .lore formerly o'-cupid hy s.ild ilecrasrd, any tunc before ilia Nl of Miy next. After I lilt liinu llioy will be left wilh an Atton.ey for col cciion, i: w.Min i). iiutiiKif. ol J. Wainu right, ilec'd. Ilurlinston, March 27, UIG. J33 IKS. IB. HATCH, .nt. iVINOOSKI PALLS. May be found, for llio present, at llio slore of W. II. HA It'll & Co. -Lilt STJEsTSTIXTG Done Uy J. T. BENEDICT. IIOOM oier II. l.tavenworlli' office, College street. CO TTON HA TTING, MKIICIH.STd in wain uf n Hipenor anic'o ol Hotline, can be acciuniklateil by ih, n welia.e ill iliat Ihe' W iluii.Ui -MllU'ii."m,il,e We .lull .ell i ai ihn I'oelaru Hrice. Thoo wisliuia unv lor Moltrastet, will IiikI Ibis a llr.l rale article for lliat niirnoaj.. VILAS 4- .NOVKS. Burlington, April 1. 18(6. Boston Adv'ts. Wliorc is the host placo lo buy BOOTS APrTD FOR CASII1 THOMAS C.WALES' STORE. BOSTON l'J liroad fstrcet, center of Central !t., IS Iheonh'tnIre C'mi Whulcnlean Uobbm! Hoot nnl Shoe Sinie in llolon. All the iuber buy neirlv nil and jell mostly (in rredil, but Wale. slict.s lotlircoii n-8'ein I ot h in luyin? nnd relliu?, and eoneo,iieii'ly can and wu t CLl.nt a rreat ileal low ei pre e Ihan any other ile iter, either I. v tb eac cr t!o2en. Try bi n nil' and j-o-i will i-.iy a I do. -UF. II A- C'INf T tVTLV OS' 11 WU All hiixdt nf lUAicn ihlevtilom made Ituoli and filial', Maii'ilacinred exores-lv f ir tctaihns In llio New' Slali!. Al o, a .-real vartelv of low irl -e Shoe-. Ill nl wlii.-b h iiv I ifii I (i mlii in ibdl -ei. litl fur Cll'll lit le. lb 111 en.l, nnd will I e .11 il 111 lot- to snl mirr-lM-i r nl n unall or iiinu.ii n over (. nL.-t t( t-ti ,unrj m tinny i ittni i. le s th in 'In; j,n iia 'tun v n-i. At-', ITrtc I.'it- mi r.'linh In h.i-n-H mm! mMiip, mid win h inns! h l Iit h. in ') to suit rnniivv tretth 'ur il mn-t ln'V w " ' n't:'. (io uudhtt him aud ytu iritt never rrpentit, 39iili K. P. Fl.KTCIIKIl & CO., vuoi,t:M.i: iii:.i,i.n is BSSHA GOODS AM) , I. S II sii:mr.t- in:n'i:i) on. or.u.'.. kisps. No. 3 KCHAHT5' vV, (. r . i' i 1 1 iii-r, ir 'CeoV"lili BOSTON DRY GOODS. JOBBING & IMPORTING II O U IS E, JOHJTSOIT Sc SIIA7K07T, Nos l'i and I I MVk h1M Itosluii, opposite Federal Street WOULD call tho a'tt-iriun tf tin tndo in tin viriniiy totho r latjit nnd wWl :is iruil Siocl,, whi';Ii will Iroolorod luwcr than New Vork price, pjr cibh or crrd.t. c'MPrttstNC is pn7, DOMHSTU S, KOUKION GOODS. Heavy I'ro tjhteliius of Whim (! oN and I. Mien- nil -nle-. of everv v.iik- ol lv. I.ibt .uid tire tl.i lleny & lli-lit Sliirtin?., Ittt'.n In il Sheeting and Mi'Hiiii;-, Ci.lM Cnti'linr", Sl'ect.l, llrn.i l eb.lli. A. Tweed-, I'.iuey -uid pl.iin C.isi Iner-, Di, Plain an 1 1 iiu-v Satinet, fol'.i mil IW Drilling., AlpiiiM-I Orb an, IdJi nun.'