Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 1, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 1, 1846 Page 1
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toe t tT I I I.. I NOT THE GLORY OF C 22 5 A R BUT THE W E I. T A 12 E OP ROME BY II. 11. STACY. THE FARM. -if A Prom tlic X. I". I'iriner. POTATO PLANTING TIMS SPUING. Il is high time fur our finiirrs to consider wlml will lio right for them to do I opcctinp tlm cullivaliuu nf Potatoes this ciison. And tlm consideration of lliis question berimies of' n,ps ptex-onlcd the further "iiiwlh nf lln pu tlic greatest importance since Dr. Liiulley, 1 talncs, unit of thuso which wem ninivn, u the editor of tlm London G.iidcncr's Cliion- 1 '-'"i'' Paction poiiinn mllcd in tlm ground ; the lat.'n number received bv tlm I "' " 'J01 "'m,i " l'01"111 P"" ", ""' , . i ii . . . "... ticiMiilcil crop uimioil potatoes, as iiltliiirit1.'- .".., ..,,,,, ,,,, -1 Sophic.illy, advises tlic f.irnu'is of England not to plant tiny more potatoes ; founding bis advices on tlio fact, all tin? potnlncs forced fur early consumption in England ( i practice by tin; way which is there carried on to an enoinioiis txtenl) bad itlieany got tbc disease mid were wotihless: thus showine- tlnt it bad not, ns many expected, exb.msled rt :,..,li-i ...ii: ii I i ... ., , . Ittcll, but vvoiibl in al piob.i nli v niev.ii ibis ... .' ' 1 11 year uuh tlm sime vntilence at least. On rcfeience to our p iper of J.i ry 'S, paj;o , 243, there will ho found an exliact of a Ii I- , terfroma niut I coriesinndent in ,. H ...... I,;,.. ,i i . io-i i , inipliii(!, slatiiiir lint in 18 1j he n inled ' . r I" the son,,. pmres cm from di-e.ised pot.iloes ami iipplie.l. accnrdins lo (be advice of .Mr. Tescbeni.ii ber, at tbe boeinn, a bum; I idle full of i uiiMliie of equal i,nls of Milt, lime 1 aslifs lo eicb bill, no, I tbn be ImiI not 20 iIIm' .i d potiitoes in bis whole crop; iiukI, Inn not all, hi. neighbors snfi',. eil very mmi K I', .no t'ie disease. W" ill now liv 1'efire ,mr le.ulers pan of .mother Illllllil'.i;i i flniu .1 most lespiTlilhli. ,jii.i. in West I!olnii , coiiiained in btiei lo a fiiei, : Vi:vr Uovnunr, M irrli J, 1S-10. "My pnl Itoes (I' iiler Vlliel) wro last year planled on the 2 lib Apiil.mi a piece of roinil in ci sm l i il bllli ire ihni mi acre, naturally wet and sjiriii.'v, hut w aicb I thoroughly m.iiai d tlm ear previous; a sinod soil b it very full of sui ill sioiies. Thu m i liure was taken from ihe bi:u-.nd loa' and tinrottuii, and was dropped by tbe foil; in the furrows. The sets Hem taken finin uood siz'd putaioes cut in b.lves, and afiur beinn rolUil in prounl plis'er ere diopped upon tlm in mure, tun in each hill, ;ni, tlm ,is xveru m Kin tbieo leet ,ip ut cub wav. A ll'i 'H'x , unit, to appear inces pei lectiy sniinil slurp fiol on tlm nijbt of llm lib nf May j ''' ''"'' """"''I ' 1 1 cellais in cut the tops all ih. n. O 1 the 0,1. nf Juno, I ""'"'l' """er. In a few weeks, ihe nt the ft. st!, I ip.ile d a very laru ta-1 "l!',0,'S in b it Ii cellars were found to be rut lite , in infill nf (l,:'.if stils (sulph "to ofl1,'"-' and ailvice in l,o cis , w is solicited so l 1) an I ilf 1 mixed in erpt il , '"' "'" U' ijbbors. Mr. Tcsrlieniache, 's p ills, to ci' h pi nit, anil .his ' iiiiuicdi ite ly cnvi r d itlt the hoe. " Th s" is. in w ill be 1,1113 remembered as n verv d y inn', and I oht lined onlv nhielu- ciht bush -Is from tbe pi -cc. Hot although tbo q .amity was sin til, tlm quality tu- J nurkably ijood, as vou 111 iv s iti.fv vourself from Ibesinipli' f s.'tnl v.1.1. Tbev xi ere ' kepi shided fium I'm sun'.ts much as" possi. ulu xvltilu hem.; du., anl b ive been kept in a bin, in mv vesetable cell ,r not ol thu xxjy of frost. Tho rot has been pu vale 1 in m'x lieinlibnibo'id, and nf the eiop rtised in the next fmlil (lotiu' ieds, I believe) a .ii(. pin- iirlinn bis I n lost. s itwasowi,," to your su.'estiuu lb it I first 11, oil the kiIij-c, I .should have given ' mi th n-si.i (.,.(", re, lint I ibinitiht it inns. 1 (..Jem not tu tchu.ltc till out of tlic wood.' " Tlm litter part of this coniniunie iiiou seems to rebut tbe opinion lb it almosphei 11: inlluence occasions llin disease, its no lepce between two fields could possibly pie vent tl e exertion of this inllieiico on two adjoining crops; nor according to evidence can ihe Carlervariety claim absolute exemption from llm disease. It seems to us that the general character ol llm pnluto has deteiiorated, ami tbdt tbo sets wi.l therefore offer m ire faxnr- iimstances fur the dise is,, H. bei"'"""1 'oll5i,l"ri"i: tlmm as proof posiiivo mi sMiiiis inr ii.l,, thin be- ,. s ,u ;s f,,! ml p,.,.,,! ,'n(1.,iv )ir ..,, also seems to ns tin; on the fungus ,Jisasc i po'aines," I cannot but express ibu able eircumst fore. 1 1 theory the spoies must ho mom peneially disseminated thin last year, and probah'v rrtst in aliuust every inil and dun-' licni'; and this ouinion is . !...... I,v Ho, r.L ' B - ' recited by Dr. Liudlcy. Tbe t'enenl mass of evidence wo have seen seems u pnint with much force to tbo probability thai lime nnd saline mixtures, xx ill, iiccording to the opin ions emitted by Mr. Tescbemuber, provo remedial, Wo ibeteforo ask our firmers not It) loso courage, but to try c irefully such remedies as li ne been offered, mill i so do- ui" itoi i.. .... in my iiiuigs ingciiicr, i liivi,u I linnliir causes, f,,r great events. ull at once whether theexp.ii nlsl'liey said llmre nnrii lived, in ui. LI. ml, 11 succeed or fail they mav know tn w bat to at-1 '"'-'"' ; " ''l'1". xv bo slew bis sou for run. (nl.tilotlm result. Should all f,i this year ,"" '" -T; "," lerwards collecl- eil Ills lin H'S mi. ., I - I .1 :.. .. II xv lolmn. ,.,,, I, Il I ..II, C ..:,.:.. ' ' ' ' "I 1 llm ciilliv.ition 111 ine lotato. xx n cap sc ireely doubt, however, th it these evpiij. Itieiils wi'l lesult ill tho tlisCiiverv nfceiliii. I chic lies f.r ibis dire auil ili.gostioj dis -ase. Si ce wriiiug tbo uboxo we b ive teceived lliu following ititeii'sling conimuuiraliiiii, xvhicb full) coiifirins the theory iidvipced. 