Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 8, 1846, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 8, 1846 Page 2
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BOLUS Mo.NDV, April 27. Wii linvp Imtl h grout d IV in Congii-ss lu-il iy p irliciiluily in oni! wing nf il. Tim Is sllli- isxt; Ins Ism-ii ti c : i it r.iised iiRiinst Mr VWInli'r, lint llu; liloiv Ins been loo fculili! In (In linn iiiiicIi Injury. In tliu rt: lis-tlsv tint iIIhi-imocii on tint Fruncli Spuli iiic.ii Uill rniiiiuiicd dy Mr. Dix of Nmv York, ul'ier which limy went into cxccuiivo session " litre thoy continued bout an hour. In tlio Huusr. Mr Ingcuol'l renewed lii charges against Mr Webster. Ho described the objects of ibo sccrel ser vice fond, and wen! on to sin In llmt be bad been to the ,Duparliiiaiil of Sulo and s.iv items of expense charged for something done in ibo McLnod cyse. Tlut Mr Webster hud used $12,000 ot tho secret service fund in tliu first nine months of his official career, and $3,000 in tho next three months. He stated that tho private paprrs showed that $100 had been paid to Mr Crittenden fur visiting New Yink ; that a Mr received some 1UU dollars, iiuu that Mr r. U J. Smith bad receivrd sonu'. Uf staled nnullu-r entry shows tliat S3000 worn rului iii'il of tin- issnney drawn, ami tint jirWi-lKirr owcilbJl-IUUlo Ihislunri tvlu-n he left ihe Di'paitmriit. (In cb.ngi'd, in Ihe second place, that Mr Webster bud uu'd this inum-v fir riirrupl, parly purposes, lie slated llmt ho had seen n paper in tho f)ep iilineiit finm Mr Smith, having a blank to he filled up fur services rendered. Ho staled thai the accuunls had not been settled till within about leu days of tr folk's urrivul in Ibis City to be inaugu rated. After having strung a bundle of little cir cntnstaiifes like ihevi together, entirely on Isis own respontiliiliiy, uiibniil a panicle nf documentary evidence, Mr Ingersoll took Ins feat. Mr Ashuinn of .Mhs ihcn rose and was proceeding luii'plv when n inrcid of Loco focus (villi their cuuilesy opposed any reply or iliou. A motion was made, however lo permil Mr Ashmiin lo proreed, upon which tint yeas and nays were called, mill Mr A was per mitted to proceed. lie went on will) a with ering rebuke of Mr lnucrsoll, under frequent (in I outrageous nitcrruiition. Mr Ingersoll denied lliat bo had charged Mr Webster with giving money lo Mr hjiuii cer for defending McLend. Mr Ashmun appealed lotho Union report, which Mr Ingersull denied, lie said ihr. re port was wrong. Mr A. said ho appealed to the honest sonse of tho House whether be had not s lid so. Mr Ingersoll cried out "No." Mr Ashmun said he did riiilnppeal to him; he appealed lo the hontsl sense of the House. Mr Ashmun pronounced the charges gainst Mr Webster, and enumerated the charges which had been pi oven lalse. lie asked how Mr I. came lo gel tins in formation, which the President had told this House be dare mil I'ive. He had either been let into the D.'p irluient by some Isasu pan dor, or he had picked ihe locks of ibn puh tic buildings lo lirt'iik the seiil ol conlili'iue On papeis which ihu President bad said In dare not violate, and which no honorable man would li.m violated. Mr Ashmun slid that tho genilennn fmm Pa. should bo ill" last lo ch irgo any thing bout definitely for (Sen. J icksou had turn ed him out of uflico and be proven a de faultor. After all he could do by charging f.-s CjI libels in the f minus lea rase", a jury found the h'1, as ex-l)istnri Alton ny for the F. isl am District of Pa. owed ei in-iilv $1,00 ), and it was two yeai- .ifier llie juiy so found, before Mr Ing rsoll liiiutdni'd. It ten years after bo w-s- lurneil mil In'lure his ac counts were setiled ; yet hu biings chirues against Mr Webster for h ivina some Mule bill unsettled when he left the Department. Mr Joseph R. Ingersoll, nhoso position in this affair excites the symp itliy of every one, being appealed to by several persons, among others C. J. his brother be made an expla nation justifying tho conduct of tho ex-District Attorney in this case. 1 have no doubt that if a brother of Mr Webster bad lii-en present he would have moru easily explain ed for him, Mr Ashmun then proceeded, and said that an attempt had been made hv Mr Ingersoll to influence John Tyler lo come out against Mr Webster. Mr Ingersoll jumped up and waved bis fist in a very excited way and said it is falst! it is a lie. A lie iir !-e- taking Ins seat rreat wrath. Mr Ashmun replied that be came from a Slate where ihey believed mine in truth than la duels, pistols or Bow in knives, hut they were not In bo deterred by sueli .inguare from vindicatini! tho Irulh. The idea lliat Mr Ashiiiiin should notice the epithet from a person in whose face II hail been flung (null out reply) by Mr Webster, is ridiiuUus. On mntiiiii of Mr Scheuck, a Coinuiillei was appointed to investigate llu; manner in which Mr Innt-rsnll permitted lo visit itu the priv.ito seals of the St lie Department. A ud, hv an amendment of .Mi I'ellil.a com milteo was appointed to in (. charges nf Mi liiL'i'isull ag linst Mr Webster for llu: take of inipiMi hiuu him. ' The House then ..dpiurm d. Tit.s-iiw, Apil! 23. In the HorsB. the Speaker iniiuiiinrvil the Select Conuiiillee, on Mr SchetickN resnluiinn, tu inrpiire how Mr Ingersull nui.inirtl possession ol the pa pers on which tot founded his Lite char- get against Mi Webster. The Cnnimilleo conns sis Messrs. Sehenck, Dobbin, Melt vaine, Stanton and Rockwell. The Couimillcn to inquire into ibn char- en brought against Mr Webster was also an nouiiced, as follows: Messrs. Peliii, Vinton Davis, of Miss., King of Mass., and Wilmot It is also reported that tho President vos terday caVo Mr Pakenham Ibo "Notico" of tho lermiiuliun of tho Joint Occupancy of Oregon. Wednesday, April 2D. In ibn Senatt. communication was received from the War Department, relative to the copper mines on Lake superior. Mr J.irnauin introduced a joint resolution letting forth the Mexican delinquencies, and authorizing the President to appoint Com missioners In sit upon and determine the claims of nur cill.'