Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 24, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 24, 1846 Page 1
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; ...:..JL '- - - . . . . . many noun, rmnts oi Ainot can sciueie ciron, until me termination 01 mc tuiiii occu Ullon nr I ho i NOT TUB GLORY O T O a S A Xt BUT TUB WE L .F A R E OF ROME : i ' BY II. B. STACY. ' H II It L I N 0 T 0 N . V R It M 0 NT, FRIDAY, APRIL 1840. VOL. XIX No. ... ' . . . ' ' THE FARM. Ktom the GcnncMee h .inner. MANURES THEIlt AIH'LICATION. On tlie sulijoct of manures much lias Iicpii 1 written unit nnicli Ins been said; still it is fertile nnil full of interest. The subject cannot, in my opinion, bo loo frequently ag itated, or brought into view, nor too itrmjr-' ly urged. When we consider iiow much llio proline . liyeness of our firms depend on tlin manure heap, and how much this matter is at times neglected, a few remarks, I Host, will not be unacceptable, and although 1' to mol of you, if tliey stimulate one pel son to apply tliein, who has hitherto ncgloitcd to do so, the object in making them will lie attained. The collection and application nf in iuiiips I consider In bu the grand serel in good far ming. It gives us crass and grain. Ilisby a liberal application ol iiiauiiro ill it I'XU.ior diuary crops have been raised. Il is conse .quuntly an olijert of minute, attention to col lect as much as possible, and to apply il in till) most advantageous manner. Although there is litllo d inner of applying too ureal a quantity to I tod, it m iv be n-fil to excess. 1 nl la il corn is a voracious feeder, and will bear a copious dressing,hut the crops of sm ill grain may be injured bv in muring loo high- M inuring tlio soil forms a gr ind item in farming, both on account of its expense and its need to replenish the. land ; il is there fore very important to hnuw the art of in in aging this department with tlie greatest eenn ooiy, ami preventing waste in any possible shape. Very few firnirs ever lnvn a sufficiency (ifaiiinnl manures fur their purposes. Ileum recourse must be li id to other means for aug menting the in inure he ip. The gre it principle of all m mures maybe understood from this firl, tint u li itever an or vegetable siilist ince dies, is convert ii.1 into manures for other pi nils in a living state hy the littoral profess of putref iciiou. By this process it i n iduillj, but t flei'io il ly decomp ijd ; ind the puts are filled for tiutering iulo nuv eo'iioiiialiuiis, ami for ad ding lo ill1! siitis'.iuce of ill' living pi inl. Thus, instead of mils inccs, N nine fill uMics ill mure, an I no substance, whalever, is lost, This is one of (he must hi'iutiful ami admi red laws of N ilure ; ml (hough we cannot fnvestigalo her verv ininuli! operations, " are abb-, by ohsei v iiiou , to learn iiiin'h, ami by iodu-trv 10 deiive gre it adv linages. A gre it deil Ins 'iron slid .ihout t lie; fer tility of pi nits. 1' ilr.-itM'.l eaith, water as an excrement, eai boa icrous milter in solu btr stiio, and vi.iais ,'isonus substances hive been successively in lepulp; some iiUuls b ive bi'eu suppose 1 lo diaw part of llirir food from the alinosnlieri', in u larger iiinimriiuu th in ullit'i : and il li is been tho't tlllliTiiu and green ciops requiiu lobe sup ported with Too t proper lo e if li class; auu that one pirliculir crop, o lb it account ex hausts the substance on ahit'h It feeds if too frequently tepealed. Piariirp has iutroduci d morn discoveries into agi iciilturp, assisted os obseivation than science. At die same lime, though the man of science will not picsiimu to d cute to tin skilful practical farmer, liu may not only im prove but enlighten, and even give, dignil) In agririiltuio as an ait, by lundeiing it in sumo degree a science. The application ol in inure depends upon the. ii 1 1 H r.i I st il- oft'ie soil, and on the pur puses fur which it is to bo applied. Obser vation and experience deleruiino how to aci and what to applv ; also, how and when the HIMilicatioii should be. Vet it would be uf important use to ihe firmer, in remarkable cases, in call in the aid of science. Miny expensive trials have been made in redeem ing sonic soils, or tin ning them lo useful pur- puses in vatu. i The farmer knows, or ought to know.thal i some soils want soljdily, and olheis loo; much; some exceed in cohesion, otheis in looosoness, and that a mnderate degree ol lliese propeilirs is rou.iiJereii essonli I ! ' fertility. With ibis view, sand is applied t " 1 leuacious clay; and clay on smd ind grurl. But these applications me not made in thoj strict'ordcr of m mures ; ihey are niei li inic- j ally wanted, in older to give in llio soils a proper consistence tor adniiiling plains tu grow iu them, and to push their small rools without lousing ludd, and al the s itue lime lo feed in a regular manner, imbibing ; in just proporlhiu llio iiioistiiio and (he nutrinieiil it contains without biing eilher paiched ur burned. Putrid manures applied in proper (pianti - ties fuinish direct nuliiinenl fur plants; and calcareous manures probably do the s hup, in lomo degree ; but they certainly furnish it indirectly, by resolving organic subslan- ccs contained in the soil into mucus, assisted by mnistiiie. At iho simo limu thesu inn - nuns aro always productive of a iiieeii.iuic al effect, in opening and deepening tlio soil lo which they aro applied. From my own observation and pxporienco I have come to tlio conclusion that in inure arising from animal and vegetable snbstan- CPS, shuiibl bn rxp.isrd as litllo as possible llio sun, llm air and drrnrhing rains, and when applied to the soil, ho immediateU plum eil in. It is my opinion also, lint ma-1 liure, when plow.., in raimnt h I;,.,,, , ni.,,r Iho surface, provided i WI. nlix,., ; ,,,, ravere.lili.i l ip nee u .11 l,,lis,y,.,l ,y Ilirra.u and akeu up hy ,, loo.s of lhe plants, ho exir ly imimtr ,ir th,, ihs of the plans, lint the .muii,!,!,,, p,,,, , .nauure can ...ter there only . a s. e uf so - t !l ll,, ! . .iMvobjerl utul great aim is to un ;n nnd 1 . "iiiiMl anil cut manure; unit io carry liu iuin ..n;.,.. nothing that' wuuld coutiitiule ii, ,l,u , . I ."ft.