'I'l... resiiectahlo source fium which il iiiii. oles gixes it iidditiiualimpoilapce:- o Mn. I'lltri; In tbn last volume nf the N. E !, K .inner, Nus, 1(5 and 20, you g-ivo a coin nunicaliiiits friiui Mr. Test h"itiarher, on " lhe Disease in Potalnes," wbic'i seemed In mo niuio ration d nml worlbv of consideia - .t ..i.. .i nun in tu iiuj- uiu.'r, iitiinng inn numerous articles I saw, in relatiun to lint subjerl, After careful and repealed examinations nf diseased poiatoes.Mr. Tescheinaclier lieramo satisfied lint .tlm rot xvas occasioned by a minute species of fungus, and suggested s ill s an appropnalo remedy bi ibo caso. Iliad tvvn or lltroo ucres planted with potatoes in ltm, anil, in coninion xvilb most others in tins vicinity, sullured llio loss of u largo por- linn ol'llio crop. Tlic grnuiul beep n mowing for perhaps fifiy jears, xvitli the x coplion iil'ii single roi ii ci up n few xoars p vinns j ami llio nlil swnnl, willi a die'sing n 1" 'III Ml'! f, , ,'f V",iV , lll l I'll'l idle nl tln niipo, , ii ' in lih.iiii. In, iiihi l.inv.n il ,i glow III nl'pi t i:o tups .is hi-. ix j and vigniiius us inn i'iiiiIiI iiMMiii.ililx wish, mill "I Vl' promise if ii most il I in tti I -t 1 1 1 Il II Vest, III August, 1 tut change c.itntnenced, mill in n few- days Ii irtlly i green li'.if In In' soon ill tin' fi Ids. Tlin nri'in itini' tli'.iiti nf the ivolita in.. . T i ilise.isi'd pnintncs and tops wore left on tin; gioiitnl; mnl as tlm cinp carried from tbn field was constdoiod loo snvill to essenti illy impair tlm nbilily nf tbe soil to produce nr.nlber crnp, it was (.ifter rn id'n Air Tcscli'inachei's comnuinii ntiun above teferrrd to) though in ibis case contrary to good practice in ordinary cases lo follow willi tlm sunn crnp tbe fol- '"" "'P : .f"r " c,WKn llll5rllit'r. wnaiever it mint he, Ii nl none s woi ; a nil , . i . ., , , . , . , , lived nut Msdiv, that yronnd niiubt be expi-ct-1 ,., , vo ;is ll;r ., rrn !IS I!I1V ol,(,r. ,),! mnrt nver, slinnld tbe fmce of tbc evil lie J x.iitlx incieased by the presence of the dis. ''.iseil pol.itnes and decayed lops left on the, eroiiiiil, (.is w as a prevale nl opinion in somi'i i J . ii ,r i . . . 1 pi ices.) it would alloid a most s ii(,ieloi , .,,,, I u nit V (iftes:i tlm s nlnei.s nf M,"J Tescb, mii icbei 's ieus: and, fin tbei nioie, a reniov il lo another lielit oil, leil no reason able hope of (".capiat; of n disease, whose cause is, as yet, so m sleri us, and nhicli, at ihe sime lime, is so nniveis illy pii'vab'in mid destriii'live. Accnnlin ;K , bel'.iie plouliiii., in lb., spring nf 18 !."), on,, hiisbi'l and .i b ill "f oii'di mi en use silt per acie, whs sj'ienl hro deist, ,md then left one or two eels, lint il nilhl dissolve and mi ."le u ito !ie .nil, , fn.,- 1 , 1 1 1 j ! i i 1 1 ami pi intini', the s line qnntnv upu'i the ei mind, m iliiiL, .illoL'elher, Ibne hiisbels per acre. Tlm usual mode ol'cul line was purs ied, and a very f i r crop, nf evcell. nf ipi.ilin , nhlained. Tlm tops ueie ipp iteutly bed by lhrouj;ti tbe season, and 'ml a dis eased pnialii was found at tlm time of It it vest ; nor Lave I, up tn llm present lime, sen nr beaid of one being discovered amotej the lot. i-o much for my own experi ence: I will now givu a fict or two, liom that of lit bets. L ist autiiain, two of my nci!lilinr, Alt. C. and Mr. I)., put chased, lor their winter sup- ply, a lot nl C irter poUtoes ol tlm luiest ini'ury 111 r-'iriiiti in urn disease, was men- lioned, an I i .e.sioii in hi ine recommended Kr' "mlul 5,"L, 1 ' as an experiuioul. Accnidin.-lv Mr C. mix- clfi-' " '' I"11"1 "'vital importance to the Un ed .1 tub of brine, in tho propo'ition of about io" ils llllllr" '"'ests, pow er ami (level- ,,n" 'I" lrl ol "ck s lit t 1 six qu 1 r ts of water ; ''' titimit, as worthless, sll llinsotiibeis xvbi-ie the lut was re elilv discnx er.ible, the S'lUlid potatoes wei e merely dropin d into the Ittini! iml lb. mi tbiown out, dtippiii!, into pile, w heie tl.ey le.ii iined, 11 til usetf, with out the leist foitber tier ty, ami retained al their ''ood qualities. Many of hem,bi.,iev er, sIioa inn, by si. nil bard bum u spnls upon the surface, th it tbo pi igue b id 111 nl . be gi iui ig nn lli.'iii before the hiiuewis in pile I. Mr. D. Il iving but little fa it li in the ' applic itio 1 of brine, and 10 s iv.' hij not itoes w 1 ti too I is' I ib r, mert'lv sttre 1 I theni xerx till 1 11 1 i. Hi,' 11 1 ir of bis di v . eli ir. Inv'1.1" ft ,...,1.1. CP it 0 it III iso whir, woe tbdociive. prop ,r inn is tl rot was '1 mo iuv lues "it. tin nIv m ie po: ilo-s,. t, v 111x111 'be 011 si le ; sever il weeks In in j 111111in.1l b.'foro tho projre.s id' decay was urix'ed; where. sin tbn e. so of .Mr. C., iiniwiilisi ml ing his put noes, -iftei imuieision in tin, lni.,e, were (or soini'tiuio dripping w itb iiinisiure ( i state one xvn.ild suiip IiIl'IiIv clcliied In promo 0 decay) the termin.iiion nf 1! '.'' '." jumiipt ind luiuiedi.ite. On the who s"b-1 . ' ,vu "!" I lt',s "s 1 "'vo them, lilt , bopo tint .Mr. Tescbem icbcr, in tlm early 'ippliC'iMuii ol Ins rbeinical kiiuwledeo and r.-euiili- tesearcb given lo tho subj. cl, has f"'f'' 11 b,imiw benefit tipcn the farm- "' a - .... 1 oins, respectfully, WILLIAM CL IlKr Nottliampton, Mmch 28, 1810. Inuixn Notion- or tiii: Dr.ixnn. Liko must sax ago n.ilions, ,o Indi ins 1. .a .. . . .nn .1 11 iiiuiiiii cuncerniiig tim iintversil ilel uge, anil it is singular how the hum in mind, in its natural state, is nut 1.1 : mm In . "' .i.s,-,,, , , II gnoril. -is vv. is tut custom nn In, ...i Hives vv Mb tl lusn th-ir fii K lt a su'is' tiueul oecisi in, tlm cicitpui am telii'io mnl bis w ib nneui'il 'II' S lo Ciiiileinpliii. tbn bones nf llieir s in. w .ep to 1 It--ir, several full hod.. ite i ml sm ill, leapi-tl stilt. Upon this I'.e i-aciq i.' c,.s"i llio gourd p ,,-,.,) j( ,, the I o, 1 of bis boos.., fm 1, tin., th n bn bad the seed shntup within it, nml could hive fish xviicncViT lie pleased. Knur hrulli.'is, how. !'