-ns against Mexirn. The Senate hen look up llw bill reported by Mr Wuodhridge, to grant alteinalo sec lions nf public lauds to Michigan, lo build railroads and canals. HoL'SR. The House went into Commit tfe of the Whole, and took up tliu Smithso nian Bill. The huur having expired, ihfi committee proceeded to vole upon ibn Various amend ments which bad been nfTrred in tho bill, and after consuming three hours in rejecting the most of them, finally adopted a substitute for iIm original bill, which was reporttid to lli House and finally juisseil by a vote of 85 lo ( u. TiiunaiiAY, April 30. Sr.N tk The S' bill whiih passed lists House Yesterday, was recs iveil, reail twice anil re ferred to a select coniiuitleu of three, lo be appololiMl by ihu Chair. Tins'iinilli'e are Messrs. Dix if New York, Corwiu if Ohio, and Lewis of Alalia- ma. The resolution offered by Mr Sevier, nil ihiui.iiig is ciimpil ilinn nf business records ami ops'ialinusol tins Treasury Dep irlment, was taken up. Mr Allen supported the resnluiinn. He bad seen one volume already prepared oflliu compilation and an index of the next, ami proiinunc.'d tho work a great, substantial and desirable desideratum a compilation of jewels. Mr J. M. Ulaylon thought tho worn would bo valuable for use in the Treasury Depart ment. Mr Evans laughed at thn idea that it was n "work of jewels." Ho had never leen a more trashy, useless work in his life. Mr Wesrolt of Florida, said ho had un derstood tho work was compiled hv Dr. Mavo, who had written n hook defaming Psesidenl Jackson. Ho would give no per son puhliu employment who wuuld def.imo aiiv I'residi'iit. Mr Asrher lliouslit a work might bo val uable, wbnever compiled it. Mr BimiIiiii ridiculed "this work ofjewels," and read from a volume of It, belure him. specimens ofits jewels, in u merry way. He was utterlv astonished to hear Senators eel up and recommend such miserable stiifT as valuablujewels, about which they Knew nulli nig. The whole subject was laid on the table, with the iindeislandiiig tlat il should not again be called sip. The bill to aid the Slain of Mississippi in the conslriicliou of a Rail Ku, id from Jacksun thioiigh Brandon, to ibe western botiudaiyol Alabama, was limn taken up. Tho road contemplated, is an rxtensinnof the Vick.sburg road lo Ills; Mate ol Alaliama. Tim lull was briefly advocated by Mr Speight and opposed by Mr II igby, who sta led that it would greatly beni'lit his own Slate, but be could not overcome his consti tutional scruples. Mr Calhoun said ibis bill was not li ible lo ihe same objection as the Michigan bill which was passed yesterday, and ho should vole for it. He briefly stated the great importance of the contemplated road, which is intended to connect with a road from .Montgomery, in Alabama, and will pass through the very heait of the cotton country. Mr Niles offered some amendments de signed to defeat the objects of the bill, but they were voted down. Some further debalo ensued, and after slight modification, the bill was passed ayes 28, noes 8. Some progress was made in a private hill, when the Senate adjourned over until Mini day. IIol'sr. In ihe Hosisb ves'erdav, just be fore I lie adiosirnuienl, Mr Hopkins slated lliat hi- b id linen informed hv Ibo olTn ers"!' ihu House thai the limn (Fiilay and S slur day nexl) for which llu; Ilmiso h id Hgiee to adjoin n would In; entirely insulTl'ienl I allow of the usual cleaning of llu: ball, put liiiil down spiinL' miliine, &t., mid il w.i mjreed that the House uieel this morning al 9u'ilork for the puiposeol adjourning over run House accordingly met at lb it hour this nioriiiiii.', and immediately adjourned over to Monday. FHOM Tllfi ARMY. Ltlers jercivfd al New Orleans slate tha (en. Worth ba resigned his fiunmisfinn in the army, in coiin'ipiencn ot a tl. Inanity abiut Ibn rank lo w Inch be was entilled. I his step is penally to be regretted under existing cir. cumslances. On ihe niornln2 of the 10th of April, Co. nuel Crosi', Acting Quirter Master (ieneral of Ihe army, left the camp on horseback, unat tended, on business in his department. Not re Inrning witlen a reasonable tune, alarm was excited, ami parties were sent nut fur him, bin could obtain 110 tidittL'i". Thren or four tl tys elapsed, when, bapnily, ilroiijli tho cneray and iidioitness of an ollicer ot Hits ilraironus, it was ascertained lhat Col. Cross bail been laken prisoner by a party of Mexican rancheros, con. sisliiig of a captain, lieutenant, and live men, and carried off. The Mexicans denied that he wns at Malauioras, but no apprehensions wore entertained for bin personal safely. The event uf cnurfe excited some feeling, anil will tloubt- I'ornf another very serious ground of rnmplahtt aoainst Ibn Mexicans. The Government, of course, will ih&avow it. A correspondent of ihe Philadelphia Rnniiir. p.- write thai Con. Atnpiuha had tleclired his intention to open bis bttteries upon Gen. I ay- tor, unless ho hhouhl withdraw 10 tho iNuccea. Ihe writer adds, t lint an express w 11s started iiniiiediatul;- for Point Isabel, for more allium 1 uiti, and lo place them on their guard ; the dis. pi sitiiins nf the camp .110 already c banned, and it lire cniniuanil nl tiragootis ih tireered lor se cret service after dark, lie sava further: prisoner hi-iusi been brnuahl in hv llie picket. lie says llie eneiny lire e'tiii 10 cross ihe river nt a e Mum point lo uimmw. ' A so'inilrnn sroes wuh him lo die n'acc 111 (I.11 iliilit. 1 SOU men nrc bird ol work nl tSis rampiris nml tnsver-v, anil Hcn.T. and his Half iust psssil by n1 a vnltnr all showina dial nnlieis urn -jrowiii .'ri'-us. - r-e lower picitei niso rt ported about nil hour since n lirce body of ctvilrv un ilieir way iluwu die river Link about four tulles below, on me oilier iae 01 cour.c. A loiter in the New Orleans lliilhslin con tains llie following paragraphs, which have some interest: "On ihe nishl of ihe Mill initani, fJen. Ampudin arrived 10 Mrtninorss. nnd on yesierilnv sent n com nuinicaii.iii Inficn, Talor, fialiiia if he d.d mil fall back bcliuul llie .Nueces. 11 wnu'il be held in a ibcln ration r.f wtr. Gen, Tiylor Ins ordered Slip Munrue who conuuanil-lliis post, 10 t oiuider teir ileclnrtd. ami to art arcaitInWv. Doublhss Anipiiiim did mil 1 . r.