- !rr...,s!ne iho in... ...... .. "-P"-" .".e,., a Ihrovvn away. I ll ivo inways m tun it a piac liCe uf roiiveitiug eveiy iiriiclo of inhlii,, uu'd filth hIiuiiI premises, weeds ; and coarse grSsi around llm fields and fenres, inln ma. nttro ; and hvn even hauled saw-dust, turn er's chips, and sumach leaves, from tlin mo. rocco dresser, lo bed my calllo and absorb the urine previous to mixing in the compost Imp. I also haul nnllirnriln coal ashes from llio city, on which I set u high v.iluo as n tup dressing to my meadows. lint however correct and economical may lip the manner tif saving and applying ma nure, tin- quantity, it cannot bo denied, still fills sluirl of tin- farmer's wants. How to supply this deficiency null its tin; deepest at- ti.'iition ol tni! Iiusbaiiuuiun. 1 am an ailvoc.itn lor compost, anil fur tli it purpose I mix all tlin prndtico of lln futile yard, tlio sheep yard, tlio lioise stable, tlin pi '.' si vp. mil ilii' pouliiy hnusc. I d.lng III 1 1 If 11113. 0' hut to too pr fitness ol tin and Ihe nature nl lis food, is tlio tirhrst and strongi'st ; of tlio horse tlio most 1i-h I inn ; ill it of imiiIp I In coldest tint tin' most dor.ililc. Tlio dung I" shert is quick ill upei iiiou ; theiofoie the j mixing ol calllo, horse, hog and sheep dung for all kinds of soils and all kinds uf ciops is iiKvavs lo he preferred, us the one coiiecls llm defects of the other, and pi events the fermenting process from going on too r.ipid ly. TIip nldi'y of fermented dung is proved from the little advantage derived from what is dropped upon Ihe ground' and has not nn dergin e lb it process. Ill thu course (if its being fermeiiled also, tlio seeds of weeds, ami the eggs nf insects are destroyed. My y nd is dishing, still it sometimes over flows, and where the excess passes off, I cause a basin to be excavated to retain the liquid. Near ihe basin which is oulside llio yard, I place my compost help, which I commence uilh a l.ier ol yanl in mine, n bout one foot in thickness ; then a liver of green weeds; then a coal of shell limu and ashes; ihen a layer of tin f; then a layer of hoise, hog, or sheep dung; then a coat of soil, and so on, uilh such mateiials us are avail ible. In short everything nf.l fertili zing iritinn is placed ill the he ip, can ing un the sides squ nv until the pile reaches In the height of limn five to six feel. As llio he ip 'i i ogresses, each I i er is s it urate! uilh the liquid which escaped liooi the cattle yanls, .mil ihen covered w ilh fine soil lo pre vent tli.- cscapi- of the volatile puis nf the maiiuii , and in l!m next pi ice, to ab-oih the, mi til ll t!.r soil us. d for coveting lie-conn- of i self i v.iloilile minute a point lung si ice esl llllisllril I IV lie' pi IClice nl'01,1 ! 11 v enlightened fiinuTi. After remaining a siillinent tune I ciuseilie while lo lie rue fully and completely turned, and mined I In O'A i ug 011 In; lid itiaiiiii 0 as the n'oil, pio gresses. A f"l Oleul ilioll soon takes pi ice, s'ifli ienl lo destroy ihe vitulit, of the sreds of such weeds as in iv find iheir way into the belli. After Ivvo turnings it eenerillv gets cnioplelrlo biokrn doivn and en nniinulril. I'y mivieg .1 sin ill q iaiiliiy ill's lit n llio heap I h ive 110 doubt it would adil greatly to its fertilizing propel lii ;. Iiiihiswiv I h ivo addeil from nun bun drrd lo 0110 bundled and liliy loads of good ill mine pel ye ir. I h ive used with good success bone dust, horn sh iviujs, bristles, s ill fish and poildi ellf. They are all highly concentrated m inures, mid .ire v.i lti ilile for ihe imnieili itp cmp, hut for alier ciops ami eui idling liie soil durably give me the cuuipo.t he ip. 1 once had uteal fiiih in the use nf gyp sum, but afler seveial rxpeiiuienls with il, 1 became sili-li ol (hit it wis of no benefit on my soil, and I have abandoned ils use -altogether. C. N. Ui:.Mi:.sT. Albany Fib. 1S1G. the' down Eirs b a n xe it . The Initio uf Lcxinginn was over, and the, Tlieir march, which ll id be Mill uiih (he coolness and order uf veterans, was sharpmcd inio dooblo quick lime; III! alio gib, 'suuvc ijni jmcC became the nnler of llio day, and leiie it was 1 b niged to llight. And reason was there for then histe. From every cupsii of bushes, eveiy ' uis .in 1 b 11 n, b! z d r nveiiniug guns of the 11. . 0 w '1 ii Jim s diey li id violaird ; .iiel o I of llio gionnd lie V b id liaveised w,!s wet uilh llin rxpi itiog hlooil of liiilun.. i 'pi.v .( ,. IM, eoiiiinon fear ol their fM.r( pursuers. Conscience told ll I the injijHlici ol their cause, and aduionithed ol ' 1 liu kindled I loud that had been thai thy w.u,iily shed. There existed nn wai. 'I h'u fourih oi' Julv 177C hid not vet come, and j ,1,,, ,,, , ;,p . ,;, v,,( ,.inU ' ,luwn, ''hey rrrd iho bosom uf n peaceful l ine, liku wolvvs ; and liko wolves,1 f ,1(.y n,.,l , ,m VojCB ()f ,M, 8.,i,erd. There , ,;J needed hut this impolitic slep lo sever ! tin! colonies forever fioni their allrgi nice. '' step laken. Thu torch of war was lit, and it was for Hrilaiu to quench it as she might. 