." ' V .k'mu i" "''""" . Iiltnrilll'll, Iters. Iiealin.r nf tils nut, nl . 11,10 - 1 . , . ., 1 . dining tho ahsenco ol the cacique, In peep mlo il. In llieir carelessness they sufii'ied it " l-'IJ upon tbo ground, xv lien it was d ish. d In pieces, and Ihoio issued forth a mighty I ' llnml, with dolphins and ib irks, ami groat,. .. i. .1.... 1,1. .i :r s !, oiiii mu .nm n t uniiiiiii iratn-, i y wis,- pi nspect in coiiini. .. il oveillowed the earth and funned tho ocean, ' tion, or even lo n preservation of a necessi- le.iviug only the lops nf llm ininit.t tins, which' ry b ilanro of power, let us insist upon it. !ru ill" present Islands. Dwight, Hut if, iq reality, no canniit liiipu to direct ' ihilher any poilion of the lido of emigi itiott 07"'' Ditl you ever go lo a military hull " if ur solo interest bo lite Ir nle in furs nsked n lisping maid llm oilier night of an old veteran of Jackson's army of '15. "No my dear" growled Ibo old soldier. "In thoso dayt I had a mililary bull como lo me." I! IJ H h I N T 0 CJThn follow i 1 1 tr wild nrticlo, for vivid cnnci'ptino, f.iiilifnl di snipliiin, mid ihiilling vcisilicition, ineii's nil pi.iin', llinogh some would doubtless deem thu fust st.iii'i ton rnu,'h : 'Til 15 ISTKMPRRATP.' M'nv. 3Ir. I). i n 1'inli. r, Ii w do ma do ? XX tin ii piMihu Hi'' ill'1 hi i'Iit Willi von II iw di, I t'ii ' fi e Itrii.f n ill.- ll-id ) XX 111 11." 1' ii r i " s-n t illv rt-1 J Xa,iv do n uioiii'i ih il i di I I tivio.i 7 XVhv ,io 'i li tlcfiilile III 1 1, l v'i XX n.i Un .l.i'i'. litis I Itll I lie r. in In ll ivmi, An I lei llii" o cij.'r lie pi'llfl Mill l.,ie I Anl die l)r iiii'.rin'.iT ml If '"U Ihich m mc Vou oil a 1 1 htnr wli it juu lunr, nnj fee wlnt xou sec. 1 1 Ind a f.ulipr tlii crivc i ln b(tl t , I Iml 'i inotlii-r -t-luhlci'tis xviib the (lend. Pncly I uept w linn tln.j' Iclt mc nlon", lint I s!iq.J jll my tcant on lliu r ni.ivo ind llicir atone; I (i unlet! a wl low 1 hlanlril rt vew. I And htl llieiu lo sltci till the last tiumpctblewl 1 rortimc was tnino, nml I mounird her eir lMc:i.iiru from virtue In rkoiud mu Ur ; Onwnrd 1 went, likn nn nval iiuhciloun. And the tunsluncorrurtiuic wns cliangcil lo a frown. I Portiine vvaq irnne, nnd I took lo mv f-ide A ymiii:', and a lovely, nod licnullltil lindcl ller 1 enlrcait'd vi Ii t'oldnc s and t-t'om, Tun nut luck till Ihe ol thu morn .Slinliuns It'T ki:iJne.s, an I nioeking Inr fears I5ntina a I liijlit on Iter tenderes-t icars. Jsad nml nciih't'i'il anil weary I lift her; Sorrew and care of Iter reison lurefl her Till, like i star, when it filU from its. iinde. hu punk on lite bjsutn of uucryt and died! ' 1 Ind a child, and urew like a vine I'.itr m iIih of I) nn ,'st'tt-, w.ia mine ; rmr-un.l I walclted o'er her innocent vonlh, Attu nnm'l fioiu lit'iv.'ii would xialelt over tr,.llt. Sltcuiew h'.e In r nt'illicr in f, ittut s and form ; Iltl lillif eye was t.irtjtll.J her cltee". vli loo wafltl. Sevtulicu ciiturners haj slt-.tti" on her htow Th eveiitenth wind r I chcld In-r Iti f I vv I Yoitiltr they l''ijt to I ittr ruvta, sule hv ;idc, . A f.illier a ntollKr a tljuyltlcf .1 htltlel ' When th It id left mc, I 'lood hero alono ; Xo ti- .f toy race or my k uditil were Uimw n ! IVi'tids a,l tor si (veil, and hope all ilep-trt' d Sa 1 tin lies' 1'iltitt, ami di s .1 re-let tried Im-i'Iki no !( ttdiic for itouht lint w ts luiinan II tt.l oy in to an I dwelled liy worn in iilil nip la 1 l in it 1 an I i .ml I i ti nioie () iv tr i I ki'iit nil" p iinvv iv of si, .mi' j An I tul this liom. Fioeu mv I .iln" went ilown, .lly I'.uw l,.t b a known a contiitu i Irowul 1 loi to vour eliiitlKii.and tell litem ihe tale; Te'l llieiu his flu ( k, loo, w.i- livid iv ,ak' : T- 1 ilif.ti In- i'v."t were all hlo id lt t mid cold ; Tell t lis ill Ins p.irn.' wis a str.iilt.'rr to iruhl ; Tel, the o he i ts nl tit run i It thu w ml I tiny urc 1 1, 'I'iie vt.'ii n of sorrow, and ttneery, tin. I nn ; 'IV'II 1 tit in w In n 1,'e'i. slrtim fid eontliets wi ropusti In horror ai.d nniiish he pti telicd ui Ust 1 ' Till: OiU2GON QUESTION. The London Daily News of the 4lli inst., has the following nniclu in rehtion to the Oi.'poii q'Ks'.ijn. "Tlm bono was not to bn entertained, thai i the present Ameiiian Executivo wniild con- or undo by his success in lhe present neon sent to infer llm Oregon dispute to arbilra- li-itioii. No wonder that be Minins Ins ef lion. Tint Executive evidently does not ( foils mid bi impudence to llm xeiy verge of look upon it is a question of tiobt. It in iv w ir. lint we doubt bit readiness to stop be lt ive a gootl opiuinii of its country's nglt'. uxoud." lint it has moieover tlm bsed opinion tint tbo possession of llm Colombia liver, that "linn III , .lliu (if lis iiiisu-iy ill till- Millllicill Coutineiit. Impressed xvilb this, although it puts forward tbo plea of tiitbt, it forbids that right to be questioned. Tho Aniuiican Governm, ml evidently stands upon a gtound higher in ils own estimation th in right the vital inleiesls of llm country. Al the same lime, il sees that tlm river ami lb" tertiiory in dispute can never hit of the niiicl y-ninlli p irt nf tint v ilno t i 1". rd ind that il must be In llio Uillt-il St itoi. oi ii cimi lets, rt I'ler.'lhesi' interests lb m th" lights p. ml liifd in triMlii s, of th HCope and ("nttnrt ul' wbtch liiiisn who sijinod litem nvi jintlv knoty but lilt1-. 