Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 1, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 1, 1846 Page 3
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Desphiuti: Mutinv and Muiuir.ti Tut: MUTINEEIIS AlltlUSTTt). Tilt) 1'llil.lllulpllW Worth American of F.itluy morniiirf (jives the following uccounl of mi tiiTiir or llio a novo clniniclpci winch took placo on liuiml tlio bark Cactus, dpt. Allen 1). D.iy, from Smyrna to tlut port. Tlio Cictus left Gibraltar on llio 8lh of tolinmry, and on tlio third d.iy out, uboul llio linn! llio 8 o'clock ivulcli tviis cilliul, tlio niBii whou business it was to scrub tbo docks, refined to perform litis duty, wliun oidored liy tliu C ipt.iin. 'Plm wliolu cruw then nt onco iniiiiiiicd, nnd most of tlio m sci.tnir limieljpilics, thoy m.ido a ilcspor.ilu iilluinp't upon tbo lives of tbo officers. Dining Ibu ur.iy (lie secnnil male, ICIvIn Y. M.isun, of iNcnneiiuiiK, ftle. ivns struck tico upon tlio head with aJiandspike, by onooflbo inuti nocrs, il irding, and bis skull liuing horribly fractured, be expired six huiirs nfieriiunl. The first mate, GonrRO II. Douglass, of Philadelphii, w.u crapplod -villi by amit'i u of llio mutineers, Wlli.inis, who Mtioiiipti-il to throw him ovei board, tbo murtiorrr, 1 1. ird ing, raised the handspike lojsill him. Tim Captain, u bo in tbo nieantinio hail escaped from tlio villians and possessed biuiself of Ills pistol, fortunately making his iippear anco at this inomeiit with llio ucupon, anil the cabin boy h iving brnutjlit the m ile cutlass, tbo niiilineers woio ruuctl, nnd through (be det'riniued intrepidity of the surviving officers, were compelleil to siibniis aion. Hard! ip, (be murderer of tbo second mate, was put below in iron, where bo was kept during the voyasc. The. lest of the crew were ordered to duly, and by the caution and firmness of lln: C ipt.iin and first officei, were krpt in subjection till the vessel reached the Delaware. The Captain, anticip iting that tbo muti neers would make their escape) in coming up the river, hoisicd his llie. to the Ilovenuu Cutter, near Iteedy Island, an officer fiom which hoarded him and the offendi'is were made prisoners and put on hoard the For ward. On the anual of tin! Cutter at the Navy Yaiil, they ivere taken int'i ruslndy by the United .Stiles Maisbil and convened to piison. The. link was btought into putt by a crew from the Cutter. The prisoners are all cnliitcil. Tlieii names are Brown, Grimes, Willi mis, Haul ing, Lopez, .S'l in ami John Ail.iuit, conk. Adams belongs to l' .il.idelphi I, ami siileil from this port in the li 11 k. The eillicr-i w shipped at'l'iiesle. II inlin.', ihe miiiderer, is from 11 illiuiurr, ami (iintics, !io u. is llio ri'igli1 1 Jer in tlio in iiiuy, luiK Im 11 Virgin ia. Lope, is a i'urtuiii'M', a d Sunn a Uerni'iilein. The 1 1 1 1 1 r i i o r i I in Hi sna tin- d i nf,or In-, nan of only three ,m, t'xeupliiin ilile ile. His fnh l'Aitsinirs ci.un, I This evening at 7S o'clock,5iiliject, Pears, I'lnms and Cicrrics. Msnifffuodlfl In lVirfax, on llio 27lh inst., by tlio Rev. Mr. rut. mm, Mr. M. Smith IHnnow of St. Albans, lo Mis Hariiiett II., tlaiifiliicr of Itun. Alfred Wheeler of I. who was Inuii'il at ile nil, was a oung Mi'mH , nf ino-l ini- cli ir icier, ami a "roil fivnr r, wan rosi-l.'s ,ii K"iiuebi'ck. is part OMiier of llio Cuius. Tbo link brings a cargo of fruit to Uiac .1 lines. Sli irao a p issigtt irom tlio .itrnils ol 0 il.iv., Willi rougli weather, and tlio Irving siluition of this Ciptaiu and first male, uiih a whole crow in a stale ol mutiny all ihe way, and the only living crealuro trim in them a white cabin boy, a small coloted "alley boy and a faithful dog, may bo well imagined. Tlio priMineis uoro to hive a healing yesterday morning btfuie llio V, S. Commissioner, NEW YOHK cy BOSTON BOOT & SHOW STORE. flMir. Subscriber Invin? removed to the Mora on Chuicli street formerly occupied by S W. Wells, opposite .Mr Kirn's Store, ollcm lo tlis pub. lie 1113 SlOclt, consisiiiig 01 I.tntns IIiiiits and Shoes, EARTiiautKi'. i.v tiii: Wcsr l.smr.s. Iy way of 11 iv. in i ho hive receiveil .nUices from tlio town of Cuba. On tlio 1231 ulli mo, at 7 A in the morning, after n cilin sul try nigbl, low riimbliiia sounds were hoard. Suddenly the ground shook vinlenily, caus ing tin: griMtest coiisternalion, the ieoplo rushing into the sttoel forsifety. The fiisl shock listed one or twn minules, anil after n lapse of live, minutes, tlio giiiond uas again violunlly sh iken. It was a solemn uiomeni: in every direction this afi'iighled inh ihitants might ho seen on their knees, calling on God to ssvo them, exuectiug oich mouieut to le swallowed up. Several slighter sbi cks wore felt during tlio forenoon, hut it i believed no lives were lost. Several liitihliuss were thrown down, and verv iiiinv ci.ichoil. In the cveuin: m iss was s lid in all tlio churches for their deliverance from death. Col. Todd, our lilo Minisler at Si. I'etors burL'h. camo out in llio Ciledomi, ami i- making a href slay in this city. T.m try lid s never bad a uioro faithful or unite acceptable foreign ropren-'iit.ilivi! than Col. Todd. Dining his rt-M.Micu at Si. I'elPir-. burgh, his urbanity, and intelligent fidelity lo the duties of bis offire, at onco on liMiod him lo llio public and the ptivato rrgnil of all classes, and were productive of tin: most beneficial results. Thu Colonel was the bosom fiicmlof ihe lamonled llairison, nnd we need hardly add, is, and ever has been, a firm, abiding, and influential Whig. Ritnui ruoM IIkivrn. A very singular event is said to have occurred in the l'.iclialic of Anatolia, in Asia Minor. They weie starving at that place for wool of food, and an extraordiu ny interposition of I'roviilencc lias been manifested in their behalf. A glut inous substance, or manna, of which (hey make broad, has fallen in iniuiense iu. unities in a district in tint counliy. This food is selling publicly at 17s per ipiarler. This i staled in a letter fiom Smyrna, d Hod March 7, IS 16, received yesterday in our pipois by the steamer, which, if true, will cioato a great sensation in ihe icligious win Id, being an event very similar lo the raining of inann i lo (ho starving Isiauliios in the desert. Sun. Destii or an Unknown I'i.m i.k. A well dressed unman, app irenlly about iwen- IV years of age, was found in Ti at slieel 11 1-2 o'clock, on Saturday night, in a st ile of complete inloxirnlion. Information was immediately given at llio Dome stuei walcb bouse, where sho was convex ed, Sao soon went into a fu ; aid was speedily obtained, but gave no relief, and she died in a few bonis after. All i ll'oils lo obtain her name were fruitless Her iiiiuiiiuro is in possession of Coinialil" Wliiuvell, liy uhich alone her feature in iv I"' leenuised, as the blood has so ki ttled in her face, iuco her doatb, as lo lender il enluelv Id ick. Tin Tim Coroner who wis rilled to view llio body, tbo i-licuinstaiices of her death heing so apparent, did not d n it expedient to summon a jury ; but had llio hody removed 10 llio dead huusu at llio City Slalites, where 11 can bo seen, and further information bad. Ci.t The body was recognized vestciday, and ,n Lowell, where the deceased's funi- inii u y reside. at S.NC S.No.