1 Wuuudeil its many were, and filigurd as Ueru all oftlie iiivadiug parly, it was obvious I ,, t.y ,id follow each other, liko the Curialii, al considerable intervals, uidas (heir strength permitted. Thus, while smni! com. p u,i,.s u,.ln rniering lluslnu, and feluilaling 1 themseltes on iheir escape, olheis ueru slill l(.n n,ies hick, dragging iheiuselves mi ihrough tlin fno uf iheir merciless enemies, Ii vvas only on decision when attempts vveio nn,u in intercept their progivss thai the Hrilish vi ti rans did anything like justice lo (heir high lepiilaliou. Then, charging with ihe fury of despair, they hroku llirir way with such tremendous havoc, tint the pmwuri ils would rirrly venlnru agiiu lo dispule thu rnad. Whenever il Inppened, however llio I t.:lT nf the IJ.ilish musKels as thev in idu I (hi) ,.,;,. .,. nf .,.,;,,,. . ,,. B,.IH.HV M.rT.i-irnt lo rle'ar .y wuhoiit hiving ..'Course In thu (bird ur(",.r Al'lrngth thrv rraihrd a spot whrre, frnn, 1 ,,. ir,1.i ,, ,.' fil.r,,. slr(1,. Ilu - AMl.e fool ofa long hiil, iiilnl upon i .i i , ?, i i , I, flier In ilnst :iiii hloi ii I . :,o,l in I In. , ., ., . , ' , K" WT "',,! 01 W;!V. ' 'X '!"?" l' . . " '"' WIIU WOIU UIU HVCfV 01 HIP UlWUU k 111'. At this dreadful si'-ht. nor fimlliers h.ille.l and looked wildly ut earh nhci, mid then desperately rushed up ih hill. To their groat joy, on another Jiill, ono mile uhuad, they ilesciied ,, column ofiheir Iroopsjust disip Paring in U.iek- u.ouj ,,r ,, lic, ,, rovl pissed. I!i e.. i., i. .a .1 ,, . , , --,.-1, n. IU HUM lllilWW, Ibis obicrvation, when the wood was lighted' with the Maze nf three hundred muskets, and, the next moment, us many men sprung into llio road, and uilh loud cries ihe whole van is'icil down thu opposito declivily, 'pnisuers and porstied.' Ileie then, was n case nf new difficulty for our lieioes. Ilundieds of enemies were be tween Ihem and ihe main body of their troops, and lo rH' ct u juiiciiou with ihem was their fore next lo ioipos-ilde. Il wanted but a leu minutes lo sunset, on the day iiheadv quoted, wlu n two men np iMiemlv inocii latieiied, threw Iheinselves on ihe bank of u Inook, several inili'K .south ol. .... . . I no Hie lloston mill I.e.Mimlon nun. i ueyMing grass iilliiiileil lliein a gr itelnl cuuni, ami tin- fire wains of I lie hi mil., su idle n In tlie giern , In 1 in , unit tin nusl on ils i ooisr In the sea. small gioves of o.ihs, 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 Ihe raslero skirls nf uhiih the brook wound ils way, shorted .is yet no symptoms nf aw ikening vegelalion. Appiinitlv unconscious ol ihe mys'ic agency u liich had already called forth from the grutiud humble but beautiful signs of life, the selling light of day streamed ihrough llieil bans and nigged branches cold ly us winter. Hut natiirn uas nl work, in llio nir mill in the earlh; mid llio sap was concocting, and flowing upwards, liko life blood, into thnso gigantic vegetables; jnsl like the revivifying spirit nf ficedoni, which, however, invisible mid mysterious ils course, was then flowing Irom the samo maternal uailh into llm heait nf ever) son and d iugh trr il icarrd undiminished. The spot heio than the whole is'aud of llrilain. Thus, not too late, described was mil so far from thu Lexington j while he might still have held his commission! Jo ib deliberately look off Ills hat, drnp road hut ibat, at inlerva's, the sound of cap- I as a king's officer, he chose rather to he do-, pod on onu knee, and biougli his piocu lo a nun and heavy vnlles nf musketry would reach it uiiiin the evenim? hrocz". annoillic iug llio pursuit was nut yet over; hot j ihey produced no effect iipim the men who i osted by the biook. Their whole appear- ' nice bespoho eMrenie filiguo ami exh ins- uou. I heir guns ami accoutre meiils were thrown cailrssty down, as if, like ihe brroes ofsicred writ who smote their enemies till iheir hinds ilnvo In (heir swords, ihey could i no longer bundle ihem. Their h mils and g ii nienls oespoke llio bloody work in which iney hid been engaged. Iloth were men of I'Mraoidiuaiy siz" and woin (lie 'common dirss uf uirl if, hi I'm mors. Kill in one, w ho was a fine youth of some five ur six and twenty je.iis, ihe strength was disti ihuted so justly throughout the whole frame that ono al a loss whether In pronounce him an polhi ni 11 lleiciilrs. His lealiues loo, 1 though now hagg ml wiih fatigue, vveie noble ' and rxpirssivu of gieal decision; and his Inge black rye, as hu I iv eMonded eu his h,n k. w as liirm d In thu evening .sky vv ilh n ' light In Ihem th-il seemed unqiiriich Ihh'. His companion, however, was hoilt entirely .ifirr iho ICe'vnIi in nrdrr. nlln.'ether for . siienglh ninl -iliir.itiilil v. Soniewh it older, ( .....I so,.,,, i.iehes elo.rler lllin l.ic mill nilllnn. 1 lie was nuverilii less nnicli heavier, his lioily hein,. iliiniioliiiot nf ihr s,imn size like a rice . 1. I LI- ..I I.I I ..1 ...... I CIS s, S-l VII n I u Ills annul. ll-1 - 111 r.m i,i,.i . i; !.. ... ..i li. .1,1,, Carey. His head was stricllv Hnroiian, his dress" coarser lb in the other's nud his tout atsunbk bespoke a person Ivvo or three mini in the hidden depths of her soul, and his snpeiior strength and thu impetus with , 'Who aro you V demanded Downer, 'sur iiulches lower on the gradii iling scale of so- I over Ihem flowed, bright and perennial, thu 1 which he came, for a lime, gave him tlie ad-1 prised at lhe suddenness of this apparition. cietv. Thus thev lav by thu brook, ton much luligucil even lor s'oiiversaliuu ; uou u was now dusk and lhe frosty dews uf an Apiil . . . i . I'venine weie falling, when a faint sound came from the west, liku a distant volley. ' Did you hear tint, Joab 1' said'lhu youth, stinini' to his elbow, 'it is sumo ofou'r folks i.niiMihie to thu valh-v. ami iust letting olVl iheir gnus, bv way of irjoicing.' ' Our people an: neither knaves nor fools n burn nouder for nothing after such a day's work, and when wo uiu likely lo need every kerurl un have.' ' Hal ill it filing was at the liny, lint's sarlin,' s ii 1 Joab, rolling over liko a huge n.x and gelling ui 'Theie'siio deuving it,' said the other, rising also, mid roHei'img his arms, 'there's no deuv ing lh il ; and ne in is lhe mjslrry. I ll.juever, l nher op ) .n-cuuiiemums, and un Wld kanrt nil II It mi .1 Iks.' A i lou I of sm ike, at this muiiieiil, lusn from behind iho Hers iu lhe wes'. 