., llouilinini.-i, D.j Teire I'lolh-, I'leneh .V '.;. .Mtrieo , Velvet. DHKSS (JOOD--, M. Do I, une, Cm h. De l..-o-ep, Corded and I Itept l.lhlneref, Prin'el I.-nvn, V'e! inir- mi.l .Stripe I.l'All (lltljll rn, rinnnel., I,in-t)i., printed Or.iinlie, llnli.rine , Jean, ill, s, 1 1 k. and eolM. fic Ileiniuo., Mexican tripe, an I niaui, A Ac. jSlnuh,Ca.-linicre,Ilrceh, I'rinu ol nianitl teliirc rfi I)nti.m, M l)e IIiuli- Mer imni'. , I! inulton A I I ind, IbirigeOin! round tii-iiec- i n , r-pra.-'in. .u-ieprn. io, Ci?2en-, Kobe- Gl ve, lln-.rrv, I'ensce uii, Ac. Ac, I nil. I .-pitiallield IMMl. S li. M OT I , u ho i at llie ali.'ie nuirH e l.ibb-h'i enl, re peel fully ol' from In tr e-id- hen hi - vi - il lbj-U'ii. I'e'j lj 37ml Spring Fiisliion ol I hits. Ol llie preeili liratt ilul lle, no-v on band and for s-ileal tho o'd stand on Pearl Strut, by C. A. SP.V.MOL'H. I'ur'ingtnn, April J, 'JO. llwt JOHN l KKM,on(;, iMroiiTi-'itiv iv Nn, lir IMicr-Slrrrt, Tinv. V. 1. I.rn'S cansiantly on hind an eUcn-ivc n-sjrl-IVuirntof Wmes I.i'i'ior?, t't rdnl", Ac., to which Iih wou'd rppcctfullv call thcaltttitionof .Iirchants, 1 1 met Keeper.?, and others. Amonrr hiaaerluieiil may hefound (Jtard, IJnrinv vt(o, IVIIevoiain, eiuctte, an I couimon Hrandv. .Medrr Svvin, ami oltur hrnn-N uf Scheidiin G.n. ) d J imatca. St. I'rois and N. K. Hum. t .M'aaa, ieilv, I'.irl. Slicrrv. and Madt'tra Wines of dificif nt q-nlitir. ANn. Cherry, IVppermml an I Winterrpen Cordi aU ; f 'li inipiiju, Il c', Ul ir t, Arc. AH uf which lie ollt rt on iho most accoinmoJattiiK itrms for t'ali or approved Credit. Troy, Apr I, ISIG. -It (liirdnn and Flown Seeds! 1" AUG K SUI'I' of fresh Secd from Shakers 1J and other I u.tuators, at m holesile, and nice!) irraugcu li me leiau tin e. ai l'KCK d PKA!i'S, and W. 11. HATCH & t.,0'3. A'so, The rarer Unas const mtly lupt. liovnrs SKF.D3.INd STKA WBIiRRY. (Of which the lares' herric? are from he to ?i in ihe- in circiiuiferrence, and their ijin'itv uui 6iirpTSael. See M inuine- ol Hnrticul ture, and Agricultural papers fnt-rally. rOIt Sale hy Piiii-Lips Middl"irn l,unt, N. J. nn i A.'enis Alt-r l'i: ' .Nl'llAK Hurhuto.'i, and W. U. HATCH .V Co., Winunel;i F dN. Tin-pi ints urJcrid hy agents wi'l in forwin'ifl wilh the ut 11:04; p metn.ihtv 'it iuh Umo as 10 reach ihfir deFtinatioti mi llie Nt, 13lh an I SQdi t-l lach and April. I'lircln-er. tlireftii( bv piin tin iiirrnt their nrdirs i-ia-onahly. with rct'-renee t the ahot" datc-4, c in Ue ready to receive their plants