1'b re is no use, llicn, of any lonet til ing nf li.'bts, nr of discus. itm tln-in. W'fii Pie mo 1 if 111 G .veiiniienl r I'.ifes al, at nut 1 tin 1, it id mi is lb it it is not 11,1011 1 ijle ; 'l It i Il scs t.S r.'S .Hl'S. I'll.. (Hiss, ssinti ,t ,1b.. (J. 1 1 . 1 1 1 ' 1 is w in lb t u ,ir, .1111I iv e will 1,1 I tiler Mill lb.' lisk of tit 1 1 w ir In. ill cede lb. rivic. This is lhe position, and tin sr 1 guinnnt of tint A niei G'n ernmeut.w liic!. , i., " .I , , ' ,' ,. . .. , . too unit t! iitm (toil .tor (lutlitoi ilitc lis cl.o.i ''" 'I''v xvould no longer advance any qties I timi of li-lit to a government, which, bv r... I a" "'"'rage, sets asidu all such ques V. 1 "". I ' """1 lion ; and that henceforth their solo effort xvotild be bow- lo avoid xvar, by llio l.nglish ceiling all that could ho ceiled, cnnsiale utlv Willi ibo nation il interest, to older lo meet and s ilisfy llin nnre isnuable and unri 'htL-ons dem.inds of tbo A met icons. IM. . ... . inert! 111 ly m tins lie snnui lowering in dignity, and 11 certain lowering down in lb" natiiin il pride. Hut deprecaiing all wars, we depiecati! inoro llian uuv olbor, a war with thu d Stales ; .-mil ibis, not onlv from enuiniiinitv nf oiigm, and Inn 'tie. ami i leas ind cuinnierce, in tho pist, but boe.iiise.cvon in tbn present, it would be a war carried 00 ax linst us by our own blood, our own sons, our own s news. I-illy tbotis ni l emiorants yearly leave our shores for lhe Uniied St iles ! his p on the p irado helween tho barracks. each with sotiio weillh, and almost all uiib I As Allen p issed lhe y ite, u sentinel snapped strength and youb. And it is with a coup, j bis fusee al him, mid then reheated under a HV, into which is thus transfused our best j covered way, Anullier sentinel undo n bloo, ami our surplus life, lb il wn aro lo go ibrtisi al an nhVcr with bis bijnuel, and in xv ir. Ami Ih it w ir, who are the fust, the ' slightly num. .led him, b"l Allen nil hint over chief, ill i itio I f'lrmi I ibl" Climb it nits, whom th" le-a I with hi. sword, n-ul ho threw down we ate In oucni'iler ami kill I English S"a- his nitiskel and asked for ipi iiler. Standing men men b irn, nurtured, I itigbi aiiiougsl on the p ir ulu ground, they gavolhieo lin.. us, even to llieir I'lirini I ilile ail of seam hi- 7. is and uriiuseil the sleepers. Allen epq ii ship and tl t v.i I sir if,', nml euticetl fiiiin us by I red tbn wax to tbn eniinii mil nil's ap iitiuent lhe natural cjtise nf llio high piiei! of lahnr' b islily ascenil-d lhe stair, and Called out i i Animic.i, Surely a war with such fncsis with bis sieutui t to voice at inn tl.inr, oider civil war. ill' I'm astonished lin inslantlv loan. I pcin in iv iieintnesn const leratious no roni ler itions no "Olid and V did IC lS III for s IClifi -.'no m solid I merest and prnfil ibln tights iiflbis coonlrv'. ! ,n tbero is te isiin here.w liy we migbl in ike inificn of prid.i w itliout dishoiior. If tbo 1 mtler ioimedi Hely to surrender the lull, possession of llm Coliitiihii, or the right lo 1 Uuhhing bis cej and trying lo cnlh.-cl his n nigatn il bo essenti il to uuv great inlerett ! sc.ilterml snnscs, tlm Krenchm ni asked bv .- i.. '..p.. ,..... . . . . xx hich must dis ippear liefuro udvanciug agti. culliirn if tho popul ilion of tlm upper pail of ibeso streams must bo American lot ns nut persist in either perpetually iuiruding.or N , V H II M 0 N T. F It 1 1) A acting as perpetual keepois and jiniloisnl the 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i f a sire. mi, lint ciiiient id'ubii b xve cannot in ikn ii'.illv ours by population. Tin. riiiifil inoineiit has nuw ariived, ubeti we iiinsl mike or receive a new pio I'osil. The mind of our Mini ,iers nn:btto be mad" up to en n'li'iitili.a. Vicld the xx bole of tin; terti'nrx, as iltiinetl hx the A niei it'ai s, up i it 1 1 1 I iml. It xxnitld be a i (Itsr-ce, and such au n mount of weakness as (u,).il, I'uilinl.b'u .iiid'eiiliile luropeaii pmv Cis to lontemn us, an I to jjivo ns solid and ! Ciinveiiieni p'liiii's of tint ciinleuipl. We heir nnn of all nlTer to ho til ide by i., i . w . , " . (.real (tint, tn accept M. Gallatin's pro- ms.,,dhs4yi,.Ier;. to the sea, the me to bo couttnned Ibrou.jb llm midst of I i.e.. s stratls. If the Ui I Stales relused such an oiler, wlucli would leave them the best potts on l'uc.i'.s .straits, we can only sav th u ' they ate determined to provoke xvar amide servo ns xvorst ronseqiirnces. ior do xve think that limy would or could refuse, if the n itinual interest and dosire were consulted on tlm matter of the Colum ii i river. Some I i . o' .1... C- ... .- c -. ' 1 r 11 ,r M.,VI-;I"."" I the Si. L'lxvtenre lo tlm Aineiicans, in in lliirti for that nf the Colmnhii. If thcrt; be insuperable objections lo this, the fine tnvi lo.ilion of the Coliiinhi.i niitbl he stipulated, (as we before mentiniii'd,fnr a petiud ofyears I say to ihe end of the retituiy. Should the meiicin Government refusn innynfTer, anil was piepiretl In bully and J to full, liill tin pills of the United Stales , would lie Ion'; lol.. rated lu tlm ui linlenaiico unit pursuii nl such a leeliii, llm cnuse qoences of wbicb.ire Mifil.'ientlv formi loblo to deter liny except the perverse and the mail. Tlm sooner ibis nil im ilum is prnffeiedpiml tbe lesult kntnv n, the belter. Tbn present st ile nf Mexican affiits lendeisour positinn xvilb icspect to the Goveinment of W'asb i i'.'lnn, ni'ire Parades anil Almnu le ai both pledged to ieist Annlo-Aineii-can diet ilinn. And it is till as well, that if there is lo be n stpii!!h' against the resolve the United Si ties to bully linlh 12uropt and Governmeiils, strut! should be a simultaneous and combiu one. 