'Hasten, .I.i it I ,-iieil I! iw ird. Iraniii" the biiinls. and sinking lulu lhe ;i ovr alio iily uulicril. ,lo ill , followed u ilh a bound f II in idu the b ink sh iku, and bulb v.iiiis'.uil aoiong the! iroes, 'iN'uw we Inralho ag iin,' s lid Liriilpiianl I'glrsloiir, as, afler a skulking iu irch nf half an liuur ihiuiieh thu pines, his i irlv emcigod into a road. ' Whew !' siid Gordon, wiping his fiery countenance, nud fanning himself will, his cocked hat, ''tis very hoi.' Well, hero jou can cool at your leisure,' said Eglesloue, 'see, no traces of fight no signs of llio enemy moil all mil on Ihe Lex ington I'onl nnliody at home lo entertain us but thu women.' I 'ire rainnur' shouted Gordon, spring ing dual the fence where hu had sealed him. self, 'let's bu moving.' You would haidly hivo known ihem fur lhe same men, uhu an hour before were run- ning before llm enemy. Tim craven fear which had diiveu ihem from Concord, vvas siqijdaiiied bv a feeling of security ; and they s um waxed bold ruoiigh to irsumo ihosoacls nf wanton depred illons, w hich had alieadv slamped ihem iiifainniis. Hern was mil llm f.eeziug s.ilitudo of Concord, for thu women and childioii si.v them from their doors and windows, and shrirkrd and lied. Nothing i.iises ihe courage uf cowards so nnicli as llio sin ieks of helplessness. They followed uilh lou I shunts, euteied the hiuisrs, dashed the u i.iduw s and furniliirn, pricked lhe children wiih (In ir Ii i vuneis, mid chased thu shrieking women Iruui cell ir In parrel. Sunset hrniighl them In the eulranru nl a ronsi ler iblu v illey, ibioogh uliich in lx".nitl - ful 1110 indrrs glided 1 sm ill sire, 1111 uf vvalrr. l the farther end nf the valley ruse a vlllagul spire, and .sumo dozen ur twenty rluiiuiies; and nearer, oil .1 lllllo einiiience, stnod an elegant vvhilo houso by itself. Thu buildings Lev Ii id nlssed dlirile- llio I 11 lllllir, ll III all been uf llm comiiiun older uf farm houses, of lb it period; long, narrow buildings, lacing Ihu smith, two stories in front, but invariably ono iu thu rear, whoro thu roul mini inched wilhiii a low loot of the ground, .. nu Hu branny .houlJcrs four feet fiynre.' -O'd sg to servo as a barrier against the strong north westers, They had found litllo in buildings uf this sort worthy n gentleman's pocket or knapsack, us (Joidon expressed it. Itul this looked encouraging, and cupidity was on lip toe. Largo and square, it ruse in ihe centre uf the valley, wiOi a certain air, closely assoriiled in ihe midst of our heroes w'tih rouleaus, ciskeis, an I chests of pi lie. The sie 1111 ivoond gracefully lound the little knoll on hi' h it sio id, i mgd with willows, now 111 the fnl yi How ilie-s nf spiing; and c ii nsive girdrns and nrch irds in ihe rear, i.nd oi n im.'H il I I shruWi. ry io fr. 1.1. siigiesied 10 lb" 1 11 ig'n iii 01 u l. it might be ill.' eh 11 111s of Ih place a in- 11 1 It filer. Coloni I Douiirr, iheiw ner of 'The Wil lows,' us ibis seat w ij c.illed, was a grny lie uied nf 1 lie t'renrh wars. lie ll id been at the taking iilLouisburg, bad bleil w'nh U'olfi! on ihe heights nf Abraham, and hid I n fellow soldier of Amhersl through out his lullliint caieer of vicroiies; thus helping lo win an empire for llio unnatural mullicr who was now inflicting; such deep wrongs upouhrr offspring. Thu natural in flaenco of sen ice and inward had attached him waimly in ihe Diilish aims and numer ous officers ii: the nrmy. IIo born the com mission nf the I'ritish king, ami, in a just cause, u until Invu clieei fully died in bis ser vice. Hut he was an enlightened and a high- spirited m ill, and knew right Ironi wrong ; nd moreover he hived his own willows more . nnunced as among the most violent ol the rebels of M issaclunells l!iv. That ho do- served sorb a character lioni the Iliilish au- lliniiiies, he had that day proved, lie had , led foi th a hundred men 'to puisne and h irass the enemy, on their trnm Unncnrd, i and hid cnnliuurd the pin suit till bu reached, piece up again, anil squinling alnnj I lie uir Ihn banks of Charles liver. At ihe limu j rel while he corked it with his left hand.'you when Kdestmif's n.ii iv came ill sight of the, lake off the one, I ' Willows. Col. Dow ner accompanied bv a few of Ins nei-bbors. had iust relumed from ihe I field, hiving left his son with tlio men of thu, valley, slill in pursuit of struggling parlies of' the rnrmv. " I Lit"" in life, Col. Downer had married an' amiihle l.nlv. wlm Ind I ii deceased in inv eais, leivi'ng him unlv ibis sun and a d.iugh. j ter. Tn all anne.iraiice. Isihell.i Downer .a d iiighlrruf Eve, as ever wept' was as geni fnr jny or sorrow. Hut few can tell the might ibat is hidden in the deep soul of worn in, or vvh il she will d. no w hen prrssrd by iho mas-j ter passions of lnvn or revenge. ' A n ail el of iieace and love, as she is. w hen the sun- . shine nl honor is coming in upon iipi liean,;sin muni shiilh.i. um m-mra, ..... Ihe pa-o nfhisinry bears iccord thai she can well iniigined, were taken all aback, as ihey ... i.... c.i i7i! i ii... . reveller. II suusenuent events sliouhl reveal a passion liko the last in Is.,bolla Downer, in' 1 liku the last in Is-ihcllu Uou ner, 111 I.... !. I. ...I .......... ..... te-llr.. ..... I . lle.l il hid never vrl slmwril lise'.f; anil Unit ils rxlilhilion, at any n . riod iiiiur lo llio dale (if tins n irralion. i lit I -1. I.... II..I.I. mjl il ll.l u l.lllsrti , a sol III is.