- 1.... -.. n..l.. ....! wisn lo pe I'lRCn nl UU woru, uui uui, imjioji " o nol be humliujged. "Thi nn.t the kev nf f!cn. T.tvlor's Dnsiiinn lines ipplies must be landed, and from hers a delink nliou, if necessary, inusl be made. In caoofdian. ser, tins is ilicnnly point to till nacu upon nor is us imporia nee underrated, t'apl. John Sanders, of Ihe em-ineer cures, is charged Willi the duty of Ihrlifyiui! it, and is engaged wiih the snnll lort e dial ran be liiriiisiieu srnni iwu companies, une s nine itiisoo except einpluvesa of she Uuarler Mtsler's Depart. tiieiit,) in 1 ntrmcliitis ihocmiind, the natural features nf which ore siron'. fnnt Samlets bia uficred em ployment 10 sll thcTexiant within reach, Itustin? tc l,oiiifi 10 apprnptnie ilieir psy iierealier s una Ills skill and mercy will leave nnilunz undone that can be accomplished. (3"n. Tnvlnrs force is about 2303 Ainpudia from 0000 10 7000." AsirineAN II-tf.i.. Trtnv, N. Y. This e reilciit Public House, has been repainted and nut in line order for the reccntinis and arcmn- inflation nf ilo usiests. Its eiitciprisipg and atleniive bus's, Messrs. Shppard it Miller, sup. ply (ho "croaiare ronifurii." with successful ami practised skill. They seem lo he inssln lfnl den (.nhiinns from the Iravelms iiublir t'eneral IV, II their rllll OS cussnm is nuy fYiiimri! in ttutilte. annrob iiion, I lieir spacious aparnn-iis , -i...i.. I... n i.Rlta.l in ll.pir iiSinnst lns riav'T .icrt. i-i Pinii" this rlpriog. and Ihey hive opened Use poll , ' r (inn.vTil i'F l.'NnuN. We are a.l to imag ine hero In Ihu United .Slate", lint Hio gruwtli of our towns ninl cities orextly f urp,ii In rapid ity anil est) lit Ileum of any pari ol the old world. Sumo farld about Loudon would scciu to contra dict I till Slntinil. "Il is staled, lor Instanre, in a recent report In Ihe Onrcriiiiieiit, thai 'us little innro thanlwolvo yenri", Iwelvc hundred nnw street have been adiled In London, w hu h is ut the rate of one hiluilteil itreeli. a veir.' "'I beru 12 hundred new slrrets 'contain for- ty-eielit tlnui-aml h hit most nf llipm built on a largo and eoimnmhoiis Pi'ale, mil in a style of mipennr rssisiloit.' Willi nl Hun wonderful in-rreai-e, il is f.ihI, that tin; ileuianil for liosie in vtead of iliiniuif lung, eontiiiiies to increase,'.aud while many towns of Hie mlerior, the limn tier nf unoccupied Imusea m augment it'L't icarrcly is a new street hi lsiul in hnisheil, tie fore almost every house in ita fully occupied.' 'One ureat reason aai!tucsl for the rannl growth o( London, is the extraordinary facility, economy anil ilepstrh wills which people art1 now transported over railro.ula lersiiinntinir ihnre. Owmi' to this cause, it I ho il.i'ly influx of inilivulual.s i five times lirsaler than II was ntieen veaic airn. " LiiiiiIoii is now about 411 inilcx hi circumfer ence fuel numbers more than two miliums of inhabitants." v s.- c FRIDAY MOIINING, MAV 8, 194G. OREOON. Thero is now a very cheering prospect thai the Oregon dispute will ciiinc lo peaceable termination, and ihe threatened uiplure be happily nveitcd. This citcnni stance, although it would seem lo be a fit matter of congratulation to every body pos sessed of romnnn sense, will not lake placn without producing soino bitter disappoint snouts. The unprincipled demagogues who have seized upon ihe unsettled slate of our ueuotialiiins with England, on tho Orego matter, in order lo excilo a war fever among the penple.fur purposes of pt'rsoual aggrali dizeinenl, will howl in impotent rags; at the ul I In-ir iniquitous schemes. But tho naliiin can iiltoid lo let them howl on till their wrath is cooled. No man ofjiidgmenl is at a loss whi ther lo choose an honorah! peace, or a war undertaken to maku a great man out of Mr. Allen, or Mr. Ilannegan. And it is a source of I ho deepest sslisfaction that men have been found, in both parties, who aro ready nnd willing In smile in rolling back.lhe tide of demagoguism, which threat ened lo inundate the laud in blood, in order to "put small men into largo offices. " The complete triumph of this resistance is one of ibo most cheering signs of the limes one which indicates that ibo pcopln of ihe coun try am losing their fondness for war exc.'le ments, and will, hereafter, bold lo a strict responsibility, those who shall be instrumen tal in plunging them into tho embarrassment, the densur.ili.iiiiiii and bloodshed of war. The value of peace, siddnm fully appreci ated by a nation, except during or immedi ately iifier a luiiions war, is hi einning to lie ....ilL'sh. ..r....: .s : s : ,,. , , 1 -n .- discussion. Let tins he pursued till llu- "lit- 11 11 t n-r 1 1, , ler is well rubbed ofrfioni Ibo gold eii.iuleiles .,, - ., , ' , : and gilt bullous of military glorv, and l ie .1.,..,...,l .v t... ' 1 . ", .. . :..s. J ...- ..... M.llll IIMI'.ISIT IIIT niHLII loo often blinds it, may sec other allttndanls up.m tliu car of victury, which changti tho character of the set Let the whole peo- pin knuw and .fuel what war really is, and the day will come shortly, when the denia guanos will shi ink from 11 war, as a mad dog avoids water. They wjll then bo perfectly cored, and a hippy day will it Lo for a na tion so rich in li,ii ciiiiiuiiuliiy us our own. To Mr. Webster, Mr. Ciiltenden, mid tho resl of the Whig Senators, on onn .side, and lo Mr. Calhoun, Mr. II ivwood and llu ir friends on the other, llio country owes a debt uf gratitude, which ought nut lo he forgotten. The preservation of peace amid Ihe dangers ol 11 war, is mining those, noblu deeds whirli aru never sufficiently estimated, never ade quately rewarded. The steamship Cambria iislnrc on the beach at Truro, Cape t'o I. EIGHT DAYS LATKIt FROM EUROPE.. The steamship Cambria, Cap. Judkius, lofl Liverpool 011 Ihe I'Jth ull al 4 P.M., arrived at Halifax on the hi instant, !at noon, and left again at 4 P.M. She brought fsorn 0(1 Its 1(10 passengers lo llahfasr, and landed about 20 there, Oii.Stlurdsy night, nboul 20 ininislcs In 1(1, the weather being fngjjy, and the boat run ntiig at half wpeed, just as preparations were mule to stop her, for the purpose of sounding' she ran on shore, on a teach afterwards disco. vereti to uu 111 j rum, uapr- too. I lie cni'ines were iiuniod ately reversed, but she rem lined bard and fast. An anchor and stern cable were uut, and, after heaving 011 it, the anchor came. Iimne, vwthoiil having altered the ship's position. At the liipo she went ashore, it was about Isilf tide as tic tide rose, her stem swunj round, and al high water (about 4 A.M.) he lay tiriudeiuo no. Tliu bench on w hirh she lays i.iin Truro, about 5 miles south nf Highland Ivghi, t,ape Lod. Sim heads H mill. There was considerable swell when she went on, bul fortunately it was entirely calm. Other auchars were carried out, ind every clT.rl was made to heavo her olf. Abmst rpiarlcr past 4 A.M., 011 Sunday, Genrge I). Blake, E-q. uf Huston, and t.aplam (.hosier, passengers, landed, look horses lo Plymouth, and Ihcnce lo Doeloo, by an ex. press car. Al tho latest accounts the ship lay pencc.iiy iigm, lhe news is not of leading importance. The House of Commons meton ihe 17ih ult having adjourned over the Kister hohdays.