mi inrdiatcly on tlntr arrival, while in&h and in aood order. A sheet cnntilnini: particuhr ditcctitins fur the cultiv.i'iuu uf ihU and oihcr a unties nf tho Striw In rry (chit lly extract 4 from tho M ljixmo . I llorti culture, puhhhed at l!utou.) is furni-died r.tuir-ni Iv with ihu plants sold, Pitict. or Tlants, $150 ptr Inn hired. IVbruary, ISIG. 43 St. Jolin Iioni's Liniment. TIIH Prorr-l",or of 1I11-popular rcnuvly re-it-.1 Mm 1 lout he lollouior letter Iron ui.e t lu Agents ! IU'tumi, Vl., tfth Kibriary, ISIG. Pcn Pin I cimi'd refrain f 0:11 wntinp yti at tin time, to mtoim vua of ihe.'a' y incindiu alc of vour valuahht l.iuuiiint. I have Inn eua.retl in ' frcllniJ patent medioine fur ninejear, and luvo-ttd j many Liniment within that tiit.e, I c pn le'iis to furo'lhe MtuudiM'a-e. win li jonrs in reiiihj due cure, 1 'in uiev pt'rinmj tery lew vum, eono vat , , - , - , ., 1 l" "'V,? Mni ' ? ' e , !'' K1"'1' icricci s iii.i..cii..iiiii .xeri in-iauiv where ! medicine exlnnl 1 will iiise i'ii -i few instance tl ilMieces. An cliierl l.niiy ol tin (own who has lccn Irouhliilwiih an a 'cc'lon ol Ihe Liver lor fifteen yeors, has n.t-il it lor Iwu or llirce w.i k ; h. in lonu me lliat he n. now nearly well, and lliiuk, that a few more hollies of the I.iuiiueul will pcrfec uu ciiiirt core. Auoilier cie i ol a ooiu man who has Uvn Iro'ihled with llie sime dii ii-e lor IS inonihs. Ile lnliil Ihe o.c of n,nnd tiel'ore be had 1IMI ouel'iiiile, lit side, where he applied ibt l.mi meiii, I tvaiiie wry red, nnd iho itininiu.; ilni lie m i le the Ut .ipphoinon of thelir-l lioiile lie threw i up a ijuunliiy nl in liter, Hint limud also Ih it mailer had I cen ibrnwn o I ihronch the tioic ofitu skin directly .-cr Ihe seal id ihc ih-ta-e. Al tirt he was ipuie iilarmel, nut hi. I iihcr cinie lu me to know ..he her I tho'iuln it mi ila.inwer io.mhiiii e liml,,,,, ,.i ,i, i ,,', ... ,1 .,...,,.,,...1 ,,. hi, as be -hoiild h ive kn w ii hv iiiieulu. ly re line- the paper iieeiiiiiiiauvnie e.ii-h I utile. Ill fear. .11 once- vait!hcJ, be tool, another boiile, nnJ Ins ton is novvconrurr-rrii, In iiti'iicrn i.'.i esnf obstinate liheumatism, il la. I ecu en tally s nix'-fl il. .MI'Lll'M IN I'AUVO should I 0 Down ill the !' of every Initio, as there is iiinpics'iiiiinl ly iiiuif Mnlieal I'irluc in one hm Ic ul )uur l.illiiiH-iil Ihin 111cn ol any ullier kind 111 ee I euiilil lill a Ian.-.-ii'iiiru. inl'iuio 111 elir michiis ll"' u-cii Vrfil e.'iv4 ul ."!. John Inm's L nunciit, I ui I pre-umethit ou an-daily reccivinsiu.iny more l.i vorab eamiunt frnmulhcr -irl of llio u inry, and I will not farther weary yo ir patience al llii. lime. ltcs.ieclfiilly Vours. W. li C. STODOUil). Kor si'ehv Peck .V Spear, llutlmgtoii. 