-A convict at Sing Sim? ( i resident of Hrookland) co.iiinitie.l suicide in prison las. Thursday by hanging bimielfin bis cell. Ho f'-r'ned a rope from . trTns of bis blanket which ho toro for that purpose. Ufa mc &wn bt" " 15 laid lbalbo was driven to llio net by romorso or. bearing lb at bis father had died broken hearted in consequence of bis son't( tlio pris oner,) conduct. 3D) S o (31 , On Wednesday morning, April 2Diti, at ihe residence of .Mr. Ansel I at wards, Miss I'r:ni9 M. I'innct, njed 23, daugblcr of Mr. I'liincy of Walerlown. N. Y. O'jtluary. Tbo good nun's bopo is laid far, far, beyond Tlio swiy of leinpesis, or llio furious sweep Of mortal desolation. K'cu in deatlt, In I In I tl rood hour, when with n cunt pang, '1'caiiii',' tbo lender films of the bean, Tbo immortal spirit strngulos In bo fieo, Then, cen ibui, llial hope forsakes Imu not, I'O II O - I' ! 1 1 ' I ill I i W V I 0 Ol the cold si pulchre Died, in Wc-lfoid, April 12ib, of consuinpiiun, the lion Wm. Woon. nged jj jrirs. In this cwut of Providence, the community Ins Inst a well known nnd valuable member, llio family n uiso nnd an nfllclion ilc head, and round ipiiituil Christianity a fast nnd tried frund. It cnul I be nf no iircil uc lo the community to knnw ihe disiingiu-h ini; elmrrfctenslies of bis mind, bis kindness ns a coin pinion, hi- excellence as a father, bis uortbincssnsa citi7rn, or his sentiments n a polit eian. TIiom; arc passed, lo notice some things more tin portant. About II years since, a clianjo uas bnpc fully efl'ccted upon his heart, by llio agency of the Holy feptnt, winch wa ilm source of his lusher joys, his more cnlarzcd usefulness, and his brighter hopes. lie soon united with Ihe conreoa'ionnl church, in the bjsom of wliich he lived, nnd, helmed nnd la mented. The earlier part of his chritiin life, was not marked by any pariicu'nr promise. Hut Micro was an ctklent rronih in craco his prngrc-sjon Irousht him nearer toihe fountain of infinite love and purity die afll i iions ibroiiJi wliicli he passed seem- ed nluiv lo mellow, and mature his chrisl'un char acter. They doubtless "uoikod out for him a far more exceedui" nnd denial weight of plory." lie was ihurouahly Cnlvaiiislic in bis views, stab'o and uninotcd In all ihe slnflini! nnd exciting inflnencisof the ne. Hediensibtd and siipmrted nil ihe benev olent obj'Tts of Ihe day, and while Ins health per muted, was pretty uniformly found in In. place in llio meetings of I he church, and of the Sabbath. lint laying nsi lo trennal remarks, let nie invito tbo reader i 1 lbs w nils of Addison, "lo sen how a rim tin can die." Tor some mouths he Ins urndua'lv I i rimiiinir down like the weights of a clock, lint as llie p!i icnl man weakened, the spiri'ual sirenpih rnrd. lie was e-ihn, a nfiJini', anJ iieactfu' no e'oudi arose lo dim his, be nppr.arcd like ibc motniiiL' sinr, not ironic out, but cradird'y inehini aw av, anil 'ilentlmi; wl u ttic sr,,,l:?, f) urf,r( ,,,( ( hcain. Hp had no incut of Ins own. CIuim w.i9 hi- lork nnd hiding ilaci llie sun from wheh ho In I dcr vi d all his ii-hi nnd Ik nt, nnd amid whoe infiiinc ir'ury be was-i!,sor' c.l, nod fimlly ih-nppcarf d. S.i far as he lis I un-n-ih he de ill f.inhlullv, nnd p'unly with .dl llio who visited Imn, whether the fneiidsor the inruucs of religion. lie manifested a ikip-inlrrctt in ihe wellare ol ihe Church. He mill that for ntaily two 'cars he bad fell thai find wa lo pour out bis spirit, and he had believed be -lioiild live to kimi. lie inquired lo the last with arcat iniocst whither tin re were nny signs betoken ing his approach. His work was done, and belonged to depart. As be looked out of Ids window one bright loud)' morninc, ho tays, who can rifrnin from lovini ind praising Ood on such a inortun ns this7 III- hour linally arrived Ins family and neighbors wi-re natbere I around bun the nsonic s of death were upon him ho was aiUud by a Christian fiicnd who camo in, Iioa bofclt. llnlasl wor.h were, ".eeonIe;,,, stronii in llie Lord was the innfiry, be bowed nu as sent chisel h.s eyes, and as the s-in nfn blessed .S ibbaih nrose, bis spirit ascended to its Clod. Com, O.uler llools, of every eeserteiion, " I'r lluskinsdatcst stylo " Kid " do " Prunella " ilo " Half Oai'ers. 11 I'rcncb Hli,ipcrs, " latalish Kid .Slippers, ! renen Maun Mippers, oil r'o'ors, " (told llronzed do " IIuuso Slippers, " Sleiel Hoots n Htiekins " Mnprd Huhlieis, " I'lliuted nnd p'am do .lc llooli. and Shvcs, " 0 liter llools, " I'r Oiili'i . in st quality " " llii-kuis. " l'liiiu llo Hipin-rs, all eolors, " " l!u-kins. nil ei.lors.l ' Si. no .11 i. , ml , ('ill I'o.o., I " Iliibln is t nit kinds, Vhitilrtita Ilfitiwi' Shoe. " 1'n nch (i nit r llools, nil e-.d'TH, " " Moroec.i ttnilcis, bnt'on nnd lace, " " lioskuis iV s-lipin-r , " llools nnd Alle le Tn- nf all eoh rs, (icttltcmtn'a Hoots and " .Napoleon Hoots with and wilhout lops, " Water proof Hoots and .Shoes, " rinoI'lcncbCalfdodo 11 ilo do ilo sewed, " ill do Hrocans, " Morocco ilo " Stout Calf nnd Kip Shoes, " ( lolh ('nilrrs biillnned " l'runella Daneing Oai- Icrs " D.incinir pumps, 11 .Morocco slippcts, ' falf ilo " Cnlf shoes all kinds, " Ualibcrs with leiilur P l'l'S, " d.i elo llicklfs, " d i I'uM. an I plain, 11 fit Ul'lU flllll S'lU:. " 1 1 in C-i f tl.i.ns, ' d ICei ') " e . C. a el K i i 15 . mo, " Mut Mi -e, .,11 l,,n s, " I'm loi'o O liters Hint el'ineoni punq s, Yintt't'e Hunt iintt S!itiit I'm ( 'idf llools e'Ued nnd pi irjed. ' i'o do do do " Seal 'ind ':r-iln m .l. " Cn.l llroioitis and Kip ewi il shoes, " Morocco llools and lluskin. " I'me (iaurrs, " Dincinir pumps nnd A. K I) W A R OS' CHEAP CASH No, 1 Peck's Buildings. A iioncral ii?soi tiiU!nt ol Hc.liool, Classiral and Miscellancuus Hooks and Stationery nt C1TV l'HK'KS. HI.SII01' IIOI'KINS AUDIir.SS. An liuniblu hot cnrnesi Address to llio lllslinps, Ulcr:y, mul l.a'llyof the piii'Testamt cpiscopsi. ciiUbcii in llio I'mtnl Sintes, on llio mlrrniuiK ninoii our .Ministry of the Due trims of the Churib nf Home. Hy John llLsnv HorKiMi, Ihshop of Ihe l)ioci'n of Vermont. 