- Thcy were principally occupied with the debate on tho Irish Coercion Bill. The facia with re gard lo this Bill are simply these. The Ir'sh people have always been discnnooted with the Government, and they aro now st'iriin under it. Though thn crops which aro annually raised from the fertile soil of Ireland are sufficient ti support twice as many people as there aro couniry Ihpy aro almost all exported li Etielaud to pay Ihe rents of tho Itiidairds, who ate prim ijilly absentees. The rent nf land is n exinbilaiil thai in order 10 piy il, the pour far mar hat. to work year in and year nut lo keep hi' children from school, and to deny himself eiery comfort and many necessaries so sell all ,.vn,.u.. n,, nlllJ usriev, sua uvvi hiiu , ,mrl(i and boiler and chspae, and britsjf up his i disease among tha potatoes hia nearly destroyed 1 lea wheat ami oils and barley, and beef and Ibo whole crop, ami consequently the people are a'artinif. The alesl accounts eav that they are djino by, the hundred, of famine and disease. I'heir sufTrfrini's ma mnde them decperate, nJ when, In addition to their other troubles tho 1 iluunaii landlords turn their Innds into pastures ud tho tvnants into the mad lo die for want nf food and shelter thry rcvenco themselves by 'limiting tho tyranlr, as we lOinuhl he likely In io, if their wrongs u pre our own and the law would tint redress llicm. Ik'sulcs tins urged by the cries nf their shaving fliililrcu tho poor pople hue broken into provision pimps and llnur mills and, helped IhcinscUcs. In view of this a'alc of thing's the Cuglish Government hastens in relieve them by ifyuu hi pass a II: 1 1 whose provisions place "a disturbed (and starv ing) district under military law." and send to irisuh for'tl reu yers. or iraiisport for four. t en, every man who nhal I bo found nut r)f his lin'iso between sunset and sunrise! 'I'liiii is the way that the English atntin fur tho ruin and hstrcis which Ihey have brought tipun the people. The newg received from Ibis counlrv in U nil- land has been regirdcd s favorable, and tin moderate men of all parties are plcacpd with the dignified yet enncihalory lone of tho Senate I lie London I mica has an article, which is said lo ei'nmatp from a responsible snurrc, in which tSe line adopted by the compromise party inthis country to wit. the 40 1 h parallel is. indicated as I he lino to which the British Government will agree. So thai, in spite oflhe outrageous conduct of the doui iiant parly in lire country we have a priMpoct of poare afierall. This we regard as the most gratifying and important pari nl the liens. L iuis Philippe the Klntj nf the French, when returning from Fontaiuriilcais on s tie 10 h, with the Queen, the I'rmccc-s Adelaide, the D ichcfs de IVeninurs and others, was fired at from the lop of the wall, by a man named Lroiuic. But though the fringe of the carriage were cut by the balls, and tliuugh tho assassin was so near that some of the wadding of the gun was picked up by the Queen, no one was hurt. The wretch was immediately arrested. AMERICAN ART UNION. Mr. EniTou : We Americans have been often sneered nl by transatlantic critics, and soineliuies hy iuconsidensto people nulling ourselves, because the fins; arts have mil been us liberally sustained hero as among the old er governments nf Eisrupo, bul a candid ob server will not fail lo sec and admit lhat then are reasons for this fact, which are hy no means derogatory lo oor character for laste or liberality. Nothing could be more gross ly unfair than to compare llie enormous gal leries, where arc garnered the treasures of centuries, tliu result of boundless expendit ure from royal treasuries, with tho slender exhibitions of 1111 American Academy the solitary prido of a Republic, not n century old, and presenting comparatively fow in stances of great wealth among its citizens. Yet men have been found, abroad, who in stituted comparisons quite as illiberal, and men nl home, who weru foolish enough In gel 1 1 -ri... . 1. .. . " " anusiiiuio was "t'ttdfJ fur lliiisu kings nnd nobles who fur- . , . . , ,, h , . . nit-lied in the ohl t-overnmenls llie pnnripa . . .1 e . ... . 1 palroniigo lo the fiuu arts, 11 ml 1 he ineenti tv I r.i r- 1 e .. son,u of,,le ff,,'",,' "f 1,rl '" ,ll,s oitnlry. I lias invented ono which is won by nf the dig inly uf .1 great nnd lite people. Thev have isot taken the prerogative nf patronage nwnv from the bands ol tin- sovereign, li.ivc only cunliived lo keep it there ; iln-ir plan is, to make patrons uf the People instead uf llie King. For ibis purpose a society is organized, (with a charter from tho state of New-YoiL) which is composed ofevery body who choos es lo pay five dnlhsis per annum for the 011- cniiracenteiil of American Art. lis centre is at 1 tin city of New-York, where, for con. venieiice, ils board of nfficess principally re reside. William C. Ilrvanl, Esq., llie poet, ami editor uf the Evening Post, is President of llio Association, assisted Is v a number of eeoil. 0,0,, ,,f lasIB nnd lui I, mi- uhn. Inivinrf 15 ' . . : abundant means tn supply themselves witli the choicest wniks ol'nrt, willionl nssistanre, have no oilier moiivo lo subserve by their connection with ihe Art Union, than tho ele vation and encouragement nf Arl in this country. I n lliem, as llie originators nl tins j truly "American Syslem," the lovers of Arl, and llie friends uf tho highest improve ment of our people, nvvsi n debt of gratitude whirli can hardly yet ho computed. Ever since ils organic aliiin, ibis associa tion lias been firmly and steadily griming in tins esteem mid confnlenco of enlightened men throughout tliu Union, until, from its feeblo beuinning, seven years ago, w ben its funds amounted In but a few hundred dol lars, it has increased until, nt tho present lime, it numbers 3.233 members, with funds lo this amount of SIC, 165. These funds aro disposed of as follows: A largo line engraving, execuled by an American Engraver, in llie first-stylo (if the arl, is fust of all procured al an expense of, peshaps, one or two thousand dollars, 11 copy uf which (usually worth about the five dol lars paid for niPinheiship,) is gratoitmisly distributed to ssvrry member. The holam' after paying necessary expenses, is expend I'd by a cmrniilleu uf gentlemen, selected fur their discrimination, in purchasing surb works of American Arlisls, as well painters as sculptors, us, in their judgment, evince tho most meiit.on tho whole, at such prices us will u fiord a fsir irmiiiieiution. These pictures, Inula, and statues, ( iimtiunling lasl year lo 123,) aro then distributed, by hit, among all llie members who have paid their subsciipiion fur ihu current year; giving each member an equal chance lo receive, he sides the magnificent, iingraving ubove-nien-lloned.a piece