43w 3 And W. II, HATL'll V Co., WinuosU Falls. LADDERS. IOIl sole by llie s ibsciiber, al Winooski Kalis, 10 I.sdJers of vsnous lengths. Samples may b san by calling tt Mr. G. Peterson's store. H. P. DF.WEr. New-York Adv' N K W BIABiDWAItK. I Oltr.inV AVI) DDMKH lIi!. rf',HB -aul'i.criber (lormei y nl iho (irm ol .Miurn .V X. .mith nnd nl In-.fill. ii .il'Nlulid.) wnuldeall llm itlenlion ofihi- I'u b. nihil well seleele I -lock J to A'lueli ill iiiinldel a litfibrr .iiiily by pitkt'i rue, nn-l from ihu aii' u ni.iii iiK ' i.u1 lih iiient in tbr t-i.'intry, whu li wdl be ml I al low pri ceifir cnh or mm I, ond in numtitiii to mil alt uho i.-.vll. Anions the am- le. ulk-reJ lor talc are, viz: I0UQ Ue's iSnil, nnrted I 100 la?' wrought Mils lOOdi.z. pt Ifhed ShoveN; 20') do iron do 60 do Moup orrr.nn MhuieU Vllea-ks p ilohul Trueu Chains 10 do do du it nr ''i-l llhiuu oOilO jzru N. I.. S. iew 000 ai-in Jnne I'o. .Screw-. SO" do.n 'I'l'ink I,". k 100 ih) llnuntri HlO do K i.l ,1 1 n..or'el IfiO do Mi- : IC'O -In rt hau.'le Try Pans 100 il.i M in ire nn I II ly 1'uru, i.orie.l I IV) ib) fiir Vn II. (-., ii.-nre l HiCO I' Iron, lira s .hi.i CI.ipp- r Wire, n,s Aim-" -an TVe nil ' I'm ki-l f Vli rv. TuuM I't-riM n A (b poel et nu I ivtrv l.mdlo I ilile Kiuus nn I I'. ih-. Al o, null, ero. etr. ;iti nnd hunt Suv-, Hiiebel', .1 1. In-i, Iii an I ' r I k ,' "I i I'.i I U j lcl., lli.i l-.ll'.' j I inr 'le , tint I'm-, Win ( nnd 111 le' r.wivuiir J O.mds u !ioi vir et' , t'o ire livnt'Citfa ninl h? iron'. l'.in , Ten TrJV , l-Me 'nnd P. n-Tnil-, l'i me, if. .; H' x f'bi el., Hut S ri urn .Millet", T 'jec" Knivi s, fl u r, 'niter, eliee.e. enitiin mil e tTeu S nnii'er. i b ot .'finii r- ; In it-- sr.. r 'en line., nn I n fill n.oriuiei.l i f the ini.liir kind i f a "i I - rut i'iitib-u.etr. I X I'. Am-:-' Pi'M IIitt in I Dimmers! ! Al o, n iiiru-lvil "i -il 1 1 Iho ny"uni--les nt.tii-u. fi'leliipl lu'u-ire .'ore. N. II. Amen -nn Hard .i art diriM from the manu-fn'turer-, on --il" fcl.MI.OM'. SIHIII, Si 'ii otil.fAnvl, NEW YORK PRODUCE MARKET. V. ioiilil rem'. rJ our fru nil lint we still coritin. up nl our ol.l 'o.'amn. Xo. 30 Water St., ami ate filly pri'pireil to t ike chime of all l.'onsinn- nicni" lliat llify nnv lnor o iin. ne wouia as uri' all who nnv I'lnrii't ill' ir pro luce to our ruro ilm rwrv attention s'nll In' lo tlu-ir in'crtst. We sli-ill keep our paltuns fully atlMicd ol the slata of our Liberal advancr" nii'l? on nil ki'i ls nr prorlnre. ji:wi:i.i ct -ov I'onmii-sioii Merchant;, 30 