1-i KcenesitThouiihtsin Rurops, bv an American. 50c Views nnd lteii -ws in American History, l.ttiia turo and I'iciion, hy W. Gihnoro Sinims, Thioilolidi, the Icelander, nnd Asbusa's KniRht. 2 parts. Chevalier IVHartnrnlal j nr t.oe and Conspi I ne y I fro'ii tlio 1'Vcnch of A. I) mn. IVers n.ul I'irviniisi bv .Mrs Oorc. Ili' rv rm 1 P.xiraorile ni-v Vln nlurrs nf Mar irei ' ilctii ole. u Siidlilk Old) by 1UV..H. i rb Id. CO Tics of ali kinds, Also, Oallcnns nfall colors, anil Hhck and I.iplit Sdk timer I ices, cotton laces, eVi1. ,tc. The suheriln r feels assured that all who wish to unkc cond Inrrraina in the nbop mentioned nitidis, will not ro away from his shop .'innii-fir'd. N. II. II kinds of llools, Shoo-. (J uli ra, Slippers, Ac. i.c, in i !c to older. The subscnber lias con slantlvin bis employ the lic-t workmen, and all wotk nia.'e by him, wairniiiid. , , m:um:.v hatch HurliM2lon, May 1, ISI'i Bufi . re i' "! Tl' o.'b.'s n "o b ii ,- II ' iry 01 (1 .; .' ill" ' '' re , s - ,,ir nil a oin"i- liouud llie WoilJ; i- ( hnl. W III. 2 VolS. 1,03 4 s-V 51 VJ) C, PROTECTION. rrMIT. Uuilersit'neil, sole ncciit of the " Vermont .1- .Mimnl 1'ire Insurance 1'iiiiipitiy, for the l)is. triclof Hiirlinulou and Winooski fulls, respectfully nnnnu'ices Ilm hr w ill iceeiec applications, nnd nll'eci in-iiriiicc on Iniiidmrs and roiiirnts, not ixlia haz nidotis, on ihe most taiurab'e tetiiis. It is n ri'rlniml that Ihe lanous ilassrs of proper ly i is ired by 111 i- cnmpniy. fr no lb 'iMMinii'Miccnicnt "( its opirn loni fi r 18 years past, have paid on ci. b SlOil per rar, ns lollows, mz : 1 Smrv Dw.ll.n.. Ili.iisis ralcd at IJ pr. ct. JO 1 J Km. i-s nnd,(irit-.Mills ' It) " ,3 Tin ems " jj " Saw-Mills " 20 " .70 Ciibinel and -loinrr's heps " VO ' .70 Clotlnni; e CnnliiiE Wciks " 10 " 1 (li Itl lek-lDll'l'B Sleuis " .10 " 17.) 1'iprr Mills nnd 1' ictorics " U0 " I 7 j ll iscv elent lb it I be aboie stinisnre nniidi less ilnn it h isco-t ilm members nf-iuv other company known m llie l mini Mates. Im tin; same tune'. '1 lies,, wisloni: pintiiiion v.t.l pleasc"inll. OITicc ! in tlio Court House. I I.VM tX CUMMINGS, Aftnt. I ll'irhnston. A,ird ZO, i-id. -I3if Jciiiul CunimliiH' Kslalc. STATU Ol' VI'.miOST, tT. I'rnl.n le I) .triil nl ("hittenoen, -s. I Co in ho Hen nl llnrliierinii. wiibin nnd (or the I I -I r -I I. on ilic lib ill v nl April, A. I). Hid, nn la- rumcii pur porlina In belhn la-l Will nn I le.noi-nt(if.ll:.Mn U'.M MIN-i, I He of Mtlti'ii, In sail I'l-ir el, ileecase I, wn3 pre-en'ed to llie Courl hrro f r Probate,! y Mines II. I'latt I II irunsuiii aioie an. Tiinni.ronr. il i ordered hv -ill 1 t'ourl, that n ihlie tiotlee I e cneil lo all pcr-mis lulcn.lcd Ibeirul to nn- ic ir I el. re sin.i (.'ontl, nl a session tiien-or lo I e ml ten nt llie o;liee nf th" llejisier of sai I Co irl in aid ilor'inirlou. nu llie 1 lib dav of Mac. A. I). H1K. nt 10 o'elock A. M., an I innti'-l Ibu prol ate ol -a d ill, nn I it is lorihcr or tore Mint I'm enter I e tub. lisbcl three weeks sneee-s-Kely in the Tree Pies, a news aper prime I ul Hiirhuirtun, in this .Male, the list nl whii b 'hall bo to the day a-s bucJ, as a'orc-aid lor heirmir. Oiven mi lcr mv Innl al Ibc leeglstcrs Obce', this hi. el iv of April, A. I. ISUi. -173 CIIAHI.KS IIUSSr.M., Judze. Drills, Mcilirints, Paints, Oils, l)iC' Stufs, Vliun'uals, fyr. fyc. HAY WARD & HAMILTON, NO. 2B INDIA SI., IIOSTON, ori-'l It nn entiro new S. il of die above nr'i- le. J nt the lowest Cash nr Credit pruvs . I'nrcliasiis arc ri'spi clliiilj muled lo call and ex.iiuin': Ihnrstoi k of CaOOlls. N M W B 8 A S 25 V A 5L lit i tjiir.irtv ami Doii si i'". s- il s, i I,,., ( ,,.(,! ,, 1,,-ni 1 1 Mnirit A , UhiiiKirl) or Pio I'lant. Or.F.DI.IN" plants of large nud vigorous U m iv I e In I nt the air lea ol .lprd-.'i, '! -I7ivl row tb nooimii'ii. (Iriilting Prcii'jnVS w; bU' small pi ti e ldiii on A pnl 1, '10. Wiix. q inntitie can 1 1 sum C. liiJODIllCII. 17 a I -mil'. SUMM It T HI L cominen-e! on Monliy, BOATS, For the transportation nf property bctwrcn LAKE CIIAMPLAIN, THOY, ALU A NY. NEW YOUK, AND UOSTON. XNs-unuD' THK IMtOIMill-TOIlS (f tlna I.IMI tuvin? in 1 i-rcM'ctl limp l.u-iht ic liy the ..I'd.liun of si-wr-ii firt rat-' l.o.iti timUr lln nuumnn I ol t'ii'rniicftl iUiJ I.iulifitl M.i-it-TH, mpam lo civu iba'.fli Hi ..II properly nit' inlfl pis I ttwirn llio a! ow n tine 1 pi it is,' w tli v Inch I lit v ii.ty I c iiimiti.!,ant lidpi1, Ky prdiiipt nlli'iilitm lo t lie muinl'-n ol'their cni-Jfr-t to rcicivc a i-untininnru t.f pal Ik p.Urun aire Tl.arli'ut nrr to 1 c t"virvl .y Steam on Hudson Hirer, nnd nil Ltht Chamjttain uln'ii niicssuy, nipl c mplcto n prrkvt I-ine to Xar Yurkt nKn, tit Tioi .imi A-Uany. I iA (ioo.U n re Ut-pt lordlier .ui.1 nui Mi'-jtvieU to inj in by iriii-Ii.piin.'iit. Proprutors'A- mum.i-v, nmihivton, mciioi.s, unci on a. nirrruNDKN, Mian A.M. CLAUIC, St. Albans. Aiiciits. I- A. .TOn.NON .Yo 'J. (cT.T.M Slip, Xeir York. LOItM.I.lI'S l.UVKU., AVir Yorlc Huston Pack et Oyirttltoni Wharf. Huston. A-ri', IRIG -17 SIIHLBUIIN II nr; II SCHOOL. f tiii Iii-ll'nlitMi will ihti Inili (if M.iv. nn I coiilinuo 11 vrtk1'. Tin" Trii-stic-s Imo t li-tnuco the cruct's nf M. S, ROVCU, A. It, nn principal, with fit- h nsMsi'inre ni llie intrrrlf ol tlii h-Iido! nm rrq ire. A try coinplftc ChrniifMt an-1 I'lti'o vopliicnl a'.pirntu, toetli' r with ('lt?1ial find Tcr rcinl (il'-brs, ln htlv lie ri purcli mut ; upon which Wi'iKly lecl'irc.s will ho cut-n lo the j-clionl tli rmi irh the Biiiniuer. ItHtrneli in w ill he fjv rn in Drawing nnd in Vocal Mus.c to those who inaydc fiie it. Tuition Sl.Opfr rpnitcr, Hoard Sl,a0 to 200 n wtclt Sctmlti s from mil of tinvu will ho cNpccled to pjy their rnioi nt ntlntnre. I.nVMMMSTOCK. Jr. Vtmtccs AASII. ) ISS- Menhol t0 and 60 . I'.iiuia of nil hinds, vVliuc and lied Lead, r.irt-. ..I 0,1, Vnnisbes, "uu (ireen, sup. article, V'i nclhn Ked. ' " 1 1 pail, -'tits Turpentine, Old Oul.