nf painting or sculpture, Val ssed nt from $10 lis $5 0. Tothosuwho'cartd nothing whatever for lilts i-ncmiragement of the Arls, this would lei in lo offer is most templing investment nf the smullVim required bill lo nno who lias at heurl ibis highest welfare of bis country, and would see her lake Iter proper rank among tho nations, not merely in those arls which minister lu tho physical wants of man, bul in those which land lo ennobla and cxall his spirit, what moru can bo said commend this simplo scheme to lion and regard I 1 shall say no moro my sulf, but will submit ihu following extracts from ibo " Transactions" of lilts Union at the last annual meeting tn December. On laki ig Ibn chair, Mr. Bryant siid, If al our Inst snnisil inepisnz I llionnht ihnl llicra vvaseonil reason to l onumuhic you on Ihe iirospi-i. ity of our lusii'iiiioii, I find nl flic ctuso of number year sti I urenti r tn fppnk Willi limits of lis eomliiiun ninl wills ai'isrnitioii of us prospects. We h ive a lor morn mnneroii list of iibsrrilicrs, nn am- ller inetiint- anil a ssmcli larto-t colli-ttlou of works of nn toili-llilmli. aoiuiiL' I lis- nu-inluT-. The iiroin-il. iiss tlio ciociely nlirnt'l n !;..; nnd m.ire of llic hub. la: nlieiiiion, nnd its'ptnn uauis uronnil coiisiiTnlly in isie pi.iiiii! esitTiu. il no circiiinstiucc. now unlnre ei't n. stiail iicciir So check lis nroures-lu nnmitirhv. we liny rperl shortly t.tfpe it inktssv rnnk witli llie in )l i oni.i'inl)it am it ialioua of llie kind in I'.uropr, nml ihspctisinensnosiir our nrlisia n rrvrmir, sue li ns no private niinno trier, in tint' pari of Hie world would devuie to the snne o' ieris. Alltiw me In reniartii Unit llie crnwili nf nrl nmonij ns the iniihipliiauon nl inetiiori'tu- nsii-ls horn or rt'Siiliiizi I ilusti unirv, laysuimn uiiiliitv wlnel wc tlnlillil not llnnk ef ev lillUi!. We onist idinw di ll Ihe pnlibe is noi iinwnriliy nf ilwsp who infuis'er lo its nt'it.i rrniinoiiU"ni vve uuiai pruvute Tor ilnnii lit Inn? revsiirds. tVbeli. in llie tnrlv nsrl of last 5uni inei. I nrnvtsl in f.oniion. I lit'-inl ihiit lieniii'nl sinue of Powers, Ibn tirerk Slate, spoken nf every whete in ill a t po, nitons and luxurious capital wilh, untlecM nsm. It liad lieeu plaeeil where it cnul I lie seen hv the public, nml Ihe exhibition wns then closed ; hut Inept-iee in winch it atooil was suit hes epnl hy per. atnia enter lo nutain a look nl n wort.- w-lm-li Jin awakened so In nil nihiurnlinn. I learned thai lb nrhst, in cnntfn'ieiict' of lhat sincle nsinife-sS'Sliiin nl ex'raormniiry power, nml receivetl, nnt irons llinse who oe-ire I lo Iccoine hi- nitrons, but from llnisa who deired lo patu,,. whit lliey ileenied o ierieei in- siaim-a. oiieri, wiueti wouiu keep lu1 empmveii lor venrs. i lets proml of linn a mv eoun tryiuin, nnd for the moment I fell proii I of inv conn srv ; bin lie' rcfleeii-io o..n crosse I inv uini I, mid was Iniiubhs) hv il lb tl I In -4 iinn. who piusneil hi: severe and difiVidl nn w-ith such renovvu, vva- in !i led lo nnoilier land thin thai of his birth not for fame, not for the just npjtrceiaitnn nl Ins powers, for here, ninonc nurselvcs. In- penius was first nc'-n-ovl- cHieil, and his works first admired 'nil for the more suts:antial rew-irdttf ciniiienee in art, forthal final decree of lame whi-h inlrndiireil liiui to foil-nie. We hive fiile-r sculptors of Inqh uieril ntirosd i we nave sculptors ol merit wuo ire starvuiiiai lionie, We seen nieiiepsu eeneniitn nfpnaicis ri-inj tip armin I us, 111 evory pisl uf the couniry, I reiin-iu'ier 1 lliat thirteen years since, when mi a viit lo liuein nn'i, I inquired what llie place hid 10 show 111 Ihe way of nrl, an I was 1 iken lo 1 10k nl a row of por traits of members of the Cum. nun Council, execute I by the vetutitricl pencil of a western nun-, ilieonlv one, ns I midersio nl, of whom ihe cilv coul 1 hoist ; anJ even he. if I rightly recollect, had recently loll i". f hi is nun. pw.ii iiimi- win, 111 nsm. We have painters beyond the Mississippi ; some of their works, which any of ns miuht he slad to pos sess, w ill he distributed ibis eveninir. The canvas it s Irelcheil and Ihe pencil duped amid the solitude of 1 ine prunes. 1 h it shal bed tne In nut the wurks nf these men into the possession of ih i-e who wonl I villi) them ui'isi 7 Tlie -I.iii nf our Ass teiiiioii ts tin-vcrv one f ir ihepiirpose. As with chuiiv, so witti .1 joveof Hie ar's, it 1-no: nrtcr ail f until aniutii--l ipe mo opulent. The phn of our Hsijiutiutt is 10 colt.-ei uall c inir h'titons into ltrce m ,.-, 111 1 deer. tin-in lo urenl resul s. I feel tint I Ijivo i lulu, ihen-liirefoie, lo ca'l --p-i.t nil h 1 tn'ta in inierest pi ihe fin-arl, or i 1 ill i-e wh 1 m ik di-in Heir .ro feion, not onlv to 2iv- us ile-ir -ii'is -ripti-ms. I ill she nut of their L.nd w-onlind their p -r ti it 1 ifl it-iice. II w e eon 1 1 pill ne sure ol in is In on cir I vi- 'r, llie res'ili, in a ti -pill I'itu of u h ililTi-n-e intelli. oct- n ours, and o npidlv uisjiieii'niis, would bo beyond whit Icin venture .siinnie. Erastns C. n.;ni!ilii:i, Esq., of tho Com mitlen uf M itiaeeim-iit, read tho follo.viug Annual Repnrl. Avsi'xt. Rep-irt, IS 15. The Committee of Mm ncemenl of the Aortic in AilUiiiont in uiikiui Ihe.r St-venlfi Anoint ltcporl, bnvc it in ilieir power lo stale, that Ihe prosperity nnd usefulness of ihe Insti tution have ere illy inerensed during ihe pnt vear. As us plan has become more widely known, it his arow-ii in favor with ihe Invert of Art till 11 now- num. b.-rs 3,'iJ'J numbers, and has nn incoin-! of ilfi.lGii and as our means have increased so his 111 .Tinsel tair power lo improve, ilietlc'nils of our opt mums to carry out nnd perfect llu pi in, winch tit first had 90 much 'of experiment in it lint 111 endeavorniii to rcihzo us idea, vve could lint bul fad in llie use of some of our menus, nnd we were of course ,isip,iomt td in tame of our le-ulls. Afier six yenrs of nlwnvs strmraluni nnd sometime d.-uliifnl exlsipnep with one portion of the plan nml sometimes nnoilur pre- resorted lo lo win llie puhlie f ivor, or in retrieve our iiiimnaium iiuw nno exne'tienl ant now nnoilier ihe plan is complete in .i I us i-.iri. nnd tint in no- tiou is hirmoniivi. and ca-v. Th-s ieir wc sin 1 scatttr thruiii,'li ihe whole country 3SC0cnpi.-s nfa Lire,, line enaravini;, of whii h no counirv nwd he ashvsu-dj wc hive purii'ii9.-d I'm n 45 irn-is P31 1 a n- iliii!, wlin h nu.