'IM i ...... . e . , . t , .1 . i ue ieai si. no in tun case is,proo iniy,tiiai llio Anieiiciin Goxer'imeiii is meiely seek- . tut! lo L'et tlte best terms ; ami iirlinu the br.i'.".'tiilorio with our not xeiy adroit orspir iled Government in Older lo do so. Mr Polk has private, as well its pitiintic motives to xx itl tbe most fiom us. His re-electinn ton, second term of hu lVosadi;nc.V,indocil bis, whole char. icier as n 11,11'. ici h,, . bleb al 1 present rests on notion'.', will bo inmbilaled Tim xxay i;iban Allen mniisieril to take tbe I'"ort:vss-Lake Croice ainl Its sceuety I'ort Ilcuiy and l'oiitl. rini.e weoL-s Imp.,,-.. il. fir.. I., nl.. nf,l, lievnlntinn at LcxitiL'lon, an en.niissarv was 1 sent to C. nada by the comniilleo of enrres- I pondencein lloslon, In ascertain the feelings ' of the people, and lo make such reports as I ' bis observations might suu'eest. is first ad- , vice xvas that Ttcnnderoo.i should be seized as iptieklv its possible. ' I I liu "t'f Mountain linys" were at this limn fiesb Irnni llieir 1 csist nice nf lhe new I , 1 ... 1 . . 1 .- 1 grant., anil weie immetli ly lixed upon is tbe hesi .i. ce lo ai hievi' this o' i'(i. Tint

'it'le .ini'X ab rotX a 11. nlv 111 " ml'"il ntiiliT I he t 1- ... iinns 't ,.ii ,0 1 as-eui'iled afC isllettin, ind lhe main hnlv, cuusisiiiig of nuo liun- Ired .111 1 f.iitv 1 1, 11, tub "I .'ire. llx tu tho s'toi e n 1! e I ik , np;i is e TlCOinli 1 ' g 1. Il vis i input 1 1. it 1,1 1 1 , ... ,, ooj !,. 1, ho w is ac- 1 lint d w itb the or.i.ind ind the place nf ace. ss. nn ind lin- forin ss Mien n-ule eiiqiii- rt'-s as to these omuls of Mr. I! 'man, a lar nor lesidpig ..ear the lake, who answered 110 loolsteps of sentinel no xvaxing or that he seldom crossed 10 Ticotiduiog 1, and plumes gieeted our sight. Tboy am gone, v is littbt ucipi tinted wiib tbn p 11 liculars nf nil gnne they sleep and some of the x- iis siiu iiiun, lint th u h's son N ilh in.a young pired amid llm music of c inniins, and clash lad, p issed iiuicb of bis lime theie, in com- ing nf swnrds fainting as it were in the aims pany with tbo Iioxs of the garrison, of Vi tory, lh"ysunk intolbep last slumber, The boy xvas called, and appeared by bis the long sleep of ages, answers to bo familiar with every nook in I Tt... ,,l ns in., f n n i;c,l ,,!., llm for. nnd every ,. iss .go nnd by-path by wiiici 11 coui.i 110 appromieu. unite eye of Allen bo was tin. very person to thread out inu nesiaveiiuo; mm ny 11m consent 01 inn, ami 11 lilllo persuasiun, tie xvas (iiigiged to be tbn guide of llm p iny. I tin ne.M step was to piorine hints, which weio ve.y deficient i,, number j p.,,,.1. ube.e tho death sigh nf ftvo I tlied men on v b id crossetl hen tin (lav hcnunii t t tit .- men only Iml crossed xlien the day negan to break ; and while tbn boats wero sent hick for the rear division, Allen resolved to move ininiedl itely against tho fort. lie drew up his men in lliieo ranks, nd diesseil iheui in a short harangue, and pla cing himself at tint head of llin centie file, led llieiu silently, lint with a quick step, up the bitighls uf tbn fortress. Ilefoti' tint sun ruse, Im ImiI entered the gale, nntl lormei pear. HI u llei at so'e and iiueMir .-ilullei at so siranoe ami uni'Mier t il n snilllllillw. bo stiinti.r I", ,ini bis lied nnd iipeued llm door, when llm first s dotation of bis boistious mid imseasonablo visitor was an xvitat aitiuui tly lie piesuineil to m ike sitclt a dciuiud. "In tbo name nf ibo (Jreit Jehovah and j the Oontiimntal Conrress ! " replied Allen. Not accustomed to lunr much nf llm Con- Congress in this remote corner, nor to inspect its authority when lie did, llm coin maud nit began to speak ; bin Allen cm', sboit llio thread of Ins discourso bv lifting his sxvoid over his head, und reiterating llio Y, M A Y l , IS4G. demand for an instant surrender. Having neither pet mission lo r;uc nor power Id re sist, Captain lie la Place snbmilled, oidcriu", his men to parade w iibnul iirms, and tlm earrison was jjtven up lo the victors. This surpiisi) was efiecled about four o' clock in llm niiiiniiio on tbe 1 lib of May. I'lte leni.iinder of the Hoops arrived after the foil was taken, mid the ptisoners, ennsis lino of. i C iplain, Lieutenant, and furty-eiobt suli.ilteius nii'l privates, xvero sent on to t foul under an esrotl. As soon as llm In. silo was over, Allen sent ..rr .. a t. ... . i n i . " "clot iiniL'iii io! xrown i iiint, a smt,r rrr,,s. ,,,,, Srn, j,,,.,,,! .;,,, (r0V) ,,..,. ,,, ,, ,, irl. , (.lrll,., .,, t,V(,nin. T0 f ,nl .. ,.( ,,.1V ()r two afierw ards.nt.d , ,i. .lr. !,,. p,,.....,!,," ,,r ,.,.. i t... ven'men, were bronchi in pii,oners. The principal atlvaiilatjes ill these cnpluics, be sides tlm possession of the posts, was the nr. quisiiinn, at Ticondemsa, of one hundred and twenty pieces of cannon, S'lini; sw ivels, tiinrl.irs tint sol ill til tnsf oiol nl Pi. nt n Point of siiy-iinu cuimin, mid 1.1110 small stoics. Tlm Green iiiiiuutiin IJuxs were at this time under sentence of oull.iwiy I'litni thu P10vinci.1l Goverumeiit ; hut aflei tlm (.mioiI services t lit' y bad done at Ticondet uo.i, they xveru formed into a sep.iritc teimeiit, and peintilie'l to tio.nmile tlmir own ollieers. Their service, to the c inse of independence j ' " ' 'V "Vwv''r "'r I"'- are well known. ' '" ""! "x,;,l ,:,r xperimeni. .... , , , , , . . 'he maoiietizer haxino prniiiiuiireij tin Anl is th it Like Goorse ( Sundx it is ;!,.:,., : ,t. , .r c,.. M i....!r 01. d ii.,,,. e.'.i ti i..c. r, visions of tlm p ist. The uaines of Iloricon I, iKu ijt'or.'e, hunt ft icr.inieut. tnoei her Willi tlm loriiis ol shaven priests, beai tnj litt'.H' llin tlolv wnti.r nil romi. to i.ii.t.l '. - "... V "". - " '""' " vtuvv. We even lincteu that wo s ixv tho litllil canoe, bnundtnt! silently over the bloe waves, nn I tlm swift ;! incing after tlm un conscious deer, of the barbed arrow. The dieauiy things of tbo pist ciowded thick on llm minil, anil xve lelt ourselves associ tleil liy .sympitby, wtlh llm swaitby sons ol llm for- ;,,iii:',,'ui" !."','rr 'Vixan.son tin; borde-rso the peaceful lake,. I hen, indeed - tlvvaslinly water-no blood,,...! tinged its xv.ives, anil no huslilu li mner, or forcion can- .. .. , 1. ..I .1 .. 