Wjtcr St., N. V. Ilefi-rto Mf4ii Ki.l'i-n it llradlcy, ) Bur!.,lo Measru.J. & J. Il.l'cck, i: Co. j burlmtlon, 17yl CA R I). Nnw Vcmr, March 2nd, 1916. Mpf-rs Jeweu, IlAimioj t I'o. I hive mi heMiition in saiins tint in no convtr- ill ni in ..Inch I Iij.p lici-n cluneal, in ernmnt or eNi'ivlii-re, in winch your inniehie bein inlrorlu. ceil, Iiivb I over iiiicri.lii lo sav -i'iy innir wnirn -ho iM .iin-cl your character, sinndinv, rwlit or niodo nf il'iin-j bii"ine-s i. Coinniision Mrnlianls in rew Voir i nor Inve I cicr hul any re.ison, Irom Rnoni- cilaeor inform ilion, lo lichee oii urrpirrrsponaibla or llial oii coiiiliic I. (I your business lu a manner in''i-oni!ni' Coiiiiii.ion Mi-reliams Von are al li'n riy io nnlie such u-c of this as you may dcm proprr. 1 am 'fy rcp"tfiillv Your obedient ervint. (ljncd) N. W. FIIC. CopieJ by Thecos s. Dnncncs. 43in6 ST. NIC H LAS "HOT EL JS, Cnurthiivlt Stmt, Nnc York, rormerl7 kaowa as the I-Hchanrjc Hotel, . , I I .IS i u'lv i'ii-it im'o ilii !nn!. ji?Si;,-lt. J i ,- J. is' Wfmmcll & Dum. ItUiH-'i'. plircv. i- -lim n li'Tt di-lanco j.;ii't?J nl'llr'ii.lwiv, o ihu Sleim1 oat Ian A ""'''' il ii.-.. a ' d of the principal Mrecis of hecny M'T.-lnnt- fro ti i lit- country do their iiiics ; an 1 lor p eiisainne 1 1' lot'innn, p;ooJ and com i'i '.ti i rijuiii, itmlnes and ctiilorl, no ho io in .i-vi- V 'T- i It-tiT Dituiiel. Ir. D im hruv vi I'o ir'ifii car iu the ciu,i!i'y fin friend 'lie Me-r Iliwarl. A'tt-r ttrel.iirc under -uch inisvr- of the nr, h- understand it, and V'Nhern Genl'i'incn will not I o i'i- lppoinlnl ellher ill lnijrs or hi priici. ' Jon," a I c wa familiarly ca led, I- .I'-ipi i.n'iil wiih unit i f I lie bii-ines men ol Ver mont, an I if'lni-i- u'cntleinen will reinnnl cr io call iii"ii h in, and are di a'l'e-l, then his ' r.-slil hand will h ive fiTL-oi its ciinninz. ' The lino-e lias I ceo t r.rn uhly repiire I and I i-aulif illy tilled up. Holh cointort ana i"-onomy will he cons.uieJ oy maKing In li'ni'c ilicir h'oi,nn? plai-i. 40 10 UOTCL .V. .S T K A M 15 O AT I'KO- I'uiirroits. 3I.ion' l VTr.XT I IS()X-STOXn CHIN A. illK.uli-criliers, Inv.nli-en npjioinii'd ..--m. I.y llm n iifiiti f. ir the tv of ih u!ieo'iaI-il wa re. for the Uuittil Shii-i, ore l'i Iv prepaid it, execnlo my cr'or. from VHOI.I.U.I. I I :. l-KR-i in oilier iiiiij, ot Stfimhoat 1'norniETi rs ; and would I e.r leuoto re'er lo iht-iccouipanviiiz (ct 'iioni'iif ol'tlii' nu itily an I pttutUr Jitncssot th s aril i-Ie lortlit Itjtit an I steamboat o c: and would add, of it o i-ellenre, lliat il ilin1 not becom. dicol. red when clu ipeJ, h'-r other KariliC'U or S.on Ware. 