-, i i.l:ii- ..... r. i i ... i a -i .. '..!.:. .i....i:.i i not he's, hut ibis and oilier sterner dualities ' which slio inlieriied from lior f itber, lay dor- 1 angel virtues of her innlher. Such was tlie . . . . . . . .. i . being who now met Iho uiu mm at inu uuor,"'" imuum i:.ijun i mo uiiikii soener, and would have fainted in Ins arms for very , and wiih all his impetuosity, Edward uas not inv of his safe lelnrn. had not tears como to , her iclii'f j ' Hless thee, my child!' said llio Colonel, 'thou Inst had a dreary lime of il.' Dreirv indeed, and lon wero the hours she had spent listening to iho din of halllo, s it rolled along the distant horizon like llio muiiering nf a sliirm : ignorant of lhe fatu of these dearest In her. E Iw ml falhei ; Slid llm anxious gnl. I vviiicu uu ll in uegun llio iki.ick, lie was coi. II,. ; if,, wi. nr,. nil safe ' said be. 'and vincrd thai nnlhing but stratagem could save ' (hank fi nl, this v illev is yel holy ground ; for dreadful ihiags have been done upon the Cooco.d' Al is ! even iliei lhe serp"iil was entering his pirulise. Unfoilmialrlv fnr Cul. Down ei, his frirudj alter pirlakiug of otnu ru- fi es. nit, .ills, ll il hern L'.'lle bill' I' . XI;" 1 1 In reach llm vill i-e. and lie had bill I isl null' lo huny the dinting Is ibella to an upper chain - I her nod ,,. ,,l ,,n himse'l' nl llio head uf lhe sl urs w nl. . lo nii'il pistol in .' ll iiiil,vvliuii the h mil uf rufli ins buist iulo thu h ill. 'God s ivu king ' icorge,' shouted Egles- tone. ' (ind sivu king Cupid,' ciied Gordon. ' 1'ii'e I'asunur ." shoulrd two or ihrro at once, springing to thu stairs; but at sight of llm menacing figure of Iho Colonel ihey re coiled. ' What is your ploasue 1' thu old gentleman calmly doni inded. ' Oh, uu havu only a curiosity to inspect jour chambers,' said Gordon, uilh the .ilfocl. ed non chalancc of a holly. ' A linti houso vcm hive here, old gentle man ;' and ho again put his foot on the st lir, hut lhe click of llm pistol, as the t.ul. cocked , it, n. .de him spring several p ices backward, 'If booty is your object,' s lid lhe Culoiiel, 'you will find enough In silisfy you below : ,,ku it a, id dep irt, in God's nauii' ; hut no I your lives, attempt not to mount these stairs.' 'Ami hivo vnu no choice jewel stowed away above V siid Eglestono. Noun, upon my honor;' said tlio Colonel, inleriireling lit lit literally. Your I n l' siid Gordon with a 6neer; 'honor uu ibis side the water!' and .1 brutal peal nf derision rang through thu hall. 'Ejjesiune,' cried Gordon 'no! on! hy Si. George, lhe priz 1 shill be mine.' 'Hold!' shoulrd Downer desperately, 'he lint first plains toot on the slep dies.' j Tint men ng ilii hesitated, lull from their j iuielligeul looks it was evnlenily not now al In 'ether fioui feir. Tint Colonel suspected , h knew not what, and looked behind loin. 1 V few p ires in his mar was :i door, ami a 'sol, ji.r hu hid My ascended llio hick S,,jls u-is caulioiisly opening il. W ith a shout lint sin ik thu house, thu vvliulu l.ail .- it .... , 1 1. .1. . sin nil" lorw'iro. ikPieieren ties perair, nir "."" - . , , ,. ' , Colonel disci, irged n pistol,,, ,U righl audi difficulty f.un. the fl lines when the root was; ', right ; but bow cm ho barn in ( and thu body of Eglesinim tolled down filling iu, and now. all was over, borne jured mm so young us you 1 llavovouloo vhosluirs. A shriek tun st fi 0111 an adjoining ''I mnui uful procession In ill... village. Isa-1 lost ., sisler and a father 1' aparl.nenl J but before ho could reach il, n bell . could unwhero ho lound. Asa R.eal I 'More !' replied the youth as dozen muskets cracked afler him, and he pirt of tho houso was 1.1 fl unes before llm ! ,o hid his face with Ins hinds frun. Iho en fell dead before thu door neighbors reached it, the vill uas having been ' quiring bul compassions!" pazo of Ihu tiling Justus Elw.rd Downer and J01I. Fisher ihorounh in the wn.k and lhe lurch applied soldier. Do sat thus for u minule, rmleavnr ... ...... . n I ...n Ii r..,.i r..r ... .,)..! .s ... ...,.. I,!j Cntinns iiiuliil lit leilalll ' were passiu ' Irum thu fulds Inlo the roau, Oofjln atlj , c.inm in si -hi round an' angle in the highway ,niodo by the projection of 11 hill. ' Thorn they nro I a dor.en nf them,' siid J nali in alarm-whisper, instinctively squalling behind the high stone wall thai fenced tlio road, and pulling Edward down beside him, ' Ay,' muttered I) )wnor,betwecn his teeth they have been on some foul errand,for they come like fellows just bioko from llio scaf fold ; but tlieru's justice in sluru yel.' As ho spoke, lie cocked his piece and applied tlie muzxlc to n bule in tlin wall. 1 WI11I would vuo dnt nskeil Jo ib in the greuicst al 1101 ; (lor Ivlu ml was alirady la- ki.ig drlibrl.llu aim at a I ice that blazed be foul these men of war like a fierv meienr) ' what would you do master, Edward 1 why, they aru inuro than six lo one ol us. ion nro righl, said Hon tier, sloulv re- litifiiiishiiif. hi purpose, ' hut I would havi given a t ri lid to have I. ikon the color nut of that fellow's fare ; for, depend upon ll there is something wrong done down in thu vol By ibis limo Gordon and his company who really travelled al a prodigious rate,liad vanished riund another corner, when the heavy hand of Juab uas again laid on his shoulder. ' Down again for your life! tliern are two more !' said Jo ib, pulling him into their for mer posilion. Only two ? ' exclaimed Edward, 1 then, by heaven, they aro ours, and vengeance is cuiivenieut luup-hnle in the wa ' Whil arn you at Slid Lhvard you I uou I think I am going to lay an ambuscade for two men 1 ' ' Tliey nro just fit to be shut down liko crows in a curntiulil, sain Joan nringing ins ' 1 