-lil oiherwisp hue bwn Itfi 1 1 their studios ns listers ofdis-ournne nent. or hive been never produced, nnd which nre now lo I e sent forih, r.,Te,Tyn... sprin up and hear fruit a bundred f ildj am! n-e h-tve wn'of liave ndded ilieir p:i.iiicy ru ihe nr-ttifl'-nu in o' cut- ins.o Our Idea is renliz.-H We have our pir-tit-es, our s;il erv n s I our ili9inliiinoi. Thi irtisl has pilron.tce wrliniii n prron. The public Ins n cnllry free lo she use of all. nn I choice works of art nrc sent t" llie binn1 le h t ues nf iho-e w ho d-vell on llio fronu'er, as well a M llio more liisur- Otis dwellimr of she wealthy ci ii-n ! nnd tins is nil done hy i t livihial comri1 ununs which few .ire un- nb'elo ninke. In the lasl Anuilll Report il wns vinnil'l.-ed lint pi-Hire nT the Return nf (Vutn'.us m Cli.ins. 'Ibe nrtil conirie'eil lo finish u jo three y.-nrs, .i ilia' u mitfhl be dttib uel hi llio stiliscrilu-rs nf 19 IG lie 1 ? m"" notliiu-.' else fur two y.-ir nml In- is now . note lo siv ihit he cmnot c.i np'e e it, in n in uvt. worthy of Ins own repotiiinn and the r.vue lo which il is ilevoicil, sooner linn 1317. When lint eiii-riv-.. mi! i ilislrtbuied, every inemhcr, in receiving a copy in 1 1 in ic 'it in jic i ii un i nice units iiiv iiiiui,- u. lui iuhcrfnl on. We Impo jhe memhrra will f I i i I with t!ir Com millepnf Minnaement nml ihe Ilnnnnrv Sifreinna thp plf.iftnri of idiina pomelhins for Amcricnn Art Union, brauk'H psyin'? '.I',,ir flue. lis purpiin in e'evnte liir clnrmMer of our prjulc, tn linyli'en i'ie f.nnn nnd junifv lht pride of mir inn n, vhoi inti imiono am ttnt ifin 9iid tt lit tnfM,ntllv ti i lit liiiph est nvdiziliiiii nnd ilm Miril rpfiftfiittiiit. Ii pltinitd he he t.iiriiitii; tfuiv I every eitiz 'il. n we! I hu pleyire, tn ni.I in (leni'iintiriiMni; the Pilhry o ihit - . .. . Hiir. wiih ni nm4 not mmee 10 Know tnii Amenea his fiirnislicd lo ihu wurli .t sculplor of who'ii ihe w.trlJ i prniid-wlia-o wnrk, reu now, eq'nl in vahif. ai ihrv rival in I e.oitv. ihe unoter I itrce ot nn'iqiiity 7 Mm I ttemii ion nntr pimifr !, who nie Ainei ienn nrl to ihe thfiiry of n , s hoiil, rankinff in arii li -al perferiinn fide I v ide wiin llie ijreii schiws thi Inve htthTt't 'ii'in"ps"Hize. tha ylory of nt. nnd Purpiioir ihm nil in iherlnrm of I timr ndiple 1 to liie iiiin-4 whieh nownrenud ihe more plornmn iiiiure wineh fpimii'I tn he siiaitoue i lr wird lo us. inslevl of h-nrinf? the ininrrs- nf me. ifHliiiitiiim and fancies which have psi&jud away nev er to return 1 Mr. II 'ml I y saidi Mr Prciident and Orndnirn of tho Art-Union 1 dctun to innkc a few, nml hit a few, rcmnrka on American Art and its inflitfnrn on national feelinn, Thi Society has fur pole ohj xt Ihe enrourageni of American Arl. It i increasing, and must increane every year, and thotiph all its ennd elTtfCti are nntimnirdiately pa'pihle, yet th need it it Miwintr ihroiiffh the Irnulh and hreailih nf ihe lind wi'l Md in harvel in time. Il is un American In 'ituti'tn with a homt feeling nnJ a homt purpose, an I ihcrefore I loe ii. It U worth a imn'fl ronslderation ih fiei l!nt an unuiioreil Weini rn mm, who his aruwn up away Irorn nil ih'- h dnit-l n'reTV hi a r'n lenl ii ih ht livttn sidotor in the M-iirl.l, Mr I veer .'. . r .....t.i.. .it......: ..t ...i.. t ...,,u ... i,. s - ssi. si 1st i ni-' 1 1 1 nm ti nnii i vti'ii in un tun point, He w-ni fro'M ('itieino nt to FNren.-e from no art to the t-mt and nntre .f nr, v t nf v t f-'rjo' thi.l nature n- ihe tuUn of iharn Innv, wm lo he Uiil.keoiherlMares.. x-.l nh a "l- iV't diitni"! of iheir ovvn n iwcr the in imnt tht v K"- mi p ir wtr hi ni 1'ir rcn iiii"i-in, 'iii'i iMii .t- thi'ir inilivid tilitv in the n-vi of (he non lemy, he fi'l iwrd ihe tunt nf h i mw t cu'iii. nl Irinni dml. Hn did not dnhte the !(rii'i l" ih silent stnt. 1 mm nronnd h'n nttred, hm ho n-fd lh"in at to dcvelope pfrfeciU ihit whieh m in Aim lie was nol oetrtrhtlmrd, h'M tt'tnthtneil hv ihe vn if, nrl tlit sinl'leiily openel I e oe him llenre he it ctm a ereitor nl nn imitator. All honor him fir Iheeiamplehe lia Ira roontrvm'ii. Fer no more llu cur of ihe world tlian the rnrie of in de id'ialman. Afraid of cniicimn. he ippukn o as lo pacWy it, and not ii ns in' uiler himelf. Our nrii?t-, pain'rra and amlnpira hive Iskn, ihe fi'H step in ni lionihlv; our Ijieiaiure ii sa Hy behind, Towers builds an Kvlpila the Venus tie MenVl. and ctf lo the world nn Anricnni roneepiion nf a twrnan, with fn-Vecf m well mpiuion. wiih thought n well nfteliw. t'levin?rr rf-arshis Wild Indian riahl be-f-ii-e l1irhaf Aneehi's Onvid, and ask the wmM to piak out its criticism, Hrown mould his ihoueht ftd Indian Mny bepide the APplhno o he Tnhune, and leavinz the thrire.ransicked clasiefinnd the sods of the ItaJ'ana and Oreeks, makfa a Hmh lhat wlna Ihe admiralion of every- bho'dpr, Thia are not merely aiminy individual, independent ntm .ihey represent the rnnnlrv. Il is A'nerran Arl nlandins up amid the arl nf the the palmiest day nfOreern an I Home, and rompatiny featuies, and form, and trace, and lieauir, t To outward eyes America is the mojt uneratefnl ounlry on tkt face tf the earth. The nation has never yet reared a monument to its father, founder, ana saviour Washington, i liavo si en a chapel reared lo " ilham Tell un Ihe spot where he Bent the arrow Ihrouuh tho tvrnnl's heart t nnd a monumenl lo Wiriklelttil, who cntliercil the speass of ihe enemy into his body, lo make an opening ilitoiinh which lib erty sssiuht strike. Tlie countries of thcold world nrc covered wish paintings nnd mamimcnts to those who icn in n icss vvuriny cause r rectioni.- iiuiwnerc are the monuments lo Allen, Staskr, Putnam. Wor sen, Terry, iilcUonuiigh, Uecmur, Jackson, anil Law rence 7 ounu Hale was sent ns n spy by Washing ton into me enemy's camp. Ueinir wns ImnB on a i;alliiws,anu met Ins faio wiih Ihe Inf. ty enthusiasm and cournce of a Sparlan hero. Ho laid down hi. ouni lite willionl n murmur, lor hu country, lint who can tell where Im.leinsl His country in her hour of darkness and hi ler need, ask- to lor ma lee, nml ho gnvo it uiilmiit a siah I nnd mm ciiiiniry.uisioiiora ins arnve. vii antlro hia monumenl tnllm heart of the llrilith Ivtipire. Liwrenee'sliri k inoniiiiien! is ciumtitini! to pieces in joiiucr crave yard. He nhn wrapped Imiiself m Ins cniMtry'a banner lotlie.and whose Inst dvimrni-cenis lung liatk Iroin the verce of ihe unseen world over me ro-sr or Itie bailie, '-linn's five up sue -Inn " mlis Is inonsl in our mulst. Our al iriou- b iit'e fi bis, w-el w-iih Ihe blood of to minv brave ite-ii, nrc lefi without a Finn la inir'.