'lliey Invp al-o on Inn I a cer.cral aoriment of China, aims and liart'icntrire -tn'ahle lor ihe Country Trade, winch lliey will tell oulorciiH or approetU credit. 'iltlOTHY T. KIHSUI & .ONS, .Vrif- York, .hrclt, I5IC. I 1j Mjilen Line. Wf, the -ulwril i r,li icfiinn-luil ' nr Ho'il with " pir,T ii;d. monk hina." inipiilcl I y 'I . 'P. Kl i (-o. and I ill if it a l"e fcifiii over every uiher kind ol China o. lU'iii,- nl uri'a' -nensili aid d irabi i.y, it in1 me c un uy wi'h iit-a'ru-nl auoir ince, and e i-liceiiiiKv rei ','oitii u-l it a-hetl; If'tor adii rd iii I id n n ii tc-, i!i-iii nnv i lbt-r iiriielc now in ue. .Vcir York Jiniiary, HJ9 Invoi:. I'oi-r.M.s M S-rr.T.os. .tor thuse. W'm. II (izzr.-. -Iin'riurn Ifoltt, IlLAiii: & IIkmi, Wtcerlv 1!H', IIavi.. .v. Toi-.Miwtii. VniiWiu llm't Joil- II RtiiDs-rn A- I'u ''' II del I'. I lunar. .V ,i Clinton llit'l. John M. Flint l'iirl-t-e t uu.c X. fl Siiii-e i he .i!ioe 'es iiiiull' l nu furm herl, .ill tin c c--lMilinici.l In ei-'iiltn di i i will, ill ibepri ici in' Ho cUin lio-ii ii.. .And more rvcnl 'v h 11 o lli tu I c I, M'l I'v or ll inn. I'" ' lowing Hi io'', in I scleral new la' c .in I river iVMl crs ,n7 Curia llild. Ne.i -L'rK-in., .'.Ic-r . hl'dcs Wit. ON. (lilt II, use, I.o'u'.villc, h'y . Mr- Isac I verbtt. Jirca mer Ihlel. Iln-bin.'n I V.l , Mr t'. I'.ovur.!. t'unth' Ihttl, N' ll'. k n., Mr. Wm Kbinch. " ' I'e ir h iruh, V.i , Mr. I). I'iicncii. Vid'onnl llitel, Wa.lnngii n city, Mr. S, S.C'oic man-. ..rra.inre . tet, Itittimnn, .' Home, " .Mcsr, Jacksov k Cram i-Tl'N American Hotel, Pliiladelphh, Mr, II. A.dniiTtR, lloit.irU Ihlrl, New-York, Mers. Thomis & Hci. .tu York Hotel, " Mr.J.II. I'illinos. Troy uii.e. Trov, Me srs. Colkman- V Kocers. .ImeriVjn Hotel, H iiIjIo. .Mr. I.. I.. Ilouois At union ll mte, " .Mcsrs. I)iu-iiiilh Jt Co. House, Niagara l'.il, Mesrs. Wiiitnit A- Sons, Andcilitr li9 LEO HORN A XI) iM.V.I.UJ HATS. 17011 SAlK, an extensive assort incut U U-phorn, Panama, Manilla, Palm Unf, "Oreiron," and " Can.uh " Straw lht, al-o, .Mt.nVIl!y, andChd luiio' i'lolh ('ni ol i-wry vane v f pattern u lm h t .ire prenre-t tuell on very reasonable lerin.,and to Co imry Merehuif uilun lo p irelne, we o !cr m 1 .ceiiu us tmeipialll 1 y anv other lloo'i1. Per r-i'uu tun the ein are jnvite I ti eall an J examine our stu -k of tiouN 1 efure p indnoni elsewhere. N. M. W hae always on hand, For Cap and Kur i-fceryi.Vt r ntiun. (Uri.TtV ltM,l.D, 30-3m 121), Maiden Lane, New York s()mi:tuisg wnv. CIIA151-KS IS. II ATCIIi 111 William Ml cel. Opposite Plait Street. NKW VOllK. 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