-h Oil, ) warranto I lenuine. 1 Window tll.i-s, Vellow O. lire, ltid.!cr, ,'iroiid llxt. (!ro. i'.n n. Itedivood Oro'd. I'tl-lio ( lihl, OlO. Cnnuvnol I h. Nic Wood, " tc Wuod, I'lilll Sills, 'Ilea Inn;; Sails, in, lllue Vitrei, '('nil ben r, liiini Si'iiesrnl, Vuinllo, Clue, D)e, s'tI Sodl. t'tllhs, etc, eC, C ft D . New V..RK. Ann' (i, l?ir.. DKAPKIt, AI.DIIICII A I'ltlMC nsi.e-v flllV Mill 'it HlO nllClltlUII Ol Vl'.B.MuNT .Meu til nts lo llieir sine1, e I STAPL3 AND FANCV DSV GOODS, cnmpri 1U2 as do-in1 le an n-soroneitt as etin be fom I nt any hon-ei in Ihe cily, wliich lliey pleilue Iheinse-IvL-s lo s, H n,i ilm most (ivora1 le terms. Se'ooii I to none in thiur I'loihtic. for olit'iinoer I'm ds al Hie lowe-I r.i'es, nnd nnxiois m i-u!' only a safs ti'ado. however class, they nre ready nnd uo'loij to fhspti-e e I their SioeC nl the snnd.-si living" udviiiu'e nn oriu.nal co-t their motto I eing, "son 11 linijtts tltrl tvtick I eil-nji." III! MM It, AI.IMtlfll et riMM, lOnn 07 l,ibcrt.v-t.. nenr lliu.ulnav. Farm for Salp, SITUATHD one mile from H sex Ccntrr, ronsKt. tnjf f 100 ncres, tiaht or tfti of whidi i? wood land, Thero is a liric mil ronvcnifiit Dwelling lluus", thrtc yooJ lldrn?, (jgulher with cuiuemuil out-huilthngs. A I s o , One lli.rpe, a (wo ymr old O- It, nun Cow, two minute WiL'i'iit one s nli Culler, nm piT ofhor Traxerso toU'ihs, and lur ititirr lit of Iuhm hold rinnmne. UUTII UUTI.I.It.. r.px, April 21, IS 111. i?wj hmo?;t custi! vi 8 mail i:oa:. VS nsse;.snicnl of live doll.irs .-n n slnro lei been or tcrc I ' y the Directuts ol lln- Vermont O mnil Hid Ro id Ciiinpjny, (nynble on ibe firsi il s of June next. Payment: may he made nl ilm I nrin.-in & v , - v " . -i .(... i: it i Mum. i . ..I . . i .I. ill. Hi's Old. e . I'l I' ii'. . svmlt.i. ii ww.r.r.v, r.'ir-i-., 2-i Apul, IS1C. lav.3 Dinlcl li.irnum'-i ltate. ryO ll.i- I'rolnte Coin i in .mil for the District of J. lllUi'll l.'ll m Hie ."snteof Verm 111. the mill I. II .inn ill II lriiuiu i f llru.i!U o m ihe Woiie of uiu .. ri',ii'"sLMi s nun snows in n -he m Hie wijow nod li'icl ol Dnnel I! iron u, lite of OIi.o ("ny, in the Sine of Ohio, di ivietl, uilcstnie, ilm thosiid Dm iel nl his d.M'i' is', left pers mil csiatc unly in s.i d (lis Incl of Chiitendeii, and did not lime- any erlnte, wlnitve r, ebcu here i tint ndiuiiusir-ilion Ins bun duly itrnuted, nnd nil ihejiisi di bts of Ihe -nid deccT ed, loL'etbcr iih Ibu c.xpin-es of Administration ful ly p-iid, nnd that tliric now remains in the hand of llie Admini-tralur of eaiit i'ci eat'd, llio uni of 17? dollar nnd 7j cents ns t-nrpl is of said rs-lale. And thii undcrs-ined, Hannah llarrmni, fnrlher sh w to tlio -;nd Court, lliat the said I) tniel ll.iriw mil. deer .i--kI, di 1 not have nnv Kindred who could itiln rit his etiaV, nnd tliat klir, an widow nf (lie said dtci'.ifd i iriitiKI lo the whole nf it. .She then fori pravs ".ii I Court th V 'ho wholo of i he -urphis nf pnul j rst.ilo may he niiuiied nnd rli-i recti to her, .ijiricably to the stalutn, i.i nimh rao mailc nnd proviihd. Dati-d nt Ilurhnaton the ti jih day of April, A. D. 13 1G. HANNAH HAHNim, liyT. W.Ginn.fter AtCy, STATHOP VKiniONTrTrnllK Hon. thoVro Ditiietol' hiitendui i L hate Court for the Dialru't of ChitiiMnli'ij ; To n'l per' ni roncemed in thcevutouf D MKr. IlMtNU.M(htcifO:uJcity, in the .Statu of Ohio, doeinotd, int(-3tat Tin) (oreiroitj npplii'.atinn of Hannah I-irniim hav ing heen prifi nit d to sai 1 Ccnrt, at a et""ioii ihcre.if, held at Ititrhnmn. i.i siti Diat. ict on the 2 l!i dav of April, A. D. 1?IG. The said Court doth order nnd ns- n thu third U'tdncs lav of May 10 o'elot k in the lorcniKdi nl the olVii't! nf the Itejjister of said (iirt in Iliirhnstnii, nfortaid, fur hearing nnd de eidmg upon the matters nnd lluni'S in iid upplua- lion ront iineiJ. And sill ourt ilutn lurilur order, that mure thpreuf hn cien to nil pcrsnns tnteresied to npprar heforu t-aid (-'ourt nt the limn and plan? nforesaul, an I sh.iw rm' if any ihfy may h in why ihe prayi r of Ihe ai I npp'ieant f luiul I not 1 o crnnt ed, I y puldlung ihe k id'-tanee nf m d nppicatbn thrio w rk (ufct"sivi-lv in the Irrr IVr-. a inv - papr pritiicrj nt I. ml ulOiiii .tfiri'Piid.ili Iat of whi h uldieaiiors th ill t e telore the day nii;in'd for Iiear mi'. (iiven under m hul l nt U 'rlia'on n. i!k M -tui of Clntri n leu ilm 'Jjih 'av -f . i-t A l !".' is u- cn 's i:r -sr:r.L ,r t An Jlplscopal Paper published in Sew York City. rpHH tinlcrianel i an mdliortzM A .rent for the 1 ahovu pul'lie.ition, and 1 ret-eive .uhcripliou irom, nnd ci it the paper I" I e ent to, any person desiro i. ol it. It i nln-m tu I o nl.irged nnd iniptou'l m uppe-iranee. It nun i, to maintain, with enemy an I fearle-oic-.'S the true dorlrme an 1 uur-li p ol the llpisui pal Clmreh, ami to defend them aMint the a null ot picju het and iuotair'e ; to a Ivocatu the neiea-ary union v( the Clmrvh of Chnt, "the pillar nnd ?ro-ind ul Trath," an. I to (uniish, in pliort, bull an organ :n eery true an! futhfd Cliunlim in lri lo I e e-entt tl lo th pro.peiity t ( hum nurui m i in eoiintry. in ii. amiity ami ear iie-lne in tin defenre i f M'tind ditetrnn. th' paper Ii ii I eeu, Inilieriii, iiui.rpa!tl, .ind the eon in mnce nt lis ediU'na he id, i f the prof'o md an 1 learne I di vine who ha o luna eund ieted :i n a ndicjent iruar- nntytlntit will -tlH leniain ftri'mjt ninoi the i-hauipion of true ie!i'iun in Ametiea. N. A. ICCKI.K. Hurlinton, Aprd 21, 1SIC. -17 Wanted, BY the s ib'c ilnrs, 'JO, ))( fem In'swaod planlt, and lO.O 10 P el Itireb and Mat.le I inch bul- tend -a On li in I and fir m e, nnv inrimvof e-mirs nun i uruiiurc. ion leioors north Hie Lai i- oli - church, til. I'.uil striel. m:i.ho. & gati:s. Rurlinstnn, April lfi, 181G. -15 Cotillon I'nrly. ATOTICi: i beV y oven to all who are! in tabled 1 to ii-, lln-ir in-eoi'iits, 1 ethcy hi'seiir snnltt in irst 'e (nid iiiimfiliiteh, or lliey will bear fr..ui u. nirnin i- iiio-cwu i n.inee must pay me ujuicr. This is ihe! fir.