- slieir loenhtv. Who would wish .o die for a c.i uit ry Ih 11 Si eatf us martyrs so t Tbeso extracts serve lo show the spiiit, aim and objects tif the Art Union, and the cbiiacier of its fuiiuders and officers I cannot, however, lot ibis opportunity piss without beseeching Mr. Ilrudly not lo rob us of any of run jewels, leant of nil our brightest one Hiram Powers went fmm Cincinnati to Florence, I shall mil dispnli but be is a true and wnrthv son of Vermont, nod she is too proud nf him In sil quietly and sen him appropriated by her Buckeye sister. Without undue boasting, I am inclined to suspect that if Vermont should sot out lo reclaim her wandered children who are lights and ornaments in this world, she might dim the constellations of some of her neighbors, by abstracting their chief stars. Tho Art Union lias a large number nf Honorary Secretaries throughout the United Stales, who receive and forward subscrip . . ' lions, nnd distribute pictures. Mr. John ll-.Pt'ck is tho honorary secre tary for Ourliogion, through whom all bosi nesscan be transacted with tho association, by persons in this vicinity. In conclusion, Mr. Editor, I beg lo re commend the American Art Union, its ob jects, ils hopes, and its advantages, tn tho candid and earnest attention uf every enlight ened cilii'-n, being well assured that it needs only to hu fully appreciated to command a greatly Increased list uf memheis, nr.d a pro poilionallv anuiiienieil t-.ip icilv for euod. S. Burlington, Mav -"), 1SIC. t uimutinlcatlop, .Mr. I'dit'U:: Ii has been estimated that nine teen twen letliH of the entire population oflho United Stales receive their education at the cou in 1:1 si-ln nl ; or at such institutiona as sup. ply their place, w hare our New England system docs not exist. In Vermont, I believe, (be cnimnon school luriiishes Ihe only means nf eduralion enjoyed by notuelhing like five-sixths of our population. Now air, this being the case every refleclinf render will see, at once, the vast importance of elcvatiogour schools to such a position lhat the education they furnish shall be adequate In the absolute wants of this great mijirityof our children. Do men pretend to say that the common vchouls in ibis town, county, or'staic, in their present condition, furnish such an education; ! from such I am cnmpelled tn differ. Actual ob aervaiion convinces ine to the contrary. Doyen . look for gooJ re.idorit, w rilers, arithmetician, I , . . , , , anJ Sratninin.ins in our common school, few . ran be found, even vassMu gnod, in one or all ' , . . ,, , , , lhest; ''"ncbes. I liere is a general aid alarm- ing deficiency. As m tnv of eur srhnols al this Bond English Educ-.ont.nc4 I lurnished by them. The defect is not in Ihe "'"-..for " i' Pd.but in susomiand carrying nut the srslcm. Mere le;' islalinii on ,0 subject call never olovale our schnols I., their ' proper position. I.awa must le executed with promptness and fi.bihty. The evils f w hid. 1 1 1 ' vve now coinpla.n, grow out nf cxlreine apallsv, ams ,,,,r,ap, , ,v tty uniiUtnlim il ne'lecl.-m , . , ' , , PH "I lln-ae geo I ciIizjiis, w I oe dnlv it cv. er must bo In oil ml and w ill, tin ... r uri.ih.iled vifTifanrp, tlise luirecne nf uni versal intL'llist'iic and virtue Wnti ii ynur rtilorj Icirn the npi'jJn ninl irinnry dt-Mn ot" njr roiuiirn Fclnml m-ftci.i, tlioy liiive but to revert tn our'y hbNry, r ,,,,, ad pious jucektors, in their d.staut but nuw auauu.tneu jioiiieit n.ui tvi-n rich, ncr rowu institutions disptntttnj their htcintt to tho few only, h hllo the many were left in dark and wcioua ignorance. They had f-eeu llie poor degraded, deprived of the meaiif of instruction and, in consequence, shut out from all those blind influence., which cmenate from free fo. ut ir w ' ' ci.ll interroure with t lie more opulent and in- .iillt, u i,.,., ..! ri, .Ksni,,,-,! ....i. . . '"o ' " ""J M'f UL" " stute of thiitf. and ret-uKed lliat un thn full of tlioir adiipteil cnunlry it e'tuultl not exist. This led lo the establishment nf nur Free Srluml system. 'J'h: proposition lliat a republican furin uf government cannot 'long exist and pn spur willmut llie universal tlifl'nsinn of liiiuwlcd.'f-, already licrume, tvilli them, an established aiuni. And in nothing Is I lie i r wisJoin more ciniiicuous than in the very aniplo provisinns they made tn support these free Institutions!. To tliem tliey looked as to a fruitful garden for all the plants uf iutcllijjcncs and virtue. It is ubviuus that they regarded llie free school sys tem, is laying at the very foundation of our civ il and republican institutions. While e culojire our honored ancestors, for tlioir wisdom in the cabinet and bravery in the lield, are wc not, in this 'golden aie," much in ilan-jor of nu-rliHikinj Ilieir sign ami plou ill.! . i . lrecai, mum irti uiem m provrue po cany anl j r.ttly for the f"ncral di(Ttiinn ol knowledge, . . , , , ,. " . wlthnul which, hr.ivery wou d prots a inir iroiefnuieut uuu'd LeeotnQ itself an ericum uf tli.'H'otisin ! In tho rich Irjjicy transmitted tu u, thiiiuli the sa'e, the pitiui, ami Ihu brau etr.irlsof uur anrrtturf, ho nnc them much fur our civil uialitutioiis, liul iiu-oinparahly inure for ileii,ncd lu sfcure the peneral ilifliismn nf knowledge, since it ih absolutely indispensK ble to tclf.gtiicrnoiftnt, ' To every Iruo philanthropist it heenmes a question of petmancnt interest, Hqiv can e bct cuard and imprnvo the free inslitutinns committed loour custody 1 How, with mnstccr. tainty, transmit to posterity, tinlmpaircd.tlic rich legacy which has come down tn us! Is ji ot uuc, tlias irfs.17 11 li'iiuiu n ItltllVIUUillS Or cotnmunities adopt, teiidinf to degrade tho pub. lie sellouts, is a blow aitndtl lo remove Ihe cor ner stone thit supports the consecrated temple of Freedom! If you, by negWl, indifference, pride or parsimony, contribute your Influence la bring nur public schools into disrepute, art you not warring against that equality fur which our patriotic fathers so manfully contended, and U' ing Ihe cause nf despotism ? . Mr. Editor, lap-' peal lo you, yes, 1 appeal to your reader, li) sajr if I do not utlcr tho word of truth and sober. ness, if 1 do not, lnded. speak Ihe senlisnont of our revered anceslorF.whcn I say tj'al the hr,ft$ nf our couniry do now, and excr must, rest vpen our public schools. Lot none bo disheartened. J no icvcn ot re form has been introduced. The star of hope if risen. Wo have but lo prosecute with pro. donro nnd vigor, this plans upon which we have recently entered, and our srhools will revive. A beginning nf Improvement is already sppa- rent. Much !s to he tloise, bul by the co.opera. lion of superiulendcn's, prudential committee, parents-, teacher?, pupils, and