am nut thinking what is (it fur them, but what is filling for Edward Downer,' re plied the youth in il low but peiemptory lone. ' Up, and bold your own, Joab j for wo ill list faeo (hem like men.' The mighty Joab in idu some grumbling remonstrance, but held himself in readiness to obey ihu word of command. The strag glers who were no other thin sergeants I'lint and Grimes, were marching ut a sharp pace, when two bristling ll lyonets, iiltacueUi to as many gun liarrels, nnU tollnweil ny tlio heads, arms, ninl shoulders that gnverned, ihem rose fi nm behind n u all jnsl three rnds in front oftheui, iirciimpanied by a slrm ') ai sea ; uui uuu hi iiiein, i - miii,siiu o-u ll n uiy riiouuo, vvuuiu snow sp u us ui un:iuu fitoml liic l.iniTin. vmv nuiel. In iMV'li 11 stern Inrdly rubbi.'d, would show spuks of melllo follllll lllS longun Vl'rV Ollick 10 glVO 11 Stem rrlusul ; nnil levelling Iheir iircrs, liolll pal - lies fired. Guinea anil Jo ill I- isher lell. I 'Plinr. sw.ia i ... n r t. n.i.l i.mun - ... . .. .. .......... ...... j , 1 U In.i..,.i f.. lv, I.. I it... .....II ' with thu agility and lieiceness of a pinlher, ' and charged b lyonet un llio Eugliihm in. vantage. Hut lhe bayonet has ever been, .t... r . .1... it. i. .1 i ' . able lo mllict a seiiuus uouml upon Ins ail- iversiry. The taller coolly and warily Irode J back his ground, keeping his bayonet at his antagonist's face, till tlio hard breathing and P luting of the young Aniurican warned him I it was his turn to become the ass iil.nit. Then ' it was th it his thrusts were quick, rapid, and successful; till, at length, us Downer touii'M I muiseii wiiu ms imck. iu uiu very wan iiom Ilii life. Wound after wound hu received, nud nl length thu Hritish bayonet entered his hirast near llio left urni-pil, andt he muzzle came with violence against his breast. Ed ward llnuw down his gun, and clapping both hinds upon lhe wound, tillered a loud srre'im. I I e Hi iron, surprised al llio supposing i hnn mill tally woiiuiluil, Uroppeil lilt! point ol 1 bis weapon. Qncl. as lightning, IJ.iwnrr ! sprang liver his guard, and lighting on him with thu force of .1 cannon bill hulled him lo llio earth. There was a fearful struggle of a few seconds, but at length, Downer ap peared with onu hand on Iho Union's throat an. I his knees planted in his breast, ' Now surrender ! ' said Downer, almost breathless. ' Never ! ' s lid thu Hrilun, in u voice slill nioro inarliculato. ' Surrender ! ' cried Downer again, reach ing forth uno hand and drawing to hint (ho Union's own gun. Then it vvas that lhe Never ! ' of llio Oni on came clear and steady. ' Never, lo a reb el ! ' and, ina twinkling, tliobiyouet de scended. ' Quarter ! ' cried a gurgling voice. ' Too I lie I' said D ivvner, as ho arose the body now at ils last gisp; 'loo lain!' and as lie drew out thu bayonet, the spirit of the Hrilun took ils flight, leaving his body a grim and senseless clud, " tlin unrl.nnl cyo Still lun-rrme on his enemy." When Edward had cnllected his scattered faculties, ho found himself surioiinded will, llio suffocating suinke, which a strung wind was bearing, iu heavy volumes, fioui the westward. The lones'of an alarm ball vveru also swinging heavily by on the night wind, and millions of sp irk's nod burning fragments went tisnig and falling in the west. Tho di rection of those fiery signs R4V0 rise to the worst suspicions, and rushing up the inter- veiling height, which formed Iho eastern Inu- ii of Willow V.i lley, the dreadlul truth tl ish ud upon him ; tlio iioniu of his childhood wasi io 11 lines! ami where wero his lather and sister I Tho thought was madness, In a statu bordering un plironzyjio uas led away ny tun" ign...... ..m, U'imkiog ruins. I no 111.1. weneu .11111 11 o.rny .if P. d. Downer h id been rescued will . u.un . .s,.,. ...., uncertain whether she lud peruhed with her father and was now covered with Hie warm ashes nf the place, ur had been carried offh thu eneinv. The search of llio morning reu- lereil thu latter coiiieclure probable ; (lie ru ins were raked to ihe bottom, but no body could ho found. The middln nf May saw lloston besetged by an army nf twenty limits mil men. Con spicuous 11 this throng ol patriots was a band of un hundred men, sill in flower of life, and all born in Willow Valley ami its neighbor hood. They wore distinguished iihovo all their brethren in nritu for iheir discipline. tlin prowess of iheir leader, and thu spirit of lierco hostility to liriliiiu wbuli they breath ed. Ilui what madu them mure remarkable Was thu singular banner under which ihe) had swnrn upon the gravo uf this (nurdered patri irrli to conquer ur die. It represented, on ono side, ? i m ill v a willow lil.isted bv lightning; on the oilier, a house in flames, and n patty uf soldiers diagging off a strug gling female. Willi lliese characteristics, 'I) iwner's Volunteers' were jusily ronsidri-! - . . J . J eu un; cuic nl the early continental army, and continued in signalize hy cun slant arts of daring and intrepidity, tlnuugh mil the war. During ihe last days of May, there was :i roinor nil ril, tli il a oilug American was lo he hung in 11 istnn for an attempt un ihe life of. i Iliiiish officer, iho linn. Capl. (nodon, uf Leslie's gren iviers. This was followed by another, thai ho had escaped; and hand bills, offciing a reward for his apprtdiension, were circulated, some of which re iched even I the qu irlers nf the American arm v. It was dining the prevalence nf th-sr re- ports, tlMl our obi ucqil iintance,.liiab V slier, whninuo have seen brought low by Hi.lish ..m. ,1lf ,hoy ,,llM ,i0ir UVOI10,S ,Ke M bullet, and who, since that rseiitful day, hid , cainpaigners a'.il reouised the eneiiiy with pro not been heard of, suddenly appeared ill