-t and only lime nl a-', m. i.. u. i:. i'oLi.r.TT. Il.irlinsion, April 13, 15IC. 17 Shot I Oyslcrs, JUST reiened and lient cin-lanily on ban". Al-o, I'ie-b Orange, and I.cnit n-, by I). BLACICM X. II iiluiffton, April 23, MO. 17 3w 22D s&PBTlX., 13-56. NEW GOODS. ArUF.I -?;;dy of everv ileeri, at li e Cheap Ca?h Snre I e ription rit roeei.e.l e1) 1 v the I eonlo i de ere I I'lMie It i w IHOM thp palureof the tub X btrilur on the 'Jnih mst., :i HARK II V M Iti;, 20 year-nid, erv thin in lK-h, wnh fn it- with a Ioul' scar on one of her hips. Whoever will return Mil nrire, or ivo liifirni'ition whtressliu may Im Ind, i-hnll lie mutably rcwirde.1. HIT I-. HKWlTr. Clnrlutte, April 27, 1B1G. 43w3 Vork 7ItOAI heavy llojs, Tor mju bv i -13 .VI 11 ONO--, e1!: Co. F On tu iilii'in. ISKSII t'aiirdu ne in fin mieal 0,1, eon'linily recci 111(1 13 Tor : ale h v Ilarii'i or on eliioiclil, bv I'MCK .N. MT-AU. 1' milium uorso S 1 R II UN R Y, THAT hn received 3 Premiums at the Sine Asri riiliuriil fairs, in .New Vork, In Id in 133), 1312 and 1BI1. Also, him received mole Conwy premiums than HIV nlllcr hnr?e in the Slate. Will tin tnenled in llin vilhe of ISurhnsrtnn, , for the acc ininiodaiton ol llin-e who ivnli lo improve ihe breed of that noble slllmnl llie ll.irfie. lln gi-liliu; ells have licen sold fur f'oni i.Ofl lo SiUO. One of maichcd, for ?IIWil. I'm further innienhrs s -n Hills, l'remtum Horse r.CI.IP.SIC. wi'l also stand in the cilyif Vcrijenncs, Virniunt, at tl. r.vercils. I.IOVAIlll l.ll.NU, IHVII) I.O.NG. Burlington, May Cib 1910. 13 C. IIAViXES. -f fTAS jut rei'eivcd a nond Appi rlniptil IX 1 WMlIt II WCINCS from New Vork whie h be hIFts fur guleai bis Paint

slio;i, coiner of Cullcse eV Whito st., Kast of tbo Srrnre, hurhnuicii, Mny 1, 1BIC. 43 'fmiircss Water. 'Plin tin lcrPiLoifd nre red ieinj vctl.'tj. ftnm t'l irU's ' SpruiL', Ireshly botil. d Waier. Aij, consl iutly on lund, Iodine and I'.inlhou Wavrs. 13 I'llCKiSr fil'KAK. SPE1. T-!OiDS! VI Ij AS & NOYKS. Alin now rccen ins from lloslon and New-Vork ihcir tupply of pi'lns tloo.U, lucli lliey olIW nl wlioles-ile ujiou the ui"s! liberal Icrinj, Ours:oct. cunisi!ul a i:riat lariely cf PltlNT.-'. Itn'Pde I.AIXP.S, JlOUd. Do I.AIM-.3, IMIIN'nil) I.WVXS. ivwem sitl. s, MUSI. IN lilMIIIAM--, I.AM A COIl DS. SL.MMIUl WllAIl, Corded CAIIMP.IIKS, and a larj:e assortment of ntber ponds. Our puiclnses were nil nndn wpb t', nnd ee nro I'licouran-d lo lehee tint our uoode ve re ob tained nt jnicts llial willenncj u. tu bell ihem rrry otc lo ilei'C wlio leav laior us w nn n call. Ilurhnitton, April '.'I, la 10. -17 Willltod. I n r 'I iniber to be II tLVVIASWOiSTll. II illusion, Ap.'il 'Jl, 1 l-1 0 . 47 1 l.t'i 1 i f I'.llde eni II. V. CA1I.1N. 1 NOT.CE. rTs 1 1 V. cnpirlner-lup heretofore exi.lins under the 1 nunc nn I firm of I), it O. ItOOI) isihisd.ivby mutual cutiteiil diwo'ved. DI'NMS Until). Oltl.l.N HOOD. Jericho, Man h 18. 1810. 133 s a -w. , ' USS.JJ LS A NO B O YS. ro li a i A. A. I'Ai:ii:il will loooreiire In, Sprms ll Tirin. on .N'e.inlav. Aord "7tb. 1'ait em'tir af- Icnlloil whl be1 pail iu ll e-e'en e n'tlly I r.llie-lu's of uu e I le.itioii, and les.nns pvm m bonk tii'p'inr, with pr.ietii e, X" pains will K- - 0U-.I I v ibe iinrh er lo u IvuncH ibe pri'ure.Md his scholar w ho aic in ibt-ir alU'ii.'nii,-. tSclii la r wi-Iiiiis lo an il I will e'u well lo bi'vin at Ihoe niu.en. vim nt ol Hie i 'inicr, j'i:r:3is. rnil fh i ...i.. . ii . .. ... . I II II. 1IIIIM 1,1, nilnnters nl ,ey lioous Hlliuo win in can iu,. ril (evtr.i) . - uu., IA...IIIHK ...r... ... l.nn. NEW GOODS. DtMP.t. I ' IIV; Church street, lliirhnioii Vi. Notice, ('nsli Wiuitctl. rpilOSH indebted In llie iindersi;ned arc hrrrbv 1 no'ified ihnt payuie nt accordint; lo contra 'I is expecled, itelinn.iieuts must not fn I unhoppy, when we tiifor.-e colbcltonii, as we -ball nl nu e-irlv day. April 21, '10. 13 STltO.NdS .r- Co. WA iVrE I) ! '200 llis. Sadi-on Flower?, B00 " I let' Wax, luOu Spurred Krcol. At IT.CIC & SPHAItS'. l.nnj a.'e-s Seh ,ol K urns, wot iJi! ol Court llon-c Hi. le. U'- Ilm dim;. SI (10 3 fid 1 CO I.Ue) o,iutic 17 w'2 ")A-T! II (i 1. r nui n.irv I I e i.' t lined by a.i illiits 1 Ajiril, 1310. Bone llij .TT. T. S3 US !.I)ICT. ltOO.M over II, Lemnivvorlh's office, College street WANTED. on com maiikim' uoiisi; - will Im paid, bv Charlotte, April. 131(3. It id. Illul r.n;. " Ind. " Pulv. Ipe.MC " Plllv. J.ll.ip, I'll V. I'ruim link, (lino Mytrh, Aloe 'rraeiacaulti, Arabic. I.iipiotiee l'.t. and Herd. .Salts. Sup. Carb. Soda, Tnrlar, Tartaric Acid, (jn-tilc Snap, Hull llrioistonc, Sii'phur, spuinje s, I InS. refd. Ilnsei iiil Acid Ovabc, " Jlutiatic, " 'Acetic, " Nittie?, " SulpburiCi llurphinc, (.lllun',. !l,l. iPPnlnsse, Ci'Iomil, ll i. and Amcr. Iodine. Vitt, the usual n-snrimeiit kept iu a who'epalc Druy Store. All artteii - wannnoii run J( .silt; 11. II tVWUlD, KDVYAIl ' 11 'II, I' )S .lf,i,n t l-ulii Sir-et. Wlicro is the lic-t 1 1 ice I" Iniv i' on a i sin THOMAS C.WALES' STORE, BOSTON 19 I'road iUrert) trmrr of Ctntnd IS tin nttU entire Cnh h-de nif tn 1 .1"1 mi a It- -ot iinl Shoe Sum m llo-hoi. All ih " her It y nearly nl- nnd ril mojo'v on t rnltf, I nt WnV- s'i 'n tin Cfjt -y--itii loth in luma nnd tllm 7, nnd ronoftpifii ly'fJn n In I l m li. nt n creat f'eal low i'l n c tli in nny other V tier, tnlit-r I y th' m-c or duzen. Try hi n on e, nnd jo i vi I -.iy n 1 do, ItR H f'PTSTLV OS MAD Alt kinds nf Itthionnbte custom made Hoots and ,'iocs, MTirtfannred enrrs-lv f"r f'tai'inz in ll.e New r.nEhin I b'l.ite-. ,lo, n ltimi vutetv .( low prl -' Shue. Atlolwhifh In w I ren I o isrht mdill'ca ons for (nh at k?j than eo-l, nn 1 will I c n'A in lot- to ant pnu'lm-er. at n pnuill or niniN-ion over the no t e i-'i co-t, ind in nuny iii'-tanees le - ih.m the Inn if.i Imi iu; Co-t. Al-o, r.iri.'r .ot on Vrlii' h he ha n lv.inf'd moiicv, nnd w Inch most he id I fur Ci h. in tols to suit llie couurif tradclor the mo-t ihev wdl 1i msf . (to nntlste him and yoa icill never repent it. -vJni3 Mnil in ' .1' li- .1 nl I lUldA Wm 1 'tt'Tlt tbv i"in' ' ii it' I'.i ii .!i-',vi'',i i ii.( ll mil 'jn i '-nilie-r ijt, 'y I j i,i k t-l'i rir f'! I Ir nn miii ii limn . tif'-'nnjf eW' IMf tin-in- in tli(. ot.-jtilry, v, Im h wdl be Midi nt hie ;ri tftfvr cmA or mini iptr. mi I in ouanUttra Intuit, alt utvi call, Auion'(f tltearti lu? otfer! for ) '.uu. v 7. 