all who have a mind totbo wtok, Il can bo ilenp, and trr M dorisi. A Fr.msD 10 Public Schools. Conorfss. Tbu Nttlonal Intelligencer1 ot .S4tord ly, link's the following; ! ilcincnt Willi regard to the prohibit action of Congress, ,and Ibo adjournment uf that body, which will be re ceived with much !casuie in tint part of th country : From what wc have casually heard inconver sitinti, wc think it quite poih!e i,at the Tariff ipientissn, and souiu other.', miy bo suffered to he over lo another eession, and that the appro priaiion bills, it., may lit; passed in short order, so ai to allow Congress In adjourn much earli. er than they possibly can do if Ibo majority in Couurcss should, as the cm eminent paper has limited lliat they positively would, seriously endeavor now In pass a new Tarifl bilt. Tho rumor to which we refer l, that it has been de tennined, at a ronsollatinii of llie Democratic leaders 111 Cou!rrc?s to mike tie; next session begin in October instead nf December, and, at a consequence, to terminate the present session at some tune between the first uf June and lbs first of July, Chinese Toleration. There is much wi. dom in tho fiilo.ving declaration of Keying, tba Chinese Commissioner, in Ins letter lo the Brit ish Minister, nn tho interpretation lo be given to a claose in the treaty stipulating for the tol eration of the Christian relrgion, extending it to Protestant as well as Catholic forms of wor ship. " T, the Great Minister, do not understand drawing a line of demarcation between the tc hgious ceremooics of the various nations ; but vutuoUH Chinese shall by no means be p.inisli. ed 011 account of tho religion Ihey hold. No ma'ler whether Ihey worship images or do not worship lunges, there nrc no prohibitions against ihoui, if, when practising their creed Ihey act well." TEMPERANCE NO I'ICE. C. F. Davev, Es p, w ill deliver a Iccis ro ea Temperance, tit lb ' Congtrgational Church, at MILTON FALLS, on Sunday afiernoon, next, tho 10th day nf May, insl., at live o'clock. In Sbelburn, on the 30 ih nil., Joshva Rasa, t;eJ 81 years. In .1 alien, on the 21 insl., Capt. I.tvl II. Aticx, of T.timno, Mass , aae I 56. rnntcrs In N. York, and Mass., are requeslc.l, .pc. NUW (JOODS. W. B. HAT OH & ao. AIli; rcccivini It inn Nt-w Votk, nt their store, at INltKI FAIil,-, .1 tare nnd we'l sc't-cteJ assortment ut tiitoi lunr.s. sitr.i r iiAunwMiE, DituoAND hhiicim:. paints. Olt.S, V.WlNISIir.s., &.!., which Ihey nlTei In in tht-ir ciistouuss mid the public genrta y at such pnet-a as cnnnnl fill lu le rit:sf.c lory W. B. HATCH. A. a. SI KOMI. Winooski I'al's, May T, 1 546. s!9inj;Tii TIJIL'M.MIUttlU.llcn-.Uiiiil.i- Injiiluiion oil L-iunuirii 0 nn llio ?0h of M.iy. nisi, nml rlo 0 i the (irsi wii-k in Aug st. Tlieienrr ss-n Tsisch. crs employ id m ihe tl. p.iiunrnls ul ih, In.ntuiuinj and ihe lu st silinn.;-t's iintr l-r tnj-ivril for ,cqmr I'iu n t-urr-Tl l.iuinlt-iliieiifthi- l-'icnt-h' l.nni uaye, and nf .Mii.ip, Dr.intni; and t'niniuiL' in ml and w.isr co. 01 A fev vit-.iiin.-s in ihe fsmilv estahll hmens 'lie i-iiil , f the prrsenl qiiartrt, Mty IS. Terms Hull tntshle in Tuition in I nj, lliniii hss and Lsun. icr nuarter li M r it-tii h l.nna .ye. 3 50 Drivvin-r r I'jiiiunj, 4 00 l'.im. Musie, go) lii.iiii'ikiil Mr tiraclire a no) MnvG ISiC A On.s ,f ynunE L-sdies vii. Inns; lo intend la I reneli, lira a i ur Pu.un on.'y can be ncrum-uiisj.-,ii-d in llu-1, si tnsniii. LEATHER & FINDINGS STORE. 1:. c. i.ots.uis FT Adjust received Ir New Vo.k 11 Isreeand ren. I L enilii-s riinetil of t.eaihei., Kids and Mnilinc", as 1 a., he f .nnd m il-n Stile, and will i sold ns low fur msli as cut t e liouclil lliisnleuf .New Yuik, if you do. or do mil Leiieve 11. en'l tnd exmiine qmhiy -ind prices. Al n. Tanners' Oil. by thn hhl or s nn. I.iltenise, Krissk Miller's Leather Pre.crvniiveaml Water I'roof Oil ll'sict-intr. I hat used and s.ild tins IIIhi-Uuil' lor ihe lsi 3 yrais and ran recommend it 10 the I'uhlic ns ihe best a'tlie' now 111 use iu r i d r the Leather, sols, pin' ,, stater pronf, nnd much inotadiirn' le. li ,s an exrrllenl r 11. .f..sC.istisi;eT.,psa.,1 Harnesses Thrdueciiwia w ill lie roun.l t-n the inside of ihe rover of eack Uox f..r sisiiib 11 on Cirnniie Tups nnd Harnesses, leatl Slreei, llurlinstun, .May 7. 49w3 KM AS I.YMAX HAS reenst-d a very eieniie nssorlment of -prins (.nods, rnnsisiing nf n ereit variety el lierjunful Lawns, .Muslin 1 Omshams and a fcs pieci-4 rich cnihrnideretl Swiss .Muslin, also Saint striped do. and plain Swiss Muslin. A Isree assortment of CNIiroes, Camhricks, Ac. lima I Ulnilse, l! snneres Naisnen, Twertla, Crolort, (..taiinc. liicli r.incy Mvrmla & alenlia Vi-.iio.- lllnck. Orren, Ssnle st llrab Moreens. Zephyr wiTsteo, Matkinj; Cnnvis. lNir-e Twisl nn Spiels nnd S uks. Steel Pur-e Mounts A. Clasp. !!'? V'3-'"' fotts. Tay'orsi Claiks .pool ihiead. hniinnc Ihirnd & am, Tulv 'Jolinii, llaitinr, Wad. dinL". Carpet Wntp, Cntion Yarn Ac. . 1. ULMtiiss.-is. rew rtiesia more of that sureri. ir Hvson Skin Ten. Wola-i'."I.or s.,... r-....ui.i Sugar, Hrnul f-Itrnwn SuenrTCoSe, Cocoa Shells tJineer sV Spices, ('reserved Uina.-r, Citron, Maccaro. Ill ,S I', HU, Hurling'on ftlay 7, 1 94(3- llAKUIISl'IRI.I) ACADEMICAL INSTITUTION. J. S. MMUl.OINO. A. It ) i-IMUl.lll.-Ni,, A. It. A.fclei.1. l . V . UK Kl.. 4 l ( T T M,V sj s sV'"' Tcl'"f Vocal Music, (pee.!,cl'"TUN' " "J JuII't T",n s-ontmences on Wfdesd.. June.!. Leciuies wsih esp. i,.n iisiiil. A set of I onper P nie Sluler., ! cirrrni",! London Iissprt'ied) n N H,s o v, rn,rtc ! nnd liesunfiilly Cl,u,ni, rrm .helves. n.hor,Mi "m. IsnsirsR she ,., ,en,.Uhle of ihe si, .,n,an da"! I .-vpectril sarly in .he .,. A co,,,.".f U Hire, will he eiw-non llos.ny, illusiraied ws-h d. flT..7sPrP"7!Te lh! l'"'"f t-'ei ruination 1. il-e moss I .en mini fpene of flowers and Hers Thai a'ove.einhrseina 300 specimens, nre shrown on I scteen roninmim; Bl squire feet. Leriurea ei.en on" ,!,I",.A?'n'"'hl'r" of It" school. lloard.Jl.OOioil , WJ. Tuiliun a. heretofore. ' tiakt-rsfitlJ, Vqy , ISI0 49 New Wnlches. t&c. ami ergts niche,, ih.ra ,n. and .mill .iverxreasonnhlc prices. We will sell to all V? low nnrf as ISW run lu, s... l. :.. ' " " low prirr. a. Ihev ran l,e h.,1 f. ;,. ' V MKS5RS. HHINsSMAIDA nrtOTHKRS r. ,,. reuimr Ilieir Mimnier ata-iriinenl of full ,m elletl Hold Lever nnd Lrpine Watches, 0f Vnm'A nnd niher manufnrlu'et also, Silver Lever I?.'!. All kin 1. of Hood., to keep up the varjVi, ro".tIs ly arnviug. f-u.l Bead, and other SI rsrSS. BRlNSMAlDoJ- BROTHKRS,

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