the j ihgious (daughter, or, retreating, only because camp. Il seems th it Juab's liieolian head 1 utherw iso they would have been left alone up. was the means of saving his life. For the! on Iho field. It was upon thin third ousel that ball, striking Ihe lop stone upon which Joab) a ffe'' company of grenadier?, whn with other prudently rested his gun, either for the pur- I rohii.ircoii.ciils bad just arrived, advanced to as. ' ' ... . J Uault Downer tcction of llio lines. In spite of puso oi .uMiig suro an,.,, r Willi avrevy i, ox- a Uciemluus j on and elpei posing only th it part of his person which he ( lhe breastwork. ''Jpon them,' cried their lead had reason to believe invulnerable glanced 1 Cr ; ' no quarter to the rebels V thence lo the forehead of proof behind il, and j A cry of ferocious joy burst from llio lips of thence into lhe air. The only mil conse-1 Downer, as he recognized the fiery face of the quenco thereforo was, th it ho was entranced speaker, and he ruilied forward, nword in hand, sumo twenty or thirty minutes; for nf ,,, before lie c.u.l.l reach his victim, who stood snhseniinn. nn..r.,,l l, rims.. In nrrnnnl hY ll,U "rStWl.rlt, Waving Ills SWIinUnd Urging - ', i 1 . . ... , Consider.iblu informaliun which bo comniu. nicaled lo his comniandinc otficer respecting lhe situation of the enemy in Huston went lo prove Ibis ; but what had carried him thither in sucl umiccountablu manner, he obsli- mitelv refused to lell. Long used to iudul- i. ....... ..o ... .,,.,.,.-, - , honesty and allachnieui, he now asserted Ins ' ..I. I I: : 1 ...i.:.. a i pmiuf .u.-, mm .is iieniissi u m ins uiuj noun. 1.11 hut ipirsnoniug. iie 11 iu uern 1 none htllll low lllllilltrs when Dovi-nrr. whn i without farther questioning. IIo hid been ' gOUO Illila ll!W UUIIIItCS U hl'll DllWIler. Willi j uui risen, uuu was ivalMng lo mill Ire, in il I lit ol austricliuu, as ho turned luwaids the '.lour, ei ii' sl.m.llrin !., I, .. ..I.. I "I - ." "i". i.iin, n , Mitinn ' :,l,,,,o c......i II.. L. .. ...:i ' have been eminently handsome hall It 1101 been for (he darkness of his complexion. The blr.inger irplied nut, but eniered in considerable agilaliou, and pi iced one of lhe afores. id handbills in the Captain's hand. It . . ' V slated that Ihu assassination nl Capl. Gordon ! washed away.' was allempted conjointly by two persons, 'ilut Uh !' he continued, 'here flows a heal one nf whom h id been taken and was par- , ing balm.' tilie p noted as n!iu n Osu lo a crun. licularly described in thu advertisement ; but son tide, that dyed her garments irom her sida of thu oil er no account could he given ; for 10 ber feel. iinlwilhstandhig llm alt p was mido uu the "l'im ;,re wounded !' cried tho terrified Ed- Commoii in broad day, he hid nnnagrd tni""., , , ., , , .. . , escape, and there was'iiu doubt had assisted 1 j, "U Cr' hM E,nlled a"d fa""cd in the rescue of iho oilier. T(lc e',;jny . mnv ajvancipj; i a manner I am your countryman,' al length said thu 'tint showed resistance would bo unavailing. youth, 'and tho pei sun described in th 11 J Tlie rcduubt had been taken, ai.d the hues eve h indbill; but I know I run 110 risk iu making rrwheiu broken, l'dwaid cajt an iuipat'eni 1 his disclosure. I 'ask also the privilcgo of U laiico at hi. flying countrymen, bul Isabella al pulistiii" iu vutir corps ' 1 ''"a IIIIJ,"ent epuned her eve?, and every other 'Yoiaromy cnunlrymanl' slid Downer, j ZlloT co dly; 'il so you are sale, bul loth am I to ; bearing l,abol!a iu his arms through thu raking icknovvleilguas such, one, who wuuld stoop tiro of the enemy across Charlcstxiwn neck, to Iho assissiuaiioii even 1111 neiiiy pi iced her hi a carriage, ir.d thus convoyed her 'Ass is jiualiun !' said the vonlh indigmnt- I to her native valley lo die. Iv, 'Iheso hands are pure as your own. Thu "er sun went calmly down. She gloried in blood which I shed, flowed ill noon day, and , 1,10 exchange uf worlds, not so much from a when I knew tint ,y wu destruclinn would I ",eru b.athuigol hfe. as from tho triumphant as. , a , . -.ii , 11 , , , 1 surances of the gi siiel. 1 ho teeus of life, eter bo almost inevitable; and all that induced a, bccll M,-n cjrly in ler Inind. It had mu lo escape when taken, vvas boc.iuso my j 6pru U,, a ,,..,ri,ns and healthful plant ; and vengeance vvas incomplete. Oh !' ciintinu- . though the hghiiuugs had scathed and nfled it tied he, with a fierce smile, lint sit strange- , ils rout were slill lively, and sent forth buds Iv on his beautiful niouih. 'bad I but irurhed 'and bow. All vviilim her peace. Tho chris. liis heart instead ol his arm. 1 never would have leli my pnson.' A strong expression nfdisgusi line burst from Downer: ',S voung and yet so blood- j thitstv !' . I 'I h ivu cause,' ci in! the youth, with star I- ling nni'rgv ; 'a cause III it is written upon my soul, us with a seating iron!' 'What is ii J' nski d Dn ner u ho fell him self much all'rcted i the voulli's 11. inner. Exhausted by his frrlings, he had sunk up un 11 so it. 'You sh ill know all,' said he, 111 a faint but significant voice, Sifter ll o fiisi halllo ;' .mil thru shining up uildlv, lie laid his lliiu 1 1 ind un Dow nei's aim, and asked 1.1 a low tour: ' On lhe evening of llio nine teenth nf A pi il, did you not meet a bind of Union's fleeing, as fioui ihu uvcngu of blood V 'I did,' said Downer, shuddering at Ills own recollections. 'And did you note their leader ?' '1 could pick out every man in tint band nf murderers from tho whole Riilish Himy. Hu was 11 shun, thick-set, fellow, with prom inent eyes and a red face.' 'Tint was he!' shrieked tlin youth, 'that vvas the fiend Gordon! 1 have seen his blood, mid by my prophetic soul, I will havu il from his heart ere I die.' 