1000 k Nn' , nw-rtwl : 100 l-nf wnrffUM rtilo 100 '. ss. p Itched Slmv( V00 du ittffl Uo 60 'hi M)up or urn m HhivU SO e,i-U f.livhe Trace Clnins 10 do tto ,i tlu lOiUHwef il or pot Ohio.3 f.0ct0 irro-t- N. I . 8- tvw LW ijroi J une-- Co, Screw &00 doen Tmnk I.oik- 100 do f.nrpei HantmeM MO do Nutl ilo a-Ortrl ino do Axe 100 ilo rl handle Try Pan 100 do Mi nitre on I liny Poriic, uftKunud 100 do 0'iriU'ti Hue , u-ore-l. IOC0 II a Iron, ilrn-s nnd Copper Virr, nynorte-l Ami'iii'Hn Tnl lenn I Ptichvt t'n Ury. TtioMAs'I'inscRn A (J..'?. poekit an 1 tvorv lianJU tahle Knives nnd I'o t lit. Ato, nidi, vru- cut, pit nnd hnnd Saw. IIntitiptf nn l, lie-1, till nn I dm r lo h-tliit- d'nll kind : Tucl-i. Urntl". Hull-; iJror Unndlc-, lint Vnih, Witi'ow nnj lllni'l Ka'eiiiiiifB J tlras (loods in crent nr t-ly , 'o lice hand-citfl'g and In iron Hamv l'an, Tea Tr.iy-, Kih-'nnd PJsii'Tnoi ,1'iiu'8, dv. Ilox riiU H, "Mux S r ijiL'fs, M.illet, To'acco Km vis, llmr, (titter, ehcene, rotton nn I v flee S tinpVr liot -'enptr t Ini'-e1 r.iri'en Hoe, mil n full aoriinenl t f it e Mindnr kind t.l'njrri di ml''-. I Iv 1. Amc' I'rMr MtTTitniil Iti ! ! AI-o, n anetyol "out i llho wny" arttclcj nut UiU ally ki pi in lior'lwnre More. N. II. Atneri'nn llardrtaredireft from the manu fieiurir , on .ti!e tfl.Mi:0XP. SMI HI, Pi -n ' I heAin-L 11 Da M ' Un U.uu Nv.v Vi.ik' NEW YORK PRODUCfc MARKET. i I iii I our It I O llli m I 'i'.' f I'v fr 'i,-1 t . t ,t.i- h ii on ni th ii t'i'V o n Uxor - . t!1 p ne ,.' u i in i -id i-t iti' ir O' it Wr' su'd coMtm lf Wait i st. n!l ( "'tiiMgu We vuuld os 'ii tj ii'ir ciir Seed Wheat. rilHM fidis',ri1irr Ins for sle lot) hu.he'.s nf Peed l i. f three ninduies. M.: Ilhi le S.-n. Ilrd Chair, nu I Tc.i Wheat. Ad verv cji-nn and finnhlc lor snrui-! siHini;. IIAItilV UllAld.r.V. i;.irhni!iiin, pril 13, 1S1G. IG Ssijr Cost. A I.I. persons ind h'cd lo llin suhsenber, will find liutr accounts m the hfinds of nil Auoruev for collection, unless iictticJ prtvious to the !0'h d iv of .llnv next. 1).V1U l ltli.M.II. Wiliston, April 13, 131G. 46 SOTICK, 'Pill' pii'.dic arrhiTcliv notnl -i! lint J. J VAAUi. Invmn ur.ixn remoicd lo the countri. nnv he found on Sitifd y of ench ue!i. nnd thti d ty nnty hi'tween the h'iiirnf 0 A M , nil 1 I Al nt the store of it wtinx-rroN & i.iiormii. I.nrlinslon, April IC, '-10. Chuieh .Stiret. H. P.FLKTCHEIt & CO., WIIOIXs.U.i: I1I1AI. tins I.V WEST BB)3A GOODS AM) A I, S I) spr.n.vt- nnrisnn air. rjr.iw kixds. It. V. I'lctilicr, 1 ui f ti Ti'i"?' .5. I,. Whipple ( y,-y,s, yii, I'eh. 12, MS. .-.7,i G AI.I. sizes of ill j Kanhern llorr I'm, for sile liy IMlUIv Sl'i;ll. A. TO RENT. t'nnveniint nnd comf irnhle lene- meill f )r n siillill f.lllllle' in n i.t.-ni:. nni location near Ihe rscmueiry, in this , xillnirc. J.'nniiirc of April 13, iqifi. ' DRY GOODS, JODDING-cS, IMPORTING H O U b' E , JOXII7SO:-T sT-i G7IA- 0 7C-No-, land 1 1 '.II I; Ii(-loit. iT!ot!(u IVlcraIit--l 1.1) ci'l tl.o- 't'n'ni u tli- trniie m tin- r i.ire nn i wi'ii iisK'irti1 1 ;((. ieJ lower than New Voik price Won vieim y o vIll'di w I e n Jur e'.isli or e r-o"- ei-MrnisiNO iv nrer, vi'.sth s, runr.ic.v onon-i, cim-'s of i 'ii e (i .nl- nun I. nen- llcnv DQVI'.STH ., Ilr.i Hue le-, for which eisli W. O. HAliKl-.K. IKItSONS ui-hin2 Hoard, Willi llie rrninmni.i 1. itiinofn I'ailornud Hi'd-rooni, urn Parlor -e ham- her and udj lining hed-room, nroiheraecouiinnd.Tioii3 as to rooms, can be provided for at the ho n-e of r. in. urv ii.i.-s, 1) Corner of Church nnd Km? fircrls. Variety Ajiain ! ! ANHW lot of Siei I Held. Steel I'nrs.'Trinitninss, nndt-lcel; Chsps nnd Tas-ils, just neeived hy iiiiiNsjiAiu & imoruicus. April 1 Ul Ii, IH10. u Aimer Wilcox's. I.Mate. STATU VIltMO.XT,) Ta p.nli-n lii.lni't nl t''il. s-. i r Ci uh Iu I leu n 11 irliiierii n. welim and for llie Di-irici nlori " ltd, i u Ihe 1 1 ll d.i - ot Apul, A. I. nn In-truine'iil tmr purinjr lo he llie l.i.l Will .in I Te-Mincnl id Wll.t OX. I re e f Westford, in -n d di-iii-t.deu-a-ed, wi. iri--i'Mtevl to iheCo.n here li.r I'm' ntc, I y C. Viic x, llie r.xeeieor. theie'in tianie I'iii'.iiliobi:, itjis or 'erel by 9,1. d court, llial p iMie niiinc it L-ivcu I 1 ali per-iius tulireitel .'ni-rcui to np.ieir I etiiro -nd Court, nt n -e ion i-'iereot 10 le li 'Iden 111 thu uli 'o of ihe Ki-.'iier i n I Courl in ll'iilnc'lnn, i n lh sevond d ly e.l .'lay, A. I). 15111, nt lOo'cl ek A. M.. mil ! tin; jiro'.iie id .aid Will, mil it in (irihcr KiUerel lint this e.rdcr le pub lisbel tlirie wee':s Mic 'C-snety ei the Tie'c Pre-s-, 1 l.."- t,. I pi i.!.-.!! II lloien.lll llil- .s'lltle, lie l e i m ti li ill 1 e iieuu'is tu the day a-sijned, ns ni re-a d n.r lieirol'j. Cliveu under my liind al t lie UetsterV O.Ilce, tins llllnliy ol April, A. I). LSI! Id.i3 CI1M1I.K-: IM'SSri.I., .hulse. IT O T I O 3 To lintl",! ISuililcrs. rPHK t-'iherdier hums hecn appoin'ed ns njent to L pitpt-rmteiul thn huildnis of n Iniic-e MruUe otr lluntiu.' Uiver m Ilchmoud wdl receive propnnh lor tnnlilini; s M l ilii.le, un-il the I Itli ol April next. -Mid UtiJye m to bo of single tnek nnd one hundred Uhhmond Shrih 31, 131C. 1U2 m .Mjlil ami lit e do llf.w A, UuTlil tilinlins-. l'icii h.-d S eetitirf and 1 Nli'rimff. CdM C iuihi is, St'ecM-, flroalch.ihi T.Mei, I'air'y ''nil plain Cuat iner, Dm'-lsin, Piri'ii nn I'V Saluic: Cluri mi I Hrt'' nrdluijrs, IM-i-m-r nn i Mripe it cvitv i.rifv ol ivl" A'pi'-i i, (Mian, IdJi-Tuna-, -in1 :izine , De Me'r1 li.di. I'Vem h V V.nj. Mtrii'o , Vi'lve-. !)iu;ss coons M. l o l.uni'ii, Cnfh. De K "0cb, Jor!-d auJ llept !ahiticrt'sI Prinicel Inwn. I.'iun Unu'liain", riniint-1. lani vs. nrinted Orzandte-i. I! ili rim-', .lean', t jSil,.!, 1.1 k. and eul'd. fi'p IVii'ino-. alexican t lint-.' and nlam. lie. !Ni i wis Ciehmore, iirpcii, nut-ut mannio'tnre ct, unma.., m lie nirn I Mir inri'!., Hawiilu u iV Cu-hcco CV, prai:iie Ciizni-. Cliapm, Uoh ont ttr. S.c. I ind, Uaici,eOint reand M a!epn. Also, Ol ves ll'i-Try, Ponsee and .pillallifld II 11.1-. S I?. SCOTT, who i nt the ahnve named c t ihh-li'ucnt, n-pivifnlly t-oltcitineall from In Incnd lieo they viU Hotun. IVh. li 37ml Spring Fashion of Ilai.. nt the old t-tand on Pearl silrtet, hv Ifurlington, Aprd 3, MG. -llu 1 r lh pre nt hi an iful stue, nnw nn w innu una ht enl TU HUNT. I'.OItono or more jcim, the House md, now eicciipii-d hy the Hilurriher.on lioir.t. The prem ises conduit of one acre of l.nnd, n iinnll lloupe, tt.irn nnd oihe-r nppen.lni;ni, nil in i;oi.d repnr nn e xcel'onl Wi-U of witi r, n (1 irden miller good culiii.uion, nnd well bluelicd null rrult'l'ices. John r. Aiumrcv. Ilurlintjlnti, April B, 13 IG. - 4" Bui I or. Al'KW liunlrcil p mnds nond TjWo llutlcr, this ehv rrreiicd j Aim While! Uenn. Apni ism. (in a. s. m:vr.v. l7'A.VTHD iu cxi'iangc for Ciroecriis, llccii iu 11 nuy nnuliiy. A. S. DKWI'.r. Apul -', 1S10. -11 I'nstiirinj', PASTUIll'. of nbout 5 ocru to Hen, nrnr ihe llurhuKlou, .Mm. I iO, IS 15. A V t.