1. 1 1 . .1 v.iss .1 in iiJii" 11. u.i 10. us iiuovu it 0.1 1110 nrijr'it, a'"' mirror! I Invo ne'er liet'orp Held convers! vvttli thy wives .i here 10 ihy Hut now I sto Ihy own tin mndy shore I Hut tit, to's another vision bruhlrr vol Tlio white-ro'ted priests w-lt"hore ihee tt away, In kin-ily land-, stern monarch hrmis to wet, I'or 111. 111 wen billowed (.11 lint o'den day, Wln-n sin J ded fwi iroJe u.'tuly on Ihy slure. AnJ kti.'.; wetc henl, their ltounr;p hele lo tiy, That ne'er lor praise, in sttpphliice lient bft le . Though I.eiaa in inks 'uu.i eloistered luins grey. Those days are sine I no nnre to come uziin, An I meiiuiry cltti s with fou,tn's to r-neh s.tot Where Hnou.' .ha uiy. ead, si red Ir.nn, (II 1. eo leel o is ne'er lo he f. ryot ; Here will -h weave ihe myrtle and the roe, And Knew with 11 twers lhe I'l.ti.n's nory lied j II. le will slut biuer while. 1. urniiileiir lion s, Thy siry voice in rcqiiem to the dead. That day has gone, and another more san- K1"1" . ins succeetleu ; since llieii, then: '' !"''!". " ".'V1:' 'ln ssiun and '"'"".'. '""'" l-Hler nnhly ir iphed, """ ",,s onu SCL'"U 01 "'''"c-' I'Ioa- on bea itiotis lake in thy calmness forever : Sl111 'pxrkle in nui-hine, or iluuid.r in st mi : a-ill the names of the hravc b3 faryotlcti ? None- Thy wjvesdrank their Mood ere it ceased to ho warm. , , 1 oeii Le thou a s'tiine, vv irrc nifiuorv rcturnin", Toxisii tho i,nt, tint ,,0 ir,.-,sur.' 111 ..t dear" Shill pi ii,.-. while a tear iicalh her eye-lash U hurn- To weep tor the brave who are slumbering here. Away Inch, out of sight, they told us wero the iii'.i.s ofnld 1'iui Ileiuy, where deeds of blood, in iilber limes, were s nidified by law. We strained our vision in vain fur the Ion" linn of dusky warriors, clad in glittering steel, leuly fm a eh irgn of b.ixouels. or a remise nn nig the hemlocks, 011 the orassy bill. side , ,, , , Wuxi ',, t,,,,,;,..,,,,.;, l.loodv poml," where llm bodies of five bandied soldiers wero thmw 11, after the mas- lv. ,,o F.encb and loilim, f the En - lisb pristnieis on suireiideiing at the I'nrl, with promise of safe conveyance, mid prn- le.-lion. lit I'm! Ann 1 1 nolo... I .. 1.1..... to w.u, iiiou i. n K.iu up hi ine noirm uuor oi A 'P.ll' was lerentlv read befiiro ,. London Geological Socicly, which hid beep leceived fiom Mr Duncan, who was traxul "r ' ""h'"'a Iheir diieful origies over lin ing in western Afiica. This region has not "'."'"' .''" '"'' comrade. ThiMlamur been iiiurli explored bv li.iveb-t.s, and Mr ,"" lnl'r''-"'"'!?. -""'" "I tbo bolder ones xett Duncan's account of it is interesting. Ho ''! ,'"1''1' Imi Io ! the b ig sivs lint in silling up the Lignon fiom All-1 r'."",il.""" !''l"' "I I'"' 'xeuing xvas i'ii.ii' hit f mnl ! ill mii iiili t v .i..,l i,. . J pitching anil rolline .lliuut, and fi inn it urn. side'rahh. extent, and in itinf inured into clolli hy the people. IiuIil'o is also much ciiliiva - I. ..I o.ol ... I'.. I t .ibnud.inro mid nf a lirge si.e, on tbn roots mnl brunches of m ingr.ives. Silt Is m ide qinililies in pots, and hy evapora- it,,.. ,1.,. K iri...ii .I...II. 'pi... i . goon is desciibed as beautiful, and abounding with fish and waterfowl, while its bitiksaiu decorated w itb Itees or pi inlalions nf coliuu, in lign, xanis, Indi i corn. iVc At Phxddali be teceived pet mission from tbn King to piss through his dominions lo the Hong moun tains. The penplii there woiship.i bo i con sltirlor, for whose iiccnuiiiio I ilions bouses mo built, and tbn penplo, under severe pen - dties, are obliged I Hlleitd to thoso tepiiles Tho placu is visited bvlirgn vanipiin (,. r lt,t.l,..(or .mil ihirlv.siv io.lo.c I I'm tips of their xvings. Their breasl sire liko lliusu of ii wnoi in, and they suckle their young liko moiikexs; llieir ll.'sh is e.iiun by tho natives. Tint liws and customs uf this rouuliy uro to bo very absurd, bin full of interest, from thu L igooii lluiir.iv unit. mil tl l.irint". HY mill's too.. ...,l ftvo broad, h ivt-g I wo ijveis ruiiuiii into it one of uhich ho peneiraleil ihirly miles. More interesting facts mo promised. MKSMKU1SM AND SUUGCUY. Aubo invitation of Dr. Homer Iloslwick.of No. 7.1 Cli.inibers-sl. xve xx itnesscd on Ftiday a Sttryicil Oieraliou upon n patient in llm sl.Uo of Mesmeric Sleep. Tbo operation xvas performed nt No. 152 Cbiircb-sl. nnd j consisted in the removal of an adipose tumor fiom the back. Tbn patient xvas a colored , xvoman named Kmeliue Brown, n servant in llm family of Uuv. Dr. Ilisbie. Sim xvas majjiielized by Daniel Olt,,nf No. 80 Chun-hers-sl. assisted by K. .1. Pike. After the I p illenl bad been thrown' into the proper Mate, ,xtr. Ullz lelt llio room, but Mr L'iko remained and held her baud during llio op- r.e:'tioo 'IM I.: ..C .1 t. - v.... .011, l nil O" CLI III lilts, its w e I f niei- siooii, was to ensure tier ciinlinuarire 111 11 , stall) of pei feet unconsciousness. Only five 1 minutes were occupieil in niunnetizii.'s: ibr Ipitienl. She sit in aih.iir, her bead tin ov. n ' furwntil aed resiit.o nn :i ,,l ,.. Tiiere wuv exei v indicHlioii of ,1 stale of petf. cl iincnii- t ScilHs. SS. Dr. losw ck, helnre coinmencini; the or.ttiou, s m il that be It nl been enli.elv s op. t .... ' 1 Ileal on Ine si,ii,.(i. Inn t til tli siu tl in tin iiisl ince In subject lite c inns of m in,,, tiIM to a test. Mr Ob., ill" iimlmicIi. t I 'Lid II. t kitnwii the . t i-11 1 utitil some tluee , (I ix s prev iniislv , tmil btid in t'.'tieti.'il b, r on ly some lour or fixe times, ,n I),. iostwick's Il:i .11.. . . . 1 . .' ::" '-' ' " A " sisted by D,s. rs.iniuel K. Cltilds and John 1 Sleats,) proceeded with the operalion. He ft, - ... ..t :,...!.: 1 .:!.. .1 . lia,, cri)ss ,K. ,t,nllir i,,l ,ben proceeded ' . ... . ' in 1 10 remove It liv u; usual nincess. I lw nn. eratton lasted tlnee minutes and rcniilred mil small amount nf culling. We stood within two feet of tlm patient, and watched her nar- lowly. Theie was no muscular Iwilchiim and no m.inifestalion whatexer of seiisibiliiC , ... ,lr ..f,,,,.; A pbysi- cia examined lhe pulseand said it natural, thoi."l. somewhat feebler,, tli.m usual, A dead body could not ha exhibited stronper insonsibilil v to pain. T pule P'i ivo I .,,,..,. ,,...ii,,t . 1 : t "HO. '1 be wound did nut III,.,., near as profusely as such wounds do when the patient is in a natural state. The whulo operations of remnxing ibetumor and dressing the wound occupied just half an Ipiur. The wound having been dressed, nnd the garment of tho pilienl adjusted, Mr Oily. iiwoIsk her by a few passes, which occupied less than a minute. Her appearance was much like that of ,1 person suddenly aroused from nidinarv sleep. O'lesthins wi re tin! in Iter implying that the operation hid not been1 peiforined, upd that sh0 would hue to be magnetized ag lin. She s lid she would rath er submit to the nperatinn ;n once jp I(. iit- j tiral state than vv-iit any lunger. She xias' asked if sL. di,) ,,, uillly ,ul tl. iniiioi bad been icninvrd. She leplied in the negiltve,' I xvitli eveiv, ce nf peifcd situ- 1 plicilj anil inli'gnlx, deiliied Unit she tint) lelt no tiapi, and wits wlndlv i'liur.ini ,!'. Ignnrant wh ilnx-er bad tropspiietl din 1110 her sli 1 P. 1 ncre present a, nnm sses, up btdpig sev eral reporleis I'or the Piess, some dozop pei soes. Among lluiiti we 1. nun tho fnllow'nig gentlemen: Dr. P.irinly ; IMwuril A. Lawrence, fiom tbo Uoonis of the Hun.e Missionary Society ; J. U. S. Van Vleet, from tbo Ofiicu of'tbo Couiier and Enqurer; K. A. Iliiffum, reporter for the Herald; Dr. II. II. Sherwood; Dr. Kdward Spring ; Ol iver Johnson, Assistant Editor of the Tri bune. Tbero were others xvhoso names we did not learn. Wo have no comment to mako upon lhe facts thus staled, except to express our per fect conviction that there was no collission. In facl wo seo mil how deception could h ive beep possible under tbo circumstances. The most ubsliit.ito skepticism must ield in the presence of facts liko these. V. Tri bune, A LUCKY ESCAPE. O .! 1 . . . sioiiiu nine ago, n suoject was iirnught in a 1 hag lo lhe Medical College, at Clexvli till ,i ,;,. ,i ,ii pi. i dm nig the il nkm ss nf the evening, and llm ' P.ofeors of ,,, p 'reiving by a I, ,.,y x in. inalion, that il was . i goiid sul icri. n ml lhe usual price uf thirl v doll ns. ind un tint ' bag id (llieeicd il to be nl.itvd in the (lis seeling loom, promising ihe students it should bo carved up for ibeli edification in a d.n nr ' uv.i nt Tn tlo..t 1 )llrln , ",,.,., s ,,, . .- . " " lu irning.i tremendous noiso was beard lion, the,t nl th disserting lonip, ap, sonic of the more timid sluileiiis gievv pain with terror, iiuigin- I "'K '"" 'He ghosts nl llin bulcbeied stihieci., I "I'l"'""1'!; I" !!" v-ngearti-e iipnii llieiu ' "'I1' " lr"" lr,sl1 ,,r"K''. llm ciies of 1 . r. ! ""'rlliCT ! Unix- murlher and j blessed Mary deliver me sure I amlixi "l'g. 1,1 "'"""er! murlher I" , !zl" "f ,h." hS ''"'V lorn it open l"'llu,,' . " geiiuiiMt sou of Eiio, Mlu 'iiigme ned than themselves, who looked round with astonishment op t,e sceno before him. Aflei a while Pat told tiiom that the lilt bo remembered nf th,. pmrcdiiig day xvas tint Im was dunking veiy fieely al o-'e of tbo doggeries under Ibo 'bill. When he was drunk he xvas undoubtedly bagged up and sold to tin, professor. Such xvas bis Iright, (hat poor Pal solemnly declared be 1 "ov,'r n?"" '""'' 'lll-'11 " 0"-' ''"'P ""' I cr','l'"r," and ibo Professor and students, I itb hearty laughter over Ibo lidiculoiisjoke, Il.lllrt IlillllO tllkp II) III! llPfls, illltl MfVCT ai.iiu find himself brought so near purgatory, hy the device ol'iho lumsellcr. A ke iy iwkNTrn Musket Hall. A ticvv. ly invented iinisket ball has recently been lnrd in IV nice, and il is sa d with nun-nrr, a it pro. do rod ell'i'-is sunil ir to llie.e of iin r . I in due a 'all Tit s tie .v in 'e c '- nl a a' av nig a ni l i r u o 'n" rr, anil s t the iiiui.I , 1 1 s . Mid o nuku il cany tar dier and wiib gicatcr precision. VOL XIX No. '18. MEXICO SANTA ANNA. In llio prcfonl critical rtato nf nur relation xyitb Mexico, every nmtcntciit nfleetini; licral. titiitlo or po'icy is 'impurlaiit. In the liallimolc I'atrhl ol Mailiiday aflernonn, wo find tlio fol lowing : "Santa Anna ron Mn::tco. C.ipt. Hoard, nf lliOfchr. (i.iloui, who arrived here yes erday itl oxen days frtnn Havana, tlalcs that General Santa Anna had rercixed orders for liis Immedi ate return to .Mexico ! A loiter of the filli( re' rimed at Wailnnsion, makes no tusntion of the above, but as Captain Heard left llaxaua on the Dili, his advices are a ihy later. The Philadelphia United S ates Gazelle nf tin-, mrinnnt' has nanor.s frnm Havana tntho 10: Ii xxlucli arc tdent on tbo subject to xve infer it IS n intta' r. ' . ' I " ' iii-ni co'iru, 111 to.s iniorcnco out ir.r (the fart that in tlm Charleston Vourvt nf lite ID II in-f , we Ii el a l"tior -' tcretvi d by that, paper finui lii'iina, al?n be.,rjni dile April 8,b 'X I'.i h says : "Th" Menem 'ctnier nr;".'l here lift exenitiir, bfieyiti sdv cot. i',.,' M'Sld"ll had 'oeour-d I, ia , , p r's , n I " . ' " t ollll'. ry. tioiertl .x..nn.if,. e'en', j. ei . " i nt t,e Mcani .ind 'uinied'-ile'v' .'it 'i iri v "nt to Santa A en, xx ,th w bun ' " c, hell's. I nrde -1 it'll ' 1" . a iiiher revolu'iifi m M ,i Ainu, nml tint he .v .'I e n Ho' M eniner n th evon . ri e 1 .-il at Ver.i C w. 1 le I'ty nr's artnv to ! e It o (5 L'e'ieril'V CV.l'.eti'd 1 . .1 .'V hy ide .Mexif'iti .uiiiv. t.-v i .