'Had hu thousand lives,' cried Edwaid Downer, as thu memory of his own vviongs rose and maddened him, 'had he a thousand 1 n 1 , nv n uuni uw o ineill 111. .11 me. l hen you own revenge is sweet,' said Uie v nut 1. Smd .her,, iv srinuiiliv Imiwrpn us.' .......v. "" , o?-; rose calmly and said, 'I will tell jou ull alter the h.illle; meanwhile, 1 have a natural right 'o light under your banner, fur I uas born in Willuw Valley, and my iiaino is Edgar.' 'A doubln claim,' said Douner taking him kindly by llio hand, 'for that was the naino of my f.ilhet. And how, my gallant friend, as our sorrows have sprung from the same sotitce, we will make common causo against thu destroyer of our peace ; and liu thai first meets him on thu ball lu field, shall nvcngn llio wrongs of both, What say you, Edgar ; shall wo not bo brothers V Thu young man looked him in tlio face a moment, and (hen murmured 'My brother,' threw himself into bis arms and sobbed upon his bosom. Downer, to his surprise found tears upon his own check, when liu released Edgar from his embrace. There was something in tlio nulli's voice and manner that had beguiled him of no emotion which his desolate soul had not known for urcks, 'I'lie trio 1 1 It of .May was spent in larious pctly expedition for the enemy. Buttlie !""m!' "f, t;,.e.1.e,1 f"r ",0. ';POIC of the ereal tlrjini. Still. !tn ' - er. six oen dava the great iImiui. Still, bu ' or, sixteen days pissed elfin comiiirative repose. Hut the dawn of the seven'cenlh uas timbered in by the tliun ib'rn of lid!, and a doinoiis'ra'ion of bar. ml was inula on tlie pirt of fie An cricn:, ppiliuig lo the veterans who.ha.l lu'herto htToc ted to dcsjiire them. It is not the province of our humtilo i.iie to enter into a description of tint nnginfii cut aclmn. The stoiy has been repea'eil till every child can toll li. 1 would hen merely mute" the ieailei' aitonlion to that part ol Ihe line- defended Lv ' Downer k volnn leeri.' Here had been the hottest of the bat. lb'. Well disciplined and aduurub y cqiupicd, ml insfnrnl uilh leufold hatred uf ll.e llrilisli, t''7,d'd Iheir uurlc with iistunisluiig coolness . . .. -. . ' , Ins men onwaid, a light form bounded through , wi,, a (;Xej ,aj,inet. q',e blow was suflicicnt I Iho air past hiiu, and rghted upon lhe Union m have beaten him to the earlh, even without a weopnn ; but as u was, the steel pai-sed through his vitals and pinned him to the slope of the em- j bankuient. 'I have kept my vow-1 shouted Ed t'ar' retch, km.vy me I . thiii"- in his ear. Oordon slurled a if he felt I another wound, and gazing vvildlv upon the face . , w inch, auv nice I w illila a loot nl ii,, was suiil- . nig uino nun uui w on ; bellltlflll lielld. he ittCO mg upon him hut with a dire expression of a Oellltlllll lli.'llll, llU ittClliplCll In ri-P, UHlIO I "'"- ""- oiurynn;; , full b,u kw.nd and ex. M lr: . 'I hive kept my vow !' again cried I tin youth aj , . rtl ' , , ... - . , , . aa u drew out hid weapm and turned to IKnv. ins... .ti! hr.itl ..... 1 A. I he s-nake. he limu ntT from liej..! .1 u-irr .?! Ipninht uiacK 11.11 r, ami uie ricu .reste.s 01 a lemaic lell upon his nei k .11, d slieulilorp. 'Isaln'ila !' cried Du.vner, a ll.e truth dawned upon him, 'my timer ! can it be !' . 'ouc !"K er.ou the uiiliappygirJ, shrink. n 7"."" , 1' " " , i"." "P1 1 W'll 11.11 rvnll ! 11, h on, I fir, r 1 rnvi.lpil haa lint ' hope. Hut breise of pnadue, which had i.iuneu ner cm lutmoa s i.n-i-s, nnu vvnicii nau recently been put to lear.u. i.m:, tiad resumed its wonted breathings, and w4 u.iiiieg her sto.nhly on to the heaven of rest Ti,ry a . seniblrd for her funeral. i was more solemn 1 thin her dtherV, lun I rnim 't it. Tlie ile, ii vv.veis of llietr trills une tn uhleil, and there was weeping and uie, lul no 1.0 cure no confusion. litr angel spiru sicmcd lo ho. ver ini re, wiih a spell mi every heart, b tiding Ihem bo slill, for she at ic-t. 1! it think not if thus silent w, it Vlt I' 0 Is nil; res- on. Ddepwas Iheri'htj u .1 .. -r nTOIC, kiicciuig roitiid In r g'ait. bi.jnd their souls lo tho service of their coiinlry, In! death or victoiy should i'Iom' Ihe inidliC, The bind 111 wlm Ii she had lought u, k .1 m u aider tore, venge tlie wrongs nl Labentv D.xv.ier, With lilies thev vveru at Saratoga ; woh Ci'recu, at Kulaw Spring ; with W.ishing'on, at Trenton and Yorktowu. Al length liny war-worn vet. erans returned tn Willow Vallty. Tbe bones nf the remaining lifly weio slruwn from .Maa chtisetls Hiy to Georgia. Downer returned, bul not to remain. lie saw the ahes of his home, and llio voice uf olhcr days camo back upon him and unmanned him. He retired far south, and there, once more, laid the foundations of l.i hoii.e Ills vine has flourished, and nu. meroua Koodly branches have sprung from the parent sleek. His eldest sou, who inherits Ihe pilornal estate, was a colorel in the scrvico dur ing the last war, and moro .ccenlly a member of the national council. In his house is a sin. giilarroom, which is opened but once a year. At one end of it hangs the picture of his grand father. At tho other are pu Hires of his father ami nf Isabella 111 her military dress; and be. tweeu Ihem is spread the banner under which Ihey fought. Here, on lhe anniversary of the nineiceuih of April, a solcm feast is held. All branrhss of lhe fjindy ate cil.rd home, llio his lory of that ban.'.or is repealed, and all feel as Ihey turirfromllio sacred robes to separate, each to his lio.iie.'iin bonds uf coiisaiigmnuv strength, rued, and thyir lovu uf hberly .lictoav,l from the knowledge of llio it rest. 'Jlad every fain ly til the land s .it Ii ail heir-loi n is this,' says the eolo.iel," llrii..n at least could never couquer us.' ( Concluded on 4'A Pag.

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