-olh ac enn iire of O. Pr.l T.llSON. BISHOP HOPKINS' I'n.tornl Letter nnd Correspondence) n'uli Rev. H'hi. Henry Hoijt, Will bo published this iiiorninir, bv M'' a. (looniiicii. Smoked I lams and Shoulders' "Vfl'lO nicely cured for family use, for Kile bv T 13 STHONH3 & Co. Valualilti Kami lor Sale! 'PIT? .ul.-eul it le'ius iV-iroiis of re- SSIvfv I nun.' I'iooi lu-ine n, cillVm for i-.ile ;;;;wA, I, n Lirce mi I valuable I'AIt u, eon-islmi; I'I'Biyf' if :joo. -.cits of ia -iit iu land, sun jff.AESiA n'cd iu Ibe vdl-uc id' t;h.i.c, flimui, County, -V Y. I pun Ine preuues ,im two dwilhni; ho i-e , lliren I arils, i ul ho i.e., ee. ile. 'Iliel'inu I. e'l windel nnd wnli iel, I la nlu -ri'llier onaif Iheinobl Milu.ih'eauJ plca-uul loi jtioii. in llieiouii ly. Terms e.i-y I'er p.irtieular, npply In the nih-criler on the preuu.'-s. 'AMlXANIint SCOI f. t'hazy, April SO, 1810. 17 Saliltalli Scliool I5ooks. rpiir, Mib.criler iexicciiiii;nreienB iu ihe-courie L nf two viesol;., u oft-nl liiib N hool nnd (J iciiun llouLi. from ibu Ainencnn Siiud.n' .S ho' l lhiieill. Also from thi'S.;. rineiii nf llie IMetbuihsl 1'piM-npjl Cliurili, bii h wil I c furiu-liel loSnbl mil t-'chuols nt Psevv Veirk nud llos'on prl e'- for caih. WOOII.S, llurlinjton, April 23, 1316. Strongs UuilJinj, Oranties ami Lomons. gi:o. pi".n:i!&o.v. TUST rcieiied 12 llo 1'rish Ornurcs nnd I.em I otiH, and for nlu by Ilaro Cliiincc. "IT'Oll sile, nr lo rent, n L.ndin; 1 Mn-hmeaii I Cloiluer- win Us, Hlmli'd neir llie ("onrl lloiu... in Irn-liiiriill. The premises coiuliii ol'n limn fici.iry I iii'diui!. mull il.veliiuj n .Use ti u I nil1' u i i u oi Innl. 'Pile C irduii! Midline is -3- neirlv new. nn.l inluiliid to be ihe best in ihe northern pin of thij Stills!. The prnp-rly l.i nllcl cd at n price lint will tiial.ei it an nti.i'ci f ir nny eer 1.011 in ilui hue of biisinii-s; md if not sold, will l e iciited for oiuormoiu ii'ais, wuh llio pinili'm' "I expeuduii; a put ot tlio icnl in repairs Apply Mine, or lo ll. .11, iu l lis, i.-n , ni insnurcui 11, 11. o I .le 1 , ILirlinsioii, April I, '15. l A New mul lni)i)i liint lira in The talsiiic of .dcdu inii remitted pnl itilde by the new nnd l.taiililul Invention m IMIm') ouyar-ioaicii .Muaic 1. 1.' Pills, by which Ilm nsie ol medicine is si complciely disjinsid by a coiiiu,' of nndied Su,'iir, that they aieptrl'cclly a0'it'Cablo Iu llie 1110-I eh he ite. .... Tin ,r...l'..ic nf ihrse I'd a arc ir'iov nnd juire- ly I'eiettabtt, whoso cuiame preperlies me iiiiKnuwii in the rcyul ir Science) of Medicine. Their ellicacy ... ,: .. I -It ii. il.i i n ts fin m I in. in i I ..1S il iser i.e 5,.i 1 1 n ,.---...i , , , , pure blood, hna not, perhaps.-i paral.el in ilm tainlosue ol Medicine.!! I Iu most of ihe ubslinHu ilin-n.e. whu h ollick the hunnii system lliey hale been bl ind to bo a most powerful remedy. Their neiim nn lite bowels nre nry mild and r.iicly ever snpe, at ihe time limn lliey aio (.cirtlunj and efficient. A nnsle mil mil show their Hue incrils. A Irnlot only one ben, neenrdms lo tbo dinclions uliicli accompany llirm, will never fill l be llio mobt i-ontiucini! tu deuce of llieir t xlraordiuary wnues. Price 25 ei ills per heix, forsalo by I'l. -p SI'Mll. April, c. iu. V1 I v. I March 21, ISIfl. Karc Chance. .I'M1: a3lKrj. rilHi:bc.lfirmin llristnlfor "t-U'I-VsSs. '? eoiii.iiiiiuaaboiUOl) wifm aires, well ualnrd and ion bercil, Willi a gnu I iircliiuil, and Uriel, r n cood st ile nl cul tivation. It is siiualcd ahoui Iwn mi',, JV, of Unsi.d course. iillU'f, mul knmvn by ili.i n-imeofilie ' Diniimi r .inn " biine llio sanio on which Cii-n. Dimiai, lued nud iheil, and now owned and occupied by ihe snli.e-ribi r. Possession civen nu .n'o. TI1AIJ1.US DU.NTOV lliitlol, March 23, 13 1G. ') riUi: subscriber has purchasi'd of ihecslnleof the M. Idle J. Wiimu light. r..i, Ihe enljrc hloie and T.a.b. i.r ilm old and nidi known Wmnmiulil r-slab- li.huieiit, in tint place, wherein heinlends to counnuc Iho b is iicsi. I le H is a nr.'O oe. in .nmn on imnu -ulsn Hollow ware, riows, now tv.isiuiEf, nun nlnio-l nit Linusoicasu 12 oi mi. """ "" per hundrl. Mieel Iron, feWcr and Tin Ware, nnd all clieip of 1 1 j.'i," . " S1G urse. Liberal wanes ill ue I'mu ior a !ioo.i work- 111 III HI IHO llll Il lSUII'fS. ."I. II. 1.1 I I. "IV, lliiritnalon. Ap i id, n. -11 JOHN 1'. lvK.I.LOfiC, niroiiTi it.v in- iv Nn. JO." invrr-strcct.Tiiiv. V. V. I VA-" em-'iaiulv oi lund t f:eiiMe n ir mi nt iT ini I.ri io , rm il, Ac. l i hivh In uiiu it ri'upret.nll . r t'l iln ait - ntioni.f Mfrt'lnnti llnti'1 ( p nnd mhi rs Am -n' hi rtim tit nny hef und O' ird. )n n .t (' ... IM'i-V. "1111. Sfit-ih-tte l'l I fttrll'11-HI Itrni Iv Mi I- r' S a ui, and mln r ' rm '- if Iu id nil (m. it if a. Si. ( 'r. nn I S.ll It'i'll. Mi'iji, ckdv. I'm. Sherry, n id JHdurn Wine- iifiiiir.ii in qu iiitici-. Al, t'ti'irv, I'M'lwriimt and U'liuergruen Cordi nU ; ( 'Inmpni'.'n. It e "l.iri'i, i'v e. A.I ni whi'-h lie of Ji i s d i thu ino-i aceoninuualiiii rnn fur Cah or ripprovvd Cic-Iit. Trjy, Apr I, 13IG. 11 Hi it i ii :ii'iiiti'n rid' ! p iM t" :n ir mtereat. V ph ifi h-fp ur pattens (iitlj udv.ffd of the statu uf iHir in nkft. I. mlvanp" nnd nn t'l Itiud t.ftnodn''. .IPAMUX MAlUM-OVtV ( 'inimi-ii.Mi Mi'iehnnfs 30 Wmit t., N. V. llrf,r tn M.-rri tA yir & Iir, l.;v nurlift 17y I a sTi d . Xcw, March 2nd, 18IG. Mrr Jcvvnu. tl auhhon & Co, 1 hue no heiiiitin m snunu lln1 hi no ennvcr mtiiin in which I have hem i nitnued, in Wrrnont of i-lsmvlurn. in whieh our n.ime" hnc hem intrndii cnl, Invp I ever intn hi I lo iv nny lliinu whieh hnn-. ttlfiTt ymir i hnrocter, fttniidini;. rr,dit or mode of ilnins luiiip-'? n- (.omtnisi-ion .Irrehnnts in Newr Votk:nor have I ever Ind nny rp:ion. from know I - oiIl'o or infornniton, to helii vr jou utrc irrtyponsihlo or thnt win rond ctcd vfnr hii5inc?3 in a manner inhreoiiiinf Cutnimssimi Jlerehtints Von 'ir,- at liberty io tiri!;c'uch u-e of lids as yoa imy dtem proppr. 