-els (it war were H o'' .it Sti ,-. i...l lor cxcr.'il 01 1 he eve of an 1 id Santa ui Ver.i (Truz in N- w t hud been A- v im e nf Gen. 1 tl-', tied it w as w. ul'l be attacked en American xes, . S't.'F. I nitio thee two rins injHtlier, we h.irdlv iheihl tint Sinla Anna has been recalled In .lt xic s, either to inl'e pirt 111 some media ted levnluttoe, or what ,3 more probable, to lend I er arniios i 1 Ihe anticipated war xvith this c'"1"llr.v- s)ur adv.ees fmtn the South for some I .,.mi.l l.n.... .. ,11 I... ;.n.l .. nt. ..r...l " " "" """"u iui eiuiuuou 111- tcresti j JAM IIS I'lltri I", AND JAMES K.POLK. ' , f010"1 V5'" as", faxs the Ilitflalo Com, ! " l'e:,.J.?n '? 'f the lime pirallel in the cae of President Polk. The substance nl the stnry was as follows : On the arctsoinn of James to the English throne, every Scotchman who had a prievcanco of any kind to complain of, rushed to London to lay his supplication before the King. Tho throng of suturing Scotchmen was so great in Ibtgl.iud, thai James soon became annoyed by their importunities, and in professing to redress their wrong--, he manifested tbo most extraordi nary caprice, uuiil at leiig b suiters scarcely d.irid tn approach bun. While things were in tine condition, a b' Uiely Scnlcb husbandman, whu had Fullered by the encroachments of a powerful petjjlihnr, went up tn London to make' his (onipbiittt helnre the King. As a prelinti-tn-y step, the suiter waited upon Lord Hunting irlen, 1111 n'd coiili.lent and favorite of James, for ho. advice .1111' asMriance, "What sort i.f itto'i is K-rg.lainie, my lord 1" s ud ih" cautious ,S. it'. Inn 11, ; "win.. Jour and t-i. -n hk" It . tic id', or i ho L'eulle and xxin Mint.', I k" K i.g l tv d !" "Win, I) mad. in.e." ie lid thel'irl, "I huhykiiow ii.nv in atwer v""ii. Si.nmtiuiCH bo is kit 11 and cixil et uiigli, ai-d then again he is at. cr.s and suily s a bioi.laud terrier. It (le-poiid- alto iii.iii 1 irc'iutsianceF. Vou mui,i 1 ui Ktll.tllUt iIILIl Hi,' llllllli IldH (IB ' '; 1 ''' ''""''' """d " Scotland to call 11 J ''''' a u V., in inoan- a tame monkey, amis rb , v '.,1. devil a ever ; I know it vveel." "Wi ," coii no "I -lie Kirl, "lhe King, with reverei.i e In; ti sp ken, i pretty much the same sort nl aiiiin il. Ill hold Iitm, he'll bite you, and tl vou hold hup he'll bito me." And so it seems lo be w ith President Polk. When he is in tho hii.ds of the 51 -10 men, he is ready tu lute and rend every advocate of peace talks about our unquestionable claim to the whole of Oieguii, and threatens to march square up to the Kitssini hue. Every word breathes warlike preparations, and we might suppose that driving the from this continent would be mere p5lime to our government. When with tho southern men, xvitli xvhoin slavery and cnt. ton are paramount lo other considerations, ho is as mild as as a Iamb, and sees no dilliculty in -settling upon tho parallel of -19. In one cond dilion he is ready for immense appropriations to arm the country, and in the other he declinesto take the responsibility of recommending a dol lar. Is nut the pirallel between the two Jame ses clearly made out ! Dcatii oy a He-oi.uiiiinai:v Soi.dicr. The Coroner helJ an inquest at No. 03 Slanton St., New York, Tuc.-Jiv afternoon, on the body nf IIem-.v DeI'exv, a niiive of New- England, aged ll-T.nnp .. I... .1,.1 ....I.I....1.. !.....! a ..I . I ..I. -i . m i v. , . K .7 i it u tvi -'iii nn .iioiniay tu. (it u'. v on ic ,ucat 1 i. , .- .,. t , ',:, . ,t mm... ,i ZA a"ll' ''"ipneu-v s ' d er. and also a . s.. ' the I, an l a ueii-o-ner. Ho i ou '' in the b if n an I i-orr'.'i it - rut Y trktmvn. tioi inv'y n. lie.- we i imi n l is. il , Holmes nt exam nni I. is hod-, .J t-c veied that two of It s Hi o i tin' r jh: tl" It id le en hr ken and lie.i'.' il, tint ho b id ill" d cp i-ea. - nl teieral wounds on It s uruis t d lee i.t, in ule by balls ami swn ils, and biyiiiie'f, sh iw u.g dm dangers t" vvhi'h be Imd been i-.x io e.1, und lhe sutler ingj bu bad ettd ired lor h s cnii.i'ry, ( rioTinc, eo lieir n oi i.i dee ., u .ulv Klepped I'orvv aril ami urdered lhe undv In be Luncil tn. diyw.t'i in. 1. 1 irv ho . ii as a tribute (if res,Hct to lhe old ni l g nl m- o,dier. Jjr. nf Com. A Paragkani r.x- Mns Cii-i.ii. Formerly, when wi.uitm veiiitped in diM-u. any general principle, they were p dtlely iduM'd " lo incnd their Ptnrkuigs." Hut since lhe invention ol the lot king b out has ti.ado lio.e so cheap, darning seems to occupy a less prominent place in lliu uinouniion of men; and now, when wo meet litem m the lie iU of intellect, wo are courtc. nt; sly recommended to confine ourselves to lliu appropriate walks of poetry, rhapsody, and ro. niuicc, lint, i.iitwillijtaniliiig this advice, Dor othea I,. I)S quietly moves on In Iter nub'lu ini.i. n, u.ll.ieneing (bo act nf I.egislaluro from one end of the Union to the other. Harriet . M.irtiiieau atlrans- the attention of statesmen, by her pipolir adaptaiinns of poluiral economy. Mrs. S tiucrvillo hciiclils the scieutuic world by her acrtir tin calculations, xvitbout heeding Itirmi's suggestion, that "tho bushiest ofa feuule astronomer is to d.scover whether there ba a ;imi in llio iiieon." In view- of Ibeso things, jrrrtanily does begin to bo dimly rec ognizc'd'thit mice in a great while, a woman i.i.ry iri.e, w ho "knotvs o'eu a most as much as sown men !" 1 observe, with a qmct smile, how at fiery imw-ard step man iillempts to take, bo oncnuiiters I lie vcxnimia "woniiii question."-' I'hu iiiouient any subject, v onnei l.-il with bu. nnn progress, 's discussed, or acted upon, it prows nn exploring traveler, which walks, liko llelz.uii, Pghl into the mommy rases uf old tra il,: unary oii'ti'ioi and .usage, and makes the dust 11. at a fen 'ti ra e, Tiiein s ni help for it. W .1 ii - in i"'s e, '"e, ii ii a i ol h s servant or b v a .-. S e sc i n i ' llin world, m t , , i lend to. vv .1 ii..r i), t.ovvij but ouie. t.'u moves In. to her pi: cc,