1 am rry rcBprfiimiy Vour obtdjent ecrvrtnt, (Signed) X. V. nK. Copied hy Tmhron DonnMi's. 43mf ST. NICHOLAS HOTEL. US, Cinirttaiitlt Street, New York, I'exmcrly known as tha Zschanuc Hotel, riT-A. LI AS re emly tM-i'd m'o Hie hand. T,!t "I - ls' rnimrll et Duma Is."?! plirey. I; i. hunt hort di-lanc ll1 S' ' ol ilr . i-l.e- ic, ..' the .Sto mil eml lan ...j.xi f, u ( i(. )r,tl -,,i,,l .(reels of ihe i'l' y wh( re M t iimtfion l lie CO nil I y elo I heir 'si. its-; .ml tr ' c -i s- ui'lies. if loi-.uiiu, jjood ind ciiuri .. Im i rut, uiu,, tiit-ss and c mlori, no ho'le Ol New V' r'. u le ler i, tune I. Mr. D'Ull plirev u rfs ',, T-i .lr J,, IC t..nslov fin- friend, i lie llu-r- lli.w.iru. Alter feeli-'e under -ncli .Mast.,., nf it,,. . ,tndert-ivdi il, nnd Ni rilicm (icntlc nen will nut I e .tisjp.iom'ed eoher in hi- Ar or hi- pri.e. Jens," a, e w.i- I'.imdi i rl y c i led, is .iiiti-i-n-i-1 wnli inii-i nf the bti-incs- men ol Ver ui. ml, uu I il 'ho-e L'i'iiilcmen will leuii'iol i r 10 call Hum Inm, an I nro di. nii-ded, then lim " r'ht hnnd will hn n I'.rut os enuniiur. 1 'I'lie ho I e I ccn r oro iflilv lepmrcl md I enuiif i Iv fitted up. Huth coinfori nnd c, m,,. ( W)( ,u c inim'tc I by mnUinj ln h .11 ethiir s:o,i;i iiir iU' e. ' 0 TO nOTK I. sfKw"'' inx- IMJIKTOIt-S. tl.i-miN i- err-; r li:i)N'- T(i 11 II IN A. Ill-', -e ,1'Sr.i, linv n - I en .ii io nteil Aenls by the i ite.iiff- I .r the s.ile i f ih t -iii-i mb'd ware, ' i' the tliirnl Sine's, .re I Iv prepme' ii. exe'-ii;o iey i.i'l.-r- Ir .ni Wl ! ll.i:--l.i: DI .- in o her oil . ol Ifi ti'L im I ."sti Asir.eiAT PKoenxT us; and w u'd e- :e..v' Ii. re er n.-li.-'i-'' ..inv ui testi monial nl lh.-ii n,7y nn 1 perutUlr Jllncs.ti th s nrli e'le leir 'he lltl :l ail I btuuniitmi ii e : nud W Il'i.l add, o il-e -eilen -C-, lll.ll ll dot'- nnl bt-ci.iiiv di-eol. red when chi.iped, hl,e llariherti or Son. Warp, 'I bey have n!o on Inn I a Reucral nss,irinent nf Chint'i, (Hna unit .'nW' unable lor lh. (lonnlrtj Triide. whi-'li ihey will tell jic for em'i or iivproiid cridit. 'I I UOTIIV T. KISS 1 U r-ON-S, .Veic- York. Airri, H1G. 1 15 Mai leu I.arie. We, llie -uh.eri1 1 rs. le.-v.-furut-h-d our Hotels with "MA-soN's I'Air.vr iiiu.v sioni: china." imp niel I y 'I'. T. Ki . Co. nnd give il a pre-lereii'-e over every oilier kind ol China or il.irlbcrn Wire. Ileui.- 1 1 creal r-neulli aid durability, it in'. me. e'eoiinmy wuh nenine.- ot appearance, anil we i liceilullv recoiniiit'iid it ns heinj l etter adapieel io Hi iel ii'iipe se-, thu n nnv other .uncle now- inu-c .Nttf- l urA', .iiiiury, lsd'J. Ili'Vtirs'. I'oi.t'.Mts Is Stktsos-, Attor Iljuse. Wm. It. Cozzln's, ImfriViin llottl. Hhkk ti Kl'.l'.n, ll'ircrv House, ll.wi.s .M Tnr.vnsvELt, Vontiii Ihuse. JoilV II. (l.n!isJF.Il .v. Co. Cihr Ihttl. I'. IIi oge-et Sov. Clinton lintel, Joits- M. I'lint, t'earl ttreit Ihuse. X. II Sin e the above lesiiiiiotn il was furnished all these es-ablMhoients have e-oniuricel i'- use, with allMiepn e.ia' Hu els m Hush n. And more reconi Iv Irne turiiis'ie I. wb il v or in pan, thu f. Ilowiiij Hole's, nu I Mivoia! ni"v M'.c nnd river m. St. Clt irltt ILUI. Mew-Urlu-iiin, Jle-r . ileum Wu. s-. O ill Unite, r.niti-ville, Kv Mr. Iao .'r.-4 iiie'r Itittl. Itleliinou I Vl lr K. IlovtiEi. Vtoii'V ll.tcl, iV'.rf.. k V.i., Mr. W.M. I'iiincu. I'e er b irjli, a , Mr. 1). I ufacii. .V.idonn Hotel, Wj!.in,i n city, Mr. . .-.Cul IAS'. l-lxi-'i tne II tel. ll.dtitnrre. .'n'.itr It, ' Mi ssri. .'acks.'S U. tV.tN- -T. M .I'iiciViii IT, Ph Mr. II Cmartts, lhifml II -Irl N, -- , r'., Th si t .N lie a. ,'w Yi ft Ihiel. ' Mr J. II ' iti isr... 7'ne llMie 'I r. v, le .r.. I iilcmas -X t.occnl. Amertni ll.irt, lin.Htl .. Mr. I.. I II in... .1iii.i'un I! " lie l Pi -lll,r.. d 'n. ('lurid limit. Ninain K Me. m. W ihtset e Soiib ' And i 'tier- 4.1-1 Garden, nnd Flower Seejis! I' Alttil'. SUl'I' of fresh Seed-('.im .s-linkcru LJ nnd ullirr Culnvniiirn, nl uholnile, anl nicely tirraiiJiM lor tno rciaii tin 'c, nr IT. -K if- SI'l'AIi'S, and W. II. IIUVII & t-o's. Also, The rarer Itnu9 consuinly kept. hov1:y's S IC EI) LING STllA W Ii IC l U V. (Of winch lb" larjcst berries nie from live to fix in the in eircuiufeircnce, and ihcir ipiahty nut SUrplHse'd. Se-C .M lu-121111'il of llorucut lurc, and Au'riiuliurnl a'trs licncrally. l?Wi Silo uy I'liiLCTi' rmtlirs, Miildl.-nwn L l'oinl, N. J , nnd Avroun, .M. nsrs IM'.CK ft l'llAI! Ilurbnston. and W. II. HATCH .V Co. Weiooidii I'.iIIj. The pi nils ordered by aaents will bo forwarded with llie ul tuns! piincl'idhtv nl ruch li lies a. io reach thrir tit c nnatmn on the Ul, 15th and 30ih e l March and April. I'urclnscrs. tlnTcfore, bv puiny Ihe nccnts ihcir ord-r. gcTsiriably, wuh iclcrenco lo ihc abut e dales, cm tie lo reciiio llieir plain, im inoilnlily on llieir airnal, while Irt.h and in cood order, A hhiet contiuumr panie'iilir d lectinin f ir ihe 1'iiltAaiioii of ihii and other tannic, of ilm Strn hi rrv. tchi. ll v etlraci. lioiu Ilm Mim'iuc . 1 Horti culture, piiblisheel ill llo.ton.l i ftirnitheil wuh ihe plant old, 1'iiici; or I'ttsrs, $1511 13 Feathers ! AflOOI) supple ol liens nn I Oerso Kcalhcr. now on baud. H'eirrunlril lo be n good nriicle. I'orsileby VILAS & .NOVI'.s. Hurlui;ton, Jm. 29, 1616. 35 IMPORTANT TO TANNERS. riMlll fiib-crilnr has pur.-h ined lliei 1 ili I In inc I llfCKMAN I'ATCNT MaCIIIMK OB I)hAWI0 lltnrs 111 I'm len .N.n ihem eounlie. ol ciiii jol, nm Hllldisioseuf rtalit.eilhi riu indiiiduil', or 10 ceuu. lies or tn llioil reason ttile lirius. Appliculiou ma) bo 111 ide to II. P. I) Oimlmtlgo lloroush, or II (1 m'l.. tlirhinnnd. 1 April 9, 1SJ6. U'lNOOSKl COTTON. Wl) him mult mi nrrnnuunient wnh thoownr 1 1 Huso hhi'imtr lo Uvp theiii rnn'nailj on h.uil nnd l'r suU hi the PsrTnv I'jUcm. wo dd Mi'i -it the mi 1'ii'i' 'ii vf Meii-hnni mtdoibtr u'l'liinv to I uy tlwir irootU l ihe Ha e or l,tv, .if we thni's lint their uprior quality will W a iron riHH'iniiiniddtMMi tottie l ivvr nnd 'i ho aiuiiiMsrr. Uiir niviiV outd eneoorJare "hitm imlnttv' VIL.VS iV XOVKrf